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FDA reverses stance on mercury’s risks

December 12, 2008 by  

The FDA has changed its opinion on mercury risksWomen of childbearing age, pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies and children would no longer be advised to limit their fish consumption due to mercury risks, under new draft proposals by the FDA.

The decision to reverse a 2004 joint advisory by the FDA and environmental protection agency has angered some at the EPA, the Washington Post reports.

Internal memos obtained by the news provider show that EPA scientists believe the new recommendations are "scientifically flawed and inadequate" and lacking in "scientific rigor."

Four years, ago the two agencies said they had determined that the high mercury levels present in fish such as swordfish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel posed a risk to younger women and children.

They recommended that these groups avoid those fish altogether, as well as eating no more than 12 oz of other low-mercury fish per week.

Studies have suggested that mercury can interfere with the neurological development of babies and fetuses, as well as increasing an adult’s risk of heart disease.

Richard Wiles of the Environmental Working Group said the FDA’s proposal is "a commentary on how low the FDA has sunk as an agency," adding that it has become "nothing more than a patsy for polluters."

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  • Allan

    Personally I do not trust the FDA in the slightest and I am acquainted with plenty of persons who feel the same exact way. They are obliged to keep the economy rolling by keeping a large number of us sick . The general public is more aware of their nonsense than they believe.

  • Bob Livingston

    I think regardless of what FDA says you should err on the safe side. It’s no doubt that fish is an important food in a healthy diet. With careful selection you can find safe fish to eat where you don’t have to worry about the mercury and heavy metals. You should also be wary of mercury in your fish oil supplements. This is a well-known problem with much research. I’m excited to have found a superior source of Omega-3 without the dangers of mercury in fish oil. Check out “Super Krill Omega-3” from Health Resources.

  • flash287

    Hooray for the FDA! The EPA had been converted to a bunch of “stop everything” environmental religious ideologues. After all they majored in college in environmental studies. So lll they know is too sniff around and alarm the world about everything.

    They have caused the world depression! First with moratoriums on oil drilling domestically. This brouht us to $4 gas which triggerd the recession. How easy we all forget. Gas was the ISSUE last summer causing loss of jobs. That triggered the mortgage defalts.

    Clinton outlawed drilling in ANWR back in 1995. He wanted to give alternative energy an economic opportunity. It still has not happened and instead he caused along with the EPA a direction which chased all manufacturing and the factory jobs out of the USA.

    Next, with Environmentalist controlling the Democrats…Gasoline will be high taxed , Natural gas electric generation will be replaced by very expensive windmills and American will not be able to pay their electric bills. But Democrats will argue you need to conserve more. Like give up your car, A/C, refrigerator and hot water heater.

    This will backfire big time! Forests and parks will be raped for the firewood to heat homes. Welcome back to 1880 living! Smoke dust in the atmosphere will block the sun and bring back global cooling again, as it was when coal and wood provided all the world energy. (Then, used by Locomotives, Ocean vessels, cooking, heating etc.) Oil burners replaced coal as boon to the environment. Now the EPA nitpickers have demonized Big Oil and Natural gas as the cause oil climate change.

    We are lost!

  • http://none Rose

    Just had to comment on this. My fellow countrymen–DON”T BE SHEEPLE. READ!!!! THEN THINK FOR YOURSELVES AND MAKE UP YOUR OWN MINDS!!!!
    There is a move on right now to try to get us all to stop taking vitamins and minerals, keep us from going to the Vitamin shops, etc. They are now trying to tell us that too much Vitamin C causes stroke, etc. This is just another scam. They want us to not eat certain foods because they are bad for you. They tell us to drink diet cokes instead of regular cokes. They want all sugar band.

    What about all these chemicals that are used in places of the natural stuff? All these chemicals come with problems. Asparatame and other sugar substitutes, except for sacchrine used under normal conditions, and by diabetics, are not safe. They cause gasto-intestinal problems, colon cancer, colitis and a whole lot more.

    How many of you have noticed that animal fat was not bad for our grandparents and great grandparents because most were very active–working physically hard, like in the corn fields, wheat, farming, carpentry, building trades, etc. It was not until we all got such soft and cushy jobs sitting on our rumpus all day, moving very little, that fat was a bad thing.

    Use your own judgement. A well balanced diet is the key–that is what we were told, and if we didn’t get that, a multi-vitamin would make sure we had all we needed to make up for the problem–thirty years ago. Now all of a sudden, its all bad for you.

    One more observation–I have always been very sickly, gone to the doctor, gotten perscriptions for taking care of simple things like bronchitis. Each time I would have to have two types of medicine, and renew those same perscriptions 3 times to be over the problem. Now, I no longer have health insurance, and so I found other means.
    When I used to get sick, I ended up in the hospital more often than not for ten days or longer at a wack. The new way is to go to a vitamin store, find out what to use for what ails me, and within 3 days, the problem is gone or just about gone. I see improvement on the first day. I do not feel sick, I am not worse off than before I started the regimen, I have energy to spare–I am not dying, I can’t say enough.

    So when you hear the FDA or your doctor say something, read, go find alternatives, try them for a little while. If the alternatives work for you, you know what to do, and if they alternatives do not work, keep on doing what your doctor tells you to do.

    Do whatever works, but use your own head!!!!!

    And protect the vitamin and mineral industry. There have been efforts to close it down, and I am quite sure, those efforts will continue under the radar.


  • God Save the Queen

    That’s right Mr. Pro-Republican split what’s left of the country into the Dems and Repubs even more. Oh yeah, Big Oil is good and new forms of energy is bad. How the @!@!(#)@# do you or anyone else know this? Have they given wind power a chance? No because Mobil Oil won’t allow it! Idiot! Don’t blame that SOB G.W. and his *&(@(&@ war mongering cronies… He’s the the total fascist pig who sacrificed us all!!!!

    • flash287

      God save the queen!

      Big oil is good! They rip less profit (on investment) on the consumer than Coca Cola, Starbucks, Hollywood celebs and the overpaid sports figures. Where is your complaint about them?

      Considering that big oil has to spend fortunes looking for the stuff (hampered by regulations to the point they were driven off the the mainland and forced to buy it from our enemies) and then when they find it, they have to refine it at great cost and then ship it. Their profits are well deserved! It’s dangeous work and employs many hundreds of thousands.

      Your entire standard of living is based on your energy consumption. Stop buying goods and save enery in the production. Which leads to lost jobs and a a lost economy. Eg., You now how much energy is wasted shipping Tropicana OJ? Lots more than Minute Maid! You see, Tropicana is shipped from Florida and is mostly water (heavy and expensive to ship just as bottled water). All very bad for the environment. Minute Made, the water is extracted in Florida and added to the local water table. Then the concentrate is shipped and local water is added back in, at the local bottler/packager.

      You can’t give solar/wind a chance! The reason is it is relatively a very inefficient way to bring energy to the consumer. The only way it could compete in a free market is by having government tax and load it with regulations to choke it out of existence.

      When oil becomes artificially very expensive, only then could Alternatives be viable. Yes. It could replace coal and other fossil fuels, but it will become unimaginably expensive.

      Coal is now producing 50% of our El. energy. Do you want expensive gas back along with the damage it had done to the worlds economy? Dumb Democrats still want to outlaw coal. So, if natural gas is not nearby, you have to shut down the plant.

      Nuclear is a hope…but Jane Fonda, Sierra Club and idiot Greenie followers killed that industry. France and Japan are still laughing at us. (I guess they never saw her movie the China Syndrome; which killed the nuclear industry here.}

      Democrats are so stupid. Obama wants to expand the GRID capacity. A good idea when people of the future would need more electricity, but instead we have a Depression who needs it and who could afford it.
      Democrats don’t know anything because most are too busy having sex with small animals. Most eventfully are caught and get arrested.

    • Wysiwyg

      We should all be angry about the government’s stonewalling of our attempts to become energy independent. It is Democrats who block every attempt to develop wind farms (NIMBY) and the most efficient source of energy, nuclear plants. Their only solution is to tax our oil producers out of business or to institute regulations that make it impossible for them to operate at a profit.

      Yes, eat fish, and get your young children accustomed to it too. It is far better for them than hamburgers and hot dogs.

  • Recovered Lib

    Good for the FDA on this call.

    Modern day, 20th/21st century environmentalism is a false religion. This whole mercury scare is the same nonsense as man-made global warming.

    Eat fish for cryin’ out loud and stop listening to all these chicken littles.

    Flash287 says it right. The more sinister aspect to this whole thing is to ultimately destroy (or at least severely cripple) the US.

  • Barry

    I thought that too much of the larger fish was bad for most due to the high mercury levels present. was not just for Pregnant women and kids but for most. Tend to remember that there was higher mercury and that caused higher unknown health problems in some people. Once these large ( swordfish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel) fish were removed or limited in the diet the problems became much less or went away. Also thought Salmon was on the list.

    Hell! maybe I do not eat enough carbs and my memory is slipping.

  • Tom

    Have you ever noticed, that everything that happens today is G.W. Bush problem? Sad. Very Sad for these people. I think they are incapable of making any decisions on their own, and want to be socialist with government making decisions for them.

    I am 72 years old in good health, and I have one theory, whenever the government tells you that a certin thing is bad for you, I do just the opposite.

    I don’t want to look like those people that are eating vegetables instead of beef.

    Death warmed over.

  • Larry

    FDA is just another crooked government agency, in business to control people and steal their money.

  • God Save the Queen

    Flash 287,

    Yeah, NUKES are great! Tell that to the people of Chernobyl, @sshole! You pro-Republicans make me sick. F*ck you and Fck your GOD Ronnie Reagan. It’s because of “trickle down” economics, out sourcing, two bloated wars, and illegal immigration (you bastards LOVE cheap labor) that we’re at the next Depression. Go sh*t in your hat, OLD MAN.

  • Carol Gacioch

    to flash 257. from goldengirl Please get a Roget’s Thesaurus and learn some new words. You may have good ideas but if you don’t have the proper vocabulary then what you write is for naught. You sound angry and unsatisfied. If America is so bad and Republicans are so rotten, then either run for public office as a Dem or go to another country and see how far you would get with your present vocabulary. It’s not wrong to speak up but you sir or madam are vulgar and uninformed. I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year and I hope you find a way to stop spewing such venom at us.


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