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Fearmongers Past And Present

April 4, 2012 by  

Fearmongers Past And Present
The 1952 film "Duck and Cover" taught schoolchildren to duck and cover themselves if an atomic bomb exploded.

“It’s a lousy war, kid… but it’s the only one we’ve got.”
–James Cagney as Capt. Flagg in “What Price Glory”

In the 1986 remake of the movie “The Fly,” Geena Davis’ character, Veronica Quaife, said to Jeff Goldblum’s character, Seth Brundle: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” For half a century, that is exactly what the ruling elite have been telling ordinary people like you and me.

I am dating myself on this, but I can still remember our “Duck and Cover” drills in grade school. One day, my older brother told me it was a waste of time; no amount of ducking would save me from an atomic bomb. From that moment on, I spent lots of nights worrying about the end of the world.

That was just the way our leaders wanted it. Even today, the Federal government sells fear the way Madison Avenue sells soap.

While expensive, the Cold War certainly had its advantages. Best of all, it kept everyone on edge and got us to trust in our government. After all, the government was all that stood between us and the enemy. And we all knew who the enemy was. We even knew the enemy’s plan: world domination. Nobody objected to an absolute truth: Billions of dollars had to be spent each and every year to stop the godless Red Menace.

Just how big of a threat were the Communists? Looking back, it seems they were not the warmonger heathens our leaders told us they were.

In the late 1950s, the neocons were scaring the Nation about Soviet first-strike capabilities. President Dwight D. Eisenhower knew better because of top secret U-2 flights.

Yet people like Edward Teller, known as “the father of the hydrogen bomb,” were spreading fears of America’s imminent destruction. It reached a fever pitch in the autumn of 1957 when the Soviets launched Sputnik. Teller decried the challenge from the satellite that was about the size of a beach ball as defeat worse than Pearl Harbor.

Mainstream newspapers began to report that the United States was in a dire situation. In an editorial on Nov. 10, 1957, The New York Times indicated it hoped the United States would return to “a race that is not so much a race for arms or even prestige, but a race for survival.” On Dec. 20, 1957, The Washington Post ran a front-page story with the headline “Enormous Arms Outlay Is Held Vital To Survival.”

Politicians jumped on the story. Presidential hopeful John Fife Symington Jr. argued that the Soviets would soon have at their disposal 3,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that could wipe the United States off the map.

Within months, U-2 flights revealed the truth to Eisenhower; the Soviet ICBM force consisted of exactly four missiles and two launch pads. (If you want to check the facts on just how weak the Soviets really were in the 1950s and 1960s, I recommend the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy, by David E. Hoffman.)

After Sputnik launched, there was no stopping American neocons, writes Stephen Glain in State vs. Defense: The Battle To Define America’s Empire:

Eisenhower successfully challenged the military industrial complex and he had the courage to expose it as a threat to republican democracy. But he could not shut it down. Even in his time, it had grown too large and feathered too many political and corporate nests for one man, even a great one, to dissolve.

Until the downfall of the Soviet Union, the Cold War kept American defense spending at a fever pitch. It was later learned when sealed Kremlin documents were released that the Soviets were fighting a defensive struggle and that the two world wars had decimated their population and their economy. As far back as Joseph Stalin’s time, the Soviets understood they could not win a nuclear showdown with the United States.

American neocons probably didn’t understand that while the Cold War was being waged. But one has to wonder whether they would have allowed a President or Congress to curtail defense expenditures had they known.

Neoconservatives have managed to increase defense spending over the past 20 years even though the Soviet Union no longer exists and what remains — Russia — is having a difficult time keeping its economy above water.  Regardless, our government does not want us to feel safe.

With the exception of Ron Paul, the remaining contenders for the GOP Presidential nomination have said they will increase defense expenditures.

Despite America’s record deficit, the Federal government has proposed $851 billion in military spending next year. America already has the best submarines, fighter jets, strategic bombers and missile systems. But the neocons tell us that these are dangerous times made all the more so because we don’t exactly know who we might face.

It is too bad that a now-bankrupt Nation didn’t heed the warning Eisenhower gave when he left office:

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence–economic, political, even spiritual–is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

Eisenhower couldn’t stop the fearmongers who control so much of our society. Nor has any President since been able to stop them. The cabal puts us on constant alert and makes us build swords rather than plowshares. And here is the kicker: We do it with money lent to us by the principle enemy we stand against.

Few people seem to understand the idiocy of owing almost $1 trillion to China to upgrade our armed forces so we will be prepared to fight China.

I have news for the neocons: China doesn’t need state of-the-art aircraft carriers and submarines. It just needs to throw a few hundred billion dollars of its U.S. Treasuries onto the open market. That would make the Crash of 2008 seem like a slight downtick.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Flashy

    Wow…an attack on the GOP and neocons by Personal Liberty …. now I have seen and read everything.

    • Libertytrain

      flashy/flashman et al, once again proves he rarely actually reads the articles.

      • s c

        Libertytrain, ‘f’ has a terrible time reading anything beyond Das Kapital for Dumazzz Dick und Jane. Did you see the comment about too far left? ‘F’ is so brain-addled that he doesn’t know where HE is, let alone conservatives.
        Ever since sputnik [1957], America has been on a downhill race to be dumbed-down via a third-rate “education” system. It is the main source of how we got where we are, and ‘f’ is living proof that Amerikan public education has been a prime tool in making America a mental wasteland (all 57 states, as the Putzoid Pretender-in-Cheef might say).

      • Libertytrain

        flash is one of those characters where the lights are sometimes on but there’s no one home up there….

      • Tom W.

        Flushduche just proves what a know nothing blow hard he is here today! Bill Kristol is the leader of this bunch of American Imperialists known as neocons, these are the same folks who hold to the belief that might is right and if there’s anything that we need in any other place in the world, we got the money and the manpower, we’ll just go and take it! I thought Mr. Meyer’s attack was a just one against the ideology that causes the rest of the world to hate us!!! Excellent piece John!

      • DaveH

        Most of us know, Libertytrain, that Flashman is just here to disrupt the board with his inane Propaganda.

      • Libertytrain

        apparently that is his job…his only job -

      • oh oh

        Progressive statists come in multiple flavors, all of which are destructive to individual liberty and the rule of law. Whether it’s progressive liberal welfare or progressive RINO warfare, PL has never failed to call them out for the dangers they are.

      • Wyatt

        Hmm, Flashy can read ? Amazing ! Well he may read but I am quite certain he does not comprehend . Like our alleged president , without his teleprompter (in his case the liberal news commentator) he would be clueless .

      • GALT

        Mr Myers, isn’t fear mongering, about fear mongering, fear mongering?

        If owing 1 trillion to China is questionable or idiotic, and a few hundred billion in U.S.
        treasuries unleashed on the open ( does this mean free? ) market is potentially more
        catastrophic than the 2008 crash, what kind of danger does the 791 trillion of unregulated
        derivatives created by the free market and whose value will be solely determined by it,

        It does seem a little bit strange to be concerned about what a few hundred billion can do
        and comparing it to a crash that was caused by trillions in derivatives, whose effects have yet to be resolved, and the existence of 791 trillion more of these just lurking out there,
        don’t you think?

        Now this is not to say that, U.S. Defense spending at current levels is not a matter of
        concern, and it has little to do with any real threat to average citizens……because with the exception of the russian nuclear arsenal ( which they did eventually achieve, not doubt as a result of fear mongering about the threat we posed? ) there are no serious military threats to the U.S…….what seems to be missing is the identification of the beneficiaries of these policies?

        We have the best government money can buy……and what I am certain of is……I am NOT
        an owner…… you happen to know any?

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “what kind of danger does the 791 trillion of unregulated
        derivatives created by the free market and whose value will be solely determined by it,
        Unregulated? Nothing financial is Unregulated these days. And last I heard, Galt, the derivatives market participants are voluntary participants. If derivatives are a danger, they’re a danger only to those who participate in them. Why does that concern you?
        Here is a good treatise of derivatives by people I trust:

        • RichE

          {snip} “Nothing financial is Unregulated these days.”


          Your ignorance astounds me. Granted, they may all be regulated, but the regulations aren’t enforced, followed, and/or they are lobbied and reduced.

      • DaveH

        RichE says — “Your ignorance astounds me. Granted, they may all be regulated, but the regulations aren’t enforced, followed, and/or they are lobbied and reduced”.
        What, a Liberal is personally attacking me? How unusual.
        When you tell somebody they’re wrong, Ignoramus, you are expected to offer some kind of proof other than your own ignorant statement. Obviously you didn’t even read the article I posted before you shot off your Ignorant Liberal mouth, Rich.

      • DaveH

        Read this book and become the first Liberal on your block with half-a-brain. If Rich is on your block, you won’t even have to read the book:

      • DaveH

        And if you’ll read this book, RichE, you’ll learn the reality that most regulations are meant to benefit certain Crony Capitalists and protect them from competition. In Fact, the majority of regulations are written by, or with the help of the very people who they’re supposed to protect us from:

        Of course RichE won’t read the book, because he will be afraid to learn what an Ignorant Liberal that he’s been.

      • GALT

        For DavidH. Sir it is really not necessary to post a link when all you had to do, and still can
        do is identify the entities which are responsible for the regulation of the derivatives market? Did you forget that the repeal of Glass Steagal ended whatever regulation existed? That Dodd Frank, does not regulate this market, and because it is unfunded,
        essentially regulates nothing?

        Also, or even more interest to me, since I have a thirst for knowledge, and you are appear to be a potential fountain waiting to spout…………..please identify the crony capitalists
        you allude too……..also your definition of liberal, and in what sense you believe it applies to me? Please, no links……just that which actually resides in the mind of DavidH. that you will be capable of defending as your own thoughts?

      • Tom W.

        That was the ole’ Ali rope-a-dope there DaveH! Man, when you came off them ropes swingin’, LOOK OUT!!! Your footwork had ‘em mezmerized DaveH!

      • anonymous

        @sc he said 57 states visited and one to go so he thinks there are 58 states

    • Karolyn

      Flashy – This is not the first time. PL does not generally support republicans and neocons.

      • Flashy

        too far left I guess …

      • Tom W.

        Flushduche, you might as well go back to bed son, You’re going to get brutalized today!!!

      • Average Joe

        Me thinks Flushy had an extra large bowl of stupid this morning…as evidenced by his comments on this thread as well as other threads here today.
        On another note, I believe it is time to start worrying folks…DHS is no longer playing games:

        “Now remember, things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.” – The Outlaw Josey Wales

        These words of the Outlaw Josey Wales, given life by Clint Eastwood, should be engraved on a huge sign in the offices of the Republican Party. Or somewhere. Anywhere that there might be a gathering of folks ready to fight for our country.

        Keep your powder dry and the iron hot, we’re going to need them!

      • Tom W.

        Hey Average Joe, I saw a box of stupid on the cereal shelf at the supermarket, guess who’s picture was on the box!!! LOL! You’re so right AJ, it’s PAST time to get ready for the storm!!!

        Spoken like a TRUE prophet!!!

    • DaveH

      PL has been warning about Neocons, Progressives, and Big Government in general since their inception, Flashman. And you know it. It’s Zealots like yourself that constantly make it a Party issue.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Hat is off to PL for doing that too !!!

    • Ted Crawford

      Nothing unexpected here Flashy! Just another in a very long line of Campaign Adds for Dr. Paul!

      • Rhonda Reichel

        NO….it’s just FACTS

      • DaveH

        Another Ron Paul attack from a guy who thinks he’s a conservative, but in reality is just another kind of Progressive.

    • hipshotpercusion

      you are afew bricks shy of a full load, S F Brains.

    • Mike in MI

      OH now, FLUSHY, FLUshy, flushy –
      Are you REALLY, really surprized at the cavortings of your bosses at the Elitist’s Institute of Insane World-domination? I mean, really, anyone so willfuly blind…such a willful spoiled brat…as yourself ought to be able to see in a second any move – by anyone – to defile your personal welfare in any way. But…, mebee not. Some willful spoiled brats suffer from tunnel vision.
      I expect you have forgotten something I posted in these spaces a while ago. But I hope you will consider the ramifications for yourself of that entry and current POTUS’ tantrums.
      In my posting I stated I expected that at some time soon our POTUS-in-POTTY-TRAINING would begin making some really obscene public statements. Well, He’s done it (“He’s” capitalized on purpose.).
      In taking His current position in regard to the SCOTUS and the trial of Obamacare He has made noises that make me cringe (You?). Have you ever heard of the concept “The Divine Right of Kings”. His threatenings, disputings and mis-statements aimed at The Court system in its entirety in this nation show again His disdain for the United States of America. They show He can not stand and will not submit to any human constraint. He s asserting the ancient Divine Right of Kings as His basis for ruling us – his subjects…including YOU.
      So, either He is god…or a hermetically sealed sociopath.

      • Katrael

        Mike in MI. Let’s fight fire with fire. We were all born to be kings and our ancestors understood this. It’s possible that Obama may win his prize of becoming the first permanent dictator of this country but, he can’t do it until we all lay down and quit as kings. We all have a right to fight for our domains by any means that we think is appropriate.

      • Tom W.

        Guys, guys! Where’s the love man?!!

    • walt inseattle

      This may be the bigest untruth of the week on the i-net. you, read anything but the t.v. schedule? Probably need help on that.

    • Warrior

      Thank goodness we have the “united nations” to ensure the peace.

      • Tom W.

        Thank you Warrior! What a relief!! Whew!!!

    • RichE

      Well DaveH, I guess you are that unaware.
      Re: Birthers; You are unaware I don’t have to provide facts. The Birthers are the ones bringing up the issue. The provide the facts and I defend. The Birthers say Obama isn’t a ‘natural born citizen’. I asked for the legal definition of ‘natural born citizen’ and have not received it and no, I don’t have to produce it. Again, I’m not the one making the accusations. Without a legan definition, I’m assuming Birthers are making their case on their opinion of ‘natural born citizen’. They need to base their objections on the legal definition otherwise it’s nothing but noise.

      Re: Nothing financial is Unregulated these days . Since everyone I know knows, I was under the impression it was common knowledge that everyone knew about the Mortgage Backed CDO fraud an example of ignoring regulations, changing regulations, and no regulations.

    • Ranger

      Actually, there’s a good possibility that the use of fear as a tactic, particularly by right-wing fear-mongers like Karl Rove, may be rooted in the physiology of our brains. Research out of University College London in 2010, repeated at the University of Iowa in a much larger study, has shown that those who identify as Conservatives have a much larger (by 20-30%) amygdala (an almond-shaped and sized ganglion in the anterior of the temporal lobes of the brain) than those who identify as Liberals. The function of the amygdala? To process FEAR information. Now, while this might be a possible advantage in initiating the important “fight or flight” reflex, it could also explain why every 4 years, in the Presidential election, regardless of the truly important issues (like jobs, the economy, etc.), ‘ol Karl and his Merry Band will trot out FEAR issues! Be afraid, be VERY afraid, of Al Qaida, Muslims, minorities, illegal immigrants, gays, same-sex marriage, etc., pretty much anything or anyone NOT LIKE YOU. This year, be especially afraid of a BLACK U.S. President, who is actually a “foreign”, “closet muslim”, and on it goes. I mean, how else to explain the fact that roughly half our voting population will vote for the Republican, and about half for the Democrat candidate. Now, it’s understandable that 1% would vote for the Republican, because those are the Billionaires and Mega Millionaires who will benefit from GOP policies, but what about the other roughly 49% who are clearly voting in their own worst interest??!! An interesting adjunct to the observation of larger amygdala’s in Conservatives was the fact that the anterior cingulate cortex (which kind of wraps around the corpus callosum, the bundle of neurons that joins the 2 hemispheres of the brain) – which ACC is the part of the brain thought to be responsible for impulses like courage and optimism – was found to be smaller in conservatives as well. Which could explain a great deal!!!! Seriously, wouldn’t it be cool if additional research proves that political philosophy is mainly driven by brain anatomy and physiology? The obvious follow-up question would be – a result of Nature or Nurture?????

    • Erik

      Yor kidding……Right?

      • Ranger


        Actually, as a scientist, I NEVER kid about this kind of information, speculative as it may be! Please, don’t take my word for it; look it up for yourself. Try Googling “amygdala conservative”, and I’m sure you”l find vast numbers of references to the research, including a report on Fox News.

  • freedom

    Dwight D. Eisenhower issued two warnings in his farewell address. I wonder why the main stream media never discusses the second warning. For the lazy, here it is

    “Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed
    by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same
    fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas
    and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of
    research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract
    becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old
    blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

    The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment,
    project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely
    to be regarded.

    Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should,
    we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy
    could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

    • Tom W.

      “We have guided missiles and misguided men!” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

      Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)
      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

      The one point I would argue with Mr. Meyer is that it was not a contribed fear. I still remember the days following the Cuban missile Crisis and how those drills became weekly. We had no idea what would happen if WWIII was to erupt! Looking back, would we have dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had we have known what utter, toxic, unhuman destruction it was going to cause?!! I don’t think Bill Kristol and his ilk would give it a second thought, heartless ba$tards!!! I don’t think even our most educated minds really understood what demonic influenced destruction we were getting ready to release! It broke Albert Einstein’s heart that his discovery was used to destroy rather than to advance!!! Some things would be better off if man would just leave them up to God!!! It was a real fear John and I truly believe that it was felt by ALL! A fear of the UNKNOWN, mankind’s worst!!!

      • Hey You

        An important point, Tom. You observe that the verbal “warriors” like Kristol are “heartless bastards”. More correctly, they are brainless bastards. Specifically, 4 people of 100 do not have consciences. That is, 4% of the people are psychopaths or, at best, sociopaths.

        Until this is generally recognized, there will be such people eagerly getting into positions of power, where they can screw the rest of us in their thirst for personal glory. Something like roaches; they don’t eat much, but when in food storage areas, they sure spoil what’s left.

      • eddie47d

        I agree with you on this one Tom W.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        We shouldn’t have dropped the atom bombs….Japan was ready to surrender, they were beaten and the emperor knew it….they just wanted assurances that their emperor wouldn’t be deposed….which we didn’t do anyway. So what was the point?

        It was a tragic senseless waste of human life….a shining example of what the article is saying.

        Another interesting thing we did before they bombed Pearl Harbor was impose sanctions so harsh they really didn’t have much choice but to attack….like we are doing to Iran now.

        I also read that we intercepted messages of the plan to bomb Pearl Harbor 12 days before it happened but it was kept secret so we could enter the war.

        Sound familiar?

    • DaveH

      In times past, The Leaders used Religion to keep their people in line. Now the prevalent method is Propaganda, spread largely by Government bought-and-paid-for scientists, educators, Crony Capitalists, Crony Media, and other such entities that are beholden to Big Government.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        It is still religion that is used to keep people in line. It is the religion of Humanism and the ever evolving path to godhood of man.
        Isn’t that what was promised to Adam and Eve by the Devil the Philanthropist of Eden.

      • Mike in MI

        Nadzieja – HUZZAH, HUZZAH, HUZZAH, perfectly stated!!!

      • walt inseattle

        Nadj, you reveal the issue: guns don’t kill people, religions kill people. By your ignorance of the diversity of “secularism”/deism you show why it is impossibnle to form coallitions against real dangers, why we fear even more Sharia/Spanish Inquisition etcetcetc even in the U.S. of A. even by our own citizens. We still remember the KKK!

        “which side are you on?”

      • Mike in MI

        Walt i.S. –
        “Secularism” is about the stupidest concept in the whole Universe of philosophical madness.
        Man (“Men”) will never have the mental capacity to keep track of everything and everyone that must be comprehended to make and keep the world peaceful and satisfied. Requires Omniscience.
        Man (“Men”) will never have the ability to energetically, effectually and purposefully make what needs to be done, happen to order and control everything for the benefit of all. Requires Omnipotence.
        No system that consists of beings who refuse to submit themselves out of love, by their own volition, to one single leader, under God, can ever proceed (never has) very far in history. Requires love – a kind of love God Alone can give.
        No secularist ever asks God for anything. People don’t get much from God without asking for – and knowing – what is there to be given.

      • Tom W.

        Quite eloquently I might add Nadz! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • Karolyn

    I remember, as a child, looking up into the nigh sky and watching the planes’ lights, fearing that they were comin to bomb us. However, I do not remember feeling fearful as I got older. In my “old age”, is the first time in my life that I have felt the worldwide fear that is being spread every day by the internet. I counter that with my basic belief that, really, nothing in this world is real, and it’s all a fleeting moment in time and space. When things are put into proper perspective, it lessens my self-centered fears. I am, after all, just a speck in a vast universe.

    • Robert Smith

      Hi Karolyn,

      I remember looking up and having my father point out Echo. I knew nothing of politics, fear of the Russians, or the end of the world. I was simply amazed.

      Today I look up and see the space station every so often. I’m still amazed.


    • peter

      Be grateful that in your “old age” you at least managed to become wiser, a characteristic that most will never achieve as conscientious thought is irrelevant to them . I really like the way you put it Karolyn. Wisdom brings understanding, understanding brings humility, humility brings gratitude and gratitude brings consideration and conscientous thought and finally peace, all traits which appear to be conspicuously absent in far too many of the inhabitants of our planet.

    • Tom W.

      Your attitude is the same one shared by Neville Chamberlaine and most of thr Brits prior to WWII Karolyn!!! You’d better get your head outta you a$$ and GET READY!!! IT’S COMIN”! I’ve got a five that ‘ill get ya a twenty that y’all will be the first to whine, “How come nobody tried to warn us?!!” WAKE UP!!! You don’t hear the rattling of the sabres?!!

      • DaveH

        Wars are created by Leaders and their Crony Capitalists to preserve or enrich their fortunes at the expense of the health and lives of the used soldiers and the wealth of the rest of the citizens. To rally the citizens behind their personal causes, they’ve used fear-mongering and false-flag events:

        So of us has woken up. Some of us haven’t.

      • DaveH

        A recent example is the 9/11 event. It was perpetrated (supposedly) by terrorists who were almost all from Saudi Arabia. Did we do anything to make Saudi Arabia pay? Of course not, because it’s all Political.

      • Mike in MI

        Tom W. –
        Me thinks ya gote i’ righ’, Bucko.
        Oblama-lama-ding-dong and his wholesalers have little or no reason to give the ship over to the crew again at this latitude/longitude and position in their Universal order-of-events. If they can shanghai the U.S.A. the rest of the world goes down without much of a fight.
        Then they hand it all over to their god – The Devil.
        That Old Snake has been trying since Adam to get control of it all. Humanism is his religion and the Communist Manifesto is his social-economic organization plan.
        To all you Rino/Dem/Lib/Progressives and any other God-haters out there I hope you like The Devil’s version of Utopia – ’cause it looks like you’ll soon get a taste of what you’ve been wanting – no more Christians around makin’ your self-condemnation itch. (Satan is going to get rid of every vestige of and representation of anything to do with Jsus Christ.)
        There. Happy now?


      I remember when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but that pales today compared to my fear of what our politicians are doing to American citizens and our economy.

    • DaveH
      • Average Joe

        Nice, made my day, Thanx! ;)

    • eddie47d

      I’ll have to agree with Karolyn on this one . That was an interesting anti-war video Tom W. so maybe you are confused with which side we should all be on. There is a difference in having a strong defense and having over capabilities which the NWO (and our Congress) uses us to drag our country into more conflicts.

      • walt inseattle

        oh so true. We Should have defense. It Should start with a dedicated STATE MILITIA, under the governor, bacvked up by and backing up the Sherriffs of each county. It Should be completely INDEPENDENT of the National Guard.
        So much for Should.

        We DO have the infrastructure for a NWO putch, and are , as recently described, a situation “this far from a turnkey totalitarian state” (fmr NSA bigshot)

    • Katrael

      Karolyn, I was born in the early fifties and got in on the tail end of the “bomb scare”. I remember the air raid sirens and the shelters scattered throughout the city that you could go to and I remember duck and cover. Unlike you, I was never afraid of the atom bomb per se because the concept of total annihilation was just beyond my comprehension but I did have this feeling that everything might just be futile; that there was little reason to get excited about life because it may all go up in a flash. Well, I didn’t like that feeling then and I still don’t.
      Now I get this feeling like someone wants to make us slaves with no free will of our own. This makes me angry and it makes me want to fight. We all need to fight in any way that we can.

  • ken1lutheran

    In the late 50′s the neocons…

    That sentence by itself discredits the entire argument as a screed devoid of facts. There WERE no “neocons” in the late 1950′s. The neoconservative movement developed in the late 1960′s as a reaction to the college radical movement. University professors, former liberals, were outraged at the misconduct of the New Left, and began to question their own previous liberal views; the best-known were Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz, both of whose sons are today the leading neoconservative figures.

    Do you seriously deny that Communists in the 1950′s and 1960′s had a goal of making the whole world Communist and that they sent people like Che Guevara into one country after another to stir up revolution? This is some serious revisionism, and it’s disgusting to see it coming from the Right.

    • Flashy

      just out of curiousity…you mentioned Che’ Guevara. OK… please tell us what democratic government did Che’ foment revolution against?

      • ken1lutheran

        Do you think there was ANY other government in Latin America to which Castro’s Cuba was preferable? I can think of only one worse government in the western hemisphere–Duvalier’s Haiti. Castro and Che were certainly far worse than Batista in Cuba; Batista actually released Castro when they’d captured him, but Castro had his enemies shot in the baseball stadium. If Batista had been as bad as Castro, Castro wouldn’t have lived to overthrow him. I’m not going to get into a country-by-country debate about their governments, because no, most of them weren’t particularly democratic, and many were ruled by military juntas. But that’s not the point. The point is that the Communists WERE attempting to spread Communism world-wide; and they’ve succeeded in making most American universities today bastions of Communism, even after the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

      • Dirt,23track

        I fail to find the phrase ” Democratic Government ” anywhere in the post Flashy.

      • DaveH

        What “Democratic” Government did Che represent?

    • Robert Phariss

      When asked if Russia was willing to face a nuclear confrontation with the US, former Soviet premier Nikita Kruschev replied that it would not be necessary. “We will destroy America from within.” People like you are the proof in the pudding, seems he was right.

      • frank marks

        robert you have your belifes i have mine yhou exceept me i except you afterall we are all connected in the one group known as humanity.. AND WE LIVE IN THE SAME SHIP CALLED EARTH RELAX AND ENJOY THE SAIL..

      • ken1lutheran

        people like me are the proof of the pudding? Why? Because I know that the Soviet Union attempted to spread communism throughout the world, usually through proxies like Cuba and North Vietnam? You probably think that Alger Hiss was a poor mistreated patriot.

    • Vigilant

      “The term “neoconservative” was initially used in the 1930s to describe American liberals who criticized other liberals who followed a path closer to Soviet communism.

      Source: Wikipedia


      Have you noticed how Obama is sending Sharpton, Jackson, Waters, and all of the black agitators out to stir up racial dissension in our country. I fear his ulterior motive.

      • Michael

        Dude, you are suffering from paranoid delusions…. Obama is not sending anyone to protest the murder of Martin. If you really think that then you should go see a psychologist because you are not well.

    • DaveH

      Do you deny, Ken, that certain wealthy industrialists and their Crony Politicians would like to establish a One-World Government?

  • Keith J. Trawick

    YOU are the fear monger.

    • Robert Smith

      The ultimate fear mongering movie of them all: “Reefer Madness”


      • Art Bowie

        So, we don’t have a big drug problem in this country and the government isn’t spending big bucks fighting it?

      • Flashy

        Art…that would be correct.

        The “War on Drugs’ has too much money being made by those who “fight” the “War”. There’s more money being spent on fighting the “war” than on the drug market itself. Can’t back out now eh?

      • restorefreedom

        You are so right this drug war is such a scam for the prison industrial complex. This country is a joke to it’s citizens and the rest of the world. The war on terrorism is a conspiracy, our food sources are being taken over by GMO’s, our economy is run by banksters. Is anything about our country real and true besides Ron Paul?

      • DaveH

        Read this. You are a victim of Big Government Propaganda:

      • Karolyn

        OMG! The ultimate propaganda movie ever made! I can picture the guy in the movie with that crazed maniacal look on his face. Too, too funny!

  • Chester

    Seems funny that he reports one thing from U-2 images, while something altogether different was actually shown back in the eighties. Russia had a rather high number of launch sites, like ours, buried where they didn’t show all that well, even to satellite photography. He might want to see how many of OUR buried launch sites are actually visible, even when you KNOW where they are.

  • frank marks

    this elite group is aware of the changes in this world and in humanity.. they attempt to keep this knowledge and wisdom to themselves so as to control us the folks of the world. and to guarranty their own standing and thus become the new ancient greece olympian gods.. to hide away on some safe island or mountian and to rule us folks from afar.. like the olympian gods of our past.. what they donot know is that like with the original greece gods of olympia THEY will destroy themselves from within.. they are the conniveing competitive personalities that do not understand the true evolution of humanity to a maturity level of angelhood the next level above adulthood.. these guys the elite are stuck in adolesence and some in adulthood a level where they think of only themselves AND WORK TO OBTAIN ALL THEY CAN AT THE EXPENSE OF US FOLK THEY WILL FIND THEMSELVES RULING A CEMENTARY INSTEAD of A PARIDISE.. ANGELHOOD IS WHERE WE LIFT THE WORLD AROUND US AND THUS LIFT OURSELVES.. ADULTHOOD IS WHERE WE LIFT OURSELVES AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS AND ADOLESENCE IS WHERE WE DO WHATEVER WE WANT AND EXPECT OTHERS TO PAY THE BILLS….. BEFORE WORLD GOVT OR WORLD PEACE CAN BE HOPED FOR WE MUST LIFT HUMANITY AS A WHOLE TO THE LEVEL OF ANGELHOOD..

  • martin

    The first sentence in this article had me looking for the “unsubscribe” button. Any modern day writer using the word “neocon” immediately loses any virtue of fair or unbiased information.

    • Michael

      “Neocon” is the perfect descriptor for the bastardization of the Republican Party by the new coalition of plutocrats, social reactionaries, racists, bigots and the truly dumb. I’ve been a Republican for 40+ years and I have seen this party change into something small and evil.

      • Flashy

        Pres. Obama was correct when he observed Reagan wouldn’t win a primary these days

      • bob jones

        Michael, and as you have seen in their “anybody but Ron Paul” primary season, they are now also completely and entirely corrupt. Between all of the lost ballots, lost phantom trucks carrying ballots, gentlemen’s agreements to results because they did not want to count certain precincts, cancelling of precinct elections due to a dusting of snow, embarrassing resignations of at least three GOP state party chairmen due to massive voter fraud in their respective state’s primary, secret vote counting sights, the complete ignoring of Paul despite the huge and enthusiastic crowds he draws everywhere he goes, Paul finishing third in many primaries where the exit polling showed him comfortably ahead and Newt Gingrich winning South Carolina in a landslide despite the fact that he had to cancel speaking engagements and rallys due to a complete lack of interest.Not exactly the kind of support you would expect for someone who would win in a landslide. Let’s also not forget the wonderful governor of Iowa telling his state before their caucus that a vote for Ron Paul was a wasted vote and then coming out recently saying he was still neutral and hadn’t picked a GOP candidate yet, funny way to act neutral.Then we get the one person who enabled us to hold our nose and vote Republican in 2008, Sarah Palin, come out and endorse Romney, the author of Obamacare and as far from a conservative as you can get. There went her credibility, just another obviously phony RINO. It is painfully obvious that a real conservative is not welcome in the GOP anymore and the ones who were conservative when elected have been marginalized or corrupted. It is Ron Paul for me in 2012 or nobody, I will not vote for another socialist light party candidate like McCain or Bush again. Ron Paul 2012.

      • DaveH

        Actually, Michael, if you will read this book, you will see that the Republicans have been corrupt since their inception:
        The Democrats were actually the most Principled party until the Progressive Era (late 19th century, early 20th century).
        Now they’re both oriented towards Big Government and the benefits that brings to the Leaders and their Crony Capitalists.

      • DaveH

        Here’s another enlightening book (and it’s free thanks to Mises Institute):

      • Libertytrain

        flashy – it’s probably cause obama recognizes he is dead. If living he might win a primary.

      • DaveH

        The Progressive Era:

    • TML

      Why would you think a modern day writer loses credibility in regard to bias, merely by using that term? Neoconservative is a legitimate term as far as I can see. Puzzling

  • Vigilant

    Mr. Myers says, “Few people seem to understand the idiocy of owing almost $1 trillion to China to upgrade our armed forces so we will be prepared to fight China.”

    Depends on your perspective. Some would call that a stroke of genius.

    If the balloon goes up, all financial bets are off, aren’t they? Debt cancelled.

    • BigBadJohn

      You are missing the point. In order to fight China, we would have to borrow from China.

      Unless you like the idea of the government seizing your assets and conscripting your children. Personally I would rather see military spending cut before that happened.

      • DaveH

        No, John, they’ll just do what they’ve always done to finance the wars — Print more Fiat money and rob the citizens of their wealth.

      • Vigilant

        “You are missing the point. In order to fight China, we would have to borrow from China.”

        DUH, John, it’s called borrowing money you don’t have to pay back. Do you get it now?
        (what a maroon!)

  • jimmy the greek

    My girl friend is from the old USSR and we were talking about the sixties and the drills in school and there government would tell them the Americans were going to nuke them and start a war , just like our government was telling us the same thing about them .

  • Michael

    Partially true but at the end you throw in a bit of fear mongering of your own – that China could dump securities. Not going to happen! China’s economic existence is totally dependent on the US consumer. While the communist leaders hate our freedom they completely understand that their existence is tied to American prosperity.

    Also, the premise that “the government” wants us to be afraid is largely untrue. There are parts of the government that are truely paranoid and thrive on making others fearful and parts of the government that are war profiteers that want us to be afraid to keep the big bucks flowing but it is an unwarranted stretch of the truth to say “the government” in its entirety want us to be afraid.

    • BigBadJohn

      A Chinese general wrote a book about how to bring about the fall of the USA without firing a shot. Buy up US debt in the form of tbills and then at the right time flood the market with those tbills, which would bankrupt the USA. Would this cause a problem in China – sure – but much more temporary than in the USA and it would buy China the world lead.

      Do you think that is a Possibility?

      • Michael

        It is a possibility only if China’s leaders were suicidal which they have shown virtually no signs of being. Generals are paid to come up with winning war strategies but the political leaders are the ones that act in China and they are not going to kill their country. As another commenter wrote we can just tell China, “sorry, we aren’t paying” if they present those securities. At that point the US would have to learn to live within its means and China would go bankrupt. It would be painful but untimately we would probably be better off.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        To Michael. Chinese leaders would not think it is suicide if they needed to get rid of a certain percentage of their population.
        Don’t assume that they think the way we Americans think.

    • DaveH

      I doubt seriously that the Chinese Leaders hate our Freedom (or the illusion of it). They, like our Leaders, are in it for themselves, and if anything they probably get a chuckle out of the fact that so many Americans think they’re Free, while 42% of their money is taken by Big Government, and doors are being broken down by military-style (more like Nazis) raiders.
      And the premise that Government wants us to be afraid is VERY true. That’s how they rally the people behind their senseless wars, including the Drug Wars. That’s how they rally the people behind wasteful Alternative Energies (think Global Warming, Oil Depletion, Fear of Oil Spills, etc.). Remember the Ozone Fear Mongering? Turns out that Dupont’s patent for Freon was running out about that same time:
      The Leaders and their Wealthy Cronies are making fools out of the rest of us.
      Without Fear Mongering by Government, most of the useless and expensive and Unconstitutional agencies like the DEA, DOE (both of them), FCC, FDA, and many others would never have been allowed by the people to exist.

  • Sirian

    Good article but there is one short period of time that was either forgotten or was thought that it wouldn’t fit into the main theme – The Cuban Missile Crisis. That did present a very close call of there actually being a nuclear war taking place. I was but a kid at the time but still, it did happen and very much could’ve gone bad for everyone. That period was burned into my mind and will never be forgotten about. The political/ideological head butting that took place quietly behind the scenes at that time was about all that kept us from being, using one of Myers words – “decimated” by the flip of a switch or the press of a button by some idiot in Cuba. Things are truly worth be afraid when you reach DEFCON-2. This may be argued one way or the other but still it did happen. Eisenhower was right – absolutely right – about the MID, Military Industrial Complex. There is no way of denying that – none! Even if it had grown out of proportion by then, it has reached a point that it is totally out of control now. Yet it is still noteworthy to specify that there did exist a very shaky period of time that did come about and if it weren’t for the same a very bright, then dark day may have come about. As of today though, yes, the financial choke hold China has on us was created by the idiots in Washington. It sure as hell doesn’t take much to see it – uh, Walmart?! Oh how the political spectrum of our country has been so wise.

    • DaveH

      Have our missiles in Europe pointed at Russia caused a Nuclear War?

      • Sirian

        No, but you have to admit, that short period of time was extremely tense and we were, whether accepted or not, on the verge of something I pray never happens. DEFCON-2 is not an offensive stratagem. The missile build up in Cuba was not set up based on a “defensive” strategy – quite the opposite. Whereas the missiles in Europe were primarily established as a defensive measure due to the continuous and aggressive communist growth within that region – Hungary for instance. Keep in mind, we did sacrifice the missiles in Turkey in exchange for the withdrawal of the missiles in Cuba. A quiet but effective trade off, so to speak. So, “Have our missiles in Europe pointed at Russia caused a Nuclear War?” Once again, NO, but could that question not also apply in a reverse sense to the missiles here at home pointed at Russia too? Did any of those cause a nuclear war? A bit to open ended DaveH. but I understand where you’re coming from.

      • Mark in LA

        And I am sure the people in the USSR believed our good intentions as well.

        The missile build up in Cuba was not set up based on a “defensive” strategy – quite the opposite. Whereas the missiles in Europe were primarily established as a defensive measure due to the continuous and aggressive communist growth within that region – Hungary for instance.

        I am sure the Russians convinced themselves that our missiles were for offensive purposes and theirs were for defensive purposes.

      • DaveH

        When you say that the Cuban missiles wouldn’t be for defensive purposes, I would ask What else they would be for? The Cuban leaders weren’t so stupid as to not know that we would decimate them upon launch.
        It’s all fear-mongering aimed at keeping the citizens in line.
        The individuals are easily led to be fearful of mass destruction, but the reality is that when an individual’s life is in danger, it really doesn’t matter whether other individuals join him/her or not, he/she will still be dead and gone. No one life is any less precious than a group of individual lives.
        Government regularly sacrifices lives without necessity, so I find it hard to believe that they really do care about us. The evidence points in the other direction — They are looking to feather their own nests at the rest of our expense.

      • TML

        Mark says, “The missile build up in Cuba was not set up based on a “defensive” strategy – quite the opposite. Whereas the missiles in Europe were primarily established as a defensive measure…”

        Mark says, “I am sure the Russians convinced themselves that our missiles were for offensive purposes and theirs were for defensive purposes”

        I agree with you last comment, but your first, well… you seem to have done the same as the Russians….and have convinced yourself that their missiles were for offensive purposes.

      • Vigilant

        ALL missiles, especially nuclear missiles, are offensive weapons unless they are used to shoot down incoming missiles.

  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    Mr. Myers I salute you for this article as it is right on! Our government is driven by fear manipulation through corporate lobbyist’s and they in turn use fear manipulation to sell their passage of laws and edits upon the people. Today we have more generals with staff in the U.S. Army with barely nine divisions, than we had at the height of WW2 with over 36 Divisions of soldiers it makes me wonder why? It appears that we now have a system running our military with a corporate business type framework creating CEO’s and COO’s who are continually engaged in advancing the military industrial complex and securing for themselves future employment with exorbitant incomes at the expense of the American people. Benjamin Franklin said that “The power of the pen is mightier than the sword” , for the people who search the truth will surly find it only so long as those such as yourself continue to speak out through free speech while we have it! Thanks for this article.


      I believe these people are stirring up fears in order to distract the general public from the disastrous things they are doing covertly. They are using the practice of professional illusionists.

      • DaveH

        Leaders have used fear throughout history to ply their people.

    • Scott in SC

      “Have you seen the bigger piggies in their starched white shirts.
      You will find the bigger piggies stirring up the dirt.
      Always have clean shirts to play around in.”

  • BigBadJohn

    Good honest article

    “Despite America’s record deficit, the Federal government has proposed $851 billion in military spending next year. America already has the best submarines, fighter jets, strategic bombers and missile systems. But the neocons tell us that these are dangerous times made all the more so because we don’t exactly know who we might face.

    (the USA spends 43% of the worlds – all countries combined – military budgets)

    Few people seem to understand the idiocy of owing almost $1 trillion to China to upgrade our armed forces so we will be prepared to fight China.”

    851 Billion is HALF of the national deficit, do you think there is some room to cut that back? But the rhetoric most people kick around is making 100% of the poor pay some sort of tax which would raise – maybe – 1/8 of what we spend on the military. Time to get real people….

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Stan

    I Feel This Way Too, The Nuns Would Tell Us That L.A. Would Be Targeted By The Evil Communists Of The USSR And That We Had To Practice “Duck And Cover”. I Was 4 Years Old And Terrified Of The Commie Boogy Man! Who Wouldn’t Be And As I Studied Them And Watched As The Commie Governments Collapsed And Low And Behold… The Party Members Are Now Million And Billionaires!!! You Know Like Nancy Pulosi Who Committed Insider Trading And Gets No Jail Time, But A Citizen (Martha Stewart) Are Sent To Prison! Now We Have Our Own Commie Sitting In The Whitehouse Threatening The Supreme Court??? I Guess We Were Invaded Anyway And The Libtards And Democrats Led The Way!!! No Bomb But We Got Hit Anyway!!!

    • jimmy the greek

      Boy you sure got that right !

    • Michael

      Stan, here is a tip I learned in 1958 – only capitalize the first charatcer of each sentence, otherwise you look like some kind of nitwit.

      • Hey You

        Yes, Stan’s texting seems odd but the message seems right-on!

      • DaveH

        I capitalize certain words for emphasis. And I’ll bet I could outperform you in most mental contests.

      • DaveH

        By the way, Michael, you should do a spell-check before you submit a comment attacking the grammar of others.

  • Dark_Archer


    We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of Obama to be President and to run again for a second term. please go to the link and sign the petition then ask everyone you know to do the same , http://www.petition2congress. com

    lets help obama ,biden,pelosi,reid and the rest of the house and senate democrats who are TRAITORS of our Republic and Constitution find new jobs ..preferably making little rocks out of big rocks !!!!

    • RichE

      Oh boy! Another Birther, manna from heaven.
      Dark_Archer, would you please provide the legal definition of, ‘natural born citizen’.

      • DaveH

        Oh, boy! Another naive person, who will believe whatever dishonest people tell him to believe.

        • RichE

          Make me an honest man DaveH, please provide legal definition. Without it you are attacking the unknown. Without the legal definition you are saying Obama isn’t a ‘natural born citizen’ because you say he isn’t. Is that the way you want this country to be run?

      • DaveH

        I have read enough to know that the natural-born concept is not well developed. But that wasn’t what my comment was addressed to. I was talking about the Birther aspect. Whether Obama is natural-born or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that he is probably not being honest about his true birth circumstances, as with many other issues such as his education.
        Do you deny, Rich, that Obama is Dishonest?

        • RichE

          I don’t believe in witch hunts.

          Sounds Birther to me, “What is relevant is that he is probably not being honest about his true birth circumstances, as with many other issues such as his education.”

          Are you that naïve, “Do you deny, Rich, that Obama is Dishonest?”

      • DaveH

        As usual, the Liberal chooses to skirt the issue and make a personal attack. Why is it so hard, Rich, for you guys to stick to the facts?

        • RichE

          Ok DaveH, give me the facts and don’t forget to include the legal definition for, ‘natural born citizen’.

    • Hey You

      Why is that “native born” phrase in the eligibility requirement? Think about that – - is it that the framers of the constitution concluded that any president should be cognizant of the values which had been built up in the 13 original colonies?

      So, regardless of the actual place of birth, we now have a president who’s basic beliefs were formed in muslin schools.

      • RichE

        Why can’t a Muslim be president?

      • DaveH

        There is no legal reason a Muslim couldn’t be president, Rich. But people have preferences and they can’t very well exercise those preferences if the people they are voting for are Dishonest:

        • RichE

          Are you implying Muslims are Dishonest?

      • DaveH

        I’m not just implying, I’m Stating, Rich, that Obama is dishonest.

      • 45caliber


        The reason most don’t want a Muslim President is because the Constitution says that the government cannot select a religion for everyone. The Muslim religion, on the other hand, states that theirs is the ONLY religion and government MUST put it first. Therefore, their religion forbids following that part of the Constitution. If you can find a Muslim who is willing to honor and follow the Contitution instead of his religion, I’ve not problem. At least Christians in office don’t confuse the two.

      • TML

        45 says, “At least Christians in office don’t confuse the two.”

        Well, it made sense right up till that last part. Exhibit A: Rick Santorum

    • eddie47d

      Newly minted President Eisenhower also was active in the overthrow of Mossadegh of Iran in 1953. That set the whole Middle East in motion and our rapid involvement in that region. He also teased us into Vietnam by backing the French and cancelling elections over there. Looking back I doubt if he would have taken either action if he knew what he had started. So even Presidents educated in American schools don’t make very good decisions in world wide involvements.

  • Bruce D.

    The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Bassman

    From someone who is old enough to remember and studied under someone who worked at Los Alamos with Edward Teller, he was not a neocon. He was a Communist.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    This is the first blog by John Myers I almost totally agree with. OK. Neocon was not a well known term until the ’90′s. Let’s use the term con-job to describe their argument. Scare us so they can get more money for the military-industrial complex.
    Where did our trillions of dollars of expenses get us on 9/11? Nowhere. The facts show that this was the intent. Let the destruction begin. Ramp up the fear. The neocons knew and even wrote it down to let us see their thinking: the military would be out of luck without “a cataclysmic and catastrophic event like a NEW PEARL HARBOR.” The night of 9/11 the president wrote in his diary: “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century happened today.” Rumsfeld wrote: “This is a blessing in disguise. It gives us the chance, as in WWII, to tranform the world.” He was a bit optimistic. Although certain well-connected corporations made unbelievable profits, it transformed a balanced budget into the biggest shortfall in history. Then, with the economic collapse imminent, the taxpayers, in one of the last major acts of the Bush Administration, handed over a trillion more to the banks, no strings attached. They pretty much sat on the funds, allowing the rest of us to lose our jobs and houses.
    For their next trick, they are using their manufactured fear of Al Q’aeda to take away our freedoms which will make their need to worry about what we think much less of a burden. It is very likely, whichever party is in power, the arrests without evidence or trial, the indefinite and prolonged incarcerations, the drone spies and attacks from the $63 billion dollar investment Congress just approved, the intimidation and the actual terrorbased on a real theat, of our own military, will begin.

  • Tom W.

    You haven’t the foggiest clue what you’re talkin’ about Flushduche! But why should today be ant different than any other day?! Ike was a proud Republican and probably the next to last “not bought and paid for” president! When JFK got elected in 1960 (Seems like yesterday sometimes!) it concerned Ike because up to that point it was pretty much obvious that Jack was a MIC puppet! Not long after Jack got elected, he realize that his predecessor had been correct about this out of control monstrosity and began serious considerations to get our troops out of SE Asia! The rest is arguably the sadest period of American history since our conception!!! Mr. Meyer’s attack on the neocons is a righteous attack on a group who holds to a Pax Americana unbridled capitalist American Imperialist global view which is far from the pure conservative view of MOST of the posters who like to opine on this site! Bill Kristol is the ring leader of this group of GOP elites and are not represented by the TPer’s but more by the GOP establishment! These are the folks that brought us the likes of “Blackwater”, mersonaries in three-piece suits!!! It is the actions of pigs like these that the rest of the world hates us!

    • Mark in LA

      Yes, good old JFK got elected by creating the myth of the “missile gap”. Eisenhower had to come out and give a speech about how the armed forces of the US were awesome and well respected around the world. It did little good and JFK won the PR battle.

      I doubt he could have come out after he was elected and say “Gee I was wrong, there is no missile gap”.

  • B.Holmes

    This issue emerges because we have a pretend president who rejects allies while courting the world’s enemies. Once fine nations like Cuba, Venezuela, North Vietnam and North Korea were trusted. What happened to enslave thier people? Only rotten leaders who are now our former Community Organizer’s buddies.

  • Shane

    Truth and misinformation. Makes an interesting article. I mean, truth and misinformation in the article, makes it interesting.

    • DaveH

      Please point out the misinformation.

  • Rafael

    Governments distract people from bad economic policies with wars. With wars the Federal Reserve can print money without any reservation.

  • Dens

    What I fear most is the Federal Government. It is infested with people who view our Constitution as a restraint to be overcome or ignored.

    • 45caliber

      And that is why I don’t trust them either.

  • roger gunderson

    As Judge Andrew Napolitano said “We are a nation of sheep”. We vote for people who are the best convincing orators. We vote for people who has the nicest hair. We vote for people who will give us the biggest lollipop. We vote for people who will lock up every person for life for spitting on the side walk. We vote for people who promise us complete safety in exchange for a few of your liberties. We vote for people who scare us to death about some country that will attack us at sunrise unless we attack them first. We vote for people who claim the only road to peace and democracy is war. We vote for people who really know how to run a business ( like 10 feet in the ground). The oligarchy’s motto: You can’t fool all the people all the time, but we fool most of the people all the time.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    The wisest and richest man man that ever lived came to the conclusion that the whole duty of man is to fear God and Keep His Commandments. “The perfect love of Jesus cast out ALL FEAR.”

  • raw

    We’re living in a time of “Gradualism” – It’s called “Warning Fatigue”. Half the people would rather the end come just to end the constant living on edge; after it’s over the other half will proclaim, “There was a crises?!?”

  • Polski

    I joined this blog to see what republicans were saying. I’m independent and after 8 years of Bush I was afraid of more years of republicans. So it pleases me that all sides of the issues are presented by Bob and company.

    The US and the west is just as revisionist as the Soviets were. Eisenhower was considered the worst president ever, because he didn’t do anything. This was just after he completed his 8 years. This was by the “expert” historians. About 10 years later, these same “expert” historians said he was the best president ever, because he didn’t do anything.

    With all these comments, and all the politicians, and all the corporate executives, you need a sense of humor, and a lot of patience. Through our advanced technology, we have found out that all these politicians, corporate executives, and courts, are all crooks, and there are a lot more of them than we thought.

  • JD

    I do remember the “duck and cover” drills in school. Strange that it never occurred to me that wouldn’t save me. Of course it was grade school but after 9-11 we lived in a rather small town. The total population was about 200,000 and the level of fear that the next planes would strike our exact location was intense. Co-workers were planning all types of excapes, protection, etc. Sigh. Some things never change.

    • cawmun cents

      So you dont think putting your head between your legs in an effort to kiss your own posterior good-bye is fundamentally a sound plan?
      What else can you do in the event of nuclear annihilation?
      The worst thing that can happen is for you to survive the blast.
      It means likely deteriorating from the inside over an agonizing period of time.
      Not very appealing.
      I’d much rahter be the guy with the catchers mitt standing right under the re-entry vehicle saying.”I got it!”When the explosion occurs.
      That is of course assuming that I know its coming.
      I dont think that modern folks understand the forces at work during nuclear fusion/fission.
      They think of surviving the explosion and ruling the world in a post-apocalyptic fashion.
      That is hilarious.
      It just goes to show how tragically skewed our views of reality have become.
      If you havent built a Farday cage,perhaps its time you tried.
      But what do I know?
      Apparently very little…..

  • Marc

    The answer is in the Declaration Independence. I suggest you read it! Here is an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to the them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. I’m ready for a change, how about you!

    • Michael

      Ready for a change? Well, I can go where I want, whenever I want. I can speak my mind without fear of police coming to my house and arresting me. I can own as many guns as I can afford. I live in a country with a huge variety of entertainments from sports to Disneyland. i have a good job and can go to any church I want or sleep in on Sunday. I can buy darn near any product know to man. I can eat any ethnic food that stikes my fancy. If I get sick I can see my doc for $30. I can travel to anywhere in the world. Humans in most parts of the world are better off now than at any time in in our existence as a speciaes. No, I am not ready for change.

      We are such a spoiled people we think we need change so we can save a few buck in taxes or have the perfect political representation. If there is one thing we could change it would be to make sure Republicans don’t ever get power again because the Bush presidency proved that Republican policies, if actually followed, can kill the economy.

      • Hey You

        Sounds like you were ready for a change in 2008.

      • DaveH

        Sounds like a Government employee to me.

      • DaveH

        I can’t go anywhere I want to, Michael, because the Government takes 42% of my money, much of which could have been used (if desired by me) to travel.
        You make be able to speak Your mind without fear, Michael, because you have no problem with Big Government, so need not fear their reprisals.
        We can possess Guns only because, so far, the people still haven’t become brainwashed enough to allow Big Government to outlaw our guns, but they sure are trying — Constantly.
        You may be able to go to any Church you want, but try praying in a public school.
        You can buy darn near any product known to man in spite of Big Government, not because of Big Government. In fact, right now, Big Government is trying to force all of us to buy Health Care Insurance, even those of us who know what a waste of money it is.
        When you buy Health Care Insurance, you are betting against the Probabilities that you will suffer misfortune. The only way you come out ahead (financially at least) is to suffer Misfortune. That’s why the insurers make money. The odds are in their favor that we won’t suffer misfortune and collect. I prefer to bet with the Probabilities, save all that extra money that would have gone to the middleman, and take the hit if something unforeseen happens. We all are going to die someday, no matter how much we disapprove of that event.
        Every dollar they spend of our money, against our will, is a dollar that could have been spent to buy what we desire, not what some Bureaucrat desires for us.
        And while I am happy to know that you’re happy, Michael, make your own choices. Keep your hands out of my pockets and my choices.

      • 45caliber


        I remember a statement by one of the politicians in Texas a few years ago when a taxpayer sent a letter to him about stopping any attempt to enact a state income tax here.

        “I know a lot of misguided people in our state are against a state income tax. But you have to realize: there is a lot we could do to build up our state if we had access to this money that no one is using …”

        In other words, you don’t use you income. It simply sits there unused until a government official can get his hands on it. And if you do use it, he can spend it better than you can.

      • 45caliber


        Really? You can do all those things? Have you tried? Or are you rich?

        Try going to Sudan and see what happens. Try speaking your mind about something the government doesnt’ want you to say. Try buying all those guns. Just having them makes you an owner of an “armory” and you can get arrested if you aren’t careful. Trying driving onto government land in many places in the US. Try selling fresh milk or produce yourself rather than selling it at low prices ot a large company. Heck, try setting up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood. Get together with some friends at a national park and go strolling through the woods. Arrange a meeting for anything.

        All require permission. Free? As I asked, are you rich? They can get by while the normal person can’t.

      • Bill

        You wouldn’t be on the taxpayers dole would you?

  • jopa

    Polski:I don’t know if you have ever driven down an Interstate highway, however this highway system was built for defense by the Eisenhower administration.Today it remains as one of our most valuable assets in America and makes Hitlers Autobahn look like childs play.Ike was one of the better Presidents for an accomplishment like that during his Presidency.

    • Mark in LA

      Actually jopa, the autobahn is engineered to a much higher level than our interstate. The big difference is in the amount of road laid. Their road is much deeper and better built and is why high speed driving is possible.

      • 45caliber


        You can drive fast on both. However, their highways are designed for speeds of 100+ and ours is designed for 70. If you tried to drive 100+ on our highways, you had better know where the curves are and what speed you can take them.

        They did design better, though, in making their highways to last longer than ours. Their homes are the same way in most of Europe. Anything made to American standards would be disallowed and the owners fined. They want the homes to last for AT LEAST 150 years. We expect our homes to last – if you are lucky – for 30 years before replacement.

      • Libertytrain

        45 -agreed – I’ve not hit a pot hole on the autobahn and their houses are built so far better than ours it’s not even funny but rather embarrassing.

    • 45caliber


      Ike was also the last President that tried to have a balanced budget. Congress would pass a deficiet budget but he informed all the heads of the agencies that if they overspent as Congress wanted, he’d fire them.

      After he left office, Congress passed a law that forbid anyone from failing to spend all they authorized. That’s why many agencies buys a lot of not-needed stuff at the end of each year – simply to spend whatever was left of their yearly budget.

  • Dirt,23track

    One thing one might want to consider here. When a Deterrent program or system , IE Homeland Security, works, the results are that nothing happenes! The only time someone not intimately involved with the system can effectivly evaluate it is when it doesn’t work!
    Have there been no more 9/11 magnitude attacks because no one has tried or is Homeland Security just working very well?

    • 45caliber


      So far as I’ve seen, any attempts at another 9/11 have been stopped by private citizens and HS has only tried to claim the credit after the fact. HS seems more concerned about keeping tabs on American citizens than in stopping terrorists.

  • DocBobalus

    All goverments rule by fear, this is universal. For a country to keep its people under control, there must be a universal aim.
    Building projects are great (usuall after a war) or natural tragedy. The easiest method for holding people together is fear of someone else.
    This can be:
    America for Iran or Korea
    South Korea for North Korea
    Russia for Americans.
    Israel against any surrounding muslim country, the list is endless.

    And this been going on since tribal times. There was a period when the generals went on the battlefield, this is probably the biggest changein more modern times.

    (Maybe the British goverment and Raglan at the charge of the light brigade?)
    Every country in the world has an old enemy that politicians can bring out of the cupboard anytime.
    It will always be someone elses fault for the politicians.

    It is seen in the film “Mars attacks” how confrontation against a common enemy would unite (temporarily) all nations. Yes I think this would occur!

    • 45caliber

      Fear sells. Both parties use the excuse to get into a war to divert people’s attention from what they are doing in Washington or to hide new taxes and bad economy problems. It works. If you are afraid for the life of a child, you are far more willing to pay a new tax the government tells you is needed to buy equipment that might keep that child alive. And the economy doesn’t seem nearly as bad as what your child is enduring in a fox hole.

  • michaels57

    I remember the jumping out of the chairs in school and either getting under my desk putting my hands over the head bring the head as far down to the floor as possible, then later it was, everyone going out into the hall with back up against a retaining wall, sitting in the indian style, then bring my head down and arms over the head. I don’t recall feeling fear, I guess it was because I didn’t see any fear in the teachers. The only time I remember feeling fearful is when President Kennedy was assasinated, that was because of the teachers response when they heard about it, crying, some in a uncontroling fashion. I can only assume that was the only time I feared.

    • 45caliber

      I was taught the “duck and cover” too. And even though I was small, I always thought it was kind of silly since a nuke (or “atomic bomb” at the time) would incinerate everything.

  • 45caliber

    John Myers:

    You said: “In the late 1950s, the neocons were scaring the Nation about Soviet first-strike capabilities. President Dwight D. Eisenhower knew better because of top secret U-2 flights.”

    Maybe I’m wrong but I thought the U-2 was a later invention.

    • John Myers

      Dear 45.

      The Lockheed U-2, nicknamed “Dragon Lady”, was flight tested in 1955 and went into service in 1957. The infamous downing by the Soviets of Francis Gary Powers happened in 1960 when Ike was still in office.


      John Myers

      • 45caliber

        Okay, thanks. I seem to remember it out in about 1970.

      • Bill

        right, as far as I can remember. When Gary was shot down over Russia it was a very intense time. the US. had been caught spying. What did Ike do? he promised the Russians that he would not fly U2′s over Russia any more. Now why would he do that. simple The US simply continued their spy missions with the newly developed space satellites. It was thought at the time that the Russians could only put a rocket to a little above 50,000 feet, The U2 was shot down at 70,000 ft. Satellites would be out of reach of soviet technology for shooting it down with a rocket so Ike felt safe in telling them we would not fly the U2 over their territory. Gary had with him cyanide capsules but he did not have time to down one of them. negotiations to get Gary released was on going until the US agreed to an exchange of Russian spies in the US. and who knows what else.

  • 45caliber

    This is certainly “fear mongering”. We even do it here by passing along rumors. BUT … I’ve always felt that it was better to consider a problem and then decide whether it was fair to believe it was possible and then work to defeat it than it was to ignore all problems until they blow up in your face. Too many people prefer to let things blow up – and then demand that someone else take care of that problem, many times by dying. Or they demand that someone else pay to correct the problem when it could have been avoided with a little thought in the first place.

    What do you do?

  • Capitalist at Birth

    The libertarian mantra is a lot of B.S. If you don’t think national defense is a worth while investment, you are living in a fantasy world, not unlike Barrack Obama, when it comes to foreign policy. It doesn’t surprise me in the least as this is a Ron Paul campaign site, and his foreign policy ideas are from Alice in Wonderland.

    • DaveH

      Instead we should listen to the NeoCon mantra of Crony Capitalist.

    • 45caliber


      I agree. Jesse Jackson, when he ran for President, stated that “we are the strongest nation on earth so it would be stupid for any other country to attack us. Therefore we don’t need a military. We should shut it down and use that money to help those on welfare …”

    • Jay

      Americans are not unlike all other humans who inhabit the earth. All human beings possess malleable minds, which are minds that can be shaped and controlled; and when government shapes and controls a mind, it’s called “brainwashing.” Brainwashing causes the subject to become ‘functionally illiterate.’ In America, our functional ignorance excels in the areas of history, government and law, which really are one in the same.

      Ninety-eight percent of the officials in public office are lawyers and these so-called representatives set policy and created the laws that govern this society. Their use of Greek and Latin terms in law and the habit of changing definitions and usage of common words is intentional.

      The intent is to confound and confuse the general public; and to hide the treason they are implementing; and so that members of the public are forced or decide to hire a lawyer out of frustration, rather than try to represent themselves in our, ‘fictional courts of law.’ As you read on I’ll explain to you why and how, our courts and laws are fictional!

      There has never been a law on the books created by the Congress, which made it illegal for a common man to practice law. Every Judge of a District, Circuit or Appeal Court, except Justices and Magistrates, is a lawyer and a member of the Bar. These Judges have the authority to establish local rules of court and those mentioned, have created a local rule that prevents common people from representing any other person in their court or ‘to practice law without a license!’ A license requires that you produce your Bar Association number.

      For those who don’t know, the Bar Association is simply a ‘Lawyers Union,’ and when lawyers are accepted into the Bar, they are required to swear allegiance to a foreign power! The American Bar Association is a branch of a national organization titled; “The National Lawyers Guild Communist Party” and can be found recorded in the United States Code at: [28 U. S. C. 3002, section 15a]. They have become so big and entrenched that they no longer fear reprisal!

      Whenever I tell people that there is no actual law that makes it a crime to represent another person in court, their reaction is, “liar!” I remind them that Abraham Lincoln and Clarence Darrow never went to law school or passed the Bar, but their reaction is understandable because the Bar is a very powerful organization and its members have infiltrated every niche of American life and business. How many times in your life have you heard, “You can’t practice law without a license?” I’ve heard it said in numerous movies spanning one hundred years; in my mother’s soaps and by comedians in jokes and in theatrical skits. I’ve seen the phrase in print in newspaper articles, magazines and heard it on the radio! Before I learned the truth about this fact, even my personal lawyer made that comment to me! We all have been brainwashed to believe a lie and because we’ve heard it so often from people we trust, and who are supposed to have our best interest at heart; we all just assume it must be true! How many other lies have you assumed, “it must be true?”

      Our America society has been lied to by their government and lawyers more times than you will sign your name in your lifetime, and we have been indoctrinated “brainwashed” to believe that the Constitution was created for “We the People.” The purpose behind these lies is to make you believe that you are free, safe, protected and secure, and it is all an hallucination! How many of you have studied each line of the Constitution; the Statutes at Large and the Articles of Confederation, armed with a reputable dictionary or a law dictionary from that era?

      If you take the time to do this, you will soon discover that the true purpose of the Constitution was to create a business plan and to establish a Military Government, for the protection of the Founding Fathers, the Kings commerce, protection of his Agents and the future control of his subject Slaves! Even the preamble of the U. S. Constitution is a clue to the lie and which states, “…to ourselves and our posterity!”

      If you never saw the title, “The Constitution,” and you were never told what this document was about; what do you think would be your first impression upon hearing or reading: “…to ourselves and our posterity!”

      The CONSTITUTION is not for “We the People” and AMERICA is a Matrix of misinformation. In the eyes of those in control; America is nothing more than a large Plantation and “We the People” are the Slaves. In many U. S. and World Treaties, the term “high contracting powers” is used to define your Masters! Everyone else is considered by them to be their Slaves!

      All of the Founding Fathers had two things in common. They all shared the gift of a good education or were gifted individuals, and they all came from families of business and or substance. These men all suffered from, “visions of grandeur!” They viewed America as their one opportunity to make them powerful and wealthy “……….to ourselves and our posterity!” Initially, their plan was to steal America away from the King; despite the fact that King George funded the exploration of the New World, which legally gave him first claim to all new continents discovered.

      The seizure of the Americas by the King’s explorers was not as it has been depicted in our history books, presented to us by our government, in our government controlled public schools. Native Americans (the Indians) were murdered, their villages burned, many were enslaved, infected by diseases brought from England and their lands taken by force and the threat of force, by these early explorers! The Indians were labeled savages by these immigrant explorers from England, but the true savages were our English ancestors!

      One thing the Founding Fathers did not know, was that all of the Kings lands and all future acquisitions such as the AMERICAS, had been given and pledged by King John to Pope Innocent III and the Holy Roman Church, by the Treaty of 1213. After that fact was proven to the Founding Fathers; King George and representatives from the Vatican; decided to use the Constitutional draft created by the Founding Fathers, to further their plan to control the Colonists! Control attained by bringing the Colonists to their knees in debt! Any way you read it, the Constitution was never written with the intent of benefitting the American people!

      Did you know that 98% of the Law Schools in America and England do not include Constitutional Law as a part of their law curriculum?

      The reason for this phenomenon is because Constitutional Law does not apply to or affect the enforcement of statutes, codes or administrative regulations, which have replaced constitutional law, the common law, public law and penal law and which have been designed to control you; [e.g.] Constitutional Law is taught as an elective at Harvard, Yale and Cambridge, and only for students of law who are planning a future career in government. This should make sense to you as you read on.

      In the true History of America, neither side WON the Revolutionary War! At first, the appearance of English troops in the Colonies; was simply a show of force by King George, intended to intimidate the Colonists and force them to pay him taxes. Factually, back in England; English soldiers refused to take up arms against the Colonists because they were English citizens and relatives.

      Mr. Mayer Amschel Bauer, founder of the Rothschild Banking Empire; by this time, owned the King! Mr. Bauer had extended unlimited credit to the King and arranged contracts with him, which permitted the Rothschild Tax Collectors to represent and collect the Kings Tax from the Kings subjects. [This is the origin of the concept behind the establishment of the IRS].

      It was Bauer who suggested to King George that he enforce a Tax against the Colonists in the New World, since the tax being collected in England was barely enough to pay the interest on the Kings loans. When English soldiers refused to fight; Mr. Bauer negotiated a contract with unemployed Russian/Germanic soldiers, to fight for King George, at a cost of 50¢ a day. Bauer then informed King George that he had hired these soldiers in the Kings name but at a cost of $1.00 a day!

      King George utilized these soldiers; dressed them in English soldier uniforms and ordered his career Officers to command them. When his show of force in the Colony’s failed; Mr. Bauer suggested that King George finance the Colonists in their War efforts against him, and bring the Colonists to their knees in debt!

      The King succeeded in accomplishing this through his appointed civilian figurehead’s in charge of his government of France. Mr. Bauer wanted to expand his Banking Empire into the Colonies. He discovered that the Colonist didn’t trade in gold or silver but used script as the basis of their economy! The script money used, were promissory notes printed by the Colonists.

      All the Colonists agreed that they would consider these notes, the lawful currency of the colonies. Mr. Bauer wanted gold or silver and induced the King to demand that his Tax in the Colonies be paid in gold or silver! It was that condition, “that broke the camels back” and caused the “Boston Tea Party!” “Whoever controls the money – controls the country!” [Rothschild]

      Surreptitiously, King George infiltrated the Colonies and their feudal attempt to form a new government, using spy’s’ composed of English lawyers and English aristocrats, loyal to him. The spy’s assignment was to infiltrate the new government; carry out the plan to defeat the Colonists through debt and establish regular reports to the King! The Church also had their appointed representative in place to protect and insure that their interest is being observed. Much of the loans received from the French, went into the pockets of the Founding Fathers!

      Rest of article:

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Painfull but funny too You have the RIGHT to remain Silent…”ANYTHING”, YOU SAY CAN & WILL BE HELD AGAINST YOU… IN A COURT OF LAW! (Criminal Court.) Truth Hurts… { Don’t defend yourself! Get a Lawer to speak for you!…} No Self Defense…

  • steve

    this is what happens when people take the attitude of I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO AS LONG AS IT’S NOT IN MY BACK YARD. WELL NOW IT’S EVERY WHERE. partys over.

  • http://n/a Walker

    It seems that the era long process has been gravely misunderstood here. Now the pending question is; Why tell a perceived enemy how to destroy a nation, as yet, they already know it.

    • 45caliber

      One thing that has always concerned me is the actions of our goverment and our media in suggesting ways for terrorists or other countries to attack us. Shortly after 9/11 (starting the next day) the media began to mention all sorts of ways terrorists could attack us. I’m certain that a terrorist somewhere was taking notes. Further our government has made a BIG thing about us being in trouble if a EMP wave from an ariel nuke was to hit us. It sounds – at least to me – as if they are trying to invite such an attack…

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Well Johny… I REMEMBER THOES DAYS!!! Looking back, Fear & Paranoia Had a Vary thin line! I was scarred of a GENERAL of the ARMY…( GEHOVA) as PRESIDENT! I remember the most disrructive forms to our COUNTRY, was Huracanes / Tornatos ! That The “BOMB SHELTERS” Worked well for! I’m Sure TODAY Atacks on United States are Much worse from our own Control Freaks Government! The Dropping of our Boarders to let in the Trojun Horse… Remember 9/11 was an Inside job! Diverted to Spending in waste lots of our revinue. Killing Many& Mameing Thousands of our Men ( & Driving us into an astounding DEBT! “aclaimed”) The Shame of the Politicians, is astounding, WE DO NEED The Strongest DEFENSE Possible… With-out, in prisoning ourselves!!!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    As for others going to the Moon… { Our Flag was there FIRST… Wasen’t it?}

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      We must hury, to get a Flag on Pluto… And build a Crows nest, to see who goes into the BLACK HOLES…

    • 45caliber


      You seem to be making fun of our space program and its expenses. Perhaps you didn’t realize that this program is the ONLY one the government ever originated that more than pays for itself. The research that was done has resulted in everything from 20 year house paint to computers to EKGs and other medical equipment. If we never got another ship off the ground and still spent as much as we have in the past on this program it would be worth it.

      After all, what have we gotten from the rest of the government programs?

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        I LOVE THE SPACE PROGRAMS…( N.A.S.A.) I Know the CRIMINALITY of My U.S. & State,Governments! I Don’t Trust Them… The Media is no help! & I love my Country & Our Military…But what Politicans do with them is shamefull!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Please Forgive Me if I seam a bit light Harted…

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        The Differance between “FEAR & Paranoia” is FEAR has Reason!

      • Bill

        We’ll we also got Teflon from the space program, and now it is in every body in the US and causing damage. We also got many other things that made our life a little more miserable and shorter. I haven’t seen a list but perhaps it is better that we not see what all the program has done. We certainly learned to put satellites in the sky so that the government can spy of all of us. Now that is worthy of mention. After all should’t the government have the technology to know when someone gets up at 3:30 AM and wants to take a leak?

  • Mark in LA

    Interesting comment:

    American neocons probably didn’t understand that while the Cold War was being waged. But one has to wonder whether they would have allowed a President or Congress to curtail defense expenditures had they known.

    Well considereng that according to Reagan’s autobiography the NSA told him the USSR was on the verge of collapse and he still went ahead and spent wildly of unneeded and largely useless weapon systems, I would say we have an answer.

    I worked in defense in the early 80s and we were still pumping out tons of Maverick anti-armor missiles even though the US probably had 4 of them for every tank the Warsaw Pact nations had. This even though it was obvious that any chance of a Soviet ground invasion of western Europe had come and gone by 1965 since armor without total air superiority by then was worthless.

    • noel

      we will eventually need them to keep a chinese/russian alliance in check…

      • Jay

        Who do you suppose will keep the American/British/Russian/Chinese alliance in check? Btw, obama is a puppet…pull your head out of your culo!

  • noel

    ron paul has no foreign policy other than nobody is a threat to us… i would love to be able to support him if he were just an isolationist, but the nuclear iran is ok ideology is a deal breaker for me…

    • Jay

      “At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected?” asked the President. “I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.”

    • Bill

      If you want to get scared why pick on Iran, after all India, Pakistan, N Korea, China, Russia and many other countries have the capacity. That is verified. Iran! nope, nothing. Heck if you want to scare yourself just look up the info. on the fallout from nuclear disaster there. yes, its on going. Plans to evacuate Tokyo, certainly they are there. Eat the fist up to 400 miles off the coast! no way. and you are afraid that Iran, who has never attacked us is going to send a bomb over here? Me think-est that you watch too much propaganda on your television, right ain’t I? T.V.sorta addictive isn’t it? makes you feel a little safer when threats are made? No way to solve the problem, just bomb the hell out of innocent people, like we have been doing? making enemies? occupying their countries? hope you are not listening to all the bull —- but I would not have the right to change your thinking, What is wrong with following the constitution and taking the matter up with the congress? it will take a power higher than mine to effect a change in your mind, and the only power that is higher than mine to change you is the power in your own mind-If you choose to use it.

  • Chisna

    Actually I’m kind of surprised. Usually I’m being sent emails from Personal Liberty Digest telling me that I should be afraid of ‘this’ or ‘that’ and that I should buy someones book or invest in this or that to protect myself and my family from this terrible ( something ) ….. I’m not sure that John Meyers will last long on PLD though…. It seems as though many here are addicted to fear…..And he isn’t giving the addicts what they so desperately want.

    • Todd

      Chisna you read my mind. Truthfully this was the best thing I have ever read on this web site. Folks, it doesn’t matter if you have the best of everything regarding our armed forces. What took Bin Laden out? 6 guys with rifles. Probably expensive rifles and an expensive helicopter but in relation to the cost of the two stupid wars we are fighting right now a drop in the bucket. This is a new world. All your overpriced toys don’t do a dammed thing when some nut with a truck full of fertilizer parks next to a govt building and sets it off. No nation is going to attack the US. They don’t have to. Bin Ladin won the war already. He got us to spend ourselves into debt and sc*****d us better than any over priced army could.

      Quit wasting the money on toys to kill and lets get our house in order, then we can worry about the other folks.

      • Jay

        How do you propose we get our house in order?

      • Bill

        Todd, you might want a refresher on what was going on in OK with the fed. bldg there. You know that it sorta takes time for the truth to emerge, but it eventually will.

      • Todd

        So Bill, your saying the way to solve things is to blow up a building full of people that probably hate being there but if you do taxes, need forms, etc. you have to go to the goofy govt building to get them. Then some nut job blows up the bldg (I forget how many children were killed also, they are kids of employees who work for the govt so who cares, right?) and solves all the problems. Is that what your trying to tell me?

        OK then, I guess my point still stands. A $10 million tank won’t fix that, nor will a $800 million plane, $1 million dollar bomb, etc. Theres very little we can do about the modern day “war on terror” that will work.

  • James

    Great article, thanks! Fear sells until you stop buying it…

  • Jane

    Oh, boy, the Top Dogs of Hysteria are warning about OTHER panic peddlers?! You people are sort of just leaving this consersative ‘way behind with this stuff.

  • Katrael

    Who are the real master minds behind all of this? This mess has been going on for more than just a few hundred years. Selling fear has always been a way to motivate people to rise to the call of duty. Anyone going off to do their duty is following someone else and their ideas and not necessarily their own. This isn’t always a bad thing but, how do you know the difference? I do know one thing: someone out there wants to turn most of us into slaves and like a sculptor they have been slowly chipping away at our freedom so that one day it all won’t feel quite so bad when they do it. Too many will already be dumbed down and anesthetized and in too much of a stupor to do anything about it.

    • Jay

      Katrael, you’re on on to something, but your understanding of it is a bit fuzzy. This should put it into focus.

      • Katrael

        My fuzzyness is probably due to my desire to avoid making this a religious issue. I started to go there and changed my mind. I’ve visited, briefly, the website you gave and I agree with what I’ve read so far. However, I believe this matter had a beginning that goes back to pre-written history. Could this be a conspiracy that had it’s origins then and has continued until now? Not unless you believe in something that can outlive the vast numbers of generations since that time and that has a singleness of mind that continues to indoctrinate fresh recruits from each new generation. I do agree that the current situation had it’s origins in fairly recent history and that there is a concerted effort put out by certain organizations who’s goal is world domination.

  • Mason Cobb

    First time commenting here. I am surprised that there is so much alienation and paranoia among so many people. Is this just a place that people far out congregate? Very interesting board: I didn’t know there was that much intense feeling against America and our institutions.

    • Jay

      I didn’t know there was that much intense feeling against America and our institutions.

      Not against America, Mr. Cobb, but against her enemies! How could you have missed the obvious? Have you been sleeping, oh coadjutor?

    • Katrael

      Mason Cobb, you said, “First time commenting here. I am surprised that there is so much alienation and paranoia among so many people. Is this just a place that people far out congregate? Very interesting board: I didn’t know there was that much intense feeling against America and our institutions.”

      Are you comfortable with things the way they are in this country? Perhaps you are and that’s why you aren’t more alarmed by what you see going on around you?

      I don’t believe that most people on this site are against America and our institutions as you say. I can only speak for myself when I say that I am all for America but I am against many of our currently established institutions and see them as a threat to our freedom and liberty. I also would like to say that I am not afraid of what’s going on but, that I’m only interested in restoring our lost freedoms.

  • jopa

    Mason Cobb;Stick around it really gets crazy here at times and you will find a cross section of America you would never have believed to exist in America today.Many doomsday preppers, flat world and conspiracy folks.Then the ones that have some college seem to be bordering on the Ted Kaczynski theme and then you will also find some really true Americans and some good ideas. A lot of variety here for everyone, but if your feelings get hurt by mean spirited name callers this may not be the place for you.Many of these folks think they are going to hit the lottery and until then they will be bitter.

    • Libertytrain

      Jopa that was a fine job describing your style here — kind of like flashman as well…

      • Jay

        It seems jopa cannot hide her contempt for freedom of speech. But, unknowingly, she does point out the obvious; this forum is all-inclusive. It welcomes everyone one, and allows everyone to have their say. And this is because we strongly believe in freedom of speech!

        Perhaps jopa can start her own forum, wherein, only people who share her convictions would be allowed to post. What a sad forum that would be, hey Libertytrain?

      • Libertytrain

        Jay, yes, am glad this is Personal Liberty and allows all to voice their opinions///

  • ainthurtinnobody

    Extremely good article and fair. Often times people that are perceived as being on the right are not considered to be blessed with an open mind. Your insight into the neocons is impressive. Yes maybe a little properly applied fear would be alright if directed towards the debt instead of so much towards people.. Many think it’s the day for truth. Lets hope so. Let freedom ring. Peace.

  • jopa

    Libertytrain and Jay;It sure is nice when I actually agree with you ladies on some subjects at times.As I have said in the past, if I go to a site where everyone agrees with me it would be rather boring.

    • Libertytrain

      Jopa – how nice that you recognized that I am a lady – thanks so much. :)

  • Robert Button

    I grew up during the same period, and I remember it a little different. I remember it was the Left, and its media allies, doing the fear mongering. Remember “Better Red then Dead”. Now for the “Cold War”, and the Arms Race. The Soviet Union spent itself into oblivion trying to keep up with our spending. Considering the blood bath we would have had to endure in a Hot War, with the Soviets, it was money well spent. A hugh Victory on our part.

  • jopa

    Liberyttrain I wasn’t really sure by the sign on name but you’re welcome.Have a nice day.

    • Libertytrain

      nor could anyone tell by your name if you are male or female…. doesn’t matter -

  • spark300c

    sad thing is that we are going into new cold war

  • jopa

    libertytrain;The less people know about our identities the better, in these times of ID theft.One of my sons is into high end security programs for major defense contractors computer systems and he really comes up with some crazy names to remain anonymous on the net so nobody can google his true name.It may not seem like much but when I see someone post there full name even on this site I have to shake my my head in disbelief.I don’t even like to give out my e-mail address but I had to to get on this site that I do trust.

    • Libertytrain

      I agree; some folks post too much info. I have several email addresses – I’m not concerned – if anyone seriously wants to find any of us, they can.

      • Libertytrain

        of course, I don’t mean this site – I’m talking about anywhere, Internet, etc. But it is better to give less info than more.

      • Katrael

        Security? Back in the days before computers, my brother, who was then in the army, needed a security clearance as he was headed to Vietnam as a communications specialist. He told me that they showed him his clearance and that they had known about people that he had only shook hands with once. He was amazed by what they knew about him. With computers today and the technology that goes with them it would seem that if someone, even a semi serious identity thief, wanted to know about you they could. Still, anything you can do to protect yourself is a wise thing.

  • Francis Fashing

    Finally! A real conservative standing up to the right wing whacko wannabe seen as conservatives. In fact, they are a bunch of chicken little followers screaming the sky is falling and the only way to save it is to beat the drums of war. Other than Congressman Paul, this is what is being offered by the GOP (Group of Poltroons).


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