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First Reactions To Energy Bill Suggest Tough Road Ahead

May 18, 2010 by  

First reactions to energy bill suggest tough road aheadThe newly unveiled Kerry-Lieberman energy and climate bill has evoked strong emotions, with both supporters and opponents racing to issue statements explaining their positions.

The bill has the backing of the White House and of nuclear and alternative energy groups. For example, the Nuclear Energy Institute commended the proposed legislation for what it says are the provisions designed to strengthen the role that nuclear energy has in expanding domestic energy sources, reducing the emission of air pollutants and creating jobs.

Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) expressed a similar sentiment, but its representatives stated that they were still concerned about the bill’s ideas for oil savings.

"How effective is this or any bill in stemming our nation’s dangerous dependence on oil?" asked SAFE President and CEO Robbie Diamond, adding that the only way to end America’s dependence on oil is to sever the relationship between oil and transportation.

"The best way to do so is by utilizing electricity, which represents a stable, domestic, clean source of power that is generated from a diverse portfolio of fuels," he stated.

In a sign of how difficult this may be politically, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) said it cannot support the American Power Act because they believe it will raise the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel without significantly reducing the output of carbon dioxide. As such, it will act as a "hidden tax" on transportation, ATA said. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19775707-ADNFCR

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  • Bill Stanley

    Even though mother nature does not charge for using wind or sunlight, electricity generated from these sources is very expensive. In 2009, the average generation costs of electricity supplied by Southern California Edison (SCE) from nuclear, coal and natural gas were 0.56, 1.59 and 2.85 cents per kilowatt-hour, respectively. Comparatively, the costs from wind and solar were 6.37 and 13.93, respectively. Electricity from solar cost 25 times the cost from nuclear and 5 times the cost from natural gas. As governments continue to require suppliers to increase the percentage from renewable sources, expect electricity costs to increase.

    • Doc Sarvis

      And therefore we should be using energy more wisely and using more efficient appliances

    • Bill Barry

      Bill, the next time you go to the market just buy the so-called cheapest white bread on the shelf. Or the next time you want to build a bridge or a house or a car just get the cheapest bid. I guess you see where I’m going with this?

  • Dan Burke

    Okay, the best source is electricity? Where does electricity come from? Power needs to be generated. Creating solar power becomes trouble when environmentalists hinder solar farms (and is weather dependent). Wind power, same problem but now wind dependent. No constant. Nuclear, well, no one wants the risk nor the waste products…. Similar story with hydro. The list goes on. So how will we generate that power? Gas, coal, and other fossil fuels. In other words, the only way for this system to reduce the burning of fossil fuels is to stop us from using energy on such a scale. Close factories. Lay off workers. More unemployment. More taxes. Less production. Drive the companies away from America onto foreign soil where they might actually be allowed to use the energy they need to make their products.

    • Jerry D

      Dan, ever heard of scalar technology, originally developed by Nicola Tesla? Many will say that it’s pseudo-science because that’s what they’d like you to believe. Look into it. It’s for real and it works. A single over-unity generator will furnish all the power for a single home and will cost only maintenance. It will take you off the power company’s grid permanently.

      • Vicki

        a link to an actual working version of this “perpetual motion” machine might be nice :) The one that you are using for instance. :)

  • http://gmail i41

    Doc, electricity makes life comfortable, but it sure doen’t get crops planted or harvested, or transported. I really thinkenvior greenies think everything comes from the grociery store, it may, but there is a lot of oil use in between. Next time you are looking at a coal mine, those big peices of equipment, electricity powers the wheels, but it takes 50 gallons a hr. of diesel to power the motors driving generators in the machine. Another case of our schools and attitude of we can all live off of wild hickory nuts and grass. The USA should have a way better infrastuctor, but for every dollar allowed for construction, half or more goes to studies and feel good crap. Watch roads that are built by owners or companies and notice how fast and longer lasting they are. Of course this is private land not government or municipal owned. If the government is involved it will greatly increase costs and get a lot less done. Green energy is a damn waste of money, look at Spain, and their green energy waste. We have more oil in two pools than off shore, why is it used, to much on private land!

  • Doc Sarvis

    I am surprised at how stuck people are on the thought that we can’t do better. I feel like America can do anything (practically) if it puts its mind to it. I guess I have a lot more faith in America than a lot of you folks. If we apply ourselves we can really kick the energy problem, i.e. make it better.

    • Allan

      My response is not personally directed at you, but at the mentality.

      The problem with most Americans “getting on board” is that the the envirnmental army doesn’t offer a win-win. Americans mostly feel the promises and expectations are exaggerated, and that the potential economic damage and social engineering of our country are not worth gambling on. The left/environmental lobby has never spoken to the “opposition” directly and with a win-win approach. The formula has been: “Fools: we’re all gonna die and lose our planet if we don’t do X, and by the way, business is the villain!”. Now that’s starting from a win-win isn’t it? Picture someone coming to your door with this atitude and asking you to help them impose restrictions on them and pay for it. The Envirnomentocrats said we need to save the spotted owl — the REAL reason was to STOP logging altogether and not allow people in the wilderness!!@!. Notice the recent acreage set asides Obama has proposed? Every issue we are presented with has partial validity cloaked in big lies. All the while, average people (even businesspeople and outdoor sports enthusiasts) who have common sense respect for the environment, are not engaged in win-win fashion. Let’s abandon any industry that gets in the way of environmental nirvana. Let’s whip up Jonestown mentality planet warriors who have no respect for what it takes to start or stay in business. Earth to earth-zombies: Start approaching the skeptical “other side” with respect and and a spirit of win-win change, and you might get some real results! …if that is what you want. Or perhaps you prefer just having the next generation turn in their parents? Damn right Americans can do anything they want! Start by not treating them like fools and destroying their lives and accomplishments in favor of yours!

      • Doc Sarvis

        With warped rationalizations and cop outs like that, we would never have come out of the Great Depression and World War II as the greatest country on earth. And we would be unlikely to solve our current energy problems. I am much more positive about the U.S. population and give them credit for doing the right thing when presented with the truth (i.e. not the “Fox truth” and not the “PETA truth”).

  • s c

    Wowie zowie. If only we’d bow down and worship Der Obummer, life would be so GOOD. BULL COOKIES!
    Spain is THE prime example of what happens when geekoid, childish intentions run into REALITY. And Obummer DARES to claim we’d be better off by imitating SPAIN? In Spain, a ‘green job’ eliminates TWO other jobs. What a bargain! So much for progressive math, eh?
    Until Americans realize that green jobs tend to be wishful thinking for bottom-feeding social engineers and drugged-out space cadets, we’re headed for an economic waterloo that NO country can afford. These proven LOSERS make people who’ve been taking lsd for years seem like level-headed bankers before the creation of the Fed.
    And, before I forget, America had to endure 8 years of Bubba Clinton and 12 years of FDR!

    • TIME

      SC, Great points.
      I can see it now as Al Gore gets his cut BarryO gets his cut, Franklin Rains gets his cut, oh then theres Old Georgeie boy, and the SEIU is all up in there too.
      Wow its just going to be such fun for all.

      I have to ask where is the stellar News Media on all this how come they can’t seem to figure this out?
      Yet we stupid dumb bone heads can find out all about the game plan.


    The only ones that will benefit this Cap & Tax bill is Gore, Goldman Sachs, GE, etc. Fannie Mae who has a blank check to be bailed out by the govt permanently has been given a patent on a “lock” that will be attached to everyone’s home to regulate how much power you can use. The Climategate scandle is nothing but another way to control our lives & put big govt into OUR homes!! Vote all of the bums out in November. If Obama keeps getting his agenda passed, this country will not be recognizable.

  • Dale

    The “Greening of the US” is not about the environment . . . its about destroying Capitalism, US industry and becoming a Euro Socialist state. Who will benefit when America returns to “Little House on the Prairie” . . . why Soros, Strong, Gore and other sellers of “Hot Air”.
    And Doc . . . when something is invented to replace Fossil Fuels, it will be in the US . . . wind and solar are not the answer, unless you want to become Spain, the next country to ask for bailouts.

  • Palin12

    Want to hear something funny? Yesterday I got my Nevada Sample Ballot in the mail. Its a generic booklet with seperate ballots for Democrats, Republicans, and Non-Partisan. On the dem’s sheet, they inadvertantly left out the incumbant Attorney General, who is indeed running for reelection this year.

  • JeffH

    Cap and Tax has been revived and is moving through Congress right now, with select weak-kneed Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain looking to make deals to pass this key plank in the radical globalist agenda.

    That’s why it’s vital you sign the petition to your U.S. senators, demanding they vote against this dangerous power grab IMMEDIATELY.

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes, the feel good, pinheaded, save the world, nut jobs have almost destroyed America. The spotted owl liked to nest in old growth according the sciencist dumb asses, owl liked new growth, old growth, and even enjoyed nesting in old cars. That was after the drug heads left and snow washed the scum and stench out, owls moved in.The braindead ideas of green energy powering the world even the USA or one state, it will not happen for decades. With all the oil inland, what in the hell, are we spending time and money, out in a mile deep water? Getting taxpayers to foot the bill for R & D for deep water oil production. The Williston Basin Oil has been known since the 1950″s. In just that pool, there is enough oil for the USA for 2000 years, at 15 million barrel a day, present use is only 11 million barrel a day. Wake up you simple minded green tree hugging numnuts organisms. Oil would only cost 16 dollars a barrel. It would cause the rag headed muslim bros of Omoron, to be drinking pond water, instead of Peirier water. The Rocky Mts. has over 2 trillion barrels of oil as stated in the Stansbury Report of April 2006. Did the socialist dems do a damn thing, in 2006, when gas was over $4 a gallon, but hold hearings instead of allowing drilling, dems only want socialist countries to have the oil, like China, Cuba, Venulala, and other Omoron’s bootlicking admirers. Still think dems and Omoron aren’t tightly tied to socialist and communists and beleive in any thing derogerty to the USA is great and like the state department, would we be like N Korea or China. Name one damn thing these socialists haven’t picked up speed to ruin the USA!

  • eddie47d

    Dale.Very weird comment! Don’t want to return to the “Little House on the Praire” days. Of coarse we don’t want that rugged pioneer spirit or strong family values,gosh and even going to church. What would we be thinking? Our local paper had 10 solar companies vieing for a project. 9 were American companies and 1 China. We have plenty of green jobs.

  • eddie47d

    Sorry S.C.8:22; Their is nothing left upstairs in your cookie jar!Always blaming Obama for the unemployment problem but what else is new? We also had 8yrs of Nixon and 12 years of Bush,so what! Look how many small businesses that were run out of town by Walmart.Yet everyone on this blog cry’s for that very same business pereson and how downtown Amweica can’t compete. These new lower paying jobs have been going on for decades now.Do you care? Corporations send jobs overseas and fires it’s American workers. So don’t give me your phoney concern about jobs being lost. Complain to those big boys who ran America into the ground.We know they got their pensions locked up. We have plenty of green jobs out West. The times they are a changing so stop being such a crank!

  • chuck b


    green jobs!! are you day dreaming, green jobs!! you libs are planning on bringing the economy back with that! lol you and amer lib are a pair, that explains it all. green jobs!! what are you going to do start building solar panels and propellers for windmills?? or maybe a hemp field. that’s not going to work, the liberals have been trying for decades and they still haven’t got a battery that will get their kiddie car 100 miles and then spend the next day charging it. the windmills are un-reliable, solar power is like trying to magnify a flashlight, too expensive, not practical unless you are selling the panels. so when it gets down to facts, your regime is ignorant to the practicality of it all. barry is smoking the wrong kind of cigarettes. lite up another one, maybe you and barry can dream your way outr of this one.

  • Palin12

    This just in! Great news! That traitorous Spector has been defeated!! Way to go Tea Partiers for helping to bring him down! The first of many between now and November! Whooo-hoo, where’s that Dom Perignon? Cmon everybody sing it…Happy days are here again, it’s another bad day for the democrats!!

    • JC

      Rand Paul won in Kentucky too.
      It begins…

    • s c

      Palin12, it’s nice to know that Pennsylvania hasn’t completely run out of common sense. One useful idiot progressive DOWN, and a lot MORE to go (starting TODAY).

      • Palin12

        I don’t know why an 80 year old guy wants to run for a 6 year office anyway!

  • HeadOutOfSandintoHell

    Another try at Cap and Trade is it… Bad idea.. You notice the article got some input from the ATA(American Trucking Association) and for once in their misguided wisedom they are right. Things are bad enough as it is… For the short term we have sustainable fossil fuel supplies to last for decades. And with modern advances in emmisions highway trucks are running cleaner than cars in some cases. Yeah, there are still thousands of older trucks belching out the smoke but that’s because they run cheaper than the new stuff.. Better milage equals greater return. It’s a trade off.. I see people mentioning how less efficient greentechnologies are. And it is true, however, it means cleaner air. As these technolodies develope I expect to see greater efficiency produced by them. Both wind and solar are and will always be subservient to weather and nuclear can’t say I’m a fan about that(no where to dispose of spent rods). So what is the answer, who really knows. For the time being I’d say shelve the cap and trade. To expensive, it would cost all retail item’s prices to sky rocket. After all it takes a ship, train, or truck to get all those items to your grocers shelves. Cap and Trade would hit the transportation industry with high, cost ineffective taxes that would be carried over to the consumer thru raised prices. After all someone has to pay to move the stuff and transits systems don’t run free yet. * side note * Next time you get all bent because a trucks moving too slow for you. Wave all your fingers. We are starting to wonder if you all have had serious industrial accidents. How, when there is little industry left in this country it makes us wonder if your running to mexico or canada and living here for the lower cost of living. Pardon my sardonic humour, try thanking us truckers instead of cursing us. We are out suppling you the consumer and we are doing it as cheaply as we can. And trying to stay safe for everyone.

  • Denisse Fretz

    Capital Gains Tax Canada – Cut Your Capital Gains Taxes to the Bone. Our 7 Secrets Are Yours Free!… –


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