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FAIR blasts Obama’s immigration plans

July 10, 2009 by  

FAIR blasts Obama's immigration plansAt a recent White House meeting President Obama has promised a debate on a "comprehensive" immigration reform within one year, but a number of groups are already opposing his plans.

One of them is Federation for American Immigration Reform(FAIR), the country’s largest immigration reform group, which points out that since taking office the new administration has abandoned enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, such as the E-Verify requirements.

It has also expressed concerns about suggestion a new amnesty may take place.

"The American people have some very clear ideas about the priorities President Obama and Congress need to address – and a massive illegal alien amnesty isn’t one of them," says Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

"The public wants our immigration system fixed, but they expect their interests, not the interests of the people who broke our laws, to be paramount," he adds.

At a meeting held at the White House in late June, Obama told a bipartisan group of lawmakers that Congress should begin debating a plan by year’s end or early next year, according to media reports.

At the same time, Republicans, including Arizona Senator John McCain, said they would support a measure only if it included an expansion of guest worker programs.

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  • Brittancus

    American Workers can breath a sigh of relief, as for once our politicians are listening to us all? Well! Not quite? They have instituted E-Verify, the illegal worker extraction process from the workplace? BUT TELL ME WHY IT DOESN’T COVER EVERYBODY WHO COLLECTS A PAYROLL CHECK? Not just the new arrival workers, but everybody who works for the company? American citizens and legal residents, don’t care about checking their identity, unless they have something to hide? But E-Verify will trap illegal trap people offering illegal Social Security Numbers and bogus ID papers. What’s significant is that E-Verify is not in stasis, but being upgraded, modified all the time. All irregularities can be checked out at the Social Security office. Not a good place where illegal workers would enter. Almost every law on the books that includes 287(g) for local enforcement is always weakened or even snuffed out by political conspirators.
    If it really is being made MANDATORY for all federal employees and contractors? What reason are they arguing that it shouldn’t be MANDATORY in every business throughout America? Every patriotic employer should use the E-Verification process? Unfortunately it’s still voluntary for the public sector, which I am sure has been strongly influenced by US Chamber of Commerce, ACLU, Cato Institute and Council of Foreign Relations. Please don’t take my word for the ominous agendas of these organizations? Allow yourself to–GOOGLE– the rancid truth by surfing the Internet about these outfits? These are all anti-sovereignty, pro-illegal–CHEAP LABOR ENTITIES. They refuse any restrictions of any–REAL BORDER ENFORCEMENT?
    The next step is to push our SENATORS AND CONGRESSMAN to implement rigid INTERIOR ENFORCEMENT. An army of E-Verify federal inspectors to make unannounced visits to Human Resources, stores, factories, industry, businesses with a general warrant to audit books around the country. This would certainly
    be a parasite employers nightmare and hold their feet to the proverbial fire. Those who consider hiring illegal cheap labor will instantly condemn themselves to heavy fine, confiscation of business asset and even a prison term if caught with the undocumented labor.
    Always the ACLU, the subversive La Raza (THE RACE) is up front with filing lawsuits, against any town that considers ordinances to stop illegal immigrants from settling there. These are–ALL OPEN BORDER ZEALOTS–Brought and paid for by corporate money. If we didn’t have sincere patriotic Senators like Sessions, E-Verify would have been tabled and hidden away from public view. Outside of the main Washington political elitists, very few listen to the voices of the American Worker who every day compete for jobs that foreign labor steal. My guess is the Democrats have allowed the authorization of a permanent E-Verify, knowing full well the Chuck Schumer Immigration Reform–BLANKET AMNESTY will make it worthless tool anyway?
    Giving 13 to 20 million plus families who rely heavily on government benefits will bankrupt America, according to the estimate of 2.5 Trillion dollars, Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation. Then their is the next tsunami of poor people expecting to benefit from a further Amnesty, waiting patiently in other impoverished societies around the earth. CALL YOUR POLITICIAN DEMANDING A MANDATED E-VERIFY, NO AMNESTY! 202-224-3121. Honest facts at NUMBERSUSA, CAPSWEB, AMERICANPATROL & FAIR. ANOTHER AMNESTY WILL LEAD TO IRREVERSIBLE OVERPOPULATION! IF YOU SEE SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY CALL ICE.

    • kevin

      you clown need to stop listening to Talk radio,you are an ignorant racist and only spell Talking Points.get a life..FOx news isnt a life

      • Peter Melville

        It is not that hard to get a birth certificate Kevin, I had to send for one to join the Navy. I was born in Toronto. I got it within 30 days. Why then if Obama could prove he was born in the USA, would he not. Therefore he is in this country illegally, he is not even naturalized like me. He should be deported. Now do you understand what is at stake. That is not talk radio, it is simple facts.
        Obama is a LIAR!

        • http://personallibertydigest Mike

          I agree 100% with what Peter has to say. Obama is a Liar and should be deported.

      • Nina Bill

        Just wait until you have a family member murdered or maimed or you lose your job to an illegal immigrant. Shut your mouth until you’ve walked in their shoes.

        • rodin

          Nina – unless you get an education in economics, you have nothing valid to respond with. As for being “murdered” by an illegal immigrant, why is it so much different than being murdered by a legal citizen. Shut your own racist mouth.

          • dell

            I guess by your logic drunk drivers that run people over are at no fault either. If these illegals were not here it would it would definitely lower our crime rate.

      • SunKelt

        I suppose, Kevin, you would demand we watch the All Barack Channel (ABC)? or even worse the Obama worshippers at MSNBC. Having been a soldier and a businesman, I can tell you Govt does a great job of defense and diplomacy…but has no business sense, will only ruin our economy and are well on the way to doing just that

      • http://windstream lea

        You get a life you Queer face monkey

      • http://naver Brady

        Now, now, Kevin! If these people were only talking about a certain race (Mexicans, Asians, etc…) then you would probably be right. Skin tone, religion, and/or gender should never matter when hiring or firing a person. I served our country for 20 years and I’ve even seen people passed over for promotion because they are white (Clinton years). I have friends in the States that went to work in the factories after getting out of the army. I know many of them lost their job after Obama took office, but here’s my point. If you are so concerned by racial issues, no problem with that, then why do factories hire illegal aliens before they hire red blooded Americans? There are 2 reasons for this: 1. The illegals get paid minimun wage or just a little above it. Would you work in a factory for minimum wage? I don’t think so. 2. Insurance costs are also lower because they only offer them a very small policy to cover some costs. This is also less expensive than what it costs for an American to work there. There are laws in place, but not enough personnel to enforce them and business owners tend to only care about their money, not laws or what is right. I should know, my factory has 300 workers, all red blooded Americans. I also should know, considereing I own it. If you ever come up to Indiana, let me know by writing an answer to any comment I post on this site. If you have any comments, please make them in good taste.

      • Carolyn

        I am sick to death of hearing “racist”! Every time criticism was heaped on Clinton for his FAR LEFT policies, no one ever used the word “racist”. Now when we criticize Obummer for his EXTREME FAR LEFT policies, we’re suddenly something we’re not! Get your face out of CNN and MSNBC and stop throwing up your word vomit! Just because someone disagrees with another, it doesn’t make them a freaking racist and I get tired to death of hearing it! GET A LIFE! Preferrably one of your own and not one that CNN and MSNBC has outlined for you! For the record, this guy is NOT good for this country and he needs to go, and I’m not saying this because he’s (how did he put it in his book…) 1/4 black, I’m saying it because liberal policies NEVER HAVE worked in this country! I’m not a racist…I dislike ALL liberal politicians politics!

      • dell

        I would like to know why you think he is a racist? Is it because he has spoke out against a half white president, or because he spoke out against a half black president?

      • marvin

        I SAY KEVEN HAS A RIGHT TO HIS OPINION but you don,t have the right to tell me or anyone what to think or belive unlike obama saying we won so set down and shutup 70% of legal american don,t want amnesty the last 3 times your goverment gave illegals amnesty they said we will enforce the laws and no more illegal imagration so keven how,s that working for you now we have 20 million illegals and the founder of la raza want to kill all white people and the mexica say they own this whole coninent and mark lioyd the deverity czar in the FCC saying white people need to step down so minority and gays can take their jobs i guess it makes no differance to you if they are legal or not or smart enuf to do the job i guess you think it ok to take jobs and money from mr and miss america and give it to crooks and yes keven illegal is a crime but i guess as long as you have a job you don,t care about you fellow americans that are out of work because of illegals

    • star

      As soon as this reform is pass through., This organization (FAIR) and other anti-groups will be over, no more donation, no more money, and its leader’s fame and interest in politics is over.

  • NAN

    People, you can see what racism is ..Above #1 !! No one knows what will happen in the future.

    • lou

      People who have now answers or rebuttals always play the race card. Either refute his points or don’t post.

      • RoBotech

        My feelings exactly, lou.
        These drive by posts by trolls are irrelevant to the discussion.
        Maybe these trolls should leave the discussion to the adults.
        Oh and NAN, I am a racist, bigot, xenophobe, etc. So what? It doesn’t bother me, why should it bother you?
        That racist tripe doesn’t work anymore, it’s flat wore out.
        And that’s STRAIGHT UP!

        • lou

          Because Robotech these idiots need to be called out. They say they are for the enviroment but see nothing wrong with adding 100 million to our population every 35 years causing a drastic loss of open space and habitat. They see nothing wrong with phony liberal falshoods like calling illegals “undocumented” when they have documents-of course there forged and bought on the black market but they don’t care.
          You can always tell when a liberal is for illegals. As long as their job isn’t affected, wages pushed down, or 20 illegals are not living next door in a 2 bdrm house they are all for amnesty.
          Of course my favorite is “were a nation of immigrants”. So is every other country in the world but they are smart enough to control their numbers for the good of the citizens.
          Of course they hate FOX news because they don’t tow the liberal line. FOX ratings are up an incredible 40% over last year beating the competition combined.
          By the way, I am an independent and find both parties equally corrupt and disgusting. Give me Lou Dobbs anytime.

  • Trotski

    The thing that totally amazes me is how all these anti-immigration people are so eager to have the government get involved in the hiring process of workers in private enterprise with their e-verify program. The immigration debate aside, am I the only one that finds it distasteful that once again the government is getting involved too much with our daily lives with this kind of program? So now when I hire someone, I have to go to the government and ask, “Mother may I?”

    • McMorty

      The government is already waist deep in the hiring and employement process, so why do you have a problem with making sure that the people working in the United States are U.S. citizens.

    • minnie

      A fter the first time YOU pay that HEAVY FINE, YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND. After all the reason you want those mexicans is so you can take advantage of them and not pay them what you are suppose to. You will find that it will be cheaper to hire an AMERICAN YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO TO PRISON. All you have to do is obey the law. because the law should be enforced. Congress make the laws and they should enforce them. That has nothing to do with being racist when applying the laws. Some call others racist to justify their actions like breaking the laws. There is no other way to look at it.

      • dell

        I think that if you were born here illegally you shouldn’t be considered a citizen. They can drag their anchor babies with them across the border!

    • marvin

      that is well and good tell you lose your job to an illegal or something bad happens like what is happening on the southern borders murders and kidnaping that ralley in dc for amnesty i wonder if ICE will be their you can bet not obama and nepolitano and holder and pelosie would be calling for jail time for law enforcement that would try to arrest an illegal

  • Truth

    strong textThe Immigration Policy Center (IPC) has released a wide-ranging review of academic and government data that shows what legalizing undocumented immigrants would mean for the U.S. economy today. Legalizing undocumented workers would improve wages and working conditions for all workers, and increase tax revenues for cash-strapped federal, state, and local governments. (April 13, 2009)

    Washington, D.C. – The dollars and cents of immigration reform make a lot of sense for the beleaguered U.S. economy. The net economic gain would be $66 billion in new state and federal revenue, according to a new report.

    The review, from the nonpartisan Immigration Policy Center, notes that Florida is one of the states with the most to gain if undocumented workers were provided a pathway to legal status. About 500,000 immigrant workers would be affected.

    Economist David Kallick with the Fiscal Policy Institute contributed to the study. Right now, he explains, those billions of dollars are lining the pockets of employers – who hire folks in the underground economy and avoid contributing to payroll and other taxes.

    “The cost of the underground economy to taxpayers is pretty substantial. The idea is, bringing undocumented immigrants into the ‘above-ground’ economy and making sure that they pay taxes just like everyone else.”

    Critics of reform accuse undocumented workers of “stealing” American jobs; some want to deport everyone who is in the U.S. illegally. Kallick argues that immigrants do not steal good-paying jobs, and more legal workers in the labor pool will help grow the entire economy.

    That’s also the view of Esther Lopez, director of civil rights and community action for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union International. She says labor groups see that legalization is good for all workers, and she considers it an important step in rebuilding the middle class.

    “We need an immigration system that is part of our national economic recovery program. We need immigration reform that punishes employers who ‘game’ the system to drive down wages and working conditions.”strong text

    • granny1

      I haven’t viewed any of these organizations’ information, but I do know that there
      are six amnesties on our country’s books already and that hasn’t stemmed the
      flow of illegal immigration. It’s only encouraged more to come to our country and have babies so they can stay. We have to stem the flow of illegal immigration and punish the employers hiring them, because it is stupid to have laws on the books that aren’t enforced. We have to allow our enforcement officers to arrest
      and detain any illegal until they can be deported. We’ve had three past presidents that enforced our immigration laws by rounding up illegals and send
      them packing. Dwight Eisenhower was one of them. Our country’s laws still allow the president to send illegal immigrants home. B. O. won’t, because he’s an illegal immigrant, so he doesn’t have the authority to send anyone away. A real American wouldn’t bow to a Saudia Arabian king.

      • Carolyn

        LOL You go Granny!

      • LocalYokel

        Don’t worry about reviewing the $66 billion figure Granny1.
        Truth has yet to espouse just how the revenue will be applied to ease the pain of the stage IV governmental cancer that they seem to openly condone. Average salaries for government jobs are double the average for those that are supposed to support them. Cancer cells require more sugar than normal cells too.Like stage IV cancer, revenue dispersion has spread to other organs of the economic body through governmental entitlements.
        Cash strapped state and local governments are only in need of revenue because they have outgrown their employers abilities to sustain their cancerous payroll. Any local tax increase will endanger re-election and federal assistance can only be continued by more bond sales to prop up the dollar with inflation attached as a necessary accomplice. In short they will play the blame game. Enter poor immigrants.
        Like most others the commentator seems interested in attacking the symptoms rather than the cause by devising more methods to support the problem using the soft spot of the American heart. They would rather have yet another tax supported entity to “game” the system rather than those that try to survive where real jobs are created.
        I’d bet that of all the “he says she says” mentioned in comment none know what sweat is other just something that happens at the gym.
        With all their filtered indoctrination it could be really hilarious to watch all of them trying to bail out their sinking skiff using kitchen strainers without first plugging the hole—–if we weren’t on board…

    • marvin

      you must have been living in a cave for the last 30 years all amnesty has done and will do is get 20million more illegals it has not worked and will not work we have 15 million unempoyed legal americans with this way of thinking [not mine] say we give amnesty to the 20 million illegals so they can work and pay tax legally where the hell are the jobs now ,what the amnesty bunch won,t tell you is their an,t no more jobs and with this way of thinking their won,t be

  • Native American

    strong textDaniel Griswold: Immigration law should reflect our dynamic labor market

    Daniel Griswold is director of the Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute in Washington. His writings on immigration can be found at http://www.freetrade(DOT)org; e-mail him at dgriswold@cato(DOT)org.

    Among its many virtues, America is a nation where laws are generally reasonable, respected and impartially enforced. A glaring exception is immigration.

    Today an estimated 12 million people live in the U.S. without authorization, 1.6 million in Texas alone, and that number grows every year. Many Americans understandably want the rule of law restored to a system where law-breaking has become the norm.

    The fundamental choice before us is whether we redouble our efforts to enforce existing immigration law, whatever the cost, or whether we change the law to match the reality of a dynamic society and labor market.

    Low-skilled immigrants cross the Mexican border illegally or overstay their visas for a simple reason: There are jobs waiting here for them to fill, especially in Texas and other, faster growing states. Each year our economy creates hundreds of thousands of net new jobs – in such sectors as retail, cleaning, food preparation, construction and tourism – that require only short-term, on-the-job training.

    At the same time, the supply of Americans who have traditionally filled many of those jobs – those without a high school diploma – continues to shrink. Their numbers have declined by 4.6 million in the past decade, as the typical American worker becomes older and better educated.

    Yet our system offers no legal channel for anywhere near a sufficient number of peaceful, hardworking immigrants to legally enter the United States even temporarily to fill this growing gap. The predictable result is illegal immigration

    In response, we can spend billions more to beef up border patrols. We can erect hundreds of miles of ugly fence slicing through private property along the Rio Grande. We can raid more discount stores and chicken-processing plants from coast to coast. We can require all Americans to carry a national ID card and seek approval from a government computer before starting a new job.

    Or we can change our immigration law to more closely conform to how millions of normal people actually live.

    Crossing an international border to support your family and pursue dreams of a better life is not an inherently criminal act like rape or robbery. If it were, then most of us descend from criminals. As the people of Texas know well, the large majority of illegal immigrants are not bad people. They are people who value family, faith and hard work trying to live within a bad system.

    When large numbers of otherwise decent people routinely violate a law, the law itself is probably the problem. To argue that illegal immigration is bad merely because it is illegal avoids the threshold question of whether we should prohibit this kind of immigration in the first place.

    We’ve faced this choice on immigration before. In the early 1950s, federal agents were making a million arrests a year along the Mexican border. In response, Congress ramped up enforcement, but it also dramatically increased the number of visas available through the Bracero guest worker program. As a result, apprehensions at the border dropped 95 percent. By changing the law, we transformed an illegal inflow of workers into a legal flow.

    For those workers already in the United States illegally, we can avoid “amnesty” and still offer a pathway out of the underground economy. Newly legalized workers can be assessed fines and back taxes and serve probation befitting the misdemeanor they’ve committed. They can be required to take their place at the back of the line should they eventually apply for permanent residency.

    The fatal flaw of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act was not that it offered legal status to workers already here but that it made no provision for future workers to enter legally.

    Immigration is not the only area of American life where a misguided law has collided with reality. In the 1920s and ’30s, Prohibition turned millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans into lawbreakers and spawned an underworld of moon-shining, boot-legging and related criminal activity. (Sound familiar?) We eventually made the right choice to tax and regulate alcohol rather than prohibit it.

    In the 19th century, America’s frontier was settled largely by illegal squatters. In his influential book on property rights, The Mystery of Capital, economist Hernando de Soto describes how these so-called extralegals began to farm, mine and otherwise improve land to which they did not have strict legal title. After failed attempts by the authorities to destroy their cabins and evict them, federal and state officials finally recognized reality, changed the laws, declared amnesty and issued legal documents conferring title to the land the settlers had improved.

    As Mr. de Soto wisely concluded: “The law must be compatible with how people actually arrange their lives.” That must be a guiding principle when Congress returns to the important task of fixing our immigration laws.

    Daniel Griswold is director of the Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute in Washington. His writings on immigration can be found at; e-mail him at strong text

    • GreatAmerican

      There is a way to enter this country legally it’s called Get In Line! The same old excuse about the economy and jobs is used every time. The economy is in shambles even with the millions of illegalls here.
      You quote that Newly legalized workers can be assessed fines and back taxes and serve probation befitting the misdemeanor they’ve committed. They can be required to take their place at the back of the line should they eventually apply for permanent residency.

      No body will follow these guidelines, nor learn to speak the English language!
      How will the government even know what taxes are owed? Will these guidelines be inforced? Probably not….. We’re back to square one, aren’t we?

    • comon sense

      Everyone focuses on the spanish but they are not the only people here illegally.

      • minnie

        My grandaughter applied for a job at MCDONALD she goes to community college and is in the 11th grade did not get the job but the very next week the position wa filled by a mexican. I went there and the mex, was a cashier, she said in spanish if she could help me, I gave her my order in english. she again asked me in spanish if she could helped me and I AGAIN ordered in ENGLISH. She then said AH and walked away spoke to a white girl and she came to take my order. I have a right to order in ENGLISH because I am an AMERICAN. SO YOU CAN SAY SHE TOOK MY GRANDAUGHTER’S JOB.

      • DixieConnie

        That’s true, but most of them here are illegal Mexicans.

    • William

      My wife came to this Country legally, she carried a green card and reported her address every year until she had the required time to take her test for citizenship. My wife took the test and passed it with flying colors and not she is a naturalized United States Citizen. Moral of the above story, if my wife can do it, so can anyone wanting to come to this Country and become a citizen. The illegals of this country broke our laws when they came across the border without the proper paperwork. The different Latino groups and other groups that want blanket amnesty for these illegals should be charged with aiding a criminal in the commission of a crime. I am one that believes “ICE” should be given free reign to travel across this country and round-up all the illegals and send them back to where they came from. I also believe that all the illegals in our prison system should be deported back to their home country.

      • DixieConnie

        William: good for your wife. Thank her for taking the time to care enough about her family and our country to become a citizen. That’s what should be done.

      • LocalYokel

        Not withstanding that it would cost less to fly them back first class than to continue the entitlements that they came for just one year.

    • marvin

      to native amercan i have roots that go back to the native redman but what you say about crossing an international border just try that in china or russia or iran see where you go if you are not shot on sight the people that do most of these studies are open border crowds that don,t give a dam about this great country it all about money and power and votes to stay in power ,,this is a solverent nation no one has the right to come in to our country uninvited or illegally and giving them amnesty for breaking our law is like allowing a bank robber to keep the money he stoled from a bank robbery and ask him not to do it agin wake up amnesty don,t work never has never will we don,t need more worker we need more jobs

  • Patriot

    strong textIgnorance is Bliss: Those who have NO CLUE or QUALIFICATIONS about Immigration are those who show their IGNORANCE :)

    There is NO SUCH WORD AS ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” in Blacks Law Dictionary, or In Merriam Websters Dictionary. Get Educated .
    “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Wednesday that the claim by some conservative activists that illegal immigration is to blame for all of the state’s fiscal problems is ignorant and bigoted.”

    In the 20-plus years I have spent studying, lecturing and litigating immigration issues, two things have always amazed me. The first is the amount and intensity of hate spewed against undocumented workers. The second is the amount of misinformation that is published about them.

    On this second point, the quote from Mark Twain is illustrative. “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” I suppose this may be true in part because misinformation, like a lie, requires no accuracy, validation or research; all of which are time-consuming practices.

    The recent letters alleging that all undocumented workers are “criminals,” and specifically Veronica Suarez, whose plight was written about in the Tracy Press recently, is a criminal are factually incorrect.

    According to the facts (as stated in Sharon Franceschi’s Sept. 7 commentary) Saurez entered the U.S. on a valid visa, overstayed her visa when it expired, resulting in her unlawful immigration status. None of these acts, as stated by Franceschi, constitute a crime under federal or state law. Overstaying a valid visa under the Immigration and Naturalization Act is a civil violation of the law, not a criminal violation. Being in the U.S. in under undocumented status is not a criminal violation, but a civil violation of the INA.

    The facts, as stated by Franceschi, do not indicate that Suarez has committed any crime. To call her a criminal is erroneous at best, and libelous at worst.

    Furthermore, it is an Americanism that a person is innocent until proven guilty. So until Suarez (or any other undocumented person) is charged and found guilty of a crime, it would be inappropriate to call them “criminals.”

    It is important to note that there is a very large difference between civil and criminal violations of law. The distinction is so important that the law makes the erroneous allegation that one has committed a crime of slander or libel, (which means liability is automatic even without proof of damages). One who violates the civil law is no more a criminal than someone who has breached a contract or accidentally damaged another’s property.

    It is true that entering the United States without inspection is a misdemeanor under the INA. The misdemeanor is completed once an individual’s entry is complete. Suarez, according to Franceschi, did not enter without inspection; she entered with a valid visa. According to U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services statistics, about 40 percent of undocumented persons enter legally and overstay their visas (which, as stated above, is not a crime). Consequently, at least 40 percent of the undocumented population has committed no crime in regards to their immigration status.

    Therefore, one cannot assume that a person has committed a crime simply because they are undocumented.

    Franceschi is also in error in her allegation that getting married and having children while being undocumented in the U.S. is a violation of the law. It is not. Franceschi goes on to say that Suarez “apparently bought a house illegally.” It is unlikely that Franceschi knows exactly how Suarez purchased her home. Consequently, any allegation of illegality is, at a minimum, irresponsible.

    It is also important to note that the Immigration and Citizenship Services doesn’t consider all undocumented persons criminals. When the Immigration and Citizenship Services publishes information about its enforcement activities involving undocumented workers, it are always sure to make a distinction between “criminal” and noncriminal aliens.

    Another myth is that the term “illegal aliens” is a term of art or is legal jargon. This term is not found anywhere in the INA or in Blacks Law Dictionary. The INA refers to undocumented persons as either an EWI (entered without inspection) or as someone who has overstayed their visa. “Illegal aliens” is a term invented by anti-immigrant groups designed to put undocumented persons in the worst possible light and to instill fear in Americans. It is intentionally designed to associate undocumented persons with criminality.

    This xenophobic view that undocumented persons are “simply criminals” comes from the historical stereotype that the foreign-born, especially undocumented immigrants, are responsible for higher crime rates. This misconception has deep roots in American public opinion and popular myth. This myth, however, is not supported empirically and has repeatedly been refuted by scientific studies. Both contemporary and historical data, (including U.S. governmental studies) have shown that immigration is associated with lower crime rates.

    The studies have uniformly shown that recent immigrants (including the undocumented) are less likely to be involved in violent crime, and that when there is an increase in immigration patterns, violent crime decreases. This has been shown to be true in large cities with heavy immigrant populations.

    In the most recent of these studies, The Myth of Immigrant Criminality and the Paradox of Assimilation (2007), from the Immigrant Policy Institute, it was found that among men age 18 to 39 (who are the vast majority of inmates in federal and state prisons and local jails), immigrants were five times less likely to be incarcerated than the native-born in 2000.

    During the Proposition 187 debate, then-Gov. Pete Wilson published statistics that stated that
    12 percent to 15 percent of the state prison population had Immigration and Citizenship Services holds or potential holds. The Department of Corrections analyst who compiled these numbers said Immigration and Citizenship Services holds are placed on inmates who were born outside of the U.S. (therefore 12 percent to 15 percent of the prison population was immigrants). The immigrant population at the time in California hovered at about 25 percent, showing immigrants were much less likely to be incarcerated than the native born in California.

    In short, the data shows you are much safer if your neighbor is an immigrant.

    Franceschi owes Suarez an apology. I am also surprised that the Tracy Press allowed a commentary to run without checking the facts. Although commentaries are designed to allow for the expression of differing opinions, the First Amendment is not as generous with misstatements of facts — especially when the facts can be libelous.

    For the immigration debate to be a healthy one, we should strive for a debate based on facts, not myth or tired stereotypes. We should also not let our position on this topic strip us of one of the great qualities we possess as people — the ability to be compassionate.

    Arturo E. Ocampo of Tracy has been a practicing attorney since 1985, with an expertise in immigration rights and class action lawsuits on behalf of immigrants, including the way the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 was implemented, Border Patrol’s raids and Proposition 187. He is director of diversity and equal employment opportunity for the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District.Ignorance is Bliss: Those who have NO CLUE or QUALIFICATIONS about Immigration are those who show their IGNORANCE :)

    College District.

    • William

      Patriot, I don’t care how many credentials you put at the bottom of your false and misleading statement. If any person that is not a natural born United States Citizen enters this Country without the required paperwork that makes them a criminal and subject to the laws of The United States. If a United States Citizen helps these people or person that also make them a criminal. Now Pal, if your so smart listing all your credentials at the end of your comment, then I’m sure your smart enough to look-up The United States Federal Law concerning illegals and if you are not smart enough, then let this non-lawyer assist. Enough said!!!!!!

    • granny1

      Ok! These “undocumented, non-criminal immigrants” have over stayed their visas. Are you willing to litigate for them while they continue to ignore the laws of our country when they know they are over-staying? Let’s see, you say around 40% of these folks are just over-staying. What about the other 60%? Have you asked Gov. Arnold how many “undocumented immigrants” populate his state’s
      prisons? If you would check with the Heritage Foundation about the stats they’ve compiled maybe the hate-spewing you view on these blogs might not seem so
      vehement. Boo Hoo! Poor Veronica Suarez! She’s being targeted as a criminal. I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for her. She knew her visa was going to expire…were her legs broke so she couldn’t get her backside to the proper office to renew? It’s not like she’d be denied, right? Oh, I forgot, she was busy working in a job that no American wanted. I read blogs everyday of folks that would gladly take any kind of WORK. By the way, this great nation, where you were allowed to earn your degree, IS a nation of compassion, but it is also a nation bound by laws and V. Suarez broke the law, whether criminal or civil in nature and if she is allowed to do it, isn’t it spitting in the face of your own American heritage to allow her and others to continue such activity?

    • marvin

      patriot ,,being in this country undocumented [illegally]the first time is a misdemenor with a fine and up to 6mt in jail and Deportation a 2nd time is a felony WITH UP TO 2 YR AND A FINE AND DEPORTATION so it is a crime and that makes you A criminal and the word DEPORTATION IS JUST THAT TO BE SENT AWAY OR BACK TO WERE YOU CAME FROM

    • LocalYokel

      Did you forget to offer your solution to the problem or do you fear rejection by your potential clients? Napoleon, Hitler, Castro, and BHO were all great orators too. Your audience awaits.

  • Funny

    Question to Dan Stein, How many JOBS HAVE YOU GIVEN / CREATED FOR OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS? Besides making your 6 figure salary blaming others ??

    Any AMERICAN CITIZEN who dose not succeed in their life’s have only to go to the mirror and see the person in charge of the Success Or Failure.

    Poor People that believe Dan Stein and donate to FAIR, Instead donate the money to FEED THE CHILDREN, ST Judes Hospital, Cancer, YOUR LOCAL SOUP KITCHEN, that is Better use of your money than blaming others for your Failures.

    Read and learn from, Dr Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich.
    Dr Joseph Murphy , Think Yourself to Health Wealth & Happiness. These books will change your Life and teach you to think for yourself GOOD LUCK, Don’t be like sheep and follow those who are Negative , I don’t See Doctors, Pilots, Professors, Teachers , Nurses, Losing Their Jobs.
    Dan Stein is Prying on the Low Wage / Low minded person, he cant me a thing, because i can see that he is out to take care of Dan Stein, , Has he given YOU ONE SINGLE PENNY?? YES OR NO ONE WORD? YOU HAVE YOUR ANSWER.

  • s c

    Let me think. If a million Americans decided to cross into Canada in the middle of the night, Canadians would think they’re being invaded. If a million Canadians tried to cross into Mexico in the middle of the night, Mexicans would think they’re being invaded. But if a million Mexicans try to cross into the US in the middle of the night, that’s ‘OK.’ Yep, a warped, ignorant pc mind can justify almost anything.
    It didn’t work for the Roman Empire. It won’t work for the US. The open borders ploy is nothing but a way for career politicians to get and keep easy votes. It won’t make America better. While we still have a chance, we need a strong military presence on the Mexican border – and NO career politicians in Washington or our state capitals.



      • http://AMERICANCITIZEN Camelion

        Correct, there is no country on this earth that caters to illegals … NO ENGLISH. Wake up America and demand that we enforce ENGLISH as the primary language. Or lets organize a million man march into MEXICO.
        Read, educate yourself and vote for a real CHANGE not the CHANGE I can not believe in.

      • Carolyn

        Oh, don’t forget all these “undocumented” people will also be voting for guess who in 3 years….Can we see WHY bo and the wicked witch of California (Pelosi) wants them here??? Votes for them, bought and paid for!

        • DixieConnie

          So true, so true.

  • Buzzm1


    caused mainly by illegals.

    58% of all taxpayers pay less in taxes than they receive in benefits.

    Illegals, as a rule, earn so little, that they are strictly a major drain on our social resources.

    however, many illegals do manage to claim EITC

  • Delaware Bob

    We have 10 million Americans out of work. We have 20 million illegal aliens in this Country. Now not all the illegal aliens are working. So, let’s guess that 5 million illegal aliens are working. How about we get rid of all the illegal aliens so the Americans can work.

    I think obama and his thugs better learn that the American people don’t want AMNESTY! We went through this before. Why are we going through it again?


  • Funny

    Delaware Bob, I see you post in all the Immigration sites, You are a MINUTEMAN In Disguise, Your Postings are IRRELEVANT, Your hate will only Consume YOU.
    Stop Your Foolish HATE and get a life you POOR LOST SOUL.

    • http://duped Peter Melville

      YOu are the funny one, you have been deceived and you don’t even know it.

  • Funny

    Something for you LOSERS to LEARN= Delaware Bob, Buzzm, Minutemen, Fair Org, Etc.Like this You wont Blame others. GOOD LUCK :)

    It is critical to your success that you have a well-thought-out plan for your life and that you stick with it regardless of what others may say and the obstacles you encounter. There will always be faultfinders and those who attempt to persuade you that your goals aren’t worth the effort you put into achieving them. Those people will never go far, and they will be the first to ask for your help after you have passed them by. Virtually every successful person has considered giving up at some point in his or her struggle to reach the top. And many breakthroughs occurred soon after those same people rededicated themselves to their purpose. There is no known obstacle that cannot be overcome by a person who has constancy of purpose, a Positive Mental Attitude, and the discipline and willpower to succeed.
    READ Dr Joseph Murphy, Think Yourself to Health Wealth & Happiness, and Dr Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich.
    Like this you can teach others HOW TO SUCCEED, Instead of teaching them how to hate and lose.
    TRY IT.

  • http://duped Peter Melville

    We Americans are very gullible, We the people have been duped as never before.
    Bush was a one world government liberal mascarading as a christian.
    He doesn’t even undertand the Bible. He helped put an illegal alien in our White house! Don’t you undertand the implications. I was born in Canada, the highest security clearance I could have was Top Secret. There are many levels about that.
    Thsi guy could even get a job at the Army Depot where I work!!!!!!

    • rodin

      Bush was a liberal???? LMFAO

      • http://duped Peter Melville

        Yes, in many ways the Bushes are liberal, both Father and Son believe in and endorsed the one world government and the new world order. GW was a private conservative but in office, he preformed more like a liberal. It would be very fair to say he believed in Big government as well. Why do you think he lost the conservative base?

        • DixieConnie

          And if you don’t think Obama is for Big Business you are nuts. He is controlled by Big Business. He is no different from Bush or Clinton or Bush. They are all in the same order. He acts like he is not but you watch…

        • rodin

          Sorry you’re so myopic. Bush did everything he possible could to piss off free thinkers. He created the misnamed Patriot Act to throw Americans in jail and deport and torture them while completely throwing away the rule of law that LIBERALS have built up for the last five hundred years. Economically, he dismissed the advice of almost EVERY economist by giving away huge tax breaks, mostly to the rich, and driving us away from the biggest built up government surplus in history created by Clinton. Our inability to fund these tax breaks was one of the causes of the current downturn. Regarding trade, he weaselled his way around so many trade agreements that it impacted our ability to have open trade relationships with our key trading partners. Now I know you won’t understand this but liberal trade is a “conservative” concept. While non-liberal trade is like walking out of the water – you get shrinkage.

          Regarding one-world government and any other conspiracy theories you want to throw around, again shake your head or continue your drinking binge. As the worlds trading patterns, communication channels and physical movements of peoples increase and become more interdependant, you are naturally going to have more cooperation between countries. How far that eventually takes us… who is to say. However, through human evolution and the history of civilization the trend has always been to larger cooperative groups. Certainly you get some peoples that want to “fall away” from civilization and not be part of the larger group, ie, Puritans, Hutterites, some Mormon sects etc, but the predominant direction of civilization is always greater cooperation with newer groups. You need to get a bigger perspective than just listening to Lou Dobbs

  • Tritonal In a word, “Unsustainable”. Count the 50 million aborted fetuses in the U.S. and there is your immigration problem courtesy of LBJ, Kennedy and Hart-Cellar…kill off the Americans and import/unleash on the Federal Republic those who don’t have the guts to fight for their own national sovereignty and success, but swarm to America and demand their “rights”. May God have mercy on us all.

  • DixieConnie

    There is alot of WRONG with illegal aliens coming into our country. Living in Texas, I know first hand how bad it is and continues to get bad.

    When I see a law enforcement person detain an illegal for driving without a license and then let them go because it takes too long to fill out the paper work and nothing will be done anyway, then it really becomes a problem. If any of you remember, we recently had a law enforcement officer killed by an illegal. That illegal had been stopped about 5 months ago and also let go. Lots of things are wrong with this country and it seems that there are no solutions in sight as things keep getting worse and worse.

    States are going broke for having to pay for all of the illegals. Again, its not just the one person but its their children and their children. Schools are overrun with kids that do not speak English. Kids that do not have enough money to pay for the lunch or books or supplies. If they want to live here, get legal and pay their taxes like we do. And I mean all taxes, school, property, irs …. etc.

    I am not willing to pay for anyone that is not legal, yet I am required to do so. And this sucks.

  • henriw

    I am a visitor to the USA. My son has worked here for 5 years, first as a migrant alien on H2A visas renewed annually, and during November 2008 applied for citizenship. He has since received a formal work permit, valid for 1 year, but the form I 485 application for citizenship and all medicals were promptly lost by Immigration. They then rejected his application because he did not submit medicals etc. They demanded a furthe $500 to consider an appeal for re-considering his application. That would take total cost to approx. $2,000 plus time off from work plus travel & hotels to designated offices in far away cities. Fortunately he could prove delivery of the missing medicals etc. with the help of USPS. He did submit the required appeal but refused to pay $500 for some clerical mess. Immigration at least acknowledged receipt of his appeals, sent in duplicate to 2 seperate addresses in Chicago, registered insured mail, just as a safety measure. The case is still pending. He paid more than $3,000 in federal and state taxes for 2008. Some do try to do it legally but the bureaucratic hurdles are formidable. Little wonder many refuse to suffer the system or pay the financial cost. BUT HAMMER THE EMPLOYERS WHO USE CHEAP LABOR AND STEAL TAXES. THAT SHOULD SUFFICE.

    • DixieConnie

      henriw: That is bad for your son’s problems however, I believe he is the exception instead of the rule.

      As a small business owner, I believe you get what you pay or don’t pay for. We pay alot of taxes, 941, personal,business, property, rendition taxes, school taxes (business & personal). You name it, we pay it and as a US citizen, I’m telling you, I’m sick of it. So sorry but $3,000.00 is nothing to us. Everyone should pay, everyone. We don’t have kids and we still have to pay school taxes. I hate that.

  • http://duped Peter Melville

    Obama will be the worst President in American history and his decisions will be disasterous to the free world. Bush was/is a poor conservative but a decent man. Most wars were started by Democrats by the way not Republicans. The patriot act was necessary to protect America. Liberals are not necessarily free thinkers, it fact they tend to discourage any contrary discussion in classrooms or in the media. Communist purges and gulags are a good example.

    • LocalYokel

      Peter you should explain how the patriot act helped any protective action that was not already covertly in practice. The act only exposed common surveillances methods to the enemy while supporting unconstitutional attacks on the second amendment.
      The enemy like your on budget and off budget agencies has devised and will continue to devise new methods to gather intelligence for their purpose.
      Do you think that their pc training by US institutions will not be provided a loophole in any legislation? Do you see now that all that is left applies to unconstitutional invasion of citizens’ rights including your right to post comments without some executive deciding your fate? Key word internet monitoring has been continuous since the late 90s.

  • Joaquin Rodriquez

    No amnesty to 30 million Illegal Immigrants that Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano want to push. No vote to Illegal Immigrants who do eventually get their Anchor Baby vote with flimflam and absentee ballot. Wake up America and protect and save your country. All those rioters in L.A. after the Laker’s winning the championship are Hispanic Illegal Immigrant Anchor Babies which many of them have little or no respect for this country. No vote to Anchor Babies who have duel citizenship with the country of which their illegal parents came from. Our elections are permeated with techniques and loopholes that the Democrats and their sympathetic political action groups use to stimulate votes, legal or illegal. This has to stop. The ease of registration of someone knocking at the door by a paid worker must be made illegal and discontinued. People must be required to get up and get out to register from their own conviction, just like you must do for the Social Security Office or the DMV. Picture I.D. must be made to be required to register and to vote. Period. To say that this discriminates against the poor is bull. Stop the chutzpah and disenfranchisement of each and every American voter. Wake up America! Talk about Iran and election fraud and manipulation. You got it right here in the United States elections. Wake up and you all better do something about it. As for new legal immigrants, no voting privilege for 18 years just like for American born citizens. This will stop the politicians pandering and frenzy to keep pushing the foreign invasion of our land and will go a long way to keep things honest and fair for America.

  • Dennis Speer

    My favorite bumper sticker about immigration:

    My Grandparents did not come here all the way from Scotland just so I would have to put up with foreigners.

    BTW- It is available in Spanish too.

  • http://aol jesse

    Did you know that 70% of violent crime in the U S A is committed by hispanic illlegals
    and legals.How is that statistic a benefit to americans.We must house them in prisons for 20 years or more at taxpayer expense. Close the borders and enforce and all laws regarding this immediatly !

  • Sue

    My thought is a little different. I feel that we should welcome Mexicans. Because we watch the border and they don’t, we should also dictate where the border lies. For every 1,000 Mexicans that we take on, the border should slip down about 5 miles in a straight line across the map, so we have enough land for all. Maybe Mexico could become our 51st state? Or maybe Mexicans could watch their own border while they still have one? I just employed about 500 Mexicans, to watch their own border in their own country!

    • Ed

      to Sue: you may be on to something. After all Mexico already has effective immigration laws, so if we annex them as a territory we can keep out other hispanics without being labeled racists. We can also tax the tamales out of them while denying them voting rights. Making them the 51st state might be a problem though.

  • http://FreeLanceWriter Billy Mills

    The only Birth Certificate that was available was in Kenya, Africa, his place of Birth, winessed by his paternal Grandmother.
    In his speech to the Ghana Parliament, he told how bad it was in Kenya when he was born. His whole village still admits that Barak Hussein Mohammed Obama was born in Kenya, NOT HHawaii.

  • paul

    I have been reading all the comments on both sides.calling each other names is not accompiishing a thing. Iam not a racist but am completely against amnesty for illegals.This idea that americans will not do these jobs is rediculous.My son-in law

    had a cleaning service and had no problem getting workers.He refused to hire illegals
    and eventually had to sell the business because he was under bidded by companies
    that did.Are the politicans that want to legalize them, too stupid to realize that when enough of them get the right to vote they will elect their.To quote an official from Los
    Angeles,”In ten years we will controll this country”. Instead of just arguing with each
    other go to GOOOH {Get out of our house}.com. It is time we start taking our country

  • http://Hotmail Mark

    Obama is as big a Socialist threat as Hilter was. Even more so. People better start standing up for their rights before they lose them all together. Three generations of our ancestors have kept these fascists away from us kids, and it’s our turn to do the same for our children.

    You have a right to bear arms….I suggest picking one up soon, while you can.

  • http://barbN151 Barbara

    DO you follow the law? If you did something atgainst the law, would you get arrested if known?
    I don’t how mwny of you live in fringe states that border Mexico or even Florida, but if you do, go by the social services/welfare office on any given day and you will see a line longer than you can believe. I did some checking and most were non papered aliens. My daugter lived in Florids, same senerio. All you have to do is ask the guards.
    Get real people.

  • Jose Aleio

    It’s too late for you gringos to worry about your jobs, your economy, or even your language. My people have come and conquered you and taken over. Maybe if you can learn enough of our language we will let you and the blacks work for us.

    • dell


  • Jessica Smith

    We all know why the libs are so desperate for amnesty. Once it’s passed, La Raza can herd dirt-poor Mexicans to the polls like cattle with the promise of unlimited free government goodies. If enough of them pour into this country, Obama will become more powerful than any South American dictator. Then we’ll never get rid of him, and everything you worked for will be his. That’s how Hugo Chavez did it.

  • brita water filter

    When the danger is past God is cheated.


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