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Tackling Disease Through Prevention

March 22, 2011 by  

Tackling Disease Through Prevention

It was like music to my ears. It was the action statement I have been hoping to hear for decades. The recently created Federal program, the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council, released its new “disease prevention strategy.” Finally! Well… fingers crossed that it makes sense and does what it intends.

The problem many holistic wellness professionals, such as myself, have had with the current health care system is its focus on “after-the-fact” treatment of illness symptoms. That is, allopathic medicine (our mainstream medical model) is based on the treatment of disease, wherein people see a physician after they are already sick.

This is the proverbial dog chasing its tail. The dog will never get ahead of its tail and treating pain, illness and diseases and their symptoms after the health concern has taken hold in the body will never cure even one of the problems because the system is reactionary… not proactive. But then, this is what can be expected of a disease-based model of health.

Prevention is the only way to reduce the occurrences of pain, illness and disease and the only way to reduce the amount of money spent on health insurance, research and development, studies and work days lost. But prevention is not an easy road; it requires self-discipline and… knowledge.

Indeed, without the understanding of what the pillars of wellness are, and how to support them, how can people be expected to practice prevention? Moreover, we are all taught to take aspirin when we have a headache, to use a heating pad for a bad back, to use ice on inflammation, to rehab a torn muscle, to inject prescription medications to ease the effects of everything from diabetes and heart disease to premenstrual syndrome and sinusitis. For prevention to become our fundamental theme of wellness, the education program and sound bites need to change from “do this for that” to “do this to prevent that.”

Well, the good news is that there is an unprecedented shift in the Federal government’s view of health care. Focus has changed from its extant disease-based model of health to a wellness-based model steeped in prevention and wellness strategies.

The Federal wellness strategy promises to equip the public, private and nonprofit agencies, organizations and individuals with a disease-prevention program. It aims to put in place strategies for reducing America’s overwhelming occurrences of needless and preventable diseases and disabilities and needless preventable death.

Read President Barack Obama’s Executive Order on this here.

Now we have a government program to prevent disease. And the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council promises a lot with its new policies and programs. The aim is simply to help Americans of all ages live healthier, longer lives.

In the words of Georges Benjamin, M.D., executive director of the American Public Health Association (APHA), “With this national strategy we are, for the first time as a nation, saying that we want to be one of the healthiest nations on the planet. The National Prevention Strategy can be thought of as the blueprint for converting our approach to health from one which is sick care to one that is well care.”

In addition to creating the national strategy, the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council provides coordination and leadership among all executive departments and agencies with respect to prevention, wellness and health promotion practices. And it’s not just the health department that is involved in this shift in health care consciousness.

“It’s not just the health department that is involved now,” Benjamin said. “This is really a look from the top at health in all policies—an attempt to get every part of our nation focused on health for all the places in which health intersects in our society.”

Has it been successful in its early days? Well, according to a report by Jenny Backus, former acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, “The Strategy’s impact will be significant because it will take a community health approach to prevention and well-being—identifying and prioritizing actions across government and between the public and private sectors. Both the forthcoming Strategy and the ongoing work of the new Council present a historic opportunity to bring prevention and wellness to the forefront of the nation’s efforts to improve the health status of all Americans.”

What I find interesting (and maybe a bit disturbing) is that the government is trying to do a good thing in lighting a path toward prevention. Yet, it is using the existing disease-based allopathic medical model to do it. The strength of this model, again, is addressing pain, illness and disease after it has occurred. Time will tell if medical schools and CEU education classes will change their focus to support a true prevention model. I look forward to that day.

For more information on the Federal prevention health care model and its policies, visit

–Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • karolyn

    It’s about time! Prevention is the only cure for the healthcare system in this country!

    • FireFly

      I find this hard to believe, especially since the Supreme Court has given the government the go-ahead to force vaccines upon us regardless of whether they are adequate or even good, and the right to sue the pharmaceutical companies when such things cause brain damage or a host of other lifelong problems has been taken away. There is now no recourse if you or your child is poisoned or even dies because of a drug or vaccine manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. Since tens of thousands die each year from proper doses of prescribed drugs I guess they had to do this but it certainly sounds more like Nazi Germany that Free America.

  • Carol

    My fear is that this is just opening doors that will allow the government to shove yet more mandates down our throats “for our health” whether it’s the choice we would make or not.

    • Mike in MI

      Carol -
      Hold on a second!! If you only knew how many sub rosa mandates re “health” already exist because allopathy controls laws, programs, research allocations, governmental departments and invisible influences in the system you would start doing cartwheels just seeing that somebody (even if it is Obama) is at least putting a ball in play in these regards. Culturally ingrained mind sets about what is or isn’t “so”, what will or won’t “work”, what we can or can’t benefit from will be the hardest things to overcome.
      From five generations back to now medical “authorities” have played you like a piano. The reality is they have programmed you so you think “allopathically” about every facet of what “health” provision looks like, smells like, hurts like and entails. They have succeeded phenomenally in getting people to “think” and react with knee jerk precision to the idea that “medical science” has the only viable and “proven” approach to all questions and theories about what makes people sick or strong.
      For instance, early in the last century Nikola Tesla devised an electromagnetic devised attuned to the health frequency of the human frame. His invention was phenomenally successful clinically in ameliorating and curing all manner of malaise in some terribly sick patients. But, because medical theories couldn’t account for its success or working principle it was dimantled and all his designs for the device were destroyed. Naturally, he was defamed, humiliated and hounded to a pauper’s grave.
      Today, medicine is at the forefront of all the disfunctional cultural icons driving this country to bankruptcy because of its deadening influences on our minds, bodies and finances. Ask any uman resources person about the mental changes that overtake prevously good employees after they start taking medications. Or, ask the families of soldiers who come back with PTSD why the military medical system and VA are unable to help. Yet, more successful non-medical approaches exist that have shown superior results but can’t get past built-in allopatic resistance against any and all competition.
      There is a huge body of evidence showing how thoroughly medicine is failing us and tearing away the warp and weft of the nation. The insurance industry only aids and abets medicine’s hegemony which feeds their own over-arching depressive influences. (The three groups Obama had to negotiate with secretly over ObamaCare were BigPharma, AMA and insurers.)
      Dr. Wiley is exactly right that medical control of any preventive health thrust will be defused if traditional medical forces are allowed to supervene. The only thing I can project to change the present dismal course is that people quit using (and thinking of) insurance and a benefit of employment and use the savings to purchase health and prevention instead of disease management. Why? Well, how does the prospect strike you of getting sick and the only care you can get assures you stay sick while defeating your body’s ability to sense (or respond to) the symptoms of disease they are supporting?

      That basically is the choice everybody has to make. Don’t think for a moment it will be easy. Indvidually it will take resolve, discipline, believing God for His healing help, rebuilding some deep mind-sets and refocussing why we do things (do I do it because it’s “good” or because it’s “good for me”?). The alternative is being a nation of weak and sickly, mentally and physically dependent, push-overs.

      • Carlucci

        Right on, right on, right on – !! You hit the nail on the head, Mike in MI. I think the main idea of the powers that be is to “cull the herd”. They could care less if all of those horrible “medications” kill people.

        I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but please everyone, watch that documentary I mentioned “The Marketing of Madness”. There is so much truth and revealing information in this video that it will blow your mind. For example, not only can the epidemic of diabetes be blamed on the typical American diet, taking anti-depressants can ultimately cause diabetes in many people. Like cancer, it is no mystery why people come down with these totally preventable diseases. Here’s the link again:

      • Kate8

        Way to go, Mike in MI

        Actually, high-tech frequency healing devices based on Tesla’s work DO exist, primarily for the elites. They have the best of everything, while withholding it from the rest of us.

        You can buy these devices – I found a place awhile back. They generally run $4 – 5 thousand. There are also other ways to generate these frequencies but, for the most part, we’re left to stumble in the dark if we aren’t involved in this “forbidden” science.

        It’s the same thing as withholding free-energy technologies, and destroying those who develop and try to market them. Such things go against their greed and lust for power.

        God has provided all of these answers to us, if we learn them. Earth-science always tries to counterfeit the energy and force that is natural in the realm of Spirit, exploiting it for their own purposes. When we learn, finally, that we really don’t need them or their machines to heal and thrive, we’ll finally be free.

        • Mike in MI

          K88 -
          Glad you stopped by – THANK YOU.
          I liked the way you put That: “EARTH-science” ’cause it is a perfect lead in to Jesus’ 40 days and 40 nights out in the desert being tempted by the Devil. Satan tempted him with food, security, all the people’s recognition (worship) on earth and the kingdoms (resources, power and wealth). The same things he offers anyone who clamors after his stuff he said, “for that is delivered unto me”. You brought up in a neat way how the “elites” have all that stuff. And, believe it or not, it is possible, now, to keep reversing the aging process to rejuventate and keep a person young indefinitely. (Life Extension Magazine, April 2011) You can bet us low-life conservatives and other neanderthals will never see it though. It will go to the liberal “elites” who know and control what’s good for everybody else. Especially for the liberal government types. Guess who their god is.
          So, that’s another thing to check-off on the list of elements necessary for man to have available in preparation for the time of the Lord’s return – that man might have the ability to live forever independent of God’s changing believers to conform to a spiritual body like Jesus has after his resurrection. (Just thought I’d add that in – no extra charge.)

      • Suma G Nathan

        Hi Mike in Mi,
        I have been involved in the Holistic field for over 50 yrs, and you just said a mouthful!!!!!However if the American Public, wasn’t so stupid, we could all be on the cutting age of Nutritonal Healing Protocols, and not listening to the cure-alls of all those commercials
        whether it be so called Natural or Prescriptions. Unfortunely they really do not believe “Natural Healing” really works! Being so brainwashed by Big Pharma and the quick fixes, and it will never change, because of the Big Bucks.Public thinks that the one product, that they have heard about-radio or T.V. which is promoted as making one 20 yrs younger and fixing their whole body-just will not work! Nutritonal Holistic Healing is a Science, which needs the individual to work at it continually! Not Just a Wholesome Diet & Exercise, which does help, but is only 50% of it!!!
        Suma G Nathan,Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist
        Certified Chinese Herbologist,Holistic Health Journalist, Holistic Health Practitioner

        • Mike in MI

          The Healer, Mr. Nathan – (calling you a doctor would be a demeaning title, I think)
          Thank you, sir, for taking time to respond. I deeply appreciate your input and the diligence, integrity and manly virtue to do what you have made of yourself for your patients for so long a time. I salute you and may your tribe increase in the name of Jesus Christ.
          God bless.

        • Kate8

          Mr. Nathan – The truth is not hidden from us. It is there for us all to see.

          It is WE who hide from the truth, through our beliefs.

          Many years of medical indoctrination has blinded people to the truth about health and healing. There is so much more that we could be, if only we were free to know the truth.


    • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

      Carol, you are intuitive about what the government is up to. There are already mandates in place (look at what NYC’s mayor Bloomberg is enacting)that the Federal Government would like, to effect more control over the populace. We are becoming a slave state to the do-gooders who think they know, and should implement, what is best for the ignorant masses.


    Follow natures laws. Health only comes to us by allowing our bodies to be be healthy. This is comes to us by being proactive and not reactive. Simple stuff but it takes dicipline. Doing and eating the right things is not nearly as gratifying as making the wrong choices.

  • VWmama

    REAL reform we can afford!

  • Cribster

    More government expansion. More destruction of liberties and abilities to choose.

    Stay the hell out of my life! Obama is a lying fraud. The little punk and has no business telling me what to do.

    • Vigilant


      Preventive medicine, or prevention, is good.

      Gov’t involvement in it is bad.

      • karolyn

        Why? the government is the perfect vehicle to spread the word.

        • Kate8

          karolyn, karolyn, have you learned nothing?

          You can think all the good thoughts about the government that you want to, but it’s not going to change their agenda. THEY AREN’T INTERESTED IN OUR WELL-BEING. Quite the opposite. Their evil aims are always disuised as “compassion” and “help”.

          They are the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Trust them at your peril.

    • Ellen1

      No good HAS or ever WILL come of any government involvement in our lives. As I already echoed elsewhere on this page, this is NOT any responsibility of the feds, not in any way, shape, or form. It’s just another way to further tell us what to do, how to do it and punish us if we don’t follow every detail of their illegal laws. Glad to see a few others see that as well.

      • Mike in MI

        Ellen1 -
        I hope you don’t think you’re free of such influences right this moment. Government and allopathic medicine have bound most people in such a tight cultural mind-set you can’t even perceive how completely this whole nation is programmed. You don’t “see” it for what it is, dont feel it when it slaps you up side the head and say, “Yup, um-hmmm, that’s right!”, to most everything they put forth to reinforce what they want you to “know”. They don’t even have to hit your knee anymore to make you jerk it.

      • karolyn

        why should the government not use it’s influence to help make this a healthier country? What on earth is wrong with that? Ask the man on the street here where I live in rural SC, and he probably couldn’t even tell you what prevention is! He’s rather pop a pill anyway and get fixed by the doc. If this information is gotten out to the young, our country would be so much better off. Did you see the show Jamie Oliver had on TV last year where he got a school district to change the food they offered to the kids? It was wonderful. We need more of that!

        • Mike in MI

          OK, karolyn – let’s try this once more:

          can you “see” it?

          Now, say it…”YUP, um h-m-m-m, That’s right!”
          Isn’t that a good sense of satisfaction you get after that?

        • Vigilant

          “why should the government not use it’s influence to help make this a healthier country? What on earth is wrong with that?”

          (1) The government doesn’t give a damn about the health of America. NOTHING that politicians do is done with altruistic motives, it’s about money and power.

          (2) Their aim is to control our lives by taking away choices (it’s called freedom). The more dependencies they create, the more control they have over your lives.

          (3) Ain’t a thing in the Constitution about the Feds having this responsibility. Ergo, the states and/or the people have the right if they so choose, but NEVER the Federal Government.

  • Polski

    Come on now!! This is just more BS by the sick industry (called the health industry by the media). How can you say anything like this. ALL of the sick industry are CROOKS!! For instance, the CANCER INDUSTRY is a $220 billion a year industry. Now, if someone found a CURE for cancer, what would all these CANCER INDUSTRY workers do? Come on now, you know that they would NEVER allow a cancer cure. All this BS is just more TALK to divert the really STUPID from facts. Sheesh, I don’t think you could even get hired by McDonalds with your acceptance of all this BS!!

    • Carlucci

      Polski – There have been cures for cancer for years. You just never hear about them because of the billion dollar cancer industry.

      • TIME


        Your dead spot on.
        I cured myself from cancer, thus “I am walking talking living proof” you can heal yourself with natural herbs. Of what were made illegal by the “Progressive movment” back in the 1930′s.
        Whats even more absurd is that there are still people who think that evil POT will kill you!
        Talk about Idiots who procreate. OMG!

        But hey it only cost me about $5500.00 to cure cancer, now if it were a legal herb as in you could grown your own.
        I could have cured my Cancer for all of well ~ FREE!
        Oh and the only side effect is you sleep a lot and by the way it takes all of 6 months to do it.

        But; Hey why let the FACTS or the TRUTH stand in the way.

        • Carlucci

          Time, I am so happy you are well now. I just wish I would have known about more of the natural cures for cancer before my dear husband passed away in ’05 from pancreatic cancer. I’ve said this before on this blog, but my former manager from ’07 (age 70 at that time) came down with pancreatic cancer. His doctors had talked him into taking a few rounds of chemo and it almost killed him. I talked to him by phone right after that and it sounded like he had one foot in the grave. He told me he was refusing to take any more chemo and was not going to do radiation either. His wife got on the web and started doing lots of research and found an herb from the Amazon rain forest called Graviola. He started taking it, and was also juicing, and he bounced back quickly. The next time I talked to him, he sounded fantastic and said he felt fantastic. He was eating three small meals a day, walking one mile a day, and was gaining some weight back. The tumor markers in his blood went way down and his doctors were totally mystified. He didn’t tell them what he was doing because he knew they would make him stop. I saw him the Christmas before last and he looked great and was in total remission. He said he could never drink again, but that was okay. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly, and the fact that juicing and this herb put him in remission is proof enough to me that the gifts from Mother Nature are the best bet.

        • Carlucci

          Time – Did you use the protocols from that book by Bill Henderson?

          • TIME


            I went with a “three fold” plan of attack the first thing is I did the Hemp Oil. 3 x per day at a half a grain of rice size. Yes I did sleep a lot at first it was 18 hours per day. Its the Rick Simpson plan.

            At the same time did a lot of work on my intake.
            Now I don’t eat that much red meat, its now about 2% RM per month, I used to eat 65% red Meat per month. Now its 58% Chicken white meat only, 40% Fish.

            I can’t not eat pasta, I love the stuff but I cut back to only three days per month.
            I eat {ZERO FRIED foods, ZERO Processed foods,} Never been a soda drinker.

            I have always been a veggie lover so thats not changed at all.
            I cut out all snacks, other than I now eat many more apples, Plums, and Almonds I have bags of Almonds all over the place.

            Then after I did the first four months of Hemp Oil, I went on a 35% Food Grade H2 O2 plan. Doing the up scale then hold pattern, then the drop scale.

            Its a good thing I didn’t do it all at once, as the H2 O2 cleans you out if you get my drift. It also makes one “very hyper,” thats something I am naturaly. So I was having to relax a tad with the pot as I was getting so hyped up I was going 10X faster than my normal self. So I was driving everyone crazy, now I just do the Hemp Oil 2 times per month, one full grain of rice size, the H2 O2 I have 4 8 oz glass’s of water with 6 drops per week, and I have not changed the eating at all I am still eating all fresh and farm raised foods.
            Yes it cost a lot more and takes more time to make but hey it all worked.

            Just for the record I was 100% Cancer Free in just three months after I started the Hemp Oil.

          • Karolyn

            Time – That’s wonderful! I had a cousin who cured his prostate cancer with spirituality and a macrobiotic diet around 25 years ago. Unfortunately, about 7 years later, another cancer returned and claimed him within a few months. I could never understand it. However, in the 7 cancer-free years he had, he lived more of a completely full and happy life than most people do in a noarmal lifetime.

  • Anne

    What is most likely that the government will define what the standards are for staying healthy, not a bad thing in and of itself. However, if you fail to do what the standards say you are supposed to do, this will be a reason for denying you treatment.

    This government is all about control.

    • Vigilant

      This gives gov’t the foot in the door to start regulating natural supplements under the FDA.

      And what’s with the executive order? We have a Congress to pass legislation.

      • Carlucci

        That is what I’m afraid of – CODEX will be implemented here on vitamins and supplements.

        I saw a D.O. last summer because of adrenal fatigue. She gave me some excellent supplements and vitamins, along with an RX for bio-identical progesterone. She also told me to stop drinking coffee, to read before bed instead of watching t.v., and not to check my email for at least an hour before I went to sleep (staring at bright screens prevents melatonin production). I followed her instructions and was feeling so much better in no time. She said in her opinion, adrenal fatigue/exhaustion is a national epidemic that is getting worse because allopathic doctors “treat” it with anti-depressants, which is a big mistake.

        That reminds me – did anyone see that excellent documentary
        “The Marketing of Madness”? I think it’s on YouTube. I saw it on Dr. Mercola’s website last week. If you haven’t seen it, it is an absolute must – ! It confirmed everything that I have suspected (and worse) for years about Big Pharma. I’ll see if I can find a link.

      • Mike in MI

        Vig -
        How is anybody ever going to get anything workable or worthwhile out of that bunch of lap-it-up dogs? They’re the reason we’re in this predicament.
        The vested elements of the culture connected, either directly or tangentially, to “health” interests have virtually complete control over what happens in nearly anything where physical and mental function are implied. They have made and make and keep the people sick and dependent on the providers, government and charities.
        It seems horrid to say it but unless a series of plagues sweep through the culture (which could easily occur because of debilitated minds, immune systems and nutritional defects in the populace) we could become slaves to anybody who wants us. Sick, depressed and fat people are easily manipulated, fearful and worked into a frenzy.
        So, how close do you think we are to it? Wisconsin anybody?

        • Vigilant

          I have no doubt that, once the Feds get their hands on the natural supplement industry, they will destroy the efficacy of the substances produced.

          I have taken unrefined oil of wild oregano for years, and I’m postive it has kept me away from a number of illnesses. Even without the influence of gov’t, some producers process the substance to standardize the amount of active ingedient in the oil, and in doing so they discard the natural phenols and ingredients that help make the oil effective. The refinement process also adds hexane and other adulterating substances.

          You can bet your boots that when gov’t starts regulating the industry it will use these stangardization procedures and thereby ruin the beneficial effects of the oil.

          The same goes for flaxseed oil. Fly by night companies subject the flaxseed to high temps and thereby ruin the efficacy of the oil. In the vitamin and mineral industry, many makers put calcium carbonate and iron oxide in their supplements, which are absolutely useless and pass through the GI system unabsorbed.

          Caveat emptor is the key phrase.

  • Suzanne

    I notice that no mention was made of the power and influence of Big Pharma. These corporations exert enormous influence on the practice of medicine. It starts in our medical schools where they insure that students are indoctrinated with the idea that the only acceptable way to practice medicine involves matching their products to patient symptoms. They control the flow of research dollars to studies that benefit their bottom line. They have a big footprint at the FDA through which they control which substances are deemed worthy of approval and made available to the public. And these are only the most benign methods they use to monopolize the practice of medicine. Until the power of Big Pharma is rescinded the practice of holistic and preventive healthcare will be relegated to the fringes.

    • karolyn

      Back 10 years ago I had the opposite experience with young doctors. The medical office I went to was a training facility connected to the hospital next door. I was treated by residents who were the most open-minded supportive doctors I’ve ever met. They supported me in my attempts to treat myself with herbs and supps (for Hep.C) and were very much in synch with alternative approaches. So, I would say that young doctors are the ones to see and not all of them are “bought off” by Big Pharma. If that will come later, who knows?

  • Carlucci

    Okay everybody – here is the link to that documentary “The Marketing of Madness”. I had to watch it in sections last week due to time constraints, but it is excellent. I urge everyone to sit down and view it, as the information is so important. If you agree, send it to your email list so people will be aware.

  • Ellen1

    This is not a job for the federal government! There responsibilities are very few and well-defined. They do not need MORE money to create more and more programs and bureaucracies. We need them to protect our borders, stop robbing us blind and very few other things. With them out of our lives, we would once again have the ability to regain our prosperity and peace.

  • Vic

    Not only government initiated ‘prevention programs’ never work, but this particular one looks suspiciously similar to nazi program in Germany circa 1936 and communist USSR program circa 1955.

  • Kate8

    It’s obvious that everyone here gets it.

    The one who said, “Nothing good ever comes out government” is right on, in my mind. It’s only ever about more control.

    Isn’t it amazing that NOW they are pushing a “healthier” diet, just as our food supply is being overtaken by Monsanto and their GMO produce. This means that all that HEALTHY food they are pushing on us is POISON. The devil’s always in the details, isn’t it?

  • Kate8

    Nearly everyone can grow an herb garden, if if it is only in pots. Fresh herbs (even dried) not only add flavor, but nutritional and medicinal value, as well.

    I’ve had a thriving herb garden for years, and I do virtually nothing to sustain it but thin it out every year. When our supplements are gone, and the food police monitor our gardens to make sure we aren’t trying to grow “organic”, they might not say much about the patch of weeds in the yard.

    We can always hope for small blessings.

    • Carlucci

      K8 – A friend of mine gave me some cuttings from her basil, rosemary, and oregano plants. They are showing roots right now in a bud vase.
      I guess it’s okay to go ahead and plant them?

  • Buddy

    There has got to be some motive . . . wonder what nefarious plan the ruling class has in mind?

    • karolyn

      Motive-shmotive! Some of you people are just too paranoid. Not everyone is out to get you!

      • Mike in MI

        karolyn – Right, they’re not all out to get us right at this moment.

        They, and others we know of, are still floating around like little blobs-in-a-cesspool, blissfully ignorant of what history decrees will always happen when liberal attitudes predominate at a time when a group of Huns are at the gate, espcially when it is a nation that God has blessed tremendously…and then turns to dependence on someone or something far and away different.
        The Huns that come are always horrendously barbaric — like…now.

  • Mark D.

    Sure, tell us what we can and can’t eat like a bunch of grade school kids so we can be healthy, longer-lived tax payers who won’t burden the government medical system. Thanks, but no thanks, Massa.

    • karolyn

      You totally miss the point. Actually, if kids were educated from a young age how to eat (and think), we wouldn’t have so much dis-ease in this country.

      • Bill

        Hittler did a good job of educating the kids, I hear obummer is doing the same thing oh and he has his own privet army too, wasn’t that what the SS was in 42? History repeating its self. first a funny little painter with a strange mustache, Now a black man who doesn’t quit know where he was born but he likes Muslims and hates white men, especially if they have built something his black kind never could! yep got to tear it down! After all its the white mans fault!


    The average person does not realize that the majority of doctors today do not give a damn about curing you, they just want to milk your insurance company for more money. If you took your car into a shop to have it repaired, and subsequently had to keep returning every few weeks to get the problem fixed again,and paying for the repair over and over, you would be really pissed off, and ready to sue the shop. What is the difference? Auto repair shops operate under a different set of standards. I know of many people in our area who went in for a simple procedure, and left in a funeral coach.
    Anything the government is involved in is a joke, because with people who are taking responsible steps to lengthen their lives are hated for they will collect too much Social Security money. The government is interested in reducing the entitlement recipients by covert, touchy, feely mandates.

    • Carlucci

      Jukebox, that is an excellent analogy about the auto repair. In China, if you go to a traditional Chinese healer and they don’t make you well,
      they have to give you your money back. Imagine if that were the case here. Oh, I forgot. Our “healthcare” system has morphed into managing illness, not creating wellness…

  • http://com i41

    The article talking about tackling disease thru prevention. Everyone should stop all illegals coming from forgien countries, wheather human or illegals. USDA is trying to delist the use of brands for ownership records, and using a ear tag as a ID. First the government idoits either have never imspected any type of livestock or raised any. Brands have been used for a long time as a good ID factor. With the casrs of the flag ship disease TB, most come from Mexico and other South American Countries. The USDA and Dept of Ag sure aren’t doing their jobs on the borders or import enterances. We need a tight fence to stop the damned illegals from infecting the populations. The relaxing of food inspection of imported food or feed will keep us all sick or dead. Foot and mouth disease was brought in to the USA several months ago on the east coast from SA raw meat. The USDA and the Dept of Ag has been working to vertically intergrate beef production like what has happened to chicken and pork production. Still trust Onumnutts and his radical UN supporters of the food safety teams. The marxist muslim morons and soros socialist democrat want to government to control every thing.

  • Mike in MI

    Ellen1 –
    Well, Sweetheart, you might as well give up on that pipe dream – I mean the part about government and its affiliates getting back to the size and functions to which they were originally relegated.
    If you watched what went on in Wisconsin and is now happenning here in Michigan you should realize that the mental derangement common to the balloons (just a bunch of “empties” floating by) amongst whom we live will not permit anything different than their present software covers. To them unionization, medicare, medicaid, wages and benefits worth $89,500/year, sick days, government freebies, pensions paid by somebody else, education grants and subsidies, hooligan support to guarantee enforcement of their desires through use of force is the way to live life.
    The whole system, nearly, has become run that way: business subsidies, research and development, universities, non-profits want government grants and fellowships, agriculture, aquaculture, sciences, etc, everything people want to do is determined by whether or not they can get “the government money that’s out there”. For a while it will seem to work okay.
    The people in the system pass the money and “stuff” around for a while from hand to hand. (But, there’s always a portion that hits the rat-hole.) Government officials and authority get an overblown opinion of their actual importance and worth. Eventually govenment paints a more and more grandiose self-portrait. But, they always seem to lose sight of the fact that God is the one who infuses and generates wealth and safety into a system. They never seem to hear the rug rolling up behind themselves. It does no good to try to warn them.
    So, take care of yourself as best you can and gather a close knit group of relatives, friends and solid, seasoned believers who have proven abilities in things like in the Acts of the Apostles. When and if the bottom drops out hold others at arms length until they prove themselves.

  • Dan

    Say goodbye to natural healing, homeopathic medicine, holistic medicine, vitamins and proper nutrition. Say hello to government mandated allopathic medicine as the only legal means of caring for your “health” either preventively or interventionally. Please click on the link in the article and READ the Executive Order. Notice the emphasis on “scientific” and “evidence based” practices. Notice the power given to the Centers For Disease Control. According to allopathic medicine, there is no science behind natural cures, ayurvedic medicine, holistic medicine or nutritional programs, these things do not appear in conventional peer-reviewed medical publications nor carry the consensus of the current medical establishment. However, again according to our current “trusted professionals,” injecting children with influenza “vaccines,” putting them on psychiatric drugs in early childhood, shooting diabetics up with insulin, abusing cancer patients with chemotherapy, and outlawing vitamins are all “evidence based” and have the approval of the “scientific” community.

    Our reaction to this bad news should be OUTRAGE! Like so many other government mandates and bills these days, it will accomplish exactly the opposite of what it’s title implies. This National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council will instead CREATE disease, promote FALSE ideas about what health is and how it is effectively handled, and will DESTROY the physical, mental and emotional health of the public.

    • Kate8

      Dan – Say goodbye? Never. We don’t really need anything which government can withhold. Learn to work with what you have. It is much more than you know.

    • Mike in MI

      Dan – thanks, excellent,
      More good thinking along the lines of what Dr. Wiley meant by having concerns about allopathy running the table on us.
      Dan’s got it right from what I can see. Further they will prohibit (or at least, inhibit) any meaningful healthful innovation or creativity they do not control. Medicine has done everything possible (which is lots) to defame, delegitimize, accuse, co-opt, corrupt or annihilate every other health profession or certified practitioner that has ever raised a silohette on the public horizon.
      There is no reason to expect this will be any different.

  • s c

    So why is this important NOW? Are we supposed to think this is just a coincidence, now that Herr Obummer’s healthcare shamscam is on the horizon? BY WHAT CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY does the current Putz-In-Chief do this?
    No, thanks. I’ll take my chances with common sense and people who care about each other. Uncle Scam doesn’t pack the gear. Uncle Scam is addicted to power and OUR wealth.
    I see no reason to have faith in someone who probably prays to himself. To extrapolate, any government that stoops to rule via fiat deserves whatever its citizens decide to dish out to it.

    • Mike in MI

      s c -
      “…who probably prays to himself.”
      I really rather doubt, after watching him for some time, that he prays to himself. The way he holds his mouth, looks down his imperial schnoz, cocks his head imperiously and struts when he thinks he’s under scrutiny leads me to believe he prays to one of his “friends” there inside – and it’s probably jammed to SRO.
      But the biggest one, highest, most authoritative, that’s the object of his adoration.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    I URGE EVERYONE TO DO ALL YOU CAN TO KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF NATURAL MEDICATIONS. I confronted one of our Senators at a town hall meeting last week about how the FDA will not allow hyperbaric oxygen therapy for many things that could be helped by it. In fact they only allow 14 out of 55 things that could effectively be treated by it. Because of the FDA guidelines hospitals with a hyperbaric chamber would not even talk to us about treating my wife even if we were willing to pay for it ourselves. Thank The Lord we have found other means of treating her for RSD That her surgeon said there is no cure for. My wife is now off all prescription drugs including pain killers but we have had to cover all the expense out of our on pocket as insurance refuses to pay for any treatment outside the Big Pharma box. Time will tell if we have a complete cure but compared to her condition 3 month’s ago it look’s very promising. We will be better off learning from God’s created pharmacy and using it.


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