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Food Prices Set To Rise

August 14, 2012 by  

Food Prices Set To Rise
The Nation's corn crop continues to deteriorate as the country suffers from the worst drought in 56 years.

The drought conditions that many Americans have endured this summer could lead the governments of the United States, France and Mexico to enter talks about ways to bring down the rising global cost of corn and grain.

At the end of the month, the three countries will decide if it is necessary to convene the first meeting of the newly created G-20 Rapid Response Forum, which leaders claim was formed to promote united action.

The price of corn jumped to an all-time high after the U.S. Department of Agriculture cut its production estimate by 17 percent over the weekend. According to a report from the USDA, the corn harvest in the United States will drop 11 percent from last year, with yields 23 percent lower than average.

On Monday, corn and other crop prices eased, but analyst expect prices to remain higher than average. According to the USDA, Americans will feel the effects of the higher prices when they purchase beef, pork, poultry and dairy products almost immediately and into 2013.

President Barack Obama said in a recent address that the United States needs to take an “all hands on deck” approach to helping farmers hurt by the drought. He also urged Congress to pass a farm bill “that makes necessary reforms while helping farmers and ranchers respond to these types of natural disasters and providing the certainty they deserve.”

Some people believe that rising food prices due to the drought could spark global unrest.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • GALT
    • Vigilant

      Yada yada yada….

    • Ted Crawford

      Babble, babble, babble, rolling stone, babble, babble, babble, huffington post, babble, babble Anthropomorphic,….! They have tried this disingenuous take-over ploy once before! Many of the same Scientific(?) organizations, armed with the same volume of Data(?), with similar dire predictions lambasted the air waves and printed media in the ’70′s ( In fact according to them, New York City is now under a mile thick Ice Sheet, and 75% of Earths population has allready starved to death ) !
      The Planet may indeed be warming, or it could be beginning a cooling cycle, the jury is still out. What is certain is the fact that mankind will have little effect, short of a full scale Nuclear war, on the eons old cycles of warming and cooling !

    • Sirian

      Do yourself a favor – look up the solar activity that both has been and still is going on and then, believe it or not – think. Uh, tell ya what, go to this site and keep an eye on it for a month or so. . .

      • GALT

        Sorry children I can not be bothered to even attempt to educate you on this……time will
        demonstrate the reality………and it’s not a luxury you have, because their are synergistic effects involved and they are already taking place……..spoil your children and grandchildren………let them enjoy what little bit of normalcy there is left………since you will have denied them any reasonable future and probably life itself.

      • GALT

        oh and we’ll try this again……all the science you need is here……

        Any argument you can imagine is here ( 179 in total )………

      • Vigilant

        GALT’s asked by a man on the street,
        “Do you think with your brains or your feet?”
        “I think with my ass,
        and exceedingly fast,
        Without YouTube I cannot compete.”

      • Vigilant

        For GALT it’s called the YouTube ploy,
        It helps when science fails;
        The warming hoax is all he has,
        When faced by fact he bails.

        But is it GALT, or is it Walt,
        Who from Seattle hails?
        Methinks his schizophrenia
        His dual id, prevails.

        We love to yank ole GALTY’S chain,
        He’s such an easy mark;
        No light inside his cranium,
        His attic light is dark.

      • Sirian

        LOL!! That’s good, that’s really good!! LOL!!

      • Vigilant

        Thank you, Sirian!

    • Flashy

      Galt…let’s review the short-sighted comments below. Vig dismisses the climate change …and someone cites the 70′s studies when the science was in its infancy ..and, i believe, were based upon the prospect of a nuclear exchange between superpowers tossing a few pounds of dust and debris into the air. Most science papers of the era dismissed the global cooling hypothesis, instead suggesting what will occur is exactly what current data shows…warming. Only the media and the extreme fringes of the science community gave it any water (and only then if there was a nuclear exchange between the superpowers).

      Fact is fact. Ice is melting, glaciers disappearing, huge unprecedented sheets of ice breaking off from Antarctica, the north pole ice cap is now ocean in the summer. Storms of increasing intensity occurring, drought and flood periods lengthening, warmer summers, colder winters in extremes as the patterns of wind and tide are changing.

      Setting aside the ‘why’…the far Right and the minions of big Corporate and the wealthy parrot the line of “nothing is wrong”. Short sightedness seems to be continuing. The wealthy won’t feel the effects…heck no, they have the wealth stolen from the Middle Class these past 30 years to be able to pay for comfort, for food, for insulating their lives from the extremes. is the Common Man who will suffer as weather extremes result in higher utility costs, higher food prices, and significant health impacts.

      Recently the GOP rejected efforts to fund the beginning of upgrading our aging infrastructure. They are stalling the Ag Bill. They are rejecting increasing flood and drought planning and forming an emergency “bank” to help FEMA in responses. The reason the GOP cites? Truly…one cannot make this up. Because it would cost Corporations and the wealthy.

      They want a free ride given to Big Corporations and the wealthy…and we pay the costs for their folly.

      And the TP proves itself nothing but a controlled puppet organization leading its minions to the precipice using the Trilogy of fear, hate and ignorance …

      • GALT

        Homo-sapiens are a recent and essentially unevolved species…….unfortunately, our advantages were sufficient to give us planetary dominance but the mythologies which sustained us in this rise did not lead to any greater level of intelligence in the ability to
        apply “fore sight” to project consequences over time, and the actual empirical understanding of the mechanism’s on which we depend for our survival are fairly recent
        and not generally understood.

        In short, our behavior and motivations are still largely that of our pre-historic ancestors,
        so that while we have changed the conditions of our environment to suit us, we have yet to grasp the consequences of these alterations.

        Since it is these empirical mechanisms which will determine our future viability, we have demonstrated that we are neither rational nor enlightened in pursuing our self interest and much of what is generally acceptable behavior and the basis for it………is in fact fundamentally flawed………..and while history has provided evidence of this on a continual basis……….effects were sufficiently localized, so that the evidence could be ignored….and the mythologies could persist and the errors repeated.

        Unfortunately, this time, we do not have this luxury……..the effects of this willful ignorance
        are no longer confined to localized consequences………but threaten systemic collapse, and failure to adapt risks extinction. ( or a return to more primitive conditions which will be
        far harsher than those we evolved in previously but at least they will be more suited to
        our intellectual abilities and the persistent mythologies from which we cannot escape.)

  • Brother Bear

    here’s an idea – let’s stop putting our food into our gas tanks!

    • Ted Crawford

      What an extremely radical idea Brother Bear! Next you’ll be suggesting that , if Science truly wishes to aid the people, they will spend at least half the time spent on Solar and Wind Generation on a method to turn our waste products into a useable form of Mentane! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the Green Technologies! I also believe that they will not be able to step-up to the plate, in any real sense, for several decades !

      • Chester

        Ted, that is already a viable operation, as many a hog farmer and landfill operator can tell you. Even larger dairy operations use methane generators to power generators to heat and cool the dairy barns, and sometimes even their own houses. It seems that most generators set up to run on natural gas will run nicely on the methane created by the leftovers from your milking operation, or your hog raising operation. There are a number of landfills with methane wells drilled into them, and the collected methane used to power generators, so our waste products ARE being used to create power, just not as much of them as could be. Also, have you researched waste incineration to create power? That, too, has been used. Won’t swear that any of those plants are still in operation, as it seems took too much manpower to be sure the waste stream was relatively clean of nasty stuff like refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, car batteries, and a number of other things that might clog up the grates or cause major problems if it was burned.

      • Ted Crawford

        Of course you are right on that Chester. I was refering to something on a National, or better yet a Global scale. The EPA has effectively regulated these types of Generation Stations out of existance. Wether this was done in support of Big Business or Political Agendas is uncertain, I suspect it’s a diabolical combination of BOTH !

      • eddie47d

        That is a workable solution Chester and the EPA is not blocking those efforts to convert methane to usable energy(anaerobic decomposition). These generating plants on farms produce enough energy to power their farms and enough to sell 4-5 KW back to the power companies. The original problem was neighbors who were concerned about the smell yet it can be done without that farm stench. The by product (waste) that comes out is so clean that it can be used for cattle bedding.

    • Sirian

      Brother Bear,
      What you suggest is a very good idea, I fully agree, but unfortunately even NASCAR has been co-opted. Go figure. . . :(

    • Donald York

      I totally agree Brother Bear.

  • T. Jefferson

    Wow, my cans of corn will increase in value. Corn, the next gold.

    • Flashy

      TJ….I highly recommend the documentary King Corn. it is enlightening …

  • JimH

    Farmers and people have been contending with dought, for as long as there has been farming.
    I’m not sure what a Chicago thug politician is going to do to “help”.
    I doubt those college records we aren’t allowed to see show a degree in agriculture.
    I’m sure a tax hike along with higher food prices is involved.
    If you have a freezer, stock it now, at today’s prices.

    • Mike in MI

      James -
      What good will freezers be when the brownouts start rolling due to defunct coal generation piled on top of electrical grid and infrastructure neglect? What is really maddening is the green weenie that’s slipped to us in the guise of wind generation and “renewable energies” which haven’t filled the gap in energy production – while the “obsolete” forms of production are thrown way or shelved. Watch your utility bilss skyrocket because Obama said that’s what his reforms would necessitate. He wasn’t kidding it seems.
      Take down the old and don’t replace with new – but keep the same high levels of demand.Sounds like a formula for disaster to me. (Can’t tell me he doesn’t know how an economy works in order how to engineer obliteration of a once good one.)
      What has been an issue of no small interest to me is silence from the senior Senator and Representatives of W. Virginia during the dessimation of the states’ mining enterprises. Like it’s a big, “HO-HUM”, to them that their constituents are being razzle-dazzled like cattle in a slaughterhouse feed lot.
      One would think the voters would be pushing for new representation. Wonder how they are kept so docile?

  • Frank

    Find another bio-fuel other than corn. Ethanol is proven to pollute the atmosphere more than gasoline.

    • 9mm protection

      You saying so does not make it so… Seriously, what nonsense!

      A new low in in making false statements to build up big oil.

      • GALT

        Slightly mis-stated……..the proper framing is, that it takes more petroleum to produce the ethanol from corn, than the energy available in the ethanol produced.

      • Vigilant

        Well, well, GALT/Walt and I finally have something upon which to agree!

        This misguided use for corn has a plethora of problems. It is more expensive to produce than what it’s worth, requiring expensive taxpayer subsidies to support. When mixed with gasoline, it produces noxious compounds that gum up engines, especially 2- and 4-cycle engines.

        The corn shortages it creates through this wasteful and inefficient diversion deprive livestock of reasonably priced feed, and drive up the prices of corn-, corn oil- and HFCS-based products.

    • Mike in MI

      Well Frankly, Franky -
      Wouldn’t you expect “them” to do whatever they need to to gin up some kind of rationale to “prove” their stupid arguments they’ve been trying so hard to foist on us base, degenerate, ignorant lower life forms? If you considered yourself THE Elitest of the Elite wouldn’t you use any device you could connive to hatch to prove to yourself you deserve to take control and command of everything of value???

  • Gordon

    Why don’t you print the other side of story. Obama always tries to blame it on congress The congress passed the farm bill two weeks ago and now it is hung up by the infamous Harry Reid.

    • eddie47d

      The drought is real so what are the solutions. That Farm Bill is hung up because of the Food Stamp issue so maybe that should be separated as another issue. Pouring more money into farms won’t make it rain either. Wise water usuage should have top priority in the coming decades. As aquifers dry up and the population grows the farmer will continue to take a big hit.We all have to eat and depend on their products so does it behove us (taxpayers) to help them out?

    • Mike in MI

      Gordon -
      Oh-h-h-ho yes-s-s-s, the “infamous Harry Reid”.
      He deserves to be hung up by the infamous hairy ree–…
      Oh ya, I forgot he ain’t got none.

  • FreedomFighter

    Food is a weapon, about to be used on you.

    Stock up on long-term foods, now, be prepared for lean times.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Mike in MI

      Fredom Fighter – “stock up”
      Sure, that’d be wise to do, too.
      But, just in case they send out gangs foraging for food stockpiles (in order to find out where the weapons/ammo are still being held) it might be wise to learn where and what in your area grows wild or underfoot that is edible and nourishing that the rabble are “too good to consume”.
      Don’t ever underestimate how many people have died in some famine while they were absolutely surrounded by life sustaining edibles – but, normally were not on their menus.
      Euell Gibbons’ books are great sources of wisdom in this regard – if you can find them.

      • FreedomFighter

        buy 50 – 100 pounds of potatos, plant them everywhere, replant, and repeat, Amazon has great books on edibles both wild and domestic.

        Plant the stuff all over.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Mike in MI

        Excellent suggestion!

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Do they have ethonol in Kenya?

    • Mike in MI

      Nah, Barry farted last time he visited. Ever since they’ve got soetorathol. Doncha’ know they don’t even need carburetors on their vehicles anymore?
      That’s why Michelle always has that “look” on her face when she’s with him and maintains a certain distance.

  • JimH

    Stock up on Jack Danials. Next year there may be a shortage. If not higher (than it already is) prices.


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