FDA sticks to view that BPA is safe


BPA is in plastic packagingThe Food and Drug Administration has repeated its opinion that the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) is safe, but also says it will conduct further tests and keep analyzing studies.

BPA has made headlines in recent months, as studies have linked the ingredient, found in some plastic packaging and baby bottles, with a number of health problems – such as heart disease, cancer, hyperactivity and fertility.

However, the FDA has said that it has not found sufficient evidence of the chemical’s harm to prohibit it.

"At this moment, with all information in front of us, we do not believe we have the data on which we could base a regulatory ban," said Laura Tarantino, chief of the FDA’s Office of Food Additive Safety.

At the same time, the agency said it would keep studying the effects of BPA on humans, particularly infants and children.

Mike Schade of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal that the time to act is now, saying that "while the FDA continues to delay action, infants and women of childbearing age are being exposed" to this "highly potent chemical."

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