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Fate Of Bush-era Tax Cuts Will Test Compromising Abilities Of Political Parties

November 16, 2010 by  

Fate of Bush-era tax cuts will test compromising abilities of political partiesLess than two months away from gaining control of the House of Representatives, GOP leaders are offering a hard-line stance against President Barack Obama's agenda.

Since their sweeping victory in the Nov. 2 midterm elections, top Republican legislators have publicly expressed their plans to overhaul the healthcare reform, lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans and curb abundant government spending.

Representative Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who is expected to become the next House majority leader in January, told Fox News that compromises between Democrats and Republicans will depend on how much the President and his administration are willing to listen to the voters' resounding message on election day.

The two parties' willingness to compromise will be tested in the upcoming lame-duck session on Capitol Hill, as the nation's Bush-era tax breaks are set to expire on Dec. 31. Most Republicans and some Democrats believe the cuts should be extended for all Americans, while the President and most liberal legislators want the breaks to be extended for only families earning less than $250,000 per year.

According to The Wall Street Journal, two top Senate Democrats recently proposed an idea of extending the tax breaks for all Americans, but for a limited time only. Senators Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) each suggested extensions to the current breaks that would be followed by an overhaul of the tax code to reduce government deficit.

The news provider reports that Republican lawmakers expressed cautious interest in the Democrats' proposal because the approval of a tax overhaul bill may limit the GOP's ability to block future tax increases.

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  • Dan az

    First off I thought that boehner was going to take that seat,what happened?
    Second is the tax breaks that have been in affect only limited the government to how much money that they had to waste. If you give them more they just grow and spend more! There should be no compromise on that issue!If they need more money to waste let them earn it like us peons do some work!

    • HFlashman

      Talk about missing the bot. The GOP leadership is stating they want to gut health care for the majority of working Americans and their families, they want to give more monies to the wealthy and thus increase the deficit with this subsidy of the rich, and then slice and dice government spending without stating just exactly what the targeted programs are.

      The show is about to begin folks…and y’all are about to discover that you are going to get what you voted for. More hardship for working Americans, a worthless immigration reform bill which does nothing to go after the real criminals (employers of undocumented workers. No jobs, no reason to come here), coddling of the major financial and industrial factions controlling the GOP, subsidizing the wealthy and having the additional burden placed on our shoulders, and then cutting out those programs which give us protection and security in our daily lives of being manipulated by the powerful elite etrenched by the elected officals bought and paid for in this year’s elections.

      Those that voted for the GOP this year in a vote for a “revolution”? Here’s a hint…they ain’t even gonna use vaseline when you get screwed. And you can hear the laughter still as it reverberates in the champgne flowing back rooms as they laugh at your gullibility in believing the lies they’ve programmed you to believe.

      • Dagney

        Hey, flash-in-the-pan, has a poor person even given you a job? I know you marxists really hate the truth and all, but for the information of people who read here, and can discern truth from fiction, tax breaks to the “wealthiest” Americans means more jobs for everyone. Silly, I know, but quite true. You can find this information on the government’s own website and by speaking to any legitmate economist. No supposed economist with the last of Krugman, though. From him, you’ll get admissions of death panels as a final solution (Sarah Palin was RIGHT, after all) and more hiked taxes in every way they can shove through to reduce the deficit! (Sarc) Such a wonderful, cheery, and hopeful vision these people you follow want to turn our future into. Yeah, I REALLY want some of THAT!!! (Sarc/off)

        • HFlashman

          Dagney…every time someone buys the product my cmpany produces, I can give a reasonable guess that they aren’t making $250,000 year. So yes…poor and Middle Class working Americans give me my job. And give you yours. And give everyone here theirs.

          Why you want to destroy the very incomes that give you your job is beyond me. No rich person gives me anything…they take and expct me to subsidize their tax free status. So stuff it.

          • 45caliber


            Your argument is off. They don’t GIVE you you job; they simply pay for something that you make or sell that gives your employer enough money to keep you on his payroll. And he has to make enough money to at least pay all the bills of both the company and his home. Many small businessmen actually make LESS than some of their employees do. I know of some who make less per hour than the lowest paid employee does. But they do it because they like making their own decisions. If you believe that the poor gives you your job by buying from you, then make and sell your own stuff at values that allow them to pay less – which will likely mean you will make less than you do now.

          • http://com i41

            flushman, being given a job, that only happens in liberal airy fairy land. Someone may have given you your Blarney and Onumnutt teleprompter blow up dolls. But you only get hired to do a job and create a saleable product in the real world. Government jobs create nothing useful or productive, only paper pushing wonks and more welfare rats. 45, liberals with the “we only take what we need and everyone voluteers to do the work at the same pay crap”, are easy to find. Just listen to any puke minded poly scie professor or government professor, any fag arts college. All of these morons are member of the National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Party. Just read some of the pistol gripped, jug eared, marxist, muslim, moron in Cheif, everyone does the work will they screw off since they are book trained theorists.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Hey flushman,
            don’t worry, they won’t take away your welfare coverage!!!

        • Bob Wire

          “I know you marxists really hate the truth and all, but for the information of people who read here, and can discern truth from fiction, tax breaks to the “wealthiest” Americans means more jobs for everyone. Silly, I know, but quite true. ”

          Well Dagney, ~ these tax breaks have been in effect some 6 years now, and I’m really looking forward to seeing some of these jobs and the promise honored. “W” got his 2nd term, the people honoring their end of the deal.

          and on a side note, “O” when figuring his budget projection, fail to factor in any gained revenues from abolishing these “tax CUTS” of “W’s”

          So I think, it’s a bargain chip and has been from the start.

        • Dr. Mabuse

          Allow me to take issue with one of your statements.
          “Tax breaks to the “wealthiest” Americans means more jobs for everyone.” This rings true only if the capital from the “tax breaks” are used for the start up or expansion of business’. In point of fact, most of these tax break monies are used for various forms of speculation. As an aside, we all should be upset that close to 90% of the capital controlled by the SBA is loaned to Fortune 500 companies and not small business’. No tax break on either side of the Pecos can fix this problem in regards to the creation of decent jobs.

          The forest for the trees…
          We need to lose the IRS entirely, after all they’re just the bagmen for the Federal Reserve.
          Maybe then we can come up with a system of taxation that makes fiscal sense.

          • Patrick

            Abolished the IRS good idea, have a straight percent of everyone, like 10% on all incomes, that would get the nation out of debt, eliminate the IRS, get this country back on track…wouldn’t have to worry about who gets taxed too much and too little….

      • http://centurylink frank

        It sounds like you are talking about dems what wrong with you.

      • BigBadJohn

        yup Healthcare, the insurance industry HATES the idea of eliminating the pre-existing condition clause. So guess what the republicans want to change first? This one clause helps the middle class more than any, but the republicans will repeal it. Its all about who donates the most money and the insurance industry donates 3 times more to the republicans then to democrats.

        • 45caliber

          For some odd reason, I’ve never had a problem with a pre-existing condition when I get a new insurance company (with a new job). If I was out of work for awhile, they may require a 3 month wait but that is all. It has always seemed reasonable to me. Is this a problem for you?

          • Bob Wire

            because you are in a “group” 45, and most likely premiums federally subsides.

            The nice part of having a good job and working for a major employer.

          • BigBadJohn

            Pre-existing condition clauses don’t kick in if you have been continually insured. However if the is a break in coverage – they use to their advantage. The last time I was laid off, I worked contracting jobs for 6 years before finding another permanent job. I had no problems at that time so no big deal.

            since then, I was in a major car accident, my knee was badly damaged. I was laid off last year and I am working a contracting job again. When it is time for knee joint replacement – yes the insurance companies will deny me coverage – IF THEY CAN.

      • who cares

        Why r u complaining now u most likely voted 4 d gop. about undocumented worker and non white worker the gop needs them to divide american white from all other races. how does bill oreilly, glenn beck, sean hannity, rush (Tokyo Rose) limbaugh who r millionars help create jobs?? the gop leads you to believe they need tax break for jobs growth. sucker

        • 45caliber

          Save your texting shortcuts for texting. If you can’t, just text.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          who cares,
          you think those you name employ no one???? Rush handles a sizable payrole and so does Beck!! come back when you know SOMETHING!!!

          • Bob Wire

            come to think about, so did Bo Zo the clown and not to Bernie Maddoff

          • BigBadJohn

            “Rush handles a sizable payrole and so does Beck!!:

            Well Rush certainly keeps a couple drug dealers employed anyway….
            Tell me who do these two employ besides housing staff. They are talk show hosts, I would be willing to bet that the station pays for ghost writers and researchers.

            By the way Rush made more money last year then all people in the senate combined!!!! You think he is non-biased and tells the truth????

          • Bob Wire

            wow! that much? at what 145,000.00 average per Senator. of course that on top of the table.

            No wonder he’s so cocky! Well, let me say this ~ I didn’t send a dime his way ` so don’t look at me!

      • Graeme B

        Interesting how the repeal of the tax break to the wealthiest 5% is being sold as a tax increase. In 1984 when the Reagan tax break was introduced for the top 5%, their net worth was $8 trillion. Today their net worth is $47 trillion!! and they want the government to continue to borrow amounts of close to $700 billion per year to protect their wealth.
        These are the same people who financed the mid terms to the tune of $4.2 billion so they could convince us all that this “tax increase” will kill jobs. These people have already killed jobs and are sitting on mountains of cash whilst the average middle class Joe is unemployed and having their mortgages foreclosed. It is insane to think that you can have government services and not have to pay for it. This tax break that ends December 31, has cost the taxpayers $4.2 trillion of borrowed money. That is obscene and immoral in the extreme.
        The GOP now wants to increase the tax break which will require more borrowed money. Are they totally nuts? If your revenue is short the $700billion the tax break represents, then you have to borrow it.Giving them a further tax break will probably require $1trillion being borrowed for the richest 5%. CRAZY

    • Sane

      First of all, the Administrations stance is that EVERYBODY, EVEN THE RICH, get a tax break on the first $250,000 of income. The Republicans want to extend the additional tax break over that to the wealthy. Why do they want to do that? Because that’s who they serve. They used the tea party and all of the hard working misguided people who “swept” the Republicans into victory. They will still cater to their base and they’ve convinced you it’s a good idea by saying Obama doesn’t want it so it must be right. Think about it. Why is that a good idea? You all complain about rising deficits and this will add tens of billions to it with absolutely not reward. Think for yourselves, learn the facts and TURN OFF FOX!

      • Dennis

        Republicans – Democrats, Democrats – Republicans, Give me a break, They all cater to the F-IN RICH, Bottom line is if you raise taxes on the rich -> $hit travels down hill, prices go up, And the middle class pay for it.

      • Christin

        First, $250,000 is NOT WEALTHY or RICH… it is doing pretty good.

        The True RICH or WEALTHY are making millions and billions.

        My spouse owns a small business and they probably make around $250,000, BUT he has a partner who also runs the company with him and they have to SHARE that profit. Also they have put a lot of their income BACK INTO THE COMPANY to pay for (additional)rented office space w/ lots of phone lines, desks & computers, office personnel, electricity, and advertising on the web, radio & flyers and their website. This sounds like what you hear on TV: They are trying to get a loan from the bank to expand and grow the company which is the largest in Texas right now…but, the banks wants all this collateral and guarranty up front making it impossible for them to get the money and grow it even though they are now successful even in this economy.

        Secondly, keeping the Bush Tax Cuts/RATES will not add anything to the deficit, BUT CONGRESS’s SPENDING WILL. Taxes only enable the Big Spenders in DC to SPEND MORE, NOT conserve and bring down the out-of-control debt. I don’t see how anyone can claim that current TAX RATES will make the deficit RISE… spending more makes it rise…. NOT cutting Big Gov’t will make it rise, NOT cutting out bureaucracies will make it rise, NOT cutting out fraud will make it rise, NOT securing the border and giving entitlments to people who have NOT put into the system will make it rise, NOT reducing Gov’t emplpoyee salaries will make it rise… (the list goes on, but you get the idea.)

        Thirdly, the TAX CODE on April 15th wreaks of unfairness. Some don’t pay into the system, and others find loop holes, and still others pay the majority of the taxes for America.

        You want fairness and lower debt. Change the Taxes , abolish the IRS and The FED!!! And Stop WH & Congress’s out-of-control spending, STOP giving away 99 weeks of unemployment, STOP paying the Entitlement crowd all their living expenses and put the able ones to work, (See list above under Secondly,) STOP ..STOP …STOP.

        Now for some of the REAL WEALTHY and RICH:
        Most US Senators are millionaires according to DC Roll Call.

        1. Sen John Kerry D- MA $188,7 milliom
        2. Rep Darrel Issa R-CA $160 million
        3. Rep Jane Harman R-CA $152.6 million
        4. Sen Jay Rockefeller D-W VA $81.5 million
        5. Rep Michael McCaul R-TX $73.7 million
        6. Sen Mark Warner D-VA $70.1 million
        7. Rep Jared Polis D-CO $56.4 million
        8. Rep Vern Buchanan R-FL $55.4 million
        9. Sen Frank Lautenberg D-NJ $49.7 million
        10. Sen Dianne Fienstein D-CA $46 million]

        50. Sen RonWyden D-OR $5.34 million (poorest millionaire entry)

        And that’s only the Senate… how about the House; Nancy Pelosi D-CA $25 million…

        With big government …we can add in the Big Bankers, Big WAll STreet Execs, Big CEO of Corporations, Big————–. (You fill in the blank)
        , but it is NOT the hard working American or small business owner!!!!!!!

        Quit fighting about people making $250,000 that obama had demonized and made you fight with in his class warfare senario. The Ruling CLass Elites make millions and billions… hey, look at george Soros (aka George Schwartz) a multi- BILLIONAIRE.

        • 45caliber

          But, Christin: Democrat millionares work hard for their wealth and deserve to have it. GOP millionares (and all others for that matter) inherited it or stole it from the poor. So they should pay.

          At least that’s what some of the progressives have told me. I even had one of them try to justify Soros having his wealth not long ago. And all believe that it is okay if they don’t have to redistribute their own wealth.

          • Christin

            Actually according to this newsletter more Democrats were millionaires than Republicans. There is obviously a double standard. Many in both parties have businesses, a couple inherited their wealth, others invested it, but some may have gotten ill-gains. Like I mentioned there are also the Wealthy BIG Corporations, Bankers, Wall Street,… I don’t care if people are wealthy …it is the American dream… to succeed (and be happy)… as long as they aren’t getting RICH on my blood, sweat, and tears (which many are) OR trying to Rule the World like George soros/schwartz and his collapse of currencies and countries… ours being #5.

            Our taxes are too high, way too high… Instead of raising Taxes, they should CUT government bureaucracies… period. ALL people need to put into the system in a fair way (not the current tax code) and Congress needs to CUT most of their spending and big gov… and whala, taxes will be lower! Simple Economics, don’t you think?!

          • Christin

            PS. Many people are very generous with other people’s money.

            BO was WRONG when he spoke with Joe the Plumber, redistributing others people’s wealth is not good for everyone.

            If your progressive friends or aquaintances think its okay to redistribute someone else’s wealth, but not theres… then they are two faced. How about you tell them to just CUT SPENDING in DC and everyone gets to keep what they make.

          • BigBadJohn

            Then there is the Bush family that uses the US treasury as its own piggy bank. Neil Bush walked away with 5 million in the S&L scandal, copped a plea and paid a fine of 500,000. Pretty good profit, especially back in the 80′s. Guess who picked up the tab for that one???
            Then GWB gave Neil a NO-BID contract despite his history of stealing from the American people. Wonder how much he stole on his second go-round????

          • Bob Wire

            actually there more millionaire in Mexico then any country in the western hemisphere and America is trying to catch up! At the rate things are going , they will ~ as we become more and more like Mexico a under developed nation with two classes of people rich and poor.

            and 9 million young voters failed to show up to vote for the last midterm election. seems they can’t be counted on without rock stars and a fevered pitch, make of it what you will.

            we could get into another pig with wings debate, but to no end, it is what it is.

            Bottom line the GOP carried the day and the Tea Party has offer some “spoken of” change regarding Budget matters. M1tch the B1tch is talking out of both side of his mouth, he’s trying to walk the wire.

            It’s much easier to talk about it then it is make it happen.

            Today it’s “ear marks and line items” they discuss, as I understand it, that represents maybe one half of 1% of the budget. Well, I suppose it’s a place to start.

            Entitlement will be a trick, as I see it,~ so many are getting entitlement of various kinds and don’t even know it, having enjoyed then so long. Employee Federal subsidized Insurance premiums but one.

            Whoever proposes to cut medicare and medicaid will get their head handed to them by senior voters and I say that with some certainly.

            The budget must be balanced! I left to Thinking Obama should allow the sun to set on all tax cuts and let the 112 congress come forward with a solution while offering his support to address the needs of the American People. BUSH , is gone, has left the building, let us place the burden of this turkey on the ones holding office today.

        • Graeme B

          So if you forego $700 billion from the richest 5%, you don’t have to borrow that money?. That missed revenue is part of the overall deficit
          It is sooo obvious, but if you want to be duped in believing that the ending of the tax break, is a tax increase, then you really are in touble. They have sold you a bill of BS.
          Think. You earn $50,000 per year and your bills amount to $55,000, then the shortfall means you have to borrow $5,000 to cover. Along comes the “tax break” and your revenue goes to $45,000, you have to borrow the $10,000. That’s what is happening with the govenment. Nothing more, nothing less. It is all a big propaganda lie, “tax increase”.

    • Tea Leaf

      The new majority leader in the house of representatives does not actually take control until Jan. 1, 2011. Your right, no compromise should be necessary, only damage to the American economy will result from tax increases. The head clown of the big top (Obama) never listens to or takes advice from those over-paid cronies of his, and he is always moving “forward,” Toward the destruction of America by puting into legislative law his grandiose, unwanted and unnecessary grand schemes. The message sent by the American electorate was wasted on the “demonrat” party and it’s leaders. Take no prisoners, make no compromises, down with the socialist liberals………..

    • Brutus

      To Dan Az, your query about Rep. Boehner vs Rep. Canton separate roles probably has been answered. But if not, here goes. They are two different House positions. That is, Mr. Boehner “probably” will be elected the Speaker of the House by the House GOP members, replacing that evil witch Nancy Pelosi. Whereas Mr. Canton probably will be elected the House Majority Leader by the same House GOP members. Each position is unique and has vastly different responsibilities. I hope this explanation clears it up for you.

  • Norm

    The Republicans did make big inroads in this election. They clearly have a majority in the house but the Democrats still have the Senate and the Presidency, with its veto power. The Republicans and Democrats are both split in their respective parties and so neither has a strong united front.
    The Democrats also hold their currant positions until January 2011.
    Given this, it’s clear the Democrats hold the high ground and can do pretty much what they have the will to do.
    As far as the Bush tax cuts, I think they should be continued for a year or two, temporarily, but there should be a new 45% bracket for earnings above $750,000 and Capital Gains taxes should be graduated so that people who make their living from them, like Warren Buffett, pay at the “normal” tax rates.
    We need spending cuts to be sure, but we also need to pay for all past sins including stealing the Social Security surplus.

    • Dagney

      Gee, how about a 15% flat tax so everyone has skin in the game? Why continue to punish the productive people in this country? Who EARNED that money? Does the government really deserve 45% of ANYTHING from the productive class? I don’t think so. You do know that currently almost 50% of the population does not pay any taxes, right? How do you think they, the LESS-PRODUCTIVE, vote? If the less-productive had skin in the game, do you think they would vote for their tax dollars to be wasted as the PRODUCTIVE CLASS tax dollars have been for years upon years? No, I don’t think they would. If everybody pays, everybody might put a bit more thought into their votes. I think this country would benefit greatly from such a circumstance.

      • Norm


        Billionaire Warren Buffett thinks that the Bush-era tax cuts for the superrich have had their day. Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the richest people in America,
        told Politico’s Mike Allen after a small business program commencement ceremony at LaGuardia Community College, in Long Island City, Queens that it takes time for economic “wounds” to heal. He said he still supports President Obama.
        “I’d vote for him all over again. … I think he’s got the same vision about America I do. … I think he has the same social goals, very much, that I do,” Politico reported.
        But as lawmakers keep sparring over tax cuts on Capitol Hill, Buffett said that he thinks it’s “almost a cinch that they will be extended for the people – I don’t know if it’ll be exactly [making less than] $250,000, or whatever the number may be, in the end.”
        Buffett added he doesn’t think that letting the tax cuts for more than $250,000 in income expire amounts to “a tax increase for people up and down the line.”
        “I think there should be tax increases for people in the high income levels,” he said.

        • Tea Leaf

          Hey Dag! You keep on beating that liberal socialist drum, some fool has to do it, Why not you? You DEMONRATS just don’t get it! How long do you believe America’s dwindling work force can continue to carry the other 50% who pay NO TAXES, they are using most of the services. Warren Buffett is just a man! The so called rich, alread pay more than their fair share, so you would have them taxed more heavily than any other class, does that really sound fair to you? As everyone already knows, you can NOT spend or tax your way to prosparity!!
          The federal government(we the people)are already on borrowed economic life support! Chaging directions MAY save us……..

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Tea Leaf,
            If Warren wants to pay more, he has my permission!!! In fact, if he wants to contribute about half of his interest income next year, he is more than welcome to!! Hell, I’l even let him contribute half or ALL of his holdings if he feels guilty!!!

      • BigBadJohn

        I agree with the flat tax idea. Count ALL income as income, capital gains, dividends, interest, rental income, payroll, etc.
        Then give everyone the same tax break, the first 25000 is tax exempt, then a flat tax. Eliminate ALL deductions, you made xxx send in xxx. Simple and easy to simply raise the flat tax to balance the budget.

        Bring back the idea of a balanced budget amendment!!!!
        No more Unfunded wars – if we go in to another country, the tax rate should automatically be raised so everyone understands how much the war is costing them.

        • 45caliber

          I will agree with you about a balanced budget amendment. The ONLY reason for not balancing the budget is war – and it should be paid off as soon as possible as well.

          • BigBadJohn

            I thought that there already was a law or amendment that said a war could only be unfunded for 1 year before it had to be built into the budget. But this was ignored as far back as the VN war.

            The president should have emergency powers, but should never be able to get us stuck in a war for 8 years without having a way to pay for it.

          • alpha-lemming

            Remember… we’re talking about the Federal Government. Don’t look now guys, but we haven’t even paid off the War or 1812 yet.

  • jimmy joe

    Already As Usual The Republicans Are Showing Their Hand,Giving Barack Obama,And The Democrats.A Hammer To Hit Us With.By Saying Publicly Their Willingness To Comprimise,On Extending The Bush Tax Cuts.We Chastize,Barack Obama And The Democrats By Them LettingOur Enemies Know,Our Battle Plans,When,And If We Are Leaving.But Do The Same To Democrats Who Are Hell Bent On Destroying America From The Inside.By Way Of Economics,And Personal Liberty.They Should Raise The Ante’Not Only Extending Tax Cuts For All Permanently.But Call For A One Year Tax Free Holiday.Talk About Eliminating The I.R.S.And Enacting A Flat Tax.I Say Flat Tax Because You Can’t Say The Word Fair(Tax)To A Liberal.FAIR s Not A Word To Use Around A Liberal.Flat Means Definite.Meaning No,TO A Liberal Trying To Define What Fair Is.Don’t Give Them A Hammer To Hit Us With.Also Speak Loudly On A Constitutional Amendment To Balance The Budget.Just Do This And Democrats Will Be Happy To Extend Tax Cuts For All Americans Permanently.By Extending Them Only Two Years Will Not Open The Flood Gates Of Money Into Our Economy The GOP.Will Come Up Short,And The Democrats Will Say See I Told You Tax Cuts Wouldn’t Work.And Barack Obama,For Another Four Years To Complete His America Submit To The United Nations,World Wide Apology For The Existance Of America Tour.Its Bad Enough Republicans Give Credit To Democrat Politicians For America’s Accomplishments.While ConstantlyThrowing True Conservatives With Backbone Under The Bus.Jimmy Joe/”The Liarfryer”

    • Dagney

      You know, I’m sorry, but this post is very hard to read. Capital letters belong only at the beginning of a sentance and the first letter of a name or place. I skip posts typed like this as I do posts in all caps. Plus, it’s so much more work to type your way!

      • Craig

        I’ve come to learn, that people that capitalize the first letter of every word are tards.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          who am I imitating?
          those dam republicans they’ve already been elected a week and they haven’t accomplished a thing!!! A whole TWO weeks!!! when are they gonna show all the stuff they were gonna do?!?!?
          Don’t laugh too hard!!!

    • Sane

      That post made no sense in so many ways I don’t have time to get into it.

      • Bob Wire

        Well? maybe Jimmy will get better, perhaps understand that Large Case is SHOUTING!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Huh? I can’t hear you, the post by jimmy was too loud!!!

    • 45caliber

      I not only have a problem reading your note due to the caps used in all the wrong places but your punctuation is terrible as well. Sorry, but I had to give up trying to understand what you were trying to say by the fourth line.

  • Dagney

    Where did this article come from, the AP? The statement, “lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans” is right out of the progressive playbook. No one is talking about lowering taxes at all! Typical double-speak by Marxists. They’re talking about keeping the CURRENT tax rates, that’s all. What is so hard about that to understand? Don’t let progressives confuse the issue here. If they allow the current rates to expire on January 1, 2011, then we can start calling it Obama’s tax hike!

    • Teresa

      Very well said.

    • Sane

      Really? These were TEMPORARY tax breaks brought about by the Bush Administration to make his base happy. They were intentionally made temporary. To say that it would be a hike would be patently false. By your logic if you took a day off from work for one week and then worked a full week the next you could say they’re making work 20% more hours.

      • voice of reason

        Temporary huh? Ok, so yeah, great idea letting taxes go up during a period of economic disaster that is rapidly becoming worse than the great depression. You do realize that once the taxes go up, employers will have an even HARDER time creating jobs (you know the rich people.) Already they don’t want to hire out there….. the unemployment rate when you consider everyone (those who haven’t been able to find work for 2+ years, those who are underemployed took fast food jobs, those who have given up etc.) is closer to 20% or possibly more.

        Allowing taxes to go back up for ANYBODY is a terrible decision right now. It’s bad enough as it is.

        • 45caliber

          Your name says it all.

          • k.g

            Taxes raise armies, armies need weapons,industries provide weapons and jobs,employees buy houses,food,and a host of other products and as long as they buy from other taxpayers everything goes well as long as the natural resources hold out (our recources are foreign,as well as the products we buy,ALL IS NOT WELL!

  • Betsy

    Every time the Republicans win they start talking compromise and bipartisonship. We don’t want compromise and bipartisonship! We want them to take a stand and stay there!

    • Sane

      Let’s see, maybe because this country was founded on compromise. Do you really think that your party should just go and never compromise on anything so that everything would come to a grinding halt? How does not compromising help this country? Not everyone in this country agrees on everything so compromise is necessary. Fortunately a few Republicans, and more Democrats, understand that. The no compromise morons that people like you sent to congress are going hurt this country by not doing their job or what’s best for all of us. People with that ideology are ruining this country. It’s sad to see a decline of a once great nation furthered by the rhetoric of those who know the least but refuse to compromise. It’s not a strictly Republican problem but they are the worst offenders now and are getting worse. Please try to think rationally.

      • Dennis

        Tell that Shit to Obama.

      • alpha-lemming

        The Legislative branch as crafted in the Constitution (HoR-Small “d” democratic… more numbers = more votes vs. Sen-States rights and more autonomy vs. the big guys) is all the compromise we need. This election was a referendum on the administration and to deny that you must be delusional (Democrats lost because they didn’t go hard left enough) or a liar (The “landslide” was the electorate demanding co-operation). The voters said block, thwart, defund, stymie, and reverse the direction the progressives are taking the country.

        If compromise is the be all and end all you should be thrilled. Socialism is nothing more than the bi-partisan compromise between Communism and Constitutional governance.

        • 45caliber

          You are correct. Too bad he can’t learn that.

      • 45caliber


        Why should the GOP compromise? The Dems never do. Are you saying that as long as your party is in power they should never allow anyone else a word but as long as your party is out of power the others show compromise by giving the Dems a say-so??

      • Karolyn

        It’s the “You do it my way, or it doesn’t get done.” syndrome. Sounds like my brother when we were kids. “If I can’t win, I’ll just take all my marbles and go.”

        • 45caliber

          And that is exactly what both parties do.

          • Karolyn

            Weren’t you arguing against compromise? Is that not the way things should be? “Reaching across the aisle” is something that should be strived for and hopefully now they will try. The repubs not wiloling to do that was the reason for them being called the party of “no.” I’ve never heard the other side called that.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            give em’ a few months!! They will, oh they WILL!!!

          • Karolyn

            I’ve got your number, Joe, you just love to fight. Just like another Joe I know.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


    • Sane

      Let me put it you so you can understand it. YOU STOOPID.

    • Karolyn

      Linda – Buffett is volunteering to pay more taxes than he has to and donates more than most. After seeing his receptionist’s payroll taxes, he was appalled at the inequity. He and Bill Gates have sent letters to all billionaires asking them to contribute more.

      • Christin

        I could go for that… having (Multi-) Millionaires and Billionaires pay more into the system, but not those small business owners making $250,000 that are providing jobs and working hard to earn their living. The current Tax Code has a strangle hold on the Lower, Middle, and Upper Middle Classes.

        I was told long ago that “The middle class works hard for their money (income), but the wealthy have their money work for them.”

        I also think those that make less and put nothing into the system should have to put something into the system to be fair… which could happen under a flat or fair tax, but not this dumb IRS TAX CODE the gov’t has forced on us now… some pay nothing, some find loop holes, and other pay for everyone else.

        • Karolyn

          Claire, the flat tax does have its appeal.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Yeah, he’s so giving with other peoples money. I noticed there was nothing in the article you quote about him giving her a raise to help make up the the difference!!!

        • Karolyn

          Boy, Joe, you are an angry person. You have to nitpick to find something wrong in anything I(or anybody with different views than yours) say even if it is a good thing. It’s like you don’t want to see any good and just keep that fear and anger going. I don’t know if he gave her a raise, but she probably makes a really good salary to begin with. That was not the point. The point is that more rich people should see the big picture like Buffett does.

  • Norm

    16 November 2010

    If the tax cuts for the rich are perpetuated—and all indications suggest that they will be—it will be a searing indictment of the entire political order. Under conditions of the worst social crisis since the Great Depression, a tiny stratum of the elite—the same layer whose reckless financial speculation set into motion the economic collapse—are about to receive a windfall estimated at $700 billion over the next decade. This is about the same amount allocated for the now-ending stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. (It should be noted that in the Great Depression the high-end tax rate was actually increased from 24 percent in 1929 to 81 percent in 1940.)

    The Democrats’ move toward extending tax cuts for the rich is no mistaken policy or political miscalculation, as a number of liberal commentators have suggested. The Democrats, just as much as the Republicans, are servants of the financial aristocracy—a fact underscored this week by Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility, whose chairmen proposed tax “reform” that would actually lower the top-end income tax rate by one third, from 35 percent to 23 percent, along with a similar cut in the corporate tax rate. Budget balancing would be entirely at the expense of the working class, through cuts to Social Security and Medicare, new regressive taxes, and cuts to the jobs and pay of government workers.

    • 45caliber

      I personally don’t give a d**m if the rich are taxed for everything they have. However, I’m sensible enough to know that even if the government did take all their money, it isn’t enough to run the government. To maintain their spending (not counting their new spending at all) they must tax the rest of us too. And they do. Heavily where possible.

      So get off the “tax the rich” kick. It simply doesn’t matter. All it does show is that you are jealous that they have the money and that you are greedy enough to want some of it, regardless of how you can get it.

      • Karolyn

        45 – That is simply not the point. Why do I have to be jealous because I think the rich should pay a bigger share? It should be just like the doctor’s office I go to – You pay using a sliding scale. That is the fair way to do thing. Why should their status as weahthy people enable them to get away with sometimes paying nothing or next to nothing in taxes? That’s like tax fraud. They get plenty but don’t give anything. I usually do not like to generalize; howeve, it seems as though there are more wealthy trying to get away with what they can than wealthy paying their fair share.

        • 45caliber

          You think the rich should pay a bigger share. Why? They already do pay a bigger share if they are paying the same tax level you do. (The basis for Flat Tax) So why should they pay even more? Personally, I don’t care if they do since it isn’t coming from my pocket but the only reason that you believe they should is because you don’t feel that you should pay more. You want to keep a far higher percentage of your profits/wages than you want to allow them to do. That sounds very much like greed and jealousy to me!

          • Bob Wire

            hmm? I do understand and agree with your logic 45. The tax system is about as fair as affirmative action. ~ Not fair at all!

            but we can go back to the Teaching of Jesus and the Parable of the women that gave 1 mite to the Church. Jesus view was; that she gave more then anyone else, for she gave all that she possessed.

            So if Jesus might offer us any insight to “equity” ~ what might that be?

            What was the to lesson of such a parable? ~ if there be any?

          • Christin

            Bob Wire,
            God asked the people to give ten percent of their first fruits to Him in biblical days and today that would mean that we give 10% of our income.

            If God only ASKS for 10% …then the American government should maybe only (ask for) REQUEST 9%.

            That would be an amount for EVERYONE to put into the system in a fair or flat tax, not the Tax Codes we have now that allow for some to pay nothing , others to find loop holes, and the rest to pay for all.

            There are many who can work, but don’t. And if our gov/EPA hadn’t put so many taxes and regulations on our American industries and businesses then they wouldn’t have high tailed it abroad to make a profit there …and we would still be a PRODUCING nation and have JOBS in abundance for everyone who could work and EARN a living for theri famlies.

          • Karolyn

            Chrstin, I wonder about that. It would seem that even if they were not taxed, they would still want to go somewhere where the labor is cheaper.

          • Bob Wire

            Good point Christan, ~ 9 % seems most appropriate.

            but that failed to address the quandary I presented.

            If we are to place credence in the value and guidance offered by the parable.

            Or to say, if one’s only mite be given, “equals more” then given by those that have more to give, suggesting to me a sliding scale is being considered and being accepted as “just”

            The process of “giving” It not solely about the amount given but the spirit and the sacrifice of the giving.

            And it is in this same spirit why those that have the most to give have been expected to give the most. So the wealthy have been expected to carry larger tax burdens.

            I’m not attempting to claim fairness ~ but offer argument why it is the way it is.

            Those that have enjoyed largest harvest come to the table with the greatest blessing.

          • BigBadJohn

            Problem is people like Buffet who’s only income is dividends, with Bush’s tax cut, his share of taxes was cut to 15%.

            This is only one loop hole, there are many. That’s why I like the idea of a flat tax – no deductions, count everything as income, eliminating all those loop holes.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Why should I pay more for an office visit than you??? Is it to make up for what you DON’T pay??? I don’t get an exemption for supporting you so why should I have to make up for what the Dr. can’t extract from you??? I suggest you stop being a professional TAKER and get a job! Then maybe YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY YOUR SHARE IN LIFE!!!

          • Karolyn

            Joe – You are way off base. Not everyone can have the same level of income! My health care facility is a nonprofit that makes healthcare available for everybody, regardless of income. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that a good thing? Please get down off your high horse and try to see things from a different view. Also, I have stated numerous times that I have worked all my life. I have not had jobs that paid a lot because I did not want to spend my lifetime being miserable for the almighty dollar. Everybody has a choice. However, I have worked, and I have been self-supporting for most of my life. I did not have a man to support me either. Even when I was in a committed relationship I pulled my weight and then some.

  • eddie47d

    Dagney;The wealthy are seldom the saints you like to paint them as. The Middle Class were the productive engine that drove America. Without them the rich never would have been able to expand and grow. The wealthy of the early 1900′s were just plain greedy monoliths who kept all their workers poor. The wealthy once again have lost their bearings and are trying to return to those bad old days. That is one reason the once strong Middle Class is shrinking. The more tax breaks you give the wealthy the bigger mansions they build. The wealthy make money by NOT hiring people. They didn’t become rich by being overly generous. If tax cuts create jobs then why didn’t the Bush tax cuts provide millions of those jobs 8 years ago? They used those tax breaks to build their own nest egg and ship their businesses overseas. That increased their profits but not American jobs. According to the Hay Group,a Wall St. consulting firm, CEO salaries rose 3% last year. They average $7.23 million each. They gain even in hard times so taxing their already bloated salaries in hardly unfair. I think they have used and abused their status long enough. If they want to raise prices because of a tax increase then they are bigger saboteur’s of Americas Middle Class than I thought.

    • Tea Leaf

      Ed, you could not be more wrong! NAFTA & CAFTA are what put businesses over-seas. Our federal government once again rewarded American business for leaving our country. Eddie you sound like an unachiever who has failed miserably in life and would like to see some one else punished for your short comings. Just like the DEMONRAT socialists now running our country, lets punish all Americans and reward those who do nothing to help but only drag America down. I personally do not feel the need to apologise for owning a home or being an American, living in the greatest country in the world!!!

      • Norm

        Tea Leaf
        I live very comfortably thanks to my own hard work and good luck. I’m not so sure my grand kids will have the same opportunities.
        If this enormous national debt isn’t paid off soon this country will go belly up.
        When I see billionaires who refuse to kick in a few bucks to help the country that allowed them to be where they are, it makes me damned disgusted.

        • 45caliber


          Billionares seldom get rich by handing out money. Still a few do. The real problem is that there isn’t enough billionares to provide the money the government wants. They get it from the rest of us.

          • BigBadJohn

            Some billionaire hand out tons of money. Look at the Gates foundation. Even Warren Buffet has willed his billion to charity when he dies and is giving away a big chunk of it now.

      • eddie47d

        This is a bigger issue Tea leaf than owning a home. Those CEOs have robbed us long enough with their crooked schemes to enrich themselves. Some like to talk about responsibility. Well then make them responsible!

    • 45caliber

      But eddie: What about your liberal friends, Soros and John Kerry? Surely you aren’t talking about them too!

      • eddie47d


        • http://?? Joe H.

          AND NOBAMA???

  • MR.Washington

    This should be called the Clinton era tax increases. I am just calling a spade a spade. I do not not know any country on the globe that taxed itself into prosperity.

  • Tea Leaf

    So sorry, Dag. My last message was supposed to be for NORM!

  • BlahBlahBlah

    The Republicans have done an amazing job of convincing us that all taxes are bad. They haven’t told the truth about anything they’re shoving down our throats for a very long time.

    All of you who thinks it’s just peachy to give the rich all of the breaks should think about what it was like in the 50′s and 60′s when most Americans were able to buy a home, count on a retirement pension, put their kids through college…what happened to that great American Dream? Oh yeah, your hero Reagan cut taxes and busted unions, and the downward spiral for the middle class began.

    If tax cuts to the rich worked, we would all have jobs. I know you all have this lovely fantasy that you’re all going to be in that wealthy 2% of our country, but tell me how this is going to be possible when the very rich AREN’T creating jobs, they’re shipping OUR jobs to China, India, Indonesia, etc. The rich frankly, have bought our political system by manipulating you all with bs propaganda about small government and no taxes.

    Does no one realize that when the government invests in infrastructure, or in new technology or manufacturing, that it means jobs for Americans? For every dollar the government invests, it gets a 150% return because those employed put what they earn back into purchasing goods, services, homes, cars, etc. The only way to boost our economy is to make things here!!!

    So all of you can go on sucking up to the rich who haven’t given us a damn thing but consumer envy and a busted economy for the past decade. I prefer to push for Made In America once again so we can rebuild our middle class and our national and individual prosperity.

    The longer you all think that there’s no place for government, and don’t want to invest in your country by paying taxes (so it can invest in us), then the longer it will take before we reclaim our status as the best economy on the planet.

  • Tea Leaf

    Sane, better change that to insane! Republicans and other politicians should compromise? Do you mean like the DEMONRATS have over the last two years COMPROMISED! Thay hid behind closed doors and voted on bills that they did NOT even read or understand.

    • Norm

      Tea Leaf
      When you cite your lord, Rush, you should use quotation marks.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Are you saying he’s wrong? did the dems bargain faithfully with the repubs and independants on healthcare??? Or with the American people for that matter???

  • Norm

    - In the 2007 tax year, the ultra-rich had an average tax rate of 16.6%, which is down over 30% from the 24.2% rate they paid ten years earlier. One thing that we should all be able to agree on is that any tax system that is so complex and full of loopholes that the highest earners pay an average rate of less than half the top marginal rate is too complicated and in desperate need of an overhaul.

    • eddie47d

      When will they ever learn.

  • Norm

    “Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor” — Thomas Jefferson
    “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”
    Proverbs 22:7

  • 45caliber

    What compromising between parties? The Democrats are only willing to compromise when they know they are going to lose anyway. The same for the GOP. Otherwise, as the Dems did, they tell the other party to go away because “they won”. (Isn’t that a familiar phrase?)

    • Bob Wire

      well hells bells ~ it takes a majority to get anything to move forward.

      The DNC has had to compromise to get what they got done ( you know? the many things you are b1tching about?)

      and they will continue to do so.

      I’m not going to go down that road, of who’s done “more” unless someone wants to make it a thread.

      But the DNC has , ~ and has had too compromise, and will have to continue to compromise to enact any legislation of importance.

      It’s kind of a sore subject after fighting the GOP tooth, hair and nail for 2 years and a slap in the face of reality to suggest otherwise.

  • 45caliber

    I’m ready to compromise.

    First, let’s split the country. We’ll compromise by giving the progressives/libs their own country to run. They get all of New England and we’ll even throw in California. IF the residents of FL vote to join them, they get Florida too. We get the South and West. We’ll allow the rest to vote on which way they go.

    We’ll allow the libs to get rid of all their bad guns. In fact, we’ll even buy them from them so they won’t need to worry about finding buyers in their new gun-free country. We’ll keep our own.

    We’ll allow them to transport all the libs in our part of the world to their part if they in turn will allow all their conservatives to move here.

    We’ll allow them to get rid of the American flag since they revile it anyway. We’ll keep it and fly it whenever we want. Further, we’ll require all our kids to learn the Pledge of Alligence while they can teach their kids the Communist Manifesto.

    We’ll keep the military too, since they don’t want a group they can’t trust. They can keep their unions since Communism is basically a union anyway.

    We’ll allow them to have open borders. In exchange, we’ll close ours. But we will be willing to allow any people who live south of us the right to go to the lib country at will. They will just have to use air planes or ships to get there since our borders will be sealed.

    We’ll allow them to continue their economic practices, including welfare for the non-workers. They can get their European friends to help if they find that a problem. We’ll see if we can’t find jobs for those here. If nothing else, they can pick up paper beside the roads.

    We’ll allow them to have environmentalism as much as they want. They can worship global warming and insist that all humans can only live in small apartments. We’ll retain our wilderness areas by hunting fees.

    Now, doesn’t that sound like a good compromise to you??

    • Christin

      LOVE IT, Love It, love it!!!
      So when can we start the two countries?

      It will be some-what like West Germany (Free America), prosperous and pretty; and Communist East Germany (Progressive), dark and stagnet.

      Why force everyone into the pits of hell when only some want to go… bye, bye progressives.

      45 your compromise works for me!

  • Bob Wire

    I question your views as being very accurate about what liberals want or are 45.

    Seems, you describe all of them as being a swishy metro man with polished nails in a watermelon pink jump suit, a eating peach yogurt, armed with a shoulder bag and a bottle of some vogue brand of “hydration fluid”.

    Now if this is the message you are attempting to get out ~it’s just wrong.

    • 45caliber

      They share a dream of utopia. Everyone has all they need. No one wants more. There is no hunger, no greed, no crimes. If you want to have sex with someone of either sex, they will agree to be nice even if they don’t really like you. Everyone wears the same robe. No one is considered better or worse than anyone else. All jobs are done solely by volunteers who do it for the betterment of all. In fact, everything is done for the betterment of all, including having children. Of course, they always see themselves as the ones making all the decisions needed but they make them for everyone – and as a result should be allowed a few other things that aren’t available to everyone else – but that should be okay. (I always ask them if they are going to be the one to volunteer to clean out the plugged sewer lines. So far no one has agreed to that.)

      So, yes, I believe I’m right.

      • Bob Wire

        where do you live 45? and have you really set down with people that offer you such views? I want to think , you making it up and being comical!

        I don’t know anyone that shares such views, I only hear of such things from people much like yourself.

        • 45caliber

          You don’t know the right questions to ask. I don’t argue with people about their beliefs; I ask questions. And by the third or fourth question you can learn a lot – if they continue to answer. Most simply storm off mad.

      • Karolyn

        Yes, that sounds like utopia and pretty good to me (other than the part about not doing one’s share and dictating to others); but I don’t think that the average “liberal” has that in his mind when declaring his views. As I’ve said before, I don’t consider myself to be kind of in the middle, with a little more left leaning as are many of my friends; and none of us portray what you think we are. As Bob said, have you really had meaningful conversations with liberals? My desires are basically for justice, equality, freedom and peace. Isn’t that what we all want?

        • Christin

          You won’t get justice, equality, freedom and peace with the Progressives.
          The Progressives (aka communists) want TOTAL CONTROL:
          *less people (which they will get through elimination by vaccines, diseases and unionized violent poitical protests and killings),
          *less industry (which they have done in America making taxes high & passing regulations to squelch profits sending businesses abroad), *less wealth in the hands of people (through taxes, demonization of “rich” & by redistributing our wealth to other nations ex Oil Money to Middle East and Communist South America instead of producing oil, gas and coal here),
          *less Comunications for the people and Contol of the Media such as loss of internet, blackberries, talk radio, and Conservative news
          *less Freedom Of the people, For the people and By the people… over ride the Constitution, and
          *loss of church and Commandments… elimination of God… No God to worship to get supreme guidance from.

          They will promise peace at first (3 1/2 years), but the nations run by evil dictators will turn on each other to fight in total bloodshed in Armaghedon.

          “Justice” will only be for the Elite Ruling Classes, the courts are liberal and will always rule with the ones who pay them off.
          “Equality” will only be for the Elite Ruling Classes and those that agree on the communist agenda… the rest are useless eaters.
          “Freedom” will only be for the Elite Ruling Class, everyone else will be workers and slaves… expendable.
          “Peace” will not be had when TYRANTS RULE.

          The Elite Ruling Class are the super Wealthy Millionaires and Billionaries. Billionaire George Soros (aka George Schwartz) is controling our country with his wealth and devising its fall right now.

          I believe you want what Conservatives want, but you THINK the other side will deliver… and I’m not talking about Dems and Reps either… I’m talking about Constitutional Conservatives who want Freedom, Liberty and Rights granted by God.

          • Bob Wire

            Christin, could you possible share with us a brief Bio and help us understand where you came from and what helped you form and shape your political views.

            Example; I’ll offer mine.

            North East Texan/ German-Irish / WM/60+/married twice/3 children/single /tradesman 42 years/christian/some college/advances trade studies/infantry vet/3 bronze decoration/parents still alive, married 63 years/ oldest of 4 sons/

            I’d like to know where your passion come from. Any thing would be most helpful

  • chuckb

    liberals haven’t discovered the theory of earning a living by working. their idea of equality is having as much as everyone else whether they earn it or not. free education and their idea of freedom is doing want they want without consequence. there idea of peace is not achievable, there are people out there that will kill you without hesitation, we are seeing that all over the world.
    the constitution of the liberal: a government job, all holidays observed,two month’s vacation and retire with full pay and all medical paid. (within twenty years)
    the only problem with all this is they have in the most part forced so much of our manufacturing and business from the country they have no tax base to feed on, could it be their environmental desires and unions have chased the goose with the golden eggs. so now they will print their own money and feed upon each other until!!

    • Karolyn

      I don’t know any liberals like that.

    • Bob Wire

      I don’t know any liberals like that either.

      I know some white trash that think along such lines but they are not politically active or party affiliated. I know a few border Mexicans that think that way, but again they are not politically active or party affiliated.

      You describe the lowest of the lowly and are assigning them a party label you wish to refer to your adversary. Hell ! they are every Americans adversary!

      I think you carry with you far too many wrong ideas and false notions and never been expose or associated with DNC members. And if I am wrong, PLEASE tell me where you ran across these people!

      Assuming you are a grown person and come to us today as such, how is that even possible? Again I ask, where might you call home?

      May I hand pick your team? LOL!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Barb Wire,
        I can lay claim to about every stat you claim! The only difference is the decorations. I was in Aviation in RVN. I have talked to quite a few dems like the ones 45 lists. I see unions that will do everything they can to run the small business man out of business. Just be non-union and bid on a medium size construction job. The union wants nothing less than total control of your employment from start to finish! Their members are mostly the same as they want guarantees of jobs regardless of their work habits or quality. About 80 to 90% of their members are demoncrats!!

        • Bob Wire

          you are a Texan Joe?

          welcome home, still got all you original issued equipment, two legs, feet arms , hands , eyes, ears and no blistering I hope.

          I’m good here, ears are shot to hell though, can’t hear for sh1t.

          Well Joe , there is more that units us then divides us brother. Something we need to focus on that.

  • chuckb

    bob, you and karolyn must live in another country. i know lots of liberals and they range from teachers, fed workers, minorities and basically this is the way they think and they are all democrats. they expect entitlements as their right, they look upon the government as their god incarnate, they vote a straight democratic ticket.
    california is my home state and i can prove what i say. just look at the last election!

  • Bob Wire

    and what country IS that ! I keep asking.

    If it truly “IS” as you state it to be, I might have some appreciation for your views but I assure you that is not an accurate reflection of what I see in North Central Texas.

    I have heard is stated once a Texas democrat was a Republican is every other state and a Texas Republican leaned more to the John Birch side of things.

    Needless to say, there is no way for me to know that’s true. I’ve moved about the Southern Gulf states over the years but my purpose and function does not permit me to engage in Politic Hobnobbing and polarize my position. To me, everything and everyone is seen in shades of “Green” the color of money.

    We do have GOP members here in North Texas that parrot similar views of democrats as yourselves but when getting to know them they harbor anti-social views about the world in general and usually a bunch of lonely old buzzards looking for someone that will pay attention to them if they have to buy you a drink for the audience.

    • Bob Wire

      oh! California, sorry missed it ~ never been there except point of entry and exit. My stay was brief, maybe 4 days total

      Way I understand it, it a rich vibrant state and extremely progressive on all levels with way too many “WAP’s” (with out papers) that crowd your infrastructure, bleeds your social services and devalue your labor markets? The state been a victim of cooperate energy scams and price gouging and a zestful and ambitious property taxing board.

      That’s what I’m getting from 1400 miles away. I’m sure you have a better view.

  • chuckb

    california is not a rich vibrant state any longer, it has been ravaged by the liberal left starting with the hippies in the 1960′s, the education system is in most areas very liberal, we have an overabundance of illegals and a large population of blacks who tend to vote for the democrats, “promised freebies”. large amount of drug users and crooked politicians. some years back the republicans got control of the legislature and we had high hopes for the future, however, they did what most republicans do, they gave in to the willie browns, all he had to do was frown at them and they hid, the democrats destroyed them and the state went back to the liberal democrats. schwarzenegger tried to get things back to normal, but the people didn’t back him up at the voting booth and you saw what happened this election, california is down for the count i would say and it is no longer a good place to live, we are overcrowded from south to north, property is too high and the mexicans are still pouring in, we would be money ahead if we annexed it back to mexico.


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