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Federal Government Spent $10,612 Per Person In 2010

September 29, 2011 by  

If the District of Columbia were to be counted as a State, this region would have led the list of recipients, with more than $100,000 being spent on each individual.According to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Federal government spent $10,612 per person domestically last year, including more than $5,000 for each individual for safety-net programs such as unemployment benefits, Social Security and housing assistance, The Washington Times reported.

States like Alaska and Virginia fared the best, receiving an average of $18,000 and $17,000 per person, respectively. Nevada was given the smallest allotment; the government spent less than $8,000 for each individual there.

If the District of Columbia were to be counted as a State, this region would have led the list of recipients, with more than $100,000 being spent on each individual, according to the Times.

The Oklahoman reported that the Federal government spent $3.3 trillion domestically in the fiscal year 2010, with $1.6 trillion of the funding going to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Spending in Oklahoma rose by $233 million from 2009, and from 2001 to 2010 it increased by up to 70 percent.

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    i guess obama should cut spending and taxing businesses so that people could get back to work

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I find it real funny that one of the green energy companies that got 730 million dollars in guaranteed loans like solaria lists peelousy’s brother in law as one of the big investors and might even be on the BOD!!!

  • James Schwarz

    Quit saying the US Govt has spent money on SSI.

    That is a lie. The SSI money is the PEOPLE”S money, not the GOVERNMENT”S money.

    And while we are at it, Make the GOVERNMENT REPAY THE FUNDS THAT IT ILLEGALLY TOOK (STOLE) FROM THE SSI FUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CJ

      James, ALL the money is the peoples’ money. You must think the teft via taxation is acceptable since you think the government has some pool of their own money to pay back SSI with. You REALLY don’t understand how government works, do you???

    • Bob McCormick

      One minor point, it is not the peoples money, it was my money. The government took it from me and now I want it back. If social security funds were invested instead of being plundered I would be expecting a pretty nice return. Any corporation looting the employee pension fund would result in people going to jail.

      • Rich

        I’m not a fan of the way SS has been handled, but it is different from a corporate pension plan. When ss started the initial payout was to people that had never paid a penny into the system. It was designed to be an “in one door and out the other” system that would never run out of money because of an unending supply of new $ – thus Gov. Perry’s accurate description of SS as a ponzi scheme. The theft that has occured has been the “borrowing” of the excess $ that should have been accumulating over the last 70 years. The thing that really messes up the system is that life expectancy has increased by twenty years since SS’s inception while retirement age has remained the same and of course the baby boomers coming into the system. Also the ratio of workers to receivers as a result has hit the tipping point.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’m sorry, but I disagree with you. The government has taken BILLIONS from social security and left worthless IOUs in their place! Had they left it alone and let it accumulate, it would still be solvent and would be for many years to come! The problem is the government has never seen a dollar that belongs to someone else that they didn’t like to spend!!

    • Jibbs

      When someone on works for 12 years and has been on SSi for almost 20 years and id fully capable of worj but refuses because they are worried about loosing their job…I think they have taken more than they gave.
      Same said person says if she went to work and lost her job, she can’t get back on SSI. WELL, what about the rest of us, we all take the same chance, but choose not to live off the system that they have taking more from than what they paid in.
      The government stole my money and gave it to those to lazy to work, I want it back…all of it!

      • skip

        Jibbs – where did you not learn to spell?

    • heroay

      James Schwarz says: “Quit saying the US Govt has spent money on SSI.”

      Did you pay Medicare taxes? Well, that’s one more. Rapine gangsters, with impunity.

      Now, check this other one: CAFR, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or simply Annual Financial Report. The Feds even have their own ‘instructions’ on how to swindle and HIDE BILLIONS of tax monies, YOURS; invest them quietly (but NOT SS!), compound the interest profits, and WAIT… for WHAT? The demise of America to steal it?

      Look for, Walter Burien, and be shocked at the Heaps of Billions the States (and counties, municipalities, departments, ad nauseam) have separated from taxes, invested and hidden from sight, while they ask for higher taxation, fire government employees, and BS the ignorant, gullible, oftentimes stupid sheeple.

      We badly need another Jefferson and another Revolution. And LOTS of rope.

  • CJ

    I would rather have the money as to the government giving it to someone “in my behalf” and I got little to noting for it, but a whiner-in-chief.

  • eddie47d

    This is a valid article but why does Alaska get so much money back when they have such a low population? Now there is some fuzzy math since California pays in much more than they get back and their population is the highest.

    • JimH

      Eddie, Since Alaska has a low population, and it is $ per person.
      Cal got more money, but has more people to divide the figure by.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        And how many of those people in cali are illegals that deserve NOTHING??? Get them OUT of my country and get them off my money!!!

  • Altaica

    Boy I should would love to have that 10k in my pocket, I could have used it much more effectively then they did. They should have just given it to us.

    Yeah I want my money back from SSI. It is rightfully ours, I think the politicians that allowed this to happen should have to pay it back out of their pockets and pensions. They force us to pay in for a retirement program that they handle but then they take that money. It’s highway robbery. How about they let us choose where that money goes and we pick a retirement plan to have that money deposited in. Or they give us like gold or silver for the money they take. LIke they’ll do any of those cause their greedy, but if we had some honest people in there maybe we would actually see our money.

    • skip

      You do have that 10K in your pocket – try to buy private education, private retirement annuitiies, interstate tolls, etc. etc. Where are you coming from?

      • Altaica

        I don’t understand what you mean. I don’t have that 10k. I can’t get aide to go back to school. Paying tolls is costing more money not getting it. I don’t see any annuities, etc. I haven’t seen one penny of this “Stimulus” yet they claim to have spent x per person. I still have medical bills, no aid to return to university like the president said he wanted us all to do in his inauguration speech. I don’t get anything if I buy a house this year like they did last year. I don’t see where they spent this money other than to cost me more thanks to their affordable care act which took my student loans out of the hands of my private lenders, doubled my payments a month on an already strained budget and then also added another 2% of interest on top of that. There was nothing wrong with the caretakers of my loan then the government had to come and take it and ramp up my charges. Yeah thanks Big Brother for kicking me down further down the ladder.

  • tridntru

    Stop! Stop now! The Social Security funds the government pays out belongs to the contributors. The federal government stole it to insure their re-election.

  • Carol J

    That’s more than my entire yearly income from which the gov’t takes 96.40 a month.

  • e. henderson

    I have seen a figure, 47% of working age adults do NOT pay taxes. Which leaves the other 53% supporting whomever they are. I do not know what the breakdown of the 47% is, but I sure would like to know.

  • don

    just think of this of,they say that 40%of the10612 is borrowed noney. thats $4,244.80. most common folks in this country don’t pay that much in taxes. if this country hass to pay this off who knows. it may take 4-5 generations to par it off if they ever start to start tobalance budgers. real fair to the future. we did’nt inherit a mess but our great and great great. grand children. will be stuckwith our mess. does any polititions care. time to get rid of these polititions and our useless president. the vote beats the elitist presidentialm candate we’ve benn stuck with forever.

  • Bill wright

    The peop[e who voted for obomba,got what they voted for the rest of us….Well what can I say?(screwed?).But it just isn’t his fault,Out of the last eleven Presidents,(in my opinion)the only ones that knew what the hell they were doing were “Ike”,Kennedy,And Reagon.AS far a s Social Seccurity goes,All this talk about a “locked Box”,was was a bunch of crap.The Goverment has gtten to big,Its time to thin it down,put some of those guys on welfare,and unemployment.(Could put some in jail)But its no wonder our Country is screwed the way it is,we haven”t had a good president snice 1989,and even then it was a little screwed up.Too much welfare for people who didn’t likwe to work,too many food stamps,too much spent on federally funded ABORATIONS,That have killed Millions of future Tax payers,Too many Wars(LBJ,And BUsh Jr,) And a hell of alot of Dishonest People holding public offices,controlled by the dishonested very Rich.

  • s c

    So how much money was spent on Obummer and his wife in 2010?

  • Korean Vet

    What a ‘strange-thing’–all of a sudden, as a Korean-Vet–they’ve just
    told me that “I am NOT getting my Share–I’m being ‘Short-Changed’-!
    They’ve told me–that “Obama Needed It”-!


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