Firefighters Rescue Pregnant Cow


HOMESTEAD, Fla., (UPI) — Rescue workers in Florida said they gave assistance to a pregnant cow that became stuck in a drainage ditch.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Capt. Jeffrey Fobb said the Sunday call in Homestead was a rare occurrence for the fire department, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

“This is the first cow that we’ve had in years and it took a team to get her out,” Fobb said. “It takes cooperation from a bunch of different parts of the fire department.”

Veterinarian Zachary Franklin was also called to the scene to help free Miguel Hernandez’s cow from 5 feet of mud in the drainage ditch.

“I don’t know how the cow got into the canal,” Franklin said. “The owner went looking for his cow — she is due to have a calf in two or three days — and he couldn’t find her. There was no way for her to climb out. She needed help.”

Fobb said firefighters attached a special harness to the 900-pound cow and used a crane to lift her to safety. Franklin said the cow seemed unharmed by the ordeal.

“She lay down and stood right up,” Franklin said. “She was bright and alert and went right back to eating.”

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