Fewer Americans support gun control laws, poll says


Fewer Americans support gun control laws, poll saysGiven the recent spate of deadly shootings from coast to coast, some have found it surprising that American’s preference for stricter gun control laws has been declining.

In fact, while in 2001 some 54 percent favored stricter regulations, the number has fallen to 39 percent today, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll.

However, only 15 percent want gun laws that are less strict while almost half of those polled prefer to see them unchanged.

Some believe the sudden drop has to do with the new administration’s recent suggestions that stricter regulations and stronger gun laws enforcement may be in the offing.

The economy, however, may also be playing a role.

According to a recent article in Time Magazine, the nation is seeing a boom in gun sales. Quoting SportsOneSource, a research firm that tracks the sporting goods industry, it says firearms sales in large retail outlets have increased by 39 percent this year.

"The economy played a large part in my decision," Jacquita Baker, a new gun owner from Kentwood, Michigan, told Time. "When people don’t have jobs, they might go breaking into people’s homes. I want to be safe in my home."


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