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Fallout Predictable Over SCOTUS’ Voter Rights Act Ruling

June 25, 2013 by  

Tuesday’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Shelby V. Holder case struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965.

The Internet went nuts, with ignorant Twitter users firing off lamentations about the end of voting equality in America. President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder gave them great fodder. Here’s Obama:

I am deeply disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision today… Today’s decision invalidating one of its core provisions upsets decades of well-established practices that help make sure voting is fair, especially in places where voting discrimination has been historically prevalent.

Like Chicago?

Here’s Holder:

Let me be very clear: we will not hesitate to take swift enforcement action – using every legal tool that remains available to us – against any jurisdiction that seeks to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s ruling by hindering eligible citizens’ full and free exercise of the franchise…

…As the President has made clear, Congress needs to act to make sure every American has equal access to the polls.

Here’s Nancy Pelosi:

This decision weakens the cause of voting rights in our time, disregards the challenges of discrimination still facing our country, and undermines our nation’s ongoing effort to protect the promise of equality in our laws.

Not quite. The court simply ruled that Section 4 of the VRA has outlived whatever usefulness it had four decades ago in subjecting States with a demonstrated history of racial discrimination to Federal oversight in the drawing of Congressional voting districts.

In effect, the court said, “The law worked. States more or less discriminate at about the same rate now when they draw their maps. Let the VRA States draw their maps the same way the rest of the Nation does — without having to beseech the Federal government for approval.”

Chief Justice John Roberts noted the culturally inculcated belief that the Deep South is a hotbed of institutional racism isn’t recognizable in an examination of the facts of the post-civil rights era.

“If Congress had started from scratch in 2006, it plainly could not have enacted the present coverage formula. It would have been irrational for Congress to distinguish between states in such a fundamental way based on 40-year-old data, when today’s statistics tell an entirely different story.”

The Court didn’t strike down the entire VRA, and racial discrimination against would-be voters remains as illegal as before. Racist liberal politicians know this, but are all too happy to trot out the race card once again in their ongoing, condescending effort to hypnotize minorities into voting blue.

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Ron r

    No Ben it’s like Texas a state that would send over 67,000 minority voters the same polling place and only 6,000 or so other non minority voters to another polling place. I assume that if you are minority you can wait in long lines , all others need not wait. Yes Ben , people have died for those rights. The progress was made and maintained because of the law. It may be time to rise up and lock and load , or is that treasonist???

    • Don miller

      I’m with you Ron it is time to lock and load seems the only thing these crooks will listen to all of us out there who aren’t afraid need to take matters in hand just like our founders did and take this country back and before election or we’re sunk if our founders had waited as long as we the people have waited we would all be British nationals right now instead of so called free Americans either we lock and load or we take the money away we put this country on hold strike till they listen do people’s jobs mean that much that they are willing to watch their freedoms and liberties disappear for a fricken job last chance America wake up or wake up dead or enslaved we should be working on living not living to work

      • Tommy cunningham

        Well I’m waiting for u Ron and don, bring it on u spineless liberals! The case ruling was about Jerry mandering where democrats drew outrageously wierd voting districts to get more liberal votes in a certain district to overide other votes, issue had nothing to do with skin color in this case. So u two go right ahead and lock and load, served 8 years in 82nd and will be more than happy to stop u if needed!

      • Tommy cunningham

        I’m all about preserving the constitutionally limited republic our fore fathers passed to us, preserving liberty and returning the power to “we the people” has nothing to do with color of skin! Allowing states to draw own districts is a step in right direction. Only a fool would think racism is as wide spread today as it was in democratic held Deep South years ago, the liberals cry race just to drive a wedge between the people so they won’t concentrate on the real problem, a goverment that is corrupt with power and builds it very foundation of power on the destruction of individual liberty!

      • Ron r

        No tommy racism is deeply rooted in the far right wing. As for spineless liberals versus idiot fascist like your self. You must remember that had it not been for those do called spineless liberals Vietnam my have lasted another 4 or 5 years thus putting your heros like Chenney,and Limbaugh at risk if being drafted . Right wingers like yourself and others like the author are never willing to risk going to jail except when protesting taxes or Obamas birth records. I mentioned lock and load only because all the second amendment scholars like to talk about taking up arms for conspiracies , yet when there is a real issue up front and one people have died for you try to justify non action by name calling and right out stupidity.

      • Ron r

        Tommy talks about Jerry mandering a tactic that kept republicans in the house and senate this go round.

    • Tommy cunningham

      Ron u do realize Lincoln was a republican!?! You do realize civil right acts was held up and filibustered by democrates?!? You do realize that Jim Crow laws was in place in the deep entrenched democrates held south?!?! Read your history book……republican party didn’t gain a foothold in south till after civil rights act cause blacks couldn’t vote in south, read up …..

      • Tommy cunningham

        There is no issue Ron , only idiots like you make a non race issue into one, cause u have no real argument!

      • Tommy cunningham

        The whole reason for it being in court now was because of the process called gerrymandering , look it up!! Has nothing to so with skin color, was a system that was used to give a political party a distinct advantage by drawing up voting districts to do so. Which is why this ended up in court and it was changed/stopped as it should have been. Has nothing to do with color of skin Ron !!!!

      • Ron r

        Tommy ,you do realize that every republican did not vote to pass the civil rights act you do realize that both Strom Thurman and Ronald Reagan were democrats at one time. You do realize that the republican along with Goldwater ensured the Republican Party would no longer be the party of Linchon after the civil rights act was passed. You do realize that the Republican Party is made of mostly of one race and is no longer inclusive? You do realize that MLK Sr.was a republican until he voted for Kennedy???? You do realize that you have to look no further than Linsey Grham, Ted Cruz, the you lie idiot to see the party of Linchlon long ago turned their backs minorities . Lee Atwater proved your history,the Republican Party did not gain a foothold in the south until Gokdwater and his extremism in the name of patriotism is no vice. Read your history the republican capitalized on the southern Dixiecrats that did not agree with the civil rights act. The fact is that the Democratic Party was the party of Jim Crow and every other crow, but the Republican Party has long ago picked up that mantel. Read your history,in fact read some of the post by so called conservatives on this site.
        Both Michael Steel ,and Clarence Thomas would cry foul.

      • Ron r

        Two last things. I would assume that you think the Republican Party is still the same or 1964 party. Second if you think racism no longer exist then you are only reading your and my post , because even the authors race bait and use code. Obama king of crack. What minority reading post and articles on this page would not think racism ??? Like I said before the masses will take to the streets once again if need be. There will not be just talk like republicans (far right /reich) do. Now since the republicans are so great on race lets see if they will do as the courts said and re do the formula for section 4. So far only one has even hinted at that .

    • Tommy cunningham

      Ron, Republican Party never took up Jim Crow laws as their mantel after civil rights passed!?? What history are u reading, democrates changed there tactics to vote for me we’ll give u a handout, which worked, now every American thinks their entitled to have money taken from one citizen and given to another all as a bribe for a vote. Which is unconstitutional, sight in the constitution where goverment can take the burden of debt from one citizen and place it upon another because if choices one made or financial statu, iI call that slavery. As far as MLK, when he came to civil rights was a great man, however his political views was socialist if took the time to read history on him. As far as me being a fascist , the term fascist is a political lean where gov and coronations are tied together, I’m also not a republican, I’m a libertarian! I believe that there should only be one set of laws for ALL, regardless if corporation, sex, skin color, or financial status. Don’t believe in special laws from one group to another, I believe in true equality, one set of laws for all, one tax rate for all and no special favors or laws for any as it is suppose to be! A person should succeed or fail on their own merits, they should learn from their own mistakes and bear the consequences for bad decisions and take responsability by themselfs. There is no perfect system, however liberty is by far the best system, under it more people have bettered themselfs! Utopia does not nor will ever exist as men are not perfect and human nature will never change. Our founders new this, just because economic or social conditions change does not mean the Constitution is obsolete, the true genius in the constitution is that it was designed to control something that will never change ” human nature”! Goverment like fire is a dangerous servant and a fearful master, this it needs limited in what it can do for or to the people! Some people think we live in a democracy, when in fact it is a totally different form of goverment than we have A Republic limited by a Constiution. The few times true democracy has been tried it has always ended in tryranny or “mob rule” Franklin described it as 3 wolfs and a lamb voting on lunch, a Republic is 3 wolfs and a lamb voting on lunch, except the lamb is well armed and the wolfs are limited in what they can do. So don’t preach to me Ron as your argument is lame and pointless, your either for true equality or equality doled out as you see fit!! GOd bless America

      • Tommy cunningham

        Further more Ron, the case regarding districts being drawn by the states rather than political party in charge of congress at time, was in regards to gerrymandering , race was not a issue nor factor in Scotus Decision, but some people will all was try and use race as a issue because they can’t grasp the true reason and provide a valid argument as why the political party in charge should be allowed to draw lines to give them a distinct advantage, I’m sure Pelosi and dems was thinking of race when doing so, my guess they were thinking if gaining power or staying in power at time, I’m also sure replications did the same, so it should be turned over to the States, go look at some of the oddball districts drawn up by those IN POWER, that is why Scotus ruled the way thru did. Race WAS MOT THE ISDUE!!!!!!

      • Ron r

        Race is always the issue when it comes to voting and districts, how the heck so you think the same republican idiots remain in congress . When you go from 84 to 12polling places with one serving over 67,000 and one serving just over 6,000 the highest being the minority polling place ,you tell me what’s up.
        It matters not what party you are in there are racist in all. What makes you party any different besides the fact that people like Glenn Beck flock to it. As for MLK being a socialist the last I read he was not a member of that party nor does believing in programs to help the poor male him one. I assume you think idiots like Ran Paul are more main stream. Yes the Republican Party is the party of old white men who long for an America that looks like them and your party longs for an isolationist country with states governments that would roll back the 14th amendment. I agree the democracts were once the party you say they were. Key word were. The party changed when people like Reagan left for the GOP.

      • Ron r

        Tommy your argument is even lamer . And god has nothing to do with this subject. If he or she did there would have been no slavery . This is all man made. And you can continue to move on with blinders on. BTW Abraham Linchlon did not shoot John Wilkes Booth and the civil war was not about states rights no more than voter surpression is related to voter ID.

      • Tommy cunningham

        Ron, race is not a issue when it comes to voting or districts, well maybe it is in the democrates party or amount liberals as I keep bringing up race as a issue, judge a man by his character not the color of his skin. I don’t care what the color of a mans skin is, however you seemed obsessed by it, and te claim that we wanna roll back the 14th admendment !??! The only person making a issue about race is you, so it would assume your the racist as you base your decisions on race and how things should be done. I base mine on equality for all, without race as a factor. Think I’m done debating you, your obsessed with race, me, I don’t care what race a person is.

      • Ron r

        You are not concerned with history either, nor the fact that gerrymandering. Was a d is what keeps the republicans in congress. I think it was you who first mentioned or implied race when talking of the VRA. Never thought we were debating,seemed like you like most on the right/reich assumed that your lies become the truth it repeted enough.

  • Tom T

    The law was put into place to protect blacks from the behavior of the Democratic Party. When they figured out the black community could be bought the started the welfare state and went after their own voting practices since at the time most blacks, when not prevented from voting by democrats, voted republican until LBJ changed his position on civil rights. When it originally came about in the mid fifties under Eisenhower, LBJ was the majority leader of the senate and was personally responsible for killing the legislation. He only signed because congress had the votes to override his veto. When he did sign the bill he was quoted as saying, “this will keep N’s voting democrat for the next 200 years”. Sadly he was right.

    • Ron r

      The law was put into place to protect blacks from both parties,or did you forget that Barry Goldwater voted against both it and the MLK holiday along with Strom Thurman who raped his black maid while a teen. Blacks know the history of both parties and what the Democratic Party of the south stood for years ago the Republican Party proudly stands for now. BTW another staunch democract who went on to become a republican stalwart was none other than Ronald Reagan. The same Reagan who campaigned on the imaginary welfare queen. This b/s about welfare state and black people is somewhat or vastly overblown considering that there have always been more whites on welfare and food stamps than blacks.
      But this was another Reagan .Lee Atwater myth that like everything else ,Obama birth,AHCA,Kenyan seems to become truth in right wing circles. The VRA was needed then and is needed now. All one has to do is browse this site see why.


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