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Fiscal Cliff Talks Rife With Government Ineptitude

December 11, 2012 by  

Fiscal Cliff Talks Rife With Government Ineptitude

A majority of Americans lack faith in the Federal government’s ability to come to an agreement that will not hurt pocketbooks throughout the Nation as the fiscal cliff drama continues.

A poll conducted by The Hill indicates that 58 percent of people have don’t believe Washington will reach a solution to the government’s tax and spending problem by Jan. 1. Only 39 percent of respondents were confident that the government can reach a deal that would halt the looming $500 billion tax increase and simultaneous $109 million government spending cut.

Respondents to the poll, despite their lack of faith in government, said 50 percent of the time that it would be better for lawmakers to reach a long-term solution than simply coming up with a short-term quick fix.

Judging from recent talks between President Barack Obama and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, Americans can expect a tax increase in one form or another.

Former Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson explains in a recent address to supporters:

Here is how the charade is playing out:  President Obama is demanding that the so-called Bush tax cuts be allowed to expire for what he calls the wealthy to produce $800 billion in more “revenue” for the government.  In what only a politician could call a negotiation, the Republican Speaker of the House has countered with an offer to – you guessed it – raise revenues (taxes) by $800 billion.

If this wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

The only difference between the two “sides” is what they want to call their plan for the government to suck almost another trillion dollars out of the private economy to finance their wars, their take-over of our health care, and the never-ending erosions of our freedom.

With just three weeks left until the Nation tumbles over the fiscal cliff, political posturing continues to dominate the negotiations. This week, the President is continuing to hold campaign-style rallies to get Americans on board with his tax-the-rich message.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Warrior

    Get rid of all income taxes and property taxes and replace with “Fair Tax”. We want our property rights back.

    • jungle man

      I’m with you Warrior, I’ve been supporting and pushing for the fair tax since it’s inception. That’s the main reason I joined the Libertarian Party. It will never happen though because the lying, cheating politicians in Washington will lose their perks and exemptions that makes the rich, or richer. The public is too easily influenced by the lies and deceptions of both political parties. Too many Americans believe there is some honor in supporting THEIR party to the end without questioning anything they do.

    • Vicki

      Other than the fun nightmare of tracking all those items to know when they have been taxed once and only once, and ignoring how tax “prebate” could be handled without tracking what each and every person buys there is a loophole about the size of the ENTIRE tax revenue.

      “Assume that Joe owns a flower shop business and buys a van to use when making deliveries to his customers. No tax is charged on purchases for business purposes so that the FairTax on goods sold to consumers does not double tax, or put a tax on a tax. ”
      I did not see an example of what happens when joe the flower shop sells the van to fred the coffee shop.

      I see about 300 million small businesses in the future of fair tax. Or regulations to crush the life out of small business. I can see why Crony Capitalists would LOVE this plan. No more Microsoft to knock off IBM. No more Apple to embarrass Xerox and threaten Microsoft.

  • Gary L.

    The whole damned concept is asinine. The “greatest nation on earth” is about to go over a “fiscal cliff” because we are “broke”. Why do we keep borrowing money from other nations, endebting ourselves to them, only to give the money away. If we are borrowing the money, that means we can not afford to give it away. That is just common sense. Can you imagine if we all operated our households that way. The conccept is very simple yet they try to make it seem so complicated. You simply cannot spend more money than you make. How can we continue as a great nation if we are up to our neck in debt to others. It is pathetic. STOP SPENDING (WASTING).

    • Vigilant

      The politician is a breed of animal that cannot resist coming up with euphemisms to gloss over the underhanded things they do. Now “taxes” have been replaced by “revenues.” Do they really believe we don’t see through this nonsense?

      Even John Maynard Keynes, in his most socialistic of dreams, never advocated the raising of taxes during recessionary periods. His idea was to increase taxes and reduce spending during the flush times, to build up a surplus for the inevitable rainy days of recession. When that recession occurred, he would increase spending and REDUCE taxes.

      His philosophy was faulty for a number of reasons, the most noteworthy being that he failed to recognize the self-serving nature of politicians. No surpluses of any worth were built up during times of prosperity due to progressive pressures to spend, spend, spend in pandering for their own job security.

      Secondly, I don’t think Keynes foresaw that the forces of socialism in government would establish permanent entitlement programs so burdensome that their continued growth would demand ever-increasing taxation just to support them.

      Thirdly, he didn’t count on the unbelievable lack of foresight in the unsustainable monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, policies which will bring hyperinflation.

      The blind politicians (and the public) need to come to terms with the fact that tax increases on the “rich” proposed by the administration will fund less than 20 days of government spending. Without concomitant reductions in spending, this tax increase will improve nothing but the smug morale of the “hate the rich” crowd.

  • roger gunderson

    I agree with Gary L. Our extremely inept congress has got
    us in this mess and now they play the “fiscal cliff” drama as
    a scene from a movie. The big showdown. Who will win; John or
    Obama. Like a sports game of high stakes or something. All the
    fools need to do is ask: How did we get where we are today and
    put it in reverse.

    • jungle man

      Agree 100%… The problem is the liberals have swallowed Obama’s lies and rhetoric about “going backwards”. They are all fired to “go forward” deeper and deeper until we are past the point of no return, which is Obama’s goal in his dreams.

  • Steve E

    I say let’s all go over the fiscal cliff and let everyone feel the effects. That’s what the people voted for, not just for Obama but their elected representatives also. Let the ones that just wanted other people’s taxes to go up, have theirs go up also so they will know what if feels like.

  • alpha-lemming

    Let’s see if we can explain this in terms even a lefty can understand…..

    Currently, the numbers for the Federal Government go something like this….
    U.S. Tax Revenue: $2,170.000,000,000
    U.S. Federal Budget: $3,820,000,000,000
    New Debt: $1,650,000,000,000
    National Debt: $16,200,000,000,000
    Proposed new taxes: $50,000,000,000
    Recent and proposed spending cuts: $48,500,000,000

    Now, to facilitate, let’s knock off 8 zeros, and pretend this is a yearly house-hold budget… and we end up with……
    Yearly Income: $21,700
    Yearly Bills: $38,200
    New charges on the Credit Card: $16,500
    Outstanding Balance on the Credit Card: $162,000
    Part time job (revenue enhancement): $500 or $41.67/month
    Budget cuts: $485 or $40.42/month

    And this is going to fix things how soon ????!!!??

    • momo

      Short answer, its not.

  • jungle man

    It’s our money they are wasting and giving away, yet we continue to give it to them. It’s time for an intervention, and the best way for that is to boycott taxes. If 50 million Americans refuse to send in their tax money, what’ s the government to do, incarcerate all of us?

    • Steve E

      That would work because the government would not have the money to pay people to arrest you.

    • alpha-lemming

      I like the idea, but the Government gets most of what it needs before we’re even given an opportunity to boycott them ala “withholdings”.

      • Vicki

        Withholding is optional. Look into “stated Amount”

    • Vicki

      “If 50 million Americans refuse to send in their tax money, what’ s the government to do, incarcerate all of us?”

      And now you know why the FEMA camps, 50 million coffins and a billion rounds of ammo.

      • Jurgy

        If 50 million Americans refuse to send in their tax money, the government would simply print more money, devaluing everybody’s dollar.

  • Ungovernable

    This Christmas lets give our kids and Grandkids the gift that keeps on giving ! The gift of freedom ! We can sit back and talk ourselves into a socialist country or we can rise up and make a stand and shut our government down and take it back ! How are you going to explain to your kids and grand kids that we sit back and let our own government spend us into third world country status and UN one world order without a shot fired or a demonstration or anything beyond bellyaching on our social forums ? It’s past time to rise up and march on Washington and completely fill the city inside and out ! What are they going to do fire at us with drones while they tell the Assad regime not to use chemical weapons ? Like they told the Libyan government not to fire on its own people ? We have to TAKE our country back because they aren’t going to give it back ! We have to make it plain and clear that we want government trimmed to size ! If we don’t have it we can’t spend it ! If it does us no good we don’t need it !! We have to trim our government budget like we have had to trim them up here at home ! If we can’t afford it we don’t get it !! We can’t afford to feed our own homeless sorry no more foreign aid !! $33,000/ month to be our president that’s more than most make in a year !! Senators salaries too !! Programs that aren’t self sustainable are gone !! Don’t have it , we can’t afford it !! It’s time to shut government down until government can show a balanced budget !!!! A way to move forward that we can afford instead of the out of touch with reality , much less the people government we have now !! We can’t change anything sitting back quietly fussing about it while they spend us out of being the great nation we once were !! We will become a UN one world order country soon enough if we don’t take a stand now !!!

  • Joann Flanagan

    One needn’t be a cardcarrying anarchist to suspect it might not be a good idea for a government which is having so much difficulty excercising its’ present functions eg protecting our ist Amendment Rights to assume more responsibility by taking on more functions.
    Joann Flanagan


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