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First Steps Taken Toward Socialism

March 23, 2009 by  

First Steps Taken Toward Socialism

"I am… for freedom of the press, and against all violations of the Constitution to silence by force and not by reason the complaints or criticisms, just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents."

This statement by founding father and President Thomas Jefferson echoes the sentiment of our nation’s founders. And freedom of the press and of speech is guaranteed under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, precisely to give citizens a venue to oppose the agents of a government with which they disagree.

But those agents of the government are hard at work chipping away at this freedom. To wit:

  • An Oklahoma City police officer stopped Chip Harrison and confiscated a sign on Harrison’s vehicle that read, “Abort Obama, not the unborn.” A police captain later apologized and returned the sign to Harrison, but before Harrison got home he received a call from Secret Service agents who were at his home requesting to search it. Harrison complied, and after a search and an interview that lasted about 30 minutes, the agents left.
  • Numerous congressmen are calling for re-institution of the “Fairness Doctrine”, a long-abolished policy that would require broadcasters to provide opposing viewpoints on controversial issues, in an effort to stifle talk radio pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity.
  • During the presidential campaign President Barack Obama campaign lawyer Robert Bauer warned TV stations against airing a TV ad that was embarrassing to Barack Obama. The commercial focused on the longtime relationship between Obama and Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. Bauer sent letters to the Justice Department imploring the agency to pursue criminal action against those behind the ads.
  • The Obama campaign also sent out an email encouraging his supporters to protest and harass Chicago radio station WGN by flooding the station with angry phone calls and emails. Activists screamed insults to call-in screeners. Why? The station had the temerity to interview Ethics and Public Policy Center watchdog Stanley Kurtz, who had uncovered university records that documented a much closer relationship between Obama and Ayers than the presidential candidate had previously disclosed.
  • After Joe “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher achieved fame for his innocuous question that prompted Obama to admit he wanted “to spread the wealth around”, his tax records, voter registration, marital history and professional licensing records were searched and media members tried to slime him.
  • Obama supporters in Missouri, who happened to be law enforcement officers, responded to an Obama campaign request that they form a truth squad. They threatened to prosecute anyone, including media outlets, that printed or broadcasted material they deemed to be inaccurate about Obama.
  • Obama contributors in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights section (headed by $2,000 Obama donor and former ACLU attorney Mark Kappelhof) urged preemptive prosecution of individuals the Obama campaign believed might disrupt the November election. A cited example of anticipated disruption was to send mailings of a non-violent nature addressing voting issues unfavorable to Obama.
  • In the final days of the campaign, three newspapers that had endorsed McCain were booted from the Obama campaign bus. The New York Post, Dallas Morning News and Washington Times were removed, according to Obama campaign officials, to make room for more important media outlets: Jet and Ebony entertainment magazines.
  • An Iowa state trooper was suspended after forwarding an email showing mug shots of people wearing Obama t-shirts. Sgt. Rodney Hicok was at home and off-duty when he forwarded the emails which made disparaging remarks about 15 people in the photos and referred to Obama as having “quite a fan base.”

These are just a few of many such examples of a strong-armed government working to silence the dissenters. Unfortunately, much of the fawning mass media seem blind to the consequences.

A look at history, however, will reveal that stifling dissent is among the first steps toward a socialist government.

In Germany, on Feb. 27, 1933, after the burning of the Reichstag, Hitler issued an emergency declaration that stated, "Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed." There followed a roundup of dissenters who were imprisoned and murdered.

A look at current socialist/communist regimes such as Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, China and North Korea reveals there is no dissent allowed, in the media or otherwise. Dissenters are imprisoned, gunned down or simply disappear. Even in Russia, now a quasi-democracy, press freedoms have been greatly curtailed.

This is where our once-great country is headed, and it seems the First Amendment no longer matters.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Ron

    To compare the U.S. government with socialist/communist regimes such as Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, China and North Korea reveals there is no dissent allowed, in the media or otherwise.
    You claim that… “I am…for freedom of the press and against all violations of the Constitution to silence by force and not by reasons the complaints or criticisms, just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents.”
    The Medias goal purpose and duty is to report the news as it happens and not inject their personal political view points that promotes nothing but hate crimes towards our government official’s like Obama. Where were you the Media when George W. Bush was committing unlawfal acts against the American people? What has this president done to keep our economy from falling deeper into a possible depression! Look at President Bush’s relationship with the rest of the world when he was in office.
    Talk radio pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity whose view points on controversial issues are extreme and need to be stifled and silenced. They promote and encourage the American people to hate based upon their own bias ideas of democracy.
    This kind of story is suspicious and I smell the republican regime as an example behind this kind of rhetoric with an addicting behavior supporting the right-wing conservatives who are noting but wine-babies! Get over it, your time is over! The American people have spoken. The conservatives cannot be trusted covering-up their true intentions. Insinuating America is headed towards socialism because the government is getting involved in cleaning-up past administrations dirt. Note: Both parties play a role in Socialism. BIG Corporations have been involved in corruption against the American people for to long involving corrupted politicians in there back pockets. Our government needs an overhaul.

    • John

      You are a liberal moron, supporting a socialist agenda. To silence anyone that has a point of view that differs from your’s. You make me sick and I am ashamed you call yourself an American!

      • OrlandoRican

        Ron, Ron, Ron. You must be a product of our government school system. That says it all.

        • Roger

          Obviously Orlando is of the younger generation, or perhaps living on the welfare state that the Democrats have so carefully crafted. Todays younger generation is all about the “it’s all about me”, “I am entitled”, “Just don’t get caught” mentality. This Country was built with a faith in God, hard work, Freedom and common sense! Where Orlando is your common sense?

        • Roger

          My earlier comments were directed to Ron, not Orlando.

        • Ron F

          Oh Roger, drop the God business. Just another conservative ideal to hold onto. Sadly, religion is one of the greatest threats to civil liberties. If you are anything but Christian in this nation you are treated as a second class citizen.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          To Ron F. – Dude, wake up allready. Are you serious. What you said about Christians couldnt be farther from the truth. You say if you are anything but a Christian you are treated as a second class citizen? What. Dude, Christians are even allowed the rights of a dog anymore. You are allowed to slander us, to mock our God Jesus Christ, to hate on us. Do and say what is said in public about us about a Muslim, or a gay for that matter, and you go to jail for a hate crime. It is, and has been open season on Christians, Catholics, Jews, and White People in this country for quite awhile now, and its getting worse. Being that I am two of them, a white Christian, I get it coming and going, but no one is going to stand up and fight for me. I have no ACLU suing people on my behalf, nor do I want them to. I have no white college fund for my kids, I have no white ministers alliance, no NAAWP, no white history week. I have no Christian week, and a lot of place wont even allow the name of my Savior Jesus Christ be used for the day we once proudly celebrated his birth on, Christmas. It has to be Happy Holidays, lest we offend the Muslims or buddhists or somebody. Give me a break. Dont be acting like Christians get advantages, as we are kicked to the curb coming and going in this country. But you know what ron ron, we will endure. My God lives, and He is coming back again, and allthough I know Im not supposed to feel this way, but my human flesh cries out for the day when He will shut the mouths of guys like you forever, and send you to a place where you will never be bothered by Him again. Your ilk will say that this a a hateful God. No, this is a loving God who will give you just what you asked for all your life, a life without a God to bother you. Its not a conservative ideal pal. Its not an ideal at all. Jesus Christ is alive and well, and lives inside of me for one, its a fact. When you finally get your eyes and ears opened, whether it be in time or after its too late, they will get opened, you will realize what I realized 11 years ago. He is alive and well. One way or another, you will meet Him, and I really do hope and pray for you, that it is here and now, not later.

        • Ron

          I never claimed to be an American. But if this is what America is all about than I claim not to be, and choose not to listen to your television moron conservative friends of yours! Your opinion means nothing to me!

          • Ed

            Ron, if you are NOT an American as you say, then those of us that ARE really would like you to leave, Go somewhere else and enjoy your life, just don’t use my country, and those that gave all for us to have what we have. Quit trying to take it away and change America.

      • Ron

        The question is who is the real moron? Little do you know what party affiliation I am? This is a typical response from a conservative. I never said I was an American. You make me sick and ashamed in how you judge like a typical conservative who criticizes without facts. What’s the matter does the truth hurt? Did I hit a sensitive nerve in you? Get a life!

        • jim

          Ron YOU are the brainwashed idiot. Rush has the right to lie all he wants. Just as OBAMA LIES! It’s America stupid! Go back to, lets say west ASIA!

        • Matthew

          That’s right Ron I am a conservative. Though I am a registered republican. I don’t call myself republican. The republican party is not conservative anymore. Whether you are an american or not, I do not care. I will say right President Obama and the democratic party to fail, so that the american people can succeed. If you support the democrats, then that means I want you to fail. Wake up! Realize that this country will collapse if we pursue the polcies of Obama. You are typical. You want someone else to do the thinking about everything so you don’t have to. Watch out, there are consequences to that.

        • Matthew

          Ok, I misspelled some thing. So, I say again. I want president Obama to fail.

        • Thom

          Ron- Democrat= Liberal=Terrorist. You are a moron. Does anyone remember who the most famous national socialists were? The National Socialist Workers Party.Still don’t know? That’s because you were educated in a liberal school system. The NAZI party. You moron. A war is coming in this country… It will be a blood bath. You and all your Democrat/liberal/terroist friends will reap the whirl wind. Blood is going to run in the street.

        • Ron

          Thom Reply:

          March 27th, 2009 at 12:00 am

          Ron- Democrat= Liberal=Terrorist. You are a moron. Does anyone remember who the most famous national socialists were? The National Socialist Workers Party.Still don’t know? That’s because you were educated in a liberal school system. The NAZI party. You moron. A war is coming in this country… It will be a blood bath. You and all your Democrat/liberal/terroist friends will reap the whirl wind. Blood is going to run in the street.

        • http://none gil beach

          hey fool if you don;t like what is being said, then get out of my america.

        • Mark


          Please. Pull your head out of your ass.

        • Carol

          You sir, contradict yourself. you claim to believe in freedom of speech and then want to silence those with opposing views. So what do you believe? If you believe in the Constitution as the basis of our counrty’s foundation then everyone has the right to their opinion. If you don’t agree with Rush or Sean, you still have the right to not listen to them. As far as the political parties go, they are both on the wrong track. That needs to be put aside. What we need is Americans that love and believe in their country and her people. After all there is nothing without the people.

        • http://ed ed Fitzgibbons

          For ALL of you people who believe the American Public is being “conned” I would ask you ALL to write to your Senators and your Representatives NOW. The latest “FAST TRACK CAP & TRADE BILL” being considered by Congress is just ONE MORE NAIL in the American Public’s coffin. This bill DOESN’T DISTINGUISH BETWEEN DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, or INDEPENDENT, the thing it DOES do, however, is add a HUGE hidden tax on US ALL!!!! The current estimate of increased energy costs based on the passage of this bill, for you ALL, is $3,000!!! Guess who gets THAT? Big Brother, of course, to pay for their hairbrained bailouts and Socialist programs!!!!

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Seriously Ron, the next time the crack pipe comes around, just say no dude. Just say no. That stuff has done left you null and void.

        • Pamela

          I didn’t see a button to reply to Mark, but my comment is mainly for him. I just wanted to let you know, Mark, that as a “baby” Christian, something you said to Ron really made a big impression on me, and it is so true! You said that, for people like Ron, who apparently seem to be filled with disdain and hatred for people that believe in Jesus, that God basically has provided them with free will, and their choice to not follow Jesus will get them what they want: to not be BOTHERED anymore by Him. It’s like an “aha” moment. I just want to thank you, because in essence, atheists and people that know in their heart and soul that Jesus was real, he is the son of God and he came here to save us from eternal death, are “bothered” by this fact, and want to be left alone to continue living a hateful, sinful life. THANK YOU, Mark! You were ‘merely’ replying to someone, but you have had a very profound effect on me now, and I truly thank you!! And thanks to Jesus!

        • Carolyn

          Ron, since you don’t like conservative ideas, why not go to another site?
          It’s because of Christians wanting to spread the Gospel that America came to be. In fact, when landing at Plymouth Rock, a cross was erected and proclaimed that this was “In Ye Name of Christ.” The foundation of our country
          was built upon Bibical principles — The 10 Commandments and the
          historical documents were written to acknowledge that.
          People from all over the world have sometimes risked their lives to share in what America had to offer because we had the best system of Govt set up in the world becaused we had secured rights based on our foundation of Law.
          Evil men have crept in unaware and tried to remove any mention of God being so foolish to not recognize that withou God, we will become as the same rot as others and more judgments coming to our country and most likely destruction. “When the Righteous rule, the people rejoice, when the wicked rule- the people mourn.”
          All that is necessary for evil to triump is for good men to do nothing!!!
          We are in a cultual war– good and evil.
          Truly the Lord’s Coming can’t be far away because God hates sin and people are becoming the same as in Noah’s Day when the flood came and took all away except Noah and his family because of their wickedness.
          We are going the same as Rome before the fall.
          Remember, God sets up Govts and He also brings them down.

          • hpinnc

            Carolyn, your blog is so much on the mark.It is refreshing to me to read most of the blogs on this site.Some people actually get it,& realize Obama & his bunch of liberal,marxist,thugs are taking us on a fast track to a socialist state.God bless you.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Who said I was a conservative? You judmental jerk. You just did exactly what you accused me of doing. I know who you are, yeah, the dont do as I do, do as I say type of guy. So quick to point the finger, trying to find worse sin than your own so you can feel better about your self. Now go call up a terrorist and tell him were sorry that we are such a successful country, you pacifist appeasing pants wetting left wing liberal, and dont deny it this time.

        • Angee

          God has everything under control, so why bother mincing words and downing everyone. Christians are judged by the way we live. As the saying goes, pray for them and let God take care of the rest.

        • Ramona

          Oh, Ron! In reading your blogs, It’s apparent that your goal is to hit sensitive nerves!! Obviously you know very little about religion, including Christianity. What do you really stand for Ron? Your belief in censorship tells me you feel threatened by the truth, and that you are NOT a true American. Some Americans listen to networks such as Fox because they feel they are getting more accurate and honest news! I may like listenning to Hannity and Beck, and Rush, but my political views are not dictated by them! By the way, Ron…Not all Christians are conservatives, and not all conservatives are Christian!

        • To tell the truth

          Ron – you are the real Moron here and as a non American you have NO VOICE AND SHOULD NOT have one in America, you are the one that should be silenced. GO BACK TO WHATEVER COMMUNIST country you came from or stay in it if you are not here but SHUT THE HELL UP YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE………

      • Carolyn

        The so called Fairness Doctrine is to stiffle Conservative talk. The Left always wants total control; that’s not freedom and we are not a Democracy but a Republic. Democracy always fails in the end and so does Fiat money that we have today. No matter how politicall y spoken, lies are still lies by any name.

        • Eric Bischoff

          Actually Carolyn you’ve got it backwards. We had more fair and balanced radio and people could learn things before Clear Channel and their lobbyists and cronies in govt got rid of good governance regulations and let us have one giant automatic radio playlist with lights out stations with no one minding the store type radio network. They also gave us only conservative talk radio, which is moronic uneducated hate speech an then they stiflled all other voices. So much for free speech. So now when you have a disaster like Katrina, there is no one in the radio station to tell you what’s going on. No one to report local news or tell you about your community just a Fascist Aussie Billionaire controlled news network. But hey I guess you wanted it that way because they have the biggest ratings. I watch them all and it is easy to recognize your Fox regurgitations. Many of you do not have any original thoughts. You have bought the Fascist diatribe hook line and sinker and you are soooo afraid of Socialism but yet you don’t even know what it means. You seem to be confused by fascism, communism and socialism. You remind me of the McCarthy era stupidity.

          This is fascism it is a million miles from socialism. And what we progressives want is social democracy. A system where we choose that our money is used to improve our lives and not enrich stock holders, the ruling class or big business which is what we’ve had for too long.

          The leader may have changed but it is still the same gang. Most of the politicians are career criminals. The lobbyists are still there the corporations are still getting their way and the bailout was the coup de grace, the final rip off from Wall St. We don’t have much left.

          We need to throw them all out but then what would we get. I don’t trust most of you to do the right thing. You probably elected Bush. What is it with you people, you are so worried about blow jobs, the gays and the unborn when you should be more concerned with fascim, war and corruption which is all we’ve had for as long as I can remember. It does not matter which party is in charge it’s 2 faces of the same coin to keep the masses in line.

          Have we ever not been at war? Have we ever not had any corruption and scandals? Have we ever been happy with our government? Are we respected in the world? Are we the best at anything anymore besides imprisoning people and destroying countries? Do we even deserve any respect anymore?

          I came to this country 40 years ago and slowly but surely I became more and more disillusioned to the point that now I am ashamed of what we have become.

          I can’t believ how backwards a lot of you are. You seem to have everything wrong. How does one get this way?

          Oh I remember. You went to American schools with American textbooks and you all have been raised by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and now FOX and Clear Channel. No wonder.

          • Right wing extremist

            Excuse me? YOU SAY that SOcialism and FACISM are “WORLDS” Apart?

            Let me SHOW YOU they aren’t …………

            When the NAZI Party came into power they made all the JEWS ‘register’. When the Nuremburg Laws came into place and took all of the JEWS rights away; the REGISTRY made it that much easier to find them.

            Now fast forward to TODAY, S 819 and HR 2413 (which according to the offices of KENNEDY and T. UDALL) call for a MANDETORY REGISTRY (and SUBMITTING of BEING UNDER SURVEILENCE) of every MAN, Woman and CHILD with AUTISM!!

            IN short YOU are FULL OF IT! And I and my AUTISTIC CHILDREN have NO INTENTIONS of SIGNING this ‘registry’ or SUBMITTING being being UNDER SURVEILENCE by BLACK BOOTED FACISTS like YOU!

          • hpinnc

            Eric, I respectfully say you are the one who has it wrong,not Carolyn.I agree with you that Wall St. has gotten out of control,but most of that was brought on by the democrats rules & regulations.Remember they had control of congress for 40 years up until 1992.Wall st. has been good for a lot of people,even though it is now out of hand, but destroying wall st. will not solve our economic woes.Capitalism & free enterprise has worked well for this country.Wealthy corporations & successful businesses has given good jobs to millions of people.I have never worked for a poor person, not that I have anything against them,I am one of them.I do not think the answer to our political woes is to now do away with our liberties & break up our companies,& grow govt. with all their stupid carbon restrictions & this global warming bull/crap.Yes cut down some on pollution, but not destroy our economy to do so,& not to let these union thugs take over our corporations.The liberal,leftist agenda is NOT the direction our country needs to be pursuing.

        • Don

          Ha, just as the conservative movement for the last eight years tried to squash any opinion that didnt agree with theirs by calling it treason.

          I have never seen so many right wing Rush wackos on one site in my life.

          • Right wing extremist

            YOU are nothing more than a OBAMANUT, facist NEO NAZI HYPOCRITE. Get off of your A$$, GIVE UP your welfare check and get a JOB!!!!!!!!!

          • To tell the truth

            right wing extremist – WELL SAID – AMEN BROTHER OR SISTER

        • kay

          Eric, There are two areas I found interesting on your rantings. First saying you came to this country 40 years ago. Interesting you didn’t say where you came from. So here you are saying you are ashamed of what “we” have become. Well you should not use the word “We”. Moving to this country and pushing for the ideals that other countries have makes me think you should go back. The other thing you said that struck me odd was that progressives want social democracy where WE choose are money to improve OUR lives not big business, ruling class or stockholders. So what you are saying confirms what many on the right know and that is you progressives could care less about those at the bottom of the food chain. In fact keeping them there makes you feel smarter and wealthier. When big business doesn’t help out the charities for those less fortunate I do hope you will open your pocketbook for them and I do hope it’s not just those with aids. I have been telling people for some time what needs to happen is we need to split this country down the middle and everything left of Nebraska will be for those that want to be progressive and right of Nebraska will be conservative. Left of Nebraska would be begging the right to bail them out because social programs with no one working won’t work. Look at California. Thats a state we all want to be like. It might just happen who knows???

        • Carolyn

          **Excellent letter Kay. It’s strange how Eric can pick up on bits of truth and then fallacy until he is really messed up. Pres. Reagan once said that “it wasn’t that the Democrats knew so little but they knew so much about nothing.” That might not have been the exactr words but you get the drift.
          Eric sounds like he’s been well indocrinated with ‘left wing propaganda” but then he twist other things until you aren’t sure where he’s coming from.
          And maybe Eric will see this and i would like him to know that Govt. regulations is why all is messed up now and guaranteed to get worse when it takes over everything out here. I might add, his favor for the so called Fairness Doctrine is nothing but another avenue to silence free speech and conservative talk. Liberals have nothing to say so nobody listens.
          The country is being reduced to a 3rd world country (welfare state) so everyone will be dependent on the Govt And we all know –what govt finances , it control.!!! That’s the plan. Rome repeated.
          As long as Rule of Law is violated and we continue to promote uncivilized and immoral living, we can expect continued judgment on this Nation if not total destruction. Made by the U.S. Congress who has become the enemy of the people here.
          Free Enterprise is being destroyed from within by the very ones who swore to
          support the Const. Whose Const. are they following because it sure isn’t the one that secured our God given liberties and created our Foundation of Law.

      • Izzy

        Why is that the far left liberals do not feel we should have freedom of speech. When Bush was in office, there were many people who disliked him but they still were free to feel as they did. When someone dislikes Obama, they get frisked by the FBI. A woman answered her cell phone for a survey when Obama was campaigning and said she did not want to vote for Obama. Before the end of the day, there were secret service men at her door. Where do we live in Russia? Why is it that the liberals have no problem with terriorists and people like Bill Ayers, but they do not care if a botched abortion baby lives and they throw the baby in the utility bin to die. What has happened to this society. They lack respect for everything. They just gave Acorn 2.5 millions dollars when they committed fraud with our election system. Morris the cat voted ten times, not to mention Mickey Mouse. Who are you liberals think your kidding. You all have half a brain, if any at all.

        • Cathy

          Scary part…My liberal Dem broker told me that the constitution was “outdated.” He then proceeded to tell me I should “turn in my guns”…they have those drives here in Pittsburgh. Are these liberals so damn stupid to think that there would be blissful peace if the guns were taken away?

          I told him, if you liberals don’t like our constitution, go find another country and leave ours alone!

        • http://MSN Terri

          They have a brain, it is just “brainwashed”.

        • Tom

          Izzy liberals support freedom of speech so long as it agrees with their stnace on the issues and attacks conservatives. As you correctly pointed out, where were these apologists now crying foul when conservatives speak out when their ilk was attacking anything conservative? (crickets chirping)
          All this is eerily familiar. I am an avid student of modern history. I’ve read numerous acounts of Hitler’s tactics and beliefs while manipulating and strong arming the German public to gain more and more power. What is most amazing is that liberals fail to see the alarming similiarities. Just like Obama Hitler:
          A) Was a professed socialist (but not a collectivist or internationalist socialist like Lenin/Stalin/Marx/Engells).
          B) Once gaining power Hitler used the SS to squelch dissenting opinions, control the media, proclaimed dissenters as “enemies of the people”, and government seizure of private property (governmental control of all German industry).
          C) Claimed the above actions were to protect the “people from exploitation by the bourgoisie” or wealthy/upper class.
          D) Blamed the “Jewish banking cartel” for everything wrong in the world. The only difference is now it isn’t the Jews being blamed but conservatives.
          E) Labeled previous governments as “trators” and “November criminals” who “betrayed the Fatherland” by admitting defeat in WWI. Compare this to the current liberal penchant for blaiming Bush for everything from the current recession to Hurricane Katrina.
          F) Immediately jailed, murdered, or deported all dissenting voices as either traitors or “Jew loving co-conspirators” in a grand conspiracy to destroy the German culture.
          G) And most alarming of all is the eerily similiar belief of Germans then that Hitler was their “messiah” who’s every move should never be questioned or criticized no matter how insane it may be to that of modern day Obama followers.

          Liberals love to refer to conservatives as facists because of our love of country and desire to preserve what made this country great in the first place. The reality of the situation is that liberals are much more Nazi-like in their political beliefs and their response to criticism.

        • Don

          Free to feel as they did, but not free to speak out against a Bushie.

          • Right wing extremist

            “Bushie” did not call out THUGS to go and STALK and THREATEN Law Abiding Americans.

            “Bushie” did not sign into LAW, a document (aka SCHIP -verified as fact by Senator E. Kennedy’s OFFICE) denying Children with Autism Medical coverage.

            “Bushie” did not bann “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” which for the first time since the American Revolution gave GAYS the right to serve in the Military.

            Your ‘messiah’ did that. Not BUSHIE.

            So TRY and REMEMBER “Bushie” is no longer in OFFICE.

            BARACK H. OBAMA is!

        • Smilee

          To Reply to Benny:

          Obama’s birth certificate is on record in the Hawaii vital records in Hawaii, there are copies all over the internet of it and on his website. The courts have dismissed the suits filed claiming what you claim for this reason, no evidence to prove this wrong has been produced in the courts. Why is it that you do not believe it and still keep repeating this lie. You accuse him of being a liar but how about your own lies. In reading you post I think it suggests you have a real bias against this man and probably hate him as well.

      • DaveAZ

        How about YOU give us some silence?
        Go back under your rock and hide.
        How does that sound?

        You may be saying that people you don’t agree with need to be silenced…but…
        as soon as the government decides that YOU don’t fit their agenda…then they will
        silence YOU as well. The conservatives are fighting for YOUR rights to say the things
        you are saying RIGHT NOW!!! It’s good to have open discussion with all sides…even
        the loonies like yourself. The best opinions and ideas allways win, when everyone
        can say what they want to say.

        • Benny

          I suppose it is alright for obama to say that the U S is a Muslim country and that we are not a Christian Nation and we should tale it and say nothing. Obama tells lies, lies, lies, and more lies and the idiots in this country are uninformed enough or illeducated enough to believe his lies without even questioning the real facts. You people will wake up one day to the real truth that Obama is mentally deranged and is using his position in Government to push only HIS agenda and get more power. You will loose also, and you aren’t intelligent enough to see the forest for the trees. Obama will never be satisfied until all is controlled by government, including your life and freedoms which will be taken away one by one. By the way OBAMA, WHERE’s THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE ???? Answer that one first and then there are many other questions you must address. Use your heads people, how much trouble is it to produce a long form Birth Certificate? Any of us would produce ours immediately if asked, and have. You can’t tell me Obama has nothing to hide. He has done everything humanly possible to kep from producing it. All you are doing Obama is causing us to distrust you all the more. Produce the Birth Certificate you keep trying to hide, or don’t have. Give us a reason to trust you in this little thing and then maybe we will trust you in other things. You are a lying SNAKE and we all know it. Prove me wrong, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

        • Don

          The Conservatives only fight for my rights when my opinion agrees with theirs. Look back at the last eight years when silencing opinions is all that the bushies were about.

          • To tell the truth


        • queenieAZ

          The one thing we all should look at is obamas health plan.I dont know about you but if the government takes over our health, they will own us completly.
          They already own the companies that was bailed out.Do we want obamas government to be so submersed in our lives.Has any one seen page 425 of his plan? He said he would "promote euthanasia if some one had a terminal desease", he & his cronies want to cut the population down a whole lot. Like the first group to be vaccinated for the h1n1 flu would be pregnant women.
          This vaccine has NOT been tested.It could, & probably would cause a miscarriage or possible death.Then they could claim they died of the flu!!The senior could be denied health care if they are old & disabled, they
          would be considered for the euthanasia, I think there are a lot of people that have grandparents still that wouldn
          t want that to happen.PLEASE email your senators & congressmen to vote against that bill, & to draft a new plan.

      • SUSANM



        HAVE A GOOD DAY.

        • Dewayne in Texas

          AMEN having Obama in charge of the U S A is like having the fox gaurding the hen house.

        • Don

          So, your preference would be to continue moving the wealth from the common man to the rich? C’mon, this country has always been about share the wealth. That is why we built a middle class that has been the economic engine of this country. Putting all the money in the hands of the rich doesnt work! That was proven in this latest recession.

          • Right wing extremist

            You don’t like it? GET A JOB and MAKE the MONEY YOUR SELF!

            Or better yet, MOVE TO A COMMIE COUNTRY and LEAVE THE USA ALONE!

            Because as long as WE have OUR power of FREE SPEECH; WE will FIGHT TO OUR DYING DAY to keep this COUNTRY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Robert

          That’s a lie! People on welfare are getting something, not the middle class. I seen nothing for us, and I work 2 jobs for 30,000 a year. Obama’s friends, and himself are doing things for there benefit trust me.
          My points:
          1. increased food stamps and welfare- PEOPLE WHO RELLY DON’T WANT TO WORK. No working class
          2. Increased grant money for school, but didn’t for student loans. It’s a fact if you don’t work you get more money. I now many, including myself work to pay for schooling. I have met people that quit jobs, and don’t work so they can get free money.
          3. Middle class won’t benefit from this health care bill! Free loaders will, trust me. They already have this kind of thing. I see people making babies all the time, and tax payers pay for it. I think what we do need to do is regulate how much doctors and hospital charge, to make it affordable.
          Most people don’t have health insurance, because they don’t get it. Just look at the illeagles in california, hospitals wanted there money and lobbyied. Medicare pays for it. What do you call that? They all want it for free!
          I do have family in CA, and 4 are RN’s, they can tell you it’s a fact. Hospitals can get there money much to easy from medicare than an insurance company.
          Many people want the Government to take care of them. Welfare is destroying this Country. I very Caution you , that Government take over is coming. I’m getting tired of this shit, it’s time to up rise. Dem and Rep, are tyrants, we need a 3rd party. Maybe we should rise to arms! enough is enough, all united is very powerfull. WE HAVE THE POWER!

          JUST ONE MORE THING! WHO DO YOU THINK, MADE UP MUCH OF OBAM’S VOTERS? ANSWER–1) THE YOUNG, 2) LATINO’S 3) WELFARE PEOPLE. One reason people are in poverty, is because they don’t use birth control. No reason they can’t work, save money, and get an education on there own. Then they can make a family, that’s how it should be.

      • Ada

        I think you are a socialist and just don’t want to admit it afraid of all the feed back you will get.
        This Goverment:=”President Obama and this congress are taking us the socialist route.
        I think the president does not know enough about anything and he is letting the left wing Goverment lead him down the path that our country is going to be in ruins before his term is up.
        I am neither Dem. Or Rep. I always vote for the man not the party but his party is taking us all down the wrong path.

      • Ron F

        John, your response to Ron is poor and a typical knee jerk reaction with not substance offered by conservatives. If you are ready to let the Bush administration off the hook then you are truly blind to the meaning of civil liberties.

        • Brad

          Ron F, How long do you liberals think that pony will ride? Obama did not inherit this like he would have us to believe. He choose it when he ran for office, He went and voted for the bailout where most of the time when he was a Senator he would vote present. I think when he went to vote for the bailout he should have voted present also. Do you know what the word Czar means? It means ruler, check out Websters Dictionary. While there look up Socialist, Facism, and Communism. Then tell me where Obama is taking this Country. You people need to wake up and get yourself educated.

      • mike mckinney

        very right on

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        A letter from a 4th grade school teacher, and Ron would probably want to silence her also:
        Mr. Obama: I have had it with you and your administration sir. Your conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an adequate representative of the United States collectively, or of me personally. You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the muslim world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America. You are responsible to the citizens of the United States. You are not responsible to the peoples of any other country on earth. I personally resent that you go around the world apologizing for the United States telling Europeans that we are arrogant and do not care about heir status in the world. Sir, what do you think the First World War and the Second World War were all about if not the consideration of the peoples of Europe? Are you brain dead? What do you think the Marshall Plan was all about? Do you not understand or know the history of the 20th century? Where do you get off telling a muslim country that the United States does not consider itself a Christian country? Have you not read the Declaration of Independance or the Constitution of the United States? This country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and the priciples governing this country, at least until you came along, come directly from this heritage. Do you not understand this? Your bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia is an affront to all Americans. Our President does not bow down to anyone, let alone the King of Saudi Arabia. You dont show Great Britain, our best and one of our oldest allies, the respect they deserve yet you bow down to the King of Saudi Arabia. How dare you sir! How dare you! You cant find the time to visit the graves ouf our greatest getneration because you dont want to offend the germans, but make time to visit a mosque in Turkey. You offended our dead and every veteran when you give the Germans more respect than the people who saved the german people from themselves. Whats the matter with you? You are so self righteously offended by the big bankers and automobile manufacturers, yet do nothing about the real thieves in this situation, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelic, the Fannie Mae bonusus, the Freddie Mac bonuses. What do yo intend to do about them? Anything? I seriously doubt it. What about the US House members passing out 9.1 million in bonuses to their staff members – on top of the 2.5 million in automatic pay raises that lawmakers gave themselves? I understand the average House aide got a 17% bonus. I personally took a 10 percent pay cut to keep my job. You havent said anything about that. Who authorized that? I certainly didnt. Executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be receiving 210 million in bonuses over an eighteen month period, thats 45 million more than the AIG bonuses. In fact, Fannie and Freddie executives have allready been awarded 51 million, not a bad take. Who authorized that and why havenut you expressed your outrage at this group who are largely responsible for the economic mess we have right now, all top ranking democrats? I find everything you say and do to be offensive to every one of my sensibilities.
        This is a true letter from a 4th grade teacher in Hillsboro, Missouri.

        • Debbie Tucker

          Thank you for sharing this with President Obama. I think this is how most Americans that I know feel. Am I wanted to share that I am a Christian also and some of the posts I have read has just amazed me. I agree with the one about the Christians are the butt of most jokes. that our Lord and Savior is mocked and made fun of by so many but even while they do this, he loves them and he died for them and paid the debt for their sin. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.

        • DD1

          Hi FIVE LADY!

        • LARRY

          go getum girl

    • Jon K. Walser

      Ron, pretty clear you didn’t read the essay very closely, nor your own reply for that matter. Re-read your first sentence, it seems to me you quit before you completed your own thought. Then you attribute a quote of Thomas Jefferson by the author, to the author himself.
      Then, you point out the Media’s purpose and duty to report without bias. It would be nice if the big-name media would even try. But when their whole focus is to support and protect a President and administration that are well on their way to spending more than every other President, from George Washington to George W. Bush, COMBINED, without authority for any of it in the Constitution…I wonder who is buttering your bread.
      As for ‘your time is over’, though I call myself a Constitutionalist and not a conservative, perhaps the U.S. Constitution’s time is over, but I will keep fighting until I no longer breathe. My guess is that the same usurper/tyrant supporters that are trying to eliminate peaceful discourse will be happy to help that along…please be first in that group.

      • wb frank

        Hey! What is this about the Constitution?! Obama has always been for throwing that old relic out; after all, it does not provide for the “redistribution” of wealth to all of his minions including the 40 million Illegals in this country… no, they are not ALL Hispanic. We have them in our cities from all over the world… a large contingency of Islamists in cities on our northern borders such as Detroit. Can you say sleeper cells…. and don’t forget about the concentration camps they are building
        George Orwell was a Prophet!
        All you have to do is ban words and phrases, get people to think a certain way…
        remind you of something: Political Correctness

        • Carolyn

          Frank, it’s nice to hear you that you haven’t been caught sleeping at the switch. Most of Americans are either not in the know or in denial. Either way , it’s a problem.

      • Penfold

        Yay! I sure hope Obama gets us closer to Marxism than Bush did. Although you have to admit, Bush did a GREAT job of allowing the capitolist system to almost finished crushing the working men and woman of America! Maybe we Obama was the wrong choice, as he might put a happy face of false change glossing over the fact that nothing real will change. I bet Palin would have allowed the unregulated capitalism to continue, and then a nice revolution would have surfaced within a decade. Of course it would have been bloody, and the US would have been turned into a very strange oligarchy, similar to Dubai, only with the rich living off the remaining debt in the country, instead of oil…

        • Carolyn

          strong text
          Haven’t you noticed, Republicans and Democrats are on the same page- one and the same. They talk a different talk to let people think there is a choice. Wrong. Both work for a global gov’t..
          We are seeing the puzzle pieces fall into place to accompolish this. Why do you think the Media Is controlled? Can’t let the people know that like the frog, we are in a pot of slow warming water and by the time they wake up, it will be too late. Some are waking up and since it is so shocking, people want to deny it or attack those who try to get the truth out.

        • DaveAZ

          I agree with you Carolyn. We are all being duped by BOTH parties. I am a conservative NOT a Republican. We need to start voting for parties other than Democrat and Republican…but they have succeded in conditioning all of the Lemmings in this country to vote for one or the other. It’s about time that we had 10 parties somewhat evenly distributed in congress…and something other than a Democrat or Republican president…they keep eachother in power and they know it.

        • kat

          When i went to vote there was no third party . Dem. and Rep. on the ticket , that isn’t freedom to vote for who you want .

    • Robin from Indiana

      Ron must be living under a rock. You would have to be deaf and blind not to see what is going on in America! We are in serious trouble and people like you are the ones who are making it worse! President Bush wasn’t perfect and he made some decisions that I personally would have considered questionable, but I have to remember that he also spent the last two years of his term dealing with a Democratic Congress.

      I am appalled at what I see happening to our wonderful country. I am not so naive to think that only Democrats are the ones leading us down this road to no return, and I think now is the time to expose all our voted in officials, whether Democrat or Republican. We pay our taxes and are trying to keep our heads above sinking right now. This doesn’t apply to those who Obama picks to serve with him. Why? Why doesn’t it? Obama has done nothing but lie. Why should I feel any confidence at all in anything he does.

      God is the only one who can save us now. We are in for some very hard times. I hope those who voice their opinions and set the facts straight will never be silenced. God knows our hearts.
      God help us!

      • lenwaldv

        Robin from Indiana,
        I owe you an apology! I am sorry for I intended those remarks for #1 Ron, not you.
        He is the one that needs to read this.

        • BETTY MCCAIN

          just maybe you just need to shut up

      • Sue

        You are so right…if anyone, anywhere does not believe what we traditionalists are saying, read what the dailykos, or, or huffingtonpost… name just a few. Pay attention to the comments posted and then tell me that these people are not fascists. They will do all they can not to allow freedom of speech, unless it is theirs.

      • john js

        Robin : I agree with your last paragraph because for years we have been telling God to stay out of our lives so no we are reaping what we sowed…It is beyond my comprehension how our current administration is trying to solve our problems with more of what got us into this mess to start with..They seem to be trying to prove what DUMMYCRATS they are [Graduates from the college of no knowledge or common sense] It’s obvious they have no knowledge but they.. should at least have a smattering of common sense. Also if the spending of so much money will bankrupt us, why spend so much no if our money is going to be worthless?? Common sense anyone?????

        • Jane

          I grew up in a Ultra Liberal Democratic Household. I Know! I chose to Vote for Ronald Reagan – the very first time I could vote – our Govenor – Republican!

          I have been a Conservative my entire adult life. By choice – what I see is appropriate. I don’t call Democrats – Dumb or anything else! During this past election I was on 7 Blog sights Warning Everyone I could NOT to vote for Obama for Certain Reasons that have sence been proven! I was called a liar and nearly kicked off – But I remained because I never used fowel language towards them or told a lie!

          Today I am still Blogging – Now about what is Wrong with Obama and what he is doing! YES! He is going against the Constitution in More ways than most people know! Frightning is what it is – if you all really knew!

          America is being Lost – Right before our eyes! Our Soveigntry, Dollar – Ect. is about to be lost! The Value of our Dollar has gone down Severely! Individuals have lost Billiions – Many have lost their homes and every bit of money they had – because of the Meltdown and the Money (that America Doesn’t have) that Obama is spending!

          I Pray for this Nation and Our Leaders – that they Accept the Will of God and to Bless them! I do Not Pray evil – there is Too Much of That in the World all ready!

          I’ve been to 47 Countries – and Chose to live in America (which I believed was the Best)! I own homes in Two other Nations – Ireland and Israel! I love them both – However there are Severe Problems with them as Well! One is Al Qeada and the other is the IRA! Both Terrorist!

          As far as America going Socialist – I Say NO! My core Family came from Russia – I hear to Horror Stories of Socialism – Even Today – from Family and Friends there and here in America!

          I have met so Many Individuals who voted for Obama and now Regret that vote! Many have lost nearly Everything they had. It’s so sad to see the Betreyal that I am seeing! Obama is hurting his own party – Many Democrats and Every One Else. Not Fair!

          I will be going to a Tea Party April 15! We Need Common Sense – True Leadership – Honesty – Accountability – Term Limits for All Elected Officials and to Start Talking To Each Other without Blame!

          Peace to All and God Bless! Jane.

        • Debbie Tucker

          Hi Jane,
          I am hearing the same things from the few people that I knew voted for President Obama. They wished they hadn”t. But we are to pray for our leaders. The Word of God tells us lift them up. I see so much going on all over the world.
          I see so many things that Obama stands for that is against what America has stood for. I also know that both parties have problems. I am a conservative also. I really dont claim to be republican.
          God bless.. Debbie

        • Carolyn

          Printing more money is to increase the debt to take more from the citizens.
          Not to mention the Federal Resereve (which is not Federal) which is privately owed by rich bankers are paid for printing our money (another UnConstitutional act until 1913 when a few changed the Law to subcontract the printing out to them. And we pay them interest for the printing of OUR money. The interest paid to them doesn’t go back into circulation either.
          Now with all the printing for the stimulus packages- our money is losing value
          and causing prices to rise (inflation) because they have to bring back some
          of that money that’s out there plus desyroying any fruits of your labor you have left. Then we will all be dependent on the Govt. What they finance, they control.
          Our money is only good as long as we have confidence in it which is good for exchange. Basically it’s what you call “Fiat money” because there is no backing for it in silver and gold.
          You can’t satisfy greed and the desire for power and this economical problem
          I believe has been created to force us into a World Govt. All the countries are affected by all of this too.
          Hyper inflation is on it’s way just like Germany when the Depression hit. History is repeating itself and it isn’t by accident.
          The country got into this mess by greed, corruption, spending money we didn’t have and now we are have accelerated the problem by doing more of the same with the Stimulus pkg.
          Anybody knows, you can’t buy your way out of debt. Well most everybody that is except the powers that be at Capitol Hill. If their doings are an example of EDUCATION, close the schools. Well that’s another story too.

      • Howard


        You said it all God is in charge praise him alone. I belive with all my heart that the children of God will be protected and inherit the earth. God bless.

      • Anna in Kentucky

        God IS in charge and I think all of you worry too much about all of this. The end is near…the current state of the world is a testament to the sign of the times. The book of Revelation spells it all out. None of this will matter anymore. If you want to survive, find God and be willing to sacrifice your life for Him. That’s the only way…….

        • NaNa

          Amen Anna…………………’s all in the Bible and has been prophisied for hundreds of years. Obama needs to read it so he can see the PLAN and realize that he will be standing in front of the Almighty one day soon and not even he can put enough of a spin on his actions to escape the Lords wrath.

        • Debbie Tucker

          Hi Anna,
          I am also from Kentucky and I agree also. God is in charge and we are in the last days.. You only have to read the Word of God and see that. He also has a plan and I think part of that includes our President. What the Lord showed me during prayer is that people wanted a king and he was giving it to them. We will stand before the Lord and give an account. Thank you and God bless you.. Debbie

        • Carolyn

          Amen to your email. No matter the warnings we see, many are totally blind to it.

        • http://none Smilee

          “Judge not, lest you be judged” Christ said that too. I do not know but maybe it will be you who does not escape the wrath of God and Obama who receives his blessing. Obama does claim to be Christian and I can not imagine him making your statement about anyone. I think he would leave that up to God and you may be well advised to do the same

      • M. G. Rust

        Right on, Robin! I agree with you! God will take care of those that depend on Him.

        • T.A.G.

          I agree that this is in GOD’s hands but I believe I heard somewhere that GOD will help those who help themselves. Don’t just accept things the way they are, GET OUT AND VOTE THESE FOOL’S OUT OF OFFICE. The Republican’s and Conservative’s act and talk like sheep being led to slaughter. I WANT MY COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION BACK.

        • Carol

          TAG, I agree with you. We have to help ourselves back on the path that our forefathers laid out for us. We must get rid of the federal reserve (not capitalized on purpose, as it is not ferderal, nor is there a reserve, and not a bank). The lies that we have been fed (pun intended) for the past ninty years, have worked magnificently in enslaving all Americans, even those not born yet. This cartel has been ruling the world for far too long. Get rid of their fiat monetary system, and their collection goons (the IRS) and America will be on a full speed course to recovery.

      • Red

        Here ye to any of you who at least mention God or his son. To those of you that refute either of them, blaspheme them, or have not an ounce of spirituality, I feel sorry for you. As for socialism, where do you all think rich jpeople get rich from????? They make their wealth from corruption, from sales or services to consumers, and other ways. They don’t have trees or shrubbery that grows money, so they obviously had to gather it at the expense of others. Why shouldn’t the wealth be spread out; it came from us in the first place. Those complaing must be the rich buggers who defrauded, bilked, scammed or otherwise duped us into making them rich. You expose yourselves by badmouthing the notion of some type of fairness. I know I’ve paid and spent my fair share of cash over the years; I’d like to see some of it again. If anyone got rich entirely of their own activity, I’d love to know how. It’s impossible.

    • Former_Democrat

      Ron, you are exactly what this article is about. I did not sacrifice my legs for this country just because cowards like you cannot handle dissent or the truth. You tell lies and shout down people and name call thinking it makes you look smarter. You are nothing more than a school yard bully who is actually a coward underneath. You don’t want public discourse, you want those who expose Obama for the social, liar and deceiver that he is, to go away. You cannot think for yourself, instead drink at the pool of you messiah koolaid. Bush did not create this economic mess, Clinton, Pelosi, Dodd, Franks and Reid did. You would know that if you would look at the facts. Bush didn’t start the war with terrorists, Carter and Clinton, like Obama, were to cowardly to stand up to these terrorist regimes and caved. Why do you thin Ahmadinajad released the hostages as soon as Reagan was sworn in. He knew a butt kicking was coming. Just stay in your fantasy world and believe the lies while the conservatives and the heroic men and women protect your freedom to be stupid and say stupid things, but don’t ever lecture us and tell us you want to silence us, because we deserve the right more than you do since we fought for it. Just keep you cowardly mouth shut, unless you want to say thank you to us, or someone is liable to shut it for you.

      • Nansays

        I want to thank you for your sevice as well as your comments. A llot of people voted for Obama based on his lies and color of his skin, now we all have to suffer. I wonder if those people are still waiting for their stimulus check.

        • Ron

          The true colors are coming out in all your comments, and some of you think you are intellect. You are not! You are the ones who have been conditioned into accepting a hidden agenda without conviction. All you have to offer is your bias and discriminatory comments taking control back from something you have loss. Who are you to decide how people voted for Obama? How dare you to say: “We all have to suffer”. What do you think we been doing during the BUSH administration? You all need to get a life. What’s the matter does the truth hurt?

        • Carol

          Ron, You don’t know what other people are going through. You asked where were we when Bush was in office, well I can speak for myself. I was in Washington D.C. protesting against the policies that I disagreed with. Again this is not a party issue, they are both corrupt. But if you seriously think that what Mr. O is doing is going to help this country recover, then you don’t have to much understanding of mathematics. Pure and simple, if you make $50,000. but you are spending $1,000,000.00 you are going to end up in debt. That is what this administration is doing. No they didn’t start this, but they are continuing the pattern but at a greatly excelerated rate. Truth is this all begin with the same people you hold up as heros, such as FDR, Clinton. Every president from Woodrow Wilson on have been part of the sham against the people of America. Wake up, be an American, not a democrat or republican, but an American.

      • Stan Newman

        God bless and thank you for your service to our country , you lost your legs and I lost my voice do to exposure to Agent orange so Ill make a deal with you –Ill go grab this bleep by the gonads and bring him to you and since I cant talk he will just have to worry about what is happening to him until his arivel on your doorstep then you can explain it to him in a manner Im sure even his dumb butt will understand.

        • keith winter

          Stan I also lost my voice due to agent orange, plus also has blown off a bunker in the middle of the tet offensive. I agree with you and I will help…

      • http://mine chet lundy

        you forgot charlie rangle and the always wonderful maxine waters.

        • Lori

          And Schumer And Soros (who made $1.1 Billion last Sept. hedging on U.S. financial loss – probably helped speed it up so Obama could win).

        • Roger

          Don’t forget Rom Emanuel!

        • Roger


          You are dead on regarding Soros, have you done any research on Soros…. very interesting. Unfortunately he is succeeding with his plan for the United States, it is Soros who is manipulating Obama, Soros has bought and paid for Obama’s presidency.

      • Mickey the Irishman

        WOW !!! I have never in my 60 years on the planet witnessed the depth of hatred and dangerous rage I read here. I just happened upon this site and will not be back. Hate breeds hate breeds violence.

        • Former_Democrat

          All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to do and say nothing. I do not speak with hatred like the liberals, I speak the voice of truth, not hide with cowardice, like you do Mickey. Every Irishman I have known in my 53+ years have been lovers and fighters for truth. Too bad you are willing to say nothing. You shame your heritage.

        • Anna in Kentucky

          I agree with you, Man. Seems they are ALL playing their game, huh?

      • Marie

        Former democrat, well said. Dems never give a d** about the military. They do care about all the welfare checks they have to handout though. Those are future votes!

      • DD2

        I am 50 years old and have lived through the turmoil of the 60′s, the crazy 70′s and 80′s, the opulence of the 90′s and the horror of the Bush years. I grew up hearing that the Democrats were crooks, hypocrites and liars. It is funny that all through-out those times all I have seen and observed is the corruption and greed that has centered around the republicans that so gallantly state their superiority.

        I have been so happy since O’Bama has been elect because for the first time in my life I think we have a man and a women at the head of our country who truly want to make it better for our country, not just the richer or more educated individuals but everyone. Someone who is willing to lead with a conscious, someone who will do not what may be popular, will bring attention to what other politicians and republicans want to hide or cover up. For the first time I have a President that I can believe in!

        Freedom of speech is one thing…spouting out hate and dissention is another. If you really wanted to do something positive for this country you would get involved and work with our government to make things better. It is only by being part of it that you can and will see the truth. Do that and I will listen to your ideas about O’Bama, otherwise, my vote is for you do go away because you are a hater of our country and our people.

        • Former_Democrat

          DD2 Funny how you don’t disprove my facts about the Dems. Funny how what you espouse is socialist drivel. There is a thing called personal responsibility, which you seem to have none, as well as the Dems. Personal responsibility makes you and the country better. I came from one of the poorest families in the Ozarks. I worked hard, made choices and had personal responsibility about the choices I made . I got out and got myself educated, and unlike Obama who got his education because of skin color, I paid for mine. I looked for opportunities, and unlike you I didn’t sit back and expect someone to make my world better, I made it better. I don’t spout hate, unlike you and the liberals who hate everything good, but I tell people like it is. You are nothing more than a coward because you cannot and will not do for yourself. You have the womb to tomb, cradle to grave mindset that uneducated, lazy people have. I will not go away because it is people like me and my fellow conservatives and libertarians who have made this country great while you have contributed nothing. Dissension is my right, which I fought for, unlike you who gave nothing for his right of free speech. You cannot nor will not take away something I have fought for and I will tell you that to your face, because unlike you I am not a coward to face down people who disagree with me. So take your lazy cowardice lifestyle and move to France or Canada because in two years we will have Congress back and Obama will be so much of a lame duck he will be even as limp wristed as you.

        • Craig

          Your second paragraph about the Obama’s tells me that you are not from Chicago, Cook County or the surrounding area. Our new “first couple” are not LEADERS. But, they ARE the most professionally prepared Political- Hack-Operatives that have ever been crafted by the Chicago/Illinois democratic political machine. BO has not gained great financial wealth & prosperity through his hard work, business acumen, ingenuity or craft. He has attained it via political strategy, patronage and questionable relationships with criminal real estate developers, a domestic terrorists-turned-professor and a whole similiar lot of characters. Our first-lady’s professional career path amazingly paralleled her husbands political rise. Do you think influence peddeling had anything to do with it, or was it her leadership qualities? I believe that her last mid-six figure job has yet to be filled since moving to Washington. I guess there must not be any qualified (or connected) leaders available to fill the vacancy.

          I figure by your comments, that your about 10-12 years older than I am. You must have been one of those pot head – free love – anti establishment guys that I remembered so well as a kid. Funny thing is that you guys have become the least tollerant, most self centered, narcisstic generation of Americans in history. You demanded to be heard back then……and yet you refuse to listen to anyone with a contrary opinion today. Your generation will be the most dangerous generation of “leaders” this country will ever see.

          • GJM175

            My family is originally from Chicago (moved to Wisconsin and now have doofus doyle to contend with instead of daley and all of his criminals.

            I worked at U of Chicago before we moved and can testify to both Nobamas — liberal media described him as a professor, while in reality he was merely an instructor, teaching one class. And, yes, the last lady (I want to vomit when I say that) had her office down the hall my my office. Excuse the insult to female dogs, but she is a “bitch”, and hates white people. She had a do nothing job, that is why the job has never been filled.

            Any way, Nobama is the typical Chicago/Illinois politician — a criminal and deserves to be removed in whatever way possible.

        • Carolyn

          Many like you bought the Obama speech and if you aren’t seeingthat he is following the previous party only worse, you will never see the truth. He promised you Hope and Change but what the people now see, it’s not the Hope and Change they believed him to mean. Clinton promised us Change too, and it only got worse. Obama is making Clinton look mild mannered.
          Amnesty for all these illegals- doesn’t he know we have Laws? Oh, they all disregard the Const. including the Courts. Removing the borders to make Mexico, Canada and the U.S one country like the EU. The Const. will be then null and void and your protected liberties a thing of the past. Giving bailots for crooked businesses and basically rewarding them for their corruptness. Please? There’s not enough space to print all that he’s doing from the same policies that Marx, Lenin and Stalin did. Just different name and place. History repeats itself and all for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
          Heaven knows we have plenty ofd do nothings!
          Once we started trying to remove God from the foundation that made this country and our lives, it was downhill after that. And we haven’t hit bottom yet, but we will if we don’t start being responsible for ourselves and turning back to God to repent and ask for forgivness. Quit thinking govt. is your parent and you are its children. Grow up.

        • Joseph Sparticus

          The United States Deserves Better After Years Of Promises
          Remove O’Bama From Office

          George Bush represented himself as a conservative Republican but the reality is he was really a Democrat along with the majority of these so called Conservative Republicans.
          These people gave into the lobbyist, spared little attention towards the economy and should have won the war in the Middle East already. As everyone can plainly see the so called Republicans along with the Democrats put their own financial gains in front of American Citizens well being and financial health. These actions are always expected from Democrats , but this is why the Republicans lost the Election – even after being warned about their self serving actions. The only good thing to say is they where big on national defense. It’s hard to believe Americans Voted out of anger rather than intelligence and where hypnotized by a Man who spoke better than John McCain.

          This man of course is president elect O’Bama who preached Socialism wrapped up to sound like Democracy. O’Bama won and several months after the election of course everyone I personally know who voted for O’Bama regret what they had did and only did so because they wanted to get back at the George Bush administration. While John McCain might not have been a Good President – Voting for O’Bama made a already bad economic situation and our national defense even worse. – What the Heck are you People Thinking.

          Reasons Why O’Bama Should Be Removed From Office.

          Hired Tax Cheat to Head the Treasury
          Strong Possibility he is not an American Citizen
          Allows him self to be insulted by World Leaders
          and Smiles while shaking their hands.
          Allows Venezuela leader to install Russian and
          China’s missals
          Force’s Banks who do not want Tarp money – to
          accept so the Federal Government – Oh sorry –
          He can take them over.
          Folks do your Home Work on this one –
          INCREASED TAX’S on the Middle
          Class.- To pay for New Social programs and Bail
          Out Banks. Acorn has just been
          awarded Millions. Giving terrorists money to Kill
          Israel a Strong US Friend.
          Does not put the people on Wall Street
          responsible for this economic melt down in Jail or
          even investigate them.
          ETC…. ETC

        • NaNa

          Obama isn’t Irish people, the name is spelled OBAMA not O’Bama.

        • Roger

          DD2 I can safely say that for the first time in my life that America is in deep trouble. It is individuals like your self that seek to gain something without working for it, that support Obama and all the crooks that he surrounds himself with! He is a by product of the corrupt Chicago politicians.

        • Carol

          If that is true, then why did he go all over the World and talk America down. I believe that you are a racist. The only reason you voted for Mr. O is because he is black. That is just as racist as not voting for him because he is black. Where did you learn that you are intitled to anything that you didn’t work for? Come on it is ridculous that you can say we are better off now then we were before the election. Have you not seen that everything that Mr. O promised during the elections, has now been proven to be lies. There are more people out of work and in the streets then there were before, the “wonderful stimulis program” What a joke. You can’t spend your way out of debt. Debt that was caused by the so called leadership. Government’s job is NOT to take care of us, that’s our job. If they just let us do our job, things would be better for all including the very people that you say this president is trying to help. He doesn.t care about you or any of us. Look at the old lady that was at one of his campaign gatherings, She was homeless and asked for help. He said he would get her help. Guess what? She is still waiting.

        • gumbo

          very glad to hear this spouting off from both sides. ha ha. you are all right in your opinions and views.Yes there are a few far right zealots and a few more left wing zealots. They are different as the not so far right want to reason and are afraid of where the country is heading in its views. Now the left is more subversive and dangerous; they want to drag down religion and any signs of a God; any dissent even if discrimination and violence must be used. You see they are revolutionarys just like Lenin or the Hammas. But we have bragged about America and it’s tolerances and being a nation of laws until we have tolerated and lawed ourselves into the nation we have now. If you believe in a persons right to be gay, but not holy matrimony or soc sec benefits for married gays then I am a Homaphobic which is not true. If you believe in all men are equal, but also should have equal responsibilities under our laws, then you are a racist. which is not true either. However, if we cannot have an opinion which might be wrong or misquided or even homaphobic and racist then we are not normal nor are we free as we thought. There will be a shooting war again in America…hopefully many years away, but when you take away peoples security, free speech and even make them ashamed that they worship then civil unrest isn’t far away. I hope the left and right can come together because if the left has to take the test of Solomon. they would cut the baby in half.

        • kay

          DD2 I can’t believe you really think that you have a Pres you can believe in. He campaigned on pulling out of Iraq, our guys are still there. He said he wouldn’t raise taxes on individuals who make under 250 and he is wanting to put a tax on everything in this country which is a tax that will affect those under 250. This administration has spent over 12 trillion in the next 10 years and anyone working is going to have to pay for it. Maybe you are content to have nothing. What will it take for the left like yourself Mr. DD2 to knock yourself in the forhead and say,”What happened”? You know what is sad is that the Democrats which I am still registered as are just as weathly as the Republicans. When I grew up the Dems were for the little guy and Rep for the weathly. It isn’t that way any more. They are all sleeping together and the one thing that has changed is it use to be Dems = sexual scandals and Rep= money scandals and now the Dems have stepped over and are doing the same thing which was obvious as several of Pres Obama’s cabinet choices didn’t pay their taxes. You really think they care about you????

        • keith

          i don’t want NO part of comrad obama! DOWN WITH SOCIALISM!

      • John A

        One vet to another HOOAHH, you said it.

      • http://Ahero Kiana

        Former Democrat God Bless you for your commendable selfless service to this country to maintain our freedom and make our country safe. You fought so hard and sustained a huge loss for all Americans. I honor you and wish to express my gratitude.
        I am a educated Registered Nurse and it stuns me of the ignorance of so many….. your comments hit home and breathed of the undeniable truth. DD2 you have no clue who Obama is. He froze/sealed his birth certificate as it clearly reflects he did NOT make the criteria to run for president. All his college scripts are also sealed as it spewed his hatred for America…He purchased his Chicago house lot for pennies and a nominal interest rate. Hung out with Ayers the Terrorist and listened to a Spewing Reverend Right for countless years expressing his hatred for the white race..He failed to face the greatest flag in the world and says we are arrogant …when he needs to take a long look in the mirror. Yeah he is the all American Boy and He has a terrible conscience not conscious.. he sleeps well after everything he has done and continues to do so….Oh I am sorry he is really busy as he text messages the movie stars and I should give him more credit to your proud narcissist president…Open up your eyes.

      • http://Fadra Fadra

        Exactly right, Former Democrat! Come the revolution those cowards will be
        easily beaten…..their open mouths will be perfect targets. I, too, Thank You for
        your service to our Country and for your insight into the character of the
        democrat party members.

      • kay

        Former Democrat, I am assuming you lost your legs while serving this country. If so Thank you if not then thank you for correcting Ron. I served in this country in the 80′s and can tell you no one messed with the USA under Reagan and Thatcher. The left wants to dialogue and guess what it is going to get us in trouble. Those on the left forget that the Muslim countries despise our country because it was founded on Christian/Judeo principles. Ron needs to stop getting so mad and look at history. Sadly enough we all will sink because of the Obama administration. Maybe the left doesn’t care I haven’t been able to figure it out. They are so malcontent and they have what they want so why are they not happy? They aren’t happy because they know we are going over the cliff and most bloggers aren’t Warren Buffet. The Warren Buffet and the other 10% weathly will be fine in a depressed economy but most of us will be affected. Like Pres. Obama says we all need to tighten our belts. When is he going to start Ron? Pres Obama is going to be long gone when this mess really hits and then the next Pres will be criticized for what has happened. I just wish the Left would wake up. I can’t wait to hear how the left is going to blame the governor of California for there problems when in actuality they have spent for a long time and they are the exact model of what this country DOES NOT want to do.

    • Mike from Kansas


      If you don’t like listening to Russ, Neal or Sean, then learn how to turn the
      tv or radio off.

      Do you reelect corrupt politicians?

      • mary

        yea RON and when you are turning off RUSH AND SEAN AND NEAL why dont you turn off all the truck drivers across AMERICA we are the ones that listen to RUSH, SEAN and Neal also we are the ones that drive across country to deliver your needs Do you want us to shut you up RON BOY

      • Lori

        Maybe he’s a lobbyist.

    • Mike

      Unfortunately, Ron, you must be one of those ignorant minorities, whose only concern was to elect a minority, even though he may not be constitutionally eligible or experienced. Never a politician in this land had such a quasi “religious” impact on so many people. You must get a thrill just like a homosexual between your legs just thinking about him.

      Obama has zero accomplishments and makes this inexplicable infatuation alarming. He is quite ignorant on most important subjects. Barack Obama is a narcissist. Dr. Sam Vaknin, the author of “Malignant Self Love,” also believes, “Barack Obama appears to be a narcissist.” Vaknin is a world authority on narcissism. He understands it and describes the inner mind of a narcissist like no other person. When he talks about narcissism everyone listens. Vaknin says that Obama’s language, posture and demeanor, and the testimonies of his closest, nearest and dearest suggest that the President is either a narcissist or he may have narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Pathological narcissists are dangerous because they look normal and even intelligent. It is this disguise that makes them treacherous.

      The great majority of blacks, 96%, voted for Obama. Only a fool does not know that their support for him is racially driven. This is racism, pure and simple. You are a black on white racist. You will not give up your support of Obama regardless of the facts. Cultic mentality is pernicious and unrelenting. You will dig your head deeper in the sand and blame Obama’s detractors of racism. There is no insanity greater than electing a pathological narcissist as president.

      The sub-prime mortgage crisis was created by the minorities. It was driven by their pathological and destructive thievery, to steal money from those who work for it. It was started by Bill Clinton. It all began with Clinton back sometime around 1994, when he told Martin Rubin to re-write the Community Reinvestment Act and further under Andrew Cuomo. One decisive point of departure is the final years of the Clinton administration, when Cuomo from Queens without any real banking or real-estate experience was the only man in Washington with the power to regulate the giants of home finance, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), better known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Andrew Cuomo, the youngest Housing and Urban Development secretary in history, made a series of decisions between 1997 and 2001 that gave birth to the country’s current crisis. He took actions that—in combination with many other factors—helped plunge Fannie and Freddie into the subprime markets without putting in place the means to monitor their increasingly risky investments. He turned the Federal Housing Administration mortgage program into a sweetheart lender with sky-high loan ceilings and no money down.


      In reality, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were among the principal culprits of the housing crisis, and Mr. Bush wanted to rein them in before things got out of hand. Rather than a failure of capitalism, the housing meltdown shows what’s likely to happen when government grants special privileges to favored private entities that facilitate bad actors and lousy practices. Fannie and Freddie are “government-sponsored enterprises” (GSEs), chartered by Congress. As such, they had an implicit promise of taxpayer backing and could borrow money at rates well below competitors.

      Because of this, the Bush administration warned in the budget it issued in April 2001 that Fannie and Freddie were too large and overleveraged. Their failure “could cause strong repercussions in financial markets, affecting federally insured entities and economic activity” well beyond housing. Mr. Bush wanted to limit systemic risk by raising the GSEs’ capital requirements, compelling preapproval of new activities, and limiting the size of their portfolios. Why should government regulate banks, credit unions and savings and loans, but not GSEs? Mr. Bush wanted the GSEs to be treated just like their private-sector competitors. But the GSEs fought back. They didn’t want to see the Bush reforms enacted, because that would level the playing field for their competitors. Congress finally did pass the Bush reforms, but in 2008, after Fannie and Freddie collapsed.

      The largely unreported story is that to fend off regulation, the GSEs engaged in a lobbying frenzy. They hired high-profile Democrats and Republicans and spent $170 million on lobbying over the past decade. They also constructed an elaborate network of state and local lobbyists to pressure members of Congress. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the causes of this financial disaster. In order to ensure that they were not regulated these corrupt companies bought off congressmen. This is corruption. In just 3 years, these corrupt companies gave Obama $123,000 to buy him off. $123,000. Obama was the second largest recipient of Fannie and Freddie corrupt donations.

      Use the URL to view a video clip. The timeline in the video clip shows Bush, McCain and Greenspan warning Democrats of financial and housing crisis; a meltdown from the policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac plus Barney Franks denying that it isn’t true.
      September 24, 2008

      Last, Clinton had nothing to due with reducing the deficit to 1% of GDP no matter how much you all take credit that he did. Go read Greenspan’s The Age of Turbulence. Check out, chapter nine, Millennium Fever, the bottom of page 183 and the top of page 184. Greenspan unequivocally states that it was an “unaccountable surge in tax receipts.” It was born from a “stock market effect, the boost to household taxable income from the exercise of stock-option grants and realized capital gains.” The Fed had not predicted it. No one predicted this let alone Clinton. It was a beautiful accident of the free market, what Republicans believe. “Years latter this hypothesis was proved correct.”

      But you Ron, will simply say that it is not true because you have no facts to refute what I have said. You will bury your head deeper into the sand. You will continue your ‘Slobbering Love Affair’ over Obama nurtured by a pathological perceptual filtering of every thing Obama does.

      • John

        Question for Media Tonight:


        • Mike

          Of course we are. The last attack was 9/11, none since on American soil. Going to Afgan and Iraq told them that if they attack us, we will hunt you, we will find you and we will kill you. Few will try again and only those with a death wish.

        • Paul Trood

          Mike I agree with your narrative , but what about Bin Laden? They are really having problems finding that cave, any insights?

        • AKTOPGUN

          John…to answer your question of “Are we safer now?”

          ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! By setting a timeline for withdrawal of troops, among other stupid stuff, the current administration has done exactly what experts said would be the worst possible thing to do…tell the terrorist exactly how much longer they have to hold out before we leave and they can start all over again with their operations. If sleeper cells hide in waiting for literally years awaiting their orders, do you really think scaling back operations until 2010 is going to be a problem? For them, it just gives them more time to amass resources and recruit people to carry out their operation. Remember, 9/11 wasn’t a spur of the moment thing…they had spent years planning and preparing for the attacks which pretty much went off without a hitch…at least it achieved their purpose. Remember, when this war first started, Bin Laden made the statement that the US could never win a war against them because they could hold out until the body count got too high for us to support the war anymore…result: WE LOSE just like he said. People like you simply amaze me with your arrogant stupidity.

        • http://yahoo sam

          Mike, you jerk….. all those terrorist’s will not be dead or detained. They’ll be given alot more than the $30,000 you work for.


        Mike after reading that long dissertation that you just ranted off me thinks all black people should run and and vote for any black person who is running for anything just to make sure racist idiots like yourself don’t get in just in case you are even thinking about running for anything. I am just amused and amazed and astounded at the hate filled garbage that you just ran on the readers.

        • Dave

          Betty, true comments of a negative nature relating to racial issues do not make the comments “racist.” That is a perfect example of the knee-jerk reaction that Americans have when indoctrinated by political-correctness. Americans have been cowed to avoid being blunt about racial issues in America today for fear of hurting the self-esteem of minorities who have been so carefully cultivated to make them feel good about themselves. That is precisely why Eric Holder’s “coward” speech was such a bunch of specious humbug–the Left does not want negative comments about “minorities” even though there are certainly many that can be accurately made.

          How can you possibly refute the fact that when 96% of black voters vote for the non-white candidate, it is anything but a response to the candidate’s race, rather than the political ideas of the candidate. Trying to refute that fact is simply being in denial about it. Oh, sure, blacks tend to be overwhelmingly in favor of allowing the Federal government to care for them from the cradle to the grave (just look at the welfare rolls and other percentages), so they are going to also require their candidate to be a strong supporter of Federal give-away (socialist) programs. Blacks have been “bloc” voters ever since I first started following American politics back in the 1960s.

          Blacks have had the concept of eternal victimhood hammered into their heads for so long that they now demand to be considered helpless victims, regardless of how responsible they themselves may be for their own plights. If they are given a choice between a “non-white” such as Obama who will cater to their victimhood, or an honest-to-goodness black such as Alan Keyes who believes blacks are just as capable of controlling their own destiny as any other race if they will simply avail themselves of existing benefits and put forth the necessary effort to excel, whom do you suppose the majority of them will vote for? Well, they had that very choice in the 2008 election, and we can all see clearly which person they, as a group, picked.

          • Ramona

            That was a wonderful response to Betty’s ignorance

        • Eric

          Truth hurts, Don’t it?:

        • Dave

          BETTY MCCAIN Reply:

          March 24th, 2009 at 2:45 pm

          Dave…you just ran another long winded bunch of nothing like your friend mike…..Oh pleeeze I had enough

          Well, okay, Betty. Either “change the channel” or give me some of your documentation that will prove my observations as I stated earlier are inaccurate. I certainly do not mind hearing well-thought-out facts–I simply am fed-up with those Americans who have swallowed the political-correctness doctrine simply telling me that my points of discussion are “racist” or “bigoted”, or that I should just “shut up.” Name-calling is so juvenile and is the clear sign of someone who is unable to refute with sound facts what another person is saying or writing.

          During World War II, those Germans who were against fascism were rounded up, imprisoned, or executed for simply voicing their observations of what was going on in the Third Reich, but the German resistance movement had a theme from an old German author that said, “Die Gedanken sind frei” which translated means “The thoughts are free” or “My thoughts are free.”

          Although the Left is enjoying its moment of supremacy right now because of the fascist-style “thought control” doctrine known as “political correctness,” We The People can still practice “Freedom of Thought” whether the Marxist Left succeeds in taking our First Amendment rights away from us or not. You can rest assured that there are a great many American patriots who are not going to permit the Left to limit the constitutional freedoms for which our ancestors sacrificed everything, and it is imperative that we begin by refusing to be cowed into silence any longer by the Left’s “Thought Police.”

        • clarety

          “Betty” shows profound ignorance of literary skills…meaning, she can’t read and understand the meaning of the Mike analysis, which is actually coherent and accurate.
          No doubt ‘Betty’ and ‘Ron’ think that “The Creature From Jekyll Island” was a monster or sci-fi book.

        • Larry Fisher

          You are a prime example of the many people who voted for The Messiah and do not have the intelligence to listen to the truth when it is presented. You probably have not read a newspaper or checked on the real facts in your life. You just go on listening to the crap put out by this administration and his thugs that want to do away with the greatest country ever discovered and turn it into a socialist pigsty. I’m sure you can’t wait to get all your benefits that yo so stupidly think will be given.

        • Mike

          Betty McCain, painting labels on me, calling me a racist, which I am not but are slowly becoming one because of people like you and calling my words hate filled garbage only points to the failure in your education and your inability to argue facts logically. If you received a college education, it was most likely because of Affirmative Action not any earned ability. Besides calling me a racist when the facts do not support it only points to your scare tactics of using racism, making you a black on white racist. I do not scare.

          There was nothing racist or hate filled and simply because you paint them on me does not make it so. You have impressed no one with the use of the fallacious argument, ad hominem. It is the fallacy of ad hominem, “which consists of criticizing or attacking the person who proposed the argument (personal attack) in an attempt to discredit the argument. It is also used when an opponent is unable to find fault with an argument, yet for various reasons, the opponent disagrees with it because of hatred for the facts and more importantly hatred for the person presenting the argument.” This is the problem with the Democratic Party and all those who make up the Democratic Party, minorities, who want more unearned income.

        • Marie

          Betty, there lies the problem. When we can’t face the truth (I am a minority so don’t throw the race card on me) about our own culture. Someone once gave a great example in terms of “profiling.” When 86% of the crime are committed by the certain group in a community where that same group comprised 90% of the population, that’s not profiling, it’s probability. What dave did is merely stating the facts. OUR proglem is our INABILITY to face those facts. As Bill Cosby once pointed out (which he was blasted by the likes of jackson etc), “it’s not the white folks fault that we have the highest illiteracy, abortion, and dropout rates.” From your respond, I can only conclude the “Modern” day description of racism is “TELLING THE TRUTH TO A NONWHITE PERSON.”

        • Jim Allen III

          I am not sure where your statement to Mike come from. The facts are there for you read for yourself.

          The real source of this problem goes back to the Oil Embargo of the 70′s. When Jimmy Carter swapped our Social Security numbers as collateral for a loan. Thank you DUMMYCRATS!

          Now let’s stop listening to fanatics, Ron, that have most likely never voted, is barely out of high school, with a revised view, thank you Liberal Teachers Unions, of our history.

          We have removed God from public view yet we seem to be happy to allow Islam and Sharia Law here in the US. Hey if you like that crap so much GO HOME! You cam to America why? Because you liked the freedoms it offered you. You want tyrants and Sheiks GO HOME!

          Remember Obama’s slips of the tongue? “57 States” and “My Muslim faith, uh,uh, Christian faith”? WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

        • Kurier Radek

          Betty…where’s your proof with what Mike said is a bunch of “hate filled garbage” and that he’s a “racist idiot”? You see, your blind rage against any dissenting opionions about BHO is your downfall.

          I wholeheartedly agree with Mike. He’s done the research like so many others who want to know the truth; the veracity of exactly how we got to where we are currently. Betty…you are lashing out without a sound, logical or reasonable rebuttal. It’s ignorance that has brought America to a crossroads. Only the truth will set us free.

        • PresentChaos

          This person BETTY MCCAIN wrote on
          March 24th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

          Mike after reading that long dissertation that you just ranted off me thinks all black people should run and and vote for any black person who is running for anything just to make sure racist idiots like yourself don’t get in just in case you are even thinking about running for anything. I am just amused and amazed and astounded at the hate filled garbage that you just ran on the readers.

          Exactly what did he say that even smacks of hatred? Why is it when anybody disagrees on something you may support it is hatred rather than simply that persons’ opinion.

          I did not vote for President Obama but I wanted to try to support him for the sake of the country I love. Unfortunately for us, his whole agenda is not what the country needs. So yes, I hope his policies fail, although with the Dems as majority and the Me Too RINOs we are moving further from what the Constitution spells out as to what is permissible for the federal government .

          While I supported Pres. Bush I did not agree with the social liberal policies he was pushing, especially with the TARP and the deficit spending instead of only spending what they actually receive. If the govt. would have exercised patience then the economy would have stabilized on its own.

          Now we the tax payers own at least part of one auto manufacturer (does that mean we get to drive a free company car?) altho the UAW own a much larger stake (who came up with that brilliant idea?), the so called Stimulus is gonna come back and bite future taxpayers in the rear when the debt collectors demand payment totaling trillions of dollars. If spending money is the answer to correcting the deficits then why aren’t there any surpluses of money in the government coffers? The only thing the federal govt. does is spends since it doesn’t manufacture goods to sell at a profit.

          And this whole “green” movement is a farce too. Global warming may or may not be happening, but I too believe in an omniscient Creator God Who knew us from the foundations of the Earth. Don’t you think He knew what the progression of humanity would be and if there would be negative effects on the Earth that He made that there are natural defenses in place. Not to mention that one of the prophecies in Revelation is fire destroying one third of the planet. Now that is global warming and we insignificant beings won’t be able to stop it.

          I didn’t expect to rant.

      • Dave

        Mike, after I read Ron’s comments (and my nausea subsided), I decided to write my own response to it. But, then, as I read further down the line of comments, I came across your well-spoken, lucid, and entirely accurate response, and realized you had already voiced exactly the same points I was planning on bringing up. You stole my thunder, Brother!

        Great rebuttal to that “Obamaniac” comment by Ron.

        • BETTY MCCAIN

          Dave…you just ran another long winded bunch of nothing like your friend mike…..Oh pleeeze I had enough

        • Mike

          Thank you.

      • Nansays

        Way to stand up for Bush, I believe every word you wrote, thank you.

        • Mike

          You are welcome.

        • Roger

          Liberals hated Bush because he was a Christian, they fear Gods word, so anyone who professes to be a Christian is marked for their hate and lies.

      • Paul Trood

        Well said Mike, bang on the “money” !

        • Mike

          Thank you. Facts are imporant only to Republicans.

      • Bob

        Actually the housing economic meltdown started during the Carter administration. What I do NOT understand is how people don’t recognize these “stimulus” packages as nothing short of covert government ownership ploys in our “free” enterprise system.

        AND, for the life of me, I do not understand why the MAJORITY of Americans cannot remember the following history lesson: President Hoover spent a lot of money on the economy to stimulate it in 1929, 30 and 31. SPENDING DID NOT WORK! One cannot dig oneself out of a hole by digging the hole deeper!

        Nixon (old Tricky Dick) tried freezing prices: That didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Since when do we punish those who create the jobs in the first place? You want to stifle the economy? You want socialism? Keep trying to shut people that don’t agree with you up. Keep tying the hands of industry (those who create jobs) and binding their money (used to create those jobs). What’s next, burning books?

        AND above all: Everyone needs to stop jumping on everyone else and calling/inferring names! That is the trouble now….Everyone needs to work together to solve these problems. It is less than 2 years until we re-elect or elect a new House of Representatives. Focus on the prize, not the faults along the way.

        • Roger

          Good job Bob, focus on the solutions! Start choosing quality candidates at the local levels, remain focused on their voting records. The way I see it, Lawyers are a huge part of this Nations problems, simply refuse to reelect any politician that also happens to be a lawyer and we may begin to realize a return to common sense in Our Great Country!

      • Howard

        Thank you for putting those facts out there because I have been saying the same thing for a long time.

    • lenwaldv

      Robin from Indiana,
      you are a prime example of the type of people walking around with their heads stuck where the sun don’t shine. Therefore, you see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing. So just keep your mouth shut along with the rest of the morons that don’t know what they are talking about.

    • lenwaldv

      lenwaldv Reply:

      March 24th, 2009 at 9:31 am

      you are a prime example of the type of people walking around with their heads stuck where the sun don’t shine. Therefore, you see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing. So just keep your mouth shut along with the rest of the morons that don’t know what they are talking about.

    • Aman

      Ron,( If that’s your real name) What country did you come from?

    • Bob

      Ron, Ron, Ron…for crying out loud!!!! Boortz, Limbaugh and Hannity (et al) never have claimed to be “News Reporters.” They have always maintained that they are conservative talk show hosts. They do not report the news as would The New York Times, Time Magazine, and the Big Three networks…all of which have an extremely liberal slant. Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, et al give an opposing view to your liberal media who reports with an extreme liberal bias and slant. They do not report fairly and accurately. The fairness doctrine is to be used against conservative talk radio who use free market (advertising). If people do not like their format or views, all they have to do is turn the channel, or start their own opposing liberal talk show and be able to keep advertisers…several have tried…several have failed.

    • Pam

      I’m not sure that I can add much to what others have said. You should think about reading something other than DailyKos and HuffingtonPost for your material. The msm does not report news, they report their version of the news as it supports Obama. Investigative journalism doesn’t exist. Obviously you’ve done absolutely no research. The facts in this articile are 100 percent true and with a little time you could google up the news stories/televised reports. Fortunately, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. does have competition and there are still some outlets, though few, who will go out on a limb to film the proof. Not make up stories or slander those who try to tell the truth. Truth is easy to find, but no always easy to swallow if it doesn’t fit the liberal world you live in.

    • Dirty Harry

      Who cares what you think ? We don’t because everyone knows Obama going to fail. After all he is a just a penis with ears.

    • jasony

      I would say that, Ron, you aren’t familiar with the people and things that this article is talking about. Maybe it is because you are a liberal and are use to having your press agree with your views and this is the first time (in eight years) that you’ve had to listen to the media (or talk show hosts, etc.) speak against your views.You see, when Bush was in office he made a statement about media that said that the Rush’s and Hannitys, etc. should continue to speak because they were the balance in (freedom of) speach. No where was Bush or his supporters or Republicans against freedom of speach; no where (despite the harsh and hateful liberal media coverage Bush got – that, I might add, was lies and deceitful) did Bush or his supporters or Republicans call for a ban on the speach against them; no where did any of us try to amend the constitution out of a desire to take control of American and her God given liberties; no – it is your liberal congress and President that are doing that now. This article simply points at freedom of speach, but there are many more attacks on our liberties. You should check the reality of their policies.

    • Robert G Mangold


      You don’t have a clue as to what it means to be an American – freedon of speech is for everyone, not just the left wing liberal elitists who think they are the only citizens of this democracy with any rights. The men and women that fought and died defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights for over two hundred years deserve better than you and our current political administration.

    • wb frank

      Here we are again: Bush Derangement Syndrome… please take you medicine. After less than 100 days the Messiah has already gotten us in so much debt (NO this is NOT inherited from Bush) that he has tripled the last deficit: beginning of ’08 a little over 640 BILLION, not TRILLION… after the first year: nationalized banks, Wallstreet, energy industry. Ask someone from europe how happy they are with their lifestyle…
      Yes, free speech is going, going and soon gone. We, if we think that is, are all going to look at the last 8 years as the “good old days”!
      You would think that Jimmy Carter is giving the Anointed One advice.
      What a failure!

    • Rosemary Graham-Gardner

      I could not but agree more with you and those people who cannot express themselves without insults, should go back to school to just learn how to do that.Just skip Yale, because it did not do a good job with our previous head of State!

    • Dan W.


      Our political system works because there are opinions. We should be thankful that we are allowed to represent different views. What the democrats are pushing for is a government in which they can do whatever they want, and they call it “partisan.” We have checks and balances for a reason. Get off the left wing high horse and see the points of view.

      • Dan W.

        My fault, I meant “bipartisan.”

        • Matthew

          Do you know what bipartisan means?

        • commiecrusher

          i do…… it means bend the american people over the barrel

        • commiecrusher

          i do…. it means bend the american people over the barrel

    • Todd


      The 1st ammendment allows anyone to express themselves. Everyone has that right – EVERYONE – whether or not you agree with them. In fact, it is when someone expresses something we don’t agree with that we must staunchly defend their right to voice their opinion! No censorship should EVER be allowed. I support your right to voice your opinion, Ron – you are fortunate to be given that right by the 1st ammendment! – but, demanding censorship of ANYONE is wrong Ron. Very wrong. But, unfortunately, censorship has been creeping into our lives for quite some time. “Political Correctness” was one of the first steps.

      Secondly, there is no such thing as a right-wing, or conversative, conspiracy. You are fooling yourself. In today’s government, there is no difference between a democrat, or so-called liberal, and a republican. Both want big government. Both want to control your flow of money. Both want to limit your rights as a citizen. Our government is heading down a fascist path where personal freedoms, liberty, and right to privacy are things of the past.

      I ask you to look this issue from a broader perspective rather than listening to standard-day rhetoric.

      To everyone else, let’s at least keep this thread civil. Insults, etc. only diminish the points you are trying to make – valid though they certainly may be.

      • Salmon

        That takes us down another rabbit trail. Notice the cabinet choices, etc. They all seem to be from the same fraternities as the ones used by Carter, Clinton and both Bushes. CFR, Skull & Bones, Rhoades (sp) Scholars, Tri-lateral commission, New World Order folks, etc. It seems if he was going to give us change, he should have looked into other pools of selectees. It appears that someone else is picking the cabinet members and people in important places, and not the Pres! Might it be the time, to elect Ron Paul, or a Constitutionalist, or some other party member to the office of The President of the United States?

        • Bro Mike

          NEW WORLD ORDER !!!! Is What This Is All ABOUT PEOPLE!!!!

        • Miguel A. Gonzalez

          It still amazes me how people can take three words (new world order) from a speech by Bush Sr. to ajoint session of Congress out of context and turn it into some kind of world domination conspiracy. The speech was regarding the beginning of the Gulf War. Although I don’t agree with the conclusions of the person who set up the web site, here’s a URL for a transcript of the whole speech

          Here’s the relevant paragraph:
          “We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a new world order — can emerge: a new era — freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony. A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we’ve known. A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak. This is the vision that I shared with President Gorbachev in Helsinki. He and other leaders from Europe, the Gulf, and around the world understand that how we manage this crisis today could shape the future for generations to come.”

          Ironically, the speech was on September 11, 1990, eleven years to the day of the 9/11 attacks.

    • Denise Andrews

      Either Ron’s head is stuck in the sand like an Ostrich or he drank too much of the Obama’s Kool Aid

    • Don


      Your thought processes are as poor as your grammar and spelling.

    • Nevada Bill

      Your comments, in my opinion are nothing more than Left Wing Bleeding Heart Liberal trash, that people like you have been taught to promote. Your teachers in schools across this nation are teaching our youth to be Liberals much like the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany. Do what your Socialist Leaders tell you to do. Obama is a Socialist and his main purpose is to swing this country to the left and into Socialism. Our only hope to prevent this is to have the Congress get a majority of Republicans in 2010 and Impeach the SOB President.

      • Matthew

        Dear Nevada Bill. Impeaching Obama will not happen. It didn’t work when we tried to impeach Clinton. What makes you think it would work now. Obama has too many friends anyway, if understand what I mean.

      • maurice rothman

        Hi everyone,

        Reading these comments its apparent that most of your readers are either republican, libertarians or just plain “anti Obama”

        also anti socialism and the like

        What they seem to “overlook” is just how the “pendulum works” – when it is balanced, it doesnt work – when it goes either way, left or right, it works just great!

        So who can claim that either or any of ‘these systems work” – in my opinion-none!

        Pure socialism doesnt work, dictatorship naturally doesnt work, neither the republicans or democrats did a good job since most politicians “can be corrupted”- if not all?

        So what is the arguement? There isnt any except for the fact that people think that they deserve “nirvana’ – and are definitely misguided in thinking so.

        This world is a world of “corruption”; it has been like that for centuries and wont change because “people’ s nature “in power” doesnt change – it takes a very
        strong “moral” person to ‘show the world what morality is all about” – and these people unfortunately are scarcer then “hen’s teeth”

        So what can we do about it, knowing ahead of time that the egoistic nature demands “what’s in it for me” – prevades the minds/hearts of the world politicians and their “money people”?

        What we should do is to do what Bob and other sites likes his is doing and that is to “expose the fact that our “regulair media is corrupt – it is no longer a free institution since it depends of the ‘money people’ for support.

        The internet is ‘our savior’ – so far before the politicans ‘sell out’ to the money people.

        We are a democracy that gives the ‘vote to the people” but selects who we vote for which in a sense is a ‘contradiction” of purpose – but very few people are aware of it, and why not?

        Our corrupt media – who depends on their ‘revenue stream” for survival -
        and again that ‘revenue stream” means the “big buck people”

        so, lets all unite because unless we do – we are all goners!

        maurice rothman

        • Jeff

          Theocracy works.

        • Eric Bischoff

          To Maurice Rothman,
          thank you. Well said. You inspired me to write some more.

          I don’t agree with what the current govt is doing, I have yet to agree with what any govt has done but I find myself more upset at the people’s hypocrisy. Like all of this mess just started with Obama and as soon as we get rid of him things will be better.

          I say hypocrisy because I don’t remember seeing this kind of activism from republicans and conservatives when the illegitimate Bush regime took no responsibility for failing to protect us when that was their main job and then proceeded to shred our constitution and trample all over our civil rights. They didn’t complain, they went along with it, beating the drums of war and revenge at anyone. Never mind it wasn’t them. Go go go. Kill them, bomb them all back to the stone age, and we did.

          The pendulum effect in politics can be very dangerous. The misguided treaty of Versailles after WWI is largely responsible for the rise of Hitler. So once again we all have a part in what happens. We helped create him. Bush’s grandfather even helped fund the Nazi party. IBM helped the Nazis keep track of the logistics of rounding up people, incarcerating them and moving them around.

          I often think of something Deepak Chopra once said at a lecture. The particles sneezed by someone somewhere in the world or their dust after death blowing around will ultimately end up in your lungs. Or become the mineral in your vegetable. That is how connected we all are. You cannot escape or deny that connectedness. We are one.

          This lack of understanding or connecting the dots is not an accident. It starts early with out govt school education. A system that insures that the govt sanctioned books tell only the story of history from the victors or conquerors point of view. It is never the whole story therefore it is always an incomplete view of the world and history. That system is why we always knew of Edison but only recently of Tesla. Same thing with Benjamin Franklin but not Joseph Priestley.

          We claim to have freedom of the press but our system insures total control of the message. It is not far from fascism. Only the message that corporations approve of gets through to you. You can’t possibly know what your are missing. You are all too busy just making ends meet and it really takes too much energy to get to the truth. That control insures that you never hear a lenghty discussion by Noam Chomsky on our foreign policies on mainstream media. There is never a fair and balanced discussion, they make sure of that. Most of you don’t even know of who you are not hearing from. Just like you are not heariong a balanced discussion about our current economic crises and how some people have long been warning that this is what would happen. You still don’t get to hear their side.

          Just look at who the biggest advertising spenders are you get an idea of what the controlled message is all about. Int the last few years it’s all been about drugs, fast food and credit cards.

          On the topic of pure isms, I agree they are all too fanatic. I can’t understand why people are so afraid to even entertain a rational discussion about the possibilities of a Social Democracy. So far it is the only system that I know of that might have our best interest at heart. But we can’t get past that Social word, it sticks in our throat and we start foaming at the mouth. We pretend to bS so tough, we are armed to the teeth and yet here are afraid of a word like Social. When Social is us, society. A democracy for us the people instead of just big business and the ruling class. Isn’t that what we all long for?

          Liberal is another word that has been corrupted. It really means open to new behavior or opinions. Favorable and respectful of individual rights and freedoms. But somehow it now has been attached to our mainstream media which is anything but. They are just an arm of fascism.

          You’ll notice that I also didn’t say socialism, I said social democracy. I don’t know how they got there but this group seems to have completely confused fascism with socialism. The taking of our money and handing it out to corporations and the use of force to do what ever it pleases is fascism. This is what we have now. How you think that this is socialism is beyond me.

          Social Democracy is also something we have in western societies. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, national healthcare, national defense. Most westerm democracies have a social democrat party. We in the US seem to be too afraid to let that happen. God forbid it might be in our best interest. So once again, we’ve let them corrupt the meaning and we’ve bought into the fear mongering.

          Read my lips, I don’t want socialism. I want some form of social democracy. One that balances people and the environment with corporate and shareholders profits. I want fair living wages, universal healthcare and I believe that we can legislate simple fair rules to insure that we prosper and get to pursue life liberty and happiness.

          We have made some major blunders and we’ve lost our way but we can fix this if we are open minded (liberal) and if we can compromise.

    • Chris

      You are the enemy, if you think its ok to stop unfair talk about your massiah than your not an american. freedom of speech protects the speech you dont like. go back to china you libral P.O.S. VIVA LA FREEDOM

    • JERRY

      You fool! Whom do you think is getting rich off of the nObama administration bailout policies. These are the most blatant political payoffs and taxpayer ripoffs in American history. You best read the history of the French Revolution so you will be ready for what’s coming next. Read about Queen Marie’s remark to “let them eat cake” when speaking about the starving peasants. It’s very reminiscent of “fudgepacker” Barney Frank and his “lying weasel” co-hort Christopher Dodd. in fact very few in congress can be held up as shining examples of constituent representation these days. Chicago style politics is rampant since nObama and his Chitown hustle has arrived in DC. So wake up and smell the coffee, you may see us as upset now but, you obviously already don’t like rules. Wait till they heap the rules on you faster than you can absorb them and shoot you or incarcerate you (without recourse) because you can’t or won’t follow them

    • Paul Trood

      Ron you would do well to read the words of the great French philosopher Voltaire, who amongst other things stated,
      “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

      • Brian

        The most oft-cited Voltaire quotation is apocryphal. He is incorrectly credited with writing, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” These were not his words, but rather those of Evelyn Beatrice Hall, written under the pseudonym S. G. Tallentyre in her 1906 biographical book The Friends of Voltaire. Hall intended to summarize in her own words Voltaire’s attitude towards Claude Adrien Helvétius and his controversial book De l’esprit, but her first-person expression was mistaken for an actual quotation from Voltaire. Her interpretation does capture the spirit of Voltaire’s attitude towards Helvetius; it had been said Hall’s summary was inspired by a quotation found in a 1770 Voltaire letter to an Abbot le Roche, in which he was reported to have said, “I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.” Nevertheless, scholars believe there must have again been misinterpretation, as the letter does not seem to contain any such quote.

        • Paul Trood

          Well there is a history lesson. Sorry not a history buff ,my area is metabolic biology and this was told to me many years ago by a French professor of mathematics. Don’t know if what you say is correct but in any case the emphasis was on the words, not the author.

    • Ernie

      Ron, your ignorance is surpassed only by your poor writing skills. I suggest, after you complete a sixth grade course in grammar, that you make yourself familiar with Antonio Gramsci, the father of the Italian Communist Party, Saul Alinski and the Clowan-Priven Strategy. Do a Google search; it is not my job to educate you.

      Once you have come to understand these personalities/ agenda, the facts that Obama attended Columbia U. and owes his meteoric rise to the corrupt Chicago political machine and dubious state campaign methods, perhaps you will better understand what others have been trying to tell you here.

      Obama has done nothing in the past to demonstrate he is a reformer. As a state senator and then in the Congressional Senate, he voted “present,” or absented himself from contoversial votes. In short, he kept his head down. When the Democrats needed a fresh, new face (and someone who had contributed great sums of money to the party- a party loyalist), he was their choice to deliver the keynote speech at their nat’l convention.

      Obama’s communication skills have hypnotized you, as they have done to the many who voted [against Bush] on Nov. 4, 2008. I would not honor Obama as the Great Communicator, but rather as the Great Manipulator or the Great Usurper. Obama is a desciple of, and is in the process of enacting, the Clowan-Priven Strategy to advance the new progressive socialist Marxist agenda. It is unclear whether or not he studied under either Clowan or Priven (a married couple, incidently) while at Columbia because he has sealed his school records from public scrutiny, as he has his birth certificate. Have you ever asked yourself why this is so, or even cared?

      You have much to learn, so you ought to get started, post haste. During your studies, I would also suggest you explore the significance of the Billerberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the Institute for Policy Studies. If, instead, you want a reading list, let me know. Oh, and proofread before you post your next comment.

      • Laura

        Your comments center around what I find most alarming about how Obama got elected and what his true agenda is. People that I know who are reasonably well-educated voted for him simply because he was “more presidential” than McCain or because they didn’t like Palin. They weren’t seeing the importance of alarming things like sealed records that you mentioned. How can you seal your birth certificate when citizenship is a requirement for the presidency?

        I also agree with your thoughts on his “keeping his head down” in Congress and voting Present. What if we all showed up at work and said I’m here, but I’m not going to do anything? We wouldn’t last long and we sure wouldn’t get promoted.

        The only reassurance I have is that people are starting to wake up and realize that he is not the perfect president they thought he would be. I pray for a fast four years, that the public can somehow slow down his socialist agenda, and that we can recover from the damage he will do in the meantime.

    • P Wagner

      So, you agree with the way the B.O. and his campaign staff handled the public’s first ammendment rights?

    • Bruce

      HEY RON! yeah the Governementneeds an overhaul, the corrutpion GONE, that can be fixed by removing the loopholes that allow GREED and corruption to take place. WE do not need socialism to fix it, and THATS where we are going, the “GIVE” act of 2009 should convince ANYONE. Its about keeping America free, its not about parties.

    • Lyn Canyon

      Freedom of Speech is a non-partisan issue….

      We must NEVER agree to “give-up” any of our Constitutional rights… not for Bush, not for Obama or anyone else.

      If it means millions of Americans marching in the streets then so be it! We must make our voices heard as Americans!

    • jay

      You are just plain full of shit. Obama is the worst this country has to offer; look who voted for him? look at how many where eligible to vote and as usual did not.

      Good men stand by while pure “socialistic evil” removes the Constitution.

    • Mick


      You are acting like a typical Liberal. If you disagree, then you must shout the other person down. It is people like you that are that are creating division in this great country of ours. Listen and you may learn. Remember, when you shout it closes your ears and you become deaf to those who may have intelligent things to offer.

      Never, I repeat neve, should our 1st amendment freedom be usurped by any group in Washington, no matter what party affiliation they might support.

    • james

      First of all Ron, you should learn to read. The author did not state that he was “for freedom of the press…” – rather he clearly stated that this was a quote from Thomas Jefferson. And also Ron, you might consider investing in a spell checker – you obviously did not learn this talent in school (I guess you must have been out on the street protesting something ?) Sorry Ron baby – the truth is the truth, and your guy Obama is an obamanation! (misspelling intended, just in case you missed that subtle point)

    • Betty

      You have been brainwashed. I am not a right wing nut. I am a normal housewife and conservative American. I think you will find that there are many of us out here and we are beginning to speak out. We will not lose our country without a fight.

    • Ken

      To say that the talk show commentators inspire hate is a clear broadcast of your own ignorance. They speak their own informed opinion and encourage you to be informed. Some of us, who are USA citizens, will not fall into place for the USSA….

    • Rob

      “Their voices must be silence and stifled.” Not only are you a product of this inferior public education system, you are just more evidence that there are people who are educated beyond their intellectual capacity. Besides the fact that your grammar and writing skills clearly show you as a sub-moron, you clearly have no observational skills at all. Having worked in the media around these guys, I know their personalities which is nothing like what they are on the air. Media is entertainment and these personalities must put on a show when they are broadcasting. Otherwise, talk radio would become more tedious than it already is (Get a dictionary if you’re having trouble keeping up with the big words!). Essentially, you confuse delivery with content and their content or their message is true and accurate. GWB committed no crimes against anyway. I also don’t have the inclination to school you on economics and the guilt that Obama and his friends on the left share for this mess but if you got off your lazy ass the facts are plain to see. Start with Christopher Dodd and go from there idiot. Perhaps you’re too busy being fitted for your SS uniform so you can help silence and stifle those voices who disagree with your delusional existence.

    • Larry Fisher

      Don’t be bothered by facts, just keep spouting you democratic propaganda and slinging insults as that is the Democrat way. Fact’s just get in the way.


        Larry Fisher, you must be an unemployed psychic because you most certainly miss the mark in your attempt to read people. Let me say this to you and then I will be done and do not choose to hear from you further as I will not read any replies from you. I did not vote for Obama, I read newspapers and information from all over the world daily. I do not agree with Obama and I most certainly don’t need or wait for benefits, I give thousands and thousands to charities yearly. I just hate idiotic racists such as yourself and guess what I don’t have to explain anything to you as far as my reasons for not liking you or your comments. Nough said

        • Miguel A. Gonzalez

          IOW, “the President is Black (sorry, African-American), Conservatives don’t agree with the President, ergo, Conservatives are racists. If that isn’t fallacious logic, then I don’t know what is.

    • Babs

      And you are why our country will be destroyed in the name of “Change” which is really socialism, totalitarianism. You speak without knowing what you are talking about. Please research what these forms of government are and how a country gets there. Be honest with yourself. It no longer matters how we got here, it matters how we stop the take over of the United States.

    • http://- dorothy

      You are a very angry person and not thinking clearly. I wish you would read a little more and understand what this country is all about. We are americans and we are proud of our country and want it to stay free and not scammed into socialism. If you lived in Germany and your big mouth was quited for good I do not think you would be a happy man. Why don’t you pay attention to what is happening now and stop bringing up what Bush did. You only go back and blame Bush for everything because you do not know what you are talking about. Read please read history and then talk like you know something.

    • Mike

      All you liberal-fascist wastes of humanity have to defend your socialist pinhead ideas is to bash Bush. You are all morons!

      I’m a Limbaugh conservative who thought Bush made some stupid moves. But W was nothing like this militant black liberation Marxist who has invaded the White House. One thing the Chicago thug will do is bring all of you liberal-progressive rats down. America is on to you now.

      • Paul

        And this post is a pure example of why the majority of the people on this board are considered racist. You call Obama “a militant black liberation Marxist” which, despite the lack of grammar, belies your belief that being African American is a bad thing. All of the other adjectives, as well as the noun have negative connotations, and the word black is inserted between them. Just a casual slip of the tongue (or fingers, in this case) which tells me that you are racially biased. It is right there in black and white (sic).

        • Mike

          If the best you can come up with is to call me racist, knock yourself out. Not one thing that I said had anything to do with African Americans, though. Black liberation theology is the trash that jerry wright ranted in his chicago trinity church while the teleprompter was a member (for twenty years). Black liberation theology is a Marxist construct. And, the teleprompter is a militant adherent to that philosophy. I’ve found that the only reply obamatards can come up with 90% of the time is to play the race card. I happen to belong to the party that freed that slaves – obama is from the party that kept African Americans enslaved. So, play the race card all you like. It doesn’t bother me a bit. But, it does show us all who the racist is, Paul.

        • Paul

          While I do not disagree that inverse racism is prevalent in the world, I was merely pointing out that the use of the adjective ‘black’ was done so with apparent negative bias.

          One could also argue that the Democratic party has it’s roots in the Democratic-Republican party which was founded by Thomas Jefferson. However, the main focus of that party was limited government and states’ rights. Things have obviously changed a lot since then. Although Lincoln’s Republican party was responsible for the freeing of slaves, the demographic makeup of the party changed in the second half of the last century. I’m not implying anything by this, just that things change over time, for better and for worse, and it is probably best to look to more recent examples of party behavior as a more accurate reflection of the way they operate.

          As an aside, I vote for neither party. The dominance of both the Republicans and Democrats in national and state politics makes it difficult for people who don’t fit nicely into the neat little demographic they represent.

    • Salmon

      Ron, So much for your being considered a man who likes the Constitution! “Talk radio pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity whose view points on controversial issues are extreme and need to be stifled and silenced.” A view like this one, is very dangerous to all our freedoms.

    • Tip

      Please read this, I think it will answer all question……
      Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis
      By James Simpson
      America waits with bated breath while Washington struggles to bring the U.S. economy back from the brink of disaster. But many of those same politicians caused the crisis, and if left to their own devices will do so again.

      Despite the mass media news blackout, a series of books, talk radio and the blogosphere have managed to expose Barack Obama’s connections to his radical mentors — Weather Underground bombers William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and others. David Horowitz and his Discover the have also contributed a wealth of information and have noted Obama’s radical connections since the beginning.

      Yet, no one to my knowledge has yet connected all the dots between Barack Obama and the Radical Left. When seen together, the influences on Obama’s life comprise a who’s who of the radical leftist movement, and it becomes painfully apparent that not only is Obama a willing participant in that movement, he has spent most of his adult life deeply immersed in it.

      But even this doesn’t fully describe the extreme nature of this candidate. He can be tied directly to a malevolent overarching strategy that has motivated many, if not all, of the most destructive radical leftist organizations in the United States since the 1960s.

      The Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis

      In an earlier post, I noted the liberal record of unmitigated legislative disasters, the latest of which is now being played out in the financial markets before our eyes. Before the 1994 Republican takeover, Democrats had sixty years of virtually unbroken power in Congress – with substantial majorities most of the time. Can a group of smart people, studying issue after issue for years on end, with virtually unlimited resources at their command, not come up with a single policy that works? Why are they chronically incapable?


      One of two things must be true. Either the Democrats are unfathomable idiots, who ignorantly pursue ever more destructive policies despite decades of contrary evidence, or they understand the consequences of their actions and relentlessly carry on anyway because they somehow benefit.

      I submit to you they understand the consequences. For many it is simply a practical matter of eliciting votes from a targeted constituency at taxpayer expense; we lose a little, they gain a lot, and the politician keeps his job. But for others, the goal is more malevolent – the failure is deliberate. Don’t laugh. This method not only has its proponents, it has a name: the Cloward-Piven Strategy. It describes their agenda, tactics, and long-term strategy.

      The Strategy was first elucidated in the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation magazine by a pair of radical socialist Columbia University professors, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. David Horowitz summarizes it as:

      The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

      Cloward and Piven were inspired by radical organizer [and Hillary Clinton mentor] Saul Alinsky:

      “Make the enemy live up to their (sic) own book of rules,” Alinsky wrote in his 1989 book Rules for Radicals. When pressed to honor every word of every law and statute, every Judeo-Christian moral tenet, and every implicit promise of the liberal social contract, human agencies inevitably fall short. The system’s failure to “live up” to its rule book can then be used to discredit it altogether, and to replace the capitalist “rule book” with a socialist one. (Courtesy Discover the

      Newsmax rounds out the picture:

      Their strategy to create political, financial, and social chaos that would result in revolution blended Alinsky concepts with their more aggressive efforts at bringing about a change in U.S. government. To achieve their revolutionary change, Cloward and Piven sought to use a cadre of aggressive organizers assisted by friendly news media to force a re-distribution of the nation’s wealth.

      In their Nation article, Cloward and Piven were specific about the kind of “crisis” they were trying to create:

      By crisis, we mean a publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere. Crisis can occur spontaneously (e.g., riots) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest which either generate institutional disruption or bring unrecognized disruption to public attention.

      No matter where the strategy is implemented, it shares the following features:

      The offensive organizes previously unorganized groups eligible for government benefits but not currently receiving all they can.
      The offensive seeks to identify new beneficiaries and/or create new benefits.
      The overarching aim is always to impose new stresses on target systems, with the ultimate goal of forcing their collapse.

      Capitalizing on the racial unrest of the 1960s, Cloward and Piven saw the welfare system as their first target. They enlisted radical black activist George Wiley, who created the National Welfare Reform Organization (NWRO) to implement the strategy. Wiley hired militant foot soldiers to storm welfare offices around the country, violently demanding their “rights.” According to a City Journal article by Sol Stern, welfare rolls increased from 4.3 million to 10.8 million by the mid-1970s as a result, and in New York City, where the strategy had been particularly successful, “one person was on the welfare rolls… for every two working in the city’s private economy.”

      According to another City Journal article titled “Compassion Gone Mad”:

      The movement’s impact on New York City was jolting: welfare caseloads, already climbing 12 percent a year in the early sixties, rose by 50 percent during Lindsay’s first two years; spending doubled… The city had 150,000 welfare cases in 1960; a decade later it had 1.5 million.

      The vast expansion of welfare in New York City that came of the NWRO’s Cloward-Piven tactics sent the city into bankruptcy in 1975. Rudy Giuliani cited Cloward and Piven by name as being responsible for “an effort at economic sabotage.” He also credited Cloward-Piven with changing the cultural attitude toward welfare from that of a temporary expedient to a lifetime entitlement, an attitude which in-and-of-itself has caused perhaps the greatest damage of all.

      Cloward and Piven looked at this strategy as a gold mine of opportunity. Within the newly organized groups, each offensive would find an ample pool of foot soldier recruits willing to advance its radical agenda at little or no pay, and expand its base of reliable voters, legal or otherwise. The radicals’ threatening tactics also would accrue an intimidating reputation, providing a wealth of opportunities for extorting monetary and other concessions from the target organizations. In the meantime, successful offensives would create an ever increasing drag on society. As they gleefully observed:

      Moreover, this kind of mass influence is cumulative because benefits are continuous. Once eligibility for basic food and rent grants is established, the drain on local resources persists indefinitely.

      The next time you drive through one of the many blighted neighborhoods in our cities, or read of the astronomical crime, drug addiction, and out-of-wedlock birth rates, or consider the failed schools, strapped police and fire resources of every major city, remember Cloward and Piven’s thrill that “…the drain on local resources persists indefinitely.”

      ACORN, the new tip of the Cloward-Piven spear

      In 1970, one of George Wiley’s protégés, Wade Rathke — like Bill Ayers, a member of the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) — was sent to found the Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now. While NWRO had made a good start, it alone couldn’t accomplish the Cloward-Piven goals. Rathke’s group broadened the offensive to include a wide array of low income “rights.” Shortly thereafter they changed “Arkansas” to “Association of” and ACORN went nationwide.

      Today ACORN is involved in a wide array of activities, including housing, voting rights, illegal immigration and other issues. According to ACORN’s website: “ACORN is the nation’s largest grassroots community organization of low-and moderate-income people with over 400,000 member families organized into more than 1,200 neighborhood chapters in 110 cities across the country,” It is perhaps the largest radical group in the U.S. and has been cited for widespread criminal activity on many fronts.


      On voting rights, ACORN and its voter mobilization subsidiary, Project Vote, have been involved nationwide in efforts to grant felons the vote and lobbied heavily for the Motor Voter Act of 1993, a law allowing people to register at motor vehicle departments, schools, libraries and other public places. That law had been sought by Cloward and Piven since the early1980s and they were present, standing behind President Clinton at the signing ceremony.

      ACORN’s voter rights tactics follow the Cloward-Piven Strategy:

      Register as many Democrat voters as possible, legal or otherwise and help them vote, multiple times if possible.
      Overwhelm the system with fraudulent registrations using multiple entries of the same name, names of deceased, random names from the phone book, even contrived names.
      Make the system difficult to police by lobbying for minimal identification standards.

      In this effort, ACORN sets up registration sites all over the country and has been frequently cited for turning in fraudulent registrations, as well as destroying republican applications. In the 2004-2006 election cycles alone, ACORN was accused of widespread voter fraud in 12 states. It may have swung the election for one state governor.

      ACORN’s website brags: “Since 2004, ACORN has helped more than 1.7 million low- and moderate-income and minority citizens apply to register to vote.” Project vote boasts 4 million. I wonder how many of them are dead? For the 2008 cycle, ACORN and Project Vote have pulled out all the stops. Given their furious nationwide effort, it is not inconceivable that this presidential race could be decided by fraudulent votes alone.

      Barack Obama ran ACORN’s Project Vote in Chicago and his highly successful voter registration drive was credited with getting the disgraced former Senator Carol Moseley-Braun elected. Newsmax reiterates Cloward and Piven’s aspirations for ACORN’s voter registration efforts:

      By advocating massive, no-holds-barred voter registration campaigns, they [Cloward & Piven] sought a Democratic administration in Washington, D.C. that would re-distribute the nation’s wealth and lead to a totalitarian socialist state.

      Illegal Immigration

      As I have written elsewhere, the Radical Left’s offensive to promote illegal immigration is “Cloward-Piven on steroids.” ACORN is at the forefront of this movement as well, and was a leading organization among a broad coalition of radical groups, including Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Service Employees International Union (ACORN founder Wade Rathke also runs a SEIU chapter), and others, that became the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. CCIR fortunately failed to gain passage for the 2007 illegal immigrant amnesty bill, but its goals have not changed.

      The burden of illegal immigration on our already overstressed welfare system has been widely documented. Some towns in California have even been taken over by illegal immigrant drug cartels. The disease, crime and overcrowding brought by illegal immigrants places a heavy burden on every segment of society and every level of government, threatening to split this country apart at the seams. In the meantime, radical leftist efforts to grant illegal immigrants citizenship guarantee a huge pool of new democrat voters. With little border control, terrorists can also filter in.

      Obama aided ACORN as their lead attorney in a successful suit he brought against the Illinois state government to implement the Motor Voter law there. The law had been resisted by Republican Governor Jim Edgars, who feared the law was an opening to widespread vote fraud.

      His fears were warranted as the Motor Voter law has since been cited as a major opportunity for vote fraud, especially for illegal immigrants, even terrorists. According to the Wall Street Journal: “After 9/11, the Justice Department found that eight of the 19 hijackers were registered to vote…”

      ACORN’s dual offensives on voting and illegal immigration are handy complements. Both swell the voter rolls with reliable democrats while assaulting the country ACORN seeks to destroy with overwhelming new problems.

      Mortgage Crisis

      And now we have the mortgage crisis, which has sent a shock wave through Wall Street and panicked world financial markets like no other since the stock market crash of 1929. But this is a problem created in Washington long ago. It originated with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), signed into law in 1977 by President Jimmy Carter. The CRA was Carter’s answer to a grassroots activist movement started in Chicago, and forced banks to make loans to low income, high risk customers. PhD economist and former Texas Senator Phil Gramm has called it: “a vast extortion scheme against the nation’s banks.”

      ACORN aggressively sought to expand loans to low income groups using the CRA as a whip. Economist Stan Leibowitz wrote in the New York Post:

      In the 1980s, groups such as the activists at ACORN began pushing charges of “redlining”-claims that banks discriminated against minorities in mortgage lending. In 1989, sympathetic members of Congress got the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act amended to force banks to collect racial data on mortgage applicants; this allowed various studies to be ginned up that seemed to validate the original accusation.

      In fact, minority mortgage applications were rejected more frequently than other applications-but the overwhelming reason wasn’t racial discrimination, but simply that minorities tend to have weaker finances.

      ACORN showed its colors again in 1991, by taking over the House Banking Committee room for two days to protest efforts to scale back the CRA. Obama represented ACORN in the Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank, 1994 suit against redlining. Most significant of all, ACORN was the driving force behind a 1995 regulatory revision pushed through by the Clinton Administration that greatly expanded the CRA and laid the groundwork for the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac borne financial crisis we now confront. Barack Obama was the attorney representing ACORN in this effort. With this new authority, ACORN used its subsidiary, ACORN Housing, to promote subprime loans more aggressively.

      As a New York Post article describes it:

      A 1995 strengthening of the Community Reinvestment Act required banks to find ways to provide mortgages to their poorer communities. It also let community activists intervene at yearly bank reviews, shaking the banks down for large pots of money.

      Banks that got poor reviews were punished; some saw their merger plans frustrated; others faced direct legal challenges by the Justice Department.

      Flexible lending programs expanded even though they had higher default rates than loans with traditional standards. On the Web, you can still find CRA loans available via ACORN with “100 percent financing . . . no credit scores . . . undocumented income . . . even if you don’t report it on your tax returns.” Credit counseling is required, of course.

      Ironically, an enthusiastic Fannie Mae Foundation report singled out one paragon of nondiscriminatory lending, which worked with community activists and followed “the most flexible underwriting criteria permitted.” That lender’s $1 billion commitment to low-income loans in 1992 had grown to $80 billion by 1999 and $600 billion by early 2003.

      The lender they were speaking of was Countrywide, which specialized in subprime lending and had a working relationship with ACORN.

      Investor’s Business Daily added:

      The revisions also allowed for the first time the securitization of CRA-regulated loans containing subprime mortgages. The changes came as radical “housing rights” groups led by ACORN lobbied for such loans. ACORN at the time was represented by a young public-interest lawyer in Chicago by the name of Barack Obama. (Emphasis, mine.)

      Since these loans were to be underwritten by the government sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the implicit government guarantee of those loans absolved lenders, mortgage bundlers and investors of any concern over the obvious risk. As Bloomberg reported: “It is a classic case of socializing the risk while privatizing the profit.”

      And if you think Washington policy makers cared about ACORN’s negative influence, think again. Before this whole mess came down, a Democrat-sponsored bill on the table would have created an “Affordable Housing Trust Fund,” granting ACORN access to approximately $500 million in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac revenues with little or no oversight.

      Even now, unbelievably — on the brink of national disaster — Democrats have insisted ACORN benefit from bailout negotiations! Senator Lindsay Graham reported last night (9/25/08) in an interview with Greta Van Susteren of On the Record that Democrats want 20 percent of the bailout money to go to ACORN!

      This entire fiasco represents perhaps the pinnacle of ACORN’s efforts to advance the Cloward-Piven Strategy and is a stark demonstration of the power they wield in Washington.

      Enter Barack Obama

      In attempting to capture the significance of Barack Obama’s Radical Left connections and his relation to the Cloward Piven strategy, I constructed following flow chart. It is by no means complete. There are simply too many radical individuals and organizations to include them all here. But these are perhaps the most significant.

      The chart puts Barack Obama at the epicenter of an incestuous stew of American radical leftism. Not only are his connections significant, they practically define who he is. Taken together, they constitute a who’s who of the American radical left, and guiding all is the Cloward-Piven strategy.

      Conspicuous in their absence are any connections at all with any other group, moderate, or even mildly leftist. They are all radicals, firmly bedded in the anti-American, communist, socialist, radical leftist mesh.

      Saul Alinsky

      Most people are unaware that Barack Obama received his training in “community organizing” from Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation. But he did. In and of itself that marks his heritage and training as that of a radical activist. One really needs go no further. But we have.

      Bill Ayers

      Obama objects to being associated with SDS bomber Bill Ayers, claiming he is being smeared with “guilt by association.” But they worked together at the Woods Fund. The Wall Street Journal added substantially to our knowledge by describing in great detail Obama’s work over five years with SDS bomber Bill Ayers on the board of a non-profit, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, to push a radical agenda on public school children. As Stanley Kurtz states:

      “…the issue here isn’t guilt by association; it’s guilt by participation. As CAC chairman, Mr. Obama was lending moral and financial support to Mr. Ayers and his radical circle. That is a story even if Mr. Ayers had never planted a single bomb 40 years ago.”

      Also included in the mix is Theresa Heinz Kerry’s favorite charity, the Tides Foundation. A partial list of Tides grants tells you all you need to know: ACLU, ACORN, Center for American Progress, Center for Constitutional Rights (a communist front,) CAIR, Earth Justice, Institute for Policy Studies (KGB spy nest), National Lawyers Guild (oldest communist front in U.S.), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and practically every other radical group there is. ACORN’s Wade Rathke runs a Tides subsidiary, the Tides Center.

      Carl Davidson and the New Party

      We have heard about Bomber Bill, but we hear little about fellow SDS member Carl Davidson. According to Discover the Networks, Davidson was an early supporter of Barack Obama and a prominent member of Chicago’s New Party, a synthesis of CPUSA members, Socialists, ACORN veterans and other radicals. Obama sought and received the New Party’s endorsement, and they assisted with his campaign. The New Party also developed a strong relationship with ACORN. As an excellent article on the New Party observes: “Barack Obama knew what he was getting into and remains an ideal New Party candidate.”

      George Soros

      The chart also suggests the reason for George Soros’ fervent support of Obama. The President of his Open Society Institute is Aryeh Neier, founder of the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). As mentioned above, three other former SDS members had extensive contact with Obama: Bill Ayers, Carl Davidson and Wade Rathke. Surely Aryeh Neier would have heard from his former colleagues of the promising new politician. More to the point, Neier is firmly committed to supporting the hugely successful radical organization, ACORN, and would be certain back their favored candidate, Barack Obama.


      Obama has spent a large portion of his professional life working for ACORN or its subsidiaries, representing ACORN as a lawyer on some of its most critical issues, and training ACORN leaders. Stanley Kurtz’s excellent National Review article, “Inside Obama’s Acorn.” also describes Obama’s ACORN connection in detail. But I can’t improve on Obama’s own words:

      I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career (emphasis added). Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work. – Barack Obama, Speech to ACORN, November 2007 (Courtesy Newsmax.)

      In another excellent article on Obama’s ACORN connections, Newsmax asks a nagging question:

      It would be telling to know if Obama, during his years at Columbia, had occasion to meet Cloward and study the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

      I ask you, is it possible ACORN would train Obama to take leadership positions within ACORN without telling him what he was training for? Is it possible ACORN would put Obama in leadership positions without clueing him into what his purpose was?? Is it possible that this most radical of organizations would put someone in charge of training its trainers, without him knowing what it was he was training them for?

      As a community activist for ACORN; as a leadership trainer for ACORN; as a lead organizer for ACORN’s Project Vote; as an attorney representing ACORN’s successful efforts to impose Motor Voter regulations in Illinois; as ACORN’s representative in lobbying for the expansion of high risk housing loans through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that led to the current crisis; as a recipient of their assistance in his political campaigns — both with money and campaign workers; it is doubtful that he was unaware of ACORN’s true goals. It is doubtful he was unaware of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

      Fast-forward to 2005 when an obsequious, servile and scraping Daniel Mudd, CEO of Fannie Mae spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus swearing in ceremony for newly-elected Illinois Senator, Barack Obama. Mudd called, the Congressional Black Caucus “our family” and “the conscience of Fannie Mae.”

      In 2005, Republicans sought to rein in Fannie and Freddie. Senator John McCain was at the forefront of that effort. But it failed due to an intense lobbying effort put forward by Fannie and Freddie.

      In his few years as a U.S. senator, Obama has received campaign contributions of $126,349, from Fannie and Freddie, second only to the $165,400 received by Senator Chris Dodd, who has been getting donations from them since 1988. What makes Obama so special?

      His closest advisers are a dirty laundry list of individuals at the heart of the financial crisis: former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson; Former Fannie Mae CEO and former Clinton Budget Director Frank Raines; and billionaire failed Superior Bank of Chicago Board Chair Penny Pritzker.

      Johnson had to step down as adviser on Obama’s V.P. search after this gem came out:

      An Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) report[1] from September 2004 found that, during Johnson’s tenure as CEO, Fannie Mae had improperly deferred $200 million in expenses. This enabled top executives, including Johnson and his successor, Franklin Raines, to receive substantial bonuses in 1998.[2] A 2006 OFHEO report[3] found that Fannie Mae had substantially under-reported Johnson’s compensation. Originally reported as $6-7 million, Johnson actually received approximately $21 million.

      Obama denies ties to Raines but the Washington Post calls him a member of “Obama’s political circle.” Raines and Johnson were fined $3 million by the Office of Federal Housing Oversight for their manipulation of Fannie books. The fine is small change however, compared to the $50 million Raines was able to obtain in improper bonuses as a result of juggling the books.

      Most significantly, Penny Pritzker, the current Finance Chairperson of Obama’s presidential campaign helped develop the complicated investment bundling of subprime securities at the heart of the meltdown. She did so in her position as shareholder and board chair of Superior Bank. The Bank failed in 2001, one of the largest in recent history, wiping out $50 million in uninsured life savings of approximately 1,400 customers. She was named in a RICO class action law suit but doesn’t seem to have come out of it too badly.

      As a young attorney in the 1990s, Barack Obama represented ACORN in Washington in their successful efforts to expand Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) authority. In addition to making it easier for ACORN groups to force banks into making risky loans, this also paved the way for banks like Superior to package mortgages as investments, and for the Government Sponsored Enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to underwrite them. These changes created the conditions that ultimately lead to the current financial crisis.

      Did they not know this would occur? Were these smart people, led by a Harvard graduate, unaware of the Econ 101 concept of moral hazard that would result from the government making implicit guarantees to underwrite private sector financial risk? They should have known that freeing the high-risk mortgage market of risk, calamity was sure to ensue. I think they did.

      Barack Obama, the Cloward-Piven candidate, no matter how he describes himself, has been a radical activist for most of his political career. That activism has been in support of organizations and initiatives that at their heart seek to tear the pillars of this nation asunder in order to replace them with their demented socialist vision. Their influence has spread so far and so wide that despite their blatant culpability in the current financial crisis, they are able to manipulate Capital Hill politicians to cut them into $140 billion of the bailout pie!

      God grant those few responsible yet remaining in Washington, DC the strength to prevent this massive fraud from occurring. God grant them the courage to stand up in the face of this Marxist tidal wave.

      Jim Simpson is a former White House staff economist and budget analyst. His writings have been published in American Thinker, Washington Times, FrontPage Magazine, DefenseWatch, Soldier of Fortune and others. His blog is Truth and Consequences..
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      • RAMJET

        You might know or can tell me where to look for the agenda and plan of operations of the NWO.

      • Sally Di from Idaho

        I don’t normally read long posts, and this was VERY long, but well worth the read. Thank you for posting it. It sure clears up a long list of why I am so worried about our great country and our freedoms. Now I KNOW why I am feeling this way. When “The Obamanation” first showed up, I immediately had bad vibes about him…not for the color of his skin, but for how it was he came out of nowhere, with no background to speak of, to win the highest office in the land, and the most powerful position in the world. He has “handlers” that we are aware of, and, I believe, even more that we don’t know about. Obama is a “pawn” in the greater scheme of things, I think, and when you don’t know who your enemies are, how do you fight them?

        • http://none Kim

          Still, he got the majority of white and hispanic votes, without which he’d just been another Jessi Jackson. The Dems had many, many other “moves” that wouldn’t have been as dicey as Obama. Too bad that asteroid last month was only 45 thousand miles short of a bulls-eye. We wouldn’t be talking about any of this. The earth’s overdue for a good “housecleaning”.

      • http://none Kim

        It makes no sense to me why G. Soros is poring so much money in the liberal coffers. The man whose family name was changed from Schwartz by his father to Soros to hide from the NAZI occupation in Hungary is Jewish and should know better. He grew up in oppression but was given the greatest opportunity to educate and enrich himself by the post-WW2 West he seeks to undermine!

        Anyone have a clue?

      • maurice rothman

        Dear Sir,

        I feel sad reading all of these comments- because- they all ‘reflect’ on the
        failure of “mankind” to govern themselves -

        And it makes no sense ‘blaming the other guy’s belief systems since they
        are all based on “falsehoods” – since neither ‘side” knows anything of the
        ‘real causal aspects” of reality.

        We call cause effect and we limit this misunderstanding thru our ‘perception”
        which overlooks factors that precede the so called ’cause” – we base most
        if not all of our conclusions on the action reaction level which has absolutely nothing to do with the incipiency of cause which originates before the
        physicalness of the event.

        This sounds like hokus pokus for people who have little understanding of
        how ‘thought precedes the act/event -

        We are living in a world beyond the physical but very few people are aware of that – and I am not referring to anything that can be misconstrued as “spiritual/relilgious” since it has absolutely nothing to do with either aspect.

        The thought precedes the act – and all the different belief systems out there,
        being ‘intermingled” eventually either become harmonized or otherwise.

        This may be “over the head of most if not all of your readers, but this information is available” – its not something that I have concocted!

        So, what I am alluding to is that there are many forces here on this earth
        plane that continually vye with each other for ‘power’ – and since the people
        in general “are uniformed/naive” can be swayed in either direction depending on which they agree with – it doesnt mean that they know what they are doing, they dont; they are talking a” shot in the dark! Which belief system(party) is telling the truth doesnt matter since in this ‘egoworld” truth is as scarce “as hens teeth” – it depends on how convincing one is over the other!

        Democracy is fine however, it lacks “understanding, discernment” – and until
        Mankind is “evolved” what we are experiencing today and yesteryear, will
        continue unabated -

        Evolution depends on ‘knowing the difference between the egomind and the highermind which Emerson and other great thinkers wrote about! and until that day comes, everything that has been expressed on this forum will be revolving around like the “merrygoround” without the clear understand of knowing the difference between information, understanding and discernment.

        Once we know ‘where the real cause is, which emenates from the non objective world, in contrast to the world we call the physical, then and only then can we “make the difference that we want, and not before”

        And this has absolutely nothing to do with religions, or anything smacking of the spiritual – the thoughtworld existed before either of those words were ever expressed.


      • Eric Bischoff

        and the point of this misleading, misguided, long winded, full of falsehoods post is?

    • William Rollins

      Ron you idiot you are confused probably because you have never read the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights but that is probably due to the fact that you believe what you were taught in a post 80′s school system . Read the book (Our Founding Fathers) or any book written by Benjamin Franklin on the Constitution and you will see what I mean.

    • jewelrabbs


      without freedom of speech, you would not be blogging on this or any other web site

    • Sonja

      Ron, you are clearly a product of the public school system.
      While I disagree with your entire e-mail, I think this has to be my favorite part:
      “They promote and encourage the American people to hate based upon their own bias ideas of democracy.”

      Ron, the United States of America is NOT a democracy. We are a Republic… Big difference! Look it up sometime, it might be educational. There is a reason that we are governed by laws and not by the people. Because clearly some people are stupid. i.e. Ron.

    • Howard


      Please tell me exactly what crimes were committed aginst the U.S. citizens by the Bush administration. It’s real easy to throw ot general statements like yours, and then not back them up with real facts. I think that you have been blindly led by the same leftist media that you continue to belive now. Very sad.

    • Tinman

      Ron u are one of the sheeple.

      A FEMA camp is waiting 4 u.

    • http://yahoo John


      Would like to see you back up your accusations against Bush….

    • Joe

      Ron, you say you’re for all Constitutional Rights. The Dems. have all but wiped their asses with it. Don’t talk about the constitution until you have learned it.

    • Terri

      My daughter has an exchange student from the Ukraine, he is only 17 and has commented several times that we (America) are becoming more socialist by the day. He watches CNN and Fox News. He told me he knows this because he lives with it everyday in Ukraine.

      How astute for a teenager.

    • http://none Kim

      I read with interest your comment but could find little substance and just as much hyperbole as any angry ‘conservative’ reply. As to a knowledge of socialism, you are much lacking. I would recommend to you and all who read this post ‘Liberal Fascism’, by Jonah Goldberg.

      Socialism, communism, Nazism, Progressivism are all variants of fascism.

    • Clark

      Anybody who can continue to support the theory that Bush and only Bush is at fault after a fully controlled democratic congress has been found to be neck deep in the corruption and payoff is not worth listening to because they are living in a world of fantisy. If it was not for Rush and Hannity, we would be drowned in the hypocrisy of the democratic media.

    • Lisa

      Ron: Please google “The Obama Deception.” Listen to what it says and maybe you’ll feel differently. The great thing about this Nation is that you are free to say what you want, as are the other people on this post. We are all in this together, whether you like me or the other Americans or not. We will all suffer equally if our rights, freedoms and liberties afforded us under the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are taken away. Although “The Obama Deception” is almost 2 hours long, it is something I think every American should listen to and then make their own minds up about the contents thereof. But, Ron, one thing I ask that you remember, all of us are emotional about the incidences that have occurred since Obama was sworn in. We see things the way we see them and you have that same right. Just understand that we are frightened about our future and so should you be. If Obama will let his aunt live in public housing in Boston when he’s a millionaire and President, do you really think he cares about you? I think not. I hope I am wrong.

      • Kitty, Lakeland Fl.

        If you watched the video then you should have done the rest of the research and you would know that the President is not the only one in on this. President Bush one and two plus Clinton are all in on the race toward the One World Power. Unless you do all the research it is not fair to spew the hate for the the President. This all started with the introduction of the Fed bank and steps are being taken to make sure the power take over happens soon. Get real people, there is no longer a two party system and has not been for some time. The Fed along with the super rich of the world want to Gov. us all. The evidence is all around us, all you have to do it look but look at it all not just the parts that make your points so you can bash the other party line. The time is now or never, do the research.

    • Adams

      Big money left wing outfits such as, have standing “guards” who monitor any and all conservative websites or blogs, and immediately post the party line mantra as the very first response to a conservative opinion, piece.
      Does anyone think “Ron” was just casually reading out of personal interest or self growth and enlightment?
      Don’t bother replying to the Borg like “Ron” who posts first. They’re plants from the Kommissar.

    • paul

      We need to now have a revolution in which the illegal alien from Kenya facist dictator is expelled. The only reason he’s president is because he’s black. Then i want an NAAWP formed by a white Christian lawyer and an all white channel on tv. I only want to be treated as well as a black or a muslim or a gay. i need representation remember the white male!!!

      • Smilee


        If I had your address I would send you a sympathy card. Poor you!! At least your honest and admit your racist.

    • DD2

      I just wanted to tell you that I agree with you. I belive we are in the wrong blog and it sounds like it is hopeless for these people. They have been so corrupted by greed and the desire to be able to run over people that they cannot see truth or real concern and action for “good”. We are all God’s children and thankfully we are finally as a nation moving in the direction where the majority of people want to do what is best for all. A move towards what is fair for all.

      By the way, I am not black, I am from the south and I am a working professional that makes a high 6 figure income! Not someone who looks for others to take on my responsibility but one who believes it is our job as Christians or human beings to help each other and to be fair to all.

      • BB Stacker

        To DD2: (demented and dehydrated 2?)
        Where in the United States Constitution does it mention, imply or otherwise alude to, redistribution of income so that it’s a “fair” society? God helps them who help themselves. God does not demand that I give to another who isn’t making any effort to succeed, and only if I so choose to do so through that fast-fading benevolence called CHARITY. Your socialist/marxist regime has destroyed “giving of the heart” by the passage of that diabolical drivel contained in S. 277 “serve America act”, and the the HR 1388 “GIVE act”, by spending a few more billion dollars of OUR money to force funding of volunteer work ($5.7B and $6B ,respectively). Hey, it’s called “volunteer” for a reason–to those circus clowns in Washington.
        So, to you lemmings who think that I owe you part of my wages, I got something for you. Molon Labe

      • SC Wencotis

        DD2 said: “By the way, I am not black, I am from the south and I am a working professional that makes a high 6 figure income! Not someone who looks for others to take on my responsibility but one who believes it is our job as Christians or human beings to help each other and to be fair to all.”

        No one here is disputing that we should “help each other and be fair to all”. But we are disputing any action that takes away our choice to help, or the necessity for spreading the wealth around to “be fair to all”. How and when I give my hard-earned income to others should be a personal choice. I am perfectly willing to help those in need, so long as they are also helping themselves and not just expecting me to make their life like the one I’ve worked very hard to achieve.

    • Phadreus

      Hmmm, and this is an example of a prescient dialogue of an intelligent and well-informed populace — the result of our esteemed education system. While never a fan of the oligarchy, I see the value of denying voting privileges to the groundlings. This is a depraved and paranoid discussion. A strange lot you are and in desperate need of serious psychotropic drug therapy.

    • Reb

      We know you been drinking Obama cool-aid and can’t help your ignoramus.
      You must work for Obama!

      Quote from Benjamin Franklin;

      "We are born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid"

    • John A

      Must you wait until they burn books to wake up? A national police force? Reminiscent of the “Brown Shirts” in NAZI Germany, supplied and financed like the military, are you nut? How about the liberal media objecting to the peaceful “Tea bag” parties. Do only you democrat (hypocrite) liberals have the right to speak? Oh yes I forgot YOU WON. You must be doped up and to blind to see that I have a right to speak check the constitution. My phone calls being monitored, not just those from outside the continental United States, and that is OK, but it is not OK to monitor electronically calls from or to foreign shores when a Republican is in power. Why are you so afraid of what I have to say, are you ashamed of a man that leads this country and nearly goes on hands and knees to a “King” something our forefathers got rid of in a fight for liberty and equality. Not to mention his defense, of his nation meant that I and hundreds of thousands more like me, leave our families to defend his nation from a radical, tyrannical, dictatorial leader of another nation. Call him what he is, not worthy of being the leader of this GREAT nation, built on the backs of free men and women, not drones like yourself. Take a nap; you are living in a dream anyway.

    • freeme

      Spoken like a true Marxist. The ‘politically correct’ implementation upon conservatives could only last so long, and since we’ve learned pyschowar politics from experts like you, WE now have found the methods and voice to be heard…no more SILENCE!
      Get used to it…we have just begun.

    • J. Miller

      That’s the problem right there; the liberal thinking is so distorted. The Obama policies aren’t even the original constitutional policies that our Free United States began with. WHAT? Are you blind?

    • ben

      All of you have poor gramar skills, especially Ron. Calm down a little while you are typing away this nonsense. Both political parties are to blame for our country slipping into socialism/marxism. Ron is right on this one point, but probably does not know why… The reason is that high level democrats are communists, or marxist and seek to grab as much power as possible in order to force the will of the government onto the people, and remove the premise that the government exists to serve the people. On the other hand, high level republicans are idiots, and have had thier man cards taken away fron them by decades os pacifists.

      I can picture a world without war, without guns… a peaceful place. I can picture us attacking that world because they’d never see it coming…

    • BHP

      John nailed Ron on that one!!!

    • Informed

      Ron this is for you, You have been caught in Obama’s web.
      Do you know how to catch wild pigs?

      There was a Chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class.

      One day while the class was in the lab the Prof noticed one young man (exchange student) who kept rubbing his back, and stretching as if his back hurt.

      The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country’s government and install a new communist government.

      In the midst of his story he looked at the professor and asked a strange question. He asked, ‘Do you know how to catch wild pigs?’ The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line.

      The young man said this was no joke. ‘You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming.

      When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again.

      You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in The last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat, you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.

      Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

      The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening to America .. The government keeps pushing us toward socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops (CRP), welfare, medicine, drugs, etc. while we continually lose our freedoms – just a little at a time.

      One should always remember: There is no such thing as a free Lunch!
      Also, a politician will never provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself.

      Also, if you see that all of this wonderful government ‘help’ is a problem confronting the future of democracy in America , you might want to send this on to your friends.

      If you think the free ride is essential to your way of life then you will probably delete this email, but God help you when the gate slams shut!

      In this “very important” election year, listen closely to what the candidates are promising you – just maybe you will be able to tell who is about to slam the gate on America .

      “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” – Thomas Jefferson

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Amen. Give a man a continual hand out and you will break his spirit. Make him work for it, and he will become a strong contributor to the greater betterment of all.

    • http://gmail LC

      Ron, regardless of your party affiliation, your comments are not based on long term education of historical events of this country. We are not headed for socialism, we have surpassed that and now march directly in the fact of Marxism.

      While you may feel that the Bush Administration took your liberties away (and only if you hiding something, otherwise there would have be seemingly a mere, slight inconvenience which protected millions of Americans), you fail to see how you are being stripped daily of liberties, justice and equality.

      You chastise the Linbaugh’s and Hannity’s, but you fail to state that you are consumed by the liberal media which is evidenced by your statements. If we must silence one, then we must silence all! You see your jaded viewpoint? Of course not . .

      I agree with all your critics. . . You’ve been drinking far too much Obama kool-aid, are still “in love”, and too much of a lemming to find the truth!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Ron, little bitter there eh? First of all, let me say that both political parties are geared toward their political party, and not we, the people. That is both of their greatest disservices to the country. But there is a difference from a morality standpoint that I see. I wont say which party is which, but anybody that is educated will know which one is which, and if your an honest person, one would see the facts as to if the stand for something, or if they will fall for anthing. Ok.
      One party feels it is ok to kill babies inside their mothers, but we dont dare dump water on a terrorist’s head to get info to save lives of our service men. One partybelieves its ok for terrorists to run around our streets, blow up the basement of the world trade centers, blow up one of our Navy ships, blow up our barracks where our guys are sleeping, drag our deal soldiers naked while beating them through the streets of Somalia, and sit there and do absolutely nothing about. You hear me, nothing done about this. The other party saw one punch on their watch, which was all formulated on the other guys watch, and they had enough, and buddy they punched back and kicked and hit, and just open up a can of whip ass on these terrorists, and kept us safe for 8 fricking years. You hear me boy, 8 safe years. One party years ago made it appear they had the economy rolling really good, until later when it was learned that they saved and used all this money by cutting the military in half and cutting intelligence in half, thus leaving us vulnerable for a big disaster to come later. Then the other party came into power, and had the economy rolling pretty good, even though they were having to pay for a war, a national castastrophy 9-11, and a national disaster-Katrina, but things were pretty steady and employment was at an all time high in this country, yes even higher than this so called Mr. Wonderful that ran a previous administration. But with a year to go, rumors started spreading that this new young guy had a big CHANGE thing coming, and business got scared, because they knew previous tax cuts were going to go away, and new taxes were going to come, and instead of investing in their business, they held on to this money to have for the upcoming expected taxes. The previous admin also had set up this neat little “American Dream” thing, where people who had no way in hell of paying back a loan, were given a loan any size they wanted to buy a house, with the government backing these loans, all set up and run by the previous administration. Then it crashed and burned as the millions of unpaid loans caught up with it, and all these people that set this up and ran it and took millions of dollars from it, sat back like rats and pointed their fingers at the current administation, and since this old admin also owned all the newpapers and TV stations, they printed for 8 years and talked on TV for 8 years, with out and out propaganda like the communists used to use, about how bad this current admin was. The people were vastly uneducated, and thought the papers and TV was something they could believe, after all, these news outlets are supposed to report, not support an agenda. So then this new admin, with this big “CHANGE” thing comes in, and right away closes the military outpost where the terrorists were kept, gave them lawyers at our expense, freed a bunch who were caught again in other countries trying to kill us again, then they decided to use our tax dollars to fund killing babies in third world countries, and now they want to make it a law, that when my Pastor is doing a teaching series, and he reads how God says in the Bible that it is an abomination for a man to lye with another man as he would a woman, this new admin wants to be able to put my Pastor in jail for a hate crime, for telling the truth. If you say a bad thing about the terrorists religion who is trying to kill you, it is a hate crime. But if your a Christian, in this nation founded on God and his principle, your are allowed to be slandered, cussed at kicked out, and none of these hate crimes apply to you.
      Ok Pal, above you is all factual evidence. Not my opinion, not your opinion, not no newspaper or TV opinion, just out and out fact. You tell me one of these parties is not dangerous and rotten? And you voted for them, and you know what Pal, I didnt have to mention them once, yet you, I, God, and everyone that reads this, knows exactly who is who here, and its come pretty condemning evidence.

    • mike mckinney

      you have it absolutely correct, hover the cool-aid drinkers who follow these right wing war mongers,are to far gone to understand

    • steve jones

      until you understandwho is in control of this world , you will continue to run around like a chicken with it’s head off. SATAN is in control and has been since adam and eve . read the bible and you will learn things that man won’t tell you. GOD wrote the bible through man and since he is perfect he cannot lie. trust in him and give him the time of day. of course you have to have faith other wise you won’t believe. i’ll take faith in GOD before i trust in man. the only way you can begin to solve our problems is to get rid of world politicians and that’s not going to happen.but GOD’S new government ,coming soon will change all of these problems. so keep believing in man to solve all your problems and accomplish nothing or have some faith in GOD , your choice.

    • http://firefox Frank

      You are an absolute idiot a person that is suppose to be an American. If you don’t like this Great Land we Americans call The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA go to the Mid East they will love you there. You are a Marxist socialist PIG.

    • Tom

      Ron said: ‘You claim that… “I am…for freedom of the press and against all violations of the Constitution to silence by force and not by reasons the complaints or criticisms, just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents.”

      Ron you are showing you either didn’t actually read the article or have very low reading comprehension.. The above quote which you wrongly attributed to the author was instead a quote by him of Thomas Jefferson. I have an idea. Why don’t you actually READ what is written rather than trying to find something wrong with it even at the risk of looking foolish?

    • The man and steelers rock

      why the hell are we bailing out private companies? GM, Ford, Chrysler should all fail……and guess what? New competitive, super lean auto producers would emerge free from the union wages which are ridiculous. an auto worker job should pay 15-18/hour. if you don’t like it, go to med/law school!

    • Sean

      You are right…the 1st steps to socialism have been taken.

      The only problem is that they were taken by former President George W. Bush.

      NOW, before you attack me and call me a typical liberal, READ the definition of socialism…

      Yeah. LOVE you people who want Pres. Obama to fail…never mind how much damage that will do to the greatest country in the world…and to the world. You just keep up the hate…

    • Howard

      Rave on Comrade—- You sound like you are 3 years old…… DUMMY

    • Dickie

      Ron, I hope you are just trying,to get people upset,With your ignorant,Statement, Or you are aMulsum terriost, No true American,Would even think of garbage like what is commeing out of your mouth, It is clowns like you that are so blind,or that stupid to believe the CBS,NBC ABC,MSNBC,and CNN,Networks,There have been so many lies,have truths, And when confronted,They WILL NOT ANSWER, OR RESPOND, to prove their statement”s, I will see the day,When people like YOU, are kneeling on a 3X5 rug,Weather you are a mulsum or not,I see right now,The DEMOMS, Have got you,under control, OH,I almost forgot,You must be one of those people that was getting all those undeserved bonus”s. That must be why you are so upset,With the real people that is over taxed, You might think communism is a good thing, But you better be as rich as pelosi,or she & reid, will eat you & spit clowns out like the rest of us, I truly don”t understand people like you I really don”t, But one day we will be a third world country,You have got to be an athiest,You poor person, I do feel sorry for you, I really do, But I am so sick of these thugs in washington, stealing our money,& rights,While they live like kings, & Queens, You little puppet, You will see one day, Look at those clowns in PA. They have got a goverment full of corrupt people,But they love it,They keep voteing these thugs in, Even when they are under invesatgation, People loves to give their money away, You people talk about hate, The dems are the most hateful people in the world, And tell the worst lies, And now the pharse is, I think they just take that out of context, HA HA. Please open your eyes, And have a great day.

    • lbrty

      Evidently you are not a listener of Rush or Neal, for they critized Pres. Bush over a number of significant issues specifically the immigration and border issues and other issues that would impede our freedom and liberty, which obviously is something beyound your comprehension from your comments. Pres. Obama’s administration is riddled with so much corruption which has followed him from the streets of Chicago and it is people like you that can not see beyond your own nose until it will be too late. We can only hope that while he jets around at our expense and those corporations that employ thousands of people that are going under and economy is further destroyed by his recklessness some good will actually come from all of it. A country that will recognize that liberty and freedom is not free without a price and boy we are going to be paying a heavy price for this election cycle. God Bless America and 2010 and 2012 can’t come soon enough.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Ron, you need to pull your head out of you arse, or get off the drugs and alcohol or whatever it is that is skewing your perception of reality. George Bush saved this country, that Bill Clinton had in dire straights. Clinton allowed the enemy to set up shop here and blow up the World Trade Centers on 9-11, because the dummy was too busy playing with cigars instead of doing his duties as commander in chief. Come on Ron, Clinton let them blow up the basement of the World Trade Centers the first time, blow up the barracks in Lebanon, blow up the USS Cole, drag our naked dead soldiers through the streets of Somalia, and a few other incidents, and this man did nothing. YOU HEAR ME RON, HE DID NOTHING. This made us weak in the eyes of our enemies, who came here and set up shop and got away with it, why? Because your fricking hero Bill Clinton cut the military and our intelligence that monitors this kind of activity, in half. Yeah, he cut down our home security and saved all that money from intelligence and military and made it look like he balanced the budget. He is the direct cause of 9-11, and of other countries having no respect for us. Allthough you and your pacifist appeasing pants wetting ilk hate Bush, the rest of the world has a lot of respect for him and for him making American stronger again, only your left wing liberal press still tries to tell the American people quite the opposite, with their democratic party propaganda. Thats all it is Ron, I know it, you know it, and most important, God knows it. History tells the tale, and George W. Bush, for all he has done for mankind, will go down as our second greatest president to Ronald Reagan. Your boy Obama, well, Im pretty sure he is going to be listed next to Jimmy Carter as the president most damning to the United States, and when all the facts come out as they pretty much do over time, Bill Clinton will lead that list of the president most damaging to a country. The guy was a sleeze, a liar, and weakened us to the point of coming to our knee’s in front of our enemies. Get your facts right Ron. George W. Bush was a man, and wasnt going to let these guys punch us in the nose anymore. Bill Clinton was a pussy, that caused us great damage, and we still appear weak to some countries because of his lack of action. You lefties that believe otherwise, need to check your agenda at the door, and swallow a bit of reality. Either that or get the hell out of this country that you seem to want to destroy. Your a real piece of work pal, a real piece of work.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Ron my friend, I need to correct you on something here. If it wasnt for Rush Limbaugh, Neal Bortz, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and a few more, the world would not get the truth about anything. Come on, you really think you would get the truth from say, Keith Olberman? These guys are the first guys to speak out when Bush and the repulblicans did something not right. I never hear the left wing liberal rags, ABC,CBS,NBC, CNN and MSNBC try to correct anything the left wing pacifist appeasers do. Not a thing. While Bill Clinton sat in office, sticking cigars into young girls, the terrorists were blowing the WTC basement up, they were blowing up the USS Cole, the barracks in Lebanon, draggin our dead soldiers naked on TV throught the streets of Somalia beating them, and this guy sat there defiling the office of the presidency, defling his wife, defiling his marriage, his family and his country. The press gave him a free ride, only reporting what everybody allready knew from the radio and magazines. They should be agressively seeking to see Barry Obamas birth certificate, but they are not. If he was a Republican there would be total unrest about this, and rightly so. His muslim ties are given a politcally correct pass, but again, if he was a republican, he would be crucified about this, and rightly so. His wanting to invite terrorist nations to talk and to deal with them is an abomination to us who love this country. These guys have said it in every way, and still say it, that they will not rest until we are destroyed. Do not be mistaken. They have expressed this in every ways and means possible, and still do. Does this Obama think that highly of himself, that he can bullshit them out of it, like he did in getting the American people to vote for him? Well Ive seen a lot of his own people turn on him allready, and soon they will throw him under the bus to save their face, because this is not going to turn out good. His only plan is to kiss the worlds butt and tell them not to pick on us and play nice, and all they see is weakness. They know from the last democrat that held office, that they are a weak lot who will do nothing no matter what they do. Its a fact. Its not my opinion, look at the history of the last dem in office. Its a fact they are sissys and will do nothing. The enemy educates itself on us, and they laughed until they cried when the democrats won the election. They themselves made it public they wanted Obama to win. That didnt tell you guys anything did it? Wake up America. Wake up.

    • Michelle

      You are the one that hates. What about the other 49 million that didn’t vote for him? We are Americans too and I bet you if we had an election today, Obam would not win. This country is going down each and every moment just like obama wants.

    • Gene


      Thank you so much for proving that liberals truly have a mental disease! Get yourself some help, read “Liberty and Tyranny by “The Great One”

      If that does not help, READ THE CONSTITUTION IDIOT!!!!!

    • Scott

      Ron: Your words…”like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity whose view points on controversial issues are extreme and need to be stifled and silenced.”

      You just made the case against yourself. You are, admittedly, in favor of silencing opinions of those that you deem extreme. “…need to be stifled and silenced” Pretty much sums up the gist of the article above.

      Now sit down and shut up.

    • B-Man

      Well Ron, I believe there is plenty of land on another continent that you can take your progressive , pathetic lifestyles to and start your own Island. Call it what you want, do whatever you want, screw anybody anytime with no regaurd for the other person, steal money from the one person who went to school and educated him or herself, worked their asses off for 38 years and put over 80 to 100 hrs every week since 1985 into a business to make it work and hire people and actually be a producer in this country. Now you think it’s ok for this SOB to take that money that’s mine and givie it to some stupid shit that never worked a day in his life and never offered anything to anyone else and has not produced a damn thing. You think its ok to let terrorists just come right into our country and go to our court system and I get to pay for his stinking trial? What the hell is the matter with people in this country? We have laws and a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that have over 800 references to the Bible and everyday our Supreme Court open with these words ” Here Ye Here Ye God Bless this Court And God Bless this Country. Court is in session”. I would say we are pretty strong on Christianity as a foundation for this country. Because of that we have been the one place the entire world has wanted to come to. We have been the ones to send our men and women out to help others. Nobody has ever come here to help us. Go start your own island if you don’t believe that we can be a great nation. But with this moron runing things hea want’s to give everything away to everyone else but to his own country. Lets take from all of our resources and hand them over to the rest of the world until we have nothing to offer. Broke idiots can’t help anyone. Is this what Americans want for our future? You sure seem to!!! Nice job O fans

    • Linda

      You are a sad, sad liberal. I am so sick of liberals wanting handouts from all of us that work. Just admit it, the only reason why you elect such a murdering, socialistic, marxist, liar such as Obama is to see how many handouts he can give to you. You want to see how much he can give you, how much he’ll take from the rest of us that have worked all our lives. I, for one, hope he fails, I know he’s going to fail because I have faith in the American people that we don’t hear from. They are getting tired of being taxed and having their freedoms taken away from them. They are quiet because they’re working and supporting their families but, when the time comes, they will stand up and Obama will be out. Thanks to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram and Glenn Beck we know the real truth not what the “Obama media” wants to try to feed us. You, Ron, are a Kool Aid drinker. If you want to give your money away, go ahead, give it, give all of it. I am sick of the government reaching into my pocket and stealing from me and my family. I am sick of supporting these idiots that would carjack my vehicle from me in an instant. They would stab me, shoot me, rape me and take everything I have. These good for nothings have 10 kids all by different fathers, they never work a day in their lives. They abuse and neglect their children, using them to get money from us, the tax payers through welfare. They do drugs that my tax money buys, money that comes from my pockets. Instead of taking care and loving their children, they shake them, they beat them, they burn them with cigarettes. When they have babies and they’re not murdering them by having abortions, the babies are addicted to crack, meth, heroine, etc., etc. These are the types of crap that we the honest, hard-working, tax-paying people are paying for and this trash we have in the White House wants to give them more and more and more. What a joke they are playing on all of us, we are so sad that we don’t raise our voices and I’m disappointed to say that some of you so called “Republicans/Conservatives” voted for him. If you did, shame on you, you knew what he was, did you really think he would give you something for nothing? Don’t be like Ron, don’t be a part of the new marxist/socialist party. Stand up, fight for what you want. Tell this administration they work for you not the other way around. Fight for your children and your grandchildren. We did it once with the British, we fought them, we won our independence. If that is what it takes, so be it. I am not afraid, I am ready to stand for my country against this socialist regime. Look at Iran, those people know what will happen to them for standing up but, they’re still doing it. They’re fighting for themselves. WE MUST DO THE SAME and God will be with us.

      • roy

        great post Linda. I have an ex-friend that is just like Ron. He voted for Obama and I know why. He is a unemployed lawyer that lost his license a second time, this time for good. He is proud to tell you that he owes well over $100,000 in back taxes and does not plan to pay any part of it. He lives in a house given to him by his parents. He married only to wait for the girls inheritence. His father in law hates him so it will be a long wait. He wants the government to do everything for him as he can’t take care of himself. His wife works as a part time waitress and collects unemployment. These people want to fleece the government for all they can. And we the people have to pay for it. We need to flush washingtom out and put someone in every office that works for the will of the people. We need to be willing to fill the streets and shed our blood for our freedom and bring more than just rocks to the party. I hope Ron is there.

    • Skip Foss

      Ron You are as big a nothing as your president and his band of theives,they are not only stealing our tax money but hey have plans to steal every right that has been coverd by the Constitution for centuries. The freedom of speech is just one ,the freedom to work in non-union shops ,the freedom to vote which is coming after the Acorn cencus,no gun rights these are just to name a few that YOUR president is working on. All of these accusations that the Bush violated rights of people by monitoring their calls were mostly from those that had something to hide because they were dealing with individuals and governments that have every intent to destroy America,the call that were monitored were of known subversives and not just private citizens, so if you were monitored you must have been calling numbers on the list of these subversives.Ovomit and his liberal ilk are if you will check are using all means they can to monitor every American that post any thing that they label as being against Ovomit or his socialist policies. We have never had 21 Czars appointed to post to monitor all aspects of our lives but now we have a communications Czar as well as an internet Czar,these are people given more power than a non-elected person should have over our lives,and this is just the start.

    • Sig

      Ron: Your underwear is showing and they haven’t been washed in a LONG time… Get out of America. Iran would be a good place for you. And take all your friends with you.


    • roy

      Ron, when the american patriots take to the streets to defend their freedom like the brave young people of Iran, we will have more in our hands than rocks to throw. Just be sure to identify yourself so we will not miss you. Depopulation is not a bad idea if it involves people like you. Please wear a bright t-shirt that says “RON” so we can identify you. We the people are taking our country back. Be there, don’t miss it. Get your head out of the sand so you can see how we do it.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Druceymae

      Why don’t you move to Cuba, Iran Venezula or one of those other countries. Nobody would miss you.

    • Dickie

      Ron RON, You are so damn stupid, The REAL MORIAL AMERICANS, Only voted the one time, That is one vote per American, Not the emoral trash, That force weak people, Losers,crackheads,hookers,thugs, & punks, If you knew that several distinguished acorn were sent to prison for voter fraud, Oh you must watch the state own puppets news networks, Like the other lossers, You have to be one of those demon-craps, That are to scared to THINK so you keep beleveing their crap, I use to beleve what they wanted me to beleve, & One day I was fliping though the channels, Like you know, How the demons do, But I happen to see FOX NEWS, And noticed that these people were telling me BOTH sides of a story, I said DAMN why didn”t my other net works, cbs,nbc,msnbc, & my favorite news cnn, I though that cnn was the best, Until I found FOX, And found that they told ALL OF THE STORY,not what the goverment wanted, One day you pittyful little person, You will wonder how communism took over AMERICA, You would not know that the great obama put a tax cheet over the IRS, The other tax cheet barbar boxer,in office, And you did not hear barney franks who got fired haveing gay partys & escort serves out of his house, Just the other day he STATED THAT THE CONSTITION was not for the people it is just a paper to try a restraint on goverment, You also did not know that the womaniser bill clinton, Strong armed the banks to lown low wage people, bad credit, For homes they could not aford, But ofcourse you don”t beleve that, Look how those losers in Calif, keep putting pelosi,boxer back in now look at what they done for them, Now they are going to steal my money to bail ther dumn ass”es out, You don”t remember the great change obama said if YOU MAKE UNDER $200,000. dollars you WILL NOT BE TAXED ONE DOLLAR, BUT YOU FOR THAT YOU REAL DUMN ASS LITTLE MOUSE.

    • Al

      I don’t believe you’ve investigated these issues to the depth that is needed: Whatever Bush did, or didn’t do, no longer matters: He is gone, done, and finished. Obama is the president, and he gets the praise, or blame, depending on what he does. And that’s the problem: there does not appear to be a logical direction behind his actions, except leading to government involvement in the day-to-day operations of the financial and industrial markets, and control of individual citizens via about 20 so-called “Czars” who are supposed to provide “direction” to just about every aspect of life in America. I don’t know what you learned in school, but I learned that this kind of activity by government is specifically known as Fascism (a form of Socialism).
      But, the larger issue is your hatred of Limbaugh, Hannity and others who speak from a conservative viewpoint; and who correctly identify the Obama/Democrat governing direction as Fascism/Socialism. I find it fascinating that you are so willing to shut them up because they won the election: Since you feel this way about commentary after a vote, then I don’t suppose you would mind being forced to shut up, and have left wing news outlets closed down if the Right Wing wins the next election. I think your reasoning is very bad on this issue: It is not rational unless you are a Fascist and want to shut down all opposing opinion.
      By the way, Adolf Hitler (I think we can both agree that he was a Fascist) was elected into office by a majority of Germans. He used his office to shut down all political opposition to become a dictator (Der Fuhrer). Is this where you want to go?
      Please reconsider your angry statement.

    • Ed

      Ron . . . If you don’t like what Rush or Sean says, then turn off your radio, get back to reading your Daily Worker.

    • Dee

      Hey Ron, what kind of moron are you stifle one you stifle all! Wake up my friend


      Ron, you sound like Hitler’s Youth (Brown Shirts). Someone has succeeded in programming you for the New World Order, and his name is Obama.
      Who is ramroding his Health Care Bill through, so that no one has time to read it (notice I didn’t capitalize the h in “his”).
      Who said he wouldn’t ban guns, but just try to buy ammunition.
      He’s very sneaky, very cagey, very conniving. I don’t trust him.
      “….Talk radio pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity whose viewpoints on controversial issues are extreme….”, you don’t think over 3.5 Trillion dollars worth of big government is extreme?? “….and need to be stifled and silenced.” They say history repeats itself, especially when we don’t learn from it the first time. You were probably out sick when they were teaching the rest of us the definition of socialism and tyranny.
      Our government is telling the American people that they are going to pass this health care bill whether we like it or not. I, for one of many in growing numbers, do not like it. We, as taxpayers who are against abortion should not have to pay for them. As long as there are people like O’Reilly, Hannity and Huckaby, to name a few, there’s hope. If it weren’t for them, there really wouldn’t be another view of current politics. And as long as we still have 1st Amendment rights, I’ll be listening.
      I believe the Liberal agenda is to bankrupt the nation so that we won’t have a choice but to accept the Euro as our new currency and socialism as our way of life. I don’t want to live under those rules. Yah vohl, you Nazi!

    • http://NA John Goodman

      We Do Not Need Changes In America! We Need More GROWTH!

    • Shirley ELTON

      The American People have not spoken! He did not win the election by that much.How much did Acorn have to do with that;how many times did they register the same voter ? I don’t call voter fraud “the people have spoken!”That’s all ya did for yrs was scream about Bush & the last 4 “the phony war”,so don’t tell me what perfect little saints your NOT! Talk about biased news reporting, tell me about CBS & ABC.They covered Obamba’s past sins like a dog covering shit .My father always taught me you were known by the company you keep so, if we didn’t know by now what kind of man he was then, we damn sure know now! “His Christian values aren’t like most Christians.”Hell no there not.He’s no Christian.He’s a muslim just like his father & mentor.What other American President has ever bowed & kissed the hand of a Muslim?What other American President has ever given a speech in a mosque ?NONE!!!!!!He has been to every country running America & Americans down.Sorry John but I didn’t hear him exclude you,you sorry American.If this Muslim gets his way & gets the health care bill railroaded thru—-I hope you OR someone you love dearly gets to see first hand how it going to feel to be told you don’t need to live any longer.I’m 63 & I’ve seen a lot & been thru alot but I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.I pray Jesus comes soon & saves us from “Obama & you Obamanations!”

    • Shirley ELTON

      Excuse me John,I’m at work & I meant my reply for;I guess our communist friend Ron who wishes to remain anonymous about his citizenship but just wants to espouse his big ignorant mouth.Don’t know why he doesn’t go home to his motherland.Guess even they have their standards!Again accept my apolgy.

    • Right wing extremist

      IF as you SAY that the MEDIA (mainly the main NETWORKS upon who YOU depend for the news) is FOR reporting the news; than WHY are they not reporting the fact (verified by TOM UDAL senator from NM) that when S 819 and HR 2413 (the Autism treatment accelerated act) is passed into law … even man, woman, and child will have to sign a MANDETORY REGISTRY and SUBMIT to being UNDER SURVEILENCE?

      The fact is YOU have it WRONG, and that TALK SHOW PUNDITS (whether they are liberal, or conservative) have it RIGHT.

      And IF things are soooooooo PERFECT HERE why was it NECESSARY for OBAMA to send out PAID UNION THUGS, PAID COLLEGE STUDENTS, and PAID ACORN officials to TOWN HALLS in order to threaten law abiding Americans who DARED to EXERCISE their RIGHT to FREE SPEECH?

      And when Americans through out the country started calling these thugs out for threatening them and Stalking them; why did YOUR MEDIA CHOOSE to SUPRESS this NEWS?

      So much for ‘your’ arguement.

    • Ron

      By the way IAM NOT RON F. and this is the only feedback i have on this page


      you completely do miss Bob L.’s point of view in this article. He is just plainly putting the facts of events that have been happening in the last 22 years at least………… different occassions throughout the US and then he draws a comparison to other places to just merely get a breath of what might happen if this is really a path we are going towards so that he creates an environment of constructive criticism. Just like the right to bear arms which I do agree BUT i don’t agree if the president or politicians are given a speech and if you have a gun with you even in the wild west when things like these happened the Sheriff collected the guns to avoid problems!!

    • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

      Yes Ron, our government certainly DOES need an overhaul – and it’s going to get one starting NOW !!! Socialism is on the way out !!!

  • lvh

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. I, for one, am glad to read and hear
    it all. There is enough biased opinion out there from both sides.

    “Get over it, your time is over! The American people have spoken.”

    They are not done speaking yet!

    • Lisa

      Amen, Ivh. I think Obama, et al. underestimates us and how we will unite as one, to fight his tyranny, one way or another.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Im not sure which way you are leaning here, but the facts will show the American people were buffaloed by the left wing liberal propaganda the news agencies put out, and made one huge mistake of drinking the kool-aid, but by the dissent I see allready, in 2012 they will realize their mistake and rectify it. Too bad we have to wait that long and accumulate that much more damage from these guys that havent a plan, and havent a clue what to do, just still content to points fingers, as they did during the election, never offering a solution, just 1 word, change. The only change I see is my change that they keep wanting more of. No plans, no solutions, just finger pointing for blame. You are in control now morons, put your stinking fingers away and yet your butts to work. Damn, you really dont have a plan do you? Uh oh.

  • John

    Our constitution guarantees free speach for ALL our citizens.NO one should decide who is radical……who is controversial…… who should be silenced…ever.In the same way Obama and his minions should not have the right to decide how much a person should make…what they should think etc. What’s next the THOUGHT POLICE….that were written about in the book “1984″.Wake up America ! Your freedom is being taken away !

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Exactly, thats why they want to shut down Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, because they dont want anyone to know the truth. I mean come on, they own ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and everything else, and have their leftist following believing that they are the poor guys and the Republicans are the rich guys. What? Yes, the poor and middle class have a lot of uneducated people who sit and watch and read this stuff, and believe still that the Republicans are the rich guys and are for the rich only. I know, because my parents are in their 80′s and still believe this, and brought me up to believe this, and it took me until I was 40 and off the booze and drugs to realize who the democrats really were. Tax monsters, baby killers, liars, cheats, tax cheats, racists, terrorist enabling, gay supporting immoral bastards. They are morally bankrupt. Im sorry folks, just calling a spade a spade. These are all true things, because Ive lived it, breathed, felt it all my life. Ive been around and with them all my life. I wasted a lot of precious time.

      • Howard

        Mark- you are right on my friend…

      • Scott


      • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

        Congratulations on your mid-life conversion, Mark. Welcome aboard!
        The left obsessed fourth estate has been poisoning the vulnerable minds of our youth for decades. Unfortunately, all too many of them
        never recognize the deception of the Marxist dominated usurpers who infest every level of our vulnerable society. These vipers are determined to transform our once proud Constitutional Republic into a destitute welfare state. We have no choice but to forcefully reject this ruinous egalitarian philosophy and strive for a libertarian form of governing, stressing those rights as specified in our American Constitution. I sincerely hope it’s not too late.

  • http://microsoft Robert

    I believe that the present govenment, congress & senate are carrying the country down the road to confusion & more like Hilter did Germany.

    • Ken

      You are right Robert….it is a tried and true statement that the more confused that you get a person or nation the further down the road to socalism or communism you can take them.

      • Ernie

        See my comments to Ron, 3/24/09 @ 16:01.

        • Ken

          You have me all wrong….I DO NOT like this dimwit that they are calling president. I WON’T call him president until HE (Obama) shows a valid birth certificate. Even then should he produce one, the way that he is takinfg our great nation I DO NOT desire. Of course it isn’t only him but his hench men and women (Brown shirts if you will) Pelosi and Reid. I hate being sold out and that is what is happening…I am on the same side that you are.

        • Ernie

          Ken, I’m new to this site. My comments were directed to Ron, not you. I’m sorry you got the wrong impression.

    • Clark

      No truer words could be said. History does tend to repeat itself and Hitler gained power buy inventing the tactics that are now being used by the present administration. Cause confussion, work fast before your enimy can respond and eliminate any who get in your way and deny, deny and deny.

  • TeresaE

    Though this article slanted that way, this is not a Obama Administration new tactic.

    Our government has been using these tactics for years and the public ignores it.

    We have been jailing journalists and whistle-blowers for failing to reveal their sources. If you know you will be terrorized by uncovering government corruption, you won’t risk it. And that happened under Bush.

    We the people have to quit allowing politicians to make this a Red vs Blue issue. It is truly a Big, Oppressive Government vs. American citizen issue.

    My fellow comrades are too invested in their BS personal issues to wake up to the truth.

    • Ernie

      Teresa, you sound like someone I’d like to recruit. Check out,

      In fact, anyone who holds the same views as mine, check it out. This is a nation-wide, grassroots movement, and we need all the Patriots we can muster to the cause of liberty!

    • Salmon

      You are of course, correct Teresa! It is time to start electing people to the office of President, who are not Republicans or Democrats! We need Americans to run for office, and clean up this mess. The candidates we get, are what the left wing media tells us we need to vote for. Wake up all of us, or go with the flow…..

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        What we need is some guys from the Republican party, and some guys from the Democrat party, who are tired of this bull crap that they have to follow their parties agenda like a puppy dog or they are black balled out, to come together and drag a bunch of them with them that want to start a new party that actually has America’s best interests at heart. They need to drop names and point fingers and expose those in their own parties that are beholden to special interest groups and pork barrel projects, and I believe Americans everywhere would climb aboard this train. No left, no right, just America for America, and screw all these special interest groups, all these foreign countries, screw the United Nations. That would be item # 1, kick all those bastards out of our country and make them pay their own way home. All those that have the unpaid parking tickets go to jail a month for each dollar owed, unless they pay up. If we stopped footing the bill for all this crap other countries do, we would have enough to pay off the national debt real quick. Piss on Germany and France and those who wouldnt stand beside us. Close those bases and pull out and leave them to fend for themselves the ungrateful pricks. I am sick of us footing the bill for these countries, and giving them billions, just to have them crap on us and turn against us ever other turn. We dont need them, and its high time we let them and these other third world countries that suck billions out of us, then march on our capital, were not having it anymore. If your illegal, your out of here. Arm the border, drop leaflets everywhere, that if your caught sneaking in, we will shoot first and ask questions later. You want in here, thats fine, do it legally. No more social security money and free medical for illegal aliens. They come to the hospital with a problem, no documentation, bye bye. It may sound harsh, but you know, life isnt always a wonderful thing. Sometimes youve got to be stern, and we have been too soft, too long. Too much political correctness against America. We need to be politically correct for America. Were number #1, our ways, our language, our culture comes first. You dont speak english, you either learn or get the hell out. Get this push #1 for english off of my phone. That is so offensive to me and many Americans. I go overseas, I dont expect them to speak english to placate to me, how dare you come here and expect us to speak your language to placate to you. No more I say. Time to shape up folks, because we are slowly but surely getting shipped out of our own country, and thats a sad state of affairs.

  • Brett

    ron… tsk tsk tsk; obama is simply doubling up on everything bush did, spending wise, the only thing he is doing differently is manipulating an economic crisis for a trillion dollar ‘stimulus’ while bush manipulated 9/11 for a trillion dollar war, when will the line be drawn and childish obama supporters will stop saying elementary things such as “he did it first! he did it first!”
    and let the people and the market dictate whats on the radio, not government beaucrats, if the people wanted left pundits on the air, AirAmerica wouldn’t have died in the first place; if you’re trying to tell me MSNBC is nothing but smear merchants who make personal attacks, you’re living in a cave
    also you say the “government needs an overhaul” …? you mean the doubling of the public deficit bush had in half the time all in the name of social justice and stimulus? of bankrupting the country in a decade? bologna, he isn’t changing anything; the left spreads the wealth around by destroying a class of successful Americans, the right reduces everyones financial burden by taking down the government a few notches, which honestly sounds healthier for the masses? the right! the wealthy are the only ones who pay anywhere near, nevermind over, their share of the taxes related to their share of the national wealth, where do you think that 60%+ tax burden will fall if you get rid of them?

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      What do you mean doubling the debt in half the time. Dude, he has spent in a few months, what it took the Bush admin to spend in 8 years, and that is counting the war effort, 9-11, and Hurricane Katrina. Shoot by 8 years, oh man forget that, at the end of his 4 years that were stuck with him, who knows how high it will go. Of course, they will all sit back and still have the finger pointing at Bush. Heaven forbid the left ever be held accountable, right Bill Clinton?

  • christine burns

    An economics professor at Texas Tech said he had never failed a single

    student before but had, once, failed an entire class. That class had
    insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one
    would be rich, a great equalizer. The professor then said ok, we will have
    an experiment in this class on socialism.

    All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no
    one would fail and no one would receive an A. After the first test the
    grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard
    were upset and the students who studied little were happy. But, as the
    second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even
    less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too; so
    they studied little.. The second test average was a D! No one was happy.
    When the 3rd test rolled around the average was an F.

    The scores never increased as bickering, blame, name calling all resulted in
    hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else. All
    failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism
    would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to
    succeed is great; but when government takes all the reward away; no one will
    try or want to succeed.

    • Robin from Indiana

      Wow… this was great! What a brilliant professor! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ernie

      Christine, thank you for that story! That professor was (is) today a rarity in the halls of academe.

      Our social trend has been slanted toward the left since before the post-WWII era. Roosevelt tried to solve our depressed economy through massive government spending, but was “saved” by WWII.

      Obama is on a dangerous course with regard to numerous issues. It may be in keeping with his personal philosophy, but it is patently not in keeping with traditional American values, vis-a-vis our Republican constitutional foundation. In a previous post of mine, I alluded to the Clowan-Priven Strategy. This seems to be the agenda Obama is following, evidenced by his stance on pro-Islam/ anti-Israeli issues, the economy (China is our greatest creditor and our greatest threat), illegal immigration (read, aiding and abetting criminals), reapportionment and the census (read, ala Chicago political machine), foreign policy and on several key Constitutional issues. He swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, not to subjugate nor subvert it.

      Also, I wonder if the Stimulus Package can, in fact, be con- sidered constitutional. According to Article 1, section 7, paragraph 1,: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” To my knowledge, there have been no Amendments to the contrary. The Package did not arise from the House. In fact, as is common knowledge, it was presented to the House by the President, who urged them to sign it immed-
      iately, without giving them time to read it (counter to his promise of giving the Congress and Public five days to review any legislations proposed by his Administration before a vote) because we were in crisis. Hmmm.

      Crisis? How much of a crisis was [is] it if Obama felt safe in taking a four-day vacation before signing it into law, having already passed through the House and Senate in great haste? Could not our capitalist, market economy righted itself without thrusting us into an increased quagmire of debt? One can only speculate at this point in time. Why are citizens being stripped of their wealth and savings to prop up failed institutions? How does the Fed, the Billderberg Group, IMF, the Trilateral Commission and World Bank figure into all of this?

      These are all questions with answers hidden from the public. The mainstream media, with its leftist bias, cannot or will not give credible answers; owners of these media are members of the aforementioned group(s). I found, SHADOW WORLD, by Robert Chandler (a global political-military strategist), a fascinating read, among other current geo-political works. Answers to our questions must be mined as is the salt 1500′ under Lake Michigan.

      Socialism/ Communism was proven to fail by that professor and his class, as it failed in the USSR. Planned economies do not work, because they inevitably morph into a tyranical dictatorships with a poor, dissatisfied population. Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are the first to go. (“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”) We live in dangerous times, folks. And now Obama, under DoD Directive 1404.10, is forming up his own version of the Nazi Brown Shirts, the “Civilian Expeditionary Force.” (Note: This is the term used in DoD 1404.10. The for-the-public name has been changed in the past week or two to avoid leaving a militaristic taste in our mouths, but the mission is the same!) Reading this Directive gave me a chill. Yes, something similar existed before Obama, but he changed some of the wording to fit his agenda.

      Look into the Constitutional Party, as have I. Perhaps, with the right support (no pun intended), this could be a viable third party and an alternative to the corruption we have been brainwashed to tolerate in our nation’s capitol. It is way past time to take our country back. Try to educate and open the eyes of friends and neighbors who walk around bumping into each other. However, as Mohammed discovered, “It’s hard to be a prophet in your own back yard.”

      God save our Republic and deliver us from evil. Amen.

      • Nick

        Alleluia, Alleluia, Thanks be to God. Amen. The popluation of the USA was betreyed by countless promises that Obama made. One he held true, that this is the time for change. I want to start a Loyalist Conservative party to defend the Constitution at all costs. Anyone else in?
        Did anyone get their $10 from the stimulus bill? Oh wait…that was given to all the large companies.
        What is scary for me is that, Im a college student that likes to learn both sides of the story before I act upon it. We know that stimulus bills don’t work, and it puts the country at even more risk. The USSA, will be what the rest of the world will know us by.
        Happy Potato Day= St. Patrick’s Day Obama’s racist towards Irish.
        The Presidency of Barack Hussien Obama=The Dictatorship of Chairman Obama
        Some things just never add up, for everything else theres no credit card, because we are all living in fear for our jobs/lives for a savior to come.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          A man without a plan, as is this man, cannot solve anything. A man, without a plan, will compile the problem. A man without a plan, will listen to those around him that have no plan. The do have their fingers, and they like to point them and blame others, but not offering a solution, they become part of the problem. A man without a plan, listening to those without a plan, cannot and will not be held responsible for their actions. They will raise that finger, and they will point. They will blame one, when it was actually another who did it. A man without a plan, with a clear birth certificate, without a clear choice of religion, with stained relationships, and surrounded by those of questionable character all the way up. Yes, a man without a plan, needs to go soon.

    • Sally Di from Idaho

      That is kinda like the story I heard once about a young woman, home from college for a break, talking with her Dad about his “old-fashioned” political views, and how Obama’s vision for American was the right one. Her father listened patiently, then asked how his daughter was doing in school, to which she said she was pulling straight A’s with a lot of studying and hard work. Her father nodded, and then asked about a friend of hers. The girl said that her friend was about to be kicked out because all she was interested in doing was partying, and not studying. The father nodded. He then suggested to the girl that she take her friend and go to the dean and asked if she could transfer some of her credits to her friend, so that she could stay in school. Well! Needless to say, the daughter was outraged! How could her father even suggest such a thing! Her Dad simply said that that was exactly what she had been praising Obama for…taking the hard earned money of some people and supporting those who do not work at all, and if it worked in the government, it would probably work in school.

      I don’t retell the story as well as the original author did, but hopefully, you get the gist!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        And that is exactly how it is. A friend of mines teenage daughter went trick or treating, and came home with a big old bag of candy. After hearing her rant about how bad Bush was doing, from listening to the left wing libs on the national news TV channels, and from all the liberal teachers at school, the dad decided to teach her a life lesson. He told her to pour the candy out, and put half of it in another bag, and told her to go across the street and give it to her friend who didnt feel like going out to trick or treat because she wanted to watch some movie that was on. His daughter had a hissy fit, and after he let her throw her tantrum for awhile, he then explained to her that this is exactly what the democratic party that your told is so wonderful, wants to do. They will and have taken from those who went and worked and accumulated things, like your bag of candy, and they make you give to to those, like your friend across the street, who didnt want to walk around and work for the candy, but gets it given to her. Needless to say, in the end he let her keep the candy, but explained to her that when she becomes a working adult, she isnt getting back what is taken from her, she gets to watch it being given to people with their hands out that not only dont want to work for it, they refuse to work for it. She is starting to pay attention to this stuff, and in 2 years what a different attitude this girl has towards politics. She is swaying her friends over to the right, and actually getting in trouble with teachers who while sitting there spewing their left wing liberal bull crap, tell her she cannot speak the truth the left wing lies. If we have what they call separation of church and state, I believe then it should be illegal for teachers in school to spew their left wing liberal philosophy to their students, and it is even more rampant in colleges.

    • Clark

      what an incredible story. I am not sure there is a better way of expressing your point. thank you for the insight.

    • http://usa J. Miller

      What a professor!! More brains than all the legislature put together. Thanks for the simple test on economics.

  • Harald

    Dear Americans
    Please stop to think along any kind of party line. It is your country what is in danger. I was raised in East Germany and I know first hand what it means to live under a socialistic dictatorship. I had to learn the laws of the socialistic revolution and I know how it works and I can see the road is already paved towards socialism here in the states. What do you think about a man like Bill Ayers supplying the books for the teachers education whom then go into the school system and teach your kids? Do you really belief that they teach unbiased? How many kids coming out of High school really know there own countries constitution?
    Wake up America. I don’t care if you belief it or not it is real. And the speed towards that nightmare is increasing day by day. It’s only a short time and it is to late.

    • Ernie

      Harald, THANK YOU!!!! A close friend of mine from Argentina pretty much told me the same thing you said. But don’t despair. This country will not submit to Communism, Islam or any other despotic form of government as long as true Patriots, as many you read about here, can still draw a breath. All across our nation, people are waking up and are fed up. Like the original US revolutionaries, we are being taxed to poverty without representation. Once again, I direct any folks with a fire in their bellies to,

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      You are exactly right, and unfortunately, while the left wing liberal’s continue to bring this country to its knee’s, the young people in mass are sucked into their thinking, because of the damn lying propaganda that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC continually washes into their brains as they are the voice for all the left wing pacifist appeasing lies. Then all these hollywood types, who have sex with more partners in a week that I wear pairs of underwear, who drink, snort, drop, shoot and smoke more drugs than anyone in society, is somehow someone we are supposed to listen to, and they think they have the right to stand in public and tell their views on politics, and sway the youth with them. Problem is, these guys are morally bankrupt. They cant even be loyal to their wives or girlfriends. They rampantly have sex with their own kind, and they will fly all night in an airplane burning mass amounts of fuel, to stand before a crowd and tell them not to use fossil fuels. Bunch of drug infested, sexually perverted hypocritical losers. No one young seems to notice how the hot thing of today, is totally gone and forgotten within a few years, if not dead. They all live in the gray area of whatever feels good do it, and its idiots like this that help us get sucked into the socialism, and they dont even realize if it gets to that point, their crap is going bye bye also. Socialism worked real good for Russia, and East German, and Czechoslovakia, China and everywhere didnt it. Do what they dont want you to do. They kill you. Go where they dont want you to go, they kill you. Im ashamed that this many of my fellow Americans dont see this coming when they vote for these left wing pacifist appeasers. Its sad.

      • B-Man

        Then I say we start sending hundreds or thousands of emails to the tv networks that refuse to tell the truth the whole truth and all of the news and stop picking sides. Their job is to report the information and let the grown-ups (us) decide on our own. We need to stop purchasing items that the owners of these stations and their companies ( GE as amatter of fact) No more GE products. Emerson makes great motors and German companies make great motors. We don’t need to support anyone that does’nt support the truth. Stop buying products from Socialist companies, You know liberal owners. In the free market system we can vote out companies by not using their goods. How about that. Then we all send emails and or letters to the white house with
        everyday and not stop until they listen to us.

  • OyGevalt

    Ron, you betray yourself and your country when you suggest that radio pundits “whose view points on controversial issues are extreme and need to be stifled and silenced.” What utter rubbish and ignorance.

    Ivh, there is nothing wrong with biased opinions. If one has a choice between two options, won’t one side see the other side as biased. They might, if they lean left. The right sees it correctly as the difference between what is correct and what is wrong, not bias. Is it right to stifle opinion? No, and that’s not bias. Is it right to confiscate wealth in the grand notion that somehow an equity will happen. No, and that’s not bias.

    TeresaE, though I am not a fan of journalists, and I am not a fan of jailing journalists, I think it is wrong that a journalist reveals national secrets (in the past that has been treason and journalists have gone to prison for it – and I am in favor of that), but I do I think it is wrong that the leaker is not punished. I do agree that big, oppressive government is not the solution, it’s the problem.

    • Informed

      If you ask me Obama should be on jailed for treason. Look how he betrayed America oversea’s.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      But while Ron says these things, he thinks its allright for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC, along with all the hollywood award shows, to totally lambast the Republican Party and yell and scream their left wing agenda from the mountain top. You cant have it both ways Ron. If you dont want free speech, then your side has to shut their mouth also. I am for free speech, even for A-holes like Bruce Springsteen to blow their agenda based baloney out. But I can truly say this, I listen to this stuff, and I educate myself, and I research what people say, and Ive never been able to catch Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, or Sean Hannity in a lie. Never. John Kerry, John Edwards, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Barrack Obama, Ted Kennedy, Chuck Shummer, and especially Nancy Pelosi, well, they could learn a lot from these guys, lesson one being, the truth will set you free.

  • Sue

    At a time when the bulk of the media was in the tank for Obama, I had already noticed the efforts by his groups to try to silence his opposition. These efforts were so blatant that even the media reported them, not their usual thing for Obama. As for the Bush haters – enough already!

    • Howard

      Hitler did the same thing. Remember Germany, Hitler’s Germany. Obama is leading down the same trail and America is to asleep and to the left to care…..

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Correction. Obama is not leading. This man does not, and I repeat, does not have what it takes to lead. I have listened to him speak. I have seen him deliver his speeches. He is not a leader. He follows the agenda the upper echelon of the democratic party have laid before him. He is just their figure head. He also is the one they are going to throw under the bus in, oh, about a year now, when we Americans have had all we can take. Its getting bad now, Americans are reacting, people are wondering as to what the hell they were thinking when they pulled that lever, and they are seeing him not being able to deliver on all those lies he told to sucker them in. He is only doing what they tell him to. But Im telling you all, this man is no leader.

        • Howard

          Mark- You are right on…

  • Roger H Frost

    Freedom is not free

    Freedom is a responsibility to those indissoliable laws given freely by the Sovereign God of the Universe. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    On September 11th, 2001 God decided to step aside and let us do as we pleased for a while. We have elected to stop public worship of the Savior Jesus Christ’s name in our schools, work places, and public buildings. We have not kept the Judeo-Christian Laws (The Ten Commandments, The Mayflower Compact, The Constitution, The Monroe Doctrine) that built and withstood this great country of citizens and guests. Our short history proves that when we pull away from God’s laws of protection we are weak and unable to do the right things, but when we adhere to the mercy of the Providence of the Sovereign God of the Universe, nothing shall be impossible. God Bless America and Praise God for the Providence he supplies all his creation. Amen.

  • http://personalliberty Angela

    Ron said “where was the media during the Bush adminstration”. What a joke is that? The mainstream media were all over Bush for everything. Remember all the “Bushisms” how they made fun of him all the time? What about all the “Bidenisms”? That guy is the bigest bafoon and makes all the craziest statements and where is the media? Not a word about anything. If Bush would have said something like Biden said about FDR going on TV and talking about the depression we would still be hearing about that. It nonsense and the Obama supporters one day will wake up and see their freedoms gone and maybe they will be alright with that but one thing for sure they won’t have anymore rich people to hate because there won’t be any left. I hope we can get enough people to come to their senses to get rid of Obama in 2012 before we find ourselves just remembering the American dream!

  • Wes Harris

    Dear People,

    As we noted in the passage of the latest stimulas bill our congressman and senators did not bother to read it before voting it into law. They went on ‘trust’ that the writers of the bill were doing the right thing. When those of us who voted for Obama for president refused to listen to the facts about his background, his lack of any experience in running anything and his history of associations, they went on trust that he would do the right thing. Well we now see what all of that ‘trust’ has brought us. I fear that we will loose ‘trust’ along with everything else unless we stand up and insist that our laws and our constitution are revered.

  • Rachel


    If you believe that people should not be allowed to freely, then what makes you think you can come into a conservative forum and write what you think? Is it that only the Liberals can speak freely and the conservatives should be silenced? That does appear to be what you and every liberal like you is implying. Everyone has a right to their opinions and everyone should be able to listen to whomever we want. That is what this country was founded upon. My freedom and yours.

    Mrs Rachel Litmer
    Phoenix AZ

  • John

    Our country is circling the drain. We elect officials that only have one thing in mind and that is to be reelected without regard to the laws of our country. The only problem is the most charismatic people are crooked, they have learned a trait and exploited it. Someone that is honest and upright could not be elected because they can not tell it the way it really is. Americans like things sugar-coated, they want to feel good about things, We elect politicians based upon emotions and not reality.

    Obama is a SOCIALIST, if you do not like it so be it, elect him again and realize that the AMERICAN DREAM is gone, and no one will be able to live the American Dream. I believe Obama is a liar, a cheat and as un-American as you can get. I would not be shocked if we learned that he was actually not born in HI as he claims.

    Our country will continue to go down this path, and it has been said that the government can take everything we have and we will not fight, they will even take the food out of our mouths and we will not fight. They are going to Tax us so badly that no one will have anything unless they are in politics. The heck of it is that Politicians do not pay taxes, except what they have to to make it look like they pay taxes.

    Even those slip ups that he had on the tonight show, were nothing new. Obama Is a classical elitist, he has told the Republicans that “They won” They referring to the Democrats. He bashes the Special Olympics. He takes from the rich to those who do not want a job. If you tell me that there are no jobs available. I have seen 3 WANTED signs in the past week in my area in MICHIGAN (The armpit of America where we elected another socialist Jennifer Grandholm. She should go back to Canada if she wants that kind of government.

    I am done.

    • bob

      i’m from michigan also, and i totally agree. thanks for laying it down.

  • Tom from Texas

    Ron, the SA called- your brown shirt is ready.

    • SC Wencotis

      Ron has no idea what you’re talking about.

  • http://none Tom

    It is amazing to observe the level of ignorance that exists in our country! Reading Ron’s statement is an example, bad grammar, poor spelling and poor construction, and with this the expression of his opinion and the rejection of any opposing opinion. Unfortunately this is an example of intelligence displayed by the majority of our population.

    Talk show hosts are not promoting “Hate” they are promoting “Thought”. They are asking people to think! Think of things other than your own selfish desires for free health care and government hand outs. Try to think like an American and what is best for our country not just yourself or the particular social group to which you belong.

    Using the tired “Bush did it” or trying to place the blame on talk show hosts or conservatives to justify your lack of knowledge is tiresome and ignorant.

    You live in the greatest country in the world. If you do not like it there are people that would gladly pay your plane fare to leave.

    It is amazing that you use the first amendment to express your opinion then try to deny anyone else the right to use it to express an opposing opinion!

    • SSG Prasuhn

      Tom…Well said!! However, one point of interest. Yes, there are ‘many’ who would gladly ‘pay for the plane’ fare for those who don’t like living in the U.S.A. However, I was thinking more of a ‘boat ride’ (in a leaky — VERY LEAKY boat.), it’s cheaper than air fare. Plus this would help the environment — it would get rid of some ‘bad air’ and, Hey! The fish have to eat too you know — provided they ‘like yellow meat’.

      ‘Nuff Said’,

  • Mike

    I am encouraged at what I read here.

  • Harry

    The recent Newsweek cover story explains it, `We Are All Socialists Now,` & the co-writer comes from good stock, as Evan Thomas` grandpa Nathan, was a presidential candidate for the American Socialist Party in the 30`s.
    His great quote predicted the NObama regime…`The American peole will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist nation without every knowing how it happened.` And now we know how it happened.

  • Laurel M.

    Hooray for Ron and Teresa – about the only ones here that I can see have two grains of sense!!! Indeed, the corruption has been going on a long time and was at its worst under the Bush administration. Obama was left with a giant mess and its going to take a long time to clean it up and will require a huge shift in consciousness, especially among the right wing extremists who cry socialism when it’s doubtful they even know what it really means. And by the way, the comparisons to Nazi Germany were being made several years ago, again under Bush. I like reading the health information under Bob’s column, but the political arena here is so sickening, I probably will not continue to read.

    • http://n/a empty pockets

      Laurel, Considering the quality of thought your post displays (almost equivalent to that of a parrot) I doubt we’ll miss you when you no longer contribute. You seem very satisfied with your ignorance. Many of the creators of and contributors to “this mess” are now in the Obama administration-to continue making it worse. Apparently, not all of your brain is dead since you value Bob’s health advice. So there may be hope for you if you continue reading his political posts…with this proviso: “better to remain silent and seem a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”. Or do you just enjoy being part of the left wing noise machine running on “feelings”, instead of a rational, thinking individual seeking facts on which to base decisions?

    • http://- dorothy

      I am glad you will not continue to read, because you probably do not know how to read because if you read a little about your constitution and history you would know what it means to be a true American and what socialism means.

    • Ernie

      Dearest Laurel, if you are still here, wonderful. However, how in the world can you continue to blame Obama’s complete ignorance of economics and international relations on GWB. I’ll agree that George made some mist-
      akes, and yes, Obama DID inherit a massive debt. But anyone who has taken a Economics 101 course would be better suited to drawing up Recovery Plan. I ask you, if you personally were bankrupt and owed four times what you made in a year, would you go to someone who hated you for a loan to pay off your debts, especially if the person you were borrowing from was your biggest debtor?
      Obama has even stated that , “No one knows if this is going to work or not.” And his claim that none of the Republicans have offered an alternative is bogus. They have! But because it involves slashing gov’t spending, and giving tax cuts across the board, it doesn’t fit in with Obama’s agenda.
      Obama IS a new progressive socialist Marxist. I suggest you look up the term and learn something. For you to give credence to Ron’s obsurd statements places you in the same class of ignorance. I didn’t say “stupid,” because I’m sure you are just uninformed.
      The best thing for this country at this point in time would be to freeze all gov’t spending at the 2008 level and suspend Federal income tax for a year. The Federal gov’t has other means of income, but this would give folks a chance to pay down their debt, make purchases and get others back to work- maybe even save a bit, too. Once Fed. income taxes were reenacted, and tax cuts were kept in place, Obama could very well end up cutting our deficit by 50% by the end of his term. (Notice I didn’t say FIRST term.) But spending the huge sums he plans to spend is against all the laws of economics and of rational thought. He can twist his words any way he wants, but the outcome is still the same; he leaves all of us twisting…in the wind.
      Frankly, I really don’t believe he knows what he is doing. He claims all of the “experts” [he has whispering in his ear] say he is doing the right things, but they are all cut from the same cloth from which he is cut, so of course they are going to agree with him and tell him what he wants to hear.
      In the face of great national debt and out-of-control spending, unemployment, international loss of faith in our currency, backed only by full faith and credit, and Obama’s desire to give amnesty to illegal aliens (with benefits of citizens), it’s no wonder that other nations are circling their wagons.
      I could go on, but I would only be repeating more of what has already been posted. It might do you well to go back and read Tip’s 3/26/09, 22:49 post where he does a very nice job of explaining how and why we are in this
      cluster—-. Obama is not the [completely inexperienced] captain we should have at the helm today. (He wasn’t even successful as a “community organizer.”) His strings are being pulled by the same people who bought him the White House- big money and organizations that are communist/socialist fronts. Just because he was left with a large deficit, doesn’t excuse his compounding the problem four-fold. You need to do some reading with open eyes and an open mind.

    • Matthew

      Dear Laurel M, Stop reading then, you sickening psycho. Keep believing every word that the Communist News Network(A.K.A CNN) says. By the way Nancy Pelosi called. Your strings are being pulled. Go be a good little liberal puppet. Hahaha….

    • Clark

      you are either so blind to what is around you, or your in on the take. Not sue which one at this point. Anybody who continues to use the hate Bush approach is just trying to devert the attention to the truth. The best offense is a good defense

      • SC Wencotis

        Good bye, Laurel. I’m certain that you will leave. You don’t sound like someone who would entertain the idea that any opinion other than your own could possibly be valid. You are a shining example of what is going wrong with our country.

    • Howard

      Truth does sometime irk those who are blind to it….. Write it on your barhroom mirror so that it may finally soak in…..

  • William

    God Bless America, His will, will be done. Right on Mr. Livingston, I had a much longer comment written, however it was lost. But my spirit and my support will never weaken, for this country was founded under Christianity, and with a strong foundation in His words and His commandments. Our founding Fathers understood this duty and honored this commitment and it in returned for over two hundred years contributed to our success and strength.
    Today, we are on a fast track in the wrong direction, and only a true free democracy can provide the tools for its own destruction. It will be too late, when the far left liberals realize that the change and the hope they desired, is not the one, they receive.
    No nation, no government can or will succeed that turns it back on the Nation of Israel and the commandments of our Heavenly Father, this country was founded “Under God” and with “Trust in God”.
    Keep up the work for the Truth Mr. Livingston and “Personal Liberty Digest” for time is short when such works, or words will not be permitted by the so called “Fairness Doctrine” of the liberal administration and liberal representatives in Washington D.C.
    In conclusion, I will end with words that are becoming unacceptable in today’s liberal decaying society.

    God Bless America.

  • SSG Prasuhn

    Ron I AM amazed that you could ‘come off’ as you did with little thought or credence to what you ‘spouted’ in your response to Mr. Livingston’s editorial. Just by your first sentence you showed EVERYONE just how IGNORANT you are about this topic. You couldn’t even give credit where credit was (is) due…The ‘quote’ you cited as being Mr. Livingston’s was that of Thomas Jefferson (whom Mr. Livingston even SAID had made that quote). Oh! I’m sorry, I guess you have NO IDEA who Thomas Jefferson is. Dug! My bad!!

    On top of that, showing your ignorance and having the name of Ron (same as mine) is an INSULT TO ME and anyone else with the name of RON.

    Get a LIFE BONEHEAD!!!

    I spent 20-plus years in the US Army defending ‘your’ rights to criticize ‘our’ government, to choose what ‘you’ think best for ‘you and yours’, etc. However, I did NOT spend those years to let ‘MY COUNTRY’ down NOR to let ANYONE destroy what ‘our’ FOUNDING FATHERS ‘gave’ us — through blood, sweat, tears and MORE BLOOD (over the years) to protect the one thing that we all seem to be ‘spouting’ here — OUR FREEDOM. Well guess what!?! You would NOT have that FREEDOM if it weren’t for our Founding Fathers and all of those brave men and women who have DIED to PROTECT those freedoms over the years since 1774, 1776 and beyond.

    Once you get a taste of SOCIALISM in your mouth you won’t be very happy!! Guaranteed!!! Anything other that the FREEDOM you have today (although tainted from what our Founding Fathers gave us), NOTHING is better than the FREEDOM we have to quibble amongst ourselves, berate the (our) government — WITHOUT FEAR OF RETALIATION (although, lately that doesn’t seem to be the TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH in some respects).

    I’m neither Democrat or Republican. You could say I’m INDEPENDENT, but since I STAND BEHIND and FOR THE CONSTITUTION (as written), you could say I’m a Constitutionalist. Nonetheless, I still STAND BEHIND and FOR THE CONSTITUTION (as written) and will DEFEND IT TO THE DEATH. You want my guns? Come and get them — ONE BULLET AT A TIME!!! I’ll be more than happy to accommodate you!!! You say the Second Amendment ‘means’ that ‘only’ a ‘well-regulated militia’ is authorized to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS?? Well then, who is BETTER QUALIFIED to BE THAT MILITIA than ‘OLD SOLDIERS’ of which I AM ONE (he says with a George W. Bush’s “‘Hee! hee!, hee!”

    Just REMEMBER…..FREEDOM ISN’T FREE…SOMEONE ‘HAS’ TO DIE (and/or SPILL BLOOD) for ‘YOU’ to remain FREE. If not you, then someone BRAVE and WILLING enough to do it FOR YOU. So, if YOU have NOT served in the MILITARY, then you have NO COMPLAINTS about ‘your’ FREEDOM. (Those physically unable to serve are excluded and who FULLY SUPPORT OUR TROOPS excluded.)

    ‘Nuff Said,

    SSG Prasuhn
    US Army (Retired)

    • Sally Di from Idaho

      Thank you for your service, SSG Prasuhn. Without you and your brother’s in arms sacrifices, we could not be sitting here on this type of forum without fear of reprisal. I have not served personally, but have several siblings who served proudly, as did my husband, father, several uncles, cousins, and nephews. I bow to you and salute your dedication. I used to call myself Republican, but lately, the GOP is showing it’s true colors, and they are running, if you know what I mean. I now consider myself Lliberatarian with a whole lot of Constitutionist thrown in for good measure. I am a proud American who owns weapons, and I will not willing give them up.
      Again, thank you so much!

      • SSG Prasuhn

        To Sally Di from Idaho: Thank you for your kind words and…’You’re Welcome’. I would do it again (even today — and ‘especially’ today) but since the government thinks that 20-plus years in the service is enough or the anyone over 55-60 years of age is ‘too old’ to ‘fight’, I guess I’m out of luck…UNLESS it comes to OUR HOME SOIL (my front door, etc.). Then they’ll find out just how good a 55-60 year old VETEREAN can ‘Still Get IT On’. They may have taken away our ability to fight (with ‘military’ weapons), but NOT our will or KNOWLEDGE to do so.

        So, a word to the (not so) WISE SOCIALISTS….Forget the dog…’BEWARE OF VETERAN WITH GUN(s)!!’

        I and my ‘brothers at arms’ thank you for your thoughts and ‘backing’. We ‘Thank YOU’ for that!

        ‘Nuff Said’,

    • Clark

      SSG Prasuhn,

      Just a couple questions, do you actually listen to yourself talk or do you just like making words bold so people thinks what you say is important.

      • SSG Prasuhn

        Clark — Your Reply April 1st, 2009 at 5:18 pm:

        “SSG Prasuhn,

        Just a couple questions, do you actually listen to yourself talk or do you just like making words bold so people thinks what you say is important.”

        A: I’ll leave that for your ignorant self to figure out.

        ‘Nuff Said’,

      • SSG Prasuhn

        To Clark, RE: Your Reply of April 1st, 2009 at 5:18 pm:

        “SSG Prasuhn,

        Just a couple questions, do you actually listen to yourself talk or do you just like making words bold so people thinks what you say is important.”

        B I’ll leave that for your ignorant self to figure out.

        ‘Nuff Said’,

        • SSG Prasuhn


          A: I’ll leave that for your ignorant selft to figure out.

          ‘Nuff Said’,

    • keith

      amen,as a retired marine,i’ll be there with you,locked and cocked and will die before they pry my guns from my hand.what obama n co are doing is TREASON,they are spitting on the constitution and in my opinion veiw the document as so much ass wipe makes me sick to see what they are doing,obama is MALICIOUSLY AND ON PURPOSE destroying our country!well,i for one am waiting for them and will take as many with me as i can before i go down,as patrick henery said,GIVE ME LIBERTY OR DEATH!!!!most people are sheep and don’t have the backbone to speak out.god bless the u.s,AND LETS VOTE THESE LIBRAL COMMUNNISTS OUT IN 2010!AND I BET IF ANY OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS WERE ALIVE TODAY THEY WOULD QUICKLY BE CALLED RIGHT WING NAZIS ALONG WITH THE REST OF US REAL PATRIOTS!

  • Aman

    Dear Fellow Americans,

    While Obama is a VERY DANGEROUS MAN, ask yourself…How did he get elected???

    Therein lies the problem. ” We have met the enemy. They are us!”

    If you know someone, or are friends with someone, or worse yet, related to someone, who voted for Obama, sooner or later you are going to find it difficult to like each other.

    But these people created the problem and so must they rsolve it. If the OBAMA supporters have any streak of decesency in their heart, they will march to WASHINGTON DC and demand IMPEACHMENT! INTERESTINGLY, THESE PEOPLE COULD SAVE AMERICA JUST AS MUCH AS DESTROY IT.

    • Clark

      Amen….. you have definately put your fingure on the problem. Obama was not put into office as a result of a rebellion. Enouph people voted him in and now, at least for the time being, we are stuck with him. I just hope that the damage he can cause is reversable.

      • Aman

        God Bless! and may we live to see better days.


  • Linda B


    • Clark

      Linda B,
      shoot us!!!!! Before we got over the boarder.

  • Ron R

    Sensible people often make assumptions that other people will be sensible also. That can lead to trouble, when other people distort language to serve their own agendas.

    Livingston writes: “Numerous congressmen are calling for re-institution of the “Fairness Doctrine”, a long-abolished policy that would require broadcasters to provide opposing viewpoints on controversial issues…” It’s true, of course, but it’s also misleading and it’s dangerous to accept and adopt the partial-truth of those who seek to squelch dissent.

    The full (and more revealing) truth might be: “Numerous congressmen are calling for re-institution of the “Fairness Doctrine”, a long-abolished policy that would require broadcasters to subsidize opposing viewpoints that do not have popular support.”

  • John

    Ron has to be a plant. There is no way anyone could believe all of the stuff that he wrote, especially with not facts to support his statements. Good job by whoever runs this site.

  • Jeff D.

    As pointed out in the article, censorship has already begun under the Obama regime. Whether initiated by Premier, excuse me, President Obama or by his liberal media lackeys, it is alive and well in America, very sorry to say.

    If you have any doubts, I point to two recent incidents as conclusive, albeit clandestine proof.

    A very inocuous, although persuasive Pro-Life message, "Imagine the Potential" which merely points out that Barack Obama would have been a prime candidate for an abortion (mixed race, broken home, etc.) had it been legal in 1961.

    Yet, because IT WASN'T legal, Barack Obama went on to become the 44th President of the United States. Hence, "Imagine the Potential" of each unborn child.

    This one minute message was not allowed to be aired on NBC on Super Bowl Sunday, or on CNN on the evening of Obama's State of the Union message.

    A complaint of such censorship to the ACLU, supposed champions of our constitutional rights, went strangely unanswered.

    Big Brother is here, folks. He is alive and well and living in Washington, D.C. His name is Comrade Barack Obama. His goose-stepping lackeys can be found anywhere you would care to look amongst the liberal media.

    Enjoy whatever constitutional rights you have, while you have them, because they are doomed under the Obama administration.

  • Michael LIttlestone

    It is comforting to see that there are people with their heads on straight. It is blatantly obvious that the media is skewed left. The majority of the country did not vote for Obama, but he won the biggest Electoral states. Unfortunately McCain was the lesser of the evils. I personally voted for Palen.

    What we need is a one day primary so the first states don’t get to make our choices. Another option is a national rule that one must vote their chosen party in the primary, like FL, so the other side can’t weed the crowd to their favor.

  • Ted Christy

    Ron, I didn’t agree with a single thing you said but I would defend to the death your right to say it.

  • Melanie

    Yes, the OBAMA has spoken and we are all to bow for he knows what is best for all…just kidding…I still want to know whom is his puppet master. Most importantly, I was reading the US Constitution yesterday and it states that getting loans from foreign countries is prohibited. Now, where is the checks and balances that is supposed to ensure that the constitution is upheld. It is part of the oath of EVERY elected official. It is time to REMIND them ALL they are ELECTED to work FOR us not AGAINST. Attend the tea parties on April 15! IF there isn’t one close enogu to you then organize one. We need to let those in “power” that they can be removed and we are getting to either they start listening or their is the potential for another REVOLUTION.

    • Mike

      George Soros, Bill Ayers, ACORN,, Reverend Wright, David Axelrod, AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), La Raza, 96% of American Blacks are his puppet masters.


      • Mike

        Ups, I forgot the white stupid and ignorant guilty Americans!!!!!

      • Ernie

        You left out the ACLU (a socialist front), and more importantly,the Fed, the Billderberg Group, the IMF, the World Bank and the Trilateral Commission. These last three meet each year to chart out the economic course for the WORLD!
        Obama and Hillary were at the last meeting in 2008, during the campaign, when they were supposed to be scheduled for a press conference at Hillary’s estate. The press was put on the plane, and just before the door was closed, they were informed that Sen. Obama would not be joining them as expected. Needless to say, the press conference never took place.
        The IMF and World Bank funds come with string attached. The strings allow conglomerates and multinationals to go into a [say, third world] country and rape it for its natural resourses. If they don’t agree to the terms of the loan, no money.
        There is more here than meets the eye.

  • Ed Bradley

    We still have a constitution???

    Of the rights not privileges enumerated in our Constitutional Bill of Rights please tell me which are not regulated or restricted even out right denied? Can you name one?

    How about the section where our constitution declares that authority over only the powers granted by the constitution, all remaining powers belong to the people and the states.

    Our founding fathers recognized our inalienable rights those given by our creator, whoever you believe that to be. Inalienable rights are yours not the governments to control. A right is not a right if it is restricted or withheld by government.

    So if you can post any right we are suppose to possess, that has not been regulated, taxed with punishment if not paid, restricted or denied?

    I don’t think you can.


    • Ernie

      Hell, if Obama has his way, we’ll literally be taxed for the air we breathe and the miles we drive.

  • bob

    my grandfather told me,boy they’ll take this country over without firing a shot.because these stupid bas—s will give it to them, i think he was partially right.but i dont think he saw that we would do it ourselves. god bless america,and all of you!

  • James

    “Talk radio pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity whose view points on controversial issues are extreme and need to be stifled and silenced.” Jesus Christ Ron, that’s not a socialist point of view, that’s communism! As a retired U.S. Marine, I remain at the ready, to defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic (read: YOU) and await the revolution. If and when it comes, I will personally seek you out.

    • Mike

      James, email me here and I will join you and cover your six.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      To James: — Well Said. That’s what I’ve always like about you ‘Jar Heads’…’Short, Seet and To The Point’. I’ll be the reitired Army Staff Seargeant to your left (I Mean RIGHT…tsk! tsk!) when the ‘Revolution’ comes and we’re ‘both’ seeking these ‘ID 10Ts’ (that beleive ‘All is Well’ now that the ‘Messiah’ is in ‘power’) out.

      ‘SEMPER FI’, btother-at-arms!!

      ‘Nuff Said’,

      • keith

        count one more retired marine in!,yah won’t be alone.

    • http://Hotmail Mark

      I’ve got your back.

  • John

    Obama is an illegal alien.

    He refuses to produce a valid original birth certificate. (He has only ever produced a Certification of Birth, which is quite different). His paternal grandmother stated clearly, (as did the Kenyan Ambassador to the USA), that Obama was born in Mombassa, Kenya. This means he is not a “natural born” American, which is a Constitutional requirement to be President. It is not surprising that his administration is now continuing to trample on the Constitution.

    But Obama is only the butterfly in the spider’s. web That evil spider is the real power in the United States. It controls the Federal Reserve, along with the currencies of most other industrialized nations. It controls the mainstream media. And it has key politicians in its pocket. It unduly influences much of the academic world, and institutionalized religions. It meets once a year in various secret locations in a meeting known as Bilderberg. And despite there being Presidents, Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers and other important public figures often in attendance, there is a total mainstream media blackout. And this has been going on for well over 5 decades.

    It is this global elite which — through the Federal Reserve — appears to have manipulated the current economic crisis. The goal of this choreographed crisis is likely to irreversibly bankrupt the US economy, and force the kind of socialist, totalitarian government to which the writer above is referring. Of course President Bush was also a puppet in this. He paved the way for Obama with his intentionally provocative escapades into the lands of Islam and his own abuses of power.

    This global elite, with the power of the mainstream media — or should we call it the Bilderberg syndicated media (BS media) — does its best to keep Democrats fighting Republicans and Republicans fighting Democrats. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, it pulls the strings using its treasonous lackeys in both parties, and is now successfully implementing the New World Order — a “brave new world” which could make both Huxley and Orwell look tame.

  • Yourhuckleberry

    All you real American Citizens just keep using facts and logic. Those liberal, progressives don’t understand and will just be more confused. Or, you just might use a verse from the Bible, it seems to be just as appropriate. “SPEAK NOT INTO THE EARS OF FOOLS , FOR THEY WILL DESPISE THE WISDOM OF YOUR WORDS

    • TeresaE

      Though I am no longer religious (the politics of religion are as vile to me as the politics of DC) this statement, ““SPEAK NOT INTO THE EARS OF FOOLS , FOR THEY WILL DESPISE THE WISDOM OF YOUR WORDS“ is my biggest fear.

      Too many of our new Obamanation are fools. They don’t want to see the truth, they don’t want to hear about anything but class warfare and free lunches.

      It breaks my heart and my fear is they are legion and we are outvoted.

      Again, both sides are doing this. Continue to believe one side can deliver us from this evil and we continue down the path led by our noses.

      The only way to “fix” this country is to fire every single POS in Washington. Every single one. An entire new bloodline would go a long way towards breaking the powers that be that are running this country.

      But we do not have the cajones to do this. We continue to re-elect the same exact power brokers back into office to become even more powerful.

      Meanwhile our country is bleeding out and no one seems to notice.

  • anastasia

    I agree with Aman. I am deeply saddened with the state of affairs in America today but I knew it would happen to us when I saw so many naive and gullible Americans slobbering at the feet of Obama; when I saw the media enthralled with Obama; when I saw the news stations so enthralled they photographed every move every pose that Obama made during the campaign. It is all staged! Not many may know that he plans where he will be photographed and how he made a grand entrance at the Stadium in Chicago coming down the steps as though he was the God of Ancient Olympus. That’s how Oprah and others portrayed him. So why should he not comply!

    So many Americans were mesmerized by the candidate’s rhetoric and his call for CHANGE! They never once stopped to understand his lack of values, moral or otherwise, his radical ideas or his mission of socialism in everything he would touch. When I read Ron’s reply I was appalled as I am appalled when I meet friends, neighbors and yes Aman even relatives who get me sick with their love affair and simply because he is a Democrat! These are people who claim to be religious and dedicated to God and yet support a man who is turning any value we may have left into trash. What has happened to the American common decency and sense?
    What has happened to American patriatism?

  • Davo

    I think Bin Laden is dead…killed at Tora Bora at the beginning of the Afghan war. To show PROOF of his death would be difficult for two reasons. 1). You cannot collect a lot of DNA from a burned out crater and 2). Why would the US intentionally make him a martyr? Suffice it to say that no human being has seen him alive or heard from him since Tora Bora. If you want to believe a handful of video tapes released in a timely manner to al Jazeera then you are easily fooled.

    • Johan

      Davo, I have thought that as well. That ego maniac would long have been on live T.V. instead of his second banana. Audio tapes are far different than a video tape. Obama is dust in some cave and that is why we can not locate him. Our country is in deep doo-doo, please keep up the comments on nitwits like Ron. We are still a racist country, 94 % of our black citizens voted for the Messiah. Isn’t that racist? Last night news conference was dull and filled with untruths. Dutch

  • Patriot

    Join the “Tea Parties” in or near your cities April 15th. Let Obama and Rahm Emmanuel know that we will not go down without a fight!

  • Chris Bastian

    To compare the U.S. government with socialist/communist regimes such as Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, China and North Korea reveals there is no dissent allowed, in the media or otherwise.
    You claim that… “I am…for freedom of the press and against all violations of the Constitution to silence by force and not by reasons the complaints or criticisms, just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents.”
    The Medias goal purpose and duty is to report the news as it happens and not inject their personal political view points that promotes nothing but hate crimes towards our government official’s like President Obama. Where were you the Media when George W. Bush was committing unlawful acts against the American people? What has this president done to keep our economy from falling deeper into a possible depression! Look at President Bush’s relationship with the rest of the world when he was in office,check with the outside world!!!!
    Talk radio idiots like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity etc. whose view points on controversial issues are extreme and need to be stifled and silenced. They promote and encourage the American people to fear and hate based upon their own bias ideas of democracy.
    This kind of story is suspicious and I smell the republican regime as an example behind this kind of rhetoric with an addicting behavior supporting the right-wing conservatives who are noting but wine-babies! Get over it, your time is over! The American people have spoken. The conservatives cannot be trusted covering-up their true intentions. Insinuating America is headed towards socialism because the government is getting involved in cleaning-up past administrations dirt. Note: Both parties play a role in Socialism,police force,fire fighters the list goes on. BIG Corporations have been involved in corruption against the American people for to long involving corrupted politicians in there back pockets. Our government needs an overhaul.

    • Miguel A. Gonzalez

      In response to your post:

      You claim that… “I am…for freedom of the press and against all violations of the >Constitution to silence by force and not by reasons the complaints or criticisms, >just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents.”

      That wasn’t the author, that was Thomas Jefferson

      The Medias goal purpose and duty is to report the news as it happens and not >inject their personal political view points that promotes nothing but hate crimes >towards our government official’s like President Obama.

      Can you provide examples of such “hate crimes”, unless you believe that disagreeing with government policies is a crime.

      Where were you the Media when George W. Bush was committing unlawful >acts against the American people?

      Once again, specific examples.

      Talk radio idiots like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity etc. whose >view points on controversial issues are extreme and need to be stifled and >silenced.

      IOW censorship of dissenting opinions. Said like a true Marxist.

      They promote and encourage the American people to fear and hate based >upon their own bias ideas of democracy.

      Since when is presenting factual opinion “encouraging hate and fear”?

      Rest of ignorant, left-wing drivel unworthy of response.

  • Ted Christy

    Someone once said that liberalism is a brain disorder. After careful observation I am beginning to believe it. There is not enough room on this page to give all the examples I have witnessed this past year so don’t get me started.

  • Roy Bowers

    First we need to find a President who is qualified to even run for the office. Then it would be a good idea to offer one way tickets for all the illegal allians and Ron’s to leave this great country so we can get to work in putting it back on track. The cost of these one way tickets is chump change compaired to what Obama is throwing to the wind.

  • james gafney

    Hi all;

    first of all I sit hear reading all these comments and I can’t believe how out of touch so many people are with the real world around them. First of all if you can’t see what this “drunk with power” leader and his cohorts have done in less than 3 months, than you are either blind or worse.

    He and his out of control lap dogs in both the House and the Senate have just about destroyed our way of life. The founding fathers made sure when they wrote the constitution that there would never be any branch of the government that would ever have complete power. That is all gone now, there is no checks or balance between the legislature and the Executive branches. They are in bed and again “drunk with power”. Also look at what the “shadow” is doing now, he can’t even get the votes he needs from his own party to pass this travesty of a 5 trillion (5,000,000,000,000) dollar budget, so what does he do, he goes to you fools and tells you to go door to door and beg people to support him. This so called leader has made a mockery of the office of the president and other nations are looking at him as a fool.

    I myself am fed up to my eyeballs with all of them and have decided to start a grassroots effort, generated a petition and getting signatures. Will ride my bicycle from San Diego, Ca to Washington D.C. and dump hopefully thousands of these signed petitions on the steps of the White House and Congress. I’m no Joe the Plumber, but I’m one determined individual and all you liberal Obama lap dogs can shake in your boots. There is a growing hatred out there that will spill over. It is just a matter of time.

    • Ernie

      Bravo. I would like to recruit you to
      You are going to find several petitions already being signed and delivered, as well as a nation-wide, grassroots movement to restore our Constitutional Republic. May I be the first to welcome you to the revolution? “Better dead than Red.”

      • james gafney

        Hi Ernie;

        You and your organization may be exactly what I’ve been looking for. So far my efforts have not been great. I have given out lots of petitions, and the people say they agree with what is spelled out in the petition, but then it goes into a black hole. I never get anything back. On the petition I have my Email address and fax number so there is no reason why they don’t get here. I have found sadly that people have told me they agree 100% with what I have said, but are afraid of putting pen to paper for fear of repercussions from the media and their own government.

        I have also tried getting support from local talk shows, but again nothing. I guess they think I’m just some crazy kook blowing smoke and won’t do it. Let me tell you I’m no kook! I’m a determined stubborn Irishmen and when I make my mind up to do something I’m going to do it come hell or high water. If everything goes right I’ll be doing this either late April or early May 2009.

        Isn’t that something, afraid of your own government. What the hell have we gotten to. This weekend I’m going to ride my bike approx 240 miles round trip to Jacumba Ca which is a ton of hills, one up to 4500 ft and camp overnight return back home the next day. If all goes well, I’m ready for the cross country “mad as hell” protest trip.

        I would appreciate any help or advise you can give me. I’m kind of new at using this communication media and not sure if they allow direct communication, but here is my Email address””

        hope to hear from you

    • Ciceroni and Cheese

      Dear james gafney,

      I find several of your comments to be “either blind or worse,” to use your phrase. Which is odd since you seem to believe that you are one of the few clear sighted individuals here. For example, see below:

      “He and his out of control lap dogs in both the House and the Senate have just about destroyed our way of life.”


      “This so called leader has made a mockery of the office of the president and other nations are looking at him as a fool.”

      and, I particularly like the warning,

      “There is a growing hatred out there that will spill over. It is just a matter of time.”

      To take those gems in sequence. Do you really think the current administration has nearly destroyed our American way of life, and all in roughly sixty days? Really? Despite tough times, the towns that I drive through look pretty much the same and the people that I talk to have changed little since January. I think you are being just a tad hyperbolic. Second, as to other nations looking at him as a “fool” I can only wonder if you get out much. I work most of the year in Europe, and with people from all over the world (including folks from East Asia, South Asia, and Eastern Europe, etc.), and unless I am being lied to over pints in the pub or mugs in the beer-garden then “no…” foreigners do not seem to think he is a fool at all; far from it.

      Finally, what the heck do you mean by your comments about a fatal loss of the separation of powers. Study a bit more history, perhaps, and consider that every major party (or elite group of like minded folks) from the Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans to the Whigs, the antebellum Democrats, and the Civil War era Republicans, and all the parties in between and since, have all tried to control the executive and legislative branches (and often the courts) at the same time. Several have succeeded for periods. And don’t give me any of that guff about the founding ideal of “having no parties.” That utopian notion died in Washington’s first administration and it died because more than half of the Founding Fathers themselves lined up to join said parties.

      (As I post this I can just feel all the love coming back my way.)

      • james gafney

        you people crack me up. You spout all this garbage that your liberal press dumps out every day. Why don’t you do some legwork on your own, and use your own brain and see what some of the truth is and not depend on getting brain washed or should I say brain dead by the Obama machine.

        Here are some facts that I’m sure will never hit the press, why? because it would show our fearless leader to be a fraud. Ok! here goes:
        let me just ask you something, where in the government has there been any cutback? the answer is nowhere. As usual they tell us we have to tighten our belts while theirs explode. Don’t believe this hype the media is putting out about our gutless wonder and his approval ratings. Hell, he can’t even get the needed votes from his Democrats to pass his next huge trillion dollar budget, which could be as much as 5 trillion = 5,000,000,000,000.
        That is why he is back to campaign mode trying to get foolish people to go door to door to gain support for his maniac agenda.

        facts you won’t see in the media:
        fact 1: I know people hear about all this pork barrel spending on both sides and earmarks, but I’ll bet 90% don’t know what an earmark is? here is the facts:Normal appropriation process: how most of government is funded? Proposals for funding go before subcommittees and committees. They must be authorized in one set of bills and then funded by the appropriations committee in a separate process.
        Earmarks bypass all of this. They are requested by individual members of Congress, almost always to benefit their home states, and few if any are ever debated. It is basically a backdoor method of getting huge sums of taxpayer money for pet projects.

        The bill’s 8 percent spending increase over 2008 levels, as well as more than a dozen policy changes to roll back Bush administration programs. Congress has not changed their pork-barrel ways, the Omnibus bill contains 7,991 pet projects totaling $5.5 billion, according to calculations by the GOP staff of the House Appropriations Committee. It is a swollen, wasteful, egregious example of out-of-control spending.
        Sen.Thad Cochran of Mississippi, ranking Republican on the Appropriations Committee, leads the pack with more than $470 million in earmark spending, including money for health care services for the poor, water and sewer projects and university research.

        Sen. Democrat Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana, an appropriator who is sending home more than $332 million in earmarks the third-largest haul in the chamber.

        Democratic California Senators. Boxer, Feinstein, voted for 733 earmarks totaling a whopping $568,730,493

        Feinstein with others voted for 183 earmarks = $776,706,649

        Boxer with others voted for 133 earmarks = $515,511,738

        Believe it or not this adds up to $1,292,218,387, 1.3 billion dollars for 316 earmarks for California pet projects. Can you believe this in our depressed economy. There is no doubt who got the lions share of the pet projects. In case your wondering this is approx two thirds of the $5,000,000,000 in earmarks.

        $1.8 million to research controlling the smell of pig dung stink. $380,000 in the middle of a severe recession to fix up lighthouses in Maine.

        $190,000 for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyo., $238,000 to fund a deep-sea voyaging program for native Hawaiian youth, agricultural research projects, and grants to local police departments, among many others. The big increases, a 21 percent boost for a popular program that feeds infants and poor women and a 10 percent hike for housing vouchers for the poor. How about that your busting your ass making house payments and these people get a bailout. Generous above inflation increases are spread throughout, including a $2.4 billion, 13 percent increase for the Agriculture Department and a 10 percent increase for the money-losing Amtrak passenger rail system. Again our tax dollars, going to bailout a losing business.

        Get a load of this !!!!!! Congress also awarded itself a 10 percent increase in its own budget, bringing it to $4,400,000,000, $4.4 billion. But the House inserted a provision denying lawmakers the automatic cost-of-living pay increase they are due next Jan. 1. Basically they voted themselves a 10% pay raise. How would you like to get a 10% raise?

        Your representatives at work !

        The House of Representatives on Thursday rejected an effort by Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., to launch an ethics committee investigation into possible connections between campaign contributions made by the PMA Group lobbying firm and special projects designated in the spending bill that benefit clients of the firm. Among the amendments rejected were measures to effectively ensure continued funding for the District of Columbia’s school-voucher program, an amendment to end the automatic annual pay increase for lawmakers and a provision offered by Republican Sen. John McCain to strip about 9,000 earmarks from the spending bill.

        this is just one of the reasons that we have to stop this ridiculous onslaught of our money. Yes! this is our money.

        I have been trying to get support for my effort getting the petitions signed and the bike ride across the United States, but so far it has not been good. Most people I talk to are angry and disgusted with the way this out of control leader and Congress which are nothing but rubber stamps for his every whim, but when it comes to signing the petition they back off and some say they are afraid of their government and repercussions. Hell! I can’t even get my own family to sign them.

        I also have tried to get the word out though talk shows. but so far have drawn a blank. I’m not giving up and I’m bound and determined to see this whole thing through. I realize I’m only one crazy guy trying to wake people up but I’m also one hell of a stubborn Irishmen who when he makes up his mind to do something will do it come hell or high water.

        if you want to help me out and support my effort send me an Email

        I’m planning on riding my bike (bicycle) from Chula Vista to Washington D.C. and dump as many signed petitions as I can on the steps of the white House and the Congress. I’m planning on doing this in late April or earl May 2009. Any help you can give me would be gretly appreciated

        Smoke screen:

        Obama and his henchmen are not stupid and are very cunning. I can’t believe that all the media including talk radio shows can’t see what Obama and his henchmen are doing. They are playing the shell game with our minds. By continually moving the cup they can’t be pinned down because the ball has moved again. Obama is no fool and very conniving and has all of them running from one catastrophe to another. Just look at the latest mind game; they have all of us irate about the 150 million dollars paid out in bonuses to AIG, and yet no one is asking where and how was thee 787 billion dollars spent that was given to the banks in the first bailout. I demand to have an accounting of our taxpayer money, I want to know where it went how it was spent and how much went to foreign banks. We deserve, no demand to know this.

        While everyone is distracted with the latest smoke screen the Obama prostitutes in The House and Senate are shoving through bill after bill and no one is saying squat. Just look at the way they can pass a bill with only 56 votes using reconciliation. I know Obama will use this to strong-arm his agenda through Congress.

        These are the facts read them and weep!!!!!!!!!!

        • Johan

          Thanks for taking the time to give this excellent reply. Bravo. dutch

        • Ciceroni and Cheese

          Dear james gafney,

          To start, yet again, I am going to quote you back to you,

          “you people crack me up. You spout all this garbage that your liberal press dumps out every day. Why don’t you do some legwork on your own, and use your own brain and see what some of the truth is and not depend on getting brain washed or should I say brain dead by the Obama machine.”


          It would be nice if you responded to my post… when technically responding to my post. Boy that would really “crack” me up, but maybe that would be asking too much from someone for whom English is barely a native tongue.

          BTW, since I actually read your post, I am starting to suspect that you might be attempting to scam the readers of this site out of their hard earned cash. Shame on you if that is true! I only hope that you are sincere in soliciting “support” for this alleged cross-country bike ride.

          To all those reading this thread I say: Caveat emptor!

          And james, a little challenge, try and actually respond in the future rather than just reading like a “cut and paste” thread gremlin.

          • RFS

            To Ciceroni and Cheese:
            Good rebuttals. I’m glad that Dennis, Lee and yourself (among others) are out there to help counter the hysterical rants with reasonable discourse. I read so many comments from those with little to offer but mindless conflict and hate…especially for the new president whose time in office still counts well less than a year (and most of his first year engaged in cleaning up the mess of the previous administration)!
            I couldn’t believe Mike who characterised Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in whose ‘honor’ statues would someday be built! I suppose that’s possible…if morons (at least those morons who actually vote) seriously outnumber the educated, reasonable and rational in America). Still, one’s compelled to ask, is life on Earth so freakin bad for you, Mike…and those of your ilk, that you are, as I’ve read before in some other commentary, “Rapture-Ready”!? Geez, it’s like you’re some kind of instant potato mix…just add the Rapture and wait for God to eat us up. Same goes for Gafney whose ‘brillance’ flashes like fool’s gold. I especially liked his line:
            “Believe it or not this adds up to $1,292,218,387, 1.3 billion dollars for 316 earmarks for California pet projects. Can you believe this in our depressed economy. There is no doubt who got the lions share of the pet projects. In case your wondering this is approx two thirds of the $5,000,000,000 in earmarks.”
            Your math is as sharp as your political acuity… 1.3 billion is NOT two thirds of 5 billion, it’s barely one quarter. Big difference. Besides, last time I checked, California Governor Schwartzenegger is Republican.

      • Matthew

        Dear Ciceroni and Cheese, what exactly is a “cut and paste” thread gremlin?
        Oh, really what people have you been talking to? Obviously not anyone from England. They think he is a moran, after the fiasco with the prime minister in Washington. Do us all a favor, go join the french in hating america. Also go worship your god Karl Marx, you psycho.

        • Ciceroni and Cheese

          Ah, of course, and the ad hominem attacks begin. Thank you Matthew for stooping to that level. It is actually very American of you, and I mean that in a truly patriotic way. You should read up on some of our most notorious 19th century election campaigns; truly white-knuckle stuff, gloves off.

          Still, at least as far as this thread goes, your post realigns my expectations to what is probably a healthier and more realistic standard.

          To answer your first question, I was poking fun at james gafney’s very long comment and suggesting that he was using the “cut and paste” facility of his computer’s operating system to quickly and easily create unnecessarily long and verbose posts. For example, if you google effectively for his output you will find that he has posted remarkably similar posts elsewhere. In other words, he is in part duplicating rhetoric rather than writing original material for our little forum here. And, a ‘gremlin,’ according to the OED, can mean something that causes problems or mischief. I am sorry that my admittedly poetic phrase did not make any of this clear to you.

          As to your second point, I did mention that I had recently been spending a good bit of time in Europe. I failed to specify, though, that most of that time was spent in a town beyond London, in England proper, actually almost in its heart. So, despite your guess, I often talked with Brits. The vast majority of whom turned against both Blair (in particular) and Bush long ago. So, perhaps it is just a “honeymoon period” but almost to a man they are quite pleased and yet still impressed with the current administration. If they care at all. No, not everyone, just a relatively large majority at the moment. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to which sons of Albion you have been chatting with?

          As to my joining the French and worshipping Karl Marx… well, I would add that I do not speak French, and I never will, and although there is no question that Marx is a significant historical figure I believe that he has little intellectual relevance to the modern world. But, and here is the hook, it is nice that you can remember “buzz word” attack phrases… it shows that you at least have a mind that can be impressed upon. Even if it may be just a smidgen too impressionable.*

          FYI, that last part of my post is an example of an ad hominem attack. I added that in case you were unfamiliar with the concept. Oh, also, and perhaps it is just because I am a ‘psycho,’ I am not sure what a moran is?

        • SC Wencotis

          Wow. You sure got the “cheese” part down. Your condescension and arrogance are nauseating. Weren’t we discussing “narcissism” earlier? You must have thought we were calling you.

      • SC Wencotis

        Wow. You got the “cheese” part right. Your arrogance is nauseating. We were discussing narcissism earlier. Perhaps you thought we were calling you?

  • Lee

    Reply to Mike’s comments at 9:30 am March 24th.

    Please read the following disclaimer from Sam VaKnin, Ph. D., while I’m sure some of Mr. Vaknin’s writing maybe exceptional his disclaimer from his website pretty much says all that’s really needed here. Mr. Vaknin is selling his story and is not a medical doctor nor should his thoughts and ideas be used as support for your thesis on our recently elected President.

    PS. Mr Vaknin does not appear to hold himself out as a worldwide authority, and by the way the Laws of Canada do apply to his website, please note paragraph #13.

    *Disclaimer and Terms of Use
    For the “Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Revisited” Web Site

    Scroll down for information about MY BOOKS! – click HERE!

    In publishing this Web site, the author makes no representations concerning the efficacy, appropriateness or suitability of any products or treatments. Use this site at your own risk. The author of this Web site, is not a mental health professional and has no relevant background or training in psychology or psychiatry.
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    Abused? Stalked? Harassed? Victimized? Confused and Frightened?
    Had a Narcissistic Parent?
    Married to a Narcissist – or Divorcing One?
    Afraid your children will turn out the same?
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    “Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Revisited” is based on my own experiences as a diagnosed narcissist
    and on correspondence since 1996 With hundreds of people suffering from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (narcissists)
    and with thousands of their suffering family members, friends, therapists, and colleagues.*

    Mike, in light of Mr Greensapn’s recent comments to Congressional leaders about how he couldn’t believe that the financial industry would implode on their own greed, I wonder if he might rethink several of the ideas he has put forth in his previous books on the economy.

    It is amazing to me that on both sides of any issue put forth having a political message neither side in this country can hold a civil discussion. Everyone is either some type of Obama hippie or God Forbid a “Liberal”, or “Conservative”.

    The freedoms I served for as an Officer in the U.S. Military were eroded more in the last eight years by the last Administration than in any other time in my life. As a young Lieutenant I was required to train young soldiers during their basic training about the Geneva Conventions and how the U.S. would never willingly abandon the principles of those conventions. Torture is illegal and should always be illegal regardless of who the captured individual is and where they were captured. I am truely ashamed of the venom and hate that is corrupting this country. Currently, a significant amount of this rubbish is often spewed by Mr. Limbaugh and other’s such as Ann Coulter.

    When all of the citizens of this country stop trying to verbally abuse each other and reject the garbage from both sides we will become a better and stronger Republic.

    • Mike

      Lee, I thank you for your service to this country.

      There is a far cry between torture as I would define it, physical destruction, i.e. cutting off of fingers one by one, strapping an individual down and skinning him with a super hot knife exposing all the bare muscle and bones to his vision while cauterizing the wound preventing bleeding so that the sheer terror of continuing further will make him speak.

      I do not consider waterboarding/rendition and sleep deprivation with sodium pentothal as torture. They are harsh interrogation methods at best.

      America’s enemies laugh at and use our sense of accommodating all people in the name of tolerance and diversity and then use it against us. The jihadists’ ultimate goal is an America completely subjugated under Islamic law—just the way Osama bin Laden wants it.

      The true heroes of history recognize that law must serve man not man serve the law. If we learned anything from our founding fathers, it is that when a law becomes intolerable to our basic values of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,’ then the law does not have to be obeyed, i.e. the Stamp Act because it is fallacious.

      Even Leonidas recognized that Spartan Law was in appropriate given the advance of the Persian King Xerxes on the Greek peninsula, when he marched off on an out for a walk with his 300 body guards towards Thermopylae, despite Spartan law regarding and obeying and following the Oracle’s voice. Leonidas sought only to protect his beloved Sparta and Greece from the tyrannical rule of Xerxes. How can this be any different from Bush’s and Cheney’s and Rumsfeld’s and Rice’s actions? It is not! They sought only one thing to protect America and Americas’ citizens from the tyrannical attacks of Bin Laden and his terrorists. Bush and Cheney are the American Leonidas and Dieneces along with his administration and the great generals and men plus women who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      They build monuments and statues to men like these those who fight but not for those sniveling politicians who sit in session criticizing those out of jealousy, jealousy justified by the fallacious reasoning that laws were broken, laws, which did not serve the American people. They build monuments and statues to men like these who are persecuted and prosecuted by those sniveling politicians who sit in session criticizing those out of jealousy, jealousy justified by the fallacious reasoning that law was broken. Jealousy spawned from their attitude that it should have been us democrats under Gore, who should have saved America. We must rally around the flag here for the very core American principles are at stake.

      They will not build monuments to Obama who are like the medizing traitor named Ephialtes who betrayed Leonidas for personal gain and who led the Persians around the pass of Thermopylae running behind the Greek army. The name of Ephialtes’ path is known as Anopaea. You all in Congress and President Obama who fail to protect America shall be forever known in American history as the American Ephialtes and the path that they took as the American Anopaea.

      I predict that one day will come when America will recognize these Four Horsemen, President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and all those with them in that recognition America will raise up a great statue/memorial at the foot of Manhattan Island remembering how they stood the line and stayed the course against the hordes of these barbarian terrorists, who sought only one thing the complete and utter destruction of our way of life.

      I was on the last Path Train, which I boarded in Harrison NJ, into the WTC on 9/11. It was the one day that I was late for work for personal reasons and because of a traffic accident on Route 280. I know that it was the last train because a young man, who worked for me just missed getting on the same Path Train with me. He caught the next Path Train and his train was diverted to the 33rd Street Station, from where he called me on my cell before the twin towers came down. When I was disembarking from the train, a NYC policeman bravely standing his ground on the platform told all to leave the premises from the nearest exit immediately, which I did. Upon exiting the north east exit, seeing the debris scattered on the ground in front of the exit doors and seeing the hundreds of people outside looking up in the south west direction, I did the same. What I saw broke my heart forever. My reaction was immediate, ‘ah shit, the terrorists hit us.’ Retrieving my car from the Harrison Path Station parking lot, upon arriving and seeing all the cars still present in that lot and realizing how many Americans would not be returning home that night, I was deeply saddened for those loved ones who would have to mourn their loss and humbled that I got to go home that night.

      So help me God, the only ones who have a right to decide if Bush was wrong are the 3,000 innocent Americans and the first responders, who died on 9/11 and their loved ones, spouses and children, who survived. If they had been asked, if it is OK to have a GITMO, waterboarding and rendition plus sleep deprivation/sodium pentothal because it would insure that there would have been no 9/11 and they would live out their natural life spans, they would I am sure have said do it. These people and their loved ones are the only persons morally qualified to judge. It is far too easy to criticize, when you are not the victim standing righteous that the strict interpretation of the constitution is above the very principles and people, for which it was written. Do we accept these deaths at the hands of terrorists for the price for honoring our constitution? I say those who died would say that the safety of its constituents is above the strict view of the constitution is wrong and stopping the attacks of those foreign and domestic terrorists is more important.

      The only morality, which matters when confronted with an enemy who has but one goal, your complete and utter extinction, is you better be the ultimate warrior, who will do what it takes to stop it. All of you will be convinced when one of these released GITMO prisoners kills again or waterboarding and rendition is stopped freeing up a terrorist but maybe not until one of these released GITMO prisoners or terrorist kills more citizens, adults and children like so many on 9/11 and you are left standing knowing that it was because of Obama’s and Congress’ and your cowardice like it was Clinton’s cowardice who was so concerned by his legacy and did not go vigorously after Bin Laden during his administration.

      How dare anyone continues down this avenue after the 60-hour siege that left at least 195 dead, with fear and grief spread across the city of Mumbai especially, when an escaped hostage said on National TV that the terrorists were seeking out people holding British and American passports! This was but a dress rehearsal for things to come and most probably things to come in America, an amphibious assault on major cities.

      After being captured fighting with Taliban forces against Americans in 2001, Abdullah Massoud was sent to Guantanamo, where the one-legged terrorist was fitted with a special prosthetic leg, at a cost of $50,000-$75,000 to the U.S. taxpayer. Upon his release in March 2004, Massoud went back to Afghanistan and quickly resumed his war against the U.S. Aided by his new artificial leg, just months later, in October 2004, Massoud masterminded the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers in Pakistan working on the Gomal Zam Dam project. Massoud said he had nothing against the Chinese but wanted to embarrass Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf for cooperating with the Americans. Pakistani forces stormed Massoud’s hideout, killing all the kidnappers, including Massoud.

      Terrorism will continue for a hundred years until all who are terrorists realize that there are no 72 virgins waiting for them but only the good life here and now, if you work hard plus the good life hereafter, if you are a moral and upright productive not a destructive citizen. If you do not strike at them vigorously now, they may exist for two hundred years and kill more Americans on American and foreign soil.

      We better wake up! Americans want to be protected! We want John Wayne, Allan Ladd, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart and all the great silver screen heroes to rise up in all of you in Congress. Releasing these GITMO prisoners not using rendition and waterboarding is not protecting America. It is not torture. It is just “rough interrogation of terrorists.” If and when one or more of these released GITMO prisoners or an uncaught terrorist kill more Americans, Congress better be prepared to Impeach Obama for Treason and High Crimes for failure to protect America and those in congress who supported this better be prepared to resign from office.

      Last but not least, Charlie Wilson said, “These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world but then we f….. up the end game.” Are there any Charlie Wilsons left in Washington? Are you a Charlie Wilson? Is there any one in Washington who can stop Obama and the Democrats from f…… up this end game? America always goes in with its ideals and we change the world and then we leave, we always leave, but the ball keeps on bouncing.
      This may sound like so much drivel to you but I am a simple man of 64 years who speaks from his mind guided by his heart and life long experiences.

      God bless the pure warrior but god damn all you Americans and you politicians, who do not recognize the truth herein.

    • Lori

      Well said. You know your facts. The City of Chicago gave Obama and Ayers $100 million for the Annenberg Foundation and this is the failed result:
      Obama – Saul Alinsky

  • Denis

    Re: socialism

    In every democratic country on this Earth there are socialistic agendas that are very useful. We have medicare and medicade. We have forms of old age security. We have welfare. We have universal public education, yes this is a socialist agenda because it is free to everyone to a point. Guess what the taxpayers pay for all this and like these advantages.

    When a government uses its power to control, thought, speech, the right to work or live where we want to or the dissemination of information, this too is socialism but usually at the point of a gun.

    Usually it is people with personal or political agendas and who have an outlet, (radio, television, internet, newspaper columnists or owners of same) or a power base (political parties from mainstream to ultra left or right) to pick on a target, (gays, jews. Obama, Bush, women, politicians to name a few) who are the real threats to society.

    Socialism as practiced in the former Soviet union is not what we want, socialism as benignly practiced in a democratic society is needed and appreciated by most citizens. I believe even ultra-conservative B.L. would agree with this.

    • Ron

      Thank you for understanding what socialism is about. Both parties are affiliated with this word socialism. Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating public or state ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equality for all individuals, with a fair or egalitarian method of compensation.
      So all you who are against socialism you might as well give up your rights of ownership and equality that has been obtained through socialism for individual rights, and not be paid in fair compensation for your labor. You hypocrites! Including you conservatives like Rush Limbaugh.

      • john

        Lots of countries around the world already have what you want…. Leave.

      • Matthew

        Go suck an egg Ron, and move to France where you belong. You are a psycho!!!!

      • commiecrusher

        what rights of ownership and equality do you speak of sir?

      • SC Wencotis

        Ron, once again you open your mouth and something unintelligent falls out. France would love to have a resident like you.

  • Defiant

    My question is; If Obama and his administration where all sworn in when America is/was America, and when they keep on changing America to be something completely different. Does the oath to protect and carry out orders still mean the same thing?

    What do you think?

    I would have to say no, that way a true American with a gun (cop) looking at a person who says “Impeach Obama and his Administration” will have the right not to kill that American for his opinion.

    It could be very dangerous commenting… ? or this is under the wire?

    • keith

      screw obama and his cronies,i am NOT going to be scared! i am NOT one of the silent ones,as a retired marine i’ll defend my rights till they pry my weapon from my cold stiff hands! as leonidas of sparta said to the persians,”if you want my arms come and get them!”

  • madmemere

    Ohhh- – Ronnnnn – -(and a few others in this group) Obviously, you are as radical a liberal lefty as the “impostor” who now sits in the oval office!! Get real – -did you ever study the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, or did your “off-the-wall” professors, in whatever liberal college you might have attended, simply beat it out of your head. In case you hadn’t noticed, the AMERICAN PEOPLE DID NOT SPEAK, when this joker stole the election (with illegal foreign campaign funds)- -that was Acorn’s work. “Right wingers” are no worse than “left wingers”, or should I say one is as bad as the other. And unless you want to live in a “repressed, bankrupt, socialistic country” you need to do A LOT OF HOMEWORK and change your way of “thinking”, as well as your vote, the next time around!

  • Kathaleen


    “I do not believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance!”

    This is my new definition of the OBAMA administration and CONGRESS!

    But I do have some good news for you; there is a cure for ignorance, knowledge of the truth! I’m tired of people giving me their facts; give me the truth alone, for the facts are always changing!!

    I love the truth, for it will always stand alone without those changing facts to prop it up!

    Seek and you shall find….the truth!

  • Ted Christy

    Socialism was tried and failed the first year the English colony was founded. Orders were: Everybody work in the fields this summer and we will put all the food in the store house and divide it this winter. (They almost starved.)

    They were told next summer that what they raised was theirs to keep. They wound up with so much food that they had a Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate their good fortune.

    The liberals don’t want you to know it but this was a celebration for the free enterprise system. Folks, it works every time. It would be so neat to try it again here in this country.

  • Ciceroni and Cheese

    Oh Ted Christy,

    I am not sure where to begin. Your brief nutshell version of the early founding of Plymouth (or Plimoth) Plantation is so wrong that I can only consider it an exercise in pure political propaganda. But… I will admit that history is fun exactly because people enjoy tossing it around like wet modeling clay in discussions like these.

    Without trying to recreate what is available in good secondary sources on Plymouth Colony, I will suggest that 1) you left the Wampanoags out of the Thanksgiving story, and I do mean the real part that they played not the fairy tale one 2) you simply made up your own, and a false, chronology of events. In fact the Pilgrims arrived in December of their first winter and having made it through their first summer they then experienced the events that would later be dubbed Thanksgiving… during their first autumn.

    I am afraid that leaves less space for your two year version and its morality tale on political economy. And again, the local Algonquin tribes had a lot to do with the early “economy” in all the New England colonies.

    PS – The English had also already colonized North America by the time that the Pilgrims landed. Jamestown anyone? So the events discussed above did not transpire in the first year of English North America regardless.

    • SC Wencotis

      Wow. You certainly got the “cheese” part right. Your arrogance is nauseating. We were discussing narcissism earlier. Perhaps you thought we were calling you?

  • Ted Christy

    Ciceroni and Cheese,
    You are right I was lazy and vague repeating what I was taught in elementary school.

    I decided to do my own research. I refer to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th Ed. copyright 2007 Columbia University. Plymouth Colony Early Years.

    Third Paragraph Quote: A communistic system of labor,adopted for seven years, was abandoned in 1623 by Bradford because it was retarding agriculture, and land was parceled out to each family.

    I realize this happened after the first so called thanksgiving but this paragraph seems to indicate that: From each according to his ability to each according to his need wasn’t working too well.

    • Howard

      Go Ted,

      Make these folks understand by truth not conjecture and false opinion.

  • Ciceroni and Cheese


    I applaud your quick apology for sloppy history, and your addition of further information. You are no troll.

    I have to run… so this will have to be short, but as they landed in late 1620 I find it hard to believe that a system of labor and property had been in operation for seven years already by 1623. I suspect that was merely a typo.

    If you want I can give you my thoughts on colonial labor and property in Massachusetts later, but I will say now that social life and business in Bay Colony townships was quite different than what most people imagine it to be. In many ways it was not a free market at all, even up to the Revolution, and this tight social control was not coming from bad old Britain. It was indigenous. You gotta blame the Puritans themselves.

    More to the point, this complexity of colonial business environments, I think, reveals that there is a spectrum of political economies in American history not a simple black and white choice between absolutely free and open marketplaces and, on the other hand, total communal ownership and production. I would also add that you rarely find those two extremes operating in U.S. history and, speaking broadly, they are usually not accompanied by prolonged happiness in their immediate vicinity.

    Yes, I leave myself open to charges from others of being a “shades of grey” person, someone who adds complexity where it is not welcome. That would be a fair cop.

  • Ted Christy

    Ciceroni and Cheese,
    You are quite knowledgeable. I suspect you have a PHD in history and teach at the university level.

    By the way that may not have been a typo. The way I read it was that the system was adopted in Dec 1620 or sometime in 1621 for seven years and had to be abandoned in 1623 because it wasn’t working according to their expectations.

    A person standing on his own parcel of land with a hoe in his hand and no one to depend on but himself can sometimes be motivated to start producing.

    Anyway, thanks for snapping me out of my lazy mode.

  • Eric g

    I have to stick up for Ron. He makes the most reasonable responses . As for Socialism or communisim . Christ and the twelve desiples were communists , or socialists . Or I dont recall , Jesus or Peter taking the most money ,becuase they did the most work . A lot of people on this web site are talking politics . I believe the Republicans would have almost the same amount of money spent , only diffent earmarks . Next month I suspect that we will work on new money , with europe and the rest of the world . Republicans turning conservative evreytime the democrats are in charge is not new , but they sure did a great job spending themselves ,even when there was no crisses . I believe Hillary could have forced Oboma to show is college aplications and his birth certificate . But the republicans didnt care than , Now some want to attack a popular sitting president . Not McCain or the republican party , but can i say the constitution party . Sad to say the constitution has really never been followed , and it means only what the supreme court says it means . Can you imagine how disapointed the american negroes and the liberal democrats would be ? if suddenly Oboma was thrown out of office .

    • Matthew

      Ok, eric. You are a wacko! I dare you to give one shred of proof to your statement that Jesus and the twelve were communists. You believe this way because you are a fool. Popular!!! Really look at polls. In many states, Rush Limbaugh is more than Barack Obama. Yes, I spelled his name right, since you don’t know how to spell either you fascist.

      • Nick

        Oh I agree with Matthew on this. Im Roman Catholic I will get a spear from the Vatican and save this nation myself. And as for Eric g, may God have have mercy on your soul, cause you just commited blasphmey in the name of your god. Looks like the Ten Commandments donts matter either anymore, well judgement day is approaching for all of us, and eric has been weighed and measured, and you are unworthy…to be an American.

  • Mike D

    Hilarious stuff. Steven Colbert, where are you – is this your web site? The one about the military guy who’ll go personally get Ron because he wanted to shout down his right to free speech about this stuff was super, real movie bad-guy stuff. Also, the fake rants about how we’re slipping towards socialism because our president is trying to get the government to right the economy with spending, laws, etc. – the ultimate in fake outrage! Keep it coming, love this site! This kind of satire on the super-right wing crackpots is what will keep Obama in office for the next seven.

    • Matthew

      Mike D, Up yours fool! Let me say I told you so now. We’ll see how history records itself in the next seven years. Haha.

      • Nick

        He’ll be executed from the office of presidency very shortly. He will not last four years.

        • Matthew

          Dear nick, whoa!, I hope you are wrong. Do you realize that the next people in line to be president if that were to happen might be worse than him?

    • Leisure al

      I think you need to read more about what is really happening in this country-or just wait 6 months to a year -and live it -if we don’t make some changes now!
      Perhaps you might want to look up socialism and the ask Pres. Obama to spread the wealth so you get your share for doing nothing-ooops, perhaps you are one who has worked hard for what he has.Are you ready to put it on the line so everyone can have a share of your wealth?

  • Ciceroni and Cheese


    I want to thank you for the way that you have communicated with me following my aggressive assault on your earlier post.

    Frankly – and being more honest than I would like – I am not sure that I would have been as graceful, if succinct, when I was eating humble pie. I think it does you more credit than it does me… for simply knowing a collection of historical facts off of the top of my head. It is so easy and fun to be a d*ck online that to rise above that in an otherwise emotionally charged exchange is impressive.

    As to your two guesses: It is possible that the seven year mystery was some kind of “seven year plan.” I am not going to do the research, but your guess is plausible. That is one of those exciting things about history… the unexpected (note: I am not talking about conspiracy thinking kinds of things). And, okay, I will at least admit that I am associated with the profession of history. I hope no one holds that against me.

    If I continue to post on this site I imagine that we may soon find ourselves on opposite sides of the fence again, but I tip my hat to your willingness to be so honest.

    [Right, everyone now is thinking that we should "get a room." To hell with that and them.]

    • Leisure al

      More like “get a grip” on reality

  • Eric g

    mat did jesus take the money ? did not one desiple hold the money ? all of the desiples money managed by one manager . Who else held the money ?. Is even your own family , not a communist organization . The black people do all the work and the white people take all the money .
    Oboma only wants to give evreyone health care , is this so wrong ? I suppose you dont think the health care providers over charge either ? I supose you think 25000 is areasonable price to pay for health insurance . My freind just told his doctor he coulded pay 300 dollar a month for one pill and another $130 for the otherone , so the doctor wrote him two differant prescription one for 4 dollars a month and the otherone for 7 dollars a month . We do need changes !

    • Matthew

      Yes, eric we do need changes. My point is that Obama is not the give us the changes that we need. No, I do that healthcare industry overcharges. There are alot of factors that cause that to happen though. Greed by the doctors, being the smallest of these. Others include government regulation which causes drug companies many millions on over testing before the FDA will approve their drugs for use, also malpractice insurance, and stupid lawsuits. Think about these things. No I don’t think the cost of health insurance is reasonable. Yes, it is wrong what Obama want concerning.
      Here’s why it’s wrong, ask yourself where the money is coming from to pay for that. I bet you it would be printed out of thin air. That’s not good for you, I, or any other american. I will make the same point that I did with someone else. I want Obama to fail. Americans can not succeed unless he does.
      There is no easy and quick fix, or easy answer to the problem that we as american face. However Obama is not the answer, neither is bigger government. One of these days I hope that sinks into your thick skull my friend.

      Wait a sec. Did you say your friend pay $11 dollar for 2 prescriptions? That’s reasonable. You’re stupid if you think it is not.

      • Matthew

        Also, eric stop with the bunk about Jesus and the disciples being communist. Do you really hate christians or something? My family is conservative, not communist. Look up the word Conservative in a dictionary fool! You will find that conservative and communist mean to different thing. You’re so uneducated, and you don’t have all the facts. Don’t go saying things until you have them. It makes you look stupid.

    • Matthew

      So you are black then eric, is that it? You seem to be racist too. Stop being a liberal. I didn’t cause slavery to happen. I wasn’t alive during the civil war. Also I am not related to anyone in Sudan. You seem to be a bastard. Keep your racist views to yourself.

    • Leisure al

      OOOPs-sounds like a race card being thrown out here

  • Ted

    Ciceroni and Cheese,

    It was nice talking to you. I wish you and our country the best. It has been said that the capital system is the worst system of government except for all the other systems around the world.

    Good luck to you,

  • Ted


    Oops, I meant capitalists system not capital system. I am almost as bad as some of the others on this blog.


    • Lori

      If it’s so bad, why are so many people immigrating to the U.S.? It must be better than yours if you have to come to this site. At least you have freedom of speech in America.

      • Matthew

        Dear Lori, because of my experiences with my friends in korea when I asked what they really know about the US government, I can give you an answer to your question. The answer simply put has two parts. One is that the vast majority of average citizens in other countries believe what CNN tells them when it comes to politics and government concerning america. CNN never reports much truth about these things. Secondly, some people come to america because their family and economic situations are so bad that they feel the need escape where they are. So they come hoping their future will be better in america. This second group doesn’t much care about the news or CNN. So there you have it. Yes Lori, we have freedom of speech here in america. The question is: for how long?.

        • Dan

          Is Third World Immigration a Threat to America’s Way of Life?

          Yes: Patrick Buchanan, from “Shields Up!” The American Enterprise (March 2002)
          No: Ben Wattenberg, from “Immigration is Good,” The American Enterprise (March 2002)

          Is immigration good or bad for America? Many immigrants, both legal and illegal enter the US every year. The majority of immigrants come from

          Third World countries and the largest percentage are from Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, and the Caribbean. European immigration has shrunk to about 10 percent. (Finsterbusch, p. 40)

          The immigration act of 1965 put all immigrants on equal footing. It made it even easier for Third World immigrants to enter the country. The new law gave preference to those with a family member already living in the US. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

          Immigrants enter the US for various reasons. They may be fleeing tyranny and terrorism, to escape war, or join relatives already settled in the US. The question has arisen as to whether or not immigrants take jobs away from US citizens or do they just do jobs the US citizens do not want. The immigrants see the US as a place of affluence in a global sea of poverty. In the US they can earn many times what they could in their native countries. What will these new immigrants do to the United States—or for it?

          (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

          Buchanan contends that immigrants are harming the US both economically and culturally. He claims that the sheer number of immigrants threatens to overwhelm traditional safeguards against cultural disintegration. This foreign influx is transforming a “nation” into a collection of separate nationalities. However, Ben Wattenberg argues that immigration will benefit the US, by making it a “universal” nation that will be better able to compete in a future that is increasingly global. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

          In 1821, the new independent Mexico invited Americans to settle in the northern part of Texas—on two conditions. Americans must become Catholics and swear allegiance to Mexico. The Americans eventually outnumbered the Mexicans ten to one. In 1835 General Santa Anna seized power in Texas and being tired of the Americans making false oaths and fake conversions, sent them back across the Rio Grande. (Buchanan, p. 42)

          Santa Anna led his army north to recapture his lost province. At the Alamo he massacred the first rebels who resisted. Then at Goliad he executed 400 Texans, who had surrendered. At San Jacinto he was ambushed. His army was butchered and he was captured. The Texans wanted him massacred, but Sam Houston made the dictator an offer: his life for Texas. Santa Anna signed. Andrew Jackson, on his last day in office, recognized the independence of the Lone Star Republic. (Buchanan, p. 42)

          Eight years later, the US annexed the Texas republic. Mexico disputed the American claim to all land north of the Rio Grande. President Polk sent troops to the north band of the river. Mexican soldiers crossed the river and fired on a US patrol. Congress declared war. By 1848 Mexico lost the war and was forced to cede all of Texas, the Southwest, and California. In addition the US gave Mexico $15 million to ease the anguish of the amputation. (Buchanan, p. 42)

          As a result of this history Mexico has an historic grievance against the US that is deeply felt by her people. Immigration today is different from the past. Today the number of people from Mexico is larger than any country ever before. In the 1990”s alone, the number of people of Mexican heritage living in the US grew by 50 percent to at least 21 million, which are highly concentrated in the Southwest. Mexicans are not just from another culture, but another race. Different races are more difficult to assimilate than different cultures. 60 million Americans of German ancestry are assimilated, but millions from Africa and Asia are not. Millions of Mexicans broke the law. Each year, 1.6 million illegal aliens are apprehended mostly at our southern border. Unlike old immigrants, Mexican immigrants did not break away from Mexico. They have no desire to learn English or become US citizens. They are here to earn money. Rather than assimilate, they created their own radio and TV stations, newspapers, films, and magazines. They are becoming a nation within a nation. (Buchanan, p.43)

          Mexican immigration is a challenge to our cultural integrity, our national identity, and potentially to our future as a country. 72 percent of Americans want less immigration. The people want action. The elites disagree—and do nothing. The US lacks the fortitude to defend its borders and to demand that immigrants assimilate into its society. If assimilation fails our children will suffer. The US will become a cleft country with potential for internal strife. (Buchanan, p.43)

          Mexican President Fox proposed a complete opening of borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Half of the Mexicans live in poverty. This situation will result in millions of Mexicans to enter the US within months. They will treat America as nothing more than an economic system. (Buchanan, p. 44)

          Even the Mexican army shows contempt for the US along its 2,000 mile border. In 2000 Mexican soldiers barreled through a barbed-wire fence, fired shots and pursued two mounted officers and a US Border Patrol vehicle. Border Patrol agents believe that some Mexican army units collaborate with their county’s drug cartels. (Buchanan, p. 46)

          The Mexican government supports illegal entry of its citizens into the US by providing them with “survival kits” of water, dry meat, granola, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills, bandages, and condoms. Some Anglo Americans have moved from California in search of cities like the one they grew up in. Others are moving into gated communities. Complaints about the radical change in America’s ethnic composition have been called un-American. However, Theodore Roosevelt warned that “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” Yet immigration has been deemed taboo by the forces of political correctness. (Buchanan, p. 46)

          Harvard economist George Borjas has found no net economic benefit from mass migration from the Third World. The added costs of schooling, health care, welfare, prisons, plus the pressure on land, water and power resources, exceed the taxes that immigrants pay. A third of the legal immigrants have not finished high school. 22 percent do not even have ninth-grade education. 60 percent still do not earn $20,000 a year. Immigrant use of food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, and school lunch programs that run 50 to 100 % higher than use by the native born. By 1991 they accounted for 24 percent of all arrests in Los Angeles and 36 Percent of all arrest in Miami. In 1980, federal and state prisons housed 9,000 criminal aliens. (Buchanan, p.47)

          Mass emigration from poor Third World countries is good for businesses that employ large numbers of workers at low wages. However, what is good for corporate America is no good for Middle America. Is the US government failing in its Constitutional duty to protect the rights of American citizens? (Buchanan, p. 47)

          Immigrants arriving from cultures that have little in common with our own raise a question: What is a nation? Some define a nation as one people of common ancestry, language, literature, history, heritage, heroes, traditions, customs, mores and faith who have lived together over time in the same land under the same rulers. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams said, “They must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. They must look forward to their posterity rather than backward to their ancestors.” John Stuart Mill cautioned that unified public opinion is “necessary to the working of representative government.” We are about to find out if he was right. (Buchanan, p. 48)

          Immigration is Good

          By the year 2050, we were told, America would be “majority non-white.” Hispanics will be “America’s largest minority.” Although most Americans of Hispanic heritage declare themselves “white,” they are inferentially counted as non-white. However, there lies a central truth: America is becoming a universal nation, with significant representation of nearly all human hues, creeds, ethnicities, and national ancestries. (Wattenberg, pp. 49, 50)

          Absorbing many immigrants, Pat Buchanan and other critics believe, will “swamp” the American culture and bring Third World problems to America. However, 8.8 million immigrants who arrived in the US between 1901 and 1910 increased the total American population by 1 percent per year. In our most recent decade, the 10 million legal immigrants represented annual growth of only 0.36 percent, because the US population went from 249 million to 281 million. Overall, 15 percent of Americans were foreign-born in 1910. In 1999, our foreign-born were 10 percent of our total. Today, America’s “foreign-born” amounts to 21 percent of the population and heading up. However in 1910, the comparable figure was 34 percent—one third of the entire country—and the heavens did not collapse. We can take in more immigrants, if we want to. Should we? (Wattenberg, p.50)

          The US population will go to 397 million in 2050 with expected immigration, but only 328 million should we choose a path of zero immigration. Is more population good for America? When it comes to potential global power and influence, numbers can matter a great deal. Taxpayers, many of them, pay for a fleet of aircraft carries. On the economic side it is better to have a customer boom than a customer bust. Japan’s stagnant demography is one cause of its decade-long slum. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

          But will the current crop of immigrants acculturate? Even among Mexican-Americans, many second-and third-generation offspring speak no Spanish at all, often to the dismay of their elders (a familiar American story). Michael Barones book “The New Americans” theorizes that Mexican immigrants are following roughly the same course of earlier Italian and Irish immigrants. It took a hundred years until Irish-Americans reached full income parity with the rest of America. California recently repealed its bilingual education programs. Half of Latino voters supported the proposition. Latina mothers reportedly tell their children that “Spanish is the language of busboys”—stressing that in America you have to speak English to get ahead. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

          Newcomers are always viewed with suspicion, but such views change over time. There are high rates of intermarriage. Most Americans lost their qualms about marriage between people of different European ethnicities. In 1990, 64 percent of Asian Americans married outside their heritage, as did 37 percent of Hispanics. Black-white intermarriage is much lower, but it climbed from 3 percent in 1980 to 9 percent in 1998. (One reason to do away with the race question of the census is that within a few decades we won’t be able to know who is what.) (Wattenberg, p.52)

          Substantial numbers of people are necessary for a country to be globally influential. Will America have enough people to keep their ideas and principles alive? Birth rates in developed part of the world—Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan, nations where liberal Western values are rooted—had sunk so law that there is danger ahead. Women in these modern countries are bearing 1.5 children. It is 28 percent below the long-term population replacement level. The European rate is 1.34 children per woman—radically below replacement level. The nations of the Western world will soon be less populous, and a substantially smaller fraction of the world population. The modern countries of the world, the bearers of Western civilization, made up one third of the global population in 1950, and one fifth in 2000, and are projected to represent one eight by 2050. If we end up in a world with nine competing civilizations, will this make it that much harder for Western values to prevail in the cultural and political arenas. The good news is that fertility rates have also plunged in the less developed counties—from 6 children to 1970 to 2.9 today. By the middle to end of this century, there should be a rough global convergence of fertility rates and population growth. (Wattenberg, p. 53) America should not cut back immigration. America needs to keep growing, and we can fruitfully use both high and low-skill immigrants. Pluralism works here, as it does in Canada and Australia. America must be prepared to go it alone. If we keep admitting immigrants at our current levels there will be almost 400 million Americans by 2050. That can keep us strong enough to defend and perhaps extend our views and values. The civilization we will be advancing may not just be Western, but even more universal: American. (Wattenberg, p. 54)

          The issue is based on what one thinks will happen as America becomes more diverse. Buchanan sees America as coming apart and Wattenberg sees America as leading the world. (Finsterbusch, p. 55)

          Finsterbusch, Kurt. Taking Sides: Social Issues. McGraw-Hill/Duskin, 2006

  • RamBoze

    To All: Well, you have all said allot here today, some correct, some not so. I like to hear folks spar with each other. But the truth is this, it’s about over, so keep your powder dry, find a nice place you think you will be able to spend the next couple of years in safety with your friends and family, and sit back and watch the fireworks, “IT’S TIME”. The End?

    • Matthew

      Dear Ramboze, “Give me liberty or Give me death” Patrick Henry.

      • RamBoze

        Matthew: Sometimes the “TREE OF LIBERTY” needs the blood of PATRIOTS to nourish it. The problem as I see it is the libs have been so successful at dumbing down our children over the past 40 years we have few young patriots left to do the real leg work needed in an revolution. So I suppose it’s going to be up to old farts such as myself and the rest of the Vets that are still alive. You see, I belived the power brokers have made a huge mistake, they have moved to quickly, while there are still millions of K.W. & VNW vets still alive. If they were smart, which they are not, they would have waited a few more years until most combat vets have died and gone away. More on this later.

  • Edward

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    -Benjamin Franklin

    • dhoover(hooversay)

      Edward you are so right !!!!!!!!!! I read all the above talk about the constitution and have to say that at no time in our 200 year history has our constitution been placed in more danger than under bush. The ‘liberal’ media the above talk about pretty much gave him a free pass without real questioning (untill signs of their doing their duty started to appear in the last year) Where were the deep questions about 9-11, rather than just accepting the bush neocon group conspiracy theory, why weren’t there more questions about the constitutionality of the bush neocons trying to create a ‘law free zone’ (guantonamo) to hold ‘enemy combatants’ without recourse of law (habeaus corpus rights), where was the questioning about rendition, about the lies that led us away from Afghanistan and into an unnecessarry war in Iraq, where were the questions about handing out no bid contracts to a company previously owned by the bush family (KBR), and to Haliburton previously managed by Cheney. Why did the ‘liberal’ media give bush a pass on illegal surveilance until after the 2004 election. Why wasn’t there more pressing for the secret Yoo memo’s that as it turns out according to them gave bush permission to declare anyone he chose an enemy combatant even to the extent of a us citizen, that he could do so without interference or reporting to congress or the courts. Most of the above commentors swallowed bushs camels but are trying to choke on Obama’s knats. Sorry but the trumped up and stretched examples of this article to show that we are losing freedoms under Obama, don’t even rate compared to the very real and factual examples of bush affronts to our freedoms. We must never let our government do to even our enemies what we don’t want done to ourselves. As for the Fairness Doctine , how many times does Obama or his administration have to say they have no interest in reviving it before you’ll get it in your heads that its not coming back. I don’t want it !!! I want rush and his ilk to keep right on sprewing out their trumped up garbage to fatten their pockets and keep turning the public away from him and his likes. fact is I think most of you above are great people, i totally dissagree with most of you, but still like with Rush I want you folks to keep right on preaching this stuff. I really wish this whole page could be put on the front page of every major paper in the USA, that way between you folk and Rush we will be assured that progressive thought and politicians would continue for a long long time into the furture. That way we could be assured of not having a repeat of the last 8 years scarrs on our great country’s record. as it is Obama and future presidents have many decades to repare and live down the near ruin that came to our universal reputation under bush. Our previous soldiers didn’t fight and die for the treaties, conventions, the Geneva Convention, our constitution just to have it taken away so someone like bush could disregard all of them to hold his perceived enemies endlessly in some law free zone he attempted to create ‘for our safety, to protect americans at home’ how damn foolish to give him a pass on these affronts to our rights. (if our government takes rights from anyone, we lose !!!) One more thing, i keep reading above about god, his will for our great country, and his will will be done and so on. just remember that more have lost freedoms or died over religious strife caused by certain groups opinions of gods will than for any other single reason in our history. generally conflicts in our earths history have involved religion, or religious ‘homelands’ and disputes involving them. Just make sure your not being the christian equivilant of the talaban here in the USA. Spread your stuff folks, then we progressives will have a long life in US government, you do us proud !!! AH !! Now !!!!! no name calling should be directed at me, because your christians right !!!!!!! so be nice for christs sake !!!!!! speak and reply back in a civil way like good christians should !!!!!!!!

  • John

    Eric g.
    Do you REALIZE how big of an idiot you are? Jesus and Peter did not hold the money… It was Judas, read your Bible, you can read how Judas was the TREASURER, and he got GREEDY for some Silver coins, and later committed suicide!.

    Since you want to play the politics game with Religion. Let us assume that Jesus and the 12 Deciples were Socialists. Let us all hope that Obama is like Judas and does himself in (work is way out of office) . Let him swindle, lie and cheat until everyone (or at least the majority) feel that he is no longer able to lead this once great country so it can be great again.

    Every time Obama opens his mouth the markets seem to backslide. Even when things were getting better the next day after his last press conference the markets take a slide. There is evidence that the markets are regaining strength. WITHOUT HELP FROM OBAMA, most of his tactics have not been put into place, so do not give him credit… Oh, I forgot, Obama does not write any laws, he lets Pelosi do that for him.

    • Nick

      Who would have known that when things get bad he always seems to bring back election night and the inauguration which he screwed up the words. He is covering himself up with all the lies and the deceit that he can sourround himself with.

      • Dan

        A leader must have certain characteristics to be successful. First, he must have a set of principles—things he believes are absolutely true. He must possess a moral compass-understanding what is absolutely “right” or “wrong”. It is important for him to have a vision—what is to be accomplished. He also needs the skill to develop a consensus, that his plan is appropriate, among a group of individuals who will carry out the many tasks needed to effectively complete the project.

        In addition he must have courage to act on his convictions and take full responsibility for his actions. He must have a sense of justice—such as, “do unto others as you would have others do onto you”. A sense of moderation is also needed, which is an understanding not to “act out” with outrageous arrogance. Equally important, he must have the wisdom of how to apply all the above.

        • Dan

          In Plato’s book “The Republic,” he constructs a “just city.” He says that if a city has been correctly constructed, it should be perfectly good. If it is perfectly good, then it should be wise, courageous, moderate and just. These are the cardinal virtues of ancient Greece. The city is wise because it is ruled by the skill of its guardians (leaders). It is courageous because the soldiers endure any danger in order to follow the orders of their leaders. It is moderate because all citizens restrain their desires in order to follow the orders of their leaders. It is just because each of the citizens is “minding his own business.”

          Plato goes on to explain that the perfectly good individual, like the perfectly good city, is wise, courageous, moderate and just. He is wise, because his reason rules him. He is courageous because his spirit is the loyal ally of his reason. He is moderate because his desires obey the dictates of reason. He is just because each part of his soul “minds its own business.” The just man “arranges himself, becomes his own friend, and harmonizes the three parts, (reason, spirit, and desire) exactly like three notes in a harmonic scale.”

        • Matthew

          Dan, thanks for this. In your own words you have just made the case that Obama is not qualified to be a leader. I agree with that idea very much.

        • Dan

          Confucius was born in 552 B.C. in the principality of Lu in China. He came from a distinguished family.

          Civilization, which is characterized by writing, the use of metal, the building of monumental structures, and complex government organizations— did not develop in China until around 1700 B.C. During the time of Confucius, which was the 6th century B.C., the emperor was a puppet. China was divided into states that owed loyalty to the emperor, but were actually governed by aristocrats. At first, Confucius was a civil servant and chief of police in Lu. He was either dismissed from the civil service or went into voluntary exile. His regard for formalities and rituals was fundamental to his teachings. He spent years traveling from one principality to another, giving advice and being honored for his wisdom. His advice was seldom taken, and he was not given another position of authority. In his last years, he retired to the principality of Lu, where he died in 479 B.C., leaving his mark as a teacher.

          As a teacher, Confucius has had tremendous influence. He shaped the civilization of China from his time until the 20th century. His sayings, teachings and the works that he believed should be studied were fundamental to the educational system and the entire governmental structure. Civil servants at all levels studied his sayings and had to pass an examination that was based on his teachings. For any great teacher, however, life is not about a series of events that happen outside, but about the teacher’s intellectual and spiritual development. At one time, Confucius had 3,000 students. His inner circle of disciples has passed on what we now know about him. Like Socrates and Jesus he never wrote a book. His students gathered his wisdom into a collection of sayings. Confucius taught the importance of study and the way of moral instruction; He also taught his followers to be steadfast and to tell the truth.

          Confucius believed that morality had to be founded in works of antiquity. For Confucius cutting oneself off from the past was leaving oneself without roots. Like a tree, a person without roots will topple over. Confucius studied history and played a role in putting together and editing a historical chronicle.

          Confucius culled the poetry of China for 300 odes that he believed were crucial. These odes were always sung. Confucius believed that music and the words of poetry put to music were essential to creating harmony in the soul. Confucius shared with Socrates the belief that the soul must be in harmony and that music was the outward expression of that harmony. At first the odes might seem unrelated to moral instruction, however, when properly interpreted, these seemingly meaningless messages told the truth. For a whole Chinese civilization, these odes offered a means of speaking the truth. Odes were often used to convey a political or individual message. No person could begin on the path to wisdom without knowing the odes, poetry that speaks to the soul. The message of the odes is rooted in concrete knowledge of the past.

          Confucius believed in the importance of carrying out ancient rituals, for example, offering sacrifices and wearing certain kinds of clothes on specific occasions. He also believed that rituals must change to accommodate to new circumstances. Confucius saw such civility as being important, but harmony was far more important. Carrying out certain formalities is a way to preserve the harmony around us. Harmony derives from everyone knowing his or her place and knowing what is expected of him or her. When asked why he did not return to government service. Confucius replied that by being a good father or a good son, he was doing the most he could do for his government.

          The followers of Confucius were expected to follow the Dao--the way that is the truth. Confucius spent his life in pursuit of the truth. Confucius divided his life into a series of stages. At the age of 15, he began his studies. At the age of 30, he took his stand. By this he meant that he decided to devote his life to the search for truth. At the age of 40, all his doubts were put aside, that is, he began to understand the way and knew that he must follow it. At 50, Confucius understood what heaven had decreed for him. Heaven had decreed that his proper place and destiny was to teach. It is noteworthy that according to his students. Confucius never talked about the gods. The divine plays almost no role in his teachings; He believed that people can find their way without invoking the gods. At 60, his “ears were properly attuned.” At this age, he knew what he would be doing. At 70, he was conscious that he was treading the path of truth.

          The way of truth is the way of benevolence. For Confucius, the Golden Rule is the path of benevolence, the way of truth and harmony in the world. The path of good is marked in our character by wisdom, courage, and justice. Justice is doing unto others what you would have them do unto you. Courage is steadfastness in truth and doing what needs to be done, unafraid of any consequences. Wisdom—the ultimate goal of the teacher and seeker of truth—is knowing what needs to be done. Moderation joins justice, courage, and wisdom together to ensure that they work in harmony.

          It is possible to compare Confucius, Socrates and Jesus. The virtues encouraged by Confucius are those that Socrates also extolled. Both men devoted their live to teaching others the path of virtue. Both Confucius and Socrates were philosophers who labeled themselves as searchers after truth. They both saw the search for wisdom as the way to truth. Jesus, who was recognized in his own day as a teacher, also engaged in this search for wisdom as the way to truth. The word “education” comes from a Latin root meaning “to lead out from.” Jesus, Socrates, and Confucius wanted to bring out from their students, or disciples, the truth that was already there but had been hidden by the falsity of the world. They sought to reroute the individual from wandering aimlessly through life to following the true path. None of the three great teachers wrote a book because each was a true searcher after truth and knew that the search is a lifelong pursuit.

        • Dan

          The Christian Definition of the Four Virtues
          According to St. Augustine, virtue leads to a happy life. Virtue is perfect love of God. The four virtues, for St. Augustine, are taken from four forms of love. The four virtues are the following:
          Temperance is love giving itself entirely to that which is loved (God). Temperance is love keeping itself entire and incorrupt for God. Let us consider temperance, which promises us a kind of integrity and incorruption in the love by which we are united to God. The office of temperance is in restraining and quieting the passions which make us pant for those things which turn us away from the laws of God and from the enjoyment of His goodness, that is, in a word, from the happy life.
          Fortitude is love readily bearing all things for the sake of the loved object. Fortitude is love bearing everything for the sake of God. Scriptures present to us a woman of amazing fortitude, and I must at once go on to her case. This woman, along with seven children, allowed the tyrant and executioner to extract her vitals from her body rather than a profane word from her mouth. What patience could be greater than this? And yet why should we be astonished that the love of God, implanted in her inmost heart, bore up against the tyrant, and executioner, and pain, and sex, and natural affection? Had she not heard, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints?” It is because she heard, “A patient man is better than the mightiest?” Proverbs 16:32. She heard, “All that is appointed you receive; and in pain bear it; and in abasement keep your patience: for in fire are gold and silver tried?” Sirach 2:4-5. She heard, “The fire tries the vessels of the potter, and for just men is the trial of tribulation?” Sirach 27:6. These verses she knew, and many other precepts of fortitude written in these books, which alone existed at that time, by the same divine Spirit who writes those precepts in the New Testament.
          Justice, according to St. Augustine is another virtue. Justice is love serving only the loved object (which is God) and therefore rules rightly. Justice is love serving God only, and therefore ruling all things well. The lover, then, whom we are describing, will get from justice this rule of life, that he must with perfect readiness serve the God whom he loves, who is the highest good, the highest wisdom, and the highest peace. This rule of life, is, as we have shown, confirmed by the authority of both Testaments.
          It may be thought that there is nothing here about man himself, the lover, but it is impossible for one who loves God not to love himself. For he alone has a proper love for himself, when he demonstrates that he aims diligently to please God, who is the chief and true good; what is to prevent one who loves God from loving himself? And then, among men should there be no bond of mutual love? We can think of no surer step towards the love of God than the love of man to man.
          Prudence, another virtue according to St. Augustine, is love distinguishing with sagacity between what hinders it and what helps it. The object of the highest love is only God. Prudence is love making a right distinction between what helps love towards God and what might hinder it. Prudence determines what is to be desired and what to be shunned. It is part of prudence (good judgment) to keep an active vigilance against any evil influence, which may creep up on us.

          ——————————————————————————-From here
          I need say no more about right conduct. For if God is man’s chief good, which you cannot deny, it clearly follows, since to seek the chief good is to live well, that to live well is nothing else but to love God with all the heart, with all the soul, with all the mind; and, as arising from this, that this love must be preserved entire and incorrupt, which is the part of temperance; that it give way before no troubles, which is the part of fortitude; that it serve no other, which is the part of justice; that it be watchful in its inspection of things lest craft or fraud steal in, which is the part of prudence. This is the one perfection of man, by which alone he can succeed in attaining to the purity of truth.

          To proceed to what remains. It may be thought that there is nothing here about man himself, the lover. But to think this, shows a want of clear perception. For it is impossible for one who loves God not to love himself. For he alone has a proper love for himself who aims diligently at the attainment of the chief and true good; and if this is nothing else but God, as has been shown, what is to prevent one who loves God from loving himself? And then, among men should there be no bond of mutual love? Yea, verily; so that we can think of no surer step towards the love of God than the love of man to man.
          Let the Lord then supply us with the other precept in answer to the question about the precepts of life; for He was not satisfied with one as knowing that God is one thing and man another, and that the difference is nothing less than that between the Creator and the thing created in the likeness of its Creator. He says then that the second precept is, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39 Now you love yourself suitably when you love God better than yourself. What, then, you aim at in yourself you must aim at in your neighbor, namely, that he may love God with a perfect affection. For you do not love him as yourself, unless you try to draw him to that good which you are yourself pursuing. For this is the one good which has room for all to pursue it along with you. From this precept proceed the duties of human society, in which it is hard to keep from error. But the first thing to aim at is, that we should be benevolent, that is, that we cherish no malice and no evil design against another. For man is the nearest neighbor of man.
          Hear also what Paul says: “The love of our neighbor,” he says, “works no ill.” Romans 13:10 The testimonies here made use of are very short, but, if I mistake not, they are to the point, and sufficient for the purpose. And every one knows how many and how weighty are the words to be found everywhere in these books on the love of our neighbor. But as a man may sin against another in two ways, either by injuring him or by not helping him when it is in his power, and as it is for these things which no loving man would do that men are called wicked, all that is required is, I think, proved by these words, “The love of our neighbor works no ill.” And if we cannot attain to good unless we first desist from working evil, our love of our neighbor is a sort of cradle of our love to God, so that, as it is said, “the love of our neighbor works no ill,” we may rise from this to these other words, “We know that all things issue in good to them that love God.” Romans 8:28
          Man, then, as viewed by his fellow-man, is a rational soul with a mortal and earthly body in its service. Therefore he who loves his neighbor does good partly to the man’s body, and partly to his soul. What benefits the body is called medicine; what benefits the soul, discipline. Medicine here includes everything that either preserves or restores bodily health. It includes, therefore, not only what belongs to the art of medical men, properly so called, but also food and drink, clothing and shelter, and every means of covering and protection to guard our bodies against injuries and mishaps from without as well as from within. For hunger and thirst, and cold and heat, and all violence from without, produce loss of that health which is the point to be considered.
          Hence those who seasonably and wisely supply all the things required for warding off these evils and distresses are called compassionate, although they may have been so wise that no painful feeling disturbed their mind in the exercise of compassion. No doubt the word compassionate implies suffering in the heart of the man who feels for the sorrow of another. And it is equally true that a wise man ought to be free from all painful emotion when he assists the needy, when he gives food to the hungry and water to the thirsty, when he clothes the naked, when he takes the stranger into his house, when he sets free the oppressed, when, lastly, he extends his charity to the dead in giving them burial. Still the epithet compassionate is a proper one, although he acts with tranquillity of mind, not from the stimulus of painful feeling, but from motives of benevolence. There is no harm in the word compassionate when there is no passion in the case.
          Fools, again, who avoid the exercise of compassion as a vice, because they are not sufficiently moved by a sense of duty without feeling also distressful emotion, are frozen into hard insensibility, which is very different from the calm of a rational serenity. God, on the other hand, is properly called compassionate; and the sense in which He is so will be understood by those whom piety and diligence have made fit to understand. There is a danger lest, in using the words of the learned, we harden the souls of the unlearned by leading them away from compassion instead of softening them with the desire of a charitable disposition. As compassion, then, requires us to ward off these distresses from others, so harmlessness forbids the infliction of them.

        • Dan

          The art of leadership as it should be was discussed in the works of Socrates and Confucius, as I described in my email to you. However, Machiavelli presented in his book “The Prince”, written in 1513, how leadership is in fact. It is as applicable today as it was during the Renaissance. It is useful to CEOs and politicians. Machiavelli is concerned with power. He teaches how to get power and how to keep it. Machiavelli believes that power is everything. What matters is the sheer possession of power. He is not concerned with using power for any good purpose. The leader leads for his benefit. His subjects are sheep to be sheared or threatened with elimination. He believes, contrary to Socrates and Confucius, in one maxim: “Do others in before they do you in.” Machiavelli came to this conclusion by studying the lessons of history. History shows that tyrants are frequently men of mediocre ability, who focus on power and are utterly ruthless in its pursuit. Machiavelli described people as they were. The lessons of Machiavelli are written throughout history, especially the histories of Greece and Rome.

          Machiavelli believed that power is the only thing that people want and that people will do anything to attain it. He believed that the teaching of Socrates, Confucius and Jesus were fine intellectually, but people do not actually behave that way.

          Machiavelli was born in Florence in 1469 and died in 1527. He came from a family of distinction. He had a good education in Latin classics. He learned that history could be used to understand the present. Machiavelli entered bureaucratic service, became a diplomat and traveled widely.

          Machiavelli taught that a person must first decide if he wants power, because a person who does not want power should not seek a role in leadership. Those who seek power must be willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain it.

          The leader must possess several characteristics. He must be cunning, not wise philosophically. He must understand people. The leader is not seeking ultimate truth, he is searching for what works. The leader must be stingy. It is not good to give gifts to people or the leader will be ruined financially. Money is one of the means to procure power. Power is about force, and money is needed to buy that force and sustain it. The leader must be cruel. Being hated and feared is better than being loved. People will not aid a loved leader unless it is convenient for them. However, they will aid a cruel leader in fear of being punished if they do not give him aid when he needs it. The ability to lie is key to his success. The leader should never keep a promise unless it is convenient. He should say whatever is expedient at the moment, than do what he pleases.

          He must appoint his immediate supporters. They must be capable, loyal and under the leader’s control. The followers must be flatterers, but the leader must know when they are flattering him. Anyone who contradicts the leader in public or gives a frank opinion in public must be removed.

          The lessons of Machiavelli were not lost on Hitler and Stalin, who used cruelty and shrewdness. Trotsky, an opponent of Stalin, said, “Joseph Stalin is a mediocrity, but he is not a nonentity.

        • Matthew

          Dear Dan, what do any of your replies have to do with the topic? Do you believe in the fairness doctrine? I wonder.

      • Matthew

        Yes nick, I agree with you. However as for as who would have known, seriously you’re joking right? There’s nothing about Obama that could surprise me.

    • Matthew

      Dear John, well said. I agree with you.

    • RamBoze

      John: You know, there is one thing I have noticed since I have been on this site, and that’s not very long. You all seem to think that obama is the one who is in charge and that they are his decisions that are messing everything up. You all need to wise up a little, obama has nothing to do with the way things are in this country now, he is just a pawn, a puppet, the real power brokers are on the side lines, keeping out of sight, but making the rules. More later. RamBoze

      • Matthew

        RamBoze: You don’t know that God is in charge?

        • SSG Prasuhn

          To Matthew (March 27th, 2009 at 8:06 pm): If GOD is in charge of ‘this mess’ we’re currently in, HE sure has a ‘VERY WRY’ Sense of Humor!!

          I’m sure HE ‘believes’ in ‘Sick Humor’, but I (seriously) doubt that HIS humor is ‘that SICK’.

          ‘Nuff Said’,

        • Aaron

          What god? People have attested to hundreds over the centuries, but encounters outside of drunken “revelation” have been limited, and mostly only pertain to people who are already psychotic (eg some Mormons).
          Apparently some Mormons claim to hear the voice of ‘god’. However, normally when someone is hearing voices in their head they are condemned as psychotic and sent to an insane asylum. I fail to see why there should be any distinction.

      • Howard

        I think your observation is a good one.

        • Matthew

          I am going to say I told you so now. Let’s wait and see who is right.

        • Matthew

          SSG PRASUHN I think you got it wrong. It’s called judgement. The Bible does say that God is a God of judgement. There’s not supposed to be anything humorous about it.

        • Matthew

          Aaron, I fail to see the point of talking to someone who is as dillusional as you.
          I also fail to see the point of continueing to make comments on this blog. It takes up my valuable time. What good are our comments about this issue anyway. Obama and his cronies have set things up in such a way that we as average citizens have no power to affect government.
          The only thing we do is vote and hope they don’t rig elections. As you saw in last years elections, the democratic party has powerful people within the justice system in their back pocket. They do things illegally to secure elections, and then pay people to look the other way so they can get away with it. Then the other side often doesn’t produce canidates with enough backbone to stand up and challenge them when they do this.
          So, I will spell everything out for you Aaron. Jesus Christ died for your sins and mine. He rose and is in heaven right now. He existed way before you and I were thought about.
          He wants to have a personal relationship with you and I. If you don’t know him in that way then you will go to hell when you die. This is not me saying this God says it Himself. I hope you can understand this. If you legitimately have questions about this let me know.
          I will not argue with you though.
          And it’s exactly the opposite of your thinking. Without belief in the exsistance of God, and the fact that He is in control of everything, there would be to much chaos, misery, worry, and unhappiness. I don’t think I want a life that.

        • Matthew

          a life like that. A typing error.


    Who knows or can direct me to the agenda or plan for the NWO. I would like to get ready.

  • Eric g

    One bloger wrote religion has been the cuase of most wars ,especialy fundamental christians . I’ve heard this before . but I guess communists have really killed more people the last hundred yrs . Chinese seem to like christianity , as christs teaching were a lot like confuses teachings . I would say greed or land maybe the biggest cuase of wars , right now its maybe oil ? America is not a rich country becuase of democracy , or a better form of government . America maybe is a wealthy country more becuase of the fundamentalist christians that settled this country. A belief that you should love your neihbor as your self , a desire to do unto others as you would like to be treated . A strong sense of justice . I know we have done a poor job on these issues , but I belive we have done better than most other countries . And more for these reasons we have done better finacialy . Our advantages could disapear in one hour now days
    I feel this tradition has been slipping away evrey time he invite actual head hunters and people that have no intentions of learning or following our traditions to come and live with us .
    I too believe endtimes are here ,maybe ten yrs maybe a 100 ,or maybe tomorow but we now have the power to destroy ourseves ,and millions of people cant wait to start . Some believe Allah commands them to start the final battle , maybe god is comanding them ? The Antichrist is born in the east , he will take power through trickery , he will have no desire for a women, he will have no need to follow his fathers religion , or any other religion , he will create a new world money and a socialist government , He will rule a revised Roman empire , and he will go to Gods jewish temple and proclaim himself God . Evreything is set to go , the jews will sign any peace agreement ,but there is no jewish temple .

    • Matthew

      Hey, eric. Check your fact again buddy. Christianity is Confusionism. Do some research and you would know that. Some points you mention have merit. As far as the Jewish people signing any peace agreement, I am not so sure.

      • Matthew

        Boy did I screw that one up. I meant that Christianity is different from Confusionism.

  • San Jose, Illinois Rep.Party

    In response to “Ron”, it would appear that after all these years that Senator McCarthy of Wisconsin was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT that there WERE & ARE Communists in the “Guvment” & Hollywood.
    As American Citizens we are BOUND by the Constitution, Law, & Morality (IF there is any LEFT in this country) to EXPOSE & PROSECUTE these people for violating our said Constitution, Amendments and any OTHER laws that they have broken!! Myself, I believe that those in the Senate & Congress who PERSIST in trying to turn this country into a SOCIALIST form of government are TRAITORS & should be treated as such! I believe that would be LIFE in prison OR DEATH!
    “WE THE PEOPLE” are NOT being listened to and should rise up in Civil Disobedience in ANY way we can in cluding a MASS MARCH on Washington in order to get their attention.
    As I have said in my blog(, the mid-terms are approaching. And if ANYTHING will get their attention it’s the FACT that they might NOT be sent BACK to D.C. (Da Capitol) by US! FAILURE to get re-elected is a major scare to them while WE still hold the BIG CARDS in the game!!
    I suggest we ALL send E-mails to EVERY Representative & Senator in D.C. & let them know “We are mad, and we’re not going to take it anymore”!!!!

    • dhoover(hooversay)

      After reading more that ‘Ron’ said about his original thinking up at the top of this blog, it appears to me that he doesn’t mean for the government to step in and put Rush out of business, he just thinks he should sit down and be quiet. Whats wrong with him stating his opinion? if Rush can spew out BS, then he can take it when the majority don’t like listening to it, especially when it is so negative. So why do you inferr that this ‘Ron’ is a communist? Please read what i wrote in reply to ‘Edward’ above about all the major affronts to our freedoms under bush then please let us know why your so concerned now about socialism. What is obama doing that is so socialistic to you? Unless you don’t like the idea of most people having insurance, being able to get an education without owing a bank for the first 10 to 20 years of their after college careers? Did you vote for Palin? she was behind increasing checks to all families in Alaska based on profits from oil taken out of the state of Alaska. There isn’t anything congress or the senate is proposing that is even close to being as socialistic or spreading the wealth as what she is doing in her state. If you voted for her and still back her, it seems quite hypocritical to complain about Washingtons efforts to streaighten out the economical mess that was left to them by the bush neocon cabal (bush, cheney, libbey, wolfowicz, rumsfeld, and many others who were behind redistributing vast wealth to the military complex) how do you complain now but accept as OK that went down in the last 8 years? Please explain yourself, and be a good christian God fearing American, no labeling or name calling like

    • SSG Prasuhn

      To dhoover(hooversay) – (March 28th, 2009 at 12:06 pm)….As an ‘update’, the last I saw, read, heard…the ‘penalty for TREASON is DEATH’. It has NOT (yet) been commuted to LIFE or LIFE Plus One Day….

      Were ‘We The People’ to HOLD our governmental officials ‘guilty’ (as charged) and to ‘act’ upon ‘their’ TREASONOUS ACTIONS and acitivities of late, I’m afraid we’b be wouthout any ‘government’ at all. To do this correctly, we’d HAVE to elect and whole new batch of (less-crooked politicians) to fill the ‘upcoming’ vacancies before ‘completing sentencing’ — which if I’m not mistaken is ….’to be HUNG by the neck UNTIL DEAD’.

      ‘Nuff Said’,

      • dhoover(hooversay)

        your not being clear, who are these people commiting treason? bush, cheney, rumsfeld, yoo, bibee, gonzales???? who are you referring to?

        • Matthew

          That’s it. I was seething when wrote one post, but this last one. I have to say you watch to much CNN. They lie and you have been brainwashed. Years from now when you are paying 95% taxes because of these things that Obama is doing and wants to do, remember I told you so. The health care and education reforms you mentioned are wrong because of where the money pay for them will come from. What about the hundreds of thousands of americans paying student loans now. Will the government bail them out? If they do it spell disaster.
          You don’t get it bigger government is bad, and I don’t care what you say. You are dodo bird. That means have a brain the size a pea.

        • SSG Prasuhn

          dhoover(hooversay) –March 29th, 2009 at 10:37 pm–:…which ones you ask? That should be pretty obvious….ALL POLITICIANS who say one thing then do another once they’re elected. Party affiliation DOES NOT matter. They’re ALL crooks…ONLY in it for themselves and to hell with their constituents.

          ‘Nuff Said’,

  • tryingtoreason

    You know whats really sad is that so much faith is put in Obama and big gov, and so little is put in Google. That is strange really. People would never say about Bill gates what is now being said about Obama .. . even though Obama makes over 400,000 a year. Have we put liberal democrats in this little box in our mind where . . “they can’t possibly be called currupt? They can do no wrong? They are not like Google? They are not like Enron? When will we come to our senses that NEITHER BUSH NOR OBAMA ARE KINGS.”

    • Matthew

      Dear tryingtoreason. Tell that to Obama, he thinks he is king.

  • Dennis

    Personally I don’t think there was a real person named “Ron” that wrote an article on this so called forum.

    I think it was just a fake post written by dear old Bob Livingston himself to yank the chain of his followers to get them upset and writing posts.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      To Dennis — (on March 29th, 2009 at 10:29 am:) — There you go! A ‘New Topic’ of discussion laid before us….Interesting (and quite logical) thought you have there. It’s happened (elsewhere) before, and I’m quite certain it will happen somewhere else again (doesn’t really matter what the topic of the ‘blog’ is, someone will ‘plant’ a seed to get the discussion started and ‘stir the pot’ to see what ‘boils / roils’ to the top. Does that seem like a ‘witch’s brew’ being concocted in the cauldron?? Do ‘ya think that may be how the term ‘Withc Hunt’ got started???

      ‘Nuff Said’,

  • Leisure al

    Amen-but I also am a believer that God helps those who help themselves and we really need to get active to change the direction this bunch of ?????? is leading us.
    My question is “What country do they represent?” It is not any American I have ever known

  • John R

    Freedom of speech is tempered by libel and slander actions. You are free to speak you just can’t lie. Hate crimes are also restrictions. If you are crossing the legal lines you can expect action, that is not new it is the rule of law that keeps us all safer.

    Fear is the best way to get the sheep in line and the thread of this discussion is filled with Ba Ba Ba. If you look at recent US history the best examples of freedom of speech gone off the rails is McCarthy – the red scare – anyone who stands up against the fear mongers is labeled a communist or socialist and blacklisted, a dark period of American history. A full on right wing attack oin freedom of speech. You live in America, you are entitled to your opinion, you have the right to participate in the direction of the country. Do that and lose the “blood in the streets, gods will” stuff.

    My opinion and I am free to make it, Obama is a good man and he is doing a good job in a difficult situation. Freedom of speech is not being undermined so put your fear on the shelf. Life is good, enjoy it and stop living in fear.

  • Eric g

    I cant help but agree Oboma is a good man and doing a expected amount of spending to correct a difficult situation . How ever he has not shown his birth certificate , to prove he is elgible to even be a U.S president . He and his democratic suporters have refused to show his birth certificate WHY??????

    • Smilee

      He has shown it, where have you been?? Law suits saying this have all been dismissed because those filing them have been unable to prove otherwise. I have seen a copy of it on line and it has been checked out during discovery in these law suits and found to be on record in Hawaii. Why is this so hard for you to believe !!! Even if he had been born it another country he would still be considered a citizen since his mother was citizen and living in the US, but there has been found no evidence that he was not born in Hawaii as the family claims and have provided that proof. My cousin had a son in another country and he is a US citizen, she iwas and s a US citizen.



  • Mauricio

    This Ron character is really a piece of work, on the one hand he claims that the media has a duty to inform the events has they happen and “not inject” their views”. Where in the hell he’s been living?? First of all his statement is “conveniently” incomplete, the media has an ETHICAL duty, which means NOTHING!! as “ethical standards” are not enforcible and 2ndly whomever writes whatever does so from his own point of view: For instance for the Iranians we (the Americans) are terrorists!
    Freedom of speech is sacrosant and NO jerk like Ron is going to stop it, if someone doesn’t like what Rush has to say, he can simply turn off the radio or just tune another station: Silence is not the solution!!
    We are indeed in route to Socialism as the Government ownership of the economy grows, Socialism is NOT the answer; this is overwhwelmingly clear from the massive failure @ the Eastern European countries; when iniciative is punished by the government taking the fruit of the hard work away; results in EVERYBODY sitting on their Asses and doing nothing and when that happens the end comes!!!
    If this Ron is NOT even an American as he implies; then by his own standards, he should not be speaking about America!!

  • me

    Read Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

  • The Hammer

    Nobody has the right to mind control. But the socialist thinks he does. He is not bound by the rules with the masses have to obey. It’s always been like that with them. After all, they are constructing paradise! You and I will just have to understand! That’s all it really is, just an obsession with control. An alternate reality for the masses to dwell in and have their being, the better to control them with. Socialism is the siren song of old, the cry of the “opressed masses,” the workers of the world “rising up.” We have heard all the trash before and so have many generations before us. Hell, this goes all the way back to the Sumerians! A right good thing living under a philosopher-king who “owns” everything in sight and has the power of life and death over every living being in his dominions! It’s the same insidious propaganda rehashed and repackaged to “appeal” to the great unwashed. It destroys everything it touches, even the human soul. Just ask the refugees from
    Soviet Russia and Communist China.

  • American Socialist

    Ron’s clearly not got much going on upstairs, but those who want to grab him by the gonads and shut him up for his opinion, or threaten that blood will run in the streets in the name of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, clearly have no sense of irony.

    I’m a proud American — more so now that we have a freely-elected president who also happens to be a thoughtful, intelligent individual who not only reads but has written a book or two. I believe we could use a dose of socializing some of our essential services. I think a successful government in modern times must = ensure five major things for its citizens: national defense (which includes enforcing a sensible immigration policy), measured oversight of a healthy private sector, transportation to keep its people mobile, health care to keep its citizens contributing actively to society, and education to keep them competitive. Why is that so frightening to you? If you want to call me a socialist, fine, I’m a socialist. But don’t bother telling me to go to China. I’ve been there, it’s not a good socialist country. Some other places that I’m sure you’d consider socialist — New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Canada, Ireland, even the dreaded France — are quite lovely places. Still, I’m an American. I live here. I support many progressive and liberal causes. And some of you want to shoot me for that?

    I guess I don’t understand ultra-conservatism.

    You quote Thomas Jefferson at the outset of this post. He also wrote: “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind as that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change. With the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.”

    That, I think, sums up his take on ultra-conservatism.

    • PAT L

      I have been reading “The Audicity of Hope” and just like his speaches Obama says things that appeal to both sides. let me give you an example. on page 9 of the prologue paragraph 3. “based on my experience as a senator and lawyer, husband and father, Christian and skeptic”
      And then on page 10 of the prologue paragraph 2 “I believe inevolution, scientific inquiry, and global warming……..I wish the country had fewer lawyers and more engineers.
      page 10 paragraph 2 “my views on most topics correspond more closely ot the editorial pages of the New York Times than those of the Wall Street Journal. I am angry about policies that consistantly favor the wealthy and powerful over average Americans”
      and then the next paragraph “I also think my party can be smug, detached, and dogmatic at times. I beleive in the free market, competition and entrepreneurship, and think no small number of government programs don’t work as advertised I wish the country had fewer lawyers and more engineers

      EVOLUTION contrdicts CHRISTIAN beliefs and so does global warming if you believe that God is in control.
      If we have to many lawyers why didn’t he become an ENGINEER instead of a LAWYER and support his beliefs
      if he truly believes in the free market then he would let the free market correct itself. Because otherwise it’s not a FREE market
      And he even makes degrading remarks about his own party calling it SMUG DETACHED AND DOGMATIC

      and thats just on 2 pages of the prologue. He doesn’t believe in anything only his own agenda. And I’ll bet a lot of the people who voted for Obama are now having second thoughts. I spoke to one nurse the other day when she saw me reading the book. She said it was a great book. I told her I just wanted to learn who this guy was. But as I read his book I still don’t know what he really believes. He contradicts himself constantanly.
      The nurse was black, and she was excited that she had voted for him, but she said she is also a Christian and everyone else she voted for were republican, and now she was confused because he does not share her views. I will bet a lot of people are feeling the same way

      This is anothe quote from Barack Obama a sitting Senator when he wrote this book
      page 42, paragraph 1 “I imagine the white Southerner who grows up heard his dad talk about ni—–s, this and ni—-s that but who has struck up a friendship with the black guys at the office…” For a sitting president to use this kind of language is discusting.

      I have found that when people say things like this, it is because they think this way and so they believe everyone thinks this way.
      I had 5 sons. One was always locking his belongings up because he thought his brothers would steal from him if he left things out. He was the one that was caught stealing from his brothers. he was the one not to be trusted.

    • SC Wencotis

      American Socialist said: “I’m a proud American — more so now that we have a freely-elected president who also happens to be a thoughtful, intelligent individual who not only reads but has written a book or two.”

      I would also be impressed with a President who “wrote a book or two” if the books actually had any literary or scholarly merit. The books are about himself. By himself.

  • byron m

    the left is in because people were mad at Bush. they could have put Garry Coleman as the dems. choice and he would have won. Obama won on hate and fear of the past president. he has n,t any experience ;you can,t name One bill he sponsored on his own. To elect him will come back and bite us.he,s a great orator and you would like to invite him to your local rotary Club .giving away money to failed co.s like gm and ford is like betting on a 100 shot at the track.

  • James Hoagland

    You are quite right to point out the historically recorded procedures to deprive citizens of their democratic rights. Comparing Obama to other countries misses the point. President Obama is a socialist by his programs. He may or may not have been born on American soil but he certainly was not socialized American style. He was “chosen” and now he will attempt to take out the “chosen people”. Wait till you hear about some of the programs the far left has developed over the past thirty years or more. Like returning a large portion of the south-west to Mexico. (May be a mute point with the implementation of NAFTA). Recognizing the “black-belt” in the South of the USA as the “homeland” of the Afro-American “people”. But first things first. Guns have to rendered useless. No resistance allowed. That is after all the point of the Second Amendment. An armed citizenry is a check against “Leviathan”. But you all elected this guy and now you’ll have to live with him- if you can.

  • Regni

    You have a fuzzy idea about socialism. You should have lived in USSR in mid 50′s or go live North Korea for a while.

  • carlyn

    I have scanned over many posts on this site and can’t believe what I am reading! Are there that many of you out there who are so twisted and paranoid?? You have used half-truths and deceitful media examples, to fit into your belief systems. When did you people start down the road of such intense hate, and decide to buy into this “Obama is Facist” farce?
    Your minds are on the track of destruction, you cannot see for the brainwashing you have absorbed. I am almost certain there is no hope for people who have cemented themselves this way. I am SO SORRY for your inability to evolve.

    • SC Wencotis

      Thank you for your humble judgement. You are obviously incredibly evolved.

      • gwinf

        Or incredibly deceived…..

  • Obama Bin Lyin’


    The correct expression is, “Obama is a MARXIST.”

  • Dan

    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:27 pm:
    A leader must have certain characteristics to be successful. First, he must have a set of principles—things he believes are absolutely true. He must possess a moral compass-understanding what is absolutely “right” or “wrong”. It is important for him to have a vision—what is to be accomplished. He also needs the skill to develop a consensus, that his plan is appropriate, among a group of individuals who will carry out the many tasks needed to effectively complete the project.

    In addition he must have courage to act on his convictions and take full responsibility for his actions. He must have a sense of justice—such as, “do unto others as you would have others do onto you”. A sense of moderation is also needed, which is an understanding not to “act out” with outrageous arrogance. Equally important, he must have the wisdom of how to apply all the above.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:30 pm:
    In Plato’s book “The Republic,” he constructs a “just city.” He says that if a city has been correctly constructed, it should be perfectly good. If it is perfectly good, then it should be wise, courageous, moderate and just. These are the cardinal virtues of ancient Greece. The city is wise because it is ruled by the skill of its guardians (leaders). It is courageous because the soldiers endure any danger in order to follow the orders of their leaders. It is moderate because all citizens restrain their desires in order to follow the orders of their leaders. It is just because each of the citizens is “minding his own business.”

    Plato goes on to explain that the perfectly good individual, like the perfectly good city, is wise, courageous, moderate and just. He is wise, because his reason rules him. He is courageous because his spirit is the loyal ally of his reason. He is moderate because his desires obey the dictates of reason. He is just because each part of his soul “minds its own business.” The just man “arranges himself, becomes his own friend, and harmonizes the three parts, (reason, spirit, and desire) exactly like three notes in a harmonic scale.”


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:33 pm:
    You say “that universal truth is a myth. The truth is in the eyes of the beholder.”

    Thank you for challenging me to defend my ideas.

    Law is the set of enforced rules under which a society is governed. Law is one of the most basic social institutions—and one of the most necessary. No society could exist if all people did just as they pleased, without regard for the rights of others. Nor could a society exist if its members did not recognize that they also have certain obligations toward one another. The law thus establishes the rules that define a person’s rights and obligations. The law also sets penalties for people, who violate these rules, and it states how government shall enforce the rules, and it states how government shall enforce the rules and penalties. However, the laws enforced by government can be changed. In fact, laws frequently are changed to reflect changes in a society’s needs and attitudes.

    First, we need to explore the idea of “Natural Law”. Natural law is the idea that people have certain rights that cannot be taken away. It probably began thousands of years ago. This theory states that a natural order exists in the universe because all things are created by nature, or God. (To appreciate this idea you first have to accept that there is a God) Everything has its own qualities and is subject to the rules of nature to achieve its full potential. According to this theory, anything that detracts from a persons human qualities, or prevents their full achievement, violates the laws of nature.

    The ancient Greek philosophers and the writers of the Old Testament stressed that there is a higher law than human law. In the first century B.C., the Roman philosopher Cicero insisted that this higher natural law is universal and can be discovered through human reasoning. (It is God’s law, which he reveals to all people through their reasoning. It is not learned. It is divinely given) This led to the idea that government power has limits, and that people and governments everywhere are bound by natural law.

    Some of the most historic English legal documents are based on the principles of natural law. The earliest and most famous was the Magna Carta, which the king approved against his will in 1215. The document placed the king himself under the law. In 1628, the English Parliament drew up a Petition of Right. The petition claimed that certain actions of the king, such as levying taxes without the consent of Parliament is unconstitutional.

    Natural Rights—Natural law has always stressed the duties, more than the rights, of governments and individuals. But during the late 1600’s, the natural law tradition began to emphasis natural right. The change was brought about largely through the writings of the English philosopher John Locke.

    Locke argued that governmental authority depends on the people’s consent. According to Locke people originally lived in a state of nature with no restrictions on their freedom. Then they came to realize that confusion would result if each person enforced his or her own rights. (“The truth is in the eyes of the beholder”, your statement.) People agreed to live under a common government, but not to surrender their “rights of nature” (my universal rights) to the government. Instead they expected the government to respect these rights, especially the rights of life, liberty and property. (Note: this is stated as unalienable rights by our founding fathers, our esteemed leaders, in the Declaration of Independence.) (“Unalienable” means it cannot be separated from the individual, because it was divinely given by God in the Natural Laws, which he revealed to all people through divine revelation, through their power of reason.) Locke’s idea of limited government and natural rights became part of the English Bill of Rights (1689), the French Declaration of Rights of Man (1789), and the U.S. Bill of Rights (1781).

    Today many scholars reject the natural law and natural rights theories. These scholars believe that all laws—including those guaranteeing civil rights—are simply devices that people find convenient or useful at a particular time. Nevertheless, nearly all civil right laws have resulted from the theories of natural law and natural rights.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:36 pm:
    In an effort to establish the idea that there are universal concepts let us explore Plato’s philosophy. Many of Plato’s dialogues try to identify the nature or essence of some philosophically important notion be defining it. The “Euthyphro” revolves around a discussion of the question, “What is piety?” The central question of “The Republic” is, “What is justice?” The “Theaetetus” tries to define knowledge. The “Charmides” is concerned with moderation, and the “Laches” discusses valor. Plato denied that a notion, such a piety (reverence), could be defined simply by offering examples of it. Plato required a definition of a notion to express what is true of, and common to, all instances of that notion.

    Plato was interested in how we could apply a single word or concept to many different things. For example, how can the word “table” be used for all the individual objects that are tables? Plato answered that various things can be called by the same name because they have something in common. He called this common factor the thing’s “form” or “idea”

    According to Plato, the real name of any individual thing depends on the form in which it “participates.” For example, a certain object is a triangle because it participates in the form of triangularity. A particular table is what it is because it participates in the form (idea) of the table. Plato insisted that the forms differ greatly from the ordinary things which are around us. Ordinary things change but their forms do not. A particular triangle may be altered in size or shape, but the form of the triangle can never change (it is absolute). In addition, individual things only imperfectly approximate their forms, which remain unattainable models of perfection. Circular objects or beautiful objects are never perfectly circular or perfectly beautiful. The only perfectly circular thing is the form of circularity itself, (its form is absolute) and the only perfectly beautiful thing is the form of beauty.

    Plato concluded that these unchanging and perfect forms cannot be part of the everyday world, which is changing and imperfect. Forms exist neither in space nor time. They can be known only by the intellect, not by the senses. Because of their stability and perfection, the forms have greater reality than ordinary objects observed by the senses. Thus, true knowledge is the knowledge of forms. These central doctrines of Plato’s philosophy are called his “theory of forms” or “theory of ideas.

    This is another attempt to support my argument that there are universal ideas that are true for everyone, everywhere and at all times.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:38 pm:
    The Christian definition of the Four Virtues, by St. Augustine is as follows:
    According to St. Augustine, virtue leads to a happy life. Virtue is perfect love of God. The four virtues, for St. Augustine, are taken from four forms of love. The four virtues are the following:
    Temperance is love giving itself entirely to that which is loved (God). Temperance is love keeping itself entire and incorrupt for God. Let us consider temperance, which promises us a kind of integrity and incorruption in the love by which we are united to God. The office of temperance is in restraining and quieting the passions which make us pant for those things which turn us away from the laws of God and from the enjoyment of His goodness, that is, in a word, from the happy life.
    Fortitude is love readily bearing all things for the sake of the loved object. Fortitude is love bearing everything for the sake of God. Scriptures present to us a woman of amazing fortitude, and I must at once go on to her case. This woman, along with seven children, allowed the tyrant and executioner to extract her vitals from her body rather than a profane word from her mouth. What patience could be greater than this? And yet why should we be astonished that the love of God, implanted in her inmost heart, bore up against the tyrant, and executioner, and pain, and sex, and natural affection? Had she not heard, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints?” It is because she heard, “A patient man is better than the mightiest?” Proverbs 16:32. She heard, “All that is appointed you receive; and in pain bear it; and in abasement keep your patience: for in fire are gold and silver tried?” Sirach 2:4-5. She heard, “The fire tries the vessels of the potter, and for just men is the trial of tribulation?” Sirach 27:6. These verses she knew, and many other precepts of fortitude written in these books, which alone existed at that time, by the same divine Spirit who writes those precepts in the New Testament.
    Justice, according to St. Augustine is another virtue. Justice is love serving only the loved object (which is God) and therefore rules rightly. Justice is love serving God only, and therefore ruling all things well. The lover, then, whom we are describing, will get from justice this rule of life, that he must with perfect readiness serve the God whom he loves, who is the highest good, the highest wisdom, and the highest peace. This rule of life, is, as we have shown, confirmed by the authority of both Testaments.
    It may be thought that there is nothing here about man himself, the lover, but it is impossible for one who loves God not to love himself. For he alone has a proper love for himself, when he demonstrates that he aims diligently to please God, who is the chief and true good; what is to prevent one who loves God from loving himself? And then, among men should there be no bond of mutual love? We can think of no surer step towards the love of God than the love of man to man.
    Prudence, another virtue according to St. Augustine, is love distinguishing with sagacity between what hinders it and what helps it. The object of the highest love is only God. Prudence is love making a right distinction between what helps love towards God and what might hinder it. Prudence determines what is to be desired and what to be shunned. It is part of prudence (good judgment) to keep an active vigilance against any evil influence, which may creep up on us.
    To seek the good means to live well. Living well is loving God with all your heart, soul and mind. This love must be incorrupt, which is accomplished through moderation. This love must not give way to opposition, which is accomplished through fortitude; this love must serve no other, which is justice and the love must be watchful or evil things will creep in, which is a part of prudence. These things lead to the perfection of man by which he can succeed in attaining purity of truth.
    It may be thought that there is nothing here about man himself, the lover. It is impossible for one who loves God not to love himself. He who seeks the true good must love himself as well. What is to prevent one who loves God from loving himself? And then, among men should there be no bond of mutual love? Yes, we can think of no surer step towards the love of God than the love of man to man. The first thing to aim at is that we should be benevolent. We should not bear malice or evil against another person. For man is the nearest neighbor of man.
    Hear also what Paul says: “The love of our neighbor,” he says, “works no ill.” Romans 13:10 A man may sin against another in two ways, either by injuring him or by not helping him when it is in his power. It is for these things, which no loving man would do, that men are called wicked. “The love of our neighbor works no ill.” We cannot attain the good unless we first desist from working evil. Our love of our neighbor is a sort of cradle of our love to God. As it is said, “the love of our neighbor works no ill,” we may rise from this to these other words, “We know that all things issue in good to them that love God.” Romans 8:28


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:41 pm:
    Confucius was born in 552 B.C. in the principality of Lu in China. He came from a distinguished family.

    Civilization, which is characterized by writing, the use of metal, the building of monumental structures, and complex government organizations— did not develop in China until around 1700 B.C. During the time of Confucius, which was the 6th century B.C., the emperor was a puppet. China was divided into states that owed loyalty to the emperor, but were actually governed by aristocrats. At first, Confucius was a civil servant and chief of police in Lu. He was either dismissed from the civil service or went into voluntary exile. His regard for formalities and rituals was fundamental to his teachings. He spent years traveling from one principality to another, giving advice and being honored for his wisdom. His advice was seldom taken, and he was not given another position of authority. In his last years, he retired to the principality of Lu, where he died in 479 B.C., leaving his mark as a teacher.

    As a teacher, Confucius has had tremendous influence. He shaped the civilization of China from his time until the 20th century. His sayings, teachings and the works that he believed should be studied were fundamental to the educational system and the entire governmental structure. Civil servants at all levels studied his sayings and had to pass an examination that was based on his teachings. For any great teacher, however, life is not about a series of events that happen outside, but about the teacher’s intellectual and spiritual development. At one time, Confucius had 3,000 students. His inner circle of disciples has passed on what we now know about him. Like Socrates and Jesus he never wrote a book. His students gathered his wisdom into a collection of sayings. Confucius taught the importance of study and the way of moral instruction; He also taught his followers to be steadfast and to tell the truth.

    Confucius believed that morality had to be founded in works of antiquity. For Confucius cutting oneself off from the past was leaving oneself without roots. Like a tree, a person without roots will topple over. Confucius studied history and played a role in putting together and editing a historical chronicle.

    Confucius culled the poetry of China for 300 odes that he believed were crucial. These odes were always sung. Confucius believed that music and the words of poetry put to music were essential to creating harmony in the soul. Confucius shared with Socrates the belief that the soul must be in harmony and that music was the outward expression of that harmony. At first the odes might seem unrelated to moral instruction, however, when properly interpreted, these seemingly meaningless messages told the truth. For a whole Chinese civilization, these odes offered a means of speaking the truth. Odes were often used to convey a political or individual message. No person could begin on the path to wisdom without knowing the odes, poetry that speaks to the soul. The message of the odes is rooted in concrete knowledge of the past.

    Confucius believed in the importance of carrying out ancient rituals, for example, offering sacrifices and wearing certain kinds of clothes on specific occasions. He also believed that rituals must change to accommodate to new circumstances. Confucius saw such civility as being important, but harmony was far more important. Carrying out certain formalities is a way to preserve the harmony around us. Harmony derives from everyone knowing his or her place and knowing what is expected of him or her. When asked why he did not return to government service. Confucius replied that by being a good father or a good son, he was doing the most he could do for his government.

    The followers of Confucius were expected to follow the Dao–the way that is the truth. Confucius spent his life in pursuit of the truth. Confucius divided his life into a series of stages. At the age of 15, he began his studies. At the age of 30, he took his stand. By this he meant that he decided to devote his life to the search for truth. At the age of 40, all his doubts were put aside, that is, he began to understand the way and knew that he must follow it. At 50, Confucius understood what heaven had decreed for him. Heaven had decreed that his proper place and destiny was to teach. It is noteworthy that according to his students. Confucius never talked about the gods. The divine plays almost no role in his teachings; He believed that people can find their way without invoking the gods. At 60, his “ears were properly attuned.” At this age, he knew what he would be doing. At 70, he was conscious that he was treading the path of truth.

    The way of truth is the way of benevolence. For Confucius, the Golden Rule is the path of benevolence, the way of truth and harmony in the world. The path of good is marked in our character by wisdom, courage, and justice. Justice is doing unto others what you would have them do unto you. Courage is steadfastness in truth and doing what needs to be done, unafraid of any consequences. Wisdom—the ultimate goal of the teacher and seeker of truth—is knowing what needs to be done. Moderation joins justice, courage, and wisdom together to ensure that they work in harmony.

    It is possible to compare Confucius, Socrates and Jesus. The virtues encouraged by Confucius are those that Socrates also extolled. Both men devoted their live to teaching others the path of virtue. Both Confucius and Socrates were philosophers who labeled themselves as searchers after truth. They both saw the search for wisdom as the way to truth. Jesus, who was recognized in his own day as a teacher, also engaged in this search for wisdom as the way to truth. The word “education” comes from a Latin root meaning “to lead out from.” Jesus, Socrates, and Confucius wanted to bring out from their students, or disciples, the truth that was already there but had been hidden by the falsity of the world. They sought to reroute the individual from wandering aimlessly through life to following the true path. None of the three great teachers wrote a book because each was a true searcher after truth and knew that the search is a lifelong pursuit.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:41 pm:
    Cicero, On Moral Duties (De Officils)–Our theme is the path we can take to foster what is best for ourselves and others.

    In 44 B.C., on the Ides of March, Julius Caesar was assassinated. His assassins, Brutus and Cassius, as well as most of the conspirators, fled Rome. Rome was in the hands of Marc Antony, who was underestimated. Many considered him to be a drunkard and gambler, (lacking the four virtues) but he had gathered all Caesar’s power. One elderly man, who could have enjoyed a quiet retirement, spoke out for the free republic and for liberty, knowing that doing so might cost him his life. (Fortitude) That man was Marcus Tullius Cicero.

    In a series of ringing orations, Cicero attacked the character, policy, and intentions of Marc Antony. These powerful orations are called the “Philippics.” Cicero’s attempt failed. Antony joined forces with Caesar’s nephew, who was later known as Augustus, and together, they eliminated all opposition. Cicero was included on the list of those proscribed and was struck dead in 43 B.C. (This act shows a lack of moderation—an act of outrageous arrogance)

    In the last part of his life, beginning in 46 B.C., Cicero refused the high government position that Caesar offered him, opting for retirement. During his retirement, he embarked on a search for truth so that he could base his polities on what was morally good in his effort to preserve freedom in Rome.

    In searching for truth, Cicero wrote “De Officilis” to educate his son, who was spending his “junior year abroad,” studying philosophy in Athens. At the time, philosophy was not an arid academic discipline. It was the crowning accomplishment of a general education. Students who could afford the expense went to Athens to study under one of the great philosophers. Cicero wrote “De Officilis” in the form of a letter to his son to enable the young man to learn from Cicero’s experience.

    During Cicero’s career as an attorney, he demonstrated that a person could be successful and wealthy, as well as a man of integrity. He took difficult and dangerous cases, defending the poor and those in political trouble. Cicero realized the highest calling was public service. He set out to prove that he could be an honest and successful politician. He held political office and was consul of Rome. In 63 B.C., a faction, led by Catiline, sought to destroy the constitution. Cicero took a firm stand, although others warned him that he was following a dangerous course. Cicero put the salvation of his country, its constitution, and its liberty before his own needs. He broke up the conspiracy and took responsibility for having the conspirators put to death. For a while Cicero was exiled, but he was brought back. When Cicero triumphed, Cicero took a stand against Caesar. Cicero believed that Caesar had enormous ability but that he sought to destroy the liberty of Rome for the sake of his own ambition. (An act lacking moderation—outrageous arrogance)

    Cicero tried all his life to follow the moral course. He believed that all morality was founded on the idea of Natural Law. Natural Law is the belief that God exists and is revealed in the reason of nature. The entire universe is a place of reason, and the entire universe reveals the hand of God. Like Plato, Cicero believed that God had established a set of absolute values, including wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation. These values exist even if they are denied in everyday life. An individual can be good as well as successful. No dichotomy exists between morality and expediency. An immoral act, such as lying or cheating, can never be helpful. No separation exists between the private and public selves. The highest possible calling for an individual is public duty.

    Wisdom is found in knowing the truth, understanding absolute values, and knowing how to apply these values to one’s life. At the beginning, the individual needs facts and information, but later in life, he can weave these facts into a broader set of knowledge. Knowledge is worthless unless it is used to find and apply in life what is good. In the search for wisdom, the individual must avoid becoming a pedant, studying the insignificant, or retiring from the world to become a scholar. Wisdom consists of knowing how to apply the good to life.

    Justice is the single most important quality that a person can possess. Each individual’s life should be guided by justice. Justice consists of never doing harm to anyone else—either to another’s person or property. The essence of justice is founded in the respect of private property. One great fault is passive injustice, which is to stand by and allow another person to be wronged. Passive injustice occurs when we chose to remain silent because of our own needs or through preoccupation. Justice can even be extended to those who have wronged someone else by avoiding excessive retribution. Except for those who have committed the most heinous crimes, such as parricide, even the guilty deserve an attorney’s best effort. Part of justice is generosity, but an individual should never give more than he or she can afford. We should not ruin ourselves by giving, and we should give with a sense that our generosity will truly help. Morality is built on keeping one’s word, or “fides.” The Romans believed that the empire was built on integrity. However, the individual must be practical. At times, keeping one’s word is wrong.

    Courage is essential to living a life of justice. An individual must have the courage to stand up for what is right. Wisdom is essential to courage. The individual must have the wisdom to know what he should defend. Bravery in the service of evil is savagery.

    Moderation is the fourth quality of goodness. Nothing should be pushed so far that it becomes a wrong. Moderation is a guide for living life and letting the individual know what is right. In selecting a career, an individual must know, in terms of moderation, his or her capabilities. Sometimes people enter an occupation because they inherit it, because of connections, or on a whim. Each person should step back and ask what career he or she is best suited for before making a decision. The highest calling is public service. Those who would pursue a career in public service must be certain they possess the qualities for leadership of the nation. A good leader is not vindictive and does not enter public service for self-interest, self-aggrandizement, or partisanship. Public serve should be a noble and pure undertaking. The public servant must always act with moderation.

    How do we put these theoretical underpinnings into practice? We must recognize that immoral acts are never expedient. The essence of justice is keeping one’s word. The advice in “De Officilis” did not work for Cicero’s son, who was a drunkard, sold his services to Augustus, and lent his name to the new order of Augustus. Although Cicero’s son did not follow the advice given in “De Officilis,” Cicero left future generations this enduring statement of moral justice.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:42 pm:
    To many, including Winston Churchill, the British Empire was a great force for good. To an unprepossessing Indian lawyer, the British Empire, which saw itself at the bastion of liberty, was evil, for it rested on a lie. It denied to many of its subjects the very equality that was the essence of freedom. But no less evil for Mohandas Gandhi would be the use of force to overthrow it and gain independence for India. Drawing on the traditions of Indian thought and reading the “Bhagavad Gita” daily, Gandhi made his own path. Strong in the truth, he used moral power to bring a great power to its knees. His autobiography eschews many of the traditional elements in a life story. Gandhi focuses on his entire life as a search for truth, teaching us that there are many roads to wisdom and many ways to fight the battles of life. He teaches us to be true to ourselves, do what you know to be right, and never give up.

    In 1893, a 24-year-old barrister, Gandhi, was representing an Indian company in South Africa. Although he had a first-class train ticket, he was not allowed to remain in the first-class seating compartment and was thrown off the train. A stagecoach driver also refused to let him sit with the other passengers. This was Gandhi’s introduction to the morality of the British Empire and its legal system.

    The British raj was theoretically based on liberty and equality for all subjects. In reality, one standard of liberty and equality existed for white subjects and another standard existed for those of color. Even science, as taught in many universities, proclaimed the superiority of the white race.

    Gandhi decided to take on the scientific establishment, the legal system, and the power of the British Empire. Armed only with his belief in the truth and his concept of satyagraha–steadfastness in truth, Gandhi took on the empire and led his nation to independence. Gandhi’s life is an example of what one individual can achieve if he or she believes in the truth.

    The story of Gandhi’s life is captured in “An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with the Truth. Gandhi’s autobiography was published in two installments, in 1925 and 1927. It is written in Gujarati, and Indian language, because Gandhi believed that the culture of India was his culture. The subtitle of Gandhi’s autobiography conveys his understanding that we are always making our way toward the truth. Gandhi had a profound belief in God. He was greatly affected by the “Bahavad Gita” and believed that God is truth, but more important, he believed that truth is God and should be worshipped. Truth is in God, and God will progressively reveal wisdom to the searcher for truth. In his “Autobiography” Gandhi does not hesitate to point out his mistakes.

    Gandhi was born in 1869. He begins his autobiography by describing his family and the caste to which they belonged. Gandhi later struggled against the caste system of India. Gandhi’s formal schooling had little impact on him. He believed that the teacher should be the textbook, and the teacher and the teacher’s moral qualities should be what the student retains. At the age of 13, Gandhi was married to a younger girl. At age 35, Gandhi took a vow of celibacy and saw his wife as a creature of pure love.

    After finishing high school and passing his examinations, it was decided that he should become an attorney. In England, Gandhi gradually began to understand how unique his native country was. He met English people who were interested in mystical religions and encourage him to read the “Bhagavad Gita” in English, and it became a part of him. The “Bhagavad Gita” celebrates God as truth and teaches us to follow the path that God has laid out for us. It also says that doing the work of someone else is slavery, but doing the work of God is true liberation. The philosophy of the “Bhagavad Gita” began to shape Gandhi’s thinking. Gandhi passed his examinations at the age of 21. He found that becoming a barrister was easy. He had to attend 12 dinners, study outline notes, and pass the examinations.

    Gandhi returned to India, obtained a job, and left his wife at home while he went to South Africa. In South Africa, Gandhi realized that God was telling him not to be afraid, (have courage) to stand up and recognize the injustice around him as injustice to God, and to put an end to injustice. Gandhi began to teach his fellow Indians that they should not let anyone treat them unjustly, (justice) that they should not harm anyone, that they should stand fast in the truth, (have courage) and that they should struggle for their rights. Gandhi came to the idea of “ahimsa”, which means “nonviolence” (an act of moderation). Gandhi began working with Indians in South Africa. He not only fought for their legal rights but also began a movement for education.

    First in South Africa, then in India, Gandhi opened commune schools and began to educate his students in “ ahimsa–nonviolence” (moderation) and satyagraha. The teachers in Gandhi’s schools were parents. Gandhi believed that parents should be the source of education for their children. At one point, and untouchable (lowest caste in India) family came to the commune. The members of Gandhi’s ashram believed that the untouchables would pollute the commune’s well. Gandhi asked the meaning of his teachings, because he taught that all people were equal in the sight of God. Other commune members said that they believed in equality but did not want the untouchable family there. When Gandhi threatened to leave and return to practicing law, the members of the commune agreed to let the untouchables stay.

    Gandhi then moved to an even larger sphere—he stood up to the British Empire itself. Gandhi had begun to understand that his God-given mission was to help establish an independent India in which Muslims, Hindus, and Christians could live together in unity. This nation would be an India for all Indians.

    Gandhi abandoned European clothes and wore simple Indian dress. He took up spinning. Indians had been required to buy cloth made in Britain. The cotton was grown in India but it was shipped to England and made into cloth, then shipped back to India. Gandhi held mass demonstrations in which European-style clothes and cloth brought from England were burned. The spinning wheel became a symbol of liberation—the wheel of life and a sign of God, with no beginning and no end.

    The British had a monopoly on salt. Gandhi believed that the tax on salt was unjust; it supported oppression. Gandhi said that Indians should not pay the tax on salt: they could obtain salt by marching to the sea. The English could beat the Indians but could not stop them. Gandhi, also called the “Mahatma,” or “great-souled one,” taught his followers to do nothing violent (remain moderate and just) but to keep coming back. (Show fortitude)

    World opinion began to focus on Gandhi. Indians—Muslim as well as Hindu—saw in the figure of Gandhi the symbol of their struggle for liberation and enlightenment. They began to recognize that England and Europe were not the only sources of culture and that India had its own set of ideas that were foreign to the West. Gandhi believed that the culture of England was based on war, struggle, and violence and that capitalism is a form of violence, because it steals from the poor to benefit the rich. Capitalism carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction. For Gandhi, the Indian way was the way of God, truth, and nonviolence.

    Gandhi was imprisoned many times. He found in prison new sources of strength. He read “Unto This Last,” by John Ruskin, which taught him three crucial lessons. First, the good of all is encompassed in the good of one individual. Harm to one individual is harm to everyone. Second, every form of work has its own dignity. A barber is as worthy of respect as an attorney. Third, the noblest form of work is to farm and make something with your own hands. Tolstoy’s “Kingdom of God Is Within You” opened a new world to Gandhi. According to Tolstoy, Jesus was not God but taught that everyone has a God within himself. A similar teaching also appears in the “Bhagavad Gita.” Gandhi’s readings showed that unfamiliar books, in addition to great books, can touch the soul.

    Gandhi used self-imposed hunger strikes to protest British actions or the actions of his followers when they refused to follow his path of truth and nonviolence. When Gandhi went on a hunger strike, the British raj feared that he might die and would give in. Gandhi thus harmed no one in his fight for the truth. (Moderation and justice)

    Gandhi’s moral authority played a decisive role in Britain’s decision to give India its freedom and in the decision of many Indians to form political parties that could achieve freedom under a constitutional government. Gandhi was bitterly disappointed in 1947 when India gained its independence but allowed itself to be divided into a largely Muslim Pakistan and a largely Hindu India. Gandhi believed that this partition contradicted his teaching that God had fashioned many roads to truth and that all religions teach the same fundamental values.

    When civil war broke out over disputed territory and thousands were killed, the elderly Gandhi walked from village to village (Fortitude) trying to bring people together. The moral authority of Gandhi had become a threat. Radical who wanted a truly separate Hindu India set out to assassinate Gandhi, and he was shot. With his last word, “Ram,” Gandhi invoked the name of God. The “Bhagavad Gita” says, “He who dies with my name upon his lips is freed forever from the cycle of life and joins me in bliss.”

    Think about this: People record and study history so that they can learn lessons from the past. Ideas are not physical, but they are very powerful. A man, who truly believes in these ideals, can create historical events.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:54 pm:
    The art of leadership as it should be was discussed in the works of Socrates and Confucius, as I described in my email to you. However, Machiavelli presented in his book “The Prince”, written in 1513, how leadership is in fact. It is as applicable today as it was during the Renaissance. It is useful to CEOs and politicians. Machiavelli is concerned with power. He teaches how to get power and how to keep it. Machiavelli believes that power is everything. What matters is the sheer possession of power. He is not concerned with using power for any good purpose. The leader leads for his benefit. His subjects are sheep to be sheared or threatened with elimination. He believes, contrary to Socrates and Confucius, in one maxim: “Do others in before they do you in.” Machiavelli came to this conclusion by studying the lessons of history. History shows that tyrants are frequently men of mediocre ability, who focus on power and are utterly ruthless in its pursuit. Machiavelli described people as they were. The lessons of Machiavelli are written throughout history, especially the histories of Greece and Rome.

    Machiavelli believed that power is the only thing that people want and that people will do anything to attain it. He believed that the teaching of Socrates, Confucius and Jesus were fine intellectually, but people do not actually behave that way.

    Machiavelli was born in Florence in 1469 and died in 1527. He came from a family of distinction. He had a good education in Latin classics. He learned that history could be used to understand the present. Machiavelli entered bureaucratic service, became a diplomat and traveled widely.

    Machiavelli taught that a person must first decide if he wants power, because a person who does not want power should not seek a role in leadership. Those who seek power must be willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain it.

    The leader must possess several characteristics. He must be cunning, not wise philosophically. He must understand people. The leader is not seeking ultimate truth, he is searching for what works. The leader must be stingy. It is not good to give gifts to people or the leader will be ruined financially. Money is one of the means to procure power. Power is about force, and money is needed to buy that force and sustain it. The leader must be cruel. Being hated and feared is better than being loved. People will not aid a loved leader unless it is convenient for them. However, they will aid a cruel leader in fear of being punished if they do not give him aid when he needs it. The ability to lie is key to his success. The leader should never keep a promise unless it is convenient. He should say whatever is expedient at the moment, than do what he pleases.

    He must appoint his immediate supporters. They must be capable, loyal and under the leader’s control. The followers must be flatterers, but the leader must know when they are flattering him. Anyone who contradicts the leader in public or gives a frank opinion in public must be removed.

    The lessons of Machiavelli were not lost on Hitler and Stalin, who used cruelty and shrewdness. Trotsky, an opponent of Stalin, said, “Joseph Stalin is a mediocrity, but he is not a nonentity.


    • Jack

      Can you take all this, tie it into the subject at hand and say what your point is in one short paragraph?

  • Used to be a liberal

    As my board name reads “used to be a liberal” I was one, once upon a time when I thought that “liberal” meant just that liberal, that was back in the 1970s. Then as time moved on it became apparent that “liberal” does not mean liberal, that it is an euphemism for socialist, and that there is nothing liberal about the political definition of liberal. Then along came political correctness, and it certainly didn’t take long to realize that political correctness is in fact political cowardice.

    Then looking into the origins of socialism I found to my surprise that this was actually most developed then implemented by the National Democratic Socialist Party of Germany, under none other the Adolf Hitler. Another egomaniac. If we look prior to the start of WW2, and eliminate the rounding up, and the extermination of the Jews, and look only at socialism in Germany under Hitler, then we can see that almost everything that he had done to get into then keep power, is closely mirrored by Obama and his cohorts. Add to that the the type of social programs that they had, plus the removal of the mentally ill, the physically disabled, and the euthanasia of the elderly which are and have been suggested by Nancey Pelosi, it would seem that we are on a very slippery slope.

    We have had socialism slowly creep into our society, pushed on us at a slow pace, almost 58 years to get us to where we are today. Our politicians would not have dared to bring any of this to the table at the end of WW2 after all we had grandfathers and fathers who fought and died against this. So they began slowly in 1955 with the “feel good” laws.

    It seems that since Bush 1 talked about the new world order the pace has increased, then under Clinton we got more, then under Bush 2 we got even more again, and now under Obama we are getting it shoved down our throats. It seems that what we have is one government with 2 heads like the proverbial 2 headed snake.

    Hopefully the people will really wake up to this snow job that is being thrust upon us, and we can do something serious about this.

  • Dan

    Subject: Helpful medical hint

    A procedure not taught in medical school……

    If you are bothered by occasional or frequent constipation, look in the
    mirror and repeat the following phrase three times in succession when
    symptoms occur:

    “My financial and personal well being are totally in the hands of Barack
    Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Geithner, Rahm Emmanuel,
    Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Al Gore”

    If that doesn’t scare the shit out of you, then you are probably
    destined to be backed up for the rest of your life.

    There is no need to thank me for this advice; I’m just doing a public

    • American Socialist

      If you are bothered by all those Democrats in power, look in the mirror and tell yourself this: “I live in a free country, so my personal well being is in my own hands. Barack Obama was elected by a comfortable majority of the American public (unlike Bush, who actually lost) in a free election. That makes me happy, because I live in a free country, which also means we are America in the 21st Century, not Nazi Germany in the 20th. I am just confused, because my guy lost this time and there hasn’t been such a mainstream and unapologetic Democrat in the White House since Kennedy.” Feel better? No? Still think we’re becoming “socialist?” Look in the mirror and repeat: “Obama’s budget calls for us to increase government spending from 23 to 26 percent of the GDP, where most other successful democracies in the world are in the 30-45 percent range. Really, we’re still a pretty government-light society. If I take a deep breath, I will not be so paranoid, and I can stop freaking out and go do a good job at work tomorrow.” Ah, I feel better already!

  • Kitty, Lakeland Fl.

    I think we are truly lost as most of you refuse to see that the two party system is dead and has been for years. I think our last true American President was President Kennedy and he most likely died because he wanted to dismantle the Fed Bank. For many years our Presidents and the super rich around the world have spoken of the take over of America quite in the open but do you hear, NO. Hey you keep bashing the party’s lines and keep your eyes shut to the truth and soon you will wake up to a new America, one that includes Mexico and Canada. Then after that you can look forward to one group of people governing our entire planet. Think of this, so many have been telling you that we as Americans have been living to high on the hog and will have to downsize our lives but to what extent? If we are going to live under that One World Power we will have to live like the third world countries, are you willing to do that? Maybe I am just a nut that reads too much and we are in great shape, the Gov. is on our side and there is no One World Power threat but if I am right what will you do?

  • HoboSpaceJunkie

    Name one congressman who has called for re-institution of the Fairness Doctrine.

    • American Socialist

      Back to the original point of the post: can someone explain to me how ensuring equal time on our nation’s airwaves to present divergent points of view, whether from the left, right, or center, is somehow a restriction of free speech?

      • Miguel A. Gonzalez

        From Wikipedia:
        ‘In August 1987, the FCC abolished the doctrine by a 4-0 vote, in the Syracuse Peace Council decision, which was upheld by a different panel of the Appeals Court for the D.C. Circuit in February 1989.[12] The FCC stated, “the intrusion by government into the content of programming occasioned by the enforcement of [the Fairness Doctrine] restricts the journalistic freedom of broadcasters … [and] actually inhibits the presentation of controversial issues of public importance to the detriment of the public and the degradation of the editorial prerogative of broadcast journalists,” and suggested that, because of the many media voices in the marketplace, the doctrine be deemed unconstitutional.’

        • American Socialist

          Thanks, Miguel, nice response.

          So here’s what I don’t understand. The right decries the “liberal left wing media.” (although I personally find the ‘media’, even the New York Times the right so despises, to be to far to the right of my own views… but I don’t whine about being underrepresented in the media.). If you believe so much in “editorial prerogative,” then why should you be concerned that in our free market system, the majority of professional broadcast editors (like the majority who voted for Obama) are on the left? It just means that for whatever reason, the literate, educated market in journalism trends left, as do those who pursue careers in it. No surprise there: the right wants to abolish the NEA, NPR, etc., in favor of “market” journalism. Free markets and a free press are both desirable; they are not one and the same.

          What is most curious to me is that in a post that supposedly warns of socialism… a government takeover of the airwaves, presumably… so many of the points listed are examples of freedom of speech: constituents making calls to tv stations at the request of a (non-incumbent, mind you!) candidate; the screaming of insults; cops and Secret Service agents deciding that as offensive (and certainly bordering on incitement to assassinate) as an “Abort Obama” bumpersticker might be, the dude is entitled to say it.

          Freedom of speech cuts both ways. You get to say you wish the “liberal media” would shut up; we get to say we wish Rush Limbaugh would shut up. May the best team win, and create a world where no one listens to morons. Personally, to quote Obama, I think you’re on the wrong side of history.

  • jbird


    Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, President Bill Clinton, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa and Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan.

    There are some in the House as well.

  • Jacques Moore

    When it is all said & done the KING OF KINGS will rule both this world & the one to come & as for my part , well only the great KING JESUS CHRIST holds the real TRUTH about that , he & he alone will judge us all & not a single one of us knowes the real truth , he gave his all for me & I did not deserve it , but as for man kind I can not answer for it,but for me all I can say is I have put all of my trust & love in my true KING the LORD JESUS CHRIST & if anyone of you do other wise , then GOD HELP YOU ….
    May I just go out of this life & into the next life singing PRAISE TO THIS MIGHT KING ,

    • Ellin

      We should all remember that the present situation is leading to the end times and that the King of Kings is in charge of everything, whether we like it or not. He puts kings and presidents in office to lead our nation down His plan for us. The rapture of the Church is nearing and if we know Him after this occurs we will not be here to experience the real time of trouble. People are frightened and justly so, because God is in charge and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a Living God. Heaven help the stubborn and unappreciative people that reject the Truth. I would like to hear more on this!

  • Jacques Moore



    • American Socialist

      When He comes, will He speak His word in all caps?

  • George

    The USA is becoming socialist…And the problem is?
    8 Bush years of “free trade” and unregulated capitalism. We already tried that with 100% support of the “free press”. And look where it got us.

  • Gabriel

    Step out of the Matrix for one moment and look with unbiased eyes and hear with ears that are not afraid of spoken truth. There is in Government, both National and Gobal, ONLY ONE AGENDA. The parties are only a fast and slow gear to the same destination. GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT AND DOMINATION! The Elite, (Bilderburg, Warburgs, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and others whom are the world bankers), know that they can conquer us if they keep us divided, and so they have provided us these puppet heads of Government to keep us preoccupied, all the while taking us straight into a complete state of despotism. Beware of any Government that claims to do anything for the ‘Good’ of the people, but at the same time undermines and destroys the very LAWS that were created by the people and for the people, namely Our Declaration of INDEPENDENCE and Our Constitution! These were created to LIMIT Government and preserve the freedom of the people! Do not be fooled! These ‘wicked’ are not stupid. They did not amass the fortunes they have and come to places of such power because the were are ignorant of what they were doing. On the contrary, they know exactly what they are doing! And they have bosted in written books and documents of their plans on everything from depopulation to Global enslavement. Race, religion, party lines, are all just instruments to keep us battling each other. Our Founding Fathers warned that we needed a Relvolution about every 100 years. We are way over due. If you think the Elite care who you are ,what party lines you embrace, what denomination you belong to, what your hertiage is, you have been BEGUILED. If you are ultra wealthy and will subscribe to their ways, all may be well for you. EVERYONE ELSE is merely chattel. The ransom for our freedom increases every minute that this present Government and Central Banking System is not purged from the walls of our State’s Capital. We were given the ‘DUTY TO THROW OFF’ a Government that becomes destructive to rights and freedoms of THE PEOPLE. (Dec.of Ind.) The Government is not the salvation of the Nation, It is host to the parasite….Tyranny! The time is now to Stand with Might and Courage. Our time of sacrifice to PRESERVE what was purchase with other sacrifices is at hand! God Bless America and This People

  • Richard

    The Bush administration has provided the biggest boost towards socialism than any other in the history of the United States. They did this by being completely incompetent in managing our economy. They stood by while the richest people in our country exploited all of us and nearly collapsed our economy with their unbridaled greed. THEN, Bush and company REWARDS the same $Billionaires by giving them $Billions more of OUR money!!! Should we be outraged…YES!!!

  • TrueAmerican101

    All the name-calling on this forum reflects badly on those doing it (I will say at least that THIS doesn’t just summarily REMOVE dissenting opinions as the Hannity and Limbaugh sites do!)

    PLEASE people, look at the facts:

    The Obama tax plan LOWERS taxes on 95% of Americans. Period.
    Obama was ELECTED in what was — by any measure in modern politics — a LANDSLIDE, greater than Reagan’s victory. Be PATRIOT — yes, ask questions but SUPPORT OUR President! (“Love it or Leave It!”)
    Questioning Obama’s patriotism, religion, or commitment to America is simply outrageous — I am a Vietnam Era veteran w/ a service-connected disability and NO ONE I know cares more deeply for America and her future.
    The Bush Administration got us into this mess; the war in Iraq which has now cost by some estimates 4 BILLION and counting… infinitely worse yet, over 4000 American lives have been lost. THAT, my friends, is unconscionable. Bush should be tried for treason.

    • TrueAmerican101

      Typo — That’s FOUR TRILLION!!!!!!

  • Cat

    Go back under the rock from which you came!!! American or not, you are reaping the benefits of being a FREE AMERICAN!!! You should be on your knees thanking our soldiers and our GOD loving American Citizens and those who support the Constitution!!!!

  • Reb

    My comment was to Ron.

  • Rea

    101 Better to remain silent and be presumed a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • DL

    Hey true american! I want name call you, i’ll just tell you the truth. If john kerry would have been elected we would have run towawrd socialism. George Bush only slowed it down to get all things in place for the great deceit that is taking place with your president, not mine. I see that you like having a bunch of thugs in office, dims n publicans alike. There is no distinction anymore. I wish i could call him my president but i refuse to because of his direction he is taking for this country. They must go in 2010….NO discussion needed. They have to go.

  • DL

    One more thing. The economy was not an accident, it was all in plan. The dims in office want an uprising in this country to further their cause to ruin this country. You and your 95% of tax cut americans are gonna get the same trouble times as we are my friend. The elitist don’t know who you are. They just wanted your vote and it don’t matter in the end, if the end means socialism. Governments have never earned a dollar for themselves. Govt’s don’t build fast rail systems either, the private sector does…Only Hitler used the rail system….Be sure you get a front seat ticket, i’ll take the back seat.

  • dave

    I have been reading your alerts and I think we all need to wake up and smell the coffee. I read a book when I was a teen ager called non dare call it conpiracy by Gary Allen. I urge every one to get it and read it. There are fourteen points for a nation to take to get to be a socialist state. We are almost there. Please read america we do not have much time left. I love this country and never want to do any thing to become an undesirable or subversive. Please read america that is the one fredom that we still have at least.

  • Dave Davis

    Yes we’re headed towards socialism and I’m not sure what the rest of the country might do but the folks here in Texas are developing a plan …………..

    In case things get a little tough during the next few months/years we Texans have a plan…

    Maybe you don’t know it, but Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede from the Union. (Reference the Texas-American Annexation Treaty of 1848.)

    We Texans love y’all other Americans, but we’ll probably have to take action since Barack Obama won the election and is now the President of the U.S.A., and has already started doing the stupid s#!+ that we predicted. …..We’ll miss ya’ll though ! ! !

    Here is what is gonn’a happen:

    Barack Hussein Obama, after becoming the 1st Black (Actually ZEBRA MUSLUM) President of the United States, begins to try and create a socialist country, (along with a bunch of other stupid s#!+) then Texas announces that it is going to secede from the Union.
    George W. Bush becomes the President of the Republic of Texas… You might not think that he talks too pretty, but we haven’t had another terrorist attack and the economy was just fine until the effects of the Democrats lowering the qualifications for home loans came to roost ! ! ! ….And Governor Rick Perry becomes V. P. (Ya might not think that Rick is too great either but just look at what he’s done in the past couple of weeks. ….The man has grown a BIG set of BRASS ONES ! ! !) and Chuck Norris becomes head of the Texas Rangers. (The elite police force, not the baseball team) And finally, Ted Nugent becomes the head of the Parks and Wildlife Department and also heads up the Texas Home-Land Security Department & Border Patrol. ….

    So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic ? ? ?

    NASA is just south of Houston, Texas. We will control the space industry.
    We refine over 85% of the gasoline for the United States, right here in Texas.
    Defense Industry–we have over 65% of it. The term “Don’t mess with Texas,” will take on a whole new meaning.
    Oil – we can supply all the oil that the Republic of Texas will need for the next 400 years. …What will the other states do ? ? ? Hell, we don’t know. ….Why not ask Obama ? ? ?
    Natural Gas – Again, we have all we need and it’s too bad about those Northern States. John Kerry and Al Gore will just have to figure out a way to keep from freezing their asses off if/when they need natural gas …
    Computer Industry – We lead the nation in producing computer chips and communications equipment – small companies like Texas Instruments, Dell Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National Semiconductor, Motorola, Intel, AMD, Atmel, Applied Materials, Ball Misconduct, Dallas Semiconductor, Nortel, Alcatel, etc. The list goes on and on….
    Medical Care – We have the research centers for cancer research, the best burn centers and the top trauma units in the world, as well as other large health centers. The Houston Medical Center alone employees over 65,000 people.
    We have enough colleges to keep educating and making smarter citizens: University of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Texas Christian, Rice, SMU, University of Dallas, University of Houston , Baylor, UNT (University of NorthTexas ), Texas Women’s University, Lamar U., etc. …Ivy grows better in the South anyway..
    We have an intelligent and energetic work force and it isn’t restricted by a bunch of unions. Here in Texas, we are a Right to Work State and, therefore, it’s every man and woman for themselves. We just go out and get the job done. And if we don’t like the way one company operates, we simply get a frigg’n job somewhere else.
    We have essential control of the paper, plastics, and insurance industries, etc.
    In case of a foreign invasion, we have the Texas National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, and several military bases. We don’t have an Army, but since everybody down here has at least six rifles, three handguns, a shotgun or two and a boat load of ammo, we can raise an Army in 24 hours if we need one. If the situation really gets bad, we can always call the Department of Public Safety and ask them to send over Chuck Norris and the Texas Rangers. ….As for all the illegal Mexicans coming into Texas, Ted Nugent, who will be in charge of Parks and Wildlife, and the Texas Border Patrol will propably open a hunting season on all illegals. I would think Ol’ Ted would open season on say, Cinco de Mayo and have it end April 1st every year with no daily limit and no bag limit ! ! ! During the 34 days that the general season was closed, we would probably be allowed to bow hunt or hunt with other premative weapons.
    We are totally self-sufficient in beef, poultry, hogs, and several types of grain, fruit and vegetables, and let’s not forget seafood from the Gulf. Also, everybody down here knows how to cook them so that they taste really good. …We don’t need any frigg’n food from anywhere else.
    Three of the ten largest cities in the United States, and twenty-three of the 100 largest cities in the United States are located in Texas. And Texas also has more land than California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Vermont combined.
    Trade – Three of the ten largest ports in the United States are located in Texas and we also have international airports.
    We also manufacture cars down here, but we don’t need to. You see, nothing rusts in Texas (unless ya live on the coast) so our vehicles stay beautiful and run well for decades.

    This just names a FEW of the items that will keep the Republic of Texas in good shape. There isn’t a thing out there that we need and don’t already have ! ! !

    Now to the rest of you folks in the United States under President Obama:

    Since you won’t have the refineries to get gas for your cars, only President Obama will be able to drive around in his big 9 mpg CADDY – 1. The rest of the United States will have to walk or ride bikes.

    You won’t have any TV as the Space Center in Houston will cut off satellite communications. ….We’ll still have Ted Nugent, Willie Nelson and Chuck Norris, just to name just a few, to entertain us.

    You won’t have any natural gas to heat your homes, but since Mr.. Obama has predicted global warming, you will not need the gas as long as you survive the 2000 years it will take to get enough heat from all the frigg’n Global Warming.

    In other words, the rest of ya’ll in the USA are screwed ! ! !


    Dave ….
    Another Small Town,
    Religious Cling’n,
    Gun Toke’n,
    GOD BLESSED Texan ! ! !

    P.S. This is not a threatening letter – just a note to give you something to think about ! ! ! …Sleep well tonight ’cause the eyes of Texas are upon YOU!!

    “Life’s tough. It’s even tougher when you’re stupid.” ~ John Wayne

    • gwinf

      Sweet! Are you open to immigration? Legally of course…wouldn’t want to upset Ted or his friends……

  • Mary

    How soon we forget. 52% of the people voted for Obama. What shall we do with the other 48% ? Just kill them off?

    • gwinf

      On the contrary, 52% of those who voted, voted for Obama. We only need to wake up those who decided not to wast their time voting for a lost cause —McCain. I voted for McCain,though had ther been a more conservative choice with even a remote chance of winning, I would not have voted for him. The only saving grace of his campaign was his selection of a true Conservative as his running mate.

      We need a true Conservative choice that can bring the vote of honest conservatives everywhere. I hesitate to support another party, because of the loss of party recognition in the general public. I feel we need to take the Republican party back and rebuild it as a truely conservative party. What say you???

      • Kyla

        People need to stop voting party, is what needs to happen. I understand not wanting to ‘waste your vote’, but voting for someone you do not believe in is wasting your vote! There are so many good third parties out there, if people would just take the time to research and find them! If we got enough people voting for them we would have a chance.

        Let us contrast the current two-party system with a former two-party system. Before Lincoln, there was no Republican party. The Republican party was third party, which was founded in- I think- June or July of election year.

        That November, multiple Congress seats were taken by Republicans, and we had a Republican President.

        Contrast that to now, were we have internet, 24/7 news coverage, and the best access to political information that has ever been. Yet, nobody knows anything about anything, with rare exceptions. Most people I talk to don’t even know what their party stands for! They just have a general idea, and vote on just one or two issues.

        It’s time for the American people to wake up, and stop voting for the lesser of two evils.

        Vote third party.

  • Wes

    To take over a country one can start with taking over academia, the press (media), the polls (via La Raza, the Catholic Church, Acorn, and other socio-political groups via selective voter registration), and suppress dissent (begin with “hate crime” bills).

    It appears to me that the Democrat Communist take-over agenda of the former United States is doing very well these days.

    Look at them go after former Vice President Dick Cheney via witch hunts under the claim of prosecuting those who authorized “strong interrogation” techniques. This is, of course, after the former Vice President made criticism of the Obama administration. Talk about supressing dissent! They’ll go after anyone.

    Too bad there are no more free countries to which one can escape… Ours seems doomed unless we stand up and take action.

    • Wes

      Add gun confiscation to the mix.

  • gwinf

    To ALL:
    Those who wish to stifle Ron are just as guilty as he for wanting to do so. I do not agree with him, in fact I find his ideas extremely offensive, but I will defend his right to express them and will do my best to teach him the true value of intelligent discourse. This is an effort we must all make as we begin to see the supporters of Obams begin to weaken in their faith. We must be prepared to accept and nurture those who have beguiled by the rhetoric of this extremely dynamic and convencing socialistic deceiver. Have faith and give solace to the victims of deceit.

  • http://Oneneedstolookback Andrew

    Doesn’t anyone realize that between 1933 and 1939 this country, under the leadership of FDR, came close to being a socialist nation. As an example in 1933 FDR appointed a liberal democrat to oversee the FCC…the appointee decrease the time limit for radio station license renewals from 3 years to every 6 months. This was an attempt to stifled commentators critical of FDR’s policies. That is why most of the criticism directed at FDR was in the written media. Wake up America…Obama’s plan to increase the size of government and to stifle business with regulations and eventually strangle us with higher taxes is not new. If you want to understand the presidents game plan read ‘New Deal or Raw Deal’ by economic historian Barry Folsom, This current administration is to quote Yogi Berra ‘ deja vu all over again’. Thanks! Andy Colon, Colonel, USAF (ret)

    • Tracy Spencer

      I Know Exactly What You Are Talking About. FDR Was Also A 32ND Degree Mason And A Shriner All Evill Associations

  • Robert

    “If one understands Socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, than the paradox of super rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead, it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs.
    Communism or more accurately Socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.”

    Gary Allen, author

  • http://none David

    Any of you people ever watch and digest the message in the old movie “1984″? Anyone look at history and see how Adolph Hitler took over the German Government? How Lenin, with only 90,000 men and women controlled over 13 million Russians?
    They only had to control the financial banking industry and the military. Where is our present administration going with their actions?

  • Chuck

    Betty McCain

    If you get this far – make an observation. If you drive to work in the morning, rush hour, observe how many non-white people you can count going to work too. I drive 20 miles and never count more than two. Fact, not racism. Who do you think finances your choice to be lazy and stay home in bed while “whitey” goes to work.

  • Tracy Spencer

    No One Should Called Themselves A Democrat Or A Republican Because Both Parties Are VERY CORRUPT !! We Also Are The People In Big Town, Small Town That Put These EVIL And Corrupt People In Office. The Word Democracy Is Actually A Russian Word That Means Socialism!! This Is Spiritual Warfare, Only What You Do For Christ Will Last And All Else Will Fade, Conservatives,Liberals And All The Organizations Labelling Themselves For It’s All EVIL!!

  • Tracy Spencer

    John @ Sarah Got Set up As Patsy’s In The Grand Scheme Of Things, Everything Was To Make Obama As Large As Possible And Everybody And Everything Nothing Compared To Obama, But You Best Be Sure That God Is Control, These Men Are The End Time Players, No Use Use In Debating About It, Our Plans Are Not God’s Plans His Time Is Not Our Time, He Is The CREATOR Of ALL That Is In The World And Under It And Under It, He Created The Worlds And Hes Gives Kingdoms To Whomever He Wants The Bible Says He Turns The King’s HEART ANYWAY HE (Not She) Pleases. When You Do Not Obey The Lord He Will Make An Example Out Of His Enemies And They Will Be Destroyed!

  • Joe R.

    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.
    Benjamin Franklin.

  • Pat

    The media is using the 1st amendment to the fullest! One of the most damaging ways is how they are using it unjustly, as they are whitewashing facts about Obama and his administration and backers, now, as they have done in the past. They are reporting to a known majority of liberal media worshippers. Many different facets of our American way of life come into play here. Including the law of supply and demand. What the majority demands, from the media, the majority gets. It doesn’t matter who it is, from the illiterate to the collegiate to the jet set. They are getting it all mostly for free, whereas the minority conservatives are going to have to pay more and more to receive both sides of the reporting industry, and quite possibly lose the ability altogether. Which will most likely be costly beyond expectations. What I have now since this new administration started in the way of freedoms is : I am starting out with nothing and still have most of it left.

  • Ray

    Obama has enough enemies pointing fingers, sniveling and standing on the sidelines refusing to help the country. Why wont these scared crybabies take their thumbs out of their mouths and give Obama your big Ideas. Be brave Americans sit down with these people you are so afraid of and you will find it is not all you are so afraid of.

  • Marie F

    Barack Hussien Obama —- Guilty by association.

    Even now look at the people around them, all tax evaders, of course they dont want to spend their own money but ours and our future generation…

    Pres. Bush, had been bashed for spending 2.3 Trillion for the 8 years protecting our country from TERRORIST. Pres. Hussien spent in 100 DAYS 3.2 Trilliion, with the convenient lie that it was all Bush fault… America wake up…. He called the Tea Parties done by well meaning tax payers “Tea Bag Waving People”; these people are the tax payers not the system suckers who does not work but vote for him.

    America Wake UP!!!! Let us vote all the candidates supporting OBAMA, PELOSI and DODD… And when the time comes that they want another term, we need to vote them OUT!!!!!

  • Marie F


  • Karen

    Hi guys, I just stumbled onto this site and have been reading the letters. Very interesting. I thought my friends and I were alone in our opinions. But, it seems that some didn’t do their homework on Obama before the elections, such as the fact that he was raised a muslim. That his Mentor Frank that was around him for eight years as he was growing up was a Marxist. Yes he did go to a Catholic school for a time, but time was set aside for his Muslim teachings every day. In his own book he wrote that if it came down to choosing sides, he would side with the muslims. Now, he openly goes to a catholic school and has any thing with the word God or Jesus or their likdness to be covered up. What does that tell you? He made a mistake in an interview and said (my muslim faith) and was corrected by the interviewer saying ” don’t you mean your Christian faith?’ It seems like the same people that thinks he’s so wonderful missed all these and more, signs.

  • http://WashingtonTimes Gary

    To all who are doubtful that freedom rings for most true Americans, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS (The Obama supporters) cannot overtake Fox in the ratings nor put a Radio talk show host on the radio who can compete with Rush, Hannity, Engel, and any other conservative talk show host. Why? Most Americans agree more with Conservative and American ideals. The Obama administration wants to silence anyone who disagrees with his agenda. The same agenda which Hitler and Mussolini succesfully administered. Wake up America! Though the end is near no matter. The anti-Christ is close and I believe someone like Obama could be his right hand man.

  • Paul

    It would be a hell of a lot easier to take you people seriously if Some Of You Didn’t Capitalize Every Single Word You Write, or if your grammar and spelling was better than a second-grader’s, or if you could actually spell “Hussein” — as if Obama’s middle name has anything to do with anything. Also, some fact-checking would serve you well, as would understanding the difference between Soviet-style communism and raising taxes to support social programs. Dear God.

    • Kurier Radek

      Paul…we don’t any more “social programs” for deadbeats like yourself. The threat to free speech, civil liberties and the reckless expansion of unsustainable economic policies by the current administration to control free markets will inevitably be our downfall. This and the Islamo-Facist agenda. The Left is doomed to failure once again…only free market capitalism, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and limited government will solve our current challenges.

      Simplifying the matter is your brain may be convenient for your basic understanding of the situation, but I prefer to discover the truth.

  • doug

    Wow….so many right wing whack jobs in one place….this is a scary thing….

    • Kurier Radek

      doug…us “right wing whack jobs” will be a million strong in DC this September. Care to join us?

      • thinker

        Why… are you having a sale on jackboots?

      • Kurier Radek

        Ha…good one. Yes, but the jackboots only come in one color (black) unlike our prez.

  • Joe


    I forgot to mention in my previous email. On behalf of the majority of conservative law enforcement officers in Missouri. I apologize. We are here to uphold and protect the constitutional rights of americans in a fair and proper manner. I hope the actions of some officers has not scewed your opinion on us all.

    Thanks for your time and experience,

  • s c

    The FCC is ready to use a twisted “Fairness Doctrine” approach to end free speech. These robots recently met with groups that “care” about ‘fairness’ via radio programs (conservative groups were not invited). In effect, these turncoats are ready to implement their plans to slowly strangle free speech and control those who will not blindly accept their insanity. Then, they can finally destroy free speech. They will do this in the name of “loving” free speech. If this scheme results in a constitutional challenge, you won’t need any imagination to know what will happen next if someone worse than Souter is on the Supreme Court. Control the FCC and
    who sits on the Supreme Court, and the result will make Hitler look like a saint (and some people wonder why the stench of transparency, immoral change, politics of compassionate lies and Big Brother never smell like roses).

  • http://- dotty

    *s c *

    I feel very frightened by what you have written. I pray that the american people
    do not let these things happen to the best country in the whole world. We must stop the extreme liberals teaching our children in our schools. In Princeton they are teaching their personal views in grammer school.

  • Judith Tiedemann

    Most of what I’m reading on this Website is that the blame for the Economic situation is all Obama’s. How can any of you turn a blind eye to the fact that the problem began many Administrations ago, and Obama inherited the problem when he stepped into Office? Free Market Capitalism has been allowed to run completely amok for too long, and like anything else, it will need to swing the other way until it settles somewhere in the middle. To blame Obama or any one single person for the mess we’re in is ridiculous. It started long ago. As a (sort of) Liberal, I don’t quite know how I wandered onto this Website, but it’s interesting to observe the totally opposite points of view expressed here. It makes me not want to affiliate with either Party. It appears that we all would rather be “right” than to put our heads together to undo the consequences of the past. Don’t bother to slam me, I won’t be here to read it.

    • Kyla

      I know you’re not here, but I’d just like to say something real quick to anyone who might come behind us. ;)

      What we have currently is not a ‘free market’ system. A ‘free market’ is one that is- as the name implies- free from government involvement. That’s not what we have now. We haven’t had an economy like that since the 1930s, and conceivably, before that point.

      A true free market economy regulates itself. For instance, let’s say that Kraft (just to pull one out of the hat) is suddenly found to be using some dangerous chemical in their macaroni cheese. This is found out by various people getting sick unexpectedly after eating Kraft macaroni and cheese. Now, either the government can go after them, use up taxpayer money by investigating them, and get them shut down (What would happen now), or the market would simply stop.

      That is what a free market system does. Somebody would hear from somebody else that Kraft macaroni and cheese was making people sick, and that person would in turn tell somebody else, who would tell somebody else. Before long, Kraft macaroni and cheese would no longer be on the shelves. The market would no longer be there for it.

      That is a true free market. What we have now is not even capitalism. It is capitalism in name only- what we truly have is some sort of twisted, watered down socialism.

  • Jeff

    I just want to know -where is the outrage. This is ‘crazy talk’. How can American’s sit by and let this happen?

  • Jeff

    No that the lefties are in power look where this nation is headed. Higher taxes, unemployement, abuse of power, ect… .Just look at some of the stunts, that Obama’s Administration has pulled off. But to hear afterwards it’s ok for us to do stupid thing it’s alright were the cool ones. But look the simularities of the Bush Administration. War monger, evil evil man, and so on. Let Obama stumble that is all they say, it’s ok. What’s next something simple or yet worst. now the left wants to force certain unmoral acts down our throats. They even want to legallize pot hear in California, so they can tax it. How stupid is that. Hell medical marijuana is a farce. Just go to some Dr. pay him a quick $50.00 and you can legally use marijuana. Plus they waste tax payers money here in California for laws they write but don’t enforce, such as the cell phone law. At least on a regular day is see roughly abot 10 to 30 people driving down the road yaching away on ther cell phone with no hands free device. No wonder California is broke.
    Take a look in the mirror and you will see who is at fualt for most of this countries proplems, mostly th U.S. citizen. Becuase they don’t read the News or watch the News. Plus the News is so Biased no wonder such a Marxist got elected. They said this one is the coolest, he is the greated, or yet he is the one. Now he will speak in Egyapt atop a masqu to the Muslim world as their chosen one. Whats next the one number that we must have, so that we aren’t put to death. Wake up people this is for real. This ass in the White House SCARES the F* out of me.

  • Jack

    So, Democrat=Liberal=Terrorist? As Republican =Fascist=Dangerous Moron? I wondered where the 20% right wing nut jobs hung out and I guess this is the place. Ok, no more gratuitous insults. But I do think its important to be grounded in reality. Does anyone here know what Socialism actually is? Because Obama is definitely not one. He isn’t going to take your guns or throw you in prison for speaking your mind. And the top income tax bracket is still lower than it was under Reagan. By the way, I can’t stand Rush or Hannity, etc. but I don’t want to shut them up, I just want to hear other opinions on the radio. And if Texas wants to secede it is fine with me. I support the right of secession for all states. So this liberal says take another look at where you are getting your information.

    • Kyla

      Socialism is an economic theory that governs the economy- basically, the government controls said economy, by imposing strident regulations and the like. Which is fast approaching for America. On the watch of the past four Presidents, not just Obama.

      What we are heading for is more of a Fascist system, with a Socialist economy. Fascists believe in complete, total control over the people. They are totalitarian dictators, in the stripe of Hitler and Mussolini.

      We have been heading this way for a long while, much longer than I think anyone really realizes. It began way back almost before the Constitution had had a chance to dry, and has continued to this day. We’re just going a bit faster now, that’s all.

      • Jack

        I don’t completely disagree with you, although Capitalism with regulations is not the same as Socialism [unless you watch Fox News]. I think we have lived in a Corporatist state for quite a while, which has bordered on Fascism at times in the sense that democratic processes are subverted and the government has ended up serving corporate interests at the expense of the average guy. I am more concerned about Wall Street sucking all the money out of our system than I am about Socialism [which isn't really Socialism] or any power abuses by Obama. I think Obama understands that Capitalism can’t survive without reasonable regulation. Otherwise you have Enron, World Com, Bank of America and Capital One screwing the average guy. I think a lot of people on this site have the right idea about spotting government abuses of power but that their aim is misguided and they have been led to be paranoid about liberals.

        • Kyla

          Thank you for your response Jack. And thank you for being civil- some people aren’t when I speak my mind, LOL

          I would direct you to my comment above, to Judith. It’s just a few comments up. I explain there how the free market will regulate itself.

          Let me give you another example- the narcotic drug industry. I asked my grandpa, who is a former drug addict, about this, and he told me that the drug industry basically regulates itself. If a dealer is found to be selling bad drugs, one of two things will happen: no one will buy from him, or he’ll get beat up for selling bad drugs.

          Now, I don’t advocate beating people up when they cheat me, but you get the point. Every time a dealer is caught selling bad drugs, he has to get a new buyer base, which makes it more likely for him to get caught.

          It is a perfect, capitalist, free market system. The difference between the average American consumer and the average druggie is simple- education. The druggie knows what he should get, at least the experienced druggie does. When he doesn’t get it, he knows he’s been cheated, and raises a fuss.

          I think that if we removed regulations from the market, we’d see less extortion and cheating, not more. People would have to stop relying on the government to watch over the companies’ every move, and instead learn on their own. Hence, they would know what it was they were supposed to get, and be able to act when they didn’t get it.

          Now, I do concede that a market with government regulations is not socialism. But it’s a step in that direction, and do we want to go that way?

          By the way, I’d just like to clear up one little thing- I’m not your typical Republican, in fact, I’m not a Republican at all- I am a Libertarian. I read Fox News, but I am also a daily reader of the NYTimes, the Washington Post, CNN, World Net Daily, and a few other foreign news sources, like BBC. Just thought I’d throw that out there. ;)

      • Jack

        Kyla, I’m really starting to like you! Glad to see you get your info from a wide range of news. I read the previous post on “free markerts” and want to respond but I have been very busy lately. But to answer briefly, if free markets actually worked the way you say I would be on your side. Unfortunately they often don’t. We both know that if a company makes a product that kills or injures a number of people it is somtimes in the company’s best interest to pay off those people and have them sign a non-disclosure agreement so they can continue to sell the defective product. A corporation is first and foremost responsible to the shareholder and the value of the shares. Its in its charter. Capitalism runs on greed as the motivating factor, which is fine, but without regulation its a terrible system. The last time we had a truly free market was during the “robber baron” era with sweat shops, child labor, 16 hour work days, collusion, kickbacks, unliveable wages and a contaminated food supply. It lasted roughly up until the Great Depression. Since then we have had regulated Capitalism which has worked fairly well, except that there are wealthy, well placed individuals who keep pushing the free market concept. Its a very good system for those in a position to take advantage of it, but its a lousy system for the rest of us. Someone once said “the best way to rob a bank is to own one” [see the current Wall Street crisis]. So how would the free market have prevented the Wall Street crisis from happening?

        • Kyla

          “We both know that if a company makes a product that kills or injures a number of people it is sometimes in the company’s best interest to pay off those people and have them sign a non-disclosure agreement so they can continue to sell the defective product.”

          I concede. This happens. But people do not have to sign the papers. They are perfectly free to NOT sign the paper, and tell whomever they please. I will admit that injustices and abuses happen- but they happen in ANY system, including regulated capitalism, socialism, communism, etc. Capitalism just happens to be the best, in my own humble opinion.

          “The last time we had a truly free market was during the “robber baron” era with sweat shops, child labor, 16 hour work days, collusion, kickbacks, unlivable wages and a contaminated food supply.”

          Being a student of history, I admit that bad things happened during that era. And the laws that were enacted were good laws. But- let’s face it- those laws are unneedful now. No employer is going to pay his employees squat. Although, I would like to point out that back then, though what they were being payed sounds like not a lot (and granted, it was less than what people are payed now), the value of money was also more then, and it had more purchasing power. Less money was really more.

          Minimum wage really hurt the income gap, not helped. Employers are forced to pay a certain amount of money to their employees, and in many cases, they only pay the minimum, making it so that employees cannot get enough. Instead of being paid what their worth (for instance, getting paid only $3 an hour instead of $7 for bagging groceries- what such a job is worth), employers have to pay them what the government says. This makes it so employers cannot hire enough people, so they can’t afford to pay!

          But regulations can be very, very bad, especially for small businesses. My dad just started his own business about a year ago. Being a Master Electrician, and having been in the trade for well on 15 years, he had decided it was time. He didn’t realize how hard it was going to be. His company turned no profit this year, and they literally live job to job- and by extension, my family does too. Yet, despite this, they still have to pay enormous taxes and wages they cannot afford. Dad has to match each employee’s taxes, which includes outrageous social security, health care costs, insurance costs, and just misc. taxes that don’t do much besides sap the life out of my dad’s company. It’s outrageous. That is what comes out of too much regulation.

          “Since then we have had regulated Capitalism which has worked fairly well, except that there are wealthy, well placed individuals who keep pushing the free market concept. Its a very good system for those in a position to take advantage of it, but its a lousy system for the rest of us.”

          Like I said earlier, someone will always be able to take advantage of any system. It’s the way the world works. There will always be someone on top, and there will always be someone on the bottom. The beauty of America- and her (former) unique economic system- is that anyone can get to the top if they have the guts, the ambition, and the staying power.

          To answer your ending question, let me give you the short answer: It wouldn’t have. It couldn’t have.

          The market falls, it rises, it fluctuates. It’s normal, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s the way it works. It’s like a balloon. If you’re blowing up a balloon, you can’t keep blowing and blowing- eventually, the balloon will explosively pop right in your face. The same way with the market. We can’t expect it to keep getting bigger and bigger- that is a naive hope that is bound to be broken. But capitalism is better able to rebound from such a collapse. Consider the multiple mini-crashes that occurred in the years before the Great Depression. You never hear about them, and the government didn’t get involved.

          Yet, FDR really hurt, rather than helped, during the Depression. Taxes went up, mainly burdening the poor. He also hurt the market. The National Industrial Recovery Act hurt workers by fixing wages and prices. Sounds nice in theory, but isn’t so hot in practice. It made it harder and more expensive for employers to hire people. Sort of an early minimum wage.

          The Agricultural Adjustment Act, or AAA made it so that poor farmers either took money to NOT farm (money that was sorely inadequate), or went bankrupt. Why? Because Congress had to ‘control’ supply and demand. The National Labor Relations Act made unions big, hurting companies by getting the unions to ask exorbitant wages. Sounds nice for the worker, I suppose, but companies do have to make a profit. The act triggered mass layoffs and unrest.

          Second, the economy wasn’t stimulated because all FDR’s New Deal programs were paid for by- you guessed it- taxes. People had to pay money to the government that they couldn’t spend on other things.

          I said all that to make a point- more government control is not the answer. Furthermore, it isn’t Constitutional. The government isn’t in charge of making sure the marketplace is ‘fair’, or even of making sure the marketplace doesn’t hurt people. That’s the people’s job. If they’re too ignorant to notice when the market is harming them, then they need to make an effort with their Google and get educated. It isn’t that hard.

          Maybe I sound harsh or cold, but I firmly believe that more government control- over ANY facet of our lives- is not the answer.

          Thanks for reading my…rant-type post. LOL

      • Jack

        I appreciate your responses because you think about the issues and concede a point when you must. I also concede some of the points you made. But rather than argue the points I disagree with I’ll just say this – I also have some libertarian leanings. I want to see the most freedom for individuals that is reasonable. I am also self-employed. Some of our employment laws are a giant pain for the employer. I also know that some regulation is out of control or counter productive. While I don’t believe that there is the “magic of the market place” that makes everything right, I do believe that you can’t go against the basic economic laws [supply and demand, the laws of diminishing returns, etc] without screwing things up, which has certainly happened. What we need is reasonable controls that provide rules for corporations so that they can compete for our dollars within a framework that prevents them from acting in ways that pollute, harm or even cause economic collapse. If we allow a truly free market as some envision, the middle class will likely shrink, the Wall Street will have instability and wild swings, people will lack financial security or a safety net, the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer and the wealth of the country ends up in fewer hands, which is not good for democracy. When things get bad people start demanding fairness and move towards Socialism. So what I’m saying is that free market Capitalism is basically unstable.

        • Kyla

          Once again, I feel I must concede that yes, the market can go haywire, and as I said before, there will always be those who take advantage of the system. I understand the need for some (lax) regulation, but at another level, I think that opening the door for regulation (as we did all those years ago), leads to what we have now- a nearly socialist system that is getting worse, rather than better.

          So, for the purposes of education (and my own curiosity), what do you think would be an acceptable set of regulations for the market? How would we insure the government would not further infringe on the system, as they have so many times before?

          It’s great to see someone who thinks like me (sort of), and can actually carry on a civilized debate! There are so many that resort to ad hominem attacks, which just…really bugs me. So, thanks for being nice. ;)

        • Eric Bischoff

          To Jack,
          And we may have reached Peak Capitalism. It is impossible to have perpetual growth. It is a physical impossibility. There aren’t enough workers/jobs/resources/capital to keep feeding the beast. So now what?

        • Jack


          I know what Peak Oil is but not so sure about Peak Capitalism. As for growth we always go through up and down business cycles. I’m not sure anyone is talking about perpetual growth. Right now we have more workers than jobs available, at some later time we might have more jobs than workers. You feed the beast by keeping the system running, providing consumer goods, and jobs to pay for them. I’m not sure what your point is.

      • Jack

        A list of regulations for the market would be too much information to include here even if I was qualified to discuss it, which I’m not. But one example was the Glass-Steagal act which separated commercial and investment banking. It was passed during the FDR years as a reform of the banking industry with the intention of preventing banks from getting too involved in risky investments. I’m no banking expert so I can’t explain it any better than that. It was repealed in 1999 in a bill sponsored by Phil Gramm and Jim Leach [Republicans] and signed by Bill Clinton, so it was a bipartisan effort. Many economists feel this was a large part of the problem that led to risky investing that brought down Wall Street in 2008. So my point is that too many people get overly involved in ideology such as de-regulation and end up throwing out good reasonable law. So we need whatever regulations make the system work well while allowing us as much freedom as possible to form and expand businesses. Its a tricky business because many well intentioned laws have unintended consequences. We also need a Congress that acts as a watchdog and works for everyone and not just for those who make the largest campaign donations.

      • Jack

        Maybe I can make my point better by making an analogy. With the issue of crime and law enforcement we have come up with a system. We could have chosen from extreme ideological positions. Some people might want to do whatever is necessary to prevent crime and want a police state with surveillance cameras everywhere, even in people’s homes. Others might want the complete freedom of anarchy with no laws and frontier justice. The point is that most civilized countries have chosen a middle path. We balance privacy and civil rights with doing what it takes to make us safe. We have a police force and court system, but with limits and checks and balances. Its very imperfect and the subject of constant debate as to where the fine line should be and whether we should move more towards police powers or more towards individual rights. [I have a lot of ideas and complaints about our criminal justice system] But that’s how I see our economy – as a constant debate about what regulations we should or shouldn’t have, not as a debate about whether we should have any at all. And that’s why the free market / Ayn Rand / Atlas Shrugged philosophy scares me as much as Communism / Socialism scares you.

        • Kyla

          I agree that it is a very fine line between regulation and too-much regulation. And I see your point. I agree that there should be some sort of safeguards against people being taken advantage of.

          My nice, sweet, kind human nature says that. Unfortunately, the Constitution doesn’t. If the market is regulated, it should not be done by the Federal government, but by localities- I think. That would be truly Constitutional, as no provision is given for the federal government to institute such regulation. However, there is no stipulation against localities imposing some sort of regulation. (I think things like drugs, abortion, and the like should be left to localities too, but I digress.)

          “We also need a Congress that acts as a watchdog and works for everyone and not just for those who make the largest campaign donations.”

          We need a Congress- nay, an entire government- that keeps itself inside the Constitution. I’d be happy if they just did that. Of course, that’d be way too tall an order for them, I’m sure…

      • Jack

        Hey Kyla,

        I’m not sure there is anything in the Constitution that says Thou shalt not regulate the Market! But assuming the Constitution does not allocate the power then perhaps we should amend it rather than ignoring it [have to agree with you there]. But we need a system that works. Obviously our founding fathers could not have anticipated the Industrial Revolution, Wall Street and a multi-trillion-dollar World Economy. I am not entirely against the idea of the states holding more power and the national government less, but I think that era ended quite a while ago. Neither side [Republican or Democrat] wants to give up the world power we have because of our strong central government in spite of any rhetoric to the contrary.

        I think there are some areas where we will just have to agree to disagree, but at least I can discuss things with you. There is a posting below us from Linda. I don’t think I could have a rational discussion with her. She believes what she believes and thats it.

        • Kyla

          I think the Founding Fathers anticipated things quite well. There is nothing wrong with our Constitution, nor is it an obsolete document. It works quite well for any system, even one in the 21rst century. We simply need to shrink our government back into it, and stop being the world’s policeman!

          Sorry if I suddenly turned all freedom-fighter on you…that’s just one of my ‘pet peeves’, LOL

          Might I state though that I have no aversion to trade, etc. I don’t have an aversion to tarrifs being imposed (on our national borders), as that is perfectly within the realm of the federal government’s authority. What is not there is the authority to go tell so-and-so that they can’t do such-and-such with their oil, or their people, or their corn, or their whatever!

          Anyway…rant over.

          Yes, I suppose we’ll just have to ‘agree to disagree’ in this issue…I’ll probably never convince you, and you’ll never convince me fully, so there isn’t any point debating it! :P

          My Blog…

      • Jack

        Thanks for the blog link. I’ll start harrassing you over there. Of course the first thing I see there is an Obama article which repeats silly anti-Obama talking point propaganda. Oh no you didn’t! BTW you seem too articulate to be a teenager. [thats a compliment]

  • s c

    What we have in Washington is a functioning formula for disaster. I appreciate the fact that this new #1 associates himself with a group like ACORN. We now have a ‘leader’ who doesn’t know or care that he has no constitutional authority to interfere with business. FDR tried it, and it took patriotic Supreme Court justices to see through his machinations to prevent an American-style version of Russia. It won’t take 4 years to see this ‘leader’ for who and what he is. The new guy in the White House has his “legacy” in place, and its cost is far more than the US can afford (literally or figuratively). I am willing to bet that just like FDR’s swooning adorers, Obama’s fans will never admit what was wrought in the guise of leadership and transparency and ability.

  • Linda


    The great and beautiful Eagle. Is it any wonder why it became the symbol of the United States of America? The most sacred bird of all because of its majestic abilities to reach great heights and therefore closer to the Creator than any other.
    The Eagle has long been a symbol of spiritual power and illumination of Spirt, Healing, and Creation. The Eagle reflects much about teachings of a balance, of being of the Earth but not in it. The adoption of the Eagle as a symbol reminded ALL that the United States of America was in deed “One Nation Under God”.
    The mere thought of that gave strength, a sense of humble nobility, a purpose and power to this nation.

    Again, considering the American Eagle “The Spirit of our Country”. Instead of being united as one, some have moved too far to the left wing, while some have moved too far the right wing, thus we have weighted down our Eagle (Our Nation) and disabled it’s ability to take flight and soar above our enemies. Instead, the great Eagle (Our Nation) is pinned down and helpless to avoid the parasites and those eager to slaughter it. We, all Americans, need to get off the wings and unite at the heart and soul of our Eagle, to once again feel the heart beat of this country and see things through the Eagles perspective and foresight, less we become prey for the vultures.

    There are those who seek and work diligently to destroy this country, bring down the Eagle and what it stands for, and even strip us of our God given rights of life, liberty and freedom. People like Khrushchev, one who hated America and threatened that he would destroy us economically from within. Another, Hugo Chavez during an interview with Greg Palast in July 2006 boasted that he had won, that in Venezuela the empire was finished. Then went on to state (quote) “I believe that before the end of this century, it will be finished in the rest of the world. We will see the burial of the empire of the Eagle”. With Chavez forecasting that, it came as no surprise that Chavez and Obama became best “BUDS” at their meeting lately. It was expected since Chavez and the Obamas’ share the same hatred for America. Both ridiculing, criticizing and blaming the US for the misery in the world. The same disrespect for America shown by ‘bowing’ to the King of Saudi Arabia.

    It is beyond my understanding and comprehension why the American people chose someone who hated America, and what it stood for, to run this country and attend to the needs of our people. Especially one who was raised and surrounded by those who also hated America, like his mother, grandparents,his wife, preacher,close friends, business associates, and especially his ‘mentors’.

    The representatives chosen to lead and protect his country are the very ones responsible for fulfilling the dreams and ambitions of not the American people , but those of our enemies.
    We, the American people DO have the right to be extremely upset and angered over the so called “sacrifices” that our elected officials demand of each of us. While they continue to live a life of luxury, throwing one party after another to celebrate their victory over us (the individuals). It is obvious now that the sacrifices don’t apply to the few making the rules. As hundreds of thousands continue to loose their jobs and find it impossible to salvage their homes, one person goes out and buys a $540.00 pair of tennis shoes. Which by the way, in my opinion are ugly and wouldn’t pay 54 cents for them. Millions of people make personal sacrifices with their budgets to be able to treat themselves once a month to Pizza Hut, while another pays to have a pizza man flown in to fix pizza for one dinner. Much less spending $100.00 a lb. for meat to feed hundreds of party guest each week. Many people wish they could afford to spend a $100.00 on groceries to last a whole week.

    As they continue to take control over our banks, our industries and institutions, patting themselves on the back for their part in causing the economic crisis we are faced with today (and for generations) we continue to suffer the consequences of their actions. They are trying to convince us that this crisis was caused by our big industries and investors – the very ones that give us jobs and pay our wages – enabling us to pay for our homes, car, bills etc. So what motive could they possibly have for targeting those? In order to be able to take control over the people of a country, first thing one would have to do is cut off their source and supply. Most of the population have shown they would rather depend on their own gifted ability to make a life for themselves and their families instead of settling for what little is dealt out to them. These are the real targeted areas, the population of people that government cannot control. In order to do so, they must ‘cut off’ their income, by shutting down the companies they work for, in order to force them to HAVE to depend on the government to feed their families and try to hang on to a little of what they have worked for and earned themselves and are now loosing. Basically cutting off the hand that feeds them, in order to gain control and power over them which the government could not do otherwise.

    It stands to reason that the government cannot afford to do this under their own budget, therefore they had to devise a fake stimulus bill, filled with nothing but pork, in order to raise money for THEIR plan. The money THEY need to pay the devastating and continued mounting of increases in welfare and unemployment. It had and has absolutely nothing to do with
    ‘ SPREADING THE WEALTH ‘, that was a gimmick used to fool the American people. Government is basically using our own money against us. The government’s main objective, isn’t to take down big business ….. but to take us down ( the American people). If big corporations and other business fall in the process… than so be it….they don’t really care, they will do what ever it takes in order for their plan to succeed.

    Regardless of what they are trying to make us believe, the economic crisis was caused because of a well devised plan put in motion by them developing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that they forced on our banking institutions with the purpose of causing this crisis. A crisis they wanted and needed in order for success, not what America needed. They knew full-well what it would do, and yet for two years these same people sat on their hands and did nothing. For two years they grew the reputation of, and were commonly referred to as the ” DO NOTHING CONGRESS”. It’s strange how all of a sudden our “DO NOTHING CONGRESS” kicked into high gear once they managed to get their foot in the door, and now working long hours and around the clock they can’t get things done fast enough. Even if it means voting-in a bill that hasn’t even been read. But there again, it’s obvious now they didn’t want it read, the bill had to be passed before the American public or even one responsible for it passing, became aware of what was in it and started asking questions, because it was vital to insuring their future, not for just another term but for generations to come. It could only be achieved through silence, secrecy and undercover.

    Now, after several months of non-stop, fast-paced expediency on their part, they can relax a little and even dare to smirk and giggle about the economic struggles and suffering we, the individuals of America, are dealing with, ……and the fools they have played the American people for.
    From what I’ve heard and seen, all they have accomplished is widespread, massive destruction and turmoil among the people.

    As an individual I have listened, read and comprehended their suggestions and warnings to keep opinions to ourselves. Have also seen to what lengths and measures they will go to if questioned or disagreed with in order to silence anyone who opposes them. Utilizing the ‘fear’ tactic as and example
    for the rest of us. With each passing day, it becomes cleared, that our situation is worsening, and dangerously headed towards fascism.

    Am I afraid to voice my opinion? NOT AFRAID…. BUT DEFINITELY CONCERNED. But I cannot, sit idly by and watch and feel them slowly drain the very life out of me, my loved ones, friends and my fellow Americans. They remind me of vampires…..
    So if my life is going to be destroyed anyway, I would rather speak while ‘I still have the right’. And instead of sinking back in the shadows and yielding and kneeling to the pressures of my enemies,
    I would rather stand up for the things I believe in while ‘I’m still allowed to’.

    Beliefs, that I share with our forefathers, those who founded this country and our

    I BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION (not with the revisions being considered now)

    I encourage every American to study and analyze very carefully what is happening.
    Look at everything from both sides, so you won’t be deceived. Share the knowledge you learn….. it’s how we all learn.

    Thank you for listening,

  • teresa

    The dems and Repugs are giving to the BANKERS goto

  • Dirty Harry

    I think it’s time to implement term limits and a tax limitation amendment to the constitution. When you think of all the problems and waste it’s from someone staying too long in Washington.

  • http://yahoo brian

    Why are all Republicans like a cult they say all the say the same thing and do not independently think for themselves, they oppose any one who questions our goverment yet they clain to defend the constitution, freedom to question our own goverment, businesses or individuals is a fundamental right and it’s what keeps us from having Adolph Hitler as a leader, checks and balances is what sets us apart from all other countries! Alexander Hamilton said when helping draft the constitution
    ” the slow erosion of the people’s rights is far more dangerous than any single act of tyranny” isn’t that a prohetic statement and couldn’t be more true after 8 years of fear mongering BS from Bush #2. Transparency and truth will always keep us safer than lies and deception, if you don’t trust your own goverment than who can you trust? Remember “thou shalt not kill” since when did Americans start trumping the word of God in the name of a political party?

    • David Hall

      You liberals, just BLOW MY MIND, WHAT’S LEFT OF IT. “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” yeah, Right! I wish somebody would have told the INSANE, WICKED,
      (WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT), THAT, BEFORE 9-11 that murdered 3000 Americans. If, I could
      have, had my way, I would have sent one BIG BOMB, AND MADE, ONE BIG

  • Nina

    I have to admit it is funny to watch the liberal sheep being led to slaughter. (Obviously since none of them will have guns to protect themselves or their children) However, it seems some of them are beginning to have that hurt look that says,”But you promised…”

  • Eve Jewel

    I am conservative and American

    I have read many of the post here and what I see are many angry upset people….well why shouldnt they be? Many are just beginning to understand that
    our two political parties are one and the same…buddies …They keep Americans
    so busy arguing between themselves that many of us have failed to see what they
    are really up to…and that is they are trying very hard to move us to a One World
    Government…(and of course this fits in perfectly biblically) Doesnt it seem like
    that they are trying to ruin our whole system? Perhaps for the purpose of a
    total collapse and then they can really take control…If there is anyone out there
    left that trusts our Government PLEASE STAND UP…..The way I see it is that
    we have no hope in the democrats and the republicians…It would be nice to have
    another party called the Constitutional party…But at this point I cant see that being
    successful….We have no way to really band together….Sure we have many web
    sites out there that are fed up with the Government as usual ….But how can we
    really Unite and make a difference? We can argue on here all day…But what
    we really need to do is come up with a plan so we can drop the republican and
    democratic parties and create our own that would have a multitude of us going
    in a different direction and Kick those guys out up there who have been on the
    feeding trough way too long….Given American money away like it is nothing to
    them…Any ideas out there America?

  • Dickie

    I am, From S.C. And I just recevied a letter from lindsey graham, That has p— ME OFF,This CLOWN is trying to convince me that these DAMN FOOLS can plan health care for us , LOOK at what they have already done to us,THEY ARE THE ONES that have put us here, Not the AMERICAN PEOPLE, Anything that they say is good for us< is GREAT for THEM> I am so SICK of these DA– LIERS, MY GOD PEOPLE, WE have to put ALL these ARROGANT COMMUNIST LIERS OUT, PLEASE don”t let any one that has been in OFFICE ONE TERM or MORE. Please PLEASE, DON”T LET THEM FOOL US AGAIN, I seen them in the news today walking around their subject”s in their eye”s,laughing cutting the fool, Like they are really one of us,But when are stupid enough to put them back in office, They forget about you, because they are with their good old boys & girls,I know that their are stupid people out there that don”t beleive me but thats find to , But there is enough smart people that can put these carpetbaggers OUT!. pelosi & reid has already said we are not smart enough to know what is best for us.I don”t care if you are a republican or dem- or demon-crap. I do care PLEASE,DON”T VOTE THE SAME LIERS BACK IN DON”T BELEVE THEIR LIES, Just look at the past 40 yr”s ,With same old people,Nothing but hardship, There has got to be someone out there with MORLES, & some ETHICS, People look at what THEY have done,Just think about this , THIS is for you nonbeleviers, When you go to buy anything it is MADE IN CHINA,NOW call me a lier,Go buy anything with an AMERICAN name & look where it was made, Your sweet good old boy or girl has sold us out for their own gain, That is why we don”t have JOBS, Just look at where stuff is being, NOT HERE, THAT ALONE should make you decide, When they are walking around in plan dress kissing babies,WE have got to vote ALL these THUGS OUT!!!

  • s c

    The new pres is doing worse than Bush [e. g., cradle-to-grave debt, exercising unconstitutional powers FDR-style, gutting America via a planned economy, ignoring Putin's advice not to become a socialist country]. Norman Thomas (socialist) and Gus Hall (communist) were prophets. They said, “Democrats and Republicans are doing our job for us.” Pravda does a first-rate job of reporting our news, when compared to our worthless, useful idiot media vermin. We’re burying ourselves. Who needs Nikita Kruschev?

  • Eric Bischoff

    FDR’s new deal was nothing but a compromise with the ruling elite who were scared shitless that the people would revolt. We could be at that same crossroad now except for one thing. Many of you are still too fat and lazy to revolt. You haven’t suffered enough. Some of you actually think the worst is over.

  • gary

    You dont know what your talking about would you like working 7 days a week 12 hours a day no overtime pay no insurance

  • lisa mcallister

    So what are you saying, that there is not one human being that can come against Obama and his “associates”. Why didn’t someone stand up and strong arm his “associates” before he even ran for office? Why did “we” sit back and let it happen?

  • steven artus

    I have been trying to tell people about Obama for seemingly forever and no one seems to be listening, so maybe someone will p0ay attention now that I have found a half way decent place to post, so here goes.

    If Obama was born in Honolulu as he and his handlers (yes, he has handlers) claim, why is it his mother went to the hospital where he SUPOSEDLY WAS BORN , and asked for a birth certificate? And why is it all she got was a certificate of live birth?

    How is it that, I believe FaceBook, was the one that found A REAL, LIVE, TRUE TO LIFE, GENUINE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, after David Axlerod showed Obamas certificate of birth on the internet , and how is it that it has been found that Obama paid $80,000.00 for a $10.00 birth certificate which just so happens to be the the one FaceBook claims is real, but was found to be LASER PRINTED, which was not possible in 1961 when Obama was born???????

    Has anyone ever asked the question,”Was Stanley Ann Dunham EVER ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL WHERE OBAMA WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN BORN BETWEEN THE DATES OF 25JULY and 4 AUGUST 1961?????? I’ll bet no one has.

    After Obama’s mother married Lolo Soertoro, and went to Indonesia, Lolo who was a devout Muslim adopted Obama, but here is where things get tricky. Obama is known to have used several different names to which his mother did not object, so it is not known if he used the name Barry Obama or Barry Dunham, But we do know that because he was adopted, his LEGAL NAME BECAME BARRY SOERTORO, AND HIS NATIONALITY BECAME INDONESIAN, BECAUSE HE WAS A MINOR CHILD, and he had no control over the situation, AND HE WAS NEVER TOLD HOW HE BECAME WHO HE WAS AND WHAT HIS NATIONALITY WAS.

  • steven artus

    Some how it seems, my comment although was not finished was submitted, so i’ll finish it. At any rate, Barry has now LEGALLY become an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soertoro, and because of his age, he doesn’t know anything about it. Now, In 1981 when he was 20 years old, Barry went to Pakistan for a visit. He was not an American because first of all Indonesia does not RECOGNISE DUAL CITIZENSHIP, AND ANYWAY HE IS AN INDONESIAN BY VIRTUE OF BEING ADOPTED BY HIS STEPFATHER.So, how did he come to the US? Well, he came on an Indonesian passport WITH A FOREIGN STUDENT VISA. Thats why His college and university records have been sealed, it will show that he recieved FOREIGN STUDENT LOANS, and like his birth certificate that is also sealed, he cant afford to have anyone see that it comes from Mombasa, Kenya. If his birth certificate was American WHY DOES’NT HE SHOW IT AND END THIS DEBATE? As I have said many times, I’m 2 days older than dirt, and I don’t have a lot of money, so I cant prove what I have said, but if anyone out there is willing to do so, by all means, prove that I’m wrong, but I know you cant do it. And once it has been proven that Barry is not an American citizen we will have to have a new election. Joe Biden, although he would love to jump in as president cant do that, because if Barry is found to be an illegal, the election is illigitamate, and a new election is called for, and all Joey baby can do is run which would be an exercise in futility, Who would be dumb enough to vote for him?
    Me and my big mouth, who else… Democrats thats who!!!!!! Oh well, gotta go, all this typing made me thirsty. CAIO

  • Myke

    A brave soldier was shot and murdered and another one wounded by a terrorists…ooops excuse me..we are not allowed to call them that anymore , and the media or our politicians don’t mention it. An abortionist is killed and it is blamed on people who do not believe in abortion. And splashed all over the news. We hear nothing about the terrorist. We know he lived here, went to Kenya and then returned but noone seems interested in where he got all the weapons and ammunition he had in his truck or even where he got the truck. That is because while Obama is on his trip to the middle east we don’t want to discuss this. I don’t see them mentioning hate crimes.
    Three Black Panthers dressed in military clothes intimidated white voters. Told them you are going to see how it is to be ruled by a black man. They were charged but didnt bother to go to court which made them automatically guilty. But Holder dismissed all charges against them. I don’t see Obama’s Hollywood crowd saying anything about racism.

  • Jimmy in Laos

    Spend a few years in a developing country making it on you own without the security of a large bank account, cushy western wage or the comfort of human rights. You might just grow up a little.

    I didn’t realze this was a right wing site till I read the survay results. Be thankful with what you have. But you arn’t. You all wine, and wine, and wine. I left America 8 years ago with very little money, moved to Thailand, and currently live in Laos. Although the westend media portrays Laos as a “communist regime” I find it far more free on a personal, mental, and small business level than the USA currently is. Americans are constantly being manipulated this way or that by a barrage of infomation, much of which is factually dubious. But you believe what you want to believe, interperate questionably acquired stats to support your own ajenda, and all in all just like to argue for the sake of arguing. Though I barely make $300 USA a month, I would rather be here than being bombarded by the useless BS being spued by the US media and others. Me, like many USA expatriots here (mostly NGO workers, school teachers, or miners) just sit back and laugh at the petty, ignorant, and childish whinging going on in America. It’s not just us. The rest of the world is laughing at you to.

  • linda

    To change subject just a little….regarding Gitmo and all the talk about torture and caring for those non-citizens, why doesn’t anyone ever care about the people imprisoned here in the US and torture they endure. There are so many lies perpetrated by prosecutors and judges and lawyers that it is much worse than Gitmo just to get someone into the prison warehouse system. BIg money to keep these prisons open and to always feed it with another body. Many people are lied into prison by those who pretend to be the legal justice system.

    On another close subject…torture by abortion is okay but waterboarding is not okay. These people are sick minded to think that it is okay to kill babies but oh don’t torture a Muslim or terrorist and give them rights they do not deserve because they want our country to be THEIRS!

  • Ozzie Barreto

    There is not a single socialist country in history that has produced more than the United States or given its citizens such a high standard of living. WHY GO BACKWARD NOW!

  • steven artus

    After I got my computer, I thought I was in hog heaven when I found the Liberty News Forum. Well, welcome to reality. I finally found the Personal Liberty Digest, and I couldn’t be happier. I have just waded through what would have been several hours of enjoyable reading, except that I wanted to make a post, so I bypassed all that, So I could once again say my piece. Here goes.

    I am a subscriber to thr Washington Times news paper, an recently there was a full page ad entitled,”KERCHNER et al vs. OBAMA AND CONGRESS et al”, and what it is, is a synop[ses of a law suite brought by Charles F. Kerchner Jr. Lowell T.Paterson, Darrell James Lenormand, andDonald H. Nelson. The Defendents areBarak Hussein Obama ll, president elect of the United States of America, President of the United Statesof Americaand individually a/k/a Barry Soertoro, United States of America, United States Congress, United States Senate,

  • steven artus

    And for some reason thats as far as I got and had to submit my comment, so here is the rest of it.

    The United States House of Representitives, Richard B. Cheney, President of the Senate, Presiding Officer of Joint Session of Congress, Vice President of the United States, and Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. What continues is excerpts of the almost entire law suite, and unfortunately the print is extremely fine and more than difficult to read , even in good light. The point is, this is not the first time I have seen this law suite in print in this paper, and things are heating up. For one thing in what I have read, Obama is actually called a usurper on more than one occasion in this suite, and he is charged with violating the civil rights of the plaintifs, BECAUSE HE WAS NOT PROPERLY VETTED. Which stands to reason, as I have read on more than one occasion that Obama was not properly vettedm and there are questions about him being vetted, by whom, and more importantly how? So if that is the case,”We The People” need to know the truth. And as I have said before, there are 44 members of the Democratic Congress who knew and know that Obama is not an American citizen, Chief among them I General Nancy Pelosi, Because Obama had a meeting with her while he was still campaigning, and apparently, she laid down the law to him.

    It says here,”How long will it take the American people–Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike—to wake up to the fact that Barak Hussein Obama is not the Great Emancipater? Nor is he just another big governmentsocialist like Franklin D. Roosevelt.Roosevelt pales beside him.Obama has shown he is a man not only determined to redistribute the wealth of the middle class, but contro; the industries of the wealthy. IF YOU WANT ANY “TAKE HOME PAY” LEFT TO TAKE HOME, DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS NEED TO IMPEACH OBAMA NOW. On its face, it’s not a bad idea, because once he is determined to be an imposter and a usurper how would you go about impeaching him? I don’t thinkn it is possible. True, he could be arrested, eventually tried and I am sure he would be convicted and sent to prison, along with his wife who would be a co-conspiritor and no doubt even deported, but I dont think he could be impeached.. So, it would seem that this would be the best time to do that, while he is still the president.The problem is, the longer we wait the more dificult it will be. Look at what happened with his birth certificate.Of course, his Birth Certificate is now moot. To begin with, it is common knowlege that Obama’s mother went to the hospital where Obama was suposedly born and ASKED FOR A BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and at that time it was perfectly legal and many women were doing it, but what they recieved was A CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, and did not in any way prove American citizenship Because it did not have a doctors signature or the seal of Hawaii. That was what was first shown on the inter net when the questions came up about his citizenship. Later on I believe Face Book came up with a so called “ORIGINAL, GENUINE, TRUE, REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, but which was found to be LASER PRINTED which was not possible in 1961 and so Obama spent $80,000.00 for a $10.00 birth certificate that was as phony as he is. Obama and his spinmeisters have done everything possible to keep from showing anything about his true birth,The judges, and the governor of Hawaii, have all sided with Obama because they think they will all end up on the supreme court or some high position in his administration, and it is all, “Wish in one hand and poop in the other and see which hand fills faster” His first pick was Sonia Sotomayer. and she never heard any of his cases, and speaking of which not only has the
    Washington Times, but theHuman Events paper,bothof which are almost completely from cover to cover filled with stories about Sotomayer and there is even a number to call to send “A BLAST FAX “TO EVERY SINGLE SENATOR DEMANDING THEY REJECTJUDGE SOTOMAYER AS UNQUALIFIED. How do you like them apples?I have no idea who or how the blast fax came about, but I think it is an idea that has come about at a time when we need a way to impeach Obama. And incidently, his name is not Barak Obama, but Barry Soeortoro by virtue fo being adopted by his stepfather Lolo Soertoro, and all one has to do is get in touch with the Indonesian Embassy or consulate to get that information.There is something else that I really want to post about, but right now I am very tired and I need to rest, so maybe tomorrow I will be back. Till then caio.

    • mario

      just like to see someone that’s so correct! buddy if everyone thought like you we be in a better situation!

    • http://NA John Goodman

      “We The People” Need To CREATE Petitions to Impeach Obama Now!

      BEFORE 2010!

  • lmngr5

    “We encourage an open discussion with a wide range of viewpoints, even extreme ones, but we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments toward the author(s) or comment participants. Make your case passionately, but civilly. Please don’t stoop to name calling. We use filters for spam protection. If your comment does not appear, it is likely because it violates the above policy or contains links or language typical of spam. We reserve the right to remove comments at our discretion”

    That just doesn’t happen, right?

    Hate and intolerance like this website don’t do much for your country, open your eyes, it’s 2009 and the KKK is just a bunch of old folks peeing themselves.

  • mario

    were headed just like cuba slowly that’s how you do it! i know i’m cuban! obama mama has no good ideas for this great nation! every one needs to get there head out of there behind and wake up quickly! he is a dictator! so sad. we are all going to loose our freedom! i’m a dummy just went thru it in cuba! if there’s no food you can’t think!! that’s what they do keep you hungry so all you think about is your next meal!! and leave them alone!!

  • http://none Pat Mencke

    Baptist Minister interviews Robert Reich. Not to be missed. Paste into your browser.

    insurance scams
    healthcare and Big Pharma
    economic recovery
    corporate responsibility

  • Bob

    Just reading all this bullshit, shows how people in this country are far from united. Damn crying shame. No wonder the world is heading down the pooper…..

  • Saxton

    Obama is a puppet & George Sorus & AmeriCorp are running things now. Peloski is in his pocket. They have put SHARI Law into each US Bank, yep, didn’t know that? He is controling the Fed Reserve, and they shut off “WATER” to the canals in CA, and 80,00 acreas of crops are dying! Now we will have a food shortage-and they will raise our prices for crops. More & more food will be shipped to US. LOL. He is detroying us from the inside out. 19 DEFENSE missles turned off in Alaska, & N.Korea is laughing at us—wow. As a woman veteran–its sickening what the Hussenin Obama are doing to America. One payer health plan??? Taxing our energy, re-writing our books? Allowing fisting alternatives in schools??? OMG.
    Check out Michele Malkiens latest report following the footprints of Americorps and George sorus–now their sending this crap to all federal governments to “read” one world economy–I’m not kidding—

  • http://firstliberty alan

    Note to all ! Web search The Protocol’s of the Learned Elder’s of Zion. This is the Clinton, Bush, Obama, { Illuminati} game plan. IT IS NOT FICTION. They have been working for this day in history since the turn of the 1900′s. Read, bookmark. Jesus said that the truth will set you free.

    • DD1

      Obama is a socialist..everything he has done has spewed socialism…he has no loyalty to any thing or country, have you forgotten what socialism is?…he intended for the gov’t to control the auto industry and now the healthcare,.. there will be no more private you will be forced to use a Doctor of “their” choice…you won’t have first choice at healthcare….your age will decide your fate …you will be considered expendable ..people you need to pay attention to all that is happening..forget the likes or dislikes of who is a liberal, conservative, Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter…look at how Obama thinks!
      has anyone read Atlas Shrugged?…you should.. it’s happening now

      • keith

        us vetrans don’t have to read a book to know what socialism is,i trained to fight it for 16 years.socialism is a evil repressive regime straight from the bowels of hell.
        come and try to force it down my throat assholes,i have a 7.62×51 for any of obamas brown shirts that come to screw with me.GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

  • http://firstliberty alan

    I repeat, please read The Protocol’s of the Learned Elder’s of Zion. You can call them Socialist’s, Facist’s, Communist’s, or anything else, but they ARE Facist’s and want their New World Order. They worship Lucifer and want’s to bring about his rule on Earth. The Protocol’s is the document that shows what their intent and stratergy is. Read #9, it is about us in the west. Number 21 cover’s loan’s and the bank’s. Read. People had better get their head’s out of the sand.

  • http://firstliberty alan

    Protocol #9 – You may say the goyim [ gentiles] will rise upon us,arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes, but in the west we have against this a manoeuvre of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail- the undergrounds, metropolitains, those subterrranean corridors which ,before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence those capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives. Anybody remember 9-11.

  • harvey

    this government can only go so far before the money is gone .of course you can print more bu it becomes worth less and less.the communist country of china will have to cut 0bama off from more money then what will he do.their is only so much he can get out of the working people in this country then we will have to lay down and refuse to get up. then what.martial law or he will attempt to. of course this is all going to happen after obama and the liberals on the east and west coast get our guns and make no mistake their are trying to get them and they will suceed if we blink.everyone please wake up and dont let them keep your attention diverted away from what they are really doing with all their they have all the media helping with their lies and that really makes it hard to get the truth.the only place i have been able to find any news at all i can use is on the internet. people from now on we have got to stop being democrat and republican and start being americans again ..we have got to stop electing lawyers to make the laws. please people start finding out for yourself its easy to see all you have to do is open your eyes and listen to what they say.

    • merrie

      how true is your statement.may I add a few more reminders? have you read from the Holly Word of God, there were Ten Virgin,five was wise , five were foolish,five trimed their candles,filled with oil. five didn’t.this remind me of the people of today.The Holy Word is a true life road map to travel.It also is A Swoard and Light.God Gave us a Mind, two legs , and two feet to stand on.God blessed America,becouse our forfathers fought for freedom of Worship to ONE true liveing God.He is the creator, the Only Father to call upon!Evil Spirits(deamons)has to work through human,to acomplish their desires. those people is weak to principality,becouse they are of the world desires.POWER,Money. The “LOVE” of MONEY is the ROOT of ALL EVIL.For it BUYS POWER,CONTROLL.but for a short time.this life is but a short time.Then their reword is not what they will want.GOD gave us a Loveing Heart,yet some ate the forben fruit of the Devil through GREED,Pride,Haughtness of POWER.History repeats it self.We need to help each other,Stand togeather in Freedom of Speach,only way to acomplish this, is to learn two Words.YES and NO.dont be afraid to speak out. remind the higher up of Your COUNTITION Rights.They brainwash some of the people.they need to turn off the ones who doing it. People know what is RIGHT, and What is WRONG.Choose the RIGHT.I wonder why they took the TEN COMMANDMENTS Mounment of the lawn in front of the federal buildeng of Alabama? Yet they are written up on in my heart.I Have ONE SAVIOR and Father GOD in Jesus Christ. Iam not ashame of the Gospel of Jesus. America turn back with a loveing heart to God.Worship him Only.

  • Brian

    The current direction of the country – i.e., toward a form of neo-European socialism – is no longer a matter of question or debate, and has even been observed by very liberal foreign newspapers and political leaders who are themselves socialists or communists. Surprisingly, this off-shore commentary has not always been favorable even from those you would expect to be rejoicing.

    It’s time now for the American people to wake up. More than that, though, it’s time for us to grow up, and to stand up before we, too, become another footnote in the pathetic history of failed socialist experiments…not ONE of which has benefited its people even one-tenth as much as the American system of democratic capitalism has done for its people.

    Because we are human, it is only to be expected that our system will have flaws and that we will make sometimes mistakes in our stewardship of our sacred trust. But the greatest mistake we can ever possibly make is to start believing those who say that these failures amount to anything like the total discrediting of our system and that it should therefore be overthrown. These enemies of the state (because that is exactly what they are) are wrong and they should be called by name and their bankrupt ideas utterly rejected.

    Let’s rectify our failures, certainly…but we will only commit a far greater failure if we follow those who would attempt to persuade us to relinquish our grasp on the greatest governmental and economic system that the world has ever known in favor of the decrepit, demoralizing, disincentivizing and demonstrably impotent fantasies that have characterized every socialist system in world history.

  • steven artus

    The last time I was on this site, I was telling everyone how much I wanted to be the president, and I even started to tell everyone how I would go about making changes, to borrow a phrase from Barry, we could live with. Now I know there are a lot of you out there who think I’m as mad as a hatter, but if you think about it, I’m quite sane. As an example, lets take homosexuality. Okay. I for one prefer the good old days, and so you say ,what were they all about?For starters, I come from New York City, and in the neighborhood where I lived, we all knew who the homosexuals were. Back then we didn’t call them fags, gueers, etc.etc., and they refered to themselves as “Queens”, okay? Also, we knew who they were because they all owned “Antuque Shops”. Now, whether or not they actually sold antiques or not is besides the point, because as far as we were concerned, “they sold old stuff”. And for the neighborhood, it was a God-send, because they all kept an eye on the local kids. No stranger could come into the neighborhood and DARE TO MESS WITH ONE OF OUR KIDS. You didn’t see kids getting snatched off the streets like now-a-days. Oh, sure it did happen, but it was few and far between.Not only that, they were a source of spending money for us kids. As an example, I would like to tell you about what happened to me as a young boy of about 10 or 12 years of age.I was on my way to some place, which was no place in particular, and I was walking past A shop I had passed daily, when the owner, who’s name I never knew called to me,”Hey Sonny, want to do me a favor?” Well, when I was a kid, “Sonny” was my name, so I said Yes, and he gave me a dollar and asked me to go to “Harry’s” (a deli a few doors down) and buy him 2 containers of coffee, and oh yes, get one for your self. WOW!!! I couldn’t believe what I just heard. He actually told me to get one for myself. Well, Harry knew what and who I was talking about and “Fixed” all three containers just right. So, I went back and we all sat around drinking our coffee, and by the way, when I gave him back his change, he told me to keep it. “Keep the change”? was he kidding? he just gave me a whole .70 cents. I couldn’t believe it. A whole .70 cents. Well, abnout the time we were finishing our coffee, he asked me if I would like to do some work for him. He said it wasn’t hard, and he would show me exactly what I had to do, so I said yes. I mean, how could I refuse, he just gave me .70 cents for buying him 3 containers of coffee. He wanted me to “Antique” a table for him and he showed me how it was done. Out back he had a very large ornate table painted a beautiful shiney ,gold, and all I had to do was to paint it with a very thin pinkish liquid and then wipe it off. I had to be sure not to use too much and to wipe off only what was not in the etched parts, that was to remain, but must not streak or run. Well, it took me all morning, but I got it done, and even though he checked on my progress from time to time, he never bothered to correct me so I guess I did it right. After that, he had me wash my hands and took me to Harry’s for lunch. Again, Wow, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Well we had our lunch,,”Anything I wanted, AND, I EVEN HAD A MILK SHAKE. UNBELIEVABLE A MILK SHAKE. A milk shake cost
    .15 cents, plus I had ANYTHING I WANTED. I, whether I wanted to believe it or not had died and gone to heaven. As we left Harry’s, I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him, and he said no, thanked me for all of my valuable help, and as an after thought, he gave me a one dollar bill. This was 1946 or 1948, I’m not sure, but for a mere child to earn $1.70 in a day was quite remarkable to say the very least, and to get a full lunch PLUS a milk shake, well, let me tell you,I had just experianced a minor miracle. And people like him,a gay man, who t that never even consedered getting in your face and demanding, thats right DEMANDING, that they be allowed to marry, adopt children, HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS, which they already have, and everything else under the sun they demand, which makes me absolutely livid. And I am so-o-o-o damned tired of haring that s-t-o-o-p-i-d lame excuse,”when my partner goes to the hospital, I can’t visit with him because I’m not family” I could just scream, and some times I do because it is a lie,
    Hospitals do not have a security station where everyone MUST CLEAR before visiting a patient, the cost would be prohibitive. I, personally have nothing against gays, but I do not feel that they should be getting any more rights than you or I, and as the president of the United Stataes, I would make it perfectly clear, that
    everyone already has equal g]rights under the constitution, and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS GOING TO GET ANY MORE RIGHTS THAN ANY ONE ELSE, AND I DON’T CARE WHO THE ARE,HOW THE DRESS OR UNDRESS, AND IF THEY CARE TO HAVE SEX WITHA MAN OR A MANIQUIN FOR ALL I CARE, OR A SQUIRLE FOR THAT MATTER. The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The Consititution settled all of that more than 100 years ago, and I will not attempt to change one single word, AND THE ACLU CAN KISS MY ASS. If they dare to complaine, I will file a suite against them and demand in my suite they, the ACLU be banned from the US and I will use their own record against them as being anti-American. Okay, my computer is begining to act up, and that means it’s time I called it quits. I will be writing more about what I would do as the president, but for now, as I said at the begining, I long for the good old days. If your not sure, go back to the begining and reread what I wrote, and I’m sure you will agree with me. As I said, we knew who we were, we didn’t bother each other and we lived happily ever after. It’s our government that changed all that, and as I have said before I want to see government reduced to MICROSCOPIC IN SIZE and much more managable, and so does Dr, Ron Paul, so if you have a beef with him, you have a beef with me, because, as the president, I will do cart wheels if necessary to have him in my administration. He also knows exactly which parts of our government must be eliminated to make it run right,m and I agree whole heartedly.
    Just as an example, I can see no viable reason why, children from grades K thru 12 MUST KNOW THE PROPER WAY TO PUT A CUNDOM ON A CUCUMBER. And if anyone out there other than some useful idiot from the Board of Education can tell me I would greatly appreciate it.


    To: Imngr 5 of June 12
    Your comment was refreshing. Heaven knows just where all these people (with a few exceptions) have developed their opinions (never mind , learned spelling and construction of a coherent paragraph). SAXTON and DD1 (among most others) are scary, while STEVEN ARTUS’s pre-occupation with birth certificates is at least amusing. But, please, his presidential aspirations are downright delusional.


    Pls note that I (Harald of July 11′s comment) am not the Harald of March’s comments which critizised the course of developments in America and , thereby Obama.
    And no, I am not a Socialist or Communist by supporting Barack Obama. But to accept absolute capitalism is tantamount to a central powergroup running the country’s affairs, only that group is not governed by political ideology but by GREED.
    …greed to the extent of criminal behaviour with laws not recognizing extreme greed as such.
    A certain degree of greed can be called “ambition” and is necessary on the way up Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs, but as long as we deal with the human factor, limits will have to be set by laws to created an environment of “enlightened capitalism”. Let’s remember that money is not the only component of a nation’s “CAPITAL”. Personal achievement and the enjoyment thereof in happiness, freedom and peace is also one component of a nation’s “capital” and strength… not over-indulgence and fraudulent behaviour, because such behaviour contradicts the very columns of democracy in that it obstructs the peaceful and honest existence of all other citizens.
    A return to decency and peace is what Barack Obama stands for, a rejuvenation of the American spirit, the construction of the base for future job-growth in the “intelligence area” of industry…and he has one hell of a job before him.
    The common industrial jobs requiring only a short learning curve have long migrated to
    more industrious people, away from us presumptious fat cats. And, yes, that includes myself!
    The USA is not rich in CAPITAL as long as it’s citizens cannot afford healthcare, go bankrupt or die. The USA is not rich as long as “redneck mentality” and racial discrimination still reign and as long as its strength is measured in military terms alone. Thankfully, there are enough decent and enlightened citizens in the USA to offset the opinions offered on this blog. Thank Goodness for that and si, se puede!

  • James

    Its amazing, when America was attacked on 9-11, all of America united, there was no place you could go without feeling the proudness of being an American. The entire world reached out to this country to show leadership. Bush showed all of us that when you unite the country, there is nothing we cannot do. I still remember myself standing up on the break room at work and saying, Go get them, George !!!, and I lean to the liberal side of most discussions. So what does Bush do during next 7 years, he magaes not only to get America involved in a the wrong war, but he decides we should not pay for anything, and award tax cuts to the rich. Whe he discoveres that the American economy is on the bring of disaster, he goes ahead and give his Secretary of the Treasury, (A Goldman Sachs ex CEO) a blank check for 750 Billion Dollars, and almost lets General Motors go into bankruptcy.

    Obama comes into office, and at least tries to have oversight over how all of this bailout money is being spent, and Repiblicans call it socialism. America is suppose to be for everyone, we are not suppose to be divided, we already founght that war, we are the United States of America, but here is another website dedicated to keep this country divided. We have a Democratic President, if you are truly Americans you would support this President, but he has been in office only four months and not once have conservatives shown any leadership. Its one thing to criticize a politiican, but its another to offer solutions. Republicans had there chance for many years, and the country realized you screwed up. We voted for change, and now we have it, your way did not work, so now we are trying something else. At the rate the Republican Party is going we will be down to a one party system pretty quick. Now I read Sarah Palin is dedicating herself to National Politics, if you believe Obama had no real experience then why do I not hear you criticizing her., and she quit being the Governor after barely 16 months of being in office.

    In any disucssion you must be fair your approach, it seems like this website like so many other right wing sites are really falling off the edge. America use to astrong nation, but we will never be strong if we remain divided, if the Republicans were really going to mount an opposition you have to come up with answers and politicians who will unite the country. The more you keep the country divided the smaller your party will become. Occassionly I lean to the right on some issues, but like most American we look for compromise on some issues, its what makes this country great. American are not left, or right, they are a united people when it comes to some things, and very independent when it comes to others. History will be the true test, someday maybe there will not be a Republican party, now wouldn’t that be something.

    • Marjorie

      No one is a greater divider than the Obama you worship. He is desparately trying to incite hatred between the classes. We must hate the auto executives, the bank executives anyone in fact that has more than you do. He wants to redistribute wealth so that everyone has the same. Of course his wealth is exempt as is the wealth of his cronies. The Unions (not the members), Acorn, and the many unknown foreign contributors to his campaign, his education.

      He wants compete dependance on the government from craddle to death, he will educate your children, re-educate you if necessary. Provide housing, decide what you earn regardless of your imput and contributions to society. He will make the cars that you drive and make sure you have enough to eat.

      Obama will take very good care of you and yours. Sound familiar to anyone over sixty?

      Hitler too was an expert in this, he blamed the jews, the wealthy, the homosexuals for all of the woes and economic distress that country faced in those days. He of course had a solution.

      Obama’s great plan for socialized medicine rallied this country, he called us mobs, Nazis, enemies of the state and we still stood strong.

      Obama would be King, Dictator or any other title that implies in complete and sole control. Sadly, so far he has shown himself not quite bright enough. He’ll back off again and put more Czars in place, get his volunteer force in place (KGB/SS?), arm them, keep our fighting forces overseas.

      Then what? We need to stop the czars, it’s unconstitutional to bypass congressional oversight which is what they do. Who the hell are they? What qualifications do they have? What are their political views? How can they have authority without accountibility?

      You my friend are incredibly nieve, I’m old enough to remember history, to remember how wonderful some of the dictators sounded until they got the power. Do you remember or know that Roosevelt and England Prime Minister Winston Churchill supported Hitler because of his grand plans for Germany?

      It was only once that he had “his” SS in place, (the German army did not support him), and had divided the country in classes and races that he showed his true intent. Remember the professor and the policeman, Obama jumped to support the black man before he even knew the facts of the case!

      Please remove the rose colored glasses the king is not wearing any clothes. He’s a fraud, a liar and his intent is pure evil for this country.

    • eyeswideopen

      Well said, but this is a radical Republican forum, and it really doesn’t want to look at anything that could force them to admit that our party was responsible for the financial crisis we are experiencing. Most of them don’t even know that during Regan’s reign, the Savings and Loan industry was de-regulated in 1986 costing us 283 billion, which we had just paid off in 1999, when we then de-regulated the Banking industry. They don’t understand that capitalism must be regulated or it will cave in on itself and be destroyed.What bothers them so much is that while we are busy critizing the Dem’s for “tax and spend” actually we hold the record for largest spending in the history of this country. Hey, Medicare Advantage passed in2003 was supposed to be 400billion,two yrs later in 2005 the White House revised cost to 1.2TRILLION. Hell, most Rep’s don’t even acknowledge that we had contol of both houses in Congress for 12 years. We truly have lost our way. We no longer have the basic morality or integrity that people assume Christians have. Very sad.

      • eyeswideopen

        this was supposed to be under ron’s statement… don’t know what happend.

  • ghost35

    The government of theses United States of America has been taking an unconstitutional turn towards the invasion of the lives of private citizens for decades.

    List item

    It is NOT the federal government’s responsability to care for those out of work

    List item

    It is NOT the federal government’s responsability to provide healthcare

    List item

    It is NOT the federal government’s responsability to rescue private businesses that make unfortunate decisions

    List item

    It is NOT the federal government’s responsability to “stimulate” the economy

    The Constitution of the Unites States of America *limits * the authority of the federal government and specifically spells out that powers NOT granted to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the individual states.

    List item

    It IS the federal government’s responsability to provide for the security of our national borders

    List item

    It IS the federal government’s responsability to provide for the continued constitutionally gauranteed rights of the citizens of the United States of America

    List item

    It IS the federal government’s responsability to interact with foriegn governments on the behalf of the citizens of the United States of America

    The federal government has been illegally expanding its boundaries for decades because the citizens of the Unites States of America have remaind silent!

    Yes, I agree it is commendable to want to care for those in need. It’s NOT the responsability of the federal government to do so. This is the responsability of the individual states as well as the responsability of EVERY INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN.

    “Equal rights”? EVERYONE already has constitutionally gauranteed equallity! If a business decides NOT to allow a certain fragment of society to partake of its commodities, it is up to society to censor that business and through financial pressure of the free market cause that business to correct its error.

    Do the words or actions of certain individuals or groups offend you? As long as they are not a threat to the “security of your person, papers, and property”, they have a constitutionally gauranteed right to express thier opinion. Just as YOU have a constitutionally gauranteed right to NOT listen or associate with them. It is YOUR responsability to disaocciate yourself from those you disagree with. It is NOT the federal governments responsability to force them to stifle thier opinion or harrass them for excersizing thier constitutionally gauranteed rights.

    NOTE: I continually use the phrase “constitutionally gauranteed” as opposed to “constitutionally granted” or simply “constitutional”. This is a VERY IMPORTANT distinction. The founding fathers believed that certain rights were inherint to every human being, granted by God, and they wrote gaurantees of these rights into the Constitution. The first 10 ammendments, a.k.a. the “Bill of Rights”. They legally gauranteed these rights as oppossed to granting them because that which is granted by law can be rescinded by law. That which is devinely inherint can NEVER be abolished by man.

    No one can take your rights without you freely giving them up, and once they are gone…they are gone.

  • John Troutman

    Are any of you capable of reading? Do you have head injuries?
    Look in the Dictionary, under Fascism, and actually think about what the definition says.
    When DICK Cheney went into private conference with the healthcare industry and made up our national health policies, went into private conference with Petroleum Execs, and made up our Energy Policies, we were practicing Fascism.
    MOST of the nation’s Welfare Budget goes to families or corporations receiving more than the average income.
    Obama didn’t bring in Socialism, Reagan pushed it long before Obama.
    bush put the USA in more debt than ALL the previous Democratic Presidents in history, combined. Here I admit a personal dislike of bush, I was in Vietnam when he went awol from his soft, cushy weekend warrior gig.
    Do some real research, look at the raw numbers, read the Constitution, and compare what bush said with what he did. He lied far more Clinton.
    If you’re considering hate mail, please do some homework and avoid repeating party rhetoric, it’s annoying.

  • Kevin D

    In your post “First Steps Taken Toward Socialism” you provide examples of authoritarianism not socialism. Is there a reason that you’re deliberately misleading your subscribers to associate harsh dictatorial governance with the word “socialism”? Do you mean to suggest that places like Denmark and Sweden are ruled with by governments similar to the Third Reich? I can agree with some of the ultra-conservative views espoused on this website–that’s why I read it–but for you to abuse your power to twist definitions and make false connections for your readers is terribly disgusting.

  • James Corbin

    Thank you—Former Democrat, I appreciate you! I am a former democrat also. Can’t
    stand the left-wing—-no morals. anything goes. How can we be satified with what we got? Taking us to socialism. People may think that is the way to go—-It’s just giving
    goverment more control. If it doesn’t work in other countries it wont work here! We were the greatest nation inthe world. Why do they want to change? If the people want to be socialists, why don’t they go to the country that suits them!

  • James Corbin

    Bush, didn’t get us into anything by himself! He didn’t go to war by himself!! What people just can’t accept—–Bush had a Democrat Congress! Therefore, He couldn’t go to war without their say–So!!!!

  • James Corbin

    lisa Mcallister, Perhaps, everybody thought Like I did———–Surely people will be smart enought not to vote for this liar! He certainly is a deceiver!!! Going to deceive the very elect!

  • James Corbin

    I would like to know where Obama, got all his money! He was working as a community organizer making twelve thousand dollars a year and going to college! Am I missing something here or what?

  • James Corbin

    Mario, Thank you for telling these people. You have been there–Done that!!! So sad, they won’t listen to you You are so right— Obama wants to rule!!!!!!

  • Rd

    Ron . . . If you do not like what Rush or Sean says, then turn off your radio/TV, and get back to reading your Daily Worker.

  • elwind45

    You have got to be kidding me ? A simplistic world view at best. We are not going to be socialists. Our path is corp. fascism. This idea that America has been gutted in six months is a hoot. There should be a law that to get a website you need at least 2 weeks of history lessons! Stockman and gingrich google these two morons. Jesus, Mary and Joesph. If your poor hope for currency revaluation. If rich help get rid of federal withholdings! We could thumb our collective(?) noses at the world and abolish taxation.

  • Merl Elton

    Let’s throw all the liberal who would destroy this country and its citizens in jail; that is what they deserve. Liberals think nothing will affect them and they will not have to live under the tyranny they espouse because they simply will agree with it. Got news for those naive liberals, in an unjust society anyone with the slightest pull can have anyone else jailed for life for the most minor annoyance. Libs didn’t think about that one did they? No, because they are not very bright.

    • RFS

      To Merl Elton, and all those others I’ve read who hold such extreme rightist (or even leftist) points of view: Please…dont open your mouths quite so often…your apparent ‘brilliance’ is blinding us all! Actually, taken together, you’re all just about as bright as that tiny little bulb in your refrigerator.

      You apparently either dont know, or respect, your own country’s historic foundations…and your mindless blathering shows you dont honor it’s great documents either! To me, it’s sad and ironic that, in the land once known as a beacon of freedom in the world, indeed, a nation built upon it’s LIBERTIES, that the very word ‘Liberal’ should be treated as such a dirty word!… well, dirty at least to the shockingly-large numbers of the witless who can type! Geez, you’re so tedious!

      Get real. Liberals love your country no less than you do. Good debates and dissent in a democracy are a sure sign of its continuing good health. Liberals are not your enemy…ignorance is your enemy. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt: I’m pretty sure you’ve got a brain, but that poor, neglected organ is really much better served when you feed it with knowledge, not hysterical, extremist points of view! Read history, not just U.S. History, but the world’s history too. Then you’ll have something useful to contribute to the debate.

      Sadly, your country is becoming infamous for its woeful lack of knowledge with respect to the rest of the world. Most Americans couldn’t locate their own fellow states on a U.S. map, nevermind finding faraway places like Iraq or Iran on a globe. That’s scary. Regardless of that void in your understanding of the world, all you seem to need is to hear that some foreign country poses a threat, then instead of doing your own careful, reasoned, non-partisan research, you’re way too eager and quick to send your own children to fight in places most of you know nothing about! Dont be so intellectually lazy and militarily adventurous!

      Indeed, ask yourself: why the Hell does every American president seem to need to prosecute some bloody war somewhere out in the world!? Go figure! Could it be because so much of the U.S. economy is built upon what’s been called the military-industrial complex; making weapons… everything from guns and grenades, to hugely-expensive fighters, missiles, tanks, aircraft carriers and whatnot. I wonder what percentage of the U.S. GDP is devoted to war! And all the while, Free Enterprise (without a social conscience to guide it) has informed those controlling your other industries that they’d make much better profits shifting your jobs overseas where there is cheaper labour. Overseas!~So just what employment is left for all you Americans who are not so well off?

      I understand that your nation is tops in the world with respect to the number of its own citizens it has put in jail! And no surprise, according to your own rant, YOU said: “Let’s throw all the liberal who would destroy this country and its citizens in jail; that is what they deserve”. Tyranny exists at both ends of the political spectrum…since you’re on the exteme right, then you’re a Fascist wannabe. Tyranny is tyranny, man…rightist tyrants are not appreciably better than leftist tyrants…if you want to avoid tyranny, then move your sorry keester more towards the center…and insist on better educations for all your citizens whether school-aged or not.

      Anyhow, all the best to you and the good ol’ USA, brother.

  • James Corbin

    Mark, I couldn’t have said it better!!!! You are exactly right on all subjects!! If these people would only wake up.

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      They’re too stupid to wake up, they have to watch survivor, or who’s wants to be a star or play viedo games all day long, wait till the government is killing your children in YOUR FRONT YARD, TOO LATE!!!

  • http://Hotmail Mark

    Socialism -global european cathloic elitists determined to destroy the only people who have historically prevented them from forming the same police states like China and Russia across North America. This being English Christians.

    The red media is funded by France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal and designed to promote their area of the world while deceptively instilling mistrust against the English.

    Simply put…..Eurotrash trying to take over North America with a few brainwashed idiots believing their shit…..Obama for one. I suggest he visit ground zero in slavery….Louisiana. He might realize that 95% of the slavery generated in America are from French families like the DeVilles and Bouviers. Ever since the English approached them in the French Quarter of New Orleans and them packing back to France with the louisiana purchase, they have been using their French media in Toronto and New York to portray the slavedrivers as being English. Any slave from Madagascar, Tunisia, Haiti, St.Tropez, St.Lucia, St.Martinique will gladly verify who the real aggressors were…..and they wern’t the Bushs and Cheney of the world that ran these slave colonies I guarantee you!

  • EspirituSanto

    Today we live in a volatile society.The news tells us today events which seems impossible for most Americans to believe that the foundational truths of our fore-fathers who started this country with are, being pushed out of existence. I am a semi native(42yrs)of Colorado Springs.I am the oldest son of a fallen American soldier.I am one of a great number of military dependents who are watching the events of today as they unfold.We are products of the United States Military from the Era known as the Baby-boomers.Our Fathers were lifers in the United States military. My Father was a MSGT of the Unites States Army,who fought in World War 2,Korea, and 2 terms in Viet-Nam ,in the infantry.He is buried in FT Logan Military Cemetery in Denver. They the enlisted, were created and preordained by God to protect this country. They lived,trained and died as individuals who were formed into units to protect and stop the advancement of the enemy.That enemy was the social rule known as Communism and Imperialism. Today those enemies appear to have made it into our government.As they corruptly dishonor the offices of which they occupy.God is being pushed out of our society,out of our schools,and is being attacked at every level of government.The United States Constitution is under attack by many of the persons in office. The One who formed this nation,He who trusted us to honor these values and created our bill of rights and taught them to the men of generations past,His perfect ideology. These men upheld His Perfect honor all their lives.Even though some were corrupt themselves.He forgave them and progressed this nation into a more perfect union above all the other societies of this world.In these end times. It seems as though we are being persuaded to forget our moral values, or exchange these values of our forefathers for a set of values which undermine our bill of rights and Constitution in order to adapt to a system of a Imperialistic and Communistic society. This is proving to create dissension, chaos and corrupt moral values and godlessness.This is being accomplished by the evil one who is placing passivity towards (G)ood (O)rderly (D)irection into the hearts of those who were placed into the positions of power in order to teach those who do not know how to make correct choices of being able to make a more perfect choice towards a more perfect union.It is time before it is too late to make another Choice,That Choice is to return to This One known as THE WORD of God.

    • October 52

      Thank you!! for your sevice & familie’s!! Well said and more Americans had better wake up before it is to late.

  • October 52

    I am so appalled that Obama has waved the “racist” flag. When he was running as a presidential candidate he said he would not do that. People of all races were excited to hear this. We want to believe we have gotten past all the unhealthy racial issues & moved on to a healthier culture that addresses humans equally not, “races”. He is standing before the world and setting an example. Yet he is spewing racial judgments, just like Rev. Wright. He is going to have the US in the middle of a racial civil war. I am so fed up with this man and his entire unbelievable “salesman” persona. We need an intelligent unbiased “LEARDER” that has the people of the USA at the heart & core of his decisions, not his self “racial”, power obsessive, egotistical desires.

    This shouldn’t surprise America. If they read his earlier writings they would have seen his true agenda. It also proves having spent so many years sitting in Rev. Wrights church was a choice he made because he personally thinks & believed his teachings which was reflected in his recent comments.

    America has been duped. America needs to wake up. There is not going to be an America if we remain apathetic. Stop listening to the rhetoric people! It is about our economy, healthcare & security…..not “RACE”.

    I am so outraged with what is going on with our government right now. I have had it with the tyranny that has possessed our country. Is there no end to it??

    NO!! NO!! NO!! Government ran health care! I have seen what you have done with Medicaid & Medicare and I have had the opportunity to see how little you have done for our VETs. (VA hospitals)

    Enough with the TAXES already!! We needed a smaller government! Not this Hugh CZAR empire!!

    I vote “NO” on the Cap & Trade…..keep us productive in America!!!

    Freedom of religion….yeah if you are not a Christian!! I am totally opposed to abortion!! I DO NOT WANT my tax dollars to pay for abortions. I DO NOT WANT Health care providers to be FORCED to accommodate those who wish to proceed with this practice.

    I am so angry and frustrated with what has happened to our country since Obama has become president. The unemployment!! The financial destruction!!

    This government has put our country & every person that walks on our soil at risk.

    This administration was to be a “change” and a “hope”. So far it has only been destructive & self serving.

    The ANA and Pelosi are way out of line to say “we”, Healthcare workers & “America” is behind them & supports them. Most of the people that have any sense & not walking around as mindless zombies are furious with what they are promoting.

    My HOPE now is that there is REALLY going to be a dramatic CHANGE in our government /Washington SOON!!

    Madder than hell in Indiana!

    • Marjorie

      I could not possibly said it better.

  • David Hall

    Lordy, lordy, this is fun. Everybody all, excited and all. Relax, calm down. After Obama, and his cronies, SPEND a few more trillions and trillions of that ole green
    paper, everybody is so wild about, and Obama sucks every dime he can get from
    taxing (to hopefully pay a little on the interest) on them mean ole rich folks and poor
    TOO. (FAST!!!!). Then we want have to be concerned about Socialism and where
    the country is headed. Messiah Obama is goin save us all, especially us folks down
    here in the South. You know, us educated folks.

  • http://NA John Goodman

    The People Should Use FaceBook And Twiter For Fredom Of Speach

    And To Uphold The Constitution

  • http://NA John Goodman

    We Need to Create Petitions For A Smaller Governmet!

  • http://NA John Goodman

    America Needs More GROWTH!

  • http://NA John Goodman


    • David Hall


  • stevenartus@hotmail,com

    First off, I have a fdew words for that slobbering useful idiot Harald, who said I was pre-occupied with Barry’s birth certificate. well, the fact of the matter is I’m not, and I have said many times, HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS MOOT, because he happens to be an Indonesian citizen by virtue of his adoption by his stepfather Lolo Soertoro, and his legal name is BARRY SOERTORO, NOT BARAK HUESSAIN OBAMA, AND TO USE THAT NAME CONSTITUTES FRAUD. As for my wanting to be president, who the hell are you to judge me? Maybe you wern’t old enough to vote for Jimmy “The Peanut Farmer”, but you were old enough to vote for YOUR ANTI-AMERICAN MARXIST, RACIST,( HE HATES US HONKIES…YOU INCLUDED) GHETTO TRASH.AND DON’T TELL ME YOU VOTED FOR MCCAIN, BECAUSE IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE IN TACOMA, GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS AND I WILL PERSONALY GO TO YOUR HOME, GIVE YOU A HOUR TO DRAW A CROWD AND CALL YOU A LIAR TO YOU FACE BEFORE I REARRANGE IT. As far as I was concerned, Carter was a stupid red neck. Not once do I ever remember anyone ever telling America EXACTLY WHAT JIMMY CARTER ACTUALLY DID IN THE NAVY, OR WHAT HIS JOB WAS. So what were his qualifications for being president? And we already know the qualifications of the Black Jesus, ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO, NADA, NONE, NOTHING. Need I go on? Of course you being a liberal, left wing, politically correct, democratic,suck ass, lap dog, can think of miryad reasons why the Messiah is infanitly more qualified to bethe neighborhood organizer for the US. However, you and he must remember that the US is much larger than the South Side of Chicago, and if only you could stop slobbering so adoringly over the Dalibama, maybe you could possibly take a few moments to think (REALISTICALLY) about just what exactly that anti-American marxist racist ghetto trash in a $1200.00 suit is doing to my country, maybe you will be willing to shut your mouth or pack your bag and move to Cuba,

  • Ron

    here is new reply comment:
    Excuse me John,I’m at work & I meant my reply for;I guess our communist friend Ron who wishes to remain anonymous about his citizenship but just wants to espouse his big ignorant mouth.Don’t know why he doesn’t go home to his motherland.Guess even they have their standards!Again accept my apolgy

    Here is Ron’s reply:

    The conservatives you are…are the real dangers to our social development.
    Who are the real idiots here? It is YOU BIG Mouth conservatives who claim to be against abortion and have your own family members commit the same illegal acts killing there unborn child in the womb and you turn around to use your pro-life view points as a leverage to be nominated into our state and federal government offices. Once again I recommend you all to look up the word socialism. The conservatives you call yourselves the just; when it comes to right and wrong, is part of the same development and system that is based upon this word socialism you seem to be threatening by. The reason why you don’t like what Obama or democrats are doing because you are afraid in what you have is going to be taken away from you. You hypocrites, most of you are not even wealthy enough to be a part of the Republican Party that rejects you as well as there own constituents! That is why your party is failing! The reason you don’t support Obama, and want him to fail, because you may have to give-up what you have in support for the rest those who have little or nothing at all. The bible mentions people like you who hors all the prosperity you have without realizing who helped you in receiving your treasures. Do me a favor, and don’t even take the time to respond in what I say but ponder on your own actions in what you have failed to do!

    • eyeswideopen

      Ron, I meant to make comment for you, but it ended up under Marjorie name. Brillant observations.

  • David Hall

    DAMN-IT-BOY OR GIRL!!!! It’s not about Socialism, Republicans, Democrats, Liberal
    or Conservative, or even the Bible. It’s all about GOVERNMENT CONTROL,
    can be as dumb as me! CONTROL the folks money, then you CONTROL the folks.
    When the Goverment controls the banks, housing market, auto-motive industry,
    insurance companies, argriculture, cap & trade and health-care. They CONTROL the
    Ask the German people and the world, what happen when the government CONTROLED Germany? World War 2. Ask the Jewish folks what happen to some
    of their kin, when they fell victim of Government Control. These are just 2 examples,
    there are many,many more about histories, Government Control over it’s people.
    DAMN-IT-BOYS & GIRLS!! Where’s the Big Debate, Big Argument, Big Dicussion?

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      David these morons don’t have a clue, the government is playing the same old game they have been playing forever, both sides against the middle, Republician and Democrat being both sides, and the citizens being the middle. The American people can’t see the woods for the trees. By the time they wake up, it will ALL be GONE, and WE are to blame. No resepct or honor with narrow minded people.

  • l.c. thomas

    In 1961 Ronald Reagan critizing medicare (and medicade) before it was passed into law as socialism. Well, when he became president a lot of people on medicare voted for him and never voted to repeel the socialism he hated. Conservatives always rail against big goverment but what would you rather have ruling the country..” A small group of thugs the country..” or a dictator?? They say government is not the answer but the real problem is-Conservatives always form BAD Governments…The 1920′s led to the great depression, the 1980′s led to a collapse of the stack market and a recession by the time it was over. Fast forward to now G.W Bush jr. sold out the country and collapse the world economy. Conservatives are the most paranoid group of people who live constant fear of everything different.

  • merrie

    I Have read a lot of comments on this web site. I for now, see freedom of speach. that is America. everone has his own openion.Thanks to Internet,we came from all walk of life.some have good education to spell correctly, some mispell, or write in lamen terms. but all have very intelligent mind. but some forget. or dont stop to think. Its all about communcation,sending out how we feel,liveing far apart from some people, we still can speak out,reach out, stand togeather,up hold each other.Stand Strong for Freedom of Speach,also let America not be brain washed by people who would like to Controll us.All true belivers in Gods Word,know about the Antichrist,Triberlation.Its up to America to stand strong with his fellow American Beliver in the ONE TRUE FATHER GOD IN HEAVEN and the Gospel Of JESUS CHRIST.Let no one decive you,ALL will see the return of Jesus decending from Heaven,to WIN as KING OF KINGS.He will make the croocked Streight.The is No other Power that can concor him. So let you faith be STRONG. as for other people apion,they are only communcation,expressing their apion,maby they are right,or they are wrong. but with out anger words maby America will Grow back to the way our forfather layed out for generation then to come.They fought for and died for Freedom of Religon and Speech. Is not what this web-site for?

  • Terry Parks


  • JesusFreak

    Comment removed for offensive content

  • stevenartus@hotmail,com

    I am a Christian, Catholic, and pray the Rosary each and every evening, ands one of the prayers I say begins,” Oh God whose only begotten Son, by His life, death and resurrection, has purchased for us the reward of eternal life, etc.etc.etc. Another prayer is pretty much for people like Ron,and Eric. Oh my Jesus, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to Heaven ESPECIALLY THOSE IN MOST NEED OF YOUR MERCY. I think that says it all, but there is something more This comes from a column written by Joseph Farah in The Washington Times, ( you cant buy it at your local news stand, you have to subscribe to it), so here goes….
    Mr. Obama claimed to be born inHonolulu. He providedto select news organizationsan outfit called FactCheck.orgassociated with aformer Obama employer, the Annenberg Foundation,a copy Of what he claimed was a Hawaiian “certification of live birth” an unsigned document that propvided no information about the hospital in which he wasborn and the doctor who supervised the birth.
    No investigation was conductedby the US Senate, or any other agencyinto the eligibility of Mr. Obama. Instead, Mr. Obama was found eligible only by and the select news organizations provided by the Obama campaign.
    He was indeed certified as eligible by one prominent government official–Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, not acting in her official role, but rather in her private role as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.There was simply no mechanism in place to establish Mr. Obama’s eligibility.He wasn’t asked for proof by any states in which elections were held. He wasn’t asked for proof by the Federal Election Committee. He wasn’t asked for proof from the Federal Electoral College. He wasn’t asked for proof from Congress. He wasn’t asked for proof from the Supreme Court or any other court.
    Mr. McCainwaas certified by theUS Senate. Mr. Obama was certified by FactCheck .org and Nancy Pelosi. That is why there are questions about Mr. Obama’s fitness and qualifications for office today. And they are not going to go away.
    The document he has shown is subject to fraud. The state of Hawaii refuses to conferm it’s official issuance.It does not provide the kind of details we expect a birth certificate to offer, such as the birth hospital and independent eyewitnesses. It is not a suitable document with which a US passport, let alone establish constitutional elegibility for the presidency.
    It seem that when Stanley Ann Dunham and Bam Bam Jr. arrived in Hawaii, Mommy dearest went to a hospital and asked for a birth certificate, which at the time was not illegal, as many women were doing it, but all she got was the certificate of live birth that the Black Jesus privided to everyone as proof of his citizenship. There are two facts that contradict this in a very big way. First and formost, Bam Bam Sr. was born in Kenya when it was a British Colony, which makes him a British subjecr EVEN AFTER KENYA BECAME INDEPENDENT. AND WHEN BAM BAM JR WAS BORN, HE AUTOMATICALLY BECAME A BRITISH SUBJECT JUST LIKE HIS DADA. Secondly, when Lolo Soertoro adopted little Bam Bam, he was using the name Barry Dunham, an obvious alias, and when he was adopted his name became, Barry Soertoro, LEGALLY, and you can find that name on all of his school records, along with,”NATIONALITY: INDONESIAN. When Barry came to the US he applied for a Fulbright Foundation scholarship, which by the way is not available to US citizens, and recieved it because he said he was an Indonesian citizen and student. The Black Jesue has since paid out $950.000.00 to lawyers in 12 states to keep his personal records away from prying eyes. That $950.000.00 just so happens to have come from campaign funds which is illegal.
    So then, Mr. Eric Bichoff, it seems you have wasted 40 years of your pathetic life here in the US of A, and it is now long over due for you to go back to the communist paradise you left so long ago.I’m sure you were missed, and the loving rulers you so gladly left behind will be waiting for you with open arms……and a whole lot more. As to talk radio, have any of you who have a great dislike for it,KNOW WHY SO MANY PEOPLE LISTEN TO IT? Well, it’s probebly because liberal talk radio offer so little that not even the liberals want to listen to it. Can you say, “AIR AMERICA”?

  • stevenartus@hotmail,com

    I dont remember if I mentioned it, but just to be sure, I want you all to know that I am,”A PATRIOTIC, AMERICAN, CHRISTIAN, HETEROSEXUIAL, INDEPENDENT, CONSERVATIVE, GUNLOVER, THATS WHAT I AM, THATS WHAT I DO, AND I WILL BE DAMNED IF I CHANGE ANY TIME SOON. I really enjoy reading things the useful idiots post, but I have to tell you, it does get a bit boring after a while, because they all seem to be saying the same thing just rewording their sentences, and of course they are all so knowlegable….sort of. The problem is they are really pretty stupid. A good example is the comment someone made about this book,( I forgot the entire title), somethoing about “the elders of zion” etc.etc.etc., and they said,”THIS IS FOR REAL, BELIEVE IT” well, it is not for real, the book happens to be PURE FICTION, and if the useless idiot did a little research he would have known that. That book is supposed to be about the world take over by the Jews, and nothing could be further from the truth. Right now, the Jews are having enough to worry about with Irans nuclear build-up to worry about trying to control the world. This is the same type crap the Nazi’s put out to try to destroy the Jews in WWII. This is the same crap that people have been spouting for hundreds of years simply because they FEAR THE JEWS, not because they know them. This is the same crap as was said by some other useless idiot who said somethiong to the effect that CATHOLICS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD. Well (WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT), I happen to be a Catholic and I defy you, you simple minded SOB to prove your statement. YOU CANT, BECAUSE LIKE ALL USELESS IDIOTS YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT.
    You are a typical example of,”LIBERAL, LEFT WING, DEMOCRATIC, POLITICALLY CORRECT,(WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT) WHO RUN AROUND CRYING AND WHINING ABOUT BEING VICTEMIZED BY THE CONSERVATIVES, ANDALL THE TIME YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS VICTIMIZING EVERYONE AROUND YOU. If you or anyone else thinks I dont know what I’m talking about, read Ann Coulters book,GUILTY, and get an education. I am really happy to have found so many peopl on this site that really care about what The Black Jesus is doing to our country. For a while there I thought the vast majority of Americans were no longer interested in what this country stood for, and I firmly believed that the US was finally taken over by SHEEPLE and all had become slobbering lap dogs for the Black Jesus, so I guess I was wrong. It seems there are still a lot of good people left. DRIVE ON BROTHER AND SISTER PATRIOTS.

  • David Hall

    There’s one thing for SURE, the dems control the house, senate & white
    house. The republicans ain’t got no dog in the fight. The republicans
    are harmless & helpless. So, I guess we all can sit back for the next
    3 yrs. plus 4 months and wait on all this milk and honey to flow &
    all this prosperity to take our breath away. NINE TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT
    in the next 10 years. DUH!! Boy they are really do in a good job so far
    ain’t they. Boy! I can’t wait for Gov. Health-Care and that great Cap &
    TAX to pass. Oh! Oh! it’s just wonderful what they doing to our Country.

  • http://gmail fFrank Drozdick

    I see that the people I try to discuss our present government vehementaly protest any criticism of our present leaqders!
    There argument is wait and give them a chance!

    DThat didn’t work in Germany in the 1930′s and it WONT work now!

    • David Hall

      Yes-Sir, I agree, give em a chance, but that’s like giving the fox a
      chance to guard the chicken house. The world gave Germany a CHANCE, two times, it resulted in two world wars, ain’t no telling how many
      millions of lives lost and estimated six million Jewish folks MURDERED.
      I think we ought to give Iran a CHANCE too, what you say?

  • wollf

    i m shocked how Americans think about words like Socialism,Communism,and then link it to fascism, Liberals, Hitler and Obama.
    most of the comments are from the conservatives opinion and these people are so uneducated,they use words what they even don’t understand or what that’s means.
    if more people get up their voice like recently protest march in Washington, i can just say “good night America it is going down the drain”.
    “people like what they want to believe,not what could be true.”

  • David Hall

    When the Federal Government is unconstitutionally taking control over
    the damn automotive industry, banking, health-care, energy, agriculture, education, & welfare with trillions of TAX PAYERS DOLLARS,
    the TRUTH is the Federal Government is taking control over it’s people
    and draining all wealth from it’s citizens. You can be like me, dumber
    than a damn bucket of worms and open your eyes and see it’s the TRUTH.
    You can use any educated words and call it what-ever you wish, commun-
    ism, socialism, liberal, conservative, left or right.The only TRUE FACT is, take, and control peoples’ money and you control the people.
    IT’S A NO-BRAINER, if people can’t see it, they are a hell of lot
    worse off than me.

  • Greep

    Obama was not born in the country.
    He is a terrorist.
    He pals around with terrorists.
    His health care plan will kill your grandmother.
    He wants to take over every private company in the U.S.
    When he speaks he has the power to hypnotize people.
    The federal government has plans to put microchips in your arms so Barack Obama will know where you are at all time.
    The only way to save yourself is to put tinfoil on your head to keep out the alien rays that are directing all of this.
    If only we had someone like Sarah Palin running the country it would be so much better. Sarah knows how to pal around with Witch Doctors who advocate exorcism. That’s real mainstream America. And her husband wants to secede his state from the Union. That is not treason, that’s patriotism. Especially when he was a member of the secessionist organization while Bush was President.

    Oh, and Glen Beck, there is a guy who really knows how to sniff out communism symbols in the art on his own building. What? Glen works in a commie building?

    Where is my tinfoil hat???

    Here comes Barak the Magic Negro with his Black Helicopter. I’m doomed, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Greep

    Look here ya morons. The collapse of the economy and the financial sector occurred under Bush. You see, deregulate markets, they got a bad history of blowing up, they do.

    And if the Federal Government, at the urging of those Commmies who want to run the whole world in the BUSH administration had not sent the better part of a trillion dollars into those companies in a week we would not have an economy.


    And what, you want to let Chrysler and GM go bankrupt and disappear? You want to live in the economy Bush left and do nothing?

    Don’t know understand we would have a complete meltdown?

    Oh, that’s right, the tinfoil, the microchips, Glen Beck, the black helicopters…


    • David Hall

      I not going to start with all this little name calling. Point is, again, the DEMOCRATS CONTROL the House, Senate, & Presidency. They got
      the numbers to pass anything & everything they want. The Republicans,
      are harmless and helpless. So, why does the President, Dems, liberals,
      want to blame Republicans, conservatives, O’reilly, Beck, Limbaugh, &
      the tea-parties (moms & dads) for not passing, whatever they want? Our
      Nation is at the Mercy of Messiah Obama and the Dems. We got 3 yrs & 4
      months of this BIG GOVERNMENT CONTROL and mentality of take care of us
      from the WOMB TO THE TOMB. By the way, last time I checked Bush is no
      longer in the White House, he’s in Texas, so get over it. 9.7 UNEMPLOYMENT UNDER OBAMA, & (getting worse) not under Bush.

      • billy

        “The Republicans,
        are harmless and helpless. So, why does the President, Dems, liberals,
        want to blame Republicans, conservatives, O’reilly, Beck, Limbaugh, &
        the tea-parties (moms & dads) for not passing, whatever they want?”


        • David Hall

          Billy, thanks, you making my point, Obama, dems, and liberals, can’t
          blame the Republicans, God, the devil, or the damn tooth-fairy. It All
          THEIR BABY NOW!!! If you, think it was so bad under Bush & Republicans,
          then just kick back, cause you ain’t seen jack-sh*t yet. And Bubba, I
          sleep with my eyes OPEN!

    • billy

      and wasn’t it just disgusting how these republicans in congress/senate tried blaminig chrytler – GM on THE UNION WORKERS????!


      • David Hall

        You right Billy, them WEALTHY REPUBLICANS don’t care about nothing but
        making more money. And when they make and keep making more, they will
        give my POOR-ASS a JOB! When the dems (Federal Gov.) come in and tax the hell out of them, WEALTHY REPUBLICANS, they inturn hold their wealth and want expand their business and lay people off in fear and concerns of losing their wealth. END RESULT! NO JOBS!

  • Greep

    Nazi Germany! Stalin! Castro!

    That’s what is going on. Can’t you see the obvious? The Federal Government is taking over everything. Like Education under that charade called No Child Left Behind which was the biggest violation of the 10th ammendment in US history. The Federal Government is directing the education of your children.

    And the Federal Government says they have to learn about DARWIN! And that destruction of your liberty to deny children education in science happened while Obama, oops, no, while BUSH was president.

    Oh no. Science? My children have to learn science? What next? W Bush, what hast thou wrought?

    Where is my tinfoil hat………….

    • David Hall

      I agree, that before it’s over, Obama, will control everything. Once, that is done, the Government, taxes everybody, prints more paper(dollars) inflation sets in, and American loses all savings & wealth.
      Then, we have an economy like Mexico. We can compete, in the World
      Market with China. That’s why NO republican or democrat has really
      done anything to stop illegal immirgration & aren’t really going too.
      That’s why are jobs are going to Mexico & China. As soon as Obama, pays
      back the UNIONS, they will lose their jobs. Working class, America want
      be able to buy a 30,000.00 automobile. American, work force, what’s left of us will be to busy trying to feed our families. The GOVERNMENT
      is after 2 classes of people, the very, very wealthy (Bill Gates) & the
      dirt damn poor. And SURPRISE!! they are going to get it. And again, Bush was a very small problem, compared to the stuff coming down the pipe, today. As far as Nazi Germany shit, America DEFEATED them once &
      we’ll do it again, if need be. That’s why 2nd amendment rights are very
      important, if your worried about it, LOCK & LOAD!!!

  • DonnaH.

    OMG Greep, Did your mother drop you on your head a few times when you was a baby. I really think she did. Im going to have to agree with David Hall.

  • billy

    “An Oklahoma City police officer stopped Chip Harrison and confiscated a sign on Harrison’s vehicle that read, “Abort Obama, not the unborn.” A police captain later apologized and returned the sign to Harrison, but before Harrison got home he received a call from Secret Service agents who were at his home requesting to search it. Harrison complied, and after a search and an interview that lasted about 30 minutes, the agents left.’”


    • billy



      • billy


      • David Hall

        Billy, man, where in the hell do you hear that at? Anytime, Bush or Obama is at any event, you can rest assure, ain’t nobody going to be
        walking around with a BB gun, much less a pistol or rifle. They (U.S.
        Presidents are surrounded by secret service men, body guards, you name
        it. They would blow someone away and ask questions later. Somebody, has
        got ya, way out in left field on this one. Think about it.

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      I had an big “IMPEACH BUSH” sign in my front yard from 2005 till yesterdayn nobody give me a hard time.

  • billy



    • David Hall

      You are exacting right on this one. The dems control house, senate and
      presidency. We can all sit back & bark at the moon & wait on the milk
      and honey to flow. Everybody is going to have great jobs, low taxes,
      low gas prices, yeah, we all are going to be breathing clean fresh air, no terrorists attacks, health-care for everybody, free money for
      the poor. Oh! Oh! what a wonderful time it is and will be under messisah Obama, dems, and Acorn. And Santa Claus is going to bring me
      a great big bag of toys this year. Damn-it-boy!

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      billy have you got a secong grade education? Do you not realise that both sides are playing US? Divide and conquer is the game that is being run on US. It doesn’t matter who takes your rights, they are being walked on by BOTH SIDES.

    • keith

      for the working class???? yeah right! i’m a journeyman carpenter and was working under bush the whole time,since comrad obama has come in i have been out of work.they are trying to give friggen amnesty to the illegal basterds who are over here in the millions TAKING our work from us!comrad obama have done NOTHING to stimulate jack diddley except to stimulate our country into ruin!i have LOST more since this marxist dickhead came into office than i have in the 24 yrs i have been in the construction trade.for the working people my ass!he and the rest of his socilist marxist dimwits have put us out of work than bush ever did.clearly your a idiot and don’t do real sweat work like i do,though i don’t know you.but if you were in the constuction industry you would be singing a different tune bub!

      • David Hall

        Keith, I totally agree!!! Under Bush (PLENTY OF WORK) 8 yrs. hardly
        missed a day. Construction, and I dive for mussell-shells in the Tennessee River, too. Under messiah Obama, 8 short months (that seems like a freaking eternity). UNEMPLOYED! Mussell-shell industry in the tank, too. Rich folks, and businesses want turn LOOSE OF ANY MONEY. They are in FEAR of what this SPEND & TAX MANIAC IS DOING.

  • http://personallibertydigest Bill Reed III

    The party most guilty of dividing the nation into a hodgepodge of individual groups at each others throats, taxing and spending us into poverty, and incrementally undermining the protection of our basic rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights is the congress.

    They and only they have the power to do these things. Term limits of three terms for representatives and one term for senators, limiting all to six years in office, would do much to restore power to the people where it was intended to be from the get go.

    Very few who get entrenched in the Washington hierarchy can resist the abuses of power that are presented to them to use for their own betterment at the expense of the voters who trusted them to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

  • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

    Have you STUPID Republician and Democratic Parties ever heard of “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” WELL, you had better be waking up and looking around, while we are fighting among ourselves the government IS TAKING OVER, and steping all over our Constitution.. The whole while you are blaming each other when BOTH SIDES are in this together.

    • David Hall

      I agree with that. Both parties have stomped all over our Constitution.
      But this time around under Obama and dems, the Government Controled take-over seems to be moving as fast as lightning. Ain’t no way a small minority group would ever convince the national majority of dems
      and Republicans. They would see that group as extreme, way out there in left field folks. When it happens and it is happening as I write, and been going on for years. People will wake up, sit on a stump and
      scatch their damn heads, WONDERING HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO AMERICA?

  • keith


    • David Hall

      Keith enjoyed reading your blog. I TOTALLY AGREE AND VERY THANKFUL TO
      GOD ALMIGHTY & MOMMA & DADDY, I’M WHITE SOUTHERN BREED & BORN (TENNESSEE). I know that sounds very racist now days, but I can change
      the Facts and wouldn’t if I could. May be a racist, hell don’t know it’s like what Slick Willie (Bill Clinton) says it’s according to what,
      IS, IS.My life seems to be carbon copy of yours. My Daddy, was in Army,
      Korea when I was born. I missed Vietnam, (Thank God) Gov. was pulling
      troops out when I registered for draft. Yeah, every morning in school,
      kids stood up, teacher said a prayer (IN THE NAME OF JESUS) then every
      kids looked to Ole Glory and pledged Allegiance to her.
      Keith, my daddy told me many, many years ago that there is nobody, or
      BELOVED AMERICAN SOLDIERS & that’s a FACT above FACTS on any issue.
      We the People don’t really have a damn clue what they have sacrificed
      through their BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, and LIVES to keep us FREE!! I don’t
      believe the people, especially (SOUTHERNERS) are going to sat back on
      our thumbs and let the politicians and Government take away what GOD and the AMERICAN SOLDIER has defended and gave us. (FREEDOM!) Oh! yeah,
      you forgot Mayberry on your list of T.V. shows. And by the way my
      Allegiance is also grounded in our Confederate Battle Flag.

      • keith

        amen,especially to the last….

  • keith

    vote in 2010!!! lets get these fruitloops out before they screwshit to bad to fix it!go republicans!!!

    • David Hall

      Yeah! I believe it’s not going to take much MORE of that SPEND & TAX,
      MANIAC. You’ll think there’s a Wal-Mart Give-away when the polls open
      up in 2010. People better be careful, because there will be a damn stampede to get to them. I can’t stand much more of this Womb to the
      Tomb, take care of me BULLS**T!!! SOMEBODY IS GOING TO HAVE TO PAY FOR
      IT, ALL……..

  • John C. Davidson

    In almost every community, socialism abound through the media. The anti-war protestors striking back and still embarrassing most of us.

  • http://msn Terri

    Make sure none of you or your relatives collect social security or use medicare.

    • Dee Jay

      In my state, on the check stub, it says you pay into Social Security and into Medicare so I don’t have a problem collecting it, if I was old enough.

  • kickthemout

    If you people want a third party that abheres to the rules of law of the Constitution of the United States. Go to
    I did and have been in it for 2 years.

  • Matt M.

    What we have here is a not a failure of communicating but a failure for the voters and non voters to see the game of “hot potato” that is being played on us. In case you haven’t noticed “nothing has changed” no matter which party get’s into office. If anything things just keep getting worse. So that should send a wake up call to those whom a truly looking through the BS that both parties(republican & democrat)along with the people who keep voting the same politicians back in office that change will not happen unless people finally understand this game/ploy/tactic that is obstructing true change.


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