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Fat, Lazy A Disease?

August 20, 2012 by  

Fat, Lazy A Disease?
Most people are unaware that their sedentary lifestyles are killing them.

On the whole, humans have become a species of lazy, inactive and increasingly overweight creatures as technology has made life easier and entertainment activities more sedentary.

A new paper published in the research journal The Lancet politely referred to the increasingly fat, lazy nature of the human population as an “inactivity epidemic.” And guess what? The “inactivity epidemic” (being fat and lazy) is responsible for one out of every 10 deaths worldwide.

Unfortunately, most people are so unaware that their sedentary lifestyles are killing them that some medical experts are now calling for doctors to consider “failure to get any form of real exercise” a mainstream medical condition. One for which they may even need to write prescriptions for… exercise.

Mayo clinic physiologist Michael Joyner explained to NPR, “The entire medical research industrial complex is oriented towards inactivity.”

Joyner’s statement falls in line with what critics of mainstream medicine and Big Pharma have been saying for years: Cutting, burning, poisoning and drugging to “treat” disease, while more profitable for the medical establishment, is nowhere near as beneficial to human health as prevention through exercise and avoidance of the everyday poisons that saturate modern lifestyles.

“Physicians really need to start defining the physically active state as normal,” Joyner said.

Some research suggests that you can avoid falling victim to the “inactivity epidemic” by exercising vigorously for as little as 20 or 30 minutes at least five times a week to lessen cardiac risk factors by up to 50 percent. For optimal health, though, many alternative medical experts suggest integrating various forms of exercise such as stretching, meditation, resistance training and cardio throughout your activities each day in small increments.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • freedom from gov’t

    I’m starting to see the day that in order to curb over spending of our new heath care programs. People that have been diagnosed as ‘fat and lazy’ won’t qualify. Also Americans who don’t eat properly, smoke, consume too much alcohol or have history of struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addicts,improper sleep, (from working 2 fulltime jobs to support their famalies) obesity,etc….. History has already proven that people who smoke have less rights; laws against smoking at work,public buildings,taverns,in public parks,what could possibly be more ventilated then being outside. What about the laws they are trying to pass concerning the serving sizes of soda,french fries,candy bars,potato chips,etc….. I don’t like the idea of socialized healthcare.Other countries with Unified health systems have awful track records when it comes to quality and availability of care. I’ve spent 3 hours waiting in the ER more than a couple times. Can you imagine the wait when everyone is covered and running to the hospitals for every little thing. Homeless will be treating hospitals like shelters,ER’s jammed pack because of a common cold. Only there to have doctors prescribe cold medicine that costs a dollar because they either can’t afford or don’t want to spend the 6 dollars for over the counter.THIS IS GONING TO BE A NIGHTMARE!! OH yeah then how about we simply can’t afford a 700 billion dollar bill. I for one believe it’s a terrible idea that is going to be way over priced and unsustainable in our economy, will further corrode and diminish the speed and quality of care. And the idea of gov’t possibly telling me what I can’t force down my throat, all the while cramming 700 billion down it that I don’t want..

    • eddie47d

      At least Jim H below got the message. Don’t sit around and do nothing for yourself or your family members. Too many Americans unwind by sitting around and taking the easy way out. More couch time, more computer time,more time at the frig,etc. and then wonder why they are expanding. How about some schools doing away with P.E. classes to save money? How about those who attack the Bloombergs as enemies of the state when he’s trying to encourage folks from consuming too much of the wrong products? Instead of working together we sabotage those efforts to reduce obesity. We also have to acknowledge that Big Pharma is Big Business which is nothing more than Capitalism run amuck. They are the “new” elixir salesman who could care less if his product is working or not or if their product is doing more harm than good. They make every effort to control our lives and the doctors have bought into it. They work hand in hand to make money and I would say some doctors are abusing the oath of their profession.

    • Paul

      I agree that that obamacare will be a nightmare, and that it is unconstitutional. Since when can the government force me to buy anything?

      However, maybe it is time for people to accept responsibility for their own lives and stop being stupid by eating properly, not smoking, not consuming too much alcohol, not becoming a drug addict, and exercising BEFORE they become obese.

      If people are fat or addicted, it is because they made that choice. They were not forced to do it, so why should I have to pay for their resulting health problems? No one alive today, under the age of 40, can say that they did not know these things are harmful!! I will pay for rehab, but nothing else resulting from those poor choices.

      The statement that: “people who smoke have less rights” is not only incorrect English is also a mis-interpretation, possibly being made by a smoker. Smokers have rights, but the majority of people have decided that they are no longer willing to breathe the polluted air created by the smokers! This is the way civilization has always worked. The majority votes and the losers submit to the will of the majority!

      If you smoke and don’t like it, then move to Wyoming or North Dakota where you won’t impinge on my right to not smell your stinky and unhealthy burning tobacco caused air!

  • JimH

    Good habits start when you are young. Children who are active will carry that into their adult life.
    Get the kids out on a bicycle, or on a soccer team.
    If they grow up sitting inside, online, playing video games or watching TV. That is what will carry over into later years.
    Go outside and play.

  • Bill Fox

    As a person who has indulged himself (smoking 8 to 38), alcoholism (15 to 32), overeating (on and off 4 to 65), drugs including pot and LSD (23 to 32), etc., etc., etc. I have come to find that fat and lazy are symptoms of both physical indulgence and spiritual emptiness. Fat and lazy is not the cause of the problem. There is such a systemic defect in our food, water, air, and lack of sunlight, that all we can be is fat and lazy. Our food is both poison and lacks essential nutrition. Our water is poisoned with chlorine and fluorine and lacks natural minerals. We live in the dead air space of central heating and air conditioning, which lacks the challenge of natural biology and is filled with toxins from molds and radon. We avoid the sun, and when we are exposed we cover our skin with cancer causing chemicals. We’re doomed to pay the price of our own ignorance.

    • Paul

      I agree that “fat and lazy are symptoms of both physical indulgence and spiritual emptiness.” Isn’t it curious that these two items have now become a problem at a time when the rebels of the 60′s, who gave up on anything they considered to be “restricting” (such as religion and rules), are watching their children and grandchildren adopt the same ideas?

      The 60′s started the “me” generation. Their children, who had few rules, grew up expecting to do whatever they wanted. Their grandchildren now feel that it is their RIGHT to get everything now, instead of working and saving for a future time when they can afford the stuff (yes, stuff is a technical term).

      Along the way, religion and personal responsibility slipped into the haze of ancient history, for a generation who can’t or won’t think of tomorrow. “Don’t worry, be happy” is their battle cry. That super big gulp won’t affect you, because you are “special” became their mantra. So, we now see that “Fat and lazy is not the cause of the problem”, but the result of what you term “physical indulgence and spiritual emptiness.”

  • 45caliber

    A lot of things kill people – but they aren’t necessarily a “disease”. I think too many people are trying to make things diseases when they aren’t.

  • sabulaman

    Paul, could not agree more. We all now reep what they sowed. Look at the average age of our elected officials over the past couple of decades and see if they fall in that age group.

  • duane

    You all have missed the whole point behind obesity, including Sam Rolley. Go to and read his most recent blog on obesity. There is much more to this whole situation than what is being said and done here. It does not have anything to do with obummer care. It is all about taking responsibility for your own health. is the #1 health site for current information on obesity and other health issues.

    • Paul

      I agree with you that: “It is all about taking responsibility for your own health.” So, my earlier comment: “ it is time for people to accept responsibility for their own lives and stop being stupid by eating properly, not smoking, not consuming too much alcohol, not becoming a drug addict, and exercising BEFORE they become obese,” is the way to solve this problem!

      I checked and we did not miss the whole point behind obesity. Mercola, in his article, “Hunter Gatherer Clue to Obesity,” quotes Dr. Herman Pontzer, who says: “This to me says that the big reason that Westerners are getting fat is because we eat too much – it’s not because we exercise too little.

      Mercola then says: “What this means is that if your diet is based on sugar/fructose and processed junk food, it’s highly likely that your weight is going to become an issue.”

      Yes, the grubment has skewed the pyramid toward the wrong foods, but WE must manage our own food intake and make sure we do not eat too much, as well as eating the right foods. Again, taking responsibility for your own life and managing it wisely.

      • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

        Agree Paul and the number One Secret for longevity is Calories restriction

  • dcjdavis

    Fat and lazy is just fat and lazy. There is no real excuse for that.

    • Emoke Davis

      There would be a lot less fat and lazy if the government would not reward it with all the forced charity they make the rest of us pay. You always get more of what you are willing to pay for.

  • Roger That

    Hey, Sam Rolley, if you’re truly interested in “the truth” and exposing lies, you can start by not spouting hyperbole, as in “On the whole, humans have become a species of lazy, inactive and increasingly overweight creatures…”. I will certainly agree that Americans have, maybe even North Americans, maybe even many in the industrialized world. But there are HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of humans, particularly in the Third World, who are not fat, lazy, or inactive.

    Apart from that distinction, I have to agree with the gist of your article.

  • peter

    Eat to live and do not live to eat is the better way to go. Unfortunately, the advent of the internet and the TV has become a real issue in folks becoming inactive in both their work routine and their entertainment requirements. I need to get off my backside now and go mow the lawn. Good article and much food for thought i’d say!

  • swampfox

    personally I could care less what someone does,its there own affair,why can’t folks just mind their OWN buisness,if someone wants to eat and be fat who cares.


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