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FDA Releases New Warnings For Cigarette Packs

June 22, 2011 by  

FDA Releases New Warnings For Cigarette Packs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released nine designs for new warnings that will be required to appear on cigarette packing and advertisements starting September 2012.

The designs, which can feature graphic depictions of diseases linked to smoking, “will appear on the top 50 percent of both the front and rear panels of each cigarette package” and “in the upper portion of each cigarette advertisement, occupying at least 20 percent of the area of the advertisement,” according to a statement on the FDA’s website.

“FDA selected the final nine cigarette health warnings based on their ability to effectively communicate the health risks of smoking to the public. In making selections, FDA considered its review of relevant scientific literature, more than 1,700 public comments, and results from its 18,000 person study,” the statement read.

The FDA has implemented a timeline for manufacturers of tobacco products to implement the new packaging. By October 22, 2012, cigarette manufacturers will no longer be able to distribute cigarettes for sale in the U.S. unless they display the new warnings.

“The introduction of these warnings is expected to have a significant public health impact by decreasing the number of smokers, resulting in lives saved, increased life expectancy, and lower medical costs,” the statement read. “The new warnings serve as reminder of the negative health consequences of smoking every time someone picks up a pack of cigarettes or views a cigarette advertisement.”

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  • ph

    the fda at it’s worse…go after smokers & give big pharma a lifetime pass on all the dangerous killer dope it peddles..more failed nanny state stupidity being forced onto the masses..the fda along with the usda needs to be put out of business & the sooner the better

    • EddieW

      VERY Strange, that the Federal DEEATH Administration even cares!!
      They do all they can to make and keep people sick, to make big bucks for Big Pharma!! Approving ‘medicines’ that will do permanent health damage and even kill!! Just approved an 80MG Statin…and admitted it will kill!! They are part of the Eugenics movement, and want population reduction!!

      • James

        EddieW I agree, every week there’s TV ads from lawyers, asking if you have taken this drug or that one, and had a arm or leg fall off, to call them immediately for a class action lawsuit.

  • CharlieTinNC

    The “Nanny State” won’t be happy until it can even tell us when to take a “dump.” By then it will be too late to save this once great nation. May GOD HELP US……..

  • Disgusted

    FDA doing its finest work again! Raiding small milk farmers for selling raw milk to customers that want it, but it’s ok for you to purchase something that has a proven track record of KILLING people! But wait, they are making them put those really nasty pictures on the package so I guess that would be, what, about a billion dollars well spent. What a joke.
    How about they do their real job and stop Mansanto from ruining our food source by genetically modifying everything. How about stopping big pharma from producing a drug for everything under the sun and then finding out 20-30 years later that the drug is killing people. The FDA is a joke and they are bought and owned by big pharma, tobacco and monsanto.

    • James

      Back when I grew up, raw milk was delivered to your door. In the early 60s, you could have it delivered to your door, in California.

  • Dan

    why aren’t they going to slap them on the side of Obama’s cigars?

    I’m a smoker, guess I’m an enemy of the State and a traitor. Just take me out and shoot me.

    • wandamurline

      I used to be a smoker(25 years) and know how you feel that you are some kind of a second class citizen nowadays. I am glad that I quit because my blood pressure went down and I feel wonderful. I consider myself a cigarholic, because I was so addicted that if I were to fall of the wagon and smoke one, I’d be right back where I started and have been quit for 4 years. I believe it is someone’s right to smoke if they want to, and I don’t appreciate the pressure that is being put on the smokers in today’s atmosphere. Saying that, quitting was the best decision, and the hardest thing I ever did.

  • C130 Gunship

    The truth about the dangers of smoking has been well documented since the late 1960s. Putting a picture on a pack of smokes will no more deter anyone from smoking as would putting up billboards of dying patients with AIDS deter gays from engaging in homosexual sex.

    Where does all this Nanny State crap stop? Why not pictures of dead folks on all alcohol containers? birth control boxes?, all gun packaging?, all ammo boxes?, all automobiles?, all motorcycles? all speed limit signs? (speed kills), all drugs?, and on and on.

    • Libertarian

      and why not? after all, “Partnership for Drugfree America” is funded by the tobacco and alcohol lobby!

      wake up!

      • coal miner

        You are correct.People should have the right to smoke or not to smoke.
        I believe pot and dope should be legalized.Pot would be more valuable than tabacco and oil.Here is one of the alternative fuel sources,thats pot.

  • Jim

    What I’m hoping for is the FDA would require 17×24 posters to be inserted into cigarette cartons. That way, I could have a framed collection to mount on the wall to remind me daily of how big government and the nanny state is really a worse disease than those shown in the graphics

    • Dan

      At least we would be getting something back for the taxes we pay.

      • Jim

        Well,it’s for sure we are not getting our moneys worth pouring tax dollars into “the cesspool on the Potomac”

  • Grumpy Old Biker

    Hey, here’s an idea. How about the FDA require tocacco companies to quit adding all the addictive chemicles. I’ve been trying to quit for years, I’d bet if it was just tobacco as God created it, it would be far less harmfull and far easier to quit. Besides, just think of the tax revenue that would dry up if cigarettes where natural and easy to quit.

    • wandamurline

      You are right…my grandfather rolled his own cigarettes when I was little (am 64 now) and his fingernails were yellow, but he did not die from cigarette smoking, he died from a bleeding ulcer at the young age of 86. After 25 years of smoking, I finally quit and it was the hardest thing I ever did…4 years now. Keep on trying…you will make it.

    • meteorlady

      I once watched a public TV program about addiction and drugs. Seems that nicotine is a very powerful and addicting drug on it’s own. So taking out additives probably won’t do much at all. As for smoking – it’s a person right to smoke if they want, but not in a closed room where I have to be. I also believe that a person’s life expectancy is mostly genetic. My mother smoked for years, had a stroke at age 85 (which was probably caused by smoking) and died at age 93.

    • Bert Cundle

      You are RIGHT…Cigars & Cigarettes… All Should be laced with Arsnick! (1 Pack = Morgue 1 hour!)

      • ValDM

        You’re a little late coming to the party. Arsenic has been one of those nice little additives tobacco companies have been using since the 60′s.

        • eddie47d

          That is interesting since I just found out yesterday that they put arsenic in chicken feed. Just when I thought a good chicken breast is healthier. When it comes to cigarette smoking I would say that the USA has alot of slow learners. Now they have to be coaxed like little kids with extreme packaging to quit. My wife does smoke and I did harp on that about 35 years ago but I gave up. She is very considerate about it though.

    • Ellen

      I was hoping this is what the FDA would do when they took over cigarette regulation a couple years ago. Obviously, I was very naive to think the FDA would do anything logical. I read a while back, when they were designing the new images to be printed on the packs, that the purpose was to deter kids from smoking. More FDA stupidity. Kids will probably think the images are cool and many kids see worse images on their video games. We need a complete overhaul of the FDA and Obama can’t choose any of the new employees.

  • Jesse

    Govt just looking out for people. Just like seatbelts. To manage folkswith no insurance dying on the peoples dime. if youre gonna bury yourself, pay for your own hole.. lol.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    As an ex smoker, I do not understand how people can afford to smoke. The expense alone should be a determent!

  • meteorlady

    Isn’t that just wonderful. As if people don’t already know that they are doing something that’s bad for them. In a time when we think our government should be saving money, these dolts find time to pay a design company to come up with new labeling. Nice, love seeing my hard earned dollars spent like this….

    • steve in AZ

      I’ve got a new warning/suggestion for the FDA.


  • Connie in SoCal

    Just when I think this government can’t be more laughable something like this surfaces. – I’ve smoked for more than 50 years, with exception of about 4 of those when I managed to give it up (always returned when in a high stress situation and regret doing so if only due to the cost). The idea of putting idiotic pictures on the packaging won’t deter me, or any who have this nicotine addiction, from inhaling. Meanwhile, at age 70, I’ve very healthy lungs. Yet my late mother-in-law died at age 48 of lung cancer while having never smoked in her life. Go figure! No, she didn’t live around smokers, as her sons never smoked in the house; nor did friends and other family members. – By now “nanny state” is a mild description of the U.S. Government’s “mental health affliction”!

  • Rick


    Robert Smith is posting a URL in this blog that has to do with boycotting Fox News.


    I did last night to give him the benefit of the doubt regarding some facts and within 30 seconds my home computer was TOAST!! I run Kaspersky on my computers. I had alerts popping up all over the place that a virus had been detected, some program was trying to access a UDP (that’s a type of port and is related to protocols), and different windows started to pop up to block the attack. As soon as I clicked on one of the windows my desktop went “POOF”. I’ve been trying since to recover but to no avail. All my files are gone, my workspace is clear, and the “task manager” shows 2 users active but I can’t close either of them out. I’ve run kaspersky 5 times now to no avail. My restore points have been removed and no files can be located even though my hard drive is full. I cannot even access the directory tree. This virus/malware is serious CRAP!!

    For EVERYONES benefit. DO NOT OPEN ANY URLs PROVIDED BY ROBERT SMITH OR ANY URLs INDICATING A TOPIC OF BOYCOTT AGAINST FOX NEWS AS A MINIMUM PRECAUTION. I would seriously be skeptical of any URLs posted by any of the Progressive Liberalretards on this site.

    Be forewarned!! All I have for a computer now is my laptop. If I knew where Mr. Smith resided I’d be slamming him with federal charges for promulgating this virus and then go after him for reparations.

    • Albino.

      Should be using a MAC!!

    • coal miner


      You better be careful about accusing Robert Smith of planting a virus, if you are making a false statement;you could be held liable.

  • Bob Marshall

    Just one more example of government interference in our lives.

  • skippy

    wait a minute here…..hold the bus (you know which one…)i thought ostupie NEEDED cig tax $$$$ to fund his CHILD INSURANCE PROGRAM!!! (along with other BS crap) WTF is he going to do when NO CIG TAX $$$$$ is coming in to his precisous STASH, HUH???!!!

    • skippy

      ooops…got carried away…”precious STASH” (sp)

  • FWO21

    I find it hypocritical for the FDA to be controlling cigarettes when they, in fact, are suppose to be controlling things for the people so they don’t take this bad stuff. They approve drugs that are killing people, insecticide in our food, poisons in the air and water. Man, I don’t see where we even stand a chance of growing to be a ripe old age.

    There is one consolation I have though; one day they will be judged like the rest of us and if there are several levels in Hell, I just know they will be at the lowest one of them.

    If it says “FDA Approved”, then I am inclined to not trust it.

    • Michael Click

      Hey, Look on the bright side. If they kill enough of us off before we “live to a ripe old age” maybe Social Security won’t go bust. Sorry, just joking.

  • James

    Last night, I just watched the 1999 movie “The Insider” where Dr. Wigman blew the whistle on big tobacco companies that were just actually selling nicotine and adding other chemicals to assist the body in absorbing it and thus make smokers drug addicts.
    I believe that’s how tobacco companies should be exposed. I oppose forcing them to add pictures of smoking induced diseases on their products because that would violate the First Amendment, which says: “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedomm of speech, or of the press.”

  • LJM

    It does not mean a thing, other than telling the gummints agenda.
    to try to intrude into all of our lives.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Susan Hunt

    My mother worked in a tobacco barn when I was a kid, and I remember going to visit afterschool, and I loved the smell in the barn. She is 81, and we were talking about how dad used to roll his own and how much different they smelled. They add so many addictive drugs to something that would be so harmless if left alone, but who would make the big bucks then! He smoked for years and they didn’t kill him! Our government is a big joke and I hate to see what my two grandchildren will face in their lifetime. These pictures they put on the packs won’t help, just another way to spend money.

    • James

      Susan H. I used to roll my own with Bugler cigarette tobacco and Half and Half pipe tobacco. It made a great tasting cigarette, and it would go out like a cigar if you stopped puffing. Those tobaccos didn’t have the accelerant additive that all cigarettes now have.


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