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Feds Raid Wrong Massachusetts Apartment

February 3, 2012 by  

Feds Raid Wrong Massachusetts Apartment

A Fitchburg, Mass., woman and her 3-year-old daughter fell victim last week to the product of increasingly militarized and invasive tactics used by police officers throughout the United States.

At 6:04 a.m. last Thursday, just before her alarm clock was set to go off, Judy Sanchez was awakened by pounding at the door of her apartment, according to CBS Boston.

Looking to the door, Sanchez saw a terrifying sight.

“I just happened to glance over and saw this huge chainsaw ripping down the side of my door,” she said. “And I was freaking out. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Within moments, the chainsaw had ripped her front door to pieces and a team of FBI drug raid agents swarmed her apartment.

“That’s when I heard the clicking of a gun and I heard ‘FBI, get down!’, so I laid right on down.” She said. “And they said get your dog, so I got her and at the same time I am laying in her urine because she did pee on herself at the same time.”

Sanchez laid on the floor for 35 minutes, with her daughter screaming for her in the other room.

The raid was the result of a two-year investigation of the occupants of the apartment 2F in the building. Sanchez resides in 2R.

“The looks on their faces when they knew they got the wrong door was priceless,” she said. “They looked at each other dumbfounded.”

The Feds realized their mistake and arrested the suspect next door; Sanchez said she could not believe that the botched raid was the result of a two-year investigation.

The Feds later apologized.

“For me it felt routine apology, it felt like just a regular, ‘I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Here’s the phone number for your landlord to get reimbursed for the door, have a good day.’”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Does it need to be said and REPEATED that when something similar happens, it PROVES that Uncle Scam has TOO MUCH POWER and can’t be trusted with more and more power? Is there anyone left out there who STILL doesn’t understand that?
    If it ever becomes a matter of Uncle Scam breaking into the houses and apartments of people who are expected to endure the insanity that this mother and daughter experienced, Americans should defend themselves in ANY way necessary? So WHO is to blame for this insanity?
    Is HOLDER flexing his wimp muscles again? Did a bureaucrat never learn the difference between an F and an R?
    Why should we not have neighborhood groups that alert citizens that Uncle Scam is in the area and someone can expect to be treated like DIRT? Shouldn’t Uncle Scam be treated the SAME way he wants to treat Americans? At what point does this
    government-sanctioned insanity END and WHY does it exist in the first place?

    • roadduster

      The war on drugs has been the biggest running joke since its inception. How deep is the US govt involved in drug sales of their own? Besides providing guns to the enemy?! Provided by our Atty General! Oh Boy, are we in trouble.

      • Mary

        You are right. Drugs is government big business and the excuse to deprivate us of our liberty. Is corruption sky high.

        • Robert Smith

          Legalize some recreational drugs to the same degree as alcohol. Whatch the crime drop.

          It works the same way as decreasing gun control. The bad guys know it just isn’t worth it anymore.

          Why can’t folks understand it just isn’t THEIR personal freedoms that they want but that they should be going for EVERYONE’s freedoms.


          • Dennis Dallinga

            Legalizing drugs is not the answer. The answer lies in controlling one’s appetite. Drugs are illegal. Citizens need to understand that simple concept. IF IT IS ILLEGAL, DON’T USE IT. Step up and accept responsibility for your acts. Stop trying to shift the blame to someone else.

          • Robert Smith

            Posted: “Legalizing drugs is not the answer. The answer lies in controlling one’s appetite. Drugs are illegal. Citizens need to understand that simple concept. ”

            End prohibition. All we got out of alcohol prohibition was organized crime.

            Illegal? Simple. Restore freedom in America and remove the prohibition.


      • gm

        I agree! The Federal government and probably a lot of scrupulous congressmen/women are involved in the drug trade. How do so many of them or their families become multi-millionares once they get into public office?

        • Barbara D

          It’s called legalized insider trading. Congresspersons, Senators and their staffs are exempt from the insider trading laws that put the rest of us in prison.

        • Mary

          Read Drugging America by Rodney Stich. Retaliation is what decent people get for doing their job. This is third world country undrground and the media ZIP ZIP…

        • Priscilla King

          Their regular salaries, plus income for any speaking, writing, or teaching they may do, add up fast. And they didn’t get elected without having plenty of money in the beginning.

      • tpm44

        luckiky instead she should be financially set for life after her lawsuit

        • Bill

          I doubt that.

        • unhypenated American

          Unfortunately, any settlement she gets will be paid by “We the Taxpayers”. Any damages she receives should be paid personally by the “Public Servants” who botched the operation.

          I wonder if she’ll still vote for Obama.

          • BOB

            The “agents” should be PERSONALLY responsible for screw-ups like this. Until there is some consequence for sloppy work it will just keep getting worse

          • AnneOnymous

            It’s not exclusively Obama U.A., it’s the total corruption of government and federal law and this started way before you’re favorite ‘scape goat. That he’s not doing anything to reverse the corruption is a shame, but he’s not the exclusive instigator nor will it cease when he get’s out of office (except for a very aggressive attempt by Ron Paul if he becomes chief executive).

          • Robert Smith

            Ann laments: “That he’s not doing anything to reverse the corruption is a shame,…”

            Absolutely true. He should have prosicuted Bush and Chaney for lying to get us into a war and torturing people.


          • APN

            Well sure she did and will again……

        • eddie47d

          Not sure what Obama has to do with this raid? The Police Chief should be fired or whoever ordered this raid. We’ve had operations here in Denver like that and it costs the city millions in lawsuits.The police seem to have their own little fiefdom. Although Judi Sanchez would be dead she had every right to shoot those bastards at her door!

          • APN

            For once Eddie, I agree with your ending comment.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            It was obama’s FBI that did the raid according to the article.

          • http://none Scott Ezell

            Obama proably gave them the address. It was wrong. Another one of his many (hundreds) mistakes.

          • Robert Smith

            I can post something silly and worthless too.

            Watch: I’ll bet Bush set up the raid and they forgot it until now. No wonder they got it wrong. Bush didn’t get anything right while he was in office.

            See how it works?


      • Mike Dar

        The war on drugs keeps the prices up the profits go to wall street the lobbests go to washington the war on drugs goes on

      • Jag

        I listened to Ron Paul talk about the “War on Drugs,” more than 20 years ago, which he characterized as a war on liberty. There has been tens of billions of dollars of tax money spent on this fiasco, and I haven’t seen any evidence there is less drugs coming into the country, or less drug use. This nonsense should have stopped decades ago, before insanity swept the country. When I went to high school in the early fifties, I didn’t even know what drugs were. I’m convinced that there would have never been the drug use, if drugs hadn’t been made illegal, therefore profitable.

        Is there anything government can do right. Machine guns were banned, when they were only being used by the mafia to kill each other. Was that a problem? Other than sweeping a room, fully auto. weapons are pretty useless, unless you like eating up a lot of ammo.

    • Chris

      What can one expect from people which are a result of our current public school system?!?
      Reading, riting, rithemtic! What happened to the three Rs????

      Morons all, they could give a crap about what happens to anyone in this country!!!!!!!

      • Wil

        Schools stopped teaching the three Rs,I guess spelling on protest signs isn’t considered important.Actual education has been replaced by Agenda Indoctrination 101 and Alinsky’s rules for effective protesting.

        • Robert Smith

          Guess what!

          Monday, Jan 30, was Saul Alinsky’s birthday! Happy 103rd to Saul !!!

          To learn more about him check out:

          I find it amazing that if the left worships a dead guy (BTW, I had no idea who Saul Alinsky was until his name was brought up in this thread) the extreme right has a hissy fit.

          But when the right brings up a dead guy from a couple of thousand years ago they have a hissy fit if any of their chapter and verse is challenged.

          Why can’t the rules be the same?


          • Mike

            Rob, the main reason is that Jesus Christ did advocate the overthrow of the government. Saul Alinsky did. There is a bg difference there. You need to read more.

          • Mike

            My goof. I meant to say that Jesus Christ did not advocate the overthrow of the government.

          • Robert Smith

            But from what I can see there are a bunch around here who DO advocate overthrowing the current government of the United States of America.


          • waldo

            Read the declaration of independence good honest citizens have a duty to overthrow a govt. that has become tyranical.By the way the difference between illegal and legal drugs is subjective. Your body does not know if it came from a street corner,a pharmacy on the corner or a overdose of caffiene in a energy drink or expresso.Most of the hard drugs in their natural form may be no more addictive than coffee but when synthesized by humans become deadly. Drugs don’t kill people , people kill people.

          • Jag

            They still worship Che, and a lot of these fools are to young to have been alive, when he given his just deserts. I guess Marxist terrorist worship turns some of these people on.

      • mike

        concealed carry. get a gun, don’t open the door. shoot thru and use the highest energy gun yu can buy. then hope they try it again. i recommend armor piercing ammunition. then a few will “bite the bullett”if we protect ourselves this will stop. an armed society is a polite society. killed by home owner pro tecting her child.

        • Marten, Canadian Libertarian

          Are you talking about full metal jacket ammo?????Good Idea

        • Rick Trim

          “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”
          Thomas Jefferson

        • Hank, MO

          That didn’t work too well for the ex-Marine in ?Tucson? recently. Not knowing who was crashing through his door, he grabbed a pistol and attempted to defend himself and his family. They burned him down with about 20 rounds through his body before he got off a shot and justified the killing by saying that he was armed and a deadly threat to them. Of course, breaking down his door by half a dozen fully armed men with body armor didn’t constitute a deadly threat to him, I suppose, but now he lies in his grave and his wife and little girl have to go on without him– all thanks to an overly zealous S.W.A.T. team which had no respect for the man’s home and no regard for his rights to peaceably enjoy it, free from intrusion and unreasonable invasion.

    • home boy

      and guess what sc, there’s not a dam thing you or anyone can do about it. this government is out of control and they have law enforcement and the military on their side. there is only one ending to this saga, alot of people dying.

      • s c

        Home boy, explain it to people like ‘r s.’ Good luck with that, as it’s almost impossible to get any info into a head that’s filled with hardened concrete. He also has a bad case of Obummerisgoditis. I wish you luck.

    • LTCB

      This isn’t Iraq, this isn’t “combat” and this IS the USA. We have rights and I served 35 years defending those rights. This is a “wrong”. She should get a H___ of a lot more than just an apology and a new door. Her daughter was terrorized by a bunch of black garbed masked gunmen taking over her home and do unknown things to her mother. The mother would have had the same fears for her daughter. This would be more than a simple “remprimand” in someone’s file if this had been a military operation because guess what? You just alienated this family and EVERYONE in the populace that hears the story. Someone in supervision needs fired for this and NOT re-employed elsewhere. Make the guy go be a mall cop or something more to his/her skill level.

    • LTC_Ray_Burke

      If your home is forcefully entered without your willing consent, KILL the bastards if you can !!!

      • vincent

        Remember, a 7 year old child was immolated by a flash grenade fired into the wrong apartment in Detroit. She was sleeping on the couch when the Gestapo went on a drug raid with automatic weapons and incendiary devices! And, AZ Sheriff Bart Stupak got away with firing 70+ shots from a submachine gun, killing a Marine in an early morning, and was able to slander him and his family. His boys took 20′ to respond to Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting, and it was a group of buystanders that subdued Loughner!

        According to a recent Indiana court ruling, you do NOT have a right to resist if law enforcement “mistakenly” invades your home. And I guarantee that if you shoot at the heavily armored gestapo, YOUR grey matter and collagen will become part of the furniture–AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!!

        Do not expect ONE protest from either registered Dems or Repubes, or the soccer moms. No one outside of your family and friends will attend your funeral. No one will shut down city blocks for your funeral. No city or state officials will act as pall bearers! And folks will read it and turn to the coverage of the Super Bowl or X-Factor.

        And the empty skirts on the news will report that “Police shot and killed a heavily armed (wo)man in a drug raid. When the dog attacked the officers, police were forced to kill the animal. Officers found an arsenal of weapons, and say that the assailant had ties to extremist groups.”

        • Robert Smith

          From vincent: “Remember, a 7 year old child was immolated by a flash grenade fired into the wrong apartment in Detroit.”

          Michael Jackson and Richere Pryor started a fund because they both caught fire. It’s called “The Ignited Negro Immolation Fund.” Their motto is: A mind is a terrable thing to baist, or is that baste…


          • s c

            Did you get your second comment pre-blessed by a pc, utopian priest? In case it got past you, r, the kind of remark you just made would set off utopian racist remark alerts all over America if a conservative said it. So how the frick do YOU get a free pass, comrade? Smells like pure, stinking, 100% utopian hypocrisy to me.

          • Robert Smith

            s c, I have more fun with this than you realize. Your ignorance has shown again just how much you are willing just to take off on another simply because thier position is different from yours. Thank you for such a fine example.

            Now, if I may educate you a bit, from

            baist (present participle baisteadh)
            1.baptise, christen

            So, I was totally politically incorrect. Far beyond whatever you were claimin. It’s called satire.

            And now back to your regular channeling of hate and bile.


        • APN

          I have no problem mixing my gray matter with theirs.,,,ain’t skeered.

          • Robert Smith

            How christian of you, APN.


          • APN

            Absolutely! Any MAN that would allow forced entry into his home without a fight IS NOT A CHRISTIAN, my friend. Maybe you should go back an study GOD’S word again.

          • Robert Smith

            Is that the same god that killed all those first born?

            Is that the same god that killed everyone except Noah and his kin?

            Blew up acouple of cities and then allowed Lott to have sex with his own daughters?

            No thanks. Besides, I can’t get into that transsubstanciation. According to the myth it really IS the body and blood, or it s ritualized canabalism. I just can’t get into that. Thanks for the invite, but that’s your perversion, not mine. I muxh prefer SousVide or sushi.


          • APN

            Robbie, Your issue with GOD doesn’t concern me nor does your silly little progressive comments scare me whatsoever. i.e.; Foolish people say foolish things and live foolish lives only to find themselves in front of GOD THE FATHER without an advocate to defend them…i.e.; Jesus Christ.

            Better rethink your hatred for GOD. It’s a loosing proposition, and that is one statement that I can most assure you of. Leaving this planet without having a relationship with GOD is a scary thought and facing GOD is as sure as death itself, inescapable my friend.

            Go spew your hatred to someone who cares what you think about GOD, I don’t. I have long since dusted my feet off from people like you. Total waste of time and effort on Nimrods like yourself.

      • APN

        ABSOLUTELY! If you don’t, YOU die.

    • Fritz329INF

      If the FBI does this to the wrong house, they will be dragging a couple of agents out to the Hurst.

    • BSG

      imagine if the dog had been bolder, result would have been a dead dog. Imagine if she had tried to defend herself from the breakin—Dead woman, and no such article, it would all have been just covered up.

      • APN

        Well sure! This is how this GOD hating Marxist government of ours works, correct?

        If is seems right, or makes you “Feel” good, well, it must be right!

        • Robert Smith

          From APN: “If is seems right, or makes you “Feel” good, well, it must be right!”

          Well… All those christian priests who are celibate… Isn’t that the ultimate perversion in a religion that says, “go forth and multiply?”

          As Noah kept saying to the rabbits, “Only two, only two.”


          • APN

            You ever considered getting yourself some help, Robert?

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      If this had been a Bail Bondsman after a felon bail bond jumper the Bondsman would be in jail, his license suspended [ even before a conviction] and even if he could prove it was an honest mistake, such as if someone had copied the address wrong. So my question why are Police officers allowed to break down doors, hold guns on people and sometimes shoot and or beat people and arrest and lock up innocent people and there is no punishment. For some strange reason. Police,jail and prison guards, State Attorneys and Judges can make any mistakes and never have to worry about being punished, why is that? Maybe if they were held to the same standards as Bondsmen we would have a whole lot less of this CRAP!

      • Robert Smith

        Question asked: “So my question why are Police officers allowed to break down doors, hold guns on people and sometimes shoot and or beat people and arrest and lock up innocent people and there is no punishment.”

        Sometimes it’s right and “innocent” people aren’t involved. I never understood why the extreme right didn’t respect PARENTAL RIGHTS in the case of getting Elián González back to his father.


    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Holy Smokes, if that had been my house, and they attempted that, there would have been snot blood and teeth all over the place; and not mine either. These botch ‘expert’ tactical teams must watch too much TV; they need alot more practice and alot more brains…luckily they didn’t have to test the Kevlar. Mistakes like that get good men killed in my world…and for what?

  • MC1171611

    Publec skule.

    What can you expect from government-educated diploma-holders?

    • Robert Smith

      No child left behind from one side.

      From the private / religious side no child’s behind left.

      Universal education is what made America great until the feds started messing with it 25 years ago.


      • s c

        r, once again it seems that basic math and facts are beyond your collective grasp. The fact was Sputnik. The date was October of 1957 [twenty five years ago?]. And you forgot to mention that your education was “first-class.”
        If it would make a difference, I’d ask which one of our “57 states” tried to educate you – and failed, obviously.

        • Ronald R. Johnson

          oooooooohhhhhh, it must be nice to be so smart and I bet he never makes mistakes either! What a great model!

        • Robert Smith

          Hey s c… What’s Sputnik got to do with schools? I can’t see your connection.

          BTW, I watched a lot of heroic Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo launches in school. My father even made sure I saw Echo live from our front yard and I made sure my son watched the space station we can’t get to with our own transportation anymore.


          • APN

            Thanks to King Obama.

          • Robert Smith

            Actually the Shuttle was killed by Bush.

            And, he didn’t allow enough NASA budget to build a replacement. He waS “stimulating” private development.

            The fact is that private industry didn’t have enough confidence until Obama came along.


      • Vigilant

        The Feds started messing with education over 57 years ago. The Warren court’s Brown vs. Board of Education decision was rendered on May 17, 1954.

        • NC

          Vigilant, I was in high school in a small southern textile town with a “white” high school and a “separate but equal” black high school which I visited frequently to visit friends back just before the Brown decision. That black school was anything but ‘equal”! They had no visual aids, no science equipment and no indoor physical education facilities among other things. I have no doubt that the same situation existed across my state! Brown was a 9-0 decision by a Supreme Court headed by a Chief Justice appointed by a Republican President and was one of the great decision of our time>>

        • Robert Smith

          I remember that! “Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954),[1] was a landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court that declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students unconstitutional.”

          That’s from:

          BTW, do you agree with Dick Nixon that abortion should be available for black and white kids? Obama could have been aborted under Nixon’s rules!

          Would you deny blacks and whites to marry each other? I’ll bet most anything you don’t think same sex couples should marry.

          I think it’s sad such hate is still in America. To blame intigration for the failures of no child left behind and creationism.


          • Guardian

            Your not very bright are you Robert. The mind of two little -
            Boys playing with each other is pure weakness and higher
            stupidity. The commandments were set to protect idots like
            yourself who thinks playing with your Nephew is funny.
            Ignorance like that is condemed to Sheol/Hell Robert;
            in which is as real as the air you breath. The commandments are
            guidance of truth. Hating a Thing is different from Hating
            a person of decree, race and ethnics. So do you know the difference?

          • Robert Smith

            Wow Graudian… I’ll bet you would really go nuts if it was a black boy and a white boy!

            But, that isn’t often the case that shows up in court. It’s most often being proven in court that it’s the christian priest who is dealing with boys.

            And! Do you know that there are pedophiles in other places? The difference between them and the christian priests abusing kids is that pedophiles are generally reported and harshly dealt with. The priests who have been caught were simply transfered to anther parish where they could start all over. IOW, one is individuals who are dealth with and the christian ones are INSTITUTIONAL where their very culture was to allow it. (I say “was” because I’m optimistic that changes have been made).



    • NC


  • kwullen

    The scary part of tis story is the unasked question: What, if seeing she and her family were under attack by an unannounced assailant, she had retrieved and readied lethal protection to save her family?
    Simple answer: They would have killed her IMMEDIATELY.

    • Elected4Life

      They best announce themselves loud & clear before running a chainsaw thru a southern redneck’s door, else they’ll be met with a 12ga slug & a pack of bad dogs that won’t be peeing on themselves!

      • gm

        Instead of talking about a 12ga, we all should pay more attention and vote the unscrupulous politicians out-Obama w/Hilary,Holder are trying to go back-door and pass a United Nations bill against guns ownership in US- That trashes our Constitution and our sovereignty!

        • ROADKILL


          • Mary

            Just a sugestion. No collateral damage please.

          • Mark Are

            And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs (police) would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!
            –Alexander Solzhenitsyn

          • Mark in LA

            Agent provacateur?

        • George, Ga. (American citizen)

          I totally agree gm with your comment to “vote them out”. The problem is that can’t be done simply because there is no one else to “vote in” except another Dem or Rep which is a continuation of the same old crap we have now. So who do I vote for to “vote them out”? I have been voting Libertarian ticket for 20 years, who have you been voting for?

          • Jerry

            There is someone to be voted in, persistently called “unelectable”,
            He appears to be the best shot.

          • Mark Are

            Watch the HBO Documentary…Hacking Democracy and then go ahead and “vote them out”. Yea, sure. The only way these clowns will be voted out is with REASON the 2nd amendment was put in the Constitution.

          • Robert Smith

            Posted: “I have been voting Libertarian ticket for 20 years, who have you been voting for?”

            Does that include the libritarian Lyndon LaRouche? That jail bird along with Bob Barr really show just how messed up the Libritarian party is as they go for extremists.


        • Robert Smith

          From gm: “trying to go back-door and pass a United Nations bill against guns ownership in US- ”

          Just how does that work? Nobody has explained that… It’s all screeming and yelling but no facts have been presented.

          Please consider that I AM opposed to most gun control. I just wanna know how it works that the UN can get my guns.


          • Buster the Anatolian

            It is called a treaty. I don’t have the name of the proposed treaty handy but it basicly calls for the registration of ALL privately owned firearms, the elimination of private ownership of certain classes of firearms, and rediculously strict restrictions on the rest.

          • Wil

            It’s the UN global small arms treaty.There is a good link at

          • Buster the Anatolian

            Thanks Wil.

    • Michael

      Incidents like this harken back to Ruby Ridge and Waco under a former Dim AG. Wonder if we will wake up to these threats before we become a 21st Century version of Nazi Germany?

      • LTCB

        Did you mean “DEM”?

        • Vigilant

          Dim, Dem, what’s the difference?

        • MRMO

          EITHER WAY…

      • Howard

        Read the story again. What makes you think we need to wait for a future time before we become like Nazi Germany? Doesn’t this sound just like the Gestapo?
        We’re there.

        • KaosMethod

          Agreed – The Republic is dead. We let it die. The managers we elect to serve us, actually rule us. They will not willingly give up this perceived power.

          The question is – do we want to put in the work to revive our Republic?

          • Alden Wayne Dumas

            YES we do, Ron Paul is our first step

      • APN

        It appears we already have.

      • OB1

        Holder was on staff with Clinton during WACO and Ruby Ridge.

        • Robert Smith

          Koresh was a pedophile and violated several firearms laws.


          • Buster the Anatolian

            And you know that how? Because the feds told you? There has never been ONE speck of evidence presented to show he broke any gun laws.

          • Robert Smith


            There was enough to warrant an investigation which is what STARTED the mess. That was LEGAL and Koresh and his cronies shot back with .50 cal. and fully automatic they weren’t supposed to have.

            From [and note that Bush was considering anigun legislation):

            “Koresh took advantage of these features in the 1968 firearms statute to buy hundreds of gun parts, ammunition and explosives from dealers who shipped the items to his Waco, Texas, compound by United Parcel Service, according to affidavits by federal agents unsealed in court this week.

            Bush administration officials discussed closing what a number of federal officials regarded as loopholes in the firearms law in a 1989 review of possible gun-control legislation. The idea was dropped.”


          • Robert Smith

            BTW, Buster, I’ll note you didn’t deny the pedophelia charges.

            Check out: “There was an uneasy silence in the congressional chamber as Kiri began to talk of her first sexual encounter with the cult leader at a motel in Waco when she was 10.

            He asked her to sit beside him on a bed. “He kissed me. I just sat there, but he then laid me down,” she said. After committing a sex act, he instructed her to take a shower and then read from the Bible. Close to tears, Kiri said: “He sat on the bed and read the Song of Solomon.”

            That’s from congretional testimony. You can find the article at:

            Koresh was a religious nut who was responsible for his post religious chrispy critters who died in the fire his henchmen accellerted with fuel and straw.

            Yes, I’d rather believe our government than a bunch of religious nuts.


    • LTCB

      While that may be true, if that had been a Marine in the house the outcome would have been much messier.

      • APN

        Or a southern boy like me that can clip the wing of a fly sitting on a fence post at 200 yards, and he won’t know it until he tries to fly off.


        • Robert Smith

          Fancy shooting.

          As fate would have it one day I was pulling targets at 200 yards. All the rounds shot were in the X ring. We were communicating by Ham radio. That’s impressive by itself but when he asked, “What’s the O’clock?” I was impressed. Your milage may vary.


          • APN

            Dat’s right….):>

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Of that you can bet on! And all of them would have gotten a raise and Medals for doing a great job! Look at the police offices who killed the young Marine in Texas when they broke in to his home in the middle of the night and he got a gun to protect his wife and child and they said it was his own fault! Everyone of them who fire god knows how many shots in to him should be tried,convicted and made to fork over all their money to support the child and put her through as much school as she wants!

  • bill

    Well of course,there is absolutely no justification in breaking into anyone’s home
    with the exception of absolute life or death.This tactic has absolutely killed
    citizens and all the jack booted thugs will say is oops!

    • Alden Wayne Dumas

      If I saw a chainsaw coming through my door I’d put several bullet holes next to it, protect your life and property

  • 101stRECON68

    “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government”. George Washington

    • Mary

      Washington was right. Selfdefense is a natural law. I believe if the people is armed and defense themselves somebody have to think twice before break in. As my gradpa used to say if you know you’re going to be gone take as many bastards as you can with you.

      • Priscilla King

        David Koresh said that too.

        • Mark Are

          No, he actually didn’t. Because if he had, there would have been a HELL OF A LOT OF DEAD AFT ASSES. But if you watch the videos, he let them go. THEY RETREATED and then came back in force. If I would have been him the tanks would have been driving over lots of dead ATF corpses. Eat me CIA.

          • NC

            DAVID KORESH WAS A DERANGED JESUS FREAK WITH A LOT OT CHILDREN IN HIS “CARE’ When it comes to saving the lives of innocent children it is time to stick all 10 Bill of Rights up your A$$! BTW, if the CIA wants to “EAT YOU”, YOU ARE DOG MEAT!!!

          • Robert Smith

            Hey Mark you posted: “But if you watch the videos, he let them go.”

            What videos?


          • Buster the Anatolian

            Robert, there is one and possibly more documentaries about Waco. I saw one that was produced by a British group that showed much that was never shown on American news.

          • Robert Smith

            Is there a link so others can see those videos?


          • Buster the Anatolian

            Unfortunately no I do not have a link. I saw it several years ago on IFC.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            Try searching for “Waco Rules of engagement” that might be the title.

          • Robert Smith

            ROFL… The left doesn’t like Michael Moore. I have no clue why you like this guy… Ohhhh, I get it! He agrees with your pre-concieved notions.

            Let’s look at some of his other works: “Early documentary projects include the 5-part Lessons in Technical Remote Viewing, produced in 1998 for self-proclaimed “PsySpy” and former Army Intelligence maverick Major Ed Dames.”

            Another: “Prior to that, his The Natural Solutions, produced with Susan Stafford for PBS broadcast in 1993, impacted then-pending legislation attempting to limit public access to vitamins and health food supplements.”

            Yup, looks to me like this guy starts out with a point of view and then builds around that.

            NOT what I call a credible film maker.

            Judge for yourself. The entire video is available at:


      • Mark Are

        RIGHT ON!

    • gm

      I agree so let’s vote the socialist party sympathizers out. Don’t care what party you are you know what is wrong and war against marriage, family, religion, constitution – gun ownership and rightful use to protect ourselves are all being attacked! We need to be vigilant – they don’t want voter identification because they wouldn’t be able to cheat as much!

      • Mary

        You hit the nail in the head. You know the important part of “voting” is not the votes anymore is the counting. This a corrupt government full of big time Liers and Cheaters period. We are cooked.

        • APN

          I agree Mary.

          This country will see absolute destruction before it’s all said and done.

          I’m afraid the masses are to fat, dumb and lazy to stop it. Like sheep awaiting the slaughter.

          If you do not own a gun and know how to use one, better get one and learn quickly. After that, network with as many patriots as you possibly can and have some backup beans and water stored away for that rainy day.

          My rights come from GOD, not men, and I have no intention of living as any man’s servant, never have and never will. I also have no intention of leaving my home by force. I choose to DIE RIGHT HERE, if necessary.

      • Louise

        Absolutely–why would anyone in their honest and right mind not want Voter ID –it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out-
        HE (Pres)got in there the 1st time with thug politics and what would change it this time—we Americans -true Americans that are not just here for the free lunch-dinner-medicare-welfare to the max —they certainly are here to stay to continue to collect- the only smart ones would fight this injustices and fraud and corrupt to the core government—WE need to stand up for our country–get involved with tea parties etc… and get involved before we have Natzi Holocaust because then my dear fellow Americans it will be TOO LATE!!!LM

        • Priscilla King

          I want paper ballots that local people can stack up and count! Unfortunately, ID cards are easy to fake, and when ID information is stored on computers it becomes that much easier for evildoers to steal. There’s no high-tech substitute for voting regularly and knowing the election judges in your district personally.

      • Robert Smith

        gm says: “Don’t care what party you are you know what is wrong and war against marriage, family,…”

        Yup, Newt and his divorces, Rush and his…

        How does a same sex couple offend “marriage” more than those nuts?


        • OB1

          They are not my candidate. Ron Paul is. Now be a god boy and make up some MSM tripe to try and slander him. Go for it and make an utter fool out of yourself. BTW, you can keep Knewt and Rush as well. Most of us on this board ready and study other sources than the MSM spew.

          • Robert Smith

            Let’s use Ron Paul’s own words: “In his newest book, Liberty Defined, Paul’s chapter on “Marriage” states, “In a free society…all voluntary and consensual agreements would be recognized.” He adds, “There should essentially be no limits to the voluntary definition of marriage.”

            So, even though YOU might not to marry someone of your own sex how does anyone else actually impace you or your kin? Is your kid gonna marry the German Sheppard next door? If so, I’d say that kid is so screwed up no law on the planet is going to straighten that kid out.

            So, please be specific: How does same sex errage diminish marriage in any way? I hear they are EXACTLY the same as any other couple. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors so that makes no difference to me. I don’t ask my straight friends what they do either. Do you ask your straight friends what they do behind closed doors?

            So, how is marriage devalued?


          • APN

            Because marriage is HOLY MATRIMONY, you moron.

          • Robert Smith

            Actually APN you are wrong.

            Marriage is a CIVIL contract. Even atheists can get married in America.

            So, care to answer the question? I’ll phrase it a different way: Same sex marriage is legal in several states. How has your life changed in any way since it has become legal in those states? Please be specific.


          • APN

            Actually Rob, you are wrong. Just because some lawyer or man made Law calls it a “Civil Union” makes no difference to me whatsoever. Marriage is HOLY Matrimony between a man and a woman. That comes from GODS law, not YOUR law.

            A civil union can be whatever you and your lawyers want to call it but it has nothing to do with Holy Matrimony between a man and a woman. And yes, I have a major issue with same sex civil unions or marriage between a man and a billy goat, etc etc etc.

            Given that fact that I am a Christian, why wouldn’t I have an issue with same sex civil unions?

            You seem to get real confused with spiritual issues with your foolish earthly mindset. Seems to be a common trend in America.

  • Jim

    We need our police but… this cold have gone really bad – what if the occupants of that house had say a 357 and put up a fight with the folks that were attacking her home. I think we have ‘team 1′ who does the investigation and determines yes there is illegal activities going on and they turn the task over to ‘team 2′ now these are the guys who do this kind of a job. I support our police but a “sorry about that is not enough”

    • Mark Are

      At one time police officers were trained to be PEACE officers. They were even called PEACE officers. That is the difference between then and now. Today they are law ENFORCEMENT officers. Just the name reeks of power and piety. And the type of people who were PEACE officers were a lot different then the mentality it takes to be an ENFORCEMENT officer. That is the major difference. One job actually attracted NORMAL people while the other attacks PSYCHOPATHIC personalities. Just look at how they take care of everything. At one time they carried 6 shot revolvers and would knock on the door and ask to talk to you and then politely arrest you if they had a warrant. Today, they use military hardware, and come as execution squads without knocking, shooting first and asking questions later ENFORCING laws that are for non violent actions with EXTREME prejudice. Its SICK.

      • NC

        Hundreds of raid are done each day without mistakes! This was a mistake! What evidence is there that this squad said “let’s go saw down a door and hassle a mother and her child” If a meth lab had exploded next door and killed the mother and child you same bunch of misfits would have been screaming about why the drug people had not taken it out before.DO YOU KIND OF GUYS DO IT RIGHT every time??? REALLY???? EVERY TIME???? YEAH, RIGHT!!

        • Robert Smith

          If some recreational drugs were legal there wouldn’t be much of an “anytime.”

          The drugs are an EXCUSE to oppress part of our population.


          • APN

            Explain it!

      • OB1

        Where was the warrant? Increasingly, these types of break ins are becoming more common. Again, the War on Drugs is the excuse.

        • APN

          Roll you one up and smoke it……..

          • Robert Smith

            Hey APN, do you approve of more blacks and latinos going to jail for pot than whites?

            “It’s not just that these mass arrests cripple black and Latino communities. Blacks are not more likely than whites, and in fact as of 1994 were less likely than whites to be past or current users of drugs. A more recent 2009 study from the Department of Health and Human Services pins drug use among black, white, Latino and Native American communities around a very close range, all are around seven to 10 percent. And yet the disparities in arrests are vast.”

            That’s from:


          • APN

            ….and your point is? What does color have to do with anything? Regardless of color, race, etc, anybody that would smoke pot is a “Dope”. Never met one in my life that did smoke dope that amounted to a hill of beans. I think that is the reason it is called “Dope”, correct? Or can you connect the two dots for me?

  • Charlie Tall

    These agents really conducted an illegal entry and search.

    Any search warrant they had did not cover the Sanchez apartment, so the agents are not protected by law, IMHO.

    Yes, they made a mistake, but it was due to gross and total incompetence, especially when you consider that they had two years to prepare and get it right. That can hardly be considered “an honest mistake.”

    This is a very serious occurence, and should be treated as such by the DoJ. Heads should roll.

    However, realizing that the FBI not only condoned but rewarded a Federal agent who shot and killed a mother holding her infant, I expect no action from this administration or government.

    • Moosdrool

      Yes, she is darn lucky that Lon Horiuchi (?) was not there. He probably would have shot her dead while holding the dog. They must be held accountable for bologna like this. There is absolutely no excuse, and “sorry” does not cut it. They are the “professionals”, they are not allowed to make “mistakes”, because those “mistakes” are deadly for innocent people.

    • OB1

      I agree. I believe California passed a law last year that police can enter your home without a warrant. Somebody out there know the name of that bill?

      • APN

        Not sure, let me check with Luke and I will get back to you.

      • cawmun cents

        To clarify…..the law you are referring to,is one that gives the police the right to enter your house if a”domestic disturbance”call is made from your address.It gives them the right to confiscate all firearms in the domicile,and on the property.Of course they have to assume the burden of proof that the call came from where they claim it originated,in a court of law.

        This situation happened to me.
        A female deputy from the county sherrifs department knocked at my door.
        They were lookng for someone who had called 911 repoorting domestic abuse.The caller was a woman(who was a very dear friends daughter) who used to stay with my family.We tried to help her as is our christian duty,but she drinks and likes to party with abusive men.
        So I eventually had to ask her to leave.
        Anyhow,the female deputy was at the door asking what I knew of this woman.
        I told her Basically what I typed above,that she had stayed with us but she was no longer living here.She asked me if I had the callers cell number,and I went to retrieve my phone in an adjacent room.The female deputy was gone when I returned to the front door,and she had gone to her squad car,so I went out and began to give her the number I had for the woman she was inquiring about.We exchanged pleasantries and I gave her the number I had,but since it was not the number she was looking for,she began to interrogate me as if I was a suspect.
        I told her I had not seen the woman in question for several months,and that my son and I were the only ones present at the home at that time.She(the female deputy)said that she was intending to search the premises.I stood in front of the squad car,knowing that it has a camera,and with my hands in the air,I stated plainly but audibly that I did not give her permission to search my premises.
        She(the deputy)told me that she had the right under a domestic abuse call to search my property,to which I firmly replied,”I respectfully disagree with your statement and Ireiterate that I do not give you permission to search my property.”She then exited the vehicle,and began to walk up my driveway,I went alongside keeping my hands in plain sight.Another deputy had pulled up(male deputy)and suddenly appeared in my view,asking what was occuring.I respectfully declined the female deputies advances to search my property a third time.My son stood and watched the drama unfold from my front porch.The male deputy called the female back and they both reteated to the side of his squad car.She made an utterence,he shook his head no.She made another,with the same results and even a third,nad he shook his head no to both and told her to go to her car.He summoned me to his side and said that the call had originated downtown,and not from my address.He stated that there would be no search,and that I should have a nice day.
        She(female deputy)drove away,and the(male deputy)then turned to me and said,”Way to stand up for your fourth amendment rights sir.”and he got in his squad car and left.

        Know your rights under the Constitution.
        Exercise them freely.
        Do not take them lightly,or expect those who are supposed to be protecting you to exercise them for you.Often in order to keep from being violated,you must take precautionary actions,none of which involve use of firearms.Understand that there are often cameras recording your actions,as well as those of law enforcement officials,and never let them have access to your person or property without your permission.Giving them your permission,conversely,gives them the right to do as they please with you and your properrty.
        Just dont give them permission,and recognize that you are being recorded.Do not resist if the try to detain you,as that is a felonious act.Offer no resistance,but firmly state that they have no permission to search you or your property.
        As long as there is no incriminationg objects which can be construed as evidence,left in plain sight,either in your vehicle or residence,they have to obtain a writ to search you or your property unless you are suspected of committing a crime.
        Never give them permission to search you,or say anything except that youm refuse their advances to do so.Always speak softly but audibly,and keep your hands in sight of the officials.Offer no resistance if they attempt to detain or arrest you,but let the evidence bear itself in a court of law,and you are well advised to speak to an attorney,and have both depositions of the arresting officers,and video/audio evidence,as well as eyewitness accounts to bear your side of the issue.Dont give them a reason to kick your door in,when they knock,let them in and let them ransack,then file suit.
        You win they lose that way.

  • Bill 2

    If Barack were brought in on this case, as he was with the 2009 “Skip Gates-gate case” in Cambridge, MA, I’m pretty sure he would say the police “acted stupidly.” And then all would be right with the world again.

  • James

    There is only ONE way to stop these paramilitary shenanigans: when they botch a raid like this, the TOP PEOPLE responsible for it get sacked–automatically! We change the laws to make this happen. In fact, there is NO reason for no-knock police raids unless there is a HOSTAGE situation! The mere suspicion that drugs are on the premises is NO REASON to jeopardize innocent lives! This insane “war on drugs,” which has become a “war on people,” has got to stop. Firing the planners and executors of botched raids is a first step!

    • Robert Smith

      Getting rid of the abusive drug laws should be the first step. That’s what gives these jackasses the alleged authority to follow through with their antics.


      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Robert Smith,

        You are right as rain.

        Best wishes,

        • Robert Smith

          I’ll bet we agree on far more than we disagree on.


          • APN

            Now that’s a scary thought.

          • Robert Smith

            Why does agreeing with and advocacy for freedoms in America scare you?


          • APN

            Freedom from what?

        • James

          Bob L., I’m not the ‘James’ who wrote that, would please ask him to add something to his name, that would differentiate between us?

      • Redskin Fan

        I agree, they spend a lot of money going after POT, yet real criminals go around assaulting people for months. We were raided because a former employer of son got caught stealing Rx drugs and tried to get out of it, I am 80YO and got yanked from my house, this was hard enough to cause bruises, I was made to stand in hot sun, temp over 90, a code Red, for over 1/2 hour even when I tld them I was an asthmatic,to this day, 6 mos later, I am having health problems. they found a little pot my son had forpersonal use as he has PTSD and self medicated. Heroin, cocaine or Meth are a lot different. Pt users are csting a lot just so they can say it’s a “war on drugs” BS,

      • Mary

        They are not going to do it. They are just going to get rid of the competition gradually. Like Venezuela with Chavez the Drug Lord.

      • OB1


      • Ken Bennett

        What do you mean, will HAVE to get a national ID card? Look in your pocket, you already have one; Its called a DRIVERS LICENSE.

        WAKE UP, FOLKS

      • Catfish

        I hear a lot of guff about why we should not legelize drugs. I don’t know if any of you were around when they made booze illegal. That is when the wars started, all the pushers were making money hand over fist, killings, shootings, all maner of stuff went on.
        Then someone finally got smart and made it legel. And all of that stopped. No longer is there money to be made from booze.
        The same thing would happen if they did the same with drugs.
        Human nature always wants what it cannot have.
        If there is no longer money to be made from drugs. That would end it.
        Anytime you have a war on something, it gets worse. Check out the war on poverty, how is that working for you?

      • ranger hall

        There are more BlACKS and MEXICANS in Jail because they commit more crimes than WHITES to support their Habits.

        NOTHING in WACO was Handled PROPERLY.
        The only FULL AUTO fire came from the feds.
        All if any EVIDENCE was Bulled dozed and carried away, RIGHT to the Ground,??? wonder why why the GOVT felt this was Necessary. ???.
        Child services, were allowed to check and interview the children, SAID never seen a more HEALTHY and STABLE Bunch of Children.
        NO member was EVER caught with any ILLEGAL WEAPONS, Tho they were arrested and helt for 72hrs, NO CHARGES, HAD to go to Court to have their LEGAL WEAPONS returned to them.

        What we have today IS PARANOID COLLEGE EDUCATED POLICEMEN, The do Not have any idea what RIGHT and WRONG Means,Have no Idea what PROTECT and SERVE Means, Have no Idea what their OATH Means. TODAY we Have GOVT CONFORMING POLICEMEN.
        When I was young i was taught that when you pinned on that Badge Or Star that you were going to take risks. I was also taught that it was Illegal for you NOT to respond to a Crime in Progress, Today to much time is spent on waiting for 5-10 backups, Man these Boys sure could not Hack it in my day. TODAY more things are based on Police survival and LESS on the Protection of CITIZENS and Their PROPERTY, When i was Young WE had to DO EVERYTHING. Today 90% of our Policemen are Paperwriters and Revenue Agents.

    • James Black

      You don’t think that the ones that made the mistake would just plant drug and weapons and say that thy were justified in doing the raid or worse killing every won in the house.

      • Robert Smith

        Well, actually in this case no such occurred.


  • http://personalLiberty uptodate

    Thank God they didn’t shoot her first and ask questions later.

    • Robert Smith

      Or, one can thank good training, dicipline, and common sense (not htat going into the wrong door was right, but they didn’t kill her out of hand).

      Odds are even the REAL criminal would have gotten his day in court. It’s far better for them to take a prisoner they can make money on through the prison system than to kill ‘em and not get anything.


      • APN

        What???? Are your rolling something or drinking something?

        • Robert Smith

          How so? Nobody died.

          What do YOU attribte that to?

          I attribute it to the government wanting to fill jails and take money from us taxpayers to do it. It is their BUSINESS to control others for money.


        • APN

          How can you fill the jails if people do not use drugs? Is that your question?

          Let’s see, let’s legalize drugs so our JAILS aren’t full anymore. WOW!! SHAZAAM!!! What a concept!!!!! If we can just make “pot” legal then our jails will be empty!

  • http://PersonalLibertyNews Sha Jac

    She should sue everyone involved for every penny she can get, take the money and live happily ever after, out in the country where hopefully the child will forget what happened. If law suits become routine on these type of incidents, perhaps the costs to the government will outweight their stupidity…oh wait, I talking about our government and law officials, never mind.

    • Tim

      Only if the lawsuit resulted in money coming out of the cops’ pocket would it do any good. After all, lawsuit money comes from the “people”!

  • tim

    Hope she got a good lawyer. I would of sued the —– out of them!!!! Massachussetts is the armpit of the 4th amendment. They think they can do anything they want!!

  • ARMY1971

    Yea and the next knock on the door will be a 100 lawyers! So for her 35 minutes of whatever she called it, she will be our next millionaire.

    • Mom Henning

      I have a friend who was a legal librarian for over 20 years, and she claims she got pretty good looking things up for those lawyers. In her studied opinion she stated that there is no such thing as justice, it is what is legal and what they can get away with. I feel that those responsible should be held accountable, so sue the bastards anyway. A legal knock on their heads for a chain saw entry might get the attention of these culprits, especially if their wallet takes a hit, or they cool their heels in jail.

  • Theresa

    I’d straight up sue! Where is the lame street media when it comes to reporting goverment abuse and corruption? Oh that’s right, the main stream media is bought and paid for by big goverment!

    • NC



      • OB1

        The MSM is owned by 6, that right six corporations! The news is no longer the NEWS. They have become a propaganda machine for the Dems and Repubs. I notice a big trend in citizen journalism. The MSM is becoming irrelevant. That is the major reason for the drop in newspaper circulation.

        • APN

          Not sure that I disagree with your statement but the real reason for a massive decline in newspaper circulation is called the “Internet”.

  • exring

    A minor point that after running a chain saw and breaking into the wrong apartment, they were still able to arrest the person they were originally after clearly indicates that the strong arm tactics were unnecessary and unwarranted. Just another example of out of control government agencies.

  • cpawas

    This is nothing new, The New York City police have made these numbskull mistakes for years. In fact several innocent people have been hurt and killed in these NYPD raids. Only because the Feds did it this time was it noticed. Under Rudy Giuliani it became a regular part of his clean up the city tactics. There was a reason his popularity was at 33% the day before 911. The FBI raid is only the tip of the horror story.

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    And if she had used a weapon to try to defend herself, they probably would have killed her. I doubt if an apology would cover it.

  • dusterdog

    I’m glad that wasn’t me.If it had been when that chain say cut through the door i would have not known who it was & have opened up through the door with my automatic deer rifle.

    • Concerned&Nervous

      That is exactly what happened in Ogden, Utah about 2 weeks ago…before people were awake, a swat team busted down a door on suspicion of drugs. when the swat team came through the door, the suspect opened fire wounding six officers, one fatally. My question is why so much force for drug suspicion? How can anyone reasonably react when they are awakened from sleep to a violoent home invasion?

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “the suspect opened fire wounding six officers, one fatally.”

        Judging from the violence that DID occur it’s clear that the suspect was dangerous. Would he have allowed himself to be taken if they had gone to the door and asked for him to come down to the station politely?


  • James D. Bast

    This is just another fine example of our Gestppo tacktics by our Obomba run Government !!

    • Dave

      This kind of stuff has been going on since the 60′s. Did Obama cause those raids, too!
      This is not an administration it is the FBI and CIA who have always been running rampant with their teeth gnashing.
      The Drug War is and always will be stupid. More money, more violence and more criminalization of people mostly just doing what they want and not really harming anyone else.
      But if the laws changed where would the huge budgets to fund the DEA and other operations go?
      Prisons would be half filled. Can’t have that.

  • http://yahoo BOB

    All who are saying sue, guess who’ll be opening their wallets and forking over? Might be her solution, but not ours. Something else is needed…our outrage put in their faces. Get involved, join the Tea Party or other group (not Occupy of course) or sit in your lazy-boy and fume.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    Where are the outcries of outrage from our government? No word as yet from our president or those who would be.


    This is mainly due to the possibility that the county sheriff of this area is weak and not using his incredible power over all other law enforcement agencies including city, state, and federal agencies. I just attended the first constitutional sheriff’s convention held in Las Vegas over the weekend to where 3.5% of our republic’s sheriffs attended and the bottom line is these sheriff’s will be actively enforcing their power to restrict these overreaching federal interventions. These sheriff’s will also be very active in recruiting militia’s yes,I said it! Malitias or posse’s to those sheeples who want to remain PC. “roll eyes”. Folks, it’s time for us to take our country back by limiting the federal government as specified by the constitution. These jackbooting actions are becoming commonplace by design to soften the inevitable and progressive actions coming to every neighborhood. The passing of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) sections: 1021 and 1022 are living proof that the worse is coming and this action is actually deemed as a declaration of war against the American people. By golly people, as bad as Hitler’s Nazi Germany’s laws were, they didn’t even put in the writings of law as this NDAA has been. I strongly suggest that people contact their sheriff to see where they stand regarding how they honor their sworn oath of office. There is a way to actually pull their oath of office, obtain a certificate of authority from the person who administered this sheriff’s oath followed by accepting their oath and having this acceptance of oath document notorized with the notary’s certificate of authority attached which then creates a “Specialty Contract” followed by submitting this package to the county court clerk for the 21 day public review process and then the court will provide the court seal which now has the power to hold these sheriff’s to honor their oath or risk a breach of contract suit which can be performed in the small claims court venue.

    • danN

      Thank you Leonard for attending the conference and expousing your TRUE AMERICAN attitude about your role as a law enforcement official. My question is why do we need to go through the described process to document the sworn oath of office. Aren’t there minutes of the swearing in that would provide for the same end. A bigger question is what to do with all those who swore an oath to the American People to protect and abide by the Constitution and have not followed through with their promise or turned a blind eye to the subtle dismantling of our inalienable rights?

  • steve in AZ

    Haha,Duster. :) An “automatic deer rifle”. Very handy for the time those pesky deer herds attack en masse? lol

    Keep it clean and loaded!! Rampant deer herd attacks are expected in the near future.

    DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Captain Mike

    And people say Ron Paul is nuts.

  • none

    Apologized? Lock the morons up! Breaking and entering and assault with a deadly weapons are felonies; no ifs-ands-or-buts; lock them all up, including the scum sitting on their asses in apparent safety within the federal office building we also pay for, who thought planning and overseeing the commitment of crimes, regardless of the reason, against the citizens who employ them was a clever idea.

    • Glockman

      Careful, None. You are being openly critical of the Obummer Administration’s key power – the imperial right to murder your subjects. This Administration must be exceeding jealous of how the jackbooted Syrian government thugs slaughter its citizens with impunity. Oh how they must envy the Islamic nation dictators! And, Eric Holder as AG – one of the most profound jokes of the 21st century! With single digit IQ Holder in that job, you surely wouldn’t think there is any small measure of Justice left in America? Just be careful, None, and keep your weapon handy.

  • Thin Line Shooting Academy

    This shows a lack of training on the part of the Raid Team Leader. The address and residence discription are in several places throughout the search warrant and affidavit. After having worked in Law Enforcement for 15 years it shames me to see this sort of thing continue to put a bad light on police. I and many of my friends are Officers and Conservatives and it pains us every time a reporter deams us militant. The need for raid teams and aggresive search warrants, such as this was supposed to be, is due to the lack of prosecution of the multiple offenders that we attempt to apprehend.This past year was a deadly year for police officers attempting to serve warrants without this type of raid. We try to not use the No-knock method but get shot up when we do knock. so please remember that we need to do our jobs and WE ARE HUMAN no some JACK BOOTED MILITANT ARMY with no regard for persons…..

    • Steve Douglas

      Then you fellows really need to make sure you’re INVADING the right place or there will be many more officers killed by people that are under the impression they are protecting their familes from the very scum you proclaim to be trying to “put out of business”.

      • nutz

        you just exhibited the same defect that the article shows for the bureau of incompetence a lack of acurate reading skills or comprehension. This man said that he hated no knock visits

    • none

      BS; there is never a need to forcibly raid any location not itself under siege in this manner; ever.

      • Robert Smith

        Ummmmm, none… Are you suggesting that no criminals are dangerous?

        Bad suggestion in my humble opinion.


    • danN

      @ thin Line…I can appreciate your stance, it is not an easy position to be in. My question to you is this.. where is your loyalty.. is it to the American People: where doing your job is to protect and serve? Or is it to your employer where you just follow orders blindly. How many Law enforcement officers will draw the line betweeen protecting the American people (there actual job) or doing what a corrupt government orders them to do for a paycheck. RE: what Leonard Hardview said above about sheriffs oath of office. How would that apply in your precincts.

    • http://personalliberty larry k.


      • James

        I totally disagree. Most warrants could be served by simply knocking on the door. The ONLY time a no-knock entry should be authorized is in hostage situations. Other times–surround the house and use loudspeakers if necessary, or have a single cop knock on the door. Too many innocent people have died to botched raids; others have been left psychologically scarred. If the cops can’t rule by sensible rules of engagement, let them find another job!

        • James

          Nor did I write this.

      • nutz

        bring a plumber on a raid to sequestere the contents of the loo outlet.

  • Steve Douglas

    GEE! I’m sure glad that didn’t happen to me here in Tennessee where we have to Castle Law. Unless they had identified themselves BEFORE they started chainsawing my door down, personally I would have picked up my AK-47 with a 30 round clip of hardball ammo and helped them with removing my door from THIS side. I’m afraid their little black vests wouldn’t have been much protection.

    • Priscilla King

      Well thanks a lot, Steve Douglas…as Thin Line explains/demonstrates, people who go straight to violence intimidate police and cause them to go straight to violence too, and then what happens to us live-and-let-live, nonviolent libertarians? David Koresh shot off his mouth, his housemate Peter Gent shot off his gun, and a bunch of babies and toddlers got killed.

      • nutz

        stupid cow, Government over reach and you are blaming the victims. Same gang in power again, wheres Lon Horiuchi wairing inthe background to shoot people?

    • James

      NO normal citizen is going to keep the weaponry necessary to repel a police assault in his living room. No normal person can live like that. We need to hold the FBI and cops accountable. In the instance of this botched raid in Massachusetts, the leaders should be in the unemployment line–it’s that simple. Those morons put innocent lives at risk. Start sacking these incompetent Rambos and this sort of thing will stop.

      • James

        Nor this.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    This, of course, is not an isolated incident. The drug war as was prohibition is just another nail in the coffin of our freedom.

  • tom sherman

    Anyone can say we are the FBI. I hope they never come to my door!!!

  • Patriot

    Welcome to Obama’s America.

    • Steve Douglas

      I’m afraid respect for civilians has been chipped away at pretty equally by both democrats AND republicans, Patriot. It’s just the way of an out of control gov’t. Our forefathers came here to escape it and our’s has morphed over time into one that is just as bad. We’re close now to dropping “Hail to the Chief” in favor of “Long Live the King”.

  • noel

    and you expect anything less from obongo? OBAMANOS 2012!!!

    • Karolyn

      I am sure we can safely say that Obama had nothing to do with this or any other drug raids. He isn’t the one to direct drug raid operations. This type of thing has been going on for a long time no matter who was President.

  • noel

    our manchurian president…allah be praised!!! OBAMANOS!!!

  • Dino

    The “Castle Doctrine” already grants homeowners the right to use deadly force in defending their home from illegal forced entry. However, there really ought to be additional legislation passed that more specifically protects homeowners from prosecution if they shoot and kill intruder(s) (law enforcement or not) during the course of illegal or wrongful forced entry into their home. Furthermore, it ought to include that any law enforcement officer(s) who fires upon or returns fire on a defending homeowner during an illegal, wrongful forced entry shall face criminal prosecution for that action, not excluding criminal homicide, if the shooting results in the death of the defending homeowner, or any accompanying law enforcement personnel.

    The point being, that the defending resident/homeowner probably won’t be around” after such an event. Which is my point exactly. Let’s say you’re asleep one evening and you hear someone messing around outside your door. Your first thought (which would be mine) is that someone is attempting to break in. I for one would be waiting with a loaded weapon for the intruder to force entry, at which point I wouldn’t hesitate to fire upon the intruder(s). Law enforcement would most likely shoot first & ask questions later. My point is, shouldn’t they be held legally accountable for any consequential deaths?

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “The “Castle Doctrine” already grants homeowners the right to use deadly force in defending their home from illegal forced entry.”

      Unfortunately not all states recognize the “Castle Doctrine” some such as Mass. say you must retreat until you can retreat no further inclucing I believe crawling out the window and running away.

  • DQFreemind

    Apology my ass. She ought to sue those bastards.
    Hey Feds: Try that with me, you sorry [offensive words removed].
    I shoot.

  • Dan

    It seems everyone is making this incident an issue regarding legalizing drugs. It does not matter if drugs are legal or not, what matters is the stupidty and thugery of the FBI. Legalizing drugs will not remove the problem. They will still be stupid and thugs.

    Another issue is the problem of the government only being libel for the door and not for the tramatizing of the mother and daughter. Just what we need, another child that grows up that is terrorified of police.

    The only drug I would agree to legalizing would be pot. The hard core drugs no way. Regardless of the source for the drug the behavior will not change with the doppers abusing family members and participating in crime to support their drug dependence.

  • Minuteman

    Fumbling, Bumbling, Idiots…….

  • lostindetroit

    Could anyone imagine how many people would be out of work if (1) there were no “harmful” drugs to abuse (2) Cancer did not exist (3)If schools actually figured out how to teach people. We’d be just down to various forms of corruption and Spam….well, there is more, but the unemployment lines would be huge.

  • Dwight Mann

    Tshe war on drugs should be dropped as failed policy. It is a result of the Fascist Corporate/Government that we hold so dear.
    That means elect RP in 2012

    • NC

      Dwight, you call something “failed policy” and your policy is to try to get a man elected or nominated who can only get 7% of the vote of his own party. Maybe you need to re-evaluate your own “policy”

  • NymRod

    “The raid was the result of a two-year investigation” and they still got it wrong.
    Who should be investigated now?

    Why did it take them 35 minutes to discover they had broken into the wrong apartment?
    That was more than enough time for the neighbor in apartment 2F to get away.

  • Steven Jokinen

    Ronald Reagan accurately described when he said: “The very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”
    I live in Massachusetts very close to Fitchburg. This is a shame that it can happen anywhere.
    we do have the watered down version of the “Castle Law” you first have to let them enter, then you have to let them attack you, then you have to flee to the farthest room, then if all else fail’s you may run to unlock your gun then go to the other room to get and unlock the ammo, you may only fire a warning shot first if all this does not work you may shoot only if you are fired upon and hope you do not kill them because you will loose your license to carry and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the LAW. My son lives in Fitchburg much has changed over the years none of for the “good of the people” I am a libertarian I vote “R” I have been unable to vote anyone “OUT” I do not believe what is said about the ballets that are cast. I have done my own exit polls and found out that in the end the “right person ” got in even if it was not the person with the majority vote. I voted for Mitt Romney and look at all the trouble he has caused here with the health care bill he is a liberal democrat that called himself “R” but don’t be fooled he also voted to tighten gun control. The only person running that will make a positive change for our rights is Ron Paul don’t believe what you hear, listen to what he says, today he is constantly put down by the local and national media as “being out there” this should be all you need to make a decision to vote for him if the news is telling you or not telling you by leaving him out that Mitt or Newtt should be out choice that should say everything. Look at all the replies, most all are on the side of a conservative view who but Ron Paul has that view?

    Thomas Jefferson said “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” “Most bad government has grown out of too much government.”

    When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am looking for a fight, but because I’m looking to be left alone. The gun at my side means that I cannot be forced, only persuaded. I don’t carry it because I’m afraid, but because it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn’t limit the actions of those who would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those who would do so by force. It removes force from the equation… And that’s why carrying a gun is a civilized act.

    • .50BMG

      A good response when someone accuses you of paranoia for carrying a gun is “why should I be paranoid, I have the gun…”.

      • APN

        I like it, I like it!!!

        How does that 50 shoot?

  • Dave

    THis is posted from either a radio or TV station KSDK.

    “I took two steps, face the second door, and I heard the click of a gun, and saying, ‘FBI, get down,’ so I laid down on my living room floor,” said Judy Sanchez.

    Sanchez describes how she was terrorized during an early morning FBI raid in Fitchburg.

    “I was screaming, ‘You have the wrong apartment, you have the wrong apartment,’ over fifty times. And then I seen the big blade coming down my door,” she said.

    They did give notice so shooting by the occupant may not have been justified here. But this is different than the other story.
    Both quoting the woman.

  • Richard B. Johnson

    There is a advantage to be had, by innocents being visibly trapped by the unconscionable behavior of our government; Ordinary people who would usually be concerned only about putting food on the table and a roof over their heads, are starting to take notice. Sooner or later they should wake up and start taking back what the government has stolen from us.

    We have a President who believes and demonstrates that the Constitution does not apply to him. He, and his private SS, called the DHS (and several other three-letter organizations), have usurped the birthrights of all Americans and it will be brought to a halt, so help me God.

  • gnafu

    Brave Lady! I think I would have peed right along with the dog. This is scary stuff!

  • nick beck

    roadkill is the only one here that really has it down — voting will not get the job done as those that VOTE FOR A LIVING outnumber those that WORK FOR A LIVING, however they do not outgun us yet. im afraid that the day of reckoning is around the corner. they will over play their hand with martial law and a so called small incident will get it started as in past riots [detroit-l.a.watts]. As long as the 2nd amend. is still in force it will prove its worth–if we let them take the guns away , i can only imagine the consequences and those that do turn their guns in DESERVE THE CONSEQUENCES………

  • http://Yahoo sophillyjimmy

    It is a known fact that the FBI couldn’t find a hooker in a whore house and thank God one of the agents was not trigger happy, but needless to say Big Brother overstept their boundaries and should pay for the trauma this family went through. This 3 year old child will grow up distrusting anyone with a badge. Sorry to hear of your frightening experience Ms. Sanchez.
    If it were an Italian’s place of residence they would have went in guns ablazing since the FBI stands for “Forever Bothering Italians”.

  • jeff coleman

    Thank God her and her child wasn’t harmed by these para military thugs with police authority.To bad the term to serve and protect doesn’t exist anymore.It seems F.B.I. D.E.A. and local law enforcement resemble the S.S. and stormtroopers almost half of them look like they’re on steroids and the other half act like it.

    • APN

      Yep, and this is what happens when you do not control immigration. When you let any mad dog come in your house, well, eventually you will be no better off that the mad dog you let in.

      Let’s face the facts here, we no longer require those who come here to assimilate to OUR culture. We are too busy with this DUMB PC crap to understand the consequences of not doing so.

      When you don’t manage your home, then someone else will, and you probably ain’t going to like it.

  • Old Henry

    Just one more example of why EVERYONE should be armed to the teeth. Those “agents” should have been gunned down immediately upon their illegal breaking and entering. Then we just apologize as their bodies are carted off.

    They are the criminals. We would simply be preventing ourselves from becoming a victim.

  • JR

    2F, 2R…. Well, as the saying goes “Close enough for gov’t work!”

    At least they didn’t take her out with a drone thanks to some programmer typing in a wrong letter!

  • Steven Jokinen

    The supreme court has concluded that the police can not and will not protect us. It is not in there jurisdiction and authority to do so. They are only here to service the law.



  • Alden Wayne Dumas

    Welome to Communist America……We can expect more and more police blunders like this, Patriot Act and NDAA gives our elected officials the power to invade your privacy at will, all they have to do is claim your a terrorist, anything they do will be legal…….It’s time to stand up and take America back, vote out all of Congress and the Senate, Impeach the supreme court, Impeach Obama…………………………Ron Paul in 2012……….

  • HKaufman

    2 professions gone BAD, Medical- we have guess work wearing a white Jacket,and guess work wearing a suit and tie.. Its a nation becoming guess work instead of absolute, or obsolete..

  • Larry

    This kind of stuff is just absolutely disgusting! A mere apology and paying to replace the woman’s apartment door hardly covers the 35 minutes of terror that the woman, her daughter, and their dog suffered. Whoever was responsible for this stupidity needs to be promoted to a job he can handle, swamping out restrooms in highway rest stops might be a couple of notches above his Peter Principle level. Oh, and no firearms forever for him either.

    It’s good that her dog was obedient, otherwise those brave Federal Butt Inspectors would have killed the dog and been mighty proud of themselves about it too. Brave fellas!

    The idea that, “I’m law enforcement, so anything I do is fine,” is a pile of bull crap.



    EXAMPLE LA 1983. Man sitting on park beanch with a 3″ bladed knife whittiling on pc of wood, two mounted policemen approached him and ordered he throw down the knife, He asked why, ?? The Policed then charged him with the horses and swinging the oak sabre sticks, the man in trying to deflect the blows and the Horses,had to raise his arms, Another Policeman on the ground, fired a shot at the subject and missed, He was only 10ft away, then fired again this time hitting the subject. Even with witnesses telling the police that the person was doing nothing wrong. The police charged him with a felony, said he was attacking them and the Horses with the knife. Police Brotherhood, Protect each other RIGHT or WRONG.
    SIX- The supreme Court has said that the Police do not work for or answer to the People only to the POWERS to BE.

  • stupidamerkin

    AMERKIA! The land of what?

  • Larry

    Long ago the FBI was sharp and had good people; like everything else in any way connected to our $hit for brains federal government, the FBI has gone down the drain. America has become such a cesspool that the FBI no longer insists on a totally clean record to be recruited. Applicants can have a felony as long as it did not include certain crimes. How sorry is that? America is such a dump that the FBI and many large metro police departments have had to drop their recruiting standards to this level; and people are worried about the rogue governments of the world. We should be far more worried about the mindless idiots in government and law enforcement right here in the USA. There is no excuse for this and heads ought to damn well role; but will they? Not likely! This woman should get a team of lawyers and go after everyone involved. Until Americans wake-up, put down the potato chips and kool-aide and do something to take back this country; things will get rapidly worse! We may as well live in Soviet era Russia.

    • APN

      We already do, you just haven’t seen the whole socialist camel yet. It will come later this spring and summer.

    • OB1

      We already do. People are waking up. A local radio host recently interviewed our life time (really) local democratic congressman. He represent are area (not really most of us!) in DC (this district of corruption). The radio host asked him if he pushed through and sponsored Agenda 21 for our county back a few years ago. The congressman denied it! Then the host proceeded to prove to him that he was LYING and indeed he did sponsor and bring Agenda 21 to our county! He lied and got caught! Most people here do not even know what Agenda 21 is and has don to our county! Well, now many more of them do thanks to our lying congressman caught on radio!

      • OB1

        Forgot to mention he is one of the 77 members of congress that is an active member of the democratic socialist party of America.

      • Robert Smith

        What has Agenda 21 actually done to America? Please be detailed.

        BTW, I found a little information: “Agenda 21 is an action plan of the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development and was an outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans directly affect the environment.”

        That’s from:

        Here is something to note: “The United Nations Division for Sustainable Development acts as the secretariat to the Commission and works ‘within the context of’ Agenda 21.

        Implementation by member states remains essentially voluntary.”

        What about “voluntary” do you find threatening?


        • APN

          ANYTHING that the UN has it’s hands in !!!!


    WE the People HIRE Policeman to Protect our lives and Property.This is the prime duty of a Policeman.

    WHAT is the prime Duty today of our policeman. REVENUE.for the Powers to Be.

    I guess i was just raised Wrong. An old Sheriff back in Texas My Teacher. He said if you know the Differance between RIGHT and WRONG, And you live by the RIGHT, Then you will make a good Deputy, Treat people with respect at all times, Even when you have to Jail them.

    He also had basic rules whin it came to enforcing the Law
    RULE !-If there is fighting you ask once to stop, if fight continues you sap the most aggressive one. Etc.
    Rule two- If the subject has a knife, If he is around innocent people You ask him to drop it once, and once only.
    Rule 3-If the subject has a gun, and innocent people or at stake, YOU say NOTHING. When there is no innocent people around, You can do more talking. Belive me the bad guys knew these rules.
    And if you had a hostage and was threating life Belive me you were only coming out ONE WAY ONLY. This was called detering CRIME. Also 1 Deputy may have to cover 50 or more square miles or more, They did not depend on 5-20 back ups. Only themselves.Oh im sorry we had plenty of back up. THE CITIZENS when needed.

  • Joseph

    Osquama’s boys at work !!!!! How retarded to make such a mistake !!!

    Don’t they know how to read ???????

    • MRMO


  • libertarian58

    The police state is under continuous construction. FBI, BATF, DHS, TSA, SWAT teams in every town and village. . . Time to wake up!

    • APN

      I think it may be a little to late for that, don’t you? This system has been slowly and methodically put in place now over the past 100 years by this progressive-marxist crowd. I think we are just now witnessing the acceleration of the master plan, since King Obama got elected.

  • Richard M

    These SOBs couldn’t find their own a** with both hands! I hope this lady sues these bastards! A 2 year investigation huh?

    I’ll tell you another thing that really pisses me off. It’s that lame show on TV — Bait Car! What, these law enforcement people don’t have anything better to do in their own cities than to set up stings for criminals to steal their bait car? C’mon, what a waste of taxpayer money! They should at least invest some money in teaching them how to read addresses correctly before they go knocking down some law-abiding citizen’s door! Now, that would be a shocker!

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Now wait a minute, don’t you know with so little crime in our country if they didn’t set up stings then they wouldn’t ever get to beat,arrest and or kill anyone and our jails and prisons would be empty and all those poor guards would be out of work too, not to mention the state attorneys and judges too!!

  • Eagle525

    Going backwards from Waco to Ruby Ridge,to Wounded Knee, to the Trail of Tears our government has not been held responsible for its actions.

    A people who live in fear of their government live in tyranny. When government fears the people; the people live with LIBERTY!

    Obamas heathcare law is is another erosion ofour freedom . and done in the name of improving heatth care and reducing cost….. PURE LIES. Further, His health care laws are again subjugating religious communities established health care services by creating LAWS that these folks can not abide. It is nothing short copying NAZI Germanies laws and tactics that confiscated jewish businesses and infrasturcture in the 1930′s. OBAMA is repeating History this time right here in AMERICA! IF he can do this to one group of people …. HE WILL DO IT TO YOU!

    • Robert Smith

      You mention: “Wounded Knee”

      I think George Custer and his guys were held responsible.

      Sadly people didn’t see it that way. Too bad.


  • Proteus

    It always amazes me how fast some of the folks on this blog blame Obama for EVERYTHING the Federal Government has done wrong – reaching clear back to 1789!

    The ‘War on Drugs’ actually started under the ‘good Republican’ “Tricky Dick” Nixon (I voted for him twice), ‘way back in the early ’70s. It was greatly expanded under “Ronnie Ray-Gun” Reagon in the early to late ’80s (I voted for him twice, too). I might add that it was during the ’80s that the Greatest of the Drug Warriors arose – that’s right, none other than Newt Gingrich. Under Bush I, the ‘War on Drugs’ was further expanded (voted for him twice). On and on it went for the last 40 years under every administration. It got worse with every passing year because NO president (or congress critter) wanted to be labeled ‘Soft on Drugs’. That was a sure path to political oblivian.

    I might also remind you all that it is strictly UNconstitutional to declare war against the American Citizenry (even ‘druggies’). Prohibition doesn’t work – we learned this ‘lesson’ during 1919-1933. All Prohibition does is open the door REAL wide for a black market. Perhaps we should say, instead, “Free Market Entropenuers (sp?).

    In no state of this Union does using or selling ANY drug carry the death penalty. Deadly force shouldn’t be used ‘just in case the perp might flush his drugs down the toilet if the cops knocked first’, as one above pointed out. If the drugs ARE flushed, then Mission Accomplished – you got the drugs off the streets, and that is the goal of the mission.

    For youse tough characters that think you are just going to shoot the first guy through the door, well . . . you might get the first one, but the other two dozen ninja-suited, automatic weapon armed, adrenelin-pumped, SS troopers are going to turn you into a mass of hamburger in one quick hurry (and probably your wife, kiddies, puppy-dog and kitty-cat to boot). All the Castle Laws in the state aren’t going to be able to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again (and if you’re dead, you can’t sue). These guys are trained to, not only, shoot-to-kill, but to empty the clip, reload, and empty the second clip as well.

    . . . And before any of you start calling me a ‘Bleeding-Heart Librul’, take another look at who I have voted for in the past.

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Seems this head case has at last smoked and injected so much of that crap it has at last taken out the biggest part of his brain! And you can bet he will be dumb enough to vote for his king Obama again! It must be sad to be so brain dead!

      • Proteus

        Well, Ron, I expected nothing better from a Sheeple. What, specifically, do you find so offensive that you call me a dope-smoking, heroin shooting junkie. Do I have my time-line confused?

        BTW, you are blaming Obama for the DHS, from an earlier missive. So soon you forget, eh? It was George W. Bush that brought us the Department of Homeland Security (and the accompying ‘Patriot Act’), not Obama. Obama is just using the tools Dubya left him, and a pretty good job he’s doing with it at that. Georgie couldn’t find OBL in seven years. Obama took him out in less than three years, along with a good many of his cohorts. About the only one left of the ‘High Value Targets’ is Osama Ben-Ladin’s evil side-kick (can’t spell his name); and I doubt he’ll be around much longer.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Someone made a comment about Ron Paul, heck he has not even figured out that Iran is not our friend! And like Obama he would throw the Jews under the Bus!

    • Robert Smith

      Really? How in ANY way is Isril in a different situation than they have been?


    • Bill

      excuse me but do you think the way to make a friend is the kick the s _ _ _ t out of them. We need you to be president of the nazi club.

  • Steven Jokinen

    Proteus You made some very good points for a ‘Bleeding-Heart Librul’. Your “war on drugs” being unconstitutional to American citizens was inspiring. This form that we use makes me think that it is the very reason that our government wants to censor the internet it will give them more control to stifle freedom of speech. Thanks

    • Proteus

      Thank you, and I absolutly agree with you about InterNet Censorship.

      As a former Coast Guard Officer, I learned that [most] laws are based on what a “Reasonable and Prudent” man (probably changed to “Person” by now) would do. I have never thought a War on Drugs was either ‘Reasonable’ or ‘Prudent’. Abe Lincoln once said that
      ‘you cannot legislate people’s morals’ (paraphrased – he was speaking about alcohol prohibition in 1855). What is ‘Reasonable’ or ‘Prudent’ about killing someone for smoking a PLANT???

      • Robert Smith

        Question asked: “What is ‘Reasonable’ or ‘Prudent’ about killing someone for smoking a PLANT???”

        Taking it entirely out of context…

        Bush smoked a lot of manufacturing plants sending jobs away from America. Those plants are now empty and lots of folks are out of work.


  • apoco?

    There are no accidents no errors nor mistakes there is forgivenes ony

  • LowlyWise

    The stated issue here is government bungling, not the relative merits of various illegal substances. Like the woman whose apartment was invaded, I find it hard to believe that this came about after a two-year investigation. I hope the FBI paid for and repaired the damage to the home resulting from the vandalism — at least helping her clean up the dog pee.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    The person who got the wrong apartment should be sued personally! Only then will these idiot raids be stopped!

  • John Hand

    Things happen. She must have been guilty of SOMETHING, maybe of having a dog that pees on the floor.

  • AnneOnymous

    It’s a damn good thing NDAA wasn’t an after thought once the feds realized their mistake else we’d of never heard about this as it would have been reported by the media that:

    “At 6:04 a.m. last Thursday, neighbors in this quiet complex were aroused by a child’s screaming.. Calling 911, federal investigators had to chain saw their way through the front door where they found the baby was alone and starving. Allegedly (the media loves this word) the feds determined the mother deserted her baby as law enforcement hasn’t been able to locate her and there was no evidence of foul play.. Child protective services was called and is now putting her up for adoption” (people, get ready)..

  • hitthedeck

    Nothing new, just some more of Eric Holder’s boys doing their job.

    • Deerinwater

      Different department Sir. But I guess you would want to hold Obama and Holden responsible for White House lawn service as well.

    • NC

      Hitthedeck, what I like most about “Eric Holder’s boys”, as you call them. is the good job they are doing keeping air planes out of our big building and anthrax out of the mail.Remember???

      • Robert Smith

        And Obama’s other guys kicked a door in to get OBL and some folks out of the hands of pirates.

        If anyone wants to blame Obama for door kicking I suspect the two above will be quite well received.


  • homeland

    If your house is invaded by kevlar commandos, shoot them in the thighs,
    femoral arteries leak fast! Especially when the fuzz is a buzz with excitement over the chance to kill a “citizen”!

    • cawmun cents

      Although I never advocate the use of firearms to shoot at another human being except under extreme conditions of fear of life and protecting such,I say shoot at the genitalia.I have yet to see a bullet proof athlectic cup.
      Maybe one should be invented?
      Domestic abuse aside,do not shoot at authorities.
      You will only succeed in getting yourself killed.
      Take them to court,and win.Change the laws.But do not use firearms and give them an excuse to take those rights away from citizens who obey the firearms laws.
      I understand that there are constant violations,but there will be a day when these actions will be prosecuted,by one judege who cannot be denied.In that day you will be vindicated.-CC.

  • Mike Dar

    The war on drugs keeps the prices up the profits go to wall street the lobbests go to washington the war on drugs goes on

    Everyone in the Cartels understand “The war”along with all the others making money from the ‘war’.
    But like any ‘war’ the citezens are the losers

  • Deerinwater

    I seriously question that these were Federal officers that went through this ladies door at 6 am.

    Now there might have been a Federal officer among them.

    Sound like BOZO the Clown and his army to me.

    A lot of local PD’s have this capacity to make such a mistake.

    But if you have an apartment under surveillance for YEAR, YOU SHOULD AT LEAST KNOW WHERE IT’S AT.

  • bluejacket

    This was bad. But it could have been worse. Having a family to protect, not being in the business of selling or manufacuring drugs, or any other illegal act, I’m just a working Joe that gets up in the morning, goes to work, comes home too tired for anything, and crashes on the couch. In THAT context, if there was pounding on the frond door (and I didn’t hear anyone say they were the police) and then I saw a chain saw cutting through it, I would be firing 00 buck and 12 gauge slugs at the door. Which would have escalated into an ugly situation with me and my family dying unessesarily because some [comment has been edited] got the wrong door.

    • Robert Smith

      From bluejacket: “Which would have escalated into an ugly situation with me and my family dying unessesarily because some [comment has been edited] got the wrong door.”

      While they were looking for another [comment has been edited] who was selling or using recreational drugs that should have been legal in the first place. IOW, the War On Americans, oops drugs, can get you and your family killed.

      Why? Because there are those who want to deny the freedom of recreational drugs to others. Denying a freedom in America… Seems unAmerican to me.


      • CJM

        Robert Smith: Illicit drugs cause more harm to all, including those who do NOT use them, because of the criminal acts committed while under the influence. NO, these illicit drugs should NEVER be legalized; have you seen what it has done to Holland and Sweden? It’s worse than any nightmare you can imagine. I agree that the so-called ‘war on drugs’ is not working; it never has and never will because of the extreme violence the law enforcement personnel use to enforce it. Violence does not cure violence, period. Teaching our children that drugs are addictive and destructive should begin when they are young, but, like bigotry, it is used as a mantra that covers as a cure-all, be-all. I think your notion that drugs should be legalized is not the answer and you should be ashamed of promoting such a thing. For you, I suppose it’s alright to watch your younger siblings and children fall into the entrapment of addiction….what a waste of life. Illicit drugs destroy the mind, body, and soul.

  • CJM

    These strong-arm, gung-ho wannabees should be sued to the hilt. There is NO excuse for this kind of incident. We are reading more and more of such “erroneous raids” because the officers are NOT paying attention to the address. In once case, they raided the right house number, but not the correct street–which was 2 blocks away! That incident resulted in an elderly resident having a heart attack. This certainly makes one wonder exactly what do those words “To Protect and Serve” on police cars really mean—seems to me, they are serving their own egos and protecting themselves by abusing the immunity laws that are applied to officers.

  • 45caliber

    Well, at least they didn’t get killed.

  • Gringo Infidel

    This is unforgivable. Careers should be ruined and the innocent citizen compensated for this mistake in order to make her property AND more importantly, her daughter’s psyche whole again – or as close to whole as one can expect.

    What if she, as an obvious innocent citizen, had exercised her God given right to defend herself and been killed in this event? I would have to say that the agents should be prosecuted for murder at that point. No excuse whatsoever.

  • Rebecca Fahlin

    What if these Federal Agents busted in her apartment with weapons blazing–they could have killed 2 completely innocent people!!!
    It’s time this madness is stopped before there are more innocent victims. Please contact your Senators and Representatives today.

  • Dr Bob

    Under the threat of legal action, I would have demanded that all of the agents involved show up to replace the door, and that each one of them present me with a significant gift expressing their sincere apologies.


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