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FAIR: Anti-immigration efforts must not detract from interior enforcement

March 27, 2009 by  

Anti-immigration efforts must not detract from interior enforcement, says FAIRThe Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has endorsed a new plan to reduce violence along the U.S.-Mexico border but cautioned the policy should not come at the expense of interior surveillance and enforcement.

In recent days, the government announced it will send hundreds of agents and additional high-tech gear, including helicopters, to the border to intercept weapons and drugs fuelling violence on both sides of the border.

In response, FAIR has pointed out that Mexican drug cartels operate in 230 cities across America and therefore without a strong interior enforcement of immigration policies the administration’s strategy is likely to fail.

"[The crisis] cannot be remedied by a strategy that abandons other immigration enforcement efforts, including worksite enforcement, cooperation with state and local police, and the elimination of non-essential benefits and services to people who are in the country illegally," says Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

FAIR was founded in 1979 and is the country’s largest immigration reform group. Its goal is to promote the idea that immigration reform must enhance national security, improve the economy, protect jobs, preserve our environment, and establish a rule of law that is recognized and enforced.

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  • Native American

    I have one simple question to Mr Dan Stein, When are YOU LEAVING MY COUNTRY, YOU ARE HERE ILLEGALLY.

    • Marie/Phoenix AZ

      Native American,

      Just where would you be if it wasnt for the “Whiteman”? You would be running in the woods in a loin cloth and shooting deer with a bow and arrow! We are AMERICANS, and if you dont like it, go to Mexico. See how well that government treats you . . . no medical, no welfare, no education . . . oh, I forgot, you can use a bow and arrow to catch your dinner . . .right?

      • http://N/A Marshel

        Marie you are a foolish person,your the one that needs to be sent to Mexico.
        Native Americans have a step up on all Americans,God put us here first.
        You must be a Democrat,you honor nothing.There are Treaties that must be followed,unlike the Dictator Obama and his Democrat led congress Cronies like Reed and the stupid Speaker of the house.We are free,read the Constitution of the Uniter States.Dictator Obama can buy the White house but
        not the Free Sperit of freedom.Have some respect for the Native American that are your neighbors.Most whites have some native blood runing through ther veins,so do some Black Americans.Thats why we are all Americans,against Americans.But we are free Americans with a Constitution
        to rule our country.Dictatorship will not last in free America.UNDERSTAND.

        • Jerry B { Little Hawk ]

          Your right my brother Marie must go she has no is sight at all and never will.
          I have seen this grate country of ours waste from the day of my grandfothre
          Graywolfs passing .
          May your days long andyou a good life
          Little Hawk

        • Metalchemist

          I too am of Native American ancestry, And I agree with Marshel that you should and must respect those that were here. Put aside your hostility for your fellow American Citizen, for now is the time to unite against the Great Oppressor that is leading this GREAT Country to Dis functionalism from within. Like our Forefathers said ( cleaned up for todays app) “Great leader speaks with forked tongue”.
          But I also believe in law and the enforcement of said. there fore I also agree with Jack Lang

        • Carolyn

          Very well said Marshall.

      • Castaway

        Geee whiz Marie, thats so hateful and cynical! Our native Americans were here first. Theyve been mistreated every since the europeans came here. I hate to say that they were mistreated as bad as they were. The indians were a proud and noble race, proud to live, proud to die. I’ld much rather be among them than other white people that I know. You should be the one to leave if anyone does. I’ll stand by my red brother before I stand by such a hateful bigot as yourself.

      • Janet

        Oh my God Marie!
        You are cruel beyond words, not to mention a major bigot.
        You have no clue to the history of this country at all. You have no idea who was here long before you or I were. You apparently have no idea what the American Indian was forced to succumb too do you? Don’t bother to answer, as I have no use for people who have no apparent common sense or intelligence. Some of my dear friends are Native American’s. When they shed a tear they are honest genuine tears that comes by way of hearts, that deeply care and a passion that you can never know, because your heart is cold and your mind is set in a way that incites bigotry all over again. Shame on you.
        Cross the border Marie and see what it yields you? I guarantee you, that you will not like it.
        I am for anyone wanting a better life… but it must be done according to the law and the letter of the US Constitution. We live in very difficult times and if the border is not made SECURE and soon, the plight of each and everyone of us is at great risk! That includes you, Marie.
        It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that by allowing the illegal’s to be here, receive free health care and welfare, it is because it benefits OUR GOVERNMENT. From January 20, 2009 to April 5, 2009 this administration has spent more money in the history of this country. And he said he cared! And so Marie I ask you… why your assault on the Native Americans?
        I have to tell you, I am angry and frustrated as well, but to attack people that you obviously know nothing about was down right egregious. It is stupidity and ignorance that incites so many issues, and more issues are not the answer.
        God Bless America!
        “Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”
        “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.” Abraham Lincoln

    • Marie/Phoenix AZ

      Native American,
      I am sorry for my hurtful remarks earlier this morning. I am jus very angry anf frustrated with the situation in our country. One of the comments that someone made re: my comments to you was, I must be a Democrat! God! Not that! I am a Conservative Republican. WOW, that hurt!

    • Marie/Phoenix AZ

      As I said befor, I am sorry for the hurtful remarks I made earlier this morning. I am definately not a Democrat! I do love this country very much. I hate to see what is happening to us as a country. Fear and confussion can make people do and say stupid things when they are angry, fearful and frustrated! Again, Please accept my appology . . . We are all in this together . .

  • Robin from Indiana

    The 230 cities that were cited should be given funds to boost their manpower and help them apprehend offenders. Those who are here legally should be jailed when found violating laws and those who are found here illegally deported. Only when are laws are being followed and those who are guilty of violating them are ‘busted’ will we see a difference. Any one who is here illegally should be deported, regardless of the offense. If you enter the United States illegally, you are a law breaker. There is no gray area here. You are either legal or illegal. End of story.

    • karen bell

      Except for a couple of typos I agree with you. It’s a straight up situation – black and white – no gray area. Too bad all that $ that went to AIG/GM, etc couldn’t have gone to ICE.

  • Jack Lang

    Which part of the word “illegal” don’t you understand? It means against the LAW. If you break the law you must pay the consequences. The borders must be protected. The USA is consistently being invaded by illegal immigrants and they expect to be taken care of by our health and welfare services. The border patrol officers need the most support we can give them. The national guard should be sent to the border with bullets in their guns. The border fence should be completed and the lastest technology installed to assist the border patrol to do their job. Deport all illegals and arrest all drug dealers. It will be cheaper in the long run.

    • Cathy

      So True

    • karen bell

      And prosecute them with real consequences!

  • Cathy

    Get the illegals out of our prisons, hospitals, schools and welfare systems. I can’t afford medical insurance but everytime I go to the doctor or hospital it is filled with illegals that can’t speak english and they get everything free off taxpayers backs.

  • Castaway from Indiana

    It’s so assinine to let these people remain here and draw welfare and free health care!
    We cant get it for ourselves, then they surely should’nt be able to receive it. And to come here and take jobs from Americans? Thats a load of crap. The dems have no plans on doing what we want. Theyre only interested in what they want.

    Hunt them down, round them up and send them back where they came from. Kick them out of our hospitals, schools and anywhere else they dont belong! And build that damn fence!

  • Patsy

    Our government wants the illegals here, (The more the Better), and they want them to take advantage of every service or program our tax dollars will buy or pay for. The reason they want them here is for their vote. They want to allow them to vote so they will in turn, be grateful to the democrats for letting them stay and live off the tax payers, therefore the dems can stay in power. The dems want a one party government and they are working hard to acheive it…just look at what they are doing right now…They have spent more in 70 days than all our past presidents/senators & congressmen have since the US was created. I am very disappointed in Bush for not building that fence. It was voted on and passed and yet…it did not get built. Why is that?…The dems were in power the last two years of the Bush presidency. If there is another explanation out there, I’d like to hear it.
    We don’t have a whole lot to look forward to for the next 4 years but more spending of money we do not have. I can’t even believe that we are in debt to China and they want to borrow more from them. What the hell happened to our country? Crooked Politicians! We need to run them all out on a rail and start anew! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! The sad part about that is then we would be stuck with Biden and if something happened to him… PELOSI… OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL?????

    • karen bell

      I vote with my dollars every time I see Made in China on a product. The vote is no! I shop thrift and buy gently used as much as possible Made in USA. I wear a lot of St John Knits clothing, very expensive new. They’re in California. I buy Product of USA food. I just skip it if I can’t buy it from here. I drive a Dodge van. I read labels. I take a magnifying glass with me just in case the print is too small. I stay out of Wal-mart and away from retailers that buy from China and foreign countries that have greatly contributed to the illeagal population. Nothing is perfect but I make an effort.

  • Salmon

    The Pres hasn’t done anything to be impeached for, and he is the better alternative to Biden or Pelosi.

    • http://N/A Marshel

      They all need to go.We need to inforce the Constitution,and they need to obey the LAW’S on illegal people coming to our country.But how do we make them live and govern by the rules of the Constitution?It’s like we have a Dictatorship here now,and it will get worse.I don’t know how to make them obey our Laws,I really don’t,all i can do is complain.Does anyone out there know what can be done to make them follow the Constitution?

      • Salmon

        If these Maroons we have in congress would enforce the immigration laws: they would have to send home first, Pres Obama’s Aunt; here illegally for years, and all the other illegally recruited by Acorn to vote for Dems.

        • Salmon

          More importantly, vote out all incumbents at the next election!

  • Dandy

    I don’t even want to hear this native crap. Spin the globe, almost all the lines you see are the result of one war or another. It doesn’t make it right, it just the way it is. The natives lost the war a long time ago. Want to reclaim it, well I guess to will have to start another war. Good luck

    • Salmon

      Shucks, if you were born here, you are a Native American!

  • kevin dartez Abbeville, LA.

    First, we need to understand how all of this happened. Then we have to find the solution without destroying the economy any more than it already is. To understand the
    immigration issue, we first have to understand who the guilty party is. Wrong X 5 = Wrong to the fifth power. Case in point; #1 wrong-The Mexican government will not give there people enough pay to stay home and work in the same area they live. Instead they suppress there people. #2 wrong -Therefore the Mexican people come to America, and many take matters in there own hands and break the law by coming undocumented. #3 wrong – the companies who need workers use these undocumented workers, instead of going to the government, to tell them the problem and demand a solution. #4 – then the Republican party decides not to give us immigration reform because they say, ” You would not want us to reward those who break the law.” But when someone has to break the law to bail you out of a possible tradgedy, because America allows millions of unborn babies to be aborted out of convenience, which could be our next generation of work force, and then pay those who don’t want to work so they can eat. Then tell our business owners and companies who need workers to thrive and grow. Tell me how, with little or no workforce. 75 Billion dollars did not come into the U.S. in 2008 because, Wrong #5 the Speaker of the House and the Deocratic Hispanic Caucus was upset that the Republicans did not give them Immigration Reform. So they sat and waited for the Returning workers Legislation to come back up for vote and said “Oh you want piece meal right , how about We punish those who refuse to cross the border undocumented and also those who refuse to work undocumented workers. How about that? Do You think you have a big problem now with the economy, just wait if you round up all the 25 Million plus illegal workers and send them back. who is going to fill that void of workforce? Maybe some Americans but there will still be a major void in workforce. Because the Returning workers legislation for H-1B and H-2B visas did not pass , not allowing over 1 million workers to come and fill the void of workforce, 75 Billion dpllars did not come into the U.S. in 2008. Now yet nothing has been done about this problem again this year. So another year will go by and the U.S. will not receive a chunck of money that would help the economic situation. If you want to check my info all you have to do is go to ( scroll down the left side of page and look for Performance report (2006) & (2007) and do the math. Also the cap for H-1B is 65,000 & H-2B is 66,000. Which makes the total amount of documented workers that are able to come is 131,000, compared to 1 Million. There is not any solution that will please everyone, but now that it has gone this far we must work together and each give a little for the greater of the whole.
    Kevin from Abbeville, Louisiana

    • Janet

      Hi Kevin,

      Very intesting and right on the money. I did go to the link you provided….

      and sadly that page cannot be found. Do you have another
      way for me to go there. I believe you, but I still would like to take a look.

      Thank you.

      God Bless America!

      • kevin dartez Abbeville, LA.

        The website is ” “. I just went there and the info is still there. To do the math,you need to know what the payroll taxes are which is 30% for those making an average of $ 57,000 which in 2008 would have been close to 800,000 H-1B visas.Then the employer must match the FICA which is 7.65% times that same 800,000. then those making $18,000 average would pay about 25% taxes, which would have been about 321,000 H-2B visas. then the FICA paid by the employer would also be 7.65% times that same 321,000. That is not counting living expenses, which is about $14,000 a person for the H-1B visa workers, which is 800,000 visas and $4,000 for the 321,000 H-2B visas. And don’t forget the multiplier factor, which is money spent by companies to operate and for company growth.
        Hope you find the website.Kevin, Abbeville Louisiana

    • Stevie


      Your posting is of Great interest and close to the money…..

      Many of us just have the PROBLEM that they do not what to know the Laws of OUR land.. NOR speak our tongue “ENGLISH” I can’t not handle push “1″ for English, illegals driving OUR health CARE to where AMERICAN’S are going without….

      Then I took note, you live in Louisiana – Where WE lost over 62% of our farm workers here in California after “Katrina” cause They wanted Bigger Dollar’s
      fixing home’s ILLEGALLY… Great taking away American Citizen’s dollar’s to support their Families (Roof, Food, Medical etc..)

      I can stand at my bank and not once is there NOT a One person wiring money to Mexico.. It is a Scam.. Their Goverment does NOT want to help them, they Want our American Dollar’s there – Due to the exchange Rate! Same as other countries.. But, Soon OUR Ole Mighty Dollar Will NO longer be the Ole Mighty..

      Maybe, They will head to Canada?

      My Families medical services are going to pot, and our co-pay has risin 3 fold in 15 years… too many illegals needing services and NOT paying a cent! My Family and yours does….

      Gee, How many other’s come from different countries to collect
      SSI and has never paid into it ???? That is another pisser for me~


  • CanDance from Frankfort, IN

    You all also forgot the fact that the government needs to stop giving citizenship to the illegals who come to deliver their kids here free of charge. Then they use the babies to stay in this country. I want my country back and frankly I would like to stop any further immigration. America is crowded enough!

  • Eddie Dost

    Well get ready for the onslaught. Congress is expected to pass the dream act which will give amnesty to half a million youth from the age 16 up and pay for their college educations with our taxpayer dollars. The dangerous thing about this which congress is not telling you is that with our chain migration laws for each one of these individuals granted amnesty another 5 or 10 of their family members will be able to come here which will bring the amnesty to 5 million.

  • Bob Livingston

    The point is that there is no anti-immigration efforts from the political establishment. On the contrary they promote mass immigration by stealth on the Southern border.

    The government announcement that they will step up enforcement of the borders is only politics. They could stop it cold if they wanted to.

    Any organized effort like the FAIR Organization to control immigration is a big laugh.


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