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Federal Corruption Ruins Organic Food

May 23, 2012 by  

Federal Corruption Ruins Organic Food
Your organic food might not be organic at all.

If you are one of the growing number of Americans concerned about the safety of genetically modified food or what types of chemicals and pesticides are used in the production of the food you consume, you might opt for organic options. But the Federal government is letting insiders linked to the same big agribusiness companies that produce chemical-laden and genetically modified products be the judges of what is organic.

Research conducted by the Cornucopia Institute in Wisconsin exposes how the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) governmental panel that determines what is and isn’t considered “organic” is stacked with Federal insiders with an alternative agenda.

According to the findings in The Organic Watergate paper released by the Institute, the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) has taken a turn for the worse in recent years. It also illustrates how currently almost 300 non-organic and synthetic compounds are approved for use in organic farming or food production.

Mark Kastel, the co-director and Senior Farm Policy Analyst at the Cornucopia Institute explained: “An incident last fall caused Cornucopia staff to do a cursory review of many non-organic and synthetic ingredients that have been approved for use in organics since the USDA took over regulation in 2002. And what do we find? A corporate and governmental conspiracy to allow almost any chemical petitioned by agribusinesses in organic food, regardless of the fact that Congress mandated review of all such substitutes to make sure that they will not damage the environment or human health.”

Evidence of the corruption is illustrated in how a corporate employee of General Mills was nominated as the “consumer representative” of the National Organic Standards Board. There was such a strong backlash that her name was withdrawn. Later, she was nominated and served in a slot reserved for a scientist.

You can sign a petition to reduce big agribusiness influence over organic food production here.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Tim L.

    Where are all of the comments from the die hard Repubs/Tea-baggers. Oh, I guess you folks won’t slam Congress for this mess since it’s your beloved politicians who are owned by and consistantly support big Ag-bussiness.

    • Vigilant

      Take off the blinders, Tim. Both Repubs and Dems are responsible for this. You apparently didn’t watch the video all the way through.

    • Jazzabelle

      “Where are all of the comments from the die hard Repubs/Tea-baggers,” he says, at 7:56 am.

    • ohoh

      Just couldn’t help yourself, could you Tim?

  • Vigilant

    I have never purchased the so-called “organic” vegetables, due to the inordinately high price tag. I was always skeptical of producers’ claims, having no reason to trust their word that the veggies were grown “organically.” Now it appears that I’m vindicated.

    Better to buy from local farmers or grow your own.

    I have always grown my own things without pesticides, and have emended the soil with compost. However, I augment the fertility of soil with inorganic (synthetic) plant foods from time to time. I have no fear of harming the plants or humans with this type of fertilizer, as all it does is make elemental nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium available for growth.

  • sesame

    All too true! Best chance to get real organic food, other than growing it yourself, is to buy from a local farmer that you know is growing food organically without the usual chemicals and pesticides.

    The big disconnect between a law that finally makes its way through Congress and what actually is implemented, is that after a bill becomes law, the Administration, Republican or Democratic, is then responsible for writing the regulations that implement the law and determining what Congress really intended. This can be difficult even when everyone is honest and has no ax to grind. It can get really messed up when the political appointees, often from the industry being regulated, start second-guessing what the Congress really intended, as in: “Oh Congress didn’t really mean to exclude (or include) ______”, or, “Congress didn’t really mean 100% organic, or that preservatives couldn’t be added.” and on and on.

    Also, some of the laws that Congress enacts have been so amended to get them passed, or contain loopholes, or have not even been understood by the people who voted for them, that this provides all sorts of opportunities for shenanigans.

    Oh, did I mention the Lobbyists who sit in while Congress is marking up bills for final enactment, or what you see is what you get only until the law is amended.

    And that is how the game is played not only in DC, but in all our State Capitals.

  • Polski

    I wrote to Maria Cantwell about the corruption of FDA. She is one of the senators from Washington state. She casually said that she disagrees with me and will continue to support the corruption of FDA and USDA. This is typical of the problem within the US government. The people who theoretically are supposed to represent us US citizens, like Maria Cantwell, do NOT. I honestly don’t know what to do about politicians like Maria Cantwell, who are NOT doing their job. They are in the power seats so how do you change that? And this is NOT a democrat versus republican thing either. Both parties are horrible. And if you vote for someone who is not in one of these parties, the chances of them being elected is non-existent. HELP!!!!!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Polski,

      You write: “The people who theoretically are supposed to represent us US citizens, like Maria Cantwell, do NOT. I honestly don’t know what to do about politicians like Maria Cantwell, who are NOT doing their job.” They are doing their job. They’re bowing to the will of their paymasters. Politicians are employees of the government and special interests, who own them lock, stock and barrel. Their job is to grow government and return taxpayer money and pass legislation favorable to their paymasters.

      Best wishes,

      • duane

        Mr. Livingston,

        I am really disappointed in what I call a flip answer to a very legitimate question. I too have written both cantwell and murray about my concerns with the organic food industry being ripped apart by corporate pukes like monsanto, to no avail. My answer would be try to vote the idiots out of office. I am personally going to make it my mission to expose these two twits for what they really are: political hacks. I am not going to relent until the people on the western portion of Washington State know what these twits are doing and get them voted out of office.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear duane,

        You write: “I am really disappointed in what I call a flip answer to a very legitimate question.” That was not a “flip” answer. It is the truth.

        Best wishes,

  • Scott in SC

    Mr. Kastel needs to be careful about becoming too partisan or half the population will consider him bought and paid for………..

  • Rick

    Can ANyone say conflict of interest. If they work for these companies they have no business even opening their mouth. Kind of like Lawyers making laws conflict of interest. No Lawyers in public office, Odr as judges too much coulda shoulda woulda. and not enough Decision.

  • Scott in SC

    The other part of “Big Agri’s” attack is using the Feds to shut down small farming operations.
    Here’s a conversation with Kristi Canty discussing her film “Farmageddon”. The conversation starts at minute 17.

  • william l collins

    when the E.P.A. and the U.S.D.A. got in control of the ag, all farms and dairy farmers ranchers, vegtiable farmers have been shut down by government and big farm corperations they add cems, to our milk and our food ,meats with spray like weed spray incects spray witch stays in it they even add cems to the milk you buy at the story U.S.D.A. approved so all you people keep on buying all your food from the corperate stores louded with cems, E.P.A. & U.S.D.A.approved and keep on getting sick i for one drink raw milk fresh meat and vegs, with out any kind of cems, on them or in them and have felt better and sleep better since by cutting back on all stor bought foods

  • seanoamericano

    Its a sad day here in America when we cant even choose what to eat because some flunky beuracrat that is too pathetic too have a real job is deciding for us. I think all the names of these useless feeder burecrats should be written down so that in the future when the time comes they can reap the rewards they have worked so hard for. Dispensed
    from the end of a barrel right between the eyes.

    • sesame

      It isn’t the bureaucrats, it’s the political appointees they work for.

  • Chrystal

    These chemicals are literally killing people! Plain and simple. Sad to say- goes with their agenda. Not for the people as was suppose to be. I am very sensitive to all these chemicals and get very sick, and I’m not the only one; from severe migraines to seizures, etc. Our children our suffering more than any one wants to admit and they want to label them with ADHD or something else. it’s the “Drug and Food” Administration–Any one see a connection?

  • David

    The sad reality is that elections I fear are so rigged now, “See evidence on-line” that is does not matter who you vote for but who is counting the votes. Now I hear a buddy of Obama just bought the right to count the American votes in Spain. Ron Paul had over 4000 thousand people show up to vote for him in one election but only 2000 of the votes were counted for him. I think people in power have the system so rigged they will all have to go before we can fix the problems.

    • Vigilant

      “Now I hear a buddy of Obama just bought the right to count the American votes in Spain.”

      Old news, and debunked. It ain’t gonna happen.

      However, I expect the SEIU, the new ACORN, NBP and a host of zealous corrupt lieutenants to insert their slimy tentacles into the process to swing it their way. They’re already stirring in the Chicago cemetaries, as they do every four years.

  • FEDUP!

    I recently started researching what is in commercial dog food and moved into researching what is in most human food and both are very alarming. Organic was the only safe label for the purpose of keeping strict regulations to keep all the crap that is in most food out. I have been buying organic because of my discust regardless of the price. Oh great leave it to the government to smash the whole purpose of something. This is disgusting and I am highly offended. I can’t imagine what this is like for people trying to feed a child something healthy to eat and can’t know for sure. SAD!

  • Mom Henning

    The problem with organic food is that so much more of it is being sold than is being grown. Now the feds are setting the goat to watch the cabbage. Grow your own to be sure, even in containers you can grow a bunch of fresh veggies, if space is a problem. Educate yourself to the organic process, and enjoy the rewards of a boost to your health and self esteem.

  • s c

    This is a complex issue, and because it’s complex, you might as well ASSUME that Uncle Scam wouldn’t be interestered if he didn’t have plans to SCREW IT UP. First, Uncle Scam doesn’t know SQUAT about quality food – let alone what ORGANIC is. When you see a box of cereal at a grocery store, PLEASE realize that Uncle Scam’s USDA ‘organic’ doesn’t mean anything. It was put there so a customer would feel warm and fuzzy and make a purchase. Frankly, the idea of relying on Uncle Scam to say a product is OK makes me want to hurl.
    Uncle Scam’s knowledge of quality food is equal to his knowledge of drugs, law, ‘fairness,’ responsibility and a host of other designations. What matters most is for those who claim to sell “quality” organic food, they M U S T have HIGHER standards than Uncle Scam. Its not hard to do, but even among the ‘organic’ crowd, you’ll find people who are tempted to cut corners.
    It’s no different than companies that sell supplements [herbs, vitamins and minerals]. There;s quality, and there’s KRAP. Now there’s one thing that Uncle Scam DOES know about – KRAP. If only the old fart could package it and sell it.

  • Karolyn

    Anyone interested in this topic will be intreested in signing the petition to stop Dick Durbin from getting legislation passed furthering our ability to get supplements.

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  • One-Angel

    This is sad. Even most recently in the news was discovered that the Kashi brand of organic cereals owned by the Kellogg company was found to have GMO’s. The large companies have discovered that organic foods were becoming a huge business and they wanted to get in on this by buying up the smaller organic companies. I knew when Cascadian Farms brand of organic frozen fruits and vegetables was going to go downhill when a major food company bought them out. These large companies are selling the same crap but packing it under “organic” labels and charging premium organic prices. I suppose we could beat the shysters at their own game and not buy anything processed. They cannot sell what we will not buy. Educating ourselves is one of the best ways to avoid the unscrupulous businesses.

    I also recently learned from a poster at another site that all foods imported into the U.S. are irradiated, organic or not. Therefore, I do not buy organic tomatoes or other produce from a foreign company. Once it’s irradiated, it’s no longer organic. Stick to buying in-season fruits and vegetables that are organic and/or locally grown–the prices will be better and in some instances even cheaper than conventional. The processed organic foods are going to be unreasonably high. Many of the organic watchdogs will be able to recommend fairly honest organic produce and meat producers with whom you can trade over the net. Some offer free shipping. Don’t let the term “organic” automatically intimidate you that it means too expensive; this is not always true.

    Raw foods expert, Fredric Patenaude, recommends for those who purchase large amounts of produce, to set up an account at a wholesale produce company in your area to save money. These are the same companies who sell to your local grocers.

    If you decide to grow your own, I can recommend Gardens Alive and Acres USA sites for excellent organic gardening/farming information and products.

    It’s not just government that’s corrupt, IMO, there are immoral, greedy people all over this world. It’s our neighbors who show up for work at the alphabet agencies and large corporations.

  • gimmesometruth

    If you do not have access to tillable soil to grow your own produce, you can find an organic co-op farm where you purchase shares in the harvest. Many times they require that you commit some time to work the farm, but the results are worth it. You get a steady seasonal harvest of various fruits and vegetables, which you can jar for the winter months. I am going to view the video ‘Farmageddon’ to get more info on GMO’s and agribusiness.

  • liberty

    Everything we eat is full of (expletive deleted) that YOUR gov’t has demanded that the big pharma people put in there. They are (expletive deleted) bent to destroy 6 Billion people any (expletive deleted) way they can and we had better just lay down and let the SOBs roll over us! Right? (expletive deleted) NO Washington. We know you and all your paid off corporations are routing the money all over the world – not to the benefit of American Citizens but to destroy and kill as many of us as possible. That’s why both parties suck and are the most pathetic, murderous organization history has ever had to suffer. Grow your own food any way you can. Get with local farmers and buy clean food. GMOs are in every (expletive deleted) thing and they don’t want us to have anything else. It’s called Slow Kill folks. Get it through your heads that this administration are killers of the first degree and they will not stop their reign of NWO (expletive deleted) until they are stopped in their tracks. Lock & load.

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  • Chang Nemeth

    Organic foods are the best since they dont contain so many toxins compared to synthetic feed foods which might contain melamin and some contamination chemical preservatives. :”‘,’

    Check out the most popular piece of writing on our very own web page

  • Strightothepoint 2012


  • Strightothepoint 2012

    …And GOOD-BY!!!!(At least I got The Last Word In)

  • Humberto Hofbauer

    Food prices have risen faster in recent years than ever before. As many of us are feeling the pinch, it is time to reevaluate some of our food purchases. The term “organic” has been thrown around in the shopping aisles like sprinkles on the jelly donut you’re trying to avoid. It seems like hundreds of new “organic” products have emerged, all with a price tag about 30% higher than the regular option. Is it really worth the extra money, or are we all being duped with a clever marketing campaign to get us to buy essentially the same thing for a lot more? .

    My own blog


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