Fake Liberal Victims


I’ve seen Mos Def in a few movies and always admired what I consider his slyly understated acting ability. Mos Def can act. Mos Def can also make some pretty decent music. Unfortunately, like many of his multi-talented colleagues in the entertainment business, Mos Def can also diminish his own artistic merit with idiotic pronouncements on the subject of politics.

Earlier this week, Mos Def (born Dante Terrell Smith, but also known as Yasiin Bey) decided to show his support for the detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In a stunt orchestrated by a self-labeled “human rights” group called “Reprieve,” Mos Def endured a demonstration of the force-feeding method currently being employed at Gitmo to keep hunger-striking islamofascists from hunger-striking out.

The video, which was posted to liberal blogsite Huffington Post, is described in a warning as “graphic.” To be honest, it is a bit tough to watch; although my discomfort strayed from that of others. I have no doubt that being force-fed through a tube is about as much fun as watching Rachel Maddow after losing the key to the liquor cabinet. But dying actually sucks even more than sober Maddow viewing. It’s also worth noting that Mos Def isn’t actually starving. In fact, he probably celebrated his stunt by heading out for the finest whatever they eat in Los Angeles these days available for more than $50 a plate. While others note the extreme discomfort Mos Def experienced, I couldn’t help but think: This guy is an idiot.

What high-profile, low-information blowhards like Mos Def and so-called “human rights” groups like Reprieve miss through the haze of self-important ignorance is the fact that assigning yourself victim-by-proxy status is at best counterproductive. Mos Def is not a political prisoner. By pretending to be one, he’s drawing the spotlight away from whatever alleged abuses the Gitmo detainees might be suffering. Furthermore, the islamofascists undergoing force-feeding made a conscious decision to refuse nourishment — much as they made the series of brilliant decisions that ultimately earned them their room at the least friendly tropical resort in the Caribbean. (Author’s aside: Cry me a river, Akbar. Force-feeding or MREs might not be dinner at Le Cirque, but they beat the hell out of detonating a suicide vest in front of a group of woman who dared to take reading lessons.)

During my college days, one of those painfully socially conscious groups made up of wealthy suburban kids who major in sociology or the like put together an event on the quad in front of the main academic/administrative building. In what they claimed was either a protest against or for homelessness (they never really made it entirely clear), a lecture hall’s worth of Birkenstock-clad country-club refugees set up a temporary campsite and spent the night pretending to be homeless. The school’s administration remained mum on the squatters’ camp, though I expect the grounds department was less than pleased with the grass damage and mountain of garbage that almost always accompany large leftist gatherings. Meanwhile, the other students did what most college students generally do; and they ignored them.

Of course, the faux-bums were liberals, so they took the others’ apathy as a sign that their fake-homelessness had achieved some sort of consciousness-raising. It never occurred to them, just as it has never occurred to Mos Def, that the rest of us were not impressed by their theatrical faux-victimhood; we were embarrassed by their lack of sense. Refusing to sleep in the cozy dorm room that costs your old man an arm and a leg does nothing to elevate the situation of those who don’t get the choice; it mocks their suffering. Kids who drive Daddy’s BMW to the school Daddy pays for are not victims of anything except their own naïveté — and their professors’ lack of professionalism. And Mos Def is not the victim of force-feeding; he’s the perpetrator.

If Mos Def (or whoever) actually cares about human suffering, how about the millions of children who will be denied the chance to survive Kermit Gosnell and his abortionist accomplices? Where’s the love for the millions of Mideast citizens trying to survive the night while some Islamofascist terrorist group uses them as a human shield? If you have time to stage a concert to benefit cop-killing animal Mumia Abu-Jamal, couldn’t you spare a few tunes for the widow of Officer Daniel Faulkner (aka Abu-Jamal’s victim)? By the way, I couldn’t help but notice you never seem interested in “pretend to be a woman in Afghanistan” protests. Hmmm…

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • village idiot

    Anything for publicity! He probably smokes lots of weed which has severely damaged his brain, that is assuming he had one to start with.

    • smh

      Well modern science proved that weed does not damage the brain so much for your false information nonsense. Go drink a beer and suffocate the rest of yours.

      • Vigilant

        Right. Cigarettes don’t cause cancer either.

  • rivahmitch

    I do agree that we should stop the “force-feeding”. Let them all starve.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Why the force feeding? The miserable so and soes are on a “fast” manipulating the administration and guards. All that will happen is that their miserable bodies will clean out the garbage it has been collecting for years by eating and drinking.

    The bloody bastards will not starve and in fact can stay on that fast past 40 days depending how “healthy” they are now and how much fat they are carrying on their bodies. The bloody bastards will be healthier than the administration and the guards.

  • Karolyn

    What’s wrong with dying, Ben? You say dying is even worse than watching Rachel Maddow. These guys should be allowed to die if they so wish, although those who want them to really be punished would rather they live than be released from the hell they live in. I read that they were not even allowed to fast for Ramadan.

    • Vigilant

      “These guys should be allowed to die if they so wish…”

      You think the progressives wouldn’t shriek to the high heavens if just one were allowed to starve himself to death? With the victimhood lot, you’re damned if you do and your damned if you don’t.

      Yes, Karolyn, let’s release them all, notwithstanding the fact that 19% will return to the battlefield to commit their terrorist acts again.

      • Karolyn

        They are but a tiny fraction of those who are out there; and actually, I just heard today that there are 86 being held at Gitmo who should have been released by now. There are only 15 on hunger strike right now I believe. It would make little difference in the scheme of things if they were all released, considering how many extremists are in the Mideast and elsewhere.

        • Vigilant

          “It would make little difference in the scheme of things if they were all released, considering how many extremists are in the Mideast and elsewhere.”

          You’re joking, of course. How ’bout we release all rapists and murderers from the prison closest to you, since there are so many more in the USA?

  • Karolyn

    Some celebs really do put their money where their mouth is. Johnny Depp is reportedly going to pay over $3 mil. to buy Wounded Knee for the Dakota.

    • Clem_the_Great

      Sean Penn also.

      • speedle

        Sean Penn. Now there is a great patriot. Clem, I am now convinced. You were one of those guys camping out on Wall Street a few months ago and defecating in the street. Come on now, tell the truth.

        • Clem_the_Great

          It makes perfect sense that a ZioNazi would hate a true humanitarian like Penn. Haven’t heard of his work in Haiti? The ZioNazi definition of Patriot is Israel-firster and blood sucker. It goes with the general insanity.

  • Clem_the_Great

    Kind of ironic that “Personal Liberty” still has a ZIOfascist as a contributor. When I start seeing words like ‘Islamofascist” and “human shields” bandied about, my ZioFascist meter hits the red. Speaking of fake, this writer is a fake personal liberty American.

    • speedle

      Once again Clementine, the term “Islamofascist” is a pretty definitive and accepted handle these days for people who blow up innocent people including women and children in the name of Islam. And have you not heard of the frequent habit that these same characters are noted (especially in Lebanon and the Palestinian territory) for hiding behind woman and children when they fire rockets at Israel?

      On the other hand “ZIOfascist” doesn’t seem to conjure up any familiar or logical definition of a blogger. It seems that you are displaying tendencies of a familiar trait known as “anti semitism”.

      • Clem_the_Great

        And you are displaying definite tendencies of a familiar trait known as ZioNaziism. Blowing up innocent people including women and children; fits Israel to a Tee. The wholesale murder of Arabs by Israel is hardly a secret, Moshe. Do you enjoy seeing Arab babies shot in the head?

  • Clem_the_Great

    I take it that Ben Crystal also approves of torture…sometimes. Typical Zionist demented creep. You people swallow his swill hook line and sinker.

    • speedle

      Unh…………….Clem, I have scanned this post from pillar to er..post, and I can’t find any reference of Crystal indicating even in inference that he approves of torture. [comment has been edited]

  • de

    As a humane society that has not embraced kavorkian philosophy totally, we cannot allow them to starve to death. There are many stroke victims, coma victims etcetera that undergo this form of feeding, to sustain life. During ramandan I am sure they will not be force fed before dark

    • boyscout

      Apparently you are ill informed of the mentality that runs through prison systems. I would not put a plug nickel on your assumptions of good will from the goalers.

  • chrisnj

    These perps are physically and mentally capable of feeding themselves. If they choose to starve themselves, let them.

    I say, put the food within reach. If they throw it against the wall or on the floor, wait 8 hours and place some more. Stage cookouts of their native cuisines so the savory smells inspire them to want to eat.

    The only reason these guys are doing this is to claw at the heartstrings of liberals, and to get sympathetic press. If they didn’t get that response, they wouldn’t do it. So it is Mos Def and other mindless liberals who are causing the self starvation.

  • boyscout

    Although it is widely accepted that all of these detainees are guilty, it requires some stretch to identify of what, as they have not (after all this time) been formally charged with their crimes. Were US citizens treated thus we would be up in revolutionary arms to defend our constitutional rights. They are not. But this too is an assumption that only attempts to pierce the secrecy veil clouding this whole situation. In fact, the skulduggery and secrecy permeating this phase of our wonderful (un)Patriot Act shows the whole world our capacity to be the tyrant.
    Why not clean it up, formalize charges, and process this mess out of existence. Or, openly explain the why of why not.

    • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot

      Moving prisoners taken hostage from Afghanistan and Iraq to Cuba was to avoid anyone from the outside world peepin’ in. It was originally claimed that the U.S. does not torture war prisoners. That was because the U.S. just hired others to do their dirty work. Later, George W. recanted while interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show , saying he would support “any means necessary” to get information needed to prevent terrorism. Like “waterboarding” for example. We all saw what was leaked out of Gitmo.

      The families of prisoners from Iraq or Afghanistan don’t get to know what has happened to their loved ones. No American soldier could speak Arabic, could not identify names of suspects because they don’t read Arabic. They rounded up individuals by breaking down doors at 4 am, pushing women around, only to stand around looking like idiots, when they couldn’t tell what the name of the suspect was. But they took them anyway!

      The secret war on enemies of The State, will be extended inside the borders of the U.S. as well. Citizens will be held without charges, without habeas corpus, due process, the right to an attorney, or to see or talk to family. You don’t get to make one phone call. Gone! Just like Gitmo!

  • debsaid

    Problem is, not everyone in Gitmo has been formally charged or had a trial where they were convicted. There has been more than one innocent person released from there. If it weren’t for that fact…

  • mark

    What about all the fake conservative victims, Ben? You know the victims of the War on Christmas, the Socialist Takeover of America, the Sharia Law that now rules supreme in the United States, the Muslim Dictator who runs the White House – and all the other hooey that Fox Noise, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, etc. spew everyday in their totally illogical and non-factual rants? Don’t forget that two can play at this game, Liberals and Conservatives alike.

  • Real Liberty & Empathy

    It’s Ramadan… he’s trying to show that people should still be allowed to exercise religious freedom even within prison.

    Christian bias?

    Personal opinion within your reporting?

    You’re now reading FOX 2.0 ladies & gents.

  • Bob Smith

    Another crazy liberal.

  • Rozwaldino

    Usually it’s best to ignore obvious publicity stunts, but I think Mos Def accomplished what he intended by doing this video. Not many actually pay attention to leaked documents like the one describing what force-feeding of prisoners entails. Thanks to Mos Def, people will know exactly how inmates are force-fed and what a painful and violating experience it is. And even if you adopt that childish notion that criminals deserve to be treated like animals, you have to remember that not all of the Guantanamo detainees have ever been convicted of a crime. They have been denied a trial FOR YEARS. Those who make assumptions about their guilt, their morality and then encourage them to starve to death reveal the kind of absurd arrogance that perpetuates violence with the intent to terrorize.

    Ben, to speculate about Mos Def’s decadent, “LA” lifestyle from your own ivory tower in Savannah is a little hypocritical don’t you think? I actually thought that prisoners were injected with some type of nutritive fluid intravenously if they attempted suicide by starvation. I have to thank Mos Def for dispelling this notion. I don’t know Mos Def; I’ve never even seen an interview with him before this video. But I expect he chose this particular cause because his audience has the power to pressure Congress to end it. We could get Guantanamo Bay closed within a month with enough pressure, whereas we cannot change the human rights abuses (typically targeted against women) throughout the Middle East so easily. We have to address the human rights abuses by our own government and military (like force-feeding, “enhanced interrogation,” and rape of women in the armed forces) before we can address those of other nations.