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Florida Cop: I’ll Feed You To The F*cking Gators

February 18, 2013 by  

Florida Cop: I’ll Feed You To The F*cking Gators

A sheriff’s deputy in Broward County, Fla., unleashed a tirade of obscenities and threats on a man who he reportedly was investigating for causing a disturbance.

Broward Sheriff’s deputy Alan Dubinski arrived on the scene to a disturbance call last July where Florida State Troopers had already detained Jessie Merchant (who, some reports indicate, has mental health problems) for allegedly running in and out of traffic.

Dubinksi said he had interacted with Merchant on previous occasions, and felt threatening to “beat the f*cking p*ss” out of Dubinksi and feed the subject to alligators was the best way to deal with the call.

CBS Miami transcribed the conversation as follows (video below):

“Jessie, I’m gonna tell you right now, your f—— a– is going home or I’m going to beat the f—— p— out of you,” Dubinski is recorded saying.

“Yes, sir,” Merchant replied.

“I see your f—— a– again tonight I’m going to f—— split your f—— skull f—— with my flashlight,” Dubinski is heard saying. “Remember what I told you about the alligators? I’m gonna feed your a– to them. I’m not gonna arrest you. I’m gonna feed you to the f—— alligators. I’m taking you out on the Alley and I’m dumping your a–. So you’re gonna die.”

After 30 seconds, the expletives and threats fly again.

“I get another call on you tonight I’m gonna come in your house, I’m gonna kick your f—— door in. You think I’m bulls——-?” Dubinski asked.

“No. I’m just saying you’re gonna kick the door down,” Merchant said.

“I’m gonna kick the f—— door in and I’m gonna come in there and drag your f—— a– out of your house, beating the p— out of you,” Dubinski said.

“I said yes, sir,” Merchant replies.

“And then I’m gonna feed you to the f—— gators,” Dubinski told him.

Just seconds later the tirade continues.

“I want to feed you to the alligators,” Dubinski said.

“You’re kinda scaring me,” Merchant said.

“I hope I am,” Dubinski says. “If I see you again tonight, I swear to God — God be my witness you’re a dead man.”

“Yes, sir,” Merchant said.

“Get the f— out of here,” Dubinski said.


The transfer was made public only after a Florida State Trooper who was on the scene deemed the deputy’s actions inappropriate and reported the incident to superiors.  After an internal investigation, Dubinski was reprimanded and put back on the job.

The officer said of his actions, “Everybody’s gonna say it was improper, but it was effective. I didn’t hurt him. I’m going to put it behind me and move on. That’s how it goes.”

What’s most disturbing about Dubinski’s remarks on that day, however, are his threats to kick in Merchant’s door, drag the man from his home and “beat the p*ss” out of him. As reports of cops around the Nation behaving similarly routinely result in loss of life and limb of not just scumbag criminals, but also of unwitting innocents, there’s no reason to believe that Dubinski didn’t mean every word he said.

Dubinski may have simply been kidding around and trying to scare Merchant. But if you think the officer doesn’t believe he is above the law, try making similar comments to a person in a public setting.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    Why do police agencies hire so many criminal cops?

    • GALT

      better question is why would anyone want to be one……

      but here’s an interesting test you can try if possible……check your high school
      graduating class…….see how many of them ended up as cops… do you
      remember them from school………any correlation?

      Certain occupations, such as the military and law enforcement, involve training
      regimen’s that involve breaking down individual resistance and replacing it
      with reflexive response………and while the military can be far more intensive,
      several fundamental changes take place. It establishes and us against them
      mentality, which when combined with the “power” of authority and weapons
      creates the potential for stress overload at any given moment……….and
      whether real or imagined, the isolation combined with other factors, takes its
      toll over time…….even more so with those who were predisposed to
      certain types of behavior as children……….

      • dan

        good observation but consider the crisis/stress to be the trigger for programed behavior
        (behaviors that might precede their police academy training)

      • Wellarmed

        I agree with your statement GALT that “It establishes and us against them
        mentality”. I find this dynamic to be much more pervasive in larger towns and it is very disturbing.

        I call it the lack of a desire to assimilate (LEOs) in ones community. It is that degree of separation that I find most troubling and it my be just one of the root causes to what many perceive as an often disconnected application of force (excessive). I do wonder if there can be some connection made which could conclude if small town police departments due to a greater degree of assimilation ultimately result in less physical violence being perpetuated upon the citizens of that community?

    • John R. Howell

      Harold Olsen asked why do police agencies hire so many criminal cops. The answer is very simple. Chiefs of police are also criminal cops.
      John R. Howell

      • DaveH234

        How do you become the Chief of Police…usually after working in the ranks and showing your commitment and experience to do the job.

      • Darwan Winkler

        Well I do believe it take a criminal mind to be an (effective) peace officer. I tried it for 2 years , ~ I wasn’t suited for it while I seen men that were.

  • Bob666

    Wecome to Florida

  • D. Daug

    If what the cop said works so be it. If a cop can scare a person into shaping up that is better than hauling him of to jail as the jails are full of no-goods. Mabe feeding some of these no-goods to the gators would help the law enforcing the laws. After all some of these no-goods are not worth saving ever.

    • Caroline DLc

      Im on the side of the police officer.He didnt harm the dirt bag but he sure convinced him to stop his actions .Threats are better than silently beating his butt.If he wasnt doing something stupid then the police would not have been called .The officer took care of it as far as I am concerned.Obummer wouldnt hire any full blooded legal American cops to do his dirty work.He already has his anti-American brotherhood in place.I respect law enforcement much more than our government Cops deal with the scum of the earth so that good law abiding citizens dont have to.Whatever works to stop criminals is fine with me .

    • ibcamn

      So let’s say you 16 year old daughter is with friends and they are out walking around being noisy like girls do and they jaywalk going to another store,and this cop stops them,and starts the same thing,just to get them to go home!??!

      your an idiot!this cop, just plain and simple(and obviouse)hates his job or has mental issues!he should be put in anger managment classes and talk to a shrink for a while before being allowed going back to work!

      • Caroline DLc

        If your daughter and her friends had been struck down by a car while jaywalking how would you feel then.?The cop is a good cop and if my child is breaking the law and a police officer could “scare” her not to ever do it again them thank God he did .Look at the big picture .This cop doesnt have mental issues .People have issues following the law.
        If this works to save lives and prevent more crime then maybe we should teach the parents to teach the kids to respect the law and not follow the actions of the parent who doesnt respect the police.

      • DaveH234

        Yeah, ibcamm is dropping the Idiot moniker a little freely here. The guy was different than a group of teenagers.I’d give the cop credit for using different terminology on a “case by case”. He probably is not an idiot!

      • Jana

        Caroline and DaveH234,

      • Right Brain Thinker

        IB should take his own advice—–”IB should be put in anger management classes and talk to a shrink for a while before being allowed to go back to posting on PLD!”

        The anger in his comments and the irrationality that seems to be so often driven by that anger is something he needs to work on.

  • JCfromDC

    his is not even typical of Florida police; state, local or otherwise… It is standard procedure. I have never met police “forces” so arrogant, obnoxious and downright disrespectful in all my life. If they behaved like that in Virginia (last I lived there, at least) they would never wear a badge of ANY KIND again, if caught, unless it was for the santation service.

    • gotthumbs

      So why were you interacting with Florida law enforcement? The don’t pull you over for no reason. There had to be a reason for them pulling you over. Denial is not an excuse for you. Also, were you respectful to them?

      Only an idiot would think others have to show him respect, while he is disrespectful to others. Bottom line in Florida, follow our laws or expect to meet our law enforcement officers.

      • DaveH234

        I agree pretty much but something new here in Hillsborough COunty, Florida. They now have some free time because of red light cameras, etc. Now they are having floating roadblocks during the day and will take every 4th or 5th car and have them pull over to see if they can find you with an infraction. Lack of Registration or insurance card and then “look” into the vehicle and whatever else they want from there. It’s been a hot button recently. At least they listed the roads where the blocks might be set up, if it’s to be believed, and I am certainly avoiding those streets.

      • Jana

        I think I got all your numbers right, I just glanced at them :) .
        When I was a child I remember going through those things when my mama or daddy was driving. For awhile it was SOP, then it stopped. Don’t know why, I was too young to know or care why.

    • http://google gary gerke

      JC, you are right on!!! The local police forces have turned into Gestapo Fascist thugs that believe our rights no longer exist. When the s-h-i-t hits the fan as in a new civil war, these criminal thugs will be put down by patriotic law abiding citizens!
      There are at least 40-million Patriots that will protect our civil rights…..God help the government…..they will lose this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Caroline DLc

        The police are not our enemy ..this anti American government is ..Most Sheriffs in this nation do not support Obamas attempt to take away our 2nd amendment rights.They side with legal American weapons owners,not the feds.Our rights are being taken away by Obama and company .daily .The majority of law enforcement will side with us in a fight against more government infringement .If I am going to pick someone to fight along side of me ,I would pick a trained arms expert not some dumbass that thinks hes Billy the Kid.

  • http://none Bob Noah

    The cop knew what he was doing. That kind of treatment is what the slimebags understand. The slimebag also knew that the cop didn’t mean it. They both laughed about it when it was over.

  • TheTruthHurts

    Doesn’t surprise me… Miami New Times publishes stories bimonthly, usually of corruption regarding phallic wielding public servants

  • Don 2

    A non-violent law enforcement officer friend of mine once had a situation where he had a man wading into raging rapids above a large waterfall, intent on committing suicide. This officer pulled out his sidearm, told the man to “Come out of the water, or I’ll blow your f–king head off.” The man raised his hands, said “Don’t shoot” and proceeded to come out of the river. He had wanted to commit suicide by going over a waterfall to certain death, but he did not want to be shot. Attempting to go into the rapids after the suicidal man almost certainly would have resulted in two deaths, as this same police officer did so on another occasion trying to rescue a suicidal woman. The woman in that case went over the falls, and this officer managed to grab ahold of the shoreline merely a few feet from the brink of the falls.

    There are occasions when tough language, and perceived threats, can get the desired cooperation or results. I wouldn’t use a paintbrush to condemn all police officers just because they use tough language. Sometimes, that is the only thing the other person clearly understands, and you cannot lock everyone up.

    • Jana

      Thank you for that good report of your friend.
      This just shows that police are just like any segment of society. Not all are good and not all are bad.
      Most are good, but a few rotten apples can spoil the whole bunch in the opinions and trust issues of the public.

      • Don 2

        Thank you Jana,

        And both of those incidents took place at the brink of the Niagara Falls.

  • terry

    Well I think they are really hardup for a pig in uniform.

    • Caroline DLc

      Well I dont see any one calling their milkman or their mailman when they are in trouble and need help..They call the police and fully expect the responding officers to fix the problems .If they lose their lives in the process thats what they do isnt it ? They protect and serve..In every profession their are bad elements,bad people .And as far as ego you damn right you must have some testies to be in a profession such as what is required of a police officer.

  • Darwan Winkler

    Well, ~ no ~ That is not good police work.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    A lot of yada-yada-yada on the thread so far from people who have never faced the situation this officer faced with this individual who had MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS and was well known to the officer from previous contacts. Was it done “neatly and cleanly”? Yes and No, but perhaps the poor soul won’t go running in and out of traffic anytime soon, won’t get himself run over, and won’t cause trauma to the innocent driver who runs him over or to the FL state trooper that has to deal with the bodies (and it would be ironic if the trooper who “snitched” was the one who had to explain to three kids that their mother died because the body of some crazy man came through her windshield when she hit him because he was “running in and out of traffic” because people were “too nice” to try to stop him).

    I witnessed a number of similar situations when I was a school administrator. Actions taken by police officers, other administrators, and even myself that might have looked “questionable” to the uninformed, but were the “right” thing to do under the circumstances. People should not be so quick to judge, and Sam and the Sensation-Seekers (another good name for a band) should not be so quick to make a case like this into some sort of blanket indictment. It’s a “walk a mile in another man’s shoes” thing.

    • DaveH234


      • Jana

        Right Brain,
        I agree with you on this. In the first place, the cop didn’t sound like he was out of control, he sounded like he was trying to scare the guy so he would go home and stay there for the night.
        It’s sad that we have the mentally ill that cannot reason normally and have to have a tactic used on them like this, but if it worked great, the poor guy is still alive probably to be confronted again another day in a similar manner.
        It would be quite scary to be driving down a busy street and see a person weaving in and out of traffic. All it takes is for another driver to have to swerve to miss him to run directly in to your car.

    • Wellarmed

      I can agree with many of your comments Right Brain Thinker, but I would not go so far as to say that the other officer “snitched” on this fellow officer. I believed that he or she erred on the side of caution, and I would not condemn their actions as I am not privy to any questionable behavior that this reporting Officer may have witnessed prior.

      I look at this 30 seconds of footage as a juror, and without ALL the facts would be unable to render a proper verdict, and that is not intended to be an insult to the author of the story, rather an indication that I should reserve judgement of both Officers until ALL of the facts are made available.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Good point, WA, I agree. That’s why I put “snitched” in quotes. It was just a quick way to make the point.

        PS Speaking of jury duty, I was once rejected by a lawyer who was defending a convicted felon on a weapons possession charge. He first asked me if I had worked with many policemen as a school administrator. I replied “Yes, probably more than once a week when school was in session, less often during the summer”. When he asked me
        “Who would you tend to believe more, a policeman or a convicted felon?”, I replied “The policeman, OF COURSE” and was promptly “sent down”. That’s what I wanted, because his client looked like a real scumbag and I was hoping to be placed on a the jury for something more interesting than “scumbag and his lawyer lie through their teeth”. I COULD have said that I would listen to the facts and try to make an honest judgment, that I had seen a few cops NOT do the right thing.and/or twist truth and not all could be trusted. But If I did that, he might have allowed me to stay.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Right Brain Thinker,

          You write: ” I COULD have said that I would listen to the facts and try to make an honest judgment, that I had seen a few cops NOT do the right thing.and/or twist truth and not all could be trusted. But If I did that, he might have allowed me to stay.” So you perjured yourself. Why am I not surprised?

          Best wishes,

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Bob is probably not surprised because he knows my actions would never result in any kind of charge of perjury, never mind a conviction. Although I would have tried to be fair and open-minded in hearing the facts of the case, the demeanor and looks of both the lawyer and the accused, as well as the questions the lawyer was asking, had already predisposed me not to be sympathetic to them. I actually did them a favor by giving them a chance to remove me from the jury pool up front.

        Thinking about it now, I may have said something more like “very probably the policeman” rather than “of course”. The attorney gave me a slightly raised eyebrow and a small smirk as he “passed” on my participation. I think he was happy to see me go. The judge didn’t bat an eye at what I said or what anyone else said, either. I think they were all just going through the motions. The lawyer had a “loser” client and was probably hoping only for minimal success anyway.

        The attorney or the judge COULD have asked me more questions about whether I could be open-minded, listen to all the evidence before making up my mind, etc. He didn’t—-it was “who would you believe, a cop or a crook”? If he had asked those additional questions, he would have heard “full truth” from me. Actually, from my experience, I have found that being a school administrator and/or being too highly educated is enough to get one quickly knocked out of the jury box, particularly in criminal cases where it was going to be the cop’s word versus the crook’s. .

        PS The prosecutor looked a little pained when I was dismissed. I had the feeling he would have loved to have had me on the jury. He certainly wouldn’t have prosecuted me for “perjury”.

  • ibcamn

    I grew up in the Florida area(Kissimmee)and the old way for cops to take care of things was to simply take them out to well known gator spots,knock the guy out,leave him on the edge of the glades,weeds and the gators did the rest,no guilt or knowledge of what really happened to that person!it may still be a practice for some cops,but most stopped years ago,forensics put the damper on a lot of that!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    If the man wants to run in and out of traffic let him ! If i hit him with my car and it gets damaged , i would back over him stop and get out and kick in his head for messing up the car . then go home .

  • Gotthumbs

    While I don’t agree with the officers tirade, I can empathize with his frustration. What many citizens do not think about…is the amount of stupidity/dangers officers have to deal with every minute on their job. I recommend everyone do a “Ride-along” with your local officers to get a taste of what its like. This officer needs some time off to re-center himself IMO.

    If he the boy eventually gets hit by cars…then He just needs to do the paperwork. You can’t fix stupid by yelling IMO.

  • krc

    Sorry but I side with the officer here. I deal with the public and sometimes you have to get down on street level to reach them. I don’t think for one minute this officer would have carried out his threats he was merely dealing with someone mentally ill and putting himself and others in danger.

    • http://google gary gerke

      Yea! Infringe on my rights that way….you are history my friend!

      • Joe

        So Gary if someone curses you and raises his voice to you and he is a cop. Then it is time to kill him, did I get that right?
        You are the guy who I see on the videos getting his face slammed into the hood. Ever think it is YOUR mouth and attitude that gets these results??

        • Caroline DLc

          I agree with Joe on both his comments.

    • ranger09

      Old Sheriff back in Texas once told me When you get down to the level of the Insane, Or the criminals THEN you become one of them. 40 plus years in the Military and Police and i Never gave up or compromised on my standards.Never have i disrespected or dishonored the Peoples Uniforms. I wish i could say the same for many of the people out there today.

    • moonbeam

      Same here, krc. I think the officer did a great job. Now, had he shot and killed the guy you’d have heard “but he didn’t have to shoot the guy.” Instead he got a cuss out and walked away with his life.

      Bleeding heart liberals think everybody is as nice as pie and should be treated with kid gloves and a box of chocolates.

      • http://aol CommonSense4America

        Just like we treat Iran and their nuke program. Please, please don’t build them.

  • http://google gary gerke

    That cop needs to be ambushed in the back country, shot and fed to the alligators!
    They are not above the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don 2


      Is your position that you would prefer that the police take you to jail, as opposed to getting your butt chewed out?

  • dfaye

    If the man is running in and out of traffic and posing a safety risk to himself and others, shouldn’t he be evaluated for mental illness? Taken to a psychiatric hospital maybe? So now he’s been threatened, which will work in the short term, but will go home and stew on that in a possible, but most likely, mentally ill state – who knows what he will do next time.

    • Don 2

      The police can, under specific circumstances, take a person to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, and the person will in all probability be released after a few days. I recall one young lady who threatened or attempted suicide on 16 different occasions. She had been repeatedly committed to the local hospital for evaluation. She successfully committed suicide on her 17th. try.

    • Wellarmed

      The Officers can ONLY deal with the immediate not even the short term, let alone long term solutions needed for people who suffer from mental illness. Often times you can give these mentally ill a ride home, and the family that you release them too is beyond the point of having any hope that treatment will ever be effective. Many times the family expresses thanks for returning their child (or adult), but they know that we will meet again in the very near future.

      I disagree with those that say all psychotropic drugs made by the big Pharmaceuticals are evil. Many of the people suffering from mental illness that I come across in the Fire/EMS service can live relatively normal lives if their doctors work (take time) with their patients to create the proper regiment that is tailored to specifically meet their patients needs in conjunction with therapy to help determine why many feel the need to self medicate (drugs, alcohol/masking depression) which can have drastic effects on the uptake and effectiveness of those prescribed medications.

      I personally can cut Officer Dubinski a break as I know what he routinely has to deal with and I can only speculate the anger he holds towards society for not excepting responsibility for those who cannot assume responsibility due to their unfortunate mental state.

      I do believe that it is a responsibility of a Civil Society to care for those who [cannot] care for themselves.

  • FreedomFighter

    I wonder what the deputys record indicates? Has he done anything that would give substance to the threats?

    If not he was just blowing off steam IMHO, but if the guy has a record of beating the snot outta people then…a investigation of this guy is a must.

    If you have ever done a ride along program with the police you know they deal with some real wackjobs and psycho’s and mean nasty people on drugs or not…and idiots.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

  • Joe

    Do I want him talking to me like that NO! BUT, I am not running in and out of moving traffic. Everyone who has recommended the officer be fired needs to take a moment and think about this, what if he darted in front of your car and you killed him? The first thing you would want to know is where or why the police did not stop him from doing this. You would have to live with the fact “you killed a man”.
    The article already said he was mentally off. This officer had dealt with him before so he knew the man and his mental state. Evidently this was not his first time he had done this. What do you do? Slap his hand and tell him to stay out of the street. The man is not two years old he is mental.
    I really do not care how he talked to him or what he said to him IF it keeps him from getting killed or ME being the one who killed him.
    The fact is he did not harm the man, he did not beat him, he did not throw him on the car and bang his face into the hood.
    This is arm chair quarterbacking at it’s worst. You need to put yourself in the officers shoes, he did what it took to get the man to go home.
    NOW, on another note. Giving a man a gun and badge and control over others sometimes causes some weird personality swings. I would not get up every day and go to work knowing some crazy could kill me before my shift is over. Some officers do get a little out of hand. It takes a special person to be a “GOOD” cop. One who will according to the circumstances handle each and every situation in the best manner and way it should be. If this officer did not have a history of this kind of performance we just need to let him do his job. Bottom line Merchant is still alive.


    Uttering death threats…and he’s one of the nice one’s in the bunch!

  • WesTexan

    When are death threats by law enforcement legal when made to a person who is completely subdued and compliant? Does anyone really believe that this kind of verbal assault will have a positive effect on this guy. Maybe he needs mental help, but that’s not what he was getting from this foul-mouthed cop. The perp and the cop both need mental help. The cop needs a little unpaid leave to think about his actions and words.

    • moonbeam

      The cop deserves a medal.

      Question for Personal Liberty. Why are you separating FB and regular posters? And why are they on top and the rest of us peons have to scroll to the bottom to post? Is there something special about FB that you don’t find special about the rest of us? Oblamalamadingdong didn’t get to you too did he?

      Come on PL. I thought we were all on the same page here. Next thing you know we’ll all have to be on FB to post here. That’s the kind of stuff Oblamalamadingdong does.

      • Old Henry

        I agree moonbeam. It’s a pain in the shorts. And after clicking Reply, waiting for the Comment Box to activate it bounces all the way to the top of the FB posts and you have to once again scroll down.

      • Wellarmed

        If I could only make statements through Facebook then I doubt that I would make statements at all. I would assume that FB allows for a greater audience to view and comment on material that Mr. Livingston presents, and for that I applaud him.

        Although the text is more difficult to read as it is much smaller. I can only hope that Mr. Livingston has not made deals with the Federal Government to help track commentators like FB has.

        Either way, I find the dual format acceptable if it ultimately provides a greater audience for discussion, as I do believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

        As for all who don’t like greater access; Let them eat cake!

  • ranger09

    This cop just has no class, should learn how to deal with the public better, Its ok for the public to be bothered by a mental case but not the police, Man should have been arrested if causing the public or himself possible harm, But most likely had no money to pay a fine.??? This is very popular in the larger cities where they have a lot of mental cases and homeless people on the streets.You should see metro LA at nite when they all come out, Sad, Sad. Now if these words were directed at the cop, I bet the man would have been arrested, beat up a little and charged with several crimes.

  • Roger Reber

    Cop was cool…and right on to say what he did. Most of the responses above sound similar to the Dems’ nanny mentality! ALL WARM AND FUZZY! The “streets” are not that way. Get real!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Ariviste

      Exactly, Roger. Until a person has dealt with this low life over and over for years, they know what is affective and what is not. This officer knew how to best deal with this individual through experience. Give him a break and don’t judge until you have sufficient knowledge of the life of a police officer dealing with druggies, low life, and street people. If this were Jesse’s first time he would have dealt with him differently.

      • Wellarmed


  • moonbeam

    Personally, I applaud the officer for not pulling out his gun and shooting the guy. With some people, the colorful language the officer used is the only language they understand. As a result, nobody got hurt. You get everybody’s attention when the F bomb goes off. I love it!

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      moonbeam, another case of the puke media being in the real world. If the officer who has several meetings with these brain dead azzes day after day, and courts along with feel good fks, thinking nice talks and phyco BS will help these subjects, is more progressive crap.Nobody says what color the humoid organism is, if he was white it would be spelled out. A guess, this subject is a multi breed organism, who is on the many public care programs, is on approved medication as well as self medication program of illegal drugs. If that deputy had feed the freak to the alligators, he could have been charged for cruelity to amimals, and practicing vetanary medicine with out a licence.

      • Wellarmed

        Your last comment was spot on. I think I broke a rib laughing. Painfully funny!

    • Old Henry


      I can’t tell from the video what “ethnicity” either of them are, but since the sh*t stirrer upper Jackson has not shown up with his butt buddie Sharpton they must be white.

      The cop sounds like a former Drill Instructor! Good stuff and I am sure Merchant knew it was all talk.

  • Charlie R

    Dubinski had no justification for his abusive actions. His alternative was to arrest this man for disorderly conduct, period Arrests speak louder than threats. And since when is” scaring and threatening” people an acceptable tool of the police department?
    The trooper that reported the incident was correct in doing so.

    Ironically,Merchant (the offender in this case) may have grounds to go froward with a restraining order against Dubinski. As Dubinski said in the video, “they had this conversation before”. Dubinski should be fired, not reprimanded, for his actions which were above and beyond the alternatives available. Merchant should have been arrested if for no other reason to insure his safety and well as that of the motoring public.

    So, if you think Dubinski deserves a medal for this consider this; What would the cop have done if the conversation was reversed and Mercahnt had threatened the cop with the exact same words?

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Chuchy, you sound just like a bar room lawyer/theorist. All are knock offs, of the jug eared muslim marxist, every time a brain dead SOB gets the braclets put on them, their alligator mouth always over loads their canary minds, as the pinheads threaten the officer, his family and his friends, and sometimes these stupid fks try and follow threw with their threats, and a single shot usually stops the idoit and saves taxpayers lots of time and money. An alligator is a great waste management tool.

    • Wellarmed

      I agree with you Charlie R that, “The trooper that reported the incident was correct in doing so”. I would also say that Officer Dubinski should offer his fellow officer that turned him in an apology for putting him in that position.

      Do I believe that Officer Dubinski should take a two week vacation to not only think about his actions, but to get away from that element for awhile and recharge his batteries? I am not justifying his actions at all, but I do understand the frustration of dealing with frequent fliers and knowing how failed our mental health system is. If he had placed this suspect under arrest, I am almost certain that he would not have received the proper care necessary to prevent recidivism, and I can only guess that Officer Dubinski knew that based on prior experience.

      A paper work nightmare would have ensued for Officer Dubinski with the suspects arrest, and that would have an effect on his ability to conduct his patrols which is his highest value.

      My guess is that Officer Dubinski is a seasoned cop with many years of service. If I were his commander I would seriously consider a change of venue to allow him some breathing room. He may be a damn good cop for all we know, and I cannot agree with those who think this is something that should end his career based on 30 seconds of video footage.

      Most of us would not want to walk a mile in his shoes let alone however many years he has been working as a cop. Maybe there should be a sabbatical for cops just as there are for college professors?

      Is that a crazy idea?

      Would it reduce the severity of these types of incidences? I don’t know, but it may be worth a shot. What do you think?

  • Ron

    I worked in law enforcement for 15 years, and encountered similar subjects, but never witnessed or participated in handling the situation with abusive or threatening language to the extent that this officer did. Having “a bad day” is no excuse for being abusive to citizens. I can understand that you have to handle every situation on a case to case basis, but even so, you can handle it without getting as abusive and threatening as he did. He did take care of the situation, he was reprimanded for his methods, so now he should just learn from this and not let it happen again. If he shows a continuing record of this type action, he should find a less stressful occupation.


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