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FAIR Claims That Obama’s Immigration Reform Meeting Was Anything But Fair

April 22, 2011 by  

FAIR claims that Obama's immigration reform meeting was anything but fairThe Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has blasted President Barack Obama for holding a partisan meeting to discuss the nation's immigration policies.

On April 19, the President hosted a gathering at the White House that was slated as a "broad group of business, law enforcement, faith and former and current elected leaders from across the political spectrum." The meeting was billed as a brainstorming session regarding immigration reform.

However, FAIR president Dan Stein said that it was an amnesty planning session made up of officials representing special interests. He claimed that not a single invitation was issued to a governor, sheriff, member of Congress or group from a border State, where the true impact of illegal immigration is being felt.

"The President will only address immigration when it serves his political interests," said Stein. "Just days after he announced his re-election bid, the President met behind closed doors promising amnesty to appease the special interests he needs to energize his campaign supporters."

Among the invited guests to the immigration reform meeting were John Podesta, CEO of the Center for American Progress (CAP), and Bill Bratton, former police chief of Los Angeles. According the FAIR, CAP supports a radical agenda that pushes for open borders and non-enforcement of immigration policies.

As LAPD chief, Bratton staunchly supported efforts not to focus enforcement on "individuals whose only violation is illegal entry." 

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  • facts

    [Plagiarized comment deleted]

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

    • Mick

      facts ,,,,
      President Ronald Reagan issued an executive order in 1986, but there were a number of restrictions. About 2.7 million illegals were in the amnesty pool and many of them did not qualify. Today we are looking at as many as 20 million illegals who are already here and Obama have no problem giving amnesty to all of them and keep our borders opened.
      You liberals will have no right to bitch on this subject if you continue to vote for the Democrat’s insanity…
      America became the best country in the world with such guidelines as, ethics,responsibility, accountability for our own actions and especially the hard work thriving for prosperity.
      The left and many rinos have taken this recipe and tossed it out the window, they keep on adding laws contradicting the very foundation of this country. illegals OK. criminals OK, terrorists OK, Slackers OK. while our rights are being stripped from the law abiding citizens the above are gaining them,,
      What the hell is wrong with this picture ?? And why are so many hell bent on letting it continue on ??

      • Bob from Calif

        I do not blame illegals for wanting to come to this country. If I were one of them, I would want to become a US citizen also. To want to escape the corruption that they are facing in their country must be overwhelming. That being said, if they want to come here they need to do it legally and respect our laws. If they are already here they should try to become legal and face the consequences of their actions even if that means deportation. Then go through the legal route to get here. It would be much healthier for this country if they came here legally. I know that its very tempting to go somewhere that grants them all this welfare. But they need to realize that they are helping to bring this country to its knees through their actions. They are just pawns in a very dangerous game. The sooner they open their eyes and find this to be true the better. I don’t think anyone wants to be used in this way. At least I hope not. As Americans we need to fight Amnesty and illegal immigration. This process is just hurting us all including the people that are coming here illegally.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Bob from mexifornia,
          Bull$hit!!!! Let them stay in their own country and CHANGE IT!!! that is what was done here, It is being done in Libya, Egypt and a few other countries as we type!!! It they don’t like things in Mexico then FIGHT TO CHANGE IT!!!!

          • Mike Austin

            Exactly. They take the lazy way out and sponge off others. They talk about National pride but in reality do not have any.

        • Jana

          Bob from Cal.
          The problem is, they don’t want to become citizens. They don’t want to assimilate.
          They want to come here and take. They also want to come here and bring, bring their ways, their speech, and even their form of government, which is corrupt.
          You are so right in that they should come here legally, and you are also so very right in that they are helping to bring this country down. You said bring our country to its knees, and you are oh so right.

          • Tom S

            Very well put.

      • JUKEBOX

        This is just another action in the midst of a plethora of duplicitous, mendacious actions forced on the American citizens by a potentially fraudulent pretender to the White House.

        • crystal

          Great use of vocabulary!!!

    • Vigilant

      Even before Reagan, executive orders have been a tool to unconstitutionally bypass the legislative function of the Congress.

      If a Constitutional convention is ever convened again, the specific outlawing of executive orders should be addressed.

    • JIBBS

      Get in line like the rest and wait for your turn, “sneaking in” cheapens the gift for the one’s that came here legal. By the way, helping an illegal in Mexico carry’s a six year prison sentence.

      • Jana

        But according to the liberals we are much too civilized to put someone in prison for helping an ILLEGAL. In fact we are much too civilized to punish anything illegal, stealing, murder, raping, etc. We are supposed to wrap our arms around them and give them a great big hug and forgive them. Then they blame the conservatives for all of our problems.

    • Dan az

      Hispanics are now the largest minority group in 191 metropolitan areas, up from 159 metro areas as recorded in the 2000 Census.

      Moreover, the recent Census data shows the Hispanic population has spread out from the Southwest, to include cities throughout the United States.

      The Hispanic population grew 42 percent in the last decade, totaling now 50.1 million, or about one in every six Americans.

      Read more: Olé of the land: Hispanic explosion hits U.S.

      • JUKEBOX

        Obama is welcoming new Democrat voters to America in order to insure his re=election at any cost to our country.

        • Tom S

          Amen to that…….”citizenship to vote, we don’t need no stinking citizenship to vote, we have the democrats and Jose Bin Bama.

    • EddieW

      Tjhat would be idiotic…They don’t want Republicans to come up with a refform bill…they don’t want any reform bill that cuts off illegal immigration, after all they would probably vote for Dem’s!!! Obozo wants nothing less than the destruction of this country, so the more illegals the better, he wants open borders with Canada and Mexico, so even more can come here, and undermine employment for Americans!!! He detests this country, and is out to punish it for it’s “former”‘sins’!!!!

    • GeorgeE

      OK Facts, here’s the Republican plan. 1) Stop giving welfare and public assistance to illegals, 2) drop the 14th amendment giving illegals anchor babies, 3) close and secure the border, 4) never give US citizenship to anyone found in this country illegally, 5) when illegals are found in this country deport them, 6) give green cards to temporary workers more easily when they have a US employer who wants to hire them in accordance with US laws and the employer is willing to take responsibility for them while the immigrant is in this country, 7) fly drones along the US border and treat anyone illegally crossing the border as drug dealers when found, and 8) sign up all new immigrants in the Republican Party and promise to give them $25 when they go to the polls to vote. This should encourage legal immigration, discourage illegal immigration, and incentivize the Democrat Party to close the border immediately. Do you think Obama would sign that bill??????????

      • Jana

        The reason ‘facts’ won’t listen to this is because it just makes too much sense. Liberals don’t have or use common sense.
        This is a super good plan! This is what the majority of us wants.
        Thanks for writing it in plain simple terminology.

      • Tom S

        I have a bettere chance of signing that bill than Osama Obama does.

    • Victoria

      To editor of this article: My name is Victoria and the statement that “facts” supposedly wrote was not written by him, but by me. You stole my statement in response to an article from The Examiner. Please kindly remove my statement cause I did not post it on to this article. Thank- you A**hole

    • Victoria

      Yes. now I was written by me, VICTORIA, at 9:34pm (eastern time) on April 21, 2011 not on the 22nd at 6:03am. I even printed it out after I wrote that statement in the Washington Examiner article. Yup! Thank you.

  • Macawma

    It’s more of the preacher preaching to the choir…he doesn’t have the gonads to get up in front of the governors of the border states for his discussions. Obama is such a limp dick!


      Except when he and Rahm are together in that Chicago bath house!

  • Omawazzi

    Republican, Tea party or Democrat, it doesn’t matter.
    The problem is that Special Interest and Big Money Corporations have bought our politicans and now rule our Government.

    These are the ones who are truely in control and why nothing ever really changes.
    It would take an entire group of Political Untouchables to change things in this country or maybe just a President with the courage to do what is needed.

    • Tom S

      Maybe it’s getting serious enough that civil uprising is the only way to clean house and start over using the Constitution as the road map like the Constitgutional framers in the 1700′s intended.

      • Tom S

        oops, thats Constitutional……..slip of the fingers.

  • Patriot66

    The solution to the illegal problem is to dissolve the entitlements. If we chuck the welfare state and the anchor baby scam, they will no longer come. If you have an ant problem, you do not solve the problem by killing the never ending trail of ants. You find the source and clean it up. That is our situation. We have a welfare system that supports the invasion of illegals that milk it for everything its worth. This, of course, is part of a larger problem, which is the validation of a high tax system. That’s right, hard working Americans are being enslaved via taxation in support of this madness.

    There is also the case where Obama needs these illegals to become “Legals” so they can vote for him in the next election. I don’t think many current legals (U.S. citizens) are going to…

    • Mick

      No doubt about that Patriot66.

    • Ellen

      You are absolutely correct. They are not going to come here and attempt to support themselves on minimum wage. Without free housing, insurance & food, they can’t make it. We need to eliminate welfare for all immigrants – legal & illagal – and limit welfare for US citizens. A woman can collect welfare for only 1 child and men need to be made financially responsible for the babies they create. This will positively impact the cycle of poverty, the problems in our schools, our crime rates, our rate of STDs & abortions, and it will end the baby daddy foolishness. Why does the government think it’s the taxpayers’ responsibility to support all these people anyway? Our nation is broke partially because of the growth of the welfare state. In addition to the changes listed above, we need to phase out welfare over the next 20 years. Our welfare laws, although intended to be compassionate, have been an unmanaged failure.

      • sylviam

        Some of these women”word used loosely” go out to have a good time and get pregnant on purpose not even knowing the mans name. That way she gets her check, food stamps, and all the goodies that go along with it upped. Now 90% of the Fathers of these children don’t even know that they have any. These loose women use the system just like the ILLLEGALS and the other low life.
        In turn it makes it harder for the people NEEDING a hand up to get the help they so desparately need.
        Along with the POLITITIONS allowing the ILLEAGALS to use the entire system against the whole COUNTRY. They truley believe they are entitled to the same as we are. NEWS FLASH WE ARE NOT ENTITLED either. We are legally able to ask for help but we are NOT entitled to it What the LIBERALS do not get is TRUTH in its real term, but TRUTH in their term.
        We are a NANNY Country NOW but hopefully that will change soon, A hand up does not mean keep me up from cradle to grave.

        • barbm

          they did a little welfare reform a few years ago, but they actually encouraged women to have even more babies. if you have a child under the age of 5 at home, you don’t have to work or go to school. they have a kid every 4 years so they can stay home and also get more $ for each. they need to drug test these women, not give one penny more for having another child while on public assistance, force them to name the fathers so we can go after them for child support, and make them get a job. i went back to work a few weeks after my kids were born, so why can’t they? also need to lower the amount of foodstamps they get during the school year when we feed their broods 2 meals a day for free. doesn’t matter whether they’re legal or illegal, this crap needs to stop.

      • Mick

        Ellen ,,,,
        You are so right.lack of responsibility and self respect and respect for others has created a monster society with the integrity of sewer rats. our government is directly responsible for this , they’re are enabling the laze to continue to fleece the hard working folks while producing more of the same…
        Compassion has been misinterpreted and we have been transformed to door mats that allows any of these leeches to wipe their feet on….Sorry people but this has to stop before we all be forced to become as useless as those people are, they keep on bleeding us and that’s exactly what will happen…….

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Ellen… Great post… If you eliminate the bird feeder, the birds won’t come.

    • Laurie

      No Obama does not need them to become legal. They are already voting! There is an ongoing Grand Jury investigation into Voter Fraud in Dallas City / County. Reports have been coming out about illegals/hoemless voting in Democrat precincts – with the full knowledge of the dems in the area. Quite the Scandal = since the DEMS fired the County election commissioner in an attempt to STOP any investigation into the fraud.

      The State Attorney General had to convene the Grand Jury in a neighboring county in order to have the ihvestigation without the Dallas Dems covering it up.

      • barbm

        the new voter id bill will stop the illegals in texas from voting. the only people exempt are the over 70-years-old crowd.

    • http://yahoo richard

      hey 66 the dead vote why not the illegals


      Only the DUMB MASSES!

  • MAL

    Campaign promises???? He promised NO OFF SHORE DRILLING and signed the lease for Deepwater Horizon 2 months into office – that breach is more important than permiting illegals here in a way that breaks our laws set up by our founding fathers.

    • JIBBS

      I’m not sure what you are saying, could you please explain a little more. Thanks

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      MAL… What? How did drilling for oil get into an illegal alien blog? Yes, he has broken many campaign promises. He cannot be trusted, nor does he know what he is doing. How anyone could have voted for a junior senator with no background in anything, is beyond me.

      • JUKEBOX

        You can tell when he is lying: HIS MOUTH IS MOVING.

    • http://yahoo richard

      mal, and isn’t it a surprise it blew up?

      • Jana

        Yes, he allows foreign countries to come into our waters and drill for oil while denying our own people from drilling.
        He is stopping us from drilling for oil, he is trying to close down the coal industry, he says the cost of energy NECESSARILY MUST GO UP, so what I see is Obama has kept his campaign promises. What he didn’t say in plain English was, in order for governement to grow we must ruin the economy, but that is what he meant, and it sure seems he is fulfilling that promise to me.
        Just when it seems we are coming our of this recession one little bitty inch at a time, we have a new problem, higher cost of energy. this is going to turn into inflation. We will have to pay more for gas, so it costs more to get to work, we will have to pay more for groceries, because it costs more to get these groceries to us via the trucking industry, and it will cost more for all of our goods ie: clothing and appliances etc.
        All of this so Obama can create bigger Gov’t.
        Wow, the Liberals are sooooo happy.
        Someone on another post asked the question what makes a true American?
        Well, the above example certainly IS NOT it!

    • Wild Bill

      Are you saying that you support illegal immigrants if only they would drive around in solar/wind powered Hippy Hoppies?.Your avatar is apt in that your reasoning is “bad”.Without the expansion of the domestic oil/gas exploration industry and ending illegal immigration,as well as deporting ALL illegals America will soon become another failed European style “multicultural” cesspool.The borders must be closed.If you can read this thank a conservative teacher who did their job instead of indoctrinating their students in the “joys of progressive/politically correct” thought.If you can read this in English,thank the Marines,Army,Air force and Navy.They,unlike you,believe in the sanctity of secure borders and the defense of traditional American values.
      Wild Bill

  • tim

    We don’t need an immigration reform bill. We need the current laws enforced and people coming into our country need to do it legally. The immigration laws worked fine until these azzholes decided they needed the votes of illegals!!!! Liberals will do anything for votes, legal or not and they need to be jailed for harboring criminals!!!!! If you and I helped a criminal we would go to jail!!! Once again politicians getting away with more crimes right out in the open!!!!!!!!!

    • Mick


      There are many laws on the books,actually too many,and the problem with so many laws is that they contredict each other which allows our politicians to get away with murder,
      The Now laws will protect the criminals over the law abiding citizen,the Washington crowd is the perfect example of course we have to realize who makes those laws..
      Does the fox watching the hen house ring a bell,,,,,,,,,,


      Examples: Obama, Holder, Geithner, Reid, Pelosi, Rangel,etc.

  • clh

    Everyone needs to write their representatives. Tell them to get rid of the entitlement programs to illegals. They are on food stamps, low income housing, medicare, social security, low interest loans, subsidized food programs and on and on. They also have a scam that if husband and wife live together, all the wife has to do is call in a domestic violence, some Mexican attorney will send papers for her to take to the police station. If the PD signs off on it, she automatically becomes legal, then she begs to have him let out of jail. They are con artists and it has to stop. That is ALL illegals regardless of race. WRite, write, write, email, email, email and call if you can. I must send at least 2 dozen emails everyday and not just to my own state, Pick those that are sympathetic to the cause and inundate them. Tell them NO NO!!!
    They do not read these blogs.

    • JIBBS

      I’m sorry, but thats just not true, you need to back up your claim. Cop’s signing some paper makes them legal, jeeeze, you are gulable, and what you say holds no-water. What an out right lie!!!

  • sylviam

    There are people in my community where the WHOLE family is on SSI,MEDICAID,FOOD STAMPS and the works. all a woman has to do is SEPARATE FROM HER HUSBAND and as soon as its a done deal, THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER and all get the SO-CALLED “FREEBIES”. and the Husband goes to work every day. They are buying houses,new cars and spending the FOOD STAMPS and coaching other FAMILY members on what to say and do to get on the DRAW as well. Talk about FRAUD and they say we are entitled to this. There are some that have been on WELFARE for as long as I can remember, at 70-yr old my mind is sharp as a tack, FRAUD, is commited by ILLEGALS and our own PEOPLE I want it all stopped


      I am over 70, and I have personally seen fraud in the SS system back in the mid forties. These self perpetuating bureaucracies will fight any effort to change, so they can preserve their sorry jobs and pass them on to their heirs.

  • barbm

    it doesn’t make sense that corps would want them to be legal. they work cheap because they’re here illegally. once they’re legal, they’ll demand fair wages. i agree, stop the welfare state and they’ll stop coming. they aren’t really coming here to find a better life, they’re coming to steal our milk and honey. eisenhower had no problem finding then and sending them home back in the 50s, so why can’t we do that now? look it up, it’s called operation wetback.

  • Dan az

    The Wall Street Journal reported in an April 11 article authored by Patrick O’Connor that the explosive growth of the Hispanic population reflected in the 2010 Census “will remake the electoral map – and could present Republicans with a challenge.”

    The article argued that Republicans will have to win over Hispanics, given that Hispanics account for 65 percent of the population growth in Texas over the past decade, 55 percent of the growth in Florida and nearly half the population increase in Arizona and Nevada.

    “Hispanics have historically voted in lower proportions than blacks and whites,” O’Connor wrote. “In 2008, they voted for President Barack Obama by nearly 2-to-1.”

    Read more: Olé of the land: Hispanic explosion hits U.S.

  • http://charter howe

    The USA has a serious problem with unfunded resources for illegals and Amnesty is not going to correct it under this administration. Unless entitlements stop, the baby anchor scheme is stopped and employers who hire illegals and cannot prove that a background check was completed are severley punished for hiring illegals, the invasion will continue. Also the under pinning of this momentous problem is the Progressive liberal socialist democrats who are behind an all out effort to create a no borders landscape for Hispanics who would return the favor by perpetually voting for their Democratic Congress person who would enjoy power and control until the new kids on the block could control everything in the country. The North American trade agreement is a step in this direction because border security is sacrificed for the business of moving products over the border. We have over 77,000 illegals in our prisons for minor crimes to the most heinous murders. This is a small number of illegals that are deported every year. Then there is almost thirty million illegals not 20 million as the liberals want you to think. This cost to taxpayers is beyond belief and part of the reason that amnesty is a joke. If anything there should be a moritorium on immigration from Mexico and South America until the govt secures the border. That is why the Republicans have to jump into the fray and move some legislating to shut down entry to a dribble in order to stop this exploding illegal invasion. Being the good Socialist Democrat that he is, You even have Al Sharpton trying to create another civil rights movement for Hispanics and particpating in protest in the street. It’s time to show up on 2 Nov 2012 come hell or high water and vote them out. We have to solve this illegal immigration insanity, because we need those scarce dollars for social programs in the inner city and job training for the folks who have no other opportunity to find work which will give them a life worth living. The democrats have been for the small guys for over 50 years as I can best remember and every damn one of them made theirselves rich on the backs of the poor and things have never changed for the better for the most needy in our country. My family an I voted for democrats for 21 years all the while I was eligible for food stamps etc and the democrats were in power and didn’t do a damn thing for anyone except themselves. They always talked a good game. During my 29 year military career, I learned quite a bit about politicians, and I was surprise to find that 85% of the Congressional democrats are lawyers and 75% of the Republicans are business men and doctors etc. It didn’t take much educatio to figure out that lawyers are trained to lie, cheat and steal to win a case and any successful lawyer just does a better job of creating a new reality. That’s when I decided that most lawyers cannot be trusted because when they are filling a Congressional or Whitehouse roll, they develop a Father knows best ideology which may not be consistent with what the constituents want. Case in point, the democratic party is leading WE THE PEOPLE down the road of communism and from what I have seen in some countries that used that form of govt, I would rather move to that shithole called Mexico before I would allow the U.S. govt to become a Marxist entity over me. There are lots of union people who are getting sucked into the big union socialist movement and someday they will regret what they are supporting, not only because they may lose their membership in future years, but their kids will live in a banana republic society that has no opportunity for them. A strong free market system is our only hope to maintain our exceptionalism and our world leadership role.

  • Polski

    Join NUMBERS USA!! They are the ones that are getting rid of the illegals. They keep track of how your crooks, called Senators and Representatives, are cheating us by voting for the illegals and against the US Citizens.

    • JIBBS

      I joined nunmbers usa about 4 years ago.

      • Dan az

        Me two but only two years ago,Great site to get to your reps and guv.


      I joined over 5 years ago. But because I said cruel and harsh words on the PS spot to the President, Senators and Reps, Numbers USA dropped me from the mailing list. So a word of advice, stay civil in your email messages. Don’t let emotions get control of your language. I never used cuss words tho, just sarcasm.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      FAIR is a pretty good site as well. They were the ones that put up the film from a camera on just one of the trails the illegals use to get into the states, and it was appalling how many came up that one trail in just one week!

  • Dan

    Words, words, and more words. We non-progressives have some great solutions but alas there is not one single person in the Senate or House with the balls/ovaries to stand up to the infested corruption currently screwing America. We are in a war right here in America people and it’s not going to be solved sitting on our ass’s bitching about Obama. If the majority of Americans reelect the likes of Obama, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, Snow, Collins just to name a few then we the minority are screwed for any peacefully resolution to a forming Fascist country. Hello FEMA prisons.

    • JIBBS

      If you have some idea’s, I open to new paths.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      check out duncan Hunter Sr!!!!

  • cae

    Close the border with military…then deport those who are here illegally like Eisenhower did. I am sick of hearing how they come here to feed their families…We have families to feed also…and as citizens We should come first! Americans of all colors are losing their homes, unemployed and struggling just to survive while the illegals are working all across our country taking the jobs that rightfully belong to us!

  • momplayer

    It’s a great idea to cut illegals off the welfare rolls,but it’s NEVER going to happen.Listen to your state goverments when they talk about cutting their budget. They cut education,police and firefighters,teachers,state employees,ect. NOT once have you ever heard them say they were cutting the welfare rolls or limited them to US citizens only.They do not have to prove citizenship to draw welfare or register for school for their anchor babies.They draw food stamps and still get free breakfasts and lunch, so we pay for them to eat twice.Most of them aren’t taking our jobs,most of them don’t have to work.When you are drawing $300.00 to $400.00 per month per child and the average hispanic has 4 to 5 kids +section 8 housing +plus food stamps+free medical+clothing allowance+car and gas allowance they don’t have to work. The majority drive new navigators,expeditions,tahoes or escaldes and get by with no insurance coverage.IF they are stopped the cops let them go,if theres an accident the cops tell you to use your own insuance.You have to run unisured and underinsured coverage in case you are hurt because they have nothing you can sue them for to help pay your medical.If you don’t have coverage you can’t go to the county hospital unless it’s life or death because they are too busy treating illegals with no medical insurance unless it’s medicad.I know I just went through this.No insurance,no lincense,no registration, but a new navigator.Thank God I had gap insurance.He drove his car home as far as I know with no tickets.I don’t know what happen to this country that the politicians feel the need to cater to illegals,but I do know it makes me want to puke!

  • Raggs

    Sounds like the F**k head obama is going to the unions in order to declare amnesty for his re-election.. No doubt the unions will be under the desk on this one.

  • MAL

    Clarifying – Both breaches of promises are bad – both are bad for the environment – pollution, our food supply, signing/rubber stamping leases without the proper environmental studies – gas, oil, coal are dirty energy forms – move forward like other progressive countries, create GREEN jobs & energy forms instead.

    Producing incentives for overpopulation by “the more kids you have, the more you collect” will cause more animal agriculture that is more polluting than all the transport vehicles air, land, sea. Responsible, follow the rules immigration is the only way to go – quotas per country, TB & health testing, criminal background checks, etc – everything our fathers had to do.

  • Brittanicus


    f you want to see the 14.5 trillion dollar US deficit reduced, we must enforce our immigration laws. In 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act was a zero-tolerance policy that was subverted by business interests. We cannot afford any more half measures, from the ongoing resistance of politicians like Senator Harry Reid (D-NV in the growing reaching empowerment of the TEA PARTY. Illegal Immigration is an incendiary issue, caused over decades of Washington lack of sympathy to US worker, with estimates of 20 million foreign nationals feeding of the welfare system they have—NOT–attributed too? The worst issue is the instant baby citizenship law, which has become a perpetual foothold for hundreds of thousands of illegal families annually and probably the most fiscally of expenditure for taxpayers. Our overcrowded through k-12 schools are suffering, with hospital emergency rooms not far behind.

    For the price of an airline ticket or dodging the US border patrol they arrive here with many afflictions, knowing from distant dialogue, that American physicians must treat you under the law. Arizona Policing laws (SB1070) subject to rejection by the Supreme Court in the future have dealt a sharp blow to the radical Leftists, that evidence is proving the laws are having a positive effect. Huge numbers of illegal unwelcome persons are moving out to places unknown. Interesting enough that I read an article that even though radical activists are boycotting Arizona in hope of eroding their commerce, the reverse has happened. Average Americans have seen through Obama’s Department of In-Justice and streamed into the State, guaranteeing high concentrations of tourists. The Dept of InJustice elevated by Obama’s Liberal Progressive-Marxist Czars to attack Arizonans Governor Brewer’s policing laws through the mostly Leftists courts, but an intense silence has reigned about Utah’s unconstitutional push for a Guest worker program. Arizona has a high foreclosure rate, but it was caused by the real estate crash, not boycotts. In fact it seems Canadians escaping from the cold weather swept in, brought properties and even my Ex-wife portends to buy a home there.

    So the State of Arizona has made a roundabout turn, and the State is thriving and the populations of economic illegal immigrants are leaving for new turf. With malleable States nearby like Sanctuary California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado this is their final destination. These have been economic aliens and they have already devastated some of the Border States, with public service opportunities. Utah–and the Mormon church interference, is shortly going to find out the predicament they set upon themselves. Thousands of welfare grabbers will materialize and the legitimate populace are not going to forgive the pro-amnesty legislators. This will quickly emanate as politicians will be scrambling for extra dollars to pay for schooling, health care, prison room and other entitlement programs. President Obama held a meeting with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Trumka, leader of the AFL-CIO and a host of open border organizations and business lobbyists at the White House. In the Haven State of California they will still be climbing out of the 26 Billion Leftist extremist deficit, caused by the pandering illegal immigration occupation. In the 2012 Election there must be placed under careful scrutiny in the voting process, because with this overrun prominently by illegal aliens, including it’s second runner up in the Southwest is Nevada. There is no doubt in my mind that illegal aliens, through such so-called obsolete entities as ACORN, fraudulently intervened in the political process in many States, by voting in large numbers.

    Little is known because the conference was closed to the press media, reassured it will lead to a dead end. Their evident reason to be there is to push for a mass amnesty, even at a time when 10 million Americans are still unemployed. Most people have no conception of these ramifications of a full volume amnesty, better dive into the web pages of NumbersUSA or Judicial Watch. You are assured this is only two of a nationwide grassroots revolution of pro-sovereignty entities, whose main issue is the illegal alien occupation. But even more so join a local TEA PARTY because under no circumstances will any kind of amnesty be passed. Only if President Obama successfully is reelected will this matter come up for a vote and the TEA PARTY will fight this pretense tooth and nail. You break the law; you must pay a penalty for it. Another amnesty no matter the fact will just attract more and more foreign nationals across our borders or to our shores. We need to expand the E-verify programs and make it mandatory for businesses and in addition the feds need the same permanency for Secure Communities, to fingerprint every alleged criminal that is processed through police stations. There should be no exceptions to the rule, that anybody who enters the system must be thoroughly processed. This Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) Congress women is obviously a hidden vile Leftist extremist, who doesn’t mind foreign national committing crimes and don’t want them entered in an ICE database. That’s what emerged from Police records in the Sanctuary City of San Francisco, that a illegal gangster was released from jail and then went out to murder a father and two sons with an AK47.

    The border is a volatile sticking point on illegal immigration, which other than around most cities and towns there is no real fencing. Its still is wide open to the drug cartels, the people smugglers and possible terrorist incursions according to Rancher Jim Chilton as stated this in his testimony. In a letter he drafted and claimed to the Department of Interior (DOI) and U.S. Department of Agriculture conference in Washington, that there was no border fence along 50 miles of his land. It should prove to all Americans, that there really is no serious attempt, to stop the inroad movement of foreign nationals no matter their intent? If there was illegal trespassing on sovereign land would be a felony, like Mexico and other countries.

    Janet Napolitano should take a trip to the ranchers land, and then declare the border was secure. What a sickening joke. One thing is for sure, the promise to the people from the TEA PARTY is that their Senators and Congressman enact bills, to build the Double Layer Fence and restrict any new laws on immigration. Illegal immigration has many financially unexposed branches, that many remain hidden from public view. Importation of less than perfect professional skills is another form of visa fraud as a demand for cheap labor. For years, a million or more semi-skilled labor has been arriving through stealth amnesties. Attn: Our election system has been compromised, as in 4 States voter fraud has been detected from mostly non-citizens, so we must look towards some form of federal and State oversight. Absentee Ballots are the easiest method to cheat the registration system and could cause a massive change of direction for American Democracy.

    And Remember buy AMERICAN. Or soon your job may disappear? Elect Donald Trump! He is a billionaire and owes nobody in either party favors. He will stop the Chinese ripping us off. We owe them just this year 300 Billion dollars. He will negotiate the Free trade Agreements, as they unfair to American industry, draining billions of dollars in inferior goods. It will end Communist Buildup a military on our dollars. He will remove the tax incentives to move businesses into Mexico or overseas such as Maytag. We should give visas to the highest representatives of skilled workers, who will never use welfare, and put the enforcement brakes on impoverished illegal foreigners once and for all.

  • JC

    Side note:
    The guys who were caught running guns into Mexico and want to ban your shotguns are accepting your comments on the shot gun issue.

    Comments to the BATFE may be submitted by e-mail to “”, or by fax to (202) 648-9601, and must be received by May 1, 2011. Faxed comments may not exceed 5 pages. All comments must include name and mailing address.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I figure it better to contact your reps! If you contact the BATF, it only makes their job easier in that they have a list of possible owners!!

  • MAL

    Amen….and remember if the big guys behind our government didn’t want this to be happening, it wouldn’t.

  • Steve

    Just another of the many examples of Obama putting his agenda and his re-election campain ahead of our people and our country. He’s a traitor to America.

  • big jack

    Illegal immigration has been bumped around ever since we had the last amnesty. Politicians are not going to address the issue other than bring it up for political gain as an issue and to keep the pot stirred. Meanwhile they just keep coming and coming. The politicians will use it for a little while and then it will disappear again, and they will keep coming and coming. We have been had time and time again. States like Arizona have tried to do something and the Federal government has sued them for trying to correct the problem and by this you know they are not serious about the issue. Let’s face it we have emasculated men running this country or this is by design. I choose both.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:

    The, “Do Gooders” in this country began to reward illegals with hospital care for everything from delivery of babies,expensive surgical procedures to private parts,( a fact), to food stamps, ID cards, bank accounts, education, now scholarships with low paying tuition in Calif. It goes on and on and on and on!! La Raza is never going to build hospitals,clinics,schools,universities,roads,and e.t.c. They just konw one thing;”give it to me,geeme,geeme,” you took it away from Mexico”. I have heard it since the 1960′s,teaching, doing community work and when lecturing in schools all over the state and county. I don’t foresee this ever changing.

    Sanctuary cities, who defy the federal laws have cost tax payers billions of dollars; illegal criminals have a revolving door to the jails in these cities throughout the USA. Something is wrong with the voters who tolerate elected officials that defy the Federal Laws. These same officials then increase our taxes as they want to do in many of these cities.

    Suggestion: All well educated illegals should return with their illegal parents who brought them here, to their native country; they can live their dreams there by becoming productive; build farms, hospitals,improve the infra structure of their country and that would reduce the cost of making loans to those countries, which are never paid back. They would have to first work at cleaning up the corrupt governemnt(s)their parents left behind and perhaps their children will grow up in a better and healthier enviornment. Only then can the U.S. say that it has improved living conditions as these well educated become the best contribution to a global world market.

    I am sure it would excite the financial community here, to invest privately to the well educated ex-USA illegals. What a way to improve living conditions in the 3rd World Countries! That’s what I call..A REAL DREAM ACT.

    We are broke trying to take in everyone from all over the world to feed their frenzy of becoming US citizens. The Amnesty Bill needs to be enforced.


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