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Fiorina's Conservative Credentials Questioned By Fellow Republicans

November 23, 2009 by  

Fiorina's conservative credentials questioned by fellow RepublicansAfter months of speculation, former CEO of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina announced Nov. 4 that she would be running as a Republican for the seat currently held by Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer. Since then, Fiorina has been outspokenly critical toward the incumbent but also had her conservative credentials questioned by several members of the GOP.

During the announcement of her candidacy Fiorina immediately went on the offensive, questioning Boxer’s political contributions during her time in office.

"Sometimes I wonder whether California even has two U.S. senators," said Fiorina, quoted by Southern California Public Radio. "There’s Dianne Feinstein and there’s what’s-her-name," she added.

Meanwhile, Fiorina’s Republican opponent, State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, has classified the former executive as a moderate with no political track record, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

Fiorina has described herself as a pro-life, fiscal conservative and has signed a pledge opposing increases in income taxes while being outspokenly critical of the proposed healthcare bill.

"She has no background in politics, no experience in public policy, no transferable believability on the issues," said GOP activist Steve Frank, quoted the news source. "She may be a conservative, but how do we know?" he asked.

However, Fiorina has also collected numerous endorsements within the Republican Party including Tom Coburn and John McCain. Meanwhile, DeVore has stated that he has support from the majority of elected GOP officials in California, according to the AP.


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  • Vern


    Hair loss to cancer treatment. Best to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.

    • Timothy

      Very well said! I agree it is time to clean house and there should be term limits for all political offices.

      • Billy

        All incumbents out, vote in new people. Let’s try something new with new people.
        And, too, I think that she is a beautiful LADY.

      • s c

        Timothy, Timothy, Timothy. Clean house, YES. Term limits, NO. Why do people become obsessed with that which they will NEVER have? When pigs are sterile and fly at Mach 2 is the day we’ll get term limits.
        Do you think it will be easy to get rid of people like that half-baked pelosi? Do you think she has friends in washington who know what will happen if we get term limits? They hve TOO MUCH to LOSE, and THEY KNOW IT!
        PLEASE! Vote the worthless scum suckers out of office. Beyond that, NEVER NEVER NEVER let ANYONE become a CAREER POLITICIAN. THAT is the HEART of the matter. THAT SOLVES THE PROBLEM.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      You go Vern,

      Silent (almost)….but deadly! What a great response!

      Fed Up Gal

  • Steven Smalley

    Hey Russel…Do you have short hair? “Judge not lest ye be judged”

  • Judy Doyle

    Regardless of who runs in this election, the bottom line is to remove Barbara Boxer. That is our goal. While it is important to scrutinize the candidate, making fun of their appearance sounds a lot like the dems who are running after Governor Palin and the moronic talk show hosts who demean her children.

    I have sent daming information to Senator Inhofe and others on the US Senate regarding Boxer. She has with malice aided in the defrauding and murder of innocent California citizens. I have the PROOF!

    • http://Google JanieD

      Keep on it Judy !

    • Gordon

      Experience is a line used by the elitists. Where was the experience of running a country that came from a community organizer who had 153 days equivalent in the Senate making more non-decision votes than any other senator made in their history. Fiorina has had more responsibility of leadership decision making, fiscal responsibility and budget balancing than the very man voted into presidency by those yelling for experience.

      Although we don’t need more RINO’s, I feel she would definitely be one we should keep our eyes and ears alert to areas like card check, immigration, big government, etc. Personally, I need to see and hear more from her before I jump to conclusions. As sad as it may seem, I fear that even a RINO would be better than a Box-car.

      By-the-way, Judy Doyle., please guide me to or share with me your source of information. As a California voter and resident, I would love to have some of that ammunition. We need to clean house with facts and get rid of this garbage.

      • DaveH

        No, a RINO would not be better, just more of the same Big Government growth (albeit slower growth). We need to quit voting for the lesser of two evils (which is still just evil). Is it better to die the quick death (Democrats) or the slow death (RINOs)? If the Republicans can’t field candidates that will roll back the size of Big Government then please join me in the support of the Libertarian Party which advocates Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, and Limited Government.

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          Dave H,

          I gotta give you credit. You don’t waiver (a bit) on your libertarian views. That’s not a bad thing.

          If you’ll recall in some of my previous posts, I am a registered Republican….only because I believe the Republican party represents my values…more so than the “far left” liberal Democrats.

          I might actually end up swinging over (a bit) to your side…especially if it means holding those in public office accountable and allowing no more than two-term limits; if they wish to run again…they must sit out another two terms before being allowed to get back in…and actually, the jury is still out on whether to let them back in!

          I still have memories…I mean nightmares, of Governor Edwards (Louisiana) who was (IMO) a blob of useless gray matter and was convicted of serious crimes…did his time…then got re-elected. Just wondering…about the gray matter of those who kept re-electing him. I’m a bit worried some of my relatives (the crazy ones) likely did…….oh well…like they say….you can’t pick your relatives…LoL funny…sort of!

          Fed Up Gal

          • DaveH

            Fed Up,
            I would welcome you to my Party. I’m sorry, but I can’t embrace term limits because I think they would just be a band-aid and actually encourage the Apathy that has gotten us to this point in our history. The only way to assure a return to freedom is for people to carefully scrutinize those we elect. Even if they were Libertarian I would vote them out in a heartbeat if their voting record didn’t show them to be actively seeking smaller government.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Dave H,

            I’m honored…that you feel I would be an acceptable transplant to your party…..LoL now, cuz I’m kidding (just a little). We certainly agree on more than we disagree…and I do respect the fact that you put a lot of thought (and energy) into the issues you debate, as well as those you agree with. I might even vote for you if you run for office.

            However, just to clarify….are you saying you believe a politician should be allowed to run for more than two terms? My concern about this is, once these people get into office…they seem to get the corruption disease. I’m just thinking limiting the terms and requiring them to sit out before running again, would at least allow some time to do a de-tox “colon” cleanse…., even if it must be done periodically. Could you explain your reason for not wanting term limits? Maybe I would better understand your comment. Either way, I still respect your opinions!

            Fed Up Gal

          • Sandy Santiago

            I want women to take over the republican party and make it conservative again. Too many old white guys hanging around with old ideas. We need fresh blood, why not give the females a chance. No more big government hand-outs, no more entitlements, no more needless squandering of our hard earned tax dollars. Respect the people of this country’s free will and respect the way we chose to live our lives.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Sandy Santiago,

            I agree with most of your comment, but just not sure why you feel the need to drag the “old white guys” into this discussion. It is getting a bit old…no pun intended…since I assume one of the “old white guys” you are referencing is the previous President, G.W. Bush. He was not perfect, but he kept us safe after 9-11. I’m not sure, but I believe he also appointed more “minority” men and women to his administration, than any prior administration had….so not sure what you might think of those people. Personally, I don’t give a squat what color/race someone is…as long as they are citizens of this country and do what the citizens expect of them … and do it ethically.

            Fed Up Gal

          • eyeswideopen

            Sandy, I know what you are saying. There are only 95 women in the Congress. 78 in the House. 61 Dems and 17 Repubs. The Senate has 17. 13 Dems and 4 Repubs. The Republicans only have a total of 21 women in Congress. Dems have 74. There are a total of 535 seats available and only 95 seats belong to women. Women are the largest voting block and we have the least representation. Vote out the men, let’s see what the women will do!! That is a joke as the Republican men don’t want us to have that kind of power, but we can dream.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            You know many men on BOTH sides of the aisle don’t really want women to have the power they’ve manifested over the years. While that seems true to me…I’m sure that most women you referenced (on both sides) don’t want the men to have the power either. It’s almost inherent (these days) that when people are re-elected for decades…they just become part of the “good ‘ole boy” club….and that includes the women too! The women who do get in there, don’t really want other women to supposedly “make” it…like they have. They are part of the problem! None of them are held accountable! That’s why citizens need to stand up and be heard and remind all these jokers who they really work for.

            I still don’t agree that it’s logical to drag the “old white men” into it…’s the old/young every body in Congress and the Senate that needs a rude awakening, and those who keep using a particular race to try and support their theory.

            Fed Up Gal

            Fed Up Gal

          • libertytrain

            Fed Up – nice reply – couldn’t agree with you more -

          • eyeswideopen

            Fed Up, I still think the middle class Americans and women need more representation. The men have run this country for the past 233 years. It is really time for women to come together and take back their country. LoL. I know it is hard to dispute the facts, but you need to acknowledge that the representation does not correlate to the population demographics. I am not defending the Old White guy statement, but laughed out loud, as if you look at a picture of the Senate, it is all old white guys, with greying or balding heads with a token 4 women in the picture. So, the statement is correct. Maybe it is time for the Old White guys to move over and let those not yet corrupted try and repair the mess we are in.

          • Joe H.

            the Pres. is supposed to be “middle class America”. Look at how badly he has SCREWED things up!!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe, Pres isn’t running the Republican party, where there are only 4 repub women. Can’t you discuss any topic without trying to bring Obama into the conversation? He hasn’t controled the Republican Party nor the Congress, so give it a rest and try and divert your anger and hatred to the topic. Start slamming me for wanting more representation for women.

          • DaveH

            Well, one thing that makes a politician behave is the hope of reelection. Term limits take that away. Another concern is that voters will think this protects them from having to do the work to make sure the politician is living up to his/her promises (Apathy).
            With two terms, the politician will be a lame duck in the second term, and lame ducks typically don’t feel they need to answer to anybody.
            Ron Paul (Dr. NO) for example is a guy I would happily reelect time after time.

          • DaveH

            Fed Up,
            I am honored that you might vote for me. But I respectfully decline. The Leaders (both Democrat and Republican) would shoot me in the first semester. LOL.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Dave H,

            Shoot….and I was so looking forward to the de-tox treatment for the Washington crew.

            Good point…about voters blindly assuming politicians actually do what they said they’ll do… resulting in apathy; and an even better point with the 2nd term/lame duck comment….that does make sense.

            I still have concerns however, about “perpetual” politicians (Ted Kennedy being the one that quickly comes to mind….however, I know there are plenty of others on both sides). It’s so hard to get them out once they’ve established their public office compound, and they give away to so many that are not willing to pass up that personal bribe…and the cycle goes on and on.

            As we’ve discussed on other article posts….part of the problem seems (at least to me) to be that many parents have coddled their kids….given them as much as the neighbors had, so the kids can compete in fantasy land….their generation (overall) have not had to really contribute or participate to earn any benefits or priviledges, and their generation won’t really understand what happened until they’re ticked off when BG comes after their stuff….and I’m afraid it may be too late by then.

            Fed Up Gal

          • RayD

            Everyone might want to take a peak at Chuck DeVore to beat Boxer. I would think a good healthy Pomarainian could beat Ms. Boxer. Believe me Mr. DeVore is a lot more then a healthy dog. I think he is an honest man which means he’s # 1 in my book. He even mows his own lawn. I know Boxer is one of them little pesky bugs that hides out in her lawn and Chuck has just the pesticide to take her out. She has been in office around 20 years and has got 2 of her bills passed. Now that’s a real hard worker. Actually, I am happy she has been hiding in the grass, can you imagine how much damage she could have caused actually writing several dozen bills. Give Chuck DeVore a look see and I know you will come away with a positive outlook toward the man. He’s a hard working family man and has the American values that Americans used to have. We need to get away from all the politicians that think they can buy your vote, like the Lousianna Republican Senator who sold her vote for $300,000,000 on the Health care bill. She sold out. Look it up if you don’t believe. I would never vote for a person that did that, even to help her state. Now that’s shameless.
            I know we need big changes. I wish I was young enough to run. I would be honest and get rid of a lot of these agencies that exist just to exist. We nee a flat tax and no other taxes period.
            Anyway, Vote for Chuck DeVore.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Ray D,

            Very worthy comments. Just one thing…the Lousiana Senator you referenced is not a Republican…she is (supposedly) a conservative Democrat. You’re absolutely right….she took the bribe…that the far left libs offered her. She’s a typical snake in the grass…watch where you step or she’ll strike. Actually, to me…it’s more like….Watch where you step….lest you step IN IT!

            Fed Up Gal in NM (formerly from Louisiana)

          • eyeswideopen

            Fed Up, do you think Senator Viter will get re-elected even though he has been implicated in three different scandals involving prostitutes? He he hold an elected office when you lived there? Do you think the Conservatives in LA will just overlook those transgressions in his marriage?

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Well, I certainly hope not. What? You think because I’m a Republican I’m okay with stupid Republican behavior? Sorry to disappoint you…I hold them to the same standard I hold the other stupid ones (Dems).

            Some will find this harsh, but I actually believe if citizens would use “peer” pressure to hold these people accountable…they would soon start to understand the real meaning of ….”Conflict of interest”….meaning that if they act in a manner that is in conflict with their position, brings discredit upon the agency or service; and even in situations where their actions and/or behavior simply gives the impression of a conflict of interest, discredit, etc….they can be disciplined (ranging from a simple reprimand for the minor…up to being fired for more serious issues).

            Until citizens are willing to hold all politicians accountable (as I referenced above), by not re-electing them…or coming up with a solid legal ground for prompt impeachment….then we’re stuck with what we’ve helped to create (both sides have contributed to this mess…you/me/them…so it’s up to us to collectively clean the mess up!

            No, Vitter was not in office when I lived there. I moved away approximately 33 years ago, but do have lots of family still there and may move back to be near family after retirement (if I’m ever able to retire now). I don’t know what La conservatives will do with the information you said he was implicated in. While I do believe there is a difference between being implicated and being “convicted”, etc…I also feel holding a position as important as a US Congress person, Senator, President, Vice President, etc…should be held to the highest scrutiny….so it would not bother me one bit if voters (conservative or otherwise) boot him out….and each and every subsequent one who acts in such a manner.

            People will make mistakes and we should try and forgive those mistakes, but forgiving does not mean you lay down and allow yourselves to become a doormat, escalator….well you get the point. They can hold other jobs, just not ones where the respective positions involve deciding other people’s fates (financial, political, medical, etc). Once the riff raff get the hint…..maybe we will all be able to look at them with respect and not with disdain.

            Well…I have plenty more I could vent about this, but it’s been a long and busy day, so I’ll wrap it up for now. Besides………………I’m not sure I even know what the point to your question was….LoL.

            Fed Up Gal

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Now Dave… a Republican….I would not let the GOP leaders do that. Can’t speak for the Dem leaders… you’re point is well taken…LoL. I meant what I said earlier and your decision may just be our collective loss.

            Fed Up Gal

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Dave H,

            On another note….I haven’t seen much from Beberoni and Libertytrain…I look forward to reading their thoughts on the topics of discussion.

            Fed Up Gal

          • eyeswideopen

            Dave and Fed UP. have you ever thought of removing the money temptation from the hands of the politicians? When you follow the money, it leads right from the lobbyists to the elected officials. If we removed the need to have millions to get re-elected they would be able to represent the citizens without corruption purchasing their votes. Follow the money and you will see how the votes are purchased by the special interests (corporations). Campaign reform would stop the corruption that has seized this country by the throat and choking the ethics out of most of the politicians.

          • libertytrain

            Fed Up Gal – Hey I’m here – just soaking in all the comments and enjoying many of them – Thanks!

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Are these “EYES” deceiving me??????? I think EYES might actually be on to something here….unless of course…it’s a set up and “MD MOM”
            pops out of the musical clown box. Sorry EYES….mostly kidding, but trust must be earned…give it some time now.

            Fed Up Gal

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Hey Liberty,

            Welcome back friend. Was glad to see you’re still on here. We can always use your level headed approach in any of the discussions.

            Fed Up Gal

          • Joe H.

            Fed up,
            Another reason you don’t want term limits is the procedure to do it would make it possible to tack other riders to the bill. You would never know till the vote what else you got with said term limits!! the best way is to just keep voting the non-conservatives out of office!!!

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Joe H,

            Good point! Certainly worth thinking about.

            Fed Up Gal

  • sfisher

    Carley has more real life experience than the current idiot in office. It’s about time some REAL americans seek political opportunities, maybe there still is time to right this country. She is what i call REAL change. I sure believe this last “change” only left pennies in my pocket

    • By George

      I can appreciate Steve Frank’s concern but he has not, as yet, articulated his views, other than speculation, as to Carly’s non conservative credentials. That is simply fear speaking. Carly Fiorina’s very successful business career at H-P speaks for its self. She is a success.

      What does concern me, however, is Republicans the, like John McCain, have endorsed her. His recommendation is like throwing a drowning man an anchor.

      • http://Google JanieD

        Be careful about voting all out. In Michigan we have 2 awesome Congressmen, Vern Ehler and Pete Hookstra. They are both going after the corruption in the current administration and unless someone else is on the ballot who would do a better job I wouldn’t even consider voting them out. Pete Hookstra will be running for Governor so we in Michigan will have to do our research on a replacement for him in the House. Research, research, research !

        • usmadgirl


          My sentiments exactly! My Republican representatives in Tennessee are very conservative & vote 98% with all my very conservative views. Lamar Alexander disappointed me ONCE with his vote to appoint Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court but that’s his only mistake. Voting out Senator Bob Corker (who was just elected in 2006) & Congressman Zack Wamp, who’s been in office for a long time but always votes conservatively, would be like cutting our nose off to spite our face! We KNOW how they vote, we wouldn’t have a clue what we were replacing them with – a possible Dede Scozzafava!

          Barbara Boxer on the other hand, is the most hateful, arrogant (having the audacity to tell a Brigadier General “please don’t call me Mam, I’ve worked so hard for my title of Senator”) progressive witch I’ve seen in awhile! ANY conservative would be better!

        • usmadgirl


          By the way, I really admire Pete Hoekstra!

          • Richard

            I believe that we need to vote the “professional politicians” OUT of office!!! Impose term limits on Congress! Hold every office holder personally responsible for their actions and conduct! AND remove as necessary when they fail to act according to the will of the people who elected them and pay their salaries!!!!!

  • sus

    McCain is a RINO, his endorsement means nothing

  • Bev Partain

    My husband and I, plus other friends attended the San Diego Tea Party Express send off and heard several featured speakers. One was Chuck Devore who is also in this race….two or three who spoke of him said he was a true conservative, unlike the RINO Carly who will be his opposition in the California primary. Chuck was REAL and passionate. At this point I don’t know much about either candidate….but the Tea Party people were definitely pro-Chuck. Just so everyone knows there will be some real choices this time….and Boxer can ride off into the sunset. Chuck mentioned that day that Barbara Boxer has been in this position for 27 YEARS…..I couldn’t believe it!!! No wonder she has to be turned out to pasture!!

    • Dee

      I too have met ‘Chuck DeVore’ personally .. He’s genuine, a true conservative & shares my values … The main thing Californian’s want is to get ‘Liberal Babs’ OUT OF OFFICE … California is going bankrupt every day.. If Boxer would represent California as much as she does her ‘special interests’, we wouldn’t be in this ‘sad state of affairs’… Boxer votes ‘Yes’ for the HC bill, which means that if Medicaid is expanded in CA … we will be ‘pushed over the cliff’… States PAY about 40%+ of Medicaid expenses .. All states will be handed a $25 BILLION dollar bill, which means that TAXES will go up!!! We’re already at 12.4% Unemployment and $20 Billion in the ‘red’ … Chuck DeVore is also endorsed by the ‘Senate Conservatives Fund’ .. , sponsored by Senator Jim Demint … I don’t think Carly is as ‘conservative’ as she says she is …

    • cr747

      Barbra Boxer, she could be put in a side show in a circus to clean up all the elephant DUNG, bbuutt, someone would get her mixed up with the DUNG and dispose of her. HEY not a bad idea is it?

  • http://na Ron W

    Carly is indeed a breath of fresh air and an odds-on winner. What we don’t need is sniper’s from within the GOP creating an internal battle. Let go for the bigger a prize – replacing one of the liberal ladies with another conservative in the Senate

  • Greg Moe

    Career politicians should be gone, no retirement just public service, a 2 term limit and out period.

    • B. Lee Pemberton

      I have found over the years that those who look bizarre usually are, and we have enough weirdos in government already. Somebody sell her a wig: she otherwise seems great!

      • marvin

        befor putting foot in mouth check on why she has no hair most likely radation will do that when you have cancer

      • Maggie

        Like so many bloggers, you should check out the facts before starting typing. Carly Fiorina has successfully fought cancer but her hair became a victim of chemo. Get a life!

      • DaveH

        Don’t judge a book by its cover.
        That’s partly why our freedom has gone bye bye. Most people want others to be and think just like they do. How boring. I love a free citizenry who aren’t afraid to be individuals instead of being a member of the herd.

        • eyeswideopen

          Be still my heart. You are promoting differences? Can’t believe that coming from someone who attacks any idea coming from someone other than a Conservative. Little hard to swallow, that you want diversity.

    • ONTIME

      Devore has a point and Coburn is a good Republican but to be endorsed by McCain is a curse, she, Carley is going to have to come up with more evidence that she is a Republican of the conservative bent and will not jump the fence to make a deal with the libs. This kind of politic is the very reason Cal. and the country are in such deep problems and why unity is not the ethic when it comes to the good of the country, there is simply a lack of good common sense and no fiscal responsibility to control the give away spending and paying attention to project evaluation cost.

      Another RINO is not going to do anything but make a even bigger mess.

      • Glenn

        ONTIME, an endorsement by John McCain does not a RINO make. Think on it, have you any doubt that McCain would endorse Sarah Palin? Does that mean Sarah is a RINO? There is no leader in our country today that is more common sense conservative than Sarah – would you agree? Or is she, too, now to be “tainted” by the certain endorsement from John McCain. Let’s all use some common sense here.

        • DaveH

          If Ron Paul would endorse her, I might get exited.

          • DaveH

            I meant ‘excited’, lol.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            LoL; you are too funny Dave H. Those of us who have followed your posts…knew it was a simple typo.

            Fed Up Gal

        • Joe H.

          Stop and think. Look back at the election. I still think McCain was working a back door deal with the dimmies so he could be endorsing her to keep her from being elected!!!

    • s c

      Greg, I understand your frustration. However, as you get older, you will understand that we have to minimize the perks we give to our elected airheads. Give them NO reasons to stay in washington.
      America stil endures the results of TWELVE YEARS of FDR, FOUR years of peanuts carter and EIGHT YEARS of the clinton herd.
      Eight years of Bush didn’t do much for the economy or our ‘debt.’ Leaving people in office makes as much sense as leaving every door and window open at night.
      One candidate, one term (and NO consecutive terms). PEROD. And, in the case of the current prez, make him miserable every day he dares to remain in office.

  • Judy Boyce

    If Mickey Mouse runs against Boxer and Feinstein, I will vote for him. Political experience???? Where has political experience put these “jokes” who are sitting in our Senate, congress and in the Whitehouse? Politics can be learned..all you need is integrity, honesty and a little common sense! Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

    • marvin

      i guess i am luck,e i live in alabama my rep is a blue dog dim that is a babtist decon and 2 rep sen tha are aginst illegal imigration and obama and reid and pelosie and lebrals like boxer that want to steal from the have,s and have nots and give to them self i was born in illinois so i can tell you that most of the people in state gov and federal gov are crooks or are yes men like burris and durbin and a lot of demicrates are all like george soros we the people don,t know what is good for us so people like pelosie and boxer reid obama holder nepolitano that want to make you belive that we the people are all to dumb or stuped to know what we want or need so vote the liberal boxer out show her that we the peopl are still boss

    • cr747

      Feinstein is a total idiot. Plan, simple and true.

      • Rebecca

        Careful everyone … proceed with caution … we all know we need an infusion of good conservative candidates voted in to oust the radical leftists, but take note of McCain endorsing her. That endorsement waves a hugh red flag for me. I would like to think she’s for real, but could be she’s an opportunist who sees conservatism on the rise.

    • Pat R


      Be careful of voting for Mickey Mouse!! It is my understanding that he
      voted for Obama. :-)

  • B. Lee Pemberton

    Initially, all I have against Carly is her weirdsville haircut: although she may be unware, there such things as attractive wigs. She would certainly look more acceptable without that unnecessary buzz-cut!

    • marvin

      cancer –cancer –cancer from what i hear radation will do that to hair

      • Hofmanndawg

        Juan McBush, I mean John McMexico, I mean RINO John ‘Open Borders’ McCain supporting Carly is tantamount to an endorsement fresh out of the grave from Teddy Kennedy. I got a stinking feeling Carly would be another RINO just like her Maine sisters in the Senate. How about Chuck Norris, couldn’t he claim a Hollywood residence? Every RINO and every Democrat, without exception, needs to be voted out of Washington DC and the various local state houses.

        • Shirley

          Time to be very cautious! We know all about electing someone with NO experience, and questionable background and associates! Additionally, having an endorsement from McCain should be a real RED FLAG.

          • Glenn

            Shirley, an endorsement by John McCain does not a RINO make. Think on it, have you any doubt that McCain would endorse Sarah Palin? Does that mean Sarah is a RINO? There is no leader in our country today that is more common sense conservative than Sarah – would you agree? Or is she, too, now to be “tainted” by the certain endorsement from John McCain.

          • Elvio

            No, I KNOW that Palin isn’t a RINO but makes you think McCain wouldn’t endorse her to lessen her chances?

          • jan

            I don’t live in California, but I have seen enough of Barbra Boxer to undersatand why the people of her state want her out. As someone else stated, almost anyone would be a better choice. Carly has been very successful in the business world, so I would say she sounds like a good candidate.

            To Russell, you have been hammered for the prejudging of this woman, just because of the way she wears her hair, and rightly so. Have you ever tried to wear a wig? I think as your judge, I would sentence you to wearing one for the rest of your natural life. It’s the Chemo “STUPID”.

          • Ester inMn

            Michelle Bachmann R-Mn!

  • Earl B

    Senator McCain is a RHINO-pure and simple. This country is in a mess because of the poor way he handled his run for the President of the United States which he could’ve won if he pressed Obama on the issues. There were many opportunities that McCain had to put doubt in the American people’s minds of what Obama’s positions were the on issues such as health care, taxes, and so on. Governor Palin(now former Governor) was clear and concise in her debate with Joe Biden. We’re seeing record deficits and a damaging domestic and foreign policy by this President from Hell known as President Obama. The Republican Party needs to go with Chuck Devore and dump Carly Fiorina.

  • Conservatives United, USA

    I strongly agree with the majority here. WE MUST GET RID OF ALL INCUMBENTS OF BOTH PARTIES. The nation’s survival depends on it. We also must put this in God’s hands.

    • philip

      russel must be a libberal dem.when all he can do is lable a person by their hair style who had cancer treatment russel you are one sick person

      • Lighthorseman

        I was interested in possibly supporting Carly just because the GOP seemed against her. Then when I realized McCain was endorsing her I really question her ideology and faithfulness to conservatism. Unfortunate, because I watched her career with HP and respected her management and direction. McCain’s endorsement is the kiss of death for any real conservative in my humble opinion. I’ll withhold my donations until I see real commitment to principles of conservatism.

        • Glenn

          Lighthorseman, have you any doubt that McCain would endorse Sarah Palin? Does that mean Sarah is a RINO? Trust your instincts. There is no leader in our country today that is more common sense conservative than Sarah – would you agree? Or is she now to be “tainted” by the certain endorsement by John McCain.

          • Karen S.

            This woman ran Hewlett Packard in Boise, Idaho. If I remember correctly she almost ran the company into the ground and was intensly disliked. Would suggest some research into that chapter of her life before supporting her.

          • Jas

            Devore to take out Boxer, Fiorina is a RINO plant.

      • Curtis S

        Do you have any idea how ironic your post is? If you do, bravo sir! If you don’t, it’s still hilarious!

        • eyeswideopen

          Curtis, LMAO, and no he doesn’t see the irony. Hypocrisy is the new hallmark of the Conservative party. We can do it, but the Liberals can’t. lol.

  • Art Loub

    I live in Kansas, but have followed Carly Farina’s career..she would be a breath of fresh air in a rotten Senate.

  • Dee

    John McCain’s endorsement only means that ‘Carly’ is more of a ‘Moderate’ than a ‘Conservative’ .. and we don’t need anymore RINO’s in the party … making ‘nice’ with the Liberal Left … I am still getting ‘make a donation’ e-mails from McCain .. McCain LOST the election because he didn’t want to ‘call-out’ Obama on anything .. his radical views, his voting record (143 days as Senator), inexperience, his ‘associations’ with Communist, Muslim radicals .. who are now his CZARS!! Is McCain going to deny amnesty to the ‘illegals’ that are invading our borders? No, I think he’ll grant them all ‘amnesty’, so they can have ‘free’ healthcare..and further ‘bankrupt’ my state of CA… Anyone that McCain endorses sends a strong signal to me … just another RINO running for office!! VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2010 & 2012 .. Let’s ‘take our country back’ … or what’s left of it after this ‘Obamanation’ has destroyed it… Obama is a Muslim sympathizer, and that can only mean one thing to me .. He’s a Muslim, who IS NOT going to keep America safe! He’s WEAK.. We need ‘Leaders’ in Congress, not RINOS…

    • Glenn

      Dee, have you any doubt that McCain would endorse Sarah Palin? Does that mean Sarah is a RINO? Fortunately, for most of us, an endorsement does not paint one with the endorsee’s brush. There really is such a thing as true friendship.

      • DaveH

        You’re right of course, but it definitely should be grounds for proceeding with caution.

        • Joe H.

          If you don’t think McCain wasn’t working for the libs, why wouldn’t he let Sarah loose on O-man when she was SO popular? She wanted to call him on his affiliations and his record of votes and really play it up and he said a resounding NO! He is another Specter!!!

  • Pose

    California needs to wake up! Boxer had to be boxed! Like Obama said during his campaign, “Enough is enough!” Get Boxer out!!

    • charlie

      I agree Boxer must be sent home. I have doubts about fionia because of her experience with HP. Another thing is her assumption that she is cancer free, i have too much respect for the disease.

      However my Liberal detector is throwing up all kinds of alarms about Fienstein. we really must get rid of her as a priority.

      Boxer is liberal we must not only vote her out of office but make certain that liberals will never come back. Pelosi thinks that the liberals will be voted out next election but that they will come back in 4 to 6 years. History indicates that she might be correct. we have been flipping congress every 5 years or so and with disastrous results whenever liberals are in house.

      All public service liberals must be investigated for corrupt activities and jailed. I am not talking about congressional ethics committees(which are jokes), I’m talking about FBI with assist from NSA and CIA. I’m talking about circumvention of the constitution, misrepresentation of the taxpayers and holding allegiance to their party above taxpayers. I’m talking treason and would be delighted if pelosi would be found guilty of this and shot by a firing squad. I would also be happy if she got a bill for her use of air force planes.


    I completely agree that a great big broom is required. The only way things could get worse, is to re-elect these dopes.

    • Biresh

      Is there is benchmark for conservatism? She is a successful woman, she is pro life, doubtlessly she is pro family too and she is a fisal conservative which purports that she believes in balanced budgets. That is enough to make her a moderate conservative. The far right or ultraconservatism or theocratic and rascist attitudes can never and will never be a benchmark for conservatism.


    Oh, and by the way, I am glad that she is recovering and I think she looks great.

  • Brenda Swan

    It seems many of you do not follow politics . As for Carly I am amazed so many did not know she had cancer.

    About throwing out the bums you need to check their voting records.

    that is the test if they can stay or need to go. Boxer, Feinstein,etc in CA 100% need to go.
    Tom McClintock just got in and he is a true consv, I have been following his record for serveral years.Look at David Harmer to run in 2010. [CA]

  • http://none JIM WATSON

    fiorina,s short hair is a mark and a sign that she has looked at death and had to think the whole thing over, that alone will make her a better politition. Im hoping that california will give her a try. conserning ever one that voted for health care without reading the bill not only should they be voted out of office they should be tried for treason. the same thing was done with the tarp bait out just sign your name no reason to read it, that turned out to be the biggest rip off in the history of the known world.

    • Ed La Cruze

      Arlen Specter underwent chemo and that did’t change his political position. He never was conservitive or a small government supporter. He ran as a Republican first to to be able to run against an incumbant Democrat for DA in Philly. He changed party now because he would quite probably lose the Republican primary to the opposition Republican. Perhaps this is Fiorinas’ thinking also.

  • Mel

    Lack of Political Connections is a Good thing. She should speak her mind. We should listen and judge for ourselves. That the “established” Republicans are questioning her “conservative” credentials means they are hypocrites, since the number one complaint that Republicans have about their “established” representation in the Republican Party is that none of them are conservative enough! Her “connected” opponents strike me as Political Shills. I’d tend to ignore them!

  • Marty

    Time to clean house. Is everyone in our federal govt corrupt? Probably not, but they’re forced into playing politics by the system that has been set up and finely tuned by career pols in the past. We need clear thinkers who start to disassemble the mess our feds have created, undo past mistakes, repeal bad laws (according to the constitution), get us out of the places where the fed govt was never meant to go, and return power to the states, as our framers originally desired it. My fear is that those who’ve been “in the system” have been indoctrinated into the game-playing and the horse-trading that sickens me, and are incapable of thinking clearly about how to run our federal govt.
    Any pol who doesn’t agree with that won’t get my vote. I don’t care if they’ve been CEO of a global corp or been the town dog-catcher. However, if they’re part of a union it’s a disqualifier imho.
    It’s a matter of character, integrity, courage, commitment to freedom and a democratic republic, etc.
    Yes, an endorsement by Sen McCain is gonna force me to question Carly’s motives and cred even more.

  • Dick Egolf

    Hooray for Carly. We need her BADLY!!

  • Ammo Guy

    An endorsment by John McCain?
    Heartly endorsed by a RINO.

    Thank you,
    Ammo Guy 8-)
    Aim small, miss small.

  • Larry

    I’m glad I live in Florida, am away from this madness. You Californians would know a conservative if one smacked you in the face.

    • Pat R

      Californians should also be aware of the fact that they have about
      20 or so politicians in D.C. that have ties to the Communist Party.


      That goes for all States.

  • dennis partlow

    I’m voting for the candidate who follows the U.S. constitution and up hold it when she/he is elected.

    • Malcolm

      I read with some amusement Ms Fiorina’s bid for a public office as a senator, because I can’t think of anyone less qualified based on her past role as a CEO. As a HP stockholder who incurred significant losses with her at the HP helm I couldn’t wait for her to finally loose her executive job, of course she departed the comapny with a million(s) dollar golden parachute after tanking the company. She won-uldnlt get my vote.

      • Thurman Marcum


        You are right.She doesn’t qualify. She had a poor showing as CEO.I don’t think she would make a good candidate,for the senatorial race.My heart goes out for her, in the fight against cancer

        • Sandy Santiago

          You guys are both wrong. What she did is set in place what ultimately saved this company. People disliked the fact that she made tough decisions, cut out certain “dead wood” and put the company on a track that is still reaping rewards today. Don’t just read the silly business articles in the NYTimes or listen to the CNBC’s of the world, look at her actions, read the company prospectus and know the real deal.

          • eyeswideopen

            Sandy, usually cutting a companies stock value in half, causing such a big loss of value, indicates that management was poor. She was CEO during that time and the fault lies with her. She also used a private investigator on her board of directors, usually not a good idea. She lacks savvy.

          • cr747

            Well hell’s bell’s, Look at whose president of the United States, and the situation that we are in financially, and you all are talking about the CEO of HP. Please give me a break. I think Carly Fiorina would do a lot better job Than Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, and some of the other one’s we have got serving in Washington. Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Clinton, Shummer, Reid. There’s not enough room to name them all. I would say all that voted for the HEALTH PLAN need to be sent home, and for good. Then we can get Obama impeached, and some one in there with some sense.

    • Joe H.

      dessis p.
      How do you know he/she will BEFORE the election when it’s important??? You Don’t KNOW before the election, before they get into office, only what they promise and what they did in the past!!!

  • Melissa

    Elites or nobles have dominated western civilization for hundreds of years. If real people took over and were concerned about the welfare of others, stopped the greedy practices of the money-sucking government agencies and politicians, the nobles would have no more power. That is all they want is total power and world domination and I think they are close to having it.

    • http://BobLivingstonNewsletters Jo Bucger

      Ma’am: I do not CARE if your “credentials” are true enough for the reigning Republican party. If you can defeat B. Boxer, then I am all for you….Best wishes in defeating this “person”.

      • Marla Sarkozi

        I have personally met Chuck Devore and my vote will be for him. He has been vetted by Independence Caucus group and he is the most knowledgeable on the issues we are facing as a nation. Go and learn what this organization is doing . You can visit Independence Caucus at the following website:

  • Marie

    If she’s fiscally conservative, why do some think she’s a RINO? Not sure for whom I’ll vote, but I want someone who will be truly fiscally conservative AND have a chance at winning in a liberal state. Just looking for specifics.

  • DaveH

    Many of the comments I have read indicate that we need to elect anyone better than Boxer. Wrong! If we don’t put people in office that promise to shrink the size of this Big Government Leviathan it will just grow bigger. If the Republicans can field this kind of candidate then vote for them. Personally, I can’t see this happening. There is only one Party I know that consistently stands for freedom (whether religious or not). There is only one Party that stands for Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, and Limited Government. That is the Libertarian Party:

    • AnhydrousBob

      Keep up the good fight, DaveH. I’ll never join a party, but I certainly do push the libertarian agenda – mainly because it holds the “keys to the kingdom” of the founding fathers and their attempt to construct the fair and equal state embodied by the Constitution.

      If a person believes the constitution is law of the land, then why not put those in power who also believe it? We have gone off course trying to decide if something is a right, or if it will cost too much, or any of these other issues. The constitution, in very simple terms, limits our government, and opened up for humanity a chance to be free and prosperous (that’s the general welfare part).

      So, get familiar with the Constitution – the language is from an earlier time, but with a bit of study, it is understandable – it was written for normal citizens, not for the educated elite. Compare all candidates to what it says, and vote responsibility.

  • Benjamin Marcoux

    THIS,OF COURSE, MADE NO MORAL STATEMENT TO our recently elected pResIdeNT, or what ever it is, that placed his hand on a closed BIBLE and swore to protect and defend America.Most human beings are born with a heart and soul, but not this Muslim ,who, like his left-wing side kicks, have violated their BIBLE-sworn statements to protect us and America’s economy.
    We have NO protection against their unscrupulous law passing—our CONSTITUTION means nothing to their immoral
    values and character. Instead of the “VOICE and the “OPINION”
    being the CONSTITUTIONAL RULE of “THE PEOPLE”,OUR DEMANDS by Millions of “PinkSlips”, E Mails, Phone Calls, Faxs,
    Signed Petitions—means— ZERO—NOTHING— to their mute and dumb ears.They are going to do IT THEIR WAY come hell or high water.
    I truly wish that America would have another TEA PARTY and this time fill every street,ally, open field, around the Capitol and shut it down until they stop shoving their garbage down our throats.
    This country belongs to us —THE AMERICAN PEOPLE—and we need to take it back —-NOW!!!.
    the ole’ man

  • http://charter howe

    I would like to recommend that Carly Fiona be supported for the senate even though some may think she is too liberal. She was CEO of Hewlett Packard which means she has macro management experience and a financial and accounting background necessary to better understand we lack jobs and have cash flow problems in the state and our nation. Boxer has not measured up to the task with her disrespectful and elitist attitude toward the military and her constituents and her extreme liberal support of a job killing deficit. I agree with the person who thinks we need to vote all the liberal democratic radicals and the extreme right Republicans out of office before we lose our country. Boxer does not hear WE THE PEOPLE so why not vote for Carly to get some sanity back into our fiscal reposibilities. That is the only way we can get our country back on track. Getting Boxer, Pelosi, Waxman, Feinstein and a few others out of office means that we can work on the red ink and get our economy moving again. If we delude ourselves into thinking these people will deliver us from evil, we will continue down the slippery slope of socialism, so doing nothing is not an option if you enjoy your freedoms.

    • Joe H.

      The only thing those people will deliver us from is our freedom and our money!!!!

  • Marvin C. Page

    Carly, weould be a breath of fresh air.It is my belief that all candidates in office should be voted OUT.I`d sooner take my chances with a novice than the idiots we have in there now.I don`t care which party they are in,GET THEM OUT.

  • Barb

    I agree with Marvin. Anyone who has voted for the HC Bill should be gone. Both sides have lied to us and it’s time for them to go. They make a career in Congress and get rich at our expense. VOTE BOTH SIDES OUT.

  • SS

    The best recommendation Carley could get just came from her opposition – “She has no background in politics, no experience in public policy,”. That locks it up for me! I am going for Carley – we don’t need more politicians in Washington – we need intelligent normal citizens with business backgrounds to run this country. I agree with the above comments that we need a major house cleaning in Washington from both sides of the aisle. Through out the professional lobbyists and put in term limits. Take the government back for the common people.

  • Russell EnDean

    I think she must be a Lesbian. Look at the haircut.

  • SS

    It is called cancer treatments, Russell – it happens when you take chemotherapy for cancer.

  • Steven Smalley

    I agree with Barb…It’s time to get rid of “career politicians”. She WOULD be a breath of fresh air. Questioning of her so called credentials just makes me think the other “professional Politicians” are feeling threatened by her presence. Let’s sweep the House.

  • Dee

    Carley is recovering from ‘Cancer’ treatments .. So, she lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatments …. She just entered the race, up against ‘Chuck DeVore’… who is an assemblyman in the California congress in Sacramento … They are both qualified candidates ..

  • Billy

    And I think you must be an idiot.

  • Doug

    Using your logic and methods of observation, one could just assume you are an ignoramus but I doubt that is true. Making a snap decision about someone based on a hairstyle is a poor way to determine anything about another person. Basing personal attributes on looks alone is a sign of an immature individual. I hope you will consider that in the future when making posts in public forum.

  • usmadgirl

    If you had watched her on Fox, you’d be aware that she just finished her chemo treatments. That’s why she has the “lesbian haircut”. Now don’t you feel like a totally uninformed “meany”!

  • http://AmericaTakenDown&ChinaOnTheRise RoseC

    Some times, people get tooooo comfortable and think they can’t be replaced. I met Barbara Boxer in the 90s when I had a talk radio show on these issues – back when they country was in a DEEP sleep – I proposed legislation to her from the floor of a women’s conference that included Meryl Streep – I suggested that she propose legislation that allowed the collection of child support be enforced from state to state and she said she’d get back to me and wasn’t aware of the problem. She NEVER got back to me. I opposed many laws afterwards including the Healthcare Reform Bill, but the only letters I’ve ever received from her are form letters just like the form letters all bureaucrats send out which should tell you that there’s a time when we need to let the rose on the vine that has fallen off and turned to thorns go – NOW IS THAT TIME – KICK THEM ALL OUT WHO VOTED FOR HC REFORM THAT IS NOT ONLY ILLEGAL BUT UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND COST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE $300,000,000 FOR THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE – Where’s the Department of Justice – or do we even have one anymore?

  • Thurman Marcum


    I am from the liberal left,that woman has cancer,you shouldn’t make a joke out of that.I don’t agree with her politically,I can’t fathom what she going through with.My best friend died from brain cancer.We should show a little respect and concern.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Russell EnDean,

    You’re not helping your cause….in fact, you seem to be instigating a new and tacky debate. She has been undergoing chemo treatment and I too believe that’s the reason for her current hair style.

    I’m not gay and I don’t support a gay lifestyle (due to my personal and christian beliefs); however, I wouldn’t mind voting for a gay person if I feel confident he/she will not try to ram his/her personal platform down everyone else’s throat.

    I don’t know whether Carley Fiorina would be a good choice or not. It would matter more to me, how she operated as CEO with HP. I vagely recall reading that she did not do HP any favors, but having said that…I’m not a fan of HP anyway (terrible customer service)….and in fairness to Ms Fiorina…I’ve not been able to research this to the extent I would like.

    Fed Up Gal

  • Lindy

    Y’know my wife used to get that “attitude” from people on the street when she had lost all of her hair due to chemo. Now that I have the chance to really give it to someone who thinks chemo = lesbo… I won’t go on and on… except to say, my wife’s cancer is in total remission, you’ll be a cancer forever.

  • Ruth

    What the “bleep” is everyone’s obsession w/her hair? I don’t CARE what she or anyone looks like who might get in there and actually help run this country …… NOT just run it into the ground!!!

  • Gloria Hart




  • Valverde

    Fiscal conservative? What does that mean? I’ve had it with fiscal conservatives. That’s just a name to get their foot in the door. Don’t be fooled my friends, she is NOT a conservative. Supposedly a “fiscal” conservative will hold to policies that are in favor for the people in fiscal responsibility, but what about just “conservative” responsibility? I can tell you it goes out the window the minute you turn around. Around here in Texas, we had “fiscal” conservatives running things for years and we had abortion rights and anti-gun rights and any other real right that is in the Constitution kicked out the window by these “fiscal” conservatives. Then we decided that these “fiscal” conservatives were going to screw us over, so we kicked them out. Guess what? Things are a lot better here than they were about 10 or 15 years ago. I suggest to the Republican party that if you are going to identify yourself in the remotest way as conservative, get yourself some people who are really conservative. Fiorina isn’t. Find someone else, unless in the Whooooole state of California there isn’t anybody. If that is the case, Californians you are in big, big trouble. By the way, we here in Texas are watching those conservatives we elected veerrrry carefully just to see how much they lied. We’re watching deeds not words. Do you speak out of both sides of your mouth like BO? Then, take a hike! You are a BSer like a “fiscal” conservative.

  • Raul Rever

    I am Convinced that there are No Ameicans in the Three Branches of Government and the Litmus test is. Did you vote for The Zionist Israilie Bankers Bail Out??
    Did you take part to TRY and Convince American that the First amendment is only for the Milita to keep and Bear Arme Against Our Present Crimanal Government BOTH domestic Enemys and Forgien and Domestic when we have the God Given Right and was Secured in the U.S.Constitution??
    Did You vote to kill Unborn Childreen and allow Abortions When A Person Can Not Take Unlawful druge and do with there body what you say a Women Can do with her body to Kill your own Baby??
    Do you receive Toilet Paper Federal Reserve not as Lawfull Moneyand except it ans Money and Give it to other people as Mpney??
    Do you Want to Totaly Abolish Christmass as you have Easter and replace it with other Jewish and Muslim Religions??
    Did you vote for Mandatory Auto Insurance be couse you want american to pay Insurabce Company for your Right to Trave in You own Canveatance?
    Did you Vote for Communistic Heath Care reform That will Daost 300,000,000 American to have access to heltg care even if they Never need it??
    Did you pass the Laws that Put 95% tax on health care that made it go from 150.00 a day to and a 5 doy stay to over 15,000.00 ??
    Did You vote to Stop people from Smoking so you insurance Lobby would not have to pay out Claims for Lung treatment??
    The Same as you did for Mothers a gainst Drunk drivers so their Insuranc Claims would Be Lowerd?? instead of Rminding them and Apealing to Ameicans that they Do not have The Right To Get Drunk and Kill others as Well as there Self??
    Did You Allow Niggard George H Bush Clinton and George W Bush To invade the Middel East For Israile With out A declaration of War and No U.N Aproval,and If Won Raise our american Flag over it and Run It??
    IF You voted for Any of These You Are Anti American AntGod,Anti Constitution Traitor and a Murder and Have Gone the Way Of Finestinre Boxer Liberman ,Franks McCain Anf Kyle Gabriale Gifford and Grahalva ETC. And the Zionist Jew Anti American Takeover Lobby
    YOU ARE NOT Aerican

  • Jane

    Change for change’s sake is what put Barack Obama in the White House. Let’s not make that mistake again, PLEASE!



  • s c

    SS, the only way we’ll ever see terms limits is to stop electing career politicians. Congress will NEVER let that happen.
    The trick is to DENY any politician the chance to become a career politician. The concept of term limits smacks of old-fashioned ‘good intentions.’ Please realize that good intentions are more trouble than they’re worth – especially in politics.
    Check your history. The Bolshevik Revolution, Hitler’s Germany, FDR’s social security, Fidel’s Cuba and the insanity in Venezuela were the results of good intentions. What chance do we have to rid ourselves of washington vermin with good intentions? We have to do it ourselves because the SLIME in washington will NEVER do the right thing. They know what good intentions are worth. It is one of the many ways they have brought America to the brink of destruction. See term limits as a concept that might have worked many years ago, but IT NEVER HAPPENED. It will NEVER happen in washington politics. NEVER.

  • DaveH

    I agree with SC, term limits are not politically feasible, and I also think they aren’t necessary. We just need to get our heads out and start getting rid of those who don’t promise to cut back the size of government.
    I also love that she doesn’t have political experience.
    It worries me though that McCain endorsed her, being the quintessential mush-mouthed politician that he is (my state senator). And just signing a pledge to not ‘raise’ income taxes is not enough. We need people in there who will cut government spending and lower taxes.
    The only Party I know with the principles to accomplish that is the Libertarian Party:

  • mike s


  • Winona Wacker

    At first I thought Carly was just sporting the short hair-cut because so many women think its “cool.” I met a female police officer in Phoenix once who tried very hard to “out-male” her male partner! She was so disgusting, and that’s what I told the department when I called! Carly whipped cancer, which may or may not have had a bearing on her conduct with her company. That stuff does weird things to folks! As a member of a cancer-prone family, I can only cheer her on! This next election is going to be a blood-bath in more ways than one, and I hope we can cleanse the congress of all the deadwood. Unfortunately, there are some good people as well as the rank there, and the good ones will fall as heavily as the rank. I sympathize with the Calfornians about the illegals slaughtering everything. They did the same at numerous Arizona lakes, catching fish, then tossing them on the shore to rot—all because they could. I am tired of their trash, I am tired of them, and I hope they all suffer dreadful deaths! I went to the store yesterday (I’m in Kentucky), and the place was infested with hordes of those creatures buying food, hopefully for their trip back to Mexico. They were rude, loud, uncouth, and dirty! And Napolitano wants to let these creatures in? I say cleanse the country of foreigners, and keep the country for ourselves!

  • DaveH

    Your comment on Child Support is a sore point for me. I have known several guys (almost happened to me, but I’m too persistent) whose wives did everything they could to deprive them of their skimpy court-ordered visitations and/or did their level best to turn the kids against the non-custodial father. Many of those ‘deadbeat’ dads quit paying child support due to those circumstances where they were no longer allowed to be in the kids’ lives. Do you blame them?
    Do we hear about that aspect on Oprah? Hell no.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Rose C,

    I agree about the Louisiana Purchase comment. Anyone with an ounce of common sense should be able to discern this as a bribe, payout, extortion for votes, etc.

    I have a friend who frequently reminds me….Don’t trust smilin’ cats……and Landrieu is definitely a smilin’ cat.

    Fed Up Gal

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    There seems to be a pattern here. There are some, it seems, who are of the bent that “Only the ‘Purest of the Pure’ are qualified enough”. Given that mind-set, I wonder if Ron Paul or even John Birch would be “Pure” enough for them. As to the “Throw [all] the bums out!” crowd, others, with cooler heads, have pointed out that there are some politicians (such as Tom McClintock, Peter Hoekstra and others) who’ve already proved their bona fides as to their conservative credentials and ask, why on Gods green earth would we want to “Throw out the baby with the bath water”? In all of this I sadly discern the hand of Public (Un)Education (in spelling and grammar), and a willingness to follow the media’s headlong descent into abbreviated “New Speak”, i.e.: Plural sentence structure in the singular and/or vise versa. All in the name of “Increased space for ‘Content’ ” (i.e.: more room for advertising, actually). By the way, “RINO’s lack what I call the “H” factor, they have very thin skins (think McCain), unlike Rhino’s, who can take an extraordinary amount of punishment and still keep charging ahead.

  • Curtis S

    The Navaho, Cherokee, Sioux, Nez Perce and their brothers have been saying that for over a century.

  • DaveH

    Please don’t use all uppercase. I usually just skip over the all-uppercase comments.

  • mike s

    I hear you, It’s really a tough call. I can sympathise with somebody coming from an impoverished country leaving there family and often several children behind hoping to come here and earn some money to send home to support those they left behind. On the other hand many of those same people are crushing our healthcare system as they can neithor qualify for or afford traditional insurance based systems. In order to recieve medical care they are forced to decieve the system or risk being caught and deported. A terrible loss to them as gainful employment for them at home is not likely. Then again there are those who come here for strictly immoral purposes. They should be kicked out immediatly. I believe that If these hard working folk were taught how to change their own country’s for the better then they would be more likely to returne home, and perhaps as a result, in the future we could have a more wealthy neibore and fewer illegal immigrants.

  • DaveH

    Go Girl. Personally, I wouldn’t care if she was or not.

  • Richard

    I don’t have anything to add today. I read all the postings and want to compliment each of you for your stimulating insights and wisdom. I don’t think hairstyle in itself should influence one’s qualifications for public office—if the individual has demonstrated strong conservative values in their personal as well their public life.

  • DaveH

    You sound too considerate to be a Liberal. Maybe you are really Libertarian and just don’t realize it.

  • Gene Reid

    We need people in office who are statesmen & not politicians. People who will not make deals to pass a bill. If a bill won’t pass on its own merit, we don’t need it .People in Washington need to remember who elected them & who can fire them. Listen to the people, Washington.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM


    Applause to your comment! Great response!

    Fed Up Gal

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Gene Reid,

    Yes….you’re right. A great example (not a great politician) is Mary Landieu of Louisiana. Polly….I mean Mary want a bribe(up to 300 million dollars)to buy continued support…i.e.,votes to keep your seat?

    Fed Up Gal

  • Joe H.

    what if it’s a conservative bill put forward now? With both houses controlled by dems and a dem pres. it won’t pass even if its the one thing that the U.S. needs right now!!! So that would be a bill that won’t pass on its merits but needed!

  • one old dog

    Here in Pa. we have Specter the defector, who bows, before his new masters by voting for everything they put out, so we found Toomey who had a excellent record in the house, voting mostly conservative and some times almost libertarian. He said he would only do 3 terms in the house and he kept his word, This could be a blueprint for other candidates as his numbers have come up astoundingly since then.
    A conservative who keeps his word, Its almost blasphemy to the left. but needed very much in Pa. but our bigger cities seem to control our elections here. But its necessary to fight, for the right, to stay free.
    so if you have a good person who keeps their word and conservative, back them till it hurts, California, because those big money Hollywood types, pour loads of money into her campaign and right or wrong, money wins campaigns, more often than not.

  • mike s

    Ralph STOP SHOUTING. We hear you.
    Why on earth would you restrict the potential of some one who has never violated any oath of office yet?
    I thouhgt one of the greatest underlying princables of this country is the presumption of innocence.
    What you are saying is akin to, that we shoukd lock up our next door neibors in case they are pedophiles. After all they have not proven that they aren’t yet.
    This is absurd especially as she would need certian unrestricted powers (those whithin the scope of the constitution)to efficiently perform her duties.
    I do however agree that all polititions should be subject to the “same” not “similar” retirement and healthcare plans as the rest of us.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Dave H,

    I agree; I also believe the current “dead-beat dad” program needs to be re-named to “dead-beat parent” program and enforced on any parent who truly meets the definition of a dead-beat …as it relates to their responsibility for the care and upbringing of children they both brought into their mutual and/or self-inflicted mess! The current system seems to predominantly go after dead-beat dads. When it comes to this topic…..both genders should be treated equally…for similar dead-beat parent issues.

    Fed Up Gal

  • Fed Up Gal in NM


    So happy your wife’s cancer is in remission! God Bless her and God Bless you for being there when she needed you!

    Fed Up Gal

  • libertytrain

    Nice reply Lindy – and best of luck to your wife’s future continued good health.

  • eyeswideopen

    Lindy, sorry your wife had to endure the ignorance of people who hate gays. I am happy for you both that she beat the odds. Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving.

  • cr747

    Way to go Lindy. My wife went through chemo and radiation, and lost her hair. She to has been cancer free sent 1996, and I thank GOD for his miraculous healing. The Doctors said she would never live. She was pregnant with our 3rd child at the time, and we lost the baby. God new what he was doing. We left it in God’s hands, and she is alive today. She is a Certified Professional Coder For a Hospital, and works every day. May God bless all who have battled this dreadful disease. IN OUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cr747

  • eyeswideopen

    Fed Up, she didn’t do so well running HP. Here is the link. http://en.wikipedia.oirg/wiki/Carly_Fiorina

    HP lost a lot of money during her tenure. She also was involved in a scandal involving spying on the other board members.

  • eyeswideopen
  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Well…hello there EYES! Thought for sure you went on an extended vacation (with MD MOM)…So nice of you to drop back in….hope you enjoyed your time away.

    Fed Up Gal

  • cr747

    Well, bound for eyes to have something NEGATIVE to say. She can never agree on the truth.

  • mike s

    I concure whole heartedly on this topic. This Monsterous bill will assuredly cause more problems than it repairs.
    I could understand passing legislation addressing grift or other unscoupulous actions which regularly occure in such industries. However with the history of government run health care around the world and our own goverments poor history of government run anything. This is simply doomed to failure.
    Although I find it odd that we are not arguing the constitutionality of government run healthcare. It is for this reason that I feel that any polititian who voted for this bill or plans to needs to be removed from office.

  • mike s

    I do not see a definitive problem with career polititions. Nor do I see mandating term limits as a realistic means to deter unsavory charictors from running for office. I do however believe that holding any representative of the people accountable ( civily and criminaly ) for their respective actions would be far more effective. Also there are a few (very) career polititions who are truely good for the system.


    Mike, I agree with you. You will never get them to vote for Term Limits. But if the American voters understand, that after two terms in office they receive benefits for the rest of their life. So after two years they must go.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Be nice Curtis…LoL.

    Fed Up Gal

  • Joe H.

    Dude, you aren’t just a little anti-Semitic are you? Maybe a little racist too? Get some help man!!!

  • Uncontrived

    Paul Revere -

    It would be wonderful if the likes of the original P. Revere were around. But this is about your passion for America and our Constitution. Are you participating in any group that holds beliefs that correspond to yours ? There is strength in numbers, and it is still possible to work change within the democratic (not Democrat) system. Your post would be easier to read if it were typed a little more slowly and “spell checked”. Please direct your patriotic energy to helping maintain our traditional values for all Americans. Peace to you.

  • eyeswideopen

    Fed Up, went back after your comment to find out who or what MD Mom was. Starting laughing, pretty insulting, I am much longer winded than she was, more polite, and never curse like that. The only time they have removed any content, was recently when I was calling Jeffie a ditto head. I’m his Troll, so he’s my dittohead, which they deleted. Little biased on their part. Yep, did enjoy my vac. Thanks for asking. Thanks for the compliment about being the other people, but you are mistaken. Maybe everyone who doesn’t agree with you all, sounds alike. Or you all are paranoid about the boggie man.

  • eyeswideopen

    Hands clapping.


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