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FAIR: Obama’s Aunt’s Case Illustrates ‘Abuse Of U.S. Political Asylum Policy’

May 24, 2010 by  

FAIR: Obama's aunt's case illustrates 'abuse of U.S. political asylum policy'President Barack Obama’s paternal aunt Zeituni Onyango, who is a citizen of Kenya and was living in the United States illegally, has been granted political asylum by a court in Boston.

The court accepted Onyango’s argument that she feared violence—she and Obama’s father, who was her half-brother, were members of the Luo tribe, a minority in Kenya—if she returned to that country. The ruling opens the way for her to apply for legal permanent residency in a year, according to The Boston Globe.

However, the court’s decision has angered immigration reform proponents, including the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The organization called it "a case study in how those seeking to evade U.S. immigration laws can manipulate the system," and demanded that the entire record of the case be made public.

FAIR representatives were particularly angered at the fact that Onyango was granted the asylum despite having her 2004 petition denied by a Federal immigration court, a ruling she ignored.

"[The] case is an all-too-typical example of how our asylum laws are used to thwart the enforcement [of] U.S. immigration laws," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR, adding that "the system allows people who defy our laws repeated opportunities to [come up with] new reasons to be granted legal permission to remain."ADNFCR-1961-ID-19785087-ADNFCR

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  • joseph a goetz

    I am not a big fan of Obama, however, “rank hath its’ privileges.” His grandmother absolutely should be given the opportunity for citizenship in America.

    • NM

      This isn’t his grandmother. This is an aunt who was told to leave the country several years ago and she stayed and the government fed her, medicated her and housed her while she broke the law.

      • Deborah

        Really, favoritism is going on here I agree, and the obamanation said he had nothing to do with it…he makes me sick!

        • J.E.B.

          Debra, I whole-heartedly agree with you. Those that voted for Obama, voted for change. Well, here’s the change: he supports a muslim mosque at Ground Zero, he’ll play favoritism with any of his illegal immigrant relatives that want to come to the U.S. and milk the system for free money, and God knows what else. God help us!

      • Deborah

        You have my VOTE!

    • s c

      Frankly, jag, you sound like a RINO who wants it both ways. Thanks for saying ‘rank,’ though. In this case, it’s an indictment of Obummer and his Gestapo methods. Obummer is as “rank” as they get. Almost everything he touches has a foul stench attached to it.
      I almost feel sorry for Obummer’s aunt. As for that herd of two-legged cattle on the Boston court, it’s purely a matter of convenient, pc ‘social justice’ via the best decision that MONEY, favoritism, enlightenment and point-of-sale illumination can buy (aka Harvard-style love of the law?).

    • WEM

      Absolutely not. Why?…Why should there be exceptions?…Immigration laws are quite clear and like her “exception” would be acceptable: Why could it not be made then for millions of others?
      Please, folks, think of what you are asking. Do we not have enough trouble with unconstitutionality already and with “exceptions”…

  • Kris

    Wasn’t it about 3 months ago when hussain decided to relax the rules for asylum? The new rules are that when someone declares that they want asylum, the US govt. will just take their word for it and not check to see if indeed they are in danger if they are refused asylum. One wonders if this was done so his auntie could stay in the US and keep leeching off the taxpayers of this country while Hussain gets to keep all of the 5 million dollars he made this year! What I want to know is are we going to sue her for all the welfare, healthcare etc. that she has used for the past 8 years after she was ordered to leave the country and instead fled to Boston and hid in a housing project?

    • http://personalliberty rob

      We act suprised!!! Why would you expect anything different from this ruling. Strong armed tactics, continuous abuse of power and now this. It’s not going to get any better. Begin the change we can believe in starting in Nov. Only make sure our elected reps. represent “WE the PEOPLE” not Washington.

  • Steven Terrell, Sr.

    goetz, rank does not “have it’s privileges”! Obama’s AUNT (you idiot!) should have been deported as ordered! Illegal is illegal except to scum sucking liberals.

    • Mary

      Steven, you need to come into the real world. In todays’ corrupt American society, rank definitely does have it’s privileges. We are being ruled, not led, by a Chicago-style politicianh and his cronies, in typical Chicago-style political fashion. And I fear that we are all doomed to Hell!

      • Annie

        I fear,, we are all doomed,,,, period,,,, shows just how much illegalality is in our govt. What is good for goose is not good for gander!!!!!! They have laws will in no way enfore them. Cause they themselves are putting in so much illegal stuff we would be knocked over with their illegaility of laws. So how can they enforce what they are and know they are doing wrong????? We are lost and being duupped into corrupt America ,,,, period!!!!!

        • Mona

          When the Cubans got the Assylum for all these years no-body said nothing. Because its a afracan everybody has something to say. Life is hare every where not just in one continent this goes to show how hasist we are.

          • libertytrain

            Mona – go back and research/study/learn about the Cuban “thing” – and at least we didn’t call Obama’s aunt an “it” – good grief.

          • spike

            Bulls**t, Mona.
            ‘AFRACANS” AS YOU put it, deserve no special priviledges, and this one was told to leave, already. I’M TIRED OF OWNING AFRACANS perhaps the days we stop “owing” the “AFRACAN” we can get over the bullsh**
            teatsucking welfare state we now have, and go by the idea that ” everybody needs to work, period”.

  • Noel

    Immigration Reform in the United States of America

    It is here by ordered, The State Department of the United States of America shall notify every Country, on this planet, They have 30 (thirty) days to retrieve all citizens of their Country who are in our Country illegally.

    On the 31st (thirty-first) day, ALL illegal people in this Country will be considered hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America.

    Illegal people in the United States of America will not be tolerated by the Government of the United States of America, or the citizens of the United States of America. Any citizen of the United States of America who gives any aid or comfort, of any kind, to illegal people shall be considered hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America, and shall be subject to the same penalties as a person in this Country illegally.

    It shall be the responsibility of any person, who is suspected of being in this Country illegally, to provide undisputed proof of their citizenship, or proof of their privilege of being a guest in this Country.

    No law, or person, or Government body shall interfere with Law Enforcement personnel to enforce Proof of Citizenship for the United States of America.

    Those people who are in this Country illegally shall have no rights or benefits on the 31st (thirty-first) day after notification is given to their Country of citizenship. The only right or benefit an illegal person has prior to that date is; the right to board the ship or aircraft provided by the Home Country of the illegal person. The ship or aircraft shall be coordinated by the Home Country and the State Department of the United States of America. No person shall be allowed to exit the ship or aircraft from the Home Country.

    No person will be stopped by the United States of America from boarding said ship or aircraft from a Home Country unless they are suspected in murder, rape, or espionage. If such person is found innocent of said crimes they will be granted deportation.

    Those illegal people who do not take advantage of the opportunity to leave this Country within the stated time frame shall be incarcerated for no less than 25 (twenty-five) years. Persons incarcerated, as an illegal, shall do work that will cover the cost of their incarceration. Work shall include, but not limited to, mowing or trash collection, or sewer maintenance. Illegal people incarcerated in this Country can be put to work building barriers on American borders to prevent illegal crossings.

    At no time will a person, currently or previously, in this Country illegally be granted full or temporary citizenship in this Country.

    No child, born in this Country, will be considered a citizen of this Country who is the child of a person in this Country illegally. If both parents are not legal citizens of this Country the child will not be considered a legal citizen of this Country.

    No person who marries a legal citizen of this Country will automatically be considered a legal citizen of this Country and will be considered as a person in this Country illegally.

    Any person who displays, in any form, loyalty to another Country, while in this Country shall be consider as a enemy of the United States of America, hostile to the United States of America, hostile to the laws of the United States of America, and hostile to the citizens of the United States of America.

    English is the official, and only, language of the United States of America.

    The United Nation building shall be closed and moved to any island, not within 300 miles of the United States of America.

    Any person in this Country illegally can not attend any school, primary, secondary, or Vocational in the United States of America. A school may locate outside of this Country, if the State Department has approved it.

    Tourist shall enter this Country at a known and established point of entry, and remain within 10 miles of the stated tourist attraction, for the duration of their visit. No visit shall exceed 21 (twenty one) days.

    Diplomatic immunity does not exist in this Country.

    No person shall be allowed in any law enforcement or military employment that is not a legal citizen of this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally, or is not a legal citizen of this Country, shall be permitted or allowed to demonstrate or protest in any public place in this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally, or is not a legal citizen of this Country, shall be permitted or allowed to own, have or possess a weapon, explosives material or firearm any place in this Country.

    No person in this Country illegally shall be allowed to leave this Country with anything exceeding the value of $100.00 (one hundred) American Dollars, including cash or clothing.

    Any person who has at anytime been in this Country illegally shall never be allowed to enter this Country under any circumstance.

    Any foreign national who has caused harm, contributed to the harm, or advocates harm to citizens of this Country, or any American interest of this Country shall never be allowed to enter this Country under any circumstance.

    The freedom and/or protection of American Citizens, and their rights, in this Country shall not ever be questioned based upon the price tag.

    The interest and well being of American citizens shall always come ahead of any foreign national or foreign nation.

    It shall be a crime, to call a natural born citizen of the United States of America an “immigrant”. Punishment shall be a $1,000.00 (one thousand) Dollars fine and 6 (six) months in jail. We are not immigrants. We are Americans.

    Mexico’s illegal immigration laws are much tougher than ours. (Do a search and you’ll see.) Going to prison in our County is a better life style than being middle class in Mexico. Read the Mexican Laws before you make liberal comments about this.

    • jomama

      I love the law!!
      I wonder if it will be continually abused as it is now.

      We are the United States!! Not the Divided States.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I see where the rep running for governor in California slit his own political throat today when he voiced support for Arizonas new law! Let’s face it, if you support any commonsense law, you aren’t gubernatorial material in California!!!

    • Mary

      Oh yeah, Noel, BRAVO!!!

    • Mary

      The only things you left out were:
      1. Any person in this Country illegally shall have no access to free public health care or social services.
      2. On the 31st (thirty-first) day, ALL persons in this Country illegally will be considered “open prey” to all citizens of this country.
      3. Any citizen of this Country witnessing an illegal crossing of any of this Country’s borders, after announcing “Go Back”, in English, and firing into the air one time, may legally let his conscience be his guide.

    • David Warheit

      Each of the following paragraphs is numbered to correspond with the same unnumbered paragraph in Noel’s comment.

      But first: hahahehehoho, hahahehehoho, hahahehehoho, hahahehehoho

      1. Immigration Deform in the United States of America.

      2. Of course, we can’t rely, legally and otherwise, on others to do the warning. So about $10 million needs to be appropriated to run ads on every conceivable appropriate outlet, such as Spanish-language radio & TV & indeed every foreign-language program on every radio & TV channel or network. Likewise, for foreign countries to “retrieve” their citizens, they will need to come here to do so. The only way to make sure it is done appropriately is one-to-one. There are an estimated 11 million undocumented aliens in the US, almost half of whom are Mexican, so 11 million visas need to issued immediately. Since this has to be done immediately, there will be no time to check on applicants; furthermore, experienced applicants would be especially desirable, so most of the 5 million, if not most of the rest would be former undocumented aliens, you know, those who are on home leave.

      4. Every person at any ethnic restaurant, from the owner to the busboy, will be arrested, stripped of his citizenship and deported, although it is unclear where many of them will be deported to. Also, every person at every ordinary business, from owner to cleaning staff, will be treated likewise. Why? “Any aid or comfort” means any sale. This should put at least one-third of all adult citizens in jail.

      5. As we know from the tea baggers, passports are no proof of citizenship, and only “original” birth certificates will do. Since most citizens cannot obtain “original” birth certificates, the United States will mostly consist of either aliens with proper documentation or naturalized citizens who will have their original naturalization certificates. The rest of us can join the busboys and cleaning staff.

      7. What about trains, buses, POVs?

      8. Since robbery and burglary are not covered, the incidence of these crimes will soar.

      9. All persons unable to work or who refuse to work will be starved to death or tortured to make them work. For good information on how to run such prisons, see The Buchenwald Report by David A. Hackett or Birkenau, the Camp of Death by Marco Nahon, or Auschwitz: True Tales from a Grotesque Land by Sara Nomberg or, well, you get the idea.

      10. “Temporary citizenship”? What’s that? See para. 5 to see who loses his citizenship.

      11. So children born to one US citizen and one documented alien will not be a US citizen. Again, see para. 5 to see who is a US citizen.

      12. So a student who is lawfully in the US pursuing his education who meets and falls in love with a US citizen and decides to get married is caught in a trap. Unless the marriage actually takes place, he cannot petition for his fiance(e), but the moment the marriage takes place the alien loses his student status.

      13. So anyone who waves a foreign flag, who wishes anyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo, or who merely informs anyone that he holds citizenship in any country other than the US shall be an enemy alien.

      14. Since English will now be the “only language of the USA”, all teaching of any other language, including Hopi, Aleutian, etc. and all books published in any other language, indeed any book which has so much as a single word in a foreign language shall be banned.

      15. How do you move such a large building?

      16. Back to para. 5 again, and who determines whether the 5-year-old standing in front of the schoolhouse door is or is not legally in the US?

      17. If the “stated tourist attraction” (what’s that? your Aunt Martha?) is more than 10 miles from the border, I guess an alien cannot visit it. If he can, what if he wants to visit, say, New York City and Washington, D. C.?

      18. The moment diplomatic immunity is canceled, virtually every diplomat in this country will pack up and leave. In addition, virtually every US diplomat abroad will be declared persona non grata and forced to leave immediately. This includes all diplomats, consular officers, etc. accredited by their country either to the US or to an international organization here.

      20. So no more Cinco de Mayo parades. The jury is out on smiling on Guy Fawkes day.

      21. So no embassy can hire its own citizens to guard its own embassy–oh, I forgot, there won’t be any more embassies here.

      22. To see how this works, read Japanese-American Internment Camps by Gail Sakurai, a celebration of one of the greatest moments in US history–the internment of all racial Japanese in the US in WWII.

      24. Harm? Like the time I accidentally cut off a lawfully admitted foreign student and he beeped his horn at me?

      26. So if I steal from a lawfully admitted alien, he cannot sue me because my “interest & well being” trump his.

      27. So if an American Indian says that except for American Indians we are all “immigrants”, he shall be fined $300 billion dollars ($1000 times 300 million citizens) and imprisoned for 150 million years.

      Hahahehehoho, hahahehehoho, hahahehehoho, hahahehehoho, hahahehehoho.

      • Juliw


    • KELLI2L

      “It shall be the responsibility of any person, who is suspected of being in this Country illegally, to provide undisputed proof of their citizenship, or proof of their privilege of being a guest in this Country.”

      . . .Let me address THIS (above) paragraph first: why would Obama critisize the Arizona law (that would require confirmation of identity) all the while his immigration reform bill REQUIRES IT ??? Is he and the Congress just really upset because Arizona couldn’t wait and wait and wait any longer for this administration to act – and they didn’t like Arizona beating them to the punch !!!

    • KELLI2L

      Noel, this comment of yours regarding the Immigrant Reform bill has got to be a joke…the ACLU, Larazza (not sure of spelling) and other illegal immigrant and hispanic friendly organizations would never allow this….It goes again just about everything they are now allowing…

      Even Pelosi would not allow these things to occur – although I must say – I LOVE IT….except I would not jail them – I would DEPORT them instead….it’s cheaper and safer….

  • James

    If she weren’t the aunt of the oval office imposter she’d have been in trouble. Why does abuse of authority continue? Sum up the number of times political figures have manipulated the system in order to gain personally. It’s troubling that the world has deteriorated into such unethical conduct. Appears that nobody cares any longer. For every action there are consequences.

    • Mary

      Unfortunately, James, for every action there no longer are consequences. We have become a completely amoral society with not one shred of ethics or even common decency.

      • s c

        Mary, you’ve accurately described the lofty ideals of the progressive mentality. Progressives live to oppress and enslave via a total lack of morals and a to-the-bone hatred for ethics, freedom and any sense of decency. And, they do it in the name of morality.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Did you see the news report about the hackers that got into Obummers college loan records? they didn’t say anything about what they found and they are facing up to a year in jail apiece!!! I sure would like to see what they found!!!

          • s c

            NOW is when some wealthy folks should step in and tell the hackers that if they can put principle before what sounds like a long time behind bars, their sacrifice will be appropriately “REWARDED.”
            While there are better thing in life than being locked up, at least they’re not looking at time in a Mexican jail or prison. America needs the TRUTH. And der Obummer needs to be put in his place [OUT of the White House].
            There are MANY people in Congress who should be in a Mexican prison. As a progressive might say, ‘let us be generous and not be so quick to judge’ (the hackers.’

  • Olie

    This is just ANOTHER ABUSE of the gov’t heirarchy. There are many who want asylum and have been in line a long time and comes from areas far more detrimental to their lives and families than Obama’s Aunt. Shoot, Obama to this day still cannot prove he is a natural born citizen and has done a good job of squashing the freedom of information act and keeping the house and senate and the supreme court from investigating him. Sounds corrupt to me, but what do you expect from Obama, He is always the exception to the law, even if it’s the constitution.

  • http://msn Margaret

    I think that obama and his brood sholujld be sent back to they all had come from america needs to do something with his carkus

  • C J Madden

    How much more ridiculous can this administration become? No other country in the world would allow such an affrontry to their immigration laws; as a matter of fact, they have zero tolerance to someone sneaking across their borders to leech off their people as ‘auntie’ did in the USA. Obama is an utter disgrace to this Nation–it would be great if he were impeached today, but the present congress is too busy sucking up to him for a pat on the head. What a bunch of cowards we have in D.C.

    • Annie

      You got that rite. Our Govt is way too busy acting important to put bandaids on situations that they have no idea of correcting or fixing. As long as they have thier income and money and they can break the laws that they put in place ,,, is all that they care about. OF course,, Obama is almost admitted that he does not have American citizenship. What a disgrace that he is to America and all that she stood for,,, he is against. ,,, watch he stays in office ,,,, will become worse than hitler was. He has no love for America or anything she has for the people. Govt in office is out to destroy ss much as Obama wants to. Sadd sadd sadd state of affairs and going to get sadder!!!!

  • C.R. Eastes

    Very interesting words. . . Seem to have read them LONG AGO and in ENGLISH. Now having read them again in your post makes me wonder if they can translated into spanish and arabic so bo and members of Congress can read and maybe understand what our laws are-?

    The picture being painted at present seems to make all REAL American Citizens the bad guys and all the “Poor illegal undocumented aliens” either waltzing into or being flown into our country with the excuse of “wanting a better way of life” seem to have really gotten some expensive strings attached.

    One hand it’s: “Come on in we’ll show you how to vote and you can have whatever you want for you’re entire family.

    On the other hand it’s: “Come on in we’ll show you how to vote then “you can use our PC’s to enhance your knowledge of explosives, timers, detonators, rare chemicals.

    And This messiah (who can’t even walk on water is in such a RUSH to pass his version of a health plan for the Citizens of American he’s suppose to represent yet there are still some members in the political arena who haven’t read it all as of this posting.

    Now I wonder which of the three (3) above paragraphs seem more important for this nation to survive-?

    “Noel; I enjoyed your post.”

  • Dorothy Anderson

    Another example of how ‘crooked’ our legal system has become. My son a quadriplegic is married to a lovely ‘illegal immigrant girl’ and he cannot get in and out of bed without her help yet I am told she must return to her country and wait ten years to come back and live with him. I am told there is no avenue for a ‘hardship appeal’. “The quality of mercy is not strained…….” So Obama’s Aunt has a better reason for being granted residence!!!!!

  • http://comcast Richie

    My question is how is it that she was denied by a judge but just went
    on staying here and getting all the benefits that some of us can not even get. Go see the judge go home like it didn’t happen this is where
    the government as usual is lax. It should not even have come up for a
    question with Obama. This is why we do not want the government to run
    our lives.

    • Oh Please…

      No kidding….she should have been deported immediately following her 2004 petition being denied.

  • Jim H.

    Obama learn politics in Chicago( where mayors and county board presidents give gov. jobs to family members),so taking care of a family member, despite what the law states is “just another day”.

  • http://Obama’sAunt’sCaseIllustrates‘AbuseOfU.S.PoliticalAsylumPolicy’ Gary

    The story of Obamas Aunt living here illegally and living in public housing was ran by the Boston Globe and the Associated Press 2 days before the election took place, and yet the media and most of the press kept this hidden until after the election. Homeland Security was more concerned on how this story was leaked to the press than they were about her being here illegally.

    Obama was asked if he was aware of his Aunt being here illegally and he said that he hadn’t seen her in 2 years and was unaware of the fact that she was here illegally and also said that her case should be handled the same way any other illegals case was handled, I wonder how many more family members are here illegally including him.

    I don’t feel that it is fair to all of the other illegals to have her case treated any different than their’s, at least some of them work for a living and don’t rely on public housing and everything else that she probably get’s for free.

    It is also pretty sad when a person who has millions of dollars from the books that Obama has written finds out that he has an Aunt living in public housing to not offer to help her in anyway, it just show’s us what kind of character Obama really has.

  • eddie47d

    Noel and your adoring fans, You obviously support YOUR new rules for immigrants in America. I can clearly see who wants to turn this country into a dictatorship with such baloney,and it’s not Obama. 25yrs jail time for being here past 30 days! Get real.I hope that will be on the conservatives tax dime. What a bundle that would be and you talk about the tax and spend liberals.Welcome to the club,although you have been a member for a long time. Then again you won’t even support putting legal citizens to work with Federal tax dollars. Tourists can only go 10 miles from their port of entry?You all believe that Gestapo crap. How many vacations do you take and only go 10 miles? Now some of you are really drinking the koolaid. In 2004 I traveled 9,200 miles (as a tourist) in the USA and Canada.I’ve been to Mexico and rented a car and have gone 2-300 miles before.Many Americans travel abroad and stay for months. Noel is not helping the immigration problem he’s setting us up for a rotten system to live under. Maybe he should be deported.

  • t norene

    Why is it your concern that a poor women from Kenya has been given permission from a court to stay here? Where did your forefathers come from? Unless your an American Indian we are all immigrants.Maybe the Indians should have had a court where they got to decide who stayed and who didn’t. Oh yeah we killed most of them and the rest we put on reservations while we stole their land.

    • Oh Please…

      You know t norene, that is a real tired arguement….right or wrong, it was another time in history with different circumstances than exist today. The simple fact is that we are dealing with THIS century & TODAY (where there are population, economy and other issues to consider) there are laws regarding how to immigrate and become a citizen – which many who PROUDLY want to be American have & continue to follow. To arbitrarily provide amnesty/asylum to anyone who has already tossed aside/disregarded the process (thus disrespecting our laws) is a slap in the face to all immigrants (past and present) that have come here (or are still trying to) legally.

      Not only do I agree with chuck that should consider easing the guilt you feel by returning to where your forefathers come from, but also suggest that you (and others like you) who stand so strongly for the ‘rights’ of illegals also consider ‘hosting’ them all. YOU house them, pay for ALL their potential needs (medical, food etc…) that would otherwise take from legal immigrants/citizens. I’m really curious to see how long you would all continue to feel sooooo strongly when the financial burdens came out of ONLY you and fellow supporters!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      t norene,
      You mistakenly say that this “poor” woman was given permission to stay here. She wasn’t! she was twice turned down for assylum and told to leave this country!! she is no better than every illegal immigrant presently in this country!!

  • chuck b

    t moreno

    our fore fathers created this country and we later created immigration laws which all people adhered to. now we have people who circumvent this law and don’t obey the rules, so they should leave and come back in the right way. if you have such guilt feelings about having stole this land, if i were you i would catch the next flight to where ever your conscience feels at ease.

  • JAC

    Did anyone in this country, Republican or Democrat, really think any court was going to deport a relative of the chosen one?

  • Charlie

    Your telling it like it is Personal Liberty Thank you, and AZ is an open subject of protecting the people. Illegal immigrants are wrong even if related! One more vote for the President.
    Now if National News and folks could view the Importance of a Beautiful Gentleman with a Christian heart that helps man kind, We would all like to stand by his grave side and give him a standing Ovation, This is a Real Man that loved his country.

    Subject: HERO, We all should have known about from the News Media!!
    You’re a 19 year old kid. You’re critically wounded and dying in
    the jungle somewhere in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam .
    It’s November 11, 1967. LZ (landing zone) X-ray.
    Your unit is outnumbered 8-1 and the enemy fire is so intense, from 100 yards away, that your CO (commanding officer) has ordered the MedEvac helicopters to stop coming in.
    You’re lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know you’re not getting out.
    Your family is half way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you’ll never see them again.
    As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.
    Then – over the machine gun noise – you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter.
    You look up to see a Huey coming in. But … It doesn’t seem real because no MedEvac markings are on it.
    Captain Ed Freeman is coming in for you.
    He’s not MedEvac so it’s not his job, but he heard the radio call and decided he’s flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire anyway.
    Even after the MedEvacs were ordered not to come. He’s coming anyway.
    And he drops it in and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 3 of you at a time on board. Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire to the doctors and nurses
    and safety. And, he kept coming back!! 13 more times!! Until all the wounded were out. No one knew until the mission was over that the Captain had been hit 4 times in the legs and left arm. He took 29 of you and your buddies out that day. Some would not have made it without the Captain and his Huey.

    Medal of Honor Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Air Force, died last Wednesday at the age of 70, in Boise, Idaho .
    May God Bless and Rest His Soul.

    I bet you didn’t hear about this hero’s passing, but we’ve sure seen a whole bunch about Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, Pelosi and Obama!
    Medal of Honor Winner Captain Ed Freeman

    Honors this real American.

    Medal of Honor Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Air Force, died last Wednesday at the age of 70, in Boise, Idaho.
    May God Bless and Rest His Soul.

    United we stand.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Go With God Capt. Freeman!!!! HERO!!!

    • http://naver samurai


  • clyde


  • Charlie

    Thank you Noel, You are so right on the issue.
    “Noel says:
    May 24, 2010 at 6:19 am President Obama hires friend so he does not have to deal with intelligent Americans like you! Your mind works very well, keep passing the comments. Cheer
    The freedom and/or protection of American Citizens, and their rights, in this Country shall Stand Strong and be United. We have One God. Thanks Noel for you great insights.

  • http://gmail i41

    t noreno, how damn dumb are you, the indians didn’t defend their property because they didn’t own it they wandered fronm Asia or came in from the east. Blood genics prove that, they couldn’t defend it from one another. The coloniss ruined indians’ livehood when they mad a law against stealing. The reservations was a bright idea of the eastern feel good morons, after they got their reservations they would adapt and now we have antoher bunch of drug headed welfare rats that think they are in the 1800′s. Do away with the reservations and assemulate in to the USA, not a soverign nation, either assemulate or live on your own and take away the voting rights, free food. healthcare and educations. Sounds just like a liberal democrat love in. High unemployment, poor healthcare,and high death rate a real government dreamland.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      that might be true, but they were the first people to live here!!!


    She married her half-brother.And —- with him.So this is why Obama’s so jacked up.


    But I must say, the reason he’s in office was because we put him in office.Even if the votes were illegally added to his favor in some states, we elected the people who allowed this, and we’re allowing him to get away with it.I hate to say it, but America’s on her way to hell in a hand basket.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      What’s with this WE?? I didn’t vote him in. As a matter of fact, I openly campaigned against him!!!

    • KELLI2L

      I have to admit that since I’ve been paying closer attention to our voting….I just cannot believe that the last two presidents (Obama and Bush) got into office by cheating of some sort….why then do we get stuck with that politician? Why aren’t they ousted and a re-vote taken ??? Where’s the justice ???

    • Yolanda

      Illegally added votes? You’ve got to be talking about both Bush elections of GWB…that the one I recall as being stolen. This time the people voted and the right person won.

  • Amerikanisch

    After the eartquake in Haiti, I was almost surprised that the global redistrbutor of our wealth didn’t boatlift the entire country of Haiti to the USA and turn us out of our homes in favor of the new occupants. That is “social justice” to this idiot and his administration.
    Can’t wait for November 2nd!

    • chuck b


      by the time barry gets thru sending all this alloted money to haiti, the haitians will be able to retire in the u.s. if they don’t out breed themselves befor the checks get there.

    • KELLI2L

      On the contrary – he did bring them to the Americas’ just not all of them….And I’m reading that many of them are causing crime problems where-ever they landed….

      Thanks BHO….for nothing

  • Wanag

    Poor aunt Zeituni! This poor illegal migrant who for the last six years humiliated, disgraced, self imposed exile and economic refuge abandoned by the most powerful man. I truly think he ashamed of his African heritage. How one can not mentioned or looked after this miserable lady for several years. Those humans who have love heart and feeling would have taken care of her before she even run away from her village. Lady Zeituni enjoy the American welfare disease.

    • KELLI2L

      I remember this Aunt of Obama – during the presidential primaries she stated that he was born in Kenya while she was living there – she said she went to visit the baby Obama….was she lying or telling the truth….

  • Elle

    Auntie, or whatever – SHE IS ILLEAGAL!!! She has been ordered to leave. She has been a free loader and her offspring learned all the deceit and lying from her as he grew up! Where is obumers so called brother?? Auntie GO,live with him. Make sure the money you borrowed from the USA GETS paid BACK!
    The Indians, I laugh everytime I pass a CASINO! The gammbaling idiots are paying back the Indians with every slot or bet they make. The Indians have a beautiful New School ALL PAID FOR from the gambeling mans/womans money. What goes around, comes around!


    “FAIR representatives were particularly angered at the fact that Onyango was granted the asylum despite having her 2004 petition denied by a Federal immigration court, a ruling she ignored”

    >>> I would definately like to see why they denied her claim in the first place…We all know why they approved it this time around….Her relative in America is the president….

  • Juliw

    We need this idiot out of office NOW! This is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it !!! It’ll get a lot worse before it gets better….wait and see.

  • Bill

    If you want to see all of this end, then return to GOD IN HEAVEN, if you don’t know HIM then turn your life over to HIM and obey HIM. HE is the only ONE that can save you. Now is the time tomorrow may be too late. YOUR CHOICE.

  • Yolanda

    You people are so stupid. While the gulf is being taken over by oil you are concerned with Obama’s aunt. Let’s get our priorities straight. Who cares of his aunt has asylum? There are REAL issues that need attention and I just don’t think this is one of them.. Pick your battles better Rep King.

  • Rose and Robert

    Wow! Obama is acting like a white man and doing favors for those who look like him and act like him. How dare he! Must be the caucasian him that caused him to act with favortism, or nepoism or cronyism. Doesn’t he understand that by claiming to be Black, his white half is voided? LOL!

  • J.E.B.

    This made me sick to read. Obama’s aunt said that the U.S. was obligated to take her in. Wrong-O bud. She should have been deported immediately, but being that her nephew is the president, he can just play favoritism and bend the rules for relatives. Disgusting.


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