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Fewer Americans support gun control laws, poll says

April 16, 2009 by  

Fewer Americans support gun control laws, poll saysGiven the recent spate of deadly shootings from coast to coast, some have found it surprising that American’s preference for stricter gun control laws has been declining.

In fact, while in 2001 some 54 percent favored stricter regulations, the number has fallen to 39 percent today, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll.

However, only 15 percent want gun laws that are less strict while almost half of those polled prefer to see them unchanged.

Some believe the sudden drop has to do with the new administration’s recent suggestions that stricter regulations and stronger gun laws enforcement may be in the offing.

The economy, however, may also be playing a role.

According to a recent article in Time Magazine, the nation is seeing a boom in gun sales. Quoting SportsOneSource, a research firm that tracks the sporting goods industry, it says firearms sales in large retail outlets have increased by 39 percent this year.

"The economy played a large part in my decision," Jacquita Baker, a new gun owner from Kentwood, Michigan, told Time. "When people don’t have jobs, they might go breaking into people’s homes. I want to be safe in my home."


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  • Ben Miner

    Law-abiding citizens clamoring for more gun control is like a chicken rooting for Mr. Sanders.

  • Bondsman

    It may be that people are starting to see that if you give up one right what is the next one that will be taken. Or it has been seen that the Gun Free Zones are in fact a killing field for those that would do it. What ever the reason I hope that trend continues.

  • http://beliefnet Denise Thorbjornsen

    Our Constitution guarantees our right to bare arms. Now we get outsiders who become citizens trying to change our rights. We have the right to have guns in case of domestic or foreign enemies. Muslims are an enemy,unless you have no empathy for the 9/11 victoms.

  • Steve Harasty

    I fear the Government, that fears the law-abiding citizens owning guns! It’s in our Constitution. Since when does a government, national or local have a right to change our constitution? If you are a law abiding citizen, not a felon, have a clean record, and don’t have mental illness, why? Is our government(especially the Democrats) so afraid of it’s citizens? Police (I am a retired officer), can’t be everywhere and usually show up to write the report after the fact, it doesn’t do an honest citizen any good, not to be able to defend themselves! The criminals don’t buy guns from a licensed dealer, there is no record or record check, they won’t turn theirs in, if citizens are banned having means to protect themselves, it will be open house for criminals.

    • http://google fogey60

      im retired military, lost part of my leg in Vietnam and when i look at what is happening to America it makes me want to cry we are having our rights stripped away at a rate so fast it makes your head spin the government doesn’t follow the Constitution doesnt even have the currency that the Constitution says we will use
      im afraid that the govertment is ready to take away all of the weapons in order to take the country away so that the one world gov(read nato) can take control.
      no i wont give up mine .

  • David Zamos Sr.

    Hopefully, the decline in the number of people who desire stricter gun control laws is a reflection of folks awakening to the reality that criminals do whatever they think they can get away with regardless of the law. Further restrictions on gun ownership will not prevent criminals from obtaining guns; with over 200 million unregistered firearms in private hands in America, how could it be any other way? The tragic truth is that there are some very violent people lurking about, and their violence can only be stopped with force. Regardless of if they’d admit it or not, anti-gun zealots want to amend the U.S. Constitution without going through the constitutionally prescribed process, and these I-want-what-I-want-because-I-want-it folks should be shamed of themselves for their tactics, but sadly, I see no evidence that they care.

  • Ricardo Rodgers

    strong text I’m sorry to see so many in the present administration. THAT have NEVER served our country in Uniform, Defending our Constitution. Trying to destroy The 2nd Amendment. Without the 2nd Amendment there WILL BE NO 1st Amendment.. Thats the reason our founders placed in the Constitution. To prevent Tyrants from enslaving our citizens. I’m A Korean Vet ,At age 15, volunteered to serve my country, My country owes me Nothing. I owe my country . It may not be pefect BUT its the best I;ve seen in Latin America,Europe,Africa and Middle East. May God Bless American’s WE are FREE, Not unarmed slaves to Dictators. All one has to do Is check the history of GERMANY ( 1932 – 1945 ) Disaster.

  • s c

    Public education has dumbed-down millions who do not understand why the 2nd Amendment is a constitutional, necessary right. Public schools (chief sources of this dumbing-down process) are – and will remain – proven failures that are designed to indoctrinate and enslave [ref. China and Russia].
    When people can’t trust government, why we have the 2nd Amendment is crystal clear. Government tends to be corrupt. Big government is a freedom-hating, unconstitutional monster that deserves whatever happens to it.
    Our ‘leaders’ have had 231 years to undertand the importance of the 2nd Amendment. They DO understand. Sadly, most of our ‘leaders’ hate freedom and the Constitution and everyone who loves freedom.

  • Quint

    It doesn’t matter what the polls say. They have an agenda and nothing is going to get in the way of that, not even the law. If they can’t restrict our access to our firearms, they will make it harder for us to get and use them. No one is going to knock down our doors and take them from us. They are tenatious and are willing to wait for the day no one owns them. It will be done by taxing them beyond our reach. It will be done by running manufacturers into the dirt. It will be done by indoctrinating our children with the evils of firearms. The present generation wont be able to afford them, and the next on will hate them. Tobacco and gay marriage are two prime examples of these kinds of tactics. They are willing to take losses in the short term, “knowing” that they will eventually reach thier goal.

    They completely understand the necessity of firearms, and that is why they don’t want us to have them.

  • Roger

    Guns are not the problem….criminals and madmen will obtain guns despite the laws!
    I for one would rather be capable of protecting my family with my gun while following the laws set forth by the State I live in.

  • marymack

    In difficult economic times, people buy guns for protection and for FOOD. Remember FOOD?

  • RJ Osprey

    I want the system that is the best for man, so that we strive, think and act to get off this finite planet and evolve out into the universe. The safe little world where government makes the decisions stifles the human spirit. I realize many pussies want safety first and care little about individual responsibility or ability. Catering to criminals, druggies and the greedy with attempts at reform prevents concentration on advancement. We need to encourage capable people with tools to look after their own problems and safety. Clamping down on individual’s guns removes the ability of the individual to ultimately protect themselves, their neighbors and families from criminals, greed and authoritarian dominance.

    Most Americans want nothing more than to be allowed to solve their own problems and safety without any racial class discrimination up or down, but need the tools to act. A gun is just another tool, few Americans who occasionally use weapons are “gun nuts”, but many believe in individual rights and the 2nd Amendment. The second amendment is American but the idea of individual’s responsible for their own rights and safety is planet wide and human at the core.

    Many urban rich often give generously, mostly in taxes, but they than expect favors from the authorities and politicians in return. Many urban rich would love the lower classes to find guns unavailable or unaffordable. Many urban wealthy show caring over the rights of the downtrodden; but at night they hide behind locked gates, security alarms, guard companies and 911. Part of the problem of the urban wealthy is they have lost sight of individual ability and tool use, and depend on others.

    The USA should strive to be racially and class neutral and reward those willing to be self-sufficient with the tools and education to proceed forward.

    • http://guncontrol Eileen Barayasarra

      I am an old woman in Idaho. I will be 71 my next birthday. In 2005, a 24 year old man ran in my back door. He resembled Mike Tyson except that he was Mexican. Police were chasing him, but he had given them the slip and doubled back. They were 2 blocks away and running the wrong direction. My dog alerted me, so I got my pistol. I was able to run him out and the police came back and fought him for 15 minutes in my garage before subduing him. He was high on methamphetamine and simply could not stop fighting them. Over at the courthouse, his own father told me his son would surely have killed me if I had not had my pistol. Before it was over, I had 17 police officers in my yard. Not one of them tried to take away my pistol! They knew it was my right to defend myself in my own home. For those of you who think guns are the problem, NO! CRIMINALS are the problem! Guns are the ANSWER! Criminals will always have guns. They do not buy them legally or register them. They steal them. Why would anyone think the world was a safer place if citizens can not defend themselves against CRIMINALS ON DRUGS? When an intruder comes in your home, do you intend to wave a fly swatter at them and scream, or will you be able to defend yourself? As for a “classless society” – -I own a nice 13 room house in a clean neighborhood. I have lived here 40 years and raised my 5 children here. Two weeks ago at 6 am I saw a man stand up beside my car and slowly walk to the end of the block. He was a man from a country south of our border, probably did not speak English. He had left a huge pile of feces by the front wheel of my car on the street side. As long as people from his country crap wherever they decide to, and toss their trash wherever they get done with it, I refuse to believe they are in the same class as most citizens of the USA. I have known many fine people who came from his native country- – or their ancestors did, but these people we have sneaking illegally into our country do us no good and much harm. I will never accept that willingly.

  • don l.



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