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Florida Man Shot Dead By Cops For Answering Door Armed

July 17, 2012 by  

Florida Man Shot Dead By Cops For Answering Door Armed
Stories like that of Andrew Scott are more and more common.

A Florida man was shot dead by deputies of the Lake County Sherriff’s Department at 1:30 a.m. Sunday when they failed to identify themselves as police officers and banged on the door of his apartment.

The officers were pursuing alleged attempted murderer Jonathan Brown, whom they had seen attempt to smash another individual in the head with a concrete block, when they trailed him to an apartment complex. Police then located a motorcycle on which they believed Brown had fled and began to bang on the door of the apartment across from where it was parked.

The apartment belonged to 26-year-old Andrew Scott, a man reportedly unrelated to the incident the police were investigating, who answered the door wielding a handgun. The officers, who said they did not identify themselves as police when banging on the door, claim that Scott pointed the weapon at them after opening the door. An officer then opened fire, killing Scott. Orlando reports that the police say they are not at fault in the man’s killing.

“When we knocked on the door, the door opened and the occupant of that apartment was pointing a gun at deputies and that’s when we opened fire and killed him,” Lake County officer Lt. John Herrell said. “…It’s just a bizarre set of circumstances. The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or police office, you’re going to get shot.”

The police later arrested Brown and another man involved with the crime they were investigating near the apartment where Scott was shot.

As police throughout the Nation continue to become increasingly militarized and deal with increasingly heinous crimes committed by criminals made reckless by hopelessness, this is only the latest in a string of stories of innocent civilians put in danger by police mistakes in the everyone-is-a-criminal environment.

They sometimes destroy the homes of innocents in SWAT raids.

Sometimes, they throw flashbang grenades through the windows of the wrong home and terrify grandmothers.

For more on the consequences of militarizing America’s police forces, read this.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Congress Works For Us

    In this instance, because they failed to identify themselves as police, the officer who pulled the trigger should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law.

    Sorry, but I don’t care who you are, or how many years you’ve been on the force; you fail to identify yourself as police, you’re just another citizen committing murder.

    And the man’s family should get their day in civil court too.

    • Megashellac

      I couldn’t agree more!

    • duif100

      I completely agree.
      They do not follow the law but they are not at fault?
      Who do they think they are?

      • FreedomFighter

        agree –they did not identify themselves as police, the man was within his rights, they shoot him in his home.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Greg

        duif100, I laughed my butt off at that statement. that is maybe one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. I want to borrow it. Too bad it involved such a horrible circumstance. I too will answer the door weilding a gun if someone starts banging on it at night.

      • Thinking about it says

        This will all come back to haunt police across the nation if this kind of stupidity continues.It is Ignorance that is out of control. Just by their own account of this,shows that this murder was not necessary

      • Thinking about it says

        The police think they can do anything and the law does not apply to them.If they really want a lawless country they might just get one,.people will turn on these monkeys one of these days.

      • cc

        smh at your comment Really. let me guess, It’s the President’s fault.

      • cc

        smh, really, it’s the President’s fault.

    • joe Z

      It seems the point is missed consistantly. These “ministers of state” went to a home in the middle of night armed. Then killed someone. What they shouted prior is irrelevent.

      The notion that an attack’s legitimacy is porportional to the political power of the individuals involved is absurd and one impetus to forming the United States was to protect innocents from this absurdity. Now, I do not understand how one claims protections for citizens at large not available to them in thier homes in the middle of the night, but it would seem there is a special prosecutor in Orlando purposed to prosecute these “murder-ers”. Or are innocents no longer entitled to “United States law”?

      And since when does “special training” avail lapse and immunity from law? Is common sense so undesirable? Every day innocent civilians are herded into prison for attending personal responsiblities in accordance with law because sexsual deviants twist rule to sodomize society. Perhaps “standard police policy” ought deploy to protect our battered and innocent “victim of domestic violence” citizens.

    • wandamurline

      If someone were beating at my door at any hour of the night and did not tell me they were police officers, then, I too, would have greeted them with a gun for my own personal protection. The police who shot him m u r d e r e d and innocent man and should be tried as such. The police should have identified themselves….that was their mistake or maybe they did it intentionally….whatever, they k i ll e d an innocent man and justice needs to be done. The people of Florida should be in an outrage….the police have become a gestapho these days thinking they are above the law. We have a system and the police need to stay within the system….maybe it stinks, but it is their duty to stay within it because it is the only one we have. The family should go after the policeman who shot the kid…if they can’t get him in the criminal courts….go to the civil courts and take everything he has and sue the police department chief and the city also for a billion dollars….it seems that only money gets anyone’s attention these days.

      • Kate8

        wandamurline – If they keep this kind of thing up, we’re liable to see a resurgence in vigilante groups seeking justice denied them by a corrupt system set up to make sure that the “law” always wins and the citizen is of no consequence.

        We are at the point when DC has declared war on the people; where the president claims the right to kill any of us for any reason, or no reason, without having to answer to anyone… Where Congress can trample our Laws with no fear of reprisal… and where police can invade any home, kill any person (even in their own home), with utter disregard for the innocence of those harmed. Top this off with the fact that our streets are increasingly patrolled by military (both foreign and domestic) who are now being tasked with engaging us with force should we decide to assert any rights or refuse to comply with government overstep…

        And then, here’s the kicker… We cannot even BREATHE a word, in a moment of frustration, which could possibly be interpreted as a veiled threat toward an official… without getting a knock on our door in the night by men in black suits…

        In other words, we are supposed to just accept that we are nothing but sitting ducks, and obey, obey, obey… with no guarantees that that will even save you should someone not like the way you combed your hair on any given day.

        It’s time we gather in organized groups and pay some visits to our local law enforcement, our local justice departments, and our local governing bodies. We must learn how they stand on the Constitution, whether they are on the side of the people or not… and whether they are willing to protect and defend the Constitution according to their oaths of office.

        We have too many people in places of influence who say they no longer believe in the Constitution. That would constitute cause for removal, wouldn’t it?

        No one is going to save us, folks. It comes down to you and to me. And this means TODAY, because the door is closing on liberty, and you know what they say…once lost, it’s very, very hard to gain it back.

    • restorefreedom

      These cop (thugs) need to be prosecuted right up to the police chief and then maybe they will think about what their doing. Swat teams are nothing but thugs that don’t respect the rights of anyone. Look how they destroy the homes and lives of innocent people and act like it’s normal!




    • john Adams

      Agreed 100%. Cops are not above the law, the man was defending his home period. When stuff like this happens and cops get away with it that is when cops are the bad guys and anyone is justified in targeting them.

    • James

      This is total crap, I do not care who you are, you come beating on my door at 1am and you will meet the barrel end of my 44. Cops should be trained better than that, even when we breach a door of a terrorist, we do not shoot unless fired upon. This is why we wear vests and headgear, the chances of a perp that we go against killing one of us with the first shot is rare. Also we always identify ourselves and then if we britch and have a wepon pointed at us, we have the right to fire first and then ask questions. We are trained to not fire unless fired upon and just because a wepon is pointed at you does not give you the right to blow someone away unless you feel with out a shadow of a doubt that that individual is going to kill you. In this case, if they would have taken two seconds to just say POLICE.. This would have never happened.

  • Megashellac

    Why aren’t these police criminals being charged? If the roles were reversed, I’m sure they would have Andrew.

    • Whit

      You make a very good point Mega… If the situation were reversed and Scott had shot at the police, undoubtedly he would have been charged.

      It’s time we as free citizens stand up for our rights and freedom. We need to hold those in authority accountable, from the dog catcher all the way to the president.

  • Tom Cook

    Cops are now a greater menace than criminals. I rejoice when a perp takes them down. They were once the Thin Blue Line who served and protected the public; now they are arrogant mad dogs and must die in droves to satisfy me.

    • nr

      You are likely committing a crime with your comment. But does it matter to you? And you still hold others, who put up with this nonsense, to a perfect standard?

      • john Adams

        Speaking one’s mind is called free speech, although Nancy Pelosi is attempting to rid our Constitution of it, it currently still stands and it is therefore no crime to speak your opinion.

    • HH

      Tom said, “I rejoice when a perp takes them down.” WHAT? You, my man, are severely mentally disturbed! Even though cops make mistakes and in this instance probably should be prosecuted, most police are good people and are appalled by this incident!

      • independant thinker

        ” Even though cops make mistakes and in this instance probably should be prosecuted,…”

        there is no probably to it. All involved should be charged and those who shot should be charged with either capitol murder or 1st degree murder.

      • John Ennis

        Let the Appalled police speak up about this. There was a picture of a shot up house in the Albuquerque Journal from last week done by a rogue SWAT team. It reminded me of Iraq; that is what they are teaching these thugs.

    • Ted Crawford

      GEEZ Tom, Who has been whizzing on your Cheerios ! ? Every post I read from you is filled with vitriol and hate ! Take a chill pill man ! You are way, way out there !

      • Kate8

        I agree with Tom. People have the right to be safe in their own homes, even from the police.

        When the police have the full force of the law on their side, no matter what… we are in deep trouble. Law enforcement needs to have a healthy dose of respect for the people they are supposed to “protect and defend”, not have unlimited power of force. To arrive at the door in the night behaving like gestapo…well, that is just asking for trouble. Who wouldn’t take measures to defend themselves.

        It doesn’t seem as if the cops had reason to think anyone’s life was in peril, so they should have identified themselves and behaved in a civil and respectful manner. Acting like terminators is unacceptble, and it’s sad that they are being trained in this manner.

        If we don’t take measures to protect and defend ourselves against out-of-control “enforcers”, who is going to? It seems that we are being left with no one on our side but ourselves…

        I hate to say it, folks…. but it’s time to call out the militia. Don’t think they aren’t watching…

    • Larry

      A disgusting reply. The police didn’t follow procedures but I can tell you when an officer goes out of roll call he does everything possible to end his shift alive. The man should not have opened the door pointing a firearm, the police should have identified themselves, but when a gun is produced instinct for survival takes over and unfortunately someone pays for it right or wrong. There are idiots in every profession but that doesn’t make the profession bad. What about your profession, Tom?

      • FreedomFighter

        “There are idiots in every profession but that doesn’t make the profession bad. What about your profession,”

        When the idiots are police it kills people, and then the lawsuites.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • wandamurline

        When the police did not identify themselves, the man inside the apartment had every right to protect himself with his gun….the police were wrong in this case and should be tried for neglegent homicide. You and every person in America have the right to protect yourself. It is the duty of the police to identify themselves….put yourself in this young man’s shoes….there is someone beating your door down at who knows what hour of the night….are you just going to open it up and say “hello”? I don’t think so, the young man’s survival instincts went into gear just as the police officers….he should not have been shot.

      • independant thinker

        ” The man should not have opened the door pointing a firearm,…”

        While we do not know for sure I seriously doubt he was pointing the gun at them as he opened the door. It is much much more likely he was holding his gun is a ready position where he could quickly bring it into action.

      • Kate8

        So, did the cops knock at the door politely, or did they BANG on the door? Did they yell to open up, leaving the resident to try to assess the danger to himself?

        An innocent man is dead because he was afraid for his life…and with good cause, apparently.

    • restorefreedom

      You can negotiate with a criminal but not a cop!


      “Tom Cook” – GREAT COMMENTS.


  • D. Walk

    Naturally since the guy’s dead and can’t talk, we’ll only get one version of the events. These “idividuals” are supposed to be trained professionals and are held to a higher standard. I hope the widow sues the department into oblivion. This “accidental” crap has to end some time. Just because one wears a badge and gun doesn’t always make them right!

  • RivahMitch

    So an individual, living in the same building where murderers run to hide, has a weapon to protect himself (sounds prudent to me) and the knuckle draggers fail to identify themselves and kill an innocent man. Obviously, the police policy is that If you live where murderers are found, you should always just open the door to anyone who knocks and let them barge in to your home. Right!!!

    “Lake County officer Lt. John Herrell said. “…It’s just a bizarre set of circumstances. The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or police office, you’re going to get shot.”

    First of all, we’ve only the cops work that the gun was “pointed at them” and, of course, in their adrenalin charged state, they couldn’t possibly just have seen a weapon in the hand of a prudent homeowner and assumed his ill intent.

    What the cops behavior and the Lieutenants’ comment really means is “If anyone, especially a cop bangs on your door, kill them before they kill you. (In the worst case it will at least even the score and it’s always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.)

    • restorefreedom

      That’s where it has to go shoot them before they shoot you. Cops are not your friend for real!

  • More Liberty

    There is another case relatively similar where federal agents failed to ID themselves while on private property. A brief but deadly firefight ensued where a woman was killed and a federal agent. This happened on a place called Ruby Ridge. The government agents failed to identify themselves and a jury found them and their actions which resulted in the deaths were the government fault. They should have ID’d themselves first. I hope this goes to court and they sue the hell out of those police officers.

  • nr

    All media tends to spin all police departments as somehow not human and without mistakes as well as the proposerous idea that police waste their time and money on addressing doors of people who have no background of crime. If SWAT comes to a house, their is someone with a serious criminal history, who likely owns guns, and, in Florida, their is probable cause for the action. Although some cities in the U.S. may be seeing unlawful activity by police; it is not the norm and shouldn’t be protraid that way. The most important commodities of the future: food, shelter, water, and SAFETY.

    • phideaux

      ” If SWAT comes to a house, their is someone with a serious criminal history, …”

      And just what was Andrew Scott’s serious criminal history? No need tpo answer I will answer for you. He DID NOT have a serious criminal history. SWAT got it wrong and went to the wrong door. Swat ASSumed he was in that apartment because a moterbike that might have belong to the criminal was nearby. SWAT screwed up yet you defend them as if they can do no wrong.

      • cc

        totally agree

    • TIME

      Dear NR,

      There is no need nor has there ever been any need ever for any form of SWAT TEAM -
      let me say that yet again,

      Look SWAT was invented for one reason, and only one reason to “Desensitize” the American public to Armed men in Black uniforms with body armor.
      So when the TIME comes the American people will “OBEY” – all COMMANDS given by these Neo Nazi Units.

      Please do keep in mind that we now have a few things that many seem to forget for some odd reason,
      Like GPS Tracking,
      COMPUTERS, with TONS of intel on who lives where and what they drive. Where they work, what they watch on the TBUE, what they buy at stores, thats why you are asked for your ZIP CODE.

      Be all that as it may, again there is NO need nore has there ever been a need for SWAT TEAMS, as in EVER and NEVER should they exist for any reason at all.

      Peace and Love

      • phideaux

        “Look SWAT was invented for one reason, and only one reason to “Desensitize” the American public to Armed men in Black uniforms with body armor.”

        I think you are wrong TIME. I believe the SWAT teams were started to fulfill a percieved need for officers with special weapons training. Once the idea caught hold it evolved (devolved) into what you stated.

  • nanc

    He should be fired from job and the rest of those that were there need to be retrained to open their mouth when knocking on a door. the man was in the right. OR all should be fired.

  • cawmun cents

    It just goes to show you that you shouldnt answer your door.Let them kick it in and then pay for replacing it later.The really industrious among us should make it extremely hard for them to kick the door in.If they break and enter with out a warrant,they should have to pay for damages,by replacing whatever they destroyed with a superior product.
    If your product is superior to their ability to easily break in then when they finally do you can charge them uber bucks to replace your property.

    These new police have been trained militarily to do what they are now doing.To fight insurgency(their term not mine)in an urban environment.These wars we have been involved with were of design for preparing for todays situation.So dont be surprised when this articles’ alleged occurence happens more often.


  • Alex Frazier

    It’s worth saying that if I were a police officer chasing an attempted murderer, and I thought he was in an apartment, I would knock warily. I would expect to be attacked if I genuinely believed the criminal was inside. And when the door opened, if there was a gun pointed at me, I would assume that it was, indeed, the criminal and open fire myself. I can even understand not identifying yourself as a police officer. If the criminal you’re looking for is in the apartment, you don’t necessarily want to alert him that you are the police. You want to be able to take the perpetrator with as little difficulty as possible to minimize risk and injury.

    BUT, I really don’t like cops. I think they take too many liberties with the law. I think they exercise too much authority over civilians they don’t have. And they are definitely loose with their use of force. They’ve shot everything from children to grooms on their wedding day to old grandmothers peacefully knitting in their armchair. I’ve even heard of an instance where they shot an old woman, and then let her bleed to death handcuffed to her own wheelchair while they planted drugs in her house to justify their unlawful entry (since they broke down the wrong door).

    So I understand the need to be safe, and to treat a serious situation as serious. But procedures are there for a reason. They should have identified themselves. For not doing so, an innocent citizen is dead, and they are absolutely liable. They should be sued heavily. I will go further and say that if people can speed on the highway, have an accident that results in a death, and then get charged with manslaughter due to the mentality that “he knew it could result in someone’s death,” then I think these officers, in not identifying themselves, should be subject to the same mentality. Their negligent actions led directly to the death of a citizen, they knew that such behavior could lead to such, and they should therefore be charged with manslaughter.

    • flipped54

      That is a good analogy….I agree with you that the police need to be prosecuted in some form. This is not the “Wild West” but the authorities are sure turning it into that. I have a duplex that a swat team broke into because of suspected illegal activity. The tenants were eventually convicted and lightly sentenced. I work in the building occasionally to repair and maintain the property. What if I had been in there at the time? I don’t own a gun and neither have I been arrested or have anything on my driving record, yet who knows what they could have done in their crazy attack? When I asked for damage compensation they just laughed at me….what a country.

  • momo

    I guess its shoot first and ask questions later.

  • Law Abiding Citizen

    The problem, as I see it – is that these SWAT teams are too “para-military”, they think they are incapable of making a mistake, and have been convinced (brain-washed) that they have a lot more authority and power than they actually have any business having. It makes me wonder, how many “cowards” are there out there who hide behind a badge and a gun – AND a black mask with full, military style body armor. Too many of these police officers act like gestapo goons, and should be treated as such. I don’t live in a crime ridden neighborhood, but you bang on my door at midnight, you don’t let me know who you are or I can’t see who you are…trust me, I WILL answer the door with my .40 S&W in hand. I’m a law abiding citizen who believes most police officers and sheriff’s deputies are good people and do a job that most people don’t want to do and I respect them for it, but we can’t have people running around, busting thru doors just because they can.

    • nr

      “They think they are incapable of making mistakes” is wrong. The “public thinks” that they think they don’t, shouldn’t, and are not human in nature. They do not claim to be mistake-proof. Police officers are held to a god-like standard, while the public continues to re-elect and support corruption. It is the public who has a vegeance as such (see post from prior posters) on cops, not the cops on ordinary public.

      • ArkansasRebel

        One of the problems is that they clearly did not take the time to “think”. What did they think was going to happen when the “perp” was fleeing? If he had entered that apartment did they think he was going to just open the door for them? They obviously should have considered that anyone opening the door at this point was not going to be the guilty party. Also, the perp tried to beat someone with a chunk of concrete. If he had had a gun, wouldn’t he have used that. Sure, he could have gotten one after he entered the apartment, but then he most likely wouldn’t have opened the door. One of the biggest problems is that the police are now being trained like a para-military force. Too many of them come out of their training with a “Rambo” mentality.

      • JDN

        Sorry nr but I have been arround cops most of my life because of family and at gatherings its not uncommon to hear statements like ” they are all guilty just not caught yet ” or references to civillians as maggots or slime . There is definetly an us against the world mentality with law enforcement.

  • Weston

    As a citizen of the greatest Nation in the world I am thoroughly disgusted with the way this was handled by our ” judicial” system. Our Police officers who were set up to SERVE AND PROTECT no longer do that. They are arrogant and pompous individuals that dont deserve a public paycheck. Situations like this on e bother me in the fact that they can HIDE behind a badge and be justified in doing so. QUOTE “The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or police office, you’re going to get shot.” You dont Identify yourself and make yourself known then you should suffer the consequiences.

  • Willard Dunn

    There has got to be more to this story. Now take into account the time of day, the area this happen in, and the fact that the police didn’t identify them selves.The 26 year old was just protecting his place. This area might be a high crime area. With the police and their adrenalin was running high in the pursuit of the criminal and the phrase that “they believe” not that they were certain the motorcycle was the get-a-way motorcycle. Andrew might have warned them to go away and he had a gun
    . Also the officer that fired at Andrew was a new officer or a seasoned officer that was fired on in other events.
    Now with the economy in the shape it is in today and home evasions on the raise Andrew got the gun for protection. At this time of day 1:30 AM, you bet he would be ready for protection.
    There had better be a big investigation throughout every thing that happened that morning. If the police is wrong in this They had better own up to the mistake and look into what they had done wrong and correct it right away.

  • UnITed we stand, UnTIed we fall

    Welcome to the POLICE STATE in which we now live as a result of the STAGED terrorist attack on the WTC on 9/11. staged by elements of the US Fed Gov as a means by which to strip us of our rights….

    • 45caliber

      Actually things like this started before 9/11. That act just gave them more abilities to get away with it.

  • hooder

    They should be charged with murder one but I imagine like the gestapo nothing will happen to them.

  • Clark

    Unfortunately, even if you do get your day in court, it is likely to go against you if the locals want it to. I have a grandson who happened to be a bystander at a fight in which a man in a car, started to pull out a shotgun. In order to keep someone from getting shot, he grabbed the gun and held onto it so the person couldn’t point it out of the window of the car. The buddy of the gunman went out the other door and got a gun out of his own car and shot my grandson through the intestines. The jury found the shooter guilty, but the judge gave him 5 years probation, and he only had to be responsible for 5000.00 of a 20,000 dollar hospital bill. The hospital garnished my grandson’s tax returns, and ruined his credit. The courts have since reduced the probation of the shooter to nothing, and the man has walked around loose for 2 years. This is not justice. One thing I know for sure, is that even if this poor fellow’s family get a day in court, it doesn’t mean they will get justice from the broken court system. There doesn’t appear to be any recourse for those who have no money. If you don’t have any money, it is likely you won’t even get a day in court. If you do, it will probably go against you. They simply follow the money. Today’s court system has the best justice money can buy.

  • Smith

    Remember 2009 New Year’s Day killing:

  • jopa

    So this bad situation will probably end up in a lawsuit.How much do you think the homeowners family should get?Two million, five million or perhaps ten million dollars?Cops don’t make a whole lot of money and they don’t pay the judgments anyway you do.So many of you forget that you are the government and hold a lot of self hatred and now you want to sue yourself again.Just a reality check.

    • phideaux

      Unless I missed it no one has said sue the department but rather all have said sue the individual officers themselves.

      From the tone of your comment it appears you believe the police can do no wrong and every action they take must be legal or they wouldn’t have done it.

      • 45caliber


        jopa’s comment is the reason that the police don’t care if they shoot an innocent person. Too many like him/her will alibi them.

      • jopa

        phid;I stated in my comment,who are they going to sue knowing individual police don’t have a lot of money.The rest of the comment is self explanatory.

      • phideaux

        “phid;I stated in my comment,who are they going to sue knowing individual police don’t have a lot of money.The rest of the comment is self explanatory.”

        WRONG. You said noting of the sort jopa. Here is what you said and nowhere in the comment do you ask “who are they going to sue”. All you say is police don’t make a lot of money.

        “So this bad situation will probably end up in a lawsuit.How much do you think the homeowners family should get?Two million, five million or perhaps ten million dollars?Cops don’t make a whole lot of money and they don’t pay the judgments anyway you do.So many of you forget that you are the government and hold a lot of self hatred and now you want to sue yourself again.Just a reality check.”

    • TIME

      Dear Jopa,

      No need to sue the police nor the city nor the state.

      Simply – charge the person who “inveneted the idea of SWAT TEAMS” with {MURDER} then let them do the TIME for doing the CRIME of infringing the American peoples Freedoms and Rights.

      As well then Sue the estate’s of all political persons who were involved with this Neo Nazi form of Police to exist in the first place.
      That would fix the problem very effectively. So you see the cost would be at best minimal. The effects would be beyond words.

      Peace and Love

  • Big Charlie

    With all of the less-than-lethal tools at their disposal, and the general mandate to arrest, not execute, criminals, why were they knocking on doors with guns drawn? In this day and age, all cops carry Tasers, pepper spray, an ASP, and have other less than lethal choices on their belt. Honestly, had the story been that an innocent guy answering his door with a handgun got zapped with a Taser, I don’t think I’d be so upset, unless they then proceeded to arrest him for attempted assault of an officer or somesuch.

    Either way, they absolutely should have ID’d themselves when knocking. The individual officers involved and the department as a whole are liable for wrongful death of an innocent citizen and should be sued into oblivion.

    • 45caliber


      What is sad is the police use of the Tazers as well. Just in the last day or so, a man was hit three times because he jay-walked and when asked for an ID he simply looked at the cop and walked away. They arrested him for “failure to follow a police command”.

      And they insist that many people don’t have ID’s and therefore can’t vote if required to show one!

    • icepick223

      It should not be to difficult to find out the names addresses of these pigs. The people of Lake county should be able to take them out with not much trouble.

  • ernie

    We live in a nation that has turned it’s back on God. Police are scared. There are two reasons to become a police officer. Some are great people who want to help. Others are looking for their excuse to be para-military, and aren’t any better than the thugs they are after.
    Politicians feed off of this and want to stir things up for their elections. Washington today is trying to cause race troubles, and general fear in the public. They say they have the fix, while they are the problem.
    Our nation was founded on God, guts, liberty and personal responsibility. They are trying to take them all from us. The man was at home, with a legal gun. How far have we fallen when they can pound on the door, and then be afraid. Don’t you think this citizen was afraid. He was trying to defend himself as best he could.
    Good government is like underwear. It needs to be kept clean and out of sight, and if it creeps up on you it’s time for a new pair. This government, from top to bottom is not creeping up, it is pounding on the door and rushing in.
    Had this been the purp he would not have opened the door and stood there with a gun. Maybe it was pointed at them, maybe not. Without outside witnesses we will never know for sure. It has come to the point where the “truth” is dependent on those writing it.
    We need to get back to God, to personal responsibility, and to freedom.

    • Gene

      Ernie, couldn’t agree more, and love your anology! may use it in the future..with your permission.

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  • Silas Longshot

    Black suited ninja-cops, masked for hiding their identity, militarized to the max, inivented by the failed ‘war on drugs’ are far too liable to over react in tragic ways like this. The cops in general, because of powers granted again by the drug ‘war’, can stop you for minor traffic violation and will cheerfully violate your forth amenment right against unreasonable search and seizure while they look for ‘drug money’, cash in ANY amount they arbitrairily decide is ‘likely’ to be for buying drugs ($100 dollars on up). They can confiscate this cash with no charges filed and send you on your merry way. Sure, you can sue to get it back, but the local judge is in on the scam, probably, and even if not it’s out of your pocket even more money to hire lawyers to get your cash back. It’s ARMED ROBBERY hiding behind a badge. Defy you to make any difference between the result for the victim here whether it was a ‘gangsta’ in a hoodie or a crooked cop taking your money during an armed robbery. You resist either, you get shot. The cop got it down for this game though. The gangsta gets busted for armed robbery and might go to jail. The cop gets exposed for abusing his armed robbery privalidge, he gets a repremand slap on the wrist.

  • nr

    It is very sad when the cops who have put their lives and their famlies lives behind the public needs for their entire careers are facing daily criticism of job performance and for being paid an average wage for doing an unaverage job. Where are all the facts on this case? It is very unlikely, very unlikely that law enforcement in SWAT (years of experience) did not shout “law enforcement.” Why do you think he approaced the door with a gun? Do you do that? Don’t you think there’s something wrong with the fact that the public supports criminals before getting the facts?

    Cops are being killed at astronomical numbers since Obama took office. Where is the outrage for that? Cops are also leaving the profession due to no raises in years, danger level, and unclear future of income. UPS pays a higher salary and pension.

    • phideaux

      “It is very unlikely, very unlikely that law enforcement in SWAT (years of experience) did not shout “law enforcement.”

      The officers involved have admitted they did NOT identify themselves as police.

      “Why do you think he approaced the door with a gun? Do you do that?”

      At 1:30AM you can be dam n sure I would have a gun in hand if I answered the door when someone started banging on it. And if I chose to not answer the door I would be lying in wait with gun in hand and shoot the first person thru the door If they had not identified themselves as police.

    • 45caliber


      The police admitted that they did NOT identify themselves as police. Supposedly they didn’t want to warn the man they were looking for that they were there. They simply chose an apartment at random when looking for him based on the position of his motorcycle in the parking lot. Further, they were in a low-rent housing area, which is famous for drug users and crime. If I lived there and had someone beating on my door at 1:30 am, I’d have a gun ready too. I doubt if I’d even answer the door. After the shooting they didn’t even believe the hysterical girlfriend when she kept trying to tell them they had shot the wrong man for over an hour. And the two don’t even look alike! “He has a gun! Kill him! Humm … we’d better see if we can come up with some evidence that he committed a crime so we won’t get in trouble…”

  • turingschild

    An armed citizen shoots Trayvon Martin and the entire nation goes into an uproar, but a man is shot in his own home by cops and it’s ‘just’ a tragedy? Wanna bet that the Media doesn’t TOUCH this story with a 50 ft pole? But THIS really does affect every one of us.
    So now homeowners are damned if they don’t answer criminals at the door with firepower, but they’re ALSO damned if they do answer mimic-criminal cops with that same firepower. What’s an honest citizen to do?

    • 45caliber

      I’ve seen this in the news – but not in the MSM in the USA. It was on sites like this or in a British newspaper.

  • enough

    that tells you that when a knock come to your door you should look out and see who is standing there before you open the door.
    If there armed people not wearing uniforms (or even maybe if they are) shoot through the door and once they have been disarmed, you can then have the same chat that they wanted to have with you.

    • UnITed we stand, UnTIed we fall

      What? So do you think that a shot through the door will make them all drop their guns?? NO WAY, they will blast your door to shreds and you too…..DUH

  • Ron

    I am retired after serving as a Law Enforcement Officer for 41 years. When I banged on a door, whether in uniform or out, I would always make sure that the person inside knew that I was a LEO. If someone bangs on my door, have weapons in hand and do not identify themselves as LEOs….Well in the end I may be dead, but will bet that at least a couple of them are, also.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. And you don’t have to aim too well with a shotgun.

  • Charles

    I live in arkansas,awhile back a police officer,went to house and told the person who lived there he was the police.The man came out with a gun and pointed it at the police officer,and he was going to shoot him.The police officer shot and killed the man.The police officer was prosecuted,and senticed.they said the man mentally distured,that the police officer should not have shot him.Now that is bull,when a officer gets prosecuted for murder doing his job,and other officers gets away with murder is that right.

  • MRMO57

    Come on what can you except from the cops, look at all the wonderful cop shows TV has been feeding to us. What happened to Andy from Mayberry type shows ?? All we get now are the shows that teach the kids if you grow up and want to be a cop remember you have the power, you have the uniform, you have the guns and your always rite. You are the one to tell people what to do and if they don’t they get what they deserve. Might makes right. Its to bad most of the old timers are dead or retired, the new batch sucks !!!

    • Bob

      I’m in agreement with you about the TV cop shows. I always wondered why these shows are seemingly so popular and pervasive. Now I wonder if it hasn’t been a form of brainwashing…to get everyone used to this more invasive and brutal form of police action, ie. this is the way they do it on TV so it must be right and lawful, bust through a door, terrorize everyone inside and then when it’s found to be the wrong house, no appology, no paying to repair the door. Lets see how many cop shows can you list that are on right now and use these tactics? CSI, CSI New York, CSI Miami, NCIS, NCIS los Angeles, Hawai Five O, the list goes on and on and on to the point there aren’t any new shows on TV that aren’t cop shows and all of them use crash and smash to enter.

      • Dan Mancuso

        I’m fairly certain TV wasn’t developed in the 50′s to sell soap. That was a very profitable side business. If you read ex Madison Ave. man, Jerry Mander’s “FOUR ARGUMENTS FOR THE ELIMINATION OF TELEVISION” (if you can even find it!), it’s very clear from merely a physiological perspective how effective TV is as a programming/brainwashing/conditioning tool. Couple that with it’s Pavlovian idea of repitition…the subliminal effectiveness is in the repitition.
        Look at who owns TV production and distribution (and ALL the other media and vehicles of the disemination of information) and what their agenda is. (5 corporations in the US)
        Two perfect examples of TV’s conditioning ability: The TV show with Kiefer Sutherland, “24″, it programmed people to accept torture as an acceptable means to an end – somethinmg America had always rejected previous to this because of it’s Christian moral standards.
        Also, what came first, police telling citizens to get down on the ground – or be shot – or TV police telling citizens to get down on the ground or be shot? In either event the innumerable TV cop shows employing this tactic clearly shows how effectively conditioned people are in accepting this.
        Law enforcement is a tough dirty job you couldn’t pay me enough to do. On a daily basis they have to deal with the dregs of humanity, the scum, the lowlifes and just as bad, ‘normal’ citizens at their worst – this is going to effect you in a very negative way. Does this give police license to murder an innocent man trying to protect himself, his family, his property? NO!
        Is this trend of police lawlessness part of a hidden agenda as some have suggested, or is it merely the breakdown of a once moral country?

  • Tim Singleton

    Another citizen murdered by law enforcement. Being a former LEO myself, these officers should be tried for murder. They admitted they did not identify themselves as officers of the law and the man would have been within his rights to shoot them if they had pushed into his home. Instead, he answered the door armed as any intelligent man would do in the middle of the night and they murdered him.
    Good look the the future prospects for sleep for those morons. They will lay down every night knowing they murdered that man.

    • 45caliber

      Tim: I suspect they will sleep just fine. They will justify the shooting based on “I had to protect myself!” And I suspect that they will pin the murder on the guy they finally did arrest since Scott was shot as they looked for him.

      Actually, at my place, I suspect I would simply stand in a corner and wait as my wife calls the police. If they are stupid enough to break down the door and charge in, they will usually be in for a surprise. My wife tends to put a full garbage bag in front of the door each evening so I can put it in the trash as I go to work the next morning. I suspect there would be several falling over it. And if they haven’t identified themselves you can bet I’ll be shooting as they fall.

  • fish

    I predict that these Guestopo tactics will continue until the citizen start shooting back and the Bodies of the “JACK BOOT Fascist pill up in the streets. It is just a matter of time. Citizen will have to police themselfs and protect eachother from out of control “CORRUPT” government “NAZI ENFORCERS”!

  • daniel

    I am tired of the police going around killing people then claiming justified etc. In las Vegas the numbers of civilians killed is too high (like way over one). We have had peope put in a choke hold die and the cops were in the wrong house. We had a man shot while kneeling on the floor in his underwear shot by the police. Again wrong apartment. We have had suspects shot in the back while running handcuffed. Or you can try a man shot in a car that was pinned and going nowhere. The common thread is that there was no criminal prosecution of the shooters.
    Come banging on my door late at night you can bet I either will not answer the door or if I do I just may have a surprise. By the way did the police have their guns drawn and at the ready to fire when they knocked? What if they did knock on the door and the door was answered by a man with a hostage gun pointed at their head? Do both die? Time to prosecute the cops now.

  • terris

    For one thing, I wouldn’t have answered the door if someone was pounding on my door. Plus, I would have my gun in my hands, too. Fully loaded and off safety. I, also, would have caled 911.

  • vanguard7

    At the very least, I believe there was a serious violation of the 4th amendment in this case.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Banging on your door at 1:30 in the morning dressed in all black with guns at the ready…got to be the victims and the guns fault !!!

    SHAME on American police.

    So far, and i am keeping my “fingers crossed”, it is nowhere near that bad here in Canada. In the main, Police still smile ,say please and thank you and are helpful, BUT who knows in the future, especially when the U.S, collapses completely..THAT will be the test !

    • Dan Mancuso

      Roger, Irish- Canadian Libertarian;
      As a fellow Canadian I have to say things are not as rosy as you seem to make out. Sure we don’t have the same problems as America does, but only because of a much smaller scale, we have a tenth of their population.We have ethnic ghettos in all of our large cities, look at the Jamaican gangsters in Toronto, the asian ( Chinese and East Indian) gangsters on the west coast , etc.,the disaaffected, public school programmed youth, and on and on ad nauseum.
      And what officials are labeling ‘gun crime’ is in reality an immigration problem. But don’t say that in public or you will be forced to appear before a kangaroo court, sorry a Human Rights Tribunal quicker than you can say ‘so called Charter of Rights and Freedoms’!
      As far as our ‘federal’ police force is concerned, the once redoubtable Mounties, I have personally talked to several ex Mounties, all older, white males, who quit the force in disgust at what they described as the new rules in hiring and practice. The lowering of hiring and ability standards for smaller stature non-whites and women. The new policies based on political correctness and the intrusion of ideologies of the radical feminist and radical homosexual agendas and the problems in morale and cohesion of these forces . There is definately a new kind of policeman on the streets. This applies to Provincial and metro forces as well. Look at the lengthening list of what some call atrocities committed by some individuals in these police forces.
      Ask your MP or MLA about Canada’s Posse Commitatus law, good luck getting an answer. We don’t even have a 2nd Ammendment or it’s protections. A gudie/outfitter can’t even apply for a carry permit for a side arm for use against large predators in his hunting territory.
      This is all part of a world wide agenda to destabilize soveriegn nations and a set up for take over by the New World Order. It’s happening right before our very eyes and it’s just around the corner. Wake up!

  • 45caliber

    I saw some info on this on the news – and one of those sources was a British newspaper. Supposedly the police decided to not identify themselves due to a fear that the man they sought might run. They literally “beat on the door” … and in most areas that criminals might run to, like this one, I’d be tempted to answer that with a gun in my hand too. NONE of the other sources stated that Scott pointed the gun at them. They saw the gun in his hand and opened up on him. Further, it was over an hour later, despite the hesterical girlfriend, that they realized they had shot the wrong man. They had searched the house, etc. and supposedly had found some small amount of drugs. No attempt had been made to get a search warrant. They did arrest the right man but it was a little late for Scott.

    One question I had … why was it necessary to instantly shoot? The police were all wearing bullet-proof vests. The real problem, as I see it, is that the police are too willing to shoot instantly. I suspect they are over-trained. They should at least identify themselves and surrender even if it is the right man they are seeking. There were many shots fired … the door itself had close to fifteen holes in it. There was no report of Scott firing even one shot himself in return.

    If someone shows up at my house in the middle of the night, pounding on the door, I will certainly have a gun in my hand when/if I answer it … and it will most likely be pointed at whoever is on the other side although likely it will be behind the door. Likely I would not have opened the door at all but called through it at 1:30 am. And my wife would have both a gun and a phone at the ready.

    As far as I’m concerned, the police are completely at fault regardless of what they may say. Further, I will bet that the man they did arrest, who was in another apartment, will be charged with murder of Scott. I know that the police department would not like to charge the individuals with a crime but I believe one was committed by the police on the scene. And I certainly hope the girlfriend sues them for millions. What I would like to see is a requirement that the police change their method of entering houses. Too many innocent people are being killed. It wasn’t that long ago that the police in AZ shot a Marine at his home over 50 times because he had gone to the door with an AR-15 that even they admit he did NOT point at them. At another place a woman and her daughter were terrorized for hours before the police admitted that they had the wrong address. This is wrong – and the refusal of the police to solve this problem is definately signs of a police state since the police will begin to accept that they have this right.


    I am more afraid of police then I am criminals ! At least I can defend my self against a criminal


    What do you do when the ones hired to protect violate you and your rights more then the ones they were hired to protect you from

  • Eric Jones

    I can,t help but find it interesting how the people of this site show more sympathey to someone who answers the door AREMED and gets shot then to a UNARMED teenager that gets shot in the back.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The UNARMED teenager was beating the crap out of someone! Fists are weapons too!!! We are entitled to defend ourselves!

      • Eric Jones

        Where is the proof martin was attacking anyone? i,m just assuming you have proof and arn,t just tacking zimmermens word on it.

      • 45caliber

        Eric: Take a took at the photos of Zimmerman when the police showed up. He needed medical attention.

        • Eric Jones

          That proves there was a fistfight. nothing more. nothing less.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The witnesses saw “the man in red” on the bottom, being beat up! Zimmerman was the man in red!

        • Eric Jones

          I doubt the witness saw everything just because zimmermen was on the ground when they came dosn,t mean martin was the aggresser just the better hand-to-hand fighter

    • 45caliber


      I find it interesting that you keep insisting that Treyvon was shot in the back. He wasn’t. Where did you get that info?

      • Eric Jones

        I must confese i might be confusing trevon with one of the THOUSANDS of other black teenagers gunnded down in this countrey every year.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      He was NOT shot in the back! That is a LIE! You’re just making up crap!!!

      • Eric Jones

        It,s not lying if you actually belive it i now realize i wwas possibily thinking of someone else.

    • phideaux

      “I can,t help but find it interesting how the people of this site show more sympathey to someone who answers the door AREMED …”

      Why shouldn’t he answer the door armed. The police were pounding on his door at 1:30 in the morning WITHOUT identifying themselves. In the same circumstances I would be armed as well.

      • Eric Jones

        Heres an idea look through your peep hole and when you realize who it is PUT THE GUN DOWN. answer it armed and you could be next.

      • 45caliber


        Your idea is lousy in this case. The police were wearing black without ID. All he’d have seen would be several people in black with guns.

        • Eric Jones

          Maybe ask who,s there?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        IF he HAD a peep hole. Not everyone does.

        • Eric Jones

          Could have still asked who,s there BEFORE opening the door armed.


    I find it interesting that any one would open a door being banged on at 1am and not be armed

  • H. Muller

    Cops are becomming leagalized felons. This bunch, who didn’t bother to identify themselves, should be tried for murder.

  • libertarian58

    If I, as a private citizen, had done the exact same thing as the police, I would be up on 1st degree murder charges in addition to others such as home invasion. SO SHOULD THESE COPS. As usual, an internal “audit” will find the goons blameless and the police state will continue to be built unabated.

  • Neil Swan

    I don’t understand why a guy opens the door when someone knocks, pointing a gun at them. If you are afraid of them don;t open the door. I guess I’ve never lived in a crumby neiborhood.
    Cops always shoot someone who points a gun at them.


    • phideaux

      We only have the officers word that he pointed the gun at them. It is much more likely he had it in his hand in the ready position prepared to raise it and fire.

  • Thor

    Cambodia–The Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, Ta Mok and other leaders, organized the mass killing of ideologically suspect groups. The total number of victims is estimated at approximately 1.7 million Cambodians between 1975–1979, including deaths from slave labor.

    Rwanda—Over the course of approximately 100 days (April 6 through mid-July, 1994) over 500,000 people were killed, according to a Human Rights Watch estimate. Estimates of the death toll have ranged from 500,000–1,000,000, or as much as 20% of the country’s total population. It was the culmination of longstanding ethnic competition and tensions between the minority Tutsi, who had controlled power for centuries, and the majority Hutu peoples, who had come to power in the rebellion of 1959–62.

    Bosnia/Herzegovina war was an international armed conflict that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina between April 1992 and December 1995. The most recent research places the number of people killed at around 100,000–110,000 and the number of people displaced at over 2.2 million, making it the most devastating conflict in Europe since the end of World War II.

    Just three examples in recent world history of places and times of armed conflict…without an effective police force working for the people.

    As bad as mistakes made by police stupidity are that result in the tragic deaths of innocent citizens things can, in fact, be worse.

    Those of you who so like to criticize without offering an alternative might want to give this some thought.

    • phideaux

      “Those of you who so like to criticize without offering an alternative might want to give this some thought.”

      Alternatives have been offered.

      1. Police should ALWAYS identify themselves when knocking or pounding on doors.

      2. Police should not shoot first then ask questions to see if the shooting was justified. wrong.

  • Scott

    If someone, ANYONE bangs on my door at night, I will do everything in my power to ascertain via windows or portholes, who is knocking. This guy blindly opened the door, brandishing a firearm. Unfortunately, it ended badly for him. If one raises or points his weapon, he should reasonably expect the use of deadly force.

  • Butch

    You can bet anything that if this man had just fired some rounds thru his door and killed some of the Gestapo, he would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The same should apply to those idiotic thugs w/ badges. There should be an uproar just as big as all this fuss about Trayvon Martin.

  • Jay

    From Marx to Lenin, Gramsci & Alinsky.

    Obama’s Ideological Father: “Gramsci… organized the Italian Communist party in 1921….

    Since this was four years after the Russian Revolution, Gramsci assumed Italians would welcome a Bolshevik convulsion of their own. But it didn’t happen….

    He found three explanations: Christianity, nationalism and charity. …the way to set the stage for a Marxist revolution was in coming to grips with these three conditions….

    The first stratagem was the assault on Christianity by arguing religion should not inform or be employed in public discourse. Gramsci realized that if religion were confined to private worship, its hold on Italians would dissipate….

    Second… Gramsci contended Italians were part of a grand global mission….

    Last… Gramsci engaged in efforts to persuade Italians that the way, the only way, to express humanitarian concern for the poor or those left behind as the detritus of capitalism is through a government that can be benevolent….

    “Obama… has suggested overtly and tacitly that religion should be a matter relegated to private worship outside the confines of public life…. [Through] his proposal to deny tax deductions for charitable gifts, government is being converted into the only public charity.

    Moreover, the transfer of wealth in the stimulus package and the increased tax burden on the most productive element of society will inevitably decrease incentives and expand the size and influence of government…..

    Our leaders may not identify themselves as Gramscians and may even mock the designation, but make no mistake: Gramsci’s DNA is in their bloodstream.”

    Totalitarianism means total government control: No earthly freedom to deviate from politically correct ideology! No personal property that’s not subject to government regulations. No public communication without surveillance. No escape from the ever-tightening boundaries of government regulations and global standards. No personal rights to follow God and share His Truth.

    The pathway to socialist oppression is no longer bloody revolutions. The omnipresent dialectic process is far more subtle and effective. Enhanced by the steady drumbeat of the media’s pervasive, suggestive and anti-Christian stimuli, minds are dulled and the masses indoctrinated everywhere.

    While people in the Soviet Union knew they were trapped in a cruel system, many could still think factually and logically. Today’s managers of mind-control have nearly perfected the social “science” of collective brainwashing. How did we get here?

    A time-line of the last 100 years takes us back to Georg Hegel, a German occultist who conceived the mind-changing dialectic process. His diabolical philosophy fueled Karl Marx’s anti-Christian fervor — and gave Lenin and Stalin their key weapon in their war against Christianity. After all, Communist solidarity meant the pursuit of a collective vision. And the hope of the masses must be set on an earthly Utopia, not the unchanging promises of the Biblical God.

    Hindsight proves the failure of the Lenin-Stalin bloodbaths. While the masses were forced to comply, the envisioned Utopia became a deadly nightmare.

    Antonio Gramsci was the first Communist leader to see through the illusion.

    While firmly committed to global Communism, he knew that that violence would fail to win the West.

    American workers (proletariat) would never declare war on their middle class neighbors as long as they shared common Christian values. So the Italian communist — a contemporary of Lenin — wrote an alternative plan for a silent revolution.

    The main weapons would be deception, manipulation and infiltration.

    Hiding their Marxist ideology, the new Communist warriors would seek positions of influence in seminaries, government, communities, and the media.

    Continued here:

  • John

    I agree if like they said they found drugs and pipes in his room oh! well is his privacy to do as he pleases in his house. Having said that, I would feel threaten maybe someone trying to rob me of my drugs or what not and they didn’t identify themselves? enough said Im coming out gun in hand.

  • Bucky Roo

    Well, looks like the old Fla., “Stand Your Ground” Applies to everyone. The cops are supposed to determine aggression within seconds, that’s what their trained for.. Guess that’s changed to, ‘Kill ‘em all and let god sort it out’.. Question: Was he black? Where’s the outrage..? Oh, I forgot.. Double standard.

    • phideaux

      Another poster has said the only black involved was the criminal the cops were searching for both the police and the guy they murdered were white.

  • foot

    They shouldn’t of been at his door in the first place unless certain the suspect was there. Its just to bad the guy was shot and not the other way around and warranted especially with all this nwo (expletive deleted) being allowed. Guess we have to start shooting through the doors the cops are liars in all too many cases and gun grab (expletive deleted) is gonna get allot more killed as well people are scared not to disrespect the good peace keepers out there but in my opinion the police need to start respecting the public’s property rights more during the escalating Nazi environment were now in. The people do not trust them and for good reason. Public concern and paranoia is high.Word of advice be careful and think about a new career its gonna get worse. they should be visiting Washington…

  • Franklyn Molina

    Considering all that is happening, the police are acting like the Gestapo these days. I never thought I’d say this, but to quote NWA: “*&@# the police!” It’s times like this I wish there was such a thing as a Death Note in real life.

  • Dad

    Hopefully, both cops will be prosecuted, will be fined and go to prison… jack-boot union liberal thugs!
    “We don need no stinkin warrant.”

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