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Fed To Pump Billions Into The Economy In A Bid To Stimulate Demand

November 10, 2010 by  

Fed to pump billions into the economy in a bid to stimulate demandThe Federal Reserve announced on Nov. 3 that it will buy long-term Treasury bonds over the next several months in order to stimulate the faltering economy. 

The central bank hopes that pumping as much as $600 billion — but potentially even more than that — into the economy will increase the pace of output recovery and job creation. The general consensus has it that the previous rounds of monetary loosening in the form of interest rate cuts have failed to do the job. The rates are now close to zero.

However, not everyone shares the Fed's belief that the move will resuscitate the economy. In fact, some people have expressed concerns about the possibility of a runaway inflation that may result from flooding the market with excess money.

Paul Ashworth, senior U.S. economist with Capitol Economics, told CNN that he didn't believe the decision will make any difference at all.

"This is a slippery slope. Once you're on it, it's very hard to get off," he added.

In response to the announcement, the stock market had a choppy session on Nov. 3, followed by an early rally on Nov. 4, further underscoring the nation's economic and financial volatility.

Due to these persistent uncertainties, some experts have suggested buying gold as way to protect assets from depreciation. 

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  • Dan az

    By forcing other countries like china ect. to buy bonds maybe the thought here is to start repaying them or let say laundering phoney money as to try and make it look like a good investment if they did it to.With china rumbling concerns about the value of the dollar dont you think that just maybe they are about to pull their monies and say see ya!Sounds like a crash coming down the pike to me!

    • Al Sieber

      Dan, I keep hearing the crash is happening in July, gold was $1422.00 yesterday, it’s very volatile up and down $20-$45, silver is over $27. gold is $1397.60 at 6:45 am Ariz. time. the markets are crazy. watch gold as a indicator. it’s a slow controlled economic collapse, and China could do that.

      • John Woodbury

        Al I really wish it was China, but it is not. It is the over educated wonders who never had a real job in their lives liberals and fellow travelers.

        • Al Sieber

          Yeah John, I know it’s the Fed.

          • Mary Contrary

            If people would remember back, the problem started several months before George W. Bush became President. Alan Greenspan thought the economy was starting to heat up too fast and he wanted to prevent a period of inflation.

            So, he raised the interest rate to put the brakes on things. Big mistake, he slowed it down way big and even many subsequent lowerings of the interest rate haven’t been able to bring it back. Then you throw in the Fanny Mae debacle along with it, and you have an outright mess that is going to take ages to fix.

            The current effort by the Fed is going to do nothing but deflate the value of the dollar.

      • LifeonMars

        time to make some money

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Yeah Dan,
      A crash is inevitable. Let me invoke an old phrase at this point…
      “Voodoo economics” with Helicopter Berstanky as the chief witch doctor.

  • William Hoy

    Basically this is bailing out Obama. Like the other wasted money this will not help stimulate the economy. Removing uncertainty from big business and banks so that they will begin to use the large sums of money they are already holding should be the goal.

  • David

    QE2 so money will be more available to lend? To who? Small companies and large do not want a loan to expand when the tea leafs are telling them that they may be unionized, have to pay for some other company’s bailout through taxation, legislation (carbon tax), regulation thru EPA’s ghg endangerment findings and other onerous rules designed to attack carbon use. Their cost to produce will exceed what it costs china and india to produce and ship here.

    You can’t fix stupid. We “hope” the freshmen do not screw it up or they will be ousted.

  • AZ Jack

    Flooding the market with money is not meant to stimulate the economy. It is meant to devalue the dollar and raise the rate of inflation. This is a blatant attempt to collapse the dollar on the part of George Soros who hates America and wants to see our downfall and a one-world government. Bernanke is a willing pawn in this treason as was Alan Greenspan. Come on Ron and Rand Paul and hurry your attempts to audit and abolish the Federal Reserve.

    • Steve

      Let’s see……. Obama’s biggest supporter, George Soros says that he want’s a New world order and the biggest obstacle to that is the United States. Looking at Obama’s actions it’s obvious that this is his view also. I can’t believe that people elected a president that actually hates america and everything that made it great. People are stupid. I have two Aunts that even voted for him and probably would again. I think you could make a very good case that he should be tried for treason. I’m serious, a very good case for it but that would probably cause stupid people to start riots all over. God help us because we are in trouble.

      • EltonJ

        Oh he will, he will. But . . . you aren’t going to like it.


        George Soros, aka Sandor Kepiro, convicted Nazi War Criminal; doesnt care about the USA. This is why he is pulling all Osama Obama’s strings along with his pals Heimmi Reid and Nazi Polosi. All above want what the Bilder Bergers want, a New World Order Once a Nazi always a Nazi….

  • TIME

    Question who did Ben work for? How about Poulson? How about Greenspan?
    How about Geithner? When you answer these question’s then all you need to ask is why have YOU all let them get away with it?

    I have faxed, Emailed, Phoned and written my Congress and Senate people, Have any of you?
    Why do you all keep eating crap sticks and think its good for you?

    • Al Sieber

      TIME, I’ve done the same, e-mailed, called, etc. they all work for the Fed. Reserve, all bought and paid for.

      • TIME

        Hi Al,
        I know, but please understand that a good solid paper trail if the American Public ever wakes up, and I mean really wakes up, as in grasps what “FREEDOM” really is all about.
        Not a pick and choose system like “A progressives Worst night blob” who is in a deep sleep of complete stupid, oddly its people just like him that the Progressive’s love to death.

        Then and only then can there truly be War Crimes Trils or Trials for Treason and thats why you want to keep good soild records of what you have done.

        Saddly Al, my friend I don’t think the sheep in this country will ever wake up.
        Perhaps when they are lined up and pushed into a large meat grinder will it dawn on them just how deep in that sweet little state of sleep they really are.

        • Al Sieber

          TIME, I agree with you, it’s too late, I’m being a realist about it. there’s not enough people waking up, or who even care.

          • TIME

            And the few that are waking up just can’t get they heads around the whole bag of tricks, I can’t say thats easy as many of us know its not. And the media just can’t tell the truth and even the newly elected will never state the truths either, how bloody sad.

            Hell I been at it so long I am tired of saying the same things over and over again to people who just are so boneheaded that its like talking to fired eggs.

            Where your at you can blend into the wild and there is plenty of food out there too. So when the time comes At least a few of us can make one hell of a wall of restiance, “we will not go quite into that good night.”

            Stay well my friend, hey by the way I am still 100% cancer free now for nearly a full year.

          • Al Sieber

            Time, I happy you are cancer free, how did you do that? I’m lucky enough to live way out in the mountains that I don’t have see any people, unless I go into town 15 miles away. but I still see the illegal aliens coming through every other night through the canyon below us, no problems yet.

          • Al Sieber

            TIME,I like that, don’t go quietly into the night,was that Emerson? does our country end with a ” whimper, or a bang”? keep up the good work.

    • chick

      yes I have contacted all of our state and fed law maker’s.. but you guessed it,, nothing is or will be done.. sorta like talking to a brick wall.. until the wall fall’s on them, they will do nothing.. get any 50 off the street people, and they could do a better job than these jerk’s.. they all are rich,and choose to remain that way,, thus thing’s won’t change… we get the shaft,and they get the gold..

      • LifeonMars

        they are totally worthless for any know purpose or use

  • Charles2439

    I don’t have a Harvard degree like some of the government cronies pushing Obamanomics. My school was not Ivy League, but they taught sound economic principles that are in direct conflict with the actions of our government.

    As an example, government spending has increased the national debt to levels that will exceed Gross Domestic Income, (GDI). The GDI is the market value of all goods and services produced in the U.S. in a year. The balance between the two is an indicator of the condition of the economy. Accordingly, a high level of government debt to GDI is indicative of a faltering economy brought on by fiscal irresponsibility and gross mismanagement.

    Obamanomics ignores the basic principles of sound economic growth. The first principle of sound economic growth states; you must take in more money than you spend. The second basic principle states, you can’t borrow yourself out of debt, and the third principle states, “Excessive spending will not create prosperity; however, it will create insolvency.”

    Their plan to Print more dollars will further devalue your monetary investments including your retirement, which will become worthless. We will have to pay more for everything from food and gas to clothes and housing. We will face runaway inflation like no American has ever experienced.

    The stagflation days of the Carter administration will become a fond memory. The gas lines will return and expect $7.00 a gallon gas and $10.00 a gallon milk. Businesses will have to charge more to cover the increased costs, and more small businesses will fail as a result. But wait, that’s not all!

    In reality, printing more money will not only devalue the dollar it will create more poverty and government dependence – exactly what Obama and his cronies want. It’s a known fact that countries that have to print money to cover excessive debt have a lower standard of living and an unstable currency. As a result, the value of the currency will be low against other currencies – like the Peso against the Dollar.

    With no job, and government dependence for everything, you have a socialist dream come true. A large majority of the lower middle class will become the new peasant class. Welcome to the all the newly created peasants of America –courtesy of Obamanomics and the idiots who support him.

    • chick

      look’s like you know what yiou’re are talking about.. too bad most of america is not so bright.. before he became prez, I told everyone I could that this guy waws out the destroy,not help.. he is now in his own country,and look how they live…. that is what he want’s for us, no job’s, no money, a bunch of begger’s. there is about the be one big thud, heard around the world

      • Charles2439

        During the Clinton administration, our politicians forced unfair trade agreements, (NAFTA and GATT), on us. The U.S. economy has been steadily declining since these bills passed. We lost our industry, security, jobs, and prosperity to foreign countries as a result of those bills.
        Since the passage of these trade bills, the economy has had to rely on a constant increase in the level of national debt to sustain economic growth. Creating debt to fund economic growth is like building a house of cards higher and higher; that house of cards will eventually collapse creating an economic crisis worse than the great depression.
        That collapse is coming, and the Democratic healthcare bill is just another political blunder that will help push the economy into collapse. None of them are smart enough to know that America can not spend its’ way to prosperity and good times by writing bad checks or by printing worthless money. That’s economics 101!

        • Gracie

          Charles 2439 you are so right, so rational, so knowledgeable, are you a Glenn Beck fan? GB is exposing the power behind the collapse of our American empire: George Soros, who has collapsed numerous countries economies before ours, and now is the “puppet master” behind our coming collapse. Very interesting stuff.

        • Doru Lucian

          Charles2439 you are not fully right: the idea of NAFTA has been to develop central and South America in order to slow the flow of illegal immigration by raising the standard of living there. It did not produce any noticeable result since then as the southern border issue had illustrated. This will work only in very long-term basis, and not before English will become the predominantly spoken language in the respective countries. Do not hold your breath! On the other hand: the nations of the world are developing and becoming competitors. US was far ahead of every nation on Earth after WW2, and it developed beautifully because its products were in high demand throughout the world. But, even if invented here, now they are produced elsewhere because of union labor cost controls, plus their associated endless benefits. The average life span has also increased in the mean time and more and more pension funds are needed constantly. That means less money to invest in development. Unions had been the puppeteers behind the USSR and its European communist block and they collapsed those countries. Now they may do the same thing here by decreasing substantially the power of the dollar. George Soros is tying to accelerate the process in order to reap huge benefits, supposedly mostly by playing on the exchange trading.

    • LifeonMars

      Most of what you say is true. Inflation may not be as bad as you predict because most of the money leaves the US to buy imports and I include the illegal drugs. I do not think anyone knows the numbers in the balance sheet for the US. I know some people worldwide have large asset bases which are dollar denominated. They do not want deflation on a asset if at all possible. Only people in debt payable in dollars desire inflation and only if they think they can make more inflated dollars. paying off hard debt with soft dollars.

      I think a giant has been felled, the US economic base. Righting that giant is not going to be easy. A salad shooter loaded with dollars has been the first attempt. That money was used to get the banks and some “friends” back on their feet. Now, the government is spending more than it takes in and must borrow. The Fed is the source for lowest interest. If the open market was used, interest paid would have to be higher. Additional damage would be done by the increase in interest rate especially in the housing washout. ARM’s are based on treasury sales.

      My idea is for each person to make as much as they can. They may need the money. Don’t be shy, ask for the sky.

  • Martin

    No matter what the underlying cause, it seems the economy is careening
    in an unstoppable manner. Maybe it is time for us to concentrate on
    retaining and expanding our liberty and letting the dollar go where it may.

    • Gracie

      Martin, when we are scrambling for food and the basic necessities, unfortunately we won’t have the energy left to worry about our freedoms, and we will grab onto any handout. That’s what those who want global governance are counting on…but those who have prepared for this will still fight on for their freedoms, lonely and isolated though they may be. This country will be forced to depend on them to keep alive the desire for the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for. That group will eventually grow and become strong enough to topple the despots in power. Such is the cycle that has persisted throughout history. Old BO is simply a pawn in hastening America’s decline.

  • Marvin Pullman

    Now like in the 20 depression, we are just going to have to pay a price for the stupid thing which we as people have done to have the better life.

    One point we get everything we want, than at another point we have to pay the price.

    Stop printing paper, let the cards fall where they are going to fall, take the hit, a lot of people will live through it, those who do not well they were not going to make it anyway.

    We as people “me included” was living way above my head, the fall will bring back the value of the dollar, because the price of products will come down, wages will come down, cost will come down, we will have to live on what we make as our fathers, and those before us had to.

    This is higher powers will not our will:

    • chick

      If you don’t think that this is a dreprssion, wake up.. new’s outlet’s don’t tell the true story,and they are’nt going to.. crime rate is up, and we all know job’s, no money, so let’s rob and kill our way out of this mess.. why don’t someone really look hard into labor… their is work,just not work that anywone want’s to undertake.. the gov.. don’t want you to,thus you depend on them.. sad state of affair’s.. overhaul the state’s interstructer.. oh cost too much money..fix the bourder’s,, oh too much again,,, put people to work in New Orleans.. too much money..on and on and on..

  • John Woodbury

    While I would like to see Our President prove he was never a foreign national ( I will give he was born in Hawaii) and repealing his poor thought out ”accomplishments” is high on my wish list; we must stop the fall the dollar. This has gone on too long, China and other countries have the picture now; America is a currency manipulator. Just as stupid liberals accuse others of what they are doing, so are the playing fast and lose with the reputation of this country. Just like the home buyer in the 1960′s that borrowed money for a home, then made a small fortune on it when the prices shot up during the years until 1980, America is trying repay its debts with worthless paper. My dads house was bought for 8,000 dollars in 1962 and soared up to 20,000 dollars, also the 100 dollar payment became pocket change compared to what 100 dollars would buy in 1962. The one problem we can not undo is that of runaway inflation. Ever last person who works or has money will lose it. The deadbeats and free loaders will just suck up more and more; meanwhile it will be impossible for us to borrow from countries who are holding worthless paper. People who depend upon retirement income will be literally bankrupt. Our government knows the next shoe is due to drop anytime, the Tax Free Bonds will start to be defaulted on very soon. So to reduce the cities debts, our own government is set to attack us monetarily. They will reduce the value of the dollar so people must pay more dollars for the same tax. I would suggest that no one hold any worthless paper money as soon you will need a wheelbarrow to carry enough for a piece of candy. Remember 30% of inflation index is housing, we have inflation, it is just not showing up as housing prices fall.

    • LifeonMars

      Good. Inflation is and has been there in a big way as you say since WWII and definitly after 1973. Food and necessities have been inflated as of late. As long as people have the money to spend, inflation will be a potential problem. Inflation in a depression is possible because fewer companies are available to produce the needed supply of goods. Supply drops because all the wages, salaries, overhead, gov regulation, raw material costs, taxes, and so on have killed the numerous small volume producers. Only the big volume producers remain. They are automated, produce a low quality product, and spread costs over a hugh production. That is what the government called for and now you have it to endure.

  • jimmy joe

    This Is A behind The Scene Ponzi Scheme And Economic Terrorism Against America.The Orchestrator Is George Soro’s.Who’s History Has Intentionall Manipulated,Embezzeled,And Extorted Economy’s All Over The World.By Scamming World Leaders,Buying Politicians,Media,Scientist,Willing to Help him Sell His Redistribution Of Wealth Scams.Such As”GLOBAL WARMING”The Biggest Scam To Date.His Goal.A One World Government Power With Him As The Puppet Master.George Soros Owns The Entire Democrat Party.Either By Buying Their Loyalty,Or Having Their Loyalist Con,Or Manipulate Their Ignorant Sheep,And Puppets.From the E.P.A.To Bernanke TO Liberal sheep Such AS Lindsey Graham.George Soro’s Is A Traitor Not Only to America,But An International Criminal.Who Intentionally Creates Chaos,To Sabotage Any Government Who believe In Independent Sovereignty,And Rejects His Version Of A Dictatorial,Utopian New World Order.George Soro’s Needs His Ego Clipped.If Their Are Any Leaders In Our Government To Legally bring down this Economic Terrorist.Then,If,Or When His Throne Falls,Other Names,And Scams Will Be Revealed as well.Most Know Already Many Of Them.The Obama’s,Clinton’s,Gore’s.Even Some Prominent Republicans.Anyone Remember Why George H.W.Bush,Really Lost His Second Term.A call For A NEW WORLD ORDER.sent shockwaves through the eloctorate.While A man Named Ross Perot Rejected,And Saw Its True Meaning For What It Was.A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.Jimmy Joe “The Liarfryer”

    • TIME

      No Jimmie Joe,
      George Soro is only a larger puppet, Look deeper to find the REAL power. As is who gave George his first job, if you can answer that then and only then will you grasp who really runs the show.

      Think of it this way, in the Army you have base grade, then Sgt’s, then Lts, then Captains, then Majors, Then Col’s, then Generals, Then the Supreeme Commander. “George Soros is a General,” so who controls him?

      • jimmy joe

        Cut Off The Head of this snake”GEORGE SORO’S”Then The Domino Effect Begins.One Beast At A time,Will Begin Crumbling the Mighty Machine’s Magesty Crown;”PRINCE OF THE AIR”

        • TIME

          No Jimmy Joe, one head cut only makes room for the next head, and thats all.

      • jimmy joe

        Your Answer Time Is; George Soro’s First Job.Was As A tenager In Nazi Germany.Ratting Out The Where Abouts Of Jews.His own people,To the Nazi’s.But There Are Boards,Such as the Bilderberg Group,And Foreign Relations Council,And the The State Department.Just To Name A few.But The Behind the scene Big Kahuna,IS who Christians Know As the ANTI-CHRIST.That the Bible Has many names for.One Is The PRINCE OF THE AIR;The manipulator of the Airwaves,lies,deception,rumors,And Conscience.Ironically George Soro’s proudly proclaimed in his own words to Be the Conscience of the world Remove George Soro’s,Money,And Influence.You Put Chaos In Their Structure.Then The real master of deception,And World Puppet Master Will Be Revealed.But Knowing the lemming mentality of most people that won’t happen,Until Its too Late.

        • TIME

          Jimme Joe, Look Glen Beck is a really nice guy, I like him a lot, and have even given him intel that he has built a number of shows on.
          But he still can’t grasp it all, “George Soro’s is only one General.”

          Georges firts real job. aka where he made money not just keeping himself alive, try around 1960 who was he empolyed by.
          Then perhaps you will see some of the other heads of the same beast.

          As to Satan, or the Anti Christ well thats at best within us all now is it not?
          As all persons are not only prone to act but as well able to act as a Sociopath. As in, we all have “Free Will” to do as one please’s.

          Look out side the box, not just a nano or micro, go all the way; take down the walls then and only then will the path be clear.

          The light of GOD, aka the mass of all energy is only visible to those that can see and have removed all walls that confine their minds to the now, look into the void of TIME to grasp the true light, its called PURE FAITH. Can you grasp that concept?
          I mean no insult its just not what or how you were tought to think or see, as the blind man said; I have no sight, yet I can see clearly.

          • jimmy joe

            My Suspicion of your semantic comments Time;Has Just been verified.You Must be A Bill Maher Groupie Athiest/Agnostic.In GOP Drag.Come Out Of The Closet,Saul Alinsky.Who Donated his book,Rules for radicals,To The Master of Deception.LUCIFER.It Is Athiest/Agnostics like you who have helped Progressive Liberals Dumb Down,And Pervert our culture,And The Precious Minds Of Our Youth,And turn them into Mush,Godless lawless freaks Of nature,like yourself.You Will Be the first lemming to line up,Bowing to The Alter Of this dictator.When he does rear his ugly head.Unlike you,I don’t need Other People,Even Glen beck to tell me what I Already knew to be true.People,Now call me,and ask how did I know these things were going to happen decades ago.My Response The Bible Told Me so.Unlike you.Glen Beck Just Confirms It with facts.Unlike you,who only trys to mock,And destroy Facts With Blubbering Semantics.Unlike you,some are seeking the truth,And Aren’t Interested In Your Semantics,And Constant Attempts to Scramble,And Ramble-On With Your Obvious Christian Biggotry.Which Amazes Me How People Like Yourself,Are So Offended By What They Claim Doesn’t Exist.But Again The Bible Told Me Their Would Be Scoffers Like You.Like You,And Myself.Everyone On This site Still Has A right to their Own Opinions,And Beliefs.But Not Your Own Set of Facts,Christian Biggotry,Mockery,And Semantics,I Detect Signs Of Narcissism,Are You just A miserable Human Being,Without A life,Who can Only Find Happiness By Contradicting,And Destroying The Happiness,And Beliefs Of Others.Especially Christians.Exactly What Progressive marxist Socialist,George Soro’s,And The Real Master Of Deception Mostly Count On.Their Number One Deciples.Athiest/Agnostics.Neither Of us Are Qualified to Know How All of This Unfolds.But We Still Have the right To speak about What We DO Believe.Please Stick To What You Believe,And Stop Trying to Dismantle everyone else’s Beliefs.Hopefully We Can Find Common Ground Rather than Insults,Mockery,And Semantics.Jimmy Joe”The Liarfryer

          • TIME

            JJ Bubba,
            Man your one sicko to be for sure, try a walk in the fresh air to increse your serotonin production, as well that will aid in the neurotransmitters for dopamine.
            Perhaps that will aid with your “paranoid delusions,” but some how I am not to sure that will work for your bubba.

            You may need to go straight to heavy meds, look up a good psyc near you and do yourself a big favor and get there real soon.
            You may harm yourself or someone else.

            And for God sake don’t use words that are above your IQ level.

            And just who is Mahar? And why should I follow a Mahar when I don’t follow anyone.

            Thats obviously something your not able to say as you can’t think on your own bubba. Heys hows the old pickup running?

          • vicki

            According to one source this is a brief history of George Soros
            Moved to England in 1947
            Degree from the London School of Economics 1952.
            Went to work at Singer & Friedlander Bank in London 1952.
            Moved to America in the mid-1950s
            Went to work with F.M. Mayer and Wertheim & Company 1950′s
            Went to work at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder 1960′s

            Your trail seems to indicate the heads are bankers/money brokers/investment management firms. The ‘evil’ wall street?
            links for the names of the earlier companies all start with George Soros.

            Kinda reminds me of Carver Industries in that James Bond Movie (Tomorrow Never Dies).

          • TIME

            Hi Vicki,
            Good job, your getting it note the 1950′s – 1960′s era and don’t take my word for it but look who owns the banks noted, and who paid for his education, it will lead you right back to the Rothschilds banks in both cases. He is but one General in an Army of them, Note who else got their moneys from these same banks for schooling, Clintons both, John Kerry,look up Kerrys wife and her family and who they were in bed with – Edwards, Lieberman, Schumer, Winner, Stark, and the list goes on and on, if you see their name in print or their picture’s in teh media its a given.

            Truly thank you for restoring my faith in Humans.

          • Vicki

            Your welcome :)

          • Al Sieber

            TIME, what was that all about?

      • JeffH

        Time, I’m pretty sure you know this, but simply put, Soros is an agent for the Rothschilds. Ben Bernanke is a cousin to the Rothschilds, thus his “leadership” of the Federal Reserve. Goldman Sachs is an important piece of the Rothschilds Banking Cabal as is JP Morgan, Chase, the Federal Reserve and all of the ex-Goldman Sachs bigwigs working in our past and present administrations directing and advising the US economy. The latest by the Fed is just securing more control of our economic demise. The links to the Rothschilds are long and verifiable and they’ve had decades, if not a century to put their actions and controls in place. I even remember that AIG recieved $130 billion in bailout money and then turned it directly over to Goldman Sachs…ultimately, we have a pretty good idea whose behind the puppet George Soros. Whether or not we, as a nation, can cut them off remains to be seen…but as long as the Federal Reserve survives and we keep doing business with the Rpthschild’s World Banking Cabal America’s survival doesn’t stand a chance.

        • TIME

          Hey Jeff,

          How you been? I have been running back at full steam after the Doc said I am 100% back no traces of the cancer, man I feel good.

          And yes, your 100% on target to bad its so few of us that have a bloody clue, when the mass of nevo wingnuts seem to be all a bust about George Soro’s its like they just figured out that micky mouse was only a made up mouse.

          You stay well my friend I feel for you all out there with not only the wingnut Clueless Brown, but Boxer is still in there, holy crap.

          • JeffH

            Time, great to see you’re doing well my fellow patriot. It is just amazing that some of the folks can’t look past the end of their noses on these issues even though the info continues to be posted fairly regularly. I’ve reached a point now that everything that becomes big news I start looking for the link-up to the House of Rothschilds. Mind boggleing to say the least.

            Hey, if you ever get to the Fresno/Bakersfield area, let me know in advance and mybe we can make some arrangements to meet up and have a cup of java or tea.

          • TIME

            Hi Jeff,
            I get out there now and then, so Green Tea it will be.

          • JeffH

            TIME, sounds good…just hail me at when heading this way.

      • Doru Lucian

        To TIME: Your association with the Army grades may not be fully applicable. George Soros is certainly a very important player, not a General, but above all he is an extremely effective manipulator for his own benefit on the currency exchange rates. The main issue in the US is the labor cost and the associated benefits as compared with competitive nations as India and China. US has to produce again rather than just provide services because service providers are ultimately dependent on the producers, and if those are outside of the US we are the loosers! The producers nowadays have less expectations and a lower standard of living. Apparently US lifestyle has to be trimmed.

    • Gracie

      Jimmy Joe, you must be a reader or a Glenn Beck fan too. Do you think anyone in politics really has whatever it will take to bring down George Soros (aka god of money and power)? GB is exposing Soros’ plan to destroy America, and is getting attacked right and left (pun intended), along with FOX and their sponsors. It’s an interesting and fascinating playing out of a really historical contest! Good vs evil kind of battle! If Soros is successful in shutting up GB, we are lost, and so is America!

      • JeffH

        Gracie, I don’t agree with your assesment at shutting up GB. To say “If Soros is successful in shutting up GB, we are lost, and so is America” is giving GB way too much credit. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m behind Beck for his work on educating the masses and I think he’s doing a fine job…it’s just that shutting him up won’t seal the doom!
        Shutting Soros down won’t seal the doom for the Soros’ ideology either. The Soros machine is working with plenty of backup plans in place. It’s up to us to keep the ball in our hands.

        • TIME

          Jeff, is dead spot on!

        • Gracie

          Many of us are ignorant of economics, and the behind-the-scenes puppet masters. Many of us don’t read much, but most of us watch TV. That’s why GB is so important. Glad you agree. Educating us “ignorant masses” is the first step. Can you tell me what the next few steps must be?

          • JeffH

            Gracie, we have to pass what we learn to others that have no idea as to who Soros is and why he does what he does. If I had all the answers I’d be on my Congressman’s doorstep. Keep learning and watching Beck, it’s important to make the connections and pass it on.

      • jimmy joe

        Sorry Gracie,I Do Not Believe Anyone will,End this Satanic Quest For A New World Order.One World Governance.All Peoples Tongues,And Nations.Will be Awe Stricken By This False Messiah’s Ability To Finally Bring Peace to the World.Especially Israel,And Palestinian Conflict.All False Prophet,And False Doctrine Religions,Secularist,And Political Leaders Will See Him As their World Savior,False Religions Will See Him,As Their Chosen Messiah.Except Of Course True Orthodox Bible Believing,And Practicing Christians.Who Know Better.Even A worse More Massive Groupie Kool-aid Drinking,Idol Worshipping Love Fest,Than They Threw For Barack Obama,And Bill Clinton.He Will Replace the Monetary System,With An Implanted Micro-chip,The Despots,Idolworshippers,And those Who’s God,Has been Money,Addictions,And Obsessive Behavior Disorders(CONTROL FREAKS)Will be the first to sign-up,And Bow to the Alter of this False Messiah.If you need A time.Consider How All the Religions,Followers of Secular Prophets(mayan Calender)Fake Demonic Psychics.ETC.Islam,Jewish,Buddist,New Age,And Christian False Prophets.Are All Lining Up The Same Date;December Twenty first,2012.The Anti-Christ May Show his self,And The World May Believe he is,The Chosen One But He Is Just The Oppisite.As the World Will Later find.But Only after he Has Taken The World On A Magic Carpet Ride.Until their Rug Burns Finally Wake Whats Left of free will,To the Reality of Who he Is.Then He Will Make All out War,On Everyone who rejected his Mark Of Loyalty.Then Jesus will come in like a thief in the night.Gather his faithful,And then set up his kingdom to come,Where his will be done,On Earth,As ItIs In Heaven.What happens to those who reject Jesus.Lets just say,Like the Anti-christ,And His False Prophets.They Will Finally Get Their Global Warming.But again everyone is entitled to what they believe,Only time will reveal.But Expect A lot of Mockers,And Naysayers,Along the way.

        • LifeonMars

          Jim, the way you write is amazing. I have seen nothing like it. I am new to these blogs. Contrary to Time’s opinion of you, I think you have to be smart to link all these ideas and the upper and lower case thing too.

          I used to joke about President Obama being a good possibility for anti-Christ just to get a reaction from all the religious people I know here. Now, I do not know if the joke was on them or me.

  • J.M.R.

    bernanke like the dick-tater need to be on the end of a rope hanging from a oak

    • EltonJ

      No, stripped naked and paraded through the streets so that the people can throw tomatoes at him. Then sent to the Electric Chair.

  • Charles2439

    The Fed’s decision to print more money is another example of big government meddling in free enterprise like they did when they passed NAFTA and GATT – the two things that cost us our industry, jobs, and prosperity. Having destroyed our industrial base, they told us that we were moving toward a service economy.

    What they failed to take into consideration is America could not compete industrially against countries with millions of peasants who work for pennies a day. They failed to consider that industry created the wealth that supported our economy, and without that industry, we could not continue as the worlds economic leader. They took away our ability to create wealth and replaced it with deficits and debt.

    They failed to realize that all those industrial jobs paid the taxes that supported the government. Without that tax base, you are left printing money that will eventually loose the majority of its value. The huge debt this government is creating will eventually lead to financial collapse – it is inevitable.

    At present, the debt crisis in Europe is driving investors to buy U.S. Treasuries, boosting the price and keeping debt interest rates low. The stage has been set for financial collapse because China, our greatest debt holder, has been buying tons of gold with their dollars for some time now.

    Geitner and the Obama administration are telling us that devaluing the dollar will make us more competitive, but the out come will be far from what they are saying.

    European countries including Great Britain are already mired in debt and facing economic problems that threaten their solvency. Their socialistic programs created an economic crisis that drove Europeans to buy American Bonds because of the soundness of the dollar.

    As Europeans realize where the Fed is heading, the smart ones will sell off their U.S. bonds and create a monetary collapse that will make the great depression look like a Sunday afternoon picnic.

    • Gracie

      Charles 2439, do you think repealing GATT and NAFTA would help to bring back our economic base? Or is it too late??? In the 2012 election, do you think there’s a chance that a real American Hero will emerge and be able to turn things around, despite the forces against this, including Soros and the historical decline of empires? I haven’t read Beck’s new book “Broke”, in which he lays out a plan to turn things around…have you read it? Beck, being a Libertarian and a Mormon, has a little different perspective than most Americans, and is counseling preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best. One thing is for sure, we’re in really historical times right now, and most people aren’t even aware of it…

      • LifeonMars

        @gracie and charlie2

        Leaders can do little once great winds of change begin to move the masses. Charlie2 is right 99%. Nafta and GAt would have been ok if we had just worked on. Instead, we have a welfare state where few are willing to work at the job their skill levels match. Just let a machine do it.

  • James

    The fed’s buying of long term Treasury bonds simply means the national government now will have $600 billion to tinker with. However they spread it around in the economy will just bring about more inflation. It’s unearned money that Americans will have to pay back to the federal reserve, with interest. Like Al Sieber said: Gold is a good indicater of inflation, it’s relative value doesn’t change. It just reflects the amount of any given currency in circulation. Flooding our economy with all this unearned money will only increase the rate of inflatiion. In my opinion this will bring about the demise of our dollar, and frankly, I don’t believe our national government and the federal reserve are that stupid, they are rather that diabolical. The North American Union (of Mexico, Canada and the U.S.) with its Amero curency is just around the corner.

    • Raggs


      You may to read up on George Sorros.

      If you have read anything on him you would know what we are seeing is an intentional devalueing of the dollar…

      George is the string puller for obama…

      • eddie47d

        Raggs; The Koch brothers (founders of Tea Party) are the string pullers for the Republican Party and Tea Party. Boehner,Palin,Rubio and others get their blessings from the Koch’s. Their oil money (100 billion a year) financed the 2010 to a great extent. They put out far more money than Soros in influencing these elections so who is buying whom? So it is hardly just Soros’s ballgame and not by a long shot.Be aware of the big players on all sides for they have all put America on the auction block.

        • JeffH

          fast eddiot, you’re such a parrot and a dolt…you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about but because Soros is in the picture you feel compelled to defend/counter with something you have zero knowledge about.

    • JeffH

      James, I pretty much agree with you…especially your last paragraph.

  • Raggs

    Get ready for inflation!!!!

    Stock up on anything you can, food, gasoline and don’t forget the ammo!

    • LifeonMars

      Raggs, I have shot more people than you have smashed flies. Look at what Leon says about going it alone and believe. You will be shot from behind or the flank. The delemma is the lone wolf. If you form organizations such as the Miltia prior to Waco, the government gets all over you. If you go it alone, you are eaten first. sorry to have to tell you the truth. Sorry. Maybe you can barter the ammo.

  • Leon

    When the fall does come the barter system may be what will work for some of us. The dollar will most likely not work for us for awhile. let’s not scrap it though. George Soroes has collapsed more than one currency. He is more than likely behind this also. Survival is very hard alone. Help those around you and they will make it a little easier. What seems to be around the corner is very different than we are used to. I DON’T LIKE THIS CHANGE.Very soon it will be to late to prepare yourself. Government is not your friend. Where is all the money going anyway?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest R.B.L.

    Az Jack and Jimmy Joe 100% spot on. The basic staples for survival are of utmost importance now. These goons have put us on the path to NWO for a long time,it`s in the final countdown mode.

  • Joey Biden

    Bernanke, Obama and the rest of the crew are “crooks”. Just look at where they came from. They are no better than the crooks who controlled AIG or Lehman. It doesn’t take a Harvard degree to realize that every time you print millions of new dollars they immediatly become devalued. The “let’s throw more money at it” mentality has never worked and never will work. Complete and utter idiots.

    George Soros must die

  • Bob M

    I have a grade school education and only 2 years of colledge, none of it it the area of economics. I can see that pumping bad money into the economy is a bad thing why can’t these super brains in the FED. I can only believe that it is a deliberate attempt to destroy this country due to some sort of hidden agenda, God only knows what that is?

    • Gracie

      Bob M, watch Glenn Beck on Fox and you will find out what’s behind this. He’s also on the radio on many stations.

  • Charles2439

    Sometimes I hate being right! This is a copy of a letter I sent to Senator Helms about the North American Free Trade Agreement. It was more prophetic than i would like

    Dear Senator Helms,

    I am a Senior Engineer for a company that manufactures CAD and CAM systems used by many industries. The apparel industry is the main user of our systems here in North Carolina. Without the apparel industry, many jobs will be lost including mine.
    Moreover, the apparel industry provides thousands of jobs here, and it’s my concern that the North American Free Trade bill will destroy the apparel industry; that means that businesses will shut down and jobs will be lost. I say this because Central American and Mexico have millions of peasants willing to work for a fraction of the pay Americans must make to survive.
    On top of that, these countries have no minimum wage or work standards – not to mention “no” environmental standards or requirements what-so-ever. In other words, workers can be forced to work 18 hours a day seven days a week with no additional compensation for overtime.
    In addition, these countries do not have a minimum work age; they can and will hire children to work long hours in sweatshops for pennies a day. I hear Mrs. Clinton running around telling people that it will give us an outlet to export our products, and it will reduce the price we pay for all goods.
    Sir, this is not true! I have been in Mexico and Central America, and I know that the peasants in those countries do not make enough money to buy anything made in America. They fight over wooden boxes and pallets that they build homes from.
    Furthermore, the claim that we will be able to buy wide screen televisions, as Mrs. Clinton claims, for less than $100.00 is far from the truth. If that does happen, nobody will have a job or be able to buy one regardless of the price. If NAFTA passes, Americans will be forced down to their work and pay standards to compete.
    If NAFTA is approved, illegal goods and drugs will start flowing across the border immediately. In fact, NAFTA will eventually cost us our jobs, and our economic standard of living. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the prospect of loosing my job, and I don’t like the prospect of becoming a peasant who lives off of pennies a day.
    The Clinton Democrats are claiming that we are guilty of protectionism; however I call it common sense, and good judgement. In the long run, we will loose industries, jobs, and most important the tax base those jobs provide. For that reason, I urge you to oppose it. NAFTA will kill our economy, our jobs, our security, and open our borders to the free flow of contraband.

    • Raggs

      How very true Charles, It seems as if nobody in congress or the white house has any insight they only wish to push through their agenda regardless of what We the people tell them… That’s why I beleive what we are seeing is on purpose!!!

      George Sorros and obama have every intention of destroying our currency, I figure that is why obama is prancing off on yet another holiday, trip around the world.. He knows what is about to happen to the US…

  • Patriot

    These people are not like most of us, they are not trying to help the economy. The exact opposite is true, they are trying to make more people dependent on the government once that happens and it is close now, then it will be very difficult to reverse course. I used to think that we were all working together for the betterment of our country. Actions speak volumes, watch these guys very day, stay on alert!

  • 45caliber

    Those who owns the Federal Reserve (the Rothchilds in the Netherlands) gains most of their money by buying and selling money. They have, since about 1940 or even before, floated all the rest of the world’s money against the dollar (probably because they control the source of the dollars and can print all they wish). As a result, they worked to stabilize the dollar and prevent inflation of our currency.

    But now they are floating the dollar against the Euro. So instead of trying to stabalize the dollar and stop its inflation, they are encouraging the inflation since it will result in far more profits for them.

    This is exactly why Ron Paul was trying to get the Federal Reserve audited. He wants us to know exactly how many dollars they have printed and what they are using them for. At present we only know how many dollars they are putting into our economy but we do NOT know how many they have printed to trade for other types of money like the Euro. And basically, that trade is in “free” money for them since the only thing they have to pay for is the printing costs.

    • TIME

      45 Cal
      Think even longer. as in go all the way back to Friday the 13th or whats known as “Black Friday,” thats how long they have contolled the worlds money.
      So thats about 500 plus years, so they know all the in’s and out’s.

      • LifeonMars

        What 45 says about the “how much” has been “printed” and traded for what other currency is noteworhty. I think an audit would be like trying to corner a rat in a grain silo. No matter what move you make he always circles around the trap.

  • Dale on left coast

    The other day I listened to an economist explaining how within 4 to 5 years . . . the interest on the Chinese Debt that we will be paying will TOTALLY Finance the Chinese Military . . . WOW!!!!
    Obummer and his radicals are destroying America . . . wake up folks!!!

  • kilrntex

    All Americans are awake, but on one is doing anything about it except bitching. People need to get involved by E-mailing their congressmen or women and raising hell, demanding a stop to this madness which has gone on too long.
    While we are talking about stimulus money, the drug cartels in Mexico are putting hundreds of Mexicans in business in America. Where I live there are dozens of new businesses going up, new cars and trucks being bought and new houses being built by drug money. These same people buy one months worth of insurance to show the companies they work for and then use illegal help to do the work at reduced rates. They are driving the local businesses out of business and bringing in thousands of illegals to take their place. Our government is doing nothing but help this along by keeping the borders open. Our politicians have sold out for the buck and you and I will foot the bill as we have in the past. Something has to give very soon or we will die as a nation. Write your congressmen and senators and raise hell about all this crap going on! I can see a civil war coming down if we don’t do something soon. Pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    IF they want to destory this republic,its easy to bring these liberal communist neo-coms to their greedy knees,they have out sourced this nations industry,well i wonder what would happen,if this christmas,noone would buy any foreign made products,nothing just spend your money on your families,i am sure that these self serving thieves making billions off shore,because they have usurped this nations jobs would get the point,we can destroy their agenda in a heart beat,by sending the message only american made goods,and if you cant afford american made goods,well the choice is yours,myself i refuse to buy one gift for my 8 grandchildern that is not made in this nation,these morons want to fight dirty,well lets fight them in a way they would not expect,and if these CROOKS continue ,who will be able to buy anything anyway.its a long shot but it may get the point across to these critters overthrowing the liberties and our basic human rights,if that doesnt work,raggs would be right food,guns and ammo,to defend our selfs and our families,since they dont even have the drive or mindset to defend this nations border,we must look at the black truth this collapse was planned long ago by the banking (NWO)boys and girls,that have turned this nation into an international whorehouse,where america has been turned into a slave nation.i hope the tea party canidates hold their ground and do the job to get this nation running right,borderwise,industrial jobs,and repealing all the laws that have abridged the honest law bidding citizens rights to own guns and ammunition without government interdiction in any form,the point is the (FED)is the big machine that will pull the pin on this rothchild made economic bomb and in the end we will only have ourselfs to blame if not prepared,i pray to god and heaven,if the tea party canidates that were elected dont do our wishes,this republic will perish,then what? a police state? or a colony of the( NWO)bunch that caused this mess from both parties.then bye bye everyones liberties and i do mean everyones.even the fools who supported these agendas.

    • Gracie

      I remember that in the 1950′s or early 60′s, my husband and I attended a John Birch Society meeting, where they warned that the very things we’re seeing now would come to pass. The country has been denying it ever since, and now we’re in the midst of it. It’s sort of like an ocean wave, it seems inexorable. Are there any American Patriot Heros out there to step up to the challenge of 2012?

    • LifeonMars

      Yes, the fools are the first to get it like the VC and those idiot monks in Nam when the NVA gained control. Converted them to our way of thinking and a job on a Ms. coast shrimp boat or killed them where they found them.

  • Billy

    The coming collapse is for the history books…that’s all I can say at this time.

  • Big D

    TIME : I wonder what a guy like me is able to do to protect his family when we are usually 2 months away from being homeless . That is to say living week to week on paychecks that must keep coming or mortgage no more . I am not sure I can do much about the dollars I don’t have but I have begun stocking up on food and such . Any suggestions ?

    • TIME

      Hi Big D,

      First off as to 12/21/2012 Everyone ~ PLEASE ~ understand that the Maya did not say the world was coming to an end.
      What is said is its the end of a Cycle – and on the 22nd a NEW cycle will begin.
      With that said Please don’t take my word for this do some reserch and you will find that what I said is true.

      As to will many planets align on 12-21-2012, Yes thats a a fact and it will be something that all you will get to see and it should prove to be “really quite stunning,” and beautiful as are all of God’s natural events.
      Please keep in mind this has happend before and everything was fine.

      Big D, I hope we don’t come down to a total break down here in the USA, but as with everything, we do need to always be ready for the worst, and pray for the best.
      I wouldn’t worrie about Nukes etc..

      As to supplys etc. Yes, I have put away extra dry foods, Military issue meals as well some canned foods and even food seeds, extra asprins, and advils etc, its always a good idea to put away H2 O2 a few gallons its very cheep and as long as its in a cool and dark place will last for years. If needed use and then restock. Also a few gallons of Grain Alcohol its very cheep, this will clean wounds and can be used to relieve pain too when needed, or used to barter.
      A good large pot to boil water and a large strainer as well a smaller strainer, is always a good idea to have on hand. Extra cotton rags to use with the strainers.

      As to other things Meds, have at least 150 days stocked away.
      A med kit with sutures and needles, forcepts, and stainless scissors. A few good scaples. Have a good soild book on how to mend a wound.
      Also any goods your family may need like glass’s and monthly products etc. Soaps too, Firefox books can teach you how to make soaps.

      Look for FIREFOX books at your local Libeary and make photo copys of what you need on preserving foods, field stripping game, growing crops. Also learn about what grows in your area that you can eat that grows wild and naturaly.

      As to weapons,
      #1 A good military grade 12 Gauge shotgun, at least 100 rounds of
      OO buck, as well 100 rounds of O Buck.
      #2, A 9mm hand gun that fits your hand well and you can use with ease, look at Military grade with at least a 12 round or more clip, have at least 10 clips, and 1000 rounds.
      #3, A High Grade Crossbow and at least 100 bolts, learn how to make bolts look into the Foxfire books for this intel.
      Also have two or three extra bands, and tools for any repairs.
      #4, Three good grade knifes, one for hunting and field stripping, one as a Kill knife if needed a double edge is best and with a blade length of 8-12 inches. One to use as a tool for what ever you may need, like a PUMA White hunter, PLUS a stone to keep them all sharpe these can be found at flea markets for cheep money.
      A smaller single hand held axe is also a good thing to have.

      Use the crossbow to hunt local wild life. Use the 9 mm for back up 9 mm as its a universal round and will be easy to find, 380 is not made anylonger so don’t get a 380.

      Use the shotgun for your familys defence, space 1 – OO to 1 -O buck round, this will save your guns barrel and do just as much damage to anyone who would wish to harm your family.

      Cloths; have at least one super warm coat, boots and gloves, a good hat not a baseball cap but a hat with a fat brim that will aid you in keeping the sun off you. Also heavy grade pants etc. Sleeping bags that can handle the area your in. Some form of portable shelter, a Military grade compass and maps of your local area’s topgoraphy.
      If you live in an area that has snow a few extra white sheets will come in handy for camo, or what ever you local area is like a color that will aid you in camo, Rope have at least 100 feet of a good strong rope. Fishing nets, and or lines this will depend on where your at. If you just put away a few items here and there, local Flea Markets you can find good deals on many of these items. Also a military grade pack pack in case you need to move out fast, Look at Army Navy shops to find Rain Ponchos and military grade boots etc.

      The main thing most folks don’t understand is that “TRUST” is very hard to gain let alone to give when a major event comes about, so find a few of your family members and or friends / neighbors who can grasp whats possible and work as a unit to protect your familys.

      I Pray daily that God will aid us in these trying times so we never have to face such, but its always good to be ready as they say, lets hope we never need any of these items but please do keep in mind that we are targets of Radical thinkers who hate us enough to destroy all but a few hundred million people world wide.

      If we die fighting, we die Free just the the Native Americans did, look what happened to the ones who did not fight for their freedom.

      • LifeonMars

        Sorry to break the rhythm. But, bashing the banks for having all the money is a little simple minded. Who put all the money there anyway.

        As for survival, take it from a pro, you do not want to even try. Most people cannot even sleep in a good room on a bed with a few wool blankets when the room drops below 35 degrees F. No wind, nor rain pounding all day long to keep you awake, just a little cold air. And, if the temperature and humidity get high say 95 and 75%. Forget it again you will sweat like a virgin at her first prom. A fan does little good. Why, do I focus on sleep? Because that is what survival is mostly about because if you get out and stir around during the day you will be shot or be seen and tracked back to your “treasures”.

        For a idea of what might be at hand look at the Gulf coast and New Orleans during Katrina. A typical refugee situation as was the case in SE asia whenever we invaded a large city and rained chaos on them. You will most likly be fleeing some bad situation or some bad men with bad armaments who are harassing you by land, sea, and air. Your home will be the ground you are running on. Travel light. Aspirin, water, and especially antibiotics such as Amoxitabs or Keflexan are needed. Personal critical medicines are needed too. Stash all these in you wife’s butt. That is if you have one. Otherwise, go solo.

        Forget hunting for your food. I had associates who resorted to eating small birds. A 22 rifle will do. Actually, a 22 can kill most anything and not make a lot of noise. Get one. Cross bow? No way. You need an army to carry the bolts. Get a good sligshot. Rocks are cheap. A ball bearing will make anyone your friend.

        Forget defending the castle. There is always a bigger army coming. Run, run, run to a neutral area.

        A steel and flint.

        Some heavy plastic sheet for your new home’s roof.

        A reflective foil sheet for trapping your body heat. Two wool blankets.

        A small metal pan. A plastic bowl.

        Dental floss and a sewing needle.

        All the luck you can get.

  • Sam in Cal

    Not a sane man in this country will invest in anything till that thing is out out out,and his pirate style policies repealed.If we do invest it’s only a shortcut to the toilet with our money. Pray for a return of sanity in all gov’t.


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