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Fear and Loathing: Why It’s Bullish for Gold

April 21, 2010 by  

Fear and Loathing: Why It’s Bullish for Gold

“I hate to say this, but this place is getting to me. I think I’m getting the Fear.” Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

First it was Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. We had to invade Iraq. Never mind that the United States had a no fly zone over the country and had practically destroyed the Republican Guard; that Iraq had no effective way to deliver such weapons or that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the State Department didn’t think such weapons even existed.

Then in 2008 the Washington fear machine was at work again. The White House, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department were screaming that the world was falling into another Great Depression.

The latest End of Days is a prophecy from Hillary Clinton. At the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington last week, the U.S. Secretary of State said that terrorists like al-Qaida pose a nuclear threat. It is all part of the Obama administration’s plan to convince the American people that al-Qaida is going nuclear.

According to journalist Emily Gertz, “Fear of the terrorist has been used for the past several years to induce Americans to accept an increasingly authoritarian government and the dilution of our civil liberties.”

It is not just the fear of terrorists that President Obama and his Liberal elite are using to expand their sphere of influence. It is FEAR of everything: the jobs we might lose, the food we eat; even the water we drink and the air we breathe.

In his essay, The Politics of Fear, Alex Gourevitch writes that fear mongering is part and parcel of the environmental movement. “Environmentalism is a left-wing politics of fear because it rests on the deeply fearful idea that only an overweening threat to our physical and collective health… Threats to the very conditions of life, rather than social controversies over power and distribution, come to motivate political engagement—an engagement that presumes setting to one side inequality and unfreedom (sic) as the central categories of political contestation.”

A Gentler Time
America has vastly changed from when FDR proclaimed: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

No doubt The Age of Fear began with 9/11. Before, Washington did its best to keep a lid on anxieties. The Crash of ’87 is an example.

I was driving to work and the radio announcer said: “The Dow Industrials are currently down 325 points.”

“That’s ridiculous,” I thought. The Dow couldn’t be down that much. Either the announcer was stupid or he was playing a prank.

But it was true. The stock market was plunging. It was Black Monday and the Dow plummeted 508 points, or 23 percent, to 1,739. Half a trillion dollars in wealth had just been erased. Over the next few days the world witnessed the Dow’s fall from over 2,600 to 1,700.

What I remember most about the Crash of ’87 was the Federal government’s response to it. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan not only provided liquidity for the banks but urged calm and told the world that America’s economy was “fundamentally sound”. It was a message reiterated by House Speaker Jim Wright, President Ronald Reagan and U.S. Treasury Secretary James Baker. It was our Federal government doing its damndest to reduce panic; to stabilize a dangerous situation.

The stock market crash of ’08 brought an entirely different response from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, as explained by Andrew Ross Sorkin in his bestseller, Too Big To Fail. According to Sorkin, the leadership of the Fed and Treasury opted for a novel strategy to get Congress to ante up half a trillion dollars to bail out Wall Street—fear.

“This is only going to work if you scare the sh** out of them.”

That had been Jim Wilkinson’s advice for Paulson before he and Bernanke left to meet with the congressional leadership at Nancy Pelosi’s office that evening. By Wilkinson’s reckoning, unless they could convince Congress that the world was literally going to come to an end, they would never receive approval for a $500 billion bailout package for Wall Street.

History’s Lessons About Fanning Fears
Washington had struck on something that tyrants have known for centuries—that fanning fear makes a populace compliant to just about anything.

A few years before the Wall Street bailout House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned of impending danger out of Iraq: “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology.”

Then in the autumn of 2008 Pelosi did a flip-flop; first opposing and then embracing what had become a $700 billion bailout of the financial markets. In the end Pelosi and two presidents argued that without the taxpayer bailout our entire financial system faced collapse.

No doubt Pelosi will stand shoulder to shoulder with Secretary Clinton on the latest great fear, nuke toting mullahs. The real question is what is Pelosi and the Obama administration really selling? The answer is submission—the handing over of our liberty—in the name of national defense, the economy and the environment.

Of course pedaling fear is nothing new. Ancients like Alexander did it. So too has the Catholic Church, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. The difference is that America’s leaders once allayed our fears. Today they incite them. FDR was wrong, what we really need to fear is the fear-makers themselves.

Washington’s New Strategy Will Send Gold Soaring
America’s leaders might not be less moral than those before them (I will let you decide). What has changed is that Washington once had a vested interest in quieting fear. It was how government supported the once mighty U.S. dollar.

What is painfully evident is that over the past decade the Federal government has been intent on getting its way, the dollar be damned. And it certainly has been. The U.S. dollar index, a measurement against a basket of other currencies, has fallen by one third. During the same period the price of gold has risen fourfold.

Action To Take: Expect Washington to fan fears on everything from the environment to the economy, even at the expense of the dollar. That means you should diversify out of most dollar instruments and buy physical precious metals. I urge you to store 1-ounce gold and silver Eagles and 1-ounce platinum rounds for your safekeeping.

Yours for real wealth and good health,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    Evrey thing you said is all true , but we are only concerned with our daily bread . How does gold or platinum taste . aside from its shinny color what good is it to a goat or a person .

    • Grey Wolf

      Eric, to put it bluntly, you may want to do some research into precious medals. You may find out that not only will gold help you purchase that “daily bread” when it really gets bad, but also, it could save your life & help you gain freedom. History is full of such incidents. Good reading, good luck & may you survive & prosper!

      • denniso

        If society collapses in a big way,gold will have no value at all…there is no way our large population dependent on high tech would survive to the degree necessary for any currency to have actual value…you need some structure and organization for any currency to work. Maybe seeds,wood,tools,building material,clothing,food and other basics would still be bartered for subsistence,but what good would metals like gold or silver be to what would quickly become a primitive society? Look at primitive societies now and see if they use gold or silver for money…

    • DaveH

      Better than holding worthless dollars. You can’t get much nutritional value out of them either.

      • Vicki

        At least those paper dollars have fibre :) Eric. The reason for gold is when you can’t grow your own food and there are some who can do you think they will trade some food for a piece of paper or for a piece of gold?

        • s c

          Gold and silver aren’t edible, but that’s not the point. Against my better judgment, I’m going to ask you a question, Vicki. If we can rely on dollars for fiber, what’s the best way to serve it? You’ll have to excuse me, but I just don’t relish the thought of a dollar that’s been baked, roasted, broiled or barbecued. That must be quite a cookbook you use in putting food on your table.

          • Vicki

            in a salad :)

        • angel-wanna-be

          Vickie, Take your money and buy seeds now!__If the economy does take another dive, you’ll have for later use. If it doesn’t use them next years!__better safe than sorry!

          • Vicki

            Seeds require land.

      • JC

        Dave, I think it was Ludwig vonMises who said, “Only the government can tale a useful commodity like paper, slap ink on it and make it totally worthless” I use it to buy silver these days. Just in case…

  • ALC

    what about people who don’t have large sums of money to “invest” in your precious metals. What about the poor or the one’s who struggle everyday to get by. What do they do?

    • DaveH

      You can buy 1 oz silver rounds on Ebay for about $20 apiece.

      If yours was a political statement, try convincing your poor friends that while redistribution and Big Government may sound wonderful, they end up in less production and more poverty in the long run. So the best they can do is to vote for free markets, where everybody who wants to put in some effort can excel economically.

    • Grey Wolf

      ALC, to put it bluntly, if you & others are struggling to survive now,
      how are you going to survive when there is a total collapse of both the economy & the social order aka civilization? I have spent over 40 years of my life studying economics & now agree with the premise that total economic implosion is not a question of if but when. More than likely absolute chaos will result afterwards & the loss of many lives will be inevitable. My only advice to you is to prepare as best as you can at this moment in time. This web site has some excellent publications on surviving the coming catastrophe(s). You may want to pick up a copy & get some ideas. Please remember, complaining & having a defeatist attitude will only insure a quick demise for yourself when the curtain comes down on our socio-economic system!

      • angel-wanna-be

        Grey Wolf, Sadly, I feel the same way, it’s just a matter of time. I began collecting canned goods about six months ago. And I just about have enough brick, to finish putting in my woodstove. Our wood supply is already being stocked up._-I’ve alot of people tell my husband and I were crazy. Well, I’ll tell ya what, if a collapse doesn’t happen we will be well stocked, if it does, we can also share with friends and family.__God Bless

        • denniso

          John Meyers talks about the fear that was sown by Bush/Cheny on the issue of terrorism…true,they scared the country half to death about
          Iraq having WMD so we would invade the worked, and continued for yrs w/ both repeating the fear mantras frequently during their 8yrs.
          Now it looks like you people are falling for the fear that Myers and others,some w/ a financial interest,are pushing…the collapse of our economy and currency, and they’re telling you that gold and silver will save you. Wrong, and you shouldn’t be taking the bait. Nothing wrong w/ a person having some metals in diversified investment…but don’t put everything into metals and then watch them stay flat or fall when the economy doesn’t collapse…we’ve been through this same kind of thinking back in the 70′s and 80′s.

          By the way, if you had invested in the Dow index a yr ago your money would have increased by about 75% to now…gold has dropped a little and then stayed essentially flat in that year.

    • Vicki

      For those (like me :) ) who do not have thousands of “dollars” paper or otherwise I reccomend silver. Silver dimes are not very expensive and you can buy a few at a time with every paycheck.

    • Harry B

      Why not invest in micro-cap American producers of silver,for example Itronics-ITRO, FOR ABOUT $105.00 YOU CAN GET 50,000 SHARES. IT HAS BEEN THERE OVER 10 YEARS AND INVESTED OVER 20,000,000 IN THEIR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPEMENT, AND PRODUCES GREEN TECH, FERTILIZERS AND PRODUCES NEVADA SILVER 5,0UNCE BARS.the small time,little people,with a little money can take a shot at American companies that employ American people and by doing their homework, invest in American companies that may really make them feel they are can have your grandchildren co-owners and leave them feeling that they are owners in silver and gold.

    • Delores Smith

      ALC…If you can’t buy gold, buy silver. It is used in all types of manufacturing…i.e.computers etc., and is expected to zoom up. Talk to an expert about it.
      Delores Smith
      PS E-mail John Myers for info. When manufacturing increases, you should be able to make money. Mr.Myers point is that the dollar is going down in value.

  • ceberw

    When it comes to using fear, Bob Livingston has no place complaining about anyone else. What a hypocrite.

    • DaveH

      Call it what you like. I call it good common sense. Bob Livingston is trying to wake up the ignorant to the reality of where we are headed if the American citizens don’t get educated in economic matters.

      • Grey Wolf

        Most psychologists will tell you that fear is one of the best motivational factors in the study of human behavior. It has played a key role in the survival of our very existence according to some anthropologists. And why not? Fear has turned failure into success, has saved lives & has kept many a person out of trouble. As I see it, the problem for most people is how to handle it in a positive, productive manner.
        That is something you will have to decide for yourself!

    • Vicki

      The whole point of Bob’s “fear” is that people can fear something and run to mama government (The examples Bob gives of the past 5-7 years) or people can fear something and learn how rational the fear is and THEN work together to do something about it.

    • RudeDude

      I hate to point this out to you people that can’t read, Bob Livingston did not write this article. John Myers did.

    • s c

      OK, ceberwprogressive, here’s your first (free) lesson about true hypocrisy. If you want a cram course in world-class hypocrisy, look at Obummer. Listen to what he says, and then TEST what he says.
      Assuming that you can read (I won’t make that assumption), see if you can find some Obummer plans that he came up with on his own (no czars or prosties).
      Take a hard look at the people who surround Obummer. His main standard for most of the people who are around him requires that they be LOSERS. As long as they brown-nose him, he’ll tell them they’re brilliant. If they dare to tell him what he needs to hear, they’re considered instant dirt.
      Now, go get a functional dictionary, learn the difference between ‘media speak’ and English, and
      burn every saul alinsky book you ever read. The fresh air of truth and reality will boggle and expand your mind, ceberwprogressive.

      • Vicki

        I would counsel against burning Alinsky’s books. It is desirable to know their plans so you can recognize their tampering.

      • MH

        I think you have it backwards. Obummer surrounds himself with LOSERS who will tell HIM how great and how smart HE is, not the other way around. If they don’t worship him or will damage him, they are gone! Watch what he does, don’t listen to what he says. He is just a puppet of George Soros and who knows who else. Heck, he can’t talk without a teleprompter – like the Wizard of Oz. McCain wouldn’t have been much better, just a skateboard down the slippery slope instead of a rocket. But, we get the government we deserve . . .

        No matter what the writer, Glenn Beck or anyone else says, we should be prepared for the worst of circumstances during the best of times because you never know. If you still have a job, you should be buying provisions, saving money and paying off bills in the event that you lose the job. If you don’t ever lose your job and by some miracle this economy turns around (I don’t think so, that’s why I said MIRACLE), then you just eat and replace your “insurance.” I know it is easier said than done, but you have to do what you can do to take care of yourself and your family first.

    • JC

      A little fear based in reality as opposed to “mongering” is a healthy thing.

  • Laura Schlegel

    I agree that fear is not the way to lead our country. There’s a difference between dumbing us down w/lies and fear mongering (Limbaugh, Beck, Palin) and being informed with real concern and reasonable debate for solutions. Nancy Pelosi didn’t start the lie about WMD, that’s what Bush told US. He’s the one that took our civil liberty under his Patriot Act. And who’s the one that is heavily invested in Halliburon? What about paramilitary like Black Water? Who told US to go out shopping and buy big cars when we should have been doing the opposite? Why were we being dumbed down when a major economic crisis due to years of erroding deregulation, neglect of our infrastructure, union busting to out source our industries/jobs, increasing corporate control over everything, was in the making? Also read about the Texas Board of Education and the airbrushing of our text books, the neo”CON” movement going back to Pau Weyrich & Lee Atwater, “Screwed”,
    “The Dumbing Down of America” and “You are Still Being Lied To”. Talk about being duped into submission with mis-info, lies and fear mongering. We do have serious challenges that need to be addressed with sound debate for humane solutions.

    • Marcia Barlow

      If you’re looking for a group to hang blame on, I look to all of Washington both democrat and repub. That’s the way they control. The way out is to vote in the 3rd party, but that is stopped by even more fear…”If you vote for the 3rd party, you are allowing the bad guys (repubs or demos, whichever you want out) to win.” For me, blame game doesn’t work either. I’d like for folks to wake up and take charge of their own lives and get government out of it; both by eliminating the Patriot Act and National Health Care.

      • DaveH

        Right on Marcia.

      • Vicki

        For many years I voted for the lessor of 2 evils. What we got for that is ……Evil. I now vote strictly on ideals and for those who have proven that they will uphold their oath to serve and protect the Constitution. Nothing less will do. Of course that means I rarly vote for any of the current congress. :)

    • DaveH

      Where do you get the “deregulation” idea? Government has done nothing but grow since Reagan left office. What do you think they are spending our money on?

      Yes, the Patriot Act was wrong. But what you advocate is no less intrusive into our freedom. We need to get back to the kind of freedom that our founders envisioned. The kind of freedom that allows people to make their own decisions about the best direction to prosperity and better lives. We are far away from the Free Markets that our Founders advocated.

      People should be able to choose the products that they desire without the oversight of do-gooder Liberals.

      • Andre

        Totally agree with Laura, and then Marcia. With respect to the question “What do you think they are spending our money on?”, the answer is really simple, the military-industrial complex – which would not need to exist if we were not in constant fear – and paying interest to the banksters for our unpayable debt. Only a fraction of what we pay in taxes comes back to us in the form of “govermental services”.

        • kate8

          Thank you for saying that. They toss back a few bones to make people think they are getting “redistribution of someone else’s wealth”, and that we need ever more taxes to redistribute more.

          Most of the money is going to the banksters, to covert projects (like underground cities for the elite to go when it all hits the fan) and building their own forces against us. The elites are the real parasites, doing nothing but holding us in slavery while they plunder our labor toward our destruction and their ever-increasing greed, power and control.

      • Vicki

        The patriot act was wrong. It was passed by a Democrat controlled congress so we can quit blaiming the Republicans. The RINO’s that voted for it and the RINO that signed it all show themselves to not be worthy of our vote. :)
        We already know better than to vote for (most) Democrats.

    • John Myers

      Dear Laura,

      You are absolutely correct about Nancy Pelosi not starting the lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. I use her in my column because those in the Bush administration that started that giant wrecking ball are no longer in power, but Ms. Pelosi still is.

      Thank you for you comments and for reading,

      John Myers

    • http://aol ted houser

      Well said, Laura!

      Pelosi didn’t start the lies and fear-mongering…however, by taking impeachment off the table, she enabled The Bush criminal conspiracy to survive and thrive! The Bush administration took fear-mongering to a whole new level. They should have all been tried as war criminals. The action against Iraq was not a war! It was and is…an invasion and occupation of a soverign nation. This was done by design…and sold to the American people…as a war. Read Project For a New American Century (PENAC) and you will grasp the enormity of what was done to the US and the world…through lies, treachery and fear-mongering!

      • s c

        As I recall, t h, this article’s topic is gold. If anyone ever accused you of being a brainwashed, Obummer parrot, they’re only half right.
        The topic in this article is gold. Did someone in Congress “teach” you how to read?

    • Richard Pawley

      I have never heard Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck lie about anything and I have listened to Palin for at least 6 months before she was chosen to run as Vice-President. (Can’t comment on Rush Limbaugh because I seldom listen to talk radio (almost never) but I have never caught Beck and Palin in a lie. They may not be 100% correct on all things, but I have never met anyone who has been. I’d rather have an honest forthwright person who is willing to admit they are wrong when they are than an Ivy League know-it-all who has as much disdain for the common man as they do for the Constitution. Admittedly Palin and Beck are not PhD or J.D. educated but our current situation is a result of mostly Ivy League Intellectuals running the nation for the past few generations with a few exceptions. If we reject the free market then either national socialism (NAZISM)or Soviet style socialist/communism is the alternative. There are no other options. If Beck was so terrible I doubt that Dr. King (Martin Luther King’s niece) would have been on his Fox Channel daily program. The progressives say that character doesn’t matter, power controls, and only a return to the truths of the founding fathers can save our country. If we do not return to truth, then I know what will result, and NO ONE IS GOING TO B

      • Richard Pawley

        CORRECTION: The progressives say that character doesn’t matter and power controls, BUT only a return to the truths of the founding fathers can save our country. If we do not return to those truths, then I know what will result, and NO ONE IS GOING TO BE HAPPY WITH IT. I pray that America will wake up but only the Tea Party seems to see what is going to result if we don’t and that is why the Socialists wanna-be’s fear them so much. I have read the statistics on the Tea Party. They are slightly smarter and slightly richer than the average American and they love not just their country but the idea of their country. They see no advantage in adopting the failed politics and policies of the “mother countries” (Europe and Russia). WE ARE AMERICANS, OR AT LEAST WE USED TO BE.

        • Pat R

          Check out this website:

          Check out the movie on the above site and you will discover that Rupert Murdock (Fox News) was bought off by Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski. After Billions of $$$ was funneled through Fox, Glenn Beck was given a job at Fox to stymy the interest in Obama’s Birth Certificate and Eligibility.
          FoxNews is no different from the others– All have been silenced with Billions of $$$ to protect Obama.
          Sorry to “bust the bubble about Fox and their “Truthful” reporting. Glenn Beck will never get that Call on his Red Phone (which is probably not even hooked up!)
          “The Obama We Know” Movie is a must view for everyone!

  • Annie Ladysmith

    You can buy fractional gold, not ozs. and silver is a great deal. If you can put aside $500 you can get a nice stash of silver. You can also go to estate sales and buy a couple of sterling spoons. Very practical, you can use the spoons until you need the silver.
    Caution: the elite brokers are going to do everything to make a new economic system that is not based on gold, they know the value of the peoples hoarded gold, even though they have done everything to stop this,they are even talking about a carbon unit based economy, who knows what they’ll try to shove down our throats. If they try to take our gold again, it’ll be the last straw. If people allow this, then take note, we will be heading into enslavement. And if you think you have nothing now…just wait, you won’t even have a winter coat to survive another January, ask the Russians.

    • DaveH
    • Richard Pawley

      For $500 you can also buy a case of large number ten cans of freeze dried cooked ground beef, and a mixed case of similar cans containing various vegetables, a similar case of six large number ten cans of various fruits, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc. and a case of dried milk, and round it out with a few cans of white turkey meat. Expiration date is between 2020 and 2035 depending. Guess what. If the dollar doesn’t collapse (FAT CHANCE) you can always eat these and you will save more than their cost due to the coming inflation. If the dollar does collapse you will discover you would rather have these few items (assuming you have a cool dry basement to store them in than the gold and silver that $500 might buy at this time. If you are blessed you might be able to buy both.

  • lou

    How about thinking things out for ourselves ,useing good judgment and
    understanding ,I think we could do that.

  • Kent

    I think the fact that we now have 24 hour news has a lot to do with it too. The media thrives on bad news. Then we have all the commentators on those news channels putting all their spin on things. In 1987 we had what one 24 hour news channel, CNN, now we have CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Headline News, Fox News, Fox Business and I’m sure even more. They just repeat and repeat things over and over. It’s no wonder people feel things are so bad now. We have been through these situations before but we didn’t have instant and 24 hour coverage.

    • Andre

      Your mentioning of the news media reminded me of an article I just read today, here a small extract of that article:
      “In our media-saturated culture, pundits and publishers define the boundaries of many people’s worlds. If it wasn’t covered by their favorite news outlet, many people assume, it must not have happened – or if it did happen, it’s simply not important. Then, when the average news consumers talk to their co-workers or neighbors, who also get their news from the same sources, each has their limited view of the world reinforced. They exist in an echo chamber, where certain ideas are repeated endlessly and others die a quiet death from neglect.

      Few people are aware of how concentrated the ownership of mainstream US media is. With just five mega-corporations controlling virtually the entire media world, it is likely that many Americans can go an entire week and not encounter a book, magazine, newspaper, song, movie, greeting card, video game, radio program or TV show that did not issue from one of those five corporations. It is possible for people to believe they have been exposed to a broad range of ideas, since they read, watch and listen to what seems to be a wide variety of sources. They may never notice the ideas that are missing — the topics which will never appear in a movie at the multiplex, or in a major daily newspaper. There is the appearance of diversity masking actual uniformity.”

      • Richard Pawley

        Sadly true Andre! I mentioned this in my autobiography four years ago, where I also warned (in 2006) of the coming stock market crash and the danger of derivatives, and suggested that if a person had money to invest, to invest it in gold at $500 to $600 which was very cheap (It’s now over $1100 and it will go to at least $1700). When I was growing up there were in the neighborhood of 150 separate sources of information. Today the big three are no longer so big and ABC, CBS, and NBC are little more than house organs for the government. Countries are seldom permanent and democracies even less so. I believe we have one chance left and that is not in 2012 but this November. Of course Obama will not get re-elected in 2012 but if the House is not replaced this fall, and some of the Senate, then even replacing Obama will not have the effect that many are hoping for. He is just one inexperienced person, it is Congress that has passed all these junk laws and that are destroying the dollar as I write and that voted for us to go to war, and to pass government run health care, and on and on. It’s Congress! Because of them Obama can play more golf in the past 18 months than Bush did in 8 years. “No man’s purse is safe while Congress is in session” said a favorite author a century ago and that is still true. Remember the comedian who said (way back when) that “If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed. If you do read then you are misinformed. Today that is true with the former ‘big three’ TV news broadcasters. If you care about your country vote this November. I will not tell you the alternative. I wrote another book about that and few can believe it but they will see it unless we take back our country from those who only want a NWO. Believers can pray. Dum Spiro Spero!

  • Larry Stanley

    Believe this or not, the printing presses are cranking out the fiat dollar daily. Fear … afraid or not …. that is how politics has been conducted for years, this administration has a Masters Degree in pumping out the negative to gain support for the next wave of destruction.
    Hyperinflation, devalued dollar and a multitude of other dips in to your bank account are eminent; history is my guide to making a decision to buy gold or silver even if t is only an ounce a month. Believe as you wish, but in prior recessions in this country the rest of the world’s economies were not in the tank so there was bailout hope coming from abroad.
    Time to wake up; there are numerous news and economist saying the same thing, most are realist not fear mongers.

    • Al Sieber

      I agree with you 100%.

  • DaveH
  • Yvan

    Republicans are the master of fear manipulation. They go as far as using God or Jesus to service their cause. Look at the election map in US. The poorest states vote Republican. Expert manipulators. If they would stop their fear mongering the party would disintegrate, that is the only thing they know what to do.

    • DaveH

      The Republicans are novices compared to the fear mongering of the Liberal Democrats.
      The Global Warming crisis.
      The Home Mortgage crisis.
      The Energy crisis.

      Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution!

      There really is only one solution to all this Big Government fear-mongering – Vote Libertarian, the only party that advocates Individual Responsibility, Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Limited Government.

      • Lisa Jones

        Democrats = Very Evil
        Republicans = Evil
        Libertarians = Perfect People.


    • kate8

      What about the fact that the states that are the most bankrupt are the ones that are held by democrats. The ones that are the most solvent are led by republicans.

      Check it out. Democrats love to waste people’s money. As much as they can, as fast as they can. And for the express purpose collapsing the system. Just take a look at Detroit. And I should know of which I speak. I live in California.

      • Lisa Jones

        Is Detroit a state?

        • s c

          Oh, so you’re ceberw’s teacher. Take a poll, L. A good bottle of wine says that tons of progressives in Michigan will tell you that Detroit is a state – especially if they think Obummer is doling out some of his “stash,” and they think they’re going to get some of that “stash.”

        • kate8

          I’m so sorry, I just assumed everyone knew what Detroit was.

          For those of you who are products of our education system, I mentioned Detroit rather than the state of MI because it had once been such a thriving city.


          • Lisa Jones

            And what caused Detroit to decline?

      • Richard Pawley

        And not just the states, but the most bankrupt cities have been run by Democrats for generations. They always claim to be helping the poor but mainly help them to remain poor.

        • Vicki

          Detroit being a classic example :)

          • Lisa Jones

            What Happened to Detroit?

    • http://aol ted houser

      Right on Yvan! Fear mongering is the Republican’s only weapon. The Bush criminal war machine used it over and over. The Democrat’s were enablers to the crimes against America. Has any of you ever read PENAC? The Bush/Cheney treason is spelled out in that documemt…where they stated that in order to get Americans to allow us to attack some mideast countries, we must suffer another Pearl Harbor. Voila, 9/11 was another Pearl Harbor!

      • Jeep

        I was thinking about reminding you all that Iraq used chemical agents on several occasions. And, that Iraq had a very progressive biological weapons program, and that just last year we pulled out 20,000 lbs. of enriched uranium. We know that many of Iraq’s nuclear scientists (and, most of their work) escaped to Syria. We also know that Russia was very involved in those programs. And, just in case you forgot, Iraq washeavily involved with the training of international terrorists funded by our Saudi friends and recruited from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa.

        But, then I realized that no facts will ever convince you that Iraq had WMD (no matter how many times they used them), or that there really was a valid reason to stop them.

        • Vicki

          Careful there or someone might call you a Conspiracy nut. :) Those who lived thru that time and actually have a sense of time know exactly what happened during the 8 weeks between when Bush said we were going to attack and when we actually did attack. 2 full months for those in power in Iraq to move the evidence out of the country. Syria is one likely place.

        • Lena

          Gee, I guess the Iraqis were going to paddle across the Atlantic with their WMD and set them off in NY harbor. But now it is explained! George Duba was right to begin with. And along I thought it was over oil and the hair-brained notion of bringing Democracy to the Middle East. Jeep, your explaination doesn’t make me feel so bad about the 5,000 plus service men and women that have died and the $1 trillion we spent.

          • Jeep

            No, “Iraqis” were not going “to paddle” over here…You, are lying to yourself if you ignore truth. I suppose you could tell the thousands of Kurdish children that Saddam gassed that it really wasn’t. That their choking vomit as they died had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. Or, maybe you could tell the Iranian soldiers that the funny boils that are exploding on their skin has nothing to do with WMD’s. And, I guess the terrorist training camps that our soldiers tore down was a waste of time. Maybe we should replace the Iraqi nuclear weapons program and give them back the enriched uranium. You people sicken me…

        • http://GOGGLE vaksal


          • Jeep

            Spot on…we gave him the technology, and the tools. No doubt. But, if you gave a child a loaded gun, and he shoots it off. Then, he threatens you with it…At what point do you take it away? (I know the answer is that you should not give it to him in the first place.)

          • Lena

            Great Points Vaksal,
            Last I heard Powell resigned over the fabricated lies by the Bush administration over the threat from Iraq. Speaking of you people, you people still think that we had to get into Vietnam because of Gulf of Tonkin.

          • Jeep

            Where were you Lena during 9/11? How about the USS Cole? Maybe you missed the Achille Lauro? There are many more I could mention…How many terrorists acts conducted against the US do we have to take?

  • Penni Eads

    It sounds like you are trying to create more fear by suggesting that we all go out and purchase gold and silver coins.

    • Jeep

      If you live in a flood zone, and I suggested you go out and buy sand bags, I guess that would be fear mongering too…

    • Al Sieber

      Everything is fine, go back to sleep.

  • Dr. Mabuse

    I find it interesting that some of the individuals who seriously tried to eliminate the Federal Reserve from involvement in U.S. monetary policies were assassinated. Abe Lincoln (interest free “greenbacks”)(shot in the head), Louis T. Mc Fadden (poisoned twice)(the 1st poisoning wasn’t fatal), JFK (interest free money issued through the Treasury Dept.(June 1963) (shot in the head).
    The only reason we’re having this conversation about the worthlessness of fiat currency and the fiscal viability of precious metals is that we haven’t had the resolve to oust ALL OF THE PEOPLE who have a vested interest in perpetuating this evil system of money being created via debt. They still have got you by the short hairs because you refuse to give up this tribal rock throwing at one another (this translates I’m sick to death of Rino(s) Libtards, Tommy Tucker and any other motherf…… ) who can’t see that the name of the game isn’t divide and conquer, but its divide and rule. It will take ALL of us to get this monkey off our backs.

    • s c

      Interesting comments, Dr. M. I find myself wondering how many progressive muthas will read your comments and understand what you said. Obviously, the Fed has much to lose if they are denied their illegal and immoral, unconstitutional money monopoly.
      When $ is your god (the Fed, i. e.], dissent, the rule of law and morality are not in the equation – ever.

  • g ritchie

    Do you really believe Gold is the answer, this whole thing is an illusion caused by big banks and big government. If there is a collapse and I believe there will be, it will be the survival of the fittest, no amount of god, silver or any other metal that you may have will assure your safety or the safety of your family or friends, not to mention it being taken from you at all cost from you dead or alive. to put it bluntly when this happens it’s going to get ugly, prepare for a way out a safe haven and hope it will end soon, the true answer is that we must regain power of our government that has become corrupt from the inside out. May God help us.

    • Grey Wolf

      I’ll agree with you G. However, it will also be a survival of the smartest. You’re really going to have to think, decide & react very quickly when the economy implodes & the social order collapses as a result. As the Boy Scouts of America motto says “Be Prepared”. From my vantage point, the masses will not survive & you are right about it getting very ugly. Yet keep in mind, that some will get through it but the future will hold no promises.

      • Dr. Mabuse

        Grey Wolf, you are wise man.

        • Grey Wolf

          Thanks Doc! I’m a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. Also, I agree with you on JFK, too. He wanted to abolish the CIA, contain the Fed & get the US out of ‘Nam by ’64. No wonder he was a marked man.

    • Richard Pawley

      I agree gold is not the answer BUT a little might help. We are moving into a major once in 500 year change in how the world operates. Gold is merely a means of keeping a little of what you have but if you can figure out what you would REALLY rather have, then buy that: Solar panels, not because they are green but so you can have some power when others have none, and I can think of so uch more, to much to list here. The ultimate question, not considering spiritual matters, is can you survive without society. I’m not even going to try to answer that but a day is coming when stocks and bonds and paper currency will all be so much paper to start a fire. A ONCE IN 500 YEAR CHANGE IN HOW THE WORLD OPERATES is what most of us will see.

      • Johnnyrite

        What are you going to use to buy solar panels? Or for that matter, food? If you think the dollar is sound, then you won’t need gold. But if you are thinking we are going to have to be self-sufficient, what are you going to use to buy the necessities of life — marbles?

    • Andy in Idaho

      I don’t understand why gold is not at least part of the answer. It was in Ancient Rome; it was during the Spanish and Dutch Empires and even for those living under Pax Britannica. Left of Right should be able to agree with the lessons of history. Whether you think George W. was the agent of crisis or Obama — if you believe we are in a crisis now (how could you not?) — then after proving itself to be an important instrument, why would you think that gold and silver are no longer essential? The only reason bullion would not be important is if you believe that things are A-OK. I hope none of you believe that!

    • Delores Smith

      g ritchie
      I agree with your e-mail, but check with an expert to find out what gold is safe to buy. Mr. Myers has given good advice. Frankin Delano Roosevelt sealed safe deposit boxes in banks…gave the country a “bank holiday”. He confiscated gold, but not silver. An expert like Mr Myers can tell you what gold is safest to buy, because it won’t be confiscated. Check with Mr. Myers if gold is too expensive for you to see if he recommends silver.
      Delores Smith

      • John Myers

        Dear Delores,

        I absolutely believe in silver. The Wall Street Journal called my father C.V. Myers the “original gold bug”. C.V. convinced his subscribers to buy silver in 1968. Today, at less than $20 per ounce, silver is still affordable for all of us. American Silver Eagle coins make a beautiful gift and are a secure inheritance to leave our children when we leave for “greener pastures”. In this life, and during these times, a single one of them might buy us a cord of wood, a loaf of bread and some milk from a farmer.

        Thanks for your comments of support,

        John Myers

        • Grey Wolf

          Gold can also save your life & buy you freedom. It happened 35 years when Vietnam fell. There were some people who used their gold coins & jewelry to bribe government officials & police in order to escape from that country during all the mayhem. Something to think about & I wish everyone of you the best during this bleak period of modern times. May it end swiftly & peacefully.

  • Tazio2013

    The following free-market thinking/ gold bullion knowledge is based, in part, on “THE PREDICTIONEER’S GAME; Using the Logic of Brazen Self-Interest to See and Shape the Future” by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, “GOLD: The Once and Future Money” by Nathan Lewis, “The Daily Bell” re 04/20/10 review of Thomas Sowell’s new book -” Intellectuals and Society” plus past issues re Honest Money vs. Fiat Money, “THE BLACK SWAN” by Dr. Nassim Taleb, “THE REVOLUTION’ by Ron Paul, “”, “”, “The August Report”, “The Casey Report”, “Personal Liberty Digest” and other gold bullion promulgating publications readily available to any bona fide Pragmatic Jeffersonian Libertarian 2%ers with a library card and Internet connection. Republikrats need not apply!

    The rapidly accelerating re-cognition/re-establishment of a global De Facto Private Gold Bullion Standard conflated with THE GOLD GAME: Honest Money/Austrian Economics/Free-Market Thinking (Gold Bullion) vs. Fiat Money/Keynesian Economics/Militarism-Statism-Mercantilism (Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen), Euro/USD FOREX HF Currency Trading Program, and THE GOLDEN RONIN: proprietary algorithmic [intelligent (strong AI), complex, evolutionary or ICE algorithms] gold trading model all predict that gold bullion will be valued at $2150 +/- $150 per ounce by 01/20/13 and more than $5000 per ounce by 01/20/17 when POTUS #45 begins his first term. Suggest US free-market thinkers and bona fide PJL 2%ers buy and hold all the gold that we can afford. Semper fi!

  • JPW-

    If you do buy gold ar today’s prices and your over 40 years of age think of it as an investment for your great great grandchildren and not some kind of retirement plan.Do the math with an open mind and you would be better off with investing in pork & beans to survive.

    • Richard Pawley

      It all depends on WHY you buy gold and silver. There are three reasons and I doubt I can say it better than another writer has already said (Howard Ruff) the most widely read investment advisor in history.

      He said: “There are serious uses for gold and silver that have little to do with investment, and gold bugs often miss that. You need to know the difference. The metals have three basic uses:

      1. Gold and silver coins as personal insurance against a declining dollar.

      2. Government holdings of gold backing for the currency (non-investment).

      3. Gold and silver for investments when things are right, and only then.

      Timing makes no difference with number one and number two. They are for all seasons, not for speculation or investment. However, when you want to invest in gold and silver, timing is everything.”

      This is and has been one of those times for number three, but I am sure Howard would agree with me that you can’t eat it and non-perishable food is a better idea if funds are limited.

  • kate8

    Great article and video going around:'t-fly.html

    If we are all on to their game of fear, maybe they won’t try it again.

  • ABinGA

    Siver Eagles are always a good choice. Even if you don’t end up falling back on them, they are great to pass along to children and grand children. Like DaveH posted, you can buy from e-bay or visit your local coin shop and get them for about $20.00 a piece.

  • Delores Smith

    Mr. John Myers,
    Your article is very informative. Thank you. You’ve substantiated many of my theories (only theories).
    One of my other theories is that when FDR stated, “The only thing we have to fear is itself,” it could have been his method of instilling “fear.”
    He managed to enter his fourth term before he died, and left behind many dependent Americans.
    Delores Smith

  • lighterknot

    There was the boy who cried wolf; till no one paid attention…He only innocently wanted attention himself and eventually the wolf was there…no one paid attention. I fear we have been saturated in such lies political, commercial ads, religious sermons you name it, till we are jaded and have come to that point
    History seems a good place to look but it was written by biased scoundrels, talking heads and liars; so who do we trust; our own deductive reasoning, science, philosophy, the bible or the media. I take them all; try to squeeze the sh** out of them and take what’s left… many disappear completely. Academia is flawed; much of it bought and paid for by the oligarchy of the rich but it is the best we have as a guide. I think Global warming is real, pollution for sure, rain forest are being destroyed …plastics are killing us along with our tap water. The alpha wolf of them all; is weapons of mass destruction and the morality that allows their existence. You could say we are surrounded by this Nobel creature and we must do something about it, so I cry wolf!
    PS; sorry to use the Aesop’s wolf fable for my metaphor; (the wolf has long struck fear in man) that by no means justifies Sarah Palin’s slaughter of them in Alaska.

    • MJ Montana

      My mother use to read to me. One of her and my favorities was The Boy That Cried Wolf! I am now in my 50s and I undestand the fable less than when I was five. In the end the boy DID get eaten by the wolf.

    • Jeep

      Funny how those who rail against wolf hunts in Alaska would never go out in the dead of winter to feed the starving wolves that have overpopulated the tundra.

      • JeffH

        Jeep…yours are words of wisdom

  • chuck b


    you are right in the respect we have been saturated by lies, like the global warming hoax, this has to be the lie of the century. the sheep have been led to this pasture of ignorance. our schools have indoctrinated our children with this garbage since the fifties and now it has been exposed for what it is “a lie”. al gore, of all the ignorant people in the world this guy convinces the sheep the sky is falling down and they follow the pied piper, maybe he’s not so ignorant after all he sure made a lot of money off the sheep. the pollution is “called over population” weapons of mass destruction “liberals who vote”

  • Jackie

    Well that is all well and good, as for FEAR I shall just let it go like I do all the other inane articles I read anymore. As a senior on a very fixed income how am I to do this, go with out food? go without shelter? I don’t think so.
    I can look back when younger and working full time, and had the means but was taken in by (you know who) have to admit I was pretty stupid.
    That’s the way the cookie crumbles and it is crumbling. Thanks.

  • lighterknot

    Chuck b
    I can’t debate with someone who has a passionate hate for liberals I’m both liberal and conservative about different things, don’t like labels.
    I do think the Christian right Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Fox TV and the Late Jerry Falwell have done a great job for the Oligarchy hurding the sheep as you say ( the moral majority) Christians of blind faith and preparing them for the fleecing and the slaughter. It’s been done and the sheep don’t seem a bit wiser. Fact they try to blame their discomfort on those who try to be responsible and create a SUSTAINABIL life style instead of insane growth and destruction for the dollar.
    The glaciers are melting for what ever reason certainly fossil fuels are helping the process. Pollution is there for the looking…most we can’t see and if Christ returned with any power at all I believe he would punish those who condone weapons of mass destruction for any reason.
    Just my hard headed opinion but I’m old and foretold much of the happenins.

  • eddie47d

    s.c., John Meyers comments were fairly nutural and he blamed both sides and yes the issue was about metals. At 11:51 4/21 you strayed from the subject and then at 11:57 your get irratated about someone else who strayed. What an ego!

  • eddie47d

    Dave H.; Your Lisa Jackson video was good but the only brainwashing I read was from the Liberty Journal. So I would say it was the Liberty Journal who was spreading the misinformation (fear).

  • samnjoeysgrama

    OK, back to gold. Massive inflation is the only way the US will be able to pay it’s debt, the small investor be damned.
    I have a portion of my IRA in gold. I’m considering moving some of my gold IRA into a gold Roth IRA. If taxes go up as much as they must to pay off debt; gold goes up (dollar down) as much as many of us anticipate; then having that growth in the Roth means I would have money that won’t be taxed at an astronomical rate to pay any taxes on regular IRA withdrawals. Anyone else have any thoughts on this or have you found a source for info on it?

  • DaveH
  • JPW-

    Carefully read the above article again.It is just a fear mongering sales pitch to sell precious metals gold, silver etc.Beck is selling the same crap to the suckers that are born everyday.Dont you recognize asalesman or con when you see one.Should have bought blue chip stock.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Yeah Yeah Yeah . I hope you had all of your retirement in Blue Chip stocks like GM!!!!

      • denniso

        Aren’t you aware that the stock market is up 75% in one year? Under Obama…Gold has been flat for the year. No gain…

        • Al Sieber

          The stock market is up because they’re pumping Fed. notes in to it, that’s their plan. to get everyone to invest, then crash it. it’s called a “suckers rally”. they want you to invest in the market, take your money. then drop the market. precious metals are your best bet.

  • AZ Rifleman

    My concerns regardinmg “Fear Mongering” are not about the issues of fear itself but the realization that our political machine busies itself with building the monsters in the closets on which to legitimize fear. Fear then is no longer based on illusion, but reality.

  • Jacquiline Doskocil

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