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Female Service Members Sue For Combat Inclusion

November 29, 2012 by  

Female Service Members Sue For Combat Inclusion
A 1994 policy bars women from being assigned to ground combat units.

A Federal lawsuit filed on Tuesday by four members of the armed forces seeks to put an end to the Pentagon’s longtime policy of barring women from serving in combat positions.

A 1994 policy bars women from being assigned to ground combat units. The units are smaller and considered more dangerous than those that currently allow female service members because they are often in heavy battle for longer periods of time than the other units.

Opponents of the ban say that women are already being killed or wounded in war, but are routinely not recognized for battleground experience taken into consideration for high pay and rank. It is also often unclear in modern warfare where the frontline in many military conflicts is, as suicide bombings and sniper ambushes are often the attacks of choice for America’s modern military foes. During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 144 female troops have been killed and 860 wounded despite noncombat classification.

Opponents of the right of female troops to join ground combat units argue that women may lack some of the physical capabilities of their male counterparts in battle. Some military top brass also worry that lifting gender barriers in combat units could disrupt operations by providing distractions that otherwise would not exist for male or female soldiers.

From the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which helped the four service members file the discrimination suit: “Women make up more than 14 percent of the 1.4 million active military personnel, yet the rule categorically excludes them from more than 200,000 positions, as well as from entire career fields? Consequently, commanders are stymied in their ability to mobilize their troops effectively.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    • eddie47d

      “Inappropriate behavior” What is that suppose to mean? As the article says and is well known men and women alike are in combat situations whether they are directly facing an enemy or not. Where rear echelon units are bombed or attacked and troops are wounded or killed.Once you enter a country at war death and injury can come from many sources and you don’t have to be in the field to be a victim. Should women be in direct combat service? Absolutely and if they are their pay and grade should reflect that. Will they hold up and stand their ground in battle Absolutely. My only problem would to be if they are captured and raped. The mental scares could be more traumatic than a male POW. On the other hand considering that 30,000 rapes occur per year from their fellow countrymen maybe they have already confronted that “enemy”. Several countries allow women to serve in combat including Israel and we all have to do what we have to do in order to protect and defend the country you serve.

      • Stuart Shepherd

        eddie47- unless you’ve been in combat yourself, why don’t you shut your mouth about “well known.”

      • Chester

        Stuart, sounds to me as if you know less about the subject at hand than Eddie does, so a good dose of stfu should be taken by you as well. Women ARE in combat any time they enter any of the areas we are currently conducting operations in, yet they get absolutely zero credit for combat experience when it comes time to decide who gets what job and which raise. Like it or not, in the military, if you are excluded from combat experience, it does affect your promotability.

      • james street

        There were several females that filed lawsuits against regs that exclude women from special forces. They got their wish and were allowed to actually participate in the special forces training. The last one to DOR was 3 weeks into the training. Im not trying to ruffle feathers here. I was a SAR swimmer in the USN. Im also a 91 gulf war vet with a steel plate and 13 screws in my left forarm from the war. My first attempt at the second class swim test I was actually beaten by a woman in a timed exercise by 28 seconds. And Im not one of those that are too “macho” to admit it. BUT that was only 1 evolution. A month later I retook the evolution and and trimmed almost a full 2 minutes off my initial time. The test was in an olympic pool. We had to make a one half lap under water then one lap using the breast stroke, crawl stroke, back stroke and military side stroke, (one lap down and back with each stroke) then float for 10 minutes face down then ten minutes face up. Without ever touching the side of the pool. (if it sounds east try it sometime) As i did my daily laps I met a guy who was there almost every day. He would do 5 to 10 laps then leave. We struck up a conversation one day and I found out he was a SEAL. He said he swam 5 miles a day. I asked him how many laps would he swim to make 5 miles. He laughed. He said this was just his warm up. Then he told me that he swam his 5 miles in the ocean. Grueling. So I dont really know how women would fare in ground combat but there are bound to be situations when the physical strength of a man is required. Then theres the issue with being a possible POW. Personally I think it would be a bad idea. My reason being, and its a personal reason, is the fact that I could not allow a woman to become a POW. Even if it meant my almost certain death. Not that I wouldnt do the same for my male shipmates, but I feel they are more able to take care of themselves and wouldnt need “protection” Anyway thats pretty much it in a nutsack. Sorry if anyone gets POd by anything I said.

      • eddie47d

        James: Very few men go into the Green Berets or Navy Seals so that is a mote point about women joining those units. .

      • big T-little roy

        you have never been nor ever shall, be a trooper! you are an idiot!

      • Ed

        Women in the Israeli Defense Forces are used in “combat roles,” not in “combat.” That’s more than a simple semantic difference. Combat roles, such as communications, countering chemical warfare, electronic warfare, and even border patrols, are all dangerous and stressful, and the heroism of such soldiers is unquestioned, but those roles are not direct combat (even though such soldiers may occasionally and unintentionally become involved in direct combat).

        Despite the critical demand for combat soldiers, Israel (to my knowledge) has not used women in direct combat since 1950 because they found that the presence of women had a devastating impact on the effectiveness of men in battle, such as being more concerned with the safety of the women rather than with the purpose of the battle.

        The only possible exceptions to female “combat roles” are fighter pilots, but if the examples of America and other countries are the rule, Israeli female fighter pilots have to meet lower official or attendant qualifications than do male fighter pilots…not exactly a recommendation.

    • superpacforaustralia

      In my opinion you are wasting the high value agressiveness you could be getting from Lesbian women who are far more agressive than men in combat situations and wasting the lives of men who are not as good. I suggest you reconsider your views.

    • superpacforaustralia

      In my opinion you are wasting the vauable contribution you would get from the agressive nature of Lesbians as combat troops instead of using some men who are not really suitable for the tasks.

      • eddie47d

        Wow! Now women who join the military are Lesbians. What a “brilliant” conclusion!

      • big T-little roy

        can i watch? i think all women on pms and menopause should have the right to strap on guns and grenades, and go right on in to a combat mission! go girls! you are right! nothing of hell has a scour of a females wrath! just leave us guys out of it!

      • big T-little roy

        hey, i’m going through engineering school, you and your girlfriend will always be welcome! i think your reply was stand forth! women are prettier than guys, uh, i think lesbians will take over(eventually) sharia law!

    • Stuart Shepherd

      Like the rest of the liberal agenda, this is flat out insane. Another nail in our coffin that we’ve been preparing ourselves for in this slow suicide of progressivism and “PCism” that we’ve been committing for decades now, thanks, largely, to the “women’s”/feminist/lesbian movement itself. It would SIGNIFICANTLY weaken the strength and the morale of these units (as would having openly gay “soldiers”). “Real men” are going to naturally protect their own females more so than concentrate on killing the enemy! All this contempt for “conventional” wisdom is really exactly that- foolishness on a massive scale. Every single thing that conservatives have said is “socialism” or a bad idea or immoral (and were right about!) for the last 50 years has been viciously attacked by these demons/haters. They (liberals) ALL love the momentary “pleasure” they receive by having their illegitimate philosophies, “feelings,” and behaviors legitimized- even as these “legitimizations” obviously and predictably destroy our once strong morally, financially, legally, societally, and militarily nation. It is the most horrific such “suicide” in all of recorded history- a slow death by a thousand cuts- each one of which is somehow “justified.” We are both insane to put up with this nonsense and have NO BALLS in opposing it at the same time. It’s hard to combat evil, though, because Satan is the Master of THIS world, and decent men are always his target (Allen West is a good example). All these women with all their hatred of men, children, and God are just Satan’s pawns.

      • eddie47d

        Have you flipped James? So a woman wants to serve her country so that makes her a socialist and a lesbian! Conservatives are hate driven and maybe should be driven into extinction.


        “Stuart Shepherd,”










      • eddie47d

        So Israeli woman who protect their country in combat are inappropriate? You have all gone into the ozone with this manly man garbage.





    • Stuart Shepherd




  • Ted Crawford

    As a Combat Veteran, what worries me here is PMS! It either exists, and in degrees serious enough to be used as a defence against Murder, or it doesn’t! Which is it? If the former, I’m forced to wonder,if I’m teamed with a female, experiencing PMS, in a fighting hole. Where would I be better served to place my first shot at the outset of any hostilities?

    • eddie47d

      “Where would you place your first shot”? That’s another odd comment and I hope you don’t mean what I think you mean! Men in combat have bad days too and do terrible things and they even frag their officers. So please explain.



  • sean murry

    Women do not belong in combat period.

    • Doc Sarvis

      They are already there, they just are not recognized/awarded as such.

      • James

        Have you been an Infantryman? Well, I have. Women are not suited to this type of work, and neither are most men. I remember carrying a ruck of over 125 lbs for more then 13 hours straight on a patrol. That didn’t count the 20 lbs of weapon, and more than 25 lbs of load-carrying equipment. How many men can do that? Now, ask yourself how many women could. How about wading through swamps up to your neck in filthy water and mud, then no shower for a few weeks? How will the female body react to that? Idealism does not intersect with reality. Forcing this will only result in more people being killed, both genders. Men that can’t make it are forced out, should we remove the standards to keep them too?

      • rendarsmith

        Hey Doc,

        Do you have any idea of the difference in promotion standards between men and women? It is ridiculous. A friend told me about how men have to run a mile in something like 7 minutes while women have to run it (or walk it) in 10. That’s insane! Despite women being given this advantage (we have to give them a boost in everything for them to compete with men don’t we?) 98% of war deaths are MEN. What does that tell you? MEN DO MOST OF THE FIGHTING! If they put women in combat roles, the next article we’ll see is a lawsuit against the military for putting them there once they start dying because it’s endangering them. But hey, if they want to fight so badly, let them. Let them see first hand how dangerous it is, of course I’m sure they’ll be under the watchful eye under their male counterparts. Just don’t expect me to sympathize when they’re getting killed.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Women ARE getting killed in combat now. They are just not assigned to combat units and therefore not getting the promotions and pay and awards their male comrads can receive.

      • Teo Twaki

        Doc, Who cares that women “WANT” to be in Combat. When they can do “EVERYTHING” that a man can do then let them! And I mean everything! (I can’t say it here because it will be deleted) but you know what I am talking about….and since you are a liberal I will give you a hint – (WHEN THEY CAN FILL A JOCKSTRAP). MEN AND WOMEN ARE NOT EQUAL! Pure and Simple! ON another Note! Being Infantry Having a woman on board will be a distraction, and distractions KILL. Men are instinctively protective of women, in a combat situation a man or men will endanger the whole squad and or mission to protect a woman or heaven forbid women. Let them form an “All” Woman battalion, that way there will be no excuses, they will be responsible for themselves etc…. And, to make it interesting place the LGBT Soldiers there with them.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Teo Twaki
        I am surprised that you think so little of the professionalism and honor of our armed forces that they could not maintain discipline.

        Also, the nut-sack does not aim or pull the trigger.

  • Dick Grace

    Well what a great idea. Lets put the avowed homosexuals on the bomb disarming, etc. If they want their blood shed lets help them out.

    • mark

      Unlike you, the “avowed homosexuals” serve their country in places of maximum danger. While you sit at home and make jokes about them. What a courageous man you are. What a patriot.

  • Bob

    IF,you were carrying a ruck,that weighed 125 lbs,you are either stupid or full of BS,ive been on patrol for 37 consecutive days in the central highlands of vietnam,and my ruck NEVER weighed more than 60 were carrying much unneeded my 16 and ammo and grenades weighed ABOUT 30 lbs…

  • jmach11

    Not only do they provide an unnecessary distraction, studies have shown that males will be protective of their female counterparts unnecessarily risking their own lives and those of his unit.

  • Bill

    It is known fact that when a woman uses a gun in self defense they usually empty the gun into whoever they are shooting.

    There are always exceptions to the rules. If they can handle it, go for it

  • RichE

    “… when women can do everything a man can do.” Hmmm, Molly Pitcher comes to mind.

    Personally, I’d be honored and hopeful it would dilute the testosterone.

    • Ed

      It’s interesting that you cite Molly Pitcher, which was a Revolutionary War nickname for women who carried water to the troops. Dangerous, certainly, but hardly equivalent to actual combat. It is believed that the famous Molly Pitcher of the Battle of Monmouth was Mary McCauley, who reported a cannon shot passing between her legs without harm. That is unquestionably a distinct advantage over male soldiers.

  • Salty Marine

    I spent six years in an M1 A1 Tank and can tell you there are not many women in the world that can repeatedly slam a 120mm round in a breach or piss in a bottle because you have been in the vehicle for 5 hours. Once you’re on mission there is no getting out. The few times women were around caused our MO to suddenly change; we could not relieve ourselves as need, everything must be respectful and proper…big pain in the a$$ for a combat unit; it messes up the chemistry. I don’t want my life in the hands of a 110 lb female to pull my 190 lb wounded body out of a burning tank…she can’t do it and I’m going to burn to death because of political correctness. Everything that has to do with armor is heavy, bruising. I don’t know a woman that can even carry one cleat for a tank track. All you civilians that have never been in the mixer need to take your inexperienced social agendas for the military and concentrate on something else.

    • Kay

      Well said, sir, and I’m a woman. I can’t understand why we can’t be honest and admit that women are weaker? Instead of putting all our fighting men at risk?

    • big T-little roy

      bigT-litle roy: hoorah! i’m salty navy. i say just have a platoon of women by themselves. send them on their mission and when they fail or succeed we can either say to our enemy, oh you guys got beat by a bunch of women or you guys beat a bunch of girls? how manly!

    • RichE

      Could two women pull you out of the tank? But, if we replaced every male with a female then we wouldn’t have the problem and the stronger male would grunt around with 150 pounds of gear. Something the males are far more qualified to do. I wonder if we could make the tanks smaller if the crew was all female. I wonder if the tank would get better gas mileage. Now there’s a solution. Women do twice the work for half the pay. We could cut the military and payroll in half. Would that be a 75% reduction in payroll costs? Wow, I think I just got us over the fiscal cliff.

      Does anyone know if Amelia Earhart peed in a bottle?

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        I have a feeling, RichE, that the majority of women reading your post probably think you’re a twit. Did Amelia Earhart pee in a bottle? Probably not, but neither did she participate in combat(war). She was an aviatrix(flew aircrafts); big difference!

        • RichE

          I was making the point that the pee problem was solved 70 years ago.

      • big T-little roy

        well, i have had fun reading all of the responses to this editorial, but the fact is military warfare is beyond whether they use women or not, it is new warfare, dealing with children, women, and any other psychotic deviant that wants to destroy the western world! we have the capability to get rid of the muslim radical camps, but choose not to do so! war on terror is a joke! now we have the worst president in history, and God bless us all!

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Sure you were, RichE…

  • 45caliber

    Do they want to fight in combat or do they simply want women to fight in combat? And do they want to fight – or do they want to be near men who do?

  • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

    Women in combat makes for good entertainment…watching women fight is like watching a dog hump a football; hilarious!

    • Doc Sarvis

      The Right’s war on women continues.

      • Alan

        Sorry Doc, but the “war on women” is from the left flank, not the right.

      • big T-little roy

        amen brother! women do fly aircraft in dangerous missions, but hand to hand combat and being in the trenches is another matter! loading and unloading lbs of stuff does not suite them well! i was in charge of munitions and food, i had to speed things along and while the women were willing, they slowed the operations down. without the extra hands(i sent them back to their divisions, and yes i got hell) things went more quickly!


        OH, MAN! THIS THREAD IS “RIGHT DOWN MY ALLEY!” – “KUDOS,” Personal Liberty Digest!

        AS James Brown SANG, “It’s a MAN’S world … “.

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      Doc, women were made for beauty, grace, love, wisdom, nurturing, maternity. peace…they were not made for war. Why would you want to put such a beautiful creature in harm’s way? Man is much better suited for war, protecting, killing if necessary; this sort of thing is not suitable for women, you poor excuse for a man. Where is your sense of pride and honour? Btw, who wears the dress in your house?

      • Doc Sarvis

        I don’t want to put them in war. Their point is they are already in war and not getting what men get for the same duty.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Well, you do have a point, Doc. My apologies!

  • Roxy

    But yet women can work law enforcement ie city police, SWAT, Border Patrol, FBI, CIA. USMC has already been enrolling female officers in their School of Infantry to see if women are physically and emotionally capable of leading combat squadrons. So far no results one quit and the other was dropped due to an injury. The testing has come to halt because no other female officer has volunteered. It seems to me that the women who are suing should volunteer.

    • big T-little roy

      my sister was a police officer and gosh, not very intimidating, but she after getting punched by a guy 6’2, took him down and cuffed him! she will tell you, after she quit, i’ve got to do something else! she now makes 3x in radiology!

  • Kay

    Okay, I’m a woman, and I think this is just plain stupid. Here we have women demanding the right to be shot at. I will never understand this mindset.

    Secondly, it would not give me the warm fuzzies to know that WOMEN are the ones fighting for our country.

    Just accept the fact that women are the weaker vessel. What’s wrong with accepting the truth, and what’s wrong with being the weaker vessel? It just means you get treated like a woman, and I would much prefer to be treated like a woman.

    This doesn’t mean that women are inferior. It just means we are different. Women ought to be happy with who and what they are instead of wanting to be what they are not.

  • RivahMitch

    All is consistent with the Kenyan Marxist’s plan to build a country not worth fighting for and a military less capable of fighting for it! Semper Fi!

    • eddie47d

      Nice try Rivah! “Obama made me do it”! These woman want to serve and fight on their own merit no matter who is President. Too bad you don’t think America is worth fighting for.


    I was lucky to get out at the begining of this crap in the early ’70s.Had a little exper. with girls in mens jobs…always came up short.Now if these girls want to “”ENJOY “” the combat exper. let ‘em……………IN ALL GIRL UNITS !!!,that way no men die catchin’ up their slack.I figure a couple of co.’s of ‘em get wiped out or a couple hundred get captured and subjected to gang ” QUESTIONING “, and all the whinning about “treat me the same ” will go away.I say do it…,we men have been payin’ the price alone too long.Sure…give ‘em a taste of reality !!! ooo-rah !!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The “women” pushing for combat positions will never see combat, it will be the other female stupids who will bear the brunt of the social engineering.

  • Alan

    Hey Kay! My belief is that the majority of the females serving in the armed forces today are content with their present roles in such. It’s those who share a more feminist bent who are screaming discrimination and groups like the ACLU are all too happy to oblige them for purely liberal reasons. It’s not bad enough that our young men are sent off to die in foreign lands? Now they want our young women as well? No thanks. Thankfully both my son and daughter will soon be beyond their grasp as far as the age requirements are concerned.

  • Ed

    First, I am certain that the women “yearning” for combat do not really like the idea of women in combat. What they really are yearning for is a quick path to promotion, and once that path is open (and it will be, in our PC world), they will manage to avoid the truly dangerous combat situations and pass the most perilous tasks onto men, thereby creating lopsided and inefficient combat units.

    Second, back in Victorian times, the African nation of Dahomey had a highly vaunted female military, but when Captain Richard Burton (not the actor), a veteran British officer with much combat experience in Africa, visited Dahomey and evaluated the all-women combat units, he said something to the effect that a bunch of British scrubwomen could easily defeat them–not exactly a good recommendation for a female military.

    Third, you cannot use the effectiveness of female police officers to justify the presence of women in military combat. The police are trained to restrain, the military is trained to kill. That is a qualitative and unbridgeable difference.

    While it may satisfy the PC social engineering that America and its military feel compelled to implement, putting women into “combat” would not be in the best interest of our security and defense, which are the vital responsibilities of the American military.

  • MizGeek

    As a female veteran, I do not agree that everything should be opened up but I do think some of the restrictions should be removed. If a woman is nuts enough to want to got to seal school, let her go, if she passes everything with no accommodations I’m sure the Army could find a way to use her skills. As far as letting women into the infantry to be used as cannon fodder, I don’t understand that. I hear female fighter pilots are more deadly, something about no testosterone and being willing to wait for revenge, or maybe better motor skills.

  • Franklyn Molina

    On this note, let me borrow a soapbox from one of my heroes.

    Hi Ladies,

    I want to start on a positive note, so allow me to apologize on behalf of society. We are sorry that we have made you feel like being a girl isn’t good enough. Our bad.

    It is perfectly okay for you to be feminine. Please, by all means, spend hours on end at the salon getting yourself all gussied up for the rest of us to look at so that we may compliment you on your appearance. It’s good to be pretty. It doesn’t define you entirely, but there’s also nothing wrong with doing everything you can to look your best.

    While you’re at it, feel free to do some laundry, hit the cardio machine, grab some groceries, clean up around the house, and, if you find some time for yourself at the end of your day, knit something. Traditional, stereotypical gender roles were created for a reason; take a chance and be a cliché, you

    might actually discover that it’s rewarding.

    Again, I say to you with all clarity; it’s okay to be a dame.

    We apologize for making you feel as though you had to do things that men do in order to matter in society. Like usual, we have swung the pendulum too far and that’s our collective fault. Please join me in righting the ship, won’t you?

    Let’s start by making something clear; you can’t do anything you want to do. No one can; no man nor woman nor beast can do anything they want. No matter how many freak shows you roll out the truth of the matter should remain that men can’t and shouldn’t give birth, for example.

    So how about you broads stop trying to play golf or be part of the Elks lodge, K?

    Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should, hon. You see, it is true that you can run companies and it seems as though you are no worse at it than most men. Good for you. We’re all proud that you can bring home the bacon…now remember the rest of the song and fry it up in a pan.

    While it is true that you belong equally aside men in the workforce, it’s fascinating that no one seems to think you belong equally aside men in combat, including the most ardent of feminine rights advocates. Funny how when mortal harm enters the picture everyone agrees that our women should remain softer, gentler and kinder, isn’t it?

    So with that in mind, it seems only prudent that you also cease and desist your quest to conquer other things that are overly “masculine.” I would suggest most things that gin up your testosterone levels via competition that men traditionally partake in should be left to the hairier sex. Golf, football, auto racing, and the like are all a good place to start, sweet cheeks. I know, I know, you look adorable in your pink hat and your frilly shoes and you love seeing Gladys and Madge every weekend as you stroll around the course for 7 hours playing 18 holes of golf. But I’m sorry to say that you are ruining everything for all of us. Not just men, but society in general.

    You see, sugar pants, we need our women to be feminine and our men to be masculine. That’s just how God made us. It is true that in the past we over-defined that to mean that men had to provide and women had to nurture, period. We now know that women can do a bang-up job in the workplace too. But it’s ironic, isn’t it, that we’ve also learned that women still must nurture as well? Life sucks, doesn’t it babe?

    Don’t get me wrong, we’re all for you having your little forms of competition. Just keep it reasonable. We encourage you to enlist in beauty pageants, flower arranging matches, cheerleading, and even cup stacking. And for the more rough women, there are always things like volleyball, tennis, and dance.

    Alas, gender roles exist for a reason. Women must nurture and men must kill, dominate, hunt, gather, and be dirty. Let us. And let us do it amongst ourselves. We are all aware that you honestly believe that you know how to do everything better than we do and we accept that. We also know that if it were up to you gals, fire still wouldn’t have been invented because you were so disgusted by the idea of rubbing two dirty sticks together. You’re welcome, by the way.

    So, please behave as you so often claim to be; as the stronger sex. We’ve all heard a million times that no man could ever endure child birth, so prove once again to us that you are in fact as better than us as you think you are and be the bigger person; make the first move.

    I trust that next Saturday I will not find you in front of me on the golf course as you meander about hitting embarrassing shots and giggling like a school girl at how cute it is that your yeast infection isn’t interfering with your alleged swing. I offer a pre-emptive thank you on behalf of mankind. Notice it’s

    still called mankind. Get over it. We all know that society can’t exist without both sexes…now do what must be done to maintain the clear differences between them. Get off my lawn, and I won’t use your decorative soaps to wash myself. Deal?

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      Splendid! Thank you for sharing, Mr. Molina. However, there is something else a-foot that we need to consider before we can make sense of it all, and, before we can offer recommendations/solutions.

      “Reinventing the World”

      Part 1: The Seamless Communitarian System

      Conforming people, schools, corporations, governments and churches to UN standards.



  • Right Brain Thinker

    Many have made good points here about the physical differences between men and women. That is the only line of reasoning that has any validity in this argument. The services have requirements that eliminate small and weak males—-perhaps we need to test females the same way and allow those that are big enough and strong enough to go into those combat roles where they might need to haul a comrade out of danger or hump a heavy load. Many fire and police departments have such requirements for women, although the sexists like FrankLYN will still grumble that they’re not tough enough (and they may not be in some cases).

    I can remember a number of times when the bigger and stronger among us had to divvy up the gear of a “puny” Marine and take turns carrying him when he crapped out on a training hike (The USMC does not leave its dead and wounded behind).. Any woman who can take her turn doing that (and can shoot straight) is welcome to share my hole. And we would fight no harder to “protect” her than any other of our comrades.

    • WTS/JAY

      No argument here, RBT. In fact, a well-balanced and reasoned argument!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Thank you, Jay. Your recent comments are well-balanced and reasoned also. Watch out, though! DaveH and JeffH may be coming after you if and when he/they notice that there are only two Stooges remaining!

        (I hope he/they didn’t hear me mention him/them. Would hate to see him/them come running over to pollute this thread with his/their “wisdom”).


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