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Fighting TSA Thugocracy

November 17, 2010 by  

Fighting TSA Thugocracy

There is growing resistance to the Transportation Security Administration’s airport porn show /grope fest, where TSA agents give airline passengers a choice of being irradiated while having nude photographs taken or being sexually assaulted in order to fly. And there are a few signs Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano may be backing down in the face of the growing resistance.

Already, talks are underway with pilots unions over pilot screening, and the TSA has decided that children under 12 should not receive the pat down.

But this is not enough, and airline passengers need to continue fighting the totalitarian thugocracy that is the TSA. For an example of how the TSA works, watch the video of Meg McLain, or go here to learn what happened to John Tyner, who is now being investigated by the TSA for refusing to be scanned or groped.

National Opt-Out Day is scheduled for Nov. 24, and travelers are being encouraged to declare they opt of the naked body scanners and submit to the enhanced pat down. This will muck up the system and allow the traveling public to see how innocent Americans are treated by TSA goons. But this should only be the beginning.

We encourage anyone going through airport security to record the experience. Video and audio of the TSA thugs at work is one of the best tools we have against the growing totalitarianism. And if you do make a recording, please send it to We’ll post any we receive on the site, and we guarantee your anonymity.

Airports actually have the right to their own opt-out. The 2001 law that created the TSA gave airports the right to opt out of the TSA program in favor of private screeners after a two-year period. Representative John Mica (R-Fla.), who will chair the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in the new Congress, reminds airports they have that choice.

It’s time for Americans to remind the airports, the airlines and the government that the choice actually belongs to the American people — and we choose freedom.


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://none Mike

    This needs to be stopped now.! Its a freaking joke what these people are doing in the name of so called security. This was just pure harassment and really should have been prosiquited as such. What that woman in the video went through was pitiful I wonder if the guy behind the x-ray machine just wanted to see her naked or the lesbian agent was wanting to get her rocks off with a good ole grope fest. The very fact that they were singleing her out really makes me wonder what we are comming to when a what 20ish white female is targeted for this and middle eastren men and wemon have a right to refuse now in the name of religon? This is as fake as it comes anymore and really sad to see in this country. And really whats it going to matter these guys that want to hijak planes will just go to a country that has lax bording policies hop a flight here and act when they get into our airspace. Its a joke and a dog and pony show put on by the TSA to make weak minded people feel safer in the name of lost liberties for the rest of us. Mike L.

    • Vicki

      The evil plan is to get us to declare we are Muslim so we can fly unmolested. Then Obama can claim we are the biggest Muslim nation. :)

      • Dee

        This would be called racial profiling, but they should just put all people from terrorits counties on the no-fly list, along with all the muslims in this country. Their religion is to kill all the infidels.
        But this country panders to illegals and muslims.

        • Rose

          You are right, but they will call us both biggots

      • EddieW

        They pretend to be backing down a little bit, but for every inch they back down, they will move forward 3 inches…perhaps a device to look up your rectum for bombs!! Janet, like Obummer, really doesn’t get it yet!! To her, this has to be, and she will not back down from it!! Not even if it kills the airline industry!! and it might well have to!!

    • Wanda Murline

      The Muslims are the ones that need to be scanned and groped…because the people of their religion are blowing up planes. Israel has fewer incidents than the US because their people are taught how to detect bombs, etc. If the Muslims are not going to have to be screened, then the rest of America should not have to be screened either. To receive a pat down, you have to have some probable cause to do that and a warrant to go further. You can detain someone for probable cause, but you cannot molest them without a warrant. I believe that the Constitution has something in it called “unreasonable searches and seizures”. It is just a matter of time before TSA gets hit with a lawsuit and they will lose because this is unconstitutional…it is furthering the test to see if the American people will just “take” whatever this administration throws at them, whether or not they will fight for their freedoms or become the sheeples that people became under Hitler who did all the same things in the name of security and the people’s best interest, and you can see what happened to that scenario. This is nothing more than an attempt to make America a dictatorship. I hope that releiving some 60 democrats of their seats in the House does start to put a stop to these invasions of privacy and capitalism. We still have a lot of junk in the swamps and 2012 should rid us of most of the sewage because it really stinks.

      • Richard Pawley

        Actually Israel has almost no ‘incidents’ and we would do well to copy them if we were serious about security. My wife and I have chosen not to fly some time back because of all the crap one has to go through, and getting extra doses of radiation while providing free naked pictures to unbalanced TSA agents was just the final straw. One of them had a 60+ year old businessman I’ve known for decades on the verge of tears because of the way he was mis-treated. Some beleive that this is all part of a Marxist movement to dehumanize the population in the United States to make us more amenable to whatever socialist dictates that congress and the bureaucracy have planned for us. Remember we must replace the rest of the establishment congress (those who are bought and sold) and care only for themselves and those who pay them which should be us. Just 24 months and we can replace those who refuse to do what is right for the American people. Remember that Multi-billionaire and European George Soros says it’s a shame that only Americans can vote for congress and he and a few others are doing all they can to influence our economy and our way of life, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to do so.

        • Christin

          You are so right.

          I am still in shock somewhat after listen to the audio tape of the young lady who was singled out and just trying to fly. I feel like I was just molested and found guilty by TSA listening to her testimony.

          I did not know they were groping people and squeezing women’s breast… WHAT?! That is physical abuse… since when do we let a man or a woman do that to an innocent person who is not guilty of a crime, much less guilty of one? What happened to the back of the hand that I heard they were going to use… not that I agree with that either?

          The man in the audio tape said TSA is doing “mental conditioning” and “psychological torture” on Americans for the things the progressives/communists have instore for us yet to come… because the man in the airport said it was for the “greater good”… WOW.

          Sounds like we’re trapped in an alternate universe in “The Twilight Zone” …da-na,na-na, da-na,na-na…

          So how come Muslim women wearing the barka veil and their muslim families can opt out… aren’t we all supposed to succumb to the Flight Policies for “Air Traffic Safety?”

          And aren’t the Islamic Muslims the Terrorists, not patriotic Americans visiting their families or flying for their work.

          Isn’t Isreal doing a GREAT job with their airport security… no one is felt-up by freaks and harrassed by police kooks.

          This is nuts… NO MORE, guys we have to say NO, NO, NO!

          I don’t fly anymore, but still I say this is America and we want OUR FREEDOMS back!

          • Richard Pawley

            Christin, I said above that Israel has had almost ‘no incidents’ but I have since read that they have had NONE but of course we are told that we can’t do what they do. I have a hunch that another reason we are doing this is also payback to the companies that make these machines. The pictures I have seen (but which are no longer being released) are not these somewhat surreal pictures shown at the top of this article but pictures that could easily be identified if you knew the person. I wonder if any movie stars fly commercial? Their nude pictures would fetch a pretty penny and be in cyber space forever. Of course none of the soon be unionized 50,000 TSA members would ever sell them. It’s a good thing they arrested the TSA supervisor last week in Newark who had been robbing passengers belongings of money while they went through the scanner – he had been doing this for two years – because once Obama and his Marxist friends unionize them he could never be fired just like the several hundred teachers in NYC who have been found unfit morally to teach but can’t be fired so they report to a special building each day and get up to $100,000 a year to just be there and do absolutely nothing. One even runs a business from this place. Now many union members are good decent people but it is their leaders that are communists and those who want to reduce the USA to a brick in the new world social order. In my 2006 autobiography, “Leaving South Carolina” I tell the story of how I and Scotty were the only two members of a plant in Columbia, S.C. who were not members of the Teamsters Union and that Christmas we got a Christmas card from Jimmy Hoffa who was in prison at the time. It was quite scary and after six months I quit that job. In any event they keep telling us that we can’t do the extremely successful system used by Israel. We were once AMER-I-CANs but nowadays we are just AMER-I-CAN’Ts. I’ve heard it said that some are hoping that they will stop using this Nazi-like method (at least a couple of elderly Jews have said this reminded them of how Hitler got started, treating people inhumanely, getting them accustomed to being “things” rather than free individual persons) but that if they do stop and then there is an incident they can say we tried but those evil people who believed in the Constitution (the fourth amendment forbids unreasonable searches) made us stop so in the name of safety we have to do away with the Constitution. George Soros says it’s a shame that only Americans can vote for congress and he has clearly stated that he thinks Karl Marx had it right. If I were president I would strip him of his citizenship since he is clearly a traitor to this country and is doing all he can to bring it down (can a president do that?). Soros say that the United States is an impediment to the world social order that he believes is best for the world or some such. If you happen to be a believer pray about any of these things that upset you. In the wonderful book GOD CALLING, a classic Christian paper back, Jesus tells a woman in England before we were born, that “When you see how wonderfully your prayers have been answered, you will regret, deeply regret that you did not pray more.” If enough people pray I think our country can still be saved. The terrible inflation, with food and fuel and other things, tripling, is still coming because of all the money the Pelosi-Reid congress has squandered in the past four years, but it could be much worse. If we don’t cut back on the terrible waste and reduce the spending we will end up just print money like the Germans did in 1922 and…Oh, I forgot, we are already doing that, just creating 75 thousand million dollars out of thin air each month until June of next year. In my book four and a half years ago I warned about the coming stock market crash and the danger of derivatives that were then over $300 TRILLION. Well, the central banks of the world have continued to speculate and they now have more derivative investments that require INFLATION to be profitable than the worth of the entire planet so you know they are doing all they can to create inflation. The point is that while you hear a lot about gold going up and it is (Soros sold a bunch of his stock and bought several hundred million dollars worth of gold) gold is really for the rich who can afford it. Ordinary people would do better buying the things of daily life, non-perishable or emergency foods like those available from and Karst Sports, and all the things from toilet paper to toothpaste, from under garments to socks, and all the regular things of daily life – they are likely to cost 20% more next year and eventually triple what they are now. Some of my sources say that in 2012 the inflation we (the Congress and the FED and the Treasury) are causing is going to set a wave of inflation throughout the world. In my 2006 autobiography I called what is coming “The Greater Depression” but it will really be worse than that. Don’t take all this lightly. You can’t lose buying things you know you will eventually need because the inflation alone will pay for them. To much to tell but as Winston Churchill once said (the guy whose bust the White House returned to England as no longer wanted) “Never, never, NEVER, never give up!” I also like what it says in the Bible, “With God all things are possible!” May God bless you and all who read this.

    • 45caliber

      How about this for a joke!

      My wife went up to Little Rock for a visit. On her way back, she was pulled for a search. Directly behind her was a Muslim in robes, his three wives (count them), and two children. None were even questioned. In fact, on the way back to Houston, the Mustlims basically told the passengers that they were from Saudi and were going to Houston to one of the hospitals there so their daughter could be examined for some problem.

      But they picked a middle aged American woman instead of any of the obvious Muslims for their search. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

      • WTH

        I was told by a TSA agent that if you are traveling alone, that makes you a suspect. I believe this girl was traveling alone and it sounds as if your wife was as well. When I was traveling alone, I was singled out as well but it was before the naked body scanners were put into place.

        • WTH

          Maybe they do this because there will be nobody there for you to rely on for back up and therefore, no witness to their crime as nobody can corroborate your story.

    • Wanda Murline

      The first thing I would have asked for was a phone to call my attorney. You cannot cuff someone without probable cause or arrest…this is outside the law. I would have been getting every TSA personnells and cop’s name and driver’s license with the pure intent of sueing their pants off. The guy at the airport was nice to her because he was probably aware that he and the airport could be sued over this. This is what needs to happen…let’s show the TSA overpowering maffia that they can be sued just like anyone else. Nothing like getting into TSA, the airport’s and the local cops and TSA employees pocket books to put an end to this over the top intrusion and unconstitutional search and seizure. Of yeah, where the hell is the ACLU? Just goes to show that this is another part of our tax dollar that needs to be defunded along with the NPR.

      • independant thinker

        The ACLU is probably part and parcel of the discrimination against those who are not obviously muslim.

        I believe if I were forced to fly anywhere (and I do mean forced because I have no intention of flying under the present rules and regulations) I would refuse the scan then tell the person doing the pat down if they groped me they would be on their butt with a broken jaw or perhaps not. Just wait until it happened then deck them for sexual assualt.

        • Richard Pawley

          And, sadly, you would be the one arrested. Your choice and mine are best, not to fly until all this nonsense is over. I sympathize with those who must fly. Once the FED and the Treasury destroy the dollar and the economy with their incessant creation of money out of thin air, times are going to be so bad that very few will be flying and as I pointed out in my recent and politically incorrect book on what’s really going on with the economy (and why) the price for even an economy ticket will be so high that few will be able to fly. Some of those well off are chartering their own aircraft. The rest of us will just have to stay closer to home if we don’t want to be treated like the Nazi’s treated not just the Jews but all that didn’t support their agenda in a previous generation.

          • Dan az

            You know richard it sounds like the fences are already up and the gestapo are manning the gates.The NWO at its finest.

        • Bus

          If the airports can opt out of using the TSA, then pressure should be brought to bear on them to do so. A private company who had to stay in business would work to help keep the public happy and safe. A government agency has no such compulsion. They get paid the same whether they are groping and harrasing or being pleasant and helpful, most opt for the first attitude when they come to work. They are so afraid of being sued that they let the obvious Muslim through unmolested while picking on some poor middle aged woman…ridiculous!

        • Remy

          I’m so glad that you’ve chosen not to fly during the present situation. That will help make flying a more pleasurable experience knowing we won’t have to deal with you as a passenger.

    • BOE

      This sounds like a jack-ass with an attitude and she needs to be fired. I can tell you, however,as an RN we have to touch,look,lift up and move over body parts. I can tellyou we are not happy having to do this but we know and the patients know it has to be done. I don`t think the TSA employee`s enjoy doing this and some may have quit over this. We have to scan everyone with the Holidays coming. The Muslim women should not get a pass.

  • Jessica

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations has demanded that Homeland Security chief Janet Nepolitano should exempt muslim women in burkas from both the scan and pat-down because of “religious considerations”.
    And would you believe that she is actually considering it? What does that tell you?

    • Wanda Murline

      Tells me that I will purchase some of the Muslim garb to wear the next time I plan to fly commercial. I can bet that every woman in line will look Muslim…why not? If the Muslims can do it, so can everyone else…would just have to keep up with the clothing for the return trip. There are always loopholes around anything.

    • Jana

      This is so ridiculous. The very ones who are responsible for this extreme scanning or body search want to be exempt. OF COURSE THEY DO. They will be laughing all the way, watching the innocents being searched.

      In the first place too much radiation is not good for you, so what about the people who fly on a daily basis, or several times a week? Not healthy!

    • Snitch-In-Time

      Today’s new word is “dhimmitude” (dim’ ee tood). This is the state of all non-Muslims in Muslim dominated lands. Dhimmis are second class citizens (if allowed citizenship at all) and must be subject to their Muslim overlords in all things and must pay special taxes to those overlords. So here we see, by the appeal for Muslim exemptions, that our new overlords will be exempt but we lowly dhimmis will have no option but to submit. Oh, in case you do not recognize which legal system is in force that makes such distinctions between Muslim overlords and dhimis it has a name: Sharia Law.

      Can it get any worse? Yes. First, sodomites can, under the current system, be the ones groping the men and lesbians the ones groping the women. Good luck getting “discriminatory prohibitions” against any and all perverts and reprobates applying for these positions. Untimately, I expect that once the pretenses drop away, it will be Muslim men groping the dhimmi women as dhimmis have no rights and no humanity that needs to be respected by the overlords. Think it cannot happen? If any of us warned that airport security would consist of e-voyeurism and genital groping 10 years ago we would have been laughed from the room as paranoid loons.

      “We the dhimmis of the United States of Isalmerica, in order to form a more perfect Caliphate, promote the greater Uma, and provide for Muslim dominance …”

      • Richard Pawley

        What is interesting is that in most nations the Muslim elitists don’t cause serious problems until they are six or seven percent of the population but here they are causing a lot of grief and discord while being only 2% of the population. I suspect that if the real financial crisis doesn’t come upon us very soon it will only get worse. I pointed out in both my books that you cannot fight evil with just material weapons (you can, of course, but you need spiritual weapons to fight spiritual battles), and the United States is going through the greatest spiritual battle it has gone through since the Civil War. I recall listening to a Palestinian engineer making what he thought was a joke with a Palestinian computer operator outside a air force less than two months after 9/11 about taking flying lessons but not needing to know how to land. Both were working as car rental agents outside a base that had nuclear weapons in the western part of our nation. I didn’t say anything about it to them but I did see that the proper authorities were at least notified about it. I mentioned that in one of my books. By the way St. Paul in the New Testament talks a great deal about spiritual warfare for those who might be interested.

        • Jana

          You are certainly right about it being a spiritual battle. And we do need to use our spiritual tools.

      • Vicki

        “Dhimmis are second class citizens (if allowed citizenship at all) and must be subject to their Muslim overlords in all things and must pay special taxes to those overlords.”

        And that tax has already been enacted into law. Obamacare requires all citizens who are breathing to pay a fine if they don’t have gov approved health Insurance. Muslims are, of course, exempt on religious grounds.

        (For the fully informed reader you should be aware that there are numerous articles both claiming and disputing the above. However PL does not allow more than 1 link without the delay of moderation so to be able to see lots of argument just go to google and type in
        “muslim exemption from health care bill”
        For a host of fact/opinion and conjecture.)

    • Marlene

      I’m thinking of opening a shop in the airport….BURKHA’S R US….

      • Vicki

        You could even make it a rental/sales shop for those who only need them occasionally. :)

  • Vicki

    Listening to that tape the TSA actions are straight out of Germany Circa 1935-40

    • Al Sieber

      You got that right Vicki, we’re already there.

  • TIME

    This is all due to one single point of light, “WE the American People” let the Patriot Act be signed into law.
    TOTALY BAD MOVE that has now just started to dawn on many as to just how bad it really is and was and its only just getting started, just wait until some of the O Care laws start up, Man O Man will that special 2800 page fun filled Law just blow your minds.

    I said the day GWB signed the Patriot act was the real first day we started our run to being SLAVES controlled by the NWO.
    9/11 was to GWB’s – just like FDR’s Pearl Harbor – both knew it was going to happen down to the second.

    Thats how they view you, your nothing but a means to an end for their “New World Order.”

    Welcome and please place your seats UPRIGHT and fasten your seat belts. The ride from this point on is going to get really nasty, if you don’t wake up everyone you can real soon.

    • Al Sieber

      TIME, and we the people let Obama renew and extend the Patriot Act. I’m glad John Tyner had the balls to stand up to the Airport “Gestapo”, it’s about time we all do it, what are they gonna do if we all refuse to follow their orders? or are we gonna have to take our country back by another way. they hire people with the lowest I.Q. for these jobs,people on power trips, and bullies.

      • TIME

        Hi Al,

        I agree with you, I used to fly standard carriers, we switched to a small plane carriers we have a few services we use around the US.
        It saves us the insaine behavior displayed within all US Air Ports.

        Lets face it its been code Yellow or Orange now for 10 years, do you feel safer now then before 9/11?

        Now all of you please ask yourself’s this, Just how did Dipper Boy get on that plane last December?
        Can you say really that its not a 100% contrived event?

        Is it not strange that the fix was just waiting on funding?
        Is it not strange how many in Dems and Reps Congress and the Senate have stock in the company’s involved with manufacture of said units?

        This is the deal with the TSA thing and all this scanning, padding down.
        Soon people will be so conditioned that you will have to strip down to your skin just to get on a standard carrier. But along with that is that you or anyone can be on a list and guess what, if you are its not just going to be a strip search.

        No its the total open door for anything, even public beatings, and worse – as in an excution room built on each air port. Think thats really far fetched, Read the Heath Care Bill and some of whats in it.

        Then ask yourself this question, did you ever think you would be doing what you are now to fly even just 25 years ago. I bet not.

        • Wanda Murline

          I’m not through reading Obamacare, but I can tell you it is a killer for everyone…even the entitlement participants who vote only to receive their next check. Everyone is going to be affected even if you make $10,000 a year. Anyone with company insurance gets to pay taxes on those benefits in your W-2 at the amount your company pays for it (unless you are one of the unions that have been given a waiver to opt out..and there are a bunch of them), 3.8% investment income tax,, medicare payroll tax increase of 0.9%, 10% tax on tanning beds, medical device excise tax (on wheelchairs, scooters, any medical device), annual fees for doctors and hospitals, physician reimbursement “value based” which means the government will determine the reimbursement to your physician for your care, individual and company mandates, 529 billion cuts to Medicare (remember the death squads), 205 billion cuts in Medicare Advantage Prescription Plan, your medical expenses to be deducted on your income tax has to be above 10% of your income, and we will have a happy 16 million dumped into the Medicaid program so all us working stiffs can pay for them…and there is no exclusion for illegal aliens, plus your tax dollars will be paying for abortions. Don’t you just love it. We must stand up to everything this administration tries to control us with…we must have the airports get rid of this ridiculoua invasion of our privacy as well as Obamacare because of its unconstitutional and invasion of privacy as well. It is time for us to become Patriots and stand up for the Constitution and and law of the land.

          • 45caliber

            There is a big reason that this bill controls doctor fees.

            At the moment, doctors are the only profession that can compete with salaries with lawyers and therefore can compete for political positions.

            There has been a bill in Congress for many years now that wants to make it illegal for a doctor – such as each of the two Dr. Paul’s – from running for any office. Supposedly, their oath to serve humanity covers only medical care.

            By setting the fees a doctor can charge, they can eliminate doctors from being financially able to run for office against a more deserving lawyer – plus they can eliminate doctors who won’t be willing to buy and sell votes.

        • Howingmad

          As someone who ‘KNOWS’ security, all of whats going on at airports is nothing but ‘Foolishness’, as it is ‘COMPLETELY WORTHLESS. What I DO see happening, is the flying public, is being ‘Trained’ . . . trained to ‘Submit’, to do ‘As Told’. People better start ‘Waking Up’, because until they DO, an make a point of LOUDLY COMPLAINING, ‘Nothing’ is going to change.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Time, you rock !!!!

      • TIME

        Hi Doc,
        Thanks Doc, I do try and point out craziness when I see it.

    • http://none Mike

      Hello Time,I just wanted to point out up top there that this was all an absurd joke perpatrated on We The People. Kinda sick they singled out this 20something white girl for the grilling.I think it was just for the pure pleasure of harassing her but good luck getting the goons prosiqueted for it.It can be ended though 20 or 30 people at a time in line telling them to Kiss my Ash when they try that and you basically shut down a termanil for a while. Once the airlines start to loose money big time they will start to lobby to have this madness ended I hope. Mike L.

      • TIME

        Hi Mike,

        I agree with you but saddly these marxist in our government are not fooling around.
        So After thinking about this issue I have come up with a idea that I feel will be of help to all.

        First off everyone needs to call, email and fax your state Reps in both houses and explain the point that you are not having any more of this Marxist behavior from TSA nor HLS or the WH.

        You want them to not only remove the nude Xray gadgets but the pat downs are not valid either and they should be stopped NOW.

        Let them know that you as law abiding citizens of the USA as well TAX paying citizens have had enough of the Patiriot act and want it repealed ASAP or defunded.

        Its not a valid nor reasonable law. And as the Citizens of the US never got a vote on it you find it “unconscionable” that it was ever passed, and while they are working on unfunding Obama care they can unfund this law as well.

        Tell them that dogs can sniff out the items they are looking for far better than human hands can, let alone the Xray gadgets.
        As well to start whats truly needed “PROFILING.”
        As 99.999% of all persons born in the USA on flights are not ones to fear so stop the maddness now.

        This will have a few effects first off the DC belt way gang can no longer profit from any issues that arise and let them know that you know such is going on and has gone on for far too long and it will stop now. Let them know in a “very nice way” that they too can be replaced.

        Also its high time that our Government stop the maddness in all respects, and VET Barry Soetoro ASAP.
        As they failed to do their job back in 2007/08 and now they had better get their butts in gear and get the job done.
        And if its found that he is not a valid US Citizen that all laws passed by this admin need to be defunded and then removed from the law books ASAP, as well all Appomintments made no matter who and what.

        As well that the “Full Letter of the Law” apply to any and all who were involved in this plot. Keep in mind you want to let it be known that as “these events took place during a WAR” That the law is very clear on what fate they have coming.
        And that you want it followed to the letter of the law. Thats
        “death for High Treason.”
        As well you want GWB to suffer the same fate as he also commited Treason by signing the Patirot act.

        Then you also want the DOJ dufunded and then shut down ASAP. Also tell them you are sick and tired of the political rhetoric and you want it stopped ASAP.

        No more lies, no more BS just tell it like it is.
        Oh, and audit the FED too!

  • Rich

    If they exempt Muslims then this is the biggest scam in the history of the world. All of the bombings were done by Muslims but we let them opt out. they should be the only ones bing checked. The biggest problem is you have small minded people with a little authority and all of a sudden they think they are special. Hang on tight – this is going to get really ugly

    • Mike

      Small minded people!!?? Nope! Its the “P.C.” attitude that got us here!Oh my god..we shouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings!! Bulls**t!! Take the P.C. crap..not being able to profile..and stuff them where the sun doesn’t shine!!

      • 45caliber

        PC is not ‘not hurting someone’s feelings’. It is “not disagreeing with the libs”. They don’t want THEIR feelings hurt; they could care less if it hurts your feelings. This whole thing shows this. Meg, for instance, simply wanted to ask some questions and not be seen naked or fondled. That offended those TSA people present – so she is obviously a problem. The fact that they offended her isn’t wrong since they are PC and she isn’t.

    • Snitch-In-Time

      Dhimmitude, folks, this is dhimmitude! Sharia law is upon us and will be used to dismantle our Constitution and laws, brick by brick.

  • david

    Everyone quit flying for a day. Ground the entire fleet. power of the people !

    • 45caliber

      I haven’t flown since they started this cr@p. And I don’t intend to. I don’t like driving long distance, but I prefer to drive for a full day rather than go through all this just to fly up in an hour. Besides, by the time you rush to the airport, go through this, wait until the plane leaves, wait while you fly, wait for your luggage to arrive after you get there, and then try to rent a car and drive to wherever you are going, you probably put in almost the same time anyway.

      • independant thinker

        Very true in at least most cases if not all and in some cases you can drive faster than you can fly .

      • http://none Mike

        Too True 45, Why fly enjoy the drive maby that needs to be our new motto. I see the other mike is on today too Mike L.

  • George Odell

    Thugocracy! This is what you get when you let Republicans create a Federal Agency. TSA is a Republican conceived, Republican run outfit from start to finish. It is typical of Republican ideology to put in place an underpaid, low skill staff. And the semi police state atmosphere you see is also classic Bush/Cheney Republican. It will take at least 6 more years of sane, Obama style management to fix things at TSA.

    “I love my country AND I admire our President – Isn’t that true patriotism?”

    • Al Sieber

      George, this isn’t a Republican, Democrat issue, it’s a violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • Raggs


    • Ellen

      WOW!! What planet are you from?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear George Odell,

      Please take your left-wing blinders off. You have been poisoned by the mainstream media. This is a product of both Republicans and Democrats. They are two sides of the same coin. Both are elected elites: A group of people who work for themselves and government and against the interests of the American people. They both want to steal your freedoms and your wealth and have created an oligarchy to accomplish this. Until everyone sees this we will get nowhere.

      Yes, George W. Bush, the father of the un-American and unpatriotic USA PATRIOT Act, was the “elected” puppet at the time the TSA was conceived, but the bill was introduced by Democrat Fritz Hollings and co-sponsored by 30 Senators—Democrats and Republicans alike. There were not enough Republicans in either body to pass it alone. In the last few years—particularly the last two—the TSA has doubled down on their fascist police-state tactics. And it’s Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano that is leading the charge.

      Loving your country IS patriotism. Loving this president is delusional–unless your goal is Marxism.

      Please George, wake up.

      All the best,

      • sylviam

        Thank you Mr. Livingston, I am tired of the misconceptions of the liberals and the bias that they spew too. I am an Independant but I will not vote for another Democrat for many a year because of the MARXISM ridden agendas that they have been eaten up by. We went to war to rid the world of Naziism and should have went on to rid the world of COMMUNISM at the same time, but for the life of me I do not know why our GOV. then said NO My father went thru ww-2 and I was without a dad for 6 yrs. because of it.
        Now it is in our front yard, and my GOD they want to KILL or way of life & the DEMOCRATS are allowing it. But the Arabs are here too, now we are a multi-national country, but FIRST and FORMOST we are AMERICANS, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. NO EXCEPTIONS.

      • http://none Mike

        Thank you Bob, I have really been able to learn alot on this sight over the last few months. Some things I allready knew to be true but wondered if there were people out there who thought the same way I did. And some things I assumed to be true but when brought to light I was wrong about.Thanks again Mike L.

      • Michael J.

        Don’t mind George Odell, stirring the pot was probably his intent. George is likely chuckling right now at how easy it is to raise the ire of conservatives. Just the mention of a few trigger words like Bush lied, Reich Winger or Tea Bagger has us chomping at the bit.

        As for myself, being a consumate optimist and after my blood pressure returns to a level that won’t make me explode, see the benefits hidden in remarks of George like creatures as a barometer useful in gauging current liberal talking points, a heads-up so to speak. I can then safely surmise that somewhere on the web there are a group of lefties typing away furiously with orange stained Cheetos finger tips, crafting the latest fabri-fiction aimed at disrupting constructive conversations between concerned patriots anxious only for a favorable future for their beloved offspring.

        And lastly, George’s comments remind me of the dangers in supporting a politician, any politician without question. Because of the 911 attacks I supported the Patriot Act in the belief that Bush’s intentions were in the best interests of our country, and I still do. The problem is the potential missuse and abuse by subsequent leaders and will forevermore tender my thoughts on future policy making.

    • T. Labradog

      You are the biggest idiot that has come to light so far this morning.

    • frank

      George you are a typical liberal idiot. When Janet duh Napolitano is thinking about letting muslim women out of this fiasco after the muslims caused it!!!.Iwill do this at the airport but only after i know the MUSLIMS have to go through wit it.Also maybe it will keep the muslims off the planes that would be great. And about your POTUS Obama don’t lose him!!!.

    • http://msn Kerri

      Obama is the one who is trying to overthrow our country, constition, laws, rights and libertis. Are you crazy?

    • 45caliber

      George, a couple of problems with what you said.

      First, most of this problem with TSA came AFTER Bush was long gone. It came about since the Christmas bomber and his shorts. That was on Oblama’s watch.

      Second, patriotism is NOT “I love my country and admire our President”. You don’t have to admire the President to be a patriot. That is PC thought – but only if the President is a Democrat. You have to love your country – and be willing to defend it if necessary. It seems that a lot of you liberals seem to forget that part.

      However, your comment about “admiring the President” may be the reason that you feel the rest of us aren’t patriotic. Say, did you “admire” Bush when he was President? If not, then by your way of thinking you weren’t patriotic then, were you?

      • George Odell

        Dear 45caliber,

        I happened to go to the same college as GWB a few years after he graduated, and he was a member of the biggest party time beer soaked fraternity on campus, just around the corner from my dorm. He hung a confederate flag in his dorm room to declare his independence from a) his father and b) his Yalie environment. However, since I am married to a Jamaican, am a Seventh day Adventist elder, and have first hand knowledge of how ‘where he comes from’, I don’t admire any of those early qualities.
        His professed conversion to Christianity may well have led to a marked change in his personal life, but I wish they had also led to a marked change in these political attitudes. Yes, PC does exist, but not quite in the way most people think. Rebelling against it is hardly a valid philosophy of life. Having a good grasp of the facts and systems that make the world tick is essential to an informed and wise electorate. It doesn’t lead to the ideas Bob Livingston expressed here. True, both parties are guilty of unforgivable corruption and arrogance. But to hew the strict liberal AND/OR the pure conservative AND/OR the radical libertarian line is simply naive. It will result in further disgraces of America. Certainly, the draft dodging, know nothing, shallow mind of George Bush is nothing I can still appreciate. I did appreciated Dwight Eisenhower, and Robert Kennedy, and to lesser extents, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. All men of integrity. We need to have scrupulous and independent statesmen leading our nation, regardless of political tendency.
        I see those qualities in Barack Obama, who is very far from being the socialist nut depicted in this string of comments. Witness his handling of General Motors – not radical enough for some, who would have let GM disappear, but moderate, calm and successful.

        “Blessed is the man who……sits [not] in the seat of the scornful” Ps 1:1

        Patriotically yours,

    • Snitch-In-Time

      Hats back on, gentlemen, the man is an idiot.

    • Vicki

      Dear George.

      The Democrats where handed the entire Congress AND Presidency which they have had for 4+ years. 2 with a President who would sign most anything the Democrats sent him.

      Are you telling me that they are so INCOMPETENT that they could not dismantle the ENTIRE TSA in 2 YEARS? Surely you jest.

      (Betcha he thinks to reply that Obama had more important things to do :) He won’t reply. They never do. )

    • Wandering Minstrel

      There is absolutely no way you can love the USA and admire Obama. Those two things just don’t go together. By the way, police state tactics aren’t a matter of left or right. Both are guilty of the BS being instigated in the name of “security”. To paraphrase Ben Franklin; those that trade freedom for security don’t deserve either. Fight back before it’s too late.

  • Rick

    The American people need to stand up and refuse to co-operate. What are they going to do, thrown us all in jail. Refuse the body scanner and then simply remind the friendly TSA person that you are going to kick their a** is they so much as get near your private parts. Enough of this BS folks. It is time for the American people to take their country back. We are acting like we are more scared of the TSA than the terrorist that attacked us. Grow a spine America before government controls everything you do and everything you have. These thugs need to be prosecuted for what they did to this young lady. Stop talking and showing videos, and fight back. Where is the mighty ACLU on this one?

  • Santi

    Have you seen some of these TSA agents. They look like a bunch of homeless people, or they are so old that they can barely stand. This is a joke, pilots and stewarts have to go through this process. They are the ones on the plane at all times around the world and for them to go through this is shameful. Janet N. likes this law because she likes to be gropped by other women, that’s why she loves this law. Muslum people will be able to get away with it due to there religion. I thought that the idea behind all this was becasue of the muslums. My wife said that if that happens and they get out of going thru this process she will dress up like them when at the airport. We won’t be flying anytime soon I would rather drive even if it takes hours to get there. I have a pretty big family and I guess we will be like the families you see on TV fighting laughing and just having a moment with the kids. I will probably live some kids on the road to teach them a listen on who to get along with each other. In all it will bring the family together. Thanks TSA GOD BLESS ALL have a good trip. Remember if not flying it might bring your family together.

    • 45caliber

      Actually, many of them are ex-convicts. The feds insist that these people have served their time and are therefore clear of all wrong-doing. And they need jobs too. Several have been charged for stealing from bags or purses as they “do their duty”. Fondling doesn’t surprise me a bit as a result.

  • Ron

    I just wonder – if all you Anti-TSA people get your way and we let just anyone board our planes and only one of them is carrying a bomb and blows up the plane and kills over 200 people – will you step forward and be prosecuted for assisted murder? I thought not. Could you live with that? Knowing that you were responsible for the death of over 200 men, women and children? How could you live with yourself. What is a little inconvenience compared to knowing you are a murderer? THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    • newspooner

      Do you realize that there is technology already available that can detect any explosives in a totally non-intrusive way? There is no need for these intrusive scanners or physical body searches. It is just another excuse to drive this country further down the road to total government (slavery). I think it was Napolean the Pig who sai, “All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Do you thaink that the TSA would insist that Elizabeth Hohenzollern would have to go through a scanner or be groped if she was boarding an American flight to Buckminster?

    • Al Sieber

      Ron, sounds like you work for them, or you should. if you sacrifice your freedom for security, you deserve neither.

      • Cathy

        “Those who would give up essential freedom to purchase temporary security deserve neither freedom nor security.” — Benjamin Franklin

        I don’t plan on ever flying again. The terrorists are all laughing at the United States. They are winning. It’s just disgusting what these bullies are doing to people.

        I had to fly four years ago when my mother had a stroke and then for her funeral. One TSA agent was yelling and insulting the people at the security point. This was at the Las Vegas airport. Tourists who came here and spent a ton of money had to endure this creep? Embarrassing for Las Vegas. Shameful for the formerly free United States of America.

    • http://msn Kerri

      We are not saying don’t protect. We are saying don’t invade my privacy. Don’t viotate my 4th Amendment rights. Don’t exempt the very people who we are trying to protect ourselves from. If you want to give up all of your rights and liberties in the face of fear you go for it. The rest of us will just have to carry you and people like you to keep ours.

    • Snitch-In-Time

      LOL! Good one Ron. Liberty is the root of all evil. Yep, that’s the way it is!

      Now for the reality check. When it comes to mass murder, when it comes to massacring millions of innocent people, when it comes to gratuitous slaughter there is nothing that can compare to the blood soaked track record of liberals like Ron. 160 million people murdered by liberals like Ron and he wants people prosecuted for murder based on ideological association? Step up the the front of the line Ron! Your ideology is the most brutal, murderous, and blood thirsty in the history of mankind. Ready to be hold accountable for it? Didn’t think so.

    • Questioner

      I personally do not like the idea of either the Pat down nor the X-Ray to get on an airplane and go from one place to another.

      But I even more do not like the thought of getting on an airplane, and having it taken over by a bunch of thugs and flown into a building. Or as in Lockerbee Scotland blown up over a populated area.
      We have seen a trusted Army Medical person revert to his Muslim teachings and kill on an Army Base. We have seen a person of the muslim faith put on underwear and attempt to blow a plane out of the air. We have seen a person rig his shoes to blow a plane out of the air. There have been those caught with explosives hidden in Body Cavities, and in harmless looking personal items attempting to board planes. There have been printer cartridges sent by common carrier to blow planes out of the air. And all were not Muslim looking and able to be profiled. And now that we have seen that can happen, what do we do about it?

      So I read all these comments, and they all scream about their rights to privacy. But nobody has an answer to what to do to make it safe to fly when you have these Radical people wishing to kill Infidels by whatever means. Come up with a solution, not just a complaint – and nobody in this entire thread has a solution.

      I for one would fear to fly without a resonable knowledge that it was safe to do so. Once those wheels leave the ground, you are in jeopardy to begin with, add fanatacism to the mix, and the danger grows exponetially.

      • http://none Mike

        Questioneer 2 real solutions come to mind. Dogs can be trained to sniff out most explosives and armed airmarshels on flights. But being the typical left leaning person you are you would rather go through all this show for the entertainment of the deranged just for a false sence of security? Grow a brain and really question thigs not just say you are. Mike L.

    • Ed H

      The only real way to fight terrorism is to stop it thru intelligence gathering before terrorists get on a plane. We keep changing our security measures based on what these people have done (Taking off shoes because of the shoe bomber, full body scans because of the underwear bomber (AKA “Fruit of the Boom”). I can think of many more ways that terrorists can evade this security we have in place today, but I’m not going to tell, because it would make it even harder to get thru security (and more humiliating). It would be interesting to add up all of the additional time American Citizens have spent going thru security since 9/11. How many lifetimes would it equate to? The terrorists have won, if you look at it that way.

    • Bear

      So here’s the deal, Ron. All of this crap that we’re having to put up with today just to get somewhere a little faster has been brought to us by the Muslim community. Yes, virtually every horrific act of mass carnage that we have endured over this entire planet has been brought to us by the Muslim religion of Islam. Yet, we still adhere to the stupid, archaic rhythm of maintaining the stupid political act of NOT profiling these people. Instead, we profile everyone else in America in an attempt to look like we are fair to all. That is the BULL SHIT problem in America today. If we had NO Muslims, we’d have no need for full body scanners and professional gropers. Can you wrap your head around that, Ron? Now, what Bob Livingston said is right on. We need to see that this is about violating our 4th amendment rights. This IS indeed unreasonable search as we have done nothing to invite the necessity of these actions against us. It IS more of government’s way of pushing, cramming us into submission by subjedting us to more and more huminialting acts. Now you can imagine how the Jews felt when they were told to take off all of their clothes and led to what they thought was going to be a shower. This kind of humiliation is a flagrant violation of any and all human rights and just like Nazi Germany, our government has had no problem in finding people right here in America to carry out their sadistic orders on us. If you can live with this kind of humiliation and mistreatment then you ARE the problem in America!

    • Wandering Minstrel

      You’re an idiot. Enough said.

  • Charles

    Along the way came the shoe bomber, and we take off our shoes. Here comes the attempted crotch bomber, and we are asked to drop our shorts. There is a G_d in heaven who records all of this, and some day, maybe soon, these secret desires to hurt will be exposed for all to see. Eternity is a long time to pay for a few moments of taking joy in causing disruption, pain and death. In the meantime,I with many others will continue random acts of kindness, and shortly see who wins in the end. 2 Peter 3:9b says this about Jesus, “not wanting anyone to perish, but every one to come to repentance.”

  • FlaJim

    There’s a lot we could learn from the Israelis with their highly trained staff doing profiling. Our system is nothing short of ludicrous and unconstitutional.

  • Bob

    George- You know not of what you speak. CONGRESS, your elected representatives, passed the law and appropriated the funds, as only Congress can do. President merely signs it or vetoes it.Since you are a political idealogue and someone who for two years has still not recovered from your BDS (Bush derangement syndrome)you need to research just how many democrats voted for the legislation. Please explain to this blog how you hold Bush and the wicked republicans responsible for this incredible invasion of our privacy and nullification of our 4th amendment rights but NOT Napolitano. And to follow your political angle, 9/11 (the reason we are in this mess) would not have happened if Reno, Gorelick and Clinton were doing their jobs. Most of the 9/11 conspirators entered the country before Bush took office so don’t go there. This overextension of power is whar conservatives rail against. Limited gov’t is NOT a democrat talking point.

  • Raggs

    All in the name of “it’s good for you” and “you are too stupid to know what is best for you”… Typical tyrannical totalitrianism…

    Just wait until this “hew” health care kicks off really good… I stated many months prior to it’s backdoor passing that this would be the regimes best effort to control everything you eat and drink.

    Well, guess what folks… they only have the power over you that allow them to have… So how much more fondling of your person will you let them have?

  • Gregory Zorn

    It seems to me that the people being inconvenensed, groped and fondeled by the TSA, the American citizen, are the very people that stopped the shoe bomber and underwair bomber when the TSA failed. Stop the politicaly correct BS and profile. Where are the proud Americans that would punch someone in the mouth before they could grope or fondle their wife or children or let themselves be fondeled by a TSA goon???

    G. Zorn

  • susanburnette

    it’s funny that the one group of people that have been trying to kill us do not have to do this . does this not show the way our government is trying to take our country.

    • Snitch-In-Time

      It is called dhimmitude, Susan.

  • rosina

    There are other ways of handling security without stripping naked or being sexually abused. Outside the airport, this would be a felony. Why is it allowed at all inside?
    Profiling must be done.
    I suggest bringing some Israeli security persons here to TEACH the TSA something they know nothing of-how to detect the possible terrorists without terrorising half the country

    • Vicki

      Rosina writes:
      “Outside the airport, this would be a felony.”

      INSIDE the airport this would be a felony.

      Unless you are a TSA Employee just following orders.

  • Bob

    Ron- the solution is simple…..PROFILE those people who would do us harm……Muslims. Explain why you don’t have a problem with muslim women being excluded from pat downs and xray screening. Explain why its ok for frequent fliers to be bombarded with known to be harmful xrays. Name one caucasian who has sought to blow up planes, trains, depots, etc. An additional component of this is racial. A lot of payback going on with the disproportionate-to-the-general-population number of non-whites employed by the TSA who conduct the screenings. Seriously, you don’t think they’re having a little fun here?

  • Warrior

    Enough of this BS. Security is the excuse to take away freedoms plain and simple. Start the damn profiling NOW!

    • 45caliber

      A professor in college once told my class, “If you wish to stop all crime it is possible. All you have to do is install a police state. But if you do, you will lose every freedom you have. Is that worth it?”

      This is exactly what the TSA is doing.

  • AmShegar


    • Crystal

      Leave the country.

  • Bob

    George and Ron- Please answer the questions posed to you. Your silence reveals the weakness of your opinion

  • http://yahoo chas

    How about……..(drum roll)………………..PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!..Pc-ism has destroyed freedom of speech….AND…ODELL, you imbecile: Komrad ZERO-BAMA is the Blue-shirted Liberal NAZI who has commanded the scanners’ use, rather than uae ISRAELI tactics to confront his MUSLIM BROTHERS,( like El Al does!!)!!….It is time we informed ZERO that, if he will NOT honor our First & Fourth Amendment rights, then we will exercise our SECOND AMENDMENT rights!!…If you think anything short of that will stop him, then you know NOTHING about blue-shirted liberal NAZIS( aka NATIONALE ZOCIALISTEN[ german for "National Socialists"; fits well, huh?])

  • Hank

    Hitler in muslim body is alive and sitting in the USA’s chief executive chair and has already started to rebuild the Berlin Wall [even though the Russians originated it]. If America doesn’t wake up and put a stop to this you will find yourself being put in concentration camps and exterminated by this muslim nazi and his gestapo crew/s.

  • Patrick

    Unfortunately profiling is the best answer to this. In Detroit, or Dearborn has the largest Arab population in the United States. Where did the underwear bomber come from, so why not Profile. We have not seen to my knowledge a American that has been held for attempting bombing.
    And I can not believe that the government would allow people for religious reasons not allow search to happen. They need to either stop this B.S. all together or start profiling or all those perverts working for the government will get their kicks as young men and women stop in front of the imaging machine or get their body groped. This is one of the most insane projects our government has come up with yet to stop terroism.

  • Arcadia CA once

    We’re in the right for now. Sadly I know the big name talk radio shows wouldn’t be talking about this as a constitutional search and seizure rights violation if the Republican President and Congress that initiated all this TSA stuff were still in office and had funded the scanners. Instead they would be repeating the words of the callers who complain in a homosexual tone of voice to mock them, and then would be justifying the procedures for post 9-11 national security. I just know there is that level of partisan hypocrisy out there because I’ve seen it with all of the sudden vim and vehement since ’08. (I’m not accusing this site of it – I know you’ll take anyone to task.) I’m just saying the radio show host’s job is to create controversy and hype for entertainment, and intellectual arguments can be shifted at a whim. Bottom line, we’re doomed.

    • 45caliber

      The real problem is that all these talking heads will NEVER get searched this way. TSA will simply bow them through the whole mess. If the Congressmen and the talking heads had to submit to searches too, they would get TSA changed immediately.

  • Lealand Sherman

    Take the bus

  • Jack Hensley

    Hey give these comrades a break!

    All the crying and meshing of teeth about perverts and molesters having to live under freeway overpasses. They might not be allowed to go near schools, (for now) but now can be civil servants.

    This adminstration has created countless new jobs as offical government sanctioned gropers.

    Chester the Molester now has a job, dignity and a union card granted by that “morals desert” Washington DC. Maybe even a new union: imagine Cheap Thrills Local 501!

    Rejoice! We are now socialists and have an opportunity to get felt up at the same time! Maybe even a way for the really lonely to hook up?

    • Warrior

      And therein lies the real benefit. More union (patronage) jobs for the little dems. What are the qualifications? Gotta have good fingers? Reminds me of the Jerky Boys.

  • Art

    We recently flew ElAl to and from Israel. We were not fondled are photoed naked. We were througly vetted enering and leaving Israel. At no time were we humiliated or subjected to intrusive searches. When we arrived back in the US our entire tour group was not searched or our baggage checked. The only question asked were you in Israel. If the Israelis could not find anything, surely the Americans would not either. The Israeli personnel were all young and in very good physical condition. They were not intimidating or unfriendly, just firm and politely doing their jobs. Look at our TSA personnel. many of them need walkers or are so fat they run out of breath turning around. They have no clue what they are doing, what they are looking for or how to act. It is no wonder they are going to this useless,illegial and voyeuristic act. Until Janet Nepalotino gets her nakedness inspected, I will submit only to a hand search and if they fondle me in any way, I will file criminal charges against them.

  • frank

    Igave a reply to the voicer george .at first you printed it and then when i went back to it 15 minutes later it was gone.WHY did you erase it?

    • George Odell

      Ivan, and others,

      The reason they erased it is because this is not a free discussion group but a Republican propaganda outlet, like FOX and so many other censured right wing outlets.

      To respond to the comments on my point that the current TSA is essentially a conservative style, Republican created organization, that is indisputable. The whole mania that led to the so called “Patriot Act” was of course participated in by both parties, but the voices of reason were, generally, on the Democratic, progressive side with another good group of libertarians.

      For those who can’t see my provocative, censured post, here is is again in a nutshell:
      The TSA is typical of what you get when you allow Republicans to create and run a government agency.

      “Blessed is the man who sitteth [not] in the seat of the scornful”
      Psalm 1, vs 1


      • libertytrain

        What’s erased – your comment is up about 1/3 or so from the top?

  • Howard R Gray

    The TSA is a symptom more than it is the problem. Political correctness is overwhelming our societies norms, intrusive searches and inconveniences are trading security for liberty in our travel arrangements. The government policy is to avoid profiling at all costs, now we see what those costs are. Everyone is insulted by the system; people are assaulted and irradiated just to create a false sense of security. Cargo handling zones and other parts of airports are still lax in security obviating any real secure contribution by the TSA search staff. So why are we bothering with all this nonsense? The TSA staff will justify their activities as “we are only following orders” the good old Nuremburg defense.

    The limits of decorum have been reached, air travel isn’t all it is cracked up to be, it is time to avoid it as much as possible as I am sure many will. Currently, we are in a humdinger of a recession this TSA nonsense will have a profound effect on air travelers, airlines will fold as business travelers choose to travel by air less and less. In the background to all this, the price of oil will inflate and bite into operation costs let alone the effects of general inflation. Jobs will be lost, even the TSA, a somewhat protected species in all this, will suffer job losses as it deserves to do.

    Justifying indecent assault and forced irradiation in the name of largely bogus security won’t be accepted, ever. It may happen, but it is no use for those in authority assuming this policy is going to work. The TSA is a hated institution and the negativity regarding it will now grow exponentially. There should be a symbiosis between travelers and security providers to ensure safety, this is now lost probably for good. No one trusts the TSA, or respects them or what they do, this is a pity as those who are charged with a duty of care should by rights be supported in what they do, failure to encourage that support is counterproductive. The ridiculous and immoral body scanners are a hostage to fortune, it will only be a matter of time before a terrorist will board a plane, in spite of the invasive screening, and still perpetrate an outrage.

    The Israeli method of profiling and assessing those who board aircraft works, so far 100% of the time, it is way less expensive and is far in away more effective. So why not use the Israeli method? The answer is political correctness, the TSA overkill arrangement is absurd but it is politically correct, children get groped and masses of people are irradiated for what……a false sense of security?

    Personally, I avoid air travel whenever possible and will continue to do so. The government is more obsessed with political correctness and not offending terror sponsor nations so we the public get punished for their laxity in pursuing a foreign policy that punishes those sponsor states. The war in Afghanistan, supposedly to prevent terrorism, isn’t being won; it is another Korea or Vietnam all over again. Worse still, it is being fought in a politically correct atmosphere with borders that cannot be crossed effectively, years pass but no resolution appears to be in sight. A notional lose the war date has been announced, withdrawal is therefore the policy. Terror will flourish as our nation has no political will to “do the necessary” to fight this war against our enemies. Punishment of our own citizens is still the order of the day instead of rational profiling at our airports and a foreign policy that works. The TSA is with us to stay for a while, sometime sanity will set in and change this mess, then maybe we will have a sane security solution that is respected by travelers and, those who have the job of ensuring our security have our respect, which in all honesty they should have and it is scandalous that they don’t.



  • Art@Delaware

    i watched the lovely Ann Coulter on tv last night and she made a good point. The TSA reacts to everything so when they find the next muslim trying to blow up a plane and he has explosives in his rectum then will We the People have to submit to Cavity Searches then in order to fly.. the gov’t is totally out of control.

  • 45caliber

    The prison system has to search convicts several times a day to insure they don’t have weapons or other counterbann. Many times this search is a nude search.

    One prisoner told me on day, “I wish they would just get rid of all the clothing and we went naked all the time. Then I would KNOW that the man coming towards me doesn’t have a weapon.”

    Perhaps we should do the same thing in the airports.

    • Warrior

      Or….. everyone gets to wear a burkka

      • 45caliber

        Nah … I want the naked people. First, you ALWAYS know if they have a weapon and second, I want to see (and laugh at) the people.

        Why laugh at? Take a look at the people you see around you. Would you REALLY want to see them naked? (It might ruin your lunch!) And I don’t mind people laughing at me.

        • Warrior

          Well then, Hef should restart his airline with the bunny ears on the tail. I’m in.

          • sylviam

            As I have NEVER flown in a plane DONNOT intend to, and being 70 yr. old the NAKED part would give me a reason to be in a AIRPORT, so lets all go to the nearest one *NAKED* I would be there without the burdonsome clothes and just sit there & watch the ones being groped and laugh. LOVE it.

  • Bob M

    One of the things I keep hearing is that the body scans are immediately deleted. This in itself sounds bogus to me. If the scan does reveal a weapon or bomb od some sort, how would you be able to use the scan as evidence if it is automaticly deleted? I’d also be willing to bet that there are closed circuit cameras somewhere so that the supposedly isolated scan viewers can see when a particularly hot female is coming thru.

    • 45caliber

      I saw something this morning about over a hundred scans showing up on the internet. So obviously they can’t be immediately eliminating the scans.

      • independant thinker

        I think those scans came from a courthouse scanner. They were not as detailed as the airport scans but did include a photo of the person scanned next to the scanned immage. This does show that at least some of the scanners do retain the immages. One other thing, All the scanners must be able to retain immages so they can be used as evedince if needed.

    • http://none Mike

      Bob, I wouldent doubt the TSA employee has discreation as to which are deleted and which are not. Mostly along the lines of the personal perversion of the operator. We ought to hire a good hacker to go in and find out for sure which images are being saved and which arent(Hackers can retrive data off hard drives even when deleted)Mike L.

  • Art@Delaware

    airport security s/b run by a private company and NOT the gov’t. they would hire capable people and do the job right like Israel does. keep Uncle Sam’s hand outta my pants… he is already deep in my pockets.

    • 45caliber

      I love your last statement – it is correct.

  • Kara

    TSA claims that over 5 billion passengers have submitted to their screenings since the misnamed Ptriot Act was implemented. They pridefully announce that “only” 180,000+ complaints have been filed against them. Of course to file a complaint appears to risk getting your name on the profiled no-fly list. Of greater interest is the question, just how many bombs or weapons were actually found among all the billions of searches, pryings, scannings, pat-downs, etc? Well that miniscule number isn’t released, so far as I am aware, ostensibly for “security” reasons.

    Incidents like Meg McLain’s or John Tyner’s are becoming more frequent, this begs answers to some serious questions, here a few for starters:

    1. What type of system would violate and assault the very individuals it claims to protect, with methods that do little or nothing to promote safety but instead intimidate and utilize police state tactics?

    2. What type of person would take a job that would possibly REQUIRE groping a person, or taking virtual porno images of strangers? Are these the type of people that can be trusted with our safety?

    3. What type of person would devise or implement such invasive rules and requirements or supervise such lewd activities — activities that if performed by a non-uniformed person outside of an airport would be considered assault or sexual molestation?

    4. What does it say about local police who provide backup to TSA goons when a traveler refuses to submit to their lewd gropings and personal assaults?

    5. What does it say about state and local law enforcement who fail to protect innocent persons from assault and sexual molestation by uniformed predators and their superiors?

    6. What does it say about airlines and airport operators who have not already opted out of the TSA gulag and procured private firms to provide safe and reasonable flight security for passengers?

    7. What does it say about the hundreds of bypassers who just gawk at such arrogant displays of abuse and then walk on as fellow citizens are being publicly assaulted and humiliated?

    8. What does it say about elected officials, at every level of government who not only tolerate such abuses of power but fund them?

    9. What does it say of lawmakers and administrators at every level of government who fail to demand and secure repeal of such intrusive violations of Constitutional rights and personal liberties?

    10. What does it say of business, civic and religious leaders who remain silent in the face of such growing abuse of power?

    • Warrior

      Excellent post!

  • independant thinker

    Here is a thought for you. Everyone that flies get the most realistic phallus they can find say 10″ long and wear it down their pants leg.

    • 45caliber

      Then they would be having you drop your pants there in the hall.

  • http://com i41

    I haven’t following over a year and wondert when i went to both Sacomento and Denver, why pedophile muslims don’t have to shed their burkas and robes, I and my wife both had to remove our jackets and my hat, but the diaper heads and any rag head went on their merry way. My daughters and sons and their spouses will not fly and just drive. If I was a flier when these sick bastards start groping the groin, knock the crap out of them. In DIA most all the airport baggagew handlers are not checked out and are convicted felones or illegals. Great sercurity staffs. I would like to now if the airport staff has to go through the scanners every day, since every pilot has to. Dime to a doughnut, these pervs don’t.

    • Ron

      You are probably right and I give you credit for being an intelligent observer, but you really need to go back to school and learn how to spell the English language.

  • FireMall

    If average American citizens are suspected bombers, what does that make Average Muslim combatants ?
    Un-Constitutional Profiling ? To what part of the general populace’s favor ? Thus said laws being enforced by the very Dot Gov agencies that are ,by Law, & in existence for the sole purpose quelling ” Civilians Being “Profiled” ?
    If this were “actually” a race issue it would fall under the civil Rights acts as a Civil Right’s Profiling violation.
    So, obviously, the “Profilers” just happen to be Friends of the “Supreme” Executive court of Obama & Gang. This makes Profiling a security issue rather than a Civil rights issue ? Only in the Dreams of the Sleeping and Actions of The Left / Socialist. I.E. One & the same in the ending game.
    “Only” those here with Awakened Minds & or “The Agenda” can see the Core Issue in All of what the Left has / is / will, be doing. “Conversion to Socialism” & Sharia Law , Period.
    Ref: Bottom line of the Symptoms leading to the Illness & vise versa. Which ever time frame / mind set, to the “agenda”, “where” these issues are being borne from , The Results are going to be the same. I.E. -The End, of Freedom & Democracy within “The “Republic” of the United States of America” And for What it Used to Stand For.
    Seems I have heard many theology scholars say the same about Islam. That being Islam is “Not” a religion , rather a Totalitarian Theocracy.
    So, for the most part , a General consensus showing the Falsity of Religious rights of Muslims to not be subject to screening is a Moot excuse for allowing the Enemy a free ride from America’s laws.
    The left has , for years screamed about the Obsolete Constitution needing redefined & or eliminated entirely. “Ignoring” the Constitution has the exact same effect so why bother with “Changing” it. Right? The left Only seems to know ,or care when this antiquated Document Is, by all Global Standards , a collection of rules /laws meant for All ,Not Some, which, made America the most desired Nation to live in all of History.
    Why is the 1st, 4th Amendment now being re-instituted for a very small minority [ smaller if one researches the Citizenship records} these days, while at the same time Excluding the Natural Born's Majority from said Constitutional Rights ?
    I wonder when the 2nd Amendment will be exclusive for the Muslim Enemies also?? Soon,- from what I read & Hear.
    America's Sworn Enemies already have a 1 million to One advantage to bringing a firearms / destructive devices,etc on board an aircraft with Nappytiano's "Adjustments" to the Profiling excuse.

    THIS IS AN ISSUE OF FREEDOM Over Non_Existent Safety. And should be seen as such before the Freedom to "SEE" is Non_Existent.

    It would be interesting to see what happens when All "Profiled" American "Citizens" simply go to the back of the screening line and "Force" All Non-Profiled passengers [ Real Potential Bombers]to the Front of the line.
    The TSA Has to screen a certain number of passengers in a designated time frame.
    Then is when “WE” [The Profiled} will see Who gets the Exceptions to the Profiling rule. Videos Should all be “ON” . For a Trail By “You Tube”. I.E. The Court of Public Opinion / Rights.
    The Only Court left for Enforcement of the Public’s Rights.

    • 45caliber

      Well, it is obvious that the government doesn’t search these Muslims since they walk freely past the American citizens being frisked. They simply pretend that they aren’t there since they don’t want to risk a political situation or a court suit. So personally, I’d say they are profiling – to not frisk them.

      If they REALLY want to make sure no one is carrying a bomb aboard, the safest and best way that I see would be to have a bomb-smelling dog standing by the line as people pass. Then if it shows any interest in anyone, that person could be pulled aside for further checking. But then, that might be profiling too! After all, they would only be searching those the dog spotted.

      • http://none Mike

        Yea 45 then the muslims would have to come up with something in the Koran about an aversion to dogs lol.My opinion fire the TSA and hire armed air Marshels probly cheeper in the end. Mike L.

        • 45caliber

          They can’t find enough people who will qualify for air marshals. After all, you have to be a good shot.

          • Claire

            45caliber–Hmmmm, maybe I should apply for the job.

  • Craig

    We need to get rid of the Political Correct crap and start profiling based on the system used in Israel which is tried and proven and works. TSA is just another Obama regime screw up designed as another way to divide and destroy our country. We need to get rid of this present administration and if the Senate would wake up we could start impeachment proceedings, otherwise there still a good chance this country will go down the tubes! I surely will not fly if the present garbage conducted by TSA with the Obama regime blessing continues! Sure hope the flying public can make its wishes known next Wednesday, it could be a pretty effective wake up call if everybody opts to bypass the new scanners!

  • Raggs

    I wonder how much the TSA is selling the nude photos for?
    I can see this as the newest internet porn scam…

    • 45caliber

      I saw an article this morning on (if I remember correctly) that about a hundred of these scans have shown up on internet – despite the government insisting that they have erased them immediately after someone is passed. So apparently they are more interested in giving them away.

  • USNpops

    I have the solution – works for Cigarettes and other semi dangerous things. Shut down the TSA completely and go back to pre 9/11 days.

    Just put a warning on every airline ticket, boarding ramp, and commercial plane to the extent “Flying may be hazardous to your Life”

    Have every one boarding an airplane sign a waiver of their right to live, in the event the plane is destroyed by any means. And relieve the airline of all responsibility for reparation should the plane be blown from the air.

    Problem solved for all.

  • Remy

    I’m only speaking for myself. Scan me! I don’t care! It’s not a big deal to me. If I didn’t like it, I would find another means of transport. Since there are people who find clever methods of bringing potentially harmful items on board an aircraft this is simply the current reality of flying commercial. I’m just going to deal with it.

    • Raggs


      You have more harmfull chemicals in your bathroom…

      A junkyard dog always finds a victim like you to bite…. Once or if ever you learn to defend youself you will not need your big brother obama the POS to look after you!

      • Remy

        Thank you for your useless and misguided comment.

        “Idiot!” – No, I’m not.

        “You have more harmful chemicals in your bathroom…” Wrong! I don’t have anything in my bathroom that could explode.

        “A junkyard dog always finds a victim like you to bite.” What are you talking about?!?

        “Once or if ever you learn to defend yourself you will not need your big brother Obama the POS to look after you!” What the hell are you talking about?!? You seem to be quite confused. I defend myself quite well thank you.

        If you had actually read and comprehended my comment, you would realize I was only speaking for myself and no one else. Like I said, I don’t care if I’m scanned or patted down as part of airport security. It doesn’t bother me in the least. I can handle it without whining about it.

  • Jan

    As long as the Muslims can fly without being searched we are definitely no safer than before the Patriot Act. Muslims bombed us, not law abiding Americans who love their country, and certainly not American children. I say stop everything and adopt Israel’s security policies which work much better than ours, and start “profiling” again. Stop sexually molesting the American people! We are fed up with the sexual perversion going on in the name of “security.” There are men in jail today for doing less to children that the tsa perverts are doing under the guise of law and they should be charged and prosecuted as much as those already in prison.


    TSA can now be classified as another government entitlement with built-in fraud. The reason I say this has to do with the purchase of the X-ray devices and the investors who were in on the development, the one that really caught my attention, “George Soros”, then there was the formers Bush appointee and then as the revelation went on more ex-government officials, all of whom were investors in this device and all collected much more from we tax payers than any of us without insider knowledge could have made. This is fraud, plain and simple and was it not Rahm who recently said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”? THis whole idea of public security is just anothe giant scam for wealthy insiders to get even more wealthy and the bonus is we have a new entilement of self-abuse to flush more money down the toilet and give the libs more “union tax monies” to dream up another screw the U.S. citizens scam…when are we going to wake the hell up?

    It’s looking like We the People had better wake our fat happy butts up and put Them the Crooks in a deep dark dungeon. Ask yourselves and give this some thought, “Is there any entitlement you can think of that doesn’t come with a huge fraud factor” and which party has dreamed up the majority of all these wonderful tax paid entitlements…if you don’t know then your the kind of fool they want to keep around.


  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    This current leftwing regime in Washington is really pushing the American people too far, and we may soon see a revolt. It’s outrageous to see children, elderly Americans, nuns, etc. having to go through this nonsense. In this case, why not just stop political correctness??!! Even if it means profiling, then just do it – target those who appear to be Muslims, or from nations that threaten us!! And while Americans are being hassled and harassed at airports, we know illegal aliens continue to enter this country daily. Yet the BHO administration will do nothing to secure our borders. In fact, these morons are fighting states which try to enforce the laws and protect our borders. One of my satirical absurdities is to cite the fictitious Archie Bunker’s suggestion that all airline passengers carry guns during their flight. However, IMO it makes more sense than the actions of the moronic BHO administration. For one thing, perhaps if the ‘Archie Bunker Rule’ had been in effect on 9/11/01, the World Trade Towers would still be here today!! And of course pilots should have firearms training and be able to carry guns on the job. BTW, I heard on a talk show the other night that even pilots are being searched. Where is common sense??!! Even in a worst case scenario, a pilot wouldn’t need explosives. He just has to crash the plane – like that suicidal nutcase kid who stole that private plane and crashed it into an office tower in Tampa to mimic the 9/11/01 tragedy!!

    • Ron

      I could not have said it any better Earl. Thanks for clarifying my thoughts.

    • Vicki

      Earl, QUEENS, NY writes:
      “One of my satirical absurdities is to cite the fictitious Archie Bunker’s suggestion that all airline passengers carry guns during their flight.”

      Not all that absurd.

      Even if they had guns instead of box cutters they would have found life difficult.

  • Jan

    Read how El Al airlines does it very humanely and respectfully: Everyone should be videoing at the airport every action of tsa as you and others go thru the molestations. Perhaps there can be a national class action lawsuit against TSA. That dept needs to be abolished!

  • j.McConnell

    A different way of detecting explosives.
    (must have sample present)

  • Ron

    Rosina and Bob and whoever called me a liberal. Rosina I agree with you and Ben Franklin. I was simply stating that if you let one terrorist get on board one of our planes and he sets off a bomb, are YOU going to accept responsibility for allowing that? After all it was you (not you personally Rosina and Bob) who screamed the loudest about searching and “fondling”. Guess it takes a little intelligence to figure that out.
    I agree with Rosina and Bob. There are other methods that can be used and as someone said the Israeli’s have a darn good handle on what and how to do it. A number of years ago I flew out of Israel and was interviewed/interrogated by no less then four inspectors for over 30 minutes because I had a broken arm that probably looked suspicious since it had been split to relieve the pressure of the high flying plane. I realized that it was being done to save my life and the lives of every passenger boarding that plane. I was not touched, X-rayed or in anyway was my body violated. I was relieved that my safety was so important.
    As for bullying, those of you who have opted out of flying you have already been bullied for allowing yourself to be forced off the plane and having to drive rather than take the plane.
    As for my being a liberal? Heil Hitler obama you sorry SOB of a Nazi muslim loving goat fu-king bast–d. That’s how much of a liberal I am. Hurray for Arizona. Keep the illegals out of America! I’m from Texas and we have the right to carry concealed with permit, so Don’t Mess With Texas! Liberals Be Damned!

    • Vicki

      Ron writes:
      “I was simply stating that if you let one terrorist get on board one of our planes and he sets off a bomb, are YOU going to accept responsibility for allowing that?”

      Of course not. WE didn’t board the plane. the TERRORIST DID. The responsibility is the terrorists.

      Guess it takes a little common sense to figure that out.

      • Ron

        I was speaking rhetorically, meaning all of you who support disbanding the TSA and allowing anyone to board US Planes should be held responsible for the deaths of those killed by terrorist fanatics. Did you read my later blurb? Probably not! Try and find it and you might learn something about me. I AM NOT A FLAMING FAGOT LIBERAL!!!

        • Vicki

          So what is your position on my carrying a concealed gun?

          I do not think I have called you a liberal anything.
          However if it walks like a duck…

  • Rick Shea

    I am sick of so-called “Security” people fondling and otherwise
    harrassing innocent citizens for “their own protection”. I told a
    deputy at the courthouse, after nearly undressing, that I could handle
    my protection and that he should handle his. I would fly today under
    only the most extreme circumstances. I have lived too long to be
    hassled by some kid with a rent-a-cop badge.

  • Henry Mammarella

    Its very simple, all we need to do is offer two options:
    Option-One, each and every passenger gets asked to put his/her left hand on a piece of fresh pork meat and his/her right hand on a bible (either old or new testament will do) and swear to God that they have no bombs on them. If they refuse, then it’s
    Option-Two, the full body cavity search and scan or groping by TSA agents that are openly gay men.
    You will find that although Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc… might not be too crazy about the pork touching and bible swearing, as long as they can wash up with soapy water or disinfectants right after, they would gladly accept it to the alternative.
    As for the “must-limbs”…this would be poetic justice for them, because they can’t under any circumstances touch pork or Judea-Christian bibles, it says so in their “coe-ran” book for the brain dead. That means each and every single one of them would have to get scanned and groped by a gay man or else “all-hah” will condemn them to hell for eternity!
    What a conundrum…they must choose between getting porked or pocked. Yes sir, poetic justice indeed for the followers of that evil heinous cult responsible for this added security…”is-slam”. This will surely make “moe-ham-mad”.

    • 45caliber

      Very poor puns. Sorry.

      • Ron


  • Raggs

    Hey… I hear for an extra $5.00 you can get some—–before you board the plane… Just make sure you get in the correct lane?

    • 45caliber

      Yeah, but only if you’re gay.

      • Raggs

        Yeah, thats why i posted to watch which line you entered…
        But… I suppose it doesn’t matter unless we dressed like the opposite sex… Hey they get a freebie photo so whats wrong with them going down on their knees too?… ( again watch which line you chose )..

      • Raggs

        With all of the gay things going on in the military obama should make a great poster boy for the airlines…
        michelle obama can hand out carrots and cucumbers to the lesbos, while the other one can hand out vasaline..

  • Cape Conservative

    I fear Mr. Tyner will soon find himself the 2010 version of ‘Joe, the Plumber’ – WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO AMERICA???? Big government MUST be stopped!!!!!!! Our FREEDOMS are being denied more and more EVERY DAY!

  • FireMall

    As Ron and some others have mentioned here regarding Mid-eastern security being superior.
    If: The Israeli & other’s security is as effective as it seems to be , Why the Hell is the U.S. using a less effective, more expensive system ?
    So, before anyone jumps into the American citizen’s rights and other legalities. Let me ask any & all here –What / how is the Israeli system More Invasive & more un-constitutional than America’s system , but more effective.??
    IMO: If what Ron & others have said is fact, Israel’s system is MORE in line with America’s Constitutional guidelines than America’s. Correct ??
    Assuming this fact, Why is the U.S. not implementing Israel’s methods??
    Once More folks, Dot “O”‘s Gov is not using Israel’s security systems for one hidden reason.
    Because the U.S.’s system is “Not” designed for Security or there would “BE” NO freekin Exemptions / Adjustments for any Passengers & “We” Would BE secure..
    The Muslim favorites can By Dammed also take the Greyhound buses to Mexico or Canada & catch a flight back home, much the same as the TSA’s Nappy bitch-tino says True Americans can do if they don’t like “Her /It’s” bogus security measures..
    This latest Obama & gang system { Bush & Congress also ] is doing exactly what it was developed to do, which ,by no sane, rational thoughts, has anything to do with Security, but Rather just another vehicle of Divide ,Conquer & thus, Empower their favored system of “Control of the Masses” via “choreographed” crisis, calamity, confusion, intimidation.

    One more folks— The TSA threatened the California man with a $10000 “Civil” suit & fine for violating security “Laws”.
    #1– By my analogy I’d have to question what this means , considering the TSA goons also said the reasoning supporting their actions is “Law” If their was such a “Law” , why was the passenger threatened with “Civil” penalties rather than Jail?
    Imo, It’s a shell game under the guise of Being “Law” when there is no enforceable “Law” that can be used against the Passenger, in a Court of “Law”. for exercising his Constitutionally Guaranteed, “Choice” to Not be searched without warrant or Probable Cause, Wanna Bet? anyone ?
    My guess is when the Bush Patriot Act was Ok’d by a F-’d up puppet congress , they Knew dam well the Act was Un-Constitutional and was subject Supreme court scrutiny.
    A “Civil” penalty would be less likely to be scrutinized.
    As an Example of lower,but related relevance, Red Light Camera tickets were Not an enforceable criminal offense, So the cities attempted the same Civil penalty crap & for the most part, didn’t get the revenue they were hoping for.Most have been overturned in court or dismissed under the Illegal search rights and or camera’s not being able to testify as an eye witness in a court of “Law” .
    The event Dot”O”‘s Gov is fearful of is having these Un-Constitutional ,So Called “Laws” being challenged & Struck Down as such. Till the day in court happens , “We The People” just as well get prepared for On Sight Laws being made up as needed & used against all Who Challenge the Un-Written laws of the Powers that be. Who, BTW: Are Not Elected or even Known / Identifiable for that matter.

    • 45caliber

      The TSA system is designed to get you used to living in a police state.

      And on your red light cameras? The people in Houston got an item on the last election as to whether to keep or get rid of the cameras. The vote was about 60-40 to get rid of them. The Houston City Council had a fit. It was going to mean a loss of over ten mil a year! But they are having to shut them down.

      What I’m wondering is – are they going to shorten the yellow lights now to force more people to run the red? If so, it would increase accidents – and hopefully give them permission to turn the cameras back on again.

      • http://none Mike

        45, They did that here in Tennessee and got caught at it (shorten yellows at camera lights)It caused several major accidnts and now they are gettin a classaction suit going. They will end up paying dealy I hope. Mike L.

      • Ron

        The TSA was designed by government power hungry idiots who know nothing about security or Israel methods of profiling, searching and interrogating “potential” passengers. Do any of you know why cars are searched in Arizona? The same reasons why they are searched in Texas and California! Illegal Aliens and Drugs. Drugs are becoming more prominent due to the drug cartels and violence caused by these cartels. Of course some of you are probably for legalizing drugs so you wouldn’t care about law violating drug runners coming into our country uninvited. Maybe an undercover terrorist could get your attention with a bomb or hundred. Then maybe you would support law enforcement people with stopping the coyotes. This is getting tiring trying to educate some of you. I think I will withdraw from this. I don’t seem to be making much headway.

  • meteorlady

    I’m traveling at Christmas because I have to go to see my Mom. I plan on opting out of the scan.

    The fact is that we are being bullied by the very people whose salaries we work hard to pay for. The other side of the coin is that we leave our borders so open that the terrorist could bring bombs and anything else they want across. There are camps all over Mexico that are helping these people assimilate once they get here.

    We all need to get together and keep up a writing campaign in order to get our borders secured and the illegals out of here.

    • Raggs

      Good thought…

      Well it will not work, afterall some stupid people re-elected pelosi as a democrappy talking points speaker and not to mention the harry reid and barry are still on our coat tells….. Regardless of what any of you think or may have thought… I stated many months prior to the so-called election that… IT IS A PONZI SCEEM !…
      When will you understand that?… How many fingers do you need up your arse to think for yourself and to determine that what you see is not what you think you see?… Or to put it in a different way… What you see is what they want you to see… And what they grope is what they want to grope.. Does it take a smartie to figure out that your are being had?

    • 45caliber

      Luck on your trip.

    • FireMall

      Writting the very representatives that passed , then sent the legislation to Bush for his signature will have no effect on what is done to eliminate the source of irritation at the airports.
      Our own Congress is solely responsible for the Intrusions to our Right to Privacy & Dignity.
      Using the 9/11 attacks against the People who were attacked & using the attackers Rights against Profiling seems kinda crazy , Huh ?
      All I can say is, [1] -=Have a safe & joyous Thanksgiving
      {2}— Welcome to a very short Preview of “We The People’s” Future.
      Question is , What Future??. With People like & in , “our” Elected & Non-elected / czar-ist Gov Oppressing every aspect of “our” lives, while in the same instance Supporting every Sored Aspect of the Attacker’s despicable lives.?
      Yippie ky yea!! I can’t wait for the Obama Utopia to arrive in full force. Should be a very peaceful transition to Hell.[oops,,yawn, weird dreams again}.
      Earth to all American Patriots—”We Have a Problem”.
      All, “Created”, in / under, the name of Homeland Security. Bulls full of Freekin crap is a simpler term describing Who is Leading the March to America’s Future Demise.

      • http://none Mike

        FireMall, Funny but scary all at the same time I dont know whether to laugh or cry. Mike L.

    • Ron

      You are so right, but I’m getting tired of trying to get people to do as they should. Just trying to get them to understand the simplest concept is worse than pulling teeth. Our government run school system has dumbed down so many of our youth it is difficult for them to organize their thoughts much less put them on paper/or computer with correct spelling and proper grammar. Many of them have good ideas, but are unable to articulate them.

  • Claire

    I have mixed emotions concerning security on airplanes. First of all, I have never flown, nor will I ever step foot on a plane. I drive wherever I want to go, especially since I usually take dogs with me.
    And since I won’t fly, I sure as heck will not put any of my dogs on a plane. Regardless, we do need security made available when flying. It is too easy for the lowlife/terrorists to board any plane, past examples have proven this. If I ever HAVE to fly, I will certainly feel much safer knowing that measures were taken to prevent any acts of terrorism. If it means going through a body scan/body search I guess that is the price a person pays if they want to fly. But if this is the way they want to handle it, then ALL people go through the body scan/body search–no one should be excluded. I do not consider this subject to be a “loss of my freedom”—I look at it as safety precautions/measures. Something MUST be done, or all hell will break loose. No one would want to fly again. Each person has their own opinions on this subject, I have spoken mine.

    • Raggs


      just yet another that wants obama and his regime for your control….
      Go ahead and make-up yet another excuse to sit on your duff and call rotten eggs a good thing…
      I’m sorry but not really… but it took weakminded people like you that has put us in this and I find no way out of this without you sucking…

      What the hell is it that you are too stupid to see?

      • Claire

        Raggs–Bullcrap to you too, Buster. Another person that thinks they are always “right” about everything. Geez, if you are so dang smart, why don’t you run for POTUS? Weakminded? Not hardly. Sucking? Sounds like you are doing this yourself. This mess we are in has been going on for years and years. So don’t accuse me of being weakminded and sucking. Rotten eggs? this administration and past administrations have been and are rotten eggs. Go blow your tripe to someone else. I have my own beliefs and I will stick with them.

        • libertytrain

          Nicely said.

          • Claire

            libertytrain—HI!!!!!! Hope all is well.

          • Claire

            libertytrain–I wasn’t going to tell this, some people from Florida flew their female to me to be bred to my Champion Tanner. I picked her up in St. Louis two weeks ago this past friday-everything went without any problems. She arrived according to schedule, etc. But this past Monday I had to take her to St. Louis to send her back home. The confirmation was that she would fly to Houston from St. Louis, then on to Orlando. Well, guess what! I got to the cargo place at 6:00 a.m.–Checked in and the airline waybill had her going to CHICAGO! I asked the person why she was headed for Chicago when she supposed to go to Houston, then on to Orlando. The guy was flippant, and I had to call the dog’s owner since she had made the reservations. We got it straightened out, but it really bothered me. If I hadn’t caught the error, that poor dog could have laid over in Chicago for 10-12 hours! I worried until that dog got home! She got in Orlando about 5:00 p.m. their time, which is an hour ahead of me. I know a lot of people that fly their dogs but this is something I could and would never do. I have heard too many horror stories where the dog has gotten loose, etc. One year in the summertime, a plane that had a bunch of dogs on it was laid over in St. Louis It was extremely hot and some of the dogs freaked out, bit through the crates, and had wire stuck in their gums. It was a terrible disaster. This is why I will never fly any of my dogs. I realize things do go smoothly for the most part, but the possibility of unanticipated problems scares me.

          • libertytrain

            Claire – that’s terrible – but am glad it worked out. I hate flying now – that’s why I drive up your way instead. The joy of flying is gone and is getting worse by the moment.

          • Claire

            libertytrain–I have always been afraid to fly. Why I don’t know. I just think a person has a better chance on the ground? Besides, each person that flies should be treated the same when being scanned, screened. Just because a muslim wears their head gear and goofy clothes should not excuse them from being “frisked” or whatever. I would not be able to tolerate the unfairness, I would have to open my big mouth and say something. In retrospect, I do feel that security is necessary in view of the terrorist situation.

  • Raggs

    Border security…….

    Oh brother here we go again…

    Kinnda funny that the only ones that do not want a ” border security” are barry.. pelosi and reid…

    Humm if I was smart I could even figure that out….

  • Eric Bischoff

    Is it possible we are all missing the point entirely again!

    Terrorism is merely the eventual and desperate pushback that results from occupation, oppression and exploitation.

    They told us what they want, they want our troops out of the middle east.

    As long as we are not willing to do that then we must bear the consequences and all of the bull that comes along with it. Maybe when we can’t stand it anymore then we might do the right thing. Until that day comes, shut up and put up.

    I can tall you one thing my shipping company of 500 people that almost went out of business when nothing flew after 911 now has a full time dept of people that do nothing but TSA compliance and most of it makes no sense.

  • FireMall

    Notice Warning !!

    The TSA& Nappy-tino saying the scan images are not & will not be saved is Pure BS.
    First , if DHS images are not being saved , how did over 100 of the images make it to the internet ?
    I reckon when “they” [the Enemy Within} deleted the scanned images , the images just buzzed around in cyberspace till they ran out of buzz juice & crash landed into You Tube. No wonder Obama also wants control of the internet ,as well as "We The People's" bowel movements, under the DHL's reasoning of the rectum being a potential portal / porthole, to a bomber's hideout.
    If they are not going to Save any scanned images but on a long shot chance Do catch a passenger with a suspected Device, Bomb, etc.
    Tell me how they are going to Indict ,Prosecute the perp if they Aren't saving the Images as evidence ??
    I have no doubt that any & all degrees of suspect images will not only BE saved but also Forwarded to any & or All Dot Gov lying pricks they choose to send them to. [ regardless ,if the person scanned is turned away or cleared for flight].
    Oh crap folks, I’m getting too dammed old for this drama crap.
    I keep forgetting the Leading Stars / Causes of the Scan shows do not have to be scanned and “Adjustments” are the key word of the day. Sorry.

  • Ci Ji

    What a bunch of elite jerks. I told myself when they started making us take our shoes off, that they were going to strip every right or dignity we have. I firmly believe they are going to starve us, put us before death panels and they have deemed themselves gods. We all better pray to the real God. Those paople should have never been voted in!

    • FireMall

      Too danged late . Votes are for show only. The tea party might have put on a good showing but Considering the Elected officials are Not Running the Show, it’s a useless dream to think getting rid of the Elected puppets will solve the problems which Obama’s Un-Elected Czars are creating & instigating Against America.
      In Short, What i’m saying is basically “We The People” are in deep sheeet and SOL.

  • Julie

    Why are we doing all this for the airlines, but not doing anything to close the border to Mexico. I live in the area that is posted to let my know that there are drug smugglers and human smugglers in the area. Even people in Mexican military uniforms crossing illegally and Sec Nappy and President Bo DO NOT CARE SO WHY ARE PLANES SO SPECIAL?

    • Dan az

      The reasons for all of this is simple,They let them in and we want out and thats not going to happen as long as we are paying the bills.This is the beginnings of the NWO We are the slaves and if you dont do as they say then the patriot act says you will.Think about it the tsa is the gestapo manning the gates. who is it that is being harassed?Not the muslim just the citizens.Soon you will need a pass to board a plane only by government approval of course, sound familiar.So which country would you like to seek out?Then I guess its time to take a stand today or will it be put off until its to late?They would like you to believe that life is normal but is it really?Little by little all of your rights have been taken from you and what have we done about it?I say go after the ones that are doing this to us!The puppet masters are only a few and need to be brought in and stopped now.If there where a contract to collect them Im sure there would be plenty of unemployed that would be willing!Im sure there must be a few countries that would love to get even,So they cant hide for long.Maybe Im dreaming and someday Ill wake up from this nightmare.

  • who cares

    regarding the TSA right after bush 9-11 (allowed to happen so as he could go to Iraq. right wing nuts were crying for airport security because you rather be safe than sorry. bush spent million for body scanners. now that scanners are in placed freaken commies are crying over them. make up your mind. tax payer paid for the mechines.

    • independant thinker

      Oh put a sock in it flashinthepants clone. Nobody cares what you think (if one can call it thought).

      • Remy

        Independent stinker ==== “Oh put a sock in it”??? You mean, like the one you use to appear more endowed?

        For someone who is so critical of others and accusing them of being unintelligent, there is no ‘A’ in ‘independent’. I guess that doesn’t make you independent or a thinker. Think about it if you can

  • DaveM

    How much more does it take before people realize they are living in a police state?

  • June Gagnon

    The point we’re all missing – -THIS IS “REVERSE DISCRIMINATION”; muslims are “excused” and THEY ARE THE TERRORISTS! Israel does NOT subject its flying public to this kind of nightmare and they sit right in the middle of “terror nation”! I don’t mind metal detectors, nor having my luggage x-ray’d; I refuse to expose my body to any radiation and certainly not to the hands of a bunch of homo-sadists! What is wrong with metal detectors AND “explosive sniffing dogs”?? The dogs are far less expensive and less dangerous than x-ray machines and they are certainly a lot more “friendly” than any of the “over-blown, puffed-up”, so-called “security staff” employed by tsa!

  • Michael J.

    If you don’t like being irradiated and can’t bare the thought of public sexual assault, FLY NAKED.

    As for TSA (thousands standing around) those bribed ex-convicts promised a government job after being released in exchange for their Democratic vote, have coined a new phrase upon landing jobs at the TSA, “Once you do the time, you get to do the crime”, government groping that is.

    But seriously though, and to use one of my favorite analogies, is this “speed bump logic” driving this? In other words, just because a small percentage of motorist evade the speed limit, all motorist have to live with speed bumps. Think about it, far less than one percent of those who fly are potential terrorist, yet all who fly are now subject to evasive search procedures. Haven’t the terrorist already won by making our lives miserable and more expensive.

    Or is all of this something even more hideous, has the TSA been tasked to pre-condition the American populace for the realities of the coming police state? With conditioning, humans are capable of acclimating to almost any conditons. Liberators of the Nazi death camps witnessed survivors who appeared to be numb to their surroundings. Those who have experienced prolonged exposure to combat develope what is described as the thousand yard stare because they appear to look right through the surrounding devastation.

    One thing for sure, this issue will soon reach a boiling point, but probably won’t be addressed until the new congress convienes, if ever.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    GOD,its great being old,ive never laughed so hard in my life,this stuff the (TSA BUNCH ARE DOING)is right out of a cartoon strip,and these idiots are making big money for doing this,THESE lunnies are running this (microwave take out system) they should just set out the food for the passengers on those systems,you never know it ,it might be some white terroist leghorn chicken that has explosives up his tail feathers,or maybe that can of soda is explosives,what next? you dont fit the government profile,your a white tax paying,christain,bible reading gun owner and never have been in jail,and YIKES! voted for the rightwing,quick,we got one,lock him up,but sir,we cant he pays our salary,no worry bernake just dumped another 600 billion into the pot.then you wonder why? its so by plane,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,lets get serious.

    • Dan az

      This is what happens when you stay to long here you start laughing at your own jokes untill you tear up.Am I right Its late Good night!

  • Don Cordell

    On Arizona southern highways, cars are stopped, agents demand you submit to search or you may not leave. Same some places in California. In Los Angeles, CA County Code Enforcers demand entry to homes without any warrant, to inspect homes for Code errors, such as having Plastic cover to make a Green House, $1000/day fine until removed. Agents arrive guns drawn in case you object.

    Notice all these dangerous items found were not carried by Americans. DO NOT search Americans, only foreigners. I will not fly again until its on “Airforce One” after I’m elected your next President in 2012. Google my name, find my website, on my website listen to Obama tell you, he was not born in the USA, that he is not an American citizen. Tells you he was born in Kenya.

    The Republicans and Democrats have both been destroying our nation. Had enough? Are you mad yet? What are you going to do? ReVote,

    We must Restore, not Change America. I will stop this nonsense, AND protect our nation. Under my direction, WAR will be a one day event. Boom, gone. We must demand our leaders obey our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Every single one of our Bill of Rights protected. We must DEMAND our Rights. I will not surrender until I Restore this nation for YOU.

  • allison

    When I go to a Doctor I may very well get an xray, how about mammograms.Talk about getting them squeezed, that does hurt if you have anything there.
    The amount of time you are in front of a body scanner is negligible.
    As far as it being porn- have you looked at the magazines next to the checkout stand in the grocery store ? How about on your computer?
    Everybody has breasts and some of us have larger then others,(girls in Europe frequently display them on the beach or in the parks) or guys has testicles and penises. One can get a good idea of those when on the beach. If you are getting off on what you see in these scans then you are SICK.
    NOW: As people have already mentioned Israel knows a lot about Terror. I don’t hear of any planes being blown up there. Anyone that is intelligent would find out what they have that is working. It is not expensive scanners. However don’t count on people in government displaying any intelligence.
    This is a situation where profiling is needed and to not do so is STUPID.

  • sovereignthink

    ‘Enough is Enough’ Ron Paul Calls for End of Federal Government Criminal Activity
    This TSA legislation will curtail abusive violations of Airport security and Freedom to Move and Travel without Fear and Terror of Government molestation.
    The Simple one paragraph piece of Legislation, looks to do this by removing the current immunity of any agent or officer of the federal government from doing anything that you or I couldn’t do. Namely removing Immunity that the Federal Government Agents enjoy in committing what would normally be Crimes.


  • sarah

    Just follow the money, The only thing TSA is protecting is the TSA executive retirement fund, fact homeland security knew about the christmas day bommber, fact the pat down being employed by john pistole are in place to get americans used to the full body scanners, fact those body scanners are being peddled by former TSA adninastrator michael chertoff who stands to make millions if janet napolatano gets her way and puts those devices all over america, so a corrupt TSA with a fanatic like john pistole in charge are allowing TSA agents to break the law and possably face criminal charges in the future for nothing more then personal profit. john pistole told reporters he had no idea that chertoff was involved with those scanners, that means he is to stupid to see the scam or he is in on it, either way molesting americans and promoting pedaphila at our nations airport for profit is the worst crime of all.


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