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Food Safety Bill Heads Back To House Following Legislative Gaffe

December 3, 2010 by  

Food safety bill heads back to House following legislative gaffeThe Senate approved a bill on Nov. 30 that would introduce enhanced governmental oversight of the nation's food producers. One day later, it was revealed that Senate Democrats may have violated a constitutional provision while crafting the bill, which has resulted in the legislation heading back to the House of Representatives.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which was passed by a Senate vote of 73-25, would expand the authority of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue direct recalls of foods that are suspected of being tainted. However, Senate Democrats added language to the bill that calls for fees on importers, farmers and processors whose food is recalled, according to The Washington Post.

According to constitutional law, all new taxes must originate in the House. If the House Ways and Means Committee decides the fees are equivalent to taxes, the Senate vote essentially would be nullified, according to the news provider.

During the Nov. 30 Senate vote, all of the nay votes were cast by Republicans, many of whom believe that the bill will place a burden on small farmers and producers who are not well equipped to comply with the new regulations. Opponents of FSMA are concerned that it may raise food prices and add to the national deficit, as well as give the Federal government too much control over food manufacturers. 

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), a trade association that represents dietary supplement manufacturers and ingredient suppliers, praised the Senate's decision.

"It is imperative that FDA has the tools it needs to help protect our nation's food supply, including dietary supplements," CRN president and CEO Steve Mister said in a statement. "This bill is critical."

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), a nonprofit dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good laws, is opposed to the legislation.

"This bill is a misguided attempt to ensure the safety of our food and supplements," according to a post on the ANH Website. "It is designed to give the FDA more power to threaten, silence and penalize small natural food and supplement makers and distributors."

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  • http://none Mike

    100 to 1 That they figure out a way to say thoes fees arent new taxes. Just like the fines for not carrying your goverment approved healthcare insurance card were not either. Welcome to fantasy world order.Seed recalls will be net so you cant grow anything for yourself anymore either.Cradel to grave big brother control and nothing less will do for these people now.Wonder how the libs will try to twist this one around. Keep braiding guys you will make the rope they use to hang you with next. Mike L.

  • TIME


    Contact your congress and senate persons “”NOW”” ~ tell them to vote ~ NO ~ on this bloody bill.

    This bill opens the door to not only YOU going to jail if you grow your own foods, it also hands massive amounts of POWER to “”MONSANTO,”” who will have 100% total control over your LIFE.

    The seeds you need to grow crops with they will sell, the fertlizers you use they will control, the sale of foods you grow if your a small farmer.

    As a small farmer – you can and you will face not only jail time let alone fines, such as the confiscation of all you own!
    That includes but not limmited to; your HOME, Your Land, Your Bank accounts, as in everything you own.

    Read the dam bill!!!!!!!

    Please People wake UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For God sake what do you need to break you out of this stupor. Someone blowing your bloody head off????

    People we are heading to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT so bloody FAST its crazy now, can’t you see this?????
    What will it take to wake you up?????

    Its YOUR land, Dam it you should be able to do with it as you like, not what Monsanto says you can, nor your Government tells you.

    PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turn off the telie get your bloody feet on the ground NOW, Call, FAX, Email, write letters. DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is NO time to watse…..

    • Teresa

      You are 100% correct, already contatcted mine.

      • Bleh

        Mine are Dumb, they voted for the pos.

    • castaway

      You and I are definitly on the same page, but how to get the masses off their damn couch and into the trenchs, is a mind boggling dilemma. Our fellow Americans are like a bunch of dumb sheep being led to the slaughter. It is here now! It is something that is happening in your life time people.Nah I meant Sheeple. Good Grief.

    • Edge Architect

      It isn’t so astounding that Americans
      haven’t read the bill as it is that 70
      Senators voted for it!
      Take a close look at what this “Pol-
      ital Class” is doing to all Americans.
      Every bill that is passed is another
      freedom that is stripped from your chil-
      dren, not you! You’re already lost!
      For God’s sake! Congress was set up
      to make it nearly impossible to pass a
      law. You’ve allowed these Socialists and
      Marxists to run our schools now for 40
      years! All the children at my local ele-
      mentary schools get ‘Cs’ now! Everyone!
      And it leaves the lazy, mindless teachers
      free to teach them nothing! Face it! After
      40 years of mindless crippling of America’s
      Education system… well, what really hurts
      is to see what you have given up for this
      cesspool we’re all forced to live in!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I agree 100% and been there done that and got the t-shirt, just the other day!!

    • Dan az

      Time this pretty much explains why we are all in trouble.

  • Rick Wolf

    I contact my congress critters early and often. They do not listen. This government has been in revolt against the people for some time now. The question becomes, if they don’t listen what recourse do we have?

    • Bleh

      Same here.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      My congressman answers me my reps don’t!! Hopefully my new Governor will!

  • nanc


  • Warrior

    This is totally understandable. With all the consternation over the Rangel censure we overlooked a few minor details. Hey, wasn’t that standing ovation just great the socialists gave to charlie? I’m thinking of organizing a ticker tape for Wesley Snipes. Anyone interested in attending?

  • Norman F.

    The House will have to accept the Senate’s statement that this is not a tax to avoid Article 1, paragraph 7 that says that any revenue bills must originate in the House. But, whether it is called a tax, fee, or fine, if money accrues to the Federal Government the action must originate in the House.

    Now go back to the Health bill and the argument over the fines imposed. That bill was passed by the Senate and sent to the House who didn’t even vote on it. They voted on a resolution that deemed (accepted as fact) the bill as passed by the House.

    Sometime the American public. particularly those who care enough to vote, must wake up to the fact that the Federal Government (Congressional, Executive, and Judicial) is a closed system that operates to it’s own advantage and cares not for the American people, or the United States of America itself, for that matter.

    Over the last fifty years this system has committed horrible crimes by forcing our heavy manufacturing to move overseas, making treaties that worked to our detriment, such as Gatt, Nafta, the Carribean Initiative, the Pacific Rim, and numerous others (the worst being the United Nations) going all the way back to WWII with the Marshall plan that modernized Europe and Japan leaving our heavy industry with thirty year old factories that couldn’t compete.

    Folks, this makes it essential that we put term limits (and possibly age limits) on all branches. We can’t afford a government made up of doddering old men and women who can’t see beyond their own nose and have to be carried to their job.
    The life of our nation is being sapped and time is running out.

    • Bus

      Since when did a little thing like the constitution bother this group of blood suckers. I hope the teaparty can keep itself going through another election or two so these people can all be looking for the non -existing jobs they have helped to destroy.

      • Bleh

        Unfortunately not all the Tea Party campaigns were successful. Reid and Pelosi still have jobs. Sometime I wish CA would sink as mass stupidity is the only thing I can attribute those two winning to.

  • Kim

    Did anyone notice the mainstream media gave this about 20 seconds the other night? Almost every one I talk to doesn’t even know about this! I’m with you TIME, WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!! Call, email, or fax your Congress and make it quite clear the government may not dictate to us how we get our seed, our food, or how we grow it.

    • Ken

      BAA BAA BAA If the news media says it is good for me, BAA BAA BAA, then the government knows what is best for me BAA BAA BAA so it must be ok. BAA BAA BAA the government really cares about me, BAA BAA BAA, they told me so. Hey! why is that wolf wearing the sheeps clothing? Oh, it’s ok it just a funny looking sheep. BAA BAA BAARRRRRRR. Have you ever seen a wolf laugh at the gulibility of a flock of sheep? THey have been laughing for several years now.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        got a good offer from patriot depot the other day. A t-shirt that says DADDDs. Stands for Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats!!! I ordered four for myself and a couple of my friends!!

        • Bleh

          That’s grand I want one.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Just google patriot depot. they have t-shirts and long sleve!!

  • Michael Pope

    This just gets better by the day.

    There was no precipitating event that should have moved our beloved Senate to propose this legislation. There have been no significant food supply-related difficulties here in the USA (other than the occasional product contamination which is instantly recalled by the manufacturer who then has to endure USFDA oversight, scrutiny for ten years, and fines ). Our current FDA bureaucracy provides quite adequate meddling in the production of foods, medicines, etc. While, I am glad we have some oversight of our food supply, I am also aware that mostly what the FDA does is just makes our food and medicines cost more.

    This is purely political. The motivation behind this bill is two-fold – expansion of federal control over the private sector, and revenue generation through taxation in sheep’s clothing.

    Take a look at the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s web site. You’ll quickly discover why they are so anxious to get this bill passed and more federal fingers in our pie (all puns intended)and support this errant piece of legislation.

    It occurs to me that our Congress spends an inordinate amount of time dreaming up new ways to control and to tax us, rather than spending that time, energy and all those thousands of staffer hours on meaningful ways to cut government spending and to live within its means.

    There is all this hype in the media about how in the immediate future the grocer’s shelves will be empty. Now the government wants to restrict our access to seeds and our own back yard gardens ? Anybody who didn’t sleep through their high school World History course should be remembering something about how the great Russian Communist State (Marxists and Stalinist) came to be…..starve the masses. The only ones with the unlimited selection and variety of food and beverage in the country were those in Moscow with the power and the privilege. (Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and company. Is that sounding familiar ?)

    Sorry that the next election cycle is two long years away. We need more bums out of their seats in DC, and many more average, everyday folk with big capacities for common sense, wisdom, and a love of personal responsibility to occupy our government leadership. The sooner the better.


    • Teresa

      How very well written and plainly well stated.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Michael Pope,
      Are you kidding? All of the food problems we have had over the last ten years have been from areas that the FDA inspects! The government has MISSED every problem with food in that time and we are supposed to trust the government to do what’s right??

      • Bleh

        Indeed, how can we trust them? Go back to around the 30′s, I think it was, when they regulated WHEAT grown on a farm under the Commerce Clause! Farmer sold his allotted wheat on the market and grew extra for HIS farm. That was deemed illegal. How can this be in the “Land of the Free”?
        How can we trust them, indeed, when they can tell you not grow food for yourself already and vie for even greater control.

      • Michael Pope

        Thanks, Joe -
        That is precisely my point. There is no human activity on earth which is free from mishap and occasional problems. The government cannot make bureaucracies which inspect every molecule of American human life (although they are getting close to achieving that goal) to insure there are never errors.

        More FDA does not equal more safety for America’s people. Everything in life is risky. Driving is risky, flying is risky, I fell on my ass walking across the site at work yesterday because I slipped on the ice. (No..I am not suing my employer because it snowed and I fell down !) So, no amount of government regulation will remove risk from our lives.

        I return to what I said in the other message. This isn’t about anything other than another intrusion into the private sector with the effect of expanding Washington DC. As someone else correctly mentioned here, this is a move (probably by Sorros and Monsanto) to get the global food supply under government control.

        I called my Senators…go nothing but polite dribble from a staffer acknowledging my concerns. I emailed them so the objections are in print. The only way to get this fixed is to vote these people OUT. Once they get out, be sure the replacements do not drop into the pre-established rut and do the same, self0serving things.


    • Vigilant


      “There was no precipitating event that should have moved our beloved Senate to propose this legislation.”

      Yes there was….November 2nd. These lame ducks are doing everything to kill us before the new crowd comes in.

  • Joyce from Loris

    We own a couple of farms, one small 20 acres and another 200 acres. Mostly we have someone rent our farms, but now, they are telling us that they probably will not rent next year because they CAN’T MAKE MONEY ANY LONGER. We have always grown gardens, the old timey way, using heirloom seeds. Recently, several farmers were SUED by Monsanto, who claimed that their organic crops cross pollenated Monsanto seeds, which are hybrid. They won, and Monsanto took everything those farmers had…. land, equipment, buildings and money. Totally wiped them out. On our land, we have deer, turkeys, ducks, squirrels… yet, we can not hunt on our own land UNLESS WE HAVE HUNTING LICENSES. During a leisure stroll through our woods, we can across THE GAME WARDEN, on our property, sneaking around to see if we were baiting the ducks in our lake. BY LAW, he can just come on your property any time he wants, no permission needed. We have the lake, but we also have a pond, a pond we PAID TO HAVE DUG, and my husband caught the fish that we stocked the pond with. Yet, if we are caught fishing without a FISHING LICENSE, it is a $150 fine. IN OUR OWN POND! What does the government have to do with our fishing in our own pond??? I grow medicinal plants as well, yet the government is going to tell me that I CAN’T. People keep saying that we are turning into a socialist nation. Well, I have got news for them. We have BEEN a socialist nation for the past 40 to 50 years. We are turning into a COMMUNIST nation.

    • Concerned American

      Farmers, lets have another Waco or Ruby Ridge on our farm land. Lets see how well Americans love their government after NEW WORLD ORDER storm troopers trample your farm and destroy everything.

      [Offensive comment removed.]

    • oldtimeyman

      I totally identify with your plight. During WWII our government not only encouraged people to grow Victory Gardens, they offered help.

      The criminal enterprise now posturing as a government is actually working AGAINST the people. The current occupant of the WH, Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, actually hates this country and needs to be chained and sent back to Kenya, his nation of birth.

      Every single legislator who voted for the “Food Safety” bill needs to be strung up as well. Short of taking up arms there is little we can do except write them, then vote them out of office at the first opportunity.

      I will grow my personal Victory Garden again next season and pity the poor SOB I catch snooping around my back yard.

    • confused

      You are right, we have no rights anymore. If you work hard and do what you were taught as a child (treat people the way you would want to be treated) then you are fair game for the government.

      example: You own a milk cow and get 3 or 4 gallons of milk a day, you are not suppose to even give what you can’t use to your neighbor much less sell it (it is against the law to sell or provide raw milk).

      Now how stupid is that, I would love to buy raw milk cause the processed milk hurts me, but nobody can sell it to me unless it is processed.

      • confused

        Oh and BTW here in Arkansas there is a new tax that they are trying to pass through,

        If you have a water well on your property they plan to tax it along with the regular property and personal tax which if I am not wrong is all suppose to be against the constitution.

        • Bleh

          Let those sob’s try force that line of BS on me in NH.
          I have some hollowed metal approximately 40mm in size for them, when they come.

        • independant thinker

          Confused, I haven’t heard about that one. How about providing some more info. about it.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Consider yourself lucky! In some states if your husband had been caught stocking his pond from fish he caught elsewhere, he could have been fined for that as well! Always remember, Big Brother is Watching!!

  • ChestyPullerFan

    Una salus victus nullam sperare salutem!

    • Bleh

      Grab a few guns and ammo for them then find some like minded individuals in your area.
      If you think you have no hope then that is your hope.

  • FreeDame

    I contacted both of my senators on this one. (One was defeated in November, the other won’t be up for re-election until 2012. Both are Democrats.) Not only did they vote for this utterly unnecessary bill, they actually responded to my contact by telling me how great the bill is and how proud they were to vote for it.

    They still don’t get it…

    • Marlene


    • Bleh

      Mine to FreeDame!

  • Don Roberts

    Lets face facts . We are becoming a communist country.Our liberal friends in congress will put the screws to us every chance they get.We are becoming a DICTATORSHIP. Barry and his bandits will see. to that. I hope the bleeding heart liberals are happy they put back the fools in office. Like Barry said it’s time foe CHANGE.

    • Bleh

      Indeed, they do not even realize that their “Messiah” furthers Bush’s agenda.
      Patriot Act repealed? No, but the “Messiah” is quoted as wanting indefinite detentions….
      Patriot Act will never be repealed by the “Messiah”.

  • castaway

    THis bill is just another intrusion into our lives as free citizens. I say the word free, very litely. It is way more than food safety. We have made it this far without this bill, and we will be fine with out it. More protectionism is not what is needed.

  • http://com i41

    Micheal Pope, most of the staffers are 2-4 year college snot nosed book trained clowns, nice and pleaseant but dumb. I see the 2 retreaded idoits plan didn’t get the 14 of 18 needed voted. I called my 2 senatorsas well as 6 others and asked why, Congress and the beltway agency wonks aren’t getting whacks in numbers and funding? Mentioning of cutting the $400 billion dollar farm bill would be an easy cut, instead of cutting medicare and raising taxes, second why isn’t any memebers getting benefits cut, salaries cut by a 1/3. All I get is silence and no comments. I suggest everyone call all federal elected officals and give these braindead bastards a few pointers. Enough of the bs, we need action, enough pocket or panty pool playing!!

  • scott

    SB 510 is about control, pure and simple.

  • castaway

    I say all you brain dead sheeple start organizing a well trained Malitia, so we can and will take our republic back from the goons. What the hell is the matter with all of you?? Do you really believe they will ever listen to you? They all have their own agenda, and it is not a pretty site, as you can see. THis is serious and we need to get organized and stop saying that we will vote them out. Get real man that is total B.S., and voting is nothing, it is nothing. We lost any real voting long ago. It is now the day of the “GUN”.

    • Bleh

      Are you aware that most states have a militia?
      Secondly not all of our options are exhausted and violence should only be a last resort.
      Have you ever heard of State Nullification? If not I suggest you read up on it and start contacting LOCAL Representatives. Local reps are mostly people like you and me at least in the smaller states. In fact I just had a friend up the street elected as a state rep.

      If that fails then it may be time for what you suggest, but not before.

      Point and Case, RealID. At least 26 states have legislation opposing it and we do not have a national pos ID card as a result.

  • S.C.Murf

    The wars around the world are so they can control the mineral rights. They are looking to control Food, Water etc. then they can control you and me. Not good at all

    • Bleh

      They do not control my water.

      • Vigilant

        Think again. If you’ve got a mud puddle that lasts longer than a week, the Gov’t can classify it as “wetlands.”

  • Dean

    There’s a lot more unconstitutional about it than just that!

  • Concerned American

    Farmers, STFU, stop whining like little babies, grow some NUTS besides ones you eat if you grow nuts, and continue to farm. Force the government to imprison you, rape your wife, and murder your children. Force Satan out in the open. People are livid, lets see if the government is willing to set troops loose on farmers with chain guns. LEts see if our “LOL glorious and wonderful” military is ready to prove how actually FACIST and NONDESERVING of our thanks and praise.

    Remember, farmers, STFU and grow some nuts. K, thanks.

    • ValDM

      Concerned American:
      This bill is about far more than farmers. It also affects backyard gardeners. Read the bill instead of being so offensive in your comments. BTW, do you grow anything that’s edible? If you do, this bill will affect you, too. If you don’t, why not? Think you can get all you need from your local supermarket? What about when supermarkets don’t have anything on their shelves to sell you? Wake up loser.

    • confused

      Listen closely, Farmers have been arrested and farms taken from them and their families just for selling raw milk and this happened years ago and what did the people do about these injustices (they just turned their heads and were glad it was not them) Check your area and see if you can find someone to sell you RAW MILK.

      • Bleh

        Excellent point. The sheep are not tuned into what happens to farmers. They only see what they are shown by MSM and they bleat when when something contradicts it, nothing more.

      • independant thinker

        confused, in Arkansas you cannot sell raw milk for human consumption but you can sell it for pets. I know because I purchase it regularly.

  • Rise

    I contacted Sen Charles Grassley from IA immediately when I learned he voted for this bill. I was outraged shocked to find out he voted yes on this bill especially since he is supposed to be supporting the great agricultural state of Iowa. Unbelievable. I always appreciated his conservative thought applied years ago BEING A REPUBLICAN, he does not have any business voting for this bill which is George Soros and Monsanto’s pet project to control the food supply in America to take utter control of the population. Hidden in sheep’s clothing and not legally processed thru the Senate to boot. A quick “lame duck” socialist agenda that Pelosi didn’t quite master. Please call your senators quicly to vote “no” second time around.

  • Michael Davidson

    This Must not Pass if it does the new Congress must Defund it. with all the Tea Party People that got elected we should have no Problem Since they believe in Freedom. Unlike are 2 shameful Senators here in NH Judd Gregg and Jeanne Shaheen

    • Bleh

      Indeed, our senators are not freedom lovers like the true people of NH are, MA born Governor aside.

  • confused

    People please realize this has already happened with Raw Milk and did you know that if you sell raw milk you will go to jail and put your farm in total danger of loss to federal officials. So not a big step to go after plants.

  • DennisC

    If we keep letting this Corrupt Government do what there doing we will all be slaves or dead. Like the man said wake up.

  • http://com i41

    That is why the Dept of Ag was created by FDR and the very first Sec of Ag was an avowed communist democrat. This dink beleived USSR style of food production was superior to American as he stated several times. FDR and The Sec beleived in communal type farming, everyone lived in a village and travel like spokes to units of land. It has taken decades to bring food production this way, to its almost culination in the last decade. Every farm bill brings it into closer the desired government ouwnership of private land. Onumnutts and his radical socialist lawyers have and are trying to see if an exective order can be done with out Congress being able or have the ability to over ride Onumnutts exective order.

  • http://NoIdea Aster

    The Government (FDA) has approved dozens of toxins added to our food supply and medications that treat symptoms instead of disease.
    We need supplements because processed food and fresh produce no longer have any nutritional value. If we can’t grow our own gardens we will all slowly starve
    Of course, then all but the elite will be either dead or completely incapacited. Nobody will have to worry about overpopulation any more. I wonder who will do all the grunt work then. Can you picture The Annointed One cleaning his own toilet? How about Michelle washing his dirty shorts?

    This bill will lead to the of many of our citizens.

  • http://com i41

    Bieh, oh yes your wateris controlled, all surface annd underground water is control by the state and federal government. If you are going drill a well, it has to be registered nd define for what use. Just another UN plan of the democrats and the marxist muslim moron. Part of any global climate and land use plan that has been pushed since Whore hound Clinton was Prez. Hillary is the tool that just keeps giving to the UN smucks like a wired traitor rat. Presenting all of our soveriegn right to be away, pushed by the cholate marxist muslim moron. If any one had check the purple lipped clown out when he was running , even his books he beleived in the Hague and UN control of the USA and abiding under UN desions. The UN wants control of any food production and what types of ceral grains that can be produce, read up on WTO meeting and how they mirror a lot of UN crap sessions. Defund that leech parasite group immediately. Several more billion can be saved, turn the UN build into a whore house only the USA collects the money, since someone is always screwing the USA and we are still paying their tab.

    • Bleh

      Here in NH, we re-dug one of our wells from the late 70s and did not register it with anyone nor let anyone know.
      Maybe we were naughty, I dunno. I will look into it.

      • Vigilant

        They know now,

      • http://?? Joe H.

        vigilant got you on that one. Never say anything on here that you don’t want the gov. to know!!!! Like, I mentioned my gun, but I had to do a background check to get it, so they already know I have it!

  • Karolyn

    I have previously contacted my congressmen about this bill, and I believe they have voted against it. According to what I’ve read from ANH, the bill is very much changed from its original language, which had it imposing high fines on small farmers and other ridiculous stuff. The ANH attributes substantial changes in the bill to a grassroots movement spearheaded by them. I would urge anybody interested in food safety issues, etc. to join ANH and receive their emails. Here is a link:

    • http://?? Joe H.

      their votes are a matter of public knowledge so you should KNOW!!!

  • Irene

    will all the produce shipped in from Mexico due to the water shortagin the central valley of california due to the feds, be subject to the same food safety checks. . . . I think not!!!

  • Eric Bischoff

    An email from Michael Pollan:


    There is a lot of disinformation on the internet claiming that S510 will criminalize home gardening and seed saving.

    On Monday night, the Senate is scheduled to vote on S510, the Food Safety Modernization Act. Eric Schlosser and I have collaborated on a New York Tiimes op ed piece explaining why this bill should be passed, now that it’s been amended to protect small farmers and food producers from costly new regulations.

    With the addition of the Tester Amendment, the legislation strikes a reasonable balance between the pressing need to more rigorously protect the safety of industrially produced food, as well as imported food, while at the same time assuring that the local food movement not be burdened unduly.

    In fact, the bill will exempt small farmers engaged in that marketplace, and also exempt them from some current Federal laws, including the 2002 terrorism act.

    There is a lot of disinformation on the internet claiming that S510 will criminalize home gardening and seed saving and bring the American food system under the control of Monsanto or the World Trade Organization.

    There is nothing in the bill that can be remotely interpreted to do any such things. Many urban legends have sprouted around this legislation, but they are just that: legends. A broad coalition of sustainable agriculture groups supports the amended bill before the Senate.

    Now, the challenge is to beat back a last-minute assault from a coalition of Big Ag groups, from the United Egg Producers to the American Meat Institute, who cite the Tester amendment as their justification for rejecting the most the important effort to improve food safety in a generation.

    I hope you’ll read out piece and decide where you stand– and then let your Senators know on Monday. It’s going to be close. Thanks.

    Here’s the link: Sincerely,Michael

  • Eric Bischoff

    Nothing is complete without also reading Marion Nestle

  • Eric Bischoff
  • Eric Bischoff
  • Eric Bischoff

    Here’s another one worth reading

    Opinion – Protect Small Farms

    • Bleh

      Went to the link and I will regurgitate one of the comments there that pretty much says it all.
      “Lobbyists love it. Small producers hate it. That should give you a glowing clue.”

  • Eric Bischoff

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