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FAIR Releases Scathing Immigration Reform Study, Garners Criticism

July 14, 2010 by  

FAIR releases scathing immigration reform study, garners criticismA report recently released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), has found that the estimated 13 million illegal immigrants and their United States-born children may cost American taxpayers as much as $113 billion a year.

The organization, which advocates a comprehensive immigration reform in the spirit of national security, job and environment protection, has said that educating illegal aliens’ children is the single largest public expenditure, costing some $52 billion each year. In Arizona alone, these costs are as high as $2.5 billion annually.

It added that the costs are borne mainly by state and local governments.

The report also found that governments are only able to recoup about a third of their costs through taxes, which appears to suggest that Democrats’ idea of granting amnesty to illegal aliens would not significantly increase tax revenues generated by that group.

"[Our report] provides a definitive response to the question of whether illegal aliens are a net benefit or a net drain on government coffers," said Dan Stein president of FAIR.

“One hundred thirteen billion dollars a year, and growing, makes our nation’s failure to control illegal immigration one of the largest preventable burdens borne by American taxpayers,” he added.

However, the report was criticized by Immigration Policy Center, which said that it fails to consider the economic benefits that stem from the purchasing power of unauthorized consumers, which supports U.S. businesses and jobs.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19883682-ADNFCR

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  • Sutekh

    Most of the “purchasing power” of the illegal alien is wired to Mexico. Are U.S. businesses going to open branches in Mexico so that they can benefit from the “purchasing power” of the illegal alien?


    • Disgusted

      Couldn’t have said it better.

    • Mark D.


    • barbara

      The government is creating a north American Union which will take down the borders between mexico and canada. I guess then we are supposed to become one big happy socialist family! Ok, take the borders down but take away the benefits! No anchor babies and no more free education, medical or housing. How many of these people would come to America without the entitlements? Instead they have to work and pay taxes to have food, a place to live, education and doctor visits……just like me!

      • AmVet

        I agree with all but ” entitlements “, the have no entitlements.

      • earned money

        no where near socialist i’m sure you got the word from hannity or rush

    • earned money

      free to send it israel to support whateever cause you believe in..
      or save it to retire in mexico on the cheap ….. what the HELL is wrong with send it to mexico or spending at taco stand at the corner you’re comment is an ANTI AMERICAN as the come..

      • Jana

        earned money,
        uhhh something happened when you weren’t looking. People started coming over here illegally and sending it back to Mexico. If when you said and I supposed you were talking to barbara, that what she said was anti American, and if you were meaning anti United States, well then, you just don’t get it. The illegals are not part of the United States, and they are hurting our economy by sending the money they make back to Mexico.
        However you are the one that really sounds Anti American. We are hurting in this country and its getting worse, not better. We have a Community Organizer that can’t organize himself out of a paper bag that wants to be our dictator.

      • Jaidee

        The day the NAFTA agreement was signed in Mexico, 1.2 million Mexican farm workers lost their land and jobs. They are expected to work in American factories for $5 per day and live in tin shacks with no electricity, water, heat, or toilets. So they come here for jobs. They send money back to their families who have no work and are starving. The US is not going bankrupt because of undocumented workers. The US is going bankrupt because the invasion and forced occupation of foreign countries is not working.

  • http://google Janice

    The reason our government is not fighting illegals esp from Mexico, is they are pouring more money their for Mexico’s unemployment, building houses, green energy projects etc. Go under OPIC it is a program established by the US GOVERNMENT in 1982 and check out the amount of money and where it is going.

    The second thing to look up is who is supplying our oil. I can tell you it is not OPEC-Saudi Arabi. It is CANADA, MEXICO. VENEZULA, BRAZIL AND TAHN OPEC COMES IN.



  • Doc Sarvis

    I don’t know if this is in the study, but the article also neglects to state that American’s purchasing power is increased to some degree by the low cost of production for those products these people are involved in – due to their genereally low wages.

    • Cribster

      That head of lettuce will cost you over $10 when you factor in all the costs associated will illegal immigration.
      And that’s not even to mention the bankrupting of hospitals, the destruction of our education system, turning decent neighborhoods into crime-ridden barrios not fit for anyone who is not Hispanic and the rape and murder of thousands of innocent American citizens where the illegal aliens simply disappear back into the “shadows.”

      • Doc Sarvis

        I don’t know of many bankrupt hospitals. As for the education system; I can’t see how educating people, legal or not, is a bad thing. As for crime, there are a lot more American citizens commiting violent crimes than illegal aliens.

        • Al Sieber

          Doc, where are your facts to back up your statement?

          • Doc Sarvis

            Well, my statement was mostly about my knowledge not citing statistics. It points to the accusations that Cribster made in his/her statement. What I said on hospitals and educatio stands unless I hear a valid argument to the contrary. As for crime you may want to check this out:
            There are lots more sites that support the position stated on that one.

          • eddie47d

            Where did Cribster get his figures to back up his comments?

          • Jana

            Doc said it all, he said to his knowledge. He has very limited knowledge.

        • Cribster

          Crimes committed by illegal aliens are 100% preventable simply by enforcing the immmigration laws on the books.

          We’re talking about the sovereignty of our nation! One million is an enormous amount of people, contrary to what the media will have you believe there is a minimum of 30,000,000 illegal aliens running rough shod across the country, legions!

          That is a foreign invasion of massive proportions, a declaration of war!

          • Doc Sarvis

            They need jobs to provide for their families. They want a better life. Those statements must be seen as true for the large majority of the illegal immigrants. The other (enabling) truth is that Americans are providing them with jobs/a way to a better life.

          • eddie47d

            Stop all the hype and produce information that isn’t half-cocked.

          • all crimes are

            if we jailed all drugs junkies too

        • Ernie

          Here is a report that questions your statement.

          Or, maybe we just profile and let citizens go.

        • independant thinker

          Of course there are as many or more legal US residents commiting crimes there are more of them but what you need to look up is the % of legal residents vs % of illegal residents committing crimes.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I suggest you check out the hospital system of Cleveland Ohio. there was a hospital there that went bankrupt just two or three years ago!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Doc, that was Deacones Hospital. Lutheran also closed, both bankrupt!

        • jim

          America is on course to become the next great third world power.
          Under the stewardship of the Obama and his pack of thieves and tax cheaters.

          I’ve heard of hospitals going bankrupt; Norristown PA. They have a large Hispanic illegal population that work in the meat packing plants around the area. They would have been closed by now if it were not for the state stepping in to bail them out. In California 189,000 out of the estimated 2 million illegals are in prison. Not only are we paying to raise, teach, and look after them medically, we have to pay to incarcerate them. The estimated tax burdens are astronomical for 12-13 million illegal approaching 200 billion in unpaid services.

          Lets face just by entering our country these people are criminals they’re stealing from us and our children. Stealing services education, medical,jobs. We need to speak up and have our voices heard. No amnesty! round them up and get them out. We would not be welcomed into their home countries illegally.

          I’m all for immigration just come to America the proper way. don’t sneak in in the middle of the night.
          Enter like my wife did and become a citizen.

    • Brad

      Doc Sarvis; I’m sorry but it’s been proven that approximately 30% of all criminals in prison today are here illegally, who have robbed, murdered, involved in gangs (MS-13), drug running, human trafficking and the list goes on. The study doesn’t take into consideration the cost for housing these individuals, food and medical care all free from the state. Lets continue with the so called medical expenses of illegal’s on an annual basis, because they don’t pay into the system, Medicaid and states pick up the tab at the toon of 325 billion dollars annually. Right now states and the federal government are spending more on illegal immigrants then on our two wars, go figure! So, if all illegals were deported we could save our country on average 440 billion dollars annually and we could start putting American citizens back to work!

      • eddie47d

        The crime problem is so simple. If we know these gangs are illegals then watch,arrest,prosecute and deport. Leave the hard working immigrants alone and let them do their jobs that our corporations brought them here to do. Since so many gang members love tatoos maybe we should brand (tatoo) them in a conspicuous area of their body to make sure they stay in their home country. Mass deportation is a sorrid way of doing business since it’s American companies that encouraged them to come here. Look what Turkey did to the Armenians over a hundred years ago. They deported mostly legal citizens to purify their nation of unwanted Christians. The Turkish government condoned murder and accused the Armenians of crimes just like some of you do here.So quit blowing everything out of porportion and find a more just solution.

        • Brad

          Eddie47d, you need to live in the present, forget about the past because we tend to relive the mistakes of the past becuase we tend not to learn from their mistakes. Legal immigrants have no worries, they have the documentation to be here and working, I have no problems with them, it’s the illegal immigrants I have a problem with. They are a cancer in our country, and our government isn’t willing to cut them off!!!

          • urstrange

            …that’s because our “federales” government headed up by PrezBO has already metastasized past the Mexican cancer. By the way the presidential dog Bo has papers unlike his owner squatting in the White House. Ever wonder why Obongo won’t visit Arizona?

          • http://?? Joe H.


      • Kinetic1

        I won’t argue with you about our schools. I know my kids have paid a price for classmates who do not speak english at home. And I will not argue that, due to the design of our medical system most illegals hold off on care until it requires the much more expensive route of going to the Emergency Room. But to suggest that kicking all illegals out will solve our problems is unrealistic. For one, you can’t just round them up like cattle on the range and send them home. It’s just not possible. And even if they were gone, it would only open up so many jobs. Sure, the construction industry would quickly take many workers off unemployment, including my son, but Americans are not interested in picking fruits and vegetables. We also don’t want to pay higher food prices to provide these workers with a living wage. You amy argue that our kids will do the work, but I can tell you that many American parents don’t want their teens working long hours in the sun, or getting up at 4 am to milk cows. I don’t need statistics to know this, I’ve SEEN this!

        So, once again I suggest we return to the days of Reagan. Let’s allow workers from Mexico to come over and work in our fields and our dairies. Let them come and do any work we are not willing to do, but document them and restrict them to the jobs we specify. And the only way this will work is if we crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers. Give them the tools they need to verify a workers status, then punish them harshly if they chose cheap illegal labor over following our laws. When the risk is too high, employers will follow the rules. And when those jobs dry up, most illegals will stop coming over.

        • brando

          you guys are nuts (doc, kinetic, anyone who doesnt support mass doportation). Im from Arizona. Would never want to live anywhere else. I know good people on both sides of the spectrum (legal & illegal). I couldnt get work in Az a year ago because of the illeagals. Still cant. Im very educated, and have lots of experience in everything from machine shop, to land scapeing. I applied for it all! I was told flat out that because I wont work for less than minimum wage, they wont hire me. Ive been told by hundreds of employers there in Az, from Tucson to Phoenix, and I quote, “Why would I hire you at minimum wage when I can get a Mexican to work for 2 dollars less?” unquote. This is no joke. Im still outta work, and never asked for a handout, eg. unemployment. I never had it and dont want it. I just wanna work! Its hard to live on minimum wage, but ill bake in the sun doing whatever! Im not the only one either. Theres at least 80 of us who were let go when a printing shop I worked at went under (Fabe Lithographics), and we were all looking for jobs. 3 got taken by surrounding shops, and the rest of us were scrambling for whatever we could find which was, you guessed it, nothing but the above statements from employers. Illegals have to go people, and all you misinformed people who have never lost a job to an illegal, or maybe never even been to my great state, or any other border state, need to but out cause you really have no idea what you are talking about. Or maybe your an above mentioned employer!

    • Ceddy Bear

      The article also neglects to say that it also increases earnings associated with human trafficing and all things birthed from it. Reality is that this is a total disregard for the law of this country which is the law of many countries. All things resulting are after the fact but great supporters of why we need our borders protected



      • Funny

        one will think the same about you when you get your daily feed from FAUX NEWS

        • http://?? Joe H.

          You must get yours from Air America! Oh wait< you can't they went bankrupt and off the air for spreading the same BS you are!!!

  • http://google Janice

    The reason our government is not fighting illegals esp from Mexico, is they are pouring more money their for Mexico’s unemployment, building houses, green energy projects etc. Go under OPIC it is a program established by the US GOVERNMENT in 1982 and check out the amount of money and where it is going.

    The second thing to look up is who is supplying our oil. I can tell you it is not OPEC-Saudi Arabi. It is CANADA, MEXICO. VENEZULA, BRAZIL AND THAN OPEC COMES IN.



  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    Many illegals work under the table, receiving cash for pay. What employer would want to change that? If amnesty was granted, illegals are still going to work for cash, not paying taxes. Why wouldn’t they? Amnesty will only solve the illegal part. They would be here legally and schools would have to spend money feeding and educating them. More of them would come out of the shadows to claim their handouts. It will help not help the situation. Deport, deport, deport. Close the boarders! This cannot go on like this!

    • lies lies

      how mant r u payin under table? all illegals i know pay taxes..

      • http://?? Joe H.

        lies lies(yours of course)
        there was a guy on here the other night bragging that his father was using the same social security card that his uncle used. his uncle went back and gave his father the ID! If you condone this kind of crap then you are a bigger crook than they are!!

        • Jana

          How many illegals do you know lies? Either you aren’t telling the truth about all of them paying taxes as if you would really know, or you don’t know that many.
          What about the gardeners who come up and mow your lawns? What about the day laborers? Sure they pay their taxes, of course they do. As I told someone else earlier, if you are that gullible, I have some fools gold for sale.

          • Kinetic1

            Jana (and others)
            The issue of paying taxes is semantic. It is fair to say that many illegals are working under the table and do not pay Social Security, income, unemployment, etc. On the other hand, those that get jobs using false i.d.s pay all those taxes through their employers, but are afraid to file their tax returns, so the money they put in is lost. You can argue about these taxes around and around, but that’s how it works. Some pay, some don’t.

            What they all pay, though is sales tax. There’s no way around it. Gas, clothing, entertainment, anything that is taxed, illegals pay for just like you and I.

            So, do illegal immigrants pay taxes? Yes …… and no.

  • http://personalliberty rob

    After reading this story, please don’t tell me that the “LEGAL” citizens of the US are now just questioning ALL the “FREEBIES” illegals have been receiving??? Disappointing, to say the least… Legals citizens are paying for their Medical care, food stamps, education(including higher ed.), and other welfare assistance. Now if I hear one more time that there are to many “ILLEGALS” in this country to round up, we are refusing to address this issue head on. PULL the PLUG on the FREEBIES, including job access, and “ILLEGALS” will leave on their own. Remember, if you keep putting out food for a stray cat, it will always come back.

    • independant thinker

      The people are not just now questioning it. The news media is just now putting our 20 plus years of opposition to illegal immigration in the paper and on the electronic news..

    • out of you crack

      is where u r talking out of .. there is no entilements if u dont have a greed cards .. in the same topics we should do away with all entilements .. i’m tired of paying for unemployed for ppl than refuse to take a lower paying job.. which all it does

      • http://?? Joe H.

        out of you crack,
        I have never seen a hospital E.R. check for a green card yet. I have never seen a school check either. According to an artical I read a short while ago, there are people that will get them a good set of I.D. to use to get welfare as well. All for ILLEGALS!!!! Don’t tell me there’s no entitlements!! Also, even though it SHOULD be a greed card, it’s a green card!!

      • Kinetic1

        out of you crack,
        I know it’s impolite, but how much do you make? Did you earn enough to pay federal taxes? I hope so because it’s hard to get by on less than $20,000 a year. Maybe you are in the next bracket, but even at $30,000 your not paying much of anything, and with deductions… Are you up to $50,000 or better? If so, then good for you, unless you live in a metropolitan area where half your earnings will go to rent. For most of the country that’s darn good pay, but what if you lost your job? Hey, you paid into unemployment insurance, so you’ll be ok, right? Maybe, but don’t bet on it.

        My wife lost her job 3 years ago. She was among the lucky ones who found a new job, but it required us to move from a rural area to one of those metro areas I mentioned. Given the housing crash, we couldn’t sell our home. So now we rent where we work and pay for a house that we hope will one day be worth enough to sell. Not bad until you consider that the cost of living in the new area meant she was taking an effective cut in salary. So we had to dip into our retirement, but that sent our taxes through the roof! So what did we do wrong? She could have taken a job close to home, but at a severe reduction in pay. Had we done that we would have lost our home. The cost of renting is now more than our house payment, so we would have been on the street! Now what if unemployment had been our only recourse?

        When I look at all those people living off unemployment, I don’t see freeloaders. I see people struggling to get by. There will always be some people who prefer to live off the system, but mostly I see people on the edge of losing everything they have worked hard for. Some of them had good jobs that were moved out of the country. Others felt the sting of the banking crash that left our economy struggling. So they hit the streets looking to recoup what they had lost. Even if they were willing to take a cut in pay, there are 5 workers for every job available, so what are they supposed to do? And if they go over the edge, then they’ll have to turn to welfare. What then? Will you complain about having to pay for the freeloaders on welfare?

        So are you really paying for them? we have unemployment at around 10% (20% by some extended figures.) Around 50% of Americans pay no federal taxes, and some even get money back. So that means 30% to 40% of working Americans are not paying for the unemployed. Sure, they are paying in for their own unemployment, and God willing they will never need to collect, but that is not effected by the extended unemployed. No, at this point we’re talking tax dollars. So is everyone that is complaining about paying for “their” unemployment really doing anything more than making noise? I’d sure like to know.

  • Ian

    FAIR is the modern day KKK, bunch of angry old white trash who are keen on blaming their failures in life on others…that “study” is no different that the Nazi party releasing a “study” as to how jewish people are an inferior race…disgusting!

    • Bill

      The only disgusting thing here is you Ian. Your the hate filled racist and bigot. To compare FAIR to the KKK has no merit, only hatred and lies. The numbers don’t lie. You can go back to Mexico any time you wish. That would be great for this nation. Go and cost Mexico money you racist piece of trash!!

      • eddie47d

        Those who want mass deportation are the racists and that’s true all over the world. Even African nations go through despicable cleansing periods and get rid of their undesirables. That includes legal and illegal citizens.There is always somebody who wants to get rid of someone else. Always thinking that their life will be so much better without them.In this case they use Mexican “scum” as their scapegoat.

        • independant thinker

          eddie since you like illegals so well you can send me $1,000 a year for the last 20 years to cover the portion of my taxes that has gone to support them.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have a better idea. Let’s take a poll here and all over and see who supports the idea of illegals staying here and let THEM pay the cost out of their OWN pockets!!!

          • independant thinker

            I like it Joe.

    • bbstacker

      You are a jackass to believe that the Citizens of America are supposed to support this illegal invasion and suck it up to being a benevolent society because it “feels good”. Give ‘em your income if it pleases you, but quit taking my Liberty and Freedom away from me–my money–to make yourself feel good about an illegal invasion of proportions that are incomprehensible to any other sovereign nation on the planet. You have no idea of what you’re speaking of. Go look up Hart-Cellar, and the BS of LBJ when he said this would not affect millions of people (not living people since he managed to die before we could hold him personally accountable). You want a good mathematical wake-up call? Go google Gum Ball Immigration demonstration. See if you think we have the money or infrastructure to simply allow every human on the planet the unchecked immigration into America. Get a clue, grow a set.

      • eddie47d

        Enforce border security and make corporations accountable for who they hire.This is not a new problem but you all act like it.Republicans and Democrates alike better take this problem seriously and come up with a workable solution. We don’t need groups like FAIR and Minutemen running around doing what the government should have been doing a long time ago. Since Republicans and Democrates fight about everything I’m not sure they will come up with a long term solution.They might just kick the can down the road and we’ll be at it again.

        • independant thinker

          We may not need FAIR and the Minutemen doing it but someone has to and it is obvious the feds are not going to do it. So, since the feds are continuing to shirk their responsibility who do you propose do the job?

        • Jana

          This is exactly what we are saying. Now to vote in those who will do this, this is the tricky part. How else would you handle this? Got any good suggestions?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            edduh’s only idea on this problem is to spend out of other peoples pockets!!!

    • http://GOGGLE vaksal

      I just love it Ian when people like you post racial slurs against anyone anywhere anytime,then covering your trash with the big get out of jail theme,just like they did against the jews,thats about the most foul blackhearted low life way to win an argument,and as far as old white american bigoted racists. you horses ass,i am one of those old folks stupid and no racist, and worked all my life,and yes i am a bible reader and think that you left wing morons have destroyed the greatest republic that ever was,and guess what this old guy put his hard work and sweat into always beleving in this nations laws and following them, all his life,the problem now is race baiting horses asses like you are crying,look at the racist,anyone that does not believe in the government breaking their own national laws,and all the older folks that followed those same laws,when their folks came to this country leagaly,and worked hard and embraced america and give their hard work and loyalty to its laws,oh no people like you want to destroy this nation and would trash everything every race that came here built,and i as an older american an disgusted at the way this nation has been turned into a left wing communist dictatorship with our public servants ,telling us the american people whats good for us,and you and these type of left wing marxist have nothing to say but horsepoop and yes look at the great things youve all done for america,the greatest ( the goose that layed the golden eggs in the history of mankind,those eggs were ,liberty,prosperity,unity for everyone that came here leagaly.and you people want to kill it, but as all good little lazy left wing marxist,you steal all from every hard working leagal citizen in this nation and call it your own,i say go to work and honor this nations laws,if not go to any nation and bash their law bidding citizens and see what happens to you,you are no better than a child,mommy,mommy i want his candy,even though you have your own,people like you want it all,and by the way when the rules of law ,no longer apply,welcome to the jungle,and yes you lefties will pay a terrible price.the american giant has woken up and hes not happy.and you folks cry about justice,get a life and get name calling bolshevic.

  • bbstacker

    The government cannot give anything to anyone that it first does not TAKE from someone else. Period.

  • Flynch

    The article says that we’re spending $52B for education of US-born children of immigrants – which are US citizens by law. So, we’re spending money for education of our future generations. Whats wrong with that? They will be working for our retirement!

    • francis fournier

      they are teaching them socialism, you dummie. they will be in the hand out line with the rest of them freebe’s.

    • urstrange

      There is no other country in the world that allows non-citizens to birth babies in their country and become citizens of that country. One anchor baby will not be able to work enough in their lifetime to pay back the cost of themselves and their illegal whole damn families to this country…they won’t even break even.

      • navajo

        let’s make the law retroacitve to the 1800 hundreds .. i’m sure u will have no problem going back to where u ancestors might came from..natives are for it.. i’m

        • Goliath Hunter

          Navajo, in a truly just world that would be the best plan and Europe is a great place to live for melanin deficient people. Sending all people of European descent back to Europe makes a good argument, except the truth is our European brothers and sisters would rather drink battery acid than have to share their culture with what they see as millions of obese, partially-educated, violence bent, arrogant cousins setting up camp in their already over-populated countries. They would not allow it. Most of us Americans couldn’t speak another language to save our lives, except in high-caliber, methamphetamine, or 16 oz. fermented varieties. We would soon be doing service jobs for the Eastern Europeans who moved to Western Europe in the 80′s and 90′s and had to climb that social ladder back then. Doctors and lawyers working as janitors and nannies, janitors and nannies homeless on the streets, etc. That said, most Mexican “illegal” immigrants are more indigenous to this continent by blood than ANYONE of European descent. So your statement really points to the questions “who are the real immigrants on this land? and what crimes have they committed as a people?” It is one large truth that makes the current immigrant bashing argument a pointless one.

          The facts people need to accept: one cultures unlivable wage is another cultures middle class job. People who are willing to work at any wage in the US to survive are here because the opportunity to live a better life exists and is worth the current risks. They survive by working undesirable jobs longer and harder than anyone else. It is economic and cultural Darwinism. So we can either continue scapegoating the symptom of having people willing to work for less money than us and therefore give up on the idea that working manual labor jobs entitles us to a living wage, or we can attack the real criminals – the cause and source of the problem: the companies and businesses that refuse to pay a fair wage to workers but still make record profits year after year at the expense of everyone else. We cannot blame someone who is more desperate to get by busting their ass for less money than us everyday. Those people are not criminals, but are simply more desperate to survive than we are without robbing a bank or breaking into our homes.

          IF US citizens were willing to get in line at the day labor center and work the same exploitative dangerous jobs day in and day out with no health care or protection for the workers of any kind, for the same low wages, there would be no job market for immigrant workers. And if it were somehow possible to round up all of the undocumented workers and send them back to their homelands there would still be employers paying sub-living wages without addressing that problem until they were forced to. We CAN blame the businesses that are willing to pay sub-living wages that make such work impossible for any but the most desperate to exist on. We CAN blame our government and elected officials that approved of the Free Trade agreements that have screwed millions of US citizens out of a job. And we can ALL blame ourselves for allowing it to happen on our watch. If every employer in Arizona that is hiring at sub-living wages was outed and pressured to follow the law and make living wage jobs for US citizens a reality, with the same energy diverted into attacking immigrants, we might actually get the results we all need and desire: fair wages for those willing to do an honest day’s work. But that road is not instantaneous and not easy. It is possible with enough will and effort directed at the right places.

          Right now the government and corporations are succeeding in the age old game of divide and conquer, making strawmen out of undocumented workers and laughing all the way to the bank with our money. And so what are the US people going to do about that? Probably nothing until they stop seeing Mexicans as the problem and start seeing the CEOs and politicians who have been destroying their job opportunities everyday for decades. Wake up folks. We are being used and abused. Any ideas that involve explaining that our economic problems are being caused by a bunch of desperate brown skinned noncitizens taking our jobs can be traced back to someone who is being paid over six figures in a media industry or on the dole of some corporate interest. Usually both.

          If one really wants to see who is behind all of this inequity, it can be revealed by organizing together with the undocumented workers and demanding living wage jobs for all workers. But remember to bring your “get out of jail free” cards.



  • urstrange

    What part of illegal do you not understand? Illegal aliens should not be able to access our social services, health care services, education system etc. or benefit from our constitutional and civil rights. THEY ARE NOT AMERICANS! They should not be able to download babies here and have them become automatic citizens. Because every activity they participate in once they have arrived here illegally is a crime and a perpetuation of fraud. $113 Billion would go a long way toward deporting them and building an impenetrable border to protect our sovereignty and stop the criminal invasion of our country. Hail to Arizona!!

  • sam c

    Another real killer with this runaway illegals coming into America is that soon they will cause the Hispanic/Latins to reach 50 %.

    If Muslims reach 50 % you’ll squeal like crazy.

    If Hindu reach 50 % you’ll squeal like crazy.

    When Hispanics reach 50 % you’ll squeal,,,blink,, and say

    “We are now a third world Gov.”

    Look at California, Arizona, All along the Brownsvill and Texas border, Irving Texas, Farmers Branch, Texas (Fighting for survival),,Detroit and all the dozens of other towns that are in trouble.

    In 1921 America was Swamped witrh innigrants from Europe.

    They caused the wages to go down,,,and other problems,,etc.

    Congress passed “The Emergency Immigration Quota Act of 1921″

    That controlled the Nationality’s and let 2 % of each come in.

    That kept the voting fair and equal.

    But as you can see,,,”Whats fair in voting when one group has a 50 % advantage.

    Thats where we are headed in Texas by 2020,,,and America in 2040.

    Read up on Steve Murdock.

    Read up on David Walker. Texas Sam c

    Callyour Congressmen

    • yeeah

      make us wonder who was in control of congress at the time when this law pass.. as all know we are a society of convience and discreation

      • try this

        imagine hispanics or blacks were the majority we be facing the same dilemmas would think be handled the same as they are now who would it be crying wolf ..

  • tennislady

    If evety state in the union would adopt Arizons’s law, then the government would have to take away the jobs and all the freebees..What else can they due? Sue all 50 states? I don’t think so…thanks to all the illegals, they just don’t have the money!

  • Arkie

    I have no problem with people coming to this country legally. I think we should exercise the same policy with illegals that Mexico, China, Argentina, and others. We have many highways that need to be cleaned while they are waiting to be shipped to their country of origin.

    • cleaning freeway

      why expect from other what you are NOT willing to do.. ?

  • eddie47d

    We need more accountability on where these people work until they become legal or citizens. That’s not asking too much of any country. Since American corporations bring them here then they do deserve our services. If an American works overseas he gets the services of that country especially in Europe. Maybe our corporations should pay for any services that they need instead of relying on taxpayers. If an immigrant sneaks in and can’t find a job then give them a bus pass and send them packing. We need to move this issue forward. No more border runners and rapidly deport them and anyone here who commits a serious crime. We can help other people of the world if they come to America for we have done that since our inception. Any reform bill needs to be tougher on all new arrivals and make it clear to these immigrants that their loyalties are to the USA. Whether a temporary worker or a newly minted citizen. Make sure your papers are in order at all times. If you forge papers and are caught,adios pilgrim. Be tough but be fair!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      See, that’s where you are wrong. The American businesses don’t bring them here, they just hire them when they get here. They don’t deserve a thing except their azzes kicked back across the dam border!!! The U.S. businesses that hire them deserve a healthy fine per person and per incident! Each incident after that goes UP!!

      • Kinetic1

        Don’t play games with words. No one is saying that American business’ actually transport the illegals here. They “bring” them here by making jobs available. They encourage workers to risk the boarder crossing with a promise of good wages in America. And I agree, the employers should feel the sting of trying to save a buck off the backs of immigrants, but it will have to be harsh. The laws we have now don’t seem to be enough.

        • independant thinker

          You are the one playing word games Kinetic.

  • mavis

    amen janice!!! mehpensacola,fl

  • pro or anti

    both have valid points where in the middle in this issue? as i read everyone seems to have facts link to back up their arguements or a reason for their opinion — Again where is the middle illegals or undocuments is all semantics depending what you reasoning is What is the reasonable viable solution this ?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Pro or anti,
      there can be no middle ground on this issue. If we are to survive as a nation we can not keep on not doing anything about this. there are states going bankrupt from the illegals cost! What happens when there is no money left to bail them out????

  • Daniel

    Let’s send them all back so they can benefit their country and help it out. Right now what we need is the jobs they’re holding and the savings we can have without them.


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