False Sex Abuse Charges Claim Lives


US~Observer Editor’s Note: One of easiest and most common of false allegations is sex abuse. Oftentimes, a conviction does not require any evidence, witnesses or anything other than one person saying it happened. Prosecutors are all too eager to jump on sex abuse cases, as they are well received by the public. The perception of the public is that those who their local newspaper reports as having been charged with a sex crime are guilty. So the district attorney gets a warmed jury pool from which to choose, and the charged is almost ensured of being found guilty — even if he is, in fact, innocent. The DA gets another notch in his belt, and the public perception is that he is doing his job. It’s the US~Observer’s job to demand accountability and keep innocent people from being convicted. The following article outlines one such case.

Jackson County, Ore. — Please keep in mind as you read this article about the attempted false sex-abuse prosecution of Michael Young of Medford, Ore., that the US~Observer has completed more than 1,600 false sex abuse cases successfully in the past 22 years.

This writer is much more aware than most that sex abuse occurs in our society. From 30 years of experience, 22 of those years publishing the US~Observer, I take the position that perverted sex offenders need severe punishment. I am also acutely aware that there are many false allegations of sex abuse today. And, solely from experience, I know exactly how to determine whether a sex abuse criminal charge is legit or contrived in a great majority of the cases I take on.

The US~Observer has been successful in busting numerous sex offenders and exposing them for their deplorable actions. However, most of our case articles are about false prosecutions, simply because that is what we primarily work on and innocent defendants are the ones who seek us out. Most sex offenders would not want to speak with us once they have read about our work and tenacity.

A General Outline: The Conspiracy Behind False Sex Abuse Cases

There are many dangerous, demented sexual predators among us; however, there are way too many innocent people who have had their lives ruined by dangerous, false accusers and incompetent members of our justice system. I am referring to ignorant, biased and abusive Department of Human Services (DHS) personnel (often referred to as children’s services, etc.); detectives who receive an accusation and build a false case based on lies, without conducting a thorough and competent investigation; and prosecutors who place their blinders on when they see clear and convincing evidence that a charged person might actually be innocent. I will also include many defense attorneys who take huge retainers from their clients and then do little to nothing to defend them.

These conscienceless people realize most of a defendant’s credible evidence will not be admissible in court, due to unConstitutional and evil rules that have been created to strip defendants (especially in sex abuse cases) financially, while enriching the attorneys and “justice system” that often prey on the innocent. In fairness, there are attorneys and even some people in the justice system who complete their jobs ethically, but they are few and far between. I highly commend these individuals.

Dissecting An Actual False Sex Abuse Case

In order to start a false sex abuse case and ultimately place an innocent person in prison and on a sex-offenders list for life, you need an accusation. In this case the accusations are many. As the accuser in this case goes deeper and deeper into her world of alleged bipolar disorder mental illness, the accusations become more and more insane, and they rapidly escalate; I will list few of them below. I am going to withhold the false accuser’s name in this case for the time being; but that will change if the lies, absurd accusations and false charges continue.

The following case facts are absolute, and the alarming truth is that a completely innocent and decent family has already been literally torn apart and all but ruined financially because of a 16-year-old girl’s false and ludicrous allegations. There has been no trial, there is no physical evidence and there is no witness who possesses credible evidence against Michael Young. However, there is a mountain of evidence — or “markers,” as I call them — to show any prudent person that Young is absolutely innocent. He and his family are the true victims in this case.

On March 21, 2012, 43-year-old Young was called into an interview with detective Diane Sandler with the Medford Police Department (MPD). Young’s stepdaughter had accused him of both physically and sexually abusing her over a 7- to 8-month period of time. Young was subsequently charged with multiple false felony charges. Our investigation shows that Young served honorably in the U.S. Army for seven years and that he has no criminal history whatsoever.

The girl started making her wild accusations to Rebecca Knowlton of Medford, Ore., while spending the night with Knowlton’s daughter; Knowlton immediately contacted the MPD. According to witnesses, Knowlton is a foster mother for DHS, and she has dealt with numerous children claiming to have been sexually abused. One witness stated, “I’m sure that Knowlton prompted and cultivated Michael’s stepdaughter’s false and vindictive claims.” In this writer’s professional opinion, Knowlton is a very dangerous person to the innocent.

Next, you need a detective and a DHS “trained professional” to build the false prosecution. In this case, Sandler and DHS’s Angie Albiar overlooked lie after lie coming from Young’s stepdaughter, as they coached her, groomed her and then tailored her castle of lies. Sandler, Albiar and others to be named at a later date have shown not only their potential danger to all innocent citizens by manufacturing this case, but they have shown themselves to be quite the drama queens.

You also need so-called “professionals” to interview the lying stepdaughter so they can enable the prosecutor to succeed at the future “star chamber” trial, wherein the prosecution and court exclude very pertinent defense evidence based on Oregon’s corrupt rape shield laws. In addition, the “professionals” further manufacture testimony and document observations to make the stepdaughter/alleged victim look credible when she has absolutely no credibility. They do this in order to assist Jackson County assistant prosecutor Terry J. Smith-Norton with possible future attempts to extort a plea bargain from innocent defendant Young or to help convict him should a trial take place. We have not obtained the names of counselors, psychologists, etc.; however, if this case continues, we will analyze and report on their “findings.”

Shocking: Suicide

In 2010, the stepdaughter in this case accused her biological father of molesting her. She also accused him of illegal drug use and drinking. Even though her mother knew her father didn’t abuse illegal drugs she halfway believed her daughter about the alleged sex abuse. The father left the home in April 2010. On Jan. 27, 2011, he committed suicide. One witness states that he was devastated when his daughter accused him, and he just couldn’t cope with it.

In the summer of 2011, the mother fell in love with Young. They were married, and they decided to move to Medford from Klamath Falls, Ore., in August 2012. Young’s parents needed his care due to their medical conditions. The family decided to secure a home where the Youngs could live with his parents and take care of their demanding medical needs.

As soon as they arrived in Medford, Young’s stepdaughter started causing problems and displaying all the symptoms of mental illness, according to a witness. Young and his wife quickly got her into counseling and tried desperately to help her. The entire family was very watchful and cautious with the stepdaughter because of her mental problems. Young was especially careful due to her past allegations of sex abuse against her father.

It didn’t take long for the girl to start making horrendous and unbelievable accusations against her new stepfather. While reading just a few of the accusations below, realize that the family lives in a one-level, extremely small and confined home in Medford. The allegations against Young all took place in an area about 700 square feet in size. From August until March 2012, Young, his wife and both his parents lived in the home with his stepdaughter. According to each of these people, Young was never once alone with his stepdaughter.

The living room, where Young’s parents spend a majority of their time, is in almost a direct line with the bedroom where the stepdaughter alleges Young committed all of the abuse. While taking pictures of the room, I stepped off 36 feet from inside the 12-by-18 tiny bedroom to the couch and chair in the living room where Young’s parents sit during the day and evening.

It is also important to note that Young and his wife were taking college courses on caregiving, and they were together each day studying.

False Allegations Created In A Very Troubled Mind

The stepdaughter claimed her “mother and stepfather are using meth, cocaine and prescription drugs.” Our in-depth investigation shows they have never used or sold any illegal drugs. She stated she took money from a table in the home because she didn’t want her parents to buy drugs with it. She stated that Young has committed just about every sex act imaginable with her. She stated that Young strangled her and that he strangled her 6-year-old cousin. The police went to the cousin’s school and questioned him. He stated that he had never been strangled and that there were no problems in the home.

The stepdaughter accused her older sister and her husband of drug abuse. She accused the family of constant fighting in the small home; and she made at least another 50 allegations against Young and others, some of which we will get into at a later date if necessary. Again, all of these allegations supposedly took place in a 700-square-foot area with four adults (three of whom are devout Mormons) over a period of seven months and with an additional adult and one other child for one of the months included in the indictment. And, get this, we have uncovered absolute proof that this stepdaughter is now claiming that Sandler and Albiar have lied about her saying certain things about her family. She has stated that she never told them some of the severe accusations that they have in their official reports.

Sandler and Albiar should be completely ashamed of themselves, yet they can’t have any shame if they were able to manufacture such lunacy and get a Jackson County deputy district attorney to buy their hoax.

I’ll assume for the time being that Smith-Norton hasn’t had a chance to take a close look at this case due to her heavy caseload. I would ask the elected Jackson County district attorney, who I believe is ethical, to look into this factually false prosecution and put an end to it. On a more positive note, Young’s family has been able to hire renowned sex abuse attorney Rich Cohen from Clackamas, Ore., to represent him.

Once this severe abuse is stopped, someone needs to get this severely ill stepdaughter some truly professional help. Short of that, my readers can look forward to a much deeper expose in our next edition. Further, even though I haven’t named the stepdaughter and her mother in this article, I’m sure some people will recognize who I’m writing about. I would ask that they contact me if they have any information at 541-474-7885. Knowlton’s husband, Douglass Knowlton, of Medford is one such person.

We are informed the Knowltons are currently separated.

–Edward Snook

Personal Liberty

Edward Snook

has been the publisher of the US~Observer newspaper for over 20 years, however his efforts to vindicate innocent people began over 25 years ago. He has also been a successful investigator, dog trainer and entrepreneur.

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  • WiSe GuY

    They pull the same crap about domestic violence.

  • rem1940

    This is the results of our justice system being skewed to the prosecution side. The only way to balance the field is to allow an acquitted to recover the cost of defending themselves plus punitive damages because many time one needs to move and start their lives over . This is what we get with a police state. Common Law does not allow this kind of abuse.