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Feds To Florida: Stop

June 8, 2012 by  

No fair purging the voter rolls. Officials in Florida believe that as many as 182,000 non-citizens may be on the voter rolls in the Sunshine State. So Republican Governor Rick Scott ordered election officials to identify any ineligible names and purge them from the list. Now, however, the U.S. Department of Justice has ordered the process stopped. It says it must approve in advance any changes in voter-registration procedures. The Feds can’t allow any discrimination regarding who gets to vote — especially with major elections coming up in a few months.

Big Gulp meets Big Brother. Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire Mayor of New York City, has a bold new program to combat rising obesity in the city. He wants to ban restaurants, movie theaters and even street carts from offering containers that hold more than 16 ounces of sugary drinks. “New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something,” Bloomberg told The New York Times. What’s next: mandatory exercise classes in the city’s parks?

A bounty for Obama’s grades. While critics are eager to dig into any shenanigans they can find to pin on Mitt Romney — even going back to his prep school days — they’ve been strangely silent about Barack Obama’s refusal to release his grades from college. So a conservative website is now offering a $20,000 reward to anyone who sends them his transcripts from Occidental College, Columbia University or Harvard Law School. So far, no one has come forward to claim the money.

That promise didn’t work out so well. Thanks to James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal for reminding us that when Congress was debating the first “stimulus” bill, the Administration of Barack Obama claimed that the $831 billion spending spree would create so many new jobs the unemployment rate would drop to 5.7 percent. So after the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was rammed through Congress, what happened? Even using the government’s very questionable statistics, unemployment was at 8.2% in May.

–Chip Wood     


Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Ted Crawford

    All interesting topics. I find it particularly informative that our ” Justice Department ? ” that is almost beside themselves over the whistleblower that leaked information to the US Congress, is, seemingly unconcerned over the source of the sensitive intelligence leaked to the whole world! The same institution who attacks it’s own States, is overwhelmed with concern for illegal aliens, WOOPS! I mean undocumented aliens. They have created a whole new set of PC terms: Not a bank robber– An undocumented withdrawer, not a murder- an undocumented terminator, ETC.
    What can we say about Mr. Bloomberg? On one day he attacks the ever dangerous Big Gulp and on the next he endorses the wonderful Donut! I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning!
    Why, one wonders, would anyone want to seal the transcripts from such a ” brilliant ” Professor of Constitutional law, the former Editor of the Harvard Law Review? Could it have anything to do with the fact that an uninformed outsider, looking at his record of governance, might wonder if he even had a rudimentary understanding of that document? Is it, perhaps, the source of funding in question here?
    Oh yes the Stimulus Bill. If we didn’t pass it, they claimed, unemployment might reach the staggering 8% level! Three and one half years later it’s still trying to get to that 8% level, it’s just comming from the wrong direction!

    • wandamurline

      They stopped Texas for asking for a photo ID, but we still have photo ID posted outside the ballot boxes….I personally think we need to have people bring their birth certificates or passports….Iwould be glad to comply, how about you? We could stop the dead people and illegals from voting and that is why the DOJ wants us to stop….2008 was a good year for dead votes.

      • http://none Judith

        I live in Washington state. We no longer have polling places, it is all mail in so how can they tell if a person is a legal voter or not. Pretty scarey to me. like you said we have to show photo id and in many places. If they are not legal no vote. I for one do not want illegals taking part in our elections.

  • lady kroft

    Congress, the Senate, and the DOJ, have all become criminal and “We the People” need to prosecute all 545 members and the Justice Department and make examples of them for any future officials who think they might want to do the same. Simple as that.

  • Dianne Tatom (@diannetatom)

    All states should purge their voting records ever year or so, to identify any ineligible names on the list and remove them. The U.S. Department of Justice should stay out of it. It should be up to the state to verify their voting records.

    • Tobe Conued

      ABSOLUTELY!!! I do believe you have to be a non felonius citizen to vote, so purging the list of the non-eligible is NOT preventing a LEGAL vote.

    • http://none Judith

      I agree and think those caring about our country will agree also

    • FNP

      I agree. Also, we have to renew our driver’s license in Alabama ever four years so why not re-register to vote ever four years? At least the dead folks are not driving – or are they?

  • Barb Burton

    Well, at least this administration is finally living up to it’s promise of being transparent. We know exactly what they want. Now, it’s up to us to disappoint them.

    • Ted Crawford

      Very good point Barb ! November 6, 2012 !

  • Steve E

    The people in NYC should demand that Bloomberg submit his meal menu to the people before he can eat anything.

  • Roger

    This is typical OBama. I’m still waiting for our elected officials to do their job and get our country back. Are they all afraid of OBama????

  • Alex Frazier

    I don’t know that there’s anything that can be done anymore. The people who run that want to change things for the better are shunned and blackballed. The people who run that do the most harm are applauded in the media and reelected time and again. No one in the House or Senate is doing anything to impeach or even censure the members that bring unConstitutional legislation to the floor. Our Constitution is treated like toilet paper.

    Don’t expect things to change except by violence.

  • DJ Cook

    I’d like to see one party win every election from dog catcher to President. Don’t care which one does it. Then at the next election the winners can be graded. I believe that way each party would clearly show the people that neither is worth spit and someone could start another party that would actually represent the people not the billionaires and Corporations. Of course this presupposes that the sheeple can remember 8 years of history while being bombarded with $100,000,000s of TV lies and massively quibbled truths. Nahh! Never happen, hell a review of the last 50 years or so plainly shows that 90% of the people and the economy does better when the Dems run the show, only the top 10% do better with Reps, but lately only the 1 percenters are doing great.

    • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

      There is no one standing in the way of anyone, (including your most noble 90%ers), from succeeding. Your envy and jealousy over the success of others is nauseating. You are looking to the government to make things “fair” for you, to increase the size of “your” piece of the American pie. It’s not going to happen. Like it or not, the government doesn’t produce anything, it can only take from the producers to give to the non-producers. The producers worked for theirs and expect you to work for yours. Your fairy tale of how they don’t deserve what they have is both a lie and a crutch for you, so you don’t have to face your failures.

    • Alex Frazier

      DJ, you have to look at things from a logical perspective to understand the Republicans who allegedly cater to the top 10%.

      The two parties are looking at things from differing viewpoints, but with the same general goal in mind. The Democrats think they need to help everyone, and since there are some in the nation who have “plenty to spare,” the “help” is facilitated through the confiscation and redistribution of wealth. Any way you slice it, at its root, we are talking about taking the earnings from some and giving them to others. This is theft at its finest. Just because legislation has legalized it doesn’t make it right. Just because some irresponsible teenager got pregnant three times doesn’t make it right. Constitutionally speaking, private property has been confiscated and redistributed for public use, which requires just compensation for those from whom it is being confiscated.

      The Republicans think they are helping everyone by helping those who build business. No person enters into business to break even. Nor does one enter into business to be stagnant. All motivated business owners want to grow their businesses, and the more they grow their businesses, the more jobs they create. Jobs means employment. Employment means a broader tax base, economic activity, and general financial stability within the many communities. It’s a plain fact that no poor person ever provided another citizen with gainful employment. So reducing the financial capacity of large corporations and other businesses merely reduces their capacity to expand and create the jobs that bring economic prosperity. Increasing the financial capacity of large corporations and other businesses increases their ability to expand, grow, and create the jobs and prosperity.

      The argument between the parties, in a nutshell, is that the Republicans are helping their rich buddies and should stop letting the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, while meanwhile the Democrats are taking the earnings of enterprising individuals to give to the indolent.

      Ultimately, the Republican point of view is more correct. Wealth redistribution stymies the economy, creates unemployment, encourages dependence on the government, promotes indolence, and legally robs a portion of the population in the name of the common good. Supporting business increases productivity and employment.

      • http://none Judith

        Deport illegals. Make able bodied people do the work instead of getting welfare from our tax dollars. ACLU and Sup.Court mandated that is slavery and illegal. Since when is it slavery to be responsible citizens and not live off working class taxes. Illegals get food stamps, living expenses and our jobs but pay no taxes. No one should have access to our taxes who have not paid any. I am excluding those who mentally or physically, who cannot work due to health or mental problems. I worked 2 jobs after my divorce to support myself and baby daughter, why can’t they do the same, get a job, pay taxes be responsible.

  • Richard

    Hey Folks, Eric Holder is a Chicago Politician. That AUTOMATICALLY makes him a LIAR. There has not been an honest politician in Chicago since I was born there 76 years ago.

  • Betty

    It is the right of the states to purge their voter rolls and they should just show some courage and do it.

    • Les O

      I totally agree. We all know those in office don’t care about anything except their personal gain. I’m a 70 year old Veteran who can’t get any help from VA and I contact my elected offocials in Congress and I never hear from them. We have no government for “the people”. If one is not of the money crowd that can give thousands to the candidate then forget it. Even those who are honest when they run the first time soon realize there’s money to be made in cheating the common citizen. Peloci is an example with her 140 million she’s made through her illegal dealings while in office, It’s no wonder many don’t bother to vote anymore. Much of the financial problems could be solved by removing the illegals from our country. I worked for the IRS for many years and I know the games the illegals play and the fact our government turns its backs to it and discourages anyone from reporting and/or acting on the violation. Think about it, if the 13 million plus illegals were removed we would have that number no longer feeding off our social security trust fund and medical facilities. And it’s not just the Mexicans, they’re coming from everywhere and our government is putting more effort into doing nothing and preventing states from doing anything than they would in complying with the law. We have a president who is a dead beat who’s really never had a steady job and a racist wife who are spending our tax dollars like there’s no end to it and “we the people” do nothing and our elected representatives do nothing. It’s no wonder many Americans feel doomed.

      • http://none Judith

        I agree. Term limits from top to bottom. There stay there for entitement and money. There should be a limit on contributions. Both Dems. and Reps. go with the party not what is best for our country. That is what they were elected for but it is all about money for them. Equality would be they have to wait as the working class, we can’t get retirement until we reach 62-64 and some even older now. We get vacations with pay but we have to pay for our vacations. With all their money why can’t they.Our Sup.court judges have to die or resign to leave the bench,. some were and maybe still are in their 80′s and 90′s the highest court in the land. When this ruling was put in force a small % lived to that age.

  • teaparty13

    I have to show ID when I use a $5.00 coupon at the Saratoga racino, but not something as important as casting a vote.. funny, but the ones that are complaining have no problem showing ID when they get their welfare checks.

  • Mark G

    I live in Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) and our Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes (D) seemed quite upset on TV about having to remove the non-citizens. It’s no wonder since she is always sending out her people out to do voter registration drives in communities where many non-citizens live. Voter drives in more upscale communities have to be requested.

    I am still waiting to see how many dead people and non-citizens have voted in the past several elections. Bet 99.99999 etc.% voted democrat. The purge will be justified!

  • oldbutnotadumbass 2012

    Good point Teaparty,and good for Florida!!!!


    Maobama and the DNC convention are telling all they want ID’s at the door be it a book signing or to attend the convention but the deemer administration has put the untrustworthy AG in charge of telling a state to cease and desist making sure their voter rolls are in order and that the right to vote cannot be enforced with a legal ID to stop voter fraud. Yet, the racist Holder, who has already been embarrased twice, when he was advised and shown how his own vote could be easily stolen and therefore invalidated by a thief, still refuses to back-off and prove to all he either has no commonsense or is intent on protecting voter fraud………I think the enccouragement of voter fraud is the desire of this Deemer administration.


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