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Florida Governor Suspends Sheriff For Standing Up For 2nd Amendment

June 10, 2013 by  

Florida Governor Suspends Sheriff For Standing Up For 2nd Amendment
Liberty County, Fla. Sheriff Nick Finch

Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott has suspended the sheriff of the State’s least-populous county after he allegedly set free a man who’d been arrested for possessing a weapon without a permit.

Nick Finch, sheriff of Liberty County near the State’s Alabama-Georgia border, faces a 3rd-degree felony charge for official misconduct after evidently destroying or altering the paper trail that began when one of his deputies brought in a motorist who had two handguns in his car.

The motorist, Floyd Parrish, didn’t have a concealed-carry permit and was subsequently charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon. Car carry is legal in Florida for those without a conceal-carry permit, but the law stipulates such firearms must be securely encased or  not readily accessible for immediate use – two stipulations which Parrish allegedly didn’t meet when he was pulled over in Liberty County.

Parrish stayed in jail until Sheriff Finch arrived, accompanied by the suspect’s brother. Finch allegedly spoke to both men about the incident before ordering that the charges be dropped and Parrish be released.

According to the JCFloridian, Finch allegedly told the deputy who’d arrested Parrish that he “believed in 2nd Amendment rights” and instructed jail staff to return his confiscated firearms.

But the Florida Department of Law Enforcement learned of the incident, which occurred in March, and obtained an arrest warrant for Finch. He was arrested and booked into the Liberty County jail last week before being released on his own recognizance. Gov. Scott has since suspended Finch and temporarily installed a regional agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as acting sheriff.

Finch’s arrest for exercising his judgment in protecting another citizen’s Constitutional freedom has drawn anger from both locals and 2nd Amendment advocates throughout the U.S.

One Liberty County man said Finch may have been a sitting duck among longtime power brokers in a good old boy network,“[s]ince he’s considered what people consider an outsider and not from Liberty County, that they finally railroaded him out. In my personal opinion he was doing his job and people didn’t like it.”

Though Finch has not commented on his arrest, his attorney has said it’s ridiculous to construe the sheriff’s actions as anything but proper defense of his constituents’ Constitutional rights.

“The records at the jail show exactly what happened in this case and the records speak the truth. The sheriff looked at the facts and said ‘I believe in the second amendment and we’re not going to charge him.’ That is not misconduct at all. That is within the Sheriff’s prerogative whether to charge someone or not,” said attorney Jimmy Judkins.

Dean Garrison of DC Clothesline agrees:

With so many Sheriff’s offices making strong pro-2nd Amendment stands in 2013 this is a situation that was bound to happen. The Sheriff had every right not to charge this man. The 2nd Amendment of the constitution should supercede any Florida law. “Shall Not Be Infringed” still means something to men like Nick Finch.

The whole case will surely become about the documents. If Nick Finch destroyed the documents they will make an example of him for all of us to see. They have been waiting for this opportunity. This case will not be prosecuted to the extent that Nick Finch did not understand the 2nd Amendment. They will try to get him on a technicality.

Pro-2nd Amendment law enforcement officials all over the country need to take note. They are looking for any backdoor they can to try to shut you down. This story should be national news soon. My hope is that Finch did not destroy the documents and this case can be heard on its real merits.

Nick Finch was elected sheriff of Liberty, a county of only 8,400 people, in November of last year.

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Ellwood Greiner

    You have a Good Sheriff that is doing his Job. Once again they the Gov is after our Second Amendment . I am a Veteran of the USA. And a D M V. Let the Sheriff get his Job back .He was right. All Florida Gun owners and the N R A fight for him now.

    • Ellwood Greiner

      Leave This Good Sheriff Goo . He is going by the Second Amendment Mr Gov All gun owners and the People and the NRA , help this Sheriff now get Money to heather or what ever and back him . The Gov will be taking more than your Second Amendment Rights away in do time. I a A Veteran that was in Viet Nam . That fought for your Second Amendment Rights, And a DMV Vet. Get the money together, all Gun Owners , All Florida People And the N R A. I belong to the N R a . You help The Sheriff N O W. Call your Congress Man NOW. The Sheriff is fighting for all or the State of Florida’s Rights . Get tougher now and stick together.

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  • Robert Stone

    That sheriff should get an award for caring about the constitution, and doing what was right. I haven’t voted in years, but i would vote for him.

  • Tommy cunningham

    How can the governor suspend the sheriff?!? Last time I checked the sheriff is a elected official by the people!?!? The sheriff has more power than the governor! The sheriff should invite the governor to his county then arrest him for obstruction of justice, as not following the Constitution is obstruction of justice. Sheriff doesn’t work for governor, nor answers to him, he works for he people of the county who elected him!!!!

  • flashy

    The law says X. The Sheriff doesn’t decide the law nor is he judge or jury. He is also alleged to have destroyed documents.

    Y’all support law enforcement where the police decide the law and what evidence not to destroy ? Really ?

    If the particular law is or is not constitutional is not the Sheriff’s call.

    • Tommy cunningham

      2nd amendment easy to read and understand , the founders wrote it so the people could read it. Doesn’t take a lawyer or judge to tell a individual his rights are as these are natural rights we are born with, they do not come from the goverment. The sheriff has a obligation to support, obey , and yes ” defend ” the Constitution! It is the supreme law of the land and trumps and and all laws that violate it or in case of 2nd amendment “infringe upon it! The sheriff should arrest governor or any other official who breaks the law by “infringing ” upon a individuals right to keep and bear arms! The sole purpose of 2nd is so a individual may defend his live, liberty, and property against anyone, including a goverment trying to take any of the 3 unlawfully and passing laws violating 2nd is a goverment trying to take a individuals liberty!! Security is not a reason nor a waiver to violate the natural rights if man protected by the Constitution. If you believe it is then ur part of the problem!

      • flashy

        Please cite the case a permit like the one required by Florida had been adjudged unconstitutional.

        Fact is, the Sheriff brokhe law. There are too many rogue cops as it is…

    • Lewis Gerhardt

      That is incorrect. By constitution, the sheriff is the constitutional officer in every county.
      A Deputy does not have that same power, but the sheriff does and takes an oath to uphold the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Irvin Cutler

        Absolutely!!! We need more Sheriff Finch types.

    • Tommy cunningham

      How is it constitutional to have to go get a ” permit” to exercise ones god given right?? Permit means get permission to do something, the right to keep and bear arms is a natural right enshrined and protected by the 2nd amendment, so making a person get a permit to exercise that right is a “infringement” of the right to keep and bear arms, no man need permission from the goverment to do so! Don’t need no judge telling me my rights I know them and I am willing to fight for them and give my life if needed as our founders did, so hopefully the goverment will lay off our rights, follow the Constitution and obey it. There are people out here who live this country , the freedom the Constitution protects for us and are willing to fight, there is NO compromise!

      • Ron r

        Then where in the constitution does it say a felon can’t have a fire arm,or a citizen can’t have a grenade launcher?? The fact is the founders were not perfect and could not have foreseen the types of firearms available today. At that time we had no standing army and we did not have the extremist we have today.

      • Keith Hanna

        Finch for President ! And Cunningham for Vice President !!!! Y’all got my vote !

  • Michel

    So typical of the cowards in this country willing to fold to the Nazi Muslim in the Outhouse and rip our freedoms out of our hands.


    Tyranny – looks like a witch hunt.

  • Ron r

    Say what you want about 2nd amendment rights, but like one reporter wrote,hiding ,or destroying evidence is illegal in every county ,and every state in the country. That’s why he was suspended. And rightfully so.

    • Tommy cunningham

      1. Governor can’t lawfully suspend the sheriff as he is a elected official of the people in that county who took a oath to defend the Constituion against all ebonies forgiegn and domestic, as far as destroying evidence, the man broke no laws exerciseing his right to keep and bear arms, one does not need a permit to exercise a right born to him and protect by Constitution. The right to keep and bear arms is not a right given by goverment, therefor they can’t take that right either or give permission “permit” to exercise that right. So no law was broken, therefore there was no evidence, as No crime was committed!

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Irvin Cutler

        A Sheriif has the duty to defend the Constitution against tyranny. Even if its the President. He was doing the right thing. I applaud him to no end.

      • flashy

        Please give the case citation which states a permit for carrying a weapon in a vehicle is unconstitutional infringement upon the 2nd.
        You can’t provide one since the SCOTUS has ruled decades ago such is permissible as to “time, place, and manner”.

        Now, if it were a drug dealer, gang banger, smuggler of aliens, an OWS protester, Bill Ayers, etc … And the Sheriff had let him free with his weapons, and then destroyed documents … Would you be telling the same rants ?

      • Tommy cunningham

        Flashy—-please state where it says in the 2nd that the goverment can require a person to get a “permit” permission to keep and bear arms?!?! STATE IF FOR ME WORD FOR WORD AND I WILL COMPLY!!! I believe it says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED!!!!! Meaning the goverment CAN’T require a permit “permission” to exercise my natural born right!!! Don’t care what scotus says!! I can read just fine, and I have the second amendment to back up my interpretation of it!!!! The beauty of the second amendment is that it won’t be needed till they try and take it.. Thomas Jefferson . I’m willing to use it to keep my liberty flashy, how far are u willing to go to take it?!?

    • Keith Hanna

      If he committed no crime there is no evidence ! All the most that was done was waste paper !! All the self righteous hypocrites in this country can kiss my gun toting Ass ! I will not be a victim of a crime so to being unarmed ! If you see me you can bet your sweet ass I’m armed !!!!

  • Bprothero

    I applaud and support this sheriff who takes his oath to defend the constitution seriously. It is a sad state when the governor punishes him for doing his job. I am shocked at just how many us citizens are willing to give up their liberties as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

  • http://Facebook Jeannine Hajduch

    Time for the corrupt governed to go. Vote him out. Isn’t this the guy who was republican/democratic/independent. In other words whatever it takes to win? The truth means nothing to him.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Irvin Cutler

    I applaud Sheriff Finch. A true American!

  • Tommy cunningham

    For those of you whom I consider sheep, this is my message to you or those who wish to do away with 2nd amendment. I support the 2nd amendment and will NEVER OBEY and law that infringes upon it, get a “permit” permission to exercise it or give it up for security or convienance, nor will I give up my 4th admendment right and register it for security. I will never compromise! I am a law abiding citizen and will obey laws only derived from the Constitution. Those of you who want my rights will have to take them by force. I would rather suffer the inconveniences of to much liberty than those attending to little a degree of. T. Jefferson agrees wholehearted on last part….. I am a peaceful man but I will damn sure fight for the republic out founders set forth on this earth. I took a oath when joined the military to obey and defend the Constitution against All enemies forgiegn and domestic. I’m sure many more citizens in this country would do the same. Hopefully it never comes down to it. All it takes for evil to succeed us for good men to do nothing, either your a American who will stand for liberty and the Constitution or your not. No gray area. Good bless America and may freedom ring forever. We need to start electing people in office like this sheriff who takes the oath to obey and defend the Constituion seriously and put others out of office. I applaud the sheriff and would gladly stand beside him if needed.

    • Ron r

      Great speech, but tell me that if you are arrested and law enforcement throws out evidence that would prove your innocence. This is about destroying evidence.

      • Tommy cunningham

        Believe any evidence thrown out helped the citizen, as he was released. Only people mad is a big goverment that can’t control all it’s sheep!!!!

      • juanita.Case

        Finch made a decision to protect this mans 2nd amendment rights. As a Sheriff he can make these judgement calls.Scott has been bought.Floridians need to recall Scott.

  • J. Dan O’Donnell

    I guess Governor Scott doesn’t take seriously his oath of office or was too dumb to remember that ALL elected officials swear to uphold and to defend The Constitution Of The United States. Not suprised as our Country is full of politicians that don’t take putting their hand on a Bible and swearing as anything they have to abide by. Very few Patriots left in our Country’s politics, mostly ambitious crooks with no honor.

  • Stephen Phillips

    I wish this guy would move to Texas. We need people like him in office here.

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  • Keith Hanna

    I think our governor has drank the Kool-Aid !

  • Larry hoopingarner

    I do not live in Fl. “Mo.” I stand with sheriff Finch,and any other elected officials who believe in our constitution, will work hard here Mo. To replace all elected officials who has thrown our constitution out the window,, it’s time for a change!

    • Richard Adkins

      Amen to that brother!!!

  • juanita.Case

    Gov Scott will be voted out of office.

    • Richard Adkins

      I hope so.

  • Richard Adkins

    The second amendment is our right and that is the only license we should ever need, and the gov. Should not be able to take that right away, it’s about time that law enforcement done their job to the fullest and protected the citizens of our country. Ironic that when law actually sticke with the laws of our country and it goes against the gov. They want to punish them huh!!!!!! That is one sheriff I’d vote in for president…… He does what he is paid to do.


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