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Food Inspector Coming to Fruit Stand Near You

April 27, 2009 by  

Food Inspector Coming to Fruit Stand Near You

Under the guise of making sure our food is safe the heavy hand of government is about to clamp down on everyone who grows, transports or sells produce, livestock or poultry.

Two bills, one in the House and one in the Senate, have been introduced that will stifle everyone involved with growing and distributing food products—from grandpa and his small garden plot and grandma’s homemade preserves, to roadside fruit stands to farmers’ markets to small cattle growers to chicken farmers.

Named the Food Safety Modernization Act, HR 875 calls for the establishment of the Food Safety Administration within the Department of Health and Human Services. The bill assigns Federal regulators the task of ensuring that food producers, processors and distributors prevent  and minimize food safety hazards like food-borne illnesses and contamination from bacteria, chemicals, toxins, viruses, parasites, prions, physical hazards or other human pathogens.

The legislation calls for regulation on slaughterhouses, seafood processing plants, establishments that process, store, hold or transport all categories of food products before delivery for retail sale, farms, ranches, orchards, vineyards, aquaculture facilities and confined animal-feeding operations.

Once enacted, every entity that falls under the jurisdiction of the legislation would be required to maintain records of all food products so the government can keep track of them in the event of contamination.

“Good,” you say, “I don’t want to eat any contaminated food.”

Not so fast, because when it comes to government legislation, what is not excluded from a bill is automatically included. And the legislation lays out no provision on the size and scope of what’s a farm, ranch, orchard or vineyard.

So grandpa can’t give away his vegetables without the proper paperwork. Show up at the local fruit stand and you’ll be handed a stack of forms to fill out before you can leave with your produce. Small cattle farmers can’t take their livestock to market.

And grandma, don’t give away any of that jam you made from pears off your pear trees because government inspectors may knock on the door and say, “Your papers, please!”

Don’t have your papers in order? It’ll cost you at least $1 million. That’s the fine for each violation of the act. And grandpa and grandma, you could also spend at least 10 years in prison.

This bill, and its companion Senate bill S 425, are designed to strip you of your right to grow your own food and put all food production in the hands of large agricultural companies like Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and Tyson.

Don’t believe it? HR 875 was introduced by Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut. Her husband, Stanley Greenburg, just happens to be a Monsanto employee and he is expected to be chosen to lead the Food Safety Administration (FSA). Meanwhile, lobbyists for Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and Tyson are lobbying hard for S 425.

This legislation, in addition to endangering grandpa, grandma and the local fruit stand, will crush the small farmer under an avalanche of paperwork. While large food producing companies have the staff to handle the additional forms, small farmers—and small distribution centers—are working on already too-tight margins and would be unable to hire the staff needed to handle the paperwork.

Big food producers like Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and Tyson are controlling most of the food we get and contaminating it with steroids and drugs—things our bodies don’t need.

But don’t try to grow your own organic food. Your “papers” may not be in order when the new FSA thugs knock on your door.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know the truth about Monsanto, ADM and Tyson? Is there anyone who doesn’t understand what is so IMMORAL about eagerly handing over your rights to a Big Government gone mad?
    Time after time, this new administration has declared war on the American people. This is another example of what is to come in the name of “change” and “transparency.”
    That mentality belongs in North Korea and a few places in the Middle East. The new boobs in the White House can say what they want. However, they can’t change their true colors or their absolute lack of character.

    • Catherine Waid

      OMG – EVERYONE in Washington must have mad cow disease! Their brains are full of holes like a lump of swiss cheese. Monsanto and the other bio-tech companies are evil. I quess they just keep stuffing money in the pockets of the boobs in congress and it will be up to the people to wake up and PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS! Mother Nature is much better at growing our food that any corporation. Amerika is sick, fat, toxic and getting worse by the minute. Our health care system is the third leading cause of death by their OWN statistics. (Lets get rid of the AMA & FDA while we are cleaning house) The first two leading causes of death are cancer and heart disease – gee do you think our chemically grown and toxic food could be causing this??? Is everyone stupid or what??? Please wake up America…we keep hearing about “the terrorists”….wekk I say the true enemy we need to fight against is the rabid power of the CORPORATIONS. Corporations are NOT “persons”. Their only purpose is to serve the people and when they do not do that – they need to go. They have become so powerful they are controlling governments – if we don’t stop them their GREED will destroy our planet. Too big to fail should be too big to exist!!!

      • David Wilton

        It is initially not the corporations that need to be controlled. Those that control the corporations, a secret cabal, is what needs to be controlled. This cabal has been in existence since years B.C. The Rothchilds are the most powerful and part of this cabal. All the negative things that have happened since B.C. can be laid at the feet of this cabal. They are better known as the Elders of Zion. People should do some research on the Internet about them. Read their protocols. So many of them died since B.C. and what good did it do them? This is a very good example of “man’s inhumanity to man.” Their agenda to control the world is insane. They are sick mentally deranged people and they are in control ! Many question how they canbe stopped. I believe the only way and it almost seems impossible, is for them to be deprived of their wealth since they own over half the world’s wealth.

        • http://none Richard Pawley

          Don’t know about it going back that far but what you say could stop it is soon going to happen. This is why the banks are taking so many trillions out of the system because the whole thing is going to crash. All money is now paper (or cotton and linen) and backed by nothing, in every country on earth. I don’t know how much time we have left but the system is terminal and so I would suggest that you buy only that which you really need. Over 15,000 a month have been leaving the USA for many years now. Six out of seven that I talked with left because of the coming financial problems and this was in 2004-2005. In my 2006 autobiography I called it the “Greater Depression” but it’s going to be worse than than. If you believe in God and can pray for guidance and direction you will be much better off in the very near future.

        • Dean2009

          Reply to David Wilton: I was with you until you mentioned the name of this cabal. Your description describes another cabal. Check out the cult of Gaia. (Hint: You won’t find it in Wikipedia, that program is too tightly controlled.) Do some genuine research.

      • PapaNick

        Dear lady, am I detecting a hint of hostility in your writings? I agree and you stick to your guns. government exists for one reason only, to suppress its citizens and make all the ‘for personal gain capitol’ as they can through underhanded dealings with corporations, their undercover representatives and their agents. You really didn’t believe they exist to represent the true government who elected them, aka the American People, did you?

      • Nancy

        HEAR HEAR!!

        YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!

      • Blaine

        I looked up both HR875 & S425 & neither pertained ti what was stated.Please explain or direct me to right Bills.

        • Rich Webb


          Any idiot can type in hr875 or s425 and get the entire text of the bill in question. I didn’t need to read the entire bills to realize that the article may have understated the long-term risk to food production and sale.

        • p o’d

          I believe it is S510. Hell in a handbasket ! Working it’s way through the halls of congress as we speak.

      • http://bobo Robert

        too big to fail is what caused Ma Bell to be busted up into a lot of small companies. this is total government control, COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM.

    • PapaNick

      It is Big Brother at his finest. government (lower case g used purposely) will never apply any laws or policies equally. They always have exceptions. Why are foodstuffs brought into this country from other countries unregulated at the source? government disgusts me and has for the past 50 or more years. What an obominaton it has become.

    • Nancy

      A few years ago we were all up in arms about having to chip and report all of our farm amimals as small farmers and homesteaders. Though the large chicken, beef and pork factories only needed one chip for all their animals as they concidered them as one entity. We, as small farmers and homesteaders, can fight this one also. I like to donate eggs, vegis and meat to my church pantry. I want to be able to conitnue doing that and with this bill, I will not be able to. So we do as we did before. We inindate the congress and house with letters, faxes and phone calls. And keep it up until they back off and let us little people alone to live our lives as we want to. We can do it.

      • Shibamom

        I love your spirit! That spirit is what made our beloved America, the one we remember that is, the greatist country on earth! Please post any information here that could help all of us help all of you! I believe it is a travesty what this runaway government is doing to the small farmers.

    • Mike

      Perhaps it is time that the American people declare war upon our government. we need to have a revolt in the biggest way and restore constitutional restrictions onto our federal government and onto our Congresspeople.

      • John R

        You are not a good American. Revolution? idiot!

        • Mike51

          Well you made the statement that I am not a good American perhaps you could explain why you say that. The government has been intruding on the rights of Americans for many years now and this new law they are trying to get passed outlawing home gardens and food stands not approved by the government is just another in a series of infringements on the American people. Since when is not suggesting a revolt by the people a good idea, when the government has been revolting against the people for several years by making unconstitutional laws. I would very much like an explanation into your analogy of why I am not a good American. I am very much proud to be an American.

  • inundated

    The thousands of folks who have grown a garden, with spectacular vegetables, and taken these to the local farmers markets, corner lot, and open parking lots to sell and subsidize their lives will both come under this stupidity and inundate the idiots in this insane bureaucracy. The simple truth is that the “contamination” has never been traced to a small farmer, and never from the field–it’s always in the processing/handling in warehouse/distribution points in the supply chain. I am much more concerned about what is happening in the kitchen at a restaurant with a salad on the menu than I would ever be in the field where the salad items are grown. The endless crap coming out of the socialist government the idiots elected into our lives.

    • Louise

      You are right! We should all contact our Senators and Representatives to vote against this bill or at least make small farms, ranches, etc exempt from this bill. It may not do any good…most of them get kickbacks and really do not care about what we want. But, I live where there are many many small farms, pick your own fruits and veggies and it would devestate the area. I feel I have to do something.

    • Nancy

      Why does no one else know this very basic stuff?

      • Walking Softly (where’s my stick?)

        Perhaps if we all paid attention….

        Will this new government entity be standing over all the illegal immigrant workers in the food services industry ensuring that they are washing their hands, or just serving papers to the corner lot produce sellers trying to avoid e-coli by growing their own?

  • Steve

    OBAMA where is your birth certificate?

    • FireCongress


    • JerryB

      Why can’t we get an answer to that question?

    • Veracruz

      You’re not going to find his birth certificate. The governor of Hawaii has put all his personal papers under lock and key. Oh, maybe after this country is long gone (which isn’t going to be very long) archeologists will dig up a metal can somewhere that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nobama is a Muslin fakir looking for ways to overthrow this country, which he has never believed in.

    • Mike1968

      His father, the Devil has oBUMa’s birth certificate in Hell.

  • steve

    LOL you mindless socialist idiots, JUST try to come down south and try to tell us “Country Boys” we Can’t Grow Our Own Food, LOL ! Don’t tread on me!!

    • mike

      Steve I am with you i think these are a bunch of paronoid obama bashers. just full of crap. the government could never control what we grow in our backyard.

      • Mike

        What the government agents will do is just like they are already doing right now on small individual farms and on co-ops all across this nation is attack each farmer, gardener, or co-operative one at a time, in order to make their arrests, and nobody will be their to back the individual farmer’s, gardeners or co-operative’s up.

        If we all stood our ground, supported each other when they come to arrest the average gardener for this supposed violation of the law, and we the people did not allow the police to make an arrest, then they would know we mean business. Yes, that does mean that you if you support your neighbor and prevented the arrest will be sighted for “Obstruction of Justice”, but that is what will be needed to be done in order to protect ourselves from our enemy, the government agent’s. In this country, and in this day and age, you must learn to not only stand up for yourselves, but also for your neighbor as well, and that means you have to get involved. Otherwise the Government will arrest anybody and everybody who grows a garden or is a farmer that is how they (our government the enemy) will win. One person at a time. One farmer, gardener, or co-operative at a time

        People in this country haven’t realized that this is a war. The enemy in this war is the government and their unconstitutional laws, against the people , and like in any war you must watch your buddies back and he or she must watch your back, and unless the people resist these laws, and back each other up, we will automatically lose. We The People must support each other and back each other up before we can win.

      • me me

        Is anyone out there still confused as to how this ties to the “end of time” question? Up till now us christains believed we would not have to take a # to buy or sell to survive. The good news is, CHRISTAINS wont have to!!! but for the rest of the population, you will have to get your “paperwork” in order if you intend to eat and survive!!!. If you think the government cant stop you from growing your own food just so you and your family can survive, you better think again. Already they have burned the farmers store houses of “saved” seed in an effort to force them to buy new seed every year!! Now the seed you buy is sterile so it wont do you any good to save it. Dont be so gullable to think you are free in this country. Just try and claim your rights, see how fast some one tells you, “you dont have the right” or, “that dont apply to you” or, “you dont qualify”. We better start “looking up” for the answer. The good news is, our “REDEMPTION is at hand. Thank God. This is all happening just like he said it would. Why are you surprised? If you want to know how it ends, read the book!! We win. (we christains that is) get your house in order!!

  • Keith

    We are becoming a Russian state. None of this gets mentioned in the national news. Today in the Chicago Tribune they did not even mention the stunt that caused wide spread panic yesterday in NY — when Obama had an F16 and Air Force 1 secretly fly to NY for new photos of the plane with the statue of Liberty and the New York skyline. A few cops knew, but no one else did, so panic ensued for the half hour that these planes circled and buzzed New York for. He can go play golf while half of his cabinet positions are open. If Bush did that the press would have cruxified him. Now, our health, our jobs and our food are all in the hands of the government…

    • David


      What makes you think President Obama ordered that stunt?

      • Jerry Babbitt


      • runnin bear

        Because he’s the Kenyan pulling the strings,you think bush and Chaney are doing this LOL?Obama is the one who will destroy our contitution if you allow this Kenyan,britishborned ,Indonesian citizen that dosen’t have the right to be president,This is the USURPER who people voted,that wanted to prove a Black man could win an election.The only problemo is this?He’s only halfblack/half white Indonesian who stole the election by accepting illegall donations by disabling the securities the bank has in place to check each and every donation that comes through?Axelrod and cohorts have accepted donations from every one from his Illegall aunt who donated 260 dollar)who was ordered to leave the USA instead she gets her “RUN LETTER)and instead of leaving runs to cleverland,say hello to uncle “OMAR” He has accepted donations from such people as “ADOLFT HILTER”just to name a few .But the most un american thing that he has done is to try ad hide his brith records?

      • David

        So you resort to name-calling, prejudice and pure opinion rather than attempting to get the facts and present them to me. At least Keith bothered to attempt to get the facts.

        Please note that while President Obama did call the incident a mistake, he is not the one who ordered or approved the publicity stunt. “Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision,” said Louis Caldera, director of the White House Military Office.

        Try doing some research and don’t believe everything somebody tells you.

        • Lori

          David, Louis Caldera is the WHITE HOUSE Military Office…not the Pentagon…he is considered a high ranking staff/cabinet member of the president. Do you honestly believe that this was not approved of, nor even discussed prior to the decision? Caldera is the “fall guy” in this episode of the mistake laden first 100 days of this administration. Just like they “didn’t know that the bonus would still be paid” they didn’t know that this flyby photo op was going to take place? No, they knew. They were miscalculated the RESULT of their actions, but were in both case fully aware of what was happening. The question is “who will be the next fall guy in this administration?”

        • Mike1968

          Try decreasing you kool-aid intake…. eventually your brain may clear away all the socialist fog.

      • Patriot

        If Obama didn’t know, that is proof that he doesn’t know what he is doing in the highest job in America.

    • Veracruz

      What government? I can’t call that a government. Well, I guess technically a dictatorship is a government, which Nobama is trying to pull off. The seat of the Presidency is sedes vacans.

  • George Krauss

    I have this message for these nut cases in Washington…STAY THE HE* OFF MY PROPERTY AND STAY THE HE* OUT OF MY LIVE OR PREPARE FOR ONE HE** OF A HARD ROW TO HOE!

    • Dean2009

      To: George Kraus, Do you think the “idiots in Washington” would actually come out to your place and dirty their loafers? They will send your son and your neighbors’ sons who joined a branch of the service to do their patriotic duty, and then were forced to put on a blue helmet to do the dirty work for their global masters, or they will send that kid who always wanted to be a good cop, and tell him,”It is THE LAW, do your duty”.

    • Jeannie

      RIGHT ON, GEORGE! “A Country boy WILL survive!”

  • Craig

    Does anyone know when these Bills are scheduled to be voted on? Rep DeLauro better run over to the White House and deliver the first citations to the Obama’s. Was it not a few weeks ago that our plastic first “lady” was all over network TV being toughted as a humble person because she intended on growing a garden? The only thing that will be growing in their garden are the seeds of socialism.

    • p o’d

      S510 is working it’s way through right now. Say NO to S510

  • Linda Yaworski

    Meanwhile…China continues to get away with sending lead ridden toys and products that put our children in danger! And not surprising is the fact that there is a connection between the Democratic Senator introducing the bill, the benefit to her family and the tie to Obama’s appointment to lead the Food Safety Administration! It’s all so dirty and corrupt and the American people are practically blind to all the “change” taking place.

    • Stan

      Linda, what change? Lead ridden toys and chemically tainted food have been pouring in from China for a long time. There is no CHANGE with the Obama Administration. Its a continuation of the gigantic size government that grew under President Bush. The essential socialization of corporations with bailout money is just a continuation of what Bush started.

      The only change I see is the name change from Facism to Socialism.

      Kinder, Gentler, compassionate Facist.
      Has the illegal domestic warrentless wiretapping stopped yet?

      • Nancy

        Just leave Bush out of things. You can’t for ever blame him for the failings of nobama.

        • Stan

          Nancy quote, “Just leave Bush out of things. You can’t for ever blame him for the failings of nobama.”

          By selectivley deciding who you like to blame, you are being dishonest with yourself.
          Obama, and I am no kneejerk defender of him, has proposed a lot of new programs. I think these will fail, but they have not failed yet, because they have not had time to fail. Obama just took office in January. Come on….What failings?
          He will fail, but he’s not failed yet.

          Bush had 8 years to head off this economic mess. I saw it coming years ago. I refused to buy a house for 10 years during the housing bubble, because I knew when it blew up, I’d never be able to sell for what I paid for it. So I waited. Got tired of waiting, so I built it myself. But I saw this coming in the 1990′s. The only thing Bush did to halt the economic tailspin, was a Federal take over of AIG, some bailout money, and those stimulus checks we all received last year. Too little, too late. And not to different from what Obama is doing. IS IT? And John McCain stumping during the election, telling us and I quote, “We have a robust economy.”
          You figure it out….

      • Nancy

        we are to the point that we can’t refuse china’s lead toys and tainted food because they own us. Lock, stock and barrel. God Bless America

        • Stan

          Leave Bush out of it?
          Then you say China ownes us lock, stock and barrel?

          Are you saying all that just happened in Obama’s first 100 days in office?

          Linda, Don’t mistake me for a Democrat, I just want the blame to go where it belongs. Both Democrats and Republicans share this blame. But Obama, has too little experience and hasn’t been a public official long enough to have caused any of this.

          Our economy was in a free fall when Obama too over. So of course it continued to decline after he took office. I suspect his stimulus will better the economy in the short run, then cause a dollar collapse in the long run.

          Understand me, I think Obama’s economic plan will be a huge disaster of titanic proportions down the road.

        • Nancy

          No China started owning us back when Clinton was in office. Then it got better and America was doing well until the last half of Bushs second term. We had good economy and things looked good. Then things got bad again and China became our best friend financually. Now they own us.

        • Stan

          Nancy, it was Nixon who wanted to open China. George HW Bush pushed hard during the Reagan Administration to awake the Sleeping Giant. Setting us up with China has been in the works long before Clinton became president. When the presidential torch was passed to Clinton, Clinton took it a step further. Again, both Democrats and Republicans all played a roll in this.

          We have not had a solid economy since we went off the gold standard. That economic boom under Clinton in the 90′s was all credit, and it was an unhealthy boom. We are suffering the consequences of that now. The former “robust” economy, was unsustainable.

          We were not doing well until the last half of Bush’s second term. It was an illusion.
          Again, it was all credit fueling the growth. If you think skyrocketing housing prices was “doing well” then you have no clue how we got to where we are now economically.

        • Jeannie

          To Nancy – you got it wrong – it’s ‘God HELP America!”

      • Linda

        Hey Stan….where ya been? Over at NBC? The wiretapping of terrorists stopped, but seems like there’s been an increase on wiretapping regular Americans, especially the one’s waving little tea bags around. They’re what’s dangerous to the Obama crowd. Yeah, I think you better pay attention to what’s really going on. Did you notice the 10 trillion dollar debt since Bush left office? Makes the debt he left look like pocket change. Oh and Barack says that’s not nearly enough.. You can only put the blame on Bush for so long before you really start sounding stupid. By the way, do you have any concept of what a trillion is? A trillion, Stan, in seconds…is 36,000 years. Multiply that by 10 and then tell your grandchildren someday that you thought we should give Obama a chance. Not to mention the freedom he doesn’t want them to have. Yeah, let’s give the guy a break.

        • Stan

          Linda, the wiretapping was always wiretapping of regular Americans.

          I better pay attention? LOL!! I don’t think you have any clue to where I am coming from. Pay closer attention to what I say, if you care enough to comment. I understand debt is bad. Thats why I was so concerned when the debt ballooned under Bush. As I stated earlier, I think Obamas trillions will give the economy an economic shot of crack and you will see a short term uptick. But in the long run, all this unbacked printing press money will lead to a dollar collapse.

          Do you have any concept of what a dollar collapse will be like? If you did, you would not mistake me for an Obama defender.

          I better pay attention to whats going on…lol. Understand this…You cannot create wealth out of thin air. If Obama prints trillions of dollars, where does this wealth come from? The Federal Reserve? No, they just ok it and enter any amount we want to “borrow” on their balance sheet and give the treasury the ok to print it. And we are on the hook to pay them back something they never lent us.
          So if the debt is 10 trillion, and the dollar becomes worth ZERO, then how many dollars do we owe? When the money becomes worth zero, the debt becomes zero. But it ain’t gonna be pretty.
          So before you get your panties in a bunch worring about your grandchildren paying all this back, remember, its NEVER going to be paid back.

  • Ron

    I’m totally disgusted. What’s the answer? What can we do?
    These people arn’t working for the people. They are working against
    the people. Isn’t that treasonous?
    There’s always a lot of comments about what this government is
    doing to destroy this country.
    We need commentary on how to deal with it.

    • Nancy

      We need to get rid of the big government and to get rid of the big government we have to vote them out. We need to change to a head tax in stead of an income tax or “fair” tax. A fair tax can be raised on needs when people stop buying “wants” because the tax is to high on them. We also need to stop paying people to vote the way it is wanted for them to vote. When people who are on govenment aid, except real disability or SS retirement, they do not vote. And that goes for food stamps and what have you. When people pay a head tax of say $1000.00 per child under 18 or while they are in your household then that will be a real deterrant to lots of children to get more welfare. And when you are on welfare or foodstamps and the like, you should be required to go to school and get an education and in a certain amount of time you are off welfare. If you stay on welfare with out going to school and continue having children, then after the third or forth child, you get an birth control implant. And you are required to do some kind of work for several hours a month, even if it is just cleaning the road ways. Cleaning city streets or be responsible for a city block to keep clean. And always have to take random drug tests, but at least once a month.

  • Independent Thinker

    Why doesn’t somebody put these unethical politicians in jail??? I am sick and tired of reading about senators, congressmen and members of Obama’s administration writing legislation and using their posts for their own purposes. I don’t think you can come up with a single democrat who hasn’t furthered the interest of their spouse or themselves with unethical behavior. Don’t we have laws that can be enforced? Why does it seem we just sit back and take it?? Trust me, if we were talking about Republicans here, even with a minority, the democrats would be ruthlessly attacking and taking no prisoners. It’s time we took a page out of their book.

    • fred

      Hi Independent Thinker and everyone out there who treasures the
      liberty and our American freedom-loving heritage. We all know that
      we have fallen asleep at the political wheel because we have been
      too busy and too wrapped up in non-sense along with our formidible
      job of raising our families. The problem as Bob Livingston always
      points out in his great newlsetters is that part of our human nature is to
      be too trusting and too willing to be deceived because we simply
      haven’t been able to indentify the real problem of political concentration
      and the mischief it creates and mobilizes.

      Well, there is some evidence that there may be enough really red-blooded
      Americans left to force the isssue of freedom. Here is a simple idea.
      Use the recently enacted 10th Amendment Resolutions enacted
      in about half the states as a springboard for freedom from slavery. These State Legislative Resolutions generally provide that a particular state like Texas
      will no longer enforce federal laws or edicts isssued beyond the scope of
      Constitutional authority and some even call them void.
      Next, in furtherance of these mandates issue a further mandate that henceforth
      every County sheriff will have the authority to first warn any federal or local
      official to immediately cease and desist from any enforcement attempt and then
      for failure to comply they will either be extradicted out of the state or county
      territory and/or fined and imprisoned for violation.
      In short, we need to persuade our legislators to put some teeth in their Resolutions.
      This whole program will require first, the will to retake our freedoms and then to
      act through our County Sheriff’s or other law enforcement personnel.
      Finally it will require that each participating state will now and forever have
      the guts first, to stop sending money to Washington and then to stop accepting
      Federal funding for anything we can do ourselves.
      Comments please and especially constructive suggestions on how to refine
      such a plan to make it work–hopefully without undue bloodshed.


      • Independent Thinker

        Hey Fred,

        Great reply, but I’m not sure of how it could work. The main issue, as I see it, is most states are simply welfare recipients, especially now with the economy in a downward spiral. Just look at the porkulous bill. The only states that are able to stand up and refuse the money are those with natural resources, ie. Alaska and Texas. I guess you could spend a boatload of personal money to get it put on a ballot, but that would take lots of time as well as money. I guarantee most Governors would not be in favor of supporting this, because, for whatever reason, most elected officials are afraid of Obama’s popularity and fear any kind of retribution.

        I am going to investigate this further. Thanks for the idea.

  • Keith

    David — read the front page (below the fold) of the Wall Street Journal today. In the paper it clearly stated that this was something that Obama requested.

  • Freeman till death

    The laws being passed only make criminals out of law abiding citizens. Lets face it,
    we are being taken over by a Tolitarian/solcolist government. I will only follow laws that make sence. Those *^&)$%#@ in Washington can kiss my @$$.

  • Marilyn

    So when are we all going to quit talking about it and start doing something about it?

    • Independent Thinker

      Maybe what we need is a “10 Million Fed-Up Taxpayers” march on Washington.

      • helpusall

        A march is planned July 4th and one Sept.12 and 13

        • http://none Meme

          Well it is sure good to know that major marches are being planned.
          But for it to make any impressions on the DC folk it might be a good idea to see if any of them are planning on being there.
          Our president in absentee was in South America kissing up to Chavez,Cuba, and all the dictators over there and so engrossed in his visit that he never even heard about the Tea Parties where thousands of people gathered all over the US even with all the month or more that it was being talked about. Not one word have I heard him mention about it since e has been back in the US
          It seems for all his talk about transparency and responsibility our president has conveniently left himself out of the picture. He only shows up to sign some secret bill that Pelosie and Reid have drawn up without even having it voted on or talked about in the congress or senate. Just like the SECRET Report out of the DHS was leeked. The very fact that it was secret and was not to be known by the peoplewho were to be put on the terrorist list. Did you see one real terrorist listed on there? No it was people who disagree with Obama or anyone who is in his administration.
          He just signs it as an executive order that w hear about a few weeks later when someone for his administration accidently leeks it out. Then if a protest comes up the leeker finally gets named of course with no punishment and the President will at last get on the news and say he is taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY.Well of course he is because there is no responsibility punishment.
          Everyone he has appointed has been a crook and the people they hire are people they know they can get to twist the truth.
          The legislature under the direction of Pelosi and Reid and their cohorts are soooo busy back tracking for the past 8 years tracking everyone in the Bush Administration so they can at last finally sue them all for something that will not change one thing that is past nor will it do anything t help the future. it is just so the Bush Bashers can say they got Bush back for their failure to govern as they should have. There were lots of things the Democrats could have done for the last two years of Bush’s term but they were so selfish and wanting to spite him that they did nothing. Now they got the advantage but still doing nothing to help the American people. If it don’t put money on the side in their pockets, forget it.
          Why aren’t these crooks in Jail??We don’t have anyone in the legislature that will call for them to be charged. And who would prosecute them?? The people Obama has put in the Justice department won’t do it.
          Why not? They are too busy figuring out how they are change our constitution into Sharia law, and looking into the EU, UN and every other law. America’s is too old.
          The only solution is for someone to figure out how to force them all to resign, have a new eletion and try to gt some normal people in that have not been bought and paid for by Corporations and all these PACS.
          I fear that what is actually going to happen is another revolution . the question is are you going to be willing to come to fire on your father, son,cousin, uncle, Mother, daughter, aunt and friend?
          Will your family, friends and others in our Military going to be willing to do it.? That is why Obama wants them under the control of the UN. Our military will have no choice and if it seems to be a problem, the UN will bring in foerign troops.
          Did you know they are training Chinese military that are in our country or staying in Canada and coming over here to fly helicopters to familiarize them with American terrain? Why do you think the Chines need to know that?
          Did you know Germany has a top secret air force installation in New Mexico to train airman? So secret and fully German controlled that American Military Officers cannot even go on the base?
          I am one disgusted DEMOCRAT!

      • lasttobe1st

        this site is a scam will not allow posts with meat!!

  • Used to be a liberal

    How much more of this “crap” are we going to take?

    I would like to make a suggestion, and that is that all the conservatives meld together, in a consorted effort in campaign style to fight Obama, and his democratic party cohorts. What seems to be happening now is a disorganized flow of information all based in fact, but void of emotion. Facts alone can not stop Obama and his agenda, as facts alone are dismissed by the main stream media, who spin the facts, add emotion, along with insults or veiled insults. When they do this, conservative organizations do not hit back as hard as they should, they do not call a “spade a spade” We remain far too polite, and in some cases offer less then token resistance. We need to change our tactics, or we will not win. We must also differentiate between Democrats and “liberals” Far too many people believe and think that liberal means just that liberal, freedom, when the truth is that there is absolutely nothing liberal about today’s liberalism.

    The following is an example of what I am talking about, it is plain, simple, truthful, factual, and most important it brings out emotion, and forces the “democrats” to think, as for the liberals aka socialists well “stuff” like this will diminish their numbers when democrats wake up.

    Good for him!!!
    Surprised CBS let him get away with this even though he’s right

    Right on, Andy Rooney!

    Andy Rooney said on ’60 Minutes’ a few weeks back:

    I don’t think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens…Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door.

    Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game.

    I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, which is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE?

    I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion.

    I have the right ‘NOT’ to be tolerant of others because they are different, weird, or tick me off.

    When 70% of the people who get arrested are black, in cities where 70% of the population is black, that is not racial profiling; it is the Law of Probability.

    I believe that if you are selling me a milkshake, a pack of cigarettes, a newspaper or a hotel room, you must do it in English! As a matter of fact, if you want to be an American/Canadian/British citizen, you should have to speak English!

    My father and grandfather didn’t die in vain so you can leave the countries you were born in to come over and disrespect ours.

    I think the police should have every right to shoot or arrest you if you threaten them after they tell you to stop. If you can’t understand the word ‘freeze’ or ‘stop’ in English, see the above lines.

    I don’t think just because you were not born in this country, you are qualified for any special National Assistance, loan programs, government sponsored bank loans or tax breaks, etc., so you can open a hotel, coffee shop, corner store, or any other business.

    We did not go to the aid of certain foreign countries and risk our lives in wars to defend their freedoms, so that decades later they could come over here and tell us our constitution is a living document; and open to their interpretations.

    I don’t hate the rich I don’t pity the poor

    I know pro wrestling is fake, but so are movies and television. That doesn’t stop you from watching them.

    I think Bill Gates has every right to keep every penny he made and continue to make more. If it ticks you off, go and invent the next operating system that’s better, and put your name on the building.

    It doesn’t take a whole village to raise a child right, but it does take a parent to stand up to the kid; and smack their little behinds when necessary, and say ‘NO!’

    I think tattoos and piercing are fine if you want them, but please don’t pretend they are a political statement. And, please, stay home until that new lip ring heals. I don’t want to look at your ugly infected mouth as you serve me French fries!

    I am sick of ‘Political Correctness.’ I know a lot of black people, and not a single one of them was born in Africa ; so how can they be ‘African-Americans/Canadian/British’? Besides, Africa is a continent.. I don’t go around saying I am a European-American because my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was fromEurope . I am proud to be fromAmerica and nowhere else

    And if you don’t like my point of view, tough…


    It is said that on average 86% of Canadians/ Americans & British believe in God. Therefore I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a problem in having ‘In God We Trust’ on American money and having ‘God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance. Why don’t we just tell the 15%+ to BE QUIET!!!

    The above is the sort of thing we need to be doing.

    It is self explanatory

    • Wayne Carr

      The story about what Andy Rooney said a few weeks ago on 60 minutes is fiction as this erumor has been around for a long time. Andy is a self confessed liberal therefore he would never have said this. Check it out on

      I agree with what is said but don’t credit Andy with it. Our present President and his ultra Socialist administration is quickly ruining this country and all politicians are guilty of not following their oath of supporting and defending the constitution as is evident by judicial appointments and laws that are not necessary or constructive.

      • Used to be a liberal

        Wayne, even if it is a fake, I still think it is the sort of thing that we should be doing. I agree totally with you 2nd paragraph

    • Marina

      BRAVO! I am thinking only… if there is 86% of us believing it is so, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!

    • Dean2009

      To : Former Liberal, I too considered myself a "liberal" as long as I thought liberal meant free. I grew out of that notion during the '60's. I was born into a family of capitol D Democrats, and registered with them until the Democrat Party completely lost it's collective mind during the '60's. Fortunately, I graduated during the '50's, prior to the institutionalization of "the dumbing down of America", and changed parties. Unfortunately, the party to which I changed went a little whacky during the "oughts", and tried to become Democrat-lite. The "two party system" is a failure. We need at least a third party in order to have a chance to defend the American system of government. We need to return to the original system of elections. (The one garnering the most votes becomes President, and the runnerup is the Vice-President.) EVERYBODY , stop voting for your party, start voting for your country.

      • Used to be a liberal

        Dean2009, I honestly don’t think a 3rd party is the way to go. I think that it is far too risky in that it would take too long to to ingratiate itself into the American psyche, and “things” are moving at a very uncomfortable rate of speed, as far as the Obama agenda goes. Far too fast. However I certainly do agree with the way that you feel.

        I think that possibly a better more effective way, with some “punch” behind it, that also might not split the conservative vote, would be for conservative independents to run in the 2010 elections. Even if a conservative independent were to run against a “Republican” candidate it would be ok, simply because it would light a fire under that “Republicans” butt. This might cause a ripple effect across the country, and possibly create a great upheaval against Obama and his cohorts.

        Having essentially 2 conservative candidates run against each other would definitely force the “established” candidate to think twice. That candidate would have no choice but to grow a backbone, this would also have an affect on or towards other conservative candidates, but in a positive sense, and if the cards were played right we would end up having a conservative elected to office, as one would drop out just before the election, thus causing the vote not to be split.

        As it stands now, we do not have the time to wait, or waste, waiting and or planning for 2012, by then it could be too late.

      • Carol Dines

        So, become a Libertarian, mostly conservative, always for promoting and upholding our constitutional rights. I don’t believe in preventing Americans with whom I disagree from having and paracticing thier constitutional rights, unless it is somehow illegal.

        The persuit of happiness, if you are gay means to express yourself in your lifestyle just as heterosexuals do in theirs. And just exactly what is a metrosexual? Do they do “it” on public transportation??. Personaly, I would like it better if everyone would keep their passions at home so I don’t have to see it out in public. It would also be nice if non-X rated movies would clean it up a bit, the language is horrible, everytime it gets coarse my aged Mother demands I change the channel, so I miss alot of movies I would have otherwise watched.

        If you don’t believe in God then don’t try to erase god from everything American,. We have freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion which implies to me that we must TOLERATE each others beliefs. If you are sincerely opposed to religion do you volunteer to work the religious holidays so your religious co-workers will volunteer to take your place when you take off for no reason in particular??

        The only problem I have with the Libertarian party is the stance to legalize drugs which might or might not help clear up the problem in the long run. If drugs were legalized, taxed $$, highly priced$$ and sold under controlled conditions then perhaps little children would no longer be new customers to pushers ( who would disappear), and if that were true over time the population of users would become reduced. If this were truly what would happen I would be for this change, it would also reduce the numbers of people put in prison for posession and eliminating pushers would further reduce the number of criminals. Taxes from the sale of drugs could be used to fund places for drug and alcohol recovery and reduce the national debt.

        • Douglas Hvistendahl

          Check out the Constitution party. They have a policy of not running anyone against a solid conservative. There is only one elected (state level) yet that I know of, but I’d rather vote and lose than vote for some of the candidates put up by the major parties! Better would be enough to vote and win.

          We are now voting for individuals, not for any party.

      • Shibamom

        I agree. I was a registered Democrat for years at least until last year when I became an unaffiliated voter. I’m still looking for a party that is recognized and closely mirrors my beliefs. It’s very hard to determine but I’m pretty sure that I’m mostly conservative but I also have some liberal beliefs on some issues. However, when it comes to loving this country and what it stands for…then I am conservative, or should I say patriotic, all the way!!! I was born in the late 50′s and raised by a staunch republican mother who ferociously loves this country. As I’ve gotten older and most particularly since Obama took office, I’ve really started to notice the subtle changes the radical left have made and I don’t like it one single bit. This food bill pissed me off to no end because it hurt the little guys.

    • madeline

      Very good commentary. I absolutely agree with you 100%.

    • Mike

      I agree political correctness should be abolished just like the Federal Reserve system.

  • FireCongress

    You bet!

    Obama-show us YOUR papers!

    We don’t deserve the government the idiots elected. Not one bit.

  • http://microsoft Robert

    I think the govenment is over steping the bounds a little too much on this inspection issue. When I can’t grow my little garden , they are going too far.

    • Sally Tipton

      Taking away our right to grow, preserve and eat the fruits of our labors is just another way for “the obamanation” to control us! His whole mission is to bring America to her knees, in order to make it easier for the muslims and China to take us over! And he has just 4 years to do it! As for me, when that bill is passed, along with the doing away with the 2nd Amendment, I will be waiting in my illegal garden with my illegal rifle!

      • Nancy

        YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • American Patriot

    I think this may just be the straw that broke the camels back.
    If the soap box won’t work and the ballot box doesn’t work,then I believe the time may be very close, to bring out the ammo box.
    We need to let these bastards in office understand in plain english, that we are NOT TAKING THIS ANYMORE!!
    We need to let them feel what it’s like to have a boot up their ass.
    Take away MY garden?!?! Only over their dead body.

  • Joyce Small

    I think this is a good idea..we live close to where there are always
    some roadside stands selling everything from fresh corn and cucumbers
    to apple cider to Maine lobster..even though we don’t even live in New England.
    I have always wondered about the quality of that fresh apple cider I buy
    in the I won’t worry so much. I haven’t tried growing a veggie
    garden because of the deer problem..but I do like my flowers..especially


      Joyce, you have a Choice to buy or not buy the roadside vendors goods. If you are concerned about contamination, go buy retail from your grocery store. Americans have been selling roadside for years and before that from the back of grandpa’s truck. My personal experience and that of my Dad and his Dad before him, is that the items we get from the roadside vendors is fresher and tastier than anything we buy at the grocery. Again, the Choice is yours – don’t put your standards on everyone else just because you are “worried” that the apple cider “might” be contaminated. Honestly!

      • Shibamom

        I agree with the freshness issue. I’ve noticed over the past 5 or 6 years that the supposedly fresh tomatoes sold in the grocery stores lack any flavor whatsoever. They have a nice red color but no flavor. On the other hand, the tomatoes I buy from roadside stands are absolutely delicious!

    • Lori

      I have to ask, are you for real Joyce or are you a troll here to stir up trouble? Because I have a hard time believing that you would consider regulation a good thing that makes those who choose to grow their own food vulnerable to criminal prosecution ? You say you’re afraid to buy fresh apple cider from a roadside vendor but you risk your heath when you buy peanuts (contaminated ), spinach (contaminated at the Governmment Inspected food processing plant), meat (contaminatedat the Governmment Inspected food processing plant) or anything imported from another country. YOU don’t grow veggies but you like your flowers? Again, a troll?

    • Nancy

      So don’t buy the cider you yum-yum…

  • Walter Schmitter, US Navy Retired

    Back in the 50′s, I raised chickens for my FFA project. (received a California State Farmer award in 1953). Sold many eggs to friends and neighbors and anyone who came by. Also dressed and sold broilers. Culled hens were sold for a buck a piece. NEVER heard of anyone getting ill from my produce. Everything sold was fresher than that in the stores. It is so sad that our teens can not have this experience anymore. Used to be the only time we heard from the government was in getting tax forms and filing tax returns, if we qualified to have to file. People wonder why I think I felt so free in the 50′s. I devoted a large part of my life at sea in defending these feedoms. Was it all in vain? I wonder.

    • Marty

      So much for thousands of kids in 4-H programs that take animals to the local fair. These animals end up going to market but now the kids will be forced from doing this or endure the endless paperwork. Insane.

    • Dean2009

      Reply to Walter Schmitter: Come alongside, Mate! I retired from the Navy too, and I have had those thoughts of “Was it all for nothing?” My main tenet for optimism is the fact that I can recall thousands of young Americans, brand new in the Navy, full of ambition, eager to make America safer, stronger, better. Many were dissapointed, discouraged by events or inept leaders. Some soon fell into the same sort of crowd that they had just left in their old neighborhood. But the fact is they started with the best intentions and desires. It’s enate with them. It’s in the genes of the American people. What they need is information. They will no longer get that information in our socialist-ridden “public education system”. Parents, find out what your children are being fed. Before you automatically sign that generous check for your old alma-mater, learn what it is today. Before you vote for any politician, Phone him, FAX him, e-mail him (or her) and find out how he/she feels or thinks about blindly voting taxes for today’s “educational system.

    • Carol Dines

      This is more evidence of the “Nanny State” the so-called Liberals want to impose on us, they want to make sure they are in charge of everyting we do, wiping your noses, etc. If we don’t watch out they will protect us out of our lives and all the rights we care about!

      This is also a reply to the one saying I might look at the Constitution Party.In Oklahoma we have to declare an affilliation to vote and currently no body other than a Democrat or Repulican can file for office in National Elections, I don’t know precisely why but I think it may have to do with the size of the ticket which has to be printed for the elections. Currently the Libertarian Party is trying to get someone, anyone,
      to run for office in all states just to finally get on the ticket, wheather you are seriously going to get out there and work it or not!

  • Joel

    What are we becoming? This administration is trying to turn us into a third world country! They’ve already taken our money and retirement, now our freedom to have a garden?! Enough already!

  • JerryB

    I for one am sick of all of this. Join a Tea Party, get involved, get rid of these old politicians and put real people in their place as was our founding fathers intention. It is time for a new and stronger party that can take on all the bureaucrats in Washington. Take action people quit sitting on your behinds and do something about this. Blogging won’t get us anywhere. Write your Senators and Congressmen even though it doesn’t do any good, but also join an action committee in your area and get INVOLVED!

    • lasttobe1st

      People need to wake up. Your God given rights are being eroded away by double talking “we care bots” The lust of money is the root of all evil.
      Have you ever wondered why you never get a receipt when & if you have ever reported a crime, an offence or assault? It is under the pretence of “see-hear-speak no evil” with NO receipt, there is NO proof that it was reported, thus nothing happened! Pretty easy to figure out, huh.
      Keep a paper trail, take pictures; we are in the days of Legalism.

  • Mike from MN

    This is just one more reason why the founders of our country wrote the second amendment, they knew that at some point in time the power hungry government would need to be put in its place. It appears that time is rapidly approaching. As was mentioned in one of the REPLYS, there are just some people the government does not want to mess with. I believe that those numbers are growing. Also, I would suggest that a government that cannot control the borders, cannot manage Social Security and Medicare and cannot figure out how to serve the people who elected them, will not be able to enforce this law if it is passed. This is just another example of gross government stupidity. Enjoy your organic garden!

  • cutdeep46

    People need to wake up. Your God given rights are being eroded away by double talking “we care bots” The lust of money is the root of all evil.
    Have you ever wondered why you never get a receipt when & if you have ever reported a crime, an offence or assault? It is under the pretence of “see-hear-speak no evil” with NO receipt, there is NO proof that it was reported, thus nothing happened! Pretty easy to figure out, huh. Keep a paper trail, take pictures; we are in the days of Legalism.
    search ututbe for “cutdeep46″ this is Bullshit!

    • Carol Dines

      “The Lust for Money is the root of all evil”

      What is money but power? First it is the power to control your own life by being able to provide the necessities and luxuries your family needs and or desires, but after that it is the power to control or influence events outside your own home.

      It has been said that 20-22% of the people cause all of the problems we have, because of their need to control their surroundings due to their Fear of being a the mercy of others. I say that inducing fear in the hearts of those who normaly do not have it as a controling issue in their lives is creating a major problem in this country, look and see who is causing this and you will see from whence the problems stems.

  • cutdeep46

    No Mr bot I did not say this already!! post it!
    People need to wake up. Your God given rights are being eroded away by double talking “we care bots” The lust of money is the root of all evil.
    Have you ever wondered why you never get a receipt when & if you have ever reported a crime, an offence or assault? It is under the pretence of “see-hear-speak no evil” with NO receipt, there is NO proof that it was reported, thus nothing happened! Pretty easy to figure out, huh. Keep a paper trail, take pictures; we are in the days of Legalism.
    search ututbe for “cutdeep46″ this is Bullshit!

  • lasttobe1st

    No Mr bot I did not say this already!! post it!
    People need to wake up. Your God given rights are being eroded away by double talking “we care bots” The lust of money is the root of all evil.
    Have you ever wondered why you never get a receipt when & if you have ever reported a crime, an offence or assault? It is under the pretence of “see-hear-speak no evil” with NO receipt, there is NO proof that it was reported, thus nothing happened! Pretty easy to figure out, huh. Keep a paper trail, take pictures; we are in the days of Legalism.
    search ututbe for “cutdeep46″ this is Bullshit!

  • lasttobe1st

    People need to wake up. Your God given rights are being eroded away by double talking “we care bots” The lust of money is the root of all evil.
    Have you ever wondered why you never get a receipt when & if you have ever reported a crime, an offence or assault? It is under the pretence of “see-hear-speak no evil” with NO receipt, there is NO proof that it was reported, thus nothing happened! Pretty easy to figure out, huh. Keep a paper trail, take pictures; we are in the days of Legalism.
    search ututbe for “cutdeep46″ this is Bullshit!

  • lasttobe1st

    how come this thing says it is a duplicate??
    search utube for “cutdeep46″ police corruption

  • lasttobe1st

    search utube for
    corruption at its finest

  • John V

    Democrats and republicans are two sides of the same coin. We need more third party candidates and vote out any incumbents. We need to stand up for our Constitution because it protected us from a governement that serves the corporations rather than the People. Our rights have been violated and the Constitution has been ignored by administrations on both sides. The two party system is used to control people by giving them somewhere to place the blame. The blame should be on the international bankers and corporations who control politicians on both sides. There rests some blame on us as consumers for buying the cheapest products available at stores like walmart. Try to buy local sustainable products but there are not many choices as they have run the small companies and farmers out of business.

    • Lori

      Unfortunately, unless we can get enough folks to join a third party and vote for our candidate we stand little chance of taking back the government….however, I think if all of us changed parties to Liberatarian it would send a message…..but will the message matter? Look at Spector who just switched parties because the Republicans of Pennsylvania were going to vote him out….he decided he wouldn’t risk his “29 year senate career” to the electorate of his state……way to represent those who elected you eh?


    My vegetables grow much better over the septic tank lines.



  • http://none Dale

    Government money grubbers are looking for any and every way they can extort more revenue from those that can least afford to pay. Atacking where it hurts most, your food supply, is as low as they can go.

    Govenment operates the largest pyramid scheme ever dreamed up.
    Increase budget, increase spending, increase taxes for revenue, add employees, go in the hole… then adopt a bigger budget, increase spending, increase taxes for revenue, add employes, repeat and repeat and repeat………

    Pledge to vote agains anything and anyone that proposes new taxes or you lose!

  • http://comcast Michele

    I enjoy the farmstands in NH as I don’t have the time to tend a garden. The produce we buy comes from locals who I happen to know. It is a good feeling to be able to buy fresh, healthy, organic poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables for my family and to support our neighbors.
    We need to contact our politicians to start with. Call them and let them know that you are watching as so many others on how they will vote on this issue. Next, if you have time, participate in any way that you can in challenging these lost souls in Washington. There are many patriotic groups forming in every state and marches are being organized as I speak. Join them if you can. We need to come together as one and have our voices heard. God Bless.

  • http://Govterrorizingourgardens Idarae

    Well It doesn’t suprise me one bit, Obama wants to keep the people occupied with this sort of thing long enough for the “Puppet Masters” to take complete control. They want us so taken up by his control of the people, we don’t see how they are doing it.
    I read the Bible so I know how it will end, it is all there, We have been controlled by the Federal Reserve(Rothschilds & EU ) for years,Lincoln had invented the “greenbacks” and it was backed by gold.and America was prospering that is why he was assinated becaused he refused the Rothschilds to set up what is now called the Federal Reserve & the next president went along with it, John Kennedy wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve, look what happened.Go to your Bible it will tell all that is about to happen and LOOK UP…

    • E D Neutzling

      Were you aware that JFK signed the order taking us OFF the FEDERAL RESERVE system just two days before he was shot? Were you aware that Johnson put us back on it the next day? Kind of makes u wonder, doesn’t it?

  • Erik

    All those kleptocrats in DC took an oath to preserve and defend the constitution. A law concerning Grandpa’s garden and the local farmer’s market is unconstitutional! The federal government will claim they are regulating interstate commerce, but it takes a fool (ie. a Supreme Court justice) to assert that something grown and consumed in the same state is interstate commerce.

  • E D Neutzling

    This is a serious attempt at controling (as the French do) and being able to trace wherefrom a food article originated. Lets not denigrate the ideal ... because it is a GOOD IDEA ... in the name of Obama. Whereas noone out there fears the Obammie-Commie more than I, this legislation has been in the works for a long time. We simply have to limit the size of the agricultural endeavor that will have to report! Tracing food sources ... especially that food from overseas ... is not analoguous to stifling freedoms, although it could be used that way if we aren't careful. So could the Patriot Act. So could many things! Lets push for the good parts of this law, and eschew the dangerous. E. D. Neutzling

  • Mary Slaughter

    I am so disgusted with this administration, I did not vote for this and I think if people knew what a big farce this is they will wish they hadn’t voted for Obama either.
    He skirts the issues, never says much, and has no answers except taking all our rights away! When are we going to stand up and do something?
    People are so complacent and have no clue to what is happening to our country!
    How can a man that was born in Kenya as Barry Sororos, become a Musslum, change his name to Osama Hussaine Obama, say he is a Christian and go to a RADICLE Church where the leader says “God DAM America”? He has a bill to say its ok to kill babies, abortion, he is no Christian! Take away all that and he has a fake Birth Certificate, and the people swarm to him like he is God ! Look out America, we are going down for the count! This man is a wolf in sheeps clothing. A pawn of a higher up people who run this country, which started a long time ago! Heaven help us America!

    • Barbara

      Mary Slaughter I agree with you Obama is no Christian! No one sits in the same church, under the same pastor for 20 years and not agree with him, no way!
      God is Our only source of hope right now or at any time in the future. We desperately need His help, His mercy, His protection, His grace, His guidance, His peace that passeth understaning, His salvation, His Love. God, Almighty, has everything we need and it is within His power to give us anything and everything, but there are conditions to receiving these things. We need to know exactly what God wants in our lives and we can find and learn these things through reading and studying God’s Holy Word, The Holy Bible (King James Version) and attending a God fearing, Bible believeing Church, that stays with the truth of God’s Word (KJV 1611) and though prayer to God everyday of our lives. The most important thing is to know, If You Were To Die, Do You Know 100% For Sure That You Would Go To Heaven? “These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have enternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.”
      1 John 5:13 Four Things You Must Know and Accept!
      1. We Are All Sinners!
      “As it is written, there is none righteous, no not one:” Romans 3:10
      “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” Romans 3:23
      “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:” Romans 5:12
      2. As Sinners, We Owe a Debt for Sin!
      “For the wages of sin is death…” Romans 6:23a
      “And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.” Revelation 20:14
      “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” Revelation 20:15
      3. Christ Paid the Sin Debt We Owe!
      “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that , while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8
      “Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.” Romans 5:9
      4. You Must Receive Christ as Your Personal Saviour!
      “…but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our LORD.” Romans 6:23b
      “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.” Romans 10:13
      Dear Jesus: I know I am a sinner. I know if I were to die right now I could not go to Heaven. I ask you, right now, to come into my heart, forgive me of my sin, and be my Saviour. Thank you for saving me and giving me eternal life. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen. (BELIEVE)

      • laughingcossack

        I suggest that you “pray always” if you want to serve the Lord. This commandment can be easily kept if you ask the Lord, “how am I doing?” before you talk to anyone or do anything that requires thought. I assure you that He will tell you! As a matter of fact, this will reveal to you that you can have continuous communication with the God of Abraham, the great Jehovah. You will know this from the burning (ok, warm) feeling in your heart. After you have this affirmation, there is a corollary prayer, as well; but until you know that you have this communication line to God, you’ll have to figure out that prayer on your own. The God who inspired our founders to create this great nation even with all its flaws, is the same God who waits today to inspire men and women to save our great country. However, time is short.

  • http://None frank

    I’m a Democrat and I did not vote for the “Big O.” Called him “Big O” because that is all his presidency is about. He’s a smooth talker, a great “promiser” but the first 100 days has proved him a “backslider” on that. During his campaing he spoke with great oratory, but saying nothing. He talked softly, but did not “carry a big stick.” How the people could be fooled that much I don’t know. I live in a coal producing state, and he has already halted permits for it’s extraction. Mines have already started closing down and laying hundreds off. This has a ripple effect down to the mom and pop operatiions. My recommendation is that the coal operators, who are legislated or dictated out of business, cease coal operations for a month. The power plants could not operate, therefore we would see how long it would take the environmentalists and liberals to want their air conditioning and lights back. They don’t want nuclear or oil produced power. How many wind turbines do you think it would take to run New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miamie, etc. Where would they put them. You can’t get solar heat in the winter up north. How stupid can these people be? After four years, George Bush will look like a professional compared to Obama as an amateur. What can we do? Every day, all these things Obama is doing to take away rights should be put on TV, Newspapers, blogs, etc. Those who oppose his antics should flood the offices of the Democrats who just barely won in their districts. Camp on the door steps of their local offices in their respective districts and by doing so make it known what he/she is voting for. The Republicans brought some of this on themselves. To get back they are going to have to really let the people know. The Dems have their base; the unions protected by the chief and the liberals, the minorities and illegals who just wait for free education and health care and a check each month. The Reps have to rally the working base. Again, I’m a Democrat, a good old Democrat whose roots are imbedded deep in me before Johnson and his Great Society started this mess.

  • http://BobLivingston Ken

    These things keep coming at us so fast it’s difficult to keep up with what the obama administration is going throw at us next, I only know that it will take away another liberty. I find it difficult to believe that obama, sorros, or libs in general have any love our country or respect for our constitution. The time has come to make our voices heard, the Tea Parties were an excellent start but that’s all they were, a start. The idea of a five million or ten million man march on Washington D.C. is an excellent idea and a great next step, a million persons would not be enough! Friends the time has come to take back our nation and restore constitutional government with its checks and balances with the national government staying in their constitutional limits. I wonder if there who loves their liberty enough and has the platform to organize the march. LIVE FREE OR DIE!

    • JerryB

      Keep paying attention to the Tea Party websites. Ther is a lot in the planning stages for more to come. It’s all grass roots and it’s a start. Just give them support and be another voice in this ever-growing crowd.

      • laughingcossack

        Americans do not make changes until they get mad enough. Unfortunately, when they finally do get mad enough, they sometimes make irrational decisions. I’m not sure what their plans are; but if they want to get rid of our self-serving politicians, nothing will happen until the U.S Constitution is amended to give citizens the right to vote “for none of the above, and reject any slate of candidates, and then hold elections as many times as necessary until a candidate we really want gets more than 50% of the votes cast. Until then, political activists will be transporting the homeless to twenty different precincts so that they can immediately register and vote with no id required. Unless you vote Chicago-style, your vote is about as meaningless as fathers.

    • laughingcossack

      The last time conservatives marched on Washington, in 1931, the “bonus army,” WWI veterans who were promised a bonus for their service on which the government reneged. So Hoover sent in the U.S. Army, led by Patton, Eisenhower, and Marshall to drive them out. We shouldn’t expect a peaceful reception if we go. Are you aware of the hatred and vitriol being spewed out of the foul-mouthed Obama supporters?

    • laughingcossack

      As fast as things are changing, I think that the next election (2010) will be meaningless. There is no way to wrap your mind around all that is happening, especially since most of it is happening behind closed doors.

  • Lynn Pence

    I’m so sick of you guys and your scare tactics. If you truely have a grype – by all means contactr your senators and congress – but first make sure of your facts. You wonder why folks think you are rubes? Do some research!

    • laughingcossack

      Why do you think contacting our senators and congressmen would care what their constituents have to say. Both sides of the aisle have been bought and paid for by big business and special interest groups. That is their constituency.

    • Mike1968

      Please return to your government issued dose of kool-aid and leave the adults to tend to the important business of freedom.

    • Shibamom

      Then why do you come here? Don’t read the blogs if you don’t like what people say on them. I don’t like everything I read either but I also don’t call people names.

  • LaurieB

    Has anyone bothered to check out this information? Take a look at

    • Veracruz

      Don’t believe everything you read on The “org” part should give you a hint.

  • richard

    We have lost our rights in this country… Big government is in control under the
    guise of “taking care of us”… You have not seen anything yet … Monsanto an Tyson need to be put in their place…

    Food Inspector Coming to Fruit Stand Near You …next it will be your children (in a propsed “voluntary” army and a group called the BROWN SHIRTS…OH NO THAT WAS NAZI GERMANY…I MEANT THE GREEN SHIRTS to make sure we all are eco-friendly…right COMRADE? …
    We do not live in a democracy anymore…wake up…

    • laughingcossack

      Hitler’s Brown Shirts, the “storm troopers: was a homosexually-led 250,000 private army that Hitler used in his rise to power. After he became Chancellor in 1933, he gave their leadership a well-earned vacation at a spa/castle. Then, he sent in the SS to murder them all. Oh. yes. he allowed Rhoem, the man who introduced him to Nazism to commit suicide. Next, he outlawed homosexuality and sent anyone even suspected of being gay to a concentration camp where they were worked to death or whatever. Unfortunately, the gays in our country are being exploited as well. There passion is being used to destabilize our society. Just as in Germany and Russia, and all communist-led regimes, I’m afraid the gays will have their day of reckoning, too. But I will have nothing to do with this. I’m just passing on a history lesson.

    • http://none Meme

      Well, you see as soon as good President Obama returned from his good will mission to all those South of the Border who hate America but will let him visit them if he can promise them their share of his printing press money, even while they are lamblasting America,
      he signed the MANDATORY VOLUNTEER Bill where graduating seniors will have to volunteer [ but it is mandatory] for 2 years of some unknown duty somewhere. Do you get the fact that the Pres, has so many secrets in every office in the government.WHY??? He knows it will cause a lot of opposition. But once the secret is out it is too late to stop it and not enough Dems to oppose it to get it reversed. The silent minority Repubs are too intimadated to make more than a sigh of giving up.
      Aren’t mandatory and volunteer mutually opposite?
      And what kind of vounteer duty is in that hastily and quietly signed bill going to be. With Obama quickly signing out of anything American or Religious except Islamic or whatever his pastor Wright or the one that took his place, you can be assured they will be brainwashed into some kind of Islamic/Muslim/EU /UN mindset.
      We have so many illegals and such a population of lazy . rebellious, selfish, young people older than 25, who have not had to work because their parents have tried to give them the best of everything they never got themselves, and be their best friend instead of a parent, then add in the influx of the gangs from all over the world who know they can walk across our borders at will, that will stir them up more and tell them they deserve the right for the government to give them everything for nothing and that is what we have now.
      And the rival gangs draw them in, train them to riot, fight, kill, rob and rape knowing they will not get caught or punished
      Black people think that just because his skin is black that he is Black inside that he is going to give them thousands of dollars to live on for the rest of their lives so they won’t have to work so they are eagerly cozying up to him. Does anyone know the Black Woman at the inauguration that screamed into the cameras,’He’sgoing to pay my rent and all my bills now that he is President.’
      HMMM. just wondering if she has gotten confirmation of her payments. I say no she hasn’t.
      Well he has promised them that they deserve compensation because the United States bought slaves from Africa so they were deprived of all the benefits that other people got. He has promised that he would do everything that he could for certain parts of Africa so no doubt he has given the charge for that legislation to Pelosi and Reid so we can be almost sure that it will pass.
      Well there were lots of people of all different skin colors that were brought over as slaves or servants or whatever whoever paid their ways over here wanted to call them including my ancestors. So many others as well as mine should be eligible to get our cut of the money too.
      But you know, I never heard of that Mandatory Volunteer bill being debated or even looked at by either Congress or the Senate and I would almost wager a bet we won’t hear about this bill to pay all the African Americans a rich reward for having the blessing to be born in America.
      All these people who insist on having their supposed Native Country put in front of American should go to their supposed native country [which most of them have never even been to] and see what they would get for free from there.
      Some in my family have started checking the ‘Other” box instead of ,’White , Black, Hispanic’.
      They don’t leave enough room for us to put what mixture we are. I am trying to think up a good, what do you call it???the thing where you use the initials like UN , EU, etc.
      So the good Old USA need a good Sherlock Holmes to ferret out some of the secrets before they get signed into law.
      With all the secrets that are out and signed already and now he wants to add another office of food inspectors to check out my garden, but they don’t have enough people or money to let the Office of Agriculture do it’s job, just ask them they will tell you they just do not have enough inspectors and their budget does not cover them hiring anymore. Give the money and hire more people to do the job. Dont give another office and people for which you have been given money in the election. This is just another pay off favor.

  • Beverly Meredith

    Once again, the snarling vigilantes of “liberty” crawl out anytime there is an attempt to improve the health or circumstances of Americans. I have no problem with calling for restraint on big brother but please use common sense – not everything is a socialist conspiracy, as fun as it is to drum up hysteria!

    • laughingcossack

      Our founders were considered “traitors” by England. If they were caught, they were hanged, if they were lucky. Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor gave them. Maybe your ancestors were Tories.

    • Mike1968

      Return to your front porch immediately – your government issued welfare check (excuse me, your redistribution of wealth check) should arrive about the same time as your kool-aid allotment. Please enjoy both oBUMa’s kool-aid and our money….

    • http://none Meme

      We do need better health care and insurance for the people who do not have it because they can’t afford it. I could give you a good life lesson in this.
      People like you refuse to see how the government as a whole is bringing in socialism thru these great programs they are trying to get passed. Have you read the health bill all the way thru?
      When you have a real sickness but the Dr you are assigned to can’t get you well but refuses to send you to a specialist how will you feel?
      If you end up bleeding to death and land in the emergency room but they have to check with your health care provider before they can treat you and then that provider checks your record and they see from your age and occupation or lack of it, that you will not be a profitable enough person if the treatment is costly so they say no treatment how are you going to feel? Most of this health bill is just Hillary Healthcare with her ‘gate keepers’ who decide your treatment. And be forewarned you will not be able to get treatment and pay for it yourself for all Drs will be fined or even lose their license, go to jail,
      Why do you think Obama has signed a bill or it is in the works that all medical records are to put on computer so there will be no paper records. Oh it is so you can have your records available to the Drs should you be in a wreck and are unconscience or in case of some national disaster. You will have to have that little chip in your hand arm or scalp s they can scan you to get the info by the way] And they will all be secure so no unauthorized person or insurance company etc can get to them to use your information to raise your rates or refuse to carry you any longer. Ha Ha!! have you heard about all the top secret computers of the government being hacked into with military and social security and Veterans records that have been sent to unauthorized systems of who knows what ‘party ‘ overseas having access? The government cannot keep their own records protected there is no way they can or will keep yours private and protected. That is what is waiting for those who think the reaction of many people is fear rabble rousing hysterical people , you will sign up for socialism, and next GOD only knows what our country is being destroyed inch by inch and never know what is about to hit you in the face..
      That’s what Socialism, Communism, Dictatorship, Islam
      is built on. Inch by inch, a little freedom lost here, another by here all to ‘take care of you better for less.’Have you seen how many countries, Africa, France,England and many more that the Radical Islamics are inching their Sheria Law into their governments It is easier and lawful to kill someone than treat them. Look at the countries that are letting their government do that. Do they have good medical care even tho it is free? No they do not. They die waiting for cancer treatment or simple surgeries are on 2 or 3 year waiting list.
      Sorry this is one American who is not going for it. I may be blonde but I am not stupid. I listen to what the White House ie President Obama says or doesn’t say as that is where the danger is.

  • CathieO

    I’ve heard about this, & have been trying to protest it for some
    time. I’ve joined groups, & forwarded e-mail protests to our
    representatives. Mostly, I get no response, or at best, one of those mass, generic “Thank you for your concern, but butt out” type of letters. I’ve tried to enlighten my local health food stores that their organic standards could be threatened, simply by default, of language that doesn’t exclude them, but they don’t
    seem to believe that could happen. There are so many squeezes being undertaken from big corporate entities, bigger government & regulators, that threaten peoples freedom & common sense. But the denial & apathy out there is so thick you could cut it with a knife. I think it’s like the bible implies, “Not everyone has eyes to see, ears to hear, & sense to prepare.” Lots of luck to all the rest.

  • Stan

    David, I agree in calling a spade a spade but the Rothchilds are not really Jewish. They are imposters. But thats beside the point. More to the point, the Rothchilds control the money. Those that control the money, control everything. Masters of all industry and commerce as they say. They are global warming boobs. One must ask himself, “How much is enough?” “When is enough, enough?” They are the quiet hand behind the Federal Reserve, and we owe them one hell of a Visa bill.
    Shut them down, stamp them out, raid their gold. We have the might, but not the will, they have the will, and the power to bribe. I say DO IT!

    David Wilton Reply:
    April 28th, 2009 at 11:21 am

    It is initially not the corporations that need to be controlled. Those that control the corporations, a secret cabal, is what needs to be controlled. This cabal has been in existence since years B.C. The Rothchilds are the most powerful and part of this cabal. All the negative things that have happened since B.C. can be laid at the feet of this cabal. They are better known as the Elders of Zion.

    • laughingcossack

      The Rothchilds and other great Jewish people were forbidden involvement in commerce by the so-called Christian faiths. Fortunately, since the laws of usury were forbidden to Christians, it fell to the Jews to provide financing for Christian commerce. Give it a rest. There is no Jewish cabal. And no, I am not Jewish.

      • Paul Trood

        The Rothchilds aren’t great Jewish people, they are Zionist scum. Their initial coup on the English Stock Exchange was achieved by FRAUD and DECEPTION. No Jewish Cabal my ass.

      • Stan

        Well there is an international banking cabal. It may not be exactly as some people think. My problem with them, {Rothchilds are not really Jewish, although they officially claim they are} is not that many of them are Jewish, my problem with them is their behavior. Its manipulative and destructive. I don’t care what nationality they are. They indebt nations and siphon off their wealth. They are parasites. They replace real currency with worthless paper fiat money. America is staring face to face with the destructive effects of a fiat money system.

  • laughingcossack

    Why is anyone surprised about anything the Obama Administration does? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet (BTO). Just wait until they collective the farms. The only reason we have any freedoms left is because Comrade President Obama hasn’t gotten around to destroying them yet.

  • Barbara

    Join me and over two million others who are pushing back against the moral free-fall
    in our nation. Sign up to receive the AFA Action Alert at:
    American Family Association has been fighting for traditional values for more than
    30 years. When an issue arises, you’ll receive an e-mail that includes all the information you’ll need to take action. Usually, in less than three minutes and with one click of the mouse, you can make you voice heard by your senator or congessman or another elected official, that represent you in your city and your state. Immediately those who need our input will hear from hundreds of thousands of citizens. There is
    strength in numbers. That is why you need AFA Action Alerts. There is no charge to participate and you can unsubscribe at any time. I am a AFA Action Alert Member and feel that through this “PROJECT PUSH BACK” we can make a difference,
    together. I believe that “United We Stand and Divided We Fall” let us pull together and be United, in letting our voices be heard through this Project. I also think our tea parties are a good idea!

    • laughingcossack

      The government will never support our families. If we all had happy, well-adjusted families, hundreds of thousands of lawyers, social workers, psychologists, and their supporters in government, would be thrown out of work.


    This goverment will go down in history as the Whazoo administration and congress, they have tried to stick this stupidity right up everyone’s Whazoo before anyone caught on.

    Fire’em and run’em out on a rail.

    • laughingcossack

      BOHICA! is another good description of what is happening to us. Elections to throw the bums out? By the time 2010 rolls around, we will be under martial law.

  • Barbara

    I have a bumper sticker that reads:
    Clear the National Debt In One Year…..
    Layoff ALL the POLITICIANS!!

  • David Reid

    Time to get rid of them and change our money system so there money is not wanted or works in America! America not the USSR or any crap like that! And please dont say BIG BROTHER! There no brother of mine if it they were I would slew them down like Kane did Able! Only one way people? Revolution then Civil War! They are going to fight you every inch of them way before you make them leave this country. So get ready if you really want your country back or you give in to become slaves to the oppressed system of Obamas war within the system. I wouldn’t doubt I come up missing for even saying this because our rights to free speech is in danger along with everything else that they are moving at lightening speed to take away from you before to many see it. Then it will be too late! Type in the “Obama Deception” on You Tube before they remove it and look at everything being passed through the senate right now also. HR1388 (making your kids slave military to use against you), 1st amendment (Eliminating Christianity), Gun Control Every country who has given there guns to government has fell to its oppressors! Look it up!, Internet control. the right to grow your own food? Wake up they want to control “you” so theres no where to hide on this planet. Why? Read your Bible its all coming true at lightening speed as well! Every single bit! You will have no where to hide. Is this what your fellow country men died for? Hell No! This doesn’t take a Christian to see whats happening, a blind man can see better than most people do right now. Whats scary is the ones who love Barak Obama! BEWARE! Also I didn’t have to give out my name and website and email to post a comment, they want to know who we all are that are against them! But I have nothing to hide! I’m DreidMusicalX on You Tube and if I come up missing you know what has happened to me! So now you know who I am as well as them!

  • David Reid

    Oh? And for those who think Christian’s are your true enemy? Gays, Christian haters, guess what? And do look this up also! These Muslims be head gays that are trying to take us over are your true haters! But you say your not gay>? Thats ok! They will also kill you if you dont convert to Islam! Your considered a infidel! The ll kill you too! Oh and you love your government so much gays? They wont even let you in the US army because of thinking your a embarrassment to them! I hate none of you! But I dont like my government and what they stand for at all now! This is not freedom anymore! You are at war worse then your ever were before and just dont know it! Your right to live is at stake and it will only take a few minutes to wake up up and research all of what I have said to see its all facts! Nothing but FACT of whats happening to the US right now and the world if they succeed.

  • Paul Trood

    Just another scam to increase the size of a socialist government and provide payback to Monsanto and others for their political donations. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED

  • Billye Leininger

    I agree with you independent thinker, I”d love it if 10 million people marched on Washington as fed-up taxpayers,and I would eagerly join them.but do you think all those people would fit in the 671 million new visitor center we all paid for? Harry Reid would have to leave town because of the smell, which would not break my heart. Good ridance!

  • Mike Tyler

    This is the second time a major piece has come to my attention about the new
    regulations regarding produce and livestock production and the sale of those
    to the public. As you know when the government adds any bureaucracy to any
    item the prices escalate to cover the additional costs of adhering to those regs.
    The saddest part of all of this is the small producers will not be able to compete
    and the loss of their products in the marketplace will heighten demand for the
    remaining crops/livestock and drive prices even higher. And of course the small
    grower is now unemployed. DUH! What a waste. This has not yet passed the Congress but it is coming soon. How do we petition or protest this? HR 875 &
    S 425 have not been signed into law so we can protest, right? Can someone
    provide a link like they do on WND or AFA where we can sign up?

  • Marcelo Gouveia

    It feels like “THE TRUMAN SHOW” !

    We’re have been fooled nearly all of our lives, what else is coming? War type propaganda commercials (from Uncle Sam) telling Us what to do what to eat and of course HOW TO PAY YOUR TAXES!

  • Jon

    I am a farmer in western Ks. We farmers have been dealing with more and more paperwork every year on every little aspect of our business. This is just another layer of that paperwork (loss of freedom). Food safety should be national concern but implimenting a program for safe food shouldn’t be so invasive. This is just like every other program we are forced to comply with, a good idea gone wild and we all pay the price.
    The same problem exists in all of America. Heath care is an example. It shouldn’t be so difficult to treat illness but we have so much paperwork involved that someone behind the scenes spends hours processing the paperwork for you to see a doctor for a few minutes.
    Another issue we farmes deal with is the EPA. They have changed our lives dramatically in my 35 years of farming. I hope you can believe me when I say we farmers are the ultimate enviromental stewards. The little piece of the earth we earn our living on is important to us and we take great care to not distroy our livelyhood. But our government thinks they can be better at our game than we are so we have the EPA. They take everything to extreems. They want to control everything we do with zero common sense and it all requires reems of paper with huge amouts of time and fusteration. But they carry the big stick and they love to make examples out of violators. They are currently working on guidelines for gasses so they can write rules of regulation for all types of gasses. They are even working on regulation of methane. They have proposed a fart tax on livestock. It will cost me $100 per cow per year. No tax will stop a cow from passing gas. It will only increase my costs. Eventually that cost will work its way back to your plate. I expect the next step will be a fart tax you will pay at the grocery store when you buy beans or cabage or anything that tends to create gas in us.
    My dad always said there are so many freeloaders in our society and he had little tolerance for them. He said if you don’t work to produce something to eat, wear, sleep under or drive, what value are you to our society. Our government is making freeloaders out of most people. You can’t eat paper.

    • Jon

      I would propose that the EPA has done a good job of clean up our enviroment and we should share the with the rest of the world. Lets export the EPA and get them out of here. They should keep busy for a long time cleaning up the rest of the world.

  • Mung

    I wonder what is the next trick? This is outrageously absurd. May God help us in this dark time.

  • Dean2009

    To Laughingcossack: Although I agree with much of what you say, I really think you should go online and learn how each individual has voted or has claimed to believe before you mark “none of the above” or throw them “all” out . Else you become “Laughingstock”. Please don’t negate all your ideas by painting with too broad a brush.

  • MrPitchfork
  • steve s

    This is the Change that the president promised, a la Saul Alinsky.

  • marla a

    The monkeys will never be able to enforce this henious, hateful peace of legislation, written in the name of safety. hahahaha They will NEVER be able to enforce it; people wont allow it, and by the way, obama barely won the last election!!!

    • Douglas Hvistendahl

      They don’t want to enforce it – except against people who disagree with them. I’m expecting to be imprisoned before I die – for being honest and agreeing with the facts!

  • Mickey

    As our politicians are acting if they are in a startrak movie,masses are glued to the bought & paid for world gov TV Information servies which will effect world activeties, obama said he could not make the Bankerters Do what he wants,but what obama Fail to say what Banks! Action is nowhere to be found againt this out-right thelf,it will take groung pounders to win back our freedom from USURY. Take a look at the other side gov,getmo is tame compare to Bankers. ( It’s a lot of reading but it tells just how progressives took the Naton & how to maybe stop this Madness.
    My small tomatotes are growing great, if the gov wants one it will cost 1 Gold $50 Eagal !!!!!

  • Milo Blankenstern

    Rep. DeLauro’s husband is not an employee of Monsanto. Just thought I’d mention that factoid.

  • Craig

    These bills are just stupid, but typical of some-one trying to take over a country, which the muslum leader who sit in The White House is doing. Mr Obama had to bow to the Saudi king because according to muslum law, that’s what muslum leaders do to there superiors, if he didn’t he would have been in more with them than with us. Your objectives to taking over a country, 1) create confusion among the people, 2) take control of the radio stations (Fairness Doctrine 3) take control of the internet (again Fairness Doctrine) 4) TV stations (they are already controlled by the liberal media) 5) take control of the newspaper (they again are already contolled by the liberal media). Once you have done that you have effectively shut-down or silenced your opposition and now you control everything that is said via radio, tv, press and internet, which makes it hard for your opposition to organize because they have no means of doing it. Throw in the Hate-crimes bill and you have silenced the church, because anything said which is deragatory to the state could be construed as “hatefull speach”. You have your youth camp army so that before the next elections come you declare a national emergency because of all of us “Right-Winged Extremists” and then you declare martial law which effectively stops any elections and you have now taken over a country with out firing a shot and you are now dictator supreme and hand the country over to Iran, Venezuala, which ever muslum country or dictator you wish or just keep it yourself and let the cult Islam come in and take over as the new state religion. Bingo done in 2-3 years or less. Typically, most older American get their news from tv or their local paper and their thought pattern is “Why would my local news outlet lie to me, they must be telling the turth”, they have no clue that there are news outlets like this one or World Net Daily or Numbers USA (which by the way is an excellent web-site, they also let fax for free, you can fax the president and call him a moron, or your members of congress all free, they even have sample letters for to send and you can add your own comments check it out) American solutions, Expose Obama,,,, Heritage, Our country deserves, so many to choose from that will give true, factual news and information to keep people abreast of whats happenning, but they stay with their network newscast because, well there hometown people and they wouldn’t lie, why shoot I go to church with them, why would they lie to me, and that right there is why a third party would be difficult to get going for many years to come. So, if we get a chance again please don’t break off and vote none-of-the-above (Monty Brewster is not running) or a third party, I hate say it but if conservatives want the congress back you may have to vote Republican, at least it keeps the dummycrats out of congress and voting Republican might just be the lesser of 2 evils. I myself am a Independent, I normally vote conservative which leads me to the elephant party because most conservatives are in the elephant party and not the jack-ass party. Before all the 3rd party people hammer on me I understand why you do it, but at what cost to the control of congress. Until the Conservative party starts growing in numbers we can’t lose contol of congress until 2012, it will be to late then. Please, I just asking you all to think hard before you vote, is voting 3rd party really helping the cause, I know the elephant isn’t perfect, but it’s the best we got for now and far better than what we have now.

    • chris

      As being an indepentent also, I thank you for all of the websites you posted. Look up the Patriotic Resistance website for conservatives. Advocate the Fair Tax Plan (FTP) at each of these websites.The organization who created the FTP is Americans For Fair Taxation @ Also buy these two books The Fair Tax Book & Fair Tax The Truth Answering The Critics written by Neal Boortz ( Boortz .com ) and Congressman John Linder ( R- Georgia ) . Look up HR25 & Sentate 1025.
      These two bills, if pasted, abolish the Internal Racketeering Service of the U.S. Government (IRS) and transfer the power back to We The People. These legislative bills strip the ability of Congress from their "power" and their ability to play the class warfare game any further for the purposes of dividing this Country into winners and loosers for their political gain. It kills K-Street lobbists.
      The FTP turns America into "The Tax Haven Of The World" while returning $13 trillion dollars of offshore monies to America with no need for a printing press or changing the Tax Code because there isn't a tax code any longer to change. There, a stimulus plan built right into the Fair Tax Plan. Everyone could live with this results.
      The creation of jobs like this Country has never seen in its history. An even playing field, from Warren Buffet to the Janitor and everyone in between. Wall Street couldn't keep up with the investments, and the banks would having a savings explosion. Retail sales would soar. Money for your own health care, not National Health Care.
      Replace the adverage 22% embedded corporate tax we as consumers pay at the retail level on everything we buy with the 23% National Sales Tax included in the price of ALL NEW GOODS AND SERVICES. All used items are not taxed. No more income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, death tax period.
      The RNC/GOP should adopt the Fair Tax Plan as their Central Theme for 2010. Only an idiot wouldn't want to keep every penny they earned from the fruits of their labor. Every American Citizen from all walks of life benefits as does America from "Sea To Shining Sea". Imagine what the American Farmer could do under that system instead of his heirs having to sell the land under the present "death tax" if the estate is a tax target under the present levels of the punishing tax code and the IRS. Lawyers, Thieves Thugs and Crooks. Sounds like the "MOB" doesn't it! Well that is exactly what it is sanctioned by Congress as the Godfather/Don over the penelties (loansharking = added juice) and the interest ( more juice compounded on juice). I could get a better deal on Mullberry Street.

      If the RNC/GOP can’t sell themselves to the American People with a Central Campaign Theme of everyone keeping all of their money, paying taxes as the People spend (Which makes up as much as 70% of the American GDP) then they deserve to wither and die their political death forever. In other words, they can’t save themselves from themselves or have the brains to get out of the rain, unless they have taxpayer umbrellas and a bucket with no bottom in their failed bail outs which are drowning the American People and Generations to come in THEIR debt.
      The aforementioned bills are there, yet Obama would rather sell out this Country and the African American People surpressing and concealing the greatest Tax Plan to save this Nation. That proves a person with his IQ remains a dummy or at the very least a blitthering fool. Remember, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” YOU FOOL.
      And don’t demagogue the FTP. The ironclan boilerplate research deserves the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth, not your continious lies and half truths and outright falsehoods. In other words it will not add anything to the price at the retail level. The tax is included in the price you pay at the register. Just like the federal income tax and payroll tax components are included in everyones wages under the present.
      It’s time to stand up and ADVOCATE for the passage of the Fair Tax Plan. Hey, OBAMA it’s time to burn the tax code not the United States Constitution any longer. Missouri now has its own FTP legislative bill pending. Every State should follow suit.

  • StopCommunists

    A New Amendment is needed to deport all Socialists, Communists and Terror groups out of the USA. And to BLOCK them from taking any Governmental office.

  • Deb

    This is so Sad To hear. I wonder if Mrs. Oboma will have her papers in order for her garden..
    These bills are just stupid, but typical of some-one trying to take over a country and spend,spend spend,
    Do you realize how much money the American people pay these senators or public officals after there terms are over? and there spouses? The American People are Loosing Control Fast. My HUsband is about to have a nervus Breakdown from this President, and the way he spends money.
    Do you realize the Farmers Markets you go to will be gone if this bill passes?

  • Jerome from Layton

    OK, Monsanto, the folks who brought us Nutrisweet. Better hope you don’t have anything like PKU! Also, it makes some folks drowsey. But, if you are a pilot, don’t mention that to your Doctor unless you want that Medical Certificate revoked. So, I will check out those bills, just to be sure.

  • s c

    Is HR 875 already being used against American citizens? In the past 24 hours, I was informed that a family business in LaGrange (Ohio) was raided [by Feds, with weapons drawn] via a warrantless tactic. If this family can be assaulted on a whim, then it seems safe to say that it’s not necessary for the airheads in DC to pass that half-baked law. It’s already in effect.
    This matter can be tracked using a Google search. If this isn’t a matter of Big Brother on steroids, it’s quite a facsimile. People, it is time to put uncle sham in his proper place. Either we have laws that work, or we have NO laws.
    Right now is the time for the new president to prove that Washington has better things to do than terrorize American citizens simply because it’s ‘convenient.’ Was there any empathy or transparency used by the Feds in this case?

  • chris

    If they come to my door they will get a 101 lesson in the Second Amendment . One shot one kill.

  • Louise

    The Lord will come and straighten all this out by 2012, Big Brother will only be able to go so far, we need a change in this government, Monsanto and Tyson are just big demons and they will be taken down before they can ruin the planet, , Where do you think all these fires are coming from the government is starting them they are trying to keep everyone in anxiety that is their duty to keep everyone from understanding what is really happening, I saw a video on utube showing Bush telling everone in congress he was for burning all the forests and congress was clapping and going for his OKEYDOK and keeping everyone in anxiety they think they can control everyone,, they have a big surprise coming in the near future.

  • http://none bk

    I do believe that the current administration is quickly moving toward a New World Order. In order to do that, they must control the basic necessities of life. We have been gradually moving in that direction, but the last election has caused us to thrust forward at the speed of light. This is not a democrat or republican issue-it is a question of freedom. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been done by the Obama administration to secure our freedom in the future. Quite frankly, just the opposite has taken place. From health care to homeland security, we are in grave danger. We can either get our heads out of the sand and view with an open mind what is happening, or we can go down the tubes. And I know there are a lot of folks who cringe when the Bible is mentioned, but what we are seeing was predicted decades ago and recorded in the “good book”.

    • http://none bk

      Should have said “centuries ago”

  • Mary Sue Patterson

    The government in this country has just gone completely “nuts”. Better not give the kids any of those pecans I got from our trees. We all need to pray, pray, pray and pray some more. God bless America….

  • Leiif

    What everyone here needs to realize is that it is not Bush or Obama. It is all of them. They are all part of the same group. It isn’t dem or repub. That is a game they play on your head. You are not paying attention if you think they don’t know what they are doing. These wolves laugh at the sheep every single day. It may take a revolution to dethrone this class because it is way too profitable for them to just step aside or to do the right thing.


  • Leiif

    Just in case it hasn’t been cleared up. Greenburg does work for Monsanto. Not as an employee, however. A snippet from wiki:

    He is the CEO of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, a polling and consulting firm co-founded with James Carville and Bob Shrum of Democracy Corps, a non-profit organization which produces left-leaning political strategy. He is married to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, who currently represents Connecticut’s 3rd congressional district.

    Greenberg’s corporate clients include British Petroleum, British Airways, Monsanto and General Motors.

    So, in fact, he does work for Monsanto


  • Laraine Feagins

    Great site and thanx for the post

  • Wilma Kittel

    Growing and consuming organic foods was the normal way of life for our forefathers. Most people are not aware that synthetically packaged foods (made with synthetic ingredients and chemicals to prolong the preservation process) really only came around in the mid 1900s. Today, many smart consumers have returned to this healthier practice of eating fresh and organically grown foods where the production process is devoid of non-organic pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides.

  • Brian Mckeighan

    In my own opinion, wayne rooney is actually the top footballer in the world, and i can not wait to see him secure the golden boot for the most goals scored in this world cup.

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