Forget The Drones: Massive Spy Blimps Set To Hover Over Northeastern U.S.


Pretty soon, a pair of massive high-tech Army blimps will be floating over the greater Washington, D.C., area to provide 24-hour, 360-degree surveillance. And as testing and advancement of the airship surveillance technology continues, the eyes in the sky could have the ability to keep an eye on folks spanning hundreds of acres, from North Carolina to Niagara Falls and beyond.


The massive blimps, developed as a part of Raytheon’s Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, or JLENS, will initially allow the Army to see for 320 miles in any direction from 10,000 feet off the ground.

“JLENS uses advanced sensor and networking technologies to provide 360-degree, wide-area surveillance and precision target tracking,” the Defense Department found in an unclassified audit.

The blimps are capable of monitoring targets on land, water or in the air with a trove of powerful onboard surveillance equipment. In a press release, Raytheon said the JLENS surveillance radar can “simultaneously track hundreds of threats.”

Raytheon touts the blimps as a way for militaries to have surveillance equipment out of high in the sky and out of danger while carrying “powerful radars that can look deep into enemy territory.”

But if enemy territory brings to mind visions North Korea or sandy places full of religious fanatics, think again.

After a six-week-long “test-drive” in the Utah wilderness, the Army will fly Raytheon’s enormous JLENS airships from the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, where the twin-radar system will begin a long-term trial watching over Washington, D.C., and nearly a dozen States, stretching from the mid-Atlantic into New England.

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  • dan

    Just put big tennis rackets on the blades of all those wind turbines and swat those nasty cruise missiles…
    what if they shoot a SAM at the blimp BEFORE they launch the Cruise ?

  • CompanionOnTheJourney

    Didn’t they use blimps in Hitler’s day? Weird?

  • Chester

    A slight mistake in the area of coverage. The article says coverage of hundreds of acres, but should say hundreds of square miles. At a ratio of six hundred and forty acres to the square mile, someone sure misfigured. Even without using a map, the area of coverage will include a rather large chunk of the Atlantic Ocean. Again, this is one of those things where someone will have to designate a given target as a threat before tracking will begin.

    • Ciccio

      Quite a few mistakes in the maths. At an altitude of 10,000 feet the distance to horizon is 122.449 miles assuming the land is fairly flat, it changes depending on the terrain bu not too much. At that altitude your view covers almost 50,000 square miles, 32 million acres. To get a distance to the horizon of 320 miles as touted the blimp would have to be at an altitude of 68,400 feet. Either the writer did not know his maths or somebody is being sold a pig in a poke.


    I feel so much safer already!!!!!!!!!

  • Fred

    We will need to send a drone up to these things with an explosive attached. Way out of rifle range.

  • justus brother

    Well, I guess that explains it all. Everything outside of Washington D.C. is enemy territory. Granny fetch your shotgun!!

    • ONTIME

      If you can’t do the job use tax payer monies to build yourself a fort….

  • billybob

    It sounds like “we the enemy” need to be watched closer. I can’t believe that the American people will allow the “eye in the sky” to watch your every move. One could expand one’s imagination and think that maybe Washington is expecting an attack from it’s own people. Why would they think that??? Perhaps it is because once Obama and gang finalize their plans it will incite anger that is expected. What I see is a well prepared plan to just plain take over the US for personal gains. Call me paranoid, but there are hundreds of signs that keep popping up. Controls to our transportation systems, Plans for the food controls. Plans for the government take over of all utilities. Plans for our own military to kill us. Plans for mass relocations for those who oppose the government. All this is madness and the people just don’t see it. They are ignorant of this and it is right in front of their faces.

  • Smee

    The enemy is found! The enemy is us!

  • Joanne

    So if they have this blimp why do the need our phone records and all the other crap they are collecting on us. I guess they can watch you as they load you into the trucks and train cars to those secured FEMA CAMPS UNDER THE RUSSIAN GUARDS THEY HAVE COMMING HERE TO HELP HLS WITH ALL THOSE HOLLOW POINT AMMO!

  • countyguard

    Obama and thugs are preparing for a revolution, and the People to eventually understand government’s criminal natures, and attack their lair. Obama and gang are evil seed, with evil intentions, following the source of evil, and we, the People (Those who are awake and believe in the Constitution and our liberties) should flee Washington, and let the liberals live there, and we barricade all of those who choose to join them, in their box, plain and simple. Perhaps after they are done rioting amongst themselves, and most are dead, the rest will repent of their treason and criminal nature, and will gladly sit in prison the remainder of their lives to think about it all. Wake up America… before it is too late, if it isn’t already. If the military, Police and Sheriffs are on their side, they, too, are traitors and criminals. We, the People, the Constitution and Rule of Law, have been declared as the new enemy to corrupt government and they are warring against us in every aspect of our lives. Anyone who does not see this, or feel it, is fast asleep, and deserves what they get. It is VERY close…short of a “miracle,” and even THAT could be a grand deception.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    This is not America!