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First Healthcare Freedom Acts Head To Governors’ Desks

May 11, 2010 by  

First Healthcare Freedom Acts head to governors' desks In recent weeks legislators at numerous state capitals have been at work putting together healthcare freedom acts in response to the Federal healthcare system overhaul signed by president Obama in late March.

The lawmakers are mainly seeking to block a state or Federal requirement for individuals to purchase health insurance, and the first bills have already been sent to several governors for signature.

On May 5, the Republican-controlled Oklahoma legislature sent House Joint Resolution 1054, the Freedom of Healthcare Choice Act, to Democrat Governor Brad Henry. The bill was supported by nine House Democrats.

"The fallout from ObamaCare continues to fuel rebellion in the states," said Christie Herrera,
health task force director at the American Legislative Exchange Council, who is coordinating the nationwide effort.

"[We applaud] Oklahoma lawmakers for protecting their citizens from abusive Federal power when other state officials will not," Herrera added.

Last week Georgia’s legislature sent similar legislation to Governor Sonny Perdue’s desk. Perdue had also appointed special counsel to represent Georgia in the multi-state challenge of the Federal health reform law.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19763453-ADNFCR

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  • Victor L Barney

    America, get over it! You, primarily “white” women putting it over the top by the way, have successfully overthrown America’s Republic with Marxism out of Harvard!
    PS: Even “Mao”(Obama’s idol) of Communist China fame learned Marxism at Harvard! I bet no body is taught that! I even wonder if Karl Marx was a Dean there?

  • C.K. Favreau

    “Sure, why should I have to pay for insurance I don’t want, as I have to do for my automobile? And if I don’t have health insurance and I get sick or get into an accident, a hospital will HAVE to take me into the emergency room, and I’ll never have to pay.

    (“Remember the old “welfare queens”? Sound familiar?)

    • Save America Susie

      My Grandfather lived to be 102 and never went to the hospital until 2 weeks before he passed, when he was getting ready to die. Why should he have had to pay for this Health insurance? He wouldn’t have needed it. It would just be a waste of his money. There are many healthy people that don’t need it. And if they need occasional help, they use alternative medicines. Why should they be forced to use traditional medicine? I think various kinds of medicine fields have something to offer us all. But it shouldn’t be forced down our throats.

      Recently a few years ago I paid CASH–imagine that–for my surgery. Did not have insurance and did not sponge off the government either. We used to have an insurance plan, but it became astronomical in price. So we dropped it. Years went by. By dropping the policy, My husband and I figured we actually SAVED money by paying CASH for the surgery.

      If I have a home, it is a choice to own,& pay insurance; if I have a car, it is a choice to own a car and pay the insurance. But we will have NO option IF this new HC Bill takes effect. We are slaves to it. Its the “New Slavery”.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        In most states it is not a choice to own a car, drive it, and not have insurance. In Ohio, if they send you a letter asking you to send proof of insurance, they will come to your home and confiscate your plates and take your licence!

    • DaveH

      First of all CK, Healthcare Insurance is a losing bet for people that take care of themselves. In addition to the Healthcare costs, now everybody in the country will also have to pay for the middleman (who is now government, even worse). Why can anybody force me to buy a product which I think is not cost effective?
      And your argument about the hospitals paying for our care is bogus. That is an unsolicited gift. You can not give people something they didn’t ask for and then use it as an excuse to take away their freedom. Are you one of those guys that takes a girl to dinner and then think it obligates her for sex?

      • David

        What happens, Dave, if you get hit by a car and, God forbid, are paralyzed? Do you, or your family, have the cash to handle that cost the rest of your life? We buy insurance IN CASE! Nobody who has insurance wants to ever need it. Right?

        • denniso

          We need people to be covered somehow for expensive healthcare…but, it should be through the tax system so that the cost is fairly spread among the entire population. Everyone knows that would be the best fix, but the Dems were afraid of the tag of ‘socialized medicene’, so they went w/ a much less desirable option…forcing people to buy expensive insurance from private corporations. If the Repubs and conservative Dems had shown a willingness to go along w/ the better plan then it could have happened. Since we have a progressive tax system the cost wouldn’t have been borne as heavily by the middle class.
          We all mostly agree that taxes are legal and somewhat fair and if the gov’t used tax revenue to pay out expenses to private doctors and hospitals, then we wouldn’t have to force people to buy from private
          companies, something that many of us abhor…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            So says “Che” dennislow!!!!

          • denniso

            No, so says ME…

  • http://none Dave DeWitt

    the thing to do now is to support every effort to challenge the fascist group currently ruling (from the gutters in Washington)and keep them off balance till the born in the USA and know our fathers by their names, can get into power

    • annnort

      Amen to that, Brother!

  • Barb

    Kudos to Oklahoma and Georgia! Our state is working on similar legislation
    as well. I just hope more states do the same! Rolling over and playing dead is not the answer, we have to let Obama and CO. know that we won’t allow them to just simply take over! The more voices heard the better!

  • Raggs

    I’m glad to see some states stand up… But even if the individual mandate is stomped out the 50% of us that work for a living will still pay for the rest and from the looks of it 12 million and soon to be more illegals…. I say more because obama will open the flood gate and usher them in…

    • Marilyn

      We are already footing the bill for those who cannot or will not work to earn a living and buy their own insurance. That has been going on for eons. We are getting more of it because of the flood of Illegals from Mexico who deserve absolutely nothing from the U S Government or State Governments (all, our tax money). It is time for States to show some initiative and put a stop to Federal mandated health care rules. I agree with you, Raggs, 100%

  • s c

    For those who REFUSE to think or act like real citizens, when Uncle Scam says he will force you to do something you know is wrong, that means Uncle Scam is TAKING AWAY your constitutional RIGHTS. Uncle Scam has a long and documented history of creating messes that he REFUSES to resolve. This damned wealthcare FRAUD is one more twisted example.
    The only way to deal with a dictatorial, defective mentality is to reject it and fight it. Show the old fart that the American people WON’T submit or surrender to a herd of freedom-hating TYRANTS.
    When individual states show more leadership than a Washington full of losers, then it’s up to the American people to take charge.

    • Raggs

      Well I guess we now own a precentage of Greece…
      Puerto Rico is next you know more obama votes.
      I wonder how many Greecians will vote in 2010, 2012?.

      I hear we are going to bail-out / purchase more votes in Italy, Sweden, and the UK…. many more to come I’m sure…

      And sence immigration is a “social” issue and we have a dictator in the white house it wont be long until Russia and China will have to bail / buy us out… All of this bail / buy-outs is leading to a global governance lead by no other than obama.

      • Barb

        Exactly Raggs, and just in case AmLib is reading this,It’s now over 14 Trillion and counting since we are giving 1 Trillion dollars to Greece that we don’t really have! SEE how he just adds it up AmLib? Of course that doesn’t include what we will give to the rest of Europe. It just goes on and on, except of course to the middle and upper middle class workers of the USA, we just get it taken from us!

        • Raggs

          Yeah thats interesting is’nt it the US has 48% of the population working to support the other 52% deadbeats like Am.Lib…

          Now the few working in the US is added with more burden in Europe not to mention the flood of illegals crossing the border everyday ( no thanks to obama )…

          I will say this much… And I mean it wholeheartedly!!!
          If my taxes go up to the point of or exceeding 50% of my income by any means be it a V.A.T tax or whatever…

          I will quit working and live off of the land and say to hell with obama and his corrupt dictatorship.

          • Raggs

            I will NOT work to support a Corrupt government that is growing by leaps everyday…

            I work to support my family and myself ONLY!
            To hell with the deadbeats and illegals!

            obama needs to take his lame *** to China where he can spread his wealth and keep his hands out of my pocket.

            This man is on the path of destroying this country, what we are seeing in Greece will happen here next..

        • JLC

          Barb, AmLib appears to be out of circulation this morning. I wonder if, maybe, Bob Livingston sat on him. Or, more likely, if he was fired for not harassing enough people.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Maybe your buddy is mrs Tarbrainbucket!!!

  • Airangel

    Looking more and more like Individual States are having their hands forced…good for them for standing up for their citizens…FREEDOM is about choice not about FORCE…don’t fine and arrest good decent citizens just because they don’t want to buy what the Government is selling

    • Time

      Good point, you know I see many of the buffoons make statments about how no one has ever said anything about prior administrations, so on that note as you opened the door perhaps we can all hit some points.

      I have been paying tax’s and not happy about where my money has gone for years, just about 40 years now.
      I think that when one makes the first really big pay off and you watch as its hacked to a fraction of what the gross started off, one stops and thinks what the bloody H*** is the deal.

      I spent countless hundreds of hours pulling all this together how much of my money went into it just to get to this point. Then you look at your gross on an investment and your net, and your net is 1/3 of what you started off with, and who made the most profit?
      The Tax man. What say did I have in that? ZERO.

      All that money went to do what again? Pay some bone head government sponsored program that you had no say in, nor do you agree with.

      I equate the HCR bill as just one more of these programs where I had zero say to a political machine that eats tax dollars and give the ones paying for such a swift kick in the crotch and loud laugh as they have gotten away with one more crazy “CON” JOB.

      Its sad that we have the buffoonn squad on this sight and in real life that can’t think for themselfs. But then again they more than likly are people who sit on their fat Butts collecting Government aid monthly, yearly, and they don’t want their restfull lives disturbed by having to do anything, like WORK.

      Its strange I was speaking to a couple at the airport the other day that were on thier way to Mexico for a vacation.
      I asked what they did for work, the answer will drop you like a rock. They both are on Public AID!
      You read that right, going on vacation – and on Public Aid. I guess sitting on your fat butt has its privileges, who would have thought such.

      This would be one of the things I find repugnant as its a blantant case of Fraud they are commiting, both were in good health and could work if they wanted to.
      Their kids are being watched by the womans mother. Who’s paying for this, You and I and all Tax payers are!
      I could not help myself when I asked them if they voted and for whom they voted? The answer I am sure you know – non other than BarryO.

      I have spoken out about this type of fraud for over 30 years and still the News Media sits on its hands. Or when we fought Al Gores wife when she and her friends who wanted to distroy the 1st Amnd. That was money out of our pockets, that is those of us who fought her and yet the media sat on their hands, as well congress and senate persons we contacted did nothing but spew wacko babble.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        On the news today, they said that there was found another 30 billion in costs that weren’t figured before. Guess Plousey was serious when she said we have to pass it to see what’s in it!!!

  • Pat R

    Trial starts Friday, May 14 in Harlem. Pray that we will start the process of getting rid of the corruption in DC.

    Also, Floyd Brown has started sending faxes to Congress to iniate the “impeachment of obama”

    • Mike In MI

      Yeay, Hooray, Therre certainly won’t be any shortage of accusations, charges and impeachable offenses. Dear God, bless this effort with funds, sharp maneuvering and success!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!!!

  • cella

    Keep complaining you idiots. I bet 3/4th of you are all on Social Security and Medicare. You might get your wish and have to go out on the open market a buy your own insurance. If the cost of healthcare does not come down, Social Security and Medicare are going to be the first to be cut. I know a lot of people that will be laughing all the way to the bank if you old people start having to pay your fair share. Then we will see who complains. LOL You might relish the day you were forced to buy your healthcare from the government. It ain’t gonna be pretty when you have to go on the open market. And buy the way, you idiot who said people were on public aid were on vacation. Get a life. People do not live good on public aid. Most of them would not even be able to drive to an airport because of the price of gas. You are really fooling yourself if you think people live good. People do not live good on 15 dollars an hour. I can tell you people on welfare do not live good. They also have to work so many hours a week to receive money. So get the big picture, shock people in this country are so poor we almost qualify for a third world country. I can’t even begin to imagine how people who have lost their jobs and are on the verge of losing their homes are doing. Vote for a Republican. I am. They are going to stop the entitlement Social Security and Medicare program. (Really these people told you in the airport they were on public aid) Yea Right…..

    • Time

      I have paid in more money to SS than you will make in your lifetime perhap even two life times or more.
      The point is I have never counted on getting a bloody red cent from it, can you say that?

      And FYI – what people tell you in a matter of fact way is truth.
      When people lie to you, they use their eyes to tell you if they are telling the truth or not, do you know how that works?

      I sure do, as if I didn’t I would been broke year ago, I spent years learning from the best in the biz, it comes with the trade you learn skills that make you money.

      I can make a call if a person is telling me a lie in less than 2 minutes. Can you?

      • Mike In MI

        That thing yu’re writing at isn’t going to lie to you. It’s a liberal. It’s blind, doesn’t have functional eyes. It won’t lie to you – that would require having the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. So, It’ll cheat you, steal from you, hurt you, whatever in order to get its way. It’ll do that because it thinks it has the corner on fairness, feelings and “what’s only right”. Its a selfish child in an adult’s facade and conscience is something it doesn’t possess – just like its leaders in D.C.

        Its got an atheistic philosophy so there is nothing either right or wrong to it. It lives in the NOW and CAN’T be expected to understand that today’s action is going to have ramifications on how tomorrow goes down. Nor will or can it ADMIT THAT THERE ARE PRINCIPLES THAT ARE INVIOLATE IF YOU WANT THINGS TO GO WELL FOR THE LONG RUN. It is amoral and insensate to reason. Don’t get angry at it; its a mutated lump from what humanity once was. It’s part of why the world is going down – it can’t help it.

    • Save America Susie

      The problem with Social Security is that we have PAID for that, and now it may not be there. It is SO WRONG for people who never contributed to it to be drawing from it. That is why we are broke. Social Security was not meant as an entitlement program. We paid into it as a retirement supplement fund. Now it may not be there when we get to that time in our lives in a few years.

      • Mike In MI

        Save America Susie -
        I got a report from my congressman about Government Sponsored Endeavors that were the organization name under which Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac operated. It said that when the government started forcing banks and lenders to give away money for bad loans to the friends of Clinton, Barney F., R. Rubin, various “Community Organizers” and all the progressive louts who wanted to buy homes the lenders protested. They Knew they’d never get repaid by friends of democrats and liberals. So, they were assured that they didn’t have to worry. If necessary they’d get paid out of the funds in the Medicare Trust, Social Security or everything else available to pull wealth out of to pay them off. So, they planned from the outset of all this to rob us blind and give it away so no one, NO ONE could trace where it went or how it was spent.

        That’s how much your present government is committed to the idea that we’ll all just fall down, roll over and take it.

    • DaveH

      An Ignorant Liberal who knows nothing about economics calling us idiots. Socialism has been a proven failure wherever it has been fully implemented. Sure, it will work here when it fails everywhere else. Keep Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming, Ignorant Liberal Cella.
      When you take the money from the hard workers and give it to those who don’t, are you really so ignorant as to expect that to result in more productivity? The only people that really benefit from Socialism are the Leaders and their gang (government workers). The rest lose in the long run. Give it up, Liberal. Go to the Liberal sites to spew your BS, where Hopes and Dreams trump logic.

    • Barb

      You are showing just how ignorant you libs are. And how little you work! My husband and I have both paid in dearly to Social Security every paycheck for over 40 years. We figured 20 years ago we would be lucky to get one tenth of what we put in back but we still had to pay it. Same with medicare every paycheck. If you worked and received a paycheck you would know this! The government owes that money to us old people Bit.., and we probably won’t get it, especially now with Osama Obama and Pelosi in charge. But don’t you worry your free welfare check will still be in the mail!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      You young pup, we were paying our own way before you were crapping yellow liquid. We could probably work circles around you NOW!! I have worked doubles time and time again because unlike you young spirts, I’m not afraid of hard work, never have been. I’ve got screws and pins in my back that set off airport detectors and could be collecting disability but I’ve worked since I was 15 and I’m 59 now and too old to change habits now! I’ve had quite a few jobs in my life and always got an excellent reference from anybody I ever worked for. you know why? I was honest enough to give them an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay!! Learn a little before you belittle your elders girly!!

  • cella

    Do not forget FEMA. They are going to stop that program. So if you live in tornado alley, hurricane lane or the dry hills of the California fires. Get prepared. the US government is no longer going to rebuild your house. So for all you people on Social Security in Florida. Get prepared. The next bad storm could be on your own dime. Not mine.

    • DaveH

      When people choose to live in areas that are prone to disaster, they certainly should pay for their own risks. Otherwise, there is nothing stopping them for investing recklessly to live where they want knowing that others will have to pay for their mistakes.
      If you want to cross streets without looking both ways, I give you that freedom. Just don’t expect me to willingly pay for your hospitalization or funeral when you get hit.

      • Mike In MI

        Oh but, DaveH -
        They do expect that…demand that, require that from anyone they think has a little bit more than they have. And, by damn, you have to give it up, NOW. That’s why we’re broke now and forever. there won’t be anymore mone, materiel, supplies or resources to put into anything in the future. Where’s it going to come from. cella doesn’t realize yet that at some pint she’s going to want and need help from somewhere, some one. But, it ain’t going to be forthcoming because, now, Barry and his friends have all the wealth; and, they don’t know her from Eve. So, They ain’t giving up anything ti her if she’s not in one of their constituencies – just look at Tennessee.

    • Airangel

      Cella, I may agree with you here…OB hasn’t even addressed the floods in Tennessee, wonder if he’ll address the destruction of the most recent tornados….OUR GOVERNMENT is so busy cleaning everyone elses house like Haiti, Greece, UK, Japan, Canada, etc that they can’t afford to take care of the country they swore an oathe to uphold and protect – why? They could care less…they have bigger fish to fry to fulfill a higher agenda (the downfall of America)…in any business anywhere, if you did a lousy job and did not perform to expectations, your boss would fire you – end of story! We need to FIRE them all come November 2010 and get rid of any criminals NOW or all go on strike so no one working for the Government is paid until they listen to us!

      • Time


        I hear that loud and clear, as well just a few more points, I also hear that same mind set every week from many folks.
        The numbers of people are growing like a wild fire in a dry field.
        Even people that only watch the normal media are POed.

        Last week I spoke with a group of about 20 people that voted for BarryO and they what his butt out of office as fast as they can get him out.
        They have seen right through him now, to say they were angry is the understatment of the Century. I can’t even post the words spoken by these fine Democrats as Bob would remove the post, and I would not blame him, I turned red and thats hard for me as I am much darker than most folks, that kind of all year long tan that came with the body.

  • lawfull

    Obama needs to control the people and decide who gets care as well as build his government regime to ungodly proportions. he is following Castro, Chaves and others tactics, read your history – healthcare will not be free, look at Cubas healthcare. read “animal farm” an oldie but goodie.

    • WarriorH

      Did I miss the Henry Waxman meetings with those dastardly capitalistic companies that were taking the write downs on their health care costs? My i-pad is causing me confusion because I must be getting information overload from unreliable sources.

      You know you shouldn’t be spending too much time with those i-pads, i-pods, x-boxes, and all the other electronic communication devices because the information in cyberspace is so unreliable and/or just wrong.

      I guess if you voted for the present POTUS, you also got yourself an extraordinary propaganda minister.

      Maybe Nov 2 will become the new era’s 4th of July.

  • Dorothy Trakshel

    Where have you been? We are retired now, but while we were working we paid into Social Security and so did our employer!! When S.S. was started, it was to help us when we retired so as not to be a burden on anyone.
    They keep saying that the S.S.Trust Fund is broke, which is not true. Our senators have been raiding this fund for years, using the money for their own agenda, and replacing the funds with their I O U’s, which now amounts to trillions. Replace these I O U’s with the cash, and the S.S. will be solvent for many years to come.

    • Barb

      Dorothy you worded it better than I did more on a level that Cella should be able to understand but I doubt she/he will. And Cella calls us the idiots!

      • JLC

        Don’t sweat it, Barb. You did OK!

    • Mike In MI

      Dorothy -
      I hate to have to inform , you about this but they aren’t putting any sort of wealth back in there. Obama and his liberal/progressive friends have the corner on all the wealth and things of value. See they own it all now. Your home, cars, valuables, lands, whatever you have, EVEN YOU – PERSONNALLY – are theirs’. All you have, if they want it, is theirs’. You voted them in (FDR started it) and supported the ideas that they could and should be able to use your “stuff” as collateral for all the loans, payoffs, debts and everything else they’ve used your money for, even their give-away programs. You’ve been backing their bad bets all these years. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Land of the fee and home of the slave.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I hate to inform YOU but there are a great many out there that have been FORCED to pay into SS when we didn’t vote for ANY of the dems through the years. We didn’t ASK for any of it but since we paid into it all these years, we expect the money to be there when we retire!! I don’t HYAVE to have it to survive, but it is my right to collect what I was promised and paid!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Which party enabled illegals to get SS benefits sent to Mexico, first guess you will probably be right. I rememder my Granddad having a fit that the Great Socialist Society be enacted. In less than a year costs tripled, and yet the pinheaded public keep electing socialist dems. My greaty Grandad got his family out of Germany way before the WW1, he said if the people didn’t wake up there would be a president like Hitler, Gandad though wilson and then FDR was the new Hitler, but he told me about some of the garbage socialist do to the citizens when I worked helping move livestock. So far he didn’t miss a spot of his wisdom on what would happen. One point he stated several times, was if someone controls media, the banks and elemination of power to the people, citizens will be slaves and controlled by the eleitists government. In Germany, religion was done away with and mystacism and statism was the new thing. Ours is the love in and giving Islam the edge, Omoron claim we are a muslim nation. In Germany when the National Socialist Democrat party took over every thing, health care was started, youth camps for fitness, kids played in schools instead of learning anything, learned marching and were indoctrinated from birth to their deaths, when used as slaves. Sound like Michelle and her muslim marxist bunk mate and his radical group , just like Hitler!!!

    • Sidewinder

      I don’t disagree with a word you are saying here i41. You see clearly one 1/2 of the problem.
      The Republicans are the other half.
      All that talk about the need for security from the Bush Administration, and in 8 years he never did 1 damn thing to slow down the influx of people pouring across our southern border. Nothing of meaning.

      There are no major differences between the 2 parties. Not really.

      I salute Arizona.

  • Char

    i41 The schools have quit teaching our kids since the 60′s and have been indoctrinating them and they have done a mighty fine job of it. Look who we have to lead us. I will never again vote one penny for public schools.

  • http://gmail i41

    Agree with that, the schools on have unionized worthless teachers, ever try to fire one? I donate to religous schools, not public schools, theyendose the peaceful religion Islam and knock and will not praying but muslims get prayer time and prayer rooms. Socialist dems and their thug union clowns love that mind set.

  • chuck b


    you keep referring to these clowns acting like “hitler”. i would say they are acting exactly like “stalin” and endorsing his theology. barry’s cabinet is made up of off spring from the soviet era. check out rahm emanual, (his father belonged to the terrorist group ingrun) check out david axelrod:Chicago political operative and Obama political handler, David Axelrod and SEIU president Andy Stern are Jewish communists. Make no mistake about it. They grew up immersed in the leftist, communist ideal that was brought with their family from Europe and Russia, when they were immigrants to the United States. This is a very painful chapter in American history because it is embarrassing to free thinking people everywhere. How could it be that the children and grandchildren of these Jews who fled repressive regimes took up the mantle of communism here in America?

    You need not ask yourself these questions. There are no answers to them. These are genuinely disappointing people, who have absolutely no desire whatsoever to either believe in God or to believe that people can choose the path of their own lives better than others in the government can do so for them. It is particularly shameful to Jewish people, who fought and died for freedom and liberty and the ability for people to choose what is best for themselves, most notably is the modern State of Israel which recently handed a resounding defeat to leftist political parties there.
    this info: google: “david axelrod communist” 5th website down the page.

    this is just an example of what the soetoro administration is made up of. so do you wonder which way barry is turning.

  • http://gmail i41

    Right on the mark chuck b, thanks for the post! Never have figured why the jewish people keep voting for socialist numskulls. When the Jewish group call for donations I ask why they keep voting for dems lock step, never have got a response, only how much I’lls donate. I will not give to an organization that endorses dems any way shape or form. I will not donate to NRA, since they give Dingy Harry,he got high marks for the shooting range north of las Vegas.

  • David

    Okay “conservatives” here is the problem we face:

    Over 40,000 Americans die each year because they have inadequate or no health insurance.

    Over 725,000 Americans went bankrupt last year because of inadequate or no insurance coverage.

    Our private for-profit health care system is the result of all of the above.

    When you get too expensive to take care of, the private for profit health care insurance industry informs you of another

  • David

    Okay “conservatives” here is the problem we face:

    Over 40,000 Americans die each year because they have inadequate or no health insurance.

    Over 725,000 Americans went bankrupt last year because of inadequate or no insurance coverage.

    Our private for-profit health care system is the cause of all of the above.

    When you get too expensive to take care of, the private for profit health care insurance industry informs you of another pre-existing condition, and drops your coverage. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have been paying premiums. You either have the money to stay alive or you die. Talk about your ultimate rationing of care.

    Who is going to solve these problems?

    We the people are

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    Being a proud Virginian by birth and rearing, I now live in Illinois (help!), and was very proud and relieved to know that the govenor from Va. was leading the charge against the new h.c. bull forced unto us unwilling would-be participants. I know this state will not only go along with it, but will be happy to raise taxes to support it. It makes me sick how they do what ever is obviously not for the working people, but for the nonworking people of Ill supported by the working people of Ill. I love the suggestion that only tax payers get to vote, that way we would have a vested interest in what happens to our tax money. I know I would.

  • http://gmail i41

    I think the numbers are a pie in the sky made up fact. Is it nursing home deaths, drug deaths,suicides, self inflicted will not get any care or take the prescribed meds and self care, stupidity, or just too many damn illegals in line. More democrat BS, I asked for 5 years for my Democrats Congress people to justify the numbers and where they got the facts, more crap theories, doesn’t fly in real life. For profit is whaat made our medical system work so good, went to hell in ’65 with the democrat Great Society, costs keep climbimg, the Hippa act sponsored by Bottle Feed Kennedy, and other socialist dems masterminded the wasteful paper use. My family didn’t have any insurance in the 70′s to the late 90′s and all bills were paid, even with six kids, I worked as a truckdriver mechanic all those years while my wife took care and educated the children. The trouble with you socialist dems, there is catotrophic help if the damn illegals would stay out of the trough, the welfare rats should be told they if they wanted to degree get a job, job with insurance, or else has the college educated smuck get a degree in something besides under water basket weaving, physco feel good BS degrees, which most welfare no minds go for. get a trade school education or learn something besides theories,theories never pay the bills. The same thing goes for the 725,000 bankrupties, there were probably that many bankruptys, but how do you tie it to medical bills or care,several crawled in on “that every smuck needs a house, minorities are you biggest group of brankrupt people”. Most will not get a second job, get rid of extra spending, still have to have a vacation, all depend on the government and somebody’s elses money. Oh! that is a socialist democrat mantra!!

    • denniso

      No the numbers are real…you rightwingers want to pretend that they’re made up because you want to live in denial. We need access to good quality healthcare that doesn’t bankrupt people, we just shouldn’t mandate that people buy insurance from private corporations w/ multi million $ ceo’s.
      We’re the only ‘civilized’ country in the world w/o universal health coverage…we should be ashamed.

  • http://charter howe

    David seems to like spouting the BS about 40,000 people dying each year because they do not have health care, and its the same argument that Congress woman Stabenow made during the health care reform debate, but in her case it was 45,000 a year. One of the minority party stated that if she and the democrats were so interested in saving lives why wait till 2013/2014 when the HC reform is actuallly implemented for the coverage she made in her argument. The truth of the matter is that most health care short comings could have been legislated in a bipartisan manner implemented this year without breaking the bank. What good does it do to implement a program that will clearly bankrupt most states due to the new medicaid program which states have to pick up close to half of the cost in their budgets. Everyone in the country agreed to having HC reform but it could only make sense if it was done incrementally and in a bipartisan manner that did not incur massive govt control. I would say that creating 159 new govt offices and agencies to manage the new health care reform was bigger govt on steroids and a massive unfunded cost to the federal budget to provide funding for all these people and 16,500 additional IRS employees to make sure you buy insurance or else. The govt pays much higher salaries to their employees than the private sector does. This was never about health care, because anyone even illegals could go to the emergency room for treatment 24/7 and many people go to doctors appts for pressing problems and they are not turned away, but the doctors office may not ever get the private pay payment from some of the deadbeats. These individual horror stories that were repeated time and time again during the debates were nothing more than talking points to convince the public that Obamacare was necessary at all cost including ignoring the Republicans entirely who by the way have constituents that they are responsible to. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid perpetrated the biggest fraud in the history of our country to get the health care reform passed and now the conservative base must take back the house, senate and the whitehouse in 2012 and repeal this dastardly bill, Because WE THE PEOPLE were ignored and we will spend billions and billions of dollars undoing the damage that Obama, Pelosi and Reid and their gutless congressional followers have created. One more thought on people who lose their house. I worked 50 years of my life and then bought and paid for a house well within my means to avoid living in the woods. Why all of a sudden am I suppose to pay taxes to bail out someone who could not afford the overpriced house they were living in because the mortgage companies allowed the risk. If 20% of these foreclosures was legitimate all the way because of health issues, it would have been real easy to legislate a safety net if it was justified. The truth of the matter is that Acorn and a bunch of other crooks threatened banks with boycotts and other social presssures to allow people who could not afford an expensive home to get themselves locked into a contract that could only lead to failure. Some people think they will live forever and never come down with illness and in so doing allowed themselves to become vulnerable for a failed mortgage. Divorce, death, prison incarceration, preventable failure on the job and family medical problems are things that have to be dealt with and planned for if possible. The unfortunate circumstance of losing a home cannot justify shifting the load to other people. In rare cases where the homeowner qualified for govt assistance, I would concur with that kind of action, but Obama’s plan was to spread the wealth to people who never understood what responsibility and accountability was.

    • denniso

      Every society agrees to pay taxes in various forms to run gov’t and provide services to the society and individuals. Defense,highways,schools,police and fire protection,space exploration,medical research,environmental protection and more. Everyone in every society can find aspects of gov’t and services that they don’t like or think are funded too lavishly. Everyone can disagree on how large or small our gov’t should be, and that’s why we have elections.

  • chuck b


    very good comment.

    the voters of this country have failed in their election of barry soetoro. the man is a complete communist and his cabinet is the same.
    this is the product of the 1960′s. this is what the education system has advocated and now we are starting to see the fruits of their labor.

    the jane fonda crowd is now on board.

    • denniso

      Better the Jane Fonda crowd than the Barbie Palin crowd…at least Fonda cares about people and the environment, while Palin cares about
      quiting jobs and raking in millions on a phony celebrity based upon nothing more substantial than a high pitched,screaching and wild eyed public performance, in front of her google eyed fans.

      • libertytrain

        Even back in those Jane Fonda days of the late 60′s early 70′s – and despite being in a liberal leftist family – I knew Jane Fonda was for Jane Fonda, certainly not for the soldiers or people – even my extreme leftist father thought she was just an attention getting traitor. He was a World War II vet, so perhaps he understood better than I ever could what she did.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        i knew you woulde support fonda!!! She is a trator to her own country!! She was gonna demonstrate at the gathering of eagles in D.C. till we faced her down. then like the little coward she is she crawled back into her little hole and shivered!! She is scum!!!

        • denniso

          Haven’t you heard? The Vietnam war was itself traitorous to our country…10 yrs of a meat grinder for what? Millions of Vietnamese killed. 55,000 Americans killed and hundreds of thousands wounded,physocally or mentally…our country torn apart over it.Jane Fonda and thousands of others tried to stop the carnage and corruption and lies. Sure, she was a naive kid, but she stood up and tried to stop the killing when it bacame clear it was a sham and lie to the American people. I feel sorry for the thousands and thousands horribly affected by it, and for what?

          • libertytrain

            Jane Fonda was doing what her radical boyfriend ordered her to do and it was all about the money – even ALL the money she made from her exercise tapes went exclusively to him. She wasn’t a very bright candle – She was a joke and is a joke. She certainly did nothing but harm to our soldiers. And actually, because of the media, we as a people for the most part were sewer scum to our soldiers. That’s why everyone on the left treads so carefully around what they say about soldiers today. Because they have come to realize what idiots we were to our soldiers back then. John Kerry – I remember watching on the news back then – I thought he was a creep then, still do. Same with Jane.

          • denniso

            You’re showing your lose screws again. John Kerry fought in Vietnam and protested our idotic involvement there after years of killing and futility. You claim to support our soldiers but you are dismissive of a decorated soldier because you don’t like his politics…sick.

          • libertytrain

            Sorry, kid, I remember well watching that “decorated” soldier on the news back then. Don’t you remember?

  • chuck b


    you have a problem, its called envy. maybe you should check out the clintons when you talk about raking in money for speeches and after all the millions they have made they are asking their supporters to re-imburse hillary for the campaign she ran and lost. she doesn’t want to pay off her debt with her money, she’s asking the donors to do so.
    i don’;t remember palin ever denouncing the country (usa)and committing traitorous acts such as fonda, clintons and barry soetoro. so you should not cast stones when you live in a glass house.

    • denniso

      Envy? No…common sense,yes. You forget that Clinton was a gov for 8 yrs,then prez for 8yrs. Palin? Mayor of a backwoods town of 5000 people, then gov for 2 yrs because she quit when under investigation for ethics violations, so also a coward. She knew she would be dead meat soon and have nothing to market unless she got out and hit the lecture circuit.

      Palin as a hero to the conservatives shows how desperate you people are…she’s a joke of a pitbull Barbie, and you fans think she’s great
      because you have no one else.

  • Myrna Borgen

    A few decades ago, if you were acknowledge alcohol dependency you’d be most likely to be greeted with tongues clucking. Although the stain is all the same attached, it’s marvelous that facilities and support groups are accessible and individuals are a lot more understanding with substance abuse right now.


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