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FEMA Exercises Include Foreign Troops Practicing on U.S. Soil

July 29, 2009 by  

FEMA Exercises Include Foreign Troops Practicing on U.S. Soil

This week the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been conducting its annual National Level Exercise program to prepare governmental agencies to respond to emergencies. But this year’s exercise has ominous underpinnings: it is the first to focus exclusively on terrorism protection and planning, and, for the first time, foreign troops are being trained to respond to emergencies in the U.S.

That’s right, troops from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom are being trained in Washington, D.C., Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas to help impose martial law in the event of a terrorist incident in the U.S.

This from FEMA’s own website: “This scenario enables participating senior officials to focus on issues related to preventing terrorist events domestically and protecting U.S. critical infrastructure… Exercises such as NLE 09 are an important component of national preparedness, helping to build an integrated federal, state, tribal, local and private sector capability to prevent terrorist attacks, and rapidly and effectively respond to, and recover from, any terrorist attack or major disaster that occurs. The full-scale exercise offers agencies and jurisdictions a way to test their plans and skills in a real-time, realistic environment and to gain the in-depth knowledge that only experience can provide. Participants will exercise prevention and information sharing functions that are critical to preventing terrorist attacks.”

Of course, we live in a world where an attack is possible any time from Islamo-fascist terrorists who are desperate to hit America whenever and wherever they can. And Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma in 1995 is an example of what domestic terrorists can do (though evidence uncovered by reporters indicated an Iraqi connection that the government never pursued).

But don’t forget that your government may consider you a terrorist as well. Do you believe in the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Terrorist. Do you believe in a limited government? Terrorist. Do you believe in state’s rights? Terrorist. Do you oppose abortion? Terrorist. Do you oppose illegal immigration? Terrorist. Former member of the military? Terrorist.

These descriptions are right out of a special assessment issued by the Department of Homeland Security entitled: Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.

And then there is this: Two bills pending in Congress sponsored by Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL). That’s the same Alcee Hastings who, while a judge, was impeached by a Democrat-controlled Congress 18 years ago by a vote of 413-3 for conspiring to accept bribes. The good citizens of Florida’s House District 23 then elected him to represent them the next year to a seat he still holds.

The two bills are HR 645 and HR 2647. What do they do?

HR 645 requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish no fewer than six national emergency centers on military installations. These are designed, according to the bill’s language, to provide temporary housing and humanitarian assistance in case of an emergency or national disaster. And one clause of the bill reads: “to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.”

And Hastings’ other bill, HR 2647, gives the Attorney General the power to determine who or what is a hate group.

We touched on the possibility of foreign or United Nations troops enforcing laws on American soil in conjunction with U.S. census takers recording Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates, Census Workers Marking GPS Coordinates of U.S. Homes, June 19.

Now to connect the dots: Foreign troops brought to the U.S. use GPS coordinates to locate and arrest domestic terrorists (as defined by Attorney General) and taken to military installations where they are held in detention in concentration camp-style facilities.

As the march toward fascism continues and civil unrest grows, who knows what the government boys and girls might try next?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    It was a well-known tactic in the USSR to station troops in locations far away from their homes so that they were less likely to sympathize with the locals in case an uprising needed to be put down.

    • Brian Rawls

      Thats right Dave. How much of our brain-washed military will fall for this kind of shit. I dont think that there will be many that side with the American public. It is going to become a bloodbath.

      • Conservative

        You don’t know how good and brave our soldiers are. There are no comparison between the REAL BATTLEFIELD SOLDIERS and the training of FOREIGNERS or the training of law enforcements.

        • Conservative

          Sadly, all our soldiers who come back from the battlefield are automaticly placed on the government’s watch-list. That tells you this government is afraid of our soldiers, not just how good they are, but also how patriotic and loyal they are to this country. This government repays their gratitude by labeling them as right-wing etremists.

          Last month, the Democrat party passed the “Hate Crime” bill to protect Gays, Jews, and Illegals, but the Republican party wanted congress to include our soldiers, our veterans and christians on the bill, and Dems adamantly refused.

  • s c

    Can you feel the compassion of this loving government? Our Washington geniuses have a crystal ball that lets them see into the future. Does your heart leap for joy, knowing that our leaders are saints? It is so satisfying to know that freedom is the #1 agenda in Washington. We have so many talented people who are anxious to treat us as part of a huge family. At last, utopia is ours. All we need to do is to smile, and ‘go with the flow.’ Human perfection is alive and well in Washington. Congress and the White House are spotless and are without flaw. If only we had enough room so everyone on earth could live in America. America can now be the new heaven on earth.

    • Conservative


      • Conservative

        The majority of Americans and the whole world are troubled with this admin.’s suspicious activities. Their actions have confirmed who they are, why and what this government is preparing for:

        why did they upgrade the DMV’s system last year with your current picture, profile and the cars you drive?
        why would the census or GPS desire to guide it directly to your front door and to connect to your name, your social number, or with who and where you live?
        why do they have foreigners, non English speaking aka UN to police or take charge of our houses?
        why do they send our policemen overseas to train? So they can solidify the same methods and how to detect people.
        why are “OBAMA’s HOUSE OF CZARS” allowed to do whatever they want?

        Even their Senior Democrats Say Obama’s Czars are Unconstitutional and Unqualified. American people complain that 34 Commies are too many czars, and a good laugh to the world.

        why did they recently revise the entire CYBER SYSTEM? Whose emails are they monitoring and tracking? Hackers have existed since the invention of the internet and was under controlled under Bush, not just since Obama took over.
        why do they want the American people to be illiterate, and to flood our country with entertainment (violent movies, porn, party, and trashy TV shows)?

        Have you ever asked yourself the question about what happened in the past; If after all of the crises, who are the ones gaining benefits from it? I think you already know the answer.

  • Adrienne Williams

    Having a history background and some ancient – I only comment when I understand the situation and have done some REAL reading on the subject.

    • Terry

      Left-wingers are implementing the New World Order or “NWO” after decades of preparing their agenda. Some of you will now start learning history and some of you still can’t figure it out, is it too late for you?

      If you are living in America, you should hear that people’ve talked about the NOW. And this website already gives you a lot of info. about the events and current crisis around you and the sad consequences of your ignorance. All you need to do is open your eyes and read it.

    • DaveH

      But you did comment.

  • James

    The article “Census Workers Marking GPS Coordinates of U.S. Homes ” also said:

    “Gibbs posits that perhaps United Nations troops, many non-English speaking and certainly unfamiliar with U.S. communities, would use them to locate the neighborhoods they are required to police or the houses of people they are sent to take into custody.”

    It’s an act of terrorism, when they use scare tactic to hold people against their will, but in this case only in their own homes.

    When foreigners invade and hold American people in their own homes, I don’t know if it’s an act of terrorism or is it more like declaring war against America?

    • Brian Rawls

      Dont worry everyone, I absolutly have no problem shooting foriegn troops just like I dont mind handling the domestic ones. I will not live like a slave, I dont think I will let anyone arrest me like that. Just as long as I can take out four or five with me I will be happy. I know alot of people want to avoid violence, but sometimes that has to take place. Most people will call me a bad person, or a crazy person. The media will make everyone who resists look bad. In the end there will be a differant view on it all.

      • Sharmie

        I have never owned a gun before and shot only a few times but I am buying a shotgun now and I, like you, will blow away anyone who tries to take my liberty away.

        • Brian Rawls

          Right on! Right on! Thats great you can buy one cheap. Remove the plug so you will have a few extra rounds before its reload time. Its hard to miss your target with a scatter-gun. Now thats what I call gun control.

        • Brian Rawls

          Just remember, everytime you shoot one they will drop their assault weapon. You will never run out of ammo that way.

        • Don

          Good for you, every American should be able to defend themselves and their family. Our founding fathers learned their lesson, after dealing with the British. It is our Constitutional right to own firearms, and the left wing liberals are not going to take our guns without a fight…They will declare martial law and suspend the Constitution, after they have crashed our economy, and sent our country into the depression of all depressions. You should prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. They attack and distort every freedom guaranteed by our laws. When the existing laws don’t fit their agenda, they modify them for their own purposes. If you care about where this country is going, you need to write your representatives and demand action. Our freedom of speech will be next…

    • Kathy

      You know this is not going to happen. They will get killed trying to keep Americans in their homes. I hate cynicism of self protection laws. If they are trying to keep you in your homes and their is not a real reason like an active terrorism that just happened, they AIN’T American soldiers, get that down in your head now. No American will threaten you, coerce or terrorize you, nor take your right to bear arms. So don’t worry about them, they are enemies in a domestic manner, hired by your federal gov. and knowing that, you should know what to do for them. Nobody said everything was pretty, read the history of our forefathers.

    • Don

      We will be at war, when they start this…

  • DaveH

    If there are any sycophantic liberals reading this, ask yourselves this: With the mightiest military on the face of this earth, and a very-well armed populice, why do we need foreign troops to help us with our domestic problems?

    • Don

      They are training them here, because they will be indifferent toward disarming American citizens. There will be violence.

  • DaveH

    We need to write emails, write letters, or telephone our representatives and tell them this:
    “Since it is an organization that is contemptuous of our freedom, I am going to vote for whoever works to get us out of the United Nations, whether they be Democrat, Republican, or another political party”.
    I am sending that message right now to my senators and representatives.

    • Don


    • Don

      My message.
      I am opposed to foreign troops being trained to police our country.

      We have enough of our own military and police.

      We will not have foreign troops policing our communities or enforcing
      Obama’s socialist agenda.

      This week the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been
      conducting its annual National Level Exercise program to prepare
      governmental agencies to respond to emergencies. But this year’s exercise
      has ominous underpinnings: it is the first to focus exclusively on
      terrorism protection and planning, and, for the first time, foreign troops
      are being trained to respond to emergencies in the U.S.

      That’s right, troops from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom
      are being trained in Washington, D.C., Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico,
      Oklahoma and Texas to help impose martial law in the event of a terrorist
      incident in the U.S

      Get us out of the UN and get them out of our country.

  • NET

    We have more foreign troops on American soil than we have American troops and have had for numerous years. Our communist regime is trying to lock in the final phase. Kneel under you, serfs let the elite have their way you pigs! I get a kick out of the term socialist, why not just come right out and tell the truth communist?

  • tom irwin

    No matter what the circumstance, I will not accept troops from any nation ordering me around in my own country.

    • Kathy

      Amen to that . I am in agreement and so are millions more people.

  • FarRightWinger

    That’s very nice but the news has a little twist: FEMA troops are already on US soil for long time. They have more than 800 (!) death-camps (well, they call it FEMA-camps, but the reason is to DESTROY anti-NWO and anti-globalist conservatives, even anti-abortion Chrsitians. FEMA camps are ready to operate and annihilate about 20 MILLION Americans (that’s what the RED and BLUE lists consist with names).
    I have many links to show you, but the simplest way if you discover them by yourself. Use for your searching Google and put these 3 words in your search engine: *
    ‘death-camps-USA’ – then be shocked, but prepared… We don’t have too much time.*

  • FarRightWinger

    As the march toward fascism continues and civil unrest grows, who knows what the government boys and girls might try next?

    Bob, we march toward COMMUNISM, not Fascism. You are wrong, if you mix these two as the same. Fascism existed in Italy, under Benito Mussolini and the Italians liked it. At least, Il Duce prevented his homeland from communist takeover, the same what is planned now in USA.
    If you could live in Fascism and then in Communism, I think, you Bob would run back to Fascism with a rocket speed…

  • FarRightWinger

    And Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma in 1995 is an example of what domestic terrorists can do

    Wrong again Bob! Timothy McVeigh was NOT the perpetrator, as was not Oswald the killer for JFK. The Evil Empire used him as “right-wing conspiracy” against the government. I am sure that the US governemnt and its evil-doers did the bombing.

    • DaveH

      I don’t want you to stand alone on that McVeigh statement. About that same time period, there was all kinds of civil unrest (supposedly). Ruby Ridge and Waco were two of the biggest. Both were trumped way out of proportion by the Clinton Adminstration. Clinton was using a lot of double-speak during those years, basically saying that he wanted us to give up certain of our Constitutional rights. During that time the government was willy-nilly wiretapping many people for the dastardly crime of buying several guns. I’m pretty sure I was one of the wire-tap victims. I was living in a motel at the time, and when I would be talking to my gal who lived several states away at the time, I was getting a sound like would occur when someone on a party line picked up the phone. I asked if she had other people on her line. She said no. Ok, so maybe it was someone at the motel? Guess again. I was up at my mother’s cabin on the next weekend, and same thing happened. Ok, then maybe my gal was wrong and there was someone on a party line with her. Guess again. She called me a week later from her daughter’s house, and the same thing happened. This continued for about two months and never happened again. My crime? I had bought two handguns on the same day several months earlier to replace some that were stolen from me in a burglary.
      I think the Clinton administration was doing everything possible to muster the votes to ban guns. And I wouldn’t put it past immoral people like that to stage a bombing to get their way.
      Coincidentally, I was listening to a talk radio show many months after the bombing and a lady called in. She had a ranch and told the host that several months before the Oklahoma bombing there were several people blowing up old cars with fertilizer bombs on nearby land. She approached them (brave lady) and wanted to know what they were doing. They identified themselves as Feds and said they were testing fertilizer bombs on cars for forensic study. Remember, this was several months before the Oklahoma City bombing.

      • Vic Bailey

        I can’t believe that the American People let Janett Reno get away with killing the children at Waco, they should have hung her and her partners, and left them on the square for about a week to let this Socialist government that kind of crap will NEVER fly.
        This new American is a sissy, look back in history and see how many people were killed during the first world war for standing up to the government. That is when this government should have
        been stopped then.

  • FarRightWinger

    As of myself, I have no problem at all to die for Freedom; if any foreign, or domestic pig thinks can take me like a dog to be on chain for their communist hell, well they will learn, how easy to die from gunshot wounds… If I take 10-20-30 with me, that’s a good number for me. They can kill me only ONCE!

  • FarRightWinger

    I am not worrying about “Islamo-fascists” (siccc!), but much more about judeo-bolshevik terrorists. Namely the US gov’t… After 9-11, they capable for anything.

  • Adrienne Williams

    I am not aware of the FEMA tactics – what I am aware of is that Obama is using the early tactics of Adolph Hitler (there were others but most would not recognize their names) – check. Depression, promise great things and the people gave him the right to organize and implement and as time went on the military was also in his pocket. I am talking of the period right after he left jail and already wrote Mein Kempf. No how am I speaking of.his later years. Stop this movement and we have a chance or is it too late. Is this familiar today at the White House? Stimulus hawked for millions (nothing), credit cards hawked and banks are in the back door raising rates, refinancing of homes – where? A few here and there. Yet the public praised and said yes. Different message same outline.

    • Adrienne Williams

      History is a path to the present and it repeats itself twenty times over. You may object to the FEMA tactics but what will you do about it. The best answer and the strongest one is the election (with a thorough investigation of candidates past) of new politicians. I found this to be true as I work on campaign committees (president to county executive) in New York (I am a New Yorker and always will be). One candidate James Buckley, Conservative (Wm Buckley’s brother) was down at the bottom of possibilities. We worked hard and he was the first Conservative to win a National Election. Wow!
      A second term was not his appetite. But as you can see we got rid of the former Seneator. People can do it and make changes that seem impossible – but they have to want it and not sit home at the computer, games, TV, etc.

      • DaveH

        Thank you Adrienne.

    • FarRightWinger

      A black marxist psychotic as a “hitlerite”? I hear you Adri. You carefully avoid to mention any communists in your postings.

      Anyway, the big difference is Adrienne, between Hitler and NObama is, that Hitler was beloved by his people for MANY YEARS. This marxist blackman is is power now in 7 months and he did NOTHING for “his people”, he didn’t even try to give a speech which would make him a “hitlerite”. The only thing he did in this last 7 months is showing Americans the way for enslavement. I wouldn’t even dare to mention his name on the same day with the one who saved the German people AND the rest of Europe from similar disaster.
      I have noticed that many of you have misconceptions about his rise to power.
      Without Hitler – it’s a proven documented fact – madman stalin would run down Central-, Eastern- and Western Europe by 1940 and turn the whole continent into a giant gulag. He told his kommissars several times: the Red Army will NOT stop at Paris…
      Hitler and his smart policies made Germany in just 5 years full-employed nation, created the strongest army in Europe, and the most advanced technology in the world, despite the world-wide boycott lifted against Germany, ONLY 52 days after his democratic election in January 1933. Housing projects for families, art, education, research, construction – all were on the rising trend and without the degenerated influence of marxist “ideology”. Nazi engineers developed the television and the Berlin Olympia in 1936 was televised first time in history. Nazi scientists discovered the link between smoking and lung-cancer and other related cancer-discoveries of modern lifestyle, which were later suppressed by ‘guess who’…

      And what we got from NObama, the alleged “hitlerian”? His idiotic remarks on black racists, hatred toward America and Americans, total control of the country by ultraleftists – come on Adrienne! You sound like a New York Times bestseller, a holocau$t reportage, or worse: a Steven Spielberg epoch from ‘evil Nazis on the loose…’
      You may not think that Adolf Hitler was a sacred man, but many people do. Especially those who LIVED under him. I had my father fought in an ethnic Waffen-SS unit to liberate Ukraine from bolshevism and I knew an old freedomfighter here in the USA who fought in the Wehrmacht. Both men gave me totally different stories about the heroism of those soldiers in the Wassen-SS, Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, or Kriegsmarine.
      The Hitler-era has gone, it was a different outcoem in a very different time. Today we need to concentrate on American issues, not pointing fingers on past history figures. It will not solve anything for us. The danger of marxist-communist takeover of our country is more realistic than anytime before. I think it will happen based on an “incident” sooner than later…

    • eric

      Be very careful, I totally agree with you. That kind of talk, with this new gov’t, can get you killed, or at least disgraced as a Racist….

  • Nothingishappening

    Hello—- But I do not understand all of the talk???? Have you seen proof there are allot more foriegn troops on our soil than American’s???? They are suppost to be doing these exercises in Arkansas and I have not seen ANY weird millitary type things going on!!! What if this is an actual exercise with no intension of harm to the American people??? Do you only research the bad shit????/ Or do you try to look on both sides for the “TRUTH”!!! Now, don’t get me wrong– I do believe the goverment is up to something NWO or something but for years and years these–well…. I like to call them “folk tales” have been spreading all the time!!! We just have internet access now to chit chat with others who only want bad things to pass and not Bubba from the local gas station telling you his granpapy told him years before that something like this would happen!! Now, even days before this martial law drill was to take place you could find about 250,000 blogs about it. Now I can’t find one that says they have seen any ill effect from this exercise!!! Have any of you????? Think about it!!!

    • Brian Rawls

      Shut your butt hole Nothingishappening. Thats how they want you to think. Then they will pounce on you like a jungle cat. We all must band together and prepare for battle.

    • DaveH

      You live in Arkansas? Your statements are a riot. Hillbilly’s hid out in those heavily forested mountains for decades without detection. And you don’t see anything, so that proves it? Wow, Hitler would have loved you. Don’t get sand in your eyes.

    • DaveH

      And you wouldn’t see the ill-effect of a training exercise. That’s why they call it “training”, duh.

      • Conservative

        There are no comparison between the REAL battlefield soldiers and the training of FOREIGNERS or the training of law enforcements who were .

    • Brian Rawls

      Nothing, Dont take this the wrog way, but if chaos starts I will be clubbing people like you for their food and supplies.

    • FarRightWinger

      It’s very simple how this works; first they train these foreign troops to assimilate them into American environments. Second, upon an incident or “terrorist attack”, food, water supply will be stopped. The government then will issue policies like: 1 gun for 1 lbs bread, meat or 1 gallon of water. This might be different in sizes and terms, but the goal will be this: disarm the population on the basis of food-”shortages”. And when you are hungry, thirsty or your family is on the stake – you will think totally different about this issue as of today. Today we have food, water, anything. And THEY know how to disarm you thru your bellies…
      Once the majority of the people are disarmed, the same policies will be introduced by draconian martial law, followers of lenin, berija, kaganovits and stalin, all those madmen who created 1917 in Russia. I think the attack on America will be much more severe than it was on Russia at that time, bc Americans have more access to guns and more dedicated to their freedoms. And don’t forget: our enemies have very sophisticated weapons on their side…

      • Brian Rawls

        Well that is one way they can do it. I wont fall that easy with that option. That will work in the ghettoes. Hell all you have to do is stop payment on their wellfare checks,they will be willing to sell their souls to stop that from going on. Those worthless lazy scum bags. All the worthless minority groups will be easily persuaded to give up their guns. They are already slaves as it is,they cant live or get by without a handout from the government. Stop the foodstamps and wellfare and you got them all whooped.

      • Brian Rawls

        They breed like roaches and spread like cancer. That is why wages are so low. That is why there is a decay in the American way of life. Just look at the prison system, what do you think that mostly consists of.

      • Kathy

        Do you realize that people can grow their own food and have water pumps? This is ignorant for you to say! They can’t get guns for food. They will only see death instead and guns are not their only problem. Let them believe as they want…

  • NET

    In this country the government is trying to control thought and speech. Certain things you can’t say and if the Feds could tune in to your thoughts they would have you in prison. The latest is the Gates-Police-Nobama case.
    My understanding is when you control speech and thought it is communism. Now that we have the Messiah in office per the main stream media-we will be SAVED! Never have we had a person in office that has been praise as much as the one in office now. Never have we had one in office that has done as much to hurt the country as the one in office now, just wait until the health bill passes. He will be praise even more.

  • Adrienne Williams

    Thank you for the response – you are most accurate in many ways. German history of the period (1930s) was most advanced in many ways. Have read much on von Braun and his achievements (rockets) who later transplanted to the US – most likely not willingly at first but he was a scientist first and foremost. Germany’s loss was invading Russia – too many fronts and weather. An egotistical personality generally goes too far – Hitler, Napoleon, one in the White House. Great oratory, my way or the highway. Eventually it wears its welcome and does not come out sincere. But how much destruction before we in the US hit back or the waking up of people who desire something for nothing, or so they think.

    Had a personal German friend who make a small fortune here in the US. He became extremely ill and sold all (funneling slowly to Germany). When I asked his reasons for returning to Germany – his response his co-pay in the US would be too high and in Germany no fee as one-payer was free. However, he finally mentioned that he was delighted that he did not give up his GERMAN CITIZENSHIP. In Germany one-payer health care is only for CITIZENS though the taxes are high. He also mentioned that he believe France had the same system. Think about – only for Citizens. So when these phony politicians mention single payer in other countries, let us know for WHO.
    Black, white, green, yellow makes not difference to me as I was born, raised, educated, married in East Harlem, NY. Had an early education on phony politicians, their phony promises, their graft but my Father, stubborn, stood up to anyone who invaded his territory and his language was not exactly the king’s English. So, private school education, finishing school in the Silk Stocking district rounded out real independence for me and on to high education.
    Again, as I read your bulletin I began to recognize which of what I already knew.

    • Mitchella


      I would not worry about Germany, because the Germans don’t run the Obama empire. You can find more news about Hitler on the Histrory channel, the show talks about him seven days a week. Some call it the Hitler channel and some even call it the hate channel.

      We have problems with people who receive so many benefits from this country, but they’re not loyal to this country or care about our citizens. In fact, they do just the opposite by destroying this country.

      • FarRightWinger

        Don’t worry. The jews won’t let a “Hitler Channel” to exist more than 30 minutes… “hate channel”? That sounds more closer.
        Anyway, the 2nd this kind of Kosher Nostra within 6 months: first Bernie Madoff now a whole bunch of rabbis caught redhanded:

        **"The Kosher Nostra is Trapped at Last

        ‘The scale of corruption we’re seeing is simply beyond any pale’**

        By Chris Stephen

        MONEY laundering, organ smuggling, racketeering and $97,000 hidden in a cornflakes box – all allegations levelled this week when the FBI announced one of its biggest-ever organised crime busts in New Jersey.
        But this bust came with a difference: the ring-leaders are orthodox rabbis. The 5 Sephardic rabbis, all from orthodox Syrian Jewish communities in New Jersey and Brooklyn, are accused of selling kidneys and laundering tens of millions of dollars through fake charities.
        “These complaints paint a disgraceful picture of religious leaders leading money-laundering crews, acting as crime bosses,” said federal prosecutor Ralph Marra.
        “These rings were international in scope, they trafficked in the cleaning of dirty money all across the world.”

        Mr Marra singled out Brooklyn Jewish Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenbaum as operator of a kidney smuggling operation: “Mr Rosenbaum, who we refer to as our kidney salesman – his business was to entice vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $10,000 that he would sell for $160,000.”
        The arrests sent shockwaves across the nation, since most Americans think: the rabbis had a reputation for working hard for children and the elderly.
        “Shock and disbelief,” said Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn assemblyman. “People do not believe it.”

        More than 300 FBI agents fanned out across the state this week to make simultaneous arrests, in one case storming into a synagogue to arrest a rabbi in the middle of a service.
        The arrests came after the rabbi network was infiltrated by undercover agents and Solomon Dwek, a real estate developer and Sephardic Jew was arrested in May 2006 on fraud charges.
        Facing a 30-year-sentence for attempting to bounce a cheque for $25 million (£15m), Mr Dwek turned informer, penetrating the rabbi network and recording hundreds of hours of tapes revealing the extent of an operation that seems lifted from the pages of The Godfather.
        “Solomon Dwek – isn’t that the government’s co-operator?” said Robert Stahl, an attorney for Rabbi Saul Kassin, 87, of Brooklyn, one of those arrested. Mr Stahl said it was a shame the rabbi had been “caught up in this misunderstanding” and that he “remained confident”.
        Michael Bachner, representing Brooklyn Rabbi Mordechai Fish, said: “Our belief is that Mr. Dwek used his closeness and the sterling reputation of his family to manipulate individuals who trusted that he would never be involved in illegal conduct.”

        Mr Marra said: “Parking lots, restaurants, luncheonettes, diners, offices, basement boiler rooms and bathrooms. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid in these places.
        “For these defendants, corruption was a way of life, they existed in an ethics-free zone.” The laundering case boomeranged when Mr Zwek found state officials attending the money drops, leading to three mayors and two public officials being among the 44 suspects – so many that they were taken to court not by squad cars but by bus.
        Others arrested included building and fire inspectors, city planning officials and utilities officials, all accused of using their positions to further the corruption by accepting bribes to pass consent on building projects.

        Prosecutors say Rabbi Rosenbaum was caught in a sting after an FBI officer posed as someone wanting a kidney for her uncle. “I’ve been doing this a long time,” Rosenbaum is alleged to say on tapes, adding that for $160,000 he could find a donor in Israel and smuggle the kidney to the United States. “I am what you call a match-maker,” he allegedly said. “I’ve never had a failure.”
        This is the second shock to New York’s Jewish community, still reeling from the arrest in January of financier Bernie Madoff who used his connections among Jewish philanthropists and investors to fleece them in a $50 billion scam.
        Prosecutors say the money was laundered from Switzerland, through Israel to New York in the guise of charity payments. Officials have yet to reveal where the money originated.
        Some of the allegations, meanwhile, seem lifted from The Sopranos, the TV series following the lives of a fictional New Jersey crime family. In one conversation presented by prosecutors, Zwek was given a box of Apple Jack cereal stuffed with $97,000.

        In another, the mayor of Hoboken, Peter Cammarano, allegedly says that corruption is so accepted in New Jersey that it would not harm his election chances if he was discovered. “Right now the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down,” he says. “I could be, uh, indicted, and I’m still going to win 85 to 95 per cent of those people.”
        Not everyone agrees. Four years ago, Jon Corzine was elected New Jersey governor on the promise to be the sheriff sent to clean up Dodge, and his prosecutors have arrested more than 300 people in a chain of corruption investigations.
        * he said. *“I still believe that government can play a positive role in people’s lives, but our institutions must have people of integrity.”
        Serpent that lurks in the heart of the Garden State
        THE arrest of 44 suspects – including a clutch of state officials – for corruption seems to many Americans to cement New Jersey’s reputation as one of the worst states for corruption and cronyism.

        Over the past eight years, 130 state officials have been jailed for corruption, including three former mayors and a former state senator.
        It has led some from other states to joke that the state’s nickname, the Garden State, should be replaced with the Corruption State.
        The corruption dates from the 1930s, when New Jersey towns across the Hudson River from New York City became home to the Mafia, as depicted in the contemporary television drama series The Sopranos.
        “New Jersey’s corruption problem is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the nation,” said Ed Kahrer, who heads the FBI’s white-collar and public corruption division. “Corruption is a cancer that is destroying the core values of this state.”
        But many state residents say they are being unfairly tarnished by the corruption investigations in a few isolated cities.
        “They have the wrong idea about New Jersey,” Ed McLaughlin – owner of the Blue Sunsets property business in the coastal town of Spring Lake – told The Scotsman.
        “The character of New Jersey is of a state with good-hearted, hard-working people. We get painted with a brush because of the action in one of our largest cities.”

    • FarRightWinger

      Another link for those who believes in “Hitler and his evil; Nazis”. or the “6 million gassed-and-burned” jews. Not ONE gassing occured in Europe under Nazi rule. You can see the pictures how the zionists falsified history by forgery.

  • Negro Criminals Beat, Rape and MURDER White Women in High Percentage

    British hot blonde model before dying: “My (negro) boyfriend’s stabbed me to death”
    Posted by webmasterJuly 13, 2009

    A young model who dialled 999 moments before she died told the operator her boyfriend had stabbed her as she pleaded for help, a court heard today.

    Amy Leigh Barnes made the desperate call minutes after Ricardo Morrison, 21, attacked her with a kitchen knife, Manchester Crown Court was told.

    The 19-year-old told the operator: ‘He’s stabbed me to death … my boyfriend, please help me.’

    The part-time model and actress was found a short time later by her father lying in a pool of blood, Stuart Driver QC, prosecuting, told the court.

    Mr Driver, opening the case for the prosecution, said Amy called 999 shortly after 11.30am on November 8 last year from her grandmother’s house in Farnworth near Bolton, where the young couple had been staying.

    White women never learn until they experience this on their own skin! They just don’t seem to understand the fact that blacks are savage and aggressive “people”. Even at the moment of her death, she probably did not realized that this was simply TYPICAL NIGGER BEHAVIOR known as TNB

    He then recounted Amy’s 999 call to the jury.

    ”I’m dying. He’s stabbed me to death. I’m dying. Please help me.

    ‘The operator asked who had stabbed her and she said “my (negro) boyfriend”.’

    Shortly afterwards Morrison abruptly dashed from the dock when the prosecutor began summarising the post mortem findings of the Home Office pathologist who examined Miss Barnes’ body.

    The injuries included a 10cm long slash across her face – a cut going from the right corner of the victim’s mouth along her cheek.

    She also suffered five wounds to her chest and four to her back, several of which penetrated her liver.

    Following an examination of the size of the knife and the injuries, it seemed the blade had been forced fully into the victim with ’severe force’ during the attack, Mr Driver said.

    At this point the defendant, wearing a white shirt, tie, waistcoat and silver stud earring, turned his back and ran towards the cells.

    The hearing was temporarily adjourned, and the jury left court.

    Earlier, the prosecutor told the court the couple had been together for around a year.

    Morrison, who denies murder, had moved from his native Birmingham to live with Miss Barnes, first at her mother’s house, then to share the spare bedroom at her grandmothers’ two-up two-down terraced home in Moss Street in Farnworth.

    But there were ’serious problems’ in their relationship, the jury was told.

    At 1am on the day she was murdered she had sent a text message from her mobile phone to Morrison, saying ‘You are out of my life for good,’ the court heard.

    Hours later her grandmother left the house for work, leaving the young couple alone in the house.

    Morrison, it is alleged, then attacked Amy, punching her, spraying an aerosol in her face and then hurting her arm in a door, Mr Driver told the jury.

    He then left to go into Bolton, locking her in the house.

    While he was out ‘angry’ text messages resumed between them, the victim calling him a ‘woman beater’ and telling him: ‘I hate you. It’s over. Leave me alone.

    Miss Barnes, ‘upset and tearful’ then called her mother, who lived across town in another part of Bolton, who was ‘very worried’ about her daughter.

    With Morrison on his way back to the house, they agreed her father would go to collect a house key from her grandmother and pick her up to bring her to their house.

    That call ended at 11.33am, when Amy was alive and well, the court heard.

    ‘Then something happened very quickly because, just two minutes later, at 11.35am, she called 999 and said he’s stabbed me, my (negro) boyfriend,’ Mr Driver added.

    ‘Having got off the bus, he walked the short distance to the house, let himself in, attacked her with the knife and left her for dead.

    ‘Soon, her father turned up, opened the front door and found his daughter at the bottom of the stairs, a pool of blood beneath her.

    ‘You can imagine his reaction, his panic.’

    Police and paramedics arrived and the victim was rushed to the Royal Bolton Infirmary.

    Despite the efforts of medics they could not save her life and she was pronounced dead at 2.40pm.

    Morrison is in the dock alongside his mother, Melda Wilks, 49, who is a policewoman in the West Midlands force.

    She is accused of assisting an offender, her son, by allowing evidence to be destroyed following the killing.

    Both have pleaded not guilty.

    The trial continues.

    • Sonny

      I have known White men do these same things. you have any stats to back up that blacks do it more often? please post them

      • Panzzer88

        In “The Color of Crime: Race, Crime and Justice in America,” produced by New Century Foundation in 2005, using FBI and DOJ surveys, these facts emerge:

        * “Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against other blacks.” Forty-five percent of the victims of violent crime by blacks are white folks, 43 percent are black, 10 percent are Hispanic.

        * Blacks are seven times as likely as people of other races to commit murder, eight times more likely to commit robbery and three times more likely to use a gun in a crime.

        * “Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit violent crime against a white person than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.” (If decent black folks have trouble hailing a cab, and they do, these numbers may help explain it.)

        * Black-on-white rape is 115 times more common than the reverse.

        • DaveH

          Let’s not brand all the black people for the deeds of someone who shares their skin color. I would caution the blacks, though, to quit sticking up for black criminals, it just makes it easier for the whites to lump you together.

  • NET

    Now we have Russian Subs partrolling us. What next firing nuc’s at us? It is
    not bad enought that we are being converted to a communist government without our participation but now we are getting the military from other countries getting in position to force us to kowtow to a government that no longer represents “We the People”.

  • joanppgreen

    words from Eckhart Tolle in his book, A New Earth:

    “Fear, greed, and the desire for power are the psychological motivating forces not only behind warfare … but also the cause of incessant conflict in personal relationships.

    If the history of humanity were the clinical case history of a single human being, the diagnosis would have to be: chronic paranoid delusions, a pathological propensity to commit murder and acts of extreme violence and cruelty against his perceived enemies? … Criminally insane, with a few brief lucid intervals.”

    Let us work to increase the frequency and duration of these lucid intervals.

  • joanppgreen

    Edward R. Murrow’s comments on Joseph McCarthy in 1954 should be reflected upon in relation to our current politics……….

    “We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty… We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine and remember that we are not descended from fearful men – not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular. This is no time … to keep silent… We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world, but we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.”

  • Don

    We’ll see what happens, when the UN troops try to disarm America.

    It’s the liberal socialists new world order. They must disarm us, before they can make us servants.

    Come and get some…..

  • Marie

    Isn’t in the constitution that foreign military can not be on US soil?

  • Antonio

    Marie yes it is absolutally unconstitutional for foreign troops to be on U.S. soil. That is why the constitution established the Militia to force all incomeing troops out, but today the Militia is no longer in control the government is. I do not know what the answer is to remove them, i do know that they are here and i know why they are here. Must prepare yourself.

    Don your a great american my friend, but your come and get stuff has got to go. These are the UN troops. They have jets, missiles, bombs, rock launchers, gattlin guns that shoot 2000 rounds a min, they will be wearing body armor. If you want to make it you be elusive and well hidden. Trash the ar-15 and get 338, .50, or 454. Do be in a house because they will just blow it. must be hidden my friend bunker fight like sniper. one shot two down.

  • Antonio

    i meant do NOT be in your house.

  • Linda

    Scary stuff. A proper Risk Assessment plan needs to include what to do when these people begin to take away more of our freedoms. Their plan is all pervasive.

  • http://nowebb Winterharbor

    Timothy McVeigh was tied up with an arab and a probably afall guy or patsy i think it called, maybe he was duped, maybe. The report was in the paper Accuracy In Media , Aim Washington DC And there were 17 arab military AWOL LAST WEEK OR TEN DAYS AGO, Now there are 46 AWOL ALL AFGHANS THE FOxNEWS,COM REPORT STATESAnd now the Fema gang added to the mix.


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