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Father knows best (and so does Mother)

August 2, 2011 by  

Father knows best (and so does Mother)

Last week, Chip Wood detailed his disgust with the ongoing budget “crisis” in his column Lies Our Leaders Tell Us. In his unassailable examination, Chip pointed out the basic mendacity with which the Democrats approached every aspect of fiscally managing the Federal coffers. I happen to agree with Chip. I’m also meaner than he is, so I’ll go one step further: Grow up, Washington.

The budget/debt debate which nearly paralyzed our government filled the airwaves with the usual blather. It was partisan rhetoric instead of productive dialogue. It was defamatory invective in place of constructive number-crunching. More than that — and Chip is too nice to say this — it was incredibly, offensively and spectacularly juvenile.

Yes, I said “juvenile.” The solution to the nation’s fiscal issues is so simple it’s actually trite: Don’t spend more than you have. Don’t have enough to make monthly payments on an S-Class Mercedes? Drive the Honda. Not enough in the account to afford a bigger flat screen? Move the couch closer to the television. Can’t afford a night at the Ritz? The light is on at Motel 6, not to mention at your house. Try that logic on a teenage girl with an unsecured Visa™ card… or the Department of Education.

The entire debate over whether to raise the debt ceiling centered on our elected officials’ refusal to manage the Federal budget in a sensible manner. The real tragedy has nothing to do with the Democrats’ profligate spending, nor is it related to the Republicans’ only marginally less profligate spending. The real tragedy is the basic simplicity of the solution: We taxpayers must break ourselves of the habit of being treated like children by the government and instead treat the government like children.

Someone has to be the adult around here. It’s time for John and Joan Taxpayer to become Dad and Mom — and start treating the President, his Cabinet and Congress like wayward teenagers. This country is one big house. Time to work the nation’s budget the same way one should work a household budget — albeit with bigger numbers.

Liberals are fond of demanding budget shortfalls be remedied with tax increases. Granted, liberals demand tax increases because they hold sway over their ignorant voting blocs with fear and class envy. But tax increases are entirely unnecessary if we take the mantle of national parents. When your son wants to go hang out with his friends, the responsible parent says: “You’re not going to the beach until you’ve taken out the trash.” When President Obama wants to immerse the military in another armed escapade, the responsible taxpayer says: “You’re not bombing Yemen until you’ve finished repaving I-20.” When your daughter whines: “Mom, I need money to buy the latest hip, cool thing (which will probably show off more of her than you’d like),” the responsible parent says: “You should have thought of that before you spent your allowance on something else.” When Obama says: “We need to raise taxes in order to fund a high-speed rail line from New York to L.A.,” the responsible taxpayer says: “You should have thought about that before you bailed out General Motors.”

For those of you who are rolling your eyes and thinking “the liberals will never go for this,” I have a compound response:

  1. The liberals stopped reading the moment they figured out I wasn’t going to blame this manufactured fiscal crisis on (insert current most-hated conservative here).
  2. Who gives a damn? Do you really want to include the people who not only elected Obama, but fully intend to re-elect him? To revisit the “parental” simile: When planning your household finances, do you ask your kids to cut into the XBox LIVE budget?

The current wire-pullers in Washington are well aware how simple the budget solutions are. They use phrases like “quantitative easing” and “American Taliban” because the strength of the liberal stranglehold on their soft-headed supporters depends on their soft-headed supporters remaining terrified. If they suddenly acknowledged the simplicity of our fiscal situation, many more taxpayers might realize we can send the entire government to its room without Obamacare: “Just because all the other governments are saddling their citizens with sprawling bureaucracies doesn’t mean you get to, as well.”

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Bob

    The only solution to this crises is to slash government spending at all levels and I don’t see that happening until the misery index is high enough to motivate us to turn our government upside down. The fact is, even if the will (and desire) to slash spending existed and some cuts were made, the parasites who feed off of government would just demand that state and local governments pick up the slack. It is easy to lay the blame for this mess solely at the feet of corrupt politicians; but one must realize that all these wasteful government programs have a group of parasites who benefit from them – some of whom are powerful businesspersons who feed at the government trough right next to the welfare mother, the government employee, and the politician. Until the producers in this country decide it is time to go out and gore everyone’s ox by disconnecting all the parasites from their source of food, we will live in a constant state of turmoil that will eventually destroy this country.

    • Bjohnson

      What proof do you have that ALL government employees are parasites? No, no! Don’t try to back out of your statment lumping ALL government workers with those living off the public trough! Try thinking on your own instead of parroting the labels used by the media. Without some government workers Some farms would not have water for irrigation; some towns would be in constant flood stage; some airports would be in chaos. Contrary to what you may think, most government are not on welfare!

      • Bob

        Your reading comprehension must be at the level of a six year old because I did not say “all” government employees. However, I have worked for and with government at all levels for the last 40 years and I suspect that I forgot more about government employees than you will ever know. I can say with authority that, although I agree that not all government employees are pasasites, the overwhelming majority of governemnt employees are over compensated, lazy, underworked, incompetant, and therefore; parasites by any reasonable definition of the term. You must be one of those in the majority (or you are related to one).

        • http://wordpress usfrog

          I work abroad in one of those “wonderful” socialist countries. I agree 100 % that a lot government employees are “over compensated, lazy, underworked, and INCOMPETANT” (except for an occasional exception) which means that you not only do your own work but their’s as well.

      • Wyrdwolf

        I think what he is looking at is that we have too many redundants like the NSA,CIA,FBI,DEA,BATF,Secret Service,US Marshals, and scores of other groups that duties overlap yet there is no communication or co-operation between them. All these could be consolidated into say the US Marshals. But the real problem with them is their juristicual pissing contests.
        Oh and about the laws they pass, well let us put it in the words of Al Capone ” I thank God for Prohibition because I never would have gotten this big without it.” Prohibition was to keep people from getting Drunk and it was supposed to be a moral law, but all it did was make some very bad people very rich and poor honest folk criminals.

      • Toomuchsense

        Mr. Johnson, you’re a major part of the problem. Not because your opinion may differ from mine or others. But that your gray matter between the ears is insufficent to maintained a clear mature thought. Your comprehension as offered in your comment, is seriously lacking. Again, Mr. Johnson, your overriding problem is not your stand / opinion. But your lack of a developed thought process, clouded by unreasonable bias. Unfortately, you are part of a large herd.

        • Bob G

          Hell, I ain’t even sure about what you just said but I think you whopped Johnson upside the head. ;-)

      • Joyce from Loris

        Excuse me, but I am a farmer, and I certainly do NOT need the government to help teach me about irrigation. In fact, government involvement with the farmers has DESTROYED the small farmer. We can not AFFORD to farm anymore, due to stupid regulations from the GOVERNMENT, people who have never hoed a garden in their life.

    • Jay

      Not just government spending Bob, but cut the government in half, and get rid of most of government employees, and lift the moratorium on drilling for oil, and natural resources. This would free up and increase revenue, put people back to work, and we could pay off the debt!

      • http://wordpress usfrog

        I’ll second that !

  • Marla Esposito

    OH MY!! FINALLY someone talking in “english” rather than sophistocated, governmental gargan. I love you Ben Crystal.
    I totally and completely agree…… the solution is simple
    STOP SPENDING what you don’t have.
    Are you going to run for President Ben Crystal?????? I’ll
    be your first vote!!!!!

    • Christin

      I agree Marla…

      I’ve been say Just STOP Spending… and wha-la… no more growing debt… but that is too sensible and totally NOT the Demo Progressive agenda of collapsing the financial system of our country into big ‘juvenile’ Elitist government submission.

      Thanks for a great article Ben Crystal.

      • Matt Newell

        The problem is that it doesn’t matter whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they do what they want when they want to and d**n the people. It is on display at ALL levels of Government (from local to federal) and it hurts everyone.

        I am pretty sure that my congressman (a so called conservative) voted FOR the debt limit increase. In his newsletter he said he would not vote for that unless there was a large spending cut. I wrote him and asked WHY raise the debt limit? I stated that if the spending cuts were made there would be money available and the raise would not be needed. Then I said if the cuts were not big enough then the raise should not be made. By then I was mad and I told him I thought he and the House members were a bunch of cowards because they were letting Obama get away with all the unconstitutional things he has been doing. I don’t think that made me any brownie points.

        • Christin


          Good for you for standing up to your Non-Representing Representative…

          You told him the right things to do… STOP spending and DON’T raise the Debt Ceiling and we will be fine…

          You scored points with the Fiscal Conservative, Small Government crowd and that’s what counts!

          They are cowards!

  • Alej

    2.”Who gives a damn? Do you really want to include the people who not only elected Obama, but fully intend to re-elect him?”

    STRICT voter qualifications would take care of that. there are already (51 % of citizens pay NO income tax, for instance) too many people in America who vote for a living, vice working for a living.

    Show me a picture ID, a tax receipt, and a highschool diploma or DD-214, and then go on into the voting booth.

    If you don’t contribute, you don’t get to steer the ship.

    • Steven Nelson

      I agree completely. Enough said!

    • Lacey

      Show a high school diploma when you show up to vote? I like the way you think.

    • VIC

      Amen Brother. I think everyone should pay 10% across the board. No deductions allowed – no refunds – no one owes. Save billions in paperwork for our wonderful government and would need less gov. employees. Also, illegals would then pay their fair share too. I know, lets boycot… don’t let your employer w/h any Federal income tax for the month of Sept and see how they like not getting their allowance….

  • Patriot

    Here is an idea, defund the federal government! What if we organized in such a way to stop all tax receipts until these part time elected officials come up with a fiscally responsible plan that addresses these massive deficits and spending habits? I am so sick of this CRAP!

  • Andrew

    most of the voters do not read past the headlines, if they did they would get only the lies and bs our current media prints. fixing out deficit is simple, dont spend more then you have. that is too simple for these leaches in dc. the lawyers dont get to use fancy words to continue to bankrupt our country. we will immesiatly hit the new debt ceiling, while no cuts are gauranteed to happen over the next 10 years. a disgrace. a rant.

  • argoman

    No pennies…no candy. take away the credit card! the reason we have such a large debt is because if they raised our taxes that much, there would have been a revolution a long time ago. the real reason for the downfall of America will be the missuse of Credit!!!

  • Steve B

    If all the Congressman found themselves in a 50-75% pay cut and had their benefits also severely cut….how many of them would remain in office? That will tell you if they are there to serve themselves or the American people. We all know the answer to that question.
    If you or I don’t do our job….do we still get paid? No. So why do the Congressmen think they should be paid.
    If we can’t print more money when we need it….why should they?
    I can’t go to my employer and tell him “I’m giving myself a raise”….so, why should they?
    When April 15th comes, I can’t send a letter to the IRS and say “Sorry…you’ll have to get money somewhere else…I’m working at a deficit. Why can they?
    If the founders of this country were here today, they would be ashamed to stand beside our President and Congress….because they knew what it was to risk all they had for our country….so I ask….How many of our so-called leaders are willing to do that?
    Our country is in serious trouble…not only personally,but internationally. Our very security is at risk! Do the politicians care? No! Why?…..Because, no matter what…they still keep their fortunes. They still live in comfort. They sacrifice nothing!

  • Bruman

    Like all the replies so for. Here’s 2 more cents (sense)? Stop base line budgeting. Just freeze fed. gov. spending where it is right now, say for several….ever! Want more tax revenue? Increase the number of tax payers. How to get more tax payers? More prosperity would help. Energy use and consumption = prosperity. Of course the gov. would have to get out of the way for any of this to happen. I know, good luck with that.

  • Alice

    BRAVO! this particular piece should be required reading by EVERYONE,
    Democrat and Republican. Well said, Ben.

    • peter

      And well said Alice – what about all the illiterates who will vote for him again,those folks who look at comic books because they only understand pictures.

      Maybe Ben can put this piece in pic’s for them too

  • eddie47d

    Although I agree with the jest of Ben’s article and I do keep my finances up to date and on time. I strongly believe the Conservatives love keeping their side terrified and full of misinformation. They love their wars when they are THEIR wars. They love their high rollers in business because it makes them feel optimistic irregardless of the damage they do. Then they shrug off their losses “as part of our system” and we have to suck it up. Yes Ben there are plenty of stones to throw and careless critters to run over. I will agree that it is mostly Liberals who grow the government and allow folks to stay on welfare too long. Yet the Republicans do their share of deficit spending too. One thing that never get’s mentioned is that our population will continue to grow and that will mean more government to serve those people. Liberals and Conservatives need to be extremely responsible in family planning as well as financial planning.

    • Jeep

      Apparently eddie you missed the “gist” of Ben’s article completely. While you do pay homage to the left-right paradigm, the point is that this is NOT the problem. It does not matter who spends the money, the problem is that too much is being spent. We disagree on almost everything, but the point is that we should agree that spending more than you have is wrong. Assigning blame is what has kept this situation from being solved.

      Ease up on the rhetoric about conservatives or liberals or whatever, and let’s focus on the solution. Ben’s solution is to just say no to spending more than you have. I humbly agree. If we are spending 15% above what tax receipts are and cannot agree on program cuts, then cut ALL budgets by 15%. Otherwise, make congress do it’s job.

      Before that will ever happen we the people must avoid the trap and quit arguing over who was “right” and who was wrong.

      • Richard

        I do like your style.

    • Old Henry


      Here is a link to a newsletter of sorts that will have to links on the lower right. One is about the Money Changers. The other is about “Oz”.

      The “Money Changers” is quite long – several hours. It documents how we go to the mess we are currently in. It is very educational. Check it out, I think you will enjoy it.

    • Alex

      eddie47d—You are correct again, Eddie—yeah, you missed on the word ‘jest’, but that is a minnow compared to the giant sea bass of language mangling most of these Teabaggers present.

      The conservatives ARE the people of fear—New Black Panther Party (total joke), William Ayers (non-issue), ‘Ground Zero” mosque, same-sex marriage, on and on ad nauseam—-they are frightened of truths that do not fit nicely in their simplistic and self-centered mindscape.

      • Marlene

        I see you’re still showing your hatred of all things Conservative/Republican, Alex. Maybe you should volunteer to help Hugo Chavez. I hear he’s looking for a good Socialistic assistant to groom for when the Cancer takes him out. Or, there are many other Socialist regimes better suited to your thought process than this country.

        • Karolyn

          Why do you feel you need to attack rather than answer/debate what was written? It does appear that conservatives are afraid of EVERYTHING. Can you say anything to refute that rather than attack the messenger with the usual?

          • Allan

            Better to be afraid of too much government than to be afraid of the the Three Little Pigs.

          • eddie47d

            Coulter,Beck and Breitbart?

      • Toomuchsense

        Alex, you and your group are afraid of a six year old drawing a picture of gun in class. Expelled! Judgemental on a one time kiss by a seven year old with crush on another seven year old. Expelled. Teachers can’t have their own bible on their desk, to read during their break. Conservative books moved around and hidden in book stores by liberals. Liberals calling tea partiers, tea baggers. Alex you get the point. Deep down you know. Liberals that want to restrict choice. The choice of a pregant female to hear all the options, before committing to an action. Gee, I could go on. My list is way to short. But I’m not writing a book. The problem with you Alex, is that you have more hate for those that you disagree with, than that that, which you project on others.

        • Song

          where’s the “like” button? :D

          • Richard

            I will just throw out an AMEN !!!!!

        • Alex

          The Tea Party members christened THEMSELVES as Teabaggers, not me.

          • Allan

            Actually, the Tea Party asked supporters to send teabags to D.C. on April 15, 2010 to protest taxes and spending. They never called themselves teabaggers. That term, and its sleazy connotation, was promoted by Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, George Stephanopoulis, Paul Krugman, Roger Ebert, and even Bill Clinton, until it became a comfortable insult for all Progressives. We’ll see how that and the constant use of the race card work out for Progressives in 2012.

  • dqfreemind

    We don’t need a Father and Mother,; not really. What we need is an Execution Squad for the members in all 3 branches of the government.

    • Bob

      Amen – treason is a capital offense and these scum have indeed committed treason and should be punished.

    • Alex

      Well, you are correct about the majority sitting on the Supreme Court.

    • Karolyn

      Now, gee, that’s a brilliant answer! Just kill everyone you judge to be incompetent or lacking or anything else that doesn’t fit into your picture of how things should be. I am not defending them, but let’s be real here.

  • s c

    Citizen participation in government has become a meaningless term. It gives voters and non-voters self-absolution, it empowers [HATE that word] politicians to focus their lives around themselves and it makes a joke of freedom and what it takes to remain free.
    Both parties are not above using fear tactics to keep their ‘members’ in line with the demands of the wannabe party ‘elites’ (leftists see it more as a religious substitute).
    Neither major party is fit to govern. There are people in elected roles who would have been imprisoned when I was a kid. At the rate this country is going, I can’t help feeling that we’ll see one of two things in America’s near future.
    Either we’ll have a race war (thanks to Washington’s “concern”) or we’ll see a depression worse than the ones our parents endured. NO man or woman who goes to Washington is entitled to see it as a privileged country club for con artists. Whether I like it or not, we have people in Washington who will make themselves scarce only when Americans DEMAND good government. Elected types have no shame. They have no conscience. The cure is two hands around their throats. When all else fails, THAT they understand.

    • Dan az

      Maybe its time to incorporate a law that is used in the middle east!That would be you cut off the hands of the thieves,maybe then they would think twice about spending money that’s not theirs.

  • Steven N.

    This country will never be able to get it’s head above water until they settle this illegal immigration problem, and the billions of dollars spent on these people, who have come here illegally, and yet we steadily give them handouts at every turn. This will be and is
    the ruination of this country.

    • Jeep

      There is no doubt that illegal aliens are a particularly sinister drain on our society. And, there is equally no doubt that a large segment of our fellow countrymen are parasitic sponges. The answer is simple, it is not the federal govt’s responsibility to take care of them (other than deportation of illegals).

      But, every January there is a huge problem with people who think they are paying taxes, but are not. Just because the govt collects taxes throughout the year, more than half the people in this country receive back as much, and in most cases more, than they paid in. Does anyone else see a problem with this? Fine. If they aren’t paying in, they should not receive a return greater than their investment. At the other end, there are far too many loopholes for those who can afford them. Either change the tax code so we all pay an equal share (my choice), or at least eliminate tax payouts and loopholes.

      This is a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

    • Alex

      Just give the stolen property back to the Mexican people it belongs to.

      • Jay

        Sure, as soon as they pay the taxes for the billions of dollars they made here illegally which they sent to back to Mexico! Orale!

      • 45caliber


        The “stolen” property? Perhaps you are referring to the Louisiana Purchase? You know, the one we paid millions for. Or perhaps California? Oh, right, they paid for that one too. Or the Gadston Purchase? Sorry, they bought it also. Perhaps Texas? I don’t think the US stole that one considering that the settlers (many of whom were of Spanish decsent) kicked out Santa Ana on their own and made their own country. Then, later, they applied to be an American state.

        So what exactly did the US steal? Land from the Indians here? Hum, as an Indian, I can state that none of them owned the land in the first place. But Indians aren’t Mexican, are they? Perhaps we are stealing the oil Mexico is producing? We seem to be paying them the same price for the oil that Saudi is getting.

        I think you must be referring to the wealth that has been created by hard working Americans in these areas that their ancestors perferred to sell.

        My great grandfather once owned 40 acres of what is now downtown Memphis. He decided the land wasn’t worth much and moved away to where he could make a better living. Does that mean I should now own all the land there and make the present “owners” give it to me for free?

        Your argument is as worthless as the land was when we bought it for the US. And it will never be worth more.

      • Song

        well that says everything that I, for one, need to know about Alex. The word bigot doesn’t even begin to describe someone as narrow minded, racist and hateful as you. And there is little karolyn always jumping to your defense. How truly pathetic and sad.

        • Song

          To be clear: My comment is directed at the bigot named Alex…

        • Karolyn

          I ain’t jumping to anybody’s rescue. Just stating my piece. Why does that bother you so much?

  • Jackqulyn

    Ben, the people are mom and dad, they are the government. The people should be telling government what they need to do, not the other way around. When are the people of this beautiful country going to realize that they have more power than they understand. The people need to rise up and put their collective feet down, just as we would with our teenagers, and stop this madness. The people cannot continue to let the government have their free will. Everyone reading this blog, GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND START DOING SOMETHING, ANYTHING (LEGAL), TO STOP OUR GOVERNMENT FROM SPENDING US INTO OBLIVION. GET INVOLVED, START AN ORGANIZATION, SOMETHING; BUT MAKE SURE THE GOVERNMENT HEARS YOU LOUD AND CLEAR.. We are not going to accomplish all we need to at te polls in 2012, it’s going to take a lot more individual involvement on the part of every citizen of the United States.

    • SmartAlice

      When was the last time you spoke with a senator or your congress rep? I send letters and get standard reply responses. They don’t care about what we have to say, or how our lives are affected by their policy making. Some of us are reaching out to our government officials, and feel it’s a useless, waste of time. What I’d like to know is how to MAKE them do what the people want them to do, not what the special interests tell them to do.

  • Dan az

    Until people understand that there is know difference in the two party thieves this is just going to keep on the same path of destruction.We are at a turning point that would make history and that would be voting in the libertarian party who is for returning to what we all believe in.A fiscal and constitutional well being of this once great nation.The corruption must stop now because we have opened the door to the abyss and are being forced through it by the likes of communism within.There is no other way that we can do anything to change what we are about to become except to vote the libertarian party.Wake up people before its to late.

  • SmartAlice

    Ben, I love the way you make a point. I love the humor that you can bring to very serious issues. Thanks for the insight and the laugh.

  • Alex

    Any of you living in homes or driving automobiles not fully paid for?

  • Alex

    “When President Obama wants to immerse the military in another armed escapade…” Really, Mr Crystalnacht?

    The action taken by the Obama Administration in North Africa and the Middle East present a problem for the more cognitive people on the Left. After our Wars on People—Vietnam, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, etc—-most of us share a very negative view of our mercenaries and military spending.

    What you people will not admit is that your distrust or downright hatred of Moammar Gadafi (and most other non-White, non-Christian nations) would have you cheering if, say, “President” Bachman or Palin or Bush had gone after him. Remember Lockerbie?

    Mr Crystal, could you please reprint the many articles you wrote roasting Bush/Cheney for the war on Iraq, the largest contribution to our current deficit? You must have really laid into them for sending OVER FIVE THOUSAND of our children to their deaths in a war built on lies, right? What did you say when you realized that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 911 but created a bucket of gold for our war profiteers?

    I have not been reading Personal Liberty Digest long enough to know what you said back then, but if you wish to lambaste President Obama for supporting those Libyans bent on regime change, surely you called for the impeachment of Bush,, right?

    • Jay

      Hey Alex, hola amigo, che passa?

      Much has been in the news recently about La Raza, what a military intelligence acquaintance recently dubbed “a mestizo terrorist organization.” Republican congressman Charlie Norwood of Georgia’s ninth district has called La Raza a “radical…pro-illegal immigration lobbying organization that supports racist groups.”

      What is La Raza? The National Council of La Raza (its full name) is a pro-mestizo advocacy organization. The title “La Raza” is Spanish for “the race,” and its underlying rational is to support the interests of the mestizo race (people who are mostly Amerindian blood with a little Spaniard blood mixed in – people mostly from Mexico, Central America, and neighboring areas).

      La Raza is anti-European in the sense that it opposes European Americans (whites) and favors the interests of indigenous mestizos. La Raza is notorious for supporting causes like amnesty, illegal immigration, birthright citizenship, chain migration, attempting to censor white journalists (most famously, Lou Dobbs), and removing white authors from schools to be replaced by mestizo authors.

      Unknown to many is the financial support La Raza receives from donors like Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobil, McDonalds, and hundreds of other corporations. In more civilized times, these donations would be considered treason. But many of these corporations support La Raza for two reasons: they have bought into the religion of political correctness, and they want cheap labor. (Subsequently, I have not set foot in a Wal-Mart for over six years because of their support for La Raza – not to mention the fact Wal-Mart imports most of its goods from China and practices crony (tax-payer subsidized) capitalism.)

      Also known to many is the sort of radicals attracted to La Raza. Just look at the statements of pro-immigration activist Jorge Sanchez:

      “Around the year 2040, whites will become a minority in the United States and, believe me, it will be payback time.”

      Related in name to The National Council of La Raza is the political organization La Raza Unida Party (RUP), roughly translated as “the party of the [mestizo] race.” To gain a sense of its anti-Western flavor, read the quotes of its founder José Ángel Gutiérrez:

      “We remain a hunted people. Now you think you have a destiny to fulfill in the land that historically has been ours for forty thousand years. And we’re a new Mestizo nation.”

      “Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes…”

      “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

      Continua amigo:

      • eddie47d

        That Jose Gutierrez fellow doesn’t have anything on that bigoted Lou Dobbs who probably deserves to be censored. I would have picked a sorrier poor excuse than Dobbs.

    • Jay

      Bush couldn’t hold a candle to abama. Obama has quadrupled the deficit, and embroiled America in three new wars. No wonder we had to raise the debt ceiling. Go spread your lies somewhere else alex, no-one here believes your fairy tales!

      • eddie47d

        ..well,certainly not your spin Jay.

        • Jay

          Those are facts eddie, facts!

          • eddie47d

            What’s the difference between your “facts and Alex’s “facts”?

    • Allan

      and 4000 abortions per day…just a different kind of war.

  • 45caliber

    I have to agree with Ben on this. They do act just like spoiled teens with too little experience paying their own bills. Why should I pay for something some politician wants for his select group of voters when I get nothing from it? And don’t say, “It isn’t fair!” if they don’t get what they want as my teens regularly did. Who said life is fair or even should be fair in the first place?

    This is like my daughter telling me that if I buy her that new Prius, it will pay for itself in saved gasoline over me buying her a new SUV. Considering that I have no intention of buying her either car, her argument is simply non-existent. Yet our Congress gives us the same type of choices. “Your insurance is going to go up due to the stupid regulations we require your insurance to have but if you let us vote in Oblamacare, we will take care of you on the savings.”

    And if you believe that, I have this bridge for sale …


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