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“Food Safety” Bill Targets Natural Supplements

September 27, 2010 by  

“Food Safety” Bill Targets Natural Supplements

The war on your ability to make decisions about your own health continues with the introduction of a new bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee that would put draconian laws on natural health supplement companies and small and mid-sized farm and food facilities.

The bill is the Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010 (S 3767) and it increases fines and penalties for any person who knowingly introduces or delivers for introduction into interstate commerce any food that is adulterated or misbranded. It also imposes increased regulations and fees, including a $500 annual registration fee, which is a great imposition on small producers.

While at first glance it would seem a good thing to police adulterated or misbranded food, the problem is the vagueness of the definition of adulterated or misbranded. For instance, misbranded could mean the supplement was marketed using perfectly sound peer-reviewed research but without the approval of the FDA.

An example of this that has already occurred is a cherry producer who cited peer-reviewed scientific research from prestigious universities on the health benefits of cherries, but the FDA decided by citing that research it had, in effect, turned cherries into drugs through “false and actionable misbranding.” The FDA regularly censors science and quashes constitutionally protected free speech on healthful, natural supplements at the bidding of Big Pharma.

The bill is so draconian that even minor mistakes in record keeping can cause the supplement manufacturer and distributor to be guilty of a violation. It also holds the seller responsible for mistakes made by the manufacturer. This is part of an ongoing effort by Congress to control your ability to make your own health decisions.

The House version of this same bill — which passed a few months ago — is even worse. It imposes prison terms of up to 10 years and fines of up to $100,000 for individuals and $7.5 million for corporations, regardless of the size of the corporation.

While these harsh provisions aren’t in the Senate bill, they could be included in the final bill that comes out of the Conference Committee that merges the bills from the two Houses into one.

We urge you to contact your Senator immediately to state your opposition to the bill. For more information on the bill from the Alliance For Natural Health, go here.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Fed Up Gal In Nm

    Here we go…….another governmental gray area….pass a rule/law…and make it so ambiguous as to put most if not all small natural health companies out of business.

    • DaveH

      In 2008, not a single person died from taking natural supplements, yet the Government insists on “protecting” us from them:

      My state senator, the RINO John McCain, who the dopey Republicans keep entrenched, was the Sponsor of the pre-cursor to this legislation against natural supplements, called the “Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010″. Of course that one was a little too obvious so as usual Congress buried it in a more comprehensive bill where it wouldn’t be so obvious to the millions of people who take natural supplements. The Arizona Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for keeping that RINO John McCain in office.

      • Anthony

        You misdirect your attitude…. hopefully by accident.

        It is the MEDIA who controls the masses – most of whom either don’t prefer to investigate or simply do not have time …. to discover they’re being manipulated.

        We must never stop reminding ourselves of who is in charge of our MEDIA… From the Rothschilds Historical, there is this ….


        Weishaupt soon infiltrates the Continental Order of Freemasons with this Illuminati doctrine and establishes lodges of the Grand Orient to be their secret headquarters. This was all under the orders and finance of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and the concept has spread and is followed within Masonic Lodges worldwide to the present day.

        Weishaupt also recruits 2,000 paid followers including the most intelligent men in the field of arts and letters, education, science, finance,and industry. They were instructed to follow the following methods in order to control people.

        1) Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of men already in high places, in the various levels of all governments and other fields of endeavour. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and fiscal harm, even death to themselves and loved members of their families.
        2) The faculties of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental ability belonging to well-bred families with international leanings, and recommend them for special training in internationalism, or rather the notion that only a one-world government can put an end to recurring wars and strife. Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships to those selected by the Illuminati.

        3) All influential people trapped into coming under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists. This was so they would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would in the long-run serve the secret plans of the Illuminati one-world conspiracy and bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve.

        4) To obtain absolute-control of the press, at that time the only mass-communications media which distributed information to the public, so that all news and information could be slanted in order to make the masses believe that a one-world government is the only solution to our many and varied problems.


        I tell you this — the MASSES, in many cases, actualy do believe the comment in item #4. What’s more… they WILL NOT go about investigating why such a standard would be a bad thing. They will utter commentary that YOU should provide proof a One World Government is a bad thing… YOU need to do the work… as it is beneath them to be bothered. Later on, they will blame anyone and everyone…else… for what went wrong. You see such conversation in the postings of lurkers like Denniso and Eddie… it is how they are indoctrinated/trained… like little seal puppies. SIT UBU SIT.

        www-whoownsthenews-com / review it, believe it – it is the reality of it all.

        • TIME


          Great post dude.

        • Larry

          ANTHONY,… I reference and QUOTE YOU, ..” You misdirect your attitude…. hopefully by accident.

          It is the MEDIA who controls the masses – most of whom either don’t prefer to investigate or simply do not have time …. to discover they’re being manipulated.
          We must never stop reminding ourselves of who is in charge of our MEDIA… ”

          Do YOU believe everything you READ ? The BIT about Rothschild and the ” Continental Order of Freemasons ” is BALONEY!! Their is NO SUCH THING ! My Dad always told us as we were growing up…Believe None of what you SEE or Read, research it for yourselves and make sure YOU are ABSOLUTELY knowledgeable of what it is you are about to say or write. If you Don’t ,…you will be the one who sounds like the “preverbial Jack-ss” ! Please do yourself a big favor Find a Mason and ask questions and you will soon be enlightened. God Bless

          • THIRD PARTY


          • Bob

            Larry Quit trying to blow smoke up everyones chimney. You don’t know what you are talking about. Read” Bloodlines of the Illuminati ” by Fritz Springmeir. Everything is documented so you can’t dispute it.

          • elda

            All the men in my family are Masons and I know it is only the highest degree that know this stuff. That is not that many, but they all know there is more they do not know…….yet.

          • elda

            I also know that they take an oath that they will kill anyone that tries to expose what they are doing. My dad told me not to push it.

          • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

            Like they are gonna tell you what they do at their meetings? Man, they worship the devil and they do some scary shit. Join a mason and you’ll see it first hand.

        • Kate8

          Anthony, You go to the heart of the matter.

          This is why none of our “Representatives” are listening to us.

          Our Congress…heck, our whole ‘government’, is irrelevant.

        • DaveH

          I don’t care who is orchestrating the Government. They are powerless without the “front man” of Government. So, I don’t waste my time investigating conspiracy theories. That doesn’t mean that I deny them, only that I think other things are more important.
          For instance, so many of you go on and on about the Rothchilds, or the Rockefellers, or any other accused puppet-masters. It doesn’t matter. They are powerless without the complicity of Big Government. And yet, with all the yammering, most of you still keep voting for Republicans who, along with Democrats, have built the Big Government machinery that does indeed give the puppet-masters their power.
          There is only one way to achieve relative peace in our country and that is to cut Government back dramatically from their current size. The Bigger it gets, the less Peace and Freedom we will have.

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Great, Dave. Cut back Big Government, ignore the puppet-masters. You left out the part about how we should accomplish the former (voting responsibly on the black boxes provided to us?), and you also seem to have overlooked what the latter will do in response.

            Or are you so naive as to assume They have no Plan B? Okay, let’s forget the Rothschilds of the 1800s, let’s only go back 100 years to when the then PTB were plotting to take over the US money system and enslave the American people.

            Too far back for you? Okay let’s examine who TODAY owns the US money supply, and how many hours per week the average American worker sweats for the fraudulent IRS and the ponzi SSA and Medicare systems.

            Looks like serfdom to me, Dave.

        • Vigilant

          Unfortunately, there is always an IDIOT fringe of human chattel that believe any conspiracy theory they can get their hands on. This anti-Mason crap has been around a long time, and has been discredited, item for item (like the 9-11 conspiracy theory) for almost as long.

          • Kate8

            Vigilant, Discredited by whom?

            “You never know if a thing is true until it’s been officially denied”.

        • dan az

          that was true to the word and I guess we wont here from them any time soon!

      • Granny Mae


        This has been going on for over 50 years now and big pharma is behind it. They don’t like the Health food people because they can not patent an all natural food product. As you said there has been no-one killed or hurt by taking all natural food supplements but they sure have from taking the sinthetic made ones. All the man made vitemins can be taken in over doses because the body uses and processes them in a different way than it does all natural food ! Big pharma has so many lobbiests and the politicians want to get their hands on big pharma money for their campaigns and their own pockest that they agree to what ever they ask without ever checking out what is at stake ! Money, money, money, on both sides ! man made vitemins are made from petrolium products and the body does not handle it the same as natural food. Everyone do yourself a favor and start taking all natural food supplements. You have to take them though because they don’t last in storage for a long time. They are food and will deteriorate, chemical vitemins like the Flintstones that you feed your children are full of chemical dyes, flavors and synthetic vitamins. If your child gets hold of the bottle and eats them like candy they can and most often do have a very serious over dose reaction. Stop feeding your natural body all these chemicals and give it some good old fashioned natural food supplements !

        • Granny Mae

          It is time that we told big pharma and Washington and all the Politicians to observe the Mistle Toe upon our coat tails !!!

          • DaveH

            LOL. Good one, Granny.

          • dan az

            now theres a picture for ya!

          • Granny Mae

            dan az,

            Oh sweetie you have no idea ! LOL !

      • Kate8

        DaveH, Not only is it true that people are not harmed by natural supplements, but an even more insidious truth is that people are KILLED AND MAIMED by pharmaceuticals every day! Where is the regulation for this? FDA, you say? Hahahahahahaha. Big Pharma controls the FDA!

        It’ more profitable to place a dangerous drug on the market (about $600million from testing to market), and make hundreds of billions of dollars before the complaints start pouring in and any suits are filed. Oh, they may pay out a few million, but the net profit is ENORMOUS.

        The #1 cause of death in the US is…by doctor!

        This is nothing but a power play by Big Pharma and it’s agenda to depopulate. THOSE WHO OWN THE MEDICAL SYSTEM ARE EUGENICISTS.

    • Harry’s Kid

      AND . . . Don’t forget! The FEE! Somebody’s got to pay something. $500 per producer will add up. I’m sure my senators, Spector & Casey (both Dems) will be outraged . . . and then vote for it.

    • Brenda

      Sadly, this law, if passed, will have the same devastating effect on the small natural food companies as the Consumer Protection Safety Initiative Act had on small manufacturers of children’s products…they will go out of business. The same is happening with all the small paint contractors who now must comply with the draconian rules for painting houses built before 1978.

    • EddieW

      The Federal (DEATH) Administration (FDA) has been trying for years to get Codex Altimus passed, which would give us supplements with so tiny amounts, that you’d have to take a whole bottle, to get the benefit of one pill now…Supplements are keeping us too healthy, and we not buying enough pharmeticuticals to suit FDA…They want us sick and buying meds from big pharma!!!!

  • s c

    What do you expect from uncaring incompetents who get paid NOT to read or understand legislation? Those “swell” people in Washington just can’t do enough for us or do it fast enough.
    Isn’t it obvious by now that our government is infested with subhumans who have not a clue, don’t think twice about making our lives more complex, and STILL they expect us to keep their sorry asses in Washington. OUT with all career politicians.
    This insanity must be stopped. People, it’s truly THEM or US.

    • Anthony

      You are correct, my friend …

      And, they could care less about their extended families, as well.

      Remember – those in charge call us THE UNWASHED.

      If you do not have a personal value of at least $25-billion…..?

      Then, YOU ARE…everyone else! Whether you like it or not – makes no difference.

      • Christin

        It’s US!

        I have not heard that term… Do they really refer to us as the “unwashed”? Like in not washed in kruel-aid or darkness of demon spirits.

        Actually we are “washed” in the blood of Jesus and we are white as snow!

        • Kate8

          Christin, Actually, it gets worse.

          They also refer to us as ‘useless eaters’.

          • Christin


            I have heard of that term…”useless eaters.”

            However, I think “unwashed” and “useless eaters” are not terms that God would use to descrbe His children whose Faith is in Jesus.

            Actually, those terms really seem to fit the corrupt politicians and their leaders themselves…. Don’t you think?

          • Kate8

            Christin, I would wholly agree with that.

          • Richard Pawley

            Christin, the term “useless eaters” is what Hitler called retired people. I mention this in one of my books.

          • Christin

            So that’s where that term comes from.
            Thanks Richard.

    • Granny Mae

      s c

      So well said. I think we all need to start wearing little pins made to look like Mistle toe and even put bumperstickers on our cars etc. It’s not like Washington doesn’t know whats coming ! As far as John McCain is concerned, I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth and I don’t trust him.. He blows in the wind, which ever way the wind blows !

    • Lynn

      S C: I agree wholeheartedly! In this next round in 2012 we will have our opportunity to vote some of the RINOS out of office. And I think there should be a bill passed that prevents the money flow of the lobbyists from being poured into (and basically bribing) the candidates they want to be elected. That’s how Harry Reid got elected again. He had big money behind him.

      However, I doubt that the greedy power mongers would ever allow that one to get through. Which means that we need to VOTE OUT DIONSAURS and get new blood in there.

  • jim

    Ok, I have had enough already: this November perhaps we can have our own version of an Accountability Act: let’s get rid of these adulterated or misbranded politicians. Lord, make them live under these insane laws they recommend and pass…then perhaps they will come out of the darkness into the marvelous light of your Truth.

    • Gramma4Life

      I agree with you, Jim. The adulterated politicians are responsible for declaring war on supplement manufacturers and are beholden to the pharmaceutical companies to continue the strategy to bring all of them under the umbrella of the FDA.
      I have a company that I trust for purchasing unadulterated supplements and I do not take any medications–simply rely upon food, water,proper health habits and great supplements to keep me healthy.
      I see too many who are on too many drugs who have more complaints than the original ones for which the meds were prescribed.

      • Granny Mae

        Amen to that !

      • DaveH

        Which Company, Gramma?

        • Granny Mae

          Dave, I don’t know who Gramma has in mind but I know of one. Shaklee has always been a trusting name in food supplements. Always all natural and of the highest quality. check them out .

          • Richard Pawley

            I used Shaklee multi-vitamins for more than twenty years and they made a difference. Have had to find something that was a bit more reasonable and four years I switched to ALIVE as I felt I needed more than I was getting of some things and I have been pleased with the quality and the price. I buy mine from vitacost in Florida. I also use Muscadine Grape seed, Yaeyama Chlorella, extra Magnesium, extra D-3, Calamari Oil, Alaskan wild salmon oil and a few more exotic items all of which are necessary in my opinion. I have used Glucosamine for 15+ years but not the popular Glucosamine-Chondroitin combination because Shaklee scientists many years ago in a double blind study, that while glucosamine worked, that Chondroitin was basically a filler. I was surprised to read several years ago that even the president of the USA didn’t know that and was using the combo.

    • airangel

      Yeah, hopefully the filthy rich elite won’t have the electronic voting system rigged but I’m not sure they won’t interfer. They have spent too many billions fostering and raising the Stepford puppets to rule the world be it Dem or Repub doesn’t matter, whoever can be bought and trained to their will!

      • Granny Mae

        You got that right, and another thing I don’t like is this early voting ! That is way too easy to manipulate and so is the absentee voting today. Who is checking on who is getting these ballots and who is voting on them? For all they know there could be an elderly voter that was getting a ballot sent to them and the kids decided that it was time to the old man or the old lady in a home so now they don’t live there and still that ballot is getting sent to that address automaticly. Good way for sonny boy or daughter dear to vote twice ! Today this voting is all controled and you are not getting your voice heard like you think you are ! I know because I vote by absentee ballot and I only asked for one to be sent one year and they come like clock work every year since then ! Worries Me !

        • Granny Mae

          Also , what about all these registered voters in nursing homes ? Who is getting their ballots and doing their voting for them? There aren’t many fully loaded wagons in those places and someone is doing their voting for them !

          • Christin

            Granny Mae,
            That is truly scary.

            I think they don’t even open the sealed early or absentee voting ballots unless the vote is close… do you think that true?

            It seems when ever a vote is close then, they get the Judge to get all or certain districts to open the envelopes to count more votes and do recounts to get a clear picture of the “true” winner. As in the case with Minnesota Al Frankin’s guys got the Judge to open ONLY the envelope ballots in the CITY where all the liberals live and the Judge would NOT open all the sealed ballots in the whole area rural & suburbs where the conservatives tend to live in the state to see who really won.

            I am afraid paper mailed in ballots are maybe not always counted. That is why I always vote in person.
            What say you guys?

            I think it is probably pretty easy to steal an election… I think we have been chumped and gullible.

          • Kate8

            Christin, the makers of the electronic voting machines, themselves, have acknowleged that it is very easy to hack into and manipulate the vote.

            There is even some virus that can change votes, and remain completely undetectable.

            This is why I suggest we have citizen oversight, rather than just trusting our government or parties.

          • Christin

            Granny Mae & kate 8,

            So which is better and more reliable… paper mail in ballots or electronic voting machines?

          • Granny Mae


            I wish I knew.

        • DaveH

          We have the capability right now, Granny, to make the vote counts iron-clad. Or at least so, if people would make the effort to check.
          Here is my idea. Somewhat crude perhaps. But a good Computer Scientist could refine it. The Democrats sure wouldn’t want this system, and I’m not sure the Republicans would either, so we the people would have to demand it:
          We could have two databases for each election. One database would store the ‘voter information’ (Identification, address, polling place, etc.). And the other database would store the ‘votes cast’ with a unique alphanumeric ID which was given to the voter at the polling place (to maintain ballot secrecy). The polling place location would also be stored on this database to identify problem polling places. Only the voter would know his alphanumeric ID so secrecy would be preserved. The database would be accessible by the public. Anyone or any organization with the proper software could check the ‘voter information’ database to see if any illegal voters cast votes. The votes in the ‘votes cast’ database could be easily tallied by anyone to see if votes were counted correctly and that the number of votes matched the number of voters in the ‘voter information’ database. Also, an individual voter would be able to check his alphanumeric ID to see that his votes are in the ‘votes cast’ database correctly, and if not, he/she could notify the proper authorities or the proper news media.
          Such a systerm would allow the common citizen to double-check how their votes were counted. This is something that few of us can currently do. We don’t know if they counted our votes properly or not.

          • Kate8

            DaveH – I knew there would be someone who could come up with a viable solution!

            Good job. Now we just need to get get it in place.

            Our elected officials aren’t going to like it, but then, the elections are for the people.

            What’s the next step? Maybe we should all get the idea to our local elections officials, and get it in our local news so people become aware of the need for it.

          • Granny Mae


            I think that is a marvelous idea ! I am not computer savy by any means but my husband worked for the Space Center for years with computers and two of my sons also work in the computer field. One is in charge of removing viruses etc. for a big international company. I bet if I let them see your suggestions they would agree that you have a great idea. How do we get your idea to the right people is my question? You must persue this Dave. You really must. People out there just like Dave with his great idea, I know most of you are just sitting on great ideas for business or goods etc. but you just don’t have confidence in your ideas to get them going. Please don’t hold back. The world needs your ideas. Dave please look into putting this in operation. Maybe you could start with your local voting department. Get the word out there you have a great idea. Thanks.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Kudos DaveH,

            Once again…you’ve outdone yourself. It is not a stretch to believe that votes are not tallied correctly or in some cases not even registered correctly. Recall my story after the last Presidential election, when I contacted my state representative later to complain about something and he basically told me that he did not find me as a registered voter in his district… I immediately emailed him and said…”then, who do you suggest I contact about my missing vote; if you’re not showing me as even being registered….exactly where did my vote go”, since when I called the clerk of court, they said I was registered in your district? A couple of days later he emailed me to say he found me as a registered voter………… cockey! Bunch of liars….

          • dan az

            The only thing that I see wrong is that there wont be any dead people voting!

  • CJM

    I don’t need any government agency to tell me what I should or should not eat–it is my right to make that decision. Just who in the …. do these dolts in Washington think they are anyway. It is enough that they have trampled on our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and we will let them know our displeasure soon enough. While THEY DICTATE what we can have on our tables, THEY are eating what they forbid us to eat. Go to …. you sorry …….., I’ll serve what I want to serve, eat what I want to eat, and if it breaking YOUR law, so what. And Michelle Obama, have you noticed just how FAT YOU ARE! And you have some nerve to tell folks they should eat carrot sticks instead of french fries. Stick your food up yours, you turncoat. As for FDA, you may regulate whether a medication is good enough for the American public (and you haven’t done a very goood job at that–remember thalidomide?)but you keep your azz out of my refrigerator and pantry.

    • Granny Mae


      I’m with you ! As for Thalidomide there have been thousands more since then as you well know ! The adds on TV run everyday for people to sign up for law suits against pharmecueticals for bad medecine ! The government needs to get out of our lives and stay out ! Michelle and Barack are telling us what we need to do but Obama still hasn’t given up his smoking has he ? I wonder how often he goes into a special room in the White House to have a smoke ?

      • Average Joe Patriot

        What he could do is quit smoking the way I, and millions of other successful ex-smokers, have happily done: via electronic cigarette. The e-cig community calls it “vaping,” because what they are inhaling is vaporized propylene glycol (fake movie fog, also used in cake mixes and a thousand other consumables–officially GRAS [Generally Regarded as Safe] by the FDA since before I was and probably you were, even born), pure nicotine, legal flavorings, and distilled water. What they are exhaling is water vapor. Of the 4000 identified chemicals in cigarette smoke, e-cig users are getting about half a dozen or so, including nicotine and H2O. Of the 40 or so known carcinogens in cigarettes, “vapers” are inhaling and exhaling precisely…zero.

        But ObamaYoMama can’t do that. His Zionist-controlled FDA, FTC, even US Customs are moving heaven and earth to ban the use of these devilish devices (they consist of a lithium battery, an electronic heating element, and a mouthpiece). They are doing this for the obvious reason that Big Tobacco (final resting place of the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel, where they are currently fertilizing next year’s cash crop) and Big Pharma (who bring us Nicorette Gum, patches, nicotine inhalers, nicotine tablets, Chantrix, Welbutrin, etc., with suicidally thought-provoking tiny print and HUGE pricetags) are losing millions upon millions of dollars in revenue yearly. And of course Big Medicine is losing customers (not through killing them with chemo, surgery, painkillers, and expensively bad advice, as is the norm, i.e., not through walk-ins who never walk out) from healthy, happy ex-smokers and snuff dippers who don’t need their services, who never walk in in the first place.

        Even the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society are campaigning against these tricky little suckers which, they claim, look like cigarettes so they must reinforce bad behavior. And the insurance companies…remain strangely silent on the subject. They love to hit you up for higher premiums if you’re a smoker, does this mean they’d like you to quit?

        Add it all up, we’re talking billions.

        Imagine the financial impact on the US economy if smokers quit smoking en masse and began spending mere pennies on the dollar (average is around 20 cents or less per taxable smoking dollar)! Imagine that amount of tax revenue going up in…well…water vapor!

        You think organic foods and health supplements scare these ghouls who make their unconscionable livings preying upon we the dying–and justifying it through such bills as S 3767? (I will be the first to say that natural foods and supplements were probably the only things keeping me alive through 45 years of legal tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine use…my three favs.)

        What do you think the spectre of these cheap little gizmos catching on bigtime is doing in the parasitic insectoid minds these very same conscienceless ghouls?

        Whatever your political party leanings (I prefer to stand straight, myself), watch these issues closely: Our right to choose our nutrition sources, and our right to choose our drugs, recreational and otherwise. If you don’t think They are trying to kill us off by degrees, then explain to yourself: Why, if They are successful in outlawing supplements and/or electronic cigarettes, They have elected that course of action? It surely can’t be “for our own good” (as if we asked), and it can’t be because They are simply stupid (the mental machinations to which They resort in justifying Their high-handed “legal” decisions clearly belies any such notion).

        E-cigarettes are a classic case in point. They have argued that they are not proven to be safe for non-smokers deciding to try them (a test for idiocy if I ever heard one). They have nothing to say about the millions of ex-smokers (like me, for past 18 months) using them to salvage their lungs and protect those around them from repiratory disease.

        Oh, now I’ve resorted to using the “They” word. Just WHO are “THEY?”

        Well, since They hide in plain sight, this shouldn’t be hard: Big Pharma, Big Agri (including Big Tobacco), Big Chem/Energy (including Big Oil/Petro, King Coal, and nuclear), Big Financial (including Big Insurance), Big Government (including the Military Industrial Chemical Complex), Big Media…you know, the major components of the human-built world. Not one of these “Bigs” have any interest in your health or freedom of choice, usually quite the contrary.

        By all means, call your Senators regarding S 3767, see if they still give damn. You’ll know whether they’re still one of us, or one of Them, by how they actually vote.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Average Joe Patriot,
          Or you can quit like my Dad and I did. Cold turkey!! I carried a half pack around for a week and every time I took it out I’d look at it, shove it back in my pocket and say NO! I smoked for over 35 years. Tried the gum, thepatches, and even got hooked by the hypnosis and nothing worked , till I made up my mind I needed to quit. then I quit! My wife still smokes as does my one daughter and it doesn’t bother me at all as far as the smoke! I just don’t like them to smoke for what it is doing to them.

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Get them on e-cigs before they’re outlawed, Joe. A great many e-cigarette users have reduced their cravings to the point where they can take them or leave them (the liquid comes in several gradations of strength, from strong to medium, light, down to zero). Many inveterate smokers have used them to quit nicotine altogether.

            This unfortunately works against the e-cigarette industry in their battle with the FDA. Any claim that e-cigs help you quit smoking makes them a de facto “medical device,” putting them under FDA jurisdiction. Once legally under FDA jurisdiction, they become illegal till the FDA says otherwise.

            When will the FDA “legalize” them? Around the same time they get around to doing scientific tests on the freezing temperature in Hell. They’re very busy, you know.

        • Granny Mae

          Average Joe Patriot,

          I never gave a thought about what would happen if everyone did manage to quit smoking. The tax money lost alone would be devastating !
          Joe H I did like you did. I smoked from the time I was 14 and I smoked 2 pks. a day one of regular 100′s and the other 100 menthol! I’m not proud of it at all. When I was 40 years old I decided to quit. I kept an unopened pack in my purse in case I really needed them I wouldn’t panic ! I began by taking a lot of deep breaths as though I was inhaling and when it got real difficult I went to bed or I took a long walk to get my mind off things and on to something else. It was not easy by any means but it wasn’t impossible either. After the first week it got a little easier and then about the third week it got real tough for a few days. After that things started smoothing out nicely. The hardest ones for me were the one right after dinner because I really enjoyed that one and then every time I got in a car I lit up a cigarette. That one never made sense to me because I would have just put one out in the house and then walk out get in the car and lite one up !!! Go figure ! That habit was the hardest one for me to break. I did that when I was 40 and I’m 68 now so I have been non-smoking for quite a while now ! It was difficult but not impossible. Of course I had tried to quit several times before that and failed. That time I just got tired of spending my money on the darn things, and having to carry them with me all the time. The last time was the charm! All you smokers out there that want to quit, just keep working at it. It will happen. I really do feel that all the smokless inhaling I did was a big help to me. Try it maybe it will work for you.

          • Average Joe Patriot

            I’m 61, Granny, a smoker for 45 years, and that’s exactly what I and millions of e-cigarette users around the world are doing: smokeless inhaling. A year and a half ago I could not walk up my hillside driveway without gasping, my heart hammering in my ears. This weekend I hiked 12 miles in the Gila Wilderness, up the side of the western face of the Black Range to a peak about 1800 feet higher than where I began, then back down again. My feet hurt, but my lungs felt terrific.

            About the only thing which winds me nowadays? Explaining to people who keep telling me to “Just quit smoking!” that I HAVE quit smoking. Just like millions of other e-cigarette users.

            That’s the point.

            I also quit high-test coffee recently, which has also made a difference. I do drink organic decaf and teas which may be next on the FDA’s list. Not because they still contain some caffeine (decaf is misbranded, by God!), but because the suppliers claim health benefits for these beverages not found in most coffees and teas (zero petro-chemicals, for starters, but antioxidants as well).

            Then people will undoubtedly ask me why I don’t “Just quit coffee!”

            And I will say, because I’m an addict, you fool. Certainly I can “just quit” if you chain me up in a basement. But my preferences as to what I choose to put in my body are not at issue, here. Big Government’s unconstitutional restrictions on my freedom of choice is.

            My compliments to anyone who has managed to quit cold turkey. Having done it many times, I know how hard it can be. If you really want to see change we can believe in, take away everyone’s caffeine and nicotine tomorrow. Me, I’ll just hike back into the mountains and wait that one out.

          • Richard Pawley

            With a name like Granny Mae I thought you were old! I’m so glad you quit. I had a friend who only smoked from age 22 to 24 but it weakened her enough that she got cancer at 34 and died of lung cancer at 40 and left two great children, 8 and 10. However, the statistics show that if you quit smoking and survive 15 years without cancer your chances of getting it are the same as someone who has never smoked so Kudos to you. I was once in a civic center filled with about 6,000 Christians and the evangelist called out and said that there were people addicted to smoking in the audience that apparently were affected by evil spirits, that they had tried everything and not been able to kick it. He (Morris Cerullo) called out and asked everyone who wanted to kick the habit to raise their hands. About 300 raised their hands and this elderly apostle prayed and demanded in Jesus name, that whatever was binding these people to smoking leave them, and I was shocked to instantly hear over 300 people suddenly and uncontrolably begin coughing. I never did any follow up but more when on that day than many here would believe. The point is that prayer helps too and you can do that on your own.

        • dan az

          average joe patriot
          Ive heard of those e cigarettes and didnt pay much mind to them.But after reading your post I will try them and see if they work.Ive been a smoker for 50 yrs and anyone can tell you is that you dont wont to be around me if I ran out.That wouldnt be healthy for you!Thanks Ill try it!

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Dan, I won’t bore those uninterested in the particulars, but I advise anyone who wants to quit smoking (without ending up on the six o’clock news in some ugly way) to go to the E-Cigarette Forum, do some research, maybe ask a few questions. They’re very helpful there.

            The mistake you don’t want to make is to start with something cheap and/or flashy (I’ve known people who did, and it didn’t “take” with them). Look for a robust battery/atomizer combination, skip the bells and whistles. Another thing to keep in mind is the learning curve–it may LOOK like smoking, but it isn’t. Lot’s of videos out there telling you how it’s done, check YouTube.

            And lastly, starting up properly isn’t cheap–expect to spend the price of one-and-a-half to two cartons worth on a decent setup with an assortment of e-liquid flavors (don’t buy in quantity till you find a brand, a flavor, and a strength you can live with). When you’re settled in with something that works for you, buy spare parts so you never run out (or you’ll be running out, alright…to the corner convenience store for more coffin nails), and LOTS of e-liquid. Do it quick, before the FDA slams the lid on both e-cigs, and your coffin. After your second month or so, you’ll discover you’re spending WAY less on e-cigs (if They don’t “sin tax” them) than you were on cigarettes, even if you rolled your own as I did toward the end.

            Because I’m the sort of guy who stocks extra ammo, then gets to thinking about saving brass and making my own loads, I’m also looking into some interesting posts by “modders,” Radio Shack propeller-heads who exchange info on how to build these things on their kitchen table. And of course recipes for do-it-yourself e-liquid. Margaret Hamburg’s FDA goons and their Big Tobac buddies can go pee up a rope while this entire cottage industry goes viral, underground.

            This appeals to my revolutionary instincts. And believe me, as I’ve said earlier, if you want to strike a blow against the entrenched PTB, start drying up their funds. Stop buying their crap, stop paying their “sin” taxes, get healthy and stay out of the hands of the medicos and Big Pharma. Eat and store natural foods so when TSHTF there will still be a core of stalwart citizens prepared to do what it takes to survive and rebuild. (Might not be a bad idea to lay in a store of copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, while you’re at it…handy blueprints to have when the dust settles.)

    • Kate8

      CJM, The reason they want to control what we eat is NOT for the betterment of our health. It is part of the depopulation plan, and is so we have no access to pure, unadulterated, non GMO, healthy food. And no bio-compatible medicines and supplements. That way, we all die slowly of malnutrition and toxicity, even if we have phude to eat.

      Check out Codus Aliamentarius, an agency of the WHO. These are the folks who are forcing this upon us. It is already passed and in effect in the US. They are just gradually implementing it, against the will of the people. But they don’t let that little detail deter them. They have their orders.

      • Average Joe Patriot

        Aside from the dubious nutritional quality of genetically engineered “food,” there’s another aspect which is far scarier: non-reproducing seed. Saving seeds won’t work anymore, because they won’t germinate. We’ll all be supplicants at the gates of Big Agri every year when the growing season starts. This is already true throughout the US corn belt. It’s true of most soy, and is becoming true of most staple grain crops. Since many of these crops feed livestock, our meat and dairy industries are fast becoming controlled by the patent owners of GMO food plants.

        And people saving older, non-GMO seeds? Unless ALL GMO plants are allowed to die off, fresh plantings of older seed will be cross-fertilized from GMO and will become sterile as well. So if you don’t plant Monsanto, you may as well plant nothing. This is actually happening to remote hill tribes in Mexico, who’ve kept distinct varieties of corn seed going for dozens of generations. Their seeds are dying, and they’re being told to buy new patented seed from Big Agri every year.

        Can anything be more insane? Can anything be more insidious? Can anything the FDA condones (and they condone a LOT) be more indicative of their mandate to enable the Controllers to micromanage human life (and death) on the planet?

        This is not some tin hat global conspiracy theory, this is the stuff of science fiction horror, but it’s really happening. You’re eating it. You’re drinking it. Have you had your Kool-Aid today (or Coke, or Pepsi, or nearly any soft drink)? It’s sweetened with HFCS…corn syrup. GMO corn sugar. Got milk? Odds are it came from a GMO soy and corn fed cow.

        It’s soylent green time, folks. Store organic lentils and brown rice while you can, they’re still safe. And get those victory gardens going, and keep your powder dry and safe.

  • http://Yahoo!InternetExplorer Determined

    Read the book of Leviticus chapter 11 those are GODS FOOD LAWS.It is not a sin if you don’t follow them but you will get sick.I don’t use any supplements I take no prescription drugs I eat according to GOD.I do smoke but that’s between GOD and I other then that I’m healthy at the good age of 55 work two jobs and run circles around some of the LAZY young people of today.Yes and some adults.GOD DOES NOT LIKE LAZY PEOPLE.He’ll give you the bricks but you will do the work.No free ride for anyone.

    • Richard Pawley

      Determined: Back up a couple of comments and see what I wrote Granny Mae about quiting smoking. Genetics has a factor in this too. George Burns smoked cigars and lived to be a hundred but if he didn’t smoke he might have lived to be 110 or like the French woman who made a record at 121, who smoked some too as I recall. I wish you well, but I thank God I never started.

  • BigBadJohn

    Its politics as usual. This bill is about who has the deeper pockets. Obviously it is the drug companies, they do not want any form of natural prevention because they make more on sick people.

    • Bob

      You will stoll be able to buy supplements only you will need a prescription. It can only be filled by one person, your druggist. Pretty soon there will only be a couple different drugstores around. The little guy will be knocked out of business.

      • Average Joe Patriot

        I believe I’ve read that this is already well under way in Canada. They haven’t shut down the health food outlets and co-ops yet, so far as I know, but the pharmacies have supposedly taken vitamin supplements off their shelves.

        Weird. For years people were buying cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, now they’re the first ones shutting down natural supplements? Well, they were the first ones in North America to outlaw e-cigarettes and jump into WWII, so I guess maybe there’s a pattern, there. Seems it takes longer to con or bully US citizens into submission.

  • Robert Morrow

    We know why they corrupt government official want to stop vitamin supplements, they are paid off by the drug companies. No one has died from vitamins, but the drugs approved by the FDA and drug Companies murder about 5000 people per month in the USA. It is all about the money and power. Your own Senator or Representatives would sell their children in to slavery for the dollars. Want to reduce the National Debt, cut all funding to FDA, EPA, FTC, FCC and any of these uncontrolled agency.

    • Granny Mae

      You got it right there !

  • TIME


    Soon the media will be telling you that “eating food” is bad for you as well that you may die if you eat any food at all.
    {And the people will follow like sheep, then starve themselfs to death.)

    But first the Government will have to make laws that eating food is bad for yourn health, then use the FDA, BATF, DOJ as well as the FBI the NEA as well as NSA to be sure that you all follow along like good little people you all are. Hows that new cell phone working out for you? How do you like that new car with the auto shut off built into the computer system, so if your out running the police they can just shut down your car, and lock the doors so you can’t open them.
    Nows hows that ON STAR working out? Do you feel safer now?

    People WAKE UP – Get out and WAKE up everyone you can, its not going to be long now, just watch the bills coming up no matter whos in charge if the progressive are not removed the problems will just continue until the “only freedom” you have is to be dead.

    When you allow yourselfs to be SLAVES, you can’t complain about being a SLAVE. Bloody Wake UP.

    • Marilyn K


    • Granny Mae

      OH Boy how well I know ! My friends and family talk about this all the time and can see where it is all going. My husband won’t own a car made after 1988. Well I should say he won’t drive one anymore. We have one but it sits in the garage. We drive a 1957 Chevy car and a 1970 Chevy pick-up ! He is just so against the government controls now days that he refuses. I don’t care as long as it gets me where I’m going !

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Granny Mae,
        I’d RATHER drive that 57 chevy than a new porche!!!!!

        • Granny Mae

          Joe H,

          LOL. Me too! I love that car not to mention it is worth a lot of money !!! It is the car my husband owned when we met and got married. He bought it brand new ! Lots of memories connected with that car. It was the car I learned to drive in ! He has had that car all apart so many times it isn’t funny. He knows it inside out! I have pictures of it taken down to nothing but the frame because he decided he was going to put some special paint on the frame so it wouldn’t rust out ! He was 70 years old when he did that ! LOL! That is his baby for sure !

        • dan az

          joe and granny
          memories of the fogged windows at the drive inn.The comfort of those back seat springs.the 4 on the floor and the 327 humming along threw those twin pipes and glass packs.Yea memories gota luv it!

    • Kate8

      TIME, They’re already telling us that what we eat is ‘bad’ for us. Every day we hear of some common food causing cancer, or heart disease, or whatever. They we read that coffee and alcohol are good for us.

      They’re messing with our minds. Probably nothing would harm us if we believed it was good. It’s when we have stress about everything, believing that every bite we put in our mouths may cause disease, that makes it so.

      We underestimate the power of the mind to influence our bodies. But TPTB aren’t, you can be sure. They’re making sure that we have stress in every aspect of our lives. Life seems to be hazardous to our health.

      Personally, I wouldn’t ever consult a doctor. As long as I don’t know something is wrong, it probably won’t kill me. Getting a diagnosis only gives one something to focus on and make bigger. I just tell myself that my health is perfect, and I feel fine. I bless the things I eat, and declare them healthful.

      If we want to, we can foil every plan of these devils. Perhaps that is what scripture means when it says that no weapons formed against us shall prosper.

      • Christin

        Very Interesting.
        They are telling us to drink red wine and eat (dark) chocolate…

        But Michelle O is telling kids not to eat french fries, but to eat carrots… would that be baby carrots… I was told those are soaked in chlorine to retain freshness… is that true? They say that is why there is a white powder on the outside when they dry out.

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Christin: Most “baby carrots” are…wait for it…MISBRANDED!

          Seriously. What they do is grow big carrots and chop them up, throw them in a machine which grinds off the square edges and vitamin-rich skins, then sell them to you for more money. Whatever else they may do to them, chemical bath, whatever, I wouldn’t know. But they’re still a Big Agri rip-off, grown in petro-fertilizer, sprayed with petro-chemical insecticide which soaks into the soil for future uptake into the root, stripped of their nutrients, and sold to you “Fresh!” in clear baggies with bright orange lines painted on the outside to make them look more appealing.

          I never bother with them, but if all that doesn’t faze you, consider how many recalls there have been of produce contaminated by e coli from nearby factory-raised pig, cattle, and chicken runoff. While the government agencies turn a blind eye toward this sort of thing, they have lots of time left over in the day for regulating organic whole foods out of existence.

  • FreedomFighter

    Another big pharma give-a-way.

    The message is:

    Please die or buy from big pharma.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Kate8

      Freedom, I would alter that a bit:

      Buy from Big Pharma and die.

  • airangel

    Not to mention the FDA now swinging for genetically modified Salmon. “Franken-fish” and the FDA has already gone on the record stating it will not require any special labeling of genetically modified salmon. You, the consumer, just have to take a wild guess because you’re not allowed to know what you’re really eating.

    The biotech industry takes this absurdity one step further by claiming that labeling GM foods would just “confuse” consumers. David Edwards, the director of animal biotechnology at the Biotechnology Industry Organization, explained it in this way: “Extra labeling only confuses the consumer,” he says. “It differentiates products that are not different.”

    What does all this tell you? Big Pharma Cartel really pulls the strings in Washington!!!


    • BigBadJohn

      Your food supply safety is highly questionable due to Monsanto’s genetically engineered crops.

      • airangel

        Monsanto equals “evil”…they are causing hard working farmers to go broke or they are sueing them for cross pollination of their engineered seeds because they blow into the fields from the wind or by birds naturally. With their terminator cells in the seeds, many scientists think this is playing a big role in the the die off of so many bees. You can not collect seeds and plant them the following year nor do these franken-seeds have the nutritional value as natural seeds do with all their synergistic components that work together (not just one isolated and recreated piece). Science can not duplicate God and never will be able to. That’s why there is so much sickness and disease out there. Our creator made our bodies to heal or have nature as aids to help us heal. We were never designed to break down so many toxins and synthetic, patented drugs and un-natural by-products. If we don’t clean up our oceans, remineralize our depleted soils and force insurance companies to include “atlernative prevention” modalities in our “required” policies, we are doomed and will continue to be a sick, run down race.

        • Granny Mae


          I agree. I believe that I am experiencing that very thing right now and it is due to a neighbor farmer doing aireal spraying of his crops. Several year ago we were having great gardens and all of a sudden two years ago all the bees dissapeared and we havent had a reapable garden since. This guy started spreying his fields from the air and everything has gone to pot since. We have done everything possible but still no garden ! It makes me sick !

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I bought squash plants this year and when I picked them three weeks ago I dried a few seeds and planted them in a pot. They came up. I tried my betterboy tomatoes and they didn’t even sprout! Kentucky wonder beans the same last year. I try this every year to see if I can save a little by drying seed stock. Somrtimes I win, most times they win!! I,m tempted to send for that survival pack next year and save half of my crop for seeds!

          • Kate8

            GrannyMae, Joe H., Every year I’ve had a big garden and good crops. The past two years, the yield has been really down, especially with my squash. I purchased certified organic seed but, here too, there are very few bees anymore.

            My volunteer squash produce well, although I’m never sure what I will get. I’ve got some summer/winter crosses that are interesting, as long as they’re picked small.

            Anyway, last year I began saving seed, and this year also. I figured we may not be able to buy organic seed soon. And I allow my volunteers to flourish, since they do best.

          • Granny Mae

            We have had the same experience. I read in one of my magazines that there was a new chemical fertelizer or pestaside out by monsanto, that has been banned in England because it was found to be killing the bees over there. I think that is what has happened here. They tell me that bees are more suseptable to this kind of thing than other flying insects. When that stuff is sprayed in the air it float away for miles down wind and we are down wind from this farmer. It doesn’t seem to me that it could be very economicle to have so much of it flying away instead of just taking his tractor and spray it on the crops that way. He is loosing a lot of it floating away plus it has to cost a pretty penny to hire someone to fly a plane back and forth for an hour doing the spraying. These chemical companies are going to kill us one way or another !

          • Kate8

            GrannyMae, It’s also the GMO crops that are killing bees. They are genetically infused with toxic plant genes and pesticides, and they kill any insects that come around them.

            In fact, they’ll eventually kill us, too.

            Animals won’t eat GMO foods unless they’re starving. And when they do, they develop thinned, perforated intestines, and myriad health problems.

            Same with us.

          • Christin


            We have container pots in the suburbs and raised garden beds in the country. I planted mostly organic seeds and they have had tons of flowers all spring, summer and now fall, but I only seem to get a couple fruit or vegetables on each plant or vine. I frankly haven’t seen a bee all year… only grasshoppers and a few wasps and butterflies and a whole host of other unnamed crawling insects.
            We are short on bees here, too.

            I think you guys are one to something about the GM crops maybe killing the small bees as well as the dangerous chemicals.

            GMO = Genetically Modified O…. (what is O?)

            I do not think anyone is doing that in our area, but wonders never cease.

            We had some problem with Africanized Bees coming up through Mexico and joining with American Honey Bees some years ago, but I don’t think they did anything Big to rid us of them other than to kill some aggresive bees and the other bees with them in hives in our state.

            Anybody try to raise bees in wooden hives to help grow the population?

          • dan az

            Hey all
            The same thing here last year I had sworms of bees that hung out in my work shop this year nothing not even one!Plenty of locus and mud wasps.As far as your gardens go I use rain water and it really makes a differance and the fertilizer is home grown.I now see that there are bee boxes stack away and not out like usual also.

          • Christin

            dan az,
            We use mushroom compost and mix it with soil… natural.
            My seeds and plants LOVE it.

            Rain water is BEST, but my plants are happy to have any water at this point. Want to have a well dug… you think they will like well water?

  • Joyce from Loris

    I agree with most of the comments. I am a retired Pharmaceutical Chemist. I would NOT take any medication at ALL. I snicker when the FDA allows such poisons to be placed in “medicine”, then wants to limit the natural produces, produces that are predominately provided by NATURE. Remember “Physician, heal thy self”? DETERMINED is correct, most of our foods will provide the natural processes we need in our body to keep us healthy and fit. BIG BAD JOHN is also correct. We are hampered in every way by the government to have control over ourselves, and it is such an outrage that people like the Bloomberg, the mayor of NY, thinks he is smarter than the people of NY, that he can determine that they can’t have salt in their food? Is he really so stupid that he does not realize the importance of sodium in our bodies? We have to have it, or we will die. Yes, you can overdo it, moderation is the key, but CONTROL is NOT, not when it comes from our government. How dare a government official tell me that I can’t drink a Pepsi if I want to! The federal government is not the only problem we have, and I think maybe we all need to start on a local level. I live on a two hundred acre farm. We have a pond, that WE PAID TO HAVE DUG, and stocked it with fish THAT WE CAUGHT, and our laws state that if we are caught FISHING IN OUR OWN POND, CATCHING OUR OWN FISH with out a FISHING LICENSE, that we can get a $150 ticket. WHAT!!??! We have to start small and end up large! November is not the end of the fight, but the very beginning.

    • Richard Pawley

      Excellent letter Joyce. You sound blessed, in knowledge and in what you have. I’m guessing you live in NY, what was called the land of taxes when I first lived there decades ago and it has only gotten worse. The Assembly in Albany recently refused to put a 4% a year cap on property taxes so they can pay their unions their super salaries and benefit packages. I recall when the Thruways were being built and union workers would be warned when an inspector showed up to see if they were working. It eventually got built but it cost a lot more than it could have. Wherever the unions are in control it is similar. In Los Angeles they had to spend $3,500,000 of taxpayers money to fire 7 of 14 really BAD union teachers and they couldn’t get rid of the other seven. In NYC hundreds of bad teachers who can’t be fired because they are union and are not allowed to teach but they get full salary for showing up and spending the day in a building without students. Oh, as you know, New York is in desperate straits financially too, and they won’t cut back until they collapse either. I didn’t call my last book, “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” because I thought that was a catchy title but because I had my doubts we could wake up enough people in time to change things but I still have some hope we can.

      I have read that the cheap form of sodium chloride that is used on most foods is not as healthy as sea salt or salt that is mined from ancient seas and that conventional sea salt is heated to incredible temperatures further destroying what nutrient value it might have. Do you know if this is true? I have stopped using anything but sea salt and I have gotten some from Wal-Mart, Trader Joe’s, and Vitacost dot com at reasonable prices. It costs more but not that much more for a vital nutrient that is in every cell of our body as you well know.

      Sadly, if government is footing the bill and forcing us unto their version of health, and taking away our constitutional right to take care of ourselves then they have the right to also dictate if we can drink a soda with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or use salt or a hundred other things. God felt that ten commandments were enough to help us live a good live but Congress has added hundreds of thousands of more laws and regulations because they believe they are God, a very common mental disease I’m afraid. Personally I only drink Coca Cola from Mexico which still comes in glass bottles and it truly classic coke made with sugar as it was when I was a youngster. Some don’t like the taste but it’s what I learned to prefer as a child in South Carolina. As more and more people abandon the use of HFCS and even corn syrup itself because it is made from genetically modified corn and now even beet sugar is GMO it is getting so real food is becoming a scarce commodity. Remember Soylent Green where a small jar of real strawberry jam was a $150? Of course when that movie was made HFCS had just been invented and the obesity epidemic had not begun. I have noticed the HFCS industry fighting back and instead of using the stuff to make ethanol this cheap filler is being promoted as the same as sugar and they are spending big bucks to pay for TV ads to convince us that they know better than God and nature. I stopped eating my favorite candy bar and all other soft drinks years ago because of it and I avoid most foods that have HFCS in them (hard to do) but worth the effort. Of course corn syrup is not as bad as all the chemical sugars substitutes and the best seller, “Sweet Deception” can tell you all you need to know in that regard. If a product says fat-free or sugar-free I don’t even bother to read the label any more because I know it has things in it that are worse. I only buy foreign jam and I mostly make my own because then I KNOW what is in it but I notice that even SMUCKERS after many years of using HFCS is now making some jam with sugar but they don’t say CANE SUGAR so it may be the genetically modified beet sugar. A good source of information on some of these things is Dr. Joseph Mercola’s FREE health and nutrition newsletter at He has five doctors who work for him and over a hundred thousand health professionals who get his very helpful news letter. Be warned he sells a few things but they are only ones he and his own family use.

      In the meantime we must remove this elitist progressive incompetent and dysfunctional Congress who can’t even make up their mind if they will raise our taxes in January. Hard times are coming no matter what anyone says, but maybe we can make them less hard by voting wisely in five weeks. Just keep your pond stocked and fish at night if you have to do so. May God help us all .

      • Granny Mae

        Richard Pawley,

        I agree with the both of you. Just think, the government thinks we are so stupid and yet when you listen to all the knowledge given forth here, I wonder who is really the stupid one ??? Even those that we don’t always agree with we seem to find common ground with at times ! We have a lot of differences but we all seem to agree that our government is really taking us for a ride ! DEMs. and REP.

        • Richard Pawley

          “None of us have it all together but together we have it all”. I’m not sure on this if your land has been contaminated but you might try something completely different, different vegetables altogether from what you are have been growing. A garden may be a necessity in the next decade if we are going to have enough food to eat and you live in the country. The reason Russians didn’t starve when their economy collapsed nearly 20 years ago was that they had many small farms that produced food. By the way you probably know that you can’t grow tomatoes in the same place the following year or you will get virtually nothing, something about the roots affecting the new plants.

    • dan az

      joyce from loris
      A fishing lic. on your own pound and with your own fish bought and paid by you not them!You dont want to know what I would do!There is a thing called the constitution and no trespass laws that they must follow if they dont have a warrant they dont get in simple as that.No one has the right to tell you to buy a lic. for your own harvest if you raised pigs do they ask for a hunting lic.? Think not.Here we just stop them at the gate with a shot gun and even the cops dont come in with out a warrant.



  • Marilyn K

    FDA in the United States is draconian and usually five light years behind other countries that have found NATURAL cures for dreaded diseases! FDA introduces/passes horrible substances, poisons, and Americans are supposed to be cured with this rat crap. Here we go again with Big Government manure, S3767. What in the world will they think of next? The Government has much larger problems to deal with than telling American Citizens they are going to fine us or give us prison time for not following their big fat health rules. Fatuous Fatheads had better get to solving real problems and stay out of our individual decisions. We are in a Recessiion and all the House and Sentators can come up with is how to control our individual decisions. Something is rotten in Washington and it is beginning to smell like spoiled fish. Even visiting friends in our homes smell like spoiled fish after three days. A note on your frig: November 2nd, TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

  • Richard Pawley

    Keep informing us Bob, because as some Christians like to say, “None of us have it all together, but together we have it all.” This is just another reason why WE MUST REPLACE AS MUCH OF THIS CONGRESS IN NOVEMBER AS POSSIBLE. We cannot stop such insane bills from coming up to a vote, but by heaven we can vote in people who will put those who elected them first. You cannot pay any attention to what anyone in Congress says, only what they do. The mayor of a small town in NY was lamenting to me a couple of months ago that even when you put someone new in they quickly get corrupted and join with Big Brother. FREEDOM isn’t FREE. Biblical scholars (and I’m not one) have often wondered why there is no mention of the United States or anything that resembles the United States in the Bible in regards to the last days. It clearly mentions that Egypt will never rise again which assumes that Egypt will still be here, and three thousand years after that was written Egypt is still prodding along while most of those ancient nations are gone. It talks of all the nations of the world ganging up on tiny Israel and it wrote that centuries before Israel even existed. It says it will be as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah when the final world wide destruction comes, it says there will be a ten nation confederation or unit of nations which sounds like a diminished European Community. It mentions a comet hitting the ocean and killing a third of the creatures there in. It talks of wars and rumors of wars and famine and disease and earthquakes in many places, “and this is not yet the end.” There are suggestions that imply the world will be ruled from the middle east and rebuilt Babylon, it’s headquarters, will be destroyed “in a single hour” and how merchants out at sea will see what certainly sounds like a nuclear fireball. They couldn’t grasp what that meant but we know. There are many more references to this time and this age, but no mention of anything that sounds like the United States. Some dismiss God and the Bible as myth but the research performed by the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society should convince those smart enough to understand it who have not set their face against God. One of our top code-breakers working for the government with access to super-computers beyond what you and I can buy, believed in the Bible but not in some code that had much of the history of the world hidden therein. After studying this he changed his mind and simply said, “Whoever wrote the Bible was not bound by time as we are.” I do not pretend to know all the future holds, but food tripling in price is in our not-to-distant future and that will be a result of the trillions already squandered by Congress as it takes time to work through the system. Spend, borrow, tax, spend, borrow, tax. That is why some have purchased freeze dried foods and others have stockpiled their supplements in solar and wind powered freezers because one of these days an out of control government similar to what we now have may bring the whole house down. I pity those good people who visit here who do not know God loves them and has a plan for them because they are at a great disadvantage in life. Some of my sources believe what is coming will be a whole lot worse than I have mentioned and even the CIA came to the conclusion that there would be world wide famine and I first read that more than 30 years ago! Not being a prophet I can’t tell you what I don’t know but I DO KNOW WE MUST VOTE OUT ALL WHO KEEP VOTING TO BRING DOWN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND REDUCE HER TO THE LEVEL OF A COLONY IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER, BANKRUPT, BROKE, AND LOOKING TO THE UNITED NATIONS FOR HELP. We already owe more money than any nation in the history of mankind. When the crash finally fully unravels it will not be just here, it will be world wide. Don’t just be spending time here IF you can get out and convince your friends to vote in five weeks to put in new people.

    The progressives and Marxists are trying to instill fear by saying that inexperience is a disadvantage but it is only a disadvantage to those who have to control Congress and steer them to support so many things for the special interests including what is in our food and medicine that have been outlawed around the world. Why do you think we spend twice what anyone else in the world does for health and yet we keep slipping in longevity compared to other major nations? Don’t take my word for it. Research it yourself. Remember, you cannot eat what typical Americans eat and not get the diseases that typical Americans eat! I don’t drink milk or ice cream or use butter or cheese made from milk that has artificial bovine hormones in it or drink unfiltered tap water with fluoride or cook with GMO soy or canola oil and a hundred other little things, all of which make the difference if one is healthy, and Congress has the audacity to want to take away my ability to eat truly pure food and use the supplements I have spent years studying to know what is good and what is hype. Of course, in that they are only following the United Nations, a scourge upon the earth if ever there was one. My health isn’t perfect. I’ve been going to a doctor about once a decade but I aim at doing better. I did get a shot in 1970 for something but don’t remember what it was. I do take six capsules of tart cherry powder when I get a headache (reading the shenanigans that Congress is up to will give any normal person a headache) and I do on occasion use an OTC headache remedy but I know the side effects. Most of our medicines and even supplements come from China now so be very careful what you buy and use. The closer to God and nature you are the better off you will be. We have a chance in five weeks but we must vote these people out. The alternative is to unpleasant to think about. Get out of the cities if you can. Think like an early pioneer. Plant a garden of Heirloom (non-hybrid) vegetables. Learn about herbs you can grow in a pot before the elitists in Congress forbid that too. If enought of those who know the power of God continue to pray things will change for the better. It has to start with us. May God bless all who read this because no one else is going to do so. DUM SPIRO SPERO!

    • Christin

      Great post… thanks.

      Your information is good and I learn something new all the time.
      I did not know Canola oil was bad until I read one of your earlier posts. It is not real oil made from some plant or seed?? I stopped buying that and have since read the labels to make sure they come from a plant of seed.

      We have planted a garden buying organic and non-hybrid seeds and plants, but I have not tried heirloom, yet. I know they have been around for many centuries, but how are they different? We have also researched sugar (that’s an interesting one )and many natural products for various ailments.

      Keep up the good work… some of us are listening!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I don’t know where Richard got his info, but my wife works for a company that made a sunflower oil for cooking and she says canola is made from sunflower seeds!!

        • Christin

          Joe H,
          I don’t know about that. Sun flower oil is another oil I think.

          I went to the store and looked at all the labels to see what was up with Canola oil: Extra Virgin Olive oil is made from “olives”, Vegetable oil is made from “soy beans”, Peanut Oil is made from “peanuts”…. BUT the Canola Oil does NOT have a plant or seed that it is made from… it just says Canola oil (from Canada). I found that Weird… ya know. So something may be up. Maybe we need to do more research or maybe Richard can elaborate.

          • Kate8

            Christin, “canola” is a term for rapeseed oil. It is toxic to humans and animals. Don’t buy anything that contains it.

            There is no ‘canola’ plant. It is a combination of Canada (where it’s grown) and oleic.

          • Granny Mae

            Holy Cow,

            Where have I been? I had no idea that canola oil was bad for you. In fact I was under the idea that it was better for you so that has all I have been buying for several years. Not anymore ! Thanks kids for the exchange of info.

          • Richard Pawley

            Kate already has. I started to wonder years ago about Canola because I used to put it on my hands when I had psoriasis. It worked better than what I had used up until that time but I noticed that it was causing the design to wear off the steering wheel of my car. I got curious and started to read up on it and that was the last time I ever used it. I use olive oil or grape seed oil on salads but for cooking I use mostly coconut oil, USDA organic, but I don’t fry much, just scrambled eggs and ocassionally french fries from organic or local grown potatoes. I occasionally use peanut oil when I get a little bit for free. I stopped using corn oil and soy oil primarily because they are GMO and only in this country is that knowledge kept from us. In Europe people are informed if the the food is genetically modified but not here. I recently purchased a 50 pound bag of organic popcorn for $64 and repacked it into 35 airtight glass jars with a 10 cent oxygen absorber in each jar. Popcorn is considered one of the top ten most polluted foods in the USA so I now can have quality popcorn as often as twice a week for the next 4 and a half years. Of course I use only organic butter with my popcorn. Some people laugh at GMO foods but there have been experiments that I wouldn’t even mention here because I wouldn’t want to frighten people but many other comments have covered some about the bees. There are no farms within miles of me but I see mostly bumble bees and few honey bees. It is believed that GMO plants have caused at least 120,000 suicides of small farmers in India who were told they would have bigger crops, bought the seed, borrowed money to buy the necessary chemicals without which they apparently won’t grow and when there was drought instead of getting a smaller crop they got none or else they couldn’t afford all the chemicals and got the same result. So many things that are illegal in the rest of the world are good enough for Americans and it reminds me of autism. It used to be one child in 10,000 years ago and now I was told by a relative who works in the field that it is one in 70 for boys yet it is almost unknown among the AMISH who grow their own food without chemicals and pesticides, so I suspect that GMO foods are a component in that too but they will never admit that as the lawsuits would be hundreds of billions of dollars. Again there is no absolute proof but there are hints. I have a nephew, one of 27 nieces and nephews and at age one my mom who had eight of us and who ran a Head Start school for years told me he was the smartest one year old she had ever seen. His logic and deductive reasoning indicated a very high I.Q. maybe even a genius but at 18 months he was suddenly stricken with Autism but the many vaccines he had received were discounted as a reason. Pesonally I think it is a combination of pollutants in our bodies and things in some vaccines that were given in the past two decades that worked together to cause this in some children. There are two many variables to prove but the makers of vaccines are exempt from whatever future harm they cause. As best as I can recall I have had one shot since 1970 but I don’t recall what it was for and how long ago it was. There is so much to learn as far as health goes but you cannot eat what everybody eats and not expect to eventually get what everyone gets. I read something out of South Africa where some South African chickens would not eat the typical American chicken feed that had been purchased for them which was GMO. Somehow they knew just a flies will go to homebrew a lot faster than most major brands of beer. You cannot beat God and Nature but scientists in labs keep trying. Have you seen the super size salmon that have been created in a lab? Some are afraid that if they escaped into the wild they would wipe out native fish in a decade or so. Call me old fashioned but Soylent Green is not on my menu although I take Yaeyama Chlorella tablets every day until the UN or our Congress outlaws them along with all the other things they want to do to us, for our own good. Vote in five weeks because this insane Marxist Congress must be replaced. God help us!

          • Kate8

            Richard, be careful of peanut oil, too.

            Most peanuts are now GMO, also. They can also carry a toxic fungus.

          • dan az

            To All
            After reading all this Not only did I lose my appetite but now have to go through all my cabinets and see what Ive be eating!Gee thanks alot!

          • Christin

            Great discussion Folks.
            You all are very knowledgeable.
            I have learned a lot and need to learn more quickly.
            Enjoyed reading posts without attacks.

  • Disgusted

    There is only one entity behind all this…. BIG PHARMA! They are so integrated into our government that they get whatever they want. At this time they want these supplements controlled and they will get it. Each and everyone of us must barrage our senators with requests to reject this bill! Do it now and do it numerous times. If you use the link within the article it will take you to a prefilled email that you can send as many time as you would like and forward to all of your friends. DO IT NOW! This bill must be stopped. You won’t even be able to take Vitamin C if we don’t stop this now.

  • Jane

    Food supplements may be available by prescription only, but they will contain absolutely worthless amounts of vitamins and minerals.

    • Richard Pawley

      I wrote about this in some detail in my last book about how the UN came close to passing a similar bill in Canada but enough people were alerted to it. Even though the government was saying the bill did not contain the provisions the bill contained, it clearly did. Citizens would have no recourse and the government could go on you land or invade your house on any pretext if they suspected you were giving you children extra vitamin C (fines were as high as $5,000,000.) a typically truly insane UN law. Thank God this didn’t pass but it’s why Lieberman and others in the senate who want control of the Internet in case of emergencies (like if the socialist progressives were going to lose an election?) must be retired.

      • Granny Mae

        About 35 or 40 years ago there was a similar thing going on then and the health food companies and stores took up the fight and it seemed to go away for a while. I guess it was just flying under the radar !

  • jopa

    So what if these supplemntal vitamins etc, have ecoli, bug parts,urine and human wastes in them.Americans are tough and they can handle any adulterated and misbranded crap thrown their way.

    • s c

      J, you’re too old to be that ignorant. You could work for the FDA as a public relations twit with no problem at all. The people you idolize are LIARS. They are so corrupt that they want Americans to think that drugs and supplements that come from GERMANY are suspect.
      Germans don’t make inferior drugs or supplements.
      Progressives sure do turn out a lot of DEFECTIVE, PROGRAMMED ROBOTS – and YOU’RE one of them.
      SCREW the FDA and everyone who looks up to that CORRUPT agency.

  • jopa

    Ooops forgot to mention the high levels of lead and mercury found in some.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      Please…….get off the peyote. It’s really clouded your thinking.

      • John

        Hey Dopa,
        Sounds like you’ve been reading big pharma’s propaganda.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          They don’t call him Dopa for nothing!!!

  • guyb

    Hello America,Big brother(u.s.government) wants to control… Its about power and control. They already have all the money….Now,our own elected president wants to let the crooked u.n. decided on arizona and other U.S. matters.. It won’t be long until America as we knew it will be gone and we will then be a third world country and our wonderful men and women who have and still fight for our country and have laid there lives on the line for all of America will be lost and what we will have is a nation under marshall law. America, Lets take back our great nation.. Nov is coming and thats only the start..

    • Granny Mae

      everyone needs to check out what is going on in Vensuala (spelling?)
      Huyee boy is having trouble. They seem to be a mirror image of this country and the problems they are having in their government. When you are rulled by the same kind of idiots you get the same results !
      BAD !

      • http://?? Joe H.

        We have to watch that guy. Imadinnerjacket of Iran is just alittle too buddy-buddy with him!! They are both like two peas in the same demented pod!!!

        • Christin

          Joe H,

          Love the name of your Iranian dictator!

          Thanks for the evening chuckle.

        • Granny Mae


          These guys are really scary!

          • dan az

            didnt obumer receive a book from him when he went azz kissing?I think it was his memoures (spelling)

  • AnhydrousBob

    Think about this, Monsanto is not your enemy, neither is any other corporation. They only have power to market unlabeled products because the FDA allows them to. The government and it’s agencies are the enemies, here. Monsanto can only be as evil as the government allows it to be.

    The answer is to abolish the FDA and any other government regulations. The buyers who care will ask questions about their food, and those companies who can, will supply what the consumers want, with proper labels to suit the consumer. Then those other companies will either adapt or die in the new market.

    Remember way back when the word organic started out? It had a meaning that companies began to water down little by little with government agreement. Now, we have labels that are “certified” by independent organizations and growers associations. We could have arrived here with other products as well, without the government.

    All government regulations have done is given big companies the power to do things they want to do and create a more hazardous environment for small companies to compete in. The free market makes it harder for the big companies to gain that advantage unless they are doing the things the consumer likes.

    Will there be problems in the free market? Yep
    Are there problems now with our expensive, unfair, system? E.Coli in eggs, tainted beef, tainted peanut butter, etc, etc

    In a free market system, when Mrs Jones goes to Mr Green, the grocer, and says, “I think your eggs are bad” where will he turn? To his supplier and next time both of Mrs Jones and Mr Green will be more careful, as will the supplier. Mrs Jones may no longer use Mr Green, and Mr Green may no longer use his supplier. And the supplier will probably try to figure out what happened.

    Instead of following (and skirting) regulations, Mr Green and his supplier will be worried about their reputation of supplying good quality products, or they will soon cease to be players in the market.

    • Granny Mae


      I certainly hope you are staying away from the bung hole of your anhydrous tank. It’s bad for your health !!!

    • Christin

      Good points A. Bob.

    • Kate8

      Bob, Monsanto is in bed with government. They are the ones doing the GMO foods, at the behest and blessing of government.

      Monstanto has insiders at the FDA. They are all together in the push toward depopulation.

      • AnhydrousBob

        But take away the government coercion and Monsanto no longer has the ability to make us accept their products.

        What I am saying is don’t direct your efforts at Monsanto (I do not own their stock, by the way), but at the government that has the power. Without the government influence and power, as you have mentioned, Monsanto (or any other company) has no power over the public. Don’t let the government distract you from the real culprit – is what I am so in-eloquently trying to say.

        • Richard Pawley

          Replace Congress in five weeks or as an 86 year old friend says, “Fight Organized Crime” Re-elect no one!” It’s not quite that bad but I would estimate that we need to replace 85% of those now ruling. Can we do it! YES, WE CAN!

        • Average Joe Patriot

          It’s a which came first, the chicken or the egg, sort of thing, Bob. In theory, we can vote out the politicians who’ve been set up by the backing of mega-corps. In theory the incoming politicians will take heed and not make the same mistakes as their predecessors (like appointing Margaret Hamburg to run the FDA according to mega-corp bidding).

          In this case, the mega-corp is Monsanto. You’re suggesting we defeat this evil corporate monster by voting out current politicians? You know how long it has taken Monsanto to nearly destroy American and Canadian farming, and to literally threaten the continued survival of the majority of the human race?

          A little over ten years. This GMO corn and soy madness started in the 1990s, when Monsanto managed to get the courts to grant them the first ever patent on a life form: genetically modified seeds.

          It is not common knowledge, but I’ve read that the Monsanto family empire is older than the United States. Crypto-Jews thrown out of Europe, they got their start here by virtually monopolizing the slave trade into the Colonies with ships chartered under various names. Which is to say that surreptitiously enslaving people is nothing new for them. And if they control our food supply, then who is the master, and who is the slave?

          It may appear that Monsanto has agents within the FDA, but it is more likely the case that the entire FDA is comprised of and controlled by heavily vested interests who actually created it in the first place. Including Monsanto.

          You say Monsanto is not the enemy? I say: If aliens from another galactic quadrant were secretly running the White House, could you defeat them by voting the incumbent humans out?

          Note that I said “if aliens…were…” Not that they actually are. (Though IF they were, we could hardly tell the difference based on the insane behavior we’ve seen for lo! these many administrations.)

      • Richard Pawley

        Sadly true Kate! You would not believe some of the foreign films and TV specials on them that are not shown in this country. They also have patents on over 11,000 seeds, and I have read that some of them are completely natural and to which they have done nothing to but get to the patent office first. They truly do seem to be trying to control the food supply on the planet. Only in a government gone amuck could one even imagine that they could be allowed to patent such things. They have been called the “Most Evil Company on Earth” and have bought up major seed companies around the earth. When the dollar finally crashes later in the decade along with the other world currencies I hope this stupid nonsense of pretending to be God will end for the progressives and the multi-nationals who want to rule the earth more than they already do. At the rate they are polluting it (and I am not talking about the earth getting warmer because it has been doing that for the past 12,000 plus years) I mean pesticides, and herbicides and all the rest in our food and water. Even the fluoride added to our water supply in our cites is a pollutant that is illegal in many countries but good enough for us. If they didn’t dump it in our water it would be very expensive to get rid of, and ordinary filtration will not remove it. When we vote for new people in five weeks we need to write them actual well thought out letters on things that we feel are important so they know where we stand. I believe the government will shrink when the dollar collapses but that will be a social upheavel unlike any this nation has ever experienced. That may be a ways down the road – it is impossible to predict but I believe it is unavoidable since Congress has squandered so much money. The Republicans did their share in the previous decade but since the Democrats took over Congress in 2006 they have made the Republicans look like pikers. In the meantime keep on top of what they are trying to sneak through Congress in the next four months, the new spending and the new taxes, and bills to regulate and control our lives and even the food we grow ourselves. Can we do it, YES, WE CAN.

  • sysadminpgh

    Casey is too d*mn STUPID to understand that something is wrong… He was to wait for Pelosi, Reid, or even Bobo to tell him how to take a stand on an issue and how to vote. Forget the people of Pennsylvania! The majority are also too stupid to do anything but push the “D” button. That’s what their grandfathers did… That’s what their daddy did… So that’s what they do and they wonder why the state is in the state it is. I’m sick and tired of all the crying when another employer is closing down and moving out. For example, our local teachers just got a 15% pay increase for NOT doing their job. The starting pay is now at $55k and they top out at $165k. This area average pay is $24k. Now do you stupid people understand why we are closing the plant and moving OUT? Keep voting democrats in… Even the Steelers will leave!

  • Kathy

    The lightbulb went on the other day when in a discussion about a related topic. Instead of targeting the health and natural food industry, our government should go after the real issue which is all of the junk that is sold in the establishment grocery stores(i.e.Safeway, Kroger, HEB, Walmart, etc.) to include white flour products. If these products are so nutritious, why do the nutrients have to be put back in as fortified.

    Education is the key to the public being able to make their own decisions regarding their proper food choices. The goverenment should butt out except to keep food, drugs and nutrients safe and of good quality.

    • AnhydrousBob

      Kathy said: “The goverenment (sic) should butt out except to keep food, drugs and nutrients safe and of good quality.”

      Kathy, that is exactly what they are doing – “keeping things safe” with the FDA, rules and regulations. Anytime you give the government power you risk them using that power for abuse. You may not like certain regulations, but others may like them – therein is the problem – the government cant please everyon. It is better to have the government out of the way in all these cases. Otherwise, what was once small and innocuous becomes powerful and imposing and may become malevolent.

  • guyb

    Oh,Our government wants to control our food….The fda is a very powerful organized drug and money controller.They okay big phrma company and corps drugs knowing the lawsuits from those failed drugs will not be more than the profit of the drug sales so they just say okay even though many drugs have side affects worse than what the drug is helping with…Can you say SOLDOUT????NOV is coming!!!!!!

  • Jim H.

    Thank the Heavens I have uncle big government to save me from cherries. (sarcasm for those who wouldn’t recognize it)

  • Low IQ Too

    I eaten squirrels, coons, rabbit, deer, turtle, gator, quail, dove, fish of almost unlimited description, mussels, elk, duck, plums, black berries, persimmons, strawberries, onions, oysters, crabs, and a few items from the wild I will not mention to keep you from trying what I know tastes bad. Only has impacted my spelling. Never once got sick on wild game like I have at resturants where the most likely cause was a nasty server.

  • DaveH

    Here’s a link to an organization that is fighting for our Freedom of Food Choice:

  • Quest

    What is wrong with these people?
    Don’t they realize that the more people on earth the more money they can make?

  • http://gmail i41

    Canola is a plant that has seeds that are crushed to make oil. It is grown in eastern SD and Eastern ND. It a domesticated plant, just like sunflowers wheat and corn. Corn takes more moisture to grow than wheat or milo. Oats is a crop that can be growen on low fertility soils. Hertitage or non hybred crops grown will have more mold and fungus growing on them. You can take hybred crops and still grow another crop the next year. Crops have been crossed several times to get certain positive traits and cull the less desirable traits. Same goes for livestock, if I want a dairy cow with short tits and a flat underline and high milk production, I check the bull out to see what traits his heifers throw. On beef if I want a fast growing calf, see what the bulls EPDs are and weaning weighs and rib eye measurements when alive, and last the scrotal measurement of the bulls for testerone growth level. I have no problem with GMO , since I have less danger of food viruses and deadly funguses, that is just another media Hollyweird b–l s–t hoax. When you people talk gardens and bees dieng it was a virus from the border states that got moved around. If ag producers didn’t use herbacides and pestacides, food would damn high prices. The biggest culpert in impeding ag production is all the smuck agencies with book reading smarts and no common sense. Look at all the millions of acres of farmground growing nothing productive but welfare corperations and million dollar fat asses.

    • Granny Mae


      England is not a boarder state and they were experiencing the same rhing as we were. My ag. dept. here is of the opinion that it was some problem introduced by man. The pestiside was what they found. It was a new one on the market and is now banned in England. I realize that there is a lot to be said for pestasides, herbasides and chemical fertelizer but there is also a lot of risk that goes with them. If you use them on your fields I would get regular check-ups with my doctor for poisoning and cancer risk. The spray is absorbed into the skin and can cause many problems and if you use a dust keep a watch for lung problems as the dust is inhaled into the nose, throat and lungs. I know about this because I use to be the safety monitor at work and we worked with a lot of chemicals that I had to learn about and pestasides and insectasides were some of the subjects. All of these things have a carrier that makes them usable and easily picked up by the plant or bug involved and that includes human. If you are not very careful you have it on your cloths and can carry it into your house and transfer it on to your furniture and towels etc. Chemicals are nothing to be careless with ! They will get you !

  • Harbinger

    GMO? – You’d better do a little research on that one, grasshopper.

  • Mick Russom

    Dare we also study that raw milk has benefits too. I doubt the industrial food complex and the new world order, obsessed with total and complete control over food and the genetic modification of food “for the greater good”, will allow research like this and raw milk make the rounds. The lame stream media will certainly ignore this.

    I’ve been raw, grass-fed, unpasteurized and unhomogenized milk for years, I’m very healthy and never get ill and my GI system and immune system are in great working order.

    Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.”

    If left to the soft kill eugenicists in control of the government, healthy organic food produced by independent farmers will soon be a thing of the past.

    On February 23 2009, the Federal Times reported on HR 875, a bill that would grant the FDA sweeping new powers to regulate food.

    Criminalize Organic Farming – BILLS: HR 875 and S 425

    There is an over-arching plot to make sure food creation is solidly in the oligarchical collectivists hands.

    If left to the soft kill eugenicists in control of the government, healthy organic food produced by independent farmers will soon be a thing of the past.

    On February 23 2009, the Federal Times reported on HR 875, a bill that would grant the FDA sweeping new powers to regulate food.

  • Low IQ Too

    I have been genetically modified myself. Aliens inserted the genes of an elephant into my body as an embryo. I am rather large and like to toot my own horn. Also, I have shark genes to be a great swimmer and to be a savy trader on Wall Street. Women please send me your pics for evaluation by my staff as possible breeding stock.

  • William Asbury

    Perhaps it will also stop companies from adding incrediants that are not listed on the labekl that are harmful to ones health or that would react to certain medications they are taking. I myself am all for getting rid of the governing system we have and creating one that the people run to foreign countries. Everybody strap on a gun and that’s the law.


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