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Florida School System Expected To Vote On Paddling

September 27, 2012 by  

Florida School System Expected To Vote On Paddling

A school system in Florida might decide to bring back paddling. Though seldom used, corporal punishment is legal in schools in 19 States, including Florida.

New school board member and former principle Carol Ely is an advocate of corporal punishment. When she takes her seat on the board, the old standard of discipline will be revisited.

Ely was the principal of Shady Hill Elementary in Ocala, Fla., for 14 years. She says that, in her experience, paddling is far more effective than other methods of discipline, such as suspension.

“The return rate of children for corporal punishment has been almost zero,” she said.

Some parents are in favor of the idea, such as Linda McClean: “I would let them get a spanking and when they get home they would get another one for disrespecting school.”

But others disagree with the practice.

“No one should ever hit my kid. It should never be allowed,” said parent Jerrilyn Taylor.

Ely will pursue making corporal punishment an option when she joins the board next month.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Harold Olsen

    When I was in the 1st grade, back in 1955, I attended a Catholic school. One day, Sister Eugenia, my teacher took my hand and smacked it with a ruler, To this this day, I have no idea what I had done to deserve such a punishment. That night, I went home and told my parents what had happened. The next day, my mother went to school with me and read the riot act to that nun and told her that she had better not ever lay a hand on me again. If I misbehaved, she or my father were to be told and they would punish me. She did this right in front of my classmates and it was funny watching this nun, who stood at least a head taller than my tine 5 foot 2 inch Italian mother, cowering from her. It’s the only time I was physically punished in school. I do not believe schools should have the right to physically punish students, particularly since parents can go to jail for spanking their own kids. So, why should schools be allowed to do it?

    • Geiser Carol

      When I was in first grade in 1949, I experienced the same thing and when I went home and told my parents what happened, they said that should teach me. They surely did NOT go to the nun and challenge her for her discipline because they knew that when kids go to school, they are to BEHAVE and do their school work. PERIOD!

      • Gordon

        And me. But the odds of today’s punishment being administed fairly and justly is pretty damn slim. I don’t want incompetent administrators and teachers who can’t read or write flogging any kid, especially mine. The vast vast majority of people cannot administer justice properly. Parents included, and don’t think that because some school personell has been pushed through school to a master’s degree level that they have any competence to punish without prejudice. If they want to spank some kids butt, have the parents come in and spank theirs. They created this mess. Children are a reflection of their parents. So when you look at the sheet boxes that schools are today, realize that the parents made those kids who they are. The nuts don’t fall far from the tree.

      • Gordon

        In 1963 the class clown was punished in the hall way. The class’s male teacher grabbed him by the front of his shirt and slammed his back/head into the lockers hard 13 times. I bet you could hear it outside. I counted, and then he threw him back into the classroom where he slid to a stop on his face, crawled to his seat and never spoke again the entire year. period…… oh, the teacher was the Dean of Students. So who do you complain to? This made an impression on everybody. Fear and intimidation, but we also lost all respect for the man who abused his position of authority.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      First mistake was Catholic school I used to walk by those Catholic schools and at recess in Kirkwood Mo. the Nuns would walk around with big switches of wood off the tree and they used them. But in my school if I hadn’t been punished for the things I said and did I would have wound up in prison. Punishment should fit the crime and some need it more than others.

  • Geiser Carol

    No, I do not think that a teacher should ever be allowed to use corporal punishment, BUT, I do think that no teacher or school should ever have to put up with a BRAT kid. That kid should be suspended from school unless and until the parents and teachers can meet and tell the parents that certain behavior is expected in the classroom and IF the kid does not respect said rules then that kid will absolutely be DISALLOWED from attending that school. Yep, that is exactly what I said. We CANNOT allow those kids who have NO respect for either the teachers or the classroom to even be in that classroom. We cannot EVER allow brats and violent kids (who SHOULD be disciplined by their parents but most are not) to attend our schools where they only intend to foist their violence upon others. That violence, by the way, includes the abject slander that comes out of some of our kids mouths.

    • eddie47d

      Schools certainly need disciplinary policies but paddling doesn’t have to one of those methods and basically is using physical violence. It should all come back to the parent and they should be immediately called and put an end to the kids problem right there and then. Suspensions don’t always work either and allow kids to skip schools they don’t want to be in anyway. Some kids deliberately get into trouble just to get those days off and look at it as a revolving game. If the parent can’t be contacted then give the kid some monotonous work to do or even some well rounded work to do in a separate location. If discipline is a serious offense call the police and then make the parents handle it from there. If it continues make the parents transfer him to another school at their expense.

    • Sailor Jo

      There are countries that do not know suspension from school. Suspension gives the brat time off to have fun. Is that the idea?
      Teachers went over board with punishment (as did parents) and that’s why laws were made. As usual, laws are made to cover everything in detail and do not leave room for discretion. So what is corporal punishment? A hefty spanking or a little physical hint with a ruler? Kids like to find out how far they can go. First they bully the weaker school mates and then they take on the teacher. So the parents should come to school and commit to educate their kids about respect in it’s many forms. If that does not work, the kids should get extra work, like cleaning the classroom or doing double home work. Only once all that fails there should be a little corporal punishment which has to follow a misbehaviour right away, so that the kid knows for what the punishment is handed out. May be parents should be ticketed.

      • Gordon

        Parents are the problem. We now have third generation results of the great social experiment of the 60s, which has finally come to pass. Virtually undisciplined, unethical, immoral, group we commonly term libtards and liberals, ….really, think of it….. who lets their children run rampage in all venues? Tea Partyers? Christians? Conservatives? Teens acting out at the mall? When you see some 4-10 yr olds running around and rampaging a mall or store, want to bet what the background of their parents is? Think about it. The nuts don’t fall far from the tree.

      • DaveH234

        Geez, Gordon’s response reeks of prejudice. I see very christian and conservative types with rotten little bastards all the time. Maybe it’s just to perpetuate all faults on the “Liberals”. Not reality though from a perspective of seeing thousands of families weekly in my work. All could use a little counseling.

      • SJJolly

        Gordon: Some Ancient Greek (about 3000 years ago) had much the same criticism of “kids today” as you do.

  • tim

    That’s right you can’t punish your’e own kids so why should a teacher or administrator be allowed to do it. Then you have a bunch of perverts running around in schools today. How long do you think it will be before we hear about a rape or abuse case!!!! I think they should worry more about educating our children first!!

    • Chester

      Tim, they ARE worried about educating your kids, and at the very least, twenty more. Too often, kids do what they please in class because they KNOW the very worst they are going to get is a short vacation from school, where they don’t really want to be anyway. When the ONLY tools a teacher has for discipline are time outs or suspension, there is nothing there to demand a kid pay attention or behave. How do you teach twenty or more kids when you have one or two who are carrying on so much they demand all the teacher’s time, plus drawing their classmates’ attention AWAY from the lessons?

      • sailorjo

        Hearing (or reading) about class sizes of 20 plus makes me laugh. When I entered 5th grade we were 56 pupils. We never had a discipline problem because our parents did not bail us out from bad behaviour. We got extra work assignments. Taking away from our play time was worse than anything else.

  • Beverly

    When I was in 2nd grade, there was a Mexican boy in my class that didn’t like me. I had never done or said anything to him for him not to like, he just didn’t like me. We had reading groups in the back of the class room. When I got up to take my chair back to my desk, he hauled off and slugged me as hard as he could in the stomach. It totally knocked the wind out of me and I almost passed out. My teacher sent us to another teacher’s room to get his paddle. She took this little boy into another room and paddled his bottom. He never did anything like that again. I was grateful that my teacher addressed this immediately, as this was very serious. I do believe that there are children that would benefit from a good old fashioned spanking. That does not mean to abuse a child, and I definitely don’t believe that any child should be struck on the hand with a ruler. I am talking about a spanking right across the butt. My parents spanked my brothers, my sister, and me when we did something wrong. I truly believe that a lot of the youth should have been spanked more in the earlier years of their lives, and maybe they would have more respect for their parents, teachers, and other people who are in authority. We were not abused by our parents as children. Spanking was not the only form of discipline used. We were grounded as well from time to time and experienced loss of privileges. I would rather spank my grandchildren for running out into the street to save them from being killed as to try to talk to them and watch them get killed by a car! There is a fine line.

    • Racebannon24

      BRAVO Beverly I agree with you totally, very well said!!

      • Smilee

        I agree too!! Gordon (below) bullying was never limited to jocks, in fact most were not jocks.

    • rendarsmith

      I knew several bullies in school who probably would have stopped if they were spanked. Completely uncontrollable, but I bet a paddle on the butt would have put an end to it.

      • Gordon

        IN the 50s and 60s the bullys were the jocks. And they got special privileges that didn’t apply to others. They were (and are today) a protected species because they put the school “on the map” during sports events, and winning was everything. Coaches taught sneaky unethical techniques to harm the other teams. Teachers and administrators were the problems then, as now. Only the NON JOCKS got punished, either paddling or work assignments. Today this spreads across to celebrities. LiLO?

    • ChristyK

      I think it is a little bit risky for the teacher to do the spanking/paddling because the teacher might do it in anger and frustration. If the teacher had to stop and write-up the details of the misbehavior and send the written complaint and child to the principles office where the principle could carefully explain to the child what they did wrong, the principle could call and inform the parent, and the child could then be spanked in a carefully defined manner. Then the parent should be required to meet with the principle and teacher about any further punishment (extra assignments, staying after school, missing recess/PE or other enjoyable activities), then the problem might be solved. There will still be a rare case of over-punishment and a less rare case of an enabling parent, but I don’t truly know how to deal with those. I suppose an enabling parent that saves the miscreant child from ever having consequences, can learn consequences herself/himself when the child is eventually kicked out of school and the parent then gets to deal all day long with the misbehavior.

      • Mac

        Finally someone with sense. When my boys were going to school, the youngest one decided that he was the class clown. Although basically a good kid, he just liked to be the center of attention. Did I mention that I was a COP at the time? Anyway, it got so bad that his teacher sent a note home requesting a parent conference. I went, in uniform, during school hours to the classroom. I talked to the teacher, told her that he got his tail end warmed at home and I had no problems with her warming his pants at school. She said that they were not allowed to do that (we live in Florida). I thought a moment, and got my son to bring me a piece of paper and pen. Then had him write out the following.

        I (my name) am the parent of (his name) and do hereby give the teacher (her name) permission to spank my son (his name) with reasonable cause. I further request that I be called to witness this punishment so that 1) (teachers name) is not held liable in any way and 2) so that I may make sure it is enough, if I feel it is not, I will finish what she starts.

        Signed (by me)
        Witnessed by (my son)
        Granted to (teacher’s name)

        An amazing transformation took place in that room. The oooo’s and giggles stopped, the Mr Little Funny Man, became a model student and the teacher had no further problems with any of them. Oh, incidently. I never got called.

  • Racebannon24

    I believe that if a child is being unruly then yes appropriate measures need to be taken, when I grew up if you were sent to the principals office for bad behavior you got a spanking and when you got home you received another .. believe me that did not happen often!! Children need to be taught that if youmis behave there are consequences!!
    This is why children act up in stores and back talk their parents in todays society and why juvenile courts are overcrowded!!

    • rendarsmith

      100% true

    • Gordon

      Ever wonder why today’s jocks and celebrities are such jerks? They got special treatment while they were growing up and today’s society thinks their antics are cute.

  • Jamie Cameron

    I paddled my 15yr old Daughter for making 6 F’s on her mid yr. Report Card, She called the Child protective services on Me, These 2 females about 21yrs old Case workers came to my home.starting BS, neither were Parents with Kids. I told them To Take My Daughter . They left without Her. she’s 29 now.

    • Gordon

      We have D minus teachers running our schools/ government and D- engineers in our company. Young people with no experience who don’t have a clue what they are doing…… but they got a piece of paper. Universities should put your grades on the diplomas for all to see….. Would you want to hire an attorney with a D- on his diploma or had to try 7 times to pass the bar?

  • Shaana

    Here is my biggest issue with this:
    Will they punish kids for “disrespect” as the teacher sees it? If you have teachers who are teaching kids false information and a child speaks out, will they be punished for it?
    I think of the boy in Iowa (I think) who got suspended for “talking back” to his liberal teacher, the boy in Oregon who refused to take of his rosary in school…will they be punished?

  • Mr.Walker

    I would be very careful because some 11 12 13 year olds and older carry guns to school over 400 guns were taking from students in one school district in one year.

    • SJJolly

      Wildfire: “… naive parents … have adopted the Obama theories of whenever possible, blame someone else for their actions and have passed that mentality onto their kids …”
      Obama has been publicising child raising theories? Not that I’ve ever heard, before now. Other than the fact that he and wife look to be doing a great job with their daughters.

      • Mac

        OH, you are not going to like what I am going to tell you next then. The Hillary Clinton person wants to agree to a mandate from the U.N. that states that schools cannot use Corporal Punishment on kids. And further, we parents can’t do it at home either. I ain’t kidding, look it up.


    I was paddled / spanked twice as a child and both times I deserved it. One time was by my 6th grade teacher by which I was sitting on a bench at recess time reading and watching kids play softball. A boy named Bobby Milton (isn’t it amazing how you can remember the names of certain people your entire life) come up behind me and pulled me backwards off the bench. I got up and squared off with him, I punched him in the jaw, he spun around and planted his face against a teeter-totter that was in such a position that was face level, causing him to have a bloody nose and a busted lip. He got what he asked for, However the monitor sent me to my teacher. Though this boy started the deal, I broke the rules of “no fighting” therefore warrants consequences. My 6th grade teacher talked to me, I told him the story and he said, “you know I have to give you a wack”. I didn’t contest the punishment and said “yes I know”. Out of all my educators from k – 12, I respected that man the most for his educational abilities and fairness and kindness.

    2nd time was from my father, by which he laid out the boundary rules that I was not to cross a certain highway and go into a certain area, however I followed my older brother and his friends as they were permitted to do it and my friend and I wanted to go. ends up we stopped in some guys woods so the older kids could hide and smoke. The owner of the property seen us on his property and gave chase, capturing me and my friend. The older boys got away. He called the police and police got our address and by the time I rode my bike home, the police were at my house talking to my dad. My dad sat me down for a talk, reminding me that I broke the rules of crossing the certain road and will have to get a spanking for it. I broke the rules and their are penalties for breaking the rules, I knew that from as far back as I can remember.

    Bottom line, Breaking rules, policies or laws warrants penalties, otherwise why have rules policies and laws if there is no one going to enforce them? Problem these days is that youth have no discipline and fear nothing knowing that they will receive little to no punishment for anything they do, therefore giving them the mentality that anything goes because there is no consequences aside from maybe not being able to go to the mall this weekend.

    When parents and teachers were able to discipline children, children were much more compliant to the rules and policies and respectful. Problem is, there is a outrageous amount of naive parents who think their children are angels and never do any wrong and they have adopted the Obama theories of whenever possible, blame someone else for their actions and have passed that mentality onto their kids and the effects can be seen every where today in the absolute disrespectful conduct of the youth these days. Violent behavior, foul mouth, sloppy and crude dressing along with the tats and body piercings that tasteless parents let their kids to to mutilate their bodies.

    These same parents want to blame video games and television for their childrens bad behavior. As a child, I too watched shows with mobsters and westerns with guns blazing up a city. I was always able to distinguish the difference between real life and hollywood, right and wrong. Kids these days know that their are no consequences for their behavior and if they do something criminal it will be a slap on the wrist and their record wiped clean when they turn 18.

    Watch some videos on youtube to see how kids all over this nation conduct them self. listen to some videos from within classrooms and the foul language teachers allow to be spoken with out correction, so on and so forth.

    Problem is not ability or need of disciplining children, the problem is certain parents and teachers do not know how to control their self when administering the spanking and go overboard due to their inability to control their emotions and anger and end up beating the living $ hit out of a child. That is why corporal punishment had to be removed from society because of these abusive natured people who can’t control them self.

    • Gordon

      exactly…… and i bet the kid that started your fight got off scot free, he didn’t get a whipping, did he? And I bet your brothers got off free too, even though they took you…… Ya that’s the way it was. I had to take crap for stuff I often didn’t do, and the rest got off without even a talking to. THAT makes people distrust everyone in every situation. Hey, I got fired from a great job for refusing to falsify federal records. It has cost me almost $500,000 in lost wages, but I have my integrity, and my superiors involved got promotions and one is a VP, and the company has been investigated by the feds for medicare fraud 2 times and walked. Life is not fair, but ethics, integrity, and morals are things that individuals should value in themselves.

      • Smilee

        Quit your whining it is getting old!!

    • Smilee

      Not often we agree, but on this I have admit you are spot on!!

  • T. Jefferson

    Spare the rod and turn your kid into a hip hop gang banger

  • Joda Collins

    I was a teacher in the public school system for more than 10 years, three states. Most public school are out of control. Rebellious students are those in real power. Sending a child to most public schools is child abuse. Maybe a spanking will bring the rebellious back to order. However, I cannot see most parents agreeing.

    • Gordon

      parents are the problem…… even the Bible tells us so.

  • The Blue Collar Man

    I always remember my High School home room teacher in the late 50s, one of the Coaches. We worked up a deal, where when my detentions got too many, I could get paddeled to eliminate them.
    Did that a few times, it hurt, but better than staying after school for several days. I’m sure it never affected my brain, and I remain a law abiding citizen.

  • Rob

    Proverbs 22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction shall drive it from him. 23:13 Withhold not correction from the child.

    This goes right along with the shools in NY giving out morning after pills. Kids do not learn that there are consequences for their actions, especially in school. All discipline has been removed so that teachers have no control over their classrooms.

    Anyone who wants to properly discipline their kids needs to read Dr. James Dobson’s Dare to Discipline. He advocates spanking when the need arises, and promotes teaching kids that there are consequences, yet punishment should be out of love for your child and to correct their wrongdoings and not out of anger.

  • http://NotAvailable Philip A. Sandi

    Are your children better behaved today than they were when they were spanked by teachers. The main decline in American schools that makes the united states dropping in its quality of education is indiscipline in schools. Cases of blatant abuse can be investigated but the only weapon to push a rude or indiscipline child to submission in the class room is the rod. Spare the rod spoil the child. Teachers are human and if we do our work they will not face problem with our kids. I spend some days at two different day care center and you can believe what i saw. Try visiting the day care centers and have an experience. Then see what the people there go through let alone in schools where the children are not ten.

  • Brad “Lucky’ Puckman

    Better idea: When children misbehave in school, their parents should be paddled.

    • Mac

      Wow ! Did you get paddled on the wrong end or something? This idea makes absolutely no sense. If I come and throw rocks through your window, then by your logic, the guy standing across the street watching should be arrested, while I walk off whisteling a happy song. Or if I punch you in the face, they should arrest you for assalting my fist??? Yep, good idea. Scheesh.

  • Elda

    I told my 10 year old daughter that if schools made paddling legal I would have no problem with them paddling her if she was being bad. She was shocked and went and told her teacher what I had said. Her teacher told her she and it so shocked her she got her act together and stopped misbehaving. I asked her one day if it was legal to paddle kids at school how many kids would be bad and she said in her youthful wisdom…..only one.

  • Gordon

    Weez is just preaching to the choir. Liberals will never agree.

  • godhelpus

    Don’t get me wrong many kids need a paddle once in a while, but isn’t it against the law to even slap your child never mind paddle them? Maybe if the parents disciplined there kids instead of letting them do what ever they want. These children need to be taught to respect there elders. They expect respect from us that they haven’t even earned. I listen to these kids on the train every day to work and they haven’t got a clue what excuse me, thank you or even giving a seat up for a handicapped, elderly person or a preagnant person. Respect starts at home…

  • RICK–former NFL pro-bowler

    That woman Carol Ely is the one who needs a good slap and she should be fired–you know these people get away with hurting children and you know what happens –the kids will retaliate and start attacking the teachers–remember when kids were bringing weapons to school and using them on teachers–can not believe society allowing this –back to the dark ages–if someone touched my kid, I would knock them into tomorrow!!!

    • Mac

      A good friend of mine once told me “if we all raised someone else’s kids there would not be any delinquents”. It took me a moment to figure that one out, but they were right.

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    I agree!!

  • Chris

    Yes, when “I” went to catholic school, I got the yardstick across the butt by a nun and an iron ruler on the palms of my hands by a teacher. “I” never did anything to deserve it………..”everyone” got this when they would not snitch on a kid that did something wrong. So in cases like this, paddling is cruel and unfair punishment for sure.


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