Feds Raid Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Washington


Despite State legalization and promises from President Barack Obama that raiding medical marijuana facilities was not a priority of the Federal government, medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Gig Harbor, Washington were raided by Drug Enforcement Agency agents on Wednesday.

Casey Lee, the owner of one of the facilities, said Federal agents took 16 marijuana plants, edible marijuana products, employees’ cellphones and paperwork from the store during the raid.

“I kept saying, ‘We don’t feel like we’ve done anything wrong. Why are you guys here?’ And they said, ‘Well, you guys are state legal, but you are still not federally legal,’ that’s all they could tell me,” said Lee.

According to DEA officials, the raid of several dispensaries in Washington was part of a two-year investigation.

Via KIRO 7:

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  • equestrian_colt

    The only reason it is still illegal is because the government can’t come up with a way to rip the people off by taxing it. So if your willing to give some profit to the thug gangster Nazi style government then they will leave you alone

    • jdn

      Why settle for a small percentage in tax when they can wait a couple of years , for investigation – Wink Wink , and come in and take everything . Then the courts and lawyers take any and everything else you have . They have this tax thing all figured out .

      • equestrian_colt

        SOOOO TRUE

    • hatakah

      The law enforcement/criminal justice/prison industrial complex has become so bloated that it cannot continue to function without victimless crimes. And let’s not forget that the paper, lumber, textiles, Big Oil, and biotech/Big Ag (i.e. Monsanto et al) industries stand to lose a great deal as well. Lots of salaries to pay and lots of palms to be greased. There is more money to be had in prohibition than in legalization.

      • equestrian_colt

        I completely agree and have been saying the same thing.

      • Anonymous

        You forgot Big Pharma, who stands to lose tens of billions of dollars if pot was legal. It would replace many drugs with hideous side effects with a natural substance with very few side effects. WE CAN’T HAVE THAT NOW, CAN WE???

  • chrisnj

    Obama’s promises are like pipe dreams – without substance or reality.

    Washington State would do well to look to the precedents and actions by officials in other states, that establishes no grounds for actions by federal agents within those states against law-abiding residents of those states.

    Obama’s drug of choice is political power, and he will do anything to keep his high going.

    The crazed negro reefer addict out to rape your women has long been debunked as a total myth and Democrat racist propaganda. About the only thing marijuana does for you is make you mellow – and hungry.

    The crazed half-Nigerian power addict and self-admiring egomaniac occupying the White House and claiming the legitimacy and powers of an American president however, is all too real

    Just say no.

  • Dcp5674

    The answer of course, NEVER trust a liberal government, particularly an Obama government. The man lies every time he opens his mouth.

  • equestrian_colt

    Maybe Odumbass needs to smoke some pot maybe it’ll bring him back to reality.

    • Dave

      I think the pot he smoked before put him out of reality already!

      • KW900

        No, that was crack

  • Vastrightwingconspirator

    Just another way to selectively enforce the law against your enemies. The US Department of Injustice has deteriorated into a criminal enterprize

    • billybob

      Great selection of words. Selective enforcement of the laws. It reminds me a lot of religous people who quote specific parts of their holy book in order to justify their actions.

  • Joe C

    I don’t do pot. But some people need it for pain and other illnesses, that’s fine with me, given that the powers that be are trying to make percocet and other powerful painkillers unavailable. And pot may be an alternative for them, especially for terminally ill people. THE POINT I REALLY WANT TO MAKE IS THAT IF OUR MEALY-MOUTHED SOCIALIST JACKASS GOV. INSLEE HAD ANY GUTS AT ALL, HE WOULD HAVE EVERY LAST ONE OF THOSE DEA AGENTS ARRESTED AND KICKED OUT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON. Marijuana is now legal in Washington. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. States’ rights went out with “honest” Abe Lincoln. My mistake.

    Someone who is looking for someplace to escape to from the Peoples’ Republic of Washington State.

    • Alan

      The feds want to make sure everyone understands there are no states rights except the few they allow.

  • charlie

    where in the hell are the local sheriffs and state police they need to run the feds out of town, or just shoot them all

    • Alan

      They never will because of all the money, weapons, military type vehicles, etc. that they get from DHS. They have been co-opted into the larger fed. police force.

  • merle

    Why does anyone believe anythng this creep says? He is planning on taking this country down, weakening it in every way. So, Repubs , when are you going to start impeachment proceedings on him?

  • Joe C


    I don’t know how old you are, but back in 1968 a 3rd party presidential candidate ran named George Wallace. I remember one thing he said that still sticks with me today. He called the Republican and Democratic parties Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Two faces of the same BAD penny. He really hit the nail on the head. I was born during the Eisenhower Administration, and have noticed over the last 50+ years that it doesn’t matter who is in power, repubelicans or democraps, that things just keep getting worse and worse, and worse and worse….

  • Alan

    Obama lied again, what a surprize.

  • billybob

    If you really want to win this war on MJ. Then you need to have someone film the history of the laws against this drug. Show it to Americans. Show them that the laws against Mary J was not against the drugs, but against the minorities use of it. The laws were started by the Old Southern White Racists who were concerned with the blacks smoking it and then going out an raping white women. It is comical to see some of the government sponsored films on the drugs. Totally false situations and actions upon the part of those who smoked it. But hey who needs facts when it come to government control. They passed the absurd laws that no one could enforce or enact. You could buy the drug if you had a permit or license, but they weren’t giving out any permits or licenses. It is a perfect example of laws being written for devious reasons and the end games had nothing to do with the law. Oh and as far as State rules, forget it! The oligarchy isn’t interested in States rules. They don’t want to share in the power or wealth.

  • Chris

    Either I’m missing something or I’m really stupid……..doesn’t a State have the right to say “no” to things Federal?