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For the Love of Sugar

December 29, 2008 by  

For the Love of Sugar

By now you know that sugar and sweeteners of all types, except natural honey and natural Peruvian stevia, are highly toxic chemicals.

The sugar deception is a great undisclosed health addiction that has wrecked the health of multimillions of people.

Sugar consumption of all types has gone from 7 pounds per person per year in 1900 to 220-plus pounds per person per year average today. This by itself is the foundation of sickness and disease that guarantees conventional medicine perpetual multitrillion dollar annual profits.

All disease directly relates to sugar consumption. This includes white and brown sugar and all the synthetic chemical sugars. Sugar, especially synthetic chemical sweetener, is the basic ingredient used by all commercial food processors.

Almost every label in the grocery stores shows some kind of sugar or sweetener contents. No warnings are ever given about the highly toxic nature of synthetic sweeteners. Some are more toxic than others but all can cause multiple diseases from convulsions to diabetes. All accumulate as acid poisons in the human body.

All artificial or synthetic sweeteners should display a skull and crossbones emblem on their packaging.

There is a mountain of research on the extreme danger of synthetic sugars and I believe that there is no way to have good health while consuming sugar at the same time. No amount of terrorism could come close to the danger of sugar consumption in the United States.

There is a natural solution, though. Stevia is a natural herb sweetener that is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. South Americans have used this totally non-caloric sweet herb for more than 1,500 years. It is widely used all over the world, but up to now, could not be sold as a sweetener in the United States because of lobbyists for the artificial sweetener cartel and the FDA. Until recently it could only be purchased as a dietary supplement. But thankfully that’s about to change now that the FDA recently gave approval to two new Stevia-based sweeteners.

“In addition to its natural, powerfully sweet taste, (you only use a very mild, light dusting) research shows that stevia actually regulates blood sugar and reduces high blood pressure. It’s an extremely effective aid in weight loss and weight management because it contains no calories. It also reduces your desire for alcohol and tobacco use.” (quoted from James Balch, M.D., in his excellent newsletter Prescriptions for Healthy Living.)

Stevia has no glycemic index, which means that it does not affect insulin in any negative way. This is good news to a nation of diabetics. It’s a miracle as a food supplement for everybody.

A very small amount goes a long way; in fact, far less than other so-called sugar substitutes and it has a neutral taste.

Research in Japan has found stevia to be perfectly safe to be used in any food recipe, chewing gum or mouthwash. It is used on cereals, herb teas, coffee and anything else that you desire.

Stevia is high in chromium (which helps to stabilize blood sugar), manganese, potassium, selenium, silicon, sodium and vitamin A. It also contains iron, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin C and zinc. So you see, stevia is a very excellent food dietary supplement.

The natural sugar substitute stevia can help prevent:

  • Diabetes
  • Food Craving
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco Cravings

It can also help with:

  • Addictions
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hypertension
  • High Blood Pressure

Research has demonstrated that stevia liquid concentrate inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria and other infectious organisms, including those that are a problem for the food and cosmetic industries. Stevia also inhibits the growth of gum disease bacteria and tooth decay and in many countries it is used in oral hygiene products.

Less known but no less remarkable is the ability of water-based stevia concentrates to help heal numerous skin problems, including acne, seborrhea (discharge of sebaceous matter on the head causing dry scales or dandruff), dermatitis and eczema.

It also has been observed that placing it on cuts and wounds brings more rapid healing without scarring. It may cause a severe stinging for several seconds, but is followed by a significant lowering of pain. Physicians have reported using stevia concentrate to heal psoriasis and burns, while others have reported that it is extremely helpful in healing various lip sores.

Daniel Mourrey, Ph.D., a scientist and director of The American Phytotherapy Research Laboratory said, “Few substances as stevia have ever yielded completely non-toxic tests whether used internally or externally. There has never been any known abnormalities in weight change, cell or membrane characteristics, enzyme or chromosome characteristics, no cancer, no birth defects, no acute and no chronic negative effects.”

As a sweetener, only a very light dust of stevia concentrate is needed, making stevia far less expensive than all other sweeteners. Switching to stevia concentrate for all your sweet needs can be an extremely important step in restoring your health and in reversing the aging process.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Terry Neal

    Well, well. A major corporation or two want to sweeten their vile soda pop with Stevia? And what does the For a Drugged America (FDA) do or say. Nada, they just simply turn their heads and look elsewhere. After all the years they refused to allow Stevia to be sold as a sweetener, they now succumb to the pressure from a billion dollar food company. Even pure sugar isn’t as sweet as the love these regulatory agencies have with their benefactors. So sweet it’s sickening.

    My guess is that Coke and Pepsi see the end of the Aspartame party, that someone will eventually be strung up for selling the deadly neuro-toxin to our children in the form of a sugary carbonated ‘treat’. They now want to distance themselves from the rotton, putrid chemical and use Stevia. I see it now. Birds singing, trees swaying in the wind, as a pretty young girl walks through a mist of butterflies while drinking her all natural, Stevia enhanced cola. (insert trancelike music).

    • Doc Arthur

      Stevia is a wonderful, natural sweetener. Provided you actually get the natural sweetener, and not some processed “knock off”. Be careful.

      The current “so-called stevia (rebiana) based sweetener” being developed by Coke and Cargill shows that the end or finished product, after chemical processing, is NOT the same as real Stevia. They are misleading you.

      FDA in only approving this new chemical mixture, made from parts of the stevia plant, but constitutes misleading claims, as this product, TRUVIA is artificially processed.

      Please visit my web site and click on the Truvia Investigation (along left side, toward bottom) and read our continuing investigation into yet another troubling sweetener.

      I urge all people to use the natural sweetener, STEVIA, and to refain from consuming these falsely advertised sweeteners…Like Splenda, which started from a sucrose molecule, and was processed used chlorine, making the finished product a chlorocarbon which damaged the body (liver, thymus, etc). So don’t be fooled by the big corporate game. Their only intent is big profit (by deception and lying) and has nothing to do with any actual benefit for the general population.

      This includes Truvia, Zerose, and the others which incorporate, Erythritol as a sweetening agent

      Thank you,

      Arthur Evangelista, PhD
      Dir. of Operations & Research
      Quality and Regulatory Affairs Unit
      Emigrant, Montana

      • Doc Arthur

        My web site is: http://quality

        For more on our “artificial Stevia” called TRUVIA developed by Cargill and Coke.

        Use only natural Stevia.

        Dr. E

        • Doc Arthur

          Just click on my name, Doc Arthur to go to web site…

          You might be astonished to what you’ll find about TRUVIA and our Investigation

          Stay well,

          Dr. E

      • Mung

        Thanks, for the infor Dr. E

    • David Wilton

      Food Drugged America! I like that. Since our email and phone calls are being monitored by big bro. I don’t use their normal designations in my email. I wonder what Bob thinks about the natural maple suger?

    • Jeanette

      You can grow your own stevia. I bought the seeds on the internet and planted about 10 seeds. The germination rate is low.I think there were 4 plants. You dry the leaves and grind them up in a blender or food processor. Its great!

  • http://none Arlie Lawrence

    Can stevia be purchased by the public? If so where? how? and/or when?

    • Terri L Buck

      Yes it can. Even Publix carries it now. You can find it at health food stores too.

    • Doc Arthur

      Look up STEVITA, Inc. (or Company) in Dallas, TX (Google Search)

      Director is Mr. Oscar Rhodes. He is one of the principles of the original importers of natural Stevia/Stevioside into U.S.

      STEVIA is also available in good Health Food Stores… check ingredients to ensure it is pure Stevia – Stevioside, and that there are no additives, etc.

      Processed (naturally) and organic Stevia, also comes in a natural table-top white powdered form called, Stevioside, to distinguish this crystallized form, from the whole leaf Stevia (the plant).

      The process and this information is located on my web site (below) under TRUVIA Investigation.

      Oscar Rhodes has also appeared in a documentary with me, entitled, “Sweet Remedy” by Sound & Fury Productions, (Ms. Cori Brackett, Producer), Tucson, Arizona.

      Look up on Google for any additional info. you may need.
      Hope this helps you.


    • Robert

      GNC carries 100% natural Ecuadorian and/or Peruvian Stevia.

  • http://none Harold Sutton

    Stevia can even be purchased at Walmart in the pharmacy dept. It is a little over $5 dollars.

    • P A Patterson

      If you buy it at Wal-Mart do you have to have a Rx?

  • John

    Liquid stevia is great! Never any caking with a liquid, as I have personally encountered.

  • Bill

    I have been using Stevia for over a year, it is good stuff, especially when you consider the poison in the artificial sweeteners and downside of sugar. A little bit goes along ways! I use it in my oatmeal in the mornings.

  • Paul Mallet

    Is stevia available anywhere in Canada?

  • Texas Patsy

    Friends; you can GROW a stevia plant at home. They are beautiful, moderate-size plants. They need to be protected from freezing. Look at your nearby nurseries in the spring, or order online. I really enjoy stevia and use in in various forms, liquid, powdered and fresh. It can be bitter unless you use it in very small quantities.
    Texas Patsy

  • Caryn

    Has anyone checked the shelves at Trader Joe’s? I recently found Stevia in the “baking goods” area, but did not know what it was. I’m not sure how long they’ve been carrying it, but now that I know more about it, I will run right out and pick some up!

  • Henry R. Belrose

    You forgot to say where you can purchase this stuff.

    • Doc Arthur

      Mr. Belrose,

      Look up STEVITA, Inc. (or Company) in Dallas, TX (Google Search)

      Director is Mr. Oscar Rhodes. He is one of the principles of the original importers of natural Stevia/Stevioside into U.S.

      STEVIA is also available in good Health Food Stores… check ingredients to ensure it is pure Stevia – Stevioside, and that there are no additives, etc.

      Processed (naturally) and organic Stevia, also comes in table-top white powdered form called, Stevioside, to distinguish this crystallized form, from the whole leaf Stevia (the plant).

      The process and this information is located on my web site (below) under TRUVIA Investigation.

      Oscar Rhodes has also appeared in a documentary with me, entitled, “Sweet Remedy”.

      By Sound & Fury Productions, (Ms. Cori Brackett, Producer) of Tucson, Arizona.

      Look up on Google for any additional info. you may need.

      Hope this helps you.

  • Henry R. Belrose

    You forgot to say where you can purchase this stuff.

  • Jeffrey L. Burke

    I would Like 2 know where to get stivia

    • Rick

      We get it at Trader Joe’s. Less than $6 for 100 packets. Tastes great in coffee.

  • David

    I am always suspicious of anyone who tells us that what has been done for the past 6,000 years is killing us while offering some snake-oil miracle cure from some remote region which is ‘good for all that ails ya’. These are the same hucksters that try to convince you that ‘Detroit’ has been sitting on an engine design guaranteed to get 200 miles per gallon because they don’t want people buying less gasoline. Although how GM, Ford, and Chrysler profit from Shell, Exxon/Mobil, and BP is never clarified. And how Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes, Volvo, Nissan, and Hyundai never released a similar technology to increase their market share against ‘Detroit’ is equally foggy.

    • Darla

      Hi David, I just wanted to respond to your comment. I too am very suspicious of big claims and going against hundreds to thousands of years of however something was being done. However, in this situation, we are not using sugar the way our ancestors did. We are way over doing it. We process the sugar cane too much. We eat too much of it in everything. We eat items that have sugar hidden in them and other simple carbs that are over processed that our ancestors did not consume. And especially in the quantity that we do. We do not eat natural or consume enough fresh fruits or vegetables. We have put ourselves in this situation and are now paying the price. My dad, for example, was born in 1920. He was the youngest of 10 kids. They were poor and did not eat ‘out’. Everything was cooked at home. They only traveled to the store 2 times per month. 1 time every 2 months a 50 pound bag of sugar was purchased. That’s all. That equals 25 pounds of sugar per person per year. That’s it. Now days even my family eats out and gets a drink at the gas station so often it would be impossible for me to calculate how much sugar is consumed. I can’t even buy canned or jarred spagetti sauce that doesn’t have sugar in it. 10 years ago I could. I am a label reader and do not like sweetened spagetti sauce so I check and the stores around me simply don’t carry any without sugar in it. We are being bombarded from every angle because of our laziness and dependence on fast food out and quick food in. My mom now drinks sweetened tea with meals. She used to drind plain tea and black coffee. She would laugh when you ask her why. “We didn’t have any sugar to put in it when I was young”. I just saying that times were different and somewhat prevented us humans from our own self destruction. Now we have access to more and thus we consume more. We are spoiled and are paying for it.

  • Terry Neal

    Now brand at is very tasty. I go through a bottle quickly. I use it in iced tea, oatmeal, muffins, well everything.

  • David Wilton

    What does Bob or Dr. Arthur think of Xylitol? I tried the stevia powder in coffee and hated it because it didn’t dissolve. So I gave up on it until I found out it is also available in a liquid. I just purchased a bottle of liquid and will give it a shot.

    • Doc Arthur

      Hey, David….

      Xylitol is a alcohol sugar (polyol) and is classed as Erythritol and Mannitol, although each of these is slightly different… We just did some studies on Toxicology of Xylitol as a result of a client’s inquiry… Although, we believe this requires further investigation, it has been implicated (in lab animals) that is reduces the clotting factor (prothrombin), may produce adrenal issues, and contributes to cecal enlargement due to anaerobic bacteria buildup, and a few other items of interest.

      I have some of the studies… in the time I had to do this research. We found some of the most objective studies. If you email me directly, I will send them to you, if interested.

      Happy New Year,


      • Nan

        would like more studies on Xylitol. I do not like the after- taste
        of stevia, and i’m looking for something that is healthy.
        I have grown the stevia, and it was really fun, but the taste is
        not my cup of tea, thanks..Nan

  • http://BobLivingston,PersonalLiberty JO ANN

    Five or Six years ago I purchased a book titled “The Fat Flush Plan” by Ann Louise Gittleman. Stevia was introduced to me in this book and I have been using it ever since. I use both the powder and liquid forms. I even have a Stevia Cookbook that I purchased at my health food store. I was impressed to learn you could grow your own. This is just an excellent article on Stevia

  • Terri Robson

    Thankyou for this article. I find it highly disturbing that the makers of a soft drink like Coke are in tandem with one of the worlds biggest chemical polluters such as Cargill.
    In Pakistan the farmers also used Coke and other soft drinks for a ..pesticide..spray for their crops as it has a high content of pesticides (Cargill?) and the regular pesticides are too expensive(Cargill?) They also say it appears to be working.

    So we should all be using more natural products instead of the chemically altered ones that have been FORCED onto us un-suspecting consumers.

  • William

    Sorry Bob. It may be the way I have used it, but there is an aftertaste to Stevia. I do use it once in a while with things like grapefruit (the sour penetrates through aqnything!

    I have heard about Xylitol. What do you think about that… is it an acceptable sugar substitute? I have never tried it and have been unable to find it.

    I now use Stevia from a manufacturer in Arizona and their product seems to be somewhat tastier without so much aftertaste.

  • kate

    Been using stevia for years. great stuff. very sweet. mom has diabetes and don’t want to follow in her footsteps of drinking diet sodas and then consuming too many carbs and candy. Stevia is sold at trader joe’s and all major health food stores.

  • Terry Neal

    My point was that the FDA won’t let us use Stevia, but will turn their head when big business wants to. I love Stevia! You have to find the right brand for your taste buds. Not all is alike. The proper processing is necessary. The good stuff isn’t cheap. One of the best tasting is from

    Xylitol is questionable. It will kill your dog!!! Also, Dr. Russell Blaylock thinks it may hinder brain function.

    • Doc Arthur


      Dr. Russell Blaylock, friend and colleague is an excellent, trusted source of information…He is a nationally recognized top neurologist and surgeon.

      Thank you for adding that info to the mix.
      Happy New Year.


  • Carole

    I have been using Stevia for over a year now. Use it in coffee and on cereal. I purchase it online and get 1,000 packets for about $30. The price has increased, I guess, as its popularity has increased.

  • Edward

    Some Stevia products come with Maltodextrin in them. This is another sugar. Stevia can be purchased w/o Maltodextrin.

    Stevia can be found in Oregon at Fred Meyer’s.

  • Mary

    I have been using Birch Sugar (chemical name of Xylitol) for years. The Ultimate Life uses Birch trees to make their product. I understand that other forms of Xylitol are made from corn, and that these products are not so great. Does anyone else know the difference between these two kinds of Xylitol? I had to go on a special diet because of Candida, and when I used the Birch sugar, and followed the diet, my symptoms disappeared. It looks like real sugar, tastes the same, but is half the calories, and does not cause “sugar” highs and lows. You can also bake with it. Can you bake with Stevia?

  • Ben

    Great Article however; where can I find Stevia?



  • Mike Q

    I have been using Agave sweetner since it was recommended by Dr. Oz on Oprah. I get a 11.75 oz bottle at local Health food store for $4. Does anyone know of negative effects of this product?

  • http://PErsonalLibertyDigest Joyce

    I do have Liquid Stevia I got it at our local Health Food Store & yes you can grow it (I have). The only problem I have with Stevia, is that it leaves an aftertaste like the artificial sweetners. I know it is natural, but why does it taste like the artifical sweetners?????

  • TeresaE

    My personal favorite sweetener is RAW, unpasteurized honey.

    You do NOT know what real honey tastes like until you try the uncooked variety.

    Wonderful tasting, none of the cooked honey aftertaste. mmmmmmm.

    And, it helps with my allergies, does not feed my candida yeast and does not up my insulin levels.

    Good stuff, and soon to be outlawed by the government I would guess.

  • http://none Randy

    Mr. Livingston,
    What is your opinion of Lo Han as a sweetner? I don’t care for the aftertaste of Stevia.

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