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Florida Governor Says ‘Yes, We Can’ To Obamacare He Formerly Opposed

February 22, 2013 by  

Florida Governor Says ‘Yes, We Can’ To Obamacare He Formerly Opposed

Will there ever be any true political winners in the Obamacare fight?

Republican Governor Rick Scott of Florida — one of the most recalcitrant opponents of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — came half-circle Wednesday, resignedly telling his constituents he will work with the Administration of President Barack Obama by asking the Legislature to expand the Medicaid program in his State.

He’s trying to look as Republican as he can about it. He credits his change of heart to a viscerally wrenching  event, one unassailable for all but the most callous of media (the death of his mother). His press conference remarks Wednesday were appropriately grumpy:

I believe in a different approach, but it doesn’t matter what I believe. It doesn’t matter what anybody believes. The Supreme Court has already made its decision. We had an election in the fall. OK. The public made its decision. Now the president’s health care law, the mandate, is the law.

Florida Tea Party conservatives who helped get Scott elected in an expensive, tight 2010 race are having none of that. One lucky Tea Party activist beat all others to the punch in calling Scott the “Benedict Arnold to the patriot and Tea Party movements in Florida,” according to McClatchy News Service.

Liberals are skeptical, too, but happy to step back and watch the political career of one of the President’s most galvanizing and vocal adversaries self-destruct. This is a man for whom there’s long existed a titanic motive to protect healthcare, as a business, from regulatory harm. He’s the founder of Conservatives for Patients’ Rights (CPR), the nominal champion of a systemic alternative to Obamacare based on free-market principles. He led the 26-State legal charge to thwart the healthcare bill’s enforcement before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Now he’s become the seventh Republican Governor to capitulate to the new reality of healthcare in the United States and accept Obama’s vision of an expanded Medicaid. He likely won’t be the last, but it’s hard to imagine anyone who’ll be more vilified for the change.

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Warrior

    See, there’s all sorts of ways to “buy” votes. 100% Fed funds for 3 years. I wonder at what point does the “cost curve”….. break? I’ll bet those “economists” know.

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama care is evil.

    Americans will regret the implementation for the next 50 years if we survive as a nation that long.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

  • Doc Sarvis

    Some of the Republican darlings are seeing the true benefits of the Affordable Care Act for their constituents. Most Americans already welcome the President’s plan; one of the main reasons for his election in 2008 and for his re-election in 2010. Another main reason for his two victories is his fight for the majority of working Americans.

    • Gary L

      Doc, they are not Republican darlings, they are republican dumbies.
      The dumbies are also the main reason for his two victories.
      By the way many of us se his two victories as America’s loss.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Fortunately, Most of us see his election for what it is (for the most part), a victory for our country and its common citizenry.

    • Proud to be a Believer

      You have got to be kidding. This man who has spent on all of his Czars, all of the Lady’s in Waiting who have to take care of Michelle, using Air Force 1 more times than a regularly scheduled airlines, has never put forth one budget, bailed out GM and given it over to the Unions instead of the people who owned stock and in 2012 spent 1.4B for everything attached to him (the Queen of England only spent 59M during the same period of time) and this terrible Affordable Health Care Bill that will do more harm to our wonderful Health system that we HAD, I wouldn’t mind IF ALL CITIZENS INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS had to abide and be under the same laws that they pass. As far as the second amendment is, I will give up my guns when Congress, the President and all the elite in Hollywood give up their body guards and not until. This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous and mark my words, you are going to see a mass exodus of people not only giving up their citizenships but also moving out of the country. When O says tax the rich, wouldn’t it be nice if all of the people in high positions in the Government would just pay their taxes. It seems to me that their wages should be garnisheed on taxes and that they couldn’t vote on anything until they were paid. What a sorry state of affairs. O should be happy as gasoline is now almost to the $5 per gallon in California that he wanted. Gasoline was 1.89 per gallon when he took office.


        Gee, and where are all you folks going to move to when you leave America? You can’t come up to Canada – we have a wonderful universal socialized health care system up here. So Canada’s out. You don’t want to join a whole bunch of commie pinkos now do you? The advanced enlightened nations of Europe are also out as they all have socialized medicine too and we all know how nuts European people are. Israel has a better socialized medical system than even Canada. Those commies even provide dental care to children. How commie is that? Sure Mitt Romney praised Israel’s medical system as being the best in world but he was kind of a loser wasn’t he? I fear New Zealand & Australia are tainted with the same notion that health care is a right so they’re not going to see you grace their immigration line. I think some of the African countries don’t have socialized medicine but then they don’t ave much of anything else either. You guys who are pledging to move out of America might want to think that decision over a second time. Anyway best of luck if you do move out and don’t forget to tell us where you are headed. Cheers. R

  • Patriot professor

    Gov. Rick ‘Benedict Arnold’ Scott, forgot who brought him to the party and why they did. He also forgot the adage, ‘united we stand, didvided we fall’. If the states will stand together they can still relegate ‘Obummer care’ to the trash bin of history. Let’s hope that the Florida legislature doesn’t follow his lead and capitulate as well. They can defeat his recommendation I do believe.

  • Gary L

    Just another republican selling out. Its more proof that we dont need republican leadership. There is no difference between the Reps and Dems.

  • don

    Get ready for Gov. Charlie Crist, part II.

  • R. Fine

    Another top Republican finally seeing the light and realizing that affordable health care for all citizens is a right and not a privilege. Welcome, America, to the modern enlightened world.

    • Steve E

      The only people who think that healthcare is a right are same people who are hopelessly lost in their need for entitlements because they are too incompetent to do things for themselves.

      • R.F.

        Your opinion is patently untrue. There will come a day – have no doubt about it – when you will need medical care that is way beyond your means. That day will come just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow and on that day you will finally know how shortsighted you are now. Make a note of this message. And, by the way, are you also against a state sponsored fire dept, public school system, coast guard, disease control agency, police dept. etc., etc., etc.?

    • Hedgehog

      Excuse me R. Fine, I’m just an ignorant Canadian. Can you show me where it says in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence, that health care is a right? I must have missed that amendment.

      • R.F.

        There is a multitude of common services provided to the people of enlightened nations that are not mentioned in the Constitution.

      • FreedomFighter


        says allot about who you are RF…your master would not be happy.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

        • R. Fine

          The Founders also forgot to mention that a good idea would be to have a government funded fire dept. and a government funded national park system and a government funded disease control agency and government funded food and drug dept. and government funded garbage collection and a whole lot of other things. (They did mention a government funded postal system however, which, ironically the GOP would like to get rid of!). So what’s the big deal about hospital and doctor services. I’d say having hospitals is pretty much on a par with the fire dept. I mean how come it’s O.K. to have the government supply firefighters to come and rescue you but if you get burned and are brought to hospital you are suddenly on your own. Why is that I wonder. Oh and how about government funded public schools. Maybe that should get tossed overboard as well. Everybody should just be home schooled – none of that government infringement in educating the next generation. Let each set of parents teach their kids all the subjects including advanced math and science and languages and mechanics, and comparative religions, and world history, and literature, etc., etc., etc. Kind of like how education happens in third world countries where folks don’t know squat.

    • ana

      This sense of entitlement is for those that can’t or won’t but would rather ride the wave of those that can and do… It’s a wimpy, socialistically shortsighted view in favor of a ‘big brother or daddy day care’ nationalization of benefits (entitlement). This is what one would expect from a demoralized and de-masculinized society. In regards to force feeding these guidelines down physician’s throats, it is my opinion that socialized medical systems will not work in a free market society where the business professional must foot the bill for rising costs of managing high volume, assembly line type of medical practices. Aside from the fact that forcing someone to deliver quality medical care without the proper compensation and resources is akin to ‘slavery’ and for the most part, we did away with that quite some time ago. Check on the stats behind socialized medical systems and the mortality and morbidity it is certain to deliver, including ‘kill switch’ committees.


        Universal health care works beautifully here in Canada. The vast majority of Canadians would never trade it for for profit medicine. We view doctors and hospitals as we do the fire dept. When we need it we have it. And we pay for it via income taxes just like we pay for the police, firefighters, the military, forest rangers, teachers, libraries, and such like. We generally think it is dumb to give 30% of health care dollars to private insurance companies who often let you down anyway when you get sick. Are Canadians crazy or evil or lazy as a result of having health care? Not really. And we are mostly a free enterprise system. We just don’t think health care should depend on having piles of money or a rich dead uncle or getting lucky in Las Vegas. Why should a poker genius be able to afford good health care and a hard working stiff go without? And, by the way, you don’t have to cry for our doctors. They still live in the mansions in the best parts of town, still drive imported cars, and still have their country homes in cottage country. They also don’t have to worry about accounts receivable as their hefty pay cheques for services rendered come directly from the government. Oh, and their medical school education is also heavily subsidized by tax dollars because in Canada we don’t think that being poor should eliminate you from realizing your educational potential. Your President is on the right path but hopefully can enhance your Affordable Health Care act in this second term. Most Canadians still find your system quite amusing. Also, it was your own Mitt Romney who praised Israel’s medical care system as being the best in the world: less expensive than in America and with better outcomes. Little did/does he know tat Israel has a really strong universal socialized medical system. Even better tan Canada’s. But then Mitt didn’t know much. Israel even includes universal dental care for children which we can only dream of here in Canada and, of course, in your country you are still mainly in the dark ages.

  • Debbie

    Thank you Governor for selling Florida out to the dictator in chief!! I thought Crist was out of office! I, for one, can hardly wait for next election

    • Doc Sarvis

      Hmmm, If President Obama were a dictator then he would MAKE all governors go along with his plan. States have the option.

    • R.F.

      Maybe you should remove those blinkers just as Governor Scott did. Or just try to imagine that he knows something you don’t know even though you consider your views to be not only perfect but God given as well!

  • Scott in SC

    This should come as no surprise. Rick Scott made his millions bilking Medicare and Medicaid. This is a guy who got rich off big government spending and gets elected by promising to cut big government spending.

  • toledojim

    My governor in Ohio rolled over and joined the Obamacare team. He said he worked out the plan with Valerie Jarrett. That made me nearly lose my lunch.

  • ibcamn

    This just sucks,Fl is where i was born,and now this!..i don’t know,let’s all chip in an get Scott a new pair of knee pads with “I LOVE OBAMA”on them!!and maybe a bib with his picture on it too!?!

    oh come on,why else the change?!!

    • R.F.

      Why else the change? Well, maybe Governor Scott and the governor of Ohio too just know something about the health plan that you don’t know?

  • kimo3690

    Where Alinsky and his disciples refer to the enemy, they are referring to you and me! As Luciferian weapons of spiritual warfare, diversity, political correctness, lying, and mockery are at the front line. If you follow the news every day, you will see these tactics expertly applied against “the enemy” (you and me) in employment, business, education, and everyday life. Surely we must expect something better in our blessed Constitutional Republic! Alinsky states:

    1. Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.

    2. Never go outside the expertise of your people.

    3. Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.

    4. Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

    5. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    6. A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

    7. A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.

    8. Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

    9. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

    10. The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

    11. If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside.

    12. The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

    13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    “It’s an ill bird that fouls its own nest.” The thoughtful reader need not delve too deep to see the rules are effectively designed as a means of deception and to reduce the opponent (you, me, and our elected representatives or candidates) to ineffectiveness by lies and character assassination. Sadly, these rules are the core of the “progressive” movement modulated in political correctness and diversity defined as class and racial warfare. These coupled with an intrinsically evil monetary system that extracts tribute from those who create its value have been applied by too many people and institutions that ought to know better.


    • R. Fine

      Get over it. The President was re-elected.

      • kimo3690

        “Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it.” — John Adams

        There has been great concern about how Tyrant Barack Hussein Obama has been out there attempting to win the hearts and minds of our young through his twisted and un-American ideologies.

        Synonyms for a tyrant are oppressor, dictator, bully, despot, persecutor.

        How fitting.

        After performing constitutional talks in 341 high schools across America, I have seen firsthand the indoctrination being imposed on the future generations of this great country – which, for the most part, they are rejecting.

        I recently returned from a Tea-Party speaking tour in Florida, and the No. 1 concern these patriots brought up to me was how to reach the next generation.

        Finally, they were asking the right questions to bring our country back in the right direction.

        The answer is all too simple: Show them the price of freedom.


        • R. Fine

          You have seen firsthand indoctrination in schools? Do you care to elaborate with some examples?

      • kimo3690

        “Any member of the general assembly who proposes a piece of legislation that further restricts the right of an individual to bargain collectively, as set forth under section 29, article I of the Missouri Constitution, shall be guilty of a class D felony,” reads the text of the bill.

        The legislation would prevent state congressmen from proposing laws such as right-to-work, a popular labor policy reform that gives individual workers the right not to join unions. Michigan recently became the 24th right-to-work state in the nation. Missouri does not have right-to-work.


        • R. Fine

          The so-called “right to work” is nothing more than a euphamism to exploit job seekers. When you weaken or destroy labour unions you give a free hand to employers to cut wages. In an economy with more workers than jobs this means earnings will go down which in turn hurts the overall economy because there is less buying power in the hands of the people. Of course business owners would love to pay wages as the same rate as in China – mean and nasty is the result of this high sounding “right to work” nonsense.

      • kimo3690

        I am a 39 yr. old husband and father of five, one with autism. I am struggling to keep my head above water financially in a state (New Jersey) where the middle class is evaporating at a rapid pace. Property taxes, housing, energy costs, food costs, the price of gasoline; it’s all becoming too much. It may be easier for us to become a have-not, rather than struggle to be a have.

        We’ve been blessed to be able to turn to our church community and receive a compassionate, Godly response. I just want to make sure that government assistance will remain with those whose needs are the greatest, a safety net that will enable those to get back on their feet, and that the government dollar is not a fight that will suffer from an expansion of recipients.

        I work in the field of social services and can attest first hand that we as a nation take pretty good care of the poor. The poor have all their needs met in this country. The bigger issue is moral decay, single-parent households, abusive households, and emotionally damaged children. I wish we could focus a little more on Christian redemption, moral responsibility, social empathy, and traditional family and less on the economics.

        The poor already get healthcare, they get housing, and they get public assistance and food stamps. However, there is only so much we can do without also bringing down the middle class because eventually, their taxes will be raised to keep up with government spending.

        Does the Affordable Care Act help the poor? No. They already have health care. Does it help the middle class? I’m not so sure. But I am sure that we need to be a little more pragmatic, responsible, and Biblical before we start throwing around terms like Social JUSTICE. I am for equality, and much good has been done in the name of social justice; but are we going too far?

        Government has a role to play, but government must do so responsibly and ethically. I believe the GOP was trying to tackle some of the current and future problems that require responsible and feasible solutions, while the Democratic strategy of kicking the can down the road and enabling a godless culture will have grave consequences for the future of this country and the world. If we don’t start applying some forward-thinking, we can kiss our current entitlements (i.e. Social Security) goodbye.

        Not that the GOP has not committed sins (i.e. excessive deregulation and unorthodox wars have both proved problematic); but if something doesn’t change, something is gonna give.

        Government and forced economic redistribution cannot solve perceived ‘social injustice.’ All they can do is spread the poverty around. We must be careful when getting behind any cause or movement that acts in the name of ‘justice.’ When we use the word ‘Justice’, we think of a civil right, something enforceable by law. When taken to the extreme, we may actually be endorsing the borrowing and spending of money that is not even available to achieve this cause. In a zealous quest to promote ‘equality’, we may be endorsing reckless spending practices, specifically the distribution of unsupported funds. An insurmountable debt will be the ultimate end. A type of debt that can only be relieved through significant tax increases upon future generations is when we are literally stealing from our children and grandchildren. Where’s the ‘justice’ in such philosophy?

        In addition, we as a society need to cease living beyond our means and looking to government to deliver us from the self-inflicted economic hole we repeatedly find ourselves. This is all part of a vicious cycle indicative of a restless, reckless, debt-laden generation that is searching for comfort and fulfillment in materialism.

        * This article was previously published at The Christian Post and Intellectual Conservative.



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