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Firearm Sales Soared Through Holidays

January 4, 2012 by  

Firearm Sales Soared Through Holidays

The Federal government continues to push for tighter gun-control laws through liberal rhetoric and more dubious means like the Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation, which may explain why wary Americans bought a record number of firearms as gifts this Christmas season.

According to the FBI, more than 1.5 million background check requests were made to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System by gun dealers in the month of December. About 500,000 of those requests came in the six days before Christmas.

On Dec. 23, there were 102,222 background checks made for gun purchases — the second highest number in history, surpassed only by this shopping season’s Black Friday when there were 129,166 gun-buying background checks, according to The Telegraph.

A spokesman for the National Rifle Association (NRA) said he believed that more gun-buying was taking place because of shrinking police forces and more crime in many areas of the country.

Some anti-gun lobbies like the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence say that the trend is indicative of more guns being bought by the same Americans out of fear.

“The research we’ve seen indicates fewer and fewer people are owning more and more guns,” spokesperson Caroline Brewer told CNN. “All the trends indicate the number of Americans who own guns has declined. It would appear because of fear-mongering by the NRA since Obama’s election that people are adding more guns to their arsenals out of fear Obama and the Democrats will take away their guns, which is absurd.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Steven Jokinen

    Buy guns out of fear? What do we have to fear? Our government is looking out for us they are taking care of us, they would not harm us in any way they would not pass a bill to wipe out the freedoms (NDAA) we have written in the Constitution and would never have put a battalion of Milltary troops in washington to protect us or them. The government is fearful of us and rightfully so.The Constitution gives us the right to keep and bear arms why? Thommas Jefferson wrote it was because of the mistrust of government to keep them in line less they take to many liberties.The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Thomas Jefferson 1776 the revolution has started!!!!

    • JCfromDC

      The Constitution did NOT “give us a right to defend ourselves.” God did. The 2nd Amendment was put there (the right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed) to ENSURE it!

      • JCfromDC

        Jefferson didn’t write it (Bill of Rights), Madison did (mostly)

      • Steven Jokinen

        JC from DC and John the lib I did not mean to confuse you. I did not say Thomas Jefferson wrote the Constitution. I know he did not. I quoted TJ and said this is his quote Thomas Jefferson wrote (it was because of the mistrust of government to keep them in line less they take to many liberties.)
        He wrote
        “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Thomas Jefferson 1776

    • Patriot


  • http://ByGeorge By George

    Can’t add to Mr. Jokinen’s comments. He say’s it all

  • John the Libertarian

    Sorry, Steven, Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of independence, NOT the constitution… The constitution’s author was James Madison (who also wrote the Bill of Rights (the 1st 10 amendments)… they were written largely as a result of the antifederalists objections to possible incursions on the citizens by the Federal Government [how prescient they were] (one of the more prominent antifederalists being Patrick Henry)

    • Patriot

      Why quibble about such a minor detail, the Declaration preceded the Constitution that affirmed it.

  • John R. Harbison

    Mr. Jokinen may not have his history facks in order but it was a very well written statment.

    • Bud

      what, pray tell, is a “fack”?

  • James

    Beware your rights diminish every day why? because of so many amendments to our
    constitution by our Congressmen mostly without our informed concent so many backroom deals. let the congress be wary of those who have weapons. myself have none except these posts which can be a more effective weapon than a gun

    • Walt

      Ah, the old “pen is mightier than the sword” delusion. Explain that to the interned American citizens of Japanese descent, at the onset of WWII.

    • JCfromDC

      James, get you “facks” straight. The have been very few “amendments” to the Constitution (after the first 10, Bill of Rights) over the last 225 years. The last was in 1933, the 21st Amendment repealing the Volstead Act (prohibition of alcohol), the only one that did not go thru the Convention process. No Amendments have been made in the “back rooms.”

      • Ted Crawford

        That’s interesting JC. My copies of the Constitution contain six additional amendments, the last passed on May 7, 1992! What are these amendments? The Gnostic Amendments?

    • MRMO



  • tim

    James, you may find out you would fare better if you have both. Prayers wouldn’t hurt either!!

  • John

    Each year they come out with more and more new laws but,the laws we need are the ones that help protect ourselves.Criminals are called criminals for a reason they don’t care about the laws all the laws do is prevent law abiding citzens to properly protect themselves.Go ahead try to defend yourself or or even a stranger that needs help and find yourself make a lawyer rich because you will need one,if you see someone being attacked including yourself all you can do hope someone calls the police and then hope you or that person survives waiting.

    • Gerry

      Thats right….more & more laws each year. Starting January 1, 2012 there are 40,000, that is forty thousand new laws. How many of those new laws are the law makers exempt from?? and how many of those new laws are aimed directly at criminals?? and how many of those new laws are against the “Law Abiding Citizen”? Why so many laws on top of the laws that already exist? Just enforce the laws that exist & throw all the existing lawmakers out of our republic.

      • dale

        they make so many laws just to enslave the people because they know if we new what they were for we would rise up and take our country back and force them to rule by our CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS there would not be any other law all people by law would be armed to insure that no law would be made to stop you from protecting your home and family my opinion my free speech thank god we still have that right

        • Patriot

          They do write a good many laws to put us in a corner, but they know full well, that we can if pushed too far, fight our way out of it and build a large series of scaffolds to make examples on.

    • 45caliber


      The liberals believe the criminals will obey new laws.

      My son’s class in college had a discussion about gun control laws. The professor (who was liberal) brought it up.

      One girl there believed that if a law was passed banning guns, all criminals would obey. When asked why she believed they would, considering that they weren’t obeying other laws, she said, “They would this one!”

      Even the professor was amazed at her. But she isn’t the only one with this belief.

      • Patriot

        perhaps the Professor was amazed at just how successful the Mis-education system has been at dumbing down our children.

    • TIME

      John, They are not laws that are passed; they are noted as “ACT”, and just what is an ACT?
      Ever been to a play? And who is it that Acts in Plays?

      You also don’t have Congress persons, you have “ACTORS” who are little more than a Director’s within a Company, by the way that Company is called “THE US INC.”

      As well we don’t have a POTUS, you only think you do. What we really have infact is a “CEO” of the noted US Inc. the company.

      And oddly enough we have had 44 POTUS’s so just how odd is it that 43 are related to each other.
      Now – let me say that again so you get it, 43 are related to each other… How odd is it that Obama is Related to both MaCane and Bush oh and Kerry and Clinton and Gore and the list just keeps on going.

      When all of you wake up and understand that the “ORIGINAL” Constitution has been sitting growing a nice age patina on a shelf, along with a thick coat of dust over the last 150 years. We have been under the 1871 CONSTITUTION by the way that made us all CHATTEL.

      Hey also – a quick note, please note S 1867 also known as the US Inc. Senate as the NDAA it was passed as an ACT, and oddly the part that shows the total comtempt that the US INC has for all of you, the 14th Amendment was passed in 1867 and that ACT made you CHATTEL, look up what that means if you don’t know.

  • Jon

    The pen often is mightier than a sword. But the last time I looked (this morning) there are numerous attacks by our government and the UN to harness the pens of the people on the internet and other places. Our government only wants pens to remain in the hands of media whose souls they own and no one else. The attack on free expression is subtler than the one on guns, but the reasons and possible results will be the same. We should all make a copy of the Constitution. In a few more years, owning that may also be illegal.

    • TIME


      Your right on with that we have to stop the {SOPA ACT} or its all over.

    • Patriot

      In a fight Give me the sword and the other guy the pen; hope he’s fast.

  • John

    years ago when I was a kid we witness a pursh snather we went after him held him for the police and the women got her pursh back the police and the lady were happy.Now a days you can’t do that because the criminals today carry more guns then back then so all you can do is watch and call for help and the person gets away to do it again and again look at all the home invasions lately they don’t even care if your home or not.Criminals today know the odds are with them especially in Illinois will we can’t defend ourselves or our neighbors.Someone hurts your family you better hope you can afford a lawyer or you will be spending alot of time sitting in jail.

    • 45caliber


      You also have to worry about the criminal you detain suing you for “excessive force” if you catch him.

      Years ago a small crowd caught a purse snatcher and beat him up as a way to convince him it was a wrong thing to do. Today, he would sue them (and someone would certainly make a video of it), all charges against him would be dismissed by the government so “he could testify”, and the people stopping that theft would be charged “to prevent vigilanteism!”

      • Patriot

        If he comes inside, do not detain him, Kill him. The only witness is gone.

    • Patriot


    • michael

      John ,
      Please check your spelling before posting. The misspellings detract
      from your message, and make it difficult to understand your meaning

  • Dave

    Too bad that people don’t actually read what is written. Steven does not say that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Constitution. Only that he wrote something about it.

    • ChristyK

      Although Thomas Jefferson did not write the constitution (he was in France as ambassador), he did have a strong influence on what was written. He wrote letters to Madison about what should be in it and leant Madison his library to research govenrments through history and different philosophies on government. The constitution was strongly based on the Virginia consitution, of which Jefferson was involved in writing.

    • John the Libertarian

      Dave-while you are correct in the very most strict sense, the way Steven chose to write his post, more strongly implies the interpretation i and another derived…maybe if we all MORE CAREFULLY ( spelling, grammar, and logical progression) wrote our posts and replies, these ambiguities would not be sticking out so much as the proverbial sore thumbs they are… but then that would take a little more time, wouldn’t it?

      • independant thinker

        John that also applies to reading posts. Take the time to actualy READ it instead of reading thru it quickly then replying to it without taking time to think about what is said.

        • Steven Jokinen

          Independant thinker, Thanks (about your comments)I thought the same thing about John the Lib when he replied to my post. But after reading it in a literal sense of speaking I found that grammar and sentence structure eludes some of a natural sense of thought. So I thought I would reply to him and others just to make myself clear. We don’t want to have any sore thumbs now do we?

  • joseph w. ryder

    We talk about laws and the constitution, right to bear arms, who wrote what and how near and dear the right to bear arms, I agree. Talk about laws and the effect it has on citizens rights, one thing I notice is the rights of non-citizens and there rights, far over shadow citizen rights.
    Government issues green cards to all that ask and faster the better, at one point Warren buffet said unemployment will not improve until the undocumented problem is solved, handing out green cards gives them the right to put American citizens out of work and another year of unemployment for some not all, no wonder gun sales are going up citizens are getting scared of no Nothing for them.

    • Tbear1942

      Hi Mr. Ryder, what really ticks me off about green cards is they DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TAXES! Who thought that up? Take a job from an American and then pay no taxes. How do I get a green card?

      • libertytrain

        My old boss had a green card and he paid thousands in taxes – as an employee; property taxes, etc – he didn’t get any breaks.

        • exbobbie

          I immigrated to the U.S in 1975(legally). At my immigration interview at the American Embassy in London I had to take an oath to obey all of the laws in the U.S (including paying taxes), also I was advised that if I, or my wife, applied for any kind of welfare or public assistance prior to becoming a U.S citizen WE BOTH would be deported. I am still here, my wife is buried here and I have always paid my taxes and obeyed the laws of the land. I had a green card right up until I became a citizen in 1984, so don’t mix up legal resident aliens who do it the right way with illegal aliens who don’t.

          • libertytrain

            I am guessing this reply is to Tbear – I know what you, when you had a green card were supposed to do. Sorry you lost your wife by the way…

  • Sirian

    With the well planned out statements by Caroline Brewer, the Brady group and many others it is almost comical that they honestly think and believe they will win. Oh how these socialist/communist utopians don’t realize that the trap they enjoy laying for us is going to, without warning, slam shut on them. Give it time folks, give it time.

    • 45caliber


      But they are convinced that they will be rewarded and considered heroes for disarming everyone else.

      Like those on welfare believe that when the government takes over and starts locking up those who won’t obey, they will be rewarded rather than forced to work for their checks or sent to concentration camps for the useless.

  • s c

    Why is it surprising that weapons sales were up through the holidays? As long as we have a government that is hell-bent on becoming the American version of Hitler’s WWII Germany, weapons make fine gifts or purchases.
    Weapons makers in other countries don’t have to play the games that manufacturers have to think about here. By now, an AK-47 should be a typical household weapon. A basement full of RPGs would be a good idea, though the retards in Washington can’t warm up to the idea. Isn’t it funny how utopians just can’t let mortals have much CHOICE?
    In case anyone hasn’t considered the other side of the issue, weapons sales help create AND maintain JOBS. Are JOBS important in Washington, or is the idea just a tool for worthless posers who say this and mean that? Hmmmm.

    • 45caliber

      I got a laugh at a cartoon this morning. “Prickly City”, I think it was. The Bunny of the Apocolypse (sp) “won” more votes than Oblama. A reporter asked the bunny why he beat the President. He said, “I created more jobes than he did.” The reporter “But you didn’t create ANY jobs!” The bunny said, “Exactly!”

  • Americanfreedom70

    For a true gague of “the State of the Union” the also needed to include statistics on ammunition, magazines, silver, food and water. Not to mentoin generators and canning/ packaging suplies. These are the only true things we can purchase (at least for now) that will have any real value in the days ahead. Don’t missunderstand. My bible is also part of my kit. My God helps them who help themselves. He has never given me the things I have asked for, but He has blessed me with the skills to get what I need, if I am only willing to work for them.

    • 45caliber

      Groundhog Day and the State of the Union message are the same day.

      One entails a minor insignificant creature with limited intelligence trying to predict the future.

      The other involves a groundhog.

      • michael

        Thanks for the heart felt laugh.. and so true too

  • william L Collins

    now you think it will not happen why do you think Obama and Hillary signed gun deal with the U.N. to disarm all U.S. citzens if you beleve there i got land in alaska with palm trees and coconuts and bannans

    • independant thinker

      Once more for all you non-thinkers out there. Obama and Clinton have NOT signed any gun deal, proposal, or treaty with the UN concerning guns. The treaty has not been finalized and presented for signing. That said both have expressed support for the treaty when it is finalized and both will push for the Senate to ratify said treaty at that time.

      • http://personelliberty Jeff Barker

        Won’t matter if they sign it or not. Hillary would just have to go back to the UN and tell them that those mean old Americans won’t give up their guns and told us to kiss their butt’s.

  • THOR

    CANT GET IT !! )

  • JimH

    It would be intresting to find out what sources Caroline Brewer used to come up with her “facts”.
    There are less gun owners, but the ones who own guns just have more of them. Really? I’ll just take your word for it. You have never lied to me before.(sarcasm)
    It’s just fear mongering by the NRA. Really?
    The Democrats don’t really want to take our guns. They just want to tell you what kind you CAN have and the cappacity of the magazine you can have. For now. We also need it to be regestered.That way the Gestopo knows who’s doors to kick in.
    Really ,Caroline, you have NO credability.
    I have enough firearms, but I may need to stockpile some more ammo.

    • independant thinker

      Depending on what you need Sportsmans guide has some good deals on ammo.

      • michael

        also check bulk orders, no shipping charges. Get on their mailing list

  • Buck

    Caroline Brewer needs to check her facts . Most of the increase in shooters are women and even many of the guns bought by men are for womwen they love and want to be able to defend themselves . Like most liberals she speaks falsehoods knowing the anti-gun press will pick her words up and run them over and over thru the LSM propaganda machine .

  • dale

    to bad that our military had to sacrifice so much of there life’s to come home and find our country under the control of laws that would take away what they fought for freedom we have to many in our government that think we are so stupid that we will let the Muslims take over our courts schools and country and we must stop our government bending over to there demands over the objections of the people look what is happening around you and it is getting closer to being over run by socialism because our

  • hithadeck

    If the government ever passes a gun ban law there will be millions of guns buried in the back yards of America. The politicians who support taking away 2nd amendment rights will be walking targets. There are people in the backwoods and mountains who will never give up their guns and will fight till death to defend their god given rights. Liberals do not realize who they are messing with.

  • michael

    The one thing that should be on every ones mind.. is stockpiling on ammo powder and primers. I just purchased a match grade M1A but my ammo supply for .308 is limited to that for my bolt action scoped
    heavy barrel rifles. Also, if everything goes bad,ammunition will be the new local currency, not paper, not silver, not gold but everything from .22 through .50, but especially .38, 9mm, .40, and .45 and maybe .32, .380 and 12 guage

  • http://personelliberty Jeff Barker

    Should firearms become illegal, no matter, I can make a semi-auto or full auto in four hours in my garage. A mini-gun in under a week. Ammo? Doesn’t take rocket science to make powder and primers. Besides, I can take you out with a crossbow just as easy as with a firearm.

  • Detonics

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”
    -Benjamin Franklin


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