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Faking The News

August 29, 2012 by  

Faking The News
Jeff Daniels plays anchor Will McAvoy.

On the day Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, one peculiarly left-leaning outlet literally devoted its entire broadcast day to shamelessly cheerleading Obama’s transparently empty promises of “hope and change.” The fact that Obama’s campaign slogan was lifted from the Eddie Murphy movie “The Distinguished Gentleman” missed the irony-proof liberals manning the wheel at this outlet; they were too busy shamelessly promoting the man while he doubtless planned which part of the oath of office he intended to abrogate first. Which outlet? The obvious guess is the Democrat Channel (aka MSNBC) but those tinfoil-hat brigadiers were simply outdone in creepily fawning over the community organizer from the front pew at Jeremiah Wright’s “church.”

In this instance, it wasn’t TV; it was HBO. Ignoring their subscribers, HBO presented “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial.” It was hardly the first time HBO, which once aired “Hacking Democracy” (a film based on the entirely discredited Democrat claims of vote rigging in Ohio in 2004), turned its programming into applause for the leftist cause du jour. Indeed, although not a basic cable channel, HBO has devolved from a good spot to see feature films from the comfort of the couch to another mouthpiece for the misogyny, racism and hypocrisy that have turned liberalism into one of the more pressing threats to freedom in existence.

Among the lowlights shining on the channel: multimillionaire misogynist and Obama donor Bill Maher. But Maher has fellow travelers on the road to ruin. Ex-(probably) crackhead Aaron Sorkin, the man who brought you the occasionally brilliant “The West Wing” and the routinely horrendous “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” fills up an hour of HBO’s airtime each week with a show entitled “The Newsroom.”

Purportedly a show about the inner workings of a major cable news outlet and an anchor who struggles with a career built on merely reporting the news and his internal desire to excoriate everyone who doesn’t share his contempt for himself and his country, “The Newsroom” is a docudrama about the corporate media of today. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, but the Will McAvoy character is a clear metaphor for the post-Cronkite crowd. He’s also a barely disguised doppelganger for his creator, Sorkin. However, sitting through an episode of “The Newsroom” made me realize two things:

  1. Aaron Sorkin’s writing style has not changed one bit since “Sports Night.” Enormously self-important people of varying degrees of juvenile snarkiness wander through one another’s space making greeting-card observations about life, love and why conservatives suck.
  2. That cocaine must be one hell of a drug. I can’t imagine anything else out there that could account for the sort of madness that produces garbage like “The Newsroom.”

Imagine going through life so consumed by self-hatred that your job involves repackaging the same liberal shlock for more than a decade. No wonder Sorkin has trouble with the nose candy. Furthermore, imagine being so bereft of intellect and/or awareness that you’re the poor sap for whom Sorkin is regurgitating said shlock. Now imagine hearing Sorkin’s alter ego McAvoy’s raging blather and actually nodding your head in agreement with such ludicrous leftist babble. I do believe HBO’s cavalcade of crazy would say: “F*** your life.”

During last Sunday’s episode, McEvoy/Sorkin — already infamous for the charming anti-American rant featured in the pre-run trailers for “The Newsroom” — throws caution to the wind and unleashes a stream of venom that read like it had been lifted straight out of the minutes for the next meeting:

Ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by new information, a hostile fear of progress, a demonization of education, a need to control women’s bodies, severe xenophobia, tribal mentality, intolerance of dissent and a pathological hatred of the U.S. government. They can call themselves the Tea Party. They can call themselves conservatives. And they can even call themselves Republicans, though Republicans certainly shouldn’t. But we should call them what they are. The American Taliban.

That, my friends, is as close to a modern American Liberal Manifesto as we’ll ever need: false, rude and sized just right to fit into the onscreen menu. Of course, it’s absolute garbage. But asking a TV writer to keep it honest is like asking Al Sharpton to ease up on the Soul Glo. Well, I suppose it’s nice to see ol’ Aaron managed to get off the pipe — presuming he did.

I have neither the time nor the space to deconstruct Sorkin’s whinnying in toto. But a few of the bullet points are certainly worth refutation. Sorkin claims the Tea Party is marked by a “demonization of education.” Under Sorkin’s Democratic Fuehrers, “education” has become a bureaucratic monstrosity, overrun with union thugs and incapable of feats of academic legerdemain beyond almost teaching fifth-graders how to put on condoms. I’m dreadfully sorry we conservatives didn’t list Mother Jones on our syllabus, Aaron. We were busy hoping the next generation might learn rudimentary math, so they can wait tables in the kind of high-end restaurants where people like you sit around posing for photographs.

As for controlling “womens’ bodies,” I’m sure glad the left is on that case. After all, what better way to keep conservatives from opposing the inhuman practice of abortion than by putting the Federal government in charge of everyone’s healthcare? To be completely honest, if you want someone to vacuum your child out of you, then be my guest. You’re welcome to settle up with the Almighty on your own time. Oops! That would be His time. My guess tends toward thinking His response might be somewhat less convenient than the abortion.

And I’m not denying any proven science of which I’m currently aware. Granted, I’m not up to speed on whether dark matter is indeed the cohesive force holding the universe together; but I’m not sure that theory is set in stone just yet. I suppose the denying science remark might be a reference to my recognition of so-called “global warming” as the phrenology of the modern age. Pardon me; it’s not “global warming” any more. It’s “global cooling.” I beg your pardon further; “global cooling” is what the pseudo-science snake-oil salesmen called it before actual data revealed them to be wrong. Now that the “warmists” are actually fudging their own data (see also: academic fraud) to keep their show onstage, it’s “climate change.” I call it “weather.”

Given that the liberals have redefined racism as “any thought, word or deed by a white person who disagrees with us,” it’s an impossible charge for them to resist levying. To be fair, there will indubitably be one or two at any large gathering of people, much less conservative people. But there are tens of thousands of conservatives and their less-adamant brethren in Tampa, Fla., right now, and it’s a fair bet that there are more racists in the MSNBC broadcast booth. The Democratic Party did everything but bring the rope to Florida to string up George Zimmerman — with what amounted to a Presidential endorsement — and those Tea Party bastards are bigots? I’ll try to keep that in mind the next time I see members of a Democratic-aligned hate group like Common Cause demand the lynching of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Lest you think I buried the lede: “American Taliban.” Really, Aaron? You name a terrorist group that openly advocates for a future just this side of the extermination of the species, and you draw a moral equivalence between them and a bunch of middle-class folks who dislike watching their earnings going to fund Planned Parenthood’s “maternity counseling” or the first lady’s shopping trips? I apologize for shaking you liberals out of your blissful reverie, but standing up to the Democrats’ openly touted war on freedom is hardly the sort of thing that earns merit badges in Pakistan’s Waziristan region. But blowing up bridges in Cleveland might work. Oh, right. They were your guys.

It’s worth noting that even some of the corporate media types who share Sorkin’s twisted and hateful view of the world can still see “The Newsroom” for what it is: hackneyed leftist garbage. Critics from The New York Times, Huffington Post and even TIME Magazine have all decried the show’s sanctimonious sermonizing. My favorite reaction belongs to ABC News’ Jake Tapper: “McAvoy—and, by extension, Sorkin… extol the Fourth Estate’s democratic duty, but they believe that responsibility consists mostly of criticizing Republicans.”

I won’t encourage you to watch an episode of “The Newsroom.” I won’t discourage you from doing so, either. Should you choose to endure it, remember that what you’re seeing — including the excerpt above — is a televised version of the way the Democrats see you and everyone else who defies their way of thinking. And that’s the good news: If this is the best their best have to offer, they’re eventually going to be cancelled; and I don’t just mean their sad little TV programs.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • cawmun cents

    BHO,HBO,HOBO……they are all the same…..vagabonds…..FROWARD,to and fro.
    They go where they need to be at any given time……they are who they need to be at any given time.
    That is why they are called actors,or in ancient times they were known as”hypocrites”.
    And America loves its hypocrites.
    Its alot like continually watching Jerry Springer,which has only survived axing from producers,because legions of people get on the show and shout,”Jerry”over and over chanting it as if it were a religious mantra.Keep in mind that these are young adults who populate the audience of the show.If you handed out signs that spelled FROWARD to them,they would likely chant Obama many times as well.
    There is no scope of reality,as they have been spoon fed their reality by Hollywood producers,and led to believe that it is actual reality and not actors getting paid to act out parts in a show.
    Its called.”Reality TV”.
    I have actually had young people tell me that they believe it is actual reality.
    They can and will believe what their handlers tell them to believe.
    They are set up to be victimized,by those in charge of actual reality.
    They actually prefer acting to reality.
    It is as if there is a cartoon world of fantasy that suits them better so they opt to go for that instead of what is really occuring.
    The sad truth is that there is no truth.the reality is that there is no reality.Therefore any and everything can and will happen but it is okay because there is no truth to reality.
    And some of the young folks who think thusly,will be voting about their,and your future America.
    How is that for IRONY.
    BHO,HBO,HOBO……they are all the same.

    • Robert Smith

      “They can and will believe what their handlers tell them to believe.”

      Go Rush Limbaugh!

      They even call themselves “Dittoheads.”

      If he wants you to have an opinion he’ll give it to you.


      • Tom T

        You haven’t a clue about what that term “ditto head”. As someone who has obviously not listened to Rush’s program. It is a term of agreement not a pledge to accept non existant “marching orders”. Try listening for a week and you will realize all you have been told by others to think about the guy is a lie at best.

        • Jeff

          I know what the term means in Rushese. That doesn’t define its meaning to the more civilized parts of the society.

      • George P.

        put this in the wrong place:

        I side with conservatives on most Issues, but Rush… His egomaniacal hubris does more to hurt the conservative cause than help it. If you want to see WHAT he really is turn off the sound sometime and just watch his body language.

        Conservative issues must be presented in clear, rational, cerebral terms. Spittle and screaming just turns off people that might find the conservative message appealing.

        US Constitution – yes! American values – yes! Rush – spare us all. He is the Al Sharpten of the right.

    • Vigilant

      “…an anchor who struggles with a career built on merely reporting the news and his internal desire to excoriate everyone who doesn’t share his contempt for himself and his country?“

      “Hackneyed leftist garbage?”

      Ben, you’ve done it now! As recently as August 6th, Bob Livingston posted a video clip from that same series and called it “The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER…”

      In that clip, Will McAvoy vociferously challenges the notion that America is the greatest nation on earth, citing a number of unqualified statistics to “prove” his point (oddly, he left out our world ranking as to numbers of abortions performed).

      Now I threw a wrench in the gears as “first responder,” asking the question, if America is not the greatest nation on earth, then which one is? I challenged everyone, including the PLD staff, to answer that simple question.

      The whole article got only 39 responses (as of this writing), only two people had the guts to answer the question, with Bob Livingston and PLD staff remaining totally silent.

      Mr. Crystal, I like your take on the series…but I don’t believe Mr. Livingston agrees in toto with your assessment.

      • texastwin827

        Vigilant…As recently as August 6th, Bob Livingston posted a video clip from that same series and called it “The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER

        Please note that Bob qualified his statement, when he said “the most honest three and a half minutes of television, ever” No where does he claim the rest of the show (1 hr long w/commercials) is good or honest. And, if we are truly honest, we have to admit, the character made a good point….one only has to compare generations of about 3-4 earlier decades to today’s to see that we are sorely lacking in many aspects, including education and jobs in spite of the fact that, on an average, American’s work longer hours and more days than our European counterparts.

        I’ve watched each week (because I like Jeff Daniels) and there are both subtle and blatant Liberal parts to the show.

        The first show, which included the comments about America not being the greatest, had one subtle “liberal” inclination. A pic on the credenza behind Daniel’s desk, that appears to be him and the current President.

        Show 2 had Margaret/Maggie (who no one in my family can stand…) going on and on about how the “poor ‘immigrants’” were treated (i.e. illegal immigrants). Mac is also a irritating character…can’t imagine having to work for an executive who is so hair-brained

        Show 3 was a Tea Party bash-fest

        Show 4 of course was all about the BP offshore rig explosion.

        Show 5 was about the mock “debate” and how it should be run, instead of how it is run. Have to admit, I did agree somewhat with that approach, however, it should be conducted that way for BOTH parties, not just one (the conservatives, of course)

      • Vigilant

        texastwin827, your point is well taken.

        My disappointment in so much that I see on this website is rooted in the fact that not just optimism, but realism, is in such short supply so often.

        Understanding that Libertarianism is an odd mix of both liberal and conservative principles, it seems that the liberal penchant for blaming America first too often comes to the surface here.

        Also understanding that Libertarianism is rich with the sentiment that government deserves scrutiny at all times, the sentiment too regularly morphs into a paranoic, conspiracy theorizing, government-hating screed that throws the baby out with the bath water.

        A perfect example is the sporadic publicizing of the execrable Lincoln-hating works of Thomas DiLorenzo. You’d think from the articles and posters’ comments here that Lincoln was the Devil incarnate, a tyrant whose only motivation was to accrue power over the people. A responsible and objective investigation of history shows that he was neither demon nor saint. But don’t even try to advance such heresy to the true believers, most of whom are neoconfederates who never got over the fact that the South lost the war.

        • Tucci78

          @Vigilant: “… the sporadic publicizing of the execrable Lincoln-hating works of Thomas DiLorenzo. You’d think from the articles and posters’ comments here that Lincoln was the Devil incarnate, a tyrant whose only motivation was to accrue power over the people.”

          Oh, it’s not just Dr. DiLorenzo who’s undertaken the scholarly appreciation of St. Abraham as “The American Lenin,” but any number of honest researchers who’ve undertaken – in defiance of the Lincoln Cult – to expose the real Abraham Lincoln to proper scrutiny.

          All you have to do is look at Abraham Lincoln in his own words, or consider “The Republican Charade: Lincoln and His Party.”

          The fact that Vigilant‘s blindly less-than-vigilant worship of Father Abraham is discomfited by scrupulously accurate appraisal of that railroad lawyer’s real sentiments, policies, and actions is proof of the pure rottenness of critters like Vigilant.

          Hell, no wonder these cement-heads lie to everybody else. They’ve spent a lifetime lying to themselves.

          Lincoln brought secret police to America, along with the traditional midnight “knock on the door”, illegally suspending the Bill of Rights and, like the Latin America dictators he anticipated, “disappearing” thousands in the north whose only crime was that they disagreed with him. To finance his crimes against humanity, Lincoln allowed the printing of worthless paper money in unprecedented volumes, ultimately plunging America into a long, grim depression – in the south, it lasted half a century – he didn’t have to live through, himself.

          In the end, Lincoln didn’t unite this country – that can’t be done by force – he divided it along lines of an unspeakably ugly hatred and resentment that continue to exist almost a century and a half after they were drawn. If Lincoln could have been put on trial in Nuremburg for war crimes, he’d have received the same sentence as the highest-ranking Nazis.

          If libertarians ran things, they’d melt all the Lincoln pennies, shred all the Lincoln fives, take a wrecking ball to the Lincoln Memorial, and consider erecting monuments to John Wilkes Booth. Libertarians know Lincoln as the worst President America has ever had to suffer, with Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson running a distant second, third, and fourth.

          Conservatives, on the other hand, adore Lincoln, publicly admire his methods, and revere him as the best President America ever had. One wonders: is this because they’d like to do, all over again, all of the things Lincoln did to the American people? Judging from their taste for executions as a substitute for individual self-defense, their penchant for putting people behind bars – more than any other country in the world, per capita, no matter how poorly it works to reduce crime – and the bitter distaste they display for Constitutional “technicalities” like the exclusionary rule, which are all that keep America from becoming the world’s largest banana republic, one is well-justified in wondering.

          [L. Neil Smith, "The American Lenin"]

      • Vigilant

        Apparently, when I said, “A responsible and objective investigation of history shows that he was neither demon nor saint,” that makes me a “worshipper” of Lincoln. Go figure.

        Such is the blindness of the Lincoln-haters. My way or the highway, and as most true believers, accept everything at face value without investigation that supports your point, and disregard the volumes of contradictory evidence.

        No sir, I am the objective one and you are the bigot.

        • Jeff

          One would think (hope?) that a figure like Lincoln would be far enough in the rear-view mirror that any analysis of him could remain dispassionate, even scholarly. Apparently, this form of communication has so debased people’s ability to communicate sensibly that no post is complete without diatribes. Lincoln was a complex figure whose thinking clearly evolved over the last few years of his life. Citing something he may have said in 1859 is hardly relevant to what decisions he might have made in his 2nd term. While Lincoln’s views on racial harmony certainly would seem outdated, even monstrous, to modern people, in 1865, he was one of the more progressive thinkers on the subject.

          • Tucci78

            Jeff laments: “One would think (hope?) that a figure like Lincoln would be far enough in the rear-view mirror that any analysis of him could remain dispassionate, even scholarly.”

            The emotional load with which the Lincoln myth comes to current attention is so thoroughly colored with elaborate lies on the part of his worshipers that any honest attempt at scholarship has always kindled vicious backlash on the part of those duplicitous bastids invested – emotionally as well as politically and occupationally – in the preservation of this pile of stinking propaganda.

            The War to Enforce the Morrill Tariffs was a period of catastrophic upheaval not only in the theaters of operations where Abraham Lincoln and his military subordinates perpetrated unmitigated atrocities against noncombatant civilians, but also throughout the northern states, as any dispassionate study of contemporary publications and other primary sources will readily demonstrate.

            Lincoln was feared and hated throughout the north, and with ample reason. The mid-term elections of 1862 (for example) were a disaster for the Republican Party, and had it not been for military reverses suffered by the Confederacy – notably the fall of Atlanta in September 1864 – McClellan’s candidacy that November might well have resulted in Lincoln’s overthrow and a peaceful resolution to the War of Secession.

            You think our Illegal-Alien-in-Chief has low approval ratings right now? Lincoln’s percentage of the popular vote in 1860 was lower than that attained by any single losing mainstream presidential candidate in any subsequent presidential election, and “There was no time between January of 1864 and September 3 of the same year when McClellan would not have defeated Lincoln for President.” [A.K. McClure]

            So why do “Liberal” fascists and Republicans alike defend the Lincoln Myth with rabid frothing fervor if it’s arguably “far enough in the rear-view mirror that any analysis of him could remain dispassionate”?

            Well, to quote Prof. DiLorenzo (whom, remember, Vigilant brought in here out of the blue to whine about):

            “The Lincoln Myth is one of the ideological cornerstones of the centralized state, which is why these and other fables, myths, and fake Lincoln quotes will continue to be repeated.”

            Continues Jeff: “Apparently, this form of communication has so debased people’s ability to communicate sensibly that no post is complete without diatribes. Lincoln was a complex figure whose thinking clearly evolved over the last few years of his life. Citing something he may have said in 1859 is hardly relevant to what decisions he might have made in his 2nd term. While Lincoln’s views on racial harmony certainly would seem outdated, even monstrous, to modern people, in 1865, he was one of the more progressive thinkers on the subject.”

            Sorry, but that’s simply not so. Consider “Why the Republican Party Elected Lincoln” (October 1, 2003), in which it is supportedly observed that:

            The financial powers behind the Republican Party in 1860 were the Northern railroad barons, Northern manufacturers who wanted protectionist tariffs to protect them from competition, and Northern bankers and investors like Jay Cooke who wanted to use their political connections to make a killing financing a transcontinental railroad (among other schemes, such as central banking). They decided at the Chicago Republican National Convention of 1860 that Abraham Lincoln was the perfect political front man for their corrupt, mercantilist agenda.

            From the time he entered politics in 1832, Abraham Lincoln aspired to such a position. That is why he became a Whig, the party of the moneyed elite. Lincoln was one of the most money- and power-hungry politicians in American history. (Indeed, this would seem to be a prerequisite for anyone who is capable of being elected president).

            A clear-eyed examination of Lincoln throughout his political career shows that up to the moment he bought a bullet in Ford Theater, his priorities, advocacies, schemes, practices, orders and intentions were precisely what they’d always been, tempered only superficially by his perceptions of political expediencies.

            The efforts of those “gulled, cullied, and diddled” by the Lincoln cult to wish away the feculent invidiousness of “the American Lenin” would be pitiful if they weren’t so damagingly supportive of a monstrous and deadly lie.

            Yeah, sure he “was one of the more progressive thinkers on the subject” of the totalitarian state.

            Just as “progressive” as is Stanley Ann Dunham’s red diaper baby, our present “Liberal” fascist Fraudulence-in-Chief.

          • Jeff

            For a moment I thought you might have something reasonably intelligent to say about Lincoln. But then you gave yourself away with the “illegal alien in chief” line. You’re just a nut!

        • Tucci78

          Vigilant whines: “…Apparently, when I said, ‘A responsible and objective investigation of history shows that he was neither demon nor saint,’ that makes me a ‘worshipper’ of Lincoln.”

          Yeah, pretty much precisely. It makes you yet another clown who refuses to regard the great icon of tyranny whose career is frenetically exalted by Red Faction politicians, government-sucking academics, and the “Liberal” fascists as the template upon which to model the totalitarian state.

          Vigilant keeps right on digging himself into that cesspit: “Such is the blindness of the Lincoln-haters. My way or the highway, and as most true believers, accept everything at face value without investigation that supports your point, and disregard the volumes of contradictory evidence.

          “No sir, I am the objective one and you are the bigot.”

          Don’tcha just wish, ignoramus? I’m the diagnostician dissecting the corpse of “a good Clay Whig” to elucidate his malignancy with cold clinical detachment, and you’re the religious idiot trying to deny the stench of putrefaction wafting from the rotting cadaver you insist upon keeping in a place of honor on the table in the dining room.

          Half-measure temporizations and deceit-with-intent-to-excuse the murderous malfeasances of Mary Todd’s socially climbing money-hungry racist railroad lawyer husband aren’t enough. It’s duly noted that Vigilantafter ringing in his unsolicited gratuitous rant about Professor DiLorenzo – evades any address whatsoever of the supported argument for aggressively debunking the Lincoln cult confabulated immediately after his assassination, and henceforth concertedly leveraged as a propaganda vehicle to excuse both the war crimes of his Administration and the other predatory excesses perpetrated by the Red Faction in the succeeding decades.

          …the Republican Party, with the aid of the Northern Yankee or neo-Puritan clergy, created out of thin air the myth of the “sainted” and “beloved” Abraham Lincoln. In order to understand why the role of the neo-Puritan, New England clergy was so important, one must understand that it was their neo-Puritanical religious fanaticism that fueled the war-making ideology of the North during the war. In his essay, “America’s Two Just Wars: 1775 and 1861,” Murray Rothbard accurately described it as “a fanatical and emotional neo-Puritanism driven by a fervent ‘postmillenialism’ which held that, as a precondition for the Second Advent of Jesus Christ, man must set up a thousand-year Kingdom of God on Earth.” Moreover, this “kingdom” is “to be a perfect society . . . free of sin,” especially slavery, alcohol, and Catholicism.

          [Thomas DiLorenzo, "How the Lincoln Myth Was Hatched," July 22, 2010]

      • Vigilant

        “Conservatives, on the other hand, adore Lincoln, publicly admire his methods, and revere him as the best President America ever had.”

        Now, here’s a perfect example of utter ignorance and lack of logic. I’ve heard countless times from Libertarians on this site that the LIBERALS are worshippers of Lincoln.

  • Robert Smith

    “Ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by new information, a hostile fear of progress, a demonization of education, a need to control women’s bodies, severe xenophobia, tribal mentality, intolerance of dissent and a pathological hatred of the U.S. government. They can call themselves the Tea Party. They can call themselves conservatives. And they can even call themselves Republicans, though Republicans certainly shouldn’t. But we should call them what they are. The American Taliban. ”

    What is inaccurate about ANY of the above?

    Please be specific and don’t simply regurgitate your disagreement with being called such.

    Pick one: Denying science… Oops, there’s that creationism.

    Pick another. Controlling woemn’s bodies… Oops, there’s that anti-abortion thing.

    Plck one more. Demonizing education… Oops there are too many incidents of crapping on the public education system on these forums to count them all in any reasonable amount of time.

    Let’s try another. Hatred of the U.S. givernment… Oops, is there any part of goverment the right likes anymore? They can’t even support the military because they allow gays now.


    • Warrior

      Comrade, do you regularly change the photo at your altar or does a progressive just leave msnbc on all day?

    • mt

      You are lost. However, hope isn’t gone until you are dead. It’s spelled women and many are proud to see them murder their babies. I’ve seen the hurt of some who have killed their child. Perhaps, being a man, it doesn’t bother you to see the seed you have sown
      destroyed. After all responsibility isn’t fun.

    • Flashy

      Robert…your post beat me to it. Such was the most accurate description of the TP membership as I have found. Fear, hate, ignorance, extremism, and then denial of any blame for what is wrought by their ilk. It’s everyone else’s fault…

      Of course, the insulting slams will be in force today as those who fit said description yell and protest as the ugly truth is tossed before them.

      • Matrix

        Flashy States;

        Robert…your post beat me to it. Such was the most accurate description of the TP membership as I have found.
        ” Fear, hate, ignorance, extremism, and then denial of any blame for what is wrought by their ilk. It’s everyone else’s fault”…

        Flashy, you seem to have quoted the perfect example of todays “African American”!

        God bless America, and the 4% of intelligent Blacks that voted against the obamanation!
        God willing, that number will grow!

    • Daniel

      You use nothing but strawman arguments Rob. What we deny about Science are nothing but disproven theories or at the very least unproven. The left uses academia as one of it’s tools, especially with the recent climate change debacle. They lie about their findings losing credit in the process, which brings me to:

      Education. Education in this country has slid downhill since the dems have taken control. Why should we continue pouring money into that trashcan?

      Controling women’s bodies? Give me a break. What you don’t see coming is once abortion is legal, the government will take control of their bodies and start to force abortions. What’s more horrible?

      And finally Democide: murder by government. 260 million give or take, that governments around the world have killed in the name of it trying to take control. Government should fear the people not the other way around. So again why should we support murderous, wasteful and uncaring governmental management?

      What a tool you are.

      • Chris Kendell

        Education was dealt its most devasting blow by GW Bush in the No Child Left Behind debacle?

      • demsagainst obama

        Chris if it is so bad why is your hero and alternate godhead obama still pushing it.

    • DaveH

      Robert says — “Let’s try another. Hatred of the U.S. givernment… Oops, is there any part of goverment the right likes anymore? They can’t even support the military because they allow gays now”.
      You’ve been here long enough to know better, Robert. The “right” loves Big Government just as much as the “left” loves Big Government. They are two sides to the same coin of Big Government that the Banker and Corporate Elitists use to feather their own nests at the expense of the other citizens.
      Oops. You’re a fool, Robert.

      • http://none Charlie

        DaveH,,, a fool calling another fool , a fool… Now, that’s real judgment , ha ha ha ha …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

      • DaveH

        Hey Charlie. I’m a fool because I don’t believe in your adult Santa?
        Do you believe in pink Elephants also? You can’t see, hear, feel, smell, or taste them either.

      • Bill

        No Dave you are a fool because you deny the living God. Psalm 14:1 “A fool hath said in his heart there is no God”

    • D.Maldonado

      Choosing creation is not denying science. There is alot of science that agrees with creation i.e. why dinosaurs are fossilized with dirt lodged in their throats, mammoths are incased in ice, and fish fossils are found on mountain tops – evidence of a worldwide flood. Science is knowledge gained by observation and experimentation. We can neither observe evolution or test it in a test tube. It’s not like math 1+1=2, it’s 0+years+more years + much more years= all the complex systems of the universe. Evolution does not = science. That is why it is still the theory of evolution. It will take many more millions of years for it to evolve into truth.
      Controlling women’s bodies? No, they just don’t want to be told that abortion is right, and “You have to pay for it!”
      Education – are you kidding me? Here’s a challenge: go to any city High School and have a conversation with any 10 students. Ask them if they can name 1. Where is the White House? 2. Who is the current Vice President? 3. Who is Adolf Hitler? 4. What is the capitol of their state? 5. Name the continents 6. What language is spoken in Great Britain?
      Personally, I believe we should close down many of the warehouses, I mean High Schools and build trade schools.
      Hatred of government? No, just don’t want to be told, “I know what’s best for you. Just work hard, and we’ll decide how your money is spent and we’ll give it to those that “can’t” (won’t)work.”

      • GALT

        I believe that should be: Who WAS Adolf Hitler?

        You may have missed this; DNA, the Language of God by Francis Collins, and you might find the following of some interest since your understanding seems to be somewhat deficient regarding what science actually IS? or what the word THEORY actually means?

        Life Ascending; Nick Lane


        Fool Me Twice: Shawn Lawrence Otto

        Modern “public education” was never about actual “education”…’s purpose, which remains the same in its effects was about homogenization and regimentation…..for the purposes of training people for the boring repetition of factory work.

        It has no relevant purpose now, although it has changed it’s mantra to promoting diversity
        which is completely contradictory, since the methods can not possibly result in that outcome……or any expectation of that outcome.

        Children are naturally curious about everything, so if left to their own devices, with a little guidance…….they can manage on their own, pursuing what interests them……and avoid the singular TRAP which “modern education” sets for them……….BOREDOM!

        WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY….and we can rebuild them……now granted, the idea that some of YOU might be in control of your child’s educational input does give one pause……
        but since I have faith in them….and because children say the darndest things, and think them…….and because their natural tendency is to question authority eventually, the process may do you both some good………since anyone who has ever attempted to teach anyone something…….also learns in the process……

        Given the cost per pupil even in the worst districts the money is clearly available to dismantle the system…….and replace it……..and this is one area where the “free market” approach would produce clear and immediate benefit………with direct economic impact for the families involved…….and an extremely creative and adaptive environment for everyone…….teacher’s ( who can actually teach ) parents and students.

        ” To conquer, first DIVIDE! ” ( and then HANG, separately! )

      • Frank

        Since I believe in the Bible, I hate to dissagree with your assertions.

        One explanation for the Wooly mamoth being found encased in ice (frozen alive aparantly) is that it fell into some form of ice trap. Not a very convincing explanation but a minute possibility.

        Finding fish fossils on a mountain in no way PROVES that there was a world wide flood. World tectonics create mountains when the plates colide pushing land at the site of collision higher. Using this scenario, it is believed that the land mass on the mountains originated at a lower altitude that put it under water.

        On the subject of evolution, you need to be more specific about your claim that we cannot observe it. By the theory of survival of the fittest, those organisms that are better suited to survive the current environmental conditions tend to produce more offspring (undenyable logic since the ones who dont survive cant reproduce). Over time this creates a genetic mutation in the base structure of the organism (the new stronger organism is different). This we can, and have, observed in the world of the virus. Many strains of disease have mutated to become resistant to antibiotics. The original virus was not resistant so this is an evolutionary mutation.

        Now I get into an area that is more controversial. Many theologians believe that the earth is somewhere around 50,000 years old. Some even claim it is much younger. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention Giant lizards (dinosaurs). So where did the fossils of Dinosaurs come from in the first place?

        Now, I am not saying that Gods miracles are not capable of creating all this and more but to say that science proves the fact of God is not reasonable. Science is, or should be, a collection of facts. How you use facts in proving a TRUTH is subjective not objective. I have given you a possible subjective truth about the interpretation of the fact that fish fossils are found on mountains. My subjective truth dissagrees with your subjective truth that they prove the great flood. Who is right, science or the Bible?

        As for science, the Bible and the great flood, assuming that the mountains present today were also present at the time of the flood; it is impossible for 40 days and nights of rain to increase the level of the ocean to cover them. You are talking about, not 5 or 10 feef of water, but 5 miles almost 10 kilometers deep. And, that is a 10 mile increase in the diameter of the ocean, billions of tons of water.

        Assuming that the flood actually happened, it was not just because of rain, it was because God brought water from beneath the land also to raise the level of the oceans.

        Science is mans way of explaining things not Gods way. Don’t look to man for answers to the how or why of Gods deeds. Can science explain how God created the Universe? Can science explain why there must be a God? The only “attempted scientific” explanation I have heard is something called Complexity theory (or something like that) which says that life on earth is so complex that it had to be designed instead of just happening. This is not scientific as it is conjecture (not provable by scientific methods).

        God is real, he shows himself in all we see, we do not need science to prove what our hearts and minds tell us is true.

        Just because I enjoy Galt’s meandering intellectual tribulations, he responded to your post claiming you dont understand science. Well, I understand science and the scientific process of proving theorums. Galt has not clue one as to what science really is (or at least he does not prove his knowledge in his posts).

    • GALT

      Poor Ben, the “has been”? ( see bio ) Ole, Saltymoss must be struggling, which might suggest that the chosen concepts of (concept tv ) might not be making the grade, in the Romney world of capitalist, creative self destruction? So what is this, Ben…..sour grapes AND a resume? Stock offering? Junk bond issuance?

      At some point, my little mushrooms, you ARE going to figure this out and get past the fertilizer…………what is the TEA PARTY? Clearly distinguishable from the OWS, they are the future victims whose rhetoric consists of blaming the present ones…….with a particular
      frame of reference, in that…….they are NOT VICTIMS because of their own efforts, their self reliance and rugged individualism ( like ole ben ) while the victims only have themselves to blame. Unfortunately, this state of cognitive dissonance is somewhat self contradictory……..because if all these qualities are in fact true and present, there would be no reason to FEAR becoming a future victim…….these chaotic conditions would represent OPPORTUNITY, would they not? ( rhetorical )

      But let us examine the “street cred” of your typical T.P. member: Michelle Bachman

      Taking note that she is also a representative of the PEOPLE, duly sworn to preserve, protect, blah, blah, blah……..this republic, which is and has been operating under admiralty and maritime jurisdiction since 1938 with YOUR “implied consent”, and like Ron, Rand, Andrew, and Ben……..simply is IGNORANT of this FACT, or simply believes that it is not worth mentioning, even though it is the single reason for all the clearly “unconstitutional actions” of government, along with the careful dismemberment of the Bill of RIGHTS! ( Way to go; Michelle!!!! )

      So what do we know………

      1.) She was involved with farming. ( can you say farm SUBSIDY? )
      2.) She had 20+ FOSTER ( not adopted ) children. ( x $$$$ per month )
      3.) She is a TAX attorney…..whose income is entirely reliant on GOVERNMENT.
      4.) She has a mental health care clinic, which relies on a government mandated mental health insurance benefit.

      Clearly a self reliant, rugged individualist….who has succeeded in reaching the very
      pinnacle of achievement……….and she is there “to HELP”!

      ” To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG, separately! )

    • ALutz

      You are right on the money. It is an entirely accurate portrayal of the NeoCon movement as it is now. Sorkin’s writing is thoughtful, provocative, canny and educated. These people wouldn’t understand any of that, preferring instead Faux Noise and reality TV.

      • GALT

        The best part is…….they are irrelevant, and are working at cross purposes……from what I can tell, most are seniors……so their interests are clearly transparent……and the rest of the agenda is the mantra of deficits and debt…….which is meaningless b.s……because
        “it ain’t gonna happen”…….and THEY don’t have any power to make it happen. (nor will it given the projected time frames of the rather vague plans being offered. )

        So places like this and listening to “whomever” gives them a place to “vent”……and is a source of amusement for the “rest” of us…….which is as it should be……

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So you ended your post with a lie so why should you be believed about anything. You have no idea who listens to what news sites unless you are in the house with them or in some office where there is a television and the employees have the Leftist channel on and you are a captive audience. I had a dose of CNN earlier today for about 30 minutes because I was part of the captive audience.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Robert Smith, just because you SAY things doesn’t mean they re TRUE!!! First of all, the tea party began as an organization that was FED UP with massive government spending! Period!!! Hence, Taxed Enough Already! People with agendas hijacked the movement and turned it into something it was not! Anyone who disagrees with massive government spending, MUST be discredited IMMEDIATELY!!! People on BOTH sides of the aisle hijacked the movement to use to their OWN advantage!!! So the things that YOU and hbo accuse the tea party of are merely lies and distortions on the part of BOTH parties! I will however address the accusations that label conservative Christians as taliban.
      1) you CLAIM that we deny science by believing in creation. In case you weren’t aware, there is NO science that disproves creationism. The THEORY of evolution is just THAT! A THEORY!!! Those on the left who worship scientists instead of GOD believe that because the THEORY has been accepted by other scientists, it becomes FACT! It DOES NOT!!! It is STILL just a THEORY!!! In addition, evidence that humans evolve doesn’t discredit creationism either! ALL things in nature evolve and change but that doesn’t explain their existence! Just because you SAY something or THINK something, doesn’t make it true!!!
      2) you say that we want to “control” women’s bodies. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A woman controls HER OWN body when she decides to have sex with a man. A woman controls her own body when she decides whether to use birth control or not! Every woman if fully aware of the consequences of unprotected sex. This is a decision and CHOICE that SHE makes! No one is saying that the women MUST have unprotected sex. This is HER control over HER body! If she CHOOSES to risk pregnancy, THAT was HER choice and HER control! Once conception has occurred, it is no longer HER body that is in question! It is the body of a new human being! Killing a human being for the sake of convenience is pure evil! It is murder! That woman had control. She made a choice. Because of her choices there is a new human being to consider. Our country accepted abortion as being “fine” several decades ago. The very people who brought you abortion are now saying that it’s perfectly acceptable to kill children upto 2 years of age, because “they aren’t really people yet”. This is murder! Ending a human life is murder at whatever stage you decide to do it! If you want to say that people who are against killing babies are dumb, stupid or ignorant, go ahead. But it won’t change the truth! Just because you SAY it, doesnt make it true!
      3) you also say we demonize education. Nothing could be further from the truth! We want REAL education. Schools now spend more time on social education than the teaching of real facts. Educators experiment with our children. Have you seen the methods they use to teach math nowadays. It is unrecognizable from the simple arithmetic we learned as children. These new methods DON’T work and they KNOW it. The same with reading! Instead of learning to “sound out” the words, most of the words are called “sight words” that they’re supposed to memorize. Then they’re just supposed to deduce the other words through context! They are PURPOSELY NOT teaching our children! In this country we already KNOW HOW to teach, we just don’t do it! Now, I’m sure that when YOU accuse US of not wanting to educate our children, you’re referring to the fact that we don’t want you teaching perversions to our children! You have NO IDEA what they are teaching in our schools! They teach about pedophilia and beastiality, withholding judgement. They encourage kids to have sex and some districts show films put out by planned parenthood, showing kids HOW to have sex and the different positions. They hand out birth control and condoms and say “have at it”. When I went to school we learned how the human body functioned, how and why pregnancy occurred. We learned about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. Just the facts! I will say this, the MORE sex education we have had over the last decades, the bigger problem teen pregnancy, diseases etc… have become! What they’re doing obviously has NOT been designed to prevent or cut back on the problems that exist. It is about EVIL people trying to corrupt a generation, several generations into believing that ANYTHING GOES!!! They are PURPOSELY trying to destroy everything that is pure and good!!! If I had children today, I would keep them as far away from the government run schools as I could!!! Evil has taken over!
      4) you say that we “hate” the government. Can you tell me ANYTHING theyre doing that should make me “love” them? They are making laws to control us at a rate that we cant even keep track of them. They are making laws that take away my constitutional rights! They are threatening the well being of me and my family. They are intentionally destroying our economy. They are bringing us to our knees. They are making everyone in the world hate us. They put us in grave danger. I really, no matter how hard I try, cannot see that ANYTHING they are doing is for OUR well being! I feel as if THEY consider US the enemy! I think that your blanket statement that we hate the military is absolutely FALSE! I love and honor those who put their lives on the line to protect us. Those who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and honor that oath, deserve nothing but RESPECT!!! Those who will follow evil orders from evil people that break the law and do NOT defend the constitution deserve derision and dishonor!!!


      • Jeff


        In science, a theory is not a hunch. It has been tested and attacked and has survived as the explanation most accurately describing certain observations. It is very different from you saying you have a “theory” about Obama’s birth certificate. The theory of gravity is also a theory; I wouldn’t suggest trying to disprove it by jumping off a cliff.

        • Tucci78

          @Jeff: “In science, a theory is not a hunch. It has been tested and attacked and has survived as the explanation most accurately describing certain observations.”

          You call to mind an excellent short article for lay people published by physicist Jeff Glassman in 2007, “Conjecture, Hypothesis, Theory, Law. The Basis of Rational Argument,” in which he provides concise differentiation between these various levels in the ordering of scientific notions. Of “theory” Dr. Glassman wrote:

          “A theory is a hypothesis with at least one nontrivial validating datum” and “creationists ridicule evolution for being only a theory, but a theory ranks near the epitome of scientific model accomplishment.”

          I strongly recommend a review of the cited article.

      • DaveH

        Where did Nancy say anything about Obama’s Birth certificate, Jeff?

      • toosmarttovoteGOP

        a) Funny how this “grassroots” organization decided it was “Taxed Enough Already” AFTER their tax rate went down. Self-absorbed whiners.

        1) You unwillingness to comprehend scientific principles is as unsurprising as it is appalling. In fact, it makes me wonder what kind of mindless cretins would blind themselves to the gifts of science? What better way for God to reveal Himself than through His creation?

        2) You DO want to control women’s bodies and use fallacious pseudo-science to justify your taking away a woman’s right of self-determination. Calling a zygote a human being is scientifically spurious. You claim to believe in science, but when it gets in the way of your opinions it gets cast aside for an idea that some RWNJ pulled out of their [sphincter].

        Oh, by the way, “The very people who brought you abortion are now saying that it’s perfectly acceptable to kill children upto 2 years of age, because “they aren’t really people yet”.” Who told you THAT? Where did you get this bilge. I am genuinely curious about this.

        3) You claim not to demonize education while doing so. Funny. You treat education the same way you treat science; throwing away facts and principles that don’t fit your notions. Such arcane concepts like truth, logic, facts, etc. are held in contempt.

        You claim that schools are teaching kids that pedophilia and bestiality are acceptable is wrong. Your claim that, “They encourage kids to have sex and some districts show films put out by planned parenthood, showing kids HOW to have sex and the different positions.” is wrong. Your claim that, “They hand out birth control and condoms and say “have at it”.” is wrong. I won’t call you a liar because you may have been lied TO.

        You claim that. “I will say this, the MORE sex education we have had over the last decades, the bigger problem teen pregnancy, diseases etc… have become!” which brings us (again!) back to right-wingers rejecting facts that refute presuppositions. Every study that has ever been done has shown that less sex-ed and abstinence-only programs to be abject failure with five or more times the teen pregnancy rate as those who teach facts.

        4) Conservatives have always claimed to hate the government while manipulating it and those unfortunates who vote for them to their own ends. Pres. Ronnie’s line about the 9 scariest words were untrue when he said it, but these traitors have had an entire generation to make it come true.

        If you truly feel that, “[t]hey are making laws that take away my constitutional rights! They are threatening the well being of me and my family. They are intentionally destroying our economy. They are bringing us to our knees. They are making everyone in the world hate us. They put us in grave danger. I really, no matter how hard I try, cannot see that ANYTHING they are doing is for OUR well being! I feel as if THEY consider US the enemy!” and you voted Republicon, it’s your fault. Blame yourself as they are NO friends of America.

        • Tucci78

          @toosmarttovoteGOP: “Every study that has ever been done has shown that less sex-ed and abstinence-only programs to be abject failure with five or more times the teen pregnancy rate as those who teach facts.”

          Why should factual and objectively verifiable reality intrude on the fantasies projected upon government “education” by both the leftie-luzers and the cement-headed religious whackjobs on the right?

          They hold in common a “belief that they can make people…better.”

          According to their own respective lights, of course. And both sides view coercively-funded, politically-administered, compulsory schooling as the best possible way to catch their victims young and malleable.

          “And I do not hold to that. So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.”

          “Government schooling is the most radical adventure in history. It kills the family by monopolizing the best times of childhood and by teaching disrespect for home and parents. The whole blueprint of school procedure is Egyptian, not Greek or Roman. It grows from the theological idea that human value is a scarce thing, represented symbolically by the narrow peak of a pyramid.” [John Taylor Gatto]

      • Matrix


        Great and honest post!

        Jeff states back to Nancy;

        “In science, a theory is not a hunch. It has been tested and attacked and has survived as the explanation most accurately describing certain observations. It is very different from you saying you have a “theory” about Obama’s birth certificate. The theory of gravity is also a theory; I wouldn’t suggest trying to disprove it by jumping off a cliff.”

        4 simple questions to the “Theory” to the obama certificate.

        1. Back in 1961, people of color were called ‘Negroes.’ So, how can the Obama ‘birth certificate’ state he is ‘African-American’ when the term wasn’t even used at that time?

        2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961, and lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father was 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in “Kenya, East Africa.” This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate.”

        3. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital.” This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home,” respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

        4. Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major media?

        Perhaps a clue comes from Obama’s book on his father. He states how proud he is of his father fighting in World War II. I’m not a math genius, so I may need some help from you. Barack Obama’s “birth certificate” says his father was 25 years old in 1961 when he was born. That should have put his father’s date of birth approximately 1936—if my math holds (Honest! I did that without a calculator!) Now we need a non-revised history book—one that hasn’t been altered to satisfy the author’s goals—to verify that WW II was basically between 1939 and 1945. Just how many three-year olds fight in wars? Even in the latest stages of WW II his father wouldn’t have been more than nine years old. Does that mean that Mr. Obama is a liar or simply chooses to alter the facts to satisfy his imagination or political purposes (still qualifies as a “liar”)?

        I beleive Obama is another created “Theory” to prove how ignorant the common liberal really is!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        This is to Matrix! Like I said to Robert, just because you say something doesn’t make it true! The same goes for me. I tried to find the article I read where scientists claimed that babies upto two years were not really people yet and therefore infanticide was justified. I couldn’t find it and got tired of looking but there were MANY articles about “so called” AFTER BIRTH abortion, in which killing a newborn was no different that having an abortion. I think THAT proves my point as well. Here’s one link from the journal of medical ethics.
        YOU claim that I am wrong about schools teaching about beastiality and pedophilia in a non judgmental manner! YOU ARE WRONG!!! I have PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE on THAT subject!!! We lived in Wichita, KS when my oldest son was in the sixth grade. He came home and TOLD us that his teacher explained WHAT they were and that they were “alternative lifestyles”. You can bet your a$$ we went up to the school and talked DIRECTLY to the teacher! She SAID that she had an anonymous question box for children to ask questions about anything that might embarrass them. She SAID that those were questions asked and she answered them nonjudgmentally. She DID say that she TOLD the students that those activities were currently against the law, but she only wanted to be honest. We called the school superintendent. He backed the teacher. My husband IMMEDIATELY began looking for a new job and we moved within one year! So, YOU are the one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about!
        All of your other points about science etc…are just bullsh*t! No matter what YOU say, a THEORY IS JUST A THEORY! Just because YOU say it’s not, doesn’t make it so! Scientists come up with all kinds of crap! Much of it is made up! All these years after Darwin came up with the “theory of evolution”, NO ONE has proven it! It is STILL JUST A THEORY!!! So take your IGNORANT accusations elsewhere!

      • mt

        Great comment. And to Jeff: It is the law of Gravity not the theory, theories are not proven, laws are.

      • Kate8

        Great comments, Matrix and Nancy.

        And Nancy, I live in CA, and all of these sexual deviant practices are now mandated to be taught in grammar school. It’s the stupid “law”. And now they are even trying to mandate that people who homeschool teach them as well, no matter how repulsed they are by them.

        People have been fighting this, but the courts have gone so far as to rule that, once a child enters the school, parents have no right to even KNOW what they are being taught, let alone object. In fact, children are considered to be property of the state, and parental authority is trumped by the government.

        This is yet another example of how the Left forces it’s agenda on us. All of their protests to the contrary fall pretty flat, I’d say.

        I find it so interesting that they try to outlaw all things Christian, a religion which teaches about Love and life; yet they champion Islam, which is all about hate and death.

        What does that tell us.

        • actual socialist

          I’ll tell you what your post tells me you know NOTHING about islam

        • actual socialist

          p.s christians are responcible for theft of land and resources slavery and genocide all over the world wheres the love there?

      • uvuvuv

        evolution is supposed to be a random series of random cellular changes that continue to build on each other. for example if all humans had webbed fingers but one guy had separate fingers, he might not be able to swim as well but he can climb trees and crack open walnuts etc, and so his progeny eventually prevails. but that’s like saying the tsusami in japan took piles of wood and turned them into houses instead of taking houses and turning them into piles of wood. but they always fall back on, well of course this took place over millions and millions of years. oh, who was there to watch this? every time they dig up a new tooth, right away they show this new dinosaur. somehow the artist’s conception is exactly what that dinosaur looked like, even with back fins for dissapating heat and eyes like jar jar binks. and then they have the nerve to say, this overturns everything we know about evolution. so they rearrange the phylum charts to show this new dinosaur fitting in with others similar to it, based on the artist’s conception, and then they have a conference to show what we’re all supposed to believe now, while hoping they don’t dig up another tooth somewhere. this is science. and how did the singing voice evolve? what does that have to do with survival of the fittest? and how did we develop speech? dogs seem to do just fine with barking, growling, whining and yipping. they’re actually quite expressive. you can tell when they have to go out. and what about rabbits? you can’t really ascribe might makes right to them, but they persist just the same. and they don’t make any communicative noises at all. just think how the rabbits could take over the earth someday if just one of them could talk! and then later they could even develop wings. that would cut down on global warming, because they can get places by flying instead of inventing cars and driving, which would also require drilling for oil and refineries and pipeline distribution systems. yes if rabbits could fly, and pigs, it would save the typical hare and swine households untold of hundreds of dollars a year. they wouldn’t even have to invent car insurance.

    • Tucci78

      Plenty of justification for “…crapping on the public education system…” in the several states (though that’s “systems” because there are actually a number of them, each run by its own school board).

      In an era where we’ve long gotten used to looking at medical care on an “outcomes-based” assessment method, how come the “Liberal” praise for our “public education system” – and let’s talk about government schooling in general rather than just a particular system – doesn’t take notice of OUTCOMES among the millions of matriculants therein?

      Oh, that’s easy. Because the results achieved by government-run primary and secondary schools in America have been broadly gawdawful, in spite of continuing enormous increases in per-pupil spending on these hell-holes.

      Is that why you “Liberal” clowns are so opposed to the half-measure notion of voucher programs designed to accord parents even a limited choice as to their children’s educations?

      If “choice” is a good thing in the personal management of a woman’s body, how come it’s not permitted in the education of that same woman’s living children?

    • Mikey

      Mr. Smith,
      You are guilty of stereotyping a group of people based on the lies told by the left who fear the TEA party. I am a member, for good reason. I embrace science, I believe that ultimately science will prove the existence of God (or an all powerful cohesive force in the universe) but I don’t take the bible literally.
      I believe that abortion is murder for scientific reasons, not religious. From the moment of conception, the fetus has it’s own, distinct DNA. It is no longer just a group of the mother’s cells, but and individual. I am glad, however, that most of the murdered fetuses are from selfish leftists who believe their right to sexual pleasure trumps the child’s right to life.
      I don’t hate our government, I just want to see it held accountable for it’s cronyism, waste and inefficiency. Our tax dollars are no longer serving the interest of the majority of citizenry.
      We are now at a point in time where “taxation without representation” is the norm, as it was in the time of the American revolution. If we can’t get those to the left of us to see where we are headed, we run the risk of being subjects of an oligarchy, much like we were when under England’s king.
      Our forefathers were great historians, and intentionally structured our constitution to keep us free, first and foremost. The second amendment was put in place to insure that the people could maintain a balance of power against the government, should it ever evolve into an tyrannical, elitist, oligarchy. The separation of church and state, as well as the separation of the judicial, executive and legislative branches were also put in place for that reason.
      Unfortunately, the lies of the left have attempted to bypass those safeguards, making organizations like the TEA party necessary.
      You might try studying history, you might see where we are headed. You might also find that the members of the TEA party aren’t the extremists the media would have you believe.

      • GALT

        Get over your reverence for your imagined “dead” daddies……they drank A LOT, didn’t manage much of anything that hadn’t already been said previously, operated in secret and illegally, and basically screwed things up ( a fact which is clearly self evident for anyone not completely clueless regarding our present state of affairs ) and were for all intents and purposes the ELITE of their time……….their efforts were a waste of time, ended in compromise and required an all or nothing vote in a desperate effort to continue…….that which none of them were happy with…….and it has been all downhill from there…….. ( not what you learned in school? now that IS a surprise…….)

      • kkflash

        You are a buffoon. That is not conjecture, nor hypothesis, nor theory. You have provided so much evidence that the statement has reached the status of law.

    • Prosecutor54

      Mr. Smith,

      Your comments are opinion not facts. Any response which demonstrates the falsehood of your accusations will be dismissed by you and all of your associates. However I will respond more for readers who may actually have an open mind. Your challenge was to respond to only one of you accusations, but I will give you two!

      Conservatives believe that all women, and men, have free will and that includes misusing their bodies. But in exercising their free will they can not abdicate their responsibility for the consequences. It is not societies fault if smokers develop cancer, drug addicts over dose, or women who engage in intercourse become pregnant. Whenever an individual willing participates in any activity they are the only ones responsible for the outcome.

      Therefore the smoker can not LEGALLY go to the clerk at the convenience store and kill the clerk for having sold them the cigarettes, the drug addict can not LEGALLY murder his drug supplier for making them an addict. In each of these cases the INDIVIDUAL took a decision to engage in an act that they knew had possible adverse consequences. Logically the women should not be LEGALLY allowed to murder her unborn baby simply because she took the decision to engage in unprotected sex! In the other examples the store clerk, and the pusher, willingly took part in the transaction and can not be considered completely blameless, but not to the point of being murdered! How much less innocent can a victim be than an unborn child?

      There may be a small number of conservatives who believe that abortion should never be allowed, even in cases of rape and incest, but they are not candidates for national political office. If there are any political hopefuls who take this position they are running for local or state offices and that is their position to take and defend, but it can not be used to paint all conservatives with the same brush anymore than all Democrats must be Marxist’s simply because so many of your leaders are Marxist!

      Your claim that Tea Party members reject science. Your only “evidence” of this is your opinion that evolution is more “Scientific” than creation. I am myself a Physical Scientist with more than 30 years in my field of study. I am very well versed in cosmology (the study of the origins of the Universe). I challenge you to ask any Theoretical Physicist why the singularity from which the Universe expanded (The Big Bang was originally coined by other Theoretical Physicist as a derogatory comment about this THEORY!) began to expand. I have asked this question several times to some very well known and published proponents of this Theory (which is one of several currently under consideration) and they have responded “We assume creation!”

      Just because someone holds to a belief that you do not share does not make them wrong.
      If you want to hold to the belief that the world around you is the natural consequence of random chance then go ahead and do so, but that is an act of faith on your part just as much as those who believe in Creation hold on to their faith!

      I could easily refute all of your claims about the Tea Party, but frankly I have better things to do than try to teach a pig to sing, especially a Liberal/Progressive brain dead pig such as yourself!

      • Kate8

        Prosecutor54 – Excellent post.

        I do believe that, by far, most of the social issues being used to divide us do not belong under the scope of the federal government at all. Many could be state issues, but MOST of them are really personal issues, and should be left to the individual, who must also be accountable for the resulting consequences (not the taxpayers).

        Issues such as gay “marriage”…well, ANY marriage…are personal choices. There is no reason for goverment to be involved in it at all.

        As for abortion, I would go even one step further. I do not believe it is a women’s rights issue. There is no reason to have any legal implications in abortion whatsoever. It also falls under personal responsibility. It does not have to be a choice between back room abortion and legal clinics.

        Rather, having abortion “legalized” is a step on the road to making it MANDATORY in whatever cases set by the elite, just as they do in China. Things always begin by being voluntary, until society is ready to accept it as law.

      • Kate8

        I also now see that Obama was selected to head the Left precisely BECAUSE he is black, and one of his jobs is to incite racial wars in America.

        It doesn’t matter that all of the accusations of “racism” are false. As soon as Obama came on the scene we had celebrities and Leftist politicians crying “racism” as the answer to anyone who disagreed with Obama. A white man would have been unable to pull off the stuff he has. Obama’s job was to rally the minorities, especially blacks, and to fan the flames of hatred toward whites.

        It doesn’t matter that the accusations of racism are untrue. I don’t even believe that many of the trolls here actually believe them. All that matters is that some will perceive that it’s true, especially the ones who will riot. Just look at the blatant lies toward the Right which are spewed here. It’s shocking. This is the propaganda being fed to the ignorant by people with a monstrous agenda, and they react to it precisely as they are programmed by the media.

        If we would all just stop believing the media at all, stop the ugly, false accusations meant to divide us, we might have a chance. We are all being played. Some of us know it, many of us still have our brains plugged into the feed. And while we are shouting each other down, terrible things are being put in place right under our noses, such as UN Agenda 21, NDAA, false flags demonizing good citizens and setting us up for gun confiscation.

        It doesn’t look like we will figure this out before the hammer falls. Not without a miracle. We still have too many who think Obama represents them and who don’t see a problem.

        • Tucci78

          @Kate8: “…Obama was selected to head the Left precisely BECAUSE he is black, and one of his jobs is to incite racial wars in America. “

          What I find fascinating about Stanley Ann Dunham’s Little Indiscretion is the fact that he’s actually got less in common with authentic American black people than a Norwegian has with somebody whose great-grandparents came over from Sicily when McKinley was president.

          Think about it. If his alleged biological father was actually Barack Hussein Obama I (that former goatherder from Kenya), it means that our POTUS-With-an-Asterisk is half Luo, who live in East Africa, and who have intermarried considerably through the centuries with Arab traders and slave raiders who have settled along the coast and in the interior there.

          Now, American black citizens descend from ancestors forcibly enslaved and carried off from West Africa. Their people had been Yoruba and Fanti and Igbo and Ashant – culturally, linguistically, religiously distinct from the people on the other side of the continent.

          What we have faking his way through life in the White House is a person who’s rather more white than black (remember the Arab admixture among the Luo), who was not only raises as “a good Muslim schoolboy” in Indonesia until he was 10, and then brought up in a white household in Honolulu by his Dunham grandparents (attending the prestigious private Punahou School in that city).

          He’s had to consciously study American “blackness” in order to fake it.

      • Kate8

        Tucci – All too true, of course. But then, as this article is about, it doesn’t really matter what the truth IS, but only how people perceive it.

        It has been uncovered that Obama was groomed at a young age, by the Soviets, to be the American president. He has been funded all his life by foreign interests intent on the takeover of America. He carries the name Hussein, which is allowed only to those of royal middle eastern blood.

        There is no doubt that he is a fraud in every sense. He is loyal to to the NWO elite, supported by the very global corporate interests that democrats claim to abhor. They view him with absolute blinders.

        The color of his skin wins the hearts and minds of blacks and democrats in general. They will listen to him, no matter who he is, because they won’t know who he is. He’s got the whole corporate media behind him, and (ironically) that’s the media the Left worships. And since the Left has little love for American culture anyway…

        So, to them, it’s easy to brand anyone who sees what Obama is doing as racist. The blacks will blindly support him and don’t care what he’s doing, apparently. With a few exceptions.

        It is a short leap into inflamming them against all things white.

        That being said, Romney serves those same global interests and would not be much better.
        And even that is moot, since it has already been decided by the elite that Obama stays. Or so I’ve heard.

        In any of these scenarios, we’re in deep doodoo.

    • Mimi

      All I can say is ugggghhhh! How can you stand yourself? You wallow in hatred. Watch out, that’s how you contract cancer.


      When I worked with Gov. George Wallace’s presidential campaign, I remember George refering to “POINTED HEAD PSEUDO INTELLECTUALS”. Today, this term is very appropriate for the Progressive Democrats.

    • Alex Frazier

      Robert Smith -

      • I do believe in ideological purity. And so do liberal Democrats. That’s a hypocritical criticism.

      • I do believe that compromise is weakness when you’re talking about bending on a fundamental position.

      • I do believe in scriptural literalism and in the first amendment that protects my right to do so.

      • I do deny science when it is unproven propaganda.

      • I am indeed unmoved by opinions that are presented as facts.

      • I am undeterred by new and incomplete information that is biasedly spoon-fed to the population without the other half of the story.

      • I do have a hostile fear of progress when progress violates my first amendment right to free speech and religion.

      • I do think our education system sucks, seeing that my teenagers couldn’t even sign their own name at the DMV.

      • I do think that women’s bodies should be controlled if what we’re talking about is the extermination of unborn children.

      • I would say that I suffer from xenophobia, except that the fear is not irrational when one considers the impact illegal immigrants have had on our country.

      • I do have a tribal mentality. I’m Republican all the way. But the Democrats are no different.

      • I am intolerant of dissent. Facts are facts. I’m just not going to argue “the facts are …” versus “I think …”

      • And I do hate the government. They were given rules, guidelines, and limitations. They have overstepped every boundary the people have given them. They are becoming an oligarchy, bordering on a tyrannical dictatorship.

      Now, to put all that into proper perspective, the problem here isn’t what was said. It was the way it was said, and the implications the viewers were meant to take away from it. Had he instead said …

      “… they support their political party, don’t give in on key issues important to their constituents, believe in the sanctity of our religious freedom, challenge unproven science, vett opinions for fact, take media provided information with a grain of salt, put their foot down on the absolving of our rights in the name of progress, hate the education system that has reduced the students of our country to a syllabus not extending beyond the necessities of the standardized testing, respect life, insist on everyone obeying the law, including the immigrants coming into our country illegally, and think that the government needs to function within the boundaries set for it by the Constitution …”

      … it would have had a completely different message, even though the same things are being said.

      It’s also worth saying that liberals can have just as nasty a slur put on them. One might say …

      “ideological purity, spineless and unwilling to stand behind their promises, a fundamental disbelief in God and the Constitutional right protecting believers, making up science to support their agenda, unmoved by bonified facts, set to purpose by every whisper of the mainstream media, a hostile fear of anything moral, the use of the education system to indoctrine young children, a complete disrespect for the lives of the unborn, promoting the reintroduction of infectious diseases, the increased financial burden on US citizens, and the abrogation of legitimate laws through amnesty on unchecked illegal immigrants, intolerance of facts and morals, and a firm belief in the supremacy of the government that is supposed to be by the people, of the people, and for the people, but that has become our master rather than our servant.”

      These issues, too, can be spun in a positive light. Most are matters of philanthropy, or a “bleeding heart” point of view.

      So don’t so nasty.

      And just to say so, the things listed on that show have nothing to do with the Tea Party. It’s stated platform is Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, and free markets. None of these things has anything to do with education, women’s bodies, immigration, etc. What’s really going on is that conservatives are also members of the Tea Party in many cases. But the members aren’t dictating the platform of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement is merely attracting conservatives who believe in the same platform, among other points of the Republican platform in general.

      Not for the first time, let me suggest you go do some research.

    • Butch

      Robert Smith, you are a moronic self deluding LIAR. Where to begin when someone embarrasses their self as so bigoted and stupid that its amazing they haven’t chosen to end their own miserable existence.

      I don’t know anyone that denies science, just evilution and the other liberal fantasy, global warming. Just the fact that yr scientifically ignorant enough to believe that a reptile can lay an egg w/ a mammal inside should discredit any of yr other idiotic ramblings but I’ll continue.

      I also don’ know anyone that is trying control women’s bodies. I DO however know that many people are sick of murder being wantonly sanctioned, simply because someone is either too lazy or stupid to use a contraceptive. Sex education starts so early these days yet more babies are being murdered OUT OF CONVENIENCE than ever before. If the woman could control HER OWN body to begin with, the murder wouldn’t be considered “necessary”. Please don’t bring up the excuse of “What about rape or incest?”. Those account for less than 5% of all proposed abortions. The hypocritical and Godless Left need to learn the words, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. If you want to have sex, take precautions not to get pregnant.

      Demonizing education. If by that, you mean telling the federal govt to get out of the education business, then damn right we’re against them interfering w/ education. America has fallen behind in virtually every category despite the BILLIONS allegedly being pumped into the educational system. Gee, that’s funny, I thought if we threw enough money at it, kids would naturally get smarter. Its those hopelessly biased and impractical liberal educations being pushed that are making us stupider. Get the govt OUT of the education business, its only throwing more good money after bad. Let the states take care of education on their own. How can some bureaucrat in Washington decide what kids should be learning???

      Hating the government? Damn right, I hate what they’ve done to this once great nation because of POS accomplices like YOU. We’ve had more Constitution violating laws and Executive Orders passed in the past 10 years than probably all other years combined but you don’t see a problem w/ that. The Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA, CISPA and the efforts by Hillary Clinton to betray gun owners through a UN treaty are all against the Constitution but again, yr okay w/ that. Its cowardly liberals like you that have this nation on the ropes and if the Fraud-in-Chief is re-elected, you’ll get yr fantasy of watching America die, loser.

  • Robert Smith

    “But blowing up bridges in Cleveland might work. Oh, right. They were your guys.”

    OK, you got one that didn’t involve blowing up people. Now let’s see what the right does:

    But blowing and shootng up women’s clinics… From the right.

    Blowing up a building in Oclahoma… From the right.

    Blowing up churches in the South… From the right.

    I guess lynchings aren’t quite the same thing as a beheading. But the victim is just as dead.


    • http://omniv8 pete0097

      Timmy boy blowing up the building in OK was one of the lefties

      • Chester

        Timmie boy was about as far right as you could be and still be standing on the Earth. Do NOT believe the Arm, the Word, and the Sword, which group Timmie McVeigh fully supported, thought much of any Leftish policies. Wonder why, if not extreme right, he was trying to exact some revenge for Waco, which is another Right Wing crying point?

      • DaveH

        We wouldn’t expect you to shed any tears for the innocent children and women killed by Big Government in Waco, Chester.

      • DaveH

        Most likely, Waco and Ruby Ridge were staged to convince the American people that more gun control was necessary. Clinton talked about such in his speeches often, being careful to couch his anti-gun sentiment in flowery language so as not to offend the gun lobby. Those, who would argue Clinton had no such intentions, need merely to investigate his wife’s escapades with the UN Gun Control treaty.

      • Holton F. Brown

        Timmy blowing up the federal building in Oklahoma City was payback for Waco…oh, and I guess the author of the above review has been busy at 10 p.m. Sunday nights…the last episode of Season One ran this past Sunday…furthermore…HBO has already renewed Newsroom for another for “eventually cancelled” … Rush got cancelled after how many seasons on TV…??

    • Daniel

      That was a propaganda stunt perpetrated by the left as a false flag incident in order to ram through a police state and hence the NWO. Do you think the right wants more of that?

    • DaveH

      You left out Ruby Ridge and Waco, Robert, where your Big Government killed innocent children and women.
      Quit trying to make this a left vs right thing, Robert, you administration tool. It’s a Big Government thing. Those who would like to get a clue to the reality of Politics should read this (something those who feed at the Government trough don’t want you to see):,%20Banks,%20and%20American%20Foreign%20Policy.pdf

      • Flashy

        Waco was a 50 day siege which Koresh placed his members in a position which used them as a human shield. ATF apologized immediately afterwrds…

        MOVE was bombed in 1985 with C4 explosives dropped from above … no one apologized and children died. And no Right wing group used that episode as a cause celebre’ … even though 11 died (including 5 children).

        no one was arrested, and Reagan’s justice Department refused to get involved…even refusing to hold any investigation.

        So when a left wing organization gets BOMBED and people die and 60 houses burned to the ground…versus a child molester using human shields to avoid arrest…y’all will side and make martyrs of the child molester.


        • Seeker1212

          Hey Flashy, I can tell by your comments that you have a confused mind..!!
          The Koresh commune existed miles outside of any town, and their only crime was not paying taxes and wanting to be left alone, and the apology came only after the survivors told of how they were prevented from leaving because of the constant gunfire from that other nut job liberal AJ.
          On the other hand, the Move Group were an unlawful and unruly group that constantly terrorized their neighbors and anyone else around them. If you would bother to check, you will learn that they prevented the fire from being distinguished by shooting the fireman attempting to put out the blaze. You will also learn that it was a black mayor that decided to drop the bomb.

      • Flashy

        Seeker…without going into areas of dispute which every version differs… we kinow without dispute the following. Waco involved a UPS driver having a package break open revealing components for hand grenade casings. The compound was isolated and members restricted from travel. A warrant against koresh for illegal firearms was attempted to be served since Koresh refused to leave the compound. A siege began.

        I leave out the allegations of child abuse, polygamy etc as those tales are varied and unknown as to actual proof (although many former members state such was common practice).

        OK..the compound was raided after 50 days. Four agents and a number of Davidians were killed in the assault. Now i ask you…ya really think the Davidians were pure and innocent if they could knock off four ATF agents?

        A full investigation along with ramifications resulted,

        I make no judgment other than Waco is now a cause celebre’ amongst the wacked right fringe groups.

        Nw..MOVE. The allegations were they …. just what exactly? The officer who was killed was killed in the first assault after the bombing and all hel* had broken out. 60 houses burned to the ground, a number of people were killed (the sole fatality of the police was the one officer…the police claim he was shot in the back, the surviving two members of MOVE said he was shot while drawing down on children). Surprisingly, no autopsy results were unsealed. C4 explosives were dropped on the building by helicopter.

        Reagan’s Justice Dept. refused to investigate. Flat out refused.

        i’m not saying anything about either the Davidians or MOVE as far as guilt or innocence. But it is very interesting the wacked right have Waco as cause celebre’ and martyrdom…yet omit the MOVE assault from any mention or concern.

        • Tucci78

          Flashy: “Waco involved a UPS driver having a package break open revealing components for hand grenade casings.”

          Yeah. Turned out that the Branch Davidians were using those casings (which are entirely legal to own) as materials from which to fabricate those cute little “take a number” desktop ornaments humorously indicating that passers-by shouldn’t bother the guy working there.

          And weren’t most of the ATF casualties in that initial “Zee Beeg One” budget-justifying carefully televised spectacle the victims of “fratricide”? Their woundings on that first day at Waco were for the greatest part accomplished with tubular “cookie-cutter” bullets, each of which is basically a steel tube bonded inside of a gilding metal (mix of bronze and brass) jacket with a small plastic plug at the back end. The purpose of this round is to defeat all levels of soft body armor by CUTTING it’s way through rather than trying to push it’s way through as a conventional bullet would. They work exceptionally well and are thus banned for all but Federal Law Enforcement Officers.

          They tend to overpenetrate when fired at buildings such as those of the Mt. Carmel “compound,” meaning that the ATF raiders were pot-shotting their colleagues on the opposite side of the target.

          Tsk. You’d think that highly-paid federal thugs would at least have been taught something of Jeff Cooper’s Rule Number Four, which goes: “Identify your target, and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything that you have not positively identified.”

          As for the MOVE whoop-te-do in Wilson Goode’s entirely Democrat-dominated city of Philadelphia (13 May 1985, and which I watched live on local TV), you’re critical of the Reagan Administration’s refusal to “investigate”?

          Forevermore, why? The clowns in Harrisburg might’ve had some reason to critique the cement-headed fools in City Hall, but how could that clustercopulation have been a federal matter?

          Hell, if the “Justice Dept.” in Mordor-on-the-Potomac had come down on Wilson Goode and his firebombing fools, it would have looked as if Reagan were jumping down a Democrat mayor’s throat simply because that idiot was a “Liberal” member of the disloyal opposition.

      • DaveH

        The Truth about Waco (something you won’t get from Flashman, the Progressive shill):

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “we kinow without dispute the following. Waco involved a UPS driver having a package break open revealing components for hand grenade casings”.
        What we know without dispute is that Flashman lies and equivocates:
        From the article — “Davidians had a profitable legal gun business. Davidian Paul Fatta was a regular at Texas gun shows, selling everything from camouflage clothing to military-type ready-to-eat meals, gun grips, and weapons. The Davidians also sewed “David Koresh” brand custom-made magazine vests for sportsmen, shooters, and lawmen and sold them at gun shows. Among the products they marketed was souvenir plaques made of inert and legal hand grenade casings mounted on wood”.

    • REM1875

      Flying a plane into the IRS building -from the left
      FRC radical homosexual shooting -from left.
      Aherens and Dorn bombing- from the left
      Uni -bomber -from the left
      Holicost shooter from the left
      Discovery Channel shooter -again from the left
      And Timmie boy’s ties to radical muslim were not convenient for der slickmeister to investigate.
      Do you really consider education a blazing success since the left removed reading, writing, geography and math?
      Does the belief in theory (global warming, evolution) as if they were fact make you some how superior ?
      That’s just the tip of the iceberg of your misguided arguments.

      • Tucci78

        @REM1875: “Does the belief in theory (global warming, evolution) as if they were fact make you some how superior ?”

        Well, “evolution” is a solidly established scientific model devised to explain phenomena observed both in paleontological investigation and in the scrupulous study of living specimens. This not only sets it at the level of “theory,” but also as “theory [which] ranks near the epitome of scientific model accomplishment.”

        Unless and until somebody comes up with hard evidence to invalidate the theory of evolution – some kind of verifiable counterexample (and the creationists show no sign of ever accomplishing such a presentation) – then it holds as a correct abstract reflection of concrete reality.

        On the other hand, anthropogenic “global warming” is (as it’s always been) a crippled conjecture with so much countervailing evidence that those who keep pushing it are no longer to be received as anything but charlatans. To quote Dr. Glassman:

        “The notion of intelligent design belongs in the public school program. The science curriculum should show that, because science builds on facts (measurements compared to standards as explained above) and because God and the supernatural can never be measured but must remain mysterious and otherworldly, intelligent design and creationism are matters of faith, not science. To a scientist–believer, science takes the measure of what God appears to have done, not of God. Science can never figure out what size Birkenstock God takes.

        “Just as intelligent design is a threshold question between nonscience and conjectures, anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a threshold question between conjectures and hypotheses. AGW is a centuries-old conjecture elevated to an established belief by a little clique of quacks who proclaim themselves the Consensus on Climate, guardians of the vault of exclusive knowledge. Does this sound familiar? Is the Consensus patterned after the Council of Trent? As a matter of science, as opposed to a matter of belief, the
        AGW conjecture is gathering more contradictory evidence than supporting. The layman can test it and understand its failings by applying just the few principles outlined here.
        AGW fails the test because it is proclaimed by a consensus. Science places no value on such a vote. A unanimous opinion, much less a consensus, is insufficient. Science advances one scientist at a time, and we honor their names. It advances one model at a time. When the article gets around to saying ‘most scientists believe…,’ it’s time to go back to the comics section. Science relies instead on models that make factual predictions that are or might be validated.

        “AGW fails on the first order scientific principles outlined here because it does not fit all the data. The consensus relies on models initialized after the start of the Industrial era, which then try to trace out a future climate. Science demands that a climate model reproduce the climate data first. These models don’t fit the first-, second-, or third-order events that characterize the history of Earth’s climate. They don’t reproduce the Ice Ages, the Glacial epochs, or even the rather recent Little Ice Age. The models don’t even have characteristics similar to these profound events, much less have the timing right. Since the start of the Industrial era, Earth has been warming in recovery from these three events. The consensus initializes its models to be in equilibrium, not warming.

        “And there’s much, much more.

        “Anthropogenic Global Warming is a crippled conjecture, doomed just by these principles of science never to advance to a hypothesis. Its fate would be sealed by a minimally scientifically literate public.”

      • Jay

        A scientific theory is “falsifiable” if it can be shown to be false. For example, if someone claimed the moon was made of Swiss cheese; such a theory would have been proven false when America started landing probes on the moon.

        A theory is “unfalsifiable” if it cannot be shown to be false.

        For example, the Big Bang, meaning the theory that the Universe was created by an accidental explosion, is unfalsifiable because it is impossible to prove or disprove a theory that the Universe was created by an accidental explosion many billions of years ago.

        The theory of evolution is also unfalsifiable, meaning it cannot be proven to be false. As with the Big Bang, the reason evolution cannot be proven false has nothing to do with either truth or the scientific evidence. The reason the theory of evolution cannot be proven false is because when a discovery is made that disproves the theory of evolution; the theory of evolution is simply modified to incorporate the new discovery.

        Any discovery which disproves a portion of the theory of evolution is simply put into the empty box of the theory of evolution or it is blacklisted.

        In other words, the only reason the theory of evolution is unfalsifiable is that it is a moving target. The theory of evolution is “moved,” meaning changed, every time there is a new discovery. Sometimes it is moved so the arrow hits the target and sometimes it is moved so the arrow will miss the target so the discovery can be buried and blacklisted.

        This behavior is unprecedented in the history of science. Instead of science looking for absolute truth, science keeps changing a false theory to fit any new data.

        What is happening is that whenever some new discovery is made in biology or paleontology, the discovery is simply put into the evolution box.

        It is incredible, but even DNA was put into the box and the claim was made that random mutations of DNA, coupled with natural selection, allowed evolution to create human DNA (this is neo-Darwinism in a nutshell).

        The concept that human DNA “evolved” from the DNA of much simpler animals; was put into the evolution box, even though there was absolutely no scientific evidence that any new DNA has ever been created, or has “evolved,” by random means.

        The concept of “natural selection” was always in the box, but even it was modified to fit the discovery of DNA. Some claimed that “natural selection” worked at the nucleotide level; others claimed that “natural selection” worked at the gene level; but most claimed it worked at the species level after random mutations had done their job.

        The result of this scientific nonsense is that all new discoveries in science are converted into “evidence” for evolution or they are ignored and blacklisted.

        If the theory of evolution were equated to a painting, the painting made by Darwin would look nothing like the painting today. Science constantly modifies the theory of evolution to fit new data. Thus, science now claims that the data fits the theory of evolution.

        But this is not science, it is a magic trick.

        Science has not proven the theory of evolution is true; what science has done is define the theory of evolution to equal all scientific discoveries.

        The “theory of evolution” is not a theory, it is a definition.

        • Tucci78

          @Jay: “A scientific theory is ‘falsifiable’ if it can be shown to be false. [...] The theory of evolution is also unfalsifiable, meaning it cannot be proven to be false.”

          Man, you are so full of crap you must be ready to start composting, mustn’t you?

          The theory of evolution could be proven false through hard evidence by way of the “pre-Cambrian bunny rabbit” test.

          If there were paleontological findings of fossilized rabbit remains in geological strata rigorously confirmed to have antedated the earliest known appearance of true mammalian species (in the Triassic period) – and it’s not a concocted hoax like Piltdown Man – you’ve got evidence that serves to falsify the theory of evolution by proves that there are, at the very least, some damned serious errors therein.

          Remember, it’s not that a theory has to be proven wrong for it to be considered “falsifable” in Karl Popper‘s sense of the word, but rather that conditions can be established to determine how said theory can be shown by observation or experiment to be false, if and when.

          Given that the paleontologist who can come up with those pre-Cambrian bunny fossils will be the stud bull in his discipline, you can be sure that Bugs is being hunted in the sediments with ferocious élan.

          As well as any other anomalies upon which can be based any successful challenge to the established orthodoxies of scientific theory.

          If you weren’t an arrant ignoramus when it comes to the sciences, you’d long since have realized that this kind of thing is how a guy makes his name in the “scientification” racket.

      • Jay

        “But after [the theory of evolution] has been changed a hundred times and it is still falsified, at some point someone ought to throw in the towel.”
        Luther D. Suderland, Darwin’s Enigma, Revised Edition, p. 39

        The Five Pillars of the Theory of Evolution

        There are five main pillars holding up the claim of orthodox science that the theory of evolution is a “proven scientific fact.” None of them have anything to do with science or truth. This is because there is no truth in the theory of evolution, thus they cannot use truth as a pillar to hold up the theory of evolution.

        First, evolution is considered a “fact” because God is excluded from any discussion of science. Science has eliminated their competition by using clever definitions of the term “science.” And they have used the courts to keep creation science and intelligent design out of the classrooms.

        The scientific establishment has many very wealthy “friends” who think nothing of dropping millions of dollars into a court trial to make sure creation science is not taught in the classrooms.

        But the scientific establishment does not just ignore creation science, it attacks creation science:

        “The arguments of creationists are not driven by evidence that can be observed in the natural world. [A belief in] special creation or supernatural intervention [by God] is not subjectable to meaningful [scientific] tests, which require predicting plausible results and then checking these results through observation and experimentation. Indeed, claims of ‘special creation’ reverse the scientific process. The explanation is seen as unalterable, and evidence is sought only to support a particular conclusion by whatever means possible.” Science and Creationism, page 8

        Knowing that there is not one shred of scientific evidence for the theory of evolution, try to count how many double-standards there are in the above quote.

        Second, evolution is a “fact” because the theory of evolution keeps changing to fit the data. The theory of evolution is a “moving target” which adapts to every new scientific discovery. The theory of evolution is evolving.

        Third, is the control of information received by the general public. Evolution is a “fact” because science controls what information the general public hears. The general public is carefully deceived into believing the theory of evolution has scientific evidence behind it.

        Fourth, the theory of evolution is a “fact” because pro-evolution articles (i.e. no mention of God) are the only articles allowed to be published in “scientific” journals. Discoveries and evidence which challenge or disprove the theory of evolution are blacklisted and/or ridiculed. Science closely monitors their journals and (usually) only admits into publication scientific discoveries which support the theory, assume the theory is true or do not seriously challenge the overall claims of the theory of evolution. But never is a favorable mention of God allowed.

        Fifth, it is critical that the research and claims of the creationists (i.e. creation scientists) are totally and absolutely suppressed. The public must never hear from a real creation scientist. The public must never hear their evidence and reasoning. In this way the scientific establishment can portray to the general public that creation scientists are a bunch of goons. That is why the UCTV series was so rare because real creation scientists were allowed to speak on television!!

        These are the five pillars which “hold up” the theory of evolution. Note that “truth” or a
        “quest for truth” are not one of the pillars!!

        • Tucci78

          @Jay: “The Five Pillars of the Theory of Evolution

          Five hapless manure-forkloads of purest crap.

          First, there’s no mention of “God” allowed in the expatiation of scientific theory because the moment somebody writes on the blackboard Then a miracle occurs,” reasoned analysis disappears into a black box, leaving no possibility for people to understand how or why it happened.

          Characterizing a phenomenon as conditionally unknown is different from slapping a label over it, proclaiming “God Did It!” and proclaiming that further exploration is forbidden. To quote Heinlein:

          “The great trouble with religion — any religion — is that a religionist, having accepted certain propositions by faith, cannot thereafter judge those propositions by evidence. One may bask at the warm fire of faith or choose to live in the bleak uncertainty of reason — but one cannot have both.”

          Second, “The theory of evolution is a ‘moving target’ which adapts to every new scientific discovery” because that’s what scientific theorization does. Unlike religious dogma (“God Did It!”), scientific investigation is predicated on the admission that the conclusions reached by our predecessors are not necessarily precisely correct reflections of factual reality. The discovery of new information, improvements in methods of measurement and analysis, the perception of previously-unexplained anomalies – these and other factors stimulate the scientist to focused curiosity. To the theologian, they’re to be dismissed as anathema. To quote Richard Feynman:

          “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

          Third, “The general public is carefully deceived into believing the theory of evolution has scientific evidence behind it” is friggin’ pitiful. Scientists don’t really give a damn about “The general public” any more than a tax attorney gives a damn about whether or not his work impresses his six-year-old daughter.

          They’re not setting forth their conceptual models of how reality works – their theories – with the primary or even secondary intention of getting you or any other scientifically illiterate yutz to buy it. What they’re trying to do is put forward a critically impregnable appreciation of the observed phenomena so as to support their conjectures about causation, including predictions about what can be expected “…if this goes on.”

          You’re a lousy audience, and only a charlatan masquerading as a “scientist” would make any appeal to blithering ignorance. Witness the preposterous bogosity of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) fraud, in which the “climate consensus” quacks have concertedly evaded and even suppressed the critiques of their methods and contentions undertaken by colleagues in their own and allied disciplines, not to mention those voiced over the past thirty years by the rest of the scientifically literate world.

          (Their recent focus on public relations “messaging” yields a superb confession that – especially since the first Climategate release in 2009 – they’ve completely lost the battle to fake a presentation as honest scientists, and they’ve gone over utterly into “snake-oil salesmen” mode.)

          The Darwinian orthodoxy stands as such because it’s withstood hammering attacks made by educated, practiced, articulate, and otherwise highly qualified examiners. People of your religious ilk merely blather about refuting this theory (and God alone knows why you’re driven to do so) without ever so much as getting in the ring to throw a punch.

          Fourth, “Discoveries and evidence which challenge or disprove the theory of evolution are blacklisted and/or ridiculed.” Nah. As I’ve written previously on this thread, there’s never been any “evidence” yet presented to disprove the theory.

          The reason nothing proposed by the religionists to push “God Did It!” as an alternative gets into the scientific literature is that their Sad Sack excuses for “Discoveries and evidence” aren’t capable of being received as phenomena explicable only by divine intervention. When the “intelligent design” lamebrains come up with something they think could only be ordained by supernatural direction, it’s invariably something that’s already been observed by many hard-headed investigators well-practiced in scrupulous scientific method and found to be yet another confirmation of existing evolutionary theory.

          Much as those investigators would really liked to have found something in those observations to blow Darwin out of the water, not out of a desire to confirm faith-based bushwah but because the guy who overturns Darwin gets to practice backing away from the King of Norway with a Nobel Prize in his sweaty little hands, and his name goes into the books in BIG letters.

          Very lucrative book contract deals and speaking tours, too.

          Fifth, “…the research and claims of the creationists (i.e. creation scientists) are totally and absolutely suppressed” is kinda like saying that the tax attorney’s six-year-old daughter isn’t being allowed to publish her ideas about tax deferred annuities because they’re being purposefully “suppressed.”

          If the six-year-old kid could come up with some new and reliable way to keep Uncle Sugar from ripping off the private citizen, everybody would want to read about it, and specialist journals in the field would be baying for her to write up what she’s got, even if they had to receive the manuscript in Crayola on that coarse yellow preschool paper with the dotted lines in the middle.

          All the religious whackjobs have to do is present sound science on the subject, and the professional journals would fight each other like caged rats to get the manuscript.

          Knocking off Darwin? Gad, the editors of Nature would sell their grandchildren to a Turkish bordello to get that into print.

          But you and your fellow whackjobs haven’t been able to pull that off, and with your mindset so firmly stuck in “God Did It!” mode, you never will.

      • GALT

        god didn’t do it deliberately… was kinda like an “eureka” moment….not to be confused with the second one……….which really wasn’t…….

    • Paul B.

      Robert… there are wacko’s in every group… extremists with blinding ideology that do stupid stuff. You can’t deny that the left has more than it’s fair share

      But ours is not to generalize the whole based on a few “bad apples.” This si what I see the left do consistently. If any ONE member of a group is thought to be a bit of an extremist, suddenly the whole group and movement is considered to be identical twins.

      I have never thought the OWS was bad, but it was infiltrated and represented by anarchists, druggies and rapists as many events. Does that discredit the whole? NOT.

      Conservatives are bound not by social issues as much as by economic issues, smaller government, less restrictive policies for entrepreneurs, allowing people to keep more of their earned income, eliminating waste, fraud and the collusion of big business and DC. Controlling the markets with bought and paid for legislation is bad for everyone except the politically connected cronies. This is both parties, but only the Dems seem to think it is bad when done by Reps, ignoring every instance of similar activity, like by this administration and all the political paybacks the stimulus and green energy initiatives have COST US TAXPAYERS.

      It’s never DC that pays, it always ends up being us.

      Robert, you exaggerate twisted facts, you generalize points that aren’t even factually correct, you seem to only be able to see what the other side is or isn’t doing while ignoring any of the damage your party, full of Progressives idealists, is doing to the fabric that binds America to success.

      You want free stuff for everyone, no one having more than anyone else, demonize success and prosperity gained through hard work and a bit of luck. the problem is that you think everyone should be guaranteed success, regardless of effort. That success is only gained at someone else’s detriment, but that is the a big fallacy in the Progressive thought process, the concept of the closed system and a divided pie. The ability to generate wealth DOES NOT require the sacrifice or loss for someone else. The pie can be as big as needed to satisfy everyone’s needs.

      Liberal ideology, tempered with the controlling nature of the progressive, creates a compassion with hooks environment. It preys on emotion, creating a crisis, whose solution is further control, with an allusion of false security against a problem that was fabricated by them in the first place. the ultimate scam that many truly compassionate minions absorb as truth. The complicit media, coupled with Hollywood further the agenda, intentionally, and unintentionally, a mixture of which is difficult to separate, resulting in an overall destructive force that most Americans don’t agree with, but have limited ability to counteract.

      The Tea Party is an accumulation of conservative and libertarians who believe that freedom is a personal matter, not a matter of DC legislation. We believe more harm than good comes from being “guided” by policy rather than simply doing what’s right on a personal level, compassion is not what we do with “other people’s money” but what we do as individuals. Collectivism is a disease designed to marginalize individualism and is not what we believe to be what motivates people to be good citizen’s. When DC attempts to be everyone’s keeper, then people cease being motivated for success, and in that scenario, everyone losses. Producers become outnumbered by takers and the system collapses into something other than what is American in nature.

      We must eliminate the Progressive movement that seeks to destroy us from the inside, by limiting our individual rights for collective rights, creating an enslaved class that is more easily controlled because those elitists believe THEY know better for us than we do as we are simply a mass of fools looking for security versus freedom, neither of which can be dictated from DC through regulation and limitations placed on our individual rights.

      • GALT

        You can stop “paying” at any time…….then the actions of government will be of no consequence………

        Article One, section 8
        To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;—And

        To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

        Article 3, section 2
        The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority;—to all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls;—to all Cases of admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction;—to Controversies to which the United States shall be a Party;—to Controversies between two or more States;—between a State and Citizens of another State;—between Citizens of different States;—between Citizens of the same State claiming Lands under Grants of different States, and between a State, or the Citizens thereof, and foreign States, Citizens or Subjects.

        • Paul Whitfield

          Please remove me from the comment transmissions. There are too many to keep up with

      • GALT

        This site is NOT user friendly…….it is a business…..ALL MUSHROOMS must BE FERTILIZED…….

    • http://speedle speedle

      Man (Smith), would you learn how to spell? Reading your crap gives me a headache before I can even figure out what nonsense you are promoting.

    • Kate8

      Robert Smith – It’s tragically sad how you leftist sycophants lap up the fake stories that come out of the state owned media. The garbage you spew here daily is nothing but pure government propaganda against all things conservative, and you don’t even realize you’re being brainwashed.

      None of this stuff is true. What IS true is that your team wants to eliminate all dissent, and is, even now, rounding up military veterans and inventing continual fake stories to justify their NAZI tactics. But, of course, you buy it all.

      All of those events you mentioned were fake, too. False flags, which definitely hit their mark with people like you.

      It is YOU people who want to control everyone and everything. Those of us who are now being targeted by your messiah just want to be left alone. Here’s a news flash for ya: WE DON’T CARE IF YOU WANT TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN OR SLEEP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND. Just don’t legislate away our right not to participate, and don’t force it in the faces of our children.

      In your world, claiming your right to be perverse means eliminating anyone who doesn’t go along with you. In order to feel good about what you do, you have to ridicule anyone who wants to live by traditional standards of morality. You have to eliminate that which is good so that there is no contrast to your evil.

      YOU are the true fascists. NAZIs. Totalitarians. This cr*p coming from the Left demonizing TeaParties, militias and all things conservative is just that: CR*P. But you won’t know, because you will never take an honest assessment of who they are or what they are about. You choose, instead, the emotion-evoking lies you call talking points, and run with them.

      You are sad, my little man. Very sad. And if you and your ilk succeed, you will deserve the world that you get. We won’t be here to live in it, because we are the targets for elimination. The irony is that when we’re gone, you’re next. Your usefulness will have been spent, and you will become just another drag on the largess of the elite.

      On the other hand, if we win, you might just have to get a job. I suppose that would be a fate worse than death in your world.

      • OMann

        Amen, amen!!!

      • JeffH

        Kate8, that was beautiful!

      • JeffH

        Kate8, by any chance had you heard about Michelle’s little Alinsky quoted campaign speach yesterday? As you well know, Alinsky taught his proteges to “HIDE” their true goals by any means necessary.

        “Barack stood up that day,” talking about a visit to Chicago neighborhoods, “and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about “The world as it is” and “The world as it should be…” And, “All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do – that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

        Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals:

        “The means-and-ends moralists, constantly obsessed with the ethics of the means used by the Have-Nots against the Haves, should search themselves as to their real political position. In fact, they are passive — but real — allies of the Haves…The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means… The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be.“

        The Obamas really think that all America is as blind as the Obamaphiles and starry-eyed Democrats so as to not see through the Obama’s ‘touchy-feely, God and country’ charade – aware of their Marxist agenda and what they are really saying?

      • Kate8

        Yes, JeffH. The whole notion of life “as it should be” is nothing but an idea planted in order to sow seeds of discontent. Discontented people are angry people, and easy prey for those who would use them.

        There is an old wisdom saying, “Whatever we resist, persists”. The only way to ever initiate real change is to first accept things as they are. Life is about experience and learning, and what we refuse to fully experience will stay until we do, as how we choose to experience ‘what is’ determines where we go from here.

        When we live fully in the present, we can see all of the gifts it holds for us…things we miss when we are constantly trying to live in the past or the future. The past and future don’t exist…for they are just present moments which have gone or are not yet…

        Anyway, these are ways that evil men mess with people’s minds in order to accomplish their goals. I don’t know how to get people to see this, because they aren’t willing to see it. They seem to love playing the game as they are programmed to play it. That’s why they are called “useful idiots” by the very people who claim to care so much about them.

      • chuckb

        that will hold the bolsheviks until we get a rope, good one kate8

      • Matrix


        Very well stated.

    • Mikey

      Mr. Smith,
      There are often extremists whose deeds are labeled as the consenting view of an entire group. Again, you are stereotyping. Here’s a couple of facts that might stereotype the left:
      President Lincoln was indeed a Republican. Yes, a racist Republican freed the slaves, and precipitated a war in the name of that freedom.
      The KKK was the strong arm branch of the….you guessed it: the Democrats. Yes, you enjoy stereotyping those who support the constitution as being racist among other things. Yet, historical evidence show that the Democrats are the racists, doing everything they can to keep the members of minority races in crap schools, on welfare so they never learn to support themselves and earn self-respect.
      I am conservative, but I don’t condone the murder of an abortion doctor. He’ll have to answer to a higher power, it’s not my call. Don’t put me in the same group as murderers just because a murderer claims to have been conservative (or Republican, or TEA party, or any other group). Mr. Smith, your narrow mind and hatred will get you nowhere, and it’s people like you that keep people like us vigilant.

    • Matrix


      Don’t forget the 100% of wars in the 20th century where hundreds of millions were murdered were all from the right!
      Oops, I’m wrong, they were all leftist and progressive presidents, and please don’t include the hundreds of millions of aborted fetuses the good leftist, progressive, communist help to murder.
      From the left.


    • kkflash

      @Robert Smith

      Your post is useless. Citing examples of acts committed by deranged individuals as representative of conservatives is the same as saying because Obama is a proven liar, all non-white people are liars.

    • BUTCH


  • BT

    seems that this guy and hbo need a lesson in history and also to show that they will be be taken lightly people should boycot the dems that own or and remove the station from their tv if they dont remove the leftist ways before they dont have a company

  • Harold

    I need to watch it now. Fair and Balanced.

  • cawmun cents

    Your Asbergers is showing Smith.Cheers!

    • Robert Smith

      Really? Name calling? Smearing?

      Please be specific if any of my points are incorrect.


      • Publius

        Claiming political ideology is responsible for criminal behavior is fallacious. There is no strength in the science behind the claim. The Ku Klux Klan was Democrat, not Republican. There is no science to support the theory of evolution any more than the theory of creationism. The person should be given the right to choose what happens to their own body, including the unborn. Conservatives love the government that does what it is told to do and stays small so as not to become a means of taking away the peoples property and freedom. Rob I’m not calling you a name because name calling is the last resort of a losing argument. I believe in freedom of speech. Make your point.

      • RichardS

        Oops, you were born anyway. Go away troll

      • cawmun cents

        Smith….the words for you arent even going to do you justice.
        Off topic,red herring,fallacy…..I could go on but smearing…I dont think so.
        You have what is known as classic symptoms.
        But what do I know?
        Apparently very little……

      • Kate8

        More fake news being put out by Obama and co. He’s setting up a big false flag, and taking aim at conservative groups as the perps.

        It’s all black ops. Psyops. And the Left will lap it up.

        Get ready, people. The clampdown is about to be launched in earnest. Obama does not intend to to lose the election, not by hook nor by crook.

        This stuff is all staged. Always has been. Only when enough of us see it will it cease to work for them.

        Unfortunately, we have half the nation who doesn’t want to see it.

      • Kate8

        More on the coming staged event. Obama has given the approval to go ahead with it.

        When it happens, just remember it’s staged, just like all the others. Fake. It’s to manage our perceptions of what’s to come.

      • GALT

        Since there is no SCIENCE involved, there is no THEORY of Creationism…..

        A scientific theory must explain the EVIDENCE and be “falsifiable”.

        Faith, by definition, requires no evidence, which makes it “unfalsifiable”, therefor
        NOT science, and NOT a THEORY.

        In this world, logical reasoning demonstrates that it is not possible to disprove that for which “no evidence” exists…….which is why there is no “requirement” or “obligation” to
        do so……….the burden is yours…….although since ‘god” could have and still can clear all this up at anytime…… must wonder why there is such a deafening silence?

        It might just possibly occur to you at some point that given the sheer number of versions of the “one true god” ( and ignoring all the other metaphysical flailings ) that your CREATOR has been driven to “insanity” long ago, and is clearly suffering from severe multiple personality disorder?

        • Tucci78

          @GALT: “Since there is no SCIENCE involved, there is no THEORY of Creationism….. A scientific theory must explain the EVIDENCE and be “falsifiable”. Faith, by definition, requires no evidence, which makes it “unfalsifiable”, therefor NOT science, and NOT a THEORY.”

          I opine that the “intelligent design” kerfluffle (and why aren’t we talking about the super-intelligent purple space squid creators while we’re at it?) would go away right goddam quick if we simply did away with politically-run, compulsorily-attended, and coercively funded government schooling.

          Primary and secondary schools that taught creationism as central to the science curriculum would produce matriculants who’d bilge college entrance exams, and parents would avoid them like the plague.

          We’re discussing “creative destruction” in the marketplace, aren’t we?

          Okay, let the religious idiots go out there into the marketplace to get themselves destroyed.

      • GALT

        No doubt that is a fate that they seem insistent upon…..and it amazes me that they’re totally oblivious to the infinite “hypocrisy” they express with every expression of their religious convictions……

        1.) They are free to practice whatever moral convictions they choose…..they will be eternally rewarded for complying with whatever their fantasy requires……their ‘god” will judge them and me, not them because of me…….at least I had thought that we had gotten past the “adam and eve” corruption of the blood thing…….

        2.) While I admire their concern and love for me and my fate, I have clearly been given sufficient warning and have chosen to reject it……which means that it’s time to move on
        and actually let GOD be the judge…… ( or the alternative….which is they really don;t believe………and have to keep talking about it, not realizing that such action exposes them for the faithless idiots they are…..and GOD IS WATCHING!)

        It’s really too funny……

      • Jay

        Anyone who doubts the evangelistic nature of certain fundamentalist atheists ought to pay attention to the musings of Richard Dawkins on his own website.

        This from a comment (comment #16) he wrote to a Jerry Coyne post at earlier this year:

        “Michael Shermer, Michael Ruse, Eugenie Scott and others are probably right that contemptuous ridicule is not an expedient way to change the minds of those who are deeply religious. But I think we should probably abandon the irremediably religious precisely because that is what they are – irremediable. I am more interested in the fence-sitters who haven’t really considered the question very long or very carefully. And I think that they are likely to be swayed by a display of naked contempt. Nobody likes to be laughed at. Nobody wants to be the butt of contempt.”

        And so Dawkins advocates the use of ridicule and belittlement. How is this unlike a political party, fearing defeat on some policy debate, issuing a talking-points bulletin encouraging members to just make fun of the other side. Would anyone take such an approach seriously? Where I come from, such tactics are considered clear indicators of a lack of meaningful persuasive argument: “If I can’t rationally convince you, I’ll bludgeon you into agreeing with me using mockery and derision.”

        Maybe he is right. When I read his book, expecting to encounter some meaningful challenges to my faith, I was utterly disappointed. I found no such arguments. Maybe he can shame me into apostasy with ridicule. Ah, but, if I find his arguments less than compelling, and I am also unmoved by his wisecracks, then of course he has a handy category for me: I’m just one of the “irremediable”. Nice.

        Hey. Maybe it works the other way, too …

        Dr. Dawkins, wherever you are, listen to the masses of Christians laughing at you. Are you starting to believe yet? Keep listening; feel all that shame and embarrassment washing your atheism into oblivion. Is it working? No? Oh, I see — you’re irremediable, too.

      • GALT

        Given your understanding of “theory”, Jay it is clear that you are not capable of understanding that which would “be” compelling………..

        The Big Bang Theory explains the evidence of the explosion and has been improved over time, it also emerged as the best of three such theories, which are no longer considered, as there is no evidence to support them. This is a process and discipline which is fairly recent and it should be familiar because it is one which replaced the Ptolemaic Model (100 A.D. ) with the heliocentric model of Copernicus. (1512 )

        As you can see it required 1400 years to reach a point where some one questioned the Model but this was not the end of the fight, and the powers that be ( we won’t mention any names ) were so intimidating that the work was not published until he was dead. As it turns out, he was not wrong regarding the anticipated reaction to it……..enter Galileo who offered observations in support and paid the price for it in 1615 ( we won’t mention any
        names ) so a competing Theory was established but not settled, as his observations made things more complicated……….because he was still operating on another “assumption”, that the ( we won’t mention any names ) being perfect, had set things in motion and the paths were circular. ( circles being also perfect ) Btw, you will note that, even though we know the end result, there is a logical consistency to this point which seems perfectly reasonable………regarding the geocentric theory. ( The writing’s of Aristotle had finally made their way to Europe circa 1100 via ( we won’t mention any names ) Spain and the Berbers and were quite the rage as an alternative to Plato. )

        Enter Kepler, who between 1609 and 1619, published his three laws of motion, which solved the circle problem……. ( which probably was inspired by the question, “hey, what if they aren’t circles? )……….which “compelled” the “powers that be” to issue a retraction and FORMAL apology for the treatment of Galileo……….wait for it………in the year 2000.
        But hell what’s 380 years among friends……..

        On November 24, 1859 Darwin published Origin of Species, whereby the THEORY of Evolution was launched…… 1953 the structure of DNA was determined…….in 1990
        the Human Genome Project was launched and COMPLETED in 2003…….at this point, the only aspect of the Theory of Evolution which remains uncertain, is the PRECISE mechanism of Natural Selection………

        Now, while Dawkin’s and other’s may appear to you be somewhat “abrasive”, given previous history and the fact there are still many “ignorant people” still spouting “it’s only a theory” while trying to pass off creationism, as science…….what would you suggest as an alternative?

        The problem, or course, does not just reside with “ignorance of science”, it extends to the
        obvious internal contradictions which exist within the “religions” themselves…….and these are so absurd, that “so called and self proclaimed Christians” are CLUELESS with regard to the tenants of their own religion……….as well as the CONTRADICTION of the
        “supposed purpose” of religion, itself…….

        So, when you are ready to join the rest of us……..both as to the science, and the development of the “internal and logical consistency” that is and should be required for
        any “metaphysical philosophy” it will no longer be necessary to “ridicule” you……or point out that you are “insane and/or hypocrites”……….which I mean in the “nicest possible way”.

      • Kate8

        All of the intellectualizing we do about these subjects is nothing but parroting things we were taught, things which have been “discovered” by someone else, or things which have been interpreted by “scholars” of theology or science. We leave the observing to others more “learned”, and think we are so “educated” and “wise” in our acceptance of someone else’s ideas.

        What we believe about them is simply what we believe. Nothing more. No man is capable of knowing Truth because, it our present state of existence, Truth is unknowable. All we can do is observe the reflection of reality, and we can either accept what others “more knowledgeable” tell us, or we can make something up of our own. It doesn’t really matter. Scientists and theologians make it all up, too.

        If we enjoy the mental exercise, go for it. But just know that whatever our stance is, we’re full of cr*p. All of us.

        I do “believe” that there is a Supreme, Divine Intelligence which encompasses All. Such Intelligence must find us all very amusing, as we are nothing but HE contemplating Himself.

        Perhaps this is the Divine Joke.

        It is only WE who perceive ourselves as separate, and see things as duality.

        Remember, there is only One. Not two, but One.

      • GALT

        The question is not what you believe, but why you feel it is necessary “to believe”?

        There is what you know, that you exist, that you are alive….and you also have a better understanding of the conditions that support that existence, than at any point in history.

        So why is the fact that you exist, not enough?

        ( that it is not enough is something you also share will all who have come before………and they too found it necessary to “believe”….and constructed their beliefs to respond to their own understanding of the conditions………..and we have seen the results………so as a prelude to your response and your claim of “one” ( which is not true because many metaphysical philosophies still exist )………while only one can be right………they all can be wrong…….and since there is no evidence for any of them, what is the nature of your NEED that is any different from all that have gone before?)

        It is not an easy question….but it is a serious one.

      • Kate8

        GALT – I never indicated that I felt it necessary to believe. I don’t at all. It’s just that belief tends to be part of the human condition, in order for us to make order out of our lives. Try NOT to believe anything. I’ll bet you can’t do it, either.

        I guess the trick is to simply reserve judgment. As you said, to let it be enough to exist. But then, that really isn’t enough, either, is it?

        As for One, you don’t understand it’s meaning. I’m not talking about philosophies…they fall into the ‘belief’ category. I’m talking about Life, beyond duality. Not an easy thing to grasp.

        In any case, you needn’t concern yourself with what I, or anyone else, ‘believes’. Nor do I care what you ‘believe’. Belief sets the paremeters for how we conduct ourselves in life. Love is the only thing that truly makes any sense, and it seems the most difficult for humanity to call forth from within. Love is Life, and the “glue” that governs order and harmony. Perhaps, one day, humanity can let go of ‘beliefs’ enough to understand this.

        BTW, opposites are not two, they are one. The same, only differing in degree.

      • GALT

        actually, Kate…..existence is not only enough, it has to be enough……and when this realization finally occurs, then what you have indicated has a chance of being possible.

        That is why when you speak of something more it becomes very important what you mean by that………not only for you, but also because others have very specific ideas regarding it and this determines behavior: yours and theirs…….and also departure from behavior based on what we know……to what we are required to believe……and the degree of this
        separation from actions supported by evidence….to those required by belief can range from a minor deviation to an extreme one.

        No one believes in nothing, existence is self evident……so that condition is not possible, but it is the need for something more……that actually inhibits us, from maximizing what is possible…….within the reality we inhabit……and actually prevents what you have described
        from ever happening……..for there is no motivation to do so…..because there is something MORE!

  • Warrior

    “Progessivism” may be the worst plague in the history of mankind. Tens of millions have been afflicted.

    Garbage IN, Garbage OUT.

    Can you name the symptons?

    • Chester

      Warrior, and include CC in this as well, I hate to tell you this, but the symptoms of extremism of either variety are nearly identical. First is the absolute refusal to admit anyone on the opposite side might have a good idea. Second is the absolute refusal to compromise to reach a workable solution to anything. Does anyone remember words like “My way or the Highway/” Seems like that is the Tea Party’ s rallying cry any time congress convenes to vote on anything.

      • Warrior

        I can’t wait to hear about the “good ideas” you progressives haven’t informed us of yet. Do tell.

      • DaveH

        Chester says — “First is the absolute refusal to admit anyone on the opposite side might have a good idea. Second is the absolute refusal to compromise to reach a workable solution to anything”.
        Compromise, Chester? You mean that when you want to help yourself to our money and personal choices, we need to “compromise” with you? How Convenient. I would like to strip you of your Property, Chester, and give it to the poor in Zimbabwe. But I’ll “compromise” with you and only give half away.

      • DaveH

        Take your “good ideas”, Chester, and implement them in your own life with your own money. Stay out of our pocketbooks and our personal choices.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave, that’s what it comes down to. They want to force everyone to do as they see fit. It’s not enough for them to be able to choose for themselves, they want to decide for everyone! There is no more freedom in this country. You are only “free” if you’re willing to do as you’re told!

      • GALT

        Since it is totally within your power to prevent government from having access to your pocket book………why don’t you DO SOMETHING about it instead of complaining about a condition that is clearly self imposed and correctable at any time?

        Might this be “willful ignorance”…….because the MEANS are available?

  • eight1

    What did anyone really expect from Hollywood anyway! No one is 100% satisfied with their party’s platform … neither Democrats or Republican! But Barack and your Democrats are tearing down the very fabric of this great country! He has taken away more rights, imposed his will, threaten our Supreme court and circumvented the Constitution by the abuse of Executive Orders … totally ignoring the separation of powers! This arrogant dictator and the Democrats of his regime are are a threat to the very existence of of America as we know it. Defeat Obama in 2012 – Vote American! American values and the true free American before Barack! Vote No to the ObamaNatipn!

  • Steve

    If this is the best their best have to offer, they’re eventually going to be cancelled; and I don’t just mean their sad little TV programs.

    That sure sounds like a Beheading is being called for.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Watch out, Steve!!! They’re gonna come and get you and put you in the psych ward!!! You’re not ALLOWED to say that!

    • George P.

      “Beheading” – sounds like the Taliban.

      • Paul Whitfield

        How do I get my address off the list please?

        • Tucci78

          Mr. Whitfield:

          Please look at the e-mail you receive to provide notification of new comments in this forum.

          At the bottom of the message you’ll see a line reading “Want less email? Modify your Subscription Options.”

          The words “Subscription Options” provide a click-able link that will open a browser tab or window on your computer to a page that will enable you to discontinue your receipt of comments in this thread.

          The moderator(s) here don’t seem to want to extend you this courtesy, so….

  • eight1

    Vote No to the ObamaNation! Oh Mr.Smith I think you might want to get some psychological help! Your comments are well …. to use the professional term … Crazy!

    • Chester

      Eightt1, perhaps you should pursue counselling for that extreme attitude problem you have, sir. Accusing a man of being crazy because you don’t agree with what he has to say could be seen as cause to jerk your CC ticket, if not your license to own.

      • cawmun cents

        I dont know what you know sir…but I do not need a liscense to own.
        Nor will accusing someone merit taking away that which I do own…..otherwise politicians would never own anything.
        If you would like to come and try to take that which I own…you are welcome to make the attempt,however I do not take kindly to thieves and or tresspassers,so consider this a bit of a warning to you.
        I will not be bullied by your socialist tendencies,and I will defend my freedom and liberty unto death…..something I doubt you have the stomach to take from me.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone: Although HBO does sensationalize things plus they’re playing in left field alot of times; however, unfortunately they’re right on this account. Read these two items,especially, the latter one which will prove my point about the detriments that the Tea Party causes in general. Then Read plus take heed everybody. Farewell!!

  • http://yahoo gator

    smith, hey, where is oclahoma?; in kenya?

    • Mikey

      oclahoma, you mean our school system never taught him where Oklahoma was? Wow, wee nede too dump moor muney inta r skools!

  • Seeker1212

    Deception by our entertainers:
    I don’t think there are anything more despicable then a cable television network using an entertainment platform to spread a corruptive political agenda, but HBO has managed to reach those heights through deceptive practices to distort the facts and trample on the truths, all in the guise of entertainment.

    Over the years HBO has created some great made-for-cable movies, truly top notch entertainment, that is until recently when they introduced their most recent weekly series: “News Room” which started out with the first two episodes being real Bummers about a failed love affair which was real junk writing.
    Then they showed their real colors by turning political with the last two episodes demonizing the conservative political organization with the same distorted information flaunted by the present liberal trash mongers, under the guise of wanting to “Expose the Truth”.

    In one episode where they tried to portray Obama as the biggest friend to the NRA, and the conservatives as distorting the facts that the Obama administration is trying to trample on our second amendment rights, when we all know that the Obama administration is for legislating stringent gun controls, and trampling on our second amendment rights.

    This deceptive practice should not be tolerated, with this; I am canceling my subscription to all HBO programs, and asking all my friends to consider the same action.

    • Flashy

      “In one episode where they tried to portray Obama as the biggest friend to the NRA, and the conservatives as distorting the facts that the Obama administration is trying to trample on our second amendment rights, when we all know that the Obama administration is for legislating stringent gun controls, and trampling on our second amendment rights.”


      Care to enunciate any law or policy which this administration has proposed or implemented which limits any gun “right” ?

      Oh wait…I know. because he hasn’t proposed anything,means he’s hiding the “plan’. So we should all be wary and accuse him of limiting gun rights because he hasn’t done anything in limiting gun rights ….

      • nc

        Flashy, I find it difficult to understand why the gun nuts equate a need to somehow contain the senseless killing of entire families and/or groups of total strangers with guns is as an attempt to keep them from owing their 15th gun! OOPS! I think I answered my own question! They are NUTS!

      • Paul B.

        Look at all the anti-gun csars on his staff. Look at holder and his involvement in Fast and Furious which was intended to create a stir for gun controls. Lood at what Hillary, his SOS is proposing in the UN with the small arms treaty.

        Of course Obama isn’t going to be direct… he never wants to get his hands dirty. He pawned off ObamaCare, Financial reforms, etc to others so he can play mediator, the great compromiser but has yet to compromise on any issue of substance. Once he gets a deal, he backs out, asking for more, then whines to the public that the other side isn’t playing fair. He plays his victim card with regularity simply for public appeal, sympathy that the evil right is keeping him from being successful when in reality the right is simply guarding us from the evil he would do otherwise, if left to do his bidding.

        Reid has played perfect cover for our CIC, barring any negotiations of House bills, so Obama can say, “See, Congress is worthless, I’ll just sign this piece of paper and do what I want”, ignoring due process, or limitations on his authority to act.

        Of course Obama keeps his hands clean… that is the tactic of Liberation theology, the oppressor and oppressed, and he ALWAYS wants to be labeled as an oppressed to garner sympathy form the foolish who believe his rhetoric and tripe. He learned a lot more from Rev Wright than he will ever admit to, for that would be the end of his game. Fraud exposed, presidency and all the perks of being pseudo-king gone.

        Who pities this poor abusedl picked on fraud… no one in the conservative movement for sure.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        NC says — “Flashy, I find it difficult to understand why the gun nuts equate a need to somehow contain the senseless killing of entire families and/or groups of total strangers with guns is as an attempt to keep them from owing their 15th gun! OOPS! I think I answered my own question! They are NUTS!”.
        Not nearly as nuts as somebody who thinks anybody can shoot more than two (realistically One) gun at a time, no matter how many they have. OOPS!

        • Enrique

          Guns do not kill. Nuts do.
          Criminals can always get a handgun stolen or from the black market. More people are killed because they do not have a gun, than those killed by lunatics who should never be allowed to get one. I agree that before purchasing a hand gun, people should pass a psycological or psychiatric evaluation along with the checking of their police record. But limiting the purchase of ammunition on line or restricting the possession of weapons by law abide citizens is not the solution. If a crazy one kills 10 people, the leftist media is talking about it for days. But what about the cases when a handgun has saved lives and families? Not a single word about it. That makes me see the color of those journalists and the media behind those comments.
          If a drunken driver smashes a truck against a crowd, more people are killed by that than those killed by an armed nut. More people are killed by drunken drivers than those killed by armed lunatics. Should we ban the use of cars and trucks? And what about those killing with knives? Shoiuld we ban knives from our kitchens?

  • Paul Whitfield

    Ben, enjoy your stuff. Hard to believe that Davidson turned out a conservative. Question: why do so many otherwise intelligent people spout the progressive line? herd instinct? gotta be a reason so many are so wrong and obviously thoughtless, I have a TV/radio reporter friend who told me that may of the business are stupid and some are afraid. Howso and whyso?

    • Tucci78

      @Paul Whitfield: “…why do so many otherwise intelligent people spout the progressive line?”

      Indoctrination might help to explain it. Do you have any personal experience of college?

      The undergraduate years (almost without exception) amount to a concerted inculcation in the premises of political “Liberal” vocabulary and assumptions. Vanishingly few opportunities for exposure to countervailing opinions are permitted, and those few which appear are roundly condemned, even picketed and shouted down and driven off-campus.

      Those of us matriculating in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) suffer relatively less exposure to this brainwashing, possibly because we’re trained to be skeptical of preposterous idiocies, probably because we hold all the “squishy subjects” in contempt, but the people who go into the media study nothing EXCEPT the squishy crap, and never develop habits of critical thought.

      They can seem “otherwise intelligent” but in actuality they’re hapless suckers, particularly for anything peddled with the proper “Liberal” code words and sentiments.

      Your impression that they’re “intelligent” is false. Examine them carefully, and you’ll discover that they’re incapable of reasoned analysis in any area touched upon by “Liberal” political correctness.

      • Paul Whitfield

        Pls delete my address

  • Daniel

    Wow. That was highly articulate yet understandable at the same time. I don’t think Ben left any stone unturned. Good job on the article.

    • Flashy

      Great job. Shows the desperation of the right when a TV show is being used to lambast Moderates and the administration.

  • Mindy McGee

    I think we have lost the war. At least with TV. Reality TV isn’t really reality; it is may fool’s reality, and we have just graduated our youth to a new level of voyeurism. It used to be that all the things that are so engrossingly ghastly on reality TV were things that were maybe rumored about in polite society; and people were shamed, and ashamed to utter anything abou tit – now it is a train wreck for the youth and un-educated to watch. I think, my perspective is, we have lost our country to the media. When we watch it, we see what they want us to see. By having Americanized television we have only a limited exposure to the ghastly things occurring in the world, so people have no real concept of how great our country is in comparison – unless they hear it from a visiting foreign student, or were raised Mormon – which I have heard they send their male youth to spend their one year or two years (?) of dedication to humanity in a required third world or poor person’s world to minister, or as a missionary. Perspective is everything, and if kids today don’t know who George Washington was, don’t know how the Bill of Rights was established, much about the reason the U.S. was established in the first place – really don’t get what the original Tea Party was about – how this country was established -what that took, and consider what a short time ago it was done, all that was accomplished since, and how remarkable it makes this country above all others, and why it needs to be protected from Excessive Taxation, why we are losing our footing (lost our footing) as a country because we want things today that we can’t afford; (no budget thtat is reasonably close to being balanced) tha I fear we are lost. How those values were designed for checks and balances is to control unwieldy greed by the government. They (kids, youth, adults, the poor, the what’s in it for me society who live only for today, can’t think about the future – they appear to not have the luxury or education of what excessive spending costs us. We will not ever get the value of being an American, and protecting the simplicity needed from Government so this country can survive and rebuild it’s strength. We are doomed if someone doesn’t put their foot down and stop the flow of money we are printing, and start paying down the debt. It’s unconscienable the debt that has been added in the last four years along. I think we are already doomed. Just watch the fall of one of the greatest countries if we don’t get our s*** together and start being responsible.

  • MD

    I miss real Republicans.

    • nc

      MD. I think that the day the Lyndon Johnson political ad of the two hands(of Barry Goldwater) tearing the Social Security card in two pieces started the American people to thinking of what a danger Republican philosophy could be to their well being! Real Republicans once compromised for the greater good of all citizens! They are no more!

      • DavidL

        Yes sir.


        If you think a woman should be forced by the government to have the baby of a rapist or relative, vote Republican.

        If you think the rapist should have child visitation rights, vote Republican.

        If you think women should be a pre-existing condition and denied medical insurance, vote Republican.

        If you think, in the name of small government, a woman’s body and reproductive organs should be turned over to the control of the government, vote Republican.

        If you think children should be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition, vote Republican.

        If you think, because of inadequate or no insurance, it is okay for the over 900,000 Americans to go bankrupt each year because of medical bills, vote Republican.
        If you think it is okay that 120 Americans die every day ( 45,000 every year) due to a lack of health insurance, vote Republican.

        If you think it is okay to discriminate against women by paying them less for doing the same job as a man, vote Republican.

        If you think all adults should be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition or annual or lifetime caps, vote Republican.

        If you think the income tax rate of the wealthy should be reduced to 1% while selling out the middle class to pay for it, vote Republican.

        If you think the tax rate on capital gains should be zero and thereby relieve the wealthy from having to pay any taxes, vote Republican.

        If you think it is okay that the middle class be sold off to pay for more tax breaks of the wealthy, vote Republican.

        If you think it is okay to raise hypocrisy and incompetence to an art form by spending like a drunken sailor while in office claiming “deficits don’t matter”, and yell and scream about deficits when out of office, vote Republican

        If you think personhood begins at conception and thereby making illegal all abortion, contraception, and in Vitro fertilization, vote Republican.

        If you think the Medicare guarantee should be replaced with an UN-guaranteed dollar amount voucher with seniors picking up all future premium increases and costs, vote Republican.

        If you think it is okay to hide your tax returns instead of being open and honest with the American people, vote Republican.

        If you think it is okay to be on all sides of all issues and end up standing for nothing except self-promotion and greed, vote for Romney.

        If you think it is okay to pass voter ID laws specifically targeting minority and poor voters for disenfranchisement to win elections you may otherwise lose, vote Republican.

        If you think it is okay to create second-class citizenship by actively discriminating, in civilian and military life, against people because of their sexual orientation, vote Republican.

        If you think it is funny and okay to parade around at political rallies carrying placards with the monkey curious George on them when the President you are protesting is a black man, vote for Republican.

        If you think we can no longer afford the American dream, vote Republican.

        If you think it is okay for the current Republican Party, who supports and believes in everything listed above, to have control and influence in our Federal, State, and local governments, vote Republican.

      • DaveH

        NC says — “I think that the day the Lyndon Johnson political ad of the two hands(of Barry Goldwater) tearing the Social Security card in two pieces started the American people to thinking of what a danger Republican philosophy could be to their well being”.
        So you think the Social Security Ponzi Scheme has anything at all to do with Well-Being? First of all, NC, NOBODY has a right to take somebody else’s money “for their own good”. It is theft, that is all. If you think you know what’s best for somebody else (you couldn’t possibly) then make your pitch. If they accept your sell voluntarily, then fine. That’s true even if you do know what’s best for other people. YOU Don’t, NC. I wouldn’t trust you to take my money to the bank, let alone invest it.
        On top of that, all of the Social Security fund is now in Government Securities. That makes me feel safe. NOT!
        Social Security is just one of many scams that the PTBs use to buy votes from ignorant people.
        For those who want to be smarter than NC (not very hard):

      • DaveH

        DavidL says — “If you think the rapist should have child visitation rights, vote Republican”.
        What? Please provide some references to back up that conjecture, DavidL. It sounds more like something a wing-nut Liberal Progressive would advocate.

        DavidL says — “If you think women should be a pre-existing condition and denied medical insurance, vote Republican”.
        That’s up to freely chosen Insurance Policy Providers and their customers. Nobody else. If you don’t like their product then DON’T buy it.

        DavidL says — “If you think children should be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition, vote Republican”.
        Again, if you don’t like the terms of their policies, then DON’T buy them. Obviously, if Insurers were forced to pay for pre-existing conditions, nobody in their right minds would buy the insurance until they actually had a medical problem.

        DavidL says — “If you think, because of inadequate or no insurance, it is okay for the over 900,000 Americans to go bankrupt each year because of medical bills, vote Republican.
        They are going bankrupt because numb-nuts like DavidL allowed the meddlesome Government to get involved in our Health Care decisions and thus drove medical costs sky high. For those who want to be smarter than Liberal Progressives (it’s not hard):

      • DaveH

        DavidL says — “If you think it is okay to discriminate against women by paying them less for doing the same job as a man, vote Republican”.
        Again, Conjecture. If you don’t think you’re getting the pay you deserve, then look elsewhere or start your own business (if you don’t mind jumping through the myriad Government hoops meant to protect others from your Competition). But, above all, don’t be a fool like DavidL and expect that more Government involvement is going to do anything but further damage our economy.

        DavidL says — “If you think the income tax rate of the wealthy should be reduced to 1% while selling out the middle class to pay for it, vote Republican”.
        That’s just an outright lie on DavidL’s part. In fact the top 1% of income earners pay 36% of the Income Taxes:
        Hardly their “fair share”, unless you’re a Thief. But forget morality. The fact is that the people ultimately bear the burden of higher Government spending and taxes, because the business owners understandably must pass the higher costs on to their customers or their workers unless they’re in the business of losing money. So if you just have an unnatural desire to support the 1% (politicians and their politically connected buddies), then follow DavidL’s ignorant lead.

        DavidL says — “If you think it is okay to raise hypocrisy and incompetence to an art form by spending like a drunken sailor while in office claiming “deficits don’t matter”, and yell and scream about deficits when out of office, vote Republican”.
        Come on, DavidL, even you must be smart enough to know that the Government Spending on the Health Care Bill will have no previous equal.

      • DaveH

        DavidL says — “If you think it is okay to pass voter ID laws specifically targeting minority and poor voters for disenfranchisement to win elections you may otherwise lose, vote Republican”.
        If you think it’s okay for dead people, illegal immigrants, and people to vote more than once, then listen to immoral people like DavidL.

        DavidL says — “If you think we can no longer afford the American dream, vote Republican”.
        If you think that our only problem is whether the Big Government Progressives are Republican or Democrat, then you are ignorant enough to Vote like DavidL does.

    • Tucci78

      @MD: “I miss real Republicans.”

      The proceedings of this year’s RNC reflect the meatgrinder quality of “real Republicans,” and I can’t say that it deviates a smidgen from what’s been “real” for the Red Faction since I became an active participant in national politics back in the early ’60s.

      The Republican Party has from its inception advocated and implemented Alexander Hamilton’s and Henry Clay’s so-called “American System.” The best short expression thereof was Abraham Lincoln’s standard stump speech during his congressional campaign (as a Whig Party candidate) in 1832:

      “My politics are short and sweet, like the old woman’s dance. I am in favor of a national bank … in favor of the internal improvements system and a high protective tariff.”

      Parse it out. For “a national bank” we have the Federal Reserve System, which exists only to issue counterfeit (fiat) currency thieving away the value of the dollars in your pocket.

      For “the internal improvements system,” read pork-barrel government spending to favor politically connected contractors and other crony corporatists. Think “Solyndra” as well as “Halliburton.”

      And, of course, “a high protective tariff” translates as screw-the-consumer profit maximization for all business interests (not just domestic but foreign) who have a big footprint on K Street.

      Lincoln pursued those objectives throughout his career. Read his FIRST inaugural address (the second gets taught to us in high school, but the one he gave in 1861 does not). He initiated the War of Northern Aggression specifically to enforce the Morrill Tariffs.

      Which you also didn’t get taught about in high school.

      Believe me, you don’t “miss real Republicans.” You’ve seen nothing but “real Republicans” from the git-go, and they’re a thoroughly hateful bunch.

  • Chester

    If Ben is what you people call a “REAL Republican,” I feel sorry for the Republican party. With people such as you have leading the party now, and a platform full of hate for everyone not like the presidential candidate and his sidekick, you are seriously wanting to take this country back to where ONLY money had power, not the working man, No need including women in that, as under this new platform, about the only right they will have left to them is the right to vote, and I am still waiting for someone to drop the shoe that they are going to push for a constitutional amendment so that only white men with net worths in excess of five MILLION dollars will be allowed to vote on anything more important than dogcatcher.

    • kkflash

      If you really are a “working man” you have nothing to fear from the conservative political agenda. You’ll get paid what you’re worth for doing what you can do, and you’ll pay less tax to the overblown redistributionist government than you would under a liberal political agenda. Recognize that the basic difference is small government vs. big government, more of everyone’s money controlled and spent by government vs. less of everyone’s money controlled by them. If, on the other hand, you expect to receive more from the government than what you pay them in taxes, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. In that case, I can see why you’d vote for a liberal agenda. It’s a fact that government cannot put more money into the economy than they take out of it unless they borrow the difference, or create it from thin air. Either way, they are taking it from the people, pissing away 40% of it on administration, and redistributing only the remainder. That’s wealth destruction defined.

      • actual socialist

        ” you’ll get paid what you’re worth doing what you do ” are you out of you’re mind? conservitives in this countrey promote capitilism the basis of which is the maximazation of profits for those at the top the more they pay you the less they have simple logic really but why should i expect logic from someone willing to say ” all non-whites are lyiers ‘

  • David DeCoster

    Smith…. your an idiot ! You & your kind are nothing more than mind numbed robots that follow the mantra that YOUR handlers tell you to follow. I have tried to have a civil discourse with many liberals, including some brain dead family members from my wife’s side. The results are always the same… no logic, no facts, nothing of substance. Just the same old democratic talking points over and over. The day is coming soon when this idiot socialist pretender of a President will be ousted from office. I wonder what your so called occupiers and left wing, left over hippies from the 60′s will find to rally around then ? But wait, there is always something for you malcontents to bitch about, right ? Instead of being part of the solution, you entitlement morons are content to continue being a major part of the problem. Now go tune into Donna Brazil, and see what she wants you to say next…

  • Gus S. Calabrese

    Someday you will will advance ( you have the potential ) …. to 99IPPP and 99Sophont2 …. looking forward to seeing you there …. 99guspuppet

  • Bob Loblaw

    How badass is it everytime you hear the President’s middle name? That’s power right there.


    Truth is found many ways, usually by making people think for themselves. My mother a poor ignorant women with a third grade education, had more common sense than most in the media today. She taught me on important thing. Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. It has served me well. So start by not believing anything government tells you, PROVE it for yourself. This way you have a better chance of making a better choice. Always listen without emotional bias, and listen carefully to what they say. They always use words with multiple meanings. Fake is what they call it, so then what is real? I listened to what was said and it might not have been news but for the most part the statements ring true. Truth is the perception of those hearing it!! If you are ignorant on how this country was created to run, then yes you will have a hard time recognizing truth.
    God bless America.

  • DaveK

    Try to remember way back before we invaded Afghanistan. The Taliban used to run the country with an iron fist. They were more like Nazi’s than terrorists. They were fundamentalists, relying on their “bible” to beat the crap out of everyone who would disagree. Women were second class citizens that could be punished at a husband’s whim, or even killed for suspected infidelity.

    Now try to think of the future, where the Tea Party is in control of this country. Do you see any similarities?

    I have never seen the HBO show in question and I assume it is sensational but I’m also sure that it makes some valid points if what was described here is accurate. The tea party was started by some good well meaning folk, but after the Koch brothers took over, it became a community organizer for the rich. The early Tea’s seem to not realize that it is not there party anymore, but charles and david koch’s.

    • The Christian American

      I know hindsite proves nothing if you learn by it. but if all the conservative groups, Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, Tea Party and all the rest had gotten behind Ron Paul and he gave up on the Rublican wing of the Republicrats, Ron Paul might of been on ballot. Now we’ve got two mad cats in a bag and the people watching the show. The country wasn’t founded by Republicans and Democrats but it will sink with them.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Ariviste

      You have absolutely no idea who the Tea Party is. I will try to explain, but I don’t really expect you to understand because you have no intention of using your common sense or look at it with an open mind. My Tea Party group, as all the others, are common, everyday Americans who think this government is on the wrong track, economically, educationally, and morally. My group consists of teachers, firemen, engineers, professors from the nearby university, retired businessmen and other well educated people. There are no radicals in the group. We know our history and our Constitution, and we learned it back when we got a real education in our schools. Some of us are more successful than others, but we don’t look at a person’s wealth, or lack thereof, as an indication of his/her personal worth. We judge a person by his character, and not by his race and indications to the contrary are liberal lies. We want a better country for us and our children and grandchildren and are willing to do our part to make it happen by participating in our government. Our country is badly off track and we need to get it back on track. You are totally ignorant about people in the Tea Party and you should be shamed of yourself. Get educated about what is really going on. You might change your mind and attitude.

  • Thomas

    Mr Crystal, you quoted the following from Sunday’s final episode of “Newsroom”.
    “Ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by new information, a hostile fear of progress, a demonization of education, a need to control women’s bodies, severe xenophobia, tribal mentality, intolerance of dissent and a pathological hatred of the U.S. government. They can call themselves the Tea Party. They can call themselves conservatives. And they can even call themselves Republicans, though Republicans certainly shouldn’t. But we should call them what they are. The American Taliban.”

    What about this monologue is wrong?  If I were to disagree with any part of the quote, I would say “a demonization of PUBLIC education”.  Their love for charter schools is not because of their love of education and the welfare of the general population of students.  The plan, and Republicans or the Tea Party always play the long game, is to pull money out of the public schools, and redirect it to charter schools.  Then with less revenue, but still having to provide the same services as before, the public schools fall short.  At that point the right will point at these results and say “See, just like we said, public schools can’t do the job.”. Their part in that future failures will never be acknowledged.  The truth is, now that more hard statistics are in,   charter schools overall have not been the success they have painted as.  The educational reality is that the public schools in this country has had the greatest return on investment of anything we have put money into.  Some changes need to be made, but defunding is not the answer.  

    The Tea Party IS the American Taliban.  When it started it may have been all about taxes, but the movement has been hi-jacked by groups that are so ultra-right, they would not accept Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan into their ranks.

  • The Christian American

    A lesson for all of us. In the weeks leading up to the Spanish American war, the war of 1898. The battleship Maine went to Havana Cuba. While there it suddenly blew up killing most of the crew. The Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hurst, decided to take advantage of the situation. He was all for the war. He sent the painter Frederick Remington to Cuba to “paint the battles”. When Remington got there, he saw no battles so Remington cabled to Hurst “there are no battles to paint”. Hurst sent this infamous cable back to Remington “You paint the battles. I’ll supply the war”. He used the sinking of the Maine to get the war drums beating. Although the explosion was caused by putting the powder magazine against the same wall as the boiler room causing the explosion, he blamed the Spanish. History repeated itself with the sinking of the Lusitania and the ship in Viet Nam. The Zionist tried to use the USS Liberty in 1967 to get us on their side against Egypt. The pen really is mightier than the sword. Reagan use to say…”Trust, but verify”.

  • 45caliber

    I’ve never seen the show and have no intention of ever seeing it. For one thing, why would I wish to see a show about a show? And I have little interest in seeing a liberal show anyway. They tend to make me realize just how juvinile they really are.

  • Rudi Blas

    Actually, that episode of The Newsroom sums up the Tea Party exactly to a T, The only items they left out are your woeful ignorance of Constitutional matters, and the fact that you are all insane. Your reaction is predictable.

    Since the rise of the T Party movement, I have never been so afraid for the future of our nation, particularly the middle class. The T Party is a bunch of suckers for the agenda of the billionaires who are pulling your puppet-strings.

    • kkflash

      If keeping more of your own hard-earned money makes you a sucker, then call me lollipop. You can vote for increasing the size of government if you want, and trust the lying SOB’s to deliver all the benefits they promised. But, their track record up to now has been lousy, so I’ll vote for personal liberty and responsibility, and smaller government every time.

  • S.C.Murf

    Jesus said that in the last days the air ways (radio, tv, movies etc) will be ruled by satan, all one has to do is look and listen to see and understand that this is so true today. Sad to say that people like flashy, chester, robert smith are so lost and on satans side that they believe anything and everything they hear and see. Your time in this realm is limited and every day you are making your choice, so when you stand in front of Jesus don’t try and con him because He already knows your heart, and you will be dismissed forever. How this all turns out has already been written because God knows mans heart and the fact that he will not turn from evil

    up the hill

    • http://none Charlie

      S.C.Murf,,, You got that a little off ,,,can you quote scripture to get things back on schedule and Truth ??? King Jesus conquered Satan at The Cross,,,AND ,,IF,, We do what The King and His Key Man said , We can also conquer The Devil and his demons …
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 I S salvation …

  • WriterRay

    Ideological rigidity, partisan back-door kickbacks to buy votes, a fundamental belief in governmental largesse, lib-made doctrine over God-ordained scripture, undeterred by fiscal incompetence, a hostile fear of facts, a demonization of reason, a need to control the populace through regulation and end-runs around Congress, tribal welfare, intolerance of any view other than their own while boasting that they alone are the beacons of tolerance, and a pathological hatred of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They call themselves progressives. Some will even call themselves liberal. But we should call them what they are: The Anti-America.

  • FreedomFighter

    The half baked idiots on TV are creating controversy to cover the real news, so you and everyone else dont know it:

    “They want to silence their critics, prove that talk show hosts are causing hatred, and that all gun owners are behind the recent shootings. That’s at the heart of the plan. But to understand just how insidious this is, you’ve got to understand the people who are behind it.”,,,

    “These are some sick people, mental rapists and perverts, who she’s brought in to her innermost circle. They make Caligula look like a boy scout, at least with power and sex. Well, one of those people, close to Napolitano, was involved in a meeting where the concept and approval of a false flag was being discussed.”…

    DHS Source: “It’s going hot”

    Its all distraction, we are being setup.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Franz

    More regurgitation of the false left-right paradigm. Left attacks Right in HBO’s “The Newsroom,” ridiculously. Then Right attacks Left in this article, without giving credit where credit is due on some points well made in the show (like their criticism of British Petroleum and the way they engineered the oil disaster in the Gulf.)

    The solution: step out of the Left-Right paradigm engineered by the social mind controllers working for the financial oligarchy of the world. Step into an understanding and awareness of how you, the information consumer, are being played like a fiddle to divide you from your fellows and conquer you and eventually KILL you off.

  • Bruce

    I am a liberal who is desperately trying to understand conservative thinking. So maybe you can help me.

    When, as parents, we correct our children’s misbehavior, discipline them for their misdeeds and compel them toward alternative and more constructive behaviors, we are correctly said to be performing our parental duties out of love. Nobody accuses us of “hating” our children. And yet when we similarly point out our country’s shortcomings — motivated by that same sense of love and stewardship — conservatives brand us as “America haters.”

    Conservatives love to wrap themselves (at least selectively and publicly) in Biblical principles, but MY Bible is quite clear about commanding me to clean up my own affairs before I criticize those of others — so it’s confusing to be admonished by a conservative, “Oh, you’re so quick to ‘blame’ America, but why are you so silent about THIS or THAT foreign country?”

    In excoriating Will McAvoy’s rant about America in “The Newsroom,” you carefully and deliberately left out the signs Mackenzie held up that showed that she AND Will agreed on the content of that rant NOT out of “hate” for America but out of love for it — and its infinite potential for greatness. At the Northwestern forum, McAvoy was asked, in effect, “Is America the greatest country on earth?” The signs gave the proper response: No, it’s not — BUT IT CAN BE!

    Me — and Aaron Sorkin — America ‘haters’? Nope. Just the opposite. Just as with our children, we can’t fix problems until we first define them. We do it out of love, and we do it knowing full well that we’ll be erroneously libeled as “haters” by people like you. Just as when I served my country proudly in uniform, there is no greater love.

    • Franz

      Very good points I agree with, Bruce. That to me would constitute true liberalism, as in Jeffersonian liberalism. The term “liberal” is today bastardized beyond recognition.

      • Bruce

        Exactly, Franz, and thank you. Actually, Will McAvoy — as Sorkin writes him — embodies the Republicanism I remember as a child: great patriots such as Dwight Eisenhower and Everett Dirksen who always put their country ahead of their party and weren’t afraid to call it on its faults and shortcomings because they knew it could be better. Those great men would have no place in today’s Republican Party, which has been taken over by the ideological heirs of the old Southern Dixiecrats. Heck, even Barry Goldwater (“You don’t need to BE straight to SHOOT straight” and “Every good Christian ought to kick Jerry Falwell’s a**!”) would be too far left for today’s Tea Taliban.

        • Jeff

          You’re exactly right. The Republicans have become an insane religious party. They like to talk about fiscal responsibility, but what they really care about is tax cuts, deregulation of business, and control of women’s bodies. Even the immigration issue is phony. The Republicans are after the anti-immigrant sentiment amongst the base.

    • kkflash

      Our country is not a child, nor is it run by children, so your metaphor is lost on me. Your generalizations about conservatives are also untrue, which makes the rest of your post pretty worthless for discussion purposes, too. However, I see a grain of hope in that you appear to be concerned about the state of the nation, and profess a love of country. If that is so, how can you support the political status quo, which has made a shambles of the principles on which the country was founded?

  • Enrique

    Unfortunately, what we see these days makes me remember the fall of the Roman Empire. Like Rome, we used to be the mightiest power in the world, the richest and most respected one. Now, we are the fun of the world, no honor, no patriotism, no proud. The greatest power in the world is unable to defend herself from enemies inside. Under the disguise of “liberalism”, communists (yes, in lower case) , anti-Americans of all kinds, atheists that want to uproot our traditions and family values, Muslims who under the pretense of their religion hate us and come to these lands to conspire against us and try to dictate their shariah and barbaric customs to Americans, we have lost our values and have been blinded by socialist rhetoric.
    To atheists I say: if there were not a God, there would not be atheists to deny His existence.
    To atheist scientists I say: if there was only a casual Big Bang, who created it? And if time did not exist before the Big Bang, why do you use the word “before” which means by itself “time”?
    Make no mistake, friends. I lived under a communist regime and know their tricks, how, little by little they go chopping liberties, one by one until one day you wake up under a communist regime. They infiltrate the media, the schools, even create fake religions and churches, they infiltrate churches, government offices and posts. Some fools say there is no real danger, because the American commuinist party is nothing and a ridiculously small party. But the danger is not there. The danger is on those who are not members of that party, but share their ideology and goals and pretend to be only “liberals”. The danger is on the fellow travelers and useful fools who are blinded by the venom of the leftist propaganda. We have to get rid of the leftist teachers who infect our schools and universities and brainwash our youth. We have to understand that the moment a religion becomes a political tool and a source of anti-Americanism, it should be recognized as such and we have the right to protect ourselves from such “religion”.
    God save America!

    • Tucci78

      @Enrique: “Unfortunately, what we see these days makes me remember the fall of the Roman Empire. Like Rome, we used to be the mightiest power in the world, the richest and most respected one.

      Also as in the decline of the Roman empire, we’ve been seeing massive currency debauchment – we call it “inflation” as the Federal Reserve System creates digital “dollars” out of thin air to thieve away the value of the dollars in your own wallet – to wreak havoc in the productive sector of our society.

      Ever taken the trouble to consider Austrian School economic theory of the trade cycle?

      Having myself lived through the Carter Malaise of the late ’70s – in the course of which my father (with his MBA, much better educated in Keynesian mainstream economics than I) was shocked to see “stagflation,” which he’d been taught was flatly impossible – I went hunting for some explanation of how this…er, stuff…had hit the fan, and found it in the Austrian School economists – Henry Hazlitt, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard – and I invite you to examine the works of these scholars.

      • kkflash

        The common saying is “money is the root of all evil.” The source of the saying is the Bible at 1 Timothy 6:10, which actually says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” In our society, it may be paraphrased as “Money backed by nothing but the promise of a corrupt government is the cause of all our economic woes.” An unsound currency, controlled by evil, money-loving thieves, is systematically tranferring all wealth and power into the hands of a privileged elite. Liberals think this process will be stopped by giving a progressively greater share of our personal production over to the control of government, though the logic of this defies all reason. Conservatives believe that this process can be stopped by reducing the size and scope of government, and keeping more money in the private sector, but this too is a fallacy, for it only slows down the theft. It does not prevent it. Only when our medium of exchange is backed by something of real value will the theft end, and our economic problems be solvable.

  • http://liberty Tony

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen: Check out some more antics from the Tea party and should make you think twice before supporting . Later on!!

    • eddie47d

      I didn’t think Repubs were racists? Opps well maybe so or just more of their sick humor.

      • Paul Whitfield

        Pray tell me where the word “delete” is that you refer to in this message

  • Chuck

    Rush LImbaugh said something like the West Wing was the liberals pretending they had the presidency and The Newsroom is the liberals rewriting the news the way they want it to be. Since The West Wing was on 1999-2006, he was apparently talking about the way it was after Jan, 2001..

    • Franz

      Rush Limbaugh is about as credible a commentator on the real issues as Bill Maher, both shills to the New World Order, both posing in their “camps,” promulgators of a false divide. Step out of it, people. It’s nothing but bull-crap.

  • Dixie Suzan Davis

    If this bum is a news anchor, weigh him carefully, and if needs be feed him a 12 course lead laden dinner. Then take him down to a long ocean pier and toss him off into the sea.

  • Justin57

    I’ve concluded that hard core liberals are easily the most intolerant, hypocritical and arrogant people on the planet. Sadly, this attitude is taught by many of our “educators”.
    Indoctrination is a mindset thus liberals are completely close minded.

    • Franz

      Justin, they’re not really “liberals.” They are sycophants to a false unprincipled paradigm, knee-jerking everything they hear in the mainstream. Neocons are no better, but each hate the other, and that’s just how the social engineers planned it decades ago.

    • deerinwater

      I’ve never met such a person as you describe. ~ Where do you met such people?

      • worldpuppet

        I have met hard core, anti-freedom ==> liberals , conservatives , Demopublicans, Republocrats , supporters of Rombama, Obamney …. all those tribes

  • SJJolly

    “… has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education.” Hard to believe that anything short of a medevial torture dungeon could have done so much damage.

    • http://none Charlie

      SJJolly,,, that’s pretty good ,only 2 decades ? some never get out of their brainwashing because one has to understand that one is unaware that one is unaware to start becoming aware of “”Truth”””…. But during the mean time…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

    • Deerinwater

      LOL! funny SJJOLLY ~ I’m not convinced that he “got it” in the first place. But clearly Ben is getting more creative and testing the ice to see how far reality can be pushed.

      I don’t know the person Bed is writing about but i know Ben”s hatchet work anywhere.

  • william j. patten

    Ooops! I think Sorkin has hit the republicans/tea party’s last nerve. The actual use of historical facts adds credibility to the show’s producers arguments. The American Taliban do not like when you shove these facts in their face and are “embarassed” by their own rhetoric. As is abundantly evident in this opt ed rebuke to the show, there is not even a valid/good argument forthcoming from this writer who debases his own self by making statements like the one about Sorkin being a “crack” smoker. How stupid, even childish, and obviously he is leading all the tinoff down the road like the pied piper to oblivion. I for one am glad that the show is holding them accountable for their outrageuos statements and policies against the average U.S. citizen. Who do they think they are kidding. Not the majority my friends as we do think and see through the cynical and downright evil they espouse. It is truly all about their power sharing with corporate big interests to get what they want at the expense of everyone else. I for one will not have it. And yes, the lady should be allowed to vote freely. They have tried to silence her and they will NOT.

    • gunner221

      Well William, if there is such a thing as an American Taliban, it would be on the left. Who else wants a huge government, massive welfare systems and loss of personal freedom. Who else is advocating sharing the wealth as your hero, obama wants? Since Obama got into office the economy has tanked and employment remains above 8%. Do you think the country is more united or divided than ever before. Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their elk have nearly destroyed the economy of this country. Obama care is a fiasco The CBO has upgraded the cost to the nation and it’s far higher than anything Obama said. But, you know that Pelosi said that if we wanted to know what was in the bill, then it has to be passed first. Sound like democracy to you?. Would you sign a contract just to see what is in it?

      • actual socialist

        The founding princeible of the taliban is religious fundementillism now which party do YOU think leans more towards religious fundementillism? republicans or democrats

      • Tucci78

        @gunner221: “…if there is such a thing as an American Taliban, it would be on the left. Who else wants a huge government, massive welfare systems and loss of personal freedom”?

        The overtly religious taint (as observed by actual socialist at 11:28 PM on 30 August) is on the right wing of our big bipartisan permanent incumbency, but when you get down to facts, the presumption that secular salvation resides in government-as-Santa-Claus – the basis of all “Liberal” fascist policies and proceedings – is just as disconnected from factual reality as is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

        Haven’t the slaughtering savageries of the 20th Century proven that socialism not only doesn’t work but that (as Ludwig von Mises established so decisively in
        Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis
        back in 1922) it cannot possibly work, now or at any time in any conceivable future?

        What can you call anybody who fervently believes in the flatly and demonstratedly impossible other than religious fanatics?

  • Mad Max

    Who cares! We have real problems to solve. We have to stop waiting for Democrates and Republicans to save us.


    U.S. Citizens
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    Non U.S. Citizens
    Read “Common Sense 3.2” at ( )

  • DaveH

    Flashman says — “we kinow without dispute the following. Waco involved a UPS driver having a package break open revealing components for hand grenade casings”.
    What we know without dispute is that Flashman lies and equivocates:
    From the article — “Davidians had a profitable legal gun business. Davidian Paul Fatta was a regular at Texas gun shows, selling everything from camouflage clothing to military-type ready-to-eat meals, gun grips, and weapons. The Davidians also sewed “David Koresh” brand custom-made magazine vests for sportsmen, shooters, and lawmen and sold them at gun shows. Among the products they marketed was souvenir plaques made of inert and legal hand grenade casings mounted on wood.

    • nc

      DaveH, you asked if receiving social security contributed to a persons “well being”! Instead of reading your one book and quoting it ad nauesem why don’t you go out and ask the millions who experienced a better ‘WELL BING” FROM THE SMALL BUT WONDERFUL CHECKS EACH MONTH FOR LIFE PRESERVING NECESSITIES! Those real poor American citizens who don’t have the talent, education and money to be players in the MARKET PLACE.


      • kkflash

        Well, nc, you economic genius, let’s see if we can figure out the answer to your question. Since Social Security gets all its money for its monthly distributions from collections from current workers, the amount entering the economy from the checks you describe should theoretically equal the amount leaving the economy in deductions from workers paychecks. (in 2010, it was about $725 billion.) The net effect on the overall economy should therefore be zero. Unfortunately, we have this behemoth called the Social Security Administration that gets in between the collections and the distributions. In 2010, the SSA spent $6.525 billion dollars doing nothing more than taking it in from workers and paying it out to beneficiaries. That amount does not count the billions of dollars in time and effort employers have to spend to collect, pay and account for all that redistribution. None of any of those costs produces any valuable goods whatsoever. It does, however, get factored into the cost of every single thing you buy, thus raising everyone’s cost of living, and correspondingly lowering their standard of living. So, the net effect of Social Security on the overall economy is NEGATIVE. The government sucks more out of the economy than it puts back in, as it always is with government programs. So, you liberal twit, it is you and your intellect-challenged Keynesian Democrats who are unequipped to deal with the economic problems facing us.

  • Tucci78

    @Kate8: [Our Kenyan Keynesian] “…He carries the name Hussein, which is allowed only to those of royal middle eastern blood.”

    Er, what? His father – the goatherder who grew up to be a socialist apparatchik in the Kenyan government – had the middle name of “Hussein,” and when Stanley Ann named her by-blow in honor of the child’s averred sperm donor, that’s how our Hopenchangey Hubshi got the appellation.

    (I get this picture of Stanley Ann Dunham – who was sleeping around a bunch with “disadvantaged” swains – as a leftie-luzer version of the Ozark hillbilly gal who was asked by her Maw the name of the yokel who’d gotten her with child, and responded: “Waal, whin y’walk throo th’ briar patch, how’dya know which one of ‘em scratched ya the deepest?”)

    @Kate8: “That being said, Romney serves those same global interests and would not be much better.”

    Might could be a boatload worse, in fact. All indications are that the Romnhoid will in no way deviate from the standard Keynesian formulae (and the perpetual Republican dedication to currency counterfeiting; recall the Nixon shock culminating on August 15, 1971, with his out-of-nowhere declaration that he had summarily “closed the gold window”?) that has gotten the world’s economies into the mess we’re presently experiencing.

    May I recommend to you J. Neil Schulman’s 1979 (i.e., Carter-era) novel Alongside Night, which the author maintains accessible on the Web in its entirety?

    It can be expected that the “establishment” kakistocracy of the Republican Party will – through the Etch-A-Sketch – continue its malfeasance-as-usual policies in the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government, and the catastrophic downfall of our national economy will occur, Hoover-like, on their watch.

    I figure that the mid-term elections of 2014 will put the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP) in solid control of the 114th Congress, and Willard the Wuss will dance hand-in-hand with his “bipartisan” buddies right off the proverbial cliff.

    The result of this will be to stick the Republican “brand” with the first Great Depression of the 21st Century.

    Ain’t that just peachy?

    “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for. As for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican.” [H.L. Mencken]

  • unclewbarry

    My wife and I have enjoyed watching The Newsroom. We’ve watched every episode. We liked the plot. The characters and their interaction. The script. The acting. The sets. The back stories. All along she repeatedly voice her misgivings about the show being “so” liberal. I kept saying, “yeah, I know. but give it a chance.” I kept thinking that since the show was using real news for their stories that sooner or later they would have to come around and “report the news from the conservative point of view”. But no, not once did any character utter a single conservative word. And once again my wife would say, “see?, see?, see? The show is totally biased. Completely and totally liberal (with a capital L). This last episode didn’t just prove me wrong and her right. This last episode, the season finale, the final line did it for me. “The American Taliban”. I realized that they would never come around, never tell the story from the Tea Party pov. Never show or say that The Tea Party are just ordinary citizens who were finally and totally fed up with the federal government growing, controlling and spending more and more of the peoples money—so much so that “we the people” can no longer afford the federal government.
    Just as soon as we heard that last line—we turned to each other and said—”never again, we are done watching the newsroom”.

    • gunner221

      Ok, unclewbarry, you are perfectly correct. Glad to see your comment.

  • James

    142 responses and all about a television show.

  • actual socialist

    Quick queston how come HBO can,t mock the tea-party but FOX can mock ows

    • Vigilant

      Quick answer: Freedom of speech. Who’s censoring HBO?

      • actual socialist

        Who’s censoring fox?

  • sam1966

    Why is it that a yahoo reporter can say that Romney would like seeing African Americans drown? Also the ows are just a bunch of looney libs. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

    You need both love of country and fear of God t be a patriot.

    • actual socialist

      Mitt Romney has more then proven he dosn’t care the less fortunate and i HIGHLEY doubt you have the guts to actually go to a ows camp and find out what they are really about

  • gunner221

    Now that the Tea Party is a national force, we see those who are scared to death of it trying to destroy it anyway they can. The Tea Party is not out to destroy anything, Just to bring this government back to the Constitution. Smaller government and more personal freedom. Exactly the opposite of the left. The success of the Tea Party has caused panic in the left which is why you see all the violence, name calling and dirt slinging coming from them. They can’t handle a reasonable discussion. Just watch MSNBC or any of the media, except Fox, and the bias is overwhelming.

    Opposing their belief system causes instant foaming at the mouth. They shut down their brains and launch into attack mode. Just try and sit down and have a reasonable discussion with a liberal. It just doesn’t work out. They get mad, rude, shut the process down because they have no reasonable answers for the questions asked.

    But we will win the government back and get this country on the path the Founding Fathers wanted. Can’t wait until November.

    • Jeff

      The Tea Partiers nearly destroyed the US economy by playing chicken with the debt ceiling. The downgrade in US Bonds was not because of Obama but because of all the irresponsible talk by people like Michele Bachmann and the fact it was well-received in the Republican House of Representatives. Even Boehner recognizes many in his caucus are “knuckle draggers.”

      • gunner221

        Jeff, Jeff, are you serious? Michele Bachmann caused bonds to be downgraded? Can you back this up with facts? Don’t you think it was more based on the huge debt Obama, Reid and Pelosi have pushed this country. Look at the so called stimulus. How much of that did you receive? Still waiting for my share. Where do you think that money went? It bailed out those who helped get us in the mess in the first place. There was already a plan for them to handle the debt they created. It’s called bankruptcy. Those banks and corporations could have reorganized their debts under bankruptcy law.

        But no, Bush and Obama just had to give them all the money they needed. They were rewarded for stupid decisions. Bachmann had nothing to do with that. And that is a big part of the debt we are now in. Bush started it but Obama caught the ball and ran with it.

    • DaveK

      What about the 16 trillion? How are you going to pay that back? It is interesting how you say “just watch msnbc” recognizing that it is liberal, then add or any other… The media, gunner221, is not liberal. They are all owned by big corporations. It’s true that msnbc has some very liberal shows/hosts, but even they have some conservative shows. All the other media is center right; they have some liberals working for them, but management is conservative and it shows. Fox is just soooo right, that anything else appears liberal. News is a tough business.

      • Jeff

        Here’s where the deficit came from. Despite wingnut fantasies, Obama is responsible for relatively little of it.

      • Dave

        Dave, I appreciate your response to my comment. You have valid questions and I will do my best to answer them. It’s getting very late here where I am, so please forgive me if I have to wait until tomorrow, Have to put the twins to bed. Again, I will get back to you and I do thank you for responding to my comment. That is the only way civilized people can debate problems. Take care and I will get to you tomorrow.

    • Tucci78

      @gunner221: “The success of the Tea Party has caused panic in the left which is why you see all the violence, name calling and dirt slinging coming from them. They can’t handle a reasonable discussion.”

      Not only “in the left,” but among the Republican Party “establishment” as well. Or haven’t you noticed the rules changes machined by the party’s owners (no other word for ‘em) to prevent anything like genuine grassroots participation in future national conventions?

      This goes way beyond their recent lying, scheming, sonzabitchedness to prevent Ron Paul delegates from being seated at the convention, to prevent Dr. Paul from being nominated so that his candidacy could even be voted upon, and – above all else – to keep Dr. Paul away from the speakers’ podium to voice the real constitutional conservatism these machinators hate so much.

      Think of the Republican Party as a bunch of mercantilists – real, honest-to-Mammon corporate cronies and bankster buddies – who suffer the galling inconvenience of needing real American private citizens to get the votes required to secure public office.

      They hate the hell out of us, but they’ve got to pretend support of our legitimate interests every couple of years to keep their gravy train rolling.

      So Ron Paul, the Tea Partiers and the “Paulbots” have pissed them off enormously.

      The people supporting the Etch-A-Sketch in this forum and elsewhere have no real interest whatsoever in a federal government held down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution (see Jefferson, Thomas), and that’s a plain fact of the hardest hard reality.

      • Dave

        Tucci78, I have no problem with Ron Paul. I agree he should have been able to speak. Not every decision the RNC makes is smart. But I guess they must have their reasons somewhere. Dr. Paul is very smart and I would have like to have heard what he would have said.
        But the main thing now is to get Obama out of office so we can start getting this country back to common sense and economic stability. Your points are well taken and I appreciate your response.

        • Tucci78

          @Dave: “I have no problem with Ron Paul. I agree he should have been able to speak. Not every decision the RNC makes is smart. But I guess they must have their reasons somewhere. Dr. Paul is very smart and I would have like to have heard what he would have said.

          “But the main thing now is to get Obama out of office so we can start getting this country back to common sense and economic stability.”

          It can be inferred with solid certainty that the reason Dr. Paul was prevented from speaking before the RNC was because you and other Republican voters “would have liked to have heard what he would have said.”

          The Red Faction “establishment” really, really doesn’t want that to happen. They’re very much a “go along to get along” bunch, and they’ve been proving it without cease since long before your grandfather was born.

          I conceive “the main thing” to be avoiding economic catastrophe, with a secondary objective to ensure that the Republican Party – rotten though it so completely is – doesn’t get branded as the faction responsible for the next Great Depression.

          Do you understand, Dave, that the “establishment” instantiated in the Etch-A-Sketch and in veepster Ryan (the guy whose budget proposals amount to re-arranging the table settings in the First Class dining room aboard the Titanic) is going to steer the good ship United States directly for the bottom of the Marianas Trench?

          Hell, Dubbya took us down to crush depth by the end of 2008, and the Hopenchangey Hubshi’s got us to the point that the engine room is flooded. The only motion we’re making right now is downward.

          There ain’t no way that the Mormon Mamzer – who has nothing but the same old/same old to peddle – can get us to the surface again. Sane and correct economic policy has never been in his playbook, and never will be.

          While you Republican die-hards are all hot and bothered to give your “establishment” another try – like they did in Dubbya’s reign of error – can’t you get it through your heads that when catastrophe comes a-calling, EVERYBODY in these United States is gonna blame YOUR party for the disaster?

          Not that by rejecting Dr. Paul your “establishment” won’t deserve being smashed out of power for the rest of your life. Hell, they deserve roasting over a slow fire.

          What I object to in that outcome is the fact that it will leave the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP) effectively unopposed for two or three full decades – the way Herbert Hoover’s hideous pooch-screwing did – and I don’t want my grandchildren left to make their lives in an impoverished totalitarian “Liberal” fascist vision right out of George Orwell’s worst nightmares.

          “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for. As for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican.” [H.L. Mencken]


          • Dave

            Tucci78. Ok, I think everyone has some blame for the economy and it’s problems. How you can say that I would have like to hear Ron Paul is a reason for the Republican Party’s decision to exclude him confuses me. Look, you, of course, have some good points. But I think some of your conclusions are a bit skewed.

            How would you solve the present problems? What would you do to fix the economic melt down we currently have? What about Afghanistan? Can you give me some idea of what you think would help solve these problems?

          • Tucci78

            @Dave: “…I think everyone has some blame for the economy and it’s problems. How you can say that I would have like to hear Ron Paul is a reason for the Republican Party’s decision to exclude him confuses me.”

            The fact that you and other prospective Republican voters would benefit from hearing Dr. Paul’s appraisal of our present economic mess – and his recommendations for resolving the crisis – even in brief – is reason sufficient for the Red Faction’s owners to want him denied time on the RNC podium.

            What Dr. Paul conceives to be the clear causes of the present economic “downturn” are well-appreciated by the Red Faction “establishment,” but for reasons of their own (chiefly pecuniary) they don’t want this explanation explicitly stated in a forum so weighty. It would make it too obvious that the Republican leadership is actually complicit in having produced the recession and intends absolutely no action likely in any way to be substantially remediative.

            @Dave: “How would you solve the present problems? What would you do to fix the economic melt down we currently have? What about Afghanistan? Can you give me some idea of what you think would help solve these problems?”

            Now you’re asking for my own personal preferences in problem solving, not Dr. Paul. You understand this, right?


            (1) Restore money. By repealing legal tender laws in these United States, alternative currencies can enter the marketplace to be freely exploited by actors in our division-of-labor society. Coined precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) have already been circulated by private actors in spite of vicious efforts at suppression.

            Take a look into the attack upon Bernard von NotHaus for having allegedly perpetrated “a unique form of domestic terrorism” by striking silver of specified purity and mass into coins which were precisely what they were advertised to be, his purpose in so doing claimed to have been “to undermine the legitimate currency of this country.”

            In other words, he was creating elements which could change hands between voluntary actors in the marketplace to fulfill the classic “functions four” – “a medium, a measure, a standard, a store.”

            Some kinda “unique form of domestic terrorism,” right?

            How could any private person ever “undermine the legitimate currency of this country” by coining commodity currency that provides the acquirer precisely the content specified on its face?

            Such can only act “to undermine” the ability of the Federal Reserve System to demand that their fiat currency units be received at a face value, which their “official counterfeit” could not be accorded in any market free of government extortion.

            (2) Establish complete separation of government and the economy. With the understanding that government is the agency to which the private citizen delegates his unalienable right to employ deadly force in the defense of his rights to life, to liberty, and to property, the only legitimate function of government is the police power, the management of retaliatory violent force against aggressors both foreign and domestic.

            There is no reason to presume that those elected or appointed to positions of authority and responsibility in government have any special knowledge or insight or expertise with regard to productive enterprise. Such people are in all effects and under all circumstances “third parties” with no genuine interest in or special understanding of the transactions involved in the profit-and-loss activities of the marketplace.

            It’s the “economic calculation problem” which makes any degree of dirigisme inefficient, with accelerating degrees of debilitation as the extent of government meddling increases in efforts to attain politically “sweet” outcomes which neither technical capabilities nor voluntary action on the part of those involved would or could admit.

            These would begin the job of handling “the economic melt down we currently have,” though I endorse Dr. Paul’s other policy proposals as well. The Federal Reserve System – like any other central bank – is nothing more than an engine of currency inflation. Its purpose has never even arguably been benign, and its role in our national economy must be brought to an end. On other matters:

            (3) Enforce the Bill of Rights. Little enough on that line of policy need be much expounded, need it? It simply warrants explicit attention.

            (4) End all government-to-government transfers of funds under the guise of “foreign aid.” This does not conduce to U.S. national security as an element of legitimate foreign policy. It feeds a culture of corruption in the recipient countries and increases the severity of corruption in our own republic as foreign powers seek to buy influence with the officers of our federal government.

            (5) Require a declaration of war from the Congress before U.S. military forces are committed to action anywhere. The U.S. House of Representatives was embodied to provide the most proximal possible expression of the popular will. If (and only if) our national legislature expresses that will in the form of a clearly articulated definition of casus belli involving the identification of the entities against whom combat is being engaged and the conditions required to end the hostilities.

            Unless the Congress can declare these United States to be in a condition of war with (in Afghanistan) the Taliban, all military forces under the command of the federal government must either be withdrawn or the Taliban and its allies must be declared stateless brigands, in which case action against them is engaged not to “stabilize” any regime in Central Asia but to destroy the thieves and murderers as the usages of well-established international law dictate.

            If they’re a recognized government, wage war against them. If they’re organized criminals, prosecute their destruction, and consider those providing them aid or refuge accessories before or after the fact, and therefore criminals themselves.

            No more undefined, never-to-be-concluded transnational progressive (Tranzi) “moral equivalent of war.”

            These are my personal preferences, remember, not precisely Dr. Paul’s policy recommendations on national defense, but his positions are certainly worth your review as well.

            In all other regards, I recommend Dr. Paul’s simplified but accurate statements of all his policies, which are available to you on his campaign Web site.

            I’m sure you’ll hate the whole package, but the purpose is to save our nation, not to assuage your neuroses.

  • Dave

    Jeff, thank you for your reply, the deficit is not the responsibility of any party but of both. No one can take the high ground here. Bush started this mess with the bailout package and, as I said, Obama ran with it. It did nothing to help anyone except those criminals who got us into this problem. As far as the media is concerned, I will ask you if you watch Fox, NBC, MSNBC, and CBS. I do. That is the only way I can know what everyone is saying and compare it to the facts I know. If you do that, then you have my respect. But my conclusions is that nearly all of the media are very left of center, Just look at the soft ball questions they ask of Obama. And ask you self, why does Obama avoid interviews with Fox? He has had almost none, one with O’Reilly but that’s about it and that was long ago.

    • KQJM

      Interview with Fox or O’Reilly? You can’t be serious. They don’t conduct interview’s at all. They use the term “Interview” as a lure… when in reality it is just a device to capture an audience. They then get on the soapbox and telegraph their own opinion.There is no analysis, only accusation; there is no dialogue, just monologue.

      Why would anyone willingly subject themselves to a propaganda machine, and in doing so, imply it’s credibility?

      • Dave

        Of course I am serious. Now, if you want to see slanted, bias, interviews just watch Chris Matthews on MSNBC. I think he embodies every single thing you said about Fox.

    • KQJM

      Simply, I don’t watch television. My exposure to O’Reilly is through those friends that do watch him while I am visiting. All I see is contempt, hate, arrogance, disrespect come from the man UNLESS you are endorsing his ridicule and sarcasm. Not just his words, but his gestures, his looks….. all convey that.

      That is not news. That is not debate. And the only information being revealed in that setting is what type of person HE is, what he personally feels. I don’t give a rat’s as.s about personal opinions….. I want your reasons for holding them…. factual reasons.

      And if MSNBC does the same, I’d have the same response. Why would the POTUS waste his time giving interviews to them.

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  • brazzos

    Yeah, here we go. Ben Crystal calls MSNBC the Democrat channel, while this blatant Republican fails to mention the FOX News Channel (America’s channel), in their mind only. The GOP who do not fight wars, they start them. The GOP who take away everything that teh American public works for, to give them to the rich to outsource jobs. Ben Crystal also fails to mention the GOP who are making working families unemployed and everytime a jobs bill tries to get passed, the GOP filibuster. The GOP are the British to our American patriots, the working people of this country. So Ben Crystal, Israel awaits, for the GOP’s bootlicker.

    • actual socialist


  • kayla

    But it’s true! I am an independent and the Tea Party is simply a version of the right that they think will get them back in control at any costs. I want the old repuplicans who taked positive about change and didnt scare me by letting banks do anything they wanted and taking my 401 k down to next to nothing.

  • Charlie

    Liberals….funny little pea-brained puppets!

  • Charlie

    Funny how the corruption of the left and this Administration Is totally ignored by the left! Try finding the missing money that has just “vanished”! What the left fears is reality….grow up!

  • KQJM

    Faking the News? How bout Faking the Nomination?

    Watch Boehner read from a teleprompter inside the convention center what the outcome of the vote is….. and hear the vote yourself. Incredible audacity to just “make it up” as you go along.

    And why trust anything that comes from any one of the 6 major conglomerate media giants? They all produce OPINION pieces, not news. Noam Chomsky did a wonderful analysis years ago in just how this is accomplished….. read his book Manufacturing Consent and turn off the T.V.

  • katie

    Thank you, Ben. I KNOW somewhat precisely what you say is right-on. I KNEW who the
    present POTUS was before he was actually running (he was always ‘running’ since he
    won the Senate. I listened to ALL news reports on all stations until I noted the leaning
    toward lies and false assertions, and there were so many AND still are on all stations
    and news media. Fox with Beck couldn’t win me until I saw scattered truths with some
    of the news-folks. I now have a clear vision of who we are in America and why it is
    going as it is…it is following its ‘idols’. There is an interesting saying: There is none
    so blind as those who cannot see. America in general. I am so sorry it has come to this
    in my lifetime, but am thankful for my hard working, educated parents who believed in
    America and in their children…and that they are no longer here to see its demise.

    All that I can say, Ben, is that you have a correct view that characterizes the liberal mindlessness as ‘sick’ in heart and mind. You are correct. Idolatry in any form is sick.
    Thanks, again.

  • dlee4144

    The GOP is not really lying about the basic ideals on which they base their political philosophy. In order to be genuinely lying, you have to not believe it yourself. In the alternate universe created by Faux news, Rush Limbaugh, etc, the lies have been repeated so often, and by so many people that they are actually believing themselves now.
    This is “truthiness” — Colbert’s word, meaning that what is self evident when you use your mind is less important than what you know in your gut. You believe your gut, not your mind, because you don’t like what you know with your mind. The problem with using your gut for thinking instead of your brain is that the products of the two organs become virtually identical.

    • Tucci78

      @dlee4144: <i"The GOP is not really lying about the basic ideals on which they base their political philosophy. In order to be genuinely lying, you have to not believe it yourself. In the alternate universe created by Faux news, Rush Limbaugh, etc, the lies have been repeated so often, and by so many people that they are actually believing themselves now."

      Many decades ago, before the Libertarian Party went down the rat-hole, I stood as a candidate for public office on the Libertarian ticket, and was engaged in all the debates with the “mainstream” factions’ candidates.

      In audiences fronted by government schoolteachers, I stated the plain truth about government schooling, to their visible rage but to the absolute delight of the many, many parents sitting throughout the rest of the auditorium.

      I discussed fiat currency and the inflationary purpose of the Federal Reserve System (I hadn’t yet met Dr. Paul, but I’d certainly read the same authors he’d studied), explaining to people why everything seemed more expensive, and why they were not being allowed to keep up with the dollar-denominated cost of living.

      I spoke about the fact that wages, salaries, salesmen’s commissions, and waitresses tips are not “income” as defined in law pertinent to the 16th Amendment. Income was then (and continues in actuality to be) defined as monetary return on investment, and what passes for “income tax” today is actually an unapportioned direct federal tax on salaries, wages, tips, etc., and by specification in the Constitution an exaction which no citizen of these several states is obliged to pay.

      A state or municipal government can levy such a direct tax without apportionment, no problem. But the federal government? Nope. That was thrashed out in the constitutional convention and during the ratification debates and conventions in the original thirteen sovereign states.

      Direct federal taxes have to be apportioned according to a state’s representation in the U.S. House of Representatives precisely so that the congressional delegations of poorer states couldn’t band together to force higher taxes on the people in the more prosperous states. It’s one of the reasons why the battles to get ratification in New York State and in Virginia were fought tooth-and-nail.

      Nothing in the 16th Amendment set that proscription aside for anything except real income – i.e., monetary return on investment. If you’ve got corporate bonds or stock in a company paying dividends, that’s income. The teensy little bit of interest you get on your statement savings account? That pittance is income, too.

      But your paycheck? Not a drop of it is lawfully susceptible to federal taxation. The state can nail you, sure. But not the guys in Washington, D.C.

      These were delightful campaigns. So many people came up to me after the speeches to tell me that they’d never heard these things before. Some were angry when they presented themselves, but I’d been trained to manage the medical care of psychotics, and these critters were no challenge.

      The local Republican Party people tried to get me to strand for the next election as one of their own candidates, and I had to give ‘em the standard “much obliged, but a pox on both your houses” speech.

      One of the surprising aspects of this experience were the private conversations I had in the wings with the Republican and Democrat opponents, all of whom praised my knowledge, my abilities as a speaker (and all of ‘em were lawyers, too), and the accuracy of my assessments of the problems we faced in our country, district, and county. My solutions, they opined, were precisely on-target, and would work extremely well.

      Then they went out to the podium and peddled their same old party-line horsepuckey, lying their expensively-suited butts off.

      Not a single one of them actually believed any of the crap they were spouting, and none of ‘em do today, whether we’re talking about the Red Faction or the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP).

      Their rank-and-file, sure. But the guys who actually pocket the cash, pull the trigger, and conceal the corpses?

      Never did, never will.

  • DON


  • George P.

    I side with conservatives on most Issues, but Rush… His egomaniacal hubris does more to hurt the conservative cause than help it. If you want to see WHAT he really is turn off the sound sometime and just watch his body language.

    Conservative issues must be presented in clear, rational, cerebral terms. Spittle and screaming just turns off people that might find the conservative message appealing.

    US Constitution – yes! American values – yes! Rush – spare us all. He is the Al Sharpten of the right.

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  • miked12345

    I like watching Ben. He’s very entertaining. In a creepy way. Every time I see him he makes me think of someone living in a house out in the countryside that the FBI would raid. In the midst of the stockpile of assault rifles and hate filled literature he’d be sitting there giving that smug “Im above it all” look.
    Ben is a shill for the Neo Republican movement, taking his marching orders and never questioning. If this guy were running the newsletter I would have never subscribed to it.

    While I don’t agree with many things Bob Livingston says, I think Bob is his own man, with his own thoughts, and that I respect and appreciate.

    Here’s a newsflash, BEN.



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