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Firestorm Over Oklahoma Abortion Information Law Set To Continue

December 28, 2009 by  

Firestorm over Oklahoma abortion information law set to continueAn Oklahoma district judge put off until Feb. 19 any decision about an anti-abortion law that would require doctors to submit information about women who have the procedure in the state. That information would then be published—with names omitted—on the website of the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The law includes more than 30 questions a woman seeking an abortion would have to answer, including details about whether she is having relationship problems or whether she can’t afford a child. Some critics have said it is "like undressing a woman in public, exposing their most personal issues on the internet," quoted by ABC News.

"This law is a profound intrusion on women’s privacy and a waste of taxpayers’ money," said Jennifer Mondino, staff attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights, which is challenging the law, quoted by National Public Radio (NPR).

"Women in Oklahoma should not have to jump through hoops to access legal medical care and the government has no business violating the state constitution to impose those obstacles," she added.

However, supporters of the proposed legislation, such as State Senator Todd Lamb, say it is not designed to embarrass anybody but to help make improvements to public policy in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The law was to have taken effect Nov. 1, but the restraining order will block it until a lawsuit seeking to throw it out is resolved.

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  • Curtis S

    The Sexual Patriot Act? Is there no privacy left in Oklahoma? Does anyone think this is a good law?

    • c lee

      No Curtis I think this is communism in the works. If the people of Oaklahoma cant get together and vote on a law to stop abortion then they are going to start a smere and slander campaign against the indivigual who gets the abortion, so next it will be someone doesnt agree with breast enhancement so they print the person who has its name in the paper. Where does all this hoarse Sh?? end.I dont agree with abortion unless it is due to a rape or a life threatening issue with the mother but do we trample over any thing nessesary to accomplish this, I think not. Wake up people this is not russia YET!!!

      • BDS

        C Lee – please use spellcheck. Please. You’re killin’ me.

        Gayle – if you’d ever seen what’s left after a standard abortion, you’d know that there’s no salvaging parts for “resale” – what’s left is a slurry of tissue and fluid resembling manhattan clam chowder. Late term abortions are a whole separate scene, but there are only half-a-dozen providers in the country. Our current laws do not even allow abortion remains to be harvested for stem cells (translate – valid scientific research), let alone protect providers who would violate HIPAA laws by committing unapproved organ donations. Don’t be stupid.

        Absolutely the ONLY people who have a right to promote about anti-abortion policy are those who have already adopted.

        Otherwise, you’d better stop yapping and start massively funding the Foster Care and Child Welfare Systems, since that’s where you are forcing these children to be funneled.

  • http://Pennteledata ozzyboy

    Will all these intrusive questions be required for all politicians who buy or use Viagra with the information being made public?

  • Marilyn

    This is only one of the asinine laws that is being imposed on American Citizens. Females who decide to have abortions is “Private” matters. Do you honestly believe that any female who chooses abortion feels super about it and wants all the facts placed in the news? Get Real!! It’s called “infringement of peoples’ rights.” Should results be posted about every surgery that is performed by a physician? Would you want the world to know all the statistics about a penile implant, breast enlargement, sex change, face lift, aborting a fetus to save a mother’s life, the list goes on and on. Oklahoma is over-stepping and stepping on the private information between the patient and doctor…with names or without.

    • bob hubscher

      Wait! Wasns,t the original purpose of the right to an abortion to help women that were raped and did not have the money or where with all to get proper treatment? Boy that was soon forgotten like the athletes leaving college early because of financial headship or the latest fiasco, medical marijuana that is a front for legalizing the drug. These poor “victims” of these terrible new laws seem to always protest too much.Abortion has become federally funded birth control because most people do not want to exercise self control.So, if the people are going to fund these thing with our tax money then why should we not be informed as to the facts. When Harry Reid announces that his daughter will absolutely have a federally funded abortion if she gets pregnant and he certainly could afford to pay for it himself somthing is obviously askew. All of these so called rights have been abused and we the people are taxed to support planned parenthood and all of the other runaway programs in the government BOONDOGGLE. Oh well.
      The Truth will set you free. And as SGT.Joe Friday use to say on Dragnet.” just give us the facts,just the facts.

  • Ken

    I am opposed to abortion, but I don’t agree with this law. A person has the right to a certain amount of privacy, and the sad reality is that we have less and less with every year that goes by. If we want to end abortions and unwanted pregnancies, this is not the way to do it. As long as it remains legal, then it should be a personal matter, and not for the scrutiny of the general public.

  • RoBoTech

    I like the Law. I hope it prevails. And I could care less if someone wants an abortion as long as
    1. They are old enough to make their own decision, and that their PARENTS know! To hide this info from a PARENT that is still responsible for the adolescent, SHOULD be Law that has a Prison term to violate! When you are a Parent, maybe you’ll understand my position on this. THIS LAW being contested does exactly that!
    2. If the abortion is ELECTIVE, I or my family does not have to pay for it. It’s not MY place to judge the event, that’s for the mother, family of the mother and GOD to worry about, UNTIL I am PULLED in by having to pay for it!
    IF I didn’t cause it, I am NOT paying for it! And for the Pro Abortion (pro choice, my buttocks, tell the truth!) advocates to expect an entitlement from ME for this? You just lost my support for ANY abortion! I’ll be the first in line for ANY ballot initiative to oppose such tripe.
    Same with Homosexuals. Leave me alone and I could care less. Start teaching it to MY kids as mandatory, or interrupting a CATHOLIC MASS with your tripe, or have a parade on a public street nude and performing gay sex acts in front of MY kids, you lost my support for even a morsel of gay rights! And not only will I stand in line to vote to OPPOSE them, I will be at the polls TWO HOURS EARLY to make sure I am one of the first to vote NO!

    • c lee

      Tell us why you like the law so we can understand the reasoning behind your statement. Just curious.

      • RoBoTech

        Mainly because it requires notification of parent if applicant is underage. THIS is important to me as a Parent.
        I don’t need a Nanny State. I get involved with my children’s lives.
        And ANY Organization that gets between me and my children’s welfare. has made an enemy.
        Simple as that.

        • jim

          A girl has to have a signed permision slip to go on a school field trip. that same girl should have her parents notified if she is c
          going to get an abortion. The doctor can’t even remove a wart from a minor without parential permission.

        • c lee

          I agree with you completly on notifieing the parent of a minor child about everything not just abortions but anything to do with my minor child. But I think this law would go far beyound a simple parent notification this same law would inform any one who checked that your minor child had that abortion. This becomes part of that same childs permanent public record so your child pays for that indescretion for the rest of her life. You dont think a more inteligent approach would be to go after a notification law directly so that the notification would still remain in the sacred sanctom of doctor patient confidentuality with you as the parent of the minor child being in that loop. I dont know man I think that would be the more Intelligent rout rather than simply trashing our right to privacy as well as the constitution. Please Respond.

          • jim

            No one but the parents or guardian, the doctor and patient need to know. The parents should know what is going on with their daughter though.

  • sammy

    i want to express something about abortion;it is bad to do it ;god didn’t like such person that do it,only thing i can say is pls;if your a woman onething you heva in your mind is that any blood you have wash without reason that person will ans it,their is some people that need child ,if you can’t care ,give to people that will care for it;this is what i want to add;

  • Steve

    I would like to say that any country that condones the killing of babies before or during birth, should realize that they are in effect desensitizing all their people and teaching the young the value of human life. So don’t be surprised when the next generation does not respect human life, many in this generation do not. Murder is not an answer, it is an act! Remember, Actions speak louder than words.

  • John

    When will you pro-aborts ever be real?

    When the topic of abortion ever comes up, invariably, abortion is a remediation of rape or incest. That is the knee-jerk reaction of a pro-abort. From them, you would be led to believe that all abortions are to “undo” a rape or incest case.

    If that is true, why are the criminals never sent up?

    Why the cover-up?

    Where is the justice to the woman?

    The course of action proposed by the state looks reasonable and sane compared to the murderous, nefarious status quo!

    Abortion factories actually help in the cover-ups!

    Is this not wrong?

    Does this bring justice to the woman who has been sold the “only option?”

    • jim

      your fathers is guilty of rape so I here by sentance his unborn children to death.

      • c lee

        To be clear I despize abortion but lets be fair here I think you left out a big part of this equation. This is always the concensus in this type conversation The father was a rapist so the child is sentenced to death thats an unfair and one sided statement, who here is speaking for the origenal victom(the mother/ rape victom)As Ive stated before I worked in law enforcement and saw these tragidys first hand. So when you post a statement like that then lets be clear that the child is not the only victom. And your right most abortions are not from rape.

        • jim

          The cild conceved in a rape is less entitled to live than the others? It is a raw deal for the mother, but sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sober people get killed by drunk drivers and that also isn’t fair. The mental anguish caused by a rape is horrific, but farther down the road when the realization of having aborted that life sinks in, along with the anguish of the rape it won’t be good.

          • J C

            Unless “Jim” is short for “Jimina”, you have absolutely no business deciding what is good for rape victims. None.

          • c lee

            I can tell you this untill you have worked an accident where you have peeled a 15 month old baby off the hood of a car due to the childs own faters drinking and driveing you probably wont understand what Iam about to say but I support the death penalty for drunken drivers who are the direct cause of a fatality. Just my opinion sorry. That being said there is no circumstance that I know of that makes drinking and then driving that inportant however when a woman is raped or a child is concieved in insest neither of which the women solicited that submits a grey area where possibly something exstraordinary may come in to play.I dont take the life of a child lightly In the afforementioned incident for beating that drunk father to with in inches of his life I was reprimanded with a month off with out pay and a demotion I feel srongly about this subject.

          • Curtis S

            You beat-up a drunk? A drunk who had just been in an accident? You should have been kick-off the force.

          • c lee

            jim this comment is not for you it is for curtis I just needed to get it in the right place. Curtis stop your winning and get a life.

          • Curtis S

            To c lee – You want me to stop “winning”. I don’t think I’m winning, its just that you’re a loser. Hey tough guy, did you hand-cuff the drunk before you beat him up. Sounds like you are just a little man hiding behind a gun and a badge. Real police officers uphold a higher standard than beating on drunks. You’re no better than the drunk you so cowardly beat on.

          • libertytrain

            curtis – sounds like he beat up a drunk that just killed his own baby – I’m not justifying his actions but I actually, kind of understand them.

          • Lindy

            Curtis! Dude! Whoa! Only a superman could have viewed that crash scene and NOT reacted. Mr. Lee paid a price for his actions, a suspension AND a demotion. If that’s the only blemish on his record, I think he can be forgiven for being a very real, emotional human being. Dealing with human scum and horrific crash scenes every single day and calling that a career is not something I could do. I’m very thankful that there are men and women who decide that police work (and the military) is the greatest service they can do for their community. There are good cops and bad cops and you’re assessment of Mr. Lee, based on this single incident is WAY over the line.

          • c lee

            To libertytrain, Yes my friend that is what I did. Its not how I would have handled it today however you would have had to been there. No curtis. s he wasnt hand cuffed and it didnt happen at the scene and he wasnt drunk at the time and I wasnt even on duty when it occured like I said you would had to have been there. As far as you calling me a tough guy its always been my exspearence that the people that talk like you are usually a little man. I had nothing to prove by sharing that exspearence with you except to show my passion and conviction for such a troubleing subject. So whos the little man here. Have a good day curtis and God Bless You my friend.

          • Curtis

            to c lee. I’m sorry. I was wrong. You deserve more respect than I showed, and you proved it with your reply.

          • c lee

            To Curtis. Iam sorry as well Curtis, sometimes it helps me to talk about these things. Thanks for listning.

          • libertytrain

            c lee – I am pretty certain, whether it would be considered right or wrong, I would have done the same thing you did. I like to think most people would have. I’m not sure that being a kind of vigilante is necessarily wrong in some instances. Just not “acceptable” or politically correct for some of society.

          • c lee

            To Libertytrain, I agree with you my friend, and thank you for your understanding. God Bless You and Happy New Year.

    • Rebecca

      What part of any of the problems you list is solved by killing the unborn baby?

      It certainly doesn’t help the mother’s peace of mind. She has been violated and now she has killed her child. Yes, I said a child. Is it a child 5 minutes before it is born? Certainly. It’s not a dog, it is not a fish, it is not an evolving monkey. Now 5 days before it’s born is it a human being. Of course it is…it was conceived by two human beings. Lets take it back 5 months. Is the fetus a dog at that point or something other than human? No. It is still a human “fetus” or unborn CHILD. At the time the mother finds that she is pregnant the child already has limb buds, nerve endings, a heart beat, brain bud and a spinal column. If you don’t believe me do your research. Signed, A former OB nurse.

  • Gayle

    I think it is a good idea, because as the woman answer these questions, she must address in her own mind the realities of her decision. Anything that makes her think twice before mudering her innocent child is a good thing.
    I once knew someone who had to have an abortion because it was an ectopic pregnancy which would have killed both the mother and child. I was supportive of my friend in that case. It couldn’t be helped.

    But I have also known people who 8 abortions. I said to her,’Couldn’t you figure out some other kind of birth control?’
    Another had one because whe didn’t want to be pregnant in the summer time, so she could look good in her bathing suit.

    Also, abortionists sell the baby parts. That is where the real money is made.

  • J C

    It is ethical for the medical community to speak with the parents of an underaged girl, but none of this is any of the governments business.

    • jim

      Hi JC, All I was trying to do was show there is more than one idea to think about. There is no simple way out, and the answer is as different as the individual who has to go through this anguish. I guess that because I’m just a guy, I have no insight or empathy though.

  • Olympia Meerdink

    I can’t agree with you more on this one. It seems everywhere I go people start flaming about anything. What’s this world turning to… beats me but I recall things were a bit different just one decade ago.


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