Family Innocently Googles ‘Pressure Cooker’ And ‘Backpack’ – Cops Show Up


A Long Island writer needed a new pressure cooker and wanted to compare brands. Internet, right? Her husband, meanwhile, wanted a new backpack and decided to do a little online shopping. The couple’s 20 year-old son, meanwhile, had avidly kept up with the news coverage of the Boston Marathon terror attack. He’s a news junkie; a child of the Digital Age, so he got his news from the internet.

“This was weeks ago,” blogged pressure cooker-shopper Michele Catalano Thursday. “I don’t know what took them so long to get here. Maybe they were waiting for some other devious Google search to show up but ‘what the hell do I do with quinoa’ and ‘Is A-Rod suspended yet’ didn’t fit into the equation so they just moved in based on those older searches. I was at work when it happened. My husband called me as soon as it was over, almost laughing about it but I wasn’t joining in the laughter. His call left me shaken and anxious.”

Why was she so distressed? Because six cops identifying themselves as part of a “joint terrorism task force” showed up at her house. They wanted to know about her husband’s ancestry. If they’d ever looked up instructions on how to make a pressure cooker bomb. If they had a bomb. If they had a pressure cooker. They asked to search the house.

Since Catalano and her family are all “U.S. Persons” and aren’t subject to the FISA laws enabling the Feds to surveil people they’re 51 percent sure might be foreign-born terrorists, it’s an open question how the officers (legally) came to know the family’s internet habits.

Various news agencies late Thursday still hadn’t been able to determine which law enforcement agencies supplied officers for the would-be terror raid.


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Ben Bullard

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  • JimH

    I wonder how many farms will get a visit because of fertilizer and diesel fuel.
    All common things used by farmers.

    • equestrian_colt

      Well as long as they don’t buy a pressure cooker they are safe. LOL

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    Welcome to the Fatherland.

    • lazy

      yavolt mein comandant.

      • chocopot

        It’s “jawohl,” but your point is well taken.

  • Ol’ Grey Ghost

    Frog soup, anyone?

    It’s only going to get a lot worse…

  • Miley

    Folks, please keep in mind, NSA stands for No Secrets in America. And the Germans thought the Gestapo was bad.

    • lazy

      careful mike you might be added to our list of undesireables. rotflmao

      • michiganminuteman

        we are ALL on their lists of one kind or another!

  • Shorty Stuff

    Obama’s Thought Police are out. What’s next, Soylent Green?

  • Vis Fac

    It’s time to get rid of this government that terrorizes the US citizen for for surfing the web. ODUMBO and his group of thugs are trying (and succeeding) to instill irrational fear among the citizenry of America. They are using any means available and don’t think anyone can stop them. Our apathy and political correctness is a direct cause of this virus plaguing our nation. Time to wake up or fall in line with the other zombies.

  • Mike Butler

    Just think, if we can get 10 million people to do the same search in a week just think of the massive confusion we can cause. It will drive them crazy. We might be able to cause the whole mess to implode.

    • TheSilverRanger

      That’s what we have Anonymous and 4chan for, sir. Leave that kind of chaos to them.

  • Jim

    The US is now doing what we used to criticize Russia for doing during the cold war.CALL THE OBAMA USURPERS WHITE HOUSE AT (202)-456-1111 TO TELL HIM WHAT YOU THINK OF HIM

  • dan

    just linked my son….he bought a pressure cooker a couple months ago to cook beans and just last night he was all proud of the deal he just got on a nice backpack….sigh

    • michiganminuteman

      now your cookin with gas

  • Betta

    I don’t even know what to say. So, let me get this straight. US citizen family gets a visit from the gestapo because they searched for pressure cooker and a back pack. But two guys the government had ample warning about were able to make bombs and set them off without a hitch at the Boston Marathon.
    I mean, this doesn’t even make sense to me.

    • denise0513

      Because Obama is too worried about U.S. citizens that he must keep all eyes on us rather than on the “terrorists.” The piece of subhuman garbage only wants to bring down Americans. His allegiance is to the Muslim world and not to the USA!

  • Ibn Insha

    It is obvious our government has not stopped spying on us yet. Our government has been spying on us for decades and it has been becoming vigorous day by day specially after the event of 911. This information is not a secret but not readily available either. You have to do some research. Our government is blaming Snowden for revealing domestic spying for no reason.

  • Alan

    How truly sad that it has come to this. When will people understand that the government cannot protect us from such attacks. Sooner or later some twisted terrorist will conceive of a plan to harm us no matter what they do. The sense of security they provide at the expense of our liberties is a false one. Personally, I’m more fearful of breaking my neck in the bathtub than I am being blown to pieces in the sort of terrorist attack they failed to prevent in the first place with this “pressure cooker” incident. Those who wield terror have won the instant we have become fearful for our lives. God help us.

    • jaybird

      I am more fearful of George Soros and our government than anything else

      • Alan

        I hear ya jaybird. And there’s plenty to be fearful of with that lot.

  • rhcrest

    Yes just as soon as everyone is finished watching the next episode of Dancing with the Stars. We don’t have it in us as a country anymore. We have become too wussified. Everybody’s on drugs. legal and not legal, men walk around with women holding their balls in their purses. Just look at how people reacted when told to “shelter in place” when they were looking for the terrorists. No one thought it was wrong! Not a peep. Grown men were hiding in their houses cowering while the gov’t looked for the bad guys. The Founding Fathers would have laughed at even the suggestion of sheltering in place and would have been out there with their muskets looking for he bad guy. We would all be British citizens if the same type of people alive today were alive back then

  • Jim B

    Gives new meaning to the words ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

  • shamu9

    Bet your Sweet Azz that they are NOT Monitoring the [expletive deleted] Sand Nizzo Hadjiis. Thaaaaaat’s Pro-Filing!! The Moslem Defense Leagues, about 6 different ones, starting with CAIR! will Sue them, So—In order to protect/Justify their Phony Balony Jobs, they Harass Real Citizens!!