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Four Ways To Reduce Pain Naturally

April 26, 2011 by  

Four Ways To Reduce Pain Naturally

Each year there are more than 150 million Americans suffering from chronic pain. This pain is costing the country an estimated $100 billion a year, including $50 billion in lost work productivity and $3 billion in lost wages. I would like to share with you four ways that you can reduce your pain naturally. By incorporating some of these tips into your daily routine you can feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.

Exercise The Body
Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for pain prevention and reduction. It encourages vigorous blood circulation, removes toxins, burns calories, stabilizes blood fats and sugars, improves strength and muscle tone, releases those feel-good hormones and keeps the mind alert.

Brisk walking is the best exercise for many chronic pain sufferers because the impact on the whole body is low. Once a new baseline is set, more vigorous exercises and activities can be enjoyed. Here’s why walking is so amazing:

Brisk walking is an aerobic activity, but since it is low-impact there is little wear-and-tear on the joints and little (if any) triggering of pain from the jarring action of the body as experienced in high-impact aerobic exercise or jogging. Although it is a simple activity, walking actually utilizes most of the muscles of the body to propel you forward and keep you on balance while increasing respiration, heart and lung function, blood and oxygen flow and the “burning off” of blood sugars and fats. It also helps in the removal of toxins and other wastes through sweat and improved eliminative functions.

Eat Pain-Relieving Foods
Food is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to controlling inflammation and pain. The typical American diet consists of too much fat, tons of sugar, loads of red meat and a frightening amount of processed foods. By switching to an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of healthy whole foods, you can actually decrease inflammation and ease the pain and discomfort associated with it.

Here are eight categories of bad foods that should be avoided if you suffer pain or have inflammation: Animal milk products, hydrogenated oils, nitrates, processed sugars, night shade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, many species of hot and sweet peppers and eggplant are the most common), fast food, saturated fats and processed white flour foods.

A diet high in fiber and whole foods, low in preservatives and fat and infused with blood-invigorating aromatic spices can help reduce pain and inflammation. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Wild Salmon.
  • Fresh whole fruits.
  • Bright colored vegetables (except night shades).
  • Green or white tea.
  • Purified or distilled water.
  • Olive oil.
  • Lean poultry (skinless).
  • Lean beef (filets).
  • Nuts, legumes and seeds.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Organic oatmeal (regular, not instant).
  • Aromatic spices (turmeric, ginger, cloves, garlic, onion, coriander, ground mustard seed, cayenne pepper).

Get Adequate Sleep
Sleep is not only a fundamental human need, it is a necessity that no one who experiences aches or pains of any kind should ever take for granted. It is so important, in fact, that we naturally fall asleep when our body tells our brain that certain essential chemicals have been depleted and our muscles and ligaments are tired and in need of repair.

Here are some tips to get deeper sleep:

  • Do not consume ANY sugar or caffeine after 6 p.m.
  • Stop working at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Turn off the computer and television at least one hour before bedtime.
  • Make sure your sleeping quarters are as dark and silent as possible. Studies have shown that those in darker and quieter spaces tend to sleep through the night more deeply than others.
  • Establish a sleep/wake schedule and stick to it.
  • Make a set routine out of bedtime. Change into pajamas, brush your teeth, set out clothes for the morning, even jot down any last thoughts, but promise yourself to revisit them tomorrow, then turn off the light… breathe deeply, relax, sleep tight.
  • If a racing mind is nagging, slow your breath and focus on the sensation of air as it passes through your nose. This will derail those busy thoughts to help you drift off.

Reduce Your Stress
The negative and lasting side effects of stress are often manifested in the mind/body response. Since the mind controls and constructs perceptions and the emotions act and react toward threatening stimuli, the daily centering of mind and emotions is essential to prevention of psychosomatic illness.

Meditation is one way to do this. There are many benefits to the daily practice of meditation including improved concentration, enhanced focus, calmer emotions, inner fortitude, understanding of the self, objectivity, concentrated decision-making power and peace of mind.

Physiologically, you will experience a decrease in blood pressure, respiration and metabolism; the nervous systems calms; hormones and chemicals balance; and the body is allowed to return to its natural harmonious state of homeostasis. Talk about stress relief!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Sit or lie down in any comfortable position that allows your spine to be straight and your head aligned with it.
  • Close your eyes and take a few initial deep breaths to ease into the moment and begin to relax.
  • Focus your attention on your breath as it passes into and out of the tip of your nose.
  • As you inhale, merely OBSERVE, without mental comment, the sensation you feel as air passes the tip of your nose.
  • As you exhale, merely OBSERVE, without mental comment, the sensation you feel as air passes the tip of your nose.
  • When thoughts enter your mind, do not engage them, do not pass judgment on them. Merely ACKNOWLEDGE that they are there, and return to the task of observing the sensation of the breath on the tip of the nose.

Developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude will go far in helping you reach your pain-free-living goals. Think from the end and believe you are already halfway along your pain-free experience, and you will more easily accomplish the day-to-day things necessary to do just that. Have confidence in what you are doing because you know it will help.

Every time you walk a mile, refuse a milkshake, sleep for an entire eight hours and breathe your stress away, you will know that you are making positive steps in your wellness life.

–Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • Anthony

    The dietary portion of this Article, is the HEART of it all.

    Literally, more than ever in our lives, ……


    This is, hands down, NO JOKE. People like to make light of such comments. Use it as a launchpad for putdown jokes and sneering, but it is (by God) the most drastic truth there is.

    The Body needs to stay Alkaline, not acidic, if it is to resist diseases and not get sick. Therefore, your food regimen is where your focus needs to be maintained.

    The usual stuff my generation didn’t do at first, but then later on, they certainly took a shine to… like Pizza (for instance) is exactly where the entire masses were herded into unhealthy eating lifestyles. I’m surprised more of my Generation aren’t dead at a younger age, like our Fathers before us.

    Remember, in the Sixties, where it seemed like everyone was falling down dead shortly after reaching 45? Remember the Geritol commercials? You were supposed to start drinking that stuff at the ripe senile old age of 35.

    I do favor this one drink, and I even take it with me to the GYM when I work out. It’s called: Simply Lemonade. Lemonade is one of those refreshments that may be acidic in nature (citric acid), but it turns alkaline in the human body once consumed. I have given up on just about every other refreshment there is, with exception of the occasional beer, here & there.

    I have a Crystal Quest flouride water filter on my kitchen sink.
    I have a steamer, getting myself away from use of the microwave.
    We are getting a Juicer in the near future, for obvious reasons.

    If i could find a local farmer where I could get REAL unprocessed milk, then all the better. As it is, my workout regimen (Age 57) is such that whatever milk I do drink, I’m sure it’s being burned off.

    I drink protein powder almost every day, as a part of my exercise.

    While we do not give up grilling out, we temper it with a high dose of vegetables and avoid the starches – no baked potatoes, no chips, no doritos anymore, no potato salads. Strictly Steak & Brocolli in most cases. Along with other vegetables or fruits.

    You’d be surprised how much easier it is to sleep when you haven’t consumed a half dozen cans of COKE throughout the day.

    You can go to a bunch of YouTube videos by a girl named Natalie.
    Search Nutrition by Natalie (there’s a dot com, as well) – check that out.

    You can also read up on what my friend, Winston Kao has to say at: (He’s also on Facebook). Sign up for his emails.

    This is up to you, people… Not someone else’s job. Yours!

    Quit passin’ the buck…..

    • karolyn

      Anthony, I concur. I too love lemonade. Beside it being refreshing and aldalizing, it is great for the digestive system. It is also economical! Although lemons are at ridiculous prices these days, one lemon can make several quarts of lemonade. It doesn’t take much. I sweeten mine with stevia. A good early morning digestive aid is lemonade with a little ginger in it. Another economical drink is fruit juice cut with water. Juice is strong enough to cut half and half with water. Why purchase fruit juice drinks that are just juice and water with sugar added?

      • Carlucci

        I like to drink hot water and lemon juice in the morning. It’s a tradition that is done daily at fat farms and health spas. It’s like washing your face from the inside out. I’ve never tried it with ginger, though. That is a great idea.

      • Dr. Mark Wiley

        Lemonade is terrific. It is alkalizing, aids digestion and detox. The “Lemonade Cleanse” is one of the most popular and enduring detox programs of all time. Thanks for mentioning this here!
        Dr. Mark

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      We will have to agree to disagree. To him who eats vegetables, let him eat vegetables, and to him who eats meat, let him eat meat. Romans Chapter 14 deals with this. Although the medical field tells us one thing, then 10 years later they tell us another exact opposite, I have a hard time trusting and believing what they say. Almost everyone I know that regularly eats diet food and drinks diet drinks, is quite often sick and seems to succomb to every bug that goes around. I work with quite a few of these diet guru’s, and yes, they miss quite a bit of work. Myself, Ive never been on a diet, Im 52 and quite healthy, although since I quit smoking 3 years ago, and got myself promoted into the front office and now sit on my butt behind a desk, Ive got to admit I could probably stand to lose 10 pounds, but now that summer is here, thats not a problem. I eat steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, breaded pork tenderloins, mashed potatoes, gravy. I love peas, asparagus, carrots, green beans corn, and especially love Mexican food. Give a couple of beef and bean burritos, covered with queso and a bowl of chips and hot sauce, an ice cold Dos Equis, and Im living large. My blood pressure is almost always 117 over 76, lower than normal cholesterol, and I drink at least 4 cups of coffee a day with 3 real packets of sugar in it. Im 52, and I have 4 other brothers and sisters that live this way, as does my 86 year old father, and we are all healthy as can be. And back to the health professionals and their changing opinions on stuff, now they are saying sugar is good for you, where for years they said it was deadly. Frankly, I find most of them to be in bed with big pharmaceutical companies, and money drives them for the most part. I have kind of done my own studies on healthy people, and have inquired with over 100 people I know and am around quite often, and it is true, that I have found those that dont worry about what they eat, and eat good wholesome food like meat and potatoes, and cheese and eggs and bacon and sausage, pizza, beer, and of course, vegetables and fruit, and they are the healthy ones. The ones who do the lean cuisine and the sugar in the yellow and pick packets, and drink diet soda and lowfat this and lowfat that, seem to be sick quite often. I have also seen, that we have a lot sicker society as a whole since the influx of all this diet food, with all the good stuff taken out of it. And, I kid you know, I am convinced light beer makes people get fat, as everyone I know that drinks it puts on weight. Everyone of them. Im just saying, Ive never been a believer of what Ive read, or blindly believe what people tell me, I educate myself and actually look into things, and having looked into this thoroughly, with over 100 people, both here where I live and friends that live afar, I myself will stay away from what society and so called doctors call “eating healthy”. I mean, I see Im not sick, and those people always are. That pretty much tells it for me. If your eating all this lowfat food and diet, diet, diet, and worry about gaining weight, and your health, hey, more power to you, and good for you, Im glad its working out. But like I said, for the most part, the people I see doing this, are ill quite often, and Im always feeling good. For right or wrong, having observed both ways, that is my educated opinion, not something someone told me.

      • karolyn

        There was nothing in the article about dieting or using diet products. Quite the contrary, Dr. Wiley would not promote eating anything unnatural. There’s nothing wrong with meat and potatoes, but everyone does need fruit and vegetables. I have heard no one say that sugar is good for you. Quite the opposite. Of course, genes play a large part in anyone’s health.

        I had looked into Gerald Rubin’s “Maker’s Diet”, which promotes the eating of all natural foods, with very little meat. It helped him to overcome severe illness that the many doctors he went to were unable to help him with.

        There are also people who believe we should eat the way our particular ancestors ate. That would be hard for people who have a diverse background. For me, being Polish, I would be eating nothing but pork, potatoes and cabbage! :-)

        What it comes down to is being sensible and not eating mostly junk and artificial food.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          My response was to Anthony where he stated eating the right things. But I have to disagree with him, as Ive seen differently all my life. But he is entitled to his opinion, and I give him that, but I dont have to agree, as I am entitled to mine, and he doesnt have to agree with me either. My response was to his post, not the authors writings.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      I like your “ownership” of this! You are correct in what you say, and self-direction, making responsible choices, and being in charge of leading your own health is where I focus my attention.

      Food is only part of the solution, as you know. You can grab a free PDF I wrote about self-directed wellness if you like.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Dr Mark

  • Carlucci

    I hope your protein drink and lemonade don’t have sucralose in them as a sweetener. Check this out:

    • karolyn

      I’ve stayed away from ALL artificial sweeteners for the past 11 years – once I dedided to take better care of my health after being diagnosed with hep-C. Stevia is the way to go.

      • Marten

        Keep in mind that xyletol is very good too if not better….

  • Carlucci

    Many years ago I was addicted to soda (regular, not diet). I went on a weight loss regimen and cut out all soda. But I really missed it.
    I decided what I missed most about it were the bubbles. I switched to club soda or Perrier (any sparkling water will do) with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime. It’s wonderful and refreshing with no calories. I also have bought bottled fruit juice concentrates at the health food store like cherry, blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate, etc., and add a splash of one of those to the sparkling water. Great in the summertime and healthy, too.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      May I recommend to you, a bottle of Sonatina bubbling wine from Mazza Vineyards in Northeast, Pennsylvania. You may find it a little to fizzy, so also get yourself a bottle of Mazza Concord, and mix it half and half. Its wonderful. I guarantee it. And being a red concord wine itself, it helps release many free radicals in the body, which is good for you. They are on line, and delivery anywhere. Buy a case, and save 20 percent. I drive the 5 hours there once a year to stock up. Its well worth it.

      • Carlucci

        Beberoni – I’ll check them out on the web. Thanks!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

 is their website, or just google Mazza Vineyards and they will come up. And its a pretty cool place to visit also. 2 miles down the road is Lakeview on the Lake where you can rent a cottage right on Lake Erie, and the Chatauqua Wine Trail starts there and you can hit 25 to 30 wineries every 10 or 15 miles apart.

    • Mike in MI

      Carlucci -
      Those fruit drinks are a great way to get nutrients that you might not get all year long via in-season, fresh fruit. The best ones I’ve found are Ocean Spray and Juicy-juice products. Also, Indian Summer cherry juices are great for minor aches and pains because the montmorency cherries are great cleansing/detox drinks.
      It’s very beneficial to give many of the juice products a very wide avoidance arc because so many are loaded with high fructose corn syrup which is powerful fuel for chronic inflammation, obesity/metabolic syndrome and the whole diabetetics’ disease nightmare. Reading labels is required. High sugar consumption is not good but it is a whole different ball game than the high fructose corn trap.
      The cherry drinks (black sweet or tart), if you drink several big glasses, can make you do a quick-step “swoosh”. So stay close to a toilet if you drink a bunch. They seem to be good alkalizers (body pH control). But when that happens it makes me feel kind of clean and tingly inside. Besides that muscle pains decrease or disappear – great after working hard of a day.
      Have a good one.

      • Carlucci

        Mike – I buy the Vitamin Shoppe brand of fruit juice concentrates as they contain no sugar and no preservatives. They are very thick and a little goes a long way.

        • Mike in MI

          Right-o, babe. Those are usually best.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      What you relate here is what I call “making trades.” That is, giving up something you love that is not healthy and replacing it with something similar that IS healthy. Your move from soda to club with lemon is a clear and terrific example. I like how you discovered that what you missed was not the soda per se, but the bubbles… and you found a way to bring them back into your life!
      Dr. Mark

  • Bert Cundle

    Who ever came up with thoes $ Figures???? That kind of absurdity is the NORM today…

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    To Anthony, I will say also, that your doing a good think getting away from drinking 6 cans of Coke a day. Soda pop will eat the gut up. One of the few things out there that will give me a gut ache.

  • coal miner

    Science News:

    ScienceDaily (Nov. 30, 2010) — Researchers in London say they have found an effective two-part treatment for microtears in the hamstring: injections of the patient’s own blood and a steroid along with “dry-needling,” in which repeated needle punctures cause controlled internal bleeding in the injured area. Results of the study were presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

    Health & Medicine

    “By injecting the patient’s own blood where it is needed at the site of a damaged tendon, we help the patient heal themselves,” said lead researcher Waseem A. Bashir, M.D., a radiologist at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Ealing Hospital in London. “Blood contains many growth factors, and the injections have been shown to promote faster healing of certain injuries.”

    Hamstring tendinopathy is a common sports injury that occurs in soccer, gymnastics, karate or any sport that requires quick acceleration. It may be caused by an improper warm-up or, in an elite athlete, as the result of repetitive strain. Unlike a torn or ruptured tendon that can be surgically repaired, the tiny microtears that characterize chronic tendinopathy are not easily diagnosed, are difficult to heal and often sideline athletes for long periods, if not permanently.

    “Patients with hamstring tendinopathy will experience pain walking or climbing stairs and even while sitting or riding in a car,” Dr. Bashir said. “The condition is literally a pain in the butt.”

    In the study, 42 patients with suspected hamstring microtearing underwent ultrasound and MRI to confirm the tendinopathy and then were randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups. The first group received an injection of both a long-lasting anesthetic and steroid on the surface of the tendon, as well as the dry-needling procedure at the site of microtears.

    The second group received an injection of the anesthetic along with two to three milliliters of their own blood, called an autologous blood injection (ABI), and dry-needling. The third group received a local anesthetic, a steroid and ABI along with dry-needling.

    “The injections were all performed with ultrasound and color Doppler, which allows us to watch in real-time where the needle is going,” Dr. Bashir said. “During the dry-needling, we can see blood flow increase in the area.”

    Following their treatments, all patients in the study participated in a structured six-week physiotherapy program. The patients were then evaluated at various intervals over a one-year period to assess their levels of pain and functioning.

    Patients treated solely with an injection of a steroid and dry-needling reported improved functionality for only three to 12 weeks after treatment. A year later, patients in this group reported being at pre-treatment levels of pain and functionality. Patients who received their own blood plus dry-needling reported significant improvements in functionality even one year after the treatment.

    Patients who received both their own blood and a steroid along with dry-needling at the site of tendon damage experienced the most significant reduction in pain levels and the most sustained functional improvement one year following treatment.

    “Ultrasound-guided ABI in the hamstring, in combination with a local steroid and dry-needling, appears to be a more clinically effective alternative to the current standard, steroid therapy,” Dr. Bashir said. “A few of our soccer-playing patients had been told their condition was untreatable and they had basically given up all hope of playing again. They were amazed to be able to play again after our treatment and physical therapy.”

    He added that ABI therapy has also been an effective treatment for microtears in other tendons, including the elbow, the patellar tendon and those in the rotator cuff within the shoulder.

    Dr. Bashir’s coauthor is David A. Connell, M.D.

    • Mike in MI

      coal miner -
      They just don’t realize, yet, that doing that is going to set the person up for other problems – blood free in tissue spaces between muscle fibers where it isn’t supposed to be leaves residues that cause problems later. It’s like a bad bruise or crush injury. The lymph can’t clean it out completely, leaving stagnation, inflammation in a tight space and free-radical producers.
      There are types of deep-tissue massage along with heat (sauna/steam baths, hot baths, infra-red) that work well when done properly. There’s some pain during the therapy but it brings long-term relief…seldom complete resolution. (It’s like a bad habit ; once the body gets it or learns it, it’s hard to get rid of.)

  • Mike in MI

    Bert C. -
    That’s an awful quick dismissal of figures you obviously didn’t care enough to investigate at all…or even think about. Did you do anymore than just read the numbers and automatically blow it off? I think not.
    Dr. Wiley wrote “each year MORE than 150 MILLION Americans suffer from CHRONIC pain”. That’s right around one half our population (every other person) experiences pain they think so bad they report it to medical personnel. (He’s reporting MEDICAL stats; no non-medical types of care.) “Chronic” pain is pain that lasts for at least three months. So you know they’re having, at least, multiple GP office visits, tests, X-rays, Cat scans/MRI’s, drugs, multiple therapy visits and more than likely specialist evaluations (some have emergency room visits).
    If you bother to total the numbers he has up there you get $153 billon. Then, divide that by 150 million Americans you get $1020.00 dollars. Right?
    If anything he’s low-balling the costs. Some cost compilations out there take it to $200 billion without batting an eye. The way “health” treatment is done in this country is far and away the most expensive and most debilitating among industrialized nations. Almost as bad, it is among the least effective, efficient or economical. Along with the above our longevity stats have been pummeting to make us #30 down the list among industrialized nations.
    How’s them potatoes, scoffer?
    I know you come here with a chip on your shoulder but you don’t have to reject everything out of hand. Maybe you should go see somebody about that chip.

  • Suma G Nathan

    How about working with Natural Anti-Inflammatories!!! These can be had in combinations! You people that are eating well~that’s fine-but you never know, when your turn will come for pain. The idea here is to start on a good combination of Nutritionals & Herbals that will avoid complications in the future, so one will not end up in dire straits!!Because that will happen eventually, since food is only 50%
    of it for good health ongoing! There is to many now, with Heart Disease
    and Strokes, our no#1,Chronic Disease in this country. Cancer is no#2.
    Suma G Nathan
    Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist
    Certified Chinese Herbologist
    Holistic Health Practitioner & Author

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:

    First thing I do is read what is printed on the label when buying something I might like. I have learned that not everything labeled Organic is truly good Organic. Knowing names of chemicals helps.

    Eating fresh fruits,vegetables,nuts,fish without the mercury,lean meats,and spices, especially those that may have a positive effect on your liver like cumin and tumeric, are two of my favorites, they can lower your cholesetral . For burns,minor cuts and also a cleanser, Aloe Vera drinking juice is great.Try everything you intake in small amounts to make sure you dont’ have any negative reaction and especially if taking any medications. I haven’t had any prescription drugs for about 45 years so my immunue system is in tact.
    I alternate my vitamins and minerals because there are so many things needed as suplements to maintain a healthy diet.

    I try to avoid foods with preservatives, high sodium and food colorings. I relish the thought that I am able to eat everything I like but with moderation. Exercise, exercise, exercise.

    My suggestion: get some good books on, herbs, vitmins, mineral spices and natrual foods.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Having been an athlete all my life, and now at the age of 52 where Ive pretty much settled into just playing Golf, as it is much easier on the body, I find that stretching keeps the pain away for me. However, after having my first bout with back pain, and going to a chiropractor, I found out my whole pelvic region was shifted forward, and had been that way for over 5 years, and was finally pinching on the nerve by my right hip socket in the back. It was from a hockey hit where someone my size, 6′ 180 at the time, comes out on the short end of the stick when you run into someone that is 6-4 250. I landed on my arse, and that is I know what did it. Anyhow, I told him how if I basically did toe touches and twisted my upper body, that made it feel better, and he told me to never do that again. I was advised to both stand up, and pull each leg one at a time up to my chest, and to lie down flat and do the same thing, one leg, then the other, then both at the same time. Dont try both at the same time standing up, it will lead to disaster. But I am much better now, and its been a year and a half battle, and little by little, Im getting closer to 100 percent, up around 85 to 90 right now, and as long as I stretch, properly, I feel good and the pain stays away. And the same goes for the shoulders and arms, and knees and hamstrings. Keep them stretched out and loose, and you will feel much better.

  • http://google Fred

    I’m 72 years old. Have had back pains, and most recently pain in my shoulder blades for over 3 years. Seen a pain specialist ( got medical Pads to put on my back to stop the pain ( no help ), pills ( no help ). So – I went searching on the internet for something that might help. FOUND: THERMOTEX INFRARED HEATING PADS. – Look them up and you willl find all the information about them on the internet. I ordered one, got it – used it for approx four (4) weeks. No more pain in my shoulder blades. Able to sleep nights, Have had no more problems since. These Infrared Heading Pads are also used for other pain problems. Look them up, you will be surprized at what they can do for you. Even my Doctor was surprized about them and how they work. They are medically approved in the USA, and a lot cheaper then the pain specialists, pills, etc.

    • claude ranupas

      Dear Fred,
      could you please give us the info as to where these infrared pads can be purchased?

  • coal miner

    New findings on this “microfluidic sensor” were recently reported in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, a professional journal, and the university is pursuing a patent on related technologies. The collaborative studies were led by Vincent Remcho, an OSU professor of chemistry, and Pallavi Dhagat, an assistant professor in the OSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

    • coal miner

      I can’t blog,what is wromg?

  • coalminer

    Learn from experience.


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